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ACRIC LT11 7 ,111 AL.
91' STRAW.
A field of white oats near Plymouth was
cut- wet, and, the weather continuing the
flame, was at last stacked in layers, with
dry' straw between. Where no dry straw
is to be had, it may be dried in a sheaf;
01,e bye a simple kiln, or without risk of
firo, by lime, as Inflows : If the rick he
made hollow, with the grain turned in-
Wsrdo a sufficient quantity of fresh quick
lime' piked within, and then all closed in
from'hollom to top, and covered over to
exclude the eternal air, the lime will
rapidly drfthe air within, which will as ra
pidly take moisture from the grain; and so
'eothinne until thcgrain is dry or the lime
fully:slaked. And as quicklime will ab
itotb one-third its weight of water, a ton of
take between 6 and 7 cwt. of
water, and thus probably dry 6 or 7 tons
'of gpltili and straw ; for all this water must
some from the grain, if the air is excluded,
and the lime raised from the soil 1 a bed
of atones, gravel,
.or straw. The lime
own not of course, touch the grain ; and,
therefore, room should be lett for it to swell
in slaking and for turning it over to slake
all through ; and a sort of doorway must
be left on the side of the rick, which can
be'opened for putting in 'the lime, and for
turning it over ; but must he closed up im
mediately, and kept close, except at those
Inotnents. • - - - • -
every skeptic upon the subject of raising
100 , bushels torn to the acre., would care
fully measure the ground and count the
ears upon some garden patches of corn
during the present summer, and they can
he convinced how easy it is to raise 100
bushels of corn to the acre, upon land with
the soil of garden-mould and a similar cul
4. When a farmer is seen marrying
young. it shows that Providnnce helps
tho:se who help themselves, and that in fu-
Wu he will have helps of more kinds than
Azle. -
2. When •lights are seen to burn in his
house before break of day, in winter espe
cially, it shows that the day will never
break on his 'breaking' in the winter of
his adversity.
3. When you see his barn larger than
his house, it shows that he will have large
profits and small afflictions.
4.' When you see him driving his work,
instead of his work driving him, it shows
that he will never be driven from good
resolutions, and that he will certainly work
bit way to prosperity.
5. When you see in his house more
lamps for burning lard or greese, than can-
dlesticks for more expensive purposes, it
shows that economy is working its way to
happiness and plenty, with that light
which should .enlighten every' farmer into
the world. • .
6. When you always see in his wood
house, a sufficiency for three days, if not
snore, it shows that he will be a more
than 'ninety days wonder' in farming op
erations, and that he is not sleeping in his
house after a drunken frolic.
7. .Whert he has a small house, separate
from the main building, purposely for ash
and an iron or tin vessel to transport
them, it shows that he never built his dwel
ling to be a funeral pile for his family and
perhaps himself.
8. When his house is hoarded inside
swill Outside, it shows that he is 'going the
whole hog,' keeping plenty inside his
house and poverty out.
9. When his sled his housed in summer
and his farming implements covered both
winter and summer, it plainly shows that
he will have a good house over his head
in the summer of early life, and the winter
of old age.
10. When his cattle arc properly shel
tered and fed in winter, it evidences that
he is acting according to Scripture, which
. says,.that a 'merciful man is merciful to
wait!, his beasts.'
11. When he is subscribing for news
papers, it shows that he is speaking like a
book respecting the latest improvements
in agriculture, end that he will neverget his
walking papers to the land of povertp.
dry pasture, dig for water on the
brow of a hill ; springs are more frequent
ly- near the surface on a height than in a
I ale.
,View clover dcep ; it secures it against
tp cut grain just before it is
fidly et dead ripe. When the straw lin
titellately below the grain is so dry that
on twisting it 110 juice is extracted, it should
be eUt, her theca is then no further circula
tion ofjelee la the ear. Every hour that
iviusttne atteut after this stage is attended
TNR lettoavo atm.—The loss occasion
ed Ey the mysterious disease in potatoes,
thlowtstnbe even more severe this sea
son than last. et, friend in jilaine who
seas .hob stop, valued at a thousand
dales% to this eity, will have it all return
cif Oribtl . bil hopils, as the infeetion has de
veriiwoir io t every Carrel.--/testes .
4/0 - # o oo.lai 49!"144ag the Vie.
;the, Woe of terenty4our
IMO% rieiritibm entitle dirrolved. and the
mew* poi* can be entirely removed.
Philadelphia Adverlisiements
Watches, Jewelry, &c.
WATCHES. Tewelry & Silver Ware
may be had wholesale and retail,
guarantied better for the price than at any
other store in Philadelphia, at (late Nicho
las Le Homy's) No. 72 North 2nd street,
above Arch, Philadelphia.
WATCHES, all kinds, tine, medi
um and low qualities, among which are
Gold Levers, titll Jewelled, $4O to $lOO
Lepines 25 to 40
Quartiers Imitation, 5
Silver Levers, till Jewelled, 20 to 30
Lepines 12 to 18
Quartiers fine 9 to 10
JEWELRY, Diamonds, Gold Chains,
Gold Pens with Gold & Silver Holders,
Pencils, Breastpins, Ear and Finger Rings,
Bracelets, Cameos of Shell,. Coral and La
va, with every other article of Jewelry of
the richest and most fashionable patterns.
SILVER WARE,PIate, Forks, Spoons,
Cups, &c., of standard Sivcr.
PLATED WARE, Castors, Cake His
kets, Fans, Vases, Card Cases and other
Rich Fancy Goods in great variety.
