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    'rug trri,triu: OF THE ORAPE
The fillowine remarks of Dr. Under-
MO, 4.trareessful ctidnirist in the vicinity of
Mom Y9rit..were, made at a meeting of
the a Nrrners' Club of the American In
stOttierilint we have taken them front the
"Nit* tind Mechanic"
grape is most delicious, most sal-
utery44:liinting the blond and causing it to
fltiwAessily thrinigh the veins ; there is no
thittg'crinitl to it for old age. In this corm
try 'tibia will grow—will increase till its
• consumPtion is prodigious. It will sup-
PhtlitOWnne . of tluw articles which destroy
metkand - establish the cheerful body in
Osten tir the 'diseased system of the intern-
Nu disease of the liver—no dys
pepsia sos,foutid among those who freely
111 . kieapii. This remarkable fact is
stateik in reference to the vineyard portions
france. Persons who are sickly in
grope countries arc made well when grapes
arW'ripe. And this milk is familiarly
Nlll'4lllo grape cure. In this country,
ous *Ovation has been long misdirected.—
Wshave spent years and sums of motley
tinlinpritted vines. We have proved the
falatei Of all this. The fbreign grape will
notfucish in our open air. I suppose
that saillions of dollars have been lust on
these foreign vines during the past mom. ;
n. Climate has settled that question.—
Otriextremes of heat and cold are incom
putikitic with the character of the foreign
vine. 'rime will show that our native
sir:kb-of grapes will, by cultivation, grade
linprove in quality. It is witlethem
as it is with animals—great amelioration
follows care and proper knowledge. I
spent some thousands of dollars on the
forergy . gape vines without success. In
1436 ranee produced fourteen thousand
millions of pounds of grapes ! two thou
saii4 pounds of which were consu
med' On thetables and exported in the forms
of rosins, Ste. We want to supply-oar
tvibetitimillions of people with fine grapes.
Are you afraid that our market will be o
verstocked from the few vineyards which
**There are many books on the culture
af-thkgrape -vine, but- their doctrines-a •
gen* not at all applicable to our cdun
try::::"Eumpe has the moisture from the
ocean; we have the dry winds blowing
over oar continent. More heat penetrates
our ground in one of our hot, bright days,
thin - England has in a week. The books
of Europe are an honor and an ornament
to the world.. but they load .us from As.
truth frequently ; such is the great-differ
ence of the climates of Europe and Amen
ca. We' must here select our beat native
grapes ; there are many, of which we have
_the _lsabella nut Cates! ,
b excellent. Plant vines on deep, dry
sada. where there are no springs of water
or 'shy, calcareous, or other soils, but the
dryer ilfcy are, the better for the grape.
brick clay will not do. The
* roots must be deep to avoid our severe
droughts. Plow the ground exceedingly
deep beforo"you plant your vineyard. I
have found that in seven years' culture,
the pavage part of my Isabella has vanish 7
ei, , Ito character is greatly changed ,•frit
the better—,its pulp is almost gone, its
seeds are less. •
"The culture of the grape has one great
advantage over all other crops
if Yriii planfit well, you will get an Moen
interim fur twenty-five years; and every
year, with rare exceptions, for fifty or sev
tyltur years, a good crop. Vines will
sometimes live a hundred years ; and from
aureative vines you can have double the
quantity which is obtained front a vine in
Eureite; Where it has, from ages of 'short
pruning, become enfeebled and attained its
perfection. We do not lot the vine bear
half. is Many grapes as they would if all
witraleli on. Thin them out well—you
willimve richer and better fruit.
"In pruning I don't spur them. I cut a
way-the old, and bring the new to bear.—'
l'iineteencut of twenty persons spur-prune
their vines in this city, leaving two eyed
IW-4- heap my vines about six fist in
height for convenience in gathering the
clusters of fruit.
.!Alt kinds of animal substances are good
for our vines. -Street manure is excellent
fur. them. They ought not, however, to
boatimulatod too highly, for then they be
coinoprofute iu foliage, and the fruit mu--
Jainism* rots. An even, regular growth
lobs kept up. Rotten sods mixed
w • tud manure is good for vines.—
. ; is, good. Long Island might,
by means of the fish called Menhaden, be
mail. nbeinitiful vineyard. Take the fish
in Juni; Mike a hole near the root with a
crowbar, push down the fish ; there will
be so smell from it, and .it is an admirable
manure tor grapes. Composts of sea
earth, and cow and horse dung,
=rod: Ashes ars excellent on sandy
them their phosphates are leached
off kiyawins
s,?a sin Mereb. They bleed, and
mriliarligiortinet present a magnificent
i=aelglit in the rays of the sun. Slight
does not hurt theft—the bud starts
4beintittrior -it. The Germans say, ..if
the Mao Itarei Qui of the vines, we know
to r
we she ll gi good `crop," :In France
anti. p 'ier. th ey do not prone so
es Ark *Oh" ' -
giewilersC woo wooo...—Tiee Mom:feet;
ro!oele414140otwo the *Mowing ; »Wh en
04. end roe know not of
=MO' two or . corn , et rad •
heiliAlP4l4 llo4 iikAdiPtier., 'Tea to
etivimp.dint &we atiliTtriftirei
Phllndelpbia A dverliscinetilm
The largest and cheapest Stock
• Plain end Fancy Jewelry,
Wholesale owl Rehul—Nu.
0 ) 16, - 4131 Market street.
