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i. , ft C. K. •BCHHLER
McCracken's Invaluable Remedy
A FTER many years of labotous. research
-ilk and , experitnent,l Vara' the gratilictitioti
to, apnonnee to those : of:the public.who may bo
tiff/ICW ° Via bath nisi iii premature - grey hair,
that I havo succeeded in the preparation Pfau
• article . that is an i nfalliblo 'remeay . far either of
these 'ditiorders. • For a ffnidideptble length
'Of dmel have; been in the 'habit of 'tiding it up.
'witty town'eustOmers,'add in no' instance has
it failed to render the most entire satisfaction.
411itinglengentertainett the belief thut;,in a
vast majority of 'eases, 'Baldness and : mne.
'lore:greyness were induced by disease, or want
of vigor and vitality of the sealp,, rather than
being, the neetantry consequence of mere tic.
, tutnulation of years.
• My whole attention was directed to the did-'
.'tddtety Of Eitlnt'e preparation, which,, by reMor- I
ing the dandruff and other foreign, tnatter.
.''which, itilqiito of the Utmost precaution, will
'trilled upon the scalp, would restore to this
: part allitd vigor and vitality, and thus remove
the great cause of both these diseases. In
offering this preparation to the, public, I have
full .confidence dint it 'Will not disappoint the
-expeetatious,df many who may feel inclined to
ive it a fair and impartial trial. It more ef-
IC'ktiallY, l iiilin any other preparation, removes
1 the dandruff and cleanses the head, thus re
,rativiag all obstacles to the growth of a new
and Itt?turiant crop of hair. ,For the prelim.
Itimf grey, it reitteres to the hair the free circa
dalhm of its•natural fluid, and; in an almost in:
~Credibly. elicit time, brings to it its natural
licalthfuluesiand color. 'Alibiing!' this prep
; atittion has never been brought hetbn3 this
public through the medium of tulveratting, yet
by its own inherent virtues, it hes won its way
'bile faCor in tautly of the counties of this and
neighboring States. At .the solicitation of
. tiny my friends and patrons who havi
hselyt i .; tted by it, I have been induced to
gtveit r td ti . public, and in, doing this I do it
Wahl 0 eOll I gilt assurance that, any who may
fludit tQ podAcsa all tho mak claim.
'Olt* it:
'.,: . Itvizase , of partial baldness, when' used a.
ginealdflo directions, this Restorative has in:a
fail , a,
tai t
in,,aingle irattanee,.to produce a luxe,
ritkut, real* ot the natural hair.
,In ifn
hads of mothers und nurses, it is .a
~.a pitill ' ..ktriftioti'. fur' all ''{hose those diseases of
th'ellaill IliejaClA to infant children. -
ii in fine, an a toilet article, it•should be in the
thtltt . 4 of all trho wish • fo expel!' the dandruff,
Itreserva. the hair, prevent it front tidling, off,
44irrudgr,4,1 1 44 1 -igl9ss.Y. aid ‘YaVY. -. ..
Ser-Prepored and sold, wholesale and retail,
by XI ceitA,CK EN, (second door to the Union
, liiitelf); • ShiPpetisbut, • Cutribarltind' county,
mouusy , lvaniu. :' .., ~,•, ' .
ft.T uL Ihe - iniiiinivroble eertifjentes,
in the posst4sit:i rdlhe proprietor, Flimcing the
Vittues or,this retnedy, are annexed, and must
satisfy the most Nkel t :
Se Cnion Co., Pa
hereby certifs . that I bad a m acre head
for six or vigilt yellYK, prohabli firz.t elapsed by
'dandruff, but finally turned into dry letter--
IdeUriwknii's l'reparation lia.s rextot't•d me
bead ill perfoct Itcull t aid rendered 'my hair
auft. e. FISIILIt, M. 1).
Thin in to certify, that my hair had nearly all
fallen id. I !used DlcCruckeels Restorafivi...for
o u r . aiontbs t 'and can now Itnast of haying
.as hair as any elle eeeht NVISiI.
„•S'Aippewthury, &pt. 18/4, lea.
Frain oar own ohsarvatioil Ve. Are 'einbleil
to” testify flint Mi.Cracken's Proparntion for
'the Hair gill neentVish the OA which he pro
ife.Aesit: todo. A. STEWART, 111.1).-.1. HECK,
Shinienxburgi 1e55.
~.IThe,undersiginid takes, plemsnre in. albumin
‘eing,to,the, public the Preeraition for Human
nal-, by: McCraeheu of Shippeilsburg, -From
the 'ettette has had' on his own hair, he
ii! dilly Convinced that it will accomplish the
end foi which it isdesigned.
11EVt 0.. W. .GLESSNER.
I .c: ••• Shipphoburg, 1856::
with pleasure recommend. to the..public
4nOrackiiii s' Preparation for the I have
11 1 !Iga.butjiii r e bottle, pnA it,hus, rendered entire
itit;ffaction, by, removing ilandrukund impro
ving the hatr. to color Mid in beauty, find pre
is to dettifythsit era bare been bald for
wo gqot sonic of McCracken's
and iu Seven 'months ive bad
iiklgami and tide bead of hair. ', ,
; „ 11. , , „, CELAS. moygßs..
, •
. , .
1,13tm,< 21 ).. 8 4 5 . --3 m
,1ENT5,A.0.81113111.131.3, tlettysburg;
JOsepb llatbr, AbbottBtown; 13. F. Gardner,
Petersburg ; J. Calvin Cover, Franklin town.
Banildon ; J. E. Smith,
liicktown B. Wriihtpon, Grafferibuig ,
S. ; F. I. .Williarnson,
t olttro,s . sic MEDICINES.
ytagt7o glatiOrtitictut.'
vg.. D. ,lIIIItHLEJL has added to his former
stock,of Goods an unusually, large as
' ortment of Classical, School and
0- 1 1 t •
.epAteOng,all the text Books used , in the GO •
Ipte, moron Schools, and standard Classic
Itttlicthti , withltheireeont popular • publications,
Constituting a larger tutsuriutent than ever „he•
fore opened in Gettysburg. Also
4 . 1 IPA V 3 Cri s 21 at 7 1
o'l,Wikltti4t, G;tp, Letter and Xote Palrer, of
o boat EtiVelopo . ; Gold 'Nn.h Mut
FPitiththi; l PCA:h.lik l e.4,'&e.,'Arith it tar & assure ,
't;'• ' • , • : ,
I, • iry, 0011 N, .