Wholesale Buyers will save money by
calling here before purchasing.
lircr Keep this advertisement anti call at
No. 72. Yon will he satisfied the goods
nre really cheaper and better than are of
fered in the city. For sale low, a hand
some pair of SHOW CASES, suitable
for Jewelry or Fancy - Store, apply as
Sept. 3,1847.—1 y
Cheap Watches and Jewelry.
hell Jewelled Gold Le- 7 e...
two for $4O, war- ..4-
ranted by
I J . ':
Jacob Unionists I ) p.
No. 246 Market street, Phil- (sec, 4 41 ' Z.l
a• odelphia, who \,..)1 lb,
AS constantiv on hand a large assort
ment of Gold and Silver Watches,
at the following low prices:
Full Jewelled Gold Levers, $4O 00
•• Silver 20 00
Gold Lepines, Full Jewelled, '
Silver ',chines, 12 00
Silver Quartiera, 8 00
with a large assortment of Fine Jewelry.
such as Ear Rings, Finger Ring', Breast
Pins, Bracelets, Gold and Silver Pencils,
Gold Chains, dtc. Iles also on hand a
complete assortment of patent and plain
Watch Glasses, Main Springs, Verges, Di
als and Hands, of every description—in
fact, a complete assortment of Watchma
ker's tools and Watch materials, to •which
he would call the attention of the Country
Trade. Those wishing anything in the
above line, will find it to their advantage
to call and examine his stock before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Philadelphia, Aug.
INTATC/lES & 3111112ZAT
di the Philadelphia Watch and Jewelry
No. 96, North Second street, corner of Gain.
Gold Lever Watches, full jewelled,
18 car. cases, $45 00
Silver Lever do. full jewelled, 23 00
Silver Lever do. 7 jewels, 18 00
Silver Lepine do. jewel'd, Ist qual. 14 00
Superior Quartier Watches, 10 00
Imitation do. not warranted, 5 00
Gold Spectacles, 8 00
Fine Silver Spectacles, 1 75
Gold Bracelets, with topaz stones, 360
Ladies' Gold Pencils, 16 carats, 2 00
Gold Finger Rings, 37 eta to S 8 rWat -
Glasses—plain 12 cis; patent 18; lunet
25. Other articles in proportion.' All
goods warranted to be what they are sold
for. 0. CONRAD.
On hand, some Gold and Silver Levers,
Lepines and Quartiers, lower than the a
bove prices. •
. -
Dec. 4,1846.—1 y
Thelargest and cheapest Stock
LlALltNelitifie 1
b a°, Film and Fancy Jewelry,
Wholesale aud Retail—No.
4131 Market street.
Gold Leven., full jewelled, 18 carrel
care, gold dial, $4O 00
Gold Lepities, do. do. $25 to 30 00
Silver Levers, full jewelled, • 20 00
Silver Lepincs, jewelled, 12 00
Silver Quartier Watches, splendid
Silver imitation Quartiers,
Second hand Gold and titiver Watch-
es, at all prices, from $2 to 25 00
Gold Pencils, - I 75 to 2 00
Gold Bracelets, with topas and other
acts, 300
Pure Silver Teaspoons, 4 50
Diamond point Gold Pens, with pen
cil and solid silver holders, only 1 25
Gold chains, breast-pins, finger-rings, ear
and Jewelry ot eveiy description, at
the lowest Philadelphia or N. York prices;
gold and silver Levers, Lepines, and Quar
tier watches, still much cheaper than the
above prices. A call will be sufficient to
convince purchasers that this is the place
to get good and cheap articles. All goods
warranted to he what they are sold for.
Orders from the country punctually attend
ed to. Old Gold and Silver bought for
cash, or taken in exchange. All kinds of
watches repaired and warranted to keep
correct time.
N. B. I have a splendid gold independ
ent seconds watch for timing horses. Also.
Gilt and Galvanized Watches, for traders'
use, and goods of all kinds to my line, at
Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Store, No. 4131
Market St.. above 11th, north aide, Phila.
Philadelphia, Aug. 6,1847.-7 m
Clocks Watches, Jewelry, &c.
THE Subscriber offers
to the trade , or by retail,
Pta large assortment of the
•;1 followipg articles, being
all of his own importa
tion or manufacture.
Buyers of goods in this line are invited
to examine the assortment, and orders are
solicited, with the assurance, that every ef
fort will be made to give satisfaction and in
sure a continuance of custom,
Gold & Silver Lever Watches of ordinary quality
Do do do of superior finish.
Do do do Anchors & Lepines.
Silver double cased English and Swiss verge
Watches, with light medium and heavy eases.
Gold Jewelry• in all varieties, fine and common.
Silver Plated, and Silver Wares.
Musical Boxes, playing 2,4, 6, 8 and 10 tunes.
Gold and Silver Sprefacks.
/diamond Pointed Gold Pens.
Mantel & Office Clocks, in gilt and other frames
Watchmaker' . 1 . 001. and Materials of all aorta.
Fancy Articles, Fancy Fans, Steel Deeds, &c.
