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    Democracy in New York,
The following extrects film the witty and sar
castic spas& of the on of Es-President Van Bu
son, will give the reader a pnuty clear idea of the
cause of the vest blow-up in the ranks of the Dr.
ilarrati in the State of New York. It will be porn
diet be handles Mr. Ritchie of the tVeshington
Union, Mr ; Croswell, of the Albany Argus, and
other leaders of tho party, without gloves. John
Van Risen 'tie strung man, and knows how to
strike blows, right and Icll, heav y and hard,
when be lakes his sledge-hammer in hand :
r'n'7 ? •
colatthe Albany booed, Oct. 30.
/nesting last evening was one ofthe
lattand must enthusiastic we ever at
ten ed. The multitude, moved by the in
apixing mmehword of "Freedtim," began,
at erly hour, to, wend its way to the
• • •
c AMU VAN linmx was perseveringly call-
Weer *Aar Mr. Wilmot closed his speech.
When he, took the stand, the walls of the
capitol shook with the cheers and plaudits
uf , the dense throng. flu commenced by
a reference to the inhospitable welcome
which Mr. Wilmot had received at the
bludn'of the editor of the Argus. As a
Dutchman, he regretted this inhospitality.
Albany was wont to give a cordial wel
ceitie toad her guests ; and such a wel
come this meeting, and the courteous of all
pante% had ex tended to this eloquent and
truthful champion of freedom. lk allu
ded to the progress which free principles
:MO; Making throughout the world. Aus
trii and Prussia were givit.g way. Framee
becoming progressive ; n l the in
spiriting cry of liberty was even sounding
from the portals of the Vatican. England
hml expended X 20,000,000 to abolish sla
very in her dominions, and Denmark was
49W 4 itriking the manacles from her bonds
cum. When these glorious things were
occulting all around us, and the. despotisms
TOT the old world were giving way before
the bright light of religion anti democracy,
tquitlldtcrtnodelrepublic hold back ! Shall
*Amason and the precious blood of her
sons be poured out to conquer free territo
ry; to curse with slavery ! Yet such was
gite position it was sought to give this coon
'try, The effort was being mink and un
such. circumstances it was time that
the free people of the North gave utter
ance to their views. [Cries of yes! yes!
anticheers.] We have been told by the
Union, the
,organ of the government at
Washington, that it was wrong for the
4inople of the North to meet and discuss
the Wilmot Proviso. Mr. Ritchie, the
editor of that journal, is a man of talent '
and of agreeable manners. lint he mis
takes his vocation if lie thinks it any part
of his province to lecture the freemen of
New York. [Cheers.] Ile has been re- j
lietitly translated [laughter] from Virginia
AO:Washington, to take care of the demo-
tsristie family. His predecessor was an a
mathand had led the democracy through
many 'successful battles. lint what has
Mr. Ritchie to show, that he has, in any
degree, contributed either to the harmony,
nuuibets, or triumphs of the democracy !
Arkansas was once so strongly democratic
(hat you could hardly find a Whig with a
scarch warrant; [laughter] and vet it is
now no ni the dominion of the Whigs !
Tionieesee—the home of the President,
and once a pillar in the democratic temple
lapsed, and r,nw rests in the arms
of Whigery ; although there has been ex
ecutive patronage enough bestowed upon
~lierj e itizens, within two years, to have
converted Massachusetts herself! [Great
laughter.] And Massachusetts, whose
democracy had more than once triumphed,
duringing the editorial reign of Mr. 'filch
/o'B predecessors, is now so sunken that it
e.ultPrejeet a resolution of freedom ! Not
only -so, its democracy has so tar degene
rated that it can nominate "a fixed fact" as
Ihel mprogressive democratic" candidate!
Pennsylvania alone bears up
the Old democratic banner ; and sho is
.410 home of the author of the Wilmot Pro
viso. Mr. V. 8., in view of these facts.
expressed the hope that if the people of
New York were to elect a tutor from south
blithe, Potomac, they might have the usual
privilege of making an examination of his
qualities themselves. The editor of the
llniUtrstays that the ordinance of 1787 is
aini“tn terpolation" in the democratic creed.
'This is not the first time this gentleman
Itatdenoonced democratic measures as "in-
tdpolitions." lle seems to deem the
democratic creed to be composed, like the
deed of the Synod of Dort, of a certain
number of Articles. revokable only by the
`Brtod itself ! [Laughter.] Mr. Ritchie
, deelered Gen. Jackson's proclamation a
gainat nullification an "interpolation."—
Hut would any citizen of Neu• York, if he
boeu called upon to maintain that pro-,
clinnatiOn, liave scanned the requisition. to
ifitteettain whether it contained an abstract
4daration of democracy ! When the
„proems of freedom is issued, it does not
beconte freemen to Niggle about the terms
process. [Cheers.] Su when the
' .lndependent Treasury was broached.—
,"Efirtkwas an "interpolation" in the opion
'fon of Mi. Ritchie, not to he admitted into
the democratic creed. But when the an
nexation of Texas was made an issue by
the Baltimore Convention, you didn't hear
him say any thing about °interpolations."
'He Wok it up and carried it forward with
satisfaction and zeal as if it had
"heelcone of the oldest articles in the code
democracv. [Laughter.] Mr. V. IL
in.sietr of all this, begged leave to say to
'that distinguished gentleman—if words
fium to humble a personage could reach
hita—Atat his protest against the move-
Alteittiti oldie freemen of New York. was a
litoreirt protest, which, by the laws of the
'Empire State, had no validity. {Cheers.]
Wi,haire, continued Mr. V. 8., followed
latuithern lights to the very verge of freed
'"ltiith We have followed their wilho-the-
"Wisps. so far that, if we go farther, there is 1
. dancer that we may be mired. Hereafter,
he, kw one, should be guided tw the light
of liberty—he should be guided by the
Atilt of true patriotism—by the light of hu
twat freedom—in short, by the Northern
iiights., [Tremendous cheering and great
applause.] 11 Mr. Ritchie supposes that
a democratic creed can be made for the
, 'North u it is made for the South, where
deatootticy stands still under every stiinu
, ,Inht,to privess, be mistakes the temper of
the 0 progeessire democracy of the North.
- 11.'lleett.) If such a thing could be, he
aright Nrra.tiko....peit ciples of '9B" as the
1... reit jp(snetiplos of the democratic party.
o of New lock - -amidst
; t ,,,,,kg5 ; , On smargirs 11641 her deilition to
;-A, . . '., NOW m
Progregt--the au who ile.
„„,,, ' , sap roe with the spirit of the
1 ,,,,, _
~, 00 Ward mievereetits of her de.
~ . •
toot mitre on with it, or be rode
~ ,lUoilkotol oreohroi• (Chaim.) He must
Nolo*. hike) . .. front the tow-path of South.
itaitipetity, sod look out upuu the broad
ocean of freedom—ho must lay down his
jcws•hatp and hearken to the shrill bugle
blast of progress ; he must lay down his
pop-gun and listen to the shunts of the
million of keemen who are determined to
plant the standard of liberty upon all free
soil conquered by the treasure and blood
of freemen. [lmmense cheering] If Mr.
Ritchie will do this, he may then deem
himself possessed of the dignity of charac
ter which will justify him to lecture the de
nmernev of New York—Not before. •
! • Mr. V. B. referred to the charge in the
Argus, that himself and friends were act
' with the Whigs. As an offset to this
charge, he read S. Strong's celebrated affi
davit, amid cheers and laughter; and after
stating that it had never been contradicted,
he proceeded to say that when it was de
nied, he would bring forward further evi
dence, and prove to the democracy that,
fur the second time, Mr. Croswell had
got his foot in the grating. [Great laugh
ter.] 'Mr. V, B. denied that the simple
fact that the ,Whigs concurred with the
radical democracy in regard to the s Wilinot
Proviso, was any evidence either that it or
its advocates were federalists. But for the
AVltigs, the law in relation to the new con
stitution could not have passed. lint for
NVltig votes, the new constitution could
not have been adopted. The conserva-1
lives opposed them both. Why were
not the radical democrats branded RS
in those cases ? The man, said
Mr. V. II , who tries to make iliThig of
me, will end in making an ass of himself,
[Laughter.] Ile was not baby enough to
run when any one cried out 46spook,"—
Ile would as soon think of rennin; away
from the Mexicans because a reinforce
ment of Whigs were coming up to the res
cue, as to run away from the support of
the proviso because the Whigs were in fa
vor of it. [Prolonged cheering] , Instead
of branding such support art evidence of
- its federal character, he wouldudeent it
evidence of its righteousness. No wise;
man will repudiate a good thing because it
has the countenance of-theee-widt-whom
he differs generally. [Cheers.]lle doubt
ed whether all the brave men to Our army
in Mexico were democrats. At York
town, Chippewa, Buena Vista aid Uher
ubuSco, Whigs - fought bravely. If the
'crimson soil of those battle fields should
be analyzed, there, would be found some
spots of Whig blood. [Cheers] He
would deein him a craven at heart, if he
should find himself hesitatiug to admit the
gallantry of Gen. Taylor. simply because
Ise was a Whig. [Cheers] There rite
times when all good men rally to the sup
port of correct principle. He was the last
man to be driven off from a righteous mea
sure, because he found it supported' by
men connected with other denommation&
He had been accused of leading the dem
ocrats astray in their contest. He would
guarantrahat those who make this charge
will be loth to credit him with the majori
ty against them, when the votes are
ed. [Cheera.] Me - hid been charged
with being influenced in his present Mtn;
duct, by the action of the Baltimore
Convention in 1810. He appealed to
Democrats and Whigs to say' if any
man in the State lauored harder than
himself to secure the "elettien of the knot
nee of that convention. Whatever good
qualities he may 'have, he had tivu quality
of frankness. When half** for *igen be
was for him with all his heart. When ne
was againsto - man.--he was against him,
just as sincerely. He went into that cam
paign because, besides men; the Baltiinore
Convention sent oat principles under which
the democracy could rally. But this Sy
racuse Convention haenot only giventil
no principles, but men whom a majority
of the republicans of the State do not want.
Still, if he was an editor, with no more
principle than some editors, he might run
up the name of Hungerford for Comptrol
ler, and on election day, vote for Hunger
ford for State Senator. [Cheers] He
had no fear of the issue of this contest.—
Even though the government should fall
into the hands of the Whigs they could do
but little harm so long as they were kept
in the straight jacket - of thenew-ermstitu
thin. [Cheers.) Mr. V. B. would leave
every man to do as he pleased in regard to
supporting the Syracuse ticket. The dem ,
ocrats who had heard Itim might doss
they pleased. They =ln vote it if they .
choose ; but, said Mr. V. 8., I'm the man
that wnn'tdo it. [Tumultuous cheering.]
I won't, because no principles were ex
pressed by the Conventioe which nomina
ted it. I won't beeause it refused to declare
itself in favor of freedom. I won't be
cause I could not and maintain my self
respect. I won't, because to do so would
gratify the men who last year emedied Si
las Wright. [Great applause.] Now
you may take your own course-=do what
you choose. Those of you indebted tp
conservative banks, better vote the ticket.
Doctors who have conservative patients,
better vote the ticket. Lawyers who have
conservative clients, better vote the ticket.
Chicken pedlars and fish-mongers who
have conservative customers, better vole
the ticket; because, if you do not, the con
servatives will sacrifice you if they can.—.
t for me, I won't vote that ticket. [Pro
tracted cheering.] . ,le conclusion, hfr. V.
