Star and banner. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1847-1864, December 31, 1847, Image 3

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    •-•‘, ,
Tier. Lisenkts.En.
From the , •Oom till' Prol4lo.
cindlOet the honest laborer,
0 144: sett of toil,
Thlietiarlier ttt the aattering mills,
• Wa4riis or the soil ;
The Vine whom 'brawny Mynas have tofu
From Earth her honied wealth.
earn for petseles• toil,
Is nature's boon—sweet health.
Okbi hint who wields the ponderous dodge,
Ohid in the leather mail,
wurriore's panoply,
' — Ofainfir *run the wattling hell
thiiiiiiebiei.frorn beneath each stroke,
..:treieh mighty crushing blew,
ifitir!;neksio lighten laber's toil,
Where ruddy fire. Otter.
IlikterOgra who turns the matted soil—
. Who,Witla the early dawn,
Berrterii to,v4her nature's nor,
Isaeris le the yellow certif/
.Who Plants in Nature's basin' wigs,
golden grain,
And glees it to her guardian etre,
The sunshine and the min.
Ofoestbre who lays the massive keel,
Mita - bends the trusty sail
That bids the ocean wanderer
Safe bank with the gale ;
Wisateanthe tall a Ild 'deader man
. Thor .434 rs and 'tripe" of liberty,
As nliaboar o'er the ans.
'elan hinn Whose 'thong MAN palace meta
Uptinthe hearing acs,
Who scorn* the dangers of the flood.
The breakerquanled lee;
- Who - in the coin cradle 'deep*, •
;Cahn in the stone fraught hour,
Uukaring that his hut will quail
:blare the tempest'. power.
Birits him who gives each beauteous thought
A restirtptace--a name—
And twinifir Itstransient glories_
With the hideltire wreath fame ; "
Who 'lends it lbith on every bireze,
hidwit live to bits%
While ceaseless; chattiest. slender tope,
• A 4.1 groans the Printing Press.'
Bilis all who toil God's Messing tort
tin then', with double power,
IVhcise honest brow the' weat-drops &wit
TOd light ho
1 7•ux.
Bless them , though poor, and may they iritt
.Vrtutt wealth can never gain:
Contentment with their lot on earth.
A bairn for every pain.
tiltakt them ! and may the arorkmad■hau4
A 'That trained 'the giant earth, ....lA- -
That bid each star do glory shins,.
That gate to aeaa their biith,
liteserre on high a resting place,
For ?gory honest son of toil,
Iktii.o passed death's darlumne night.
IfYin things are very certain—that we
ha 4 all got a work to do. and are all, Moro
or less, indispose) to do it In other words;
everyman „pas a ceiling, mid most men
have a greater or less amount of indolence,
which disinclines them for the work of that
tolling. Many men would have liked the
gospel all the better, if it had entirely re
pealed the sentence, "Ili the sweat of thy
face shalt thou cat thy bread ;" had it pro
claimed a final emancipatil from indult
try and turned onr world into a merry play-'
ground or )1;x - tinges dormitory. flat this
is not what the gospel does. It does not
abolish labor; it gives it 'a new and noble
aspeet. The gospel abolishes labor much
in the sante way as it abolishes death; it
leaves the thing but changes its nature.—
The gospel sweetens the believer's works :
it gives him new motives for performing it.
The Gospel dignifies toil ; it transforms it
from the drudgery of the work-house or
the penitentiary, to the affectionate offices
and joyful services of the fire-side and the
family circle. It asks us to do for thesake
of Christ many things which we were once
- lconifielled to bear as a portion of the curse,
and which worthy men perform for selfish
and secondary reasons. " Whatsoever you
do in word of deed, do all in the name
of the Lord Jesus. Wives, subunit your
selves unto 'your own husbands, as it is fit
in the Lord. Children, obey your parents
in all things, for this is well pleasing unto
the Lord. , Servants, obey in all things
your Maiiers' according to the flesh, not
with eye service, as men-please:ls, but in
sing Less of heart, fearing God ; and what
soever ye do, lo it heartily as to the Lord
and not unto men, knowing that of the
Lord ye shell receive the reward of the in
heritance, for ye serve the Lord C hrist."—
This gospel has not superseded diligence.
"Study to be quiet and to do your own bus
iness, and to work with your own hands.
as we commanded you. If any man will
not work neither let him eat." It is men
tioned as almost the climax of sin, "and
withal they learn to be idle, wandering
about from house to house ; and not only
idle, but tattlers. and busy bodies, speaking
things which they ought not ;" as, on the
other hand, the healthy and right conditien
ed state of a soul is, "not slothful in husi
nees,ferveutin spirit, serving the Lord".—
Life Earnest:
get ettietity I Time i. precious,
i Waste set in bed ;
.Ole; tip eitety.l White the dearAlrep•
Wee the fields are sieved.
pet ef early t *rhea the rexl 1111111
nal beCniA o nee;
tai tp earty sheathe &thane
'Poke beet earth sad aim
uet ep salty ! kis sinful
Te be waving time;
Oat *early ! white the dear link
%Ad tbet ewe Theme;
CAA up early ! w Wk. tte dowers
Ithseh ou the awl; •
0 0 . 1 4k e * t bills etiiilattsee
atom Nature's tied.
4 41011 ep /stir ! 'mated pa
' • "Irtithe Asy'o toe;
• 410111**ality t Wye , Moor,
1114110001 , rpm seek
Atit&lte wtekt If 437 1 0
yr Fear task tv ;
tilt 4 artiftt Ira?.
11 era kid as t to. wrist !
and Family Magazine for IS-'S.
TRACTION, with largesd circulation and
greatest popularity of any magazine in the Und
ted States.
The TIMAIIVRT will contain articles from Bry
ant, Longfellow, Percival, Wendel Homes. Wash
ington Irving., N. I'. Willis, Hoffman, Tuckerman,
Simms, Halleck, Paulding, 31r.s. Sigourney, Miss
Gould. Dana. Herbert, Miss Sedgewick, Theodore
S. Fay, (from whom we have received a novel
lene, which we shall shortly commence.) Mrs.