Having every facility forobtaining goods
on the moat advantageous terms, corres
ponding inducements will he o ff ered to pur
chasers. JOHN' C. FARR,
112 Chesnut al. Philadelphia.
July 16, 1917.-6 m,
To Country 'Merchants and Others
No, 426 3tarket i,treet, above 12th ',South side
HAS now on hand and is constantly
receiving a large and well selected
stock of every article in his line, consist
ing in part of Oranges, Lemons, Prunes,
Figs, Dates, Raisons, Grapes, and every
other fruit in season. A full assortment
of Bordeaux and Soft-shelled Almonds,
Filberts, Ground Nuts, Cream Nuts, Eng
lish Walnuts, Cocoa Nuts, &e. His as
sortment of CANDIES are at lower pri
ces than can he bought in the City. He
requests an examination of his stuck be
fore purchasing elsewhere, as he offers
goods at a nnall advance, being anxious
to do business for CASH.
ocjr-Cut out thicadvertisetnent nod bring
it with you.
Sc !. 24, 1847.-3 m
Clothing Establiihme4
The most extensive Clothing Niie;lOUs, in the
United States. '
100,000 Garments on hand, and ready for dive
FirO patrons we would say, that having
but one priee.-lhoae who Are not
dealers, or do not understand the reel val
uation price of goods, will have an oppor
tunity of purchasing garmebts se low as
professed judges. Jobbers arid dealers in
ready-made Clothing, can replenish their
stocks for the winter. and we guarantee
the largest establishment .in rhiladelPkia
to select from. We attend personally to
the packing of goods and see theta good as- .
sortment of sizes and well-made articles
are put up. Single suits forwarded as per
lam' Our goods are for sale only at'the
large building:. 128 Market at. Southeast
Siner_Of Marktl4luifotir h .twea..rha,
adelphia. C. HARKNESS.
Sept. 24, 1847.-3 m
Feathers ! Feathers !
Ron 12 to 45 Cents per Pound
stererK and" General Furnisher, No.
415 Market St. above 11th, North side,
opposite Girard Row, Philadelphia, w here
may be had at all times a large assortment
- of Beds and Mattruses, Curled Hair and
Feathers, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads and
Looking Glasses, together with all other ar.
tides in the above line of business at the
very lowest Caqh prices.
N. B. Goods warranted to give satis
Sept. 2,1847.-3 m
Lt.! v Tea subscriber (late of the
Washington Hotel, Harrisburg, Pa.).takea
this method of informing his old friends
and the public generally that he has taken
the above named HOTEL. The House
a airy and comfortable, and has been ea
tenaively altered and improved, and the
proprietor hopes by strict attention to bus
iness, and a proper care for the comfort of
his guests, to merit and receive a share of
public patronage. The House is situated
very convitiliiiiiToettiti - TiiiiretlitirPtabtie - ,
being only two doors
,above the Harris
burg and Pittsburg Depot, and within two
minutes walk of the Baltimore and Read
ing Depots. Stabling attached to 'the pre
mises. Terms $1 per day.
E. P. HUGHES, Proprietor.
Sept. 3, 1847.---tf
Stanton's External, Remedy,
now universally aektiowkdged to be the
tat IN FALL,P3LE. KEMEDY lositheumatiou'is
spine( affections, criotractions of the muscles, sore
throat and quinsy; issues, old ulcers, pains 'nibs
back and chest, ague in the and face, tooth
ache, sprains, bruises, salt rheum, burns, croup,
frosted feet, and all nervous dilatators. nektons:-
phant enema which has attended the application
of this most wonderful medicine in curing the most
severe eases of the different diseasirs above fluent,
and the high /emotions that have been bestowed
upon it, wherever it has been introduced, gives
me the right to call on the afflicted to resort at
once to the °say remedy that can be relied on.
The following certificate of the restoration to
health and the perfect cure of a deformed and
crippled child, who was thought lobe beyoud the
reach of hope, shows that, no matter how spelling
the case may be, there is a remedy in Hunt's Lin
iment, that will romper the most 4kaperate ca
ses; and that, if the disease is curable, this cele
brated external remedy will do it. It has never
failed in giving immediate relief when timely ap
plied, as proved by the abundance of high aed un
impeachable testimony, the particulate of which
arc to be found in the pamphlets which are to be
had of every agent.
Ossinsing, June 10, 1545
G. E. Stanton, Esq.--Sir: I feel called upon by
the tie of gratitude to offer the following testimo
ny in favor of your External Remedy, Hunt's Lin
iment. .Nly grandson, Clark E. Evans, who Is
now ten years of age, has been for the last eight
years a nipple, caused by falling .from a chair
when he was two years old, and wrenching his
spine. From the time of the occurrence we have
tried every means to restore him to his natural
shape, but all without avail. We took him to N.
York, and placed him under the care of a physi
cial of skill, and, after remaining there for some
time, we brought him home no better than when
we took him there. For several days at • time
he was so helpless that he could only walk by
placing his hands upon his knees for support, giv•
ing him the appearance of a deformed hunchback.
He was also taken to New burg and prescribed for
without any better success. At times he would be
strong enough to go out of doors, but alter play
ing an hour, would come in perfectly exhausted,
and for several days after would be again perfect.
ly helpless. We had lost all hope of seeing him
restored to his natural shape or strength ; but a
kind Providence placed your External Remedy in
my hands. I have tired but four bottles. and am
rejoiced to say that the boy is now as straight as
any boy of his ag e. Any of my neighbors will
testify to the tru th of this statement. I take sin
cere pleasure in stating these facts for the benefit
of others suffering under a like calamity. Your's
respectfully, RACIIAEL SHUTE.
This is to certify that I am personally acquaint
ed with MIS. Shute, as well as the boy alluded to,
and frankly bear witness to the'delormity with
which he was seriously afflicted, apparently for
lite. Dated Sing ;Am June 9.1845.
HENRY HARRIS, Justice of the Peace.
