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    1. 0,- * Wadi' INT ELL 144 E N
intelligence from the Capital—general
iSeittrin /- omisealott. -
The Pte sin ahip Alabama, Medved at New
O rleans Oh the 4th inst., having left Vera
Croton the 26th and Tampion on the 30th
silt. The Picayune published ah extra on
the arrival of the .Alabania, from which it
appears that thit filllowing information was
esurivett-hp the editors of that paper, (ruin
a eouree ',entitled to great respect:
A letter from Vera Cruz states that after
; the Americans had carried the citadel, they
vtotned'the guns of that fortification on the
~ t y, whereupon the Mexican army retreat
- 41il to Ouatlaliinpe. The minister of foreign
addressed the Governor, directing
.hiss to-srrange matters as well as he could
jtmul he received official infortnation where I
the government was established. There
h GO 4confli:mation of the report that Santa
,Anna had been wounded.
It was reported that Gen. Quitman was
on his way down . With despatches and 4,-
000 men.
Col, Wilson, governor of Ve9 Cruz,
was seriously ill. General Patterson was
tO take command of the forces in the City
and Stite of Vera Cruz, or proceed to join
General Scott, as should be thought prop-1
; •r pi his arrival.
‘, General Lane had !teen ,compelled to
-Mmd larch to Vera Cruz for a further sup-
ply ,ofaninmition. He had arrived at the
,National Bridge without serious opposition
'though the guerillas made their appearance;
on ! several occasions. A requisition for
..ten thousand rounds was complied with.
It was reported that thc yellow fever has
made its appearance in Gen. Lane's com.
mend; that there was scuneseareity of pirb
visions, and that the guerillas had fortified
A letter front Major Lally. dated Jalapa.
28d , September, says that all was quiet
there. The wound he received in the neck
came near killing him, but he wasJdien
doing well. '
betters from Vera Cniz, dated ott the
25th. state that a proclamation hail been
_.,i,aeued by Santa Auna announcing his res-1
s ignation as President of the Republic, and
~, that of Senor Pena y Pena had been initia
ted in his place. Tie: Picayune doubts
the truth of the statement, however.
In,the battles of the Sill and 13th Sep!
tember, the .tinarieans *lost twenty-seven.
officers killed and fortydive wounded. No
confirmation has• been received in any
quarter of the death of any of the Atneri
can .general officers. There was no later,
news, direct front Gen. Scott's army....
'Letters received by ciaminereial 'houses. in
Tampico from their correspondents, in the
city. of
. Mexico, confirm entirely the , Pic
ayune's former rt 3 pOrts of the battles of,
Made! Rey.and Cl' a pultepec Ileigblll6.9r
t, the Ath and 13th, which pieties were -car
': - tied liy. Gen. Scott at dit•• pond of 1130.13 W
, Ghat.
A circular was published on the 14th. -
`„, dated r e sent Guadaloupe, and addressed - la
the commandants of the geueral depart
,mant. In it is set forth that Santa Anna
arsi:timed the capital that other means
might be pursued for the purpose of harass
, ing the enemy. That a heroic resistance
. 1100 been made fur the space of six days,
~dtat that the enemy at length establisked
himself in positions and places fiom wlitek
his missiles could reach the Peaceful thou
sands of the city. The Supreme Gov
eminent. perceiving this, determined to
change their abode, the location of which !
wrilild•tielinnistureed es smut -14- thtr 4 itel
ehould be agreed noon. It further states
. , that the American army charged at day, -.1
break on the 13th ult. with ail its force up
on Chapultept c, which yielded after. if
'seitited defeuce of - six hours. The the
'Atnericatisiminediately inarcheduPott an-I
Tether 'strong forti fi cation, but the first ad-1
tierite *as cheeked' by troops led by Santa!
Anne, who disputed the ground, inch by
' inch. till finally the Mexicans were routed!
',trent' the citadel, tiller nine hours hard'
The capital being in this situation, San-
Anna, anxious to avoid bombardment, de
*mined to evacuate it.
Verbal reports . are that lie retinad to t
Vatidaloupe with ten thousand troops and
'twenty-five pieces of artillery. No men
- tion is made of the reported bombardment
of the 14th and 13th.