Annan, Park Benjamin, E. A.Poe,
ments,fnnu the hands of the first artists, and con
segnently far superior to those in any other Meg-
arsine, adorn the Book. Ornament and Utility are
combined. The popular series of articles nu
Health. Model Cottages. and Needlework.
Itistrated with fine engravings, will he sontinued.
and inch other *attires lin can be made bubservi
mit to the grand desian of the work.
To the Mental and Moral improvement of its
readers will, from time to time be added
every month, altered from the French to suit the
more modest taste of the ladies of this country.
LTTLiis is the best time to subscribe. Persons
commencing with the January number, will re
ceive MISS LESLIE'S NEW NOVEL, new and
entire, as the portions already published will be
ietwinted in that number. No dintinution in the
Mind interest and satiety, but an increase in the
number of pages.
One cope one year, nickeling the "Lady's Dollar.
Newspaper," $3 ill
One copy two years. = 5 50-
Two copies one year 3 00
Five copies one year, (with an extra copy
to the person sending the order.) 10 00
Eight copies one year, 13 00
Twelve do. 20 00
Any postmaster or editor of a newspaper sand
ins us s2,for the Lady's Book alone. may retain
the other dollar as commission. This commis
sion cannot• beallowed when the Lady's Bookind
Dollar Newspaper are expected for $3.
Address, L A. GODEY,
113 Chesnut street, Philadelphia.
Dec 17, 1817.---3 t
The Daily National Whig
ity of W.uhincton, et s o el«k =Ft
Sundays excepted—and awned to subscriber* iii
the City; at the Navy Yard in Georgetown; in
Alexandria and Baltimore on the same evening,
at R rents a week. payable, to the sole . Agent of
the Whig, G. L. Gillehres, F.sq., or his order. It
Is afro mailed to any part of they. States for $4
per annum, 01 $2 kr six months, payable in ad
vance. Advertisements of ten lime or less in
fo; to* one time for 50 cents ; two dolts for 75
cents; three times $1; one week for $1 75, two
weeks for $2 75 ; one month $4; two months $7;
three manthe $10; sixmonthesl7, one year $3O
—payable always in advavese
THP. NATIONAL WHIG is what its name
indicates. It speaks the sentiments of this Whig
patty of the Union co'every tines:ion of public
policy. It advemiles the election to the Prom
dewy of Zacsaar TATUM {object to the deci-,
-ntorsof the -While *Nimrod Convention, h makes.
war to the knife upon all the measures and itch'
of the AdministratioVdeeined to be adverse to
the Wagons of the country. and exposes with Out
Faroe favor tho corruptions of the party* pen
,ter. Its eolinnew are open to every man in the
eounto7 let the diliColl4lloo of political or any otb
ey.gaatiorii . r
In addition to politics:a large portion of_the
Natimial big will Ins devoted to publications
apes Agriculture, Mechonie tad other- useful
' Or* Science in generel„Lew, Medicine, Stanst-
Les t /InkChinos specinwes of American and ink!
Mr& •Litersivee will, also be given, including
Reviews, fie. A weekly list of the Patents
sued by the Patent Office will likewise be pub
' 'ilialiad—the, whole forming a complete family
one oldie largest newspapers in the U. States. is
now made up from the columns of the Daily Na
:tonal Whig, and is published every Saturday for
the low price of 82 per ennui's, payable in ad
vance. A double sheet of eight pages will be
given tebreisimethif press or matter shill justify
it. The memoirs of Gas. Taykw, written ex
pressly for the National Whig are in course of
publication. They commenced with the second
number, a large number of copies of which have
been priuted, to supply cells for bark numbers,
• Proprietor of National Whig.
Washington, Oct. *PO ort.—dm (SS)
Sinaloa?* xttirli itrasitith
11 T'S LIN IMEN T,.. .
S_ now Janivensairy_ -aefinowledged to be this
ddi INFALLIBLE: k.E.MEIiY for Ifheunsattsm,
spinal affections, coot 'actions 01 the muscles, sore
throat and quinsy, issues, old trice's, pains in the
backend chest. ague in the breast ar•.d tare. tooth
ache, sprains, bruises, salt rheum. burns, croup,
ironed Met, and all nervous diseases. The trinla
plume success which has attended the application
of this most aanderfal mediriste in curing the most
severe cases 01 the different dioeasisabovenamed,
awl the high geraniums that have been bestowed
upon it, whenever it has been introduced, gives
me the right to call on the afflirted to resort at
once to the only reasttly that curt be reliedow.
'the following certificate of the restoration to
health and the perfect cure of a &manned and
crippled child. who was thought lo be beyond the
reach of hope, shows that, no mallet- how apathies'
the case may he, there is a remedy in !lent', Lin
imeir, that will conquer the most drepente Cit.
sea ; and that; if the disease is curable, this cele
brated external remedy will du it. It has never
failed in giving immediate reliet when timely sp.
plied, as pro% ed the abundance of high and un
impeachable testimony, the partieidaishi which
are to be found in the pamphlete winch are to be
had ot every agent.
°sainting. June 10, 1815.
G. F.. Stanton, I feel called upon by
the tie of gratitude to trfTer the following teatime...
ny in favor of your External Remedy. Runt'.
intent. My grandson, Clark E. Evans, who is
now ten years of age, has been for the last eight
years a cripple, caused by falling from a chair
when he was two yearn old, and vvrer.ching his
spine. From the tame of the occurrence we have
tired every means to restore him to his natural
shape, but all without avail. We took him to N.
Volk, and placed him under the earn Ma Oyer
cial of skill, and, after remaining there for some
time, we brought him home no better than when
we took him there. For several days at a time
he was so helpless that he could only walk by
placing his hands upon his knees or support, giv
ing him the appearance of a deformed hunchback
He vs as also taken to Newburg and prescribed for
without any better success. At times he would be
strong enough to go out of doors, but atter play
ing an hour, would come in perfectly exhausted,
and for several days after would he again perfect.
ly helpless. We had lost all hope or seeing him
restored to his natural shape or strength ; hut a
kind Providence placed your External Remedy in
my hands, 1 hose used but four bottles. anti am
rejoiced wksay that the boy is novi,.as straight as
any boy of his age. Any of my neighbors will
testify to the truth of this statement. 1 take rin•
core pleasure in stating these facts for the benefit
of others suffering under a like calamity. Your's
respectfully, RACHAEL tiILYTE.