This Liniment is Fold at '25 and 50 cents per
bottle by all the principal Druggists and 3lerch
Orders addressed to me at Sing Sing, N Y, will
be attended to. G E STANTON, Proprietor.
Whotante Agenit—lloadly. Phelps & Co 142
Water street, Rushton & Co 110 Broadway, A B
At D Sands,corner Fulton and William, Aspinwall
86 William street, Mae York; Cuthbert & Weth
erall 76 South Second Philodelphia.
AGENTS.—Sainuel H. Buehler & S.
S. Forney, Gettysburg; Abraham King,
flunterstoten; 'Luck, PillelOW7l ; Ja
cob Hollinger, Heidkrsburg; Hollinger &
Ferree, Petersburg, (1. S.); Jacob Aula
baugh, Hampton; Geo. S. Bentzel, and J.
S. Hildebrand & Co., East Berlin.
Nov. 5, 1847. [Dec. 2-IY]
r rIIE undersigned has connected with
his Coacl u naking Establishment a
large Smith Shop, and is prepared to do
He would say to those who have Horses to
shoe, that he has in his employ first-rate
hands, which, with his personal attention,
will enable him to give entire satisfaction
to all those who may favor him with a call.
(warranted) will be promptlk made to or
der at all times.
ocreu kinds of REPAIRING done,
both in Wood and Iron, at the most reduc
ed prices.
pzrThankful for past encouragement,
the subscriber solicits, continuance of pat
ronap,..ead invites his friends twcall at
his Establishment. in west Chambinsburg
at., a few doors below Thompson's Hotel.
• 0. W. HOFFMAN.
Gett.yrburg, October 15, /447.
1113 ESPECTFULLY informs his friends
1.11, and the public generally that he has
now on hand a large 4ssortment of TIN
WdRE of every description, which he
will sell at moderate prices—all warranted.
iiriirairivelrio call before purchasing else
HOUSE SPOUTING will be made
and'put up* at 12} cents a foot.
Gettysburg, March 12, 1847:
S HEREBY GIVEN. That apPlics
j don will be made by_the undersigned
and kithi — ws, to. the next Legislature of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the
incorporation of a Company under the
name and style, or intended name and
capital Fifty Thousand Dollars, designed
as an office_of discount and. deposit;- and
to be located in East-Berlin, Adams coun
ty, Pa.
David Mellinger, John Dellone,
William Wolf, .George Schwartz,
J.J. Kuhn,_ J. H. Aulabaugh,
Charles . Spangler, Barnet Hildebrand,
Goorgetßivs, laaac—Trimmer,
George H. Binder, Abraham Trimmer,
John Diehl. David Hollinger.
Jnne 25, 11947.--:-Gm
F A SHIONABLE Barber and Hair
Dresser, has removed his "Temple'
to the Diamond, adjoining the County Buil
dings, where he can at all times be found
-prepared toattPud to thecalls of the-public.
From long experience he flatters himself
that he cargtAltroligh all the ramifications
of the To nso rice! departments, with such an
infinite degree of skill as will meet the en
tire satisfaction of all who may submit their
chins to the keen ordeal of his razor. He
hopes, therefore, that by attention to busi
ness and a desire to . pleatie, he will merit
as well as receive a liberal sharorzof
patronage. The kick wilnoe attended to at
their private dwellings.
The Daily National Whig
MI City of Washington, et S o'clock, P. DI
Sunditys excepted—and served to subscribers in
the City; at the Navy Yard in Georgetown in
Alexandria and Baltimore on die same evening,
at 6 cents a week, payable to the sole Agent of
the Whig, G. L. Gilichrm, Esq., or his order. It
is also mailed to any, pa of the U. States for 14
per annum, or $2 for six months, payable-in ad.
Vance. Advertisement' of ten lines or less in.
seder' one time for 50 cents ; two times for 75
cants; three times Si; one week for .fit 75, two
weeks 104275; one month $4; two monthss7;
thme =oaths $10; *ix months $l7 ; one year $3O
—psysble"ilways le ediatrces
THE NATIONAL WHIG is what its name
indicates. It speakethe sentiments of the Whig
party of the Union A every question of public
policy: It advocate" ttis election to the Presi
dency of Z.ACIAST Tattol, subject to the deci
sion of the Whig National Convention. It makes
war to the knife upoir ell , the ramsoma and act.
of the Administrstlptt deemed to be adverse to
the interests of the country, and exposes without
fear or favor the carreptiOtte of thy party in pow
er. Its columns are even 10 everymt,p in the
country for the discussion of politicel or any Mb
er questions. ' ' 15 ,
In addition to politica; a large portion of the
National Whig will biti devoted to publications
upon Agriculture, Mechanic and other useful
arts, Science in gene*, Law, Medicine, Statist
ics, dec. Choice specimens of American and Fo
reign Literature will. also be given, including
Review', &c. A weekly list of the Patents is
sued by the Patent Opine will likewise be pub.
lisped—the whole forming a complete family
one of the largest newspers in the H. States, is
now made up from the columns of the Daily Na
tional Whig, and is published every Saturday fur
the low price of si2 per annum, payable in 'ad
vance. A double sheet of eight pages will be
given whenever the press of matter shall justify
it. The memoirs of Gen. Taylor, written ex
pressly for the National Whig are in course of
publication. They commenced with the second
number, a large number of copies of which have
been printed, to supply calls for ha, k numbers,
Proprietor of National Whig.