Major Capers, of the U. S. Army, a
passenger by the Alabama, informs us that
the' battle of “The Mill Del Rey" was I
(Ought on the Bth, and the bloody engage-1
melt of Chapulte pee on the 13th, and that •
Gen. Scott entered the city of Mexico on
the lath.
The heights of Cluipultepee were ear-
rietl et the point of the bayonet. and our
Imm, in consequence, was very severe.—
.14fexican sources at VeratCruz report that
116 of our officers and 1,000 alien were
put hors de combat by the storming of the
fume's; but at Tampico this was berme.- I
ell to be a gross exaggeration, as the Mex-1
Man forces retreated too speedily to briugi
about so untoward a result.
There had been no arrival at Vera,Cruzl
:front the interior, and the information aboie
related. was-lieceived in private letters at
At the bittle of Chapultepec on the 16th' ,
cote brought 4d pieces of cannon to bear
on the heights. coon rendering them un
On the afternoon of the 14th he sent
;.1,000 men into the city, who took posses
, Itiioo of the citadel, after some serious op
• priftition from the rabble, who attacked
•, them rear in astounding numbers.
.• Gnats 13th it is said that the women
741tietendst1 muskets of Santa Anus, which
Lite wit unable to furnish.
The whole story with regard to the death
-et gene. Worth, Smith, and Pillow, turns
.11tut to be unfounded. Geu. Worth had
hetet 'printed by Gen. Scutt as Governor
Ad* city of Mexico.,
4 . ,itaia That the views of Major Lally.
the re-occupancy ofJalapa, have
„Wit lea; since anticipated by the War De
,laltilthetit and that as early as August 12,
eia*ctions were despatched by the Adju
111140etterel to W %Isom commandant
SO Yen Cre v, to organize and send for.
with all expedition. * competent force
fee the re-occupancy of that city. The
iteitienitioxte *leo suggested the holding of
etionel Bridge and Cerro Gordo.—
`pastime thus taken by the War Do-
WaWl to open the couttnunicatiun from
' id of the tine, will, we hare no doubt,
pow" enceesartil. (As has been already
1101411414 litter bar lama remised hum Lieu.
,wool 4 Waxed Lliirghes. stating that he has
,111110tt the National Bridge.)
;, 11901heent Wilton repasts that a 'efficient
Yin Crus. Skpleteber 8. to take
ism slue 'Nel 4111 d the National
die; other forces would' soon
follow to open the remainder of the lino to
Jalapa. The taking and holding these
points are the. first steps necessary to keep
opeo the communication with our army in
Mexivo.•;-- Washington Union.
; SCOTT s l)tt1 .t\ORIV BATTLE.--A cor
respondent of the N. 0. Delta thus writes
of Gen. Scott's demeanor
Gen, Scott, at the head of our army,
during the engagement, received a slight
wound in the leg. and what is very remar
kable, no person whatever except himself
was aware of it until after the battle was
over. A great deal has been said andovrit
j ten in reference to the ability of Den.
Scott as a miliotry man. but those who
have not seen him in command and under
fire, cannot form any just conception of his
ability. Ilis cool consideration of every
thing around him—his quick percepticiii—
his firm resolve and immediate execution
—equal, if they do not surpass, those of
any of the great generals whole deeds
hare been made so conspicitous in history.
leans Picayurie is urgent in exemplifying
the necessity of reinforcing Gen. 'la:dorsi
line. It says :—"The recent news from,
the Rio Grande is of a characutr to lead
us to suppose the' Mexican report that
they had obtained an advantage over Gen.
Scott on the &kelt., at the Mill del Rey.
has inspired them with new hopes.. In
the valley they see Gen. Taylor with but
a handful of men maintiagogoang rum:
extending from Buena Vista to Point Isa
bel. , Leaving out of via* the probable
ability of Santa Anna to re-enact hut march
upon Buena Vista, the Mexicans of the
valley and throughout the whole of jhe
State of Tamaulipas need no other incen
tive to re-organize thgratielvea into Guer
illa handolian the prospirst of being able
to plunder the public and private property,
on the line. That the Mexicans will soon
be up in numbers sufficient to make:Atm
selves formidittle to Gen. TaYlor, we
think there is good reason to expect."