.iroi , . ,; .„) ~,t
• rtriwitiCh ho'itivites attentinfi t ..being .iireparied
esasellitti uhithaally. ,p rite& • , • :
•ohAliXts ,itas .also % largely, increased -.his
6, :* , 1,1480) and , dtledicitiesiv-::
ci" 4n he relied upon as the; hest at ,the
rheas have been effected
.111kIdtelitiyartiOlo in his HMI or business can 'bus
• peomptly °Ocilla from. the-city ,',,; •
okiellyebarg, ,tklov, 2, 1856.
.11115rilhuik of all kinds. far
liale at this' Olt t-N,
"Nliniel ittvla 9l
WrjUcßiTthe git'xioeCjopsoir,
soon After the death of her, hushaiid, Rev. Dr.
Judeosilef,Eturinah. • ..; • .
"The widowed heart of thit;gifted ciao, with
her apostolic Ithabluad jest gone before her to
heaven, thus exquisitely tells tini story of their
love." , ,
'Por there was light within my soul, ,
Light on my peaceful way, ~
And all around the blue above ;
The clustering starlight lay;
And easterly r saw upreared •
The pearly gates of day.
So; hand in hand, we trdd the wild, '
My angel love and
Ilia lifted wing all quivering
With tokens from the sky;•
Strange my dull thoUghts could not divine
'Twas lifted but to fly 1
,Agaiu down lifo's dim labyrinth ,
I grope my way alone,
.While wildly through the midnight 4,3 r
Black hurrying clouds are blown;. ,
And thickly, tangled path,
The sharp bare thorns are sown.
Yet firm my foot, for well I know
The goal cannot be far,
And ever, through the titled clouds, , -
Shines One steady' , star,.
For ichtm my yolidc ,: teei# up t he left
e 7)0,44 gate,' qfar 1.
Information brought- out at the dinner
of the Horticultural Society of St. Louis!
elves us a higher'eitimitte of the:progress,
made by wine making in Missouri than we,
had any idea of. It appears that at Her-•
man alone, a small German village in Gas- 1
collude county, on the Missouri river, there
arc four hundred sores in vines. MI 'a
, round Herman are bile , and nothing but
hills—the . village tieing built in the only
plain to be found. These hills are cover
' ed and crowned by mesh and luxuriant
young- vineyards, aud.from theta will be
produced this year from thirty. to forty
thousand gallons of wine which issold at
the pries at from •l to Sf,so per gallon.
Tho -business of wiue.tnaking at Herman
is already, carried on uncler the.divlsion of
lahar neeessary , for the, attaierneet of the
greatest sluices*. Thereare three classes
altogether diatioct'now'etigaged in it, the
grape-groier, tho'tkiee presser 'and the
wieOmerchint. '"rhe day is'n4
t," says the . St: LOgiiintelligeneer,
"when our State' will 'as 'distinguished
for her grapes'ind•vines as , frir her hump
and tobacco, and -other- produce." •
Mahmatly Ohi,l
The Louisville (XV.,) pipers elate that the
i ;iv e s tigat i ns' vififelf' hitve just hien Untie
to a'scertaiit'Ate 'effc4 of the meant cold
weather open fruit trees, indicate that there
will he. no peaches, apricots, plums 'and
cherries the coming season.'Throughout
all the Wen and northwest . the cold has
been severe enough, to, produce the same
offeets. - The , Madison •(Indiana) Banner
says that all the fruit. has beenr killed ,in
that State. „ The Ahoti . (lllinois) bortrier:
states - that eta reeentnieeting4the Ahura
Horticultural' "SoeietY; it ' was'hated
Dr. Hall, otherticolifirating the 'statement,
that on' examination of the' fruit butte 'of
peach trees,: in that' vicinity, it had 'been'
found that the. recent severe"cold weather
had destroyed .the:promise• tali yield , o 1
this luscious fruit the coming season:
Before.grovving alarmed at these statemews, it ought to be recollected that pre.
cisely;the• same ,predictions ~ were. mule
last year, ant! yet the. peach- crop was
never mere,ahundant than last summer.
Baptist Coast. Mission. of Afritit 'ektinast
sorne:soo Miles along.the weal. coast:Of
that contineivt. Mie,most proinisintof
all, those Christian enterprises ere, thdoe
undertaken by the Rev. Mr. Bo.w.eit and,
his associates. His station is the king
dom of Gareiha, near the great,betliti the
From this - point,coioutt.
'cation radiates to, all
, parts, of ,Gentral
Africa. to,
with hitn the
Rei: Mr. (.''lark of Geo., the Rev. Mr.
'young' 'men of.
TetinesseV are' now offered for at celitatice
tu',ihe atone mission: '•
• BRIMAL,, P11903ENT5.,4 carrel' pn mien t
of tine Charleston Courier, t??,iting from
New;'fork :—'"An aggregate of
$26;0601e said lo hate' been trinittited in
in thi Idatiglitdi of ex-Mayor Mickle; on
heritiarriate ofei4Mayi3r* Law.'
renee. , • l'eaw; only flits Morning, at Bill,
Black & Co.'s, no $8,560 tliatitond neck-
'lace, just - mounted as a bride's present ; al-
sd a brunch', illikTiffiny& Co.'s, coating
84004! inieniled - present to snottier'
bride., , This is 'about *up to the Babylon
ian mark." • 1
said a scl
if you 'take - ten fimii , Seieuteen, 'hew many,
will remain ; sti* I took ten of tils apples
to . tillow him,
~und now he. 'wants I 'should
give 'em baok.'A ' , Well,. why don't you do
at m woukilorget how ma
rt' is" let rs , .
I gazed down life's dim labyrinth,
A wildering Immo to eee„
Crossed n'er by Many a tangled clue,
And wild as *ad could be; •
Andes Lpzed, in • doubt and dread,
An angel came to me.