Gold Lever., full jewelled, 18 curet
ciw, gold dial,
Gold I.cidnes, , do. do. $25 to 30 00
tiiher Levers, full jewelled, 20 00
silver Lepines, jewelled,
Silver Quartier Watches, splendid
Silser imitation Quartierso
second baud Gold and Silver Watch.
es, at all prices, from
Gold Pencils,
Gehl Bracelets, with tope. end Other
Pure Silver Teaspoons,
Diamond point Gold Pons. with pcnr
cil and wild silver holders, only
Gold chains, breast-pins. finger-rings, ear
rings and Jewelry of every description, at
the lowest Philadelphia or N.York prices;
gold and silver Levers, LeOnes, and Quer
tier watches, still much cheaper than the
above: prices. A call will be sufficient to
convince purchasers that thie is thil , place
to get good and cheap articles. All goods
warranted to be what, they ere mold for:
Orders from the country punctually attend
ed to. Old Gold , and Silver bought for
cash. or taken in exchange. All kiptle.o
watches repaired and. warranted to keep
correct time. ' •
N. B. I have a splendidgold - Independ
ent secculds,,atch for timing horses. Also.
Gikand Gslimited Wotan's. for traders'
use, and - Ronda of all Itindelniny line. at
Watch, Clock, and Jewelry bore. N0.413i
Market above I ith. north side. Phila.
Philadelphia, 6ot. 6,1847.--7 m
( locks, -Watches o leweiry, &c.
- In THE Subscriber offers
.... to the trade, or by retail,
art a large assortment of the
4 4 11 ‘ ; following ertieles, being
•• all of hts own impurta-
.s. l , - bon or manufacture.
Buyers of goods in this line are invited
to examine the assortment, and orders are
solicited. with the assurance that every ef
fort will be made to give satisfaction and in
sure a continuance of custom.
Gold do Silver Lever Watcher of ordinary quality
Do do • do of superior finish.
Do do , do Auctions & Imputes.
Silver double cased English and Swine verge
Watches, with light medium and heavy cams.
Gold revVelrY in alt Varieties, Abe and common.
v Silver Plated, and Silver Wart&
Muclealliotes, playing St, 4,8, 8 and 10 times.
Gold .and Silver Spectacles.:: —-- - -
Diamond Pointed Gold Pens. - .
Mantel dr. Mei Clocks, in gilt and other frames.
Watefunakere Tools and Man:lrish; of all sorts.
Frarici Article, tankgrins, Steil Bead., &c.
Raving every facility fbrobtaining goods
on the most .advantageous terms, eorres
chaser!: - JOHN C. FARR,
112 Chesnut it. Philadelphia.
July 16,1647.-6 m
Watches, Jewelry, &c.
WATCHES, Jewelry & Silver Ware
v may be had wholesale and retail,
guarantied better for the price than at any
other store in Philadelphia, at (late Nicho-
HitraY'SYNO:ll North 2nd street,
eboveA r h,Philidelphist.
WATCHES, all kinds, tine, medi
um and low qualities, among which are
Gold Levers, till Jewelled,
*4O to $lOO
25 to 40
Quartieto Imitation;
Silver. Levers full Jevrefled,
L e o n a ' N
Quiutiers fihe
JEWELRY, Diamonds, Gold Chains,
Gold Pens with Gold At. Silver Holders,
Pencils, Breastpins. Ear and Finger Rings,
Bracelets, Cameos of Shell, Coral and La
va. with every other_ article of Jewelry of
the ri c hest and Most fashionable patterns.
SILVER WARE,PIate, Forks, Spoons,
Cups, die., of standard Slyer.
PLATED WARE, Castors, Cake Bas
kets, Fans, Vases, Card easel; and other
Zell Fancy Goods in great variety.
Wholesale Buyers will save money by
caltiitt het - before purchasing.
11:7 iceep.this advertisement and call at
No. 72. You will be satisfied the goods
are really cheaper and better than are of
fered in the city. For sale low, a hand
some pair of SHOW CASES, suitable
for Jewelry or Ferry Store, apply as
Sept, 3, 1841.=1y
Cheap Watches and Jewelry.
RN Jewelled Gold Le-
very for $4O, war
ranted by • - 14
Jacob Ladotoius t
No. 246 Market street, Phil-
adelphia, who \ "'-
HAS constantly on hand a large usort
!tient of Gold and Silver Watches,
at the following low prices: '
Full Jewelled Gold Leven, ' $4O 00
" Silver " I 20.00
Gold Lepines, Full Jewelled, 80 00
Silver Lepines, . 12 00.
Silver Quartiers, 8 00
with a large assortment of Fine Jewitlry,
such as Ear Rings, Finger Rings, Breast
Pins, Bracelets, Gold and Silver Pencils,
Gold Chains, Ace. Has also on hand a
complete assortment of patent and plain
Watch (flosses, Main Springs, Verges, Di
als and Hands, of every description—in
fact, a complete assortment of Watchma
ker's tools and Watch materials, to which
he would call the attention of the Country
Trade. Those wishiN anything in the
above line, will find it to their advantage.
to call and examine his stock before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Philadelphia, Aug. 6,1817.-6 m
.1t the Philadelphia trateh and Jewelry
No. 96, North Second street, corner of Quarry
Gold Lever Watches, full jewelled,
18 car. cases, •45 00
Silver Lever do. 11111 jewelled, 23 00
Silver Lever do. 7 jewels, 18 00
Silver Lepine do. jewel'd, Ist qua!, 14 00
Superior Quartier Watches, 10 00
Imitation do. not warranted, 6 00
Gold Spectacles, 8 00
Fine Silver Spectacles, 1 75
Gold Bracelets, with topaz stones, 3 50
Ladies' Gold.Peneils, 16 carats, 2 00
Gold Finger Ring's, 37 qta to $8 ; Wsteh
,glasses—plain 12 ets ; patent ; lunet
25. Other articles -in proportion. All
goods warr.inted to be what they are sold
for. 0. CONRAD.