Naws 'sou Mixtco.---According to
the Vemtrow correspondent of the "Picay
une there is but a poor prospectof any
news from Gen. Stott for some length of
time. He says a—
"I suppose we will have to wait again
until;, he English courier • arrives before
we receive authentic news from Mexico,
nd it is even doubtful if he will bring any
thing that can be made public. under exist
ipg as Cleo. Scott, will no
doubt be in Mexico at that time, and the'
permission which was extended to the
courier during the armistice to bring let
ters for the Americans, will, of course,
hs.we.been discuntinuel.., Even it the road'
is opened by the American's, it will be very
unsafe, if not 'entirely impossible. for emir
iers to come through unless under protec
tion of a- strong escort, and these escorts
eourw•only-be-fumished. to -Me
bearers of Government dispatches, which'
will be sent but seldom."
Like all the - recent - accounts; the next
news- will prOlobly be from. Mexican
sources. .
Is tr so I—A. Washington correspondent
of the New York Herald, in regarti,to the
war and hs origin, says :
"lion the whole,•wo think It may be
assumed that had the character of the
countries of New Mexico • and California
been understood two years ago as being a
continuous desert for a thousand miles,
, . an d fur an talon at clip
scope north and south, a way might have
been discovered through which the peace
would have been maintained, and a perma
nent boundary between us and , Mexico
conceded, defined, and established. In
other words, had it'been known in the nut
.set that New Mexico and California would
not pay for the powder, war urouldhave
been superseded hy. a leas expensive agen
cy of settlenient."
Mere is a clear admission that the war
was commenced by Mr. Polk for the ton
gue:l.lf territory, is. no doubt, in
part correct. But we verily believe, if Mr.
Polk and hie Pkrty had not expeCted to
make greet political capital out of this ag
gressive war, it would not ,have been com
menced ,unconstitutionally, as it was, nor
commenced at al—Albany Journal.
Tut N xxx Comas:sig.-4 Certain Whig
JlNonty!—The ehletiou of four Whig
members of CongresA, Maryland, being
a Whig,gain of TWO members. wiles the
complexion of;the next House of *Pre
sentative*, beyond a doubt. According to
the New York Tribune the elections in
ugier states previous to that in Maryland
showed a total of 110 Whigs-3 lndepen. '
dents, (viz: Petrie of New York, Tuck
of New liampshire, and 'whin, of Ohio;)
1 Native, (Levin of Pennsylvania.) 98 LI).
cofbcos• and, two ornuteies irr Ohio and
Michigan, which will be filled by. Locok
' eos—Leaving Louisiana and Mississippi,
which states will probably chbose 2 Whigs
and 8 L0001:0104
The House -of iteprtmentatives is com
posed of 228 members, 1151 if which is a
majority. Previookto the Maryland elec
tion the Whigs had electir - 110 certain,
and the four elected in Maryland makes
114 Whigs, extictly one half of the whole
If either Took or Lahm votes with the
Whigs we have a clear majority. even
though the States of Louiitiana and Missis
sippi should refuse us a single member,
which is not probable. Besides Mr. Lev
in is opposed to the Administration, on
nearly every question, and it is thought
that the South Carolina delegation will
vote against the Administration. Should
the States yet to elect send two Whigs,
the state of parties will stand
This table exhibits a clear majority of 4
over all others, and 8 over the - leofocos
proper. If either of the Independents
votes with us our majority will be increas
ed in proportion.
A. steamboat accident happened in t o O
hio river near Portsmouth on Saturday
last, caused by a collision. The steamer
Sunbeam was sunk in twelve fSet water,
and eight %ratan emigrants who wore on
board unfortunately found a watery grave.
The boat and cargo are a total loss.