I Ithow him fora !lenvenly guide,
I knew him even then,
Though meekly ns n child ho stood,
Among the Boris of men—
By hie deep spir i it-lovelinens,
I know him even then.
And mi I leaned' my weary head
Upon his prolTored breast,
And scanned the peril-haudtedieild,
From out my place of rest,
I wondered if the shining ones
Of Eden were more blest.
Wine Making in'Misienri
'1 , i
t. . .
1: • , i! ,* :.'. • ; , •
The. 11114.0 who Lost
,tals rant'.
Tfie, foil g wjn g . is,s, i paseage from the
Jaogliable tale of Tesperation,';ono of the
,r,jch arcticles , which are , -embraced , in the
',Litersly :Remains of Willis Gaylord
Clark. ** h is o,nly necessary to premise
that,tim writer is a Philadelphia student,
whir after a stolen, fortnight among the
gayeties. of Washington city, fiuds him
itelf (tltrcugh the remissness s of a churn)
at Baltimore, on his way homer witheu,t a
penny,,in his pocket. . Cops et s fash
ionable hotel, nevertheleas, where, after
tarrying a„ day er two, he fiuslly at, the, boot
nfa Coatdinner °Finis
,sefue,in, his'
, .
sate apartment; flanked, with abundant
Champagne end -Burgundy, .resolves to
thaelqm all to the landlord. Summoning
a servant , he says :
the landlord to step up lolly rimpi
bring, his bill."
Ile clattered' down entire, giggling; and
shortly after his master= appeared>. fie
entered With a generous smite, that:made
me hope for the best,, the , house afforded,
and that just then was credit.
""How much do l owe you t" said I.
He handed ma the bill with ail The
grace of polite expeetaitzr.
." me sea— sevuoteentslollars. Hew
very reasonable ! But, my dear sir, the
most disagreeable part of the question is
now to be told. I grieve to inforin you
that; at present, I am out of 'money : - but
.1 know by your philantlirophie looks that
you,,will be satisfied when I tell you that
if, I had it, 1 would give it to you with
'unqiialified pleasure. But , you see 'my.
net having the change* me is the reap•
on l'de'itt do it; and I um sure you Will
let the matter stand and say no more about
it. lam a stranger to you, that's a fact ; the , place where I came from','-all
my acquantaucc‘know easy as can ,
The l landlord inroad all colora.,
“Where do you live, any how ?”
qn . Washing-. I alMuld have
- said Philadelphia."
lie eyes freaked with angry disappont
ment, c , • . : •
' , I see how. i 1 is, , Mister ; ,itiy, opinion is
that you are .blaekleg, you deem! know
whsle your helm ie. 'You' begin with
Wtaihgniti,'and then drop in forPliiladel=
phis. Yout:naust pay.yourbilfe'
44But I can't."
4Then I'll rake your clothes'; if-I don't
blow me, tight" •
“Seauridrelt" said I. rising bolt upright,
"do it if you dare, and leave thereat to
we . •. I
, There were no more . words. He rose
deliberately, !seized my, hat ahtl only: in
expressiblesond walked down stairs.
„Physicians say that no two excitements
can exist, at the same. time in'one system.
External circumstances drove a wayo• al,
must . confusion, of my
rvirave,and looked .outof the windovv.
The snow was descending as I drummed
on the pane. , What was to do I An ti&,
happy , Wight, sans cuie:fett. Ins ; strange
city—no money and slightly inebriated.
A thought struck,me. I •had.a large, full
cloak:, fur my other appointments, save
those he took, the landlord had spared,—
I dressed immediately, drew Int my boots
over my fine-white drawers,. not unlike
small colthes . ; put on my cravat,.vestand
cosy laittm unveiling can from rny trunk
IsuntinglY over my lore-head; and flinging
qty.ftitis mandq about me, made my wey
through the hall.into the street. shining limps,on.the por
,l tic° of a now hotel, a few. squares from
toy, first lodgingif,l.entered,rocordedsotne
game on Me ,books awl bespoke. a•bed.--
hverything was fresh and neat, told every
servant attentive ;.all,' .4gitred 'right. I
stept toyaelf.closely ojoaked, puffed a se- 1
Aar, nridwent to hed to mattle,tuy plot. 1
g' Wai t er } j ust brush mt et oldies Well,
My 'fine' fellow." I- eitid iii die 'Mot tlitig':
.mind the pantaloons,don't spill - any thing
trent the pockets, iere's Money intheirl
Huth „, • ! , I. .11
4 1 - doo't see , rio pantaloomi.‘'
"'"'l'l;e Linea' you don't: Tithere are
thes..v, • ;. •
tell 4 I shiint;(liis:eyes - as big al
spacers, : ) I don't knov, 88 true as am
'OGO &Wm, sirralt, and tell your manter i .,
to eoluisllp here iMinediaielk." The pub.'
bean was.with Intl in a• moment:
LatullOrd.!" 1 exclaimed: 4 .l have been'
rehbeikitt . your, house--robbed µire robbed I,
MY, pantalo ons and a Parse,.Fontainitig
three sso)thie's are gone'! This 'is a Prat-,
ty hotel ! Is this the way you fulfil the,
injunctions of scripture,2 I am a a:ran
gier, and find myself take'n a: ven-,
geanie. I. will expose yen' at once if lint
not recompensed.'t • .I .1 i
,your tentlter.".• spit!: the
agitated. publican." ,
.f.l,have irt opened.
theltetietit , is getting a good run ; would
yoll COW its reputiiiinif for l ati::itetti'd4t
Ewill find out the. villain< whitybak robbed
you,• and send for 11 tail r • 10' Me:Mirt .)? dµ
fur yotir missing garaents„ ;Your n:mop
shall be refunded not see your
IdniPer isitsdletie 'o' " "
"Sfy• dear 1 . thank yout , fdh your
kindness ti did not - mean to reproach you.
l[those, mum rs
,pitu bo done to•day„f
be satisfied; for time is far more precious.
thin money.`l A7l keep 'tll6 • tithe 14:
if .yOu find .thetn Awl in'exchsligeihr the'
one but dred and filly diillars Which >you
give'ingthair cofitents are yours."