_ .
This iato certify that I am per Anally acquaint.
ed with dirs.Shute, as well as the boy alluded to,
and frankly bear witness to the deformity with
which he was seriously afflicted, apparently for
life, Dated Bing Sin e, June 9. Ih4 3.
HENRY HARRIS. Justice of the Peace.
This Liniment is sold at 25 and 50 cents per
bottle by all the principal Druggists and Metal
Orders addressed to me at Sing Sing. N T, will
beattevded to. G E STANTON, Proprietor.
Wholesale Agrart—Holidly, Phelps & Co 112
Water street, Rushton & Co 110 Broadway, A B
& D Sauds,corner Fulton and William, Aspinwall
BO William street, New York; Coat belt & Weth
erilllo South Second. Philo tlph ia.
AGENTS.—SamueI H. Buehler & S.
LForne3Y, Gettysburg; Abraham King,
elleralown, 1. 'Luck, Pine:own ; Ja
cob Bollinger, Htidletsburg; Hollinger&
Pores, Petersburg. (P. S.); Jacob Aula
bant,7larapton: Geo. S. B•nizel, a n d J.
S. itilchrand k Cu., East Berlin.
Nov. 3, 1847. {Dee.
111, S ALAS J. CULP respectfully infontrts Watches, Jewelry, &e.
r, his friends and customers that he Iw.
T C S. Jewelry et silver Ware
removed his may be had wholesale and retail,
Tailoring Establishment guarantied better for the price than at, any
to the room'finmerly occupies! by Ww- " the ? '" 1".. N
aras; s)o. 72 North 2nd street,
store in Philad elphia, at (l a te Ntehla -
11K tx, deceased, opposite W A 31PI.K1r ti
las Le
'I'INNERY, in Baltimore street. where. el. above Arch, Philadelphia.
he will be pleased to attend to the orders of s g.. ES, all kinds, fine, medi
all who wish to have wort done up us um and low qualities, among which are
fashionable style, and at low rates. Ar- fan jr . cit . i. Imo to 1100
rangements have been made to receive the Lernars 26 to 40
; Quattioni 5
Latest 'William.,
Seser Lorin, WI Jewelled, "''
from Philadelphia and New York. so that room. 12 w. 18
customers can rely on basing their tar; goners' roe A to 10
meets made in the most approved styks. theism* Gold Chains..
jot• Country Produce will be taken in Gold Per with Gold, At. Silver, Holders,
exchange for work. Br eastpins . Ear and Finer Rigs,
Dettysburg, Aug. 20, 1847.-3 m;, Bineehis.Caniees of Shell. C=.4 and]Le
- ra. with every other article of Jewelry of
the richest aid most fashionable patterns.
SILVER WARILPIste. Forks, Spoons,
Cum. &e.. of standard giver, ,
PLATED WARE. Cater* Ciki, sita-,
kets. Fatty.. Yarlea,, Card Csserinellithei
Orb Falteiteride intvt!olltioqs l :*":.
hie ••-•
Wlsorsiblineyers' ill sive money by
vl n 1113" e ate} call al"
No. T!.: Zen will be saddled tbegoods
aiw tegly cheaper aid better 'than are of
fered to the any . For sale , loft'; tt hand:.
tompair - Of 8110WCASES, `skiable
Jeareltl et. fancy Store, apply as
Sept- 3:11347.—Ay • •
Basumenee CUMMINS Bleres
is East York strait. otabraciag every va
riety of Boys' sod Mea's wear. lizrCail
and atioebeust isaseedistely
Nov. 26, 1647. -
.11,41intstrOd 010/211triirt,
F 3 OR dui MA.P.C....SLItraid 01 10 4291 '
Sties affeessose, Liver &orspitiiiii.
Quittayi Sore Throat, lkoseltitie . Pair is
the Cheat, Tumors, Diseases oldie Shia.
Piles. came; Rheestatiset, Le-, Le., hag
sale at the Druklitore of
. „
Gettysburg, Jose 55.-41
I'd! Awnlint Gold Le
rers for $4O. win- IF
rated by
i Jacob Laden's* 4 - $ 4. • 1111 ;:
S• Ri, TIPTON. IN . n i t m o b" ..... -
row 016..
VIASHIONABLE Barber and Hair!
H AS cansiandy
F Dresser, has removed his ...Testae, "
Gaid oti ssd ha sii nd
to the Diamond, adjoining the County Bull
-dings, where he ewe at all timer beat .. di, uk r ai o „ low
prepared to attend to theca& of the pubise- rat .5....4, - ,,C - 4 3 16,,,r4: $4OOO
Front linig — experiente he flatten himself - ' Sheer .... 20 00
that he can go through all the ranufs' rations Gehl larrWelt. rem Jewelled, 30 00
'of the Tonsorical departments, withsuch as! = 41.. . 12 00
Lerisie... ier,
8 00
infinite degree of skill "as will meet the cle% with a lane assortment of Fine Jewelry,
tire satisfaition of all who may sulnnit their !
as ass Raw, Fturr Bing,.
'rhino to the keen ordeal of his razor. He
Pins. Bracelets. Gold-and Silver Pencils,
hopes, therefore, that by attention to Mini-! Gold claim.
4lic. Has also on band a
neut . out a desire :lo please , he will stern ' eoinpieee assortment of patent and plain
. •
as well as receive a liberal share o f
uem sidie ; Wald , Gums. main s , prifics, verges,
wat i als sad Hands. of every description—in
patron*: Tht sick will be a
their private dwellings.
Ga, a amps assortment of Watchma
ker's mole and Watch materials, to which
t , he would tall the attention of the Country
Trade. Those wishing anything in the
above hoe. will find it to their advantage
to rail and examine his stock before pur
chasing elsewhere.