On hand, some Gold and Silver Levers,
Lollies* and Quartiers, lower than the a
bove prices.
-- Dee. 4 - , 1840.-1 y
Allegheny house,
Tile subscriber (late of the
NVashington lintel, Harrisburg, l'a.) takes
this method of informing his old frion
and the public generally that he has taken
the above named HOTE'L. The House
is airy and comforuble, and has been ex
tensively altered and improved, and The
propriettir kopes by strict attention to bus
iness, anU a proper care for the comfort of
his guests, to merit and receive a share . of
public patronage. The House. la ailifated
very convenient for the Travelling Public,
being only:two doors above the Harris
burg and Pittsburg Depot,. and within two
minutes Walk of the Badtimere•and Read
ing Depots. Stabling attached to the pre
mises. Terms 81 perday.
. E. P. HUGHES, Proprietor.
Sept. 3. 1847.7—1 f
*2 to i 5 00
1 75 to 00
To Country Merchants and Others
No. 426 Market street, above 12th South side
aqualarowaueunta o
HAS now on hand and is constantly
receiving a large and well selected
stock of every article in his line, con
ing in part of Oranges, Lemons, Prunes,
Figs. Dates, Raisons, Grapes, and
.other fruit in season. A full assortment
of. Bordeaux and Soft-sheiled Almonds,
Filberts; Ground Nita, Cream Nuts, Eng
lish Walnuta,-Cocoa ' Nuts, &c. as
sortment of CANDIES are at lower pri
ces than can bobought in the City. Ile
requests an examination of his stock be
fore purchasing elsewhere, as he offers
goods at a entail advance, being anxious
to do business for CASH.
7' Out out this advertisement and bring
. it Wittryou. ' "_.._........-
Sept. 24, 1847.-3 m
C. JJA at iKNEss'
('lOthing Establishment.
The most extensile Clothing Warehouse in the
United States.
100,000 Oat - manta on hand, and ready fur disix)-
F 0 patrons we would say. that having
hut one price, those who are not
dealers, or do not understand the-real val
uation price of goods, will have an oppor
tunity of purchasing garments as low as
professed judges. Jobbers and dealers in
ready-made Clothing. can replenish their
stocks for the winter, and we guarantee
the largest establishment in Philadelphia
to select from. We atrehdlieffsictially to
-the packing of goods and see that a good as
sortment of sizes and well-made articles
are put up. Single suits forwarded as per
licrienrriculs — arerlbrioldironly -- arthe
large building, 128 Market at. Southeast'
corner of Market and Fourth streets, Phil,
adelphia. C. HARKNESS.
Sept. 24, 1847.-3 m
First Premium Writing Ink.
Fir HIS Ink has kr. a long.wldle become
established_esa Nationalurtide, and.
the following testimonials from Washing
tati city, prove its merits in that direction:.
House of' Repretruatives,
Waiiiington City, Feb. 24, 1843.
I state that I have used the Ink, during
. • • aternresa, andutt'. .-
Lured by Joseph E. llover, Esq., of Phil
adelphia, and I have found it to be an arti
cle of moat excellent quality.
20 to 30
12 to 19
9 to 10
Speaker Ammo( Rrpreseatatires.
Paleni Office, Wadunglon, D. C.,
February 24. 1843.
SlR—Your Black Writing Ink has been
used in this Office since October last, and
is eniirdy approved.
I am respectfully,
J. W. HAND, Chief (Yrrk.
Mr. Josami E. HOVER, Philadelphia.
llover's Adamantine Cement.
The following from ilieknell's Reporter
will best illustrate its value :
"Mr. Hover manufactures ...4danumtine
Cement" for joining broken china, glass,
&c.; we have have tried the article and
found it_to be excellent."
For Sale, Wholesale and Retail, at the
Manufactory, No. 87 North Third Street,
opposite Cherry Street,ilhiladelphia, by
pc:l7For sale in Gettysburg at the store
August 13, 1847.. - Oro
Feathers ! Feathers !
Proms 124 to 45 Cent. per Pound
sterer and General Furnisher, No.
415 Market St. above 11th, North side,
opposite Girard Row, Philadelphia, where
may be bad at all -times a large assortment
of Beds and Mattresses, Curled Hair and
Feathers, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads and
Looking Glasses.together with all other ar
ticles in the above line of business at the
very lowest Cash prices.
N. B. Goods warranted to give satis
Sept. 2,1847.-3 m +.
Dr. Cullen?*
NDIAN Vegetable 'Piles Remedy, is a domes
tic 1,1 preparation, which has beep used with en
tire success for many years. lain an internal
medicine, it has a decided preference over outward
applications, which are but palliatives and not cu
ratives. This medicine acts upoit the- diseased
parts, producing healthy action and a pernureent
care—W/1111C11 we WAILIIIAXT.OI 11.55011) TUN NO
dTSold, wholesale and retail, by ROWAN], &
WALTON, Proprietors, 370 Market street, Phila.,
and by S. IF. BUEHLER, Gettysburg; Wm. Bit
tinge:, Abbottatown ; Lilley & Riley, Oxlord, and
T. J. Cooper, Franklin tp. [Aug. ti, '4 7 I y
tQC P 11.0116 •
(IF the very best quality, and different
flavors, can be had, at all times, at
WEAVER'S Confectionary in Chambers
burg street. Families and .Parties will be
supplied with any desired quantity, at the
shortest notice. CAKES and CONFEC
TIONS of all kinds always on hand, and
will be furnished to order on reasonable
Gettysburg, July 23.—tf
&c., of bast quality, can always bo had at
the •Fancy Store of C. WEAVER.
April 100848. -- •
1 40ECTFULLYinformablarrienwlk
lit and . . the public generally that he heti
now on hand a large -assortment or Thy
94RE of every description, which he
will ap~r at moderate prices—All warranted.
