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    BY D. A. it'O. ItyI;MEHLE4
The American Girl.
Our hearts are with our native land,
•`' Ouriiieg is with heiglti. • ; •
I.ler warrior's Wreath is in our hind,
Ottr 'lhothreathe out'ber story..
Oerlofty and valley's green,' -
Are shining bright before us;
_And like a ramboWsign is seen.
Ifer proud,llag•waving o'er us. •
And thereere Smiles upon o u r lips
For those who meet her foeman,
For glory's star knows twreelipse,
iiVhim smiled upon by woman.
'er those ho brave the„mighty deep,
A till "heorri the thieet of danger,
we've smiles to cheer, and. toareto weep,
• For every ocean ranger.. • • , ,
o,ur hearts are with our,ul4 • ,
t)Ur songs are forte; freedom;
Ohe prit”rs are for the, I,ntllatif batid
Strike where honor leads them. !
We loiii'the • taintleas) air We breathe,
is frFedom'a apdless power; •
We'lliwmo'for him a golden wreath
~ .'Who'Seornew' tyrant's plower:
Thai , thaof Fridee's heautiei fair ;-
Ofltaly's proud dan,eitters; •
Of,rotland's lasses—England's fair,
nymphs of ghunnoii's waters. •
We need not boast their haughty charms,
iThitugh lords' itroend them hover,
Ow glorc lies iu freedom's arms— 1 .
A freeman fore Loveu..l
"I'll 'not live thiS way !" exolaimed
Mi'st' •- Lyons 'passionately. • "Such disor:
der, ',dangling and irregularity, rob' mo
of nit iny peace. , and make, the, house a
bedlam ' instead of a quiet home. Tom I"
she Spo ke sharply to a'bright little fellow,
who wat phubiliiig . away with a wooden
hammer on A chair, and making' a limit'
iiitolerable dim r •tstop that, noise, this in
stant,! And you, Em ! not a word. more
frlii , " your' lips. If you cOO% live in .
With you •iistor, lII' separate you.—
Wye hear ! Hush this instant !"
make Jule give ma my pinOush
iorti She's got it in her pocket,"
"It's no such thing . ; 1 havn't," retort
.. You have, Isay."
tell you I !tacit% !"
"N%'ill you hush ?" . The face of Mr..
Lyons we., fiery red ; and she stamped
urin the emir as she spoke.
"1 want my -pint:Million. Make Jule
give. lite my pincushion."
Irritated beyond control, Mrs. Lyon
caught Julia by the arm;
: and thrusting
her Ivied in her 'pocket, drew out a thin,.
Me, a piece of lace, and pen .k . nifi.t.
" 1. told you it. was not ,thistol .oettlthe
lielieve me ?"
wits :Mire than''' the'
mother couhl endure; ' and • acting from
her indiunant impulses, she boxed the
ears oof.filia soundly ; ennsei avi, at the
saute' flare, that Emily was chiefly 'to
blitnie for all oho trouble, by a wrong -ac
cusatiiiii.of tier sister, she, turned upon bar,
lithuitiktpriugauequal ; punishment,
Frichtened by all this. the younger chi'.
'lran; whose incessant noise,, for the last
hoar, bull contributed to the overthrow
.of their mother's temper, became sudden
ly l ;Mil skulked away into comers
—aniFtlio'bthyw t hitt was sawed on the'
'fort. between ::, pillows, curved her
quivering lips,: and -glanced fearfully 'up
ar the distorted face its which shu had
been used to ACii the love-light that made
liar lieiiven. •
A deep quiet followed this burst of pas•
shut tike tips hush that. succeeds a storm.
Allis; , fir the evil traces that were left be
/liter!'Allis, fur the repulsive image of
iliat'ttiother, tiaguereorypeil in an instant;
on .the Memory ofiter olaildrou, acid never
to I effaced. Bow outay.times, in after
years, will not a,sigh leave their bosoms,
as that painful reflection looks out upon
there. frano authl the dearer remembrances ,
of ;rind impulses, but with
'L rr
seare_./ b uy self-control,wan _3t .
She dewed her,children, and desired their.
That they showed se little for
one with the other, !manifested
en Mitt() "fraternal affection, grieVed her
yltole life is made unhappy by
it !" she would say. 7•What is to be
dou'a d t ' It Is dreadful to think of a fami
ly growing up in discord and disunion,—;
Sis(ygy t titvariiinee with sister, and brother
hiit hand against brialier."
As Wa.s'aSual after an'ebellition of pas.
siou;)lllrs2 , Lyori, deeply depressed in spir
its, as well as discouraged, retired from her
family to grieve and weep. Lifting the
frighteuedrbaby,froat Ale. floor, she drew
its bead..teuderly against her ,hosnin, eel
leaving the. nursery, sought the ,quiet, of
her awn pew, There to repentance,and
huntlialtiouodut recalled the stormy -scene
through :w hicks she had , just passed ;, and
blauirl.herself for yielding blindly to par
siorinstead of meeting -the trouble among
her children with a quiet discrimina.
Tomeeping calumets succeeded < Still
vrris perplexei:. in mind; ~as well as
griesed ntiber. want-of self-control--
What was io be done with her children?
H ow. Woo t hay AO! be I. governed Aright ?•••:.'1
j'ainfullyodidadie,feel her, owe un6tness
for thethlsk.on,l3y :this. time Ahe,baby , was
asleeil.tutd•iho mother something of
thatitisatittil.ipeseetthat every true-mother
Itnowsittben eyoung !babe is slumbering
on heNbottonr. rti . A.:bool‘tsy on .the! , ahelf
nean where shecwap sitting; and Mrs. Ly..
oty scarcely' 0011640 u. orthe act,, reached
out her hand ,for the volume. She open.
ed ir,,,+ itlisint. feeling any interest, in, its
contents; but she bad read onfy a few
sentences, when this remark arrested her
attedtimia:. , -*; , - , ;
uAll.right government of ••children be
gins withwelflowerwatent."