B. said, he haul taen his stand deliberate
ly and believed he had the sympathies of
the masses. If men can read the papers
—attend the Herkimer Convention—and
witness this enthusiastic gathering—and
are still unable to realize that the back
bone of the party is broken, they may wig
gle along until the election in their blessed
ignorance, and then they will realize it.
[Cheers.] I repeat, you may all do as
you please : but I shan't support that tick
et. [Cheers.] lam aware that lam ac
cused of violating the usages of the demo
cratic party ; but• cheating isn't a usage
of the party. [Laughter.] The Herki
uner Convention declared that the action of
the Syracuse Convention was of no hind
ing force. This I belive. [Cheers.] I
alkali choose my own candidates. I shall
vote my own ticket. I shall vote to "Main
tain Freedom"—to "Rebuke Fraud"—to
"Remember Silas Wright." [Tremen
dous and prolonged cheering.] It is for
you to do as von please. I know you are
intelligent. I know you are patriotic. I
know you arc discreet, and I believe yott
will art right. [Cheers and "we will."]
The political sea is now tempest tossed ;
but itt the midst of the dashing billlows I
think I see the spirit of liberty moving up
on the face of the waters ; and I think I
hear, even above the roar of the tempest, a
spirit whisper, "Be of good cheer ; it is I
—be not afraid." [Shout after shout, and
the most tumultuous enthusiasm followed
this termination of a speech, of which we
have given but little more than a skeleton.]
Evvecirs ov aux.—A daughter of Win.
Chattichl, of Derby, Con., while laboring
under en attack of delirium tremens, attack
ed her baker with a fire-shovel and fractur
ed Ins skull by which his life is endangered.
THIE Sirkft & Ititill. EL
Friday Evening, Nov. 12, (Bn.
'Try AGENCY.—V. B. PALMLII. Esq. at the
corner of Chesnut & Thinl street, Philadelphia;
I no Nassau street Nine Fork; and South-cut cor
ner of Baltimore and Calvert street. Baltimore—
awl CA•a, Esq. Sun Building. N. E. Comer
Third & Dock sts.and 440 N. Familia. Midair;
are OUT authorized A gents for receiving Advertise
ments and Subscriptions to the"Star'' sod collect.
ing and reetipting for the same.
THE Whig citizens of Adams county
are requested to assemble in County
Meeting, at The Court-house, in Gettys
(the 15th Of Norember,) at 8 o'clock, to
appoint a DELEGATE tarepreient them
in the Convention to nominate a Canal
Commissioner in Marchnent—and appoint
CONFEREES, to :select Congrtastonal
Representative in the' National Convention
to nominate a Whig candidate' for Presi
dent—and take such steps as may be pro
per to aid in mainniining their Principles.
A. R. Srsversurr.
17Will be taken at this Once, if s.s3 , applies
tics by wadi: The applicant mat b. paccoad
of awed habits, sad frast;l4 to IT pan Crap.
Kr?' 1 . "me rge ( 1 #0s! vent Patrons
ware to remember me . daring Court wick;
our Paper -ossakerand eiher ersdilorsumig4t
bie the beiterforiGurbd me nose the 100 flt.
'Whip, dale kVA the Meeting at the
Me- CLAY 'ON 'THE WAR,-To.nuirrow
Essay 01411' is to SUM. the . Whip of Luxinr
loth Ky.. se the Mexican War, its authors and ob
jects. The speelai is to be repelled, and will he
lOW far with much interest.
Quarter Sessions of Philadelphia county, last Sa
turday, Judges Parsons and Kelley vacated the H
uns e of a tavern keeper, named John Morison, on
the, ground that the house wu kept open on Sun•
day. Judge Pursue said that be laid down the
principle that ell tavern keepors who allow per
sons to come about their houses and drink on the
Sabbath, violated the law, and that that the Coat
would, on ihat ground, vacate their lituousin—
Judge Kelly upwind his concurrence ki this
judgment , open the ground of a violation of the
act of Assembly of 17111. Animas, be said, in
every blurb of Industry, were obliged by law to
euspead—hatheeteLtlPALlkaggAtaii kali)* id
not think the tavern keeper was entitled to privi
leges whirl the welfare of society denied to Wows.
ANOTHER.--The Supreme Court of this
State has decided that under the Act of 1833, ■
Will, to which the •msrk" of the testator is mule,
is void. The Upstater must sign the testamentary
instrument by his own proper signature, if he be
able to do so, but if prevented from doing this by
VielibelkiliShillty or - other Incepaelty, resorute is
to be bad to the alternative mode of authentication
pointed out by the statute, to wit : signing the tee.
Woes name to the instrument at the end thereof,
by some person in his presence, and by his express
direction, and both the incompetency and signa
ture by express request mud be proved by two
THE LICENSE LAW.—The ground upon
which the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania decla
red the tweet License Law to be unconstitutional
was, that the Legislature could not delegate its
powers of legislation to the vote of the people.—
Judges Coed* and Burnside dissented front this
decision. If the decision be a mound one, will not
the same principle extend to the Cosmos School
Bystein, and all lbws requiring a popular vote to
ratify them
CHEAP POSTAGE.—The Washington coy ,
respondent of the Baltimore Sun says that the
Peat Master General is busiy engaged on his An
anal Report, which will show the gratifying feet
that the Cheep Postage system has sucteeded.--
Mee deficit is the Postmllleernmemeellw the that
year after the adoption tithe new system was 800,-
000 the deficit hist year was 640,000 ; this year
it is only 40,000 dollars ! By-the by. is it not
time that something should be done In the way of
petitioning emigrant for the immediate repeal of
me much of the act of last masion es re-imposed a
posher of I cent on all newspapers circulating
widths 30 mike of the eßice of publication 1 TM
following is a copy of a memorial for this purpose.
Wei, yet rufficbmUy annpeshmuliere. Let copies
be prepared in Orley-village, dried by slt melee
peper reedenhunl forwarded easy is Deasueber
to the member of COOlllllllll from the district
To the Tionotable the Senate eod Won of Rep
resentatives of the U. 84ates. in Coupes, a*.
The subsoribers, citizens of the county or —.
Etbitii of --, reepertfolly pray your honorable
bodies that the provisions in the Act of Comma
of March 3, 1847, requiring postage to be paid on
all newspapers circulating in the mail within 30
miles of the office of publication, be repealod„ and
that such other modicstions of said act be made
as shall more effectually provide for a uniform
system of cheap postage on hams, &c.
rir In another column will be found the Pro
pcetua of "The Natioahat Era," published at Wash
ington City, by L. P. Nos ts--Messra. Ct. llamas
and foils G, Watirrisa, Editors. The "Era" is
a large and handsomely printed paper;dsvoted to
the Anti-Slavery cause, and is conducted with un
usual ability. The strong logical articles of Dr.
BAILSY, the classic beauty of Mr. Wisr7visa's
contributions, and the conservative tone and ele
vated literary character of-the great body of its
matter, have placed the "Era" in the front rank of
American papers, and first on the list of , Anti-
Slavery pu olications. It is among the most valued
of our exchanges. No intelligent reader can in
vest $2 00 to better advantage than in subwribing
for it.
NEW YORK—The Whig triumph •is com
plete, and for the first time wince 1841 . New York
is Whig in all her Departments, except the Judi
ciary, which was elee,ted last Spring. Fun's ma
jority for Lieutenant Governor will be about 30,-
000 ; Frxtvreax's, for Comptroller, from 4O to
50,000 ! The Legislature will stand as Mows :
Whig majorities,- 16 61
Whig majmity on joint baltot, serval, seven!
tto much far fighting for principle. The Whigs
of New York promptly took up the issues to which
their opponents had challenged them, and went
into the contest with "Opposition to the /thrice*
war," and "No amore Slave Torritory," . boldly 'in
ecnbed upon their banners--and gloriously were
they sustained by the freemen of Now Yak.
ples avowed by the Wilmot Proviso are. fast ta
king holtron the public mind throughout the Nor
thirn and r New England States, and bid fair to be
come the controlling issues in future elections.—
la New Hampshire, we notice that the Whig
State Convention resolved to accept the issue ten
dered by the South Carolina politicians, and titian-
imously determined to support the Hon. NATILL/11.
ILL 8. Banal, the Liberty candidate for Govern
nor. The Locofoco Convention nominated a can
didate of their own. bin thought it nsesseary to
endorse his prtination bY . ii uziani m Ors adoption
'Of in reedit llon in favor of 'the *intik i'116,11110,--.
I, OtliOrtoo l we 1/oLiell, as a significant feature in
the signs rit the diosii,th'aisiverii billinnitial %dein- .
made' papa* ere orging the propriety of the Nor
them Derneermy settling upon the Hots. Jona P.
Haut. the Marty candidate for President! The
neoli.tiliker reematelection in New York. in which
tea Pnrobteny eympathice of the eyarecusePon
ventlowew Ted l d
so eterwand effective it rank", will
site inn/ us to die agitation of this question,
tady strengthen the hands of the true
meirWiteliiie t h us far reanfilly bottled In behalf
of the Treat principle it involver, while the era.
wring resolution of the more timid, who might
have bans *vowel to weds from the p o siti o n
they had, taken , will be romtablised. . The annex
ed Reiroblitme extruded from a series adopted at
the Hethimer Maas Meeting of - the New York
"Yon** Dernocreq,"—convened before the recent
41410.4.keinnt-Yan liiirensGslithorienurield..,
Mid other*. to take into consideratin the action of
the "Old Hunher" . Convention at Syracuee—will
R i a u Ipso idea of the spirit that pervades the ,De
mom to of New York on this subjed, end which,
then is roman to believe, will he rapidly diffused
throughout the great maw of both the great per.
tiorrhirthorNenismo theme. The wooed Resolu
tion bimpeohdly:slimileent : -',":
Reseiveti, That while the Democracy
of New Yorltsrepresented in this Conven
tion will adhere to all the compromises of
the COW'Shelton; and Maintain ail the re
served rights of the States, they declare—
' Arttelihilt_ctisis_hati_. arrived _wheir_that
question must be met—their uneompro
mising hostility to the extension of slavery.
into territory now free, which may be
hereafter acquired, by any action of the
Goiertiment of the United States."
Resolved. That the declared determina
tion of no incomiderable portion of our fel
low Democrats at the South, to refuse to go
into a General Convention for the nomina
tion of a candidate for the Presidency, ex
cept upon condbion that opposition to the
extension of slavery into new territories
be abandoned; and to refuse their suffrages
to candidates for office who do .not concur
in such extensive, makes it necessary for
the Democracy of New York to declare
that; if such determination is persisted in,
and becomes general, they will be obliged to
adopt a counter declaration, and to proclaim
their detertnioaticia to - vote for no - ittan, un
der any circumstances, who'does-not sub
scribe to the preeedin . resolution ; and we
-s Oa .. -firmscratato pee ,
pare for such 0* emergency.
Resolved. That we believe• in the digni
ty and the rights of free labor ; that free
white labor cannot thrive upon the same
soil with slave labor; and that it would be
neither right nor wise to devote new terri
tory to the slave Moroi a part of the States
to the exclusion of the free labor of all the
Resolved, Thit while we do not com
plain of the inequality of representation
between the citizens of free and slave
States, by reason of which the citizen of
the Slaveholding, South, who has four
slaves, has a representation equal to three
votes, while the -citizen of the free North
has but one, because such was the original
compact of Union, yet the freemen of N.