'The next e't•enints, 'With tiny new
pressibles, andlona hundred.and forty dol.:
lara!in inky_ purse,l I called on •my -guardian.
in. rhiladelphia for sixty. dollars. - %+ He.
gave me a lecture. on collegiate desertion
that U Shall not Soon 'forget. 1 oncloied
the knotiey boaeklo'nty honnrable lendlind
by -- therifirst petit; 'ruffled tnY'hilt l at 'Old
Orusiy's; the first -publican; anti 'tify
trunk' by' mail. -
G 01) help the poor. 1 " 4.*
CommerOlal.Velne of the Hog.
The Working Partner states that the val
ue of the lin* snip thifiyear, in the. United
States, will till little short of two hundred
millipe of doilars, or 650,000,000 more
than 'the cotton crop. Dlr. P. L. 'Slat
moods, io the transactions of the Highland
Society, gives some interesOng statistics of
the outobor of swine raised ire various coon;
tries, as nearly as can s ho asoortained.' In
the United States there'are betloved to be
50,000,000, or more than all the States of
,Europe combined. Qreat Btlitain, the
number is estimated at '2,000,000, of which
Ireland hist a large proportion, us d Scot
land scarcely 200,000. ; Austria list about
:6,500,000 swine, and 4.uetrian Italy 2,50,- ,
.000. France bas,frore:s ,to
Husain has auimmense number of wild, hogs,
'fint'ihey are merely stem and bone, valuable
principally fOr their bii#l6s. It is estima
tod• that 96,000,000 'iSounds bf !arena
route in the U. States, Of which 20,000,000
,are made in Oinciupati,.. England. and Cu ,
ha each take annualli 9 or 10,000,000
Pounds Of Ameriein la
,• UP* B barity. . •
In the present. E opeen , war 'Russia
has had a large share of our sympathies,
but we are shocked at; the accounts of its
inhumanities,: 'The 'lit 'irrival 'informs
us that the Emper ' lexandovllc has
ordered a epeeist , tto be, formed
K.ieff for , trying . captwed Poles end Flom
gariens. The former are to, be putsishe
with death, the latier delivered lo the Aus
trians for execution: .So many Polish' and
Hungarian prisoners are taken to Kieff, that
no fewer than four judges, ten, secretaries,
an& execution — ere innumerable, at* 'contin
ually employed in, tbssircondstinatlon..
_ _
Are, the Fruit Trees-in juredl-4V,hilo
,many,pf our ; exchanges, contend that the
fruit trees have peon injured by,
; the cold
Weather the Pittsburg Gazette says:
4, We have inquired-of practical and Os
'perieneed fruit growers this 'regiotri as ko
their opinion /Leto the-,effect of tho cold
weather upon . peaches, , And 'other tender
fruit, and they nt‘',a unanimous that there is
no injury so fir, and that unless the Innis
are killed 14 Spring frolics, after:the' heat
has expanded-them, we shall have's, good
croP , : 'tDry.coldAreather. does not injure the
buds or trees here. It is the sudden
changcs in the spin& when the sap . beginw
I , • •
„der, We notice ; • a :statement taken from
an 'Ohio paper, 414 there are atiout ten •
preachers IN representing thee
various denominations, all elecitioneering
for the Chaplainey to Congress. That these,
men, visit the bar-rooms,
,drinking saloons,
boarding . houses, wherever a rue at bar may
he cornered,' and there solicit ttieir vetes'
Upon the ground' of what they hare done
for their party. If this be true, those min
isters, have disgraced their profession,-wand
their churches ought to look into the mat
tee and instruct them that half-politician
half-'preacheris'not in acccirdince with the
religion of Christ:
Prohibition in Noryland:—The
lure of Maryland appears-indisposed to a
gitate 'tho State with -a prohibitory liquor
law movement. A majority-of the coin
mittee of the •House of Delegates, to whom
thesubject tias comma tted, on Monday report
ed against. the expediency of rof referring' the
question of such a low to' the people for
their fiction; and express the opinion that
modification Of% the license law would be
more effectual for ivied/. The report was
concurred in by the House.'
• Artroor4inory ;Su icide.,—.o n the . 28d
December a young man entered :.a tavern
in.:Leeds, .Eng,, and,aitting• down by the
fire, put ; the:pokei between t he We of the
grate until ,rod, , bot, *hen. he .deliberately
thrust the boated and dolrn hie throat.—
The bYetandorainetantly,seized him and re
moved the pokor, but he died on the 28th.
aet-T he jin t ire' length of the Miesiesippi
rivet ie oloierf with eireimairdee' un•
precedented in'the nionieri Of . au'y one
Memphis the pond s are frOen
over to the thieknow(of 12 or 16 uichee,'and
the eitiZena are euttini and storing 'Way
their Ownice, which wia Never known be
gentlenian , named Warner, was
instantly killed on Tuesday afternoon; at
the•corner of Broadw4 and• 26th street,
New York, by being struck on the bead by
a heavy lump of snow, wbieh `was' thrown,
from the roof of one of the adjacent hbusee,
by two laborers who bad been employed. to
Stir Th e Frederick Hzatnintesays , that
something like the shock , of an caithquake
:was ,felt in that eity on thck , moral ug of the
1 213th ult., about 4 o'clock. The sensation
WaS dialinbtly felt twice at a elicit interval,
but the•shocks were not violent enough' to
do any damage., ,
'145 4 A Gorman natnod 'Henry ,Colloy,
ing near Westminster, was frozen to 'death
on Thursday • night vieek.' ' The rverdilt of
the jury waa that, he ottmu to, his,doath by
expnsure and
_the ,eseossive .uso of ardent-
Was not found till 'Satuiday
morning.' ilo Wits buried dit the grOUnd
where found: • '
tor. Keetilino; I Garman aoctor, in Cunt
beilittid'eoutity'; W found frezen to dbaih
milli* aurae , evening; onitbe niountaio' road
near SternWe Clap: lie watt nearly, naked;
midis,!liougtit wandered . out on, tl,iouounn
Lain' tiunng an atteeli of lite 7/ tit 4e pins. Do
Vdriderace Greeley was ,virry roughly,
handled On Tiesday, tit VashinE,teu, by
Aft.'ltinst; 'of Aiktiiitiati, on denoting of setae
strictures uponllm in the Vri.
bubo, Heinflieted sevens), ,blgwe ou his
head with his fist, and also
. strnek hint ,a
severdblow on the aria u with e401f..,
, Mahe grain crop of Illinois is estimated
at 18U, bushelo c)l,9orn k 20 million,*
l'lnuthelanf Wlfeat, and 50 bf
nut& baring grid rye 1
icr.W.o are indebted toll, WILLEI; Esq.;
for tho advanced sheets of the Annual Re
port of the, Superintendent , of Corutnon
Schools, containing the Reports of Conti
ty Superintendent*. The Report for:Ad
ams County ,will be read with• interest..--
The tabular statement- will .be given neat
week : ; ; ' .