Washington, Oct. '22, 1847.—0ni (fib)
E'I'TERS of Administration on the
LA Estate of Wm. YEATS, dcc'd, late of
Reading township, Adams county, deceas
ed, having been granted to the subscri
ber, residing in the same township, notice
is hereby given to all persons indebted to
said estate to call and settle the same with
out delay, and apse having claims against
said estate are requested to present the
same, properly authenticated, for settle
Oct. 15, 1847.-6 t•
aralljur eitit MI PI ,
V CR the cure of external Sores, Scrof
ulous affections, Liver Complaint,
Quinsy, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Paine in
the Chest, Tumors,-Diseases of the Skin,
!'ilea, Corns, Rheumatism, Smoke. , for
sale at the Drug Store' of
S. 11. BUEHLER..
Gettysburg, June 25.—tf
TI X ll be published in Washington, I). C.,
011 the Seventh of December next,
The United States Reporter,
A Daily Journal of Government, Legislative and
General Ne , A s
THE subscriber is now enabled to announce
tho completion of Ids miaow:memo tor the
establishment of a well organized and Independent
Journal of News at the Seat of the. General Gov
ernment. The leading tirrs of "The United
States Reporter - will be the following;
1. Early intelligence of the movements of the
various Departments of the Government, in refer
ence to Domestic affairs and to the Foreign rein
bons of the country, will be given with ecrupu
lout fidelity. Possessing peculiar lacilities torob
taining information. the `Reporter" ta ill be ena
bled trequently to communicate, exclusively, in
telligence of the most impui tent character.
11. The verbatim Reports of the Proceedings
and Debates of the U. States Senate, which the
proprietor is bound to furnish daily to that body,
in accordance with the terms of the contract made
at the clone of the last session of Congress. The
arrangements now made will at once fully secure
to the Senate of the United States an authentic
and complete record of its debates; and to the peo
ple—in a greatly enlarged degree—the benefit of
the experience, sagacity, and statesmanship of
that body to which they have ever looked wile
solicitous and respectful regard.
Ill.. Th e Proceedings and Debates in the House
of Representatives will alto be given, with full.
hew impartiality, arid the utmost promptitude.
Each ddra record will be completely merle up,
and a ppear in Die "Reporter" next morning.
'IV. A Synoptical View, of the Proceedings and
Debates of all therStritir Legislatures will be regu
larly given/ Members of Congress's end all dai
ses of reader', will time be, kept fully and awe.
matically informed of domestic legislation hi all
sections of the U. States.
V. Early Inteffigeirce - of all itiportioiliinin:
manta in the Leigislatunrs of,Great •Britsin and
Peanut bill be ecienmunicated by every steamer
from Europe„ hrongh Reporters in Loudon and
Paris, who posses peculiar facilities for obtaining
VI. The'General Nitwit of the Day trill beev
en in a condenied form, with indaatty
Such is a brief !Jew of what the "United States
Reporter" la designed to be. All the plane and
arrangements have been well ruptured, end.tbe
hope is confidently cherished tharthe "Reporter"
will prove itself an anergetic,indastrious. diva&
isl, and perfetillibulipendent jetuntl. It will
have no party views—no political' bias. The pro
prietor, by .the terms of kis contract with the
Senate of theU..,Sta___,_tea is bountro jhasondition
Wit ''ihiiPsper no political d.scus
sions except the debates." It will be a vehicle of
sews, not the organ of any set of opinions. The
grand aim of the subscriber is to establish at the
seat of Government a faithful and prompt reporter
of all sorts of intelligencea.a responsible agent, on
which the politician, the business man, the menu
acturer, the mechanic, and every one interested in
the affairs of Congress and the Government, may
rely at all times with implicit confidence.-
It is believed that the establishment of such a
reliable Journal of Intelligence, on terms which
place it within reach of the great masses of the
people, at the commencement of what promises to
be a most interesting and eventful period in the
history of Congressional proceedings, will be re.
garded with favor by all classes of the eommuni.
ty and, having thus stated his objects, the sub.
scriber respectfully solictts a 'liberal ifid general
support from the enlightened public of the United
Stenographer to the Senate of the U. States.
The" United States Reporter" will be printed on
-a large and handsome sheet, and issued every
Mottling, extept-Sundays, at the rate ot IM per an•
punt ; single copies 1 eta.
In connection with tho daily eper, there will
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This publication will contain exclusively the
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best - polittealieftberfrror their own instruction
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Ixeoar►ar Anson scum sx --Throughout the
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MI subscription* and communications to be
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Reporter, Washington, 1). C."
Tiltic"—a truth as solemn as it is impor
tant, and yet how small the number who
'act with promptness and'decision in cases
of the most vital importance. When die.
ease invades the physical frame, no time
should be lost in procuring the right med
icine at once, and get cured without delay.
For chronic constitutional diseases, such
as Rheumatism, King's Evil, Scrofula, af
fecting the glands, obstinate Cutaneous E.
ruptions, Ulcers, 'White °Swellings, En
largement and Pain of the Bones, and oth
er similar diseases, SANDS' SARSAPARILLA
has been found in numerous instances to be
an effidient remedy, operating mildly tad
pleasantly on the general system, purifying
and cleansing the vital fluids, giving tone
and energy to the nervous systemomd in 2.
parting stamina to the debilitated frame.—
Numbers who have takin it merely with
a view of alleviating their sufferings, have
by using it a shoat time, , to their infinite
pleasure and delight, rapidly improved in
health, until it has become fully established.