York will not consent, to such, 411 unequal
division of their power in conquered pro
Resolved, That all experience has prov
ed the wisdom of that provision of the or
dinance originally moved by Thomas Jef
ferson, and adopted by the Congress of the
Confederation in 1787, which prohibited
slavery in the territory northwest of the
Ohio ; and that the Congress of the Uni
ted States, being clothed by the Constitu
tion with power to make ail needful rules
and regulations respecting the territory be
longing to the; United States, it becomes
the duty of that branch of the Government
to adhere to the policy instituted by the
fathemotthellepublic, and thus insure to
all new territories the progress in arts, im
provements, and enterprise, which has dis
tinguished the Northwestern States.
Resolved, tlierefre, That in the Terri
tory of Oregoit and in any territory here
after acquired 'y the United States on this
continent, neither slavery nor involuntary
servitude should be allowed, while it re
mains under tap dominion of the Union,
except for crime, whereof the party shall
be first duly cloak:led.
settled at hat that Gen. Tat tea is coming borne.
The WashingtoteUttion of Saturday last says that
thi War Depettnient on the previous evening re.
ceived his applieidlam for * leave of . shone. from
.the Ansi for six thit, to risk family in the
U. States, and ,t, the Department has. granted
the application. T• 11.01 will be in N. Or
leans by the let ierDeeember,
LiF'Tbe last flouting&iks Jourimi gives the fol
lowing as an inducement for young men to rub
'albs fora newelepet. There is something in it,
for no sensible gilio will have anything to do with
a blockhead too oitupid to read, or a niggard too
miserly to Pay Sir, e paper:
vT•ittno • Parsno—A little more than a year
ago we advised a young man in this vicinity to take
our paper, sa an inducement, that a ,
mong other thirty he would derive advantage from
in so doing, he would And it much easier to get •
wife. He took our advice, subscribed fbr the
Journal, Odd' in advance, and in this number of
Our paper a notice of his manias° to one of the
fair daughters of Huntingdon county is recorded."
' cZYThe Locofooo papers aro beginning teamed
on the Presidential question. The Wilkesbamr
Fanner and the Columbia Elemocrat have decla
red in favor of Mr. VAN Bourne ; a Tioga paper
goes for Mr. Daca•eea ; and a Perry county pa
per nominates Gov. Saone 1:
rir The 11017. A. STEWART, it ER letter E 0 Hot"
Wm. H. REWARD, of New York, announces him .
self in favor of Gen. Tar Lola as the Whig candi
date for President..
13 - The Whigs of bfiw County have appoint
ed conferees to select a Congressional delegate to
the Nationeal Convention, and adopted strong"re
solutions In favor of Gen. Scwrr as the Whig
candidate for President.
ErMessrs. Chaffee W. Rockwell, Truman
Smith, Jahn N. Brockway, James F. Babcock,
John F. Trumbull, Nelson L. White, have been
appointed Delegates to the Whig National Con
vention by the Whip of Connecticut,
11:1 - The Whigs of ,Vermont have appointed, as
delegates to the National Convention, Messrs. Nol.
onion Foote, Horace Everett, A. I'. Lyman, H.
Cutts, H. E. Royce, and Porter Braxier, with in•
struetions to support a candidate in favor of the
Wilmot Pro% iso.
ican loco in otxxce and WOUNDID alone, (exclu
sive of the thouaanda who have fallen victims to
the climate and disease,) in the war with Mexico,
amounts already to more than one-half of the en
tire load in the protracted Revolutionary struggle
with Cheat Britain, which lasted iieven years !
Such is the fact, and here is the proof, deduced
from authentic sources:
Lost is Rewriery War.
Lexington, 84
Bunker Hill, 453
Plathush, 200
'Whits PA*, 400
Trenton, , •
Princeton, 100
liebbardmarm, 4100
Bennington, 100
Brandywine, 1206
Btillweaw, , 350
Germantown, 1200
Bed Hook, 32
Monrnoth, 130
Rhode bland, 211
Bride Creek, 400
Stoney Point, 100
Camden, 610
King's Mountain, 96
Cowpens, 72
Guilford, 400
Hobkirit's Hill, 400
Eutaw Springs, 560
L e w ill Maxims Iran
Palo Alto, 14
Roseau d' la Palma, 807
Monterey, 478
,Man Pa scal, 8
flu VA* no
Sacramento, 9
Gem Gordo, 500
Tobasco, 1!
Coulters, 8.
Cbamboaco, 1000
Molls° del. Roy, 900
Cbapoltepec, 450
Rev. Autism HALE, one of the Chaplains of the
Alb** Conronlion.ittpUrebutca ..of A resoluta,*
of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian
church requesting all its ministers to preach on the
subject of War 'on a given Sabbath, delivered two
germane, In the course of which he had occasion
to remark on the immorality, cruelty, and crime
always the concomitants of War, and to deplore
the Mexican War as uncalled for and wrong.—
The next day, In the Convention, Mr. A r KIN, the
Locnfoco delegate from Franklin county, introdu
ced a resolution denotincing the sermons is trea
sonable and refusing to permit W. Hata to 'con
duct the religious. exercises of the Convention.—
The rearlqtion, alter some debate, was laid on the
table TimrsarMr. - -Mstz's attempting - is open the
sessions of the Convention. as usual, with prayer,
he was kissed by the Local:ice members, and to
prevent a disturbance the Convention resolved to
dispense with religious exercises altogether ! This
is "progressive" Locokreoisin to some purpose.—
President Polk thaws trams upon all freemen
virlier will not servilely accord to him the merit of
bility, and the Illinois Convention.would put
aMock on the lips of all ministers of the Gospel
of Peace who dare to obey the injunction of their
Divine Master 'and-proclaim the whole truth. The
Jacobins of the French Revolution, annoyed by
the rebukes of this same Gospel upon their deeds
of blocid and crime, voted Religion to be a "Hum
bug" Illinois Locofocoism will require but little
ailvaneement in its "progressive" career to arrive
at a similar conclusion. ... .. .
ErThe Washington "Union" has the ittpu.
dence to talk to the Whigs about their "Mexican
brethren." We are not aware that the Mexicans
are the "brethren" of any party in this country,
save in the sense in which till mankind are 'breth
ren." but there is a party seeking to make the
Mexicans brethren and fellow-countrymen ; a par
ty that is seeking to admit the whole Mexican
population into the U. States. clothed with all the
privileges and prerogatives of American citizens;
a party that iv seeking to add Hi - mania of twenty
Mexican States to our confederacy, with yellow
Senators and Representatives in our congress, and
with st full participation in all the affairs of our
government; and that party•is ear the Whig par
t ~ —Lousarellr Jonnitil.
reiinis QuiNoy ADAM% has 'reached Wash
noon in improved health.
NEW POLI fICAL CRE LD.—The following
is the political creed of The "Young Democracy" of
New York, whose refusal to endorse the "Old Hun
ker" Pro-Slavery proceeding■ of the Syracuse Con
vention, led to the disastrous defeat of the Loeofo
en' candidates st the recent election :
eree Trade, Free Soil, Free Labor, and Free
Feparation of Government from all paper Lama
individual liability of All oorporators :
Mental Improvements by the General Govern-
meat to the extent indicated in the letter Of 81
las Wright to the Chicago Convention :
A return of the patronage of the General Govern.
ment into the hands of thii people :
And a faithful adherence to all the provisions of
our glorious State Constitution.
aj-The following hits hard, but it is too good to
be toot
"A Ctiatenvt.—The Cleveland Herald says
they have at their office, subject to the inspection
the curious, the straw through which Mr. Polk
raked in the Tariff' men of Pennsylvania in the
fall of 1848."
wrrThe Mercersburg "Weekly Journal:' a ju
diciously conducted Whig piper: comes to us this
week enlarged and otherwise improved.
QT Wisconsin is taking the necessary steps for
her admission into the Union as a State.
Wit is said that there are twelve or fifteen
Printers, Editors and ex• Editors, among the
members' elect to the Pennsylvania Legislature—
a redeeming feature in the political character of
that body..
DTA bill has been introduced into the f.egirr
lame of Tennessee to secure to married women
the right Mud use opheir own properiF
ilar Bill has pastel one liritneh of the Vermont
Legislature by a &gilled majority.
IL7The Fremont Court Martial is still in sear
won at Washingtath the proceedinge growing in
interest as the trial advances. Thus , far matters
look rather blue kw the acented. . ,
MIEIII EAN.—On the Ist init.llll Election kir
State Officers was'held In Michigan. The Loco
foto-candidate for Eoventor is elected by a large
majority—the Whip making but little show of
opposition. The Legislature will b 8 Locoioco in
both breathes, as usual. A special election was
bold in the td district for a member of Congress
in plate of the late Mr. Bredly Chadian E. Stow.
art is his successor.—both Lricofocas.
Wit was but natural, says the I.ouirrilleJour
nal, that every true-hearted American should feel
proud of the .spectaele preluded by his country
two year.; ago. Then every thing wore the smile
of promise * Heaven blessed the soil with abund
ant harvests ; and Ithe people were cheerful and
hippy. An evil and malicious fiend alone could
tin to enkiy a prospect so eminently pleasing ;
and yet our rulers were diseeniented. Their cu
pidity waa tired whenever they turned their atten
tion to Mexico. Burning with an unholy luit to
appropriate the possessions of a weak neighbor,
they got up winiserable pretext for a war, and un
dertook to sustain it with such logic as hypocrisy
suggests and the devil approves. The object of
the war is conquest, and the effect of it has been
to disturb the universal harmony, and to rend
thousands of hearts with deepest agony. If Mex
ico be annexed she cannot reward us for the
bloood, treasure, and sacrifice of happiness the at
tempt to conquer her has already cost us; on the
contrary, she will he a burden on the energies
of our government and a continual source of an
noyance to the people.
old Bay Biala sands by her principles. On Mon
day the anpual election came elf, and the Whigs
sweep the State, electing a UNANIMOUS F;EN
ATE and over 100 majority in the House of
Repreeentatives ! Gor. Beiges, the Whig candi
date, leads (;tin. Cosetee, a renegade Whig and
Locofoco War candidate, about 15,000, and it
is thought will have a clear majority over all oth•
er candidates combined ! The" issues In the can.
vase were the same as than made by the Whigs
of New York.
LOUISIANA.--The returns of the election in
this State are as yet indefinite. As far es heard
from, for Legislature, the Whigs hare Irinal two
membeis and . the Lome one. In the let Congres
sional dbitriet Ls Seas, Loco, is reelected by
decided risafority over Merrier, a Taylor Dent.
ocrat. In the Id district, in consequence of three
candidates being in the Amid, the result ls detibthil.
although hopes are entertained of the election of
Tra nnnnn ox, Whig.
THE ARMY.—There has berm no inteiligence
from Mexico, of any especial interest, during the
past week. Accounts lions both lines of our ar
my represent every thing u being quiet, with the
exception of occasional skirmiebes with guerilla
parties, which infest both lines 'and cut doing
gling parties whenever chance affirm 'No addl.
me have as yet been received from (kst,
and but littleU known *ibis operations since his
entrance into the espital. •
The Cholera is making fearful ravages in
Russia, and oontinum its way slowly . towards
Western Europe.
rrThe Colony of Liberia, in Africa, ban erect.
ed itself into an independent Republic, after the
model of the U. States.
garA distressing accident occurred last week
on the Worcester (Mass.) Railroad, by one of the
brakes or tenders becoming loose and falling on the
track. Six passengers were instantly killed, end
others seriously inqured.