Persons wishing to purchase at law rata
will do well to call before purchasing else
HOUSE SPOUTING will be made
and-put up at 121 Fonts a foot.
Gettysburg, March 12, 1847.
HE undertigned hat connected with
his Coaebmaking Establishment a
large Smith Shop, and is prepared to do
lie would any to those who have Horses to
shoe, that he has in his emphry first-rate
hands, which, with hie personal attention,
will enable him to give entire satisfaction
to all those why may flivor him with a call.
(wasranto) will, be promptly matla_to or,
der at all times.
PCPAII kinds of REPAIRING done,
both iu Wood and Iron, at the most reduc
ed prices. - . - .
I:7•Thankful for past encouragement,
the subscriber solicits a continuance of pat
ronage, and invites his friends to call at
his Establishment in west Clunnbersburg
st., a few doors below Thompson's Hotel.
Gettysburg, October 15, 1817.
S HEREBY GIVEN , mat applies
j . ti9n will be made by the undersigned
and others, to the next Legislature of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the
incorporation of a Company under the
name and .style, or , intended name and
capital Filly Thousand Dollars, designed
as an office of discount and deposit; and
to be located in East-Berlin, Adams coun
ty, Pa.
David Mellinger, John Dellone, •
William Wolf, George Schwartz.
Charles Spangler, Barnet Hildebrand,
George King, Isaac Trimmer,
George H. Hinder, Abraham Trimmer,
John Diehl. David Hollinger.
June 25, 1817.-6 m
FASHIONABLE Barber and Hair
Dresser, has removed his "Temple'
to the Diamond, adjoining the County Buil
dings, where he can at all times be found
prepared to attend to the calls of therniblie.
From long experience he flatters himself
fliaTh - e — Fairge - thrmirathhe ramiti rations
of the Tonsorical departments, with such an
infinite degree of skill as will meet the en
tire satisfaction of all who may submit their
chins to the keen ordeal of his razor. lie
hopes, therefore, that he attention to busi
ness and a desire to please, he will merit
as well as receive a liberal share of public
patronage. 'lii sick will be attended to at
heir private dwellings.
Stasdota's Exiirnat Remedy,
ITS now universally acknovi ledged to be the
diA INFALLIBLE REMEDY for II beumuttsni,
spinal affections, contractions of the muscles, sore
throat and quinsy, issue., old ulcers, pains in the
backend cheat, ague in the breast and face, tooth
ache, sprains, bruises, salt rheum. burns, croup,
frosted feet, and all nervous diseases. The from'.
phant swiss which has attended the application
of this most wonderful medicine in curing the most
severe cases of the different diseases above named,
aid the MO eivionlurns that have been bestowed
upon it, wherever it has been introduced, gives
me the right to call _on the ajlieled to resort at
once to the only remedy that can be relied on,
The faculty unite in recommending the ark.
brated External Remedy, Hunt's Liniment:
The following letters from the highly eminent
Physicians who have been attached to the blount
Pleasant State Prison for many years, is the best
evidence of the valve of this celebrated Liniment:
Stag Sine, Dsciim aim 26, 1945.
Mr Dealt Si* received„your note of yester
day, asking my opinion of Ifunt's Liniment, as
prepared by Mr. George E. Stanton. Knowing its
composition, and having frequently used it, I can
recommend it to you as a safe External Remedy; l i
and. in my opinion, the best Liniment now in use.
Very truly and respectfully yours
Col. Pierre Van Cortlandt, Groton Manor.
I fully concur in the above opinion.
Yomuroww, — JAN'opti 14, 180.
SIR :—ln reply to your letter I would say that
I have used your External Remedy, called Hunt's
Liniment, in my practice since you made me ac.
quainted with its composition, and , unhesitatingly
say that r believe it to be the best External Rem
edy now in use for the complsinteler which you
recommend it. Yours respectftilly,
Gamins E. STANT., ERR,.
From the New .York Sun.
Among the mass oI silia thleitsarticles and bun
bap that aro poared firth attbe4resent day ripe
on theconntry, at reallrrisheeht to 111fd some.
thing of real practical Willy, something simple,
speedy, and elfictual in its opeintion, and at the
same time free Atom those in °6et-004th
generally, attend powerful remedies. Hunt , sLin
hoer prepared by George E. Stantcreoof Singing
though 'it has been but a short time before the
public, has already obtained the confidence, ,not
only Mom most stealthy and influential citizens,
but our most eminent physicians. All acknowl;
edge it to be a sovereign balm for mail of 414
Ills that flesh is heir to, soothing the &clung stun ,
and by its genuine stimulating influence, banfah•
ing disease from the system.
This Liniment is sold at 25 and 50 cents per'
bottle by all the prineipal Druggists and Merch
Orders addressed to meat Sing Sing, N Y, will
be attended to. ,G E sTANToN, Proprietor.
Wholesale Age ate—lfok4ly, Phelps & C0,.,142 1
Water street, Rushton di Co' 110 Broadway, A' RI
& D Pands,corner Fulton and William, Aspinwall
86 William street, Netc York; Cuthbert & Weth-'
erill 76 South Second, Philadelphia.
AGENTS.-t—Sainuel H. Buehler & S.
f. 4. Forney, Gellyalmrg; Abraham King,'
Hunters/own ; t.tuck, Pinetown'; Ja
cob Hollinger, Heidlersburg ; Hollinger&
Ferree, Pectrsburg, ( Y. S.); Jacob Aula
bough, &nylon ; Geo. B.Bentzel, and J.
S. Hildebrand & Co., East Berlin.
June 11, 1847. [Dec. 2—ly]
.and and 011 4isegirei of the 6tornactiiaul
low a.