Ex For further particulani and conclusive evi
deuce eras superior ofiicacy see Pamphlets,which
.may be obtained of agents gratis.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by
A. B. & D. SANDS, 76 Fulton street New York.
Sold also by appointment of the Proprietors by
S. H. BUEHLER, Dettysburg,Pa. per
bottle. Six bottles for $5.
October 22, 1847. 4w
Notice to Assessors.
YOU are hereby noti fi ed to attend at the
Commissioners' Office, in the bor
ough of Gettysburg, on Tuesday the 23d
day of November next, to receive blank
Assessment Duplicates, and the necessary
By order of the Commissioners,
Commissioners' Office, Get
tysburg, Oct. 29, 1847. 5
N hand and for sale by the subscriber
J a large quantity of STOVES, all si
zes, which will be•sold very cheap. Call
and see. GEO. ARNOLD.
Sept. 24,1847.-21 u 0
Dr. C. W ✓lpplelon'a Celebrated Remedy
'FOIL 1/14:A ESS,
1..5..6";A1NS ia, and diicharge of matter from, the
ear, together with all other unpleasant symp
toms, which either accompany or announce ap
proaching Deafness. This invaluable medicine is
the result of a long and faithfully pursued course
of experiments instituted with the sole view to
discover (if possible) a certain, and, at the same
time, a safe remedy for this dreadfully afflicting
disorder, and after being extensively used in the
private practice of the subscriber during the last
eight years, in very numerous cases with the most
remarkable success, is now offered to the public,
for the benefit of those who, from distance or other
causes, cannot have the personal attention of the
proprietor, in the fullest confidence of its efficacy,
and in the firm belief that it will not disappoint
the expectations of those who may haveoccasion
for its use; in short • that it is the most VALUA
BLE article ever offered to the public for this di.
CrFor sale in Gettysburg by S. H. VUEHLER,
in Abbottstown by WIC BITTINORR, in Oxford
byListir & Hrcr.T, and in Manlain township by
Timm As. I. Coornt. Aug.d t 1317-Iy.
Compound Medicated Candy.
OR the Cure of Colds, Coughs, Spit
ting of Blood, Bronchetio, Asthma,
Whooping Cough, Pains and Oppressions
of the breast, and all other Pulmonary
complaints, and other diseases which have
a tendency to produce Consumption. It
serves also as an effectual dearer of the
This Candy is entirely a vegetable pre
paration, the principal ingredients being,
lore-hound, Wild Cherry, Sarsaparilla,
Boneset, Elecampane, Liquoride, Flax
seed, Iceland Moss, Prickly Ash, &c. and
will, if taken in time, relieve the system
from those distressing afflictions that tend
to Consumption.
One great advantage in this valuable
medicine is its cheapness, the public not
being imposed upon by the enormously
high prices which are generally exacted
for• Patent and other medical Preparations •
Each:package contains directions. Call
and try it'
Prepared and sold at the Confection and
Variety store of tha Subscriber in :West
York street, one square from 'the Court
house, and next door to. Thompson's Ho
tel. It can also be had at the Drug Stores
of S. H. Bunuace, and 8. Foaaay.
KifoThe subscriber as usual continues
his Bakery, and is prepared to• supply
parties at the shortest notice, with choice
And and alt Diseasesof the .Stomach and
YSPEPSIA, or Indigestion and its
jj consequences.—An eminent Profes
sor says: t‘lt chiefly arisei in , persons who
load either a very sedentary or irregular
life. Although not regarded as vi fatal di
sease, yet, if neglected, it may bring on in
curable Melancholy. - Jaundice, Madness,
or Vertigo,•Palay, and Apoplexy. A great
singularity attendant on it is, that it may
- anfortointi•crt6ntindli a grratTe - firi o
time without any remission of the vymp-
CAUSES.—Grief and uneasiness of
mind, intense, study, profuse evacuations,
excess in vinery, excessive use of spir
itous liquors, tea, tobacco, opium and
other narcotics, immoderate Tepletion, o
ver distention of the stomach, adefi
ciency in the secretion of the bile or
gastric juice, exposure to cold and damp
air, are the chief causes of this disease.
SYMPTOMS.--Loss of appetite, nau
sea, heart-burn, acidity and fonid eructa
tions, gnawing of the stomach when emp
ty, uneasiness in the, throat, pain in .the
side, costiveness, chilliness, languor, low
ness of spirits, palpitations, and disturbed
er failed in affording immediate relief and
a radical cure for this disease. ,
Ptiii@ipal"Office,. No. 77 N. Eighth st.
east side, Philadelphia. For sale in Get
tysburg by S. S. FORNEY.
July 30, 1847.—.1y
Morvfilds reith"
• to the wonderful rfJiar of
Compound Syrup of Tar 4. Wood Nopllt
tha, the BEST BEAM I 'of the day
for CONSIM PTION, Asthina,
Coughs. Colds, Liver Com
RAD the following from Mr. Sharp, a well
41,11 known and highly respectable citizen of the
Northern Liberties, Philadelphia County. This is
row of the most astonishing cum on record, and,
itwill be seen, is attested by the Rev. Mr. Starner,
sad by other citizens of that district:
Petzserizenta, !Woes,. 11,1847.
Near the close of the year t 845,1 had an attack
of the Pleurisy and while recovering from it, I
I took a severe cold. My condition soon became
alarming and 1 grew gradually worse and worse.