WTI. "Desk of-Gettysburg" -declared-1r
Dividend of 3 per cent for the last its months.—
The "Gettysburg and Petersburg Turnpike Vom•
pony" has declared a Disidand of 1 per cent.
co The New York Whig State Convention a
dopted an eddi,s. to the people of that Slate, in
which we find the following declaration :
°The Union as it ia, the whole Union, and no
thing but the Union—we will stand by it to the
last. No more Territory is our watchword, unless
it be rats."
FROM EUROPE.—The steamships
Caledonia and Washington arrived during
the past week, with later European advice,.
The cloud that has hung over Great Brit
ain for several months past still becomes
darker and more portentous; and the banks
are beginning to totter along with the con,-
mercial community. Fifty-five mercan
tile houses have failed since the sailinc 4 of
the last steamer. in the manufacturing
districts business' wears the gloomiest
possible aspect. every week addiug to the
number of establishments compelled to ,
closebusiness. Deputations from the prin
cipal commercial and nianufacturing dis
tricts have been appointed to solicit relief
from the Government and the Bank of
England. The reason assigned for these
commercial difEculties is the excessive im
portations of breadstuff's, &c., into Britain
during the late scarcity of provisions, and
the consequent drain upon the specie of
that country. May riot the excessive im
tation of foreign goods into this country
under the new Tari ff , involve the Unite d
States in similar difficulties?
A correspondent of the New York Tri
bune, writing from Liverpool, predicts much
suffering and sickness in England owing to
the suspension ofbustness. Many persons
have been thrown out of employment.—
there are about five thousand cases of ty
phus fever in Liverpool at present—ot
course, mainly among the poor. The po
tato rot is doing its work of destruction to
a fearful extent.
Farrara, in, Italy, is about to be evacua
ted by the Austrian troops, and the Pope
will be left undisturbed in his career of civil
and administrative reform.
The civil war in Switzerland is still im
pending, and serious disturbances have ta
ken place in the two Sicilies.
In Spain, Eapartero has been suddenly
displacedlrom the head of the new Minis.
try. Narver: -is Metalled in his stead.
French influence has again been successful
in that country.
The prospects for Ireland during the ap
proaching winter are gloomy enough. A
- in an agravated form. has already
reappeared, and the Queen's letterhaa been
issued, commanding general collections to
be made in the church establishment.
find, in the Cincinnati Gazette, a Statement
of a quarrel which tbok place at Crawfords
ville, Is., between Senator Hannegan and
a Mr. E. M'Donald. which had its origin
a year past in what is said to have been a
mob, in which Mr. Hannegan was a party,
and when M'Donald says he got knocked
into the canal, through the Senator's in
strumentality. M'Donald has ever since
threatened vengeance, whenever he should
Meet the Senator, and this was the first
time the parties met. The Senator was
attacked by M'Donald—knocked down
and trampled underfoot, and his face hor
ribly lacerated. After the Senator was re
leased, ha returned with a g un for yen
geance on M'Donald, but he had esisped.
Such scenes are much to be regretted.
• Cnarons LAW cass....-A Turkish gentle
man, his three wives and children. arrived
in New York Shoot a ar since. Being
possessed of property, ht purchased in due
time a house for each. of them. A short
time since he died without making a will.
leaving a properly Of about one hundred
thousand dollars. The wives have applied
for letters of administration in behalf of
themselves and children. Bow to grant
letters to three is a puzzle, and to grant to
one wouldnder the other two, in law, on
ly concubi t
es, and their children illegiti
mate. The Turkish law knows no dis
tinction between the first and last marriage
—all are honorable, and all are equally en
titled to the property at the death of the
WAR.—One of the surgeens in the
Army, (who has since been himself dan
gerously wounded,) writing to a friend af
ter the battles of Contreros, and Churubus
co, says :
"After operating, with my assistants,
till three o'clock in the morning. I left
the building of which I had made a tempo:.
rary'hospital, to take an hour's rest in the
open air. I turned round to look at my
amputation table; under it was , A Pen ,-r
HEAP Or ARMS AND LEOS ; and looking at
myself, I found I was covered with blood
from head to foot."
A *Erma PA7II4IANC/18.—The
meeting between the lion. JobiN Qviscv
at the Historical 'Society Rooms (New
York) on l'ocatlay night seems to have
created a strong impression. When the
two venerable men met, and grasped each
other by the haud, a ..tablet of unutterable'
thoughts" was plainly traced upon their
several countenances, anti it was with evi
dent reluctance that they , loosened Oleir
friendly hold. Each of tiwiteiheir lit up
wards of eighty years old, and yet their
minds are aa active is they were fifty . years
ago. Excepting Mr. :0441c.tliry,eiMillik
only Americana now livi who
their wetnis to . the treaty'
'than thirtylBlllllBg%
i tttlit
and dint are the milt. a diT
the grettteet atenlif. the•filWit4'
'bout, indeed, when we are go
vert 0 triumph of their p '
Empire State of the Uni0n...41%0.
Bows OF Tapirs:L . 6ft* IN PSNIOntV47 I II4I.
—By the annual report read beim* th
(fraud Division last week, it iptiesti, that
there are 24,880 members attliehial the
Order of the Sons or T 100 01 .41: ' i bis
MOW, Last year the dumber trim ' •
DRAIVDRETH . B PILLS. iftreiSibiliLdned
ahieield Medieine.--Tbise Noe gillWelmoda
by purifying the blood. They giveVit=r
pne of the bOdyihe .ropeLathatifi,
sari intholi penfication. They aid ' tat*
or MIXALTII to all mankind, and
said to give the beauty. *ad via" of is the
weakness and decrepitude of ago in g - dee. sieved that after being before ttur ty.
one years, their eldellhotia eunil WW l ' •
rising million belies per year I Bur 1111;a
it is only to be attributed to 'fatall be
their sale would be at lout twenty
es par year . hoteeill of only elswi'millifiw ;Jager all
the lick uee-thaat-v-they will soon nag the
healthy, let all who would
a t tack;
siekneto have emu by :„' r ; ' a
attack; fro * few aft* 4 • y
eomeeenees to get out of order s stall.thibeeteditis
secured at once. Fathom sad atellls si rend to
this subjetq lons and deciliter*,
subject; let all meif end women ' WRlddelvee
the question. whether what las . stood the feet 'of
time so long does seedcase/a some aftetatiolt.! ;
And who is to be benefittedt Thael
the Onindreth Pills. They are the ones it re
ceive the interest of a thousand per eetet.L. , ' 'Pon 1
In a present psyment of health, of virgin? for '
dullness, of brightness and nearness efnirebsption
in place of cloudiness and confusion otasiad.
Brandreth's Pills area life preserver, These
who know their qualities feel secure la their
health and faculties being preserved to thdreilO
indefinite period. They are equally, good, in all
kinds of disesee, no matter hogs calla; bedause
they cannot he Wed without taking eta hiporitirn
from the blood, and. perseverance will mho he
perfect purification. and no disesor cart brkporsent
when the blood is pure.
7'estimmials from 23 citizens of Tarrytelirei, New
York, concerning the value ofthandietlea
as a taro for Hilieas and
7 .
Dr B. Brandreth—Dcw
S ir: We. the under
signed, being fully eoncineedof the superior qual
ity of your Vegrtable 'Universal Pills over all oth
ers as a Cathartic Medicine. which' °Polon is
founded - on - reur owerpersonittetipilitir
used them for years as a family. medicine. Wei
therefore take pleasure in thus remnant/00g them
as specially excellent in preventing a rutting
those bilious difficulties to which althorn everyhin
diviiitial is, at certain periods of the year, subject.
lie all dyspeptic cases in which we hare seen them
used, they have elfirted a perfect cure. The
method of using thorn was to take one or two eve
n night before going to bed. Whoever that is
dyspeptic, and follows this advice, will be sure of
a cure, in we believe. as we hate .never inowes
them to fail. Nothing but the urethra. of or fel
low-beings has induced us to write this ; you will
therefore roofer a particular faire upon us by hav
ing it published.
Signed by M. I. Lockworal, Count Clerk, J.
Coffin, Slurrogate. Jacob Udell, a 14440 t. -I •
F. Child, Elias Mann, George 511111.0 rt
were, Stbutren T: ale n
Leonard, M. D. Marling, John I. Week., C'.
H. Underhill. Willet Carpentei, vv. y. Yen
Wert, B. C. Clapp, H. B. Todd, Blijile Wel
day. Wm:D. Ward, J. H. Vail, Thssnas Dean.
Cornelius Lowe, W. A. Vi'elday, J. 8. Nee.
O:::PThe Brandreth Pills are sold for 25 rents
per box at Dr. H. Brandreth' Principal 011ice,k4 I
Broadway. N. York, and by the „thawing duly
authorised Agents :—J. M. Stevenson & Co, Get
tysburg ; .1. B. Ml:teary. Petersburg o Abraham
King, Hunterstown A. MlTarland, Abbotbdown
D. M. C. White, Hampton; fhteerneger de Fink.
Littler/town ; Mary Duncan, Csohatrant He& W •
Heagy,Feirfield J. H. Aulebowthlbiltaindin
D. Newcomer, Mechanicsville; Sarni Shirfolleus-
Over. 1 , .29.
numismatic MAIRKVII%'
FROX Ttt rr\LTlnorr* SRN or 1.11001,111111 T.
BEEF' CATTLE—There were SQoeheettl of
hoed et the &ales on blonday. 1073 of *Web sold
at 123 00 aB3 23 per JO 'hi.. net. Thesearicea
chow an advance.
HooB.—Soleo of Um Hogs at $l5 75a die 12
considerable decline.
FLOUR.—The dour market doll and u
Holders of illowanl stmet ImonlostemeraUt ask $5.-
97, without finding a. OOP *meths&
at $6 50, but rsfi City Mills atestht.
Cool meal mold at 05 50.
GRAIN -- The receipt of groan ate pretty
plod to prime red wheat odd this mernioyatil,-
16 • *I Rte; white is nominal at $1 MI a flk 15
white for gamily dour $1 111 White Cede SS
a5B ets.; yellow* SI 5 1 1 . Voit,• vs. Rye
85 • 90. Cloverleod $4 07. a sl_ g •
PHOVVIIONIL—Maket is withbut Zits
Mar Pork sells at *l4 51 sad Mae Le--
Small mks of Na. 1 Beef et $ll, en
con—Hales of Shoulders, in lame I vt:
cents ; sales of 30 hhdo. Hides saki • 1"' 'And
small patrols choice at 8} and •
Hams at 11 a 113 mats ; ptitas WO p .
Nothing .11plog In. lams — kegs held at
and at 10 a - ' ,
• M
On the Johnfierb..74itavtis
0. Haar a. ON AC the elnitite' oflthe .Warmemition.
Record," and Mill Marne Avir,accee*,,tishe
awl eVainesboro.. ' •
•On the woe illay , by the maioNt` k Mr. fhisillettax
cease, of tbletteinty.andMietScitea Maltee,
of Washington county. Md. • •-•••• • •
On the hi rose bbyyßeY, L 6eeLlsr, Mr..4teseee
W. Ildiectut and Mho M AT11.1:91 RI 010411 Amer
of Reliever, the latter of Adana, iamb?.