The steamboat Mississippi struck a snag
near Turkey Island, and almost immedi
ately sunk to her hurricane deck, and was
totally lust. Seven persons attached to
thecompany of returning Illinois volunteers
sad twenty horses were drowned by this
protracted struggle in the New York Dem
ocratic Convention at Syracuse, between
the two rival tltetions, the 01(1 !balker*
end the Barnburners, has resulted in the
triumph of the former by seven or eight
votes, and the consequent nomination of
their favorites for the office of Lieutenant
Governor, Comptroller, Secretary of State,
&c. What was the origin of those party
names, or what their exact signification,
we are unable to inform our readers; in
deed it would require much studyfind an
able instructor to master the party vocabu
lary of that faction-ridden State. We on
ly learn from their newspaper discussions
that Messrs. Flagg, John Iran Buren, and
other peculiar friends' of Et-President Van
Queen, belong. to and are among the. lea
ders of the second named and defeated
party; slid thai Messrs. Crosswell, of the i
Albanylopis, Gov, Marcy. &ague Corn
ing, mamba distinguished Democrats of
the - Stattii - iireilhe readers on
ofthe other and successful party.
The feud between them appears to be an
gry, and inveterate, and the New York
F.voningTosti which sides with the Barn•
burning wing, charges that the late. Gov.
Wright was defeated at the last election by
the treachery of she Hunkers in uniting .
With the Whigs.. The Post states further
that the recent severe struggle in the Cont
amnion "closed in settingweitle the candi
,for the office of Comptroller (Mr.
Flagg) demanded by the masa of the De.
Fl ALE CotißAoK.—lt is seldom we see
recorded a more signal iailumin a case of
a cool, premeditated outrage upon an un
pmtected female, Sep one described An - the
Goshen Democrat. It occurred in Whit
ley cuunty,,lndiana, on the 81st of Sep
tember: s,
. A colored man by the name ofJohn Ro
ttenberry, ascertaining from Mrs. Knisely,
living near Columbia, that her husband
was absent from home. anti was not ex
pected to return until the following day,
came back to her house in the evening.— ,
Hie appearance being discovered, and his;
diabolical purposed readily inferred, the
door. was closed and fastened, and the lone
woman prepared to defend herself to the
last extremity. Rosenberry reached his
arm through the window, which was struck
with an axe by Mrs. Kaisely. lie then
burst open the door. Mr. K. had taken
down-her husband's rifle, but in the alarm
of the moment dropped it on the floor when
it exploded. She then ran up stairs and
as the Negro attempted to clamber after her
slte struck him on the side of the head with
an axe, so that lie was obliged to leave for
his own safety. A reward of fifty dollars
Was offered for the wretch, and we learn
that he has been taken: Such hirfic con
duct is worthy of the highest admiration,
_and-shohld stimulate females ..under like
circumstances. to as courageous a defence.
' The only regret one reek apart from the
assauliitscilf, is, that in the excitementof the
moment, Mrs. Knisely had not managed
her husband's rifle to a little better advan
ACCOXMODATISO.-A Baltimore paper
says a colored man was taken to the W ash
ington College • w ith a fracture of such a
character as 'to leave no alternative but am
putation to-save his life. An hour was
accordingly - appointed, - and preparation
made fur the operation, and several profes
sional gentlemen were present with the
todestio to proceed therewith ; but on an
attempt to continence the work, the patient
ecartmalasta • nuit_tieclined _ w
assured that his fife would be the price of
his refusal, to which he replied that he
would rather lose his life than his leg.—
The case was becoming rather serious, and
there seemed to be au insuperable obstacle
in the man's resolution, which, if yielded
to, would inevitably bring about his speedy
death; when Dr. Gibson remarked, some
what'at random, "But—," calling him
by name, "you see I have invited several
of my friends to the operation; and if you
are determined to refuse they will be dis
appointed." The poor. fellow turned it
over a moment in his mind, and then
promptly replied, "Well, Massa Gibson,
sooner than the gentlemen shall be dissap
pointed you may take off' the leg." Thus
courtesy Predominated, humanity was sat
isfied, science entertaiitell, and the obliging
patient is doing well.