'Thewurdcseemed written for her.; and
the trot/Ili:pressed. was elevated instant.
ly into - perception. She saw it in the
clearest light, and bowed her head in • sad
acknowledtment of her own errors.—
Thus:fer/aometime, oho had been hitting,
when ithe murmur 'of.' voices from below
greiremoni. and more distinct, and she was
arousedito theyainfnl.fitot that, as usual,
when left alode, the children worst wraeg.
ling among themse l ves. Various, noises,
as - of pounding and. thrOwing about
chairs and other plecei of furniture, were
lieard rand at-length, a loud scream, min
.gled with angry. vociferations, smote upon
het ear. - •
Indignation '
awaitedinstantly • 'ho
limn of Mrs Lyon; herriedly placing
the-sleeping babe in De crib, she started
for, the Scene of diserder. moved with an
impulse to punish, severely the young reb
els against authority ; and was half way
down the stairs, when her feet were check
ed by a remembrance of the Sentiment
"All right •government of children com
mences with. self:government." •
• "Will,,anger, pubdue anger ? Whew
!storm meets storm is the tempest still ?"---
Whoa° Were the questions asked of herseif,
alniost involtintarily. "This is no spirit
in which to meet my children. ft never
has, never will enforce, order and obedi
coca," eke,added, as „she•stop& upon the
stairs, strUggling with herself, and striv
ing 'for the victory. From the nursery
came louder Bounds of disorder. How
weak the mother felt! Yet. In this Very
weakness was strength.
.41, must not stand idly hero; :,,she acid,
as a sharper cry of anguish smote her oars;
and so' he moved on quickly, and opening
the,nursery door, stood re ealed 'to her
bhildren. Julia had just rei.ud het: hand
to strike Emily, who atom confronting
her with a fiery face. Both ere a little
startled at their mother's Budd. u appear
once; andboth expeoting the sic, m whieh
usually came at such times,. beg.. to as. 1
flu me the defiant, stubborn '
air wit which
her 'intemperate reproofs were a ways
A fore moments did Mrs. Lyon sta..
look lug at her children —grief, not anger,
upon her pale countenanue. How still all
becatue. What a look of wonder came
gradually into the ehildren's faces, as they
glanced one at the other. Something of
shame was next visible. Aud,, now, the
mother was
,conseieus of a new power
over the young rebels of her household.
~ E mily," said she, speaking mildly,
and yet with a touch of sorrow in her
voice she could not subdue, "I Wish yott
would go up intopy, room and sit with
Mary while olio sleeps;'
Without a' sign of opposition, or _even
reluctance, Emily went quietly from the
nursery, in obedience to her mother's de-
“This room is very much in disorder,
Judie." •
Many times bad Mrs. , Lyon said, under
~Ice circumstances, "Why don't yes put
things to rights. I" or "I. never 'saw such
girls I If all the room was topsy. turves!,
and the floor an inch. thick with dirt;
you'd neVer turn over a baud to put
things in order ;'' or , "go and 'get the
broom, this minute. and sweep .up the
room. You're the laziest girl that ever
lived." it
&luny, ,
many times, as we have said
bad such language een addressed by 1
Mrs. Lyon, under like circumstances, 1
to Julia , and her sisters, without pro=d
clueing . anything bettor than a grunt- I
blind, partial execution of her wishes. But '
now, the mild' intimation that the room!
was in disorder, produced , all the effect
desired. Julia wont quickly about the
work of . restoring thiugs• to their right
places, and in a few minutes order was ap
.parent whore 'confusion reigned before.—
Little Tommy, whose love of hammering
was an incessant annoyance to his mother,
ceased his diti nit her sudden appearance,
and for a few moments stood , in expecta
tion of a hexed ear; for a time he was
puttied to understated the new aspect of
affairs. Finding that he was under tho
ban, as usual, he commenced slapping a
stick over the top af an old table, waking
a most ear.pierciag noise. Instantly Ju
lia said, in a lois voice, to him :
~ D on't, Tummy—don't de that. ' You
know it Makes mother's head ache."
"Does it make your head ache, moth- ' 1
or I' asked the child, curiously upd with a
pitying lone in his voice, as he came creep-
ing to his mother's side, and looking at
her as if in doubt whether , ho would be re
pelsed or net.
"Sometiniesit does, my' eon," rep lied
Mrs. Lyoti, kindly ; "and it is always un-
Plualutut- Wen'tyou try to play without
tusking eo tnuoh noise ?
' "Yes; mot her, I'll try," answered the
little fellow,' cheerfully. "But I forget
sometimes:" ' , ' •
He looked earnestly at his mother, as if
something more was in his thoughts., ,
"Well, dear, what else ?" said she en
couragingly. , i . '.
"When. I forget you'll . tell .me, won't 1
you. V' ,
"Yes. inve." ,
"And thee' I'll stop. ' But don't Scold
are, ,mothor; for. then I tan's-stop." ' •
Mrs. Lyon's ; heart was touched. -.She
caught her breath,. And hero her head
down, to conceal, its expression, until it
rested on the silken hair of the child.
.. 4 , 13 e a good boy; Tonimy, and 'mother
will never scold you any more," she mur.
Inured gently in bis ears. , , ,* ; • ..
His arms stole
. npwards, and, as they
wore tWined'Olot'ely Arndt her net*, he
pressed his lips tightly against her cheek
--.=thus sealing. his Jiart, of, the contra/et
withualche .- ' . *" ' ' ,
How' sweetie. dietnot 'it taste' Were
these fi rst. fruits, oftself ntrol. In the ,
t . t
efforo govern herself,4 itt it ,pow,er -lied
she acquired . , , In stilling the tempest', of, ,
passion In her own hosom, she had poured
, the. oil ' or ixtien ever the storm-freeted
1 hearts of her children.'.