• On the eth - inst. by the Mr. /Our Dose
and Mies a • aaa •.• Vemor.; both efl Adam*
county: • ' ;: •
On the Rd nut near WlThetrystown; Mr. (ho.
Woars, aged about na years.
In Franklin township, on Friday kor, Mr, Mos
°mos 81/161.11.31AX, aged 41 years, 2ssumallbs and
27 days. •
8.111) ACCIDICST.—On the 3d last. W*. Kumar,
youngest son of Mr. Daniel Kuhn, Iceitiinft on
the farm of Mr. John Moll, in Franklin township,
wu drowned in a small race emir the house. The
child hail been amusing himself dipping, with a
little tin cup, water out of a .bucket, which stood
on the porch in front of the house. Unnoticed he
left these, and, it would appear, went on a beanl
that lay across the rare leading to the Saw and
eloverseed Mill, and it is thought that in attempt.
ing to dip water from thence the child lost Mabel.
awe and fell into the race, where he was found by
his mother, who went in search of him se soon aa
she missed hint. Medical aitl'was called in
diately after the child had been found, but it was
too late. 'l'he vital spark had fled and left the af
flicted parents to mourn the sudden and unexpect
ed death of their dear little son, aged 1 year,
mouths and 27 iloytt.
"God moves in a mysterious way,
. }Bs wonders to perform :
He plants his footsteps on the sea,
And ridea upon the ' , term.
Judge not the Lord by fachk seise,
/ But trust hint for Ilia grace:
Behind a frowning provideoco
lle hides a availing face."
r undersigned, Tre . asurer of the
County of Adams, in accordance
the Several acts of Assembly. publish
ti Viet following list of Wholesale Dealers
4tpd Retailers of Foreign Merchandize, with
in the sgid County, as classified and re
'turned to him by the Mercantile Appraiser
40. the' County—designating those who
out license and those who
e nin, for one year from the Ist of May
1841 :
MAW' e rs who have taken out License.
Aek 'ult•
-I,3•.4)uisJ D o ff *lO 00
&84,Wiluaiwitistkr•uic -La SO
44. Cobsiut &Aim, 7 00
14. Joke M.ateiretutoo, & Co., 700
ig., Arnold, 12 50
ii•ll3lierry. 10 00
5. lisontel-Filinestock , 25 00
14: 'George Link% 7 00
'l4ll. •Ifirmis Burson, 7 00
Is.' livid Ziegler, (Liqufirs) 15'00
Bell & Co., 10 00
4... sailued.u. Buehler. . 7 00
.14t.Jobn Weikert. 7 00
lit-Willists B. Riley, 7 00
12: , Aionfoun King, 'lO 00
Zuek, (Liquors) 10' 50
7 00
-- A .7. OD
14. Oliver P. House. 7 00
14.' Henry W.. Comfit:an. • - 7 00
IL. Jesse Houck, (Liquors) 10 im
14. 'Ntoit' Hulick, 7 00
14. .linotts StitAgruss. 7 00
.14. Jacob Hollinger, (Liquors) 10 50
111; Davit! Dietnek, (Liquors) 10 50
14. Jessetlline, 7 00
13.4seith (I.iptgrs) 15 00
10 do
la. . 10 oo
LS. George Bintisell. ' • 10 00
14. WWitio WOIL (Liquors) 10 50
14. librthini.-I,C . 7.:40
14. lii tkonier, ' 700
14. Phi p ado.. • 700
14. Peter 'Mickley, (Liquors) 10 50
14. David Blusher, (Liquors) 10 50
14. 'Jacob Lower, 7 00
14. Stick & Whitmore, (Liquors) 10 50
14.. john W. Heagy. 7 00
18. Jacob Brinkerhoff. 10 00
14t Charles T. Weagley, 7 00
14. Jacob Heilleigh. 7 00
14. John Nunemacker. 7 00
14. J. &J. Riddlemoser, (Liquors) 10 50
14. David Newcomer._ (Liquors) 10 50
it. Wm. & Benj. Gardner. (L'r.) 18 75
19. Holts.inger & Ferree, , ( Liquors) 115 00'
_ _ _
Is. John B. M'Creary, (Liquors) 15 00
' 33. Jacob Martin, (I,iquura) 15 00
1/1.-I.illy Riley, (Lictunir) 15 00
ICBarthanneiv Dulliran, (I.'rs) 10 50
-14. John Clunk. 7 00
14. Ambrose M'Farland, (Liquors) 110 50
14. Wm'. Biltinger, (Liquors) 10 50
C — Etetett!ergar - &—tiottzingerg - lr) tb '3O
12. John Miller, 17. 50
14. David White. 7 00
14. Jacob - Aulabaugh, (Liquors) 10 50
14. Jacob George, . 7 00
13. Henry Shriver, 15 00
13. George Myers & Son, 15 00
14. Samuel Berlin, 7 00
13. Edward C. Bishop. 10 00
14. Isaac Snyder & Co., 7 00
14.-Eneebite;J:Owingef (Liquors) 10 50
14. 3. Busby, 7 0(1
14. Peter Lung. (Liquors) 10 110
11'ew Stores,
14. Eineeringer ac Fiuk, (Liquors) 10 50
14. Davikl Shall, 7 00
14. EidavitrilL-Doewra, (Liquors) 10 50
14. Jacob A. Myers, 7 00
14. Abel T. Wright, 7 OU
,14. John, Heagy, 7 00
14. J. Ruff. 7 00
14. George Little, for 9 months, 525
14. Ephraim Homer. for 8 months, 3 50
14. Edward Statile. (Liquors) 10 50
Those mho have not taken out License.
14. John Jenkins, . 7 00
14. John Burkholder. (Liquors) 10 50
14. John Sheet)+, (Liquors) 10 50
14. Jam* Lawrence, (Liquors) = X IO-50
13. Priiiiterry Ailink. (Liquors) 15 00
14, Francis_ P. Krichten, (L'rs.) 10 50
14. lleury Roberts, 7 00
Treasurer of Adams County.
Tomatoes 018 re. Getiyikura,
Nov. 18, 1347. 9t
Biuc Dicks=Rally
, HERE will be a meeting of the Com
o. party it the house of A. B. Kurtz, to
sorrow Evening, (the 13th.) at 6} o'-
ehtek le important business is to be
umumeted, a prompt attenchutee is desired.
C. HORNER, S'ec . y.
Nov. 13,1817-11
TAX aosamoTons.
TAXES .o Doplkates in hands
it of Colleesere sash° present time will
lbe (Suited 6is be paid on or before the lit
4 !"4,ll;• kasiti ll 1848 - ICP On all Tax
er,ogpaid after *sedate, 6 per cent. inter
ass win be charged, according to law.
.108EPH. FINK.
4*- 14 - 4 -‘--*" - 3 -364M13 I KING,
Attat--r.,414.04et5gh, Cie*. Coarasers.
Commissioners' Office, Get
• tyska', Ott 29, 1847. 5 td
I ?
-,s`rUm to .Assessors.
vhereby notified to attend at the
a—lilthireistileilionets' Office, in the bor.
ough of Gettitobirg, on' non* thetatt
November next, to receive blank
A tDoillicateo;and.the niairessary
ydetinnillOottn: ( • ,
aua of,ttap Coassinipior.,
:t.j •
C °See, Get- /
William Keilholtz,
Ade, isi Pefirds, Oils. Brushes, Glam,
uo gielk•Pulty, and Mired Paints, of
colors, al the lowed roes,
claiieorYtenklia and Greea streets, opposite the
Pewee Avenue, Baltimore.
'N. B. IVlct.ust lisitmoursataving had
.. „ .
a long experience en Annus, Oils, &e., be
ing e a practical House and Sign Painter,
will tive all information. respecting mix
ling Paints, Ste.. gratis. Country Mer
.ehstala soul ethers supplied on moderate
'Oct. 29, 1947.—1 y
cullen'4 Indian "(getable Siee.frac
Fee Female Complaint'.
i• fast taking the place of eve•
ry preparation heretofore used for diseases
irtird'ogßum Weakness nr other causes. All that
It mentality to secure this medicine a place in the
, Ihintestiz Practice of every family, when such a
medicine is needed, is a trial. It speaks for itrell
io innocent in its operation, and no it can a.
Vise from anise at any time.
IrrPor sale, wholesale and retail,. by Rawain
A WA Lyme, Proprietors,. 70 Market at. Phila. and
by S. H Gettysburg; Wm. liittinger,
irtibuttstown ; Lilly s Riley. (tenni, and by T. J.
Coolicr, UrcuiLtsi tp. [Aug. 6, '4:—ly .
Jbr Consumption, Coughs, Colds, )iron.
.Isthma, Croup, Whooping
Cough, Spitting of Blood, Sore
Throat, Pains and Oppres
sions of the Breast, Dif
ficulty of Breathing, '
and all other di-
states of the
tillitS the most EFFECT UAL. Remedy hitherto
di offered to the public for the CURE of the
above complaints. Siting .free• from all &dated.
ous and nauseating. Drugs, it may be taken by
the most delicate perms, or given to the infant at
the broast, without fear of any unpleasant effects
being produceil by its, use. Them is another su
periority which ROSS' EXPECTORANT him
over every other premration, and that is, it, is th 4
mom pkeesst 1• ...
0:1* Read the following Certifirale from Mr. T.
S. Allen, a gentleman well known in this City,
who was cured by the ,use of two beulesof,the Ex
pectorant, after every thing else had failed to af
ford any relief. This is but one of a number
which the proprietor has in his possession, all of
which, in due time, will be laid before the public.
BAvrixtoss, April 3,1841
Mr. Jas. F. Roes—Dear Sir : About four weeks
ago'l caught a severe told which fell upon my
breast, accompanied with pains in my aide and a
dry hacking cough.
.1 commenced taking a syr
up that was recomdended to me, but from which
I derived not the least benefit. I then commenc.
ed composition ~ taar but with
the same result ; in fact, my cough was getting
worse, and I became so himrse that, it was with
difficulty I could speak above a whisper. At
your request, I was induced to try your Expecto.
rant, anti I am happy to inform you I was entire
ly eured by the neva two bottles.
remain, very respectfully. years, &c.
T. S. ALLEN, No. 5 Fayette st.
(I.7CAUTIONi—In consequence of the many
preparations now before the public under the
name* of "Extracts: , "Bsteams," "Syrups," ecc.
and even of a similar name, the prnpnetor deems
it necessary to caution the afflicted spinet Coon.
torfeits. Each bottle of the genuine has the
words "Rocs' Expertereia—lmprored-Maitintore,
Md.' blown in the glue ; the initials "J. F. R.
in connected coffin& allinpid on - theseal, and
my written signature on the wrapper, without
which it cannot be genuine.
6:r Price, 50 cents'per bottle. and the money to
be refunded if a cure be not effected. when taken
according to iffitcifitrin l Prepared only by.
J. F. ROSS, Druggist, Baltimore
For Stile by the following Agents :
Samuel H. Buehler, Gettysburg.
' Geo. W. Heagy, Fairfield.
It n. M. Kett/men. Petersburg.
Nov. 11,1947. [May 2°,1947-1y
The•3ndiaq in his Wigwam, or character-
istics of the Red race of America, 50 cts
The cruise of the Midge, 50 cts.