. 18 004140br:Thdimlion and lii
`corileqiiendeor.--An eminent
says: .11t chiefly arises in persons who
lead viler.' very sedentary or irregular
life. Alth'inigh naVregiirded as a fatal di
sease, yet, if neglected, it may bring on in:
curable Melancholy. Jaundice, Madness,
or Vertigo, Pale,y, and Apoplexy. A great
singularity attendant on it is, that it may
and often does continue a great length of
time' without any remission of the syrup-
tAUSES.:-. 7 Grief and uneasiness of
mind, intense, altdyi , profuse evacuations,
excess lit' venery, excessive use of spir
lions liquors, tea, tobacco, opium and
other narcotics, immoderate repletion,- o
ver distention of the stomach, adefi.
ciency in the secretion of the bile or
gastric juice, exposure to told and damp
air, are the eltieLtauss of this disease.
SY NI PTONIS.—Loss of appetite, nau
sea, heart-burn, acidity nod fmtid eructa
tions, gnavviog , ot the stomach when emp
ty, uneasiness in the throat, paiii in the
side, costiveness, chilliness, languor, low
ness of spirits, palpitations, and disturbed
er faded in affording immediate relief and
a radical cure fur this disease.
Principal Office, No. 77 N. Eighth st.,
east side; Philadelphia. Ffir sale in Get
tysburg by S. S. FORNEY.
July 30, 1817.--1 y
Compound Medicated Candy.
the Cure df Colds, Coughs, Spit
-112 ling of Blood, Bronehefis, Asthma,
Whooping Cough, Pains and Oppressions
of the breast, and all other Pulmonary
complaints, and other diseases which have
aiendertcy to prodnre Consumption. It
serves also as an effectual clearer of the
This Candy is entirely a vegetable pre
paration, the principal ingredients being,
Hore-hound, Wild Cherry•, Sarsaparilla,
BOUCSPI, Elecanipane, Liquorice, Flax
seed, Ireland :lloss, Prickly Ash, &c. and
will, if taken in time, relieve the system
front those distressing afflictions that tend
to Consumption.
One great advantage in this valuable
medicine is its cheapness, the pablic not
being imposed upon by the cnornumsly
high prices which are generally exacted
for Patent and other medical Preparations.
Each package contains directions. Call
and try it !
Prepared and sold at the Confection and
Variety Mae of the Subscriber in West
York street, one Square from the Court
house, and next door to Thompson's Ho
tel. It can also be had at the Drug Stores
Iti'fF.7lCt'ti,`ati 1 otter.
'The subscriber as usual continues
his Bakery, and is prepared to supply
parties at the shortest notice, with choice
cakes, &c.
More Atria in retatiopeto the scantier/0 efficacy t,/
Compound Syrup of Tar 4• Wood Nap
the BEST REJMI' tf the day
for CONSUM PTIUN, disthin a,
C 0712118, Colds, Liver Com
plaint, 4-r., $ c., ($-c.
EAD the following from Mr. Sharp, a well
.S..‘l' known and highly respectable citizen of the
Northern Liberties, Philadelphia County. This is
one of the most astonishing cures on record, and,
will be seen, is attested by the Rev. Mr. STass - r,
and by other citizens of that district:
AVOrIIT t t , IPI7.
I Near the cto'e of the year 1845,1 had an attack
of the Pleurisy and while recovering from it, 1
toot, a se,ere cold. My condition soon became
alarming and I grew gradually worse and worse.
'the symptoms TAM tested by my disease were
those ordinarily found in pulmonary aflictions—
b it were of au exceedingly aggravated-char
...ter. For a long period I expectorated a great
quantity of matter, which appeared a mixture of
pus and blood—at times it seethed as it I was dis
charging the very substance of the Lungs. My
voice Nas gone so as to be unable to utter:4, few
words without great difficulty, and I expelienced
a thousand other painful sensations that cannot
-be told. One of the most unpleasant attendants
of my disease were chilling sweats. The cold
perspiration ran from sue continually, riot only at
night, but also during the day so as to keep my
cloths at all times continually wet.
I employed every means of cure I could hear,
and was attended by several eminent and skillful
'Physicians. But the obstinacy of my disease
baffled all their efforts. They indeed raised me
from my bed, but they also pronounced me incur
able. The lust Physician attending me, told me
at one time, that 1 had but a few days to live—at
another time I might linger on a sew weeks or
months, but that it was utterly impossible that I
could get well, or ever be able to attend to my
business. Thus, with no prospect of recovery I
lingered on during the greater part of the year
1846—for three months ef which period my
friends sat up with me, expecting every night to
see my sufferings end in death.
But last fall, a lady residing in Soutbvvark, wbo
had been cured of somewhat similar sufferings by
"Thompson's Compound Syrup of Tar and Rapti
tha," came and urged upon me a trial of it. Al
most despairing of any relief, andwith no hope of
recovery, I commenced its use. Imagine then
my satisfaction in being able to state that I am
11;OW WELL! and! attribute my restoration en
ti rely to the wonderful efficacy of the above medi
cine. From the time-I commenced its use, the
disease began to yield it; hold upon me, and by
steady perseverance in its employment I may say
it has raised me from the grave. All unpleasant
symptoms have - vanished art 4 I Mace for several
months attended to my business as formerly, and
(except some less degree of strength than .I. once
porsesilea4 well 'as ever. -
- , People come from various placesto see me, in:
for the man cared of Consumption ! Those
;who huvonown me and are well acquainted ti nth
My long continued olliactions.. stop with astonish
ment stitlehtlhey meet me, at seeiag the wonderful
change wrought by the use of the above medicine.