Only . first: fruits
_were these. In' all
her after days did, that mother strive with
herself, ere. she entered into a contest with
'the inherited 'evils .of her children; and
just so far a$ she ;was able CO nverconte
evil in hersolf,,was she able to : overcome,
evil in them. Often ' very , often , was self
resistance Only a light effort ;. but_ the fee,
ble influence for good that flowed from her
words , or„actions whenever this' was 'so,
warned her , of error, and protapteda more,
vigorous self-control. Need it ,be said that
she had an abundant reward F.
1: is better to be worthy than wealthy.
in one's grave at least.
! _ . . - cr .: p...,T.Ty , ..ApA:q. - ! ,..?:.4.,.. , FR1DA
A FLEETING Intr.—The Boston Tran
script say a, that a b out three weeks since,
two Meni.b the'illlMO' of Rufus M. Rose
and Francis Godon, discovered, behind a
bridge abutment in Wiekford, which they
were repairing, seven . ' pieces 'of copper
pipe, filled with Mexican quarter-dollars,
amounting in value, to about three hundred
dollars. The diecorerers resolved to keep
the matter secret, and Godon,' buying the
share of Rosa, carried the whole to the
Oltekstone Canal Rank. in Providence,
and exchanged it for gold: Subsequently,
the Teller discovered that the . quarters
were remarkably well executed counter
feits, and 'seeking ad( Godon, informed
him of the fact,'and effected a re-exchange
and .the poor, man, who,-a few days padt,
I had been , building castles in the air, found
hie bright hopes dashed to the, ground as
suddenly as they had been awakened.--
The Transcript says that entrant' quar
ter-dollars similar to those countetfeit
coioe have recendrimen •discovered -in
circulation in Providence, which leads
to the supposition that the .rogues are,
not far distant.
dy now on a visit to. Paris, Tenneesee, has
written to a friend in this city, some, par
ticulars of a remarkable and most exam
phiry matron in that vicinity, which par
ticulars' have been communicated to us as
worthy of a place in our columns. The
matron in question is a Mrs. D—=—, now
eighty-seven years old. She had 'twenty
three living children, and prayed to the,
good Lord to give her one more, to make
the goodly and round number of two doz.;
en. Besides these she has raised fourteen
orphan children. She has educated thir
ty children— her own and a portion of the
orphans—and for many years sent nine
en children to school in Paris and their
dinners with them. She says that none
of those she as reared and educated gave
ever disgraced her or themselves. The
girls have all married well, and are rich.
The boys have all done.well—one of her
orphan proteges has been in Congress, sev
eral others in the State Legjislature, and
all of them in the constant habit of using
Hostetter, Smith & Co' celebrated Bitters.
ser, who has been travelling among the
Sandwhich Islands arid in Australia, gives
the foll ? wing idea of the value °fall editor
in Sydny : , . .
"A few days after my areal, I paid my
visits to the different editors
At my first call I ca me to a gmace-like
house, the ground flour occupied by the
printing office. On ffie.,first fluor, awing
other advertisements 't fOuti'd a table, In
forming visitors tiat the editor
spoken with unless - paid for his valuable'
time; accordingly everybody, without ex
ception, is advised to buy a ticket of Al i ,
mission atthe door of the waiting room—
one hour costing 10s ; half an hour 6s;
fifteen minutes 3s. Snob were the con:
tents of this singular price-current of time.
some of our fair readers try the following
recipe and give us their opiaiots of iw ef.
nice a quantity of new milk, as much
as desired, over a slow fire, and allow it to
heat slowlyuntil it boils, taking pains not
to scorch it, as that imparts a disagreeable
taste. For every quart of milk take' four'
tablespoonsful of flour, beat it wel! with
colt! milk to prevent it from being lumpy,
and as soon as the milk boils, pour in the
thickening and stir it well until it boils a.
ga in, then remove it instantly from the fire..
Siveeten to suit the taste, and flavor with
nutmeg or cinnamon, and it is ready for
use either (fold Or hot. Prepare the crust
as usual for custard pies.. fill them with
the above preparation, and hake them an
hour, in an oven, moderately hot. When.
sufficiently cooked, they wil! resemble in
appearance a genuine "egg pie," and will
bearcely be distinguished by the taste.
lish journalit'meution that a young Preach
er of the ,Methodist church is ereatingas
much excitement as Irving and Whitfield
did in their day. The Loudon correspon
dent of the New York Sunday Tiines says
"His name is Spageu,',MA be can scarce
ly have reached his 22d or 234 year, I.
should think. His eloquence, is extracir
dinaryif. overwhelms you with., force
and brilliancy ,; and his voice has the
characteristics which'Whitfield's is said to
have possessed—a ringing tone, and capa
ble. of being heard by au assemblage of
ten thousand persons. .
Thy Mu, BE The late Mr.
Kilpin, of Exeter, writes, "Uknew a ease
in which the' minia4r, praying 'over a
child apparently dying, said, qf it by 114'
will 'spareThe =libel's soul
yearning for„ her beloved. exclaimed; 'lt
must be his will, I cannot beer ifs' The
miniSter stopped. To the surprise of ma::
cy the child recovered ; and the 'mother,
alter almost suffering martyrdom by him
while a,stripliug,.lived to see him hanged
before ho was two and twenty 0 it is
good, to say, 'Net ma will, but Mine, be
done.l" - • !
.. ,
A Itticisbipman asked - it Priest to 'tell the
difference bet %seen a Priest and a Jackass.