„Philadelphia. Aug. 6,1817.-6 m
Tim APOlli Papaw MentliFy . in,Me Weil
THE leading writers all in " Giabson ' —
William C. Bryan; J. Fenimore Cooper.
William Henry Herbert, Theodore & Fay.W.
Gilmore Sion* Fanny Fonesser, Mrs. A. M.
F. Ann an, Mm. Amelia 11. Welly. N. P.
Willis, Professor Longfellow, J. lei. Peeling.
Charles J. Hoffman, Edgar 11...,P0e, R. P.
Whipple, Mrs. Stevens, Mts. Silimeasey.
" Graham "is now univenallyackeowledgel
to surpass, in the excellence sad misty of as
contents, and the style of its esmaires. any
periodical published in Anilines, and it is ins
uonable whether any magazine is the worid- 1
not excepting even Blackwood's—ever pines
ted an array of contributotsof eral repistateoa
its chealation is about one-thud Heger tbaa
that of any other monthly is the Ea - "gWl
We have resolved, as far as "Graben" is
concerned, to give a proper directive to the pop
tiler taste; end purpose, in the comingvdeme. l
greatly to amplify the literary deparanent of;
the work—to engage - neselret the very best i
writers—to open a field for you mom oil
merit-,and,-in fine, to cultivate, a lErtionsf
riodiad Lilerelure,
which shall Cut re
spect at home andahroni..
While all the other monthly periodicals met
crumblieg to deeay. and resorting to every ex
pedient to save themselves Atom piesersetina,
" Graham" pursues the even team of its way.
proudly at the head of the periodieel fiatense
of the thiy—with its 50,000 weeders, radially
widening its infinenee, and einearmit• cies
lation.—The policy pedigreed is thistruan n,
of giving the bat, Iva is Landon ammiahrt,
has established it upon the sum bane Odic
conlitmer- _ _
EkgontParis — Piattaiiii awl Nairilier - --
"Graham," for 1848, will be beyond all dolt
so fin superior to the class of small magininnes
which attempt to intik 0, tint is every pea
town it will utterly
.route them on. Fa ably
should any man or woman pay man . y bt ass.
coed rate article, when the best is eased at
the same price. Reader. thick As yeasself,
examine and subscribe for the beat periodical,
and do not be deluded by the stile and never
redeemed ?remises of those wine rids me
as worthies, as their rues.. It is erfect, rise
for the last seven years, paniess hen bees
ends of excelling "Graham" loy_sorof petty
pretender; yet the Maret as
triumphantly the
We promise our neaten in hang web a „
number as shall pale "the ineffectual flee" oft
our imitators, who seize a good idea which we
have executed, and maks it common by the
baseness of the copy.
.Perhstits 'of ow .firery Bow.—We have al
ready given our readers a magmata* likeness
of GEN, TAYLOR, and have wow may as- k
•ecuted a inagnificest likeness of GEN. BUT
LER, and shall follow rapidly with pinmpies
of all the leading men who Imes diamarrelimed
themselves in the present war. This ammo of
portraits will be toned by every pine&
, We -design to- commence in the Issmasy
number, in addition to New Novels by Willis
and Fay, a most beautiful SEA STORY,
which has been highly praised by the best
judges, and has only been withheld from ear
readers in the last volume as we had ahready
running thro' the Magazine the Novel
er. For the New Year we have made the
liberal arrangements in regard toile wodt,sidi
a deterniinatton to make A GREAT NATION- I
AL MAGAZlNE—contributed to by the high
est talent in the country—free friars all eNques
and sectional differences, and welyin,,, on the 0 ,
merits of its literary matter, and excellence-elf°
its illustrations, for a still wider supra. Tbe
volume to be opened si ith a new and beautiful
type, the finest white paper, and with a series
of embellishments unsurpassed by any which ! •
have yet appeared in any magazine.
Our Mezzotint EngTuringa.—lt affords as
tnuch satisfaction to be able to state, that we
p ,
have made arrangements with Mr. Sartain, the
accomplished mezzotint engraver, whore;
plates have contributed so much to the beauty
of the Magazine heretofore, by which we wawa
his splendid mezzotints for the work *lose.
Ills beautiful engravings will therefore Cann a
feature of Graham's Magazine, so that we shall
be able to distance any thing like competition
on the ground.
Our Beautiful Fashion Pketes.—These
site creations of taste and skillwe hare ertgasred
.. - g
exclusively, from the publisher of ...Le Fara," Toe subscriber (late of th
- _
and all other efforts to get them have felled. I . Wash ington Howl, Harrisburg, Pa.) takes
An attethpt has been made to deceive the public this method of informing his old friends
by re-engraving the old designs; but these du- and the public generally that he has taken
plicates are so far beneath the original Paris the above named HOTEL. The Hodse
designs sent to "Graham," that they excite op- is airy and comfortable, and has been ex
ly contempt. Our arrangetneme are complete, . te . os i ye l y
and we cannot be equalled in the beauty end ' ..............,,,..
hopes by strict attention to bus
altered and improved, and the
correctness of this department of the MaginieHe. i r" - r" --
These plates appear in every camber. : Uleiges sod a proper care for the comfort of 1
LOWF.SI"fERMS FOR 184 a. I his guests. to merit and receive a share of
I copy, * 3 per annitat. f . piddle patronage. The House is situated
2 copies, 5 "' Ivry convenient for the Travelling Public,
5 copies, 10 1
being only two doors above the Harris
-11. copies, 20, sad l etill bang and Pittsburg Depot, and within two
the Pcltu nastert or "hall , r g irwal diag' minutes walk of the Baltimore and Read
the money.
f .
Subamtptions musonvariably beaccompani-. nig Depots. 81214111 g
attached to the pro.
cd by the cash, free of postage. Address ~ mom. Terms $1 per day.
GEORGE R. GRAHAM & CO., t I E. P. HUCHIES, Proprietor.
Dec. 6. 28 Chesnut bt., Philadelphia. Sept. 3, 18 17.—ti
Philadelphia Adverlisements
Cheap Watches and Jewelry.