II andv Andy. 50 eta
Tice lifFiiiiifititielitnres of 'Joseph T. Unit,
the bold'robber and highwayman, with
16 elegant and spiritejl engravings, 25 c.
Taylor's Detector for November, 12. ets.
-44aditt- the-Reefers-by -Howe rd,-4,16-ots, -
'The Ptttrol of the Mountain, 25 ets.
The Iron Flak or the days of tyranny, 25.
The Secret Service Ship, or a tale of the
Castle of San Juan d'Ulloa, a thrilling
tale of the Mexican War, 25 cts.
Also, a variety of other publications,
School Books, Stationery, Toy Books,
Pictures, Maps, Blank Books, Pen Racks,
Wafer Stands, Paper Weights, Fancy Box
es. Pens„.Needles. Soap. Bcaes_Oil._,Mac
cassar Oil, American and French Cologne,
Extracts of Musk, Patchunly, Verbena,
Geraheum and Miel, Pocket Books, Pert-
knives, Slates and Pencils, Paints, dm. ite.
besides a variety of Miscellaneous Books
in the several deparunents.. of_ Literature,
including Theology, Medicine, Law, Poe
try. History, Biography, Voyages, Trav
els, Classical and General Literature—for
sale at the Cheap Bookstore, by
Nor. 12, 1847
Dover's First Prtsnitina
Silver Medal just awarded by the American Insti
tute, New York, 1547.
1;1 HE following testimony from distinguished
--institutions speaks -for rtselt -
University of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia, May 11, 1841.5
Having tried, for some time, the Black Ink
manufactured by Mr. Joseph K Hover, we have
found it well suited for manuscript, by its running
freely, and its exemption from coagulation. Its
shade also we ate well pleased with,
W. E. HORNER, Dean of the Faculty.
SAMUEL B. WYLIE, Vice Provost
HENRY REED, Seery of the Faculty.
ROSWELL PARKE, Prof. Natural Phi.
losopy and Chemistry.
W. W. GERHARD, Leetmer.
We fully concur in the above— -
S. G. MORTON, Dean of the Faculty of
Pennsylvania Medical College.
A. 110, BACHE. Principal,
H, M'MUR Prot of Anatomy in
Central High School.
F. FRALEY, Secretary of the 'American
.• Fire Insuranee Company.
J. D. GEORGE, Phil. Custom House.
llorer's Jdamantise Cement
For sale, whokleale and retail. at the Mantic
tor y, No. S 7, North Third meet, opposite Cherry
street, Philadelphia, by
JOSEPH E. HONER. Manufacturer.
tErFor sale in Gettysburg at,the Book and Sta
tionery stbre - of'S. Roasiusa.
The .)Nat tonal Bra,
Washington City, District of Columbia.
0. Bxvisr, Editor: Jowl G. WHITTIER, CRlTES
ponding Editor.
HE leading purpose of this journal is
thd discussion of the question of Sla
rely, and the advocacy of the main princi
ples of the Liberty party. Due attention
is give. to Social and Politidal queslions
of general importance ; nor aro the inter
ests of a Pure Literature overlooked. It
aims to preserve a faithful record of im
pcirtaut events : of inventions or discove
ries greeting the progress of t3oeiety : of
public documents of permanent value : and,
during the session of Congress, to present
such report of its proceedings, as will con
vey a correct idea not only of its action,
but of its spirit and policy. The debates
on the exciting questions'of Slavery and
the Mexican War. expected to wide in the
next Congress, will occupy a large share
of its columns.
Arrangements have been made for ex
tending and enriching its already valuable
Department of Mute and Foreign Corres
It is printed oit a mammoth sheet. of the
finest quality, is the best style, at *2 00 a
Year, payable in advance,
The generous spirit in 'which the Era
has been welcomed by the Public Press,
and the very liberal patronage it has re
ceived during this the first year
,of its ex
istence, encourage us to hope for large se
ceasions,to our subscription list.
It is desirable that subscriptions be for
warded without delay, so that they may be
entered before the approaching Qougresa.
,Address 1.. P. NOBLE,
Publisher of the National'Ent, Washington, D.C.
Nut. 12, DM.
THE Subscriber, Executrix of HENRY
MYERS, deceased, and testamentary
Guardian of his minor children, offers for
RENT, from the Ist day of april next,
the valuable property known
as the
"Virginia. Mills." ' 1 " '
They are *Bailie in Hamiltonban township,
Adams county, I milesPifrom Fairfield,
and in one of the best Graikrowing sec
tions-of the county. The Mills .are newly
erected,•and in complete repair ; they con
sist of a Grist Mill, Saw Mill, kn., all in
;nod order... There are about 600 Acres
the'Farm, with Dwelling-house, Ten !
ant House. Barn, Arc.. a large quantity 'o
meadow and arable lands, dm.
KrThe Tenns will be made known by
the subscriber, residing on the premises.
Applications must be accompanied by pro
per recommendations.
Virginia Mills, Oct. 29, IB47—tf
Much talked about has been, you know,
The famous battles in Mesiect
None deco 'dispute, but must confess,
The glory of our anus' success.
Hut mightier victories thaw theirs •
Have long been made with greater ease ;
Victories triumphant and complete„
At Marcus Samson's, in York street.
For Cteihing Fferrap tbeelee none dare try
To rival him in quantity ;
In style and mike, and fit and ease,
His patrons he is sure to please.
His stock is great, his prices small,
Who would buy cheap, had better all.
o:7' Are you going to buy CLOTH IN G
this fall. andl do you want to buy cheai P
If so, call at SAMSON ' S Clothing and Val
riety Store, nearly opposite the Bank, in
Gettykburg, where the largest and beet as
. Ready-made Clothing . ,
for BOYS' and MEN'S wear, ever re
ceived in Gettysburg, is now being opened.
It is unnecessary, as it would be• impossi
ble. to enumerate the different articles com
prising the assortment, which includes ev
ery variety of Boys' and Men's Apparel,
such as superfine Cashmeret and Cloth
Dress COATS and CLOAKS; fine and
superfine Tweed Coats ; Cassinet do.
plain and fancy Cassimer, Cloth, Tweed,
and Cassinet PANTS; Silk, Satin, Cas
simere, Cassinet, Plain &Fancy VESTS;
dmiWrappers, Shirts. Bosoms, Collars,
m°ll4 CAPS, Crpets, Handkerchiefs, Sus
penders, Glovgi, Stockings, &c. Also, a
large variety of
Jewelry. Spectacles, Perfumery, Pen
knives, Combs, Shaving Apparatus, Pur
sea, Dish-shades, Umbrellas, Violins, Gui
tars, Violin -itml Guitar Str-**,--Neeal
Pius, Dish-shades, &c. &e.
=P" having purchased an unusually large
supply of Goods, for Cash, and havingde
termined to sell on the Cash and One Price
principle, my Goods have put down to die
lowest prices, and will be sold at astonish
ingly low rates. If you want to save 50
per cent. in purchasing your Fall and Win
ter' Clothing, call and examine the splend
id assortment now opening by
Nov. 5, 1847.—t1'
FO.R R E A - T—a 4 House . in' Wes
York street. Inquire at Clothing am
Variety Store of MARCUS Semrsos.
Dissolution of Partnership.
11 , HE Partnership heretofore existing
• between J. S. Hildebrand 4 Ca:has
this day been dissolved by mutual consent.
All persons knowing themselves indebted
to said Firin are respectfully invited to call
and settle their accounts immediately at
'lke Store. The books 'and accounts are
in the hands of J. S. HumanaArce, jr. who
is authorized to settle all accounts.
Krl have pnrehased tIIARLIS TrARNITZ'S
interest in the Store, and take this opportu
nity of informing the old customers, and as
many new as may patronize me, that I still
continue in the same room, and have just
reeeived a fresh supply of
Dry Goods, Hardware, Groceries
and Liquors,
of all kinds. and a large and general assort
ment of BOOTS & SHOES, of all kinds
and prices ; and would he happy to wait
on all who may favor me with their cus
tom. J. S. HILDEBRAND, Jr.
East Berlin, Sept. 20, 1847. [Nov. 2-3 t•
ETTERS of Administration on the
AA Estate of WM. RUTHRAUFF, late of
Gettysburg, Adams county, deceased, hav
ing been granted to the subicriber, resi
ding in Gettysbnrg, he hereby gives no
lite to all indebted to said estate, to make
payment without delay, and those having
claims to present the same, properly au
thenticated, for settlement.
Oct. 20, 1847.—0 t
MR (Ma o
OF the very best quality, and di ff erent
flavors, can be had, at all times; at
WEAVER'S Confectionary in Chambers
burg street, Families and Parties will be
supplied with any desired quantity, at the
shortest notice. CAKES and CONFEC
TIONS of all kinds always prt hand, and
will be furnished to order on recsonalble
terms. •
Gettysburg. July 23.—ff
O87TY11111:11110, PA.
ILIRUIT TREES, of all kinds, (grafted
in the root,) can be had. of the sub-
scriber on reasonable terms. Please call
and judge for yourielves.
Get!.VOW& May 20, 1840.
N hand and for sale by the subscriber
V.F. a large quantity of STOVES, all si
zes, which will be sold very cheap. Call
and ace. GEO. ARNOLD.
Sept. 24, 1847,—tin
hoever wants a First-rate
k) AN be accommodated by calling at
FRAZER'S Clock & Watch Estab
lishoit3nt, in Chatnbersburg street, Gettys
burg, next door to Mr. Buehler's Drug
Store—where a new lot of bountiful 24
,hour and 8 day CLOCKS have just been
received from the City. They are of the
hest manufacture, and will be warranted.
(Jive us actin—they will be sold cheap.
ry.~ I:f ~~~ Ny e '~
HAS just received his Fall supply of
Goods direct from Philadelphia, of
The Latest and most Fashiona
ble Styles,
which hare been purchased for cash, at
the present
Reduced • Prices, .
and will be *gored at very moderate pro
fits, in order to yield QUICK REtURNS.
op' Ladies will #nd a beautiful assort
ment of rich Dress and •
Fitilre yr .0 0 OILS,
very cheap. •
Oct. 1 . 15, Ift4l7.—tf
AS just received and is now opening.
" as large and handsome a stock of
FALL GOODS as has ever been offered
to the public in this_place. They have
been bought die very best term, and
will be sold at prices that cannot fail to,
please.., The Stock consists, in part, of
1111 LIP MOM
Coatings, Cassimers, Cassineta,
Jeans, Velvets and Velvet Conk, Pilot ,
and Beaver CLOTHS—cheap I .
Plaid, Striped, and Plain Goods of ovary .
.variety, fbr Ladies' Cloaks, vrav row; al
so Figured, Plaid, and Plain
• Fit &Wan CLOT/t%,
a very superior article for Ladles' Cloaks,
with Trimmings to sult—verfilieap ; a so
Plashes, Velvets, Satins ; /6 Silks,
every variety °Motor, for Ladies' Bonnets,
with Trimmings to suit ; plain French and
English Merinoes, Plaids, Stripes, Plain
Goods, every variety ; Mohair& Silk-warp
Alpaccas—superlor & very cheap.
dliso—Rep-Cashmeres, M. de /Maine*.