'The Priest gave4t up
'"One'wears'a cross on, his taci.ttid
the other on his' breast," - said the mid.'
abiP9l4ll, • . ,
"Now,"; said'. thou Priest.--"tetl me the
different* hetyreen • a midshipman and a
jackass .7.',, • , •
• The midshipinan•Sato-it up, dud asked
what it,svas. , e
The Priest said that he did not know
of any. , •, • , • •
A Goon 'Nano—Woman the morning
•star glom. youth; the day star of our man
hood; the evening star of our old age.•. : -
God bless our mars ! •
DOIIOLAR 'JERROLD says ihat old baelie•
lot ate like dry wood ; when they dO
take flame they do burn prodigiously.
'Although the want of religion ar ,aften
regretted 'on a dying betl, no one Wier re
pented of hating lived' pious' life.
NOVEMBER i t 1855.
Pennsfliania • • , tnre.—Eleasion '56
The iollownig 1 . • !an of the persons °loo
ted to the Senate d' Flown) of Represent
fives of thin Statc,. 4,i names of the Don'
oorate are in Roman, Ainoricaue and Whigs
in Italics.
.. , .
1. Philadelphi,4l'—:E7iA .. . 'Price, Yin/.
A. Cralob, ' , -4(4.g , ,'' Fl -.
2. Philadelphialsdiintirl—N,' B. 'Browne,
Harlan Ingrain, J!... Pratt.
8. 'MontgonierT4VhOttias P. Knox. ' .•
4. Cheater and ,, , lueare—Jemea 'J.'
Lewis. •,, ' vi' ~..; i
5. Berka—dolin''' ;'gri UN.' ,
!. 0. Buoke-4onat ,It . • '
7. 'Lineage! , lingftett non—John W.
lillinger,•Jaeolt 0. 4 :iii*an. ' ' ~..'.
8. Dauphin • and likuniserliddlfikt
vid Taggart, '' • '!,...,_:' f * '
9. • NorthatnOton'4o4PLehigli-6-Joseph
Laubaoh. ''.' : i' 4 ' . '"__,'' '' t '
10. Carbon, Mond e, Pflre and %Inc--
Jas. H. Walton: . : '.i . .!,.." .• 1' '' ' ' '
11; Adams and Ftintilitiai—Dovid Mel.
linger. '
12. 'York W, EV:;:gretsh:'
18. CumberlatiCluid Perry—Sainnel
Wherry. ' •tF .,
14. • Centre, Lycciling4linton and Sul
livanAndreto GrOP,c`
15. Blair, Cambria' awl t 'Huntingdon—
John Creswell, jr.
18. Luzern°, MemOtt;itid 'Columbia—
Charles It Buokalow.i 4 :::
• 17. Bradford, St*Oanna and Wye !
miug—W. M. Piatt.
18. Tioga,
Potter,"Mcilrean; FA, Clear
6eld,JeffersebancliForia=lleary Souther.
19. Mercer, Venangdiand Warren--Tho-:
20. Erie and `Crawrord---,D. A. Finneg.
2t Butler, Bearei and Lawrenee—Jno.
22. Allegbour—jcitias 'R. McClintock,
Wm. Wilkins,
23. Washington . .stpd .
Fleniken. . •
24. Somerset; Bedf6;ii Fulton—
Francis Jordan.
25...A.rwatrong, ItuiPmui and Clarion-4
S. S Jainison.
26. Juniata, &Min ,and Union -- - ,Ana
M. Sellers. -
27. Westmoreland ~ ettid Fayette— Wm.
E. Frazer. • '
28. Schuylkill--G. -Straub. •
geirDemoerti„ta 17 - nskion
Ada ins—rsano Robinvq.
Allegheny—Jritnes BP;Frult,in, Samuel
Smith, L. B. P4tteisbn; , ,Phtiatian'lllngee,
win Phelps, Philip Glover, Minimal K.
Beaver, Butlei , and Lawrence—D. L.lm
brie, A. W. Ortzteurd, R. B. Me'Conibs:
Bedford, Fulton and Cambria--G. Nei.
Bon Smith, Joe 13ernard
Berke—J. L. (lets, Benj. Nuonemacher,
Wm. Heine, Geo. Shenk. „
Blair and riuntingdon—q: ',"; Money,
J. H. Wintrode. • •
Bradford—B. Laporte,J,.arlsoa &tomb.
Bucks—Jno. Mengle, Alex. B, Johnson,
John H. Lovett.
Carbon and LehighTlionuis Craig, jr.,
Joshua Fray.
Centre—Jacob Strabbli.
Chcster--Andrew Buchanan, Robt. Ir.
win,Jog. Dowdell. ,
Cearfield, bicaean and Elic—,-Seth A.
Clinton 'looming and Potter—Sauel
Caldwell, John.a Magee.
Columbiaand Meateur--4. G. Montgom
ery. , , .
Crawford--Leonard Reed, Jos. Brown.
.. ,-- eutoberlaed—L,Tdmea Andersen,
' IVilliam
.Dauphin--Da rid Mineta, in°. Wright.
Delaware—C, )Inoley.
Erie—Clideon J, Bull, Mt tray WlaUnn
Fayette and Wdatmoreland—P. A
Julius, J. Fausold,'Saumel Hill, Henry D
Frauklin—Jaa. B. Orr, Jas. Boyd.: .
Groene--Attfue K. Campbell.
Indiana—lt . : B. 'Morehead.
"Lebanon-- A'. Barry: • - '
Laucaster,-IGeorgeG. Rrush,Jesse Rein
hold, Rm. Liiimition, P. W. llousekerper,
C L. Honseiker.
Luierne--H. Wright, Henderson Genf
Mercer, Vonangn and Warrnn,—S. P.
Ikealmunt, Daniel Lot(,• Samuel Kerr.
Monroe and Pike—Abrahatii Edinger.'
Montgomery--Josiah George
Hamill, A. 13..Longakor. ,-
Northaiiiptoo--,.Tolin A. = Inoue, Jeaae
Nortintaberlan a 8 . 11 - . tininernian.
Perry—Kirk &his:
_ _ .