ADAM!!! .COUNTY• t 3 it
Thero has been a marked degree of im
provement in •the, schools of ibis county
within the laid year, hut there ip , groat
room yet for stillfurther advances. I will
not lengthen' outtlty report by g ,iving yoU
the condition add grade of ovary sohocil in
the County, but will, confine myself to a
brief remark ,about each district, •I kept n.
record of all the schools, and , of every.
teadber's :degiee of success in diselilining
his }Abel and with the aid of these notes,
can give., you au •aecureto report' yk the
working of theAomsnon school system in
this county.
Hunlingdort.—Tlie school' iu this dit
trict are advanced, well regulated, and tin •
der the ghardianship . ofin comelier& board
of directors, who hove the %prosperity of
the heart. The roirifying ,
feet of,efficient and aotive, men as three
tors can truly be specs to advantage ,hy.
comparison. ' The School' . hotises in" this ,
district ore .comfettable, nod adapted to
the purpostis.„' .But the;oebool in the town
of Petersburg has„ entirely too many Bohol-.
ars, and could be graded to advantage.—
gram Mar and geography are taught
in every school. • • ' •
r: 7kone,'.;•-•-Tbsire is one very good
school, in this district, atnlthesest are,an .
average.Thn school houses a re not prop
erly vetthifited hero as well 'ad in all the ,
other' districts. gramthar is taught
ilrabout oneThalf the schools. • '
schools id this district
Are under, die:*tor,skip of young men who
'desire 'to improve themselves, and ,where
this r ypirit is prevalent, success will hid
tharely crown their'offort. •
'Buller : .-There is'not muols 'disposition
to encourage the study of ,gaglish gram
mar nod geoptphy, but when, the teachers
all beeoum thoroughly qualified 'io impart
instruction . in theJnim portant tiranclien'of
educatiouombhe , sOctiment will yield to
the , introduction - of these studies iuto
gothotds, l •r •
Stroban.,-There is one school in this
diotri4Which, too 4ki•gp, ie very Well con
ducted. The rest aro un Ulterage.
Aank/in..-4-This is a large distiiel, hut'
-there ,is the right spirit atttong the teeen.:
era and directors, and the *wheels general:'
ly are doing well, and, bid fair to, acooin
pHs& the grand design that ,one or two
faithful champions of the systein have
been striving for in this district ever since'
thosymom was !fret introduced into the
Cronberlaraii.—The schools here are net
under a healthy system of disCipfine
supervision. There is much room for im
provement. .
schools are under
the nupoivisiou,of persons who haves due.
appreoiation of the value of education, and
are laboring io afford,' by the improve
tnen t of the schools;mn 'opportunity to the
rising •generation , aoquire. a practical
knoNledge. , The schools, with. one ; or,
two exceptions, are prospc,ring.
' Moutitydy. —The future'of this district
is yet to be written; null we predict 'for' ;it
a prominent position hi the .history of the
educational progress in Adams county.—
The schools have been succeeding very
well, and director" and '• teachers are doter
n4(o to leave noshing undone, to make
success complete. „They have established
a miniature Normal school, which is anon
, dod by the teaohera of that aiid the sot
rounding'dietriets. This, together with a
District Teacher's Association i . is awaken-:
ing an interest on the subject. There are('
L. men eof sterling worth there, :who hold
the,i9ver and lUSO tho . bog , 114v1P
Reading.-11 few of The schools ate itu.
proving,' while others are not far kb/traced
nor properly.diseiplined. .
Hamillon.--Through the influence of
an efficient director la this district, the
schools in Berlin yere grathei,,and, if con
tinued, would do very well. The teach
ers aro well qualified, many of them hiv
ing received 'their 'education at this Oxford
institute in this county, Which is a good
Normal school.-11,1 hotelmen the:object of
the philanthropic • principal; foreveyal
years pastto adapt the instructions iu the
institute ,to , the preparation of teachers
fot our eminnon sohoul;i; and hii' pupils
certainly do 'great:credit to theiirrhutz lim
ier in the ottpaelty of teachers:
Mount. Pieasunl.-ri-Schoolaloot far,ad,
vaticed. liousea very indifferent. .No iii
loreat taken by directora and otbers, except,
toleep`clotvii' the the df taxation'. '
Latimore,Sorne of.the seheola doing
well. ; Prospects for improvemrtnt. fiat
tering. • • • ~ •
Oxford. —Sch49ls in this ,distriet,,tos
large; but hdiaticed, 'Teachei:s here as
well as , in the bordering
generally, been. pupils , et the oxford Men.
Itete,, and; coneeqoeittly, of teue,h•
'Coneteage--The schools i M'Slicrrys
ttivdli Could• be oniiireitiontily - `graded,, and
the advantage& thet,' would ulti otiely're
suit from a systole of graded schools,
wherever practicable,' would fulfilteema.
pause ,directors,aud taxablegt(or the. little ,
[trouble . and expense, that, ttfikir would thus ,
eery Condu`ated
school in this aiAtriat. ' There is a' desire
evinced by the directors, to procure emu•
potentteeehers indiwhoi.thi efficied,
the schools, .wi ll's The district
bordereott,„Narylaml, nod tesoherts can ,
command a higher . ealary, , and ft:a a.longer
tarps, verreouventeatiy 'aud
they go over theline !tv 114 okapi
Tj 1' 7 fi r .r
houses in , this distriotinre very indiffor.