Gingham', Calicoes, Silk plain,
figured, plaid; and striped,
with almost every variety of articles for
tTIV Rags,lest
Silk Velvets and black Ital-
ian Silks,
for-Ladies!- Cardinals;-with trimming 14
suit. Also, cheap Domestics, Queens
ware, Hardware,
1 44t,c—iStc.,
I that-cannot be beat. Please call—it
will d 3 us pleasure to show the Goods and
give you BAR.ertiiiSlB, such's." you' have
not had heretntore. •
P. Sr--If you want to buy cr cheap
STOVES, call with
Gettysburg, Oct.
Jewelry, Wate uards.
WATCH Chains; Keys , Spectacles,
dr,c,.&e:ean alstrays be
.had at the
Clock dr. Watch Estai t iliihment of
FSAIAS J. GULP respectfully informs
his friends and customers that he has
removed Wit
Tailoring Establishment
to the room formerly occupied by W.
Blau., deceased, opposite W AMPLER'S
TINNERY. in Baltimore street, where
he will be pleaeed to attend to the orders of
all who wish to have work done up in
fashionable style, and at low roles. Ar.
rangements have been made ttkrecolve
Latest fashions,
from Philadelphia and New York, so that
customers can rely on having their gar•
menus made ►n the most approved styles.
pc:reountry Produce will be taken in
exchange for work.
Gettysburg, Aug. 20, 1847.-2 m
Dr. -Culletils
a NIMA N Vegetable Piles Remedy, is a &mes
tic preparation, Which he. beau used with en•
tire piece's for many years. Being an internal
medicine, it hie a decided preference over outward
applications which &rebut palliatives and not cu
ratives. This medicine acts upon the diseased
parts, producing healthy action and a permanent
Carr—wales-wt w oa azurite Tua no-
trrsow, wholesale and retail, by Bowmen &
WALTOW, Proprietors, 378 Market - street, Phila.,
and by S. H. BUEHLER, Gettysburg; Wm. Bit.
tinpr, Abbottstown ; Lil ley & Riley, Oxtord, and
T. J. Cooper, Franklin tp. [Aug.o, '47—ly
.1111 1 .11 tinter's Ointment,
FOR the cure of external Sores. &wi
uloua affections, Liver Complaint,
Quinsy, Sore Throat. Bronchitis. Pains in
the Chest, Tumors, Diseases of the Skin,
Piles. Corns. Rheumatism, &c., &c., for
stile at the:Drug Store of
,Gettysburg, June 28.—tf
To Farmers and Lime Burners.
NOTICE is hereby given tbatJAPOB
BOWER, of Juniata county.Pa,
has recently invented and procured Letters
Patent. for an improvement in the construe
lion of Linn) Kilns; to which' the - > ttention
of Firmerirand - Lime Burners is- respect-
fully requested. A Kiln can be construct
ed according to this patent. to yield one
thousand bushels Of Lime for about tw&-
ty , dollars, and larger kilns eau be built at
tharate of six dollars per arch. Kilns can
be made any skie to suit the convenience
of persons. The system has been well
tested, and has proved to be vastly supe
rior to any system evef tried, as kites can
be built for one-half the cost formerly at
tending their construction.
The subscriber is duly authorized a
gent to dispose . of FARM 'VAG [ITS. in
Juniata, Adams. Franklin, U nion and Bed
ford counties, and to furnish Letter's Pat
ent, Schedule, Drawing and Deed for the
same. person wishing further infor
mation, or to procure a farm right in eith
er of the above counties, can do so by en
closing $5 in a letter, or by personal appli
cation to DAVID KEPNER,
WaLnur P. 0. Juniata county-, pa
Sept. 24, 1847.-8 m
&c., of best quality, can always be had at
the Fancy Store or U. WEAVER.
April 10, 1810.
THE Subscribers have the pleasure of
announcing that they have completed
their arrangements for running a
between Gettysburg and Baltimore, via
Litilestown, Westminster and Roisters.
town. An entirely new line of superior
4 - and elegantly Warp*
t.. 4 TROY 00AOHES
have been put on which, togeth
er_ with trusty, and accommodating drivers,
They feel assured must give entire satisfac
tion to the TravellingToblic. •
bZPThe line will run through daily,
(Sundays excepted,) leaving regularly at
7 o'clock, A. M.,
'September 17, 1847.
Dr. F. E. Vandersloot,
' 81111050 N DICirrIST.
R SPECTFULLY informs die Citi
-1.11/ 26115 of Gettysburg and vicinity that
he is prepared to perform every operation
appertaining to his Profession, such as
cleansing. tiling, plugging and inserting
Teeth. from ;single tooth to a full set. An
perience of more than twelve' years in
Is ?rofession he trusts will enable him to
operate to the entire. satisfaction of those
who may telikhis seeviees. All work will
be'wamtated. For his place of residence
enquire at the store of Samuel Falinestoek.
Reference is respectfully made to the fol
lowing gentlemen:
He'. Dr , Setimucker, Rev. Prof. asuehee. i
s t : ... D u mo w n,
• Prof. H. Haupt, Rev. E. V. Gerhart,
Dr. C. N. Bertuekt, Prof. IC kilt:ever,
Gettysburg, Oct. 29, 1941--1 y
Dr. J. Lawrence Bill,
101 ESPECTFUL I LY offers his profss
sional services to the. citizens of Get
tysburg and surrounding country. Ha is
prepared to attend to all cases usually en ,
trusted to the Dentist, and 1100901 strict
attention . to Dentistry alone, fo be able to
please all' who may see .entfitet Their
teeth n his hands. Office second dont 4inve
Furry's Hotel, S. Baltiniore otreet.
Gettysburg, Julyl3.—tf
AMES 0. REED;-Istelffrifoirit*
el burg, tlesigne making Gettysburg 641
permanent place of residence, and itt Ott.
sue there the practice of, the Law.. lie
JOHN• , BRILD,,pIq„ of Qadiale, to
aid in such mutes as may require it. lie
will be found at all times at his office. on
Cliambersburg street, opposite , the hat.
store of Wm. PAXTON,
or, at his lodgings.
at the Hotel of James itreesk.
Oct. 20, - 11347.—=8t ,
air JlENL3llEfilli3l3lllollireu::-T
01 Carliale,)
and In - torn:to them tha t
. 0,11
arrangementiftn iontinue topiactieeas
in the, Colitis of *claw eannty,' end& the
Jan. 30, 1848. , t_c
Attorney at Low,
FFICE in the tO, .W, corner, 0' the
Public Sqtiare, one door I,Vest of G.
mold's Store, fOrmerly occupied as a
j )
Law Office by John WOonitughy, dec e d.
lie solicits,
and byprompt and faiddill 0
tension to businesti in his profeielon, it will
be his endeavor to merit, coOdence and
-patrpnaia. -- . •2. r . -
111:79 1 . M'Cortsuonv will slap attend
promptly to all business entrusted to him
as .q gent and Solicitor for. Patents and
Pensions. Re has mitd6 arrange:peni',
through which he can furnish very, desire•
ble facilities to applicants, and entirely ra.
here them foul. the necessity of a journey
,Washington. on application to -hint pe'
sonally or by letter, • .
Gettysburg, April '2.:tf
AIkFFICr. in the South-east Corner of
lur, the Diamond, bemoan A. B. Kurtz's
'lotel, and U. W,lll'Sherry's Store.-
Gettysburg, Dec. 12, 1245.—if
ALEX. R. S'l`l4..V EN b. AT,
elk FFICE,in the 'Centriplihtnere, North
of the Court-house, between Stnithq
anti Steveneon'a corners.
Gettysburg, Pa. ' • '
H E undersigned having formed a
t partnership for-the
. practice of the
Law, will attend the Colitis cif York and
Atkins, and also visit the neighboring'coun
dee if desired., Oflictein York street, Get
tysburg, between the Bank and Public Of
hcei, where'itite of th firm will constant
ly attend, and where communications will
receive prompt attention.
June 18, 1847.-6 m
Tists"—e truth as sdlemp as it is impor
tant, and yet how small the number who
act with-promptness and decision in cases
of the most vital 'importance. When dis
ease invades ,the physical frame, no time
should be lost. in procuring th e r i g ht med
icine at once, and get cured without delay.
For chronic constitutional diseases, such
as Rheumatism, King's Evil, Scrofula, af
fecting the glands, obstinate Cutaneous E
ruptions, Ulcers, White Swellings, En
largement and Pain of the Bones, and oth
er similar diseases, SANDS' SARSAPARILLA
has heen found innumerous instances to be
nn efficient remedy, operating mildly and
pleasantly on the general system, purifying
and cleansing the vital fluids, giving tone
and energy to the nervous system, and Im
parting stamina to the debilitated frame:—
Numbers who have taken it merely with
a view of alleviating their sufferings, have
I by using it a short time, to their infinite
pleasure and delight, rapidly improved in
health, until it has become fully established.
lITFor further particulate and conclusive evi
dence ofits superior efficacy see Pamphlets,which
may be obtained of agents gratis.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by
A. D. & D. SANDS, 76 Fulton street New York.
sold also by appointment of the Prop i rieters by
S. 11. 8UF.111.1.t, Gettysburg, l'a.,,,Ptice $1 per
bottle. Six bottle, Mr e 5.
October 22, 1817.
Philadelphia Adverlitienienin
. •
Cheap Watches and Jewelry.
Full Jewelled Gold Le
vers for $4O, war
ranted by„' n om Zl/4
Jacob Ladoomos •
No. 246 Market street, Phil- 10 . 9 1
ttdelphitt, who
Ati constantly on hand a large assort
ment of Gold and Silver Watches,
at the following low prices :
Full Jewelled Gold Leven:, $4O 00
Silver 0 20 00
Gold Lepines, Full Jewelled, 30 00
Silver Lepines, 12 00
Silver QuartierK, 8 00
with a lark assortment of Pine Jewelry,
such as Ear Rings, Finger Rings, Breast
Pins, Bracelets. Gold and Silver Pencils,
Gold Chains, &c. !!as also on hand a
complete assortment of patent and plain
Watch Glasses, Main Springs, Verges, Di
als and Hands, of every descriptlbn—in
fact, a complete assortment of Watehma
ker's tools and Watch materials, to which
he would call the attention of the Country
Trade. Those wishing anything in the
above line, will find it to their advantage
to call and examine his stock before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Philadelphia, Aug. 6, 1847,—0tn
( 11l /IP
31 the Philadelphia 'Math and Atertry
No. 94t, North Second street.cornor of Quarry
Gold LevCr Watches, full jewelled.
18 car. eases, it , ls 00
Silver Lever do. full jewelled, 23 00
Silver Lever do. 7 jewels, 18 00
Silver Lepine do. jewel'd, Ist qual. 14 00
Superior Quartier Watches, 10 00 ,
Imitation do. not warranted, 5 00
Gold Spectacles, 8 00
Fine Silver Spectacles, 1 75
Gold Bracelets, with topaz stones, 350
Ladies , Gold Pencils, 16 carats..
Gold Finger Rings, 37 ets to IS ; Wateh
Glasses—plain 12 ets; patent I 8; lunet
25. Other articles in proportion. All
goods warranted to he what they are sold
for. O. CONRAD,
On hand; some Cold and Silver Levers,
',opium!! and Quartiers, lower titan the a.
Bove prices.
.Peo, 4, 18 y
ThelarFest and cheapest Stock
• ..' ' . OF 661. D AND sILVEII
s--... IjAa ti val zetaiio
. • • , Plain and Funey Jewelry,
- :... IN Pllll.Altlmpur A,
Wholesale and Retail—No.