(lobtiriti , Geo. Smith;
E. Joy Norris; 444 Dock„‘
:Phila. County—Charles N .Leisenring,
John MoCsrthy, John Thompson, .John
ihnooek, Townsend Yenrsloy, Chu. Carty,
Yroderiqk : K.;Natter, ;Samuel A.. Hibbs,
John Roberts, Riebsrason L. Wright, Jos.
'Httnneelter.. , , •
Hippie, W. R
• • Somerset—Jonas Airgustinr. • 7
Suquehanna, Sullivatt. and Wyoming--
John y. Smith, ; Thomas J. Inglusm.
Tiogs—T. L. Boldiein.
.• Unpin and Juniatti= Gra Strouse.
Mrashingtoo--G. W. Miller; D. Riddle.
Wayne—Nathaniel W. Vail,
York—hue Rook, Sainuel:Manoer,
Ramsey. • • < •
. .
lierDeroonsts 66—Opposition 34.
--Yho New Haven Palladium records
another csse of the complete cure of ery
sipelas. by the simple application of raw
cranberries' pounded - fine. '!'he ,palient
was a _young lady; one' side of w hose-face
had become so `swollen and inflamed' that
the eye had become closed end the pain
excessive. A poultice of cranberies was
applied, and,. after several changes, 'the
pain cented, the inflammation subsided,
and. in the course of a coup* of, days,
every vestige of the disease hifttisappear
six Protestant of the North, 'An
trim, Down, Lehtionderry; Tyrone, Fer
'malt agh, und.Armaugh, with a population
The following Prue , w Itich we take
of 1 "00.000, the numbet convicted .of
from the - September number of eI He crimes was 2,038 :or eighty-six /cm than
~,.. . . .
Axenicate AND foattiort IiiIRISTIAN UN- were convicted, in the single and thorough ;
lON,':' .differs so much from the usual mode ly Popish county of Tippernry. with st
.pf discussing the question of Protestantism" population less than one forth as numer
and Catholicism, that we tire' induced to one.
By the lest census of the United States,
overatep'en ordinary rule and give' it tet the whole Population was returned at al
our readers notwithstanding its letegth.- most twenty millirem, (19,084,347.,.) Of
'lt is with the question oPreligfetts feith la theee. 2 1 21 . 13 , 8 ? 8 we criminals eet
in confinement , a t
beeitin-trien. The
in all other things.; 'facts •and.figures are .at t i me number o f
me was a bou t 'th
worth a .world of - theortical end abstract twenty-seveu them
and. of whom more than hale or fourteen
discussion. and it is, therefore, that this thousand, were foreigeers. Hence, the
amide commend.' itself to leaders of all latter, furnished about fin •limes as man)"
classes and all i e r ea ,` / i t t,,„' ;.' ", : criminals as they would, have done,, it the
•• • , '. ~.-
Papistry a n d P enult" -- • - - standard of =ra t tily hid been as high ' a
• ;re.
To der July 'leather, we gave a brief mong them its it was among the natives.—,
By prison sedisties of the lour cities of
article oar Popery and Pauperism, which
• attracted some attention, ind Was transfer- New York, Albany, Buffalo, and Brooklyn
in 1858, it was , found, that out. of 5250
red to the:column. of some of the prints,
criminals. 4005 were foreigners, and ol
hotii secular and religious. The, subject these last 2500 were of '10.41 birth. A
is it' pore 0 4" fur , 01 ,1 .j,eauitielti eamite ° I . very striking case is a ff orded by the re,
Itonid. 'When 'compelled tti admit the
turns 'Riede last year by the City Marshal
toolmipable feet of the poverty or Papist,.
of Jersey . City, who states the whole nu in
as compared evith'Preitestant, populations,
her who have bette cominitted to the city.
they g i°B° . if !"- er b Y la Y i "igt • wiffl • alumii
prison finin thin beginning as four thou.
monious airs fA that "the Gospel . is preach- r
sad and one hundred, (4100 :) of whilst:"
ed t° the poor, " an d el,"g them fi n de t 9 ° only„enfeely five were natives. or the
a hmereal 'and mm"' b x eM P l a r Y dleei l he ' refit, three ihnuenne five berthed were
This is true. —But •it is lint to their -per
from Ireland. the other fureignere being but
pnee..unlette. they :can show that it ill the five hundred anti . iwerity.fiee. ,
intent and , tendency ,nf, the 'Gospel ,to
make Now the religious connections al all,
Tee Pon!, keep ;them P9P 4 and, re " - this popoletion are not given. Butt as the
der' them poorer and snorer to the
. rtiry whole member of
Ruffianism in this mien
brink fifisteritation
8° till ri.°M fine ' at. ' 'try, ;according to their.,own eletemems,
cin. , beffoorally deinonstrated, I hat true' y threw millions, doe* not very greatly.
. po l o, aa, SO enlightner Of the; mind '" nd ' a e sa xceed the euniber of foreigners here, and
refiner, of the heart, promoieeintelligenee; Ifs it is known' that the emit majerity of
virtue, 1 ".. (1 " 8 " . .Y , PO !m il " ; and Ill e r 9", imittigiiints who land DO our shores ,is
( " re h "" l4 " rat " Mil t " e """ er Y ien ' in9 Y Papist', especially oh those from Ireland.
towards temporal comfort end prosperity . tbs.isfersses is irresios his
as Id th e . easi.
Ignmanee to "eithe r ' to " ththe'r " f -de ' ly inferior morality of the Romanis's.
‘votion nor of thrift. As to tleyetiOit, the
.But our labor 16 this inquiry, is 'greatly
anent virfitithiP ilfey'keitt*do‘ heat 'ant, +mailed by th e theeankaliell of th e nee.
as ur•thrili, it' is truly said by Soldninfi; a
H. ;'-liteyrnour. , 'Tilts gentlemen wss a
oaltich food Is in. theltillagelof thin poor t •ertnan.ef the , Church of Eitgleritl.
but, thereM,teatli ilestrpyed for went of . i .