The largest and cheapest Stock
Cit 17 1 11 'Le ‘91E120 Ow
• Plain and Fancy Jewelry,
ts, INSI= Rr
LLez i A i ,
w N..
- Is 4 i3i Market street.
Gad Leann. fag jewelled, IS meet
r riter.volid dad, 1.40 00
GEAiI Liviimrs.. do. do. $25 to 30 00
teem Lever.. fall jewelled. 20 00
Sikes Ulises. jewelled.
Silver Quantity Watches, splendid.
Shaer inkalisia 'Lb:attires.
henna had field and Shyer Watch-
es. et ail prima. from
Gild Peoria. -
Gold Binanieia, milk tapas and other
Pure Silver Teaspooso,
Diesenool pane Gold Pensoyeith pen
eil mad ail odor holies; only
Gold chaise. breast-pies, Anger-rings, ear
riogs sod Jewelry en every description, at
the lowest Philadelphia or N. York prices;
gold and silver Levers. Lepines, and Quar
tier waseites. still much cheaper than the
above prices. A ear will be sufficient to
eretrekce perchasers that this is the place
tiagettgoodand.eheap iirticho. AO
warranted to to be what they are sold for.
Onkrs fres the con try punctually attend
ed to. Old Gold and Silver bought for
en& or taken in exchange. All kinds of
watches reprised aid warranted to keep
comet time.
Ni. B. I have splendid gold independ
est sewed' yawls for timing horses. Also
,Gilt and Galvanised Watches, for traders
use, and goods of on kinds an my line, at
Wordy Cleelcoted Jewelry Store, No. 4 13
Market St. above lttb, north side. Phila.
Philadelphia, Aug. 8, 184'7.-7m
Harems First Prnis*Uus
Saver Medal jam awarded by the American Insti
tute, New Cork, th 47.
.1111 BE Wowing tasitiemay from distinguished
Inatiumioes speaktt Inc itself :
Usivaraity of Peensylvania,
Pkileirdades, May 11, 1841. f
Mamie, hied, Ise seam time, the Black Ink
manaliemsed by Me:4mph E. Bower, we have
Ism" it Intimated fee menuseript, by its running
Mealy awl its oriiinprino from coagulation. Its
Ask aim we are wee pleased with.
W. E. HORNER, Desna( the Faculty.
SAMUEL I. wTILIE, Vice Provost.
HENRY REED. See'ry of the Faculty.
BOSWELL PA9KE, Prof. Natural Phi
- lossopy sad Chemistry.
W. W. GERHARD, Lectruer.
We billy macacia the above—
S. G. MORTON, Dees of the Faculty. of
Pasissylvaele Medical College.
BACUE. Principal,
H. 31111111111 E, Prof. of Anatomy in
Central High School.
to., F. FRALEY, secretary of the American
Fire Inatirance Company.
D. GeORGE, Phil. Comoro Home.
Mover's adamantine Cement
A sersatea . TVA,
For sale_ wisidesale and retail. at the Manufac
faqir- No. 10. North Third street, opposite Cherry
sired, Philadelphia, by
JOSEPH E. HONER, Manufacturer.
rtroa sale in Gettysburg at the Book and Sta
timer, dose of S. H. Baas Lim.
Nos. lg. tea:—•lfm.
sik Allegheny House,
(I 11 *hi
To Country Merchants and Others.
No. 426 :Market atroet, above 12th fiputh side
W a Etb di and g
HAS now on hand and is constantly
receiving a large and well selected
stock of every article in his line, consist
ing in part of Oranges, Lemons, Prunes,
Figs, Dates, Raisons, Grapes, and' every
.Mher fruit in season. A full assortment
pf Bordetux and %ft-shelled -Almonds,
Filbartai around Nate, Cream Nets; Eng
lish Virelanta t Cocoa Net*, 7eze. Hid as
sortetettref ICAN'Dlittlent et lower -pri
ce* thiiii"min be bought , M the City. He
regneets tot eititivinstion •bt his stook - be
cot:Es:. putchatiing gisawhere, as he offers
goods at ti 'Moll armee, being anxious
to do basin Aid for CAVEL
goo Cut out Win advertioement and bring
it with you.
Sept. 24, 1847.-3ro
'('lothing Establishment.
The moot extensive Clotkerigyarehouee in the
- .11 7 neted Mates.
100,000 Garmeofs'oa hand, and ready for dispo
Tro patrons we would say, that having
but one p rice , those who are not
dealers, or do Alit understand the real val
uation price of-goods. will have an oppor
tunity of purchasing garment as low as
professedjlidges. Jobbers and dealers in
ready-made Clothing. can replenish their
stocks for- the winter, and we guarantee
the largest establishment in Philadelphia
to select from. We attend personally to
the packing gbods andsee that a good as
sortment of sizes and well-made articles
are put up. Single suits forwarded as per
Our goods are for sale only at the
large building; 128 Market at. Southeast
corner of Market and Fourth streets. Phil
adelphia. C. HARKNESS.
Sept. 24, 1847.-3 m
William Keillioltz,
Dealer in Paints, (tls, Brushes, Glans,
Varnish, Putty, and Mixed Paints, of
all colors, at the lowest rates,
Corner of. Franklin anil Green streets, opposite tho
Perm's .►venue, Baltimore.
N. B. WILLIAM litaLitourz. having had
a long experience in l'aints, Oils, &c., be
ing a practical House and Sign Painter,
will give all information, respecting mix
ing Paints, &e.. gratis. Country Mer
chants and others supplied on moderate
Oct. 29, 1847.—1 y
(' lock s, W atches, Jewelry, &c.
TILE Subscriber offers
i l "-' - ... to the trade, or by retail,
719 a large assorttnent of the
. ;f. fullowiiig articles, being
~.C. '
• • - all of his own importa
, )1 ° -- tion or manufacture.
Buyers of goods in ihis line are invited
to examine the assortment, and orders are
solicited, with the assurance that every ef
fort will be made to give satisfaction and in
sure a continuance of custom.
Gold Ac Silver Lever Wartehos Of ordinary quality
Do do do of superior tirade.