Germany.+Graded.soltoolo , are
poctant iu toicrnaittpd ,Littlestovra wOuld
support a high.. school and' two priaiar , y
4ohoolii Without 'Much tdiiitional' ex
pense; hud , with inedleulable advantage to
•the pupils. The sehools , nre knot far .lad
--:;:• . '3 • ,
,Beiriik•--Thpditootprs in, this ,dialviet
are', favoraide inoleinent,
and the tettoliers are istitnulated to 'eidr•
Lion. and together; they are suoceodirl in
elevating the standard of eduention in their
midst.' • , "
. .
Freedom.—this district is„ small, and'
'the llpOivisioil of the school's' offeetiie.—
What' we want everywhere' in" our county
liflt stow effective district, supervision', and
how se accomplish this I hope , oun;lbegis-'
lature, , ,is their combined wisdom, ;,
ThOra W 21511 ddielolloy . fp: the
Initiatorof teschdrs .fiv this , ' comity last' r
full, and this districuwas nue; tviiieb, ,, felt
this defbaienoy, 801114 of tiro animals ,i.tere,
not opened until law in
~the wittWr., and'
consequently anatti of did "Moto a'dva'nced,
scholars w'ate dUprivod of the usual: taloa. - -
auce•of "sehooline,' Bat hope 'pelt/taxa
tott brighter future
. /lorpuei of qctlys6rl4.--Ttio' seho s ki.
are ivell"graded; and are iludt4l, W
N'lBlollbf an active board
.are interested iu ,the 'Wei fare nfthe -Schools,
and displaitheirphilenthropy by,frequent
visitations. To pupils, this is on et the
great incentives to usartiou, , and ; also cu
eouragoli the teacher iu hilwduousdutice.`
When ho: meets around. hitn'untiting but
cold indiffcreuce and neglect, it is impossi:
We for the teacher Id keep' alive his zeal,
o r rekindle the waning fires of his s euthuSi•
Sim: • Be must be more than mail it h is
heart does not fail him intim midst of his un
requited, unaided• labors. But altliciugh the'
directors of this district evince an ourneit
desire for the proipority of 'the 'B6bool.a ;
)'et the schlol' buildings are very indifferent
and 'unsuitable for, the 'ph rimsots intended.'
This defect should be' speedily • remedied ;
and when properly remedied by the crea-
tion of the proper kind of school, build
log, a , inuoh . more, efficient' system of
solute! • discipline, can be, devised and 'car
ried into successful operation'.
flaMptoit is the, only independent die
triet iu this county,: mid the
,school, was
well, diicipliued and advanced. I
F 4 h 14 ! )1 .bau,S° pug-'
•.! - ) 1 iy , ;:; mur
r PPP* . 4 , N, A 4 Y A 3111
There urn tunny vtyY ungw4astiO PAYP
cotes ofthe eopinion sehool . aystwe
county, unik l ef a tviSe'and liberalspa'.
'it, who'have labored long and earliest lyi tO
perfect the .sysceinv dud 'goOd fruits have
boon realized, trent their, exortionsp and; wo
have the satisfaction of seeing,,in certain
se . etionsolA taueoeety,loedprtieu
y?rkieirhopis ; stuwinpppr4iou t ilc l
is productive
vast benefits, crucially and
inorally, to the eitizeul. Jia ogler r . sec•
twos it is depletubly inefficient, end hos
Beitieoly jul'itified the hopes of roe frieinls
of education; ()eat° tumult which has been
expended uPonit by the Stater She ''ad.
; vatic° everywhere, 'like all, great reyelit-
Lions,. has beisn blo w , R pd,fr, A 4 the i pi:esont
apathy and opposition ,of the peop)o,Uf
home Partial's Of , the'cohnty;'it'has m uch
yet to eoutend'ivitn; beforoltii Will' bd
cad upon a fooling adequate to' the wants
of,thepublioi or. the viiiiizatiou, of very
4reat benefits.
Scarcity of ood, teachers...—ThF groat
and almost universal obsutele . to success.
,hits been the want of competent tt:achers
lead the scarcity of good' tbacliers dtaiihhen'
I theresult of tho very swell reutuotiration gi
ven to then', and the short, period of thou;
the schools are kept open daring thoyear. l l
leis evident that no teacliiir, competent to
impart the thorough, practical knowledge,
can afford to turn his munition to teaching
fora few months a Ithe'Year only. ".11e
will seek more permanent and lucrative
elmilloYeletllilllid,tha bush:woe of teaching
falis„therefctrop,into„the hands; of indiffer
ent, unt(inexperionced scholars. ! es,
itiblishment 'o'f Normal Selitieht; Teacliers +
Inatitutos and asseelailona, in every coati.
vory:much in supplying' this
deticioncy ,of , ceinpetent, teachers ; (the
tirst,of whichr.-a Normal school— t wo hayo
on 13,eni!liatur,.1, hut very efficient plan, in,
our - county ; and 'the Te'scler3 4
Assoclatiettp-:-ie very:sot:eh:44l'd operatien;l
and au inorease ot couipeusltiony and .grea,
ter duration Joupleyment, will, induce
young tueu.toprepare themeelyea,fer this,
honorable profession.
Obsidefe3.4mtl/w/iYa great eiLstit'clL
to the•siicess of . the syStein hleterto; it nit'
the indifference 8111„tho people , themselves
to thls importance of ~ education, aiulq
drcaintug that, the wealth and grpatuess
theStnie are the' result wealth;
the knoWledge .
and enterprise df' her citlicini.