, tu iing in PueeYfren, "that cress-mad
judgment.' ; Out ignprenee ttut,the-k
. 00 we'f ' wile,' lie went 'over to 'hitt "seat of
edge oeit4 rue Gotla n d his retrileuwilt si n an. o Vi s i ting R ome ; m e. , where he,
i 4 the fated, likkietY:` 11 ° 11 "m" dev "' in , his in
eeerity and exalted , fereor. 'expert ,
tioe is the dlidetCeouteti of ' ptipitler - igno-*
taiteet:reouhing in ,much equalid and beg- yd to 6" th e rv"ll` air f m gmilt .w ith the
dor of sanctity; be found die ettnespherc
gayly pauperism, and in gonerel, priya now ~ il.,
, rouoleitt- of corruption, heave sod ilahk
of inorals, Havieg ii:erelttt°r"h(jell.V.nia' . with the feel stenches of Papal volution,
coiseil ilei hornier of these re trite W, 5 o°. Sliocke'll end astonished, he reviewed his
on " I ' the " e """ i ' ! "" ii "" "f th eititi " r. religious multi . ..none; , and: no the result.'
The keaat and M e " " ab l e ''' thl Vl t Y, i ," went penitently back 'to the Church he
the W n Y . 1 i th e Popi t h ' l thit". - g at t " e bud forsaken. Moved , by what lie had
I # l,
felt_of - this practioal argument ' upon hi.;
poverty which 14104 II panel his en re
!' refill's 'tied
,- reettiltwee . et w pere hie, awn
lie. busied 'deem ffin collenting
, . I
... o.4,Aegi tt. ' 1 .iin.!.,o. tilt. etiontimitta:,Agtoorrateiettirreee - rghflig:
a". lloved,Yi • 141 ' 'Pt`vel? 74 ' nfril O i n thil European etiontrfer4 coilllfiiiii:'lffiieeltiii
made honorable and .eeneratile by .14k
, ,e." 11 'denims :against. the Sixth noel Seventh
piety end 'hared' treasuresOfgrace .te tette. .cemaisetheeele. or offencelf- against life
On tee mitorery, it )5 that sir le ef. lnwee• and chastity. Front. an 'able review. of
ty Which is made sordid by . laziness,. by
this pamphlet, in ilie"Bultvark.'' we give
untlirift. and Fry dir t i aunt ''
is allied ml"*".
tish sensuality, to tette? and morel prtifliga. the following condensed emitters;
1. As to Murder.—From tables laid Iv
ey., Let ue be unAretood. ;,We say out fore Perliament, and published by order
flint there are tin uP,riglit rich
,mee eminig, of the House, in 1852, ii appeal! 'lint the
Romanist, ; nor do we say there are . no
rotate mother olconfiniiirds fair murder. iit'
virtnetie poor Batting them ' % V° fully England end W aloe; 'or the ten veers en
concede that there are' many 'indieitifrift d ,,,,, "5 ism, was 718 ;:
All aver
epee of the one class . or the Other. licit,
age ill : less- than 72 for eaeit year---iiot
what we say is, that,. Rs eompared . with
, POUR 111Nafth lilaillOo,ol 1110 Ip;Spolation.
Proteseint „ eneillations. : t h efete!' A Vile. ' Again from a reture laid ou the ti n ! , 'le of
prepeittleramie of 'ioti vice and . crime of th e ilaa . o
,bf . caremaas.„.4 , nprests
every grade chargeable to the Whale b urly . front Juts, 18:30,, to April; 1839, the total
pers ists. •.' 1 t• •
, , number of motemiitalit ter murder iu Ire-
Innpureeing our remarks, we shall "r e ' r farel was 645—being X. yearly'average of
state thefects in the
,case, and. then trace 295, , , . 295, or TIIIIINV.THRICH , inurtleirs to each
this. Stale Of 6,,,, to it s qiVI. 55 0 5555 5 (nation 1 'And ' it' is .it remarkable fact,
in P o itee.Y.
itself a system 4 rel * i "" that within the legit ten years . jos, since
and morals. '' ' •• •
the relative :proportions of •the Pruteetam
.As to thefacfs,. we shell 'abide by fertile ,
,r .
elm iipish populations of Ireland. blew
early learned, and; lonupractired. by. us,
begun to change in- fa vorfof the 'former,
'mutely to Le: sure o
o h s! lii_eini. wil l TheY,," Ireland's moral condition haa'been getting
be drawn from respble , anu , refiebi3O so much, better that ace orating tit' 'mother
thwthhet'lle: • ' -- 'return laitlbefitre Padtainetiu in 1851. the
The ' mm" et melu a l e &M" de "f treat; annual average ofm
cominals • for murder
this branch .oft the, subject •viteuld . be, to , ii , the preaawa
years was' only 130,,
iitsthula 5 . S er i e,, L p r 't"Mt l) "thm"" 4 ,,."'" , ‘ fa , r or about NINETEEN to emit" milltior !
instance, but weeu the repuhlice of, Qmittl- Ag u i,, , f rom 1 1, teat return , la m w are .
'eel America and the United , Stetes 9 , 1
the King of Belgium, by mite' Meister of
North= 'A imirice';' or 'between 'the 'Pattie
,Juntice, and publholiell in 1852, it appeara
cantons of Switzerland find the Protestant the , ;be yearly average
01 . ,
murder ilcillat
cantons, ell being under the ea me civil goy. I
country is 84, which gives KISIITEEN e'er
ern went ;.or between. Popish Irelaed,a , nd I tiers to the million, 'fir four and a Itaif
Protestitet Scotiand,..both of these aloe b e-: times mere the ill th
' ' ' 1°
e the'r,a me tii'vil . geveritinent • or
en tli b n etvie en ihese (metics Of Ireland it.' " A g M ") from the " C °MPle E'Eneral de l'
innde la paler aim :tulle en
self-where , the invitee! prevails,' and those admistratio
itl•ence, 1851." presented by eounnend to
in which the Reformed religion- predotai
nate/ ;or the (Impart/pp. ,night d s the Emperor by' the Minister of Justice,
between Popish Ausiria, sip' p riissispt tool printed. in "1853, mid :also from' the
Pruida, lying side by side at:between Re . P , Sialisque moral de la' France," by M.