Do do do Anchors h Idepines.
Silver double eased English and Swisa verge
Watches, with light medium and heavy eases.
Gold Jewelry in all varieties, fine and e 1111 l mini.
Silver Plated, and Silver Wares.
Musical Bones. playing 2,4, 6, 8 and IC tunes.
l 2b I Gold and Silver Spectacles. Diamond Pointed Gold Pens.
*2 to 23 00
3 Vito 2 00
Mantel & Office Clocks, in gilt and other frames.
Watchmakers Tools and Materials of all aorta.
Fancy Articles, Fancy Fans, Steel BesslB,,dtc.
Having every facilitrforobtaininkgoOds .
on the most advantageous terms, corres
ponding inducements will he offered to pur
chasers.. JOHN C. FARR.
112 Chesnut rt. Philadelphia.
July 10, 18.17.—0rn
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends
and the public generally- that he has
now on hand a large assortment of TIN
WARE of every description, which he
will sell at moderate prices—all warranted.
Persona wishing to purchase al low roles
will do well to call before purchasing else.
HOUSE SPOUTING will be made
and put up at 12i cents a font.
, Gettysburg, March 12, 1847.
fir HE undersigned has connected with
his Coachmaking Establishment .a
large Smith Shop, and is prepared to do
lle would say to those who have Horses to
shoe, that he has in his employ first-rate
hands, which, with his personal anemia!),
will enable him to give entire satisfaction
to all those who may favor him with a cell.
(warranted) will be promptly made to or
der at all times.
or:rAll kinds of REPAIRING done,
both in Wood and Iron, at the most reduc
ed prices.
• 00.. .Thankful for past encouragement,
the subscriber solicits a continuance of pat
ronage, and invitee his friends to 'call at
his Establishment in west Chambersburg
st., a few doors below Thompson's Hotel.
Gettysburg, October 15, 1897.
Mg PtOfitt,
( - IF the very best quality, and different
Ur flavors, can be had, at all times, at
WEAVER'S Confectionary in Chambers
burg street. Families and Parties will he
supplied with any desired quantity, at the
shortest notice. CAKES and CONFEC
TIONS of all kinds always on hand, and
will be furnished to order on reasonable
Gettysburg, July 23.—tf
Protection against Loss by
111: "Cumberland Valley Mutual Protection
Company," being incorporated by an Act of
the Legislature, and fully organised and in opera
Lion under the direction of the following Board of
Managers, viz: C Miller, James Weakly, 1) %V
M'Cullough, A G Miller. T A M'Kinley, Philip
Spangler, Samuel Galbraith, Samuel Tau, Ab'm
King, (Adams,) John Zug, Samuel Huston, J T
Green, J Bear—call the attention of the inhabit
ants of Cumberland and Adams counties to the
cheapness of the rates, and the many advantages
which this kind of insurance has over any other.
lit. Every person insured becomes a member
of the company and takes part in the selection of
officers and the direction of its concerns.
2d. For insurance no more is demanded than is
necessary to meet the expenses of the Company,
and indemnity against losses which may happen.
3d. The inconvenience of frequent Tenon ale is
avoided by insdring fora term of live years.
(th..Jsny person applying for - Madames mint
give hispremium note for the cheapest class at
the rate of flee per cent.,
which will be g5O on the
1000, for which he will have to pay 12 30 for five
yen* and $1 MI for survey and policy. and on
more unless loss be sustained to a greeter amount
than the funds on band will. cover, end then no
more than • pro rata share. These rates are
much cheaper than those of other companies, ex•
cept such* are incorporated on the same princi.
dies. I'. C. MILLER, President.
Mtstsa, Secretary.
- irr The following named persons have helm sip.
pointed ..fgentsfor Adams County :.—Wm W Pax.
ton, Esq. General Agent for Adonis county; J A
Thompson and D ?Ogler, Gettysburg; 1)r. Wm
11, Stewart, Petersburg; Henry Myers. New Ches.
ter; Henry "'Mayer. Abbottstown; Daniel Com
fort, Straben lownshl is; At rah a nit in ft: Hunter*
town; David Blythe. Fair fi eld; T T Wierman,
Aremtsville; Wm Morrison and Abel T Wright
Ilenderaville; Dr. D Mellinger,East Berlin ; AbOa
Scott. Casbtown.
Sept. 13, 1840.—ff '
And and all Diseases of Me Stomach and
DYSPEPSIA, or Indigestion and its
consequences.—An eminent Profes
sor says: .•It chiefly arises in persons Who'
lead either a very sedentary or irregular
life. Although not regarded as a fatal di
sease, yet ; if- neglected, it may bring onin
curable Melancholy, Jaundice, Madness,
or Vertigo, Palsy, and Apoplexy. A great
singularity attendant on it is, that it may
and often does continue a great length of
time without any remission of the symp
CAUSES.---Grief and uneasiness of
mind, intense study, profuse evacuations,
excess in venery, excessive use of spir
itous liquors, lea, tobacco, opium and
other narcotics, immoderate repletion, o
ver distention of the stomach, adeti
ciency in the secretion of the bile or
gastric juice, exposure to cold and damp
air. are the chief causes of this disease.
SY M l'TOMS.—Loss of appetite, nau
sea, heart-burn, acidity and firthd eructa
tions, gnawing ot the stomach when emp
ty, uneasiness in the throat, pain in the
side, costiveness. chilliness, languor. low•
ness of spirits, palpitations, and disturbed
VEGET.IIII.I.7 ( O.lll'OC .11)11:11. nev
er failed in alhiriling iitiniethatti relf and
a radical Curt , fur this disease.
Principal Office, No. 77 N. Eighth L.
east side, Philadelphia. For rah• in Get
tysburg by S. S. FOR NE I.