._. ”.• ' WM. W. SHARP,
. •No 8 Clintlotte
The undersigned, friends of Mr, W. W. Sharpy
are familarvaithida,nnt and sufferings, and_ mini
fy that the statements are true.
John Street, Missionary ,N 44. 113 York Road.
Thoints _treat; t o.l'Ot3 rth Second street.
Addison Blocs, Grocer, No. 124; Brown stietit.„
Jacob Knqvcs,&.3o9Fertn i Fourth street.
Garret YnnzatiteNts: SAlNorth &toad street.
fir This invaluable remedy is prepared only by .
Arigney& Diekstrir, N. h i . Corner bf Fifth and
Spruebetreeta t PhiladelPhia, end can be had Of ibe
followinglipmaa '
.$ S.•Forney 'Gettysburg.
*..angisey, Carlisle.
and by, respectable Pniggiate generally.
Price de cebta,Or sl.oo..per bottle. Beware of
October 3847. fAfiril':lo, 1817.-1 y)
"IM7 ILL be made and put up by. the
subscriber, who will attend prompt
ly to all eiders, and upon as reasonable
terms as can be procured at any establish=
mom in the county.
Gettysburg, October 15, 1847.
ibr Consumption, Coughs, Colds, ron
chid*, dithina, Croup,. Whooping
• Cough, Spitting of Blood, Sore
Throat, Pains and Opp7s
gone of the Breast;
flcully of' Breathing,
and all other di
stases of the
Read the following Certificate of Cure performed
by the use of .Roses Expectaraat and. say if you
will boater neglect your cough, or doubt its erica.
Baltimore, March I'2, 1847
Mr. he. F. Roes.
Dear Sir—About three weeks ago my wife
caught a severe cold, which troubled hers good
deal and gave her great uneasiness: she prepared
a great many articles which were *recommended
to her by her friends, but without receiving the
benefit from any of them ; her sough was getting
worse every day; hi.r appetite was fast tel ling
and to sleep was impossib'e. the pans in her
breast and side became so severe that that she
had to go to bed. and my friends advised me io
call in a J'hysician. I thought I would call in
the store where you were engaged and see if I
could not get something that %took] relieve her,
when you gave me a bottle of your Expectorant,
assuring me that it would core her, she common
ced taking it that night, not, however; without
great opposition on the part of some of he
frionds, who said it was only some "Quark
Medicine," and would do her more harm
than goo d. But I determined to take your advice,
and now let all know the Result From taking the
first dose she felt easier,, though unable to sleep
on account of the quantity of phlegm that loosen.
ed and Whith.l almost choke her, but which else
could spit up with but little difficulty; the follow
ing day she continued it according to the direc
tions. and that time, for the first time for neariy
two weeks, she enjoyed a good night's real and by
the time she had finished the first bottle, she was
entirely cured. Make what use of this you thank
proper, for such an invaluable medicine should be
made known to the afflicted every where. With
best wishes fur your success.
I remain yours &c..
CAUTION! !I Beware of Counterfeits and
Spurious Imitations. See that the initials 'J. F. 12"
are on the seal • also my itien iurr on the
wrapper of each bottle, without which none is ern-
Prepved.orily IJames F
Baltimore Md. it.r Farr sale in Gat sisburg b t .
SAMUEL. Ft. BUEHLER, arid in Milirr 'town by
G. W. II EA La.
May 28, 1847.—1 y
Inll be published in Washington, 1). (
on the Seventh of December next,
The United States Reporter,
A Doily Journal IA Government, LegiblatlVtl and
General News.
PTIHE subscriber is now enabled to announce
the completion of his art utgenx•nts for the
e , tablishotent td a well ta t :an ted and Independent
Journal of Neu', at the Cent of the Gerona! Got
erninelit. The Icarian:, lemon a tit United
Ntates liepoite•r - v ill he the tollowing
I Early intelligence of the mut einents the
yahoos Departmeots of theGovertiment. in ref ei•
-tore to Domestic atiairs and to the Foreign rely
lions at the country, will be given a ith syrups
luu.tidelity. Possessing peculiar facilities int ob.
taming intoriiiation. the ttileporter %Ili be ena
bled trequently to communicate, exclusiiely, in
, tell igence of the most impoi tont character.
11. The verbatim Ileprirts of the Proceedings
and Debates of the U. bnates Senate, to hilt the
proprietor is . hound TOrtitiiinf daily to thJt lai4v;
in accordance with the'terms of the contract made
at the cline 'of the last session UI Congreas. The
arraneem••uts no,c made will at once lolly secure
to the :Senate of the I 'titled States an authentic
and complete record of its debates; soil to the no.
pie—it is greatly enlarged degree—the benefit al
the ex patience. sugacit t. and statesibmiship 01
that body to which they have ever 1i,04.ed with
solicitous and respectuil regard.
111. The Erivmedinc,- mid Debates in the Mose
or Representatives will also be given, with fon:
ness, if - optimality, and the utmost promptitude.
Each day's furor,' will be completely mule up,
appear in the - Reporter next morning.
11 . A synoptical 1 new of tI. e Proceedings and
Debates 01 all the State Legi‘latures will be regii
laily gisen. Members of Congtess, and all clay
es leaders. will thus be kept fully and syste
i-me+ieseHrtmormerf-artlomestir tegrstatiptria-titt—
sections of the U. States.