,', Guerry. himself it member off the ChUrch
mish Belgium `lint! Protes lent Holland, et
sti next-door unignborm . Him, t hie. t v eti m k of Rome, whinh has been 'approved anti
take „„ l adopted . by the Royal Acatletn v of Steen'.
require a vjew.
Parisi tv'e'fitel the annual a,e
&volume in its d g e n e e e lc ri t e tm ti,: t i t v , e e ,', a 4 . i l t , " , t i, t i e il t r . iin
er two wide a eeepe fpr time
, apace we lorconimittils'fill murder in France itt a•
can, ' ; bout 4089. whichrgiree THIRTY ONE Pflii'-
iii)tirb:' %%olio wishes ro'eurveY' all th is dere 40 each Million, 'or seven and a Miff
ground will - find it laid 'fullY ) dperi to '1
in:a inert valuable work tiy,R ee . N enn t e l n ial t , i limes , more , than r in 'Er/gland. ,
Rommel ,p 1 , Paris, entitled, e",Calllolie end I,: ::Agtliti; the siiiiiitica . f At . istla c ir , e l 'inesi ,:
Protestant m a i." c pulpore o_ i n . th e ir i.carelully kept by an minx's, t ninis•
Th ree 4 o l4 'Rhbitin ts t o ' w ea l t h , K aa wi.liionfur Statistics ;" from. the later tof
edge. - snd Morality';'" traeslatrid ' into En these Published lag Year. in two volumes:
glish, anti recently reprinted in this wren. I slid entitled "Die AYalistik des, flealerr.
try in, a tdatmely-printed octavo. .Itis a I etehilehen Kniseestatiltee ,''_ w e . find that
W the yearly average of murders in Austria,
perfect: t esourusAp ,this settle" it • "1 ,. . .. „. ,
would also refer "
t„ Dr. Dill a "Irelerees one of, tne utmost intettratey , Pop i s h cue nt.
Aliseries';'"'and tcr , Mr. - Virylie's treaties onlr-i oB .io Europe, iti 13.20.; bailie THIRTY'
u r he p a pab i . o ~. ' :, =:,.. .' ' -.• •' I elk murders to each million, or nine tittles
But. are we mint go a allover. way to Moore than in Englend.
work, ,contenting ourselves, with: a brief 't . Fart her,-:the governmental return• of
bet conclusive array of facts bearing Upoll ',SH OWS in Bavaria, whieh lir" also regulary
the question. In . England the populatton I published, and the latest of which are ee
ls; twenw:orei` millions'. Of these, less flitted . elleitrage „rim Slidishkides Irani:.
than i'quarter' of a million were feoinitfi'.. retch. 'Bayern, von Hermann, Munchen,
istti when the last census was taken. Ily.! 185:3;' thaws that the•ye.mly uverege, of
ar;i g ientat u returns, obtained and printed . murders in that country is 311. Which
be the zealous Popeling Lucas in his „when compared with tu
the' a'ount rif the .
"tablet." the whole number of prisoner ' s , ptipitiniitin, that bribe cense!' Of 1849 Was'
in the Oily of England on tile' 25th of Sep- '4,320.751, gives *bout sneer moue . inua-'
tember, 1852, was . thousand days to each milliee !! or 'seventeen. timee
six hundred and, twenty...two,.( 21,622.) 1 more than in Etigialid- , • ,
As to six hundred and, sixty-two (662) . It appears that, there ar no. official or
of these the religious beiief was not know ; , .. !governmenal t returns from Spain ur Port -
Of the rest, two thousand nine hfindred . ogal : therefore Mr. Seymour, whose fig
and fifty -(29501 wets whet are' culledl tires are drawu exclusively from such
Roman Catholics. That is to say, the i
latter, though but vne eighty-fourth part I . * The Master of the Altashouee in the sawn
of the population, furnished aseventh part iyt reported that, lest year, 242 were admit
of the criminals, or tweive limes as miny
whom bufierhe were Natives, 2 ticotele
tf tin, 4 Euglish antle22l Irish ! Of
as_ they they would have done , had , the murals 'ly 500 families of outldoor poor relieved, only
of the Romanist part of the population :sa t were American. Thus, hat fur the foreign
been as good us those of the Protestant population, the • city might almust dispense
pa •
rt In Ireland in the year 1851, in the with almslio---,..... and prison both.
TWO MijUit.i iiPt:'IN;g1111;
1 NUMBER , 34,' '`‘
semen, is obliged to pass igen, by. pot.
in order to give some proximate idit pr.
the state of erime'in that penlititill.' he.
quotes, in pasSingp a French intlfririty,
, who state that in Spain the murders arid'
ettempie at murder amount, on the'Yearly
Average, to about 250 to each Million of
the population! '
And now as to the Italian Staters. The
first of these isSardinia. which Wet pris•
maim distingdslied above all the rest for
its progress in free institution,. . . 'And it
ifppears by the returns of crime giken '
from the police in , Alfieri; and cited by'
him in Mitterninier, that in that kingdom
the yearly . average of murders is 101 So
that the moment We come' to a . ?eolith '
country in which the struggles of the' pen.
ple have snmetvliat 'relaxed the 'PROW
yoke, the proportion of murders' instantly
drops down to 7witrirr in the million' 7 .-r
The next Italian province is the two lotrit.. ,
*dies, where the Pope is still 'impoline.