The symptoms manifested by my diadem , were
thine ordinarily found Iti pulnionary . isifetifOns—
but mine were of an exceedingly aggravated char
acter. For a long period I expectorated a great
quantity of matter, which appeared a mixture of
pus and blood—al times it seemed as if l was dis
charging the very substance of the Lungs. My
voice was gone so us to be unable to utter a few
words without great difficulty, and I experienced
a thousand other painful sensations that 'cannot
be told. One of the moat unpleasant attendants
of my disease were chilling sweats. The cold
perspiration 'unicorn MO continually, not only at
night, but ahio during the day go as to keep my
cloths at all tpnes continually wet.
I employed every mean. of cure! could bear,
and was attended by several eminent and skillful
Wane. But the obstinacy of my disease
all, their effort'. They indeed raised me
from my ed, but they also pronounced me incur
able. The last Physician attending me, told me
at one time, that I had but a few days to live—at
another time I might linger on a few weeks or
menthe, but that it was utterly impossible that I
could get well, or ever be able to attend to my
business, Thus, with no prospect of recovery .1
lingered on during the greater part of the year
1848—for three months blz , which period my
friends sat up with me, expecting every night to
see my sufferings end in death'.
But last fall, a lady residing in Southwark, who
had been cured of somewhat similar sufferinp by
"Thompson's Compound Syrup of Tar and Naph
tha," crime and urged upon me a trial of it. Al
meet despairing of any relief, andwith no hope of
recovery, I commenced its use. Imagine then
my satisfaction in being able to state that I am
NOW WELL! and I attribute my restorationen.
tirely to the wonderful efficacy of the above medi
cine. From the time I commenced its use, the
disease began to yield its hold upon me, and by
steady perseverance in its employment I may say
it has raised me from the grave. All unpleasant
symptoms have vanished and I have for several
Jmonths. attended to my business as formerly, and
(except seine* less degree of strength than I once
possessed,) us well as ever.
People come from various plr4es to nee me, in•
(miring for the man cured of Consumption I Those
who have known me and are well acquainted with
my long continued afflictions. stop with astonish
merit when they meet me, at seeing the wonderful
change wrought by the use of the above medicine.
No. h Charlotte et., Philadelphia.
The undersigned, friends of 111 r. W. W. Sharp,
are familia with his case and sufferings, and testi
fy that the statements are true.
John Street, Missionary, No. 113 York Road.
Thomas Street, No. 108 North Second street.
Addison Hines. Grocer, No. I^t Brown street.
Jacob Knows, N 0.369 North Fourth street.
Gault Vanzant. No. '.221 North Second street
fErThis invaluable remedy in prepared only by
Angney & Dickson, N. E. Corner of Fifth and
Spruce streets, Philadelphia, and can he had of the
following Agents :
- -
S. S. Forney, Gettysburg,
R. .tlngney, Carlisle.
I). P. Lange, Hanover,
and by respectable Druggists generally.
Prico rie costs, or $l.OO per battle. Beware of
October 15, 1847. (April 30,
wILL be made and put up by the
subscriber, who will ;mend prompt,
ly to all orders, and upon as reasonable
terms us can be procured at any establish
ment in the county.
Gettysburg, October 15, 1847,
Italian Vegetable PatttitCup
mlissßs. itowAND & uroN—Litving
experiencejl the extraordinary ellteisry of
your Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea upon
my own person, a feeling of gratitude fe,tt Fur
wonderful discovery, and u desire that ed
inines should be known and the
public, has indaged rue thus volustatity *give
you an account of my case, hoping that:4l6era
who may be co unfortunate as 1 have been, oar
be induced to throw prejudice aside and give your
Panacea a fair trial.
In February, 1840, a limp or timer first ap
peared upon the spine Many right leg, and anntls-
Or 011 the lower part of my breast near. de-
on of the ribs; they increased gralisaily a the
early part of June, aboutwhich time they, , me
very painful. In July the tumor on the lei
OLCIZATIII/ and became a runningsore, sated imp
itself until it was hell' the sire of a inan w ilijord,
and had eaten into the bone, and one or titanium,-
ler ulcers appeared below the saris. My/W*li
clan and others pronounced it Scrofula. Up to
this time every remedy used gais no relief& the
leg continued to get worse ; during the earl, glare
of August my sufferings were intense. I arditbee
went to bed or slept regularly for nearly Ivry
weeks, being compelled to set up, with any' leg
supported on a chair. About this time my eon
brought home with him from Cincinnati, etket
one of your circulars, which bad been thtntrlt, in
to the wagon. I read it, and knowing Sims of
the signers to the Certificate of the case eflitr.
Brooks, and believing from my knowledge of their
characters that they would nut lend Abele Monte
for the purpose of palming an impseitiea upon
Abe public, I concluded to.try. whoefeet iteopakt
have upon me. On the 40th of August I pre
yed the first bottle, commenced taking ;ft soma
log to directions, 'and in four hours the pain was
so much relieved that 1 fell asleep and enjoyed that
greatest of blessinge, a few hours repose. k con
tinued arming it until the 28th of August ; whoa I
sound myself so much bitter that 1 went to Cia
einnatilo your Agent, Mr. Denenhour, Witisvehona
I made summentents - to take liZt botttoNlobvile4
be would guarantee to curl me. Herigniell to do.
so,andigave mt the privilege °fit 'lert et
.the 20 bottles, whenever I coo ' anyeelfirall-
I pow felt encouraged, and coatiaued tn,,nallifew
der. Mr. D's instructions, until I bed frikre ;12664-
deo, (using no other medicine whatever.) ultin I
found myself calif* well; the tettior'on any
breast baring softened. it opened, item onr, end
I will here observe, that for many years Iliad
been troubled_ with a kipd of dry Tester, which
greatly annoyed me, particularly wilco heated or
warm in bed • I have felt nothing of this since ta
king your medicihe, and have no doubt that my
system is now entirely hest from climbs, any gen
eral health never hiving been better.