plaoes yet , irvour coon ty , ,' , ll' %rely. natrow ,
and contracted spirit has been inituilhated
i n phi s respect, which haa•ltellku(l, l 9 , df9a'
the intentions, and almost. dishearten, the
ti ficirt 'Of thil
'phihinith • rii~i't.''J3ctiu' gear
era', lint' citizens . aro begitii;ing' to - aroma'
from. their mimed amsthy, from -their in. ,
glorious sloth. to „tmergotio e..iultutverit y ,to,
!nottepplisli something useful, i lor• the I pxit
' • 'rhey'are peginning to semkoli to a'
' sense the linportaiico of riatiitg their
children:Properly atid ' , thoroughly' edoes.:
ted, and of waking:the•Nicrifices necessary
to the support of good schools. . The ils•
suroptiou that; edintatiOn Is unduly a . mat
ter of personal interest ;1134 that Ihu
of Providing it devoltcd • exclusively
. tip.o
parenig; lias•be'eir deriiontiated
,trepans`, and thhpullitictiiiid has 'yielthil up
this;thity. to the:State. , The direct.toutieul;
cy of the charity'school sytteui,
prooeded hid! present purely"free
system wits to cream. tlistinetioul hostile
io the. 6101i,an4 ettaritexer..4( tiktr-f
cam institutions ; and this present systat,
,fiased upon ,the •eottedsprinoiple, Au the
Stnte is even more i .deeptrand pe r i zAnca uy 1
intereaied id the educ . a v tio l p
data their p ••• •
.8 CM 'al t C tapeneo
'.fir • • •,
" ri. ttU'
rth ft*
;i r
;1 m;.311
• , t , , r ,„ :
.t , , ~•11 1,11'71 44: 0:4
' 0.9 1:0011
1 )',/,, ~u; A. p.l ii: and ,g). t
I lirttlidinit ivish•dnidob,eboin'kfifiti film'
L itte'orthe plifflbityrititilitilis liiiiiii, lus
IwillelY aildp tid" 'in 'i ts'itkadl. gail'l' filtvo
b oo b , Jaboilith, atid'lviileiio{ri&illiged' of
hoccoof ir f by'pithilit'ai i .iciteiitis"tli'do r tiiixiiitato ,
0 necehlity arid wischith 6? (Ws Chattie.
But I bolieve that'thti ''isy 11014 is iii)o ao
ittoroligtly'rooted ih th 6 i'.:oh'Lidadce Wild
fivor 'of"tho people 'Of our ''lottiii'l.Y, ilitti', l it
dad 'tie vet 'be i3litticeti: ' If uslibditi,' th'ciiiillre
'still 'defeeislii )ur SehOut lan , ','ltlla idti t ritu
it kho auty , d'itt.:i'y'olid;'cifffeidlfY"dbildec.
tdd' *A iliiPetßtal to' polit ,
tfigni 'oat,
and make suggeat.ihus. '• ~ ' d , ,
, Vriegitare '..anbltruile - iif Pul4ll.—lt
will belebeif 65 , ith'e' telleiltr iiiittetti4iit',.lffitt
:1%114 iiiolitirtfinf'of "OShhira l reli lf't) i i.:
h ihihy fro hbi, atttici .
' school' aft' full ief :I
'faking ihdi itAilage aft out' ;it'cil; , ineg 'at o
itt i.east bitb•lfonitilt '6f the ehildedil trilOtie
pliti theinstiveeut t,litiol iirtirink 'llle'4.s.
nloitittlio 'de iibt i3jAnd 'hitibli' or theft ilibe
there. ' 1 13ebidst TherVitro'libilio"idio, 'do
n'ut, 46 td but 'ccittint'ofi seiniolßi or thy
Siehc;hhrtit isti l ylidia: ' Thii'irgiullirliy; 4 of
ettOuduude 'ay si;lttiol ii ii WollTetlAl teoln
plaint ithhhglehhheisl jrtl6 , 4r,lll,vl'.4','of
'the pt•otti'lliois' ' t hitt , iiiii . ' biitiP Miiii4 fiii.' the
'cii,rei4 littiiiditl'ol ) SViiring iho thudifO'di'lOrt
of tar.' thili o.oiuktioii"ik' thili`iteioO i lli4o,
and' itididates 't wild' d'erdefiii tile s3 l stvia .
pursued, bioause it does not cotripletelY tit
nad.thOibbjectlit iitiiih'it illuiii. " `• ,
4 1'ite Iteititibp— . .sc'tiber • iipitiegtv.- 1 211
edeafri'td 'tit d th'itt'thih 'll4 Oh litiittat I tiVto
'Lltelublio'of diitritnititig. Lila fuWie, kuii l ds.
•n the or Iklitig;la&, the fo.ilipo' luntis 4 d'yo
distritUted atilLhigt die 'iLrilltiii Algtri'd:s'in
Ipiiiporiionlio'thi) tiittnedi: i cif iii4ilea'(Vtid
tltiStis' thO'biAls' of '.diAtilVeitfliq l ) ;tiiiillt
regatitlio rho' ntuAber' Of ctillaien .I'rlitilt
tcud s4litoir." 13di if ill:: iipPiiiiiinidni'of
the. pliblie 'tnoti4 'Weie Ihttao 'to adighti
tiptittl' Odd' titiiiiiier 'attending `dchtio'f f ' Wild
upon the regularity of their,attoudauce, it
vtot;iti bdthitho ' flie'liAt'Or'dif oflhe '4,ilizens
gon'oitqly; th prdinotb and urge'llat regu r
Illiiiki fa ' attend:like' 'Or ali 'llib' litili • aiva
titithiil theioithit4, 4ttileWEitila i L rt)intsly
n srelit defect ,'and i(tutoe,'offiiiit'poingliiiitt.
d papiukent Li) . Schpcil 'too ptkii,g.i
tit;ilit:Ji`tlefel:t I 'i.4 ,, 'that 'iiitilLi out ieriL;ta
'iChtloi`lbikyhiiidg. "I'lie lari'lls:',is tWo, 4.