and 'aetuntlingly 'the pniportion' of crime
iustantly arises again for by the remota'
of blinerinaler, the yearly average of - ma..
dery in the' lointbardies is a
226, 'or 'abmit
Per-Five to each millioh 'irkthii pupal"- "
don !. Next hi (polaris higineto Testan'y..
in which, according to the same authority.'
the returns of all' climes for the nifie years '
ending 1838. giveB.l murders on the yearly
average , making PIPTY MURDERS to Mitt
million, or twelve Wad' lOW times 'More
than alt England! In Sicily again, the re
turns for several years, ai given in Mittel`- "
snider. make the annual average ormur..
tiers 174, Which gives ahem fvustrif"to
each' million, Or
.twent:y-trio end it laff
donee inure than in Eugland. '
And now as ' to' the Papal States.'' The
Pontifical government, naturally arlainua
to enshroud in"darkness the dreadfai state
iif the motility, have taken are to ,, puldfilli
no' fficial returns of crime; `'But; happily
for our subject, front - the stshadcaf inforda.
!ion which Dr. Bowring Procured endue
tune since, by order ' of the Britleligoverw.
metit,'for of immeicial' purposei, end . *liieht
has b'eeti'grin ted by (infer of Parliament,
the anntlal aierage or min:dere in the Pap
al States , cen he lately reckoned et 339,
widely, as die population is only 3,998.116, .
givessaluive 'ma: ituennen AND THIIIITRik
to each midiou of the poptilef,on. or twen
ty eight times inure that iirEitglandl 'But
it.sbeins that Popery owns a more fearful
Art(1412111;1 than this. , For in the neighbor
ing Itin,gdom of, Naples, whieh is, if posei*,
ble, inure Popish thou the Pape, States
themaelves, and in which, in tB4B, the-
Pope took refuge .when , flying from, 'hips
own subjects, the criminal calends, ol ono•
year,, as gicee in Minernutier—end th',t
the year. 1832. long before the scenes of
•ilre , lasr, ; revoltition- 7 .uotheins-. the - awful
1 iftiMber n1;19,45 marders.r,- , ,wliMhout 442..
(tepid:ohm wits then jade over 5,000,990, ,
makes ONE 1111:41RED AND, nevem:ll.'o,w
murders to the millinii.• or fortskthrec mul.
a half times inure than in heretic England t
Whitt, iii the whole of Italy, where the
Church of Rome is supreme, and ,where
neither Bible ,nor, heretic is tolerated,
gather from t• be same authorities that the
vearly act-rage of murders is 19138! Wenak
Dr. Wisenimi if he can find any thing to
retiel this aiming the Nollawks, the Olieru , ! .
keep'', .n. the Uziffres; and this lathe land. in,
which there are upwarda of 1::Q,000 priests,
monks and nuts! And yet there are stilt .
liiultd Popish priests ; and newpepaper•edil
tore whir itusFe the ignorance, or the,ttittis•
city. or both, to rase the question or .
comparative onorainy of . Prelettlant. allo •
Popish countries. • ' , ,
Who in not struck thig
continuative disregard of Inuits!) fain land,
which are,—initt ever have beim, under
Poptile leeching end Oontrol r 'Papery hitt
the was in the days' when . she. tfie.ttlell'it.
gainsuthe 'llefoniters the potent Weapons
of the tun+ and the en.ortl, se if tlitly- were-
diseased Limbs for which . lio remedy Witl
left but the knife'and cautery. ';Cruel and
murderous' as over. she still miints her own
(portraiture in blood,' though it is mnsity
the blood of her own hapless'ehildren:
Weprueeed with the secime branch of=
Mr. Seymour's investigation, availing our
of the, same' condensatiun of
stateinonts: • '
2. As to breaches of the seventh corn
mond:newt—Mr. Bsymore .
takes first a few
, . .
nr me great capitate, commencing ,
with ,
f ondun ' 'NS Registrar General's returns
to ParliaMent of the numbtr of birth' in ,
England and Wales l'or 1851,-gives 78.- ,
31W for the' London divi,:ion, which eon• .
tiins population of 2,36'2,237. Of ,ihia
number 75,097 wore legitimate. and 3303,,
illegitiMate, Which show' that , .ply four ,
per cent of the births in that greaipetrop.
olis of . the world are ; and the
returns fin' ilia previous year give the time
proporiton. , ,
Now. in Paris,tweoty year. ago, accord-
tag to M Gamy, in the Stutestique Mar.
ale, the proportiun of illtigitiniate to
mate' births was ,'1 to 1 77-100; and the
Prefeet's returns for 1850, piiblished by
the Bureau des.Longitudes, give the total'
number of births in Paris lair that year as
20,628. of hicli 19.921 were legitimate:
9707 • were illegitimate. In other word.,
in the capital of France, twenty years ago,
35 per cent, or more than one third of the
native population were bastards
Turning next'to Belgium. the militant!
/mast of Popery! 'Flue goverment returns
for 1850 give the total number of births in
BRUSSRILm at 5281, of which the legitimate
were 3448, and the illegitimate 1833, mak.
ids; the' illegitimate births Own 35 per
cent ;.or nearly onedhird• of the whole 1 •
Yet, even this deplorable state of thing*
is better than the condition of Popish
MUNICH. the capitol of Bavaria. By the
returns (or the year 1851, the Intel num
ber of births in, that city was 3461.' and of
those 1702 were, legitimate, end 1702 ills.
„sitimate! In other words. fort, deli per
cent. or near one-half Orate population en
Turning next to Vissea, we end from
the statistical table. . prepared by the lir
penal commisolok and pnaland then io
1852, that the total number ablation Oa;
oily in 1849 iva, 19,24101 which Nitk
legitima e, aogl 10,880. or soitok
ova* ome Hail, were Oleginiton,,44l4
from' thi. ease tables, it iiPplain