~ 11...
d Leve.ov, hill Jt.welled, 13 curret
cage, gold dial,
' f,4o 00
Gold )spines, do do. ,F. 2.5 td 30 00
Silver Levers, full jewelled, 20 00
Silver Lepines, jewelled. 12 00
_aver- Eittmrtier . Watebrai. optendi4--' ------ • ---
quality, 8 00
Silver huitation Quartiers, . ' 5 . 00'
Second hand Uold nod Siker Watch- ' '
es, at all priceA, from
Gold Pencils,
Gold Bracelets, with topos and other
Beta, , 3 00
Pure Silver Tenapoona, 4 60
Diamond point Gold Pena, with pen
ciland solid Aver holders, only
G„Qld, chains, breast-pins, finger-rings, ear
rings and„lewelry qt every description, at
the lowest Philadelphia or N.York prices;
- gold and silver Levers. liepines, and Quar
tier watches, still much cheaper than the
above. prices. -.A call will be Sufficient to
PoltSinne_porebstsees_that - th is is the place
to get good and cheap articles. All goods
wiirranted - Irt be What they are sold for.
Orders front the country punctually attend
ed t 0..,
_Old Gold, -and Silver bought for
cash. oriaken, in exchange. All kinds of
watches repaired and warranted to keep
correct time:
N. IL - I hide ti ; splendid gold independ
ent seconds watch for tiining horses. Also.
Gilt And Galvanized. Watches, for traders'
use, and goods of all kinds in my line, at
Watch, Clock, end Jewelry Store. No. -i1:1;
a}ote Ith'. norlliaide. l'hila.
• Phijadolpikia. Aug. 6,847.-7 m
'Clocks l .V% atclies, Jewelry, &c.
- ---
- —.
,TILE Subscriber offers
- API-
.... n to the trade. or by retail,
• :Pi a large assortment of the
following articles, being
• all of his own itnportu
C s
. _, ' " lion or manufacture.
Buyers of goods in this line are invited
to examine the assortment, and orders are
solicited, with the assurance that evert• ef
fort will be made to give satisfaction and in
sure a continuance of custom.
Gold & Savor Lever Watches of ordinary quality
Do do do of superior finish.
Do do do Auction; & LepirieL
Silver -double cased English and Bwisa verge
Watches, with light medium and heavy cases.
Gold Jewelry in all 4:evicting, flue and common.
Ivrr Plated, and Silver Wawa
Musical Boxes, playing 2,4, 6, 0 and 10 tunes
Gold and Silver Spectacles.
Diamond Pointed Gold Pew=
Mantel & Wien Clocks. in gilt and other frainex.
Watchinakons"Fonla and Materiala of all sorts.
Fancy Articles, Fancy Fang. Steel Beet's, &e.
Ilavingevery facility forolitaininggootls
on the most advantageous terms, corres
ponding inducements will lie offered to pur
chasers. JOHN C. FARR,
112 Chesnut ,rt. Phi/ode/Ala
July 10, 1847.-0 m -
Watches, Jewelry, &e.
WATC lIES. Jewelry & Silver Ware
may be had wholesale and
guarantied better for the price than at any
other store in Philadelphia, at (late Nicho
las Le [limy's) No. 72 North 2nd strent
&above Arch, Philadelphia;
WATCHF.S, all kinds, fine, medi
um and low qualities, among which are
Gold I.e‘ers fr full Jewelled, $4O to $lOO
Lepinrs 25 to 40
Quartiers Imitation,
Silver Levers, full Jewelled, 20 to 90
" Lepinee 12 to IR
Quartieni fine . 9 to 10
JE W ELR V, Diamonds, Gold Chains,
Gold Pens with Gold & Silver Holders,
Pencils, Breastpins, Ear and Finger Rings,
Bracelets, Cameos of Shell, Coral and La
va, with every other article of Jewelry of
the richest an d most fashionable patterns,
SILVER W A ItE,Pla to, Forks, Spoons,
Cups, &c., of standard Siver,
PLATED AVNRE, Cast. rs,Cake Bas
kets, Fans, Vases, Card Cases and other
Rich Fancy Goods in great variety.
Wholesale Boyers will save money by
calling here before purohiming ;
Kr Keep this advertisement and call at
No. 72. You will he satisfied the goods
are really cheaper and better than are of
fered in the city. For sale low,* hand
some pair of SHOW CASES; Imitable
for Jewelry or Fancy Sure, apply nis
4w I 3,1817.—1 y
(' I °thing Eitatastungit.
The most cxtioasire Clothlas Wardwal• IQ tin
rutted &Salm
100,000 Garments on hand. andstitr
• I'o patrons we would say, that having
hut one price, those who are not
dealers, or do not understand the real val
uation price of goods, will have as oppor
tunity of purchasing garments as low r
professed judges. Jobbers and dealers in
ready-made Clothing, can replenish their
stocks fin the winter, and we guarantee
the largest establishment in Philadelphia
to select front. We attend personally to
the packing of goods and see that* good's
sortment of sizes and well-made articles
are put up. Single suits forwarded as per
ti:P•Otir goods arc for sale only at the
large building, 128 Market at. Southoseet,
corner of Market and Fourth streets. Phil.
adelphin. C. HARKNESS.
Sept. 21, 1847.-3 m
Feathers ! Feathers !
From 12i to 45 Cents per Pound.
starer and General Furniiher,
415 Market St. above I Ithi North nide.-
opposite Girard Row, Philadelphia, !hero
may be had at all tunes a large assortment
of beds and Mattrasses, Curled Hair and
Feathers, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads' and
Looking Glasses, together with till other sr
tides in the above line of businesl at the
very lowest Cash prices.
N. B. Goods warranted to give antis.
Sept. 2, 1847.—am
Allegheny House •
II TuE subscriber (lute of the
Washington lintel, Harrisburg, Ps.) tales
this method of informing his old friends
and the public generally•that he has Wiest
the above !mined HOTEL. The House
is airy and comfortable, and has been ex
tensively ahemd and improved, and the
proprietor hopes by strict attention to bus.
limas, and a proper cure for the comfort of
his guests, to merit and receive u share of
public patronage. The House is situated
very,convenient for the Travelling Public,
being only two doors above the Harriw.
burg and Pittsburg Depot, and within two
minutes walk of the Baltimore and head
ing Depots. Suibling attached to the pre•
mists. Terms $1 per day.
E. P. 111}611ES, Proprietor.
Sept. 3, 1847.—t1•
To Country INlerchants and Others.
*2 to 25 00
1 7310 00
No. 42G :Market Arco, übove 12th South side
IP dill 'la ID LCIU' LIS
la AS now on hand and is constantly
jj receiving a large and well selected
stock of every article in his line, consist
ing in part of Oranges, Lemons, Prunes,
Figs,-Dates, Raisons, Grapes, and every
other fruit in season. A full itssortinent
of Bordeaux and Soft-shelled Almonds;
Filberts, Ground Nuts, Cre a m Nuts, B ug .
lisp Walnuts, Cocoa Nuts, &e. His as
sortment of CANDIES are at lower pri
ces than can he bought in the City: Ho
requests an examination of his stuck be
fore purchasing elsewhete, as lie offers
goods at a small advance, being anxious
to do business for CASII.
TpCut out this advertisement and bring
it wish you.
Sept. 21, 1847.-3 in
Matelots's i.xteretal Remedy,
S now universally acknomledged to be the
4lb INFALLIBLE: REMEDY for Ithrismations,
spinal affecrions, Cossisactione ni the motors, soli
throat and quinsy, issues. old ulcers. pains its the
back and chest, agile in the breast andliste:tooth
ache. sprains, bruised, salt rheum. burns. ensue,
frosted feet, and all nervoic.ilisea,es. The trium
phant 'Hertel, which has attended the sapid/ration
of this most seonderfri medicine in curing the Mtnit
severe ca-es of the different diseast sabot . . named,
and the high enconinms that have been bottomed
upon it, wherever it has been introduced. giver
me the right to call on the qlliirted to resent at
once to the only remedy thief cuts he rtherfins.
follovvingthkate of the
health and the perfect cure of a deformed and
crippled child; who was thought lobe beyond the
reach of hope. shows that, no matter bow avelling
the case may be, liere is a remedy in Hunt's Liu.
imen , that will conquer the rnoWilesperite ca.
end; and that, if the di.e.s,e is curable, this ode.
brated external remedy will do it. It liar inner
failed in giving immediate relict when timely ap.
plied, us proved by the abundance of high and ms.
impeachable testimony, the particulate nt 1411.01
are to be found in the pamphlets which ate to be
had of every agent .
G. P. Stamm, Esq.— ir 1 !eel celled upon hy
the tie of gratitude to offer the roll, wing teatime•
ny in favor of your External Remedy.
intent. 3ly Clark E. Evans. Isla is
now ten years of age, hits been tor the last Atilt
years a. rrippk, caused by falling from *chair
wheu he was two yeare oil, and wrer,chlug his
spine. From the time of the occurrence we hat e
tried every means to restore him to his natural
Rhone, but all without avail. We took him to N.
Volk, and placed hint tinder the eare of a pliy,i•
eial of skill, anil. after remaining there tor sortie
time, we brought him home no better than token
we took him there, For several days at a time
he was on helpless. that he could only walk 17
placing his hands upon his knees (or suppmt. tith
ing hint the appearance of a deformed bilitekbatk.
Ile WAS al -o taken to Newburg and prescribed for
without auto better success. 4 1t times he weuhl be
at tong enough to En out of dont,, but at ter play.
ing 11/I . 11011 r, would come in perfectly elthansted,.
and for several days after would be again perfect.
ly helpless, We had lost all hone ef seeing him
restored to his natural shape nr strength ; but a
kind Providence placed yoar'External Remedy in
I have used but four bottles. and am
rejoined to sly that the boy is now as straight se
tiny boy of his age, Any of my neighbors Will
testify to the truth of this statement. I take rip-
sere pleasure in stating these facts for the lientelt
of others suffering under a like calamity., Voafs
respectfully, RAC HAEL TE.
This into certify that I am personally aco t o s tot,
ed with MIL Situte,as well oaths bay alluded to,
and frankly bear witness to the deformity with
which lie was seriously afflicted, apparently far
lite, Dated Sing inst. June p, iCIG.
HENRY HARRIS, Justice of the
This Liniment is sold at 25 end 50 rents per
bottle by all the principal Druggists and March
Orders addressed tome wt sin* Sing. N Y. sill
beattended to. 0 Y. STANTON, Propriwor,
Wholesnle llgonts—lftwity, Phelps it Co 142
Water street, Rushton Ac Co Ito Olootwoy. it it
D Randlceorrer rpltoo and William, Mvisoolii
86 William *trot, York; CuAbet t M With.
ertll '74 neth `leered, PhiGattphio.
AGENTS.--Ssmuel H. Nob** *
S. Forney, Geity•bargi' Abr. 111 :
Morteretotern; E. Zook. 18108 4 / 7 .4.
eeb Holhager. I itteVOt n
Ferree, Petersburg. (T. l i i n pleonql/4**
!much, Hampton; Geo. 8. hiCaail 1,
S, tfildobrond & Co.. East ihrTht * "
Nov. 5,1847. [Dee. 8.471
oAsinsing, June 10. h 445.