V. Early intelligence of all important move-
ments in the Legislatures of Great Britain and
France will be communicated by every steamer
from Europe, through Reporters in London and
Paris, whir possess peculiar facilities for obtaining
VI. The General
,yews of the Day will lißgir
en in a condensed form, with industry and Mien
Such is a brief view of what the "United States
Reporter" is designed to be. All the plan, an
arrangements here been ...ell mantled, end the
hope is confidently cherished that the Ateportei
, will prove itseli an energetic. indmtrione. diva
• ed, and perfectly independent journal. It will
have no party views—no political bias. The pro
prietor, by the terms of his contract wigs the
Senate or the U. States, is bound to the condition
that -the paper shall contain no political d•scus
, sinus except the debates.•' It will he a vehicle of
news, not the organ of any set of opiriona. The
grand aim of the subscriber is to:establish at the
seat of Government a .faithful and prompt reporter
of all sorts of intelligence—o respotasible ggeut, uo
which OM politkiaay•tho business man, the menu.
lecturer, the mechanit, and every one interested in
the affairs of Congress and the Government, may
rely at all times with implicit confidence.
It is believed that the establishment of such
reliable Journal of Intelligence, on terms which
place it within reach of the great masses or the
people, at the commencement of w bat promises to
be a most interesting and eventlul period in the
history of Congressional proceedings, will be re
garded with favor by all classes of the communi
ty; and, having %line stated his objects, the sub
scriber respectfully solicits a liberal and general
support from the enlightened public of the United
Stenographer to the Senate of the U. States.
Theo United f >totes Reporter h. will be printed on
a large and handsome sheet,..and issued every
morning, except Sundays, at the rate of $0 per's'.
num ; single 'icipies 2 cta.
In connection with the daily •paper, there will
be issued from the same establishment, ..
• This publication will contain exclusively the
reports of the proceedings arid debates - of the COn•
glees of the U. States. It will be issued-semi
weekly, lb an elegant_ quake' form, throughout
the sessions of Congress. and will be furnished to
subscribers at the late of two dollars_for the long
session, and one dollar for the short session. hi*
believed that this great national Work b.
deemed indispensablerin the library of every pub.
lie institution, politician, and professional man,
throughout the country; and that it will be ie.
gardnd by the great mass of the people is the very
best political text book for their own instruction
and that of their children.
I X POILT A 'FT Asa ousesstawn.--Tbrougbeot the
session of Congress; ,txtres will be issued from the
°stifle of the "United - litates.Repoiter," containing
the ‘repons of ail truth debates as may possess par
ticularly exciting interest. • ,
• All subscriptions and Communications to be
postpaid and addressed to "J. A. Holman, U. S.
Reporter, Wailiingten, D. C."
Dr. C. W. Applames Celebrated Remedy
1112AINS in, and discharge of matter froth, the
lA. - ear; together WittiTallether - titillettarit symp
toms, which either accoMpsny or announce ap
proaching Deafness. This invaluable medicine's
the result'of along and , faithfully; pursued course
of experiments, irmtituted with-the Pole view to
discover (if possible) a. certain, lied. at the gamer
time,fithafe remedy-for: this dreadfAly afflicting
,diecordee, and after* beirig,mtteneliilrtiled in the
priliate praetiee of the itiketThet during thilaet
eight year, in werypurtterous take with the most
remarkable suecess,fle nine vatted td the public, '
for the benefit of Oar who, from Aisian ce or other
causeli, cannot have the pemonal attention of the
froprietor, in the fullest confidence of its efficacy,
and in the firm, belief that it, will not dliappoint
tie expeetationit of those %silo may haveoccasion
for' ite use; in short, that it is the most VALUA
BLE article ever offered to Die phblic for this di
00^For sale in Oetryaburg by S. H. BUEHLER,
in Abbollitown by Wu. Brrrisioxii, in Oxford
byLimor & RILZT, and in Franklin township by
11110XIAL J. Conran. [Aug..d, 1647.- ly
Indian Ilweiable Petunia,.
experienced the extraordinary efficacy of
your Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea open
my o wn person, a feeling of 4ratitude for your
wonderful discOvery, end. a desire that yOur Med
icines should be known and spfneeimed by the
public, has induced me.thus voluntarily to give
you aft account of my ease, hoping that other*
who may be so unfortunate as 7 have been. Muy
he induced to throw prejudice said and give your
Panacea a fair trial.
In February, 1840, a lump or Merin Ant ap
peared upon the spine of my right leg, sl i d mot h_
ex on she lower part of my breast near theytme
tion of the ribs; they increased gradually...4olAm
early ) part of June, about which tithe they bees ie
very, painfid. In July the tumor on the left leg
otertatran and became', running vote; extading
itself until it was hilt the size of • man's hand,
and had eaten into the bong, and one or two smal
ler ulcers appeared below the ands.. My pbysii
clan and others pronounced it Scrofula. Up to
this time every remedy used gave no, relief; the
leg continued to pet worse ;' &nifty the cooly pert
of August my sufferings were intense. I neither.
went to bed or slept regularly for nearly two
weeks, being compelled to set up, with my leg
supported on a choir. About this time my son
brought home with him from Cincinnati market
one of your circulars, which had been thrown in
to the wagon. I read it, and knowing some of
the signers to the Certificate of the case of Mr.
Brooks, and believing from my knowledge of their
characters that they would not lend their names
for the purpose of palming an imposition upon
the public, I concluded to try what effeet it would
have open me. On the 20th of Anguitricieih
red the first bottle, commenced taking it fluent
ing to directions, and in four horns the pain was
so much relieved that I fell asleep and enjoyed that
greatest of blessings, a few hours repose. I con
. trotted using it until the 28th of Angara, when 1
found myself so much better that I went to Cin
cinnati to your Agent, Mr. Danenhou r, with whom
I made arrangements to take 20 bottles, provided
he would guarantee to cure me. He agreed toil*
so, and gave me the privilege of stopping short of
the 20 bottles, whenever.) considered myself well.
now felt eneouraged, and continued to use it un
der Mr. D'stristructions, until hind taken 12 hot
Iles, (using no other medicine whatever.) when I
tonne myself. _entirely _well; the tumor. on my
breast having softened. it opened, came out, and
was healed up when I had taken 6 or . 7 bottles
I will here observe, that for many years 1 haul
been troubled with a kind of dry Toter, which
greatly annoyed me. particularly when heated or
vv inn in bed have telt nothing of thin shire to
!Ong your medicilie, and have no doubt that nay
system is now entirely free from disease, my gen
eral health timer having been better.
on . the 3d of December 1 again called on Mr.