t i ! fid w It fiv9 ybitrs.'" Nci'aird'elioulo 'be
aduitited into clip tinblie l ticlidolS i linder:4lZ,
Mut intiwq bat'hti'TAars' iil I fouli; 'ellol,lo,
id cOtitliteAtiliiillrha id" tiiii"4ol;oot i tidpi
~, . 1 ‘o
.".I.'eaFliers arc not OW ploYedaY'doPuty,nur
'ke4Tor liiti iellUliot idditteiadt or uucutp•
tiered' InOtherk, tvlio bet.iit Wit)
, aosious , , to
i , et' Wail: thiiitil,6ll nut' ctfbe ival." 1 . ,
'' ' Tiskedibt?eedbiidlity—?aticiiiiiirf.:—Ae
uttqutiou of the ..I.l6giMiLkt; , 4 l 2liouid 1r; di-
Nelittld le'rllciitur , t; 'foil Nitro ittiO t th l i 41 . /pr-
' 41}116i" di laiiiiiehaoiil for'in'tir&it?gibigi
iieil9y: and'fbe'die'vliting anti e.touilp!g qio
iatt'utioti i iviiiolr thl4' l 4l,lsflait
,IR ,a
',4titro' li, Were' ertky eitiii)h slionid LA °, an
inStive qt!itetitsi in t. 116 inituitli4tiatio? ofpnti-
Ito atfitiiti,.atrd wait °Yeti 'be h oltlle4 tfp9u io
perfornit.tho iligpimi. dulies!ofju , tbi!o ,lifo,
it ( ts'ithportitit that' ;p"Olitilh'r tiductigop
shdulti 'b6 dal, ridd t,6'llie"iiioesiotil` , i,
'ltriiielVtlie niV.aua o' the 'S?atti will aliiiii.
Akiihvi'ditS"'huldo of: beeouipets • i in fh,s
egiriibttotiq is fiy i rnediisO'f l iin ilitiv3, law&
lii dull filitit diitYiet ''s dein igii?',ll; h . y, Iv 61 . 84
the sphools will r ho r'etl,6l4:lY , :y l leitit i and
theirAis6fil , fute filtirou*hly
i is,,atiti9e4,. ;t
Atidlohtlill ' kitid'l a;;&121 redoto inis , ilicf,,l4l, I
did hot k ..S'eiir',t he 'eltiuttiO'n Of ilt:. s . tunkter
bf'der`etteirs'iu . each' 'ditittiict i ed'iliree,Atot
'AllorPtithAtOtt 'botilyndisaiibil I '44. 1 10,!t.
wahOui 1,1 ti diem'. " . -I r y .. ' i ' i „, ,
a. Porihitt Schoutt i .L-Tiio 'int e iti l iic uair
fuluess, as au educational tlit. 4 dinuo; of Jitcks-
Vita itilliibiti, ) cciddliOE,4l 81, ..,,, ~tirid,ui,al
i ilb,u,Vitt,4l66llitlenti.tod by l overyr,o'n'ti ? ; vi , ; : ii
k6inhillicrililifi l di'thes,paco.' 'Thtt we st
ellicietyktuf IkotioiniLtit tuu ftw i igl rqiing
our*Liodli, r il'ido,tippr iii'eui with st:ififul
t‘hich,i'.4, 3 l4lieCikihy tiltha l iii do iiiiiiV'oiiii4ig
lulinted \ l / 2 1rtic a 1( ho fbl! "ii 2 ilAllfil4 . t.' u
guiilo'ilia"tiwie4tible'lLitiii4 L;i' chiy , soi2 i',il
iceiplitkag'ilisirtita,l4; pe . ..,iiiii,43 , ofit requi
sic() 11116tvitidipl'bfiii`o bkun l i,Als to,b 4 t i aulo.,i
and apt to teAch, 'aud. suck ono ho l ujost,
SlllSE!eikrillly ' :prupArtttl;' for thiit fi np,ort”}
trtiit, at, It ormAl Sehubli. ~,
Tilde iTows 1 ha intAj satiriiii 1 'iatliir itio ,
belibt, oiler i i .S , bill..:4tixpAtki;il4 il'• thlititti
fin.iiihnal tiiiiiontiit'tlitit iiil94 IP, vibrif;,
tildi hte clitnh:Os t i vecliaOudo sh4l4:b,e
itiV i tiM 'lllWitiate !,9 , miiit'l;i4 ) elielepe,y,.(it,
tile eeetepti, atitio'6l . elAglit, 'ivhlil 'lt will
ever, 4 ° PYP 4 ;i4e) l 9 1 0 4. 0 (0 t-ei
.N. 6.0 1 ,,,
) • ~/ ~ ~,,uawv,v,,P)thelinAgm*,
SlErN7sAtinq, , Tuir ,, 1,855,, ~,,,,,, , ,i,
~, , ~
.:419 II BukAlty, !,Trl'lto following ish I roml
tllo, pont of tlw Vickohi rg 'Diet
(It JiLor tja I
. : 3I L, pißperh.nlvhich 414
‘v4B. tbd 0,05 , 9011'W paet.loi ;Mei laltd4t ,
waP rokp !Alio , young:
ipun tintl consit.ribo
giiuu atl4 . fei,V'r.o,ollll'.,ll4l/11111i Wage livid(
ygritoArf ei;1,0o t4e AIN
(leVeAip,l l l4l).A tAaCq .6 41041000 f noinent,
7. 1111 iIL I nok I ngt iln s ”
(tttFFi le ; ; l iilllß benttilir.d.
4110 ~of,t4LihfPl9ll,.. one,: kr4giu;,lotliinto
lio4von,) t [toil slitioke4 4p.tintlifollnws ~..s
:•irltkiwivtilvaosoltOgiso'licuirly ; iile,. I ' o4,
'43, i.adttit 11116 W tiliter'lo43oito, tikkvit
• .NN*4mi,l.4.qilktor!e,s)/441AdwAol 1 1 4 FeFrOdli
.1,4v40'1419.r11c04,11.9i4) Ai
, lii!if! i •A` , 1.111.
1 . 1 II l,, , , • t, , 1.
“I:iiTuttiviti Ip,i Ir t r .tha.—. 7 the yuttiefr„
Ad c.: 'lair 11 iiliFniteti;itimyiiti iuti.fivii•l ) ,
tit's` ' 't)j)aitinikiii i ts :6,„1 'llo`, l trti4;, alt! i
!amok ) Get' ilium it , itali"Ot) fOrtAitk,
266, plc,tovi i ,p 9 or, iq , hOo4A 'win'
1 0 .9 0 , i T e. , ' l ,l. l i ali ci? r ihtituiPli .1 X 11 011911 , 11 ‘
L 4 r !"" l P ° - 4P. 1 1,9 1 tV 4 Cl ll 4inAh' i't C, ll l l 4!Att
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