July 30, ISl7.—ly
Dr. C. Ir. .9pplrion's Crirtruted Remedy
FO I)i.:A L.S.S
1?AIN. in. and dkeharge of matter from the
ear, together with all other unplea,llll inp•
torn., which either acrompan) or itllll4/1.1'CI• op.
proaching I)entne-s. T is ini,dtiable ri.e..icitte
the regilt of n I _ and tatilitiilly pier-tied vintise
of experiments in.tituted a ill the side t iew to
discover (if ptuisible) ecrtuin. mad. at the 4mr
time, a sate remedy for this dirailtully affficting
disorder, and after being extensiirly toed ue the
private practile Of the soh-either 1/111.111: the last
eight years, in very numerous en-es with the most
remarkable I , llCern, IS riots offered to the public,
for the benefit 01 1110. e who. from disianceor other
causes, cannot have the personal attention of the
proprietor, in the fullest confidence of its efficacy.
and in the firm b lief that it will not disappoint
the cxpectatioi.s of there who may haveoceasion
for its u-e in short, that it is the most VA I.VA•
article ever offered to the public for this dt•
O - For ',ale in Gettysinirg by S. H. 111.T.IILEIZ,
in Abbontoonii by Wm: 111TTINGIIII, ill °mord
byLiLty & and in Frank' a tnunship by
J. COIIPYIII. [Aug. 6, IS-17-1y
Iludgats rewelable Pftiontedt,
Tn owAND k wALToN.
AAR Gents.—ln justice to you as well as a duty
I owe the public, I fee/ constrained to furnish a
short statement of the wonderful sufferings of my
son William, and niauy who read this testimonial
will be surprised to find that heis still living, and
still more so, when they learn that he has entire.
ly recovered from the dreadful Scrofula with which
he has so long suffered.
It is now more than four yenta since the dia.
ease first made its appearance on one-of his legs,
in deep and running ulcers. These continued
more than two years. confining him to his bed:
during which several pieces of the bone came a.
way. 13 then attacked his arm, causing severe
painful ulcers. Seven! pieces of bone came from
the arm also. In this time (two years and six
months) howas under the treatment of several
of oor best physicians, (and took some thirty or
more bottles of Sarsaparilla and Wine) and was
pronounced by the Doctor., IN-CURABLE. He
was then, upon the recommendation of Mr. Ha
elehurst, taken to "Will's Hospital?' where be
continued tinder the care of Dr. Parish, three
months. He was then sent home as
a few months the other leg broke out in open
ulcers. Epirits of Tar was recommended by a
friend--,lse took this about four months, without
benefit— r ;indeed he got, orse, when 1 must say,
I gave up all hope wthir ever getting ;at
this stage of the, disease, I was advised by the
Rey. A. D. Gillette, to try your medicine. I had
veryAlitle faith in it, I confess, (having tried so
many medicines without benefit.) He, however,
commenced taking the PANACEA on the first of
of March, A. D. ISA and has been using it ten
months. Three months after he began the use of
the Panacea, an ulcer made its appearance upon
his neck above the collar bone. This continued
open until about three weeks since, woce •Sr
REALM/. He is now sound, end in the enjoyment
of perfect health. I gratefully add my testimon.
sal tog e many already in your possossion, of the
yrpo4eAul efficacy of your "DR. CULLEN'S IN.
Respectfully yours,
(Late of Philadelphia,) now Brainard Street
Mount Holly. New Jersey. January Ist 1847.
On this sixteenth day of March, A. Di 1847,
before me, tho subscriber, an Alderman in and for
the city or Philadelphia, personally came Harriet
D. Harker, who being duly sworn according to
law, doth depose and say, that the farts set forth
in the above statement are true. HATIIIIICT D.
Biwa. Sworn and subscribed before me,
Sold, wholesale and retail, by ROWAXD & WAL•
TON, Proprietors,37B Market 'areal, Philadelphia,
and by the following Agents:
S. 11. Buehler, Gettysburg.
Mo. Bitiinger, Abbottatown.
Lilly 4' Riley. Oxford. .
7'. J. Cooper, Franklin tp.
Dee. 10, 18.17.-2 m [August 0, 18417.]
Perfumery, Soap, ste.
ARTICLES, TOYS, &c.,for sale
More facts in relation go the tronderfid tfficatey of
Compound Syrup of Tar 4• Wood Naph
tha. Mc BEST REM!)! of the dpy.
for CONSU MPTION,../i sana,
Coughs, Colds, Liver Com
. plaint, 4-e., 4.c., 4.c. •
EAD the following from Mr. Sharp, a well
known and highly respectable eltitennf the
Northern Liberties, l'hiladelphia County. Thiene,
one of the most astonishing cures on record, rind,
it will be seen, is attested by the Nev. Mr. sr► tar,
and by other citizens of that district:
l'ut LAVIKLIFIII a, Avavar 1 I. 1047.
Near the close of the year 1845.1 bad an attack
of the Pleurisy and while mesons,., from it, A.
took a severgcold. My condition , soon became
alarming and I grew gradually worse end worse.
The symptoms manitesteddby my rtiseate Were
thole oidinstrlly found in pulmonary affectimW—
lint mine were of an exceedingly aggravated char.
actor. For • long period 1 expectorated.% greet
gruintity of matter, which appeared a mixture of
pus and blood—at timeslit seemed as it I e ai. dis
charging the very substance of the Lungs. My
voice was gone so as to be unable to utter a few
words Niihau' great difficulty, and I experienced
a thousand other paintul rrensalions that cannot
be !obi. One of the mo.t unpleasant attendants
of my disease were chilling sneate.• The cold
perspiration ran from use eMitintlillly, not only ut
night, but also dining the day so as to keep my
cloths at all times continually wet.
I employed every means of cure I could hear,
and was attended by several eminent and akilliul
Phystflans. But thri °billowy oriny diocese
battled all their efforts. They indeed raised me
from my bed, but they also pronounced me incur-,
able.. The last Physician emending me, told me
at one time, that I had but a few days to live—at
another time 1 might linger on • taw weeks or
months, but that it was utterly imposslble.that I
could get well. or ever be able to attend to my
business. Thus, with no prospect of recovery 1
lingered on during the,grester trait of the year
1840—for three months of which period my
friends sat up with me, expecting every night to
see my sufferings end in death.