On the 84 oftlecemlber I again called on Mr-
Danenbovver. I then pronounced myself well and
offered to give him • Certificate to thaf edict,
which I proir.ised to send him in a lew - dayt A
few days thereafter, however, while killing kegs,
I hurt the inane leg badly, in contequence of
which I postponed giving did pond red Certifi
cate, wishing thoroughly to teat the permasiticy
of the cum. I now used nothing but the Mira
simple remedies for fresh wounds. and fiend my
flesh perteetly , healthy, and in thiailisnalthattior
such cases my Ice healed. Suitcient time his e
lapsed to convince me that 1 am now ',scrod Min
and that 1 have been envoi lw your Pansies aline.
In short, I have every confidence in hi virtrett.—
Persons desirous of obtaining farther parieulers,
can be gratified by galling at my yeaidesee, at
Muddy Creek, Hamilton county, Oh io. • ,
Personally appeared before Me, the snlbscrillier,
wayor of said city, Dann Trauaa, who, being
sworn.deposes and says that the facts set forth in
the foregoing statement are true. in testimony
whereof, I Mire hereunto eel my name, cad roused
the Corporate Seal of the said City to he
this fourth dsy of March, 11.1147,_
H. E. SPENCER. payee:
Sold, wholesale and retail, by Resirasm& WAL
TON, Proprietors, 370 Market street, Philadelphia,
and by the following Agents F
8. H. Buehler, Genyiberg.
Wm. Bittiver; Abbottstewn.
Lilly 4- Riley. Oxford.
T. J. Cooper, Franklin tp.
August 6, 1847.—am
Protection against Lon• by
1111111 CHE "Cumberland Valley Mutual Protettion
ii-te Company," being incorporated burn Art of
the Legislature, and tally organised and in opera
tion under the direction of the following Board of
Managers, viz: 'I C M diet, Jannis M'eakly, V W
M'Cullough, A G Miller. T A ISlKinley,, Philip
a; filer, Samuel Galbraith, Samuel Tram AVM
Sim; (Adams,) John Zug, Samuel Huston, 3 T
Green,..l i1e212,4r.fi1l tha attention-of ths-itibabit
ants of Cumberland and Adams counties to the
cheapness of the files, and the Many advantages
which this kind of insurance }mover any ether.
Ist. Every person insured heroines a i s iOnler
of the company and take pan is the selects of
° lll ,..,cers llB4 the_dileFtinn,ig its Contents.
na. Fo r insurance no mare is demanded thee is
necessary to meet the 'spews" of the Company,
and Indemnity against losses which may happen-
Ad. The inconvenience of frequent reavials is
avoided by insuring for s term of heiress!.
4th. Any person applying for Insurasse est
vet ' be premium note for the cheapest t ai
hi t t
the eof five per cent.' n bleb will be $OO oa he
1000, for which be will base to pay 13 Al) roar*
yeirs and $1 :20 for surrey and policy, and on
more unless loss be sustained to agnate namint
than the funds on hind will cover, and finnan
more than a pro rata shire. Thee eta* are
much cheaper than those of other contend's, ex
cept such as are incorporated on the same ptinei
tiles. 'l'. C. MILLER, President.
A. G. Mitten, Secretary.
Irr - The following named persons have betiii ap
pointed dgests for Adams County :—Wm W PIIX•
too, Esq. General Agent for Adams county; J-A
Thompson and 1) Ziegler, Gettysburg; Dr. Wir
R Stewart, Petersburg; Henry Myers, New Chea
ter; Henry Mayer, Abbottrtown ; Darnel 'Cam
fort, Straban township; Abraham King, Hunters
town; David Blythe, }airfield; 'l' 'l' Wier:win,
Arendtaville; Wm Mosrielai and Abel T Wfight
Bendereville; Dr. D Itlellinger,East Berlin; .bite
Scott, Casbtou n.
Sept. 13, 184 G.—If
MONDSI &c.,, of the best qualtiy
to be had at the Confectionary of -
Gett eburg, Aug. 8, 1847.
Perfumery, Soap, Sc.
ARTICLES, TOYS, &c., for Aisle
ant AL. NbITINL. eakTe•„
Is published every .I'riduy VvezieOf : 4lll4
County afluilding, above the Rerudet
tend Recorder's Office, by
VAYIII A. BtrEilLtß,
Zr paid in advance or, n the year, SR 1 - 4 1 1'
annum —if not paid within the year, $2 O. Tci
paper divcoutintied until all arrearages are paid—,
except at the option' of the Editor. Single eopiea
ni cents, A failure to notify a discoatitinanee
will be regarded as a new cligageuient
Adetririoncnir not exceeding a were issested
three times fur $l.--oery tubtequent imereit*,
25 centa. Longer (men in the vante
All advertiscrnentv not specially °Meted roe q gi‘
in time, will be continued nriti) lorbid. A M eta l
reduction will be made tolhose who advertise b y
the year,
Job Printing of all kinds executed 'tautly No
promptly, and on reasonable terns.
Letters and Communications to the Editor, (es-,
coining such as contain Money or the ran es of
new aubseribers,) must be roe,: cAt t, iti 01141 1O
:enure attention,