Datienhower. 1 then pronounced myself well and
ofhoed to give hint a Certificate to that edict,
which I pron:i•eil to send him in a few days. A
few days thereafter, however, %bile killing hogs,
I hurt the same kg badly, in consequence of
which I postponed giving the promised Certifi
cate. wishing theronglily to rest the permanency
of the rune. I now used nothing but the usual
, imple remedies tor tre,h wounds, and found my
dedi pereetly healthy, and the ',soul time for
such casts my kg healed. .t. , 1111: tient time has e
lapsed to convince methat I am now a sound man
mud that I have been cured by your ratiacea alone.
In short. 1 have every confidence in its virtues.—
Persons desirous of obtaining further pariierdars,
ean be gratified by calling at my residenae. at
MtultlySteck.limnikon. count-yelttrirs. -
( M ITT OF ( * Ulf iNNITI, SS
Peiminally appeared before me, the subscriber,
111 01 said c , ty, DAVI!, Blasax , Wbo r being
sisorn, depose 4 and says that the facts NM forth in,
he lore:ming statement are true. In testationy
o he , em, I have hereunto ~et my no me, and sauced
the C.itimiate Seal of the said City to be :Wined,
this tourth day of March. IR
ii—i.L.-44 2 K4E1EF1 ; Mirror. -
Sold, wholesale and letsil , by f uWAWAD & WAIL.
TON, i'mpriews.n :Market street, Philadelphia,
and by the I ollmi trig Agents:
S. 11. Buehler, Gettysburg.
"rm. Bittinger. Ahhottstow•n.
Lilly 4 Riley. Oxford.
7'. C'ooper, Franklin t_p,
frail WT. TF.r =TM
rrotection against. toms by
HY. , Cumberland T alley Mutual Protection
ielln Company, being incorporated by au Act isf
the Legislatine, and frilly organized and in opera
tion under the direction of the following Board of
Managers, viz T C Miller, Janie' Weakly, 1) W
M'Cullough, A G Miller. A til"Kinley, Philip
spangle.. Samuel Galbraith. Samuel Tritt, AbM
king, (Adams.) John Zug. Samuel _ Huston, J T
green, J Bear—call the attention of the inhabit
ants of Cumberland sod Adams counties to the
cheap '+h of the rates, and the many - ad) swages
which this kind of - insurance has (tier any other.
tat. Er cry inn,on insured . becomes a member
of the company and :nkes part in the selection of
officers and the direction of its concerns.
2d. For insurance no more is demanded than is
necei•sary to meet the enmities of the Company,
and Indenmity against losses which may harm.
3,1. The inconvenience of frequent renewals is
avoided by insuring for a term of five years.
4th. Any person applying for insurance mart
give his premium note for the cheapest elms at
the rate of live per cent. ' which will be PO on the
1000, for which he w il l hare to pay $2 ftti foils*
years an $1 fit) for survey and policy, and on
more unless loss be Sustained-to 'greater amount
than the funds on hand will Omar, end then no
more than a pro rata share. Them rates are
much cheaper than khose of other companies, e:-
Sept such as are incorporated on the same princi
dles. T. C. MILLER, President.
A. G. Mt sum, Secretary:
113 - The following named persona have been ap
pointed ..dgctils for Adams County s•r-Wm W Pax
ton, Esq. General Agept for Adams county; J.A.
Thompron and I) Ziegler, Gettysburg; Dr:WM
11 Stewart, Petersburg; Henry Myers, Neer 110-.
ter; Henry Mayer. Ahbottstown ' • Daniel
fort, Straban township ; AbraharnKing. Hunters.
town; David Blythe, Fairfield; T T Wie/MllO,
Arendtsville; Wm Morrison and Abel T Wright:
Benderaville; Dr. D Mellinger,East Berlin; Akinb
Scott, Csebtown.
Sept. 13 1846.—tf
Shovel Ct. Meat rs
GAN bo had for Cumberland township
at C. W. ilosTstsst's Coach
- Shop,
Gettysburg, Pa. Please call and see Assn
and judge foryountelf.
Gettysburg, May 29, 1946.
ItIONDS, dte., of the best quality
to be had at the Confectionery of
Gettysburg, Aug. 6, 1947.
Ibertioneril, Soap , 4 100.
ARTICLES, TOYS,. 4c., for sale
Is pi/dished en," FridcrkEtieiiirti ! fit
County Building, above tile ,Begieler
. and, Records.r4 eltikeastiti ,
Taitisto. .• „,
Ir paid in advance or the Part rat
annum—lf not paid Within the year, $2 DO. A, ID
Wier, discontinued.untll all arrearegee are
except at the opttonAf the Editor. Single eerie'
cents. A failure to notify a discontinuanc i e,
will be regarded as a new engagement
.4dvertisernents,not exceeding a squarcinierteti
three times for ,sl—ever' bubtequent inaterti(44
25 cents. Longer ones in the same proportion,
All advertisements not specially ordered -tot igiv.
in time;will be continued until forbid. A libnal
reduction will be made tothose who ad vertise'br,
the year..
Job Printing of all kinds executed neatly and
promptly, and on reasonable termr. ,
Letters and Communication* to thi
cepting 1.61 t an contain Money or the minter of
new subscribers,) Intuit be miry r..lfp,ip order tO
secure attention,