But last till, a lady-residing-in Southwark, who
h a d been cured of somewhat similar sufferings by
"Thompson 's Compound tt•yrup ot Tit and Naph
tha," came and urged upon me a trial of it. At.
most despeifingot any reliet, anduith no hope of
reemery. I commenced its use. Imagine then
my satisfaction in being able to state that I am
NOW W ELI. 1 and 1 attribute my restoration en
tirely to the wonderful efficacy ot the above mt di
me. From the time I commenced it. use, the
Moray% bewon to yield its hold open one, and by
steady prrse%ermice in its employment I may sti y
it has raised me trim the game. All unpleasant
symptoms hose a:noshed trail I hate tor several
nionthe attended to My business as l o rnierly
(except some less degree tit ettength than 1 once
pie•sesaeri.) as well a. e% et .
Pewit' come !tom %mowr glares to Fee me, in
mitring for the man cur d ol pi ton! Those
w ho Mote known Otte and ate %, C I aripittitted w it
my long continual ;Why Utill astonish
ment alien they meet me, at seeing 'lie as..urlertul
change wrought by thy use of the obi, e medicin e .
W M. W. r I%l'.
No. h Chadian.. at.. Philadelphia.
The itralerslgned. nem,. of Air W. W r harp,
are tamilar with his rase nod .ullert Ng,. and lasi I
ty that the sintenients, are line.
John smarl. isaioreary, Na. I 1.1 Talk flood.
*Thomas nitVl, No. salt' Notch `emus tit rel.
Addison 1111 w, Groret. Brown +lice!
I.col. Knows, No_ :11'.9 \veth Fourth street.
Gal ret Vithsent No. 121 PlityrAl :•econit *tree'
iLr-Thi, in% al until.. remedy if prepared oily 11
outtry Dieloo, Nt E. Comet or Fink ur d
`peace -titter., l'inintlelphia. mitt can la had to 11 e
tollo‘s tog gent:
S. S. Forney, Geityvburg.
1?. 311;rtley , enrlimte.
I). I'. Long,
'end by rr4peetable gvueeeall! .
l'ttore Jr c , i p t , len I ,rr boti le. Ileu Pet of
October 15. 114.17. [April 30, 11..17
C( lIE-\t► l' 171
Loss. 7 Zl . 1. C., cr L
v)it (.1" RE 4 1F
Consarnintoro, Coughs. Colds,
.12ahrou, Oval). II hooping
Cough, Spitting of wood, .Sore
Throat. Pains and qprttl•
aims of the Breast, By . -
fieulty of Breathing,
and all other di
seases of the
P171.310N OR( ANS !
Tr the most EFFECTUAL tierwtty hjih ri f t o
IA offered to tie indult for the CI RE of the
atio%c complaints. ficing,ftee tiom alldrletrt e
Otl* sad nauseating Dingo, it nor) be whim by
the most delicate person or Kit en to ti e 'Mani lit
the breast. will I tear of any' implcount ellett•
being produced Ity in. eve •1 hr re to another rir•
',enmity N hith Rt ): EXPEt 'icilANT
over et try other ',trituration, and that II II the
mast pleasant
ILI Rend the following retlifrarf Irom
S. Allen, a gentleman well hoot., n in thus City,
who was cured by the ',sea 'rev of the Ex
pectorant, alter eiery thine elr.e had tailed to ai•
ford any relict. Tin,. is Ltd one of a lumber at
which the proprietor hue, in lit* por•rer•lon, all Of
hich,in due time, n ill Iw Ivid home the obit c
April :t. Is 17.
F 14114. —ol.lll.!`ir : A Lout our N C 0.%
ago 1 caught a severe cold it filch tell upon my
breast, accompanied with pains in my aide and
dry hacking cough. I commenced taking aFy
tip that was recommended to me. but from %Idyl%
I derived not the least benefit. I then commenc
ed thinking freely of composition tea. but tt ilh
the same result; in fact. my rough 14 as getting
worse, and I .became so hoarse that it Nos with
difficulty 1 could speak above a whisper. At
your request, 1 was induced to try your Expecto
rant, and I am happy to inform you 1 was entitle
ly cured by theinte of two bottles.
L. remain, very respectfully, years, axe.
T. 8. ALLEN, No. 5 Fayette at.
tIT£kUTION 1--in consequence of the many
preparations now before the public, ni der the
name. of "Extracts." "Balsams," "F.yrops," &e.
and even of a similur name, the proprietor deems
it necessary to caution the afflicted against Coun
terfeits. Each bottle of the genuine has tie
words "Bass' Expertorant—lmproree.--lialliinerr,
Me blown in the glass ; the initiate "J. F. R."
in connected. capitals stamped on the seal, and
My written signature on the wrapper, without
which it cannot be gentiles.
87 Price, 110 cents per bottle. and the money to
be refunded 11 a cure be not steeled, when taken
according to .directions! Preplatil only by
J. F. 110fifi,Vroggist.-.llaltimore.
For sale by the following Agitate:—
Samuel R. Buehler, Gettysburg.
Geo. 11 7 . Mean", Fairfield.
Wm. M. rettleufell; Petersburg.
Nov, h 2, 1847. [May 2QoS47—ly
MONDS; &c., of the best quality
to be hod at the Confectionary of
Is published every hide y Erepirti ! ifi /he
County Building, above the „Register
and Recorder's Oice, 17
1r paid in advance or within the year, s2Ter
annum—if not paid within the year, s:i DO. No
paper discontinued until all arreatager are pale
except at the option of the Ltlitur. tingle copies
cents. A failure to madly a ditcontivaarva
will be regarded as a new engagement-
Advertiarnorsitir not exceeding a square inserted
three times for $1 —every subecipirnt iasertil n
*$ cents. Longer ones in the son e pH) or
All advertisements not specially oideied tar a c it -
in time, will be coati lobed until forbid. A litor I
reduction will be made tothose %ha advertise ly
the year.
Job Printing of all kinds executed orally aid
promptly, and on reasonable trims. --
letters and Cenimarsieetions to the Fdiler, (h
-erring smith as contilin Money o the Eases of
new subscribers.) most be rue? rata. ill/ 11 , 111 . 1.1 to
secure at t ent