Hoses-Racmo.—A great four mile race
was run on Thtirsday last over the Union
Course. Long Island, between the celebra
ted mare "Fashion" who has reigned un
disputed queen of the turf since she beat
"Boston some years ago, and a Southern
mare called "Passenger," who ventured
to dispute the crown with her. It result
ed in the defeat of her Majesty, "Passen
ger" having won in two straight heats, the
first, taking 7 min. 45 1-2 seconds—the se
cond, 7. [gin. 48 1-2 seconds. We read
that the betting was two to one on "Fash
ion" before the "start; but that "the know
ing ones" were not at all Aurprised when
the Southern mare won. The amount of
it was that some verdant specimens of hu
man genus with more money than brains
had their peat, tightened, and "Passen
ger" will win the purses for a few years
until she gives way under her eiertions,
and some fresher rival will return on her
the game which she has played with Posh
ion. Men and race-horses rim. pretty
much the same course ; the favorite of to
day is thecastaway 'of the morrow.
Wonwas or OzoLootr.—::More than
nine thousand different animals have been
changed into stone. The rsees , or genera
of more than half of these are now extinct,
not being at present known in alivlng state
upon the earth. From the remains of
some of these ancient animals they must
have been larger than any living animals
now known upon the earth. The Mega
therium, (great beast,) says Bucklarxl, from
a skeleton, nearly perfect, now in the mu
seutn at Madrid, was perfectly colossal.—
With ahead and neck like those of the
Sloth, its legs and feet exhibit the charac
ter of an Armadillo and the Anteater. Its
fore feet were a yard in length, and more
than twelve inches wide, terminated by
gigantic claws. Its thigh bone was nearly
three times as thick as that of the elephant
,and its tail (nearest the body) six feet in
circumference. Its tusks were admirably
adapted fur cutting vegetable substances,
and its general structure and strength were
intended to lit it for digging in the ground
for roots, on which it principally fed. L
- Bridgewater Treatise.
Combo says : "In the course of my expe.
Hence during thirty years in the profession
of law, in connexion chiefly with the mid.
did class of society, I had abundant proofs
that those who prospered were active, in
telligent, and moral; and that those who
failed . were deficient in these qualities, or
in one or other of theta."
It is the wonder of the ignorant that men
with small capital all around them are sue.
cessful in business. and rapidly acquiring
wealth, while they with enlarged means
and opportunities are scarcely making a
living. Examples multiply. on all sides,
SS we 1(4 around among those with whom
we started in life, of. tho value (tartans.
Iu the,push and entartnise which distill._
guish "Yankee land," the drone With Mo
ney ia soon passed in the race by the in
dustrious and energetic, with a will to do
and a head lei prim. '•••Yet . hcor many with
equal abilities slumber, while a more open.
eyed and active neighbor gradually steals
away their business,' and 'when it is Nuns
dllidte of their drovobidesi, Winder if the
decree of.figis. and fail. _
Shall WO tell you, reader, a simple se.
cm; whieh,neitt to industry and eigibince,
has Maits 7 more fortunes than all the smiles
oflliit'ataral 'hot eitongli that you
bleb Store stdra *ell-tiefeei
ted assortment of geode diet you open
early in the morning and remain in ft tin
tit late at night; (thee° are good things,
and indispensable;) the few who pan by
your place of 'business may see and ad
mire yotir peneverance, but the public, the
great number who bity, What know they,
in the whirl and exeitement ofa large city.
of the doings of a single eininot upon the
hill. You.must . speak,to numbers, by the
aepredited organs of communication, thro'
the journals that reach the most eyes and
your money with an inquiry. but in the
exercise of your reason. Circulate the
knowledge of your business through those
journals which reach the whole public.—
r The Newspapers will enable you to ac
complish *hie..—Norili AuseriCan.
ms.-1 most interesting group presented
itself before us twoyoung female slaves,
both with most pleasingeountenances,atood
together closely embraced, the arm of One
round the neck of the other ; their attilude,
as. well as the strong likeness between
them, liointing them out at once as sisters.
By their side was an African slave7dealer,
in whose ferocious countenance if seemed
impossible to discern n trace of human
feeling. lie was armed with a large heavy
stick, with which he drove theni to and fro
literally like a herd of animals. Three er
four Turks wore discussing, "with consid
erable animation, the price of one of the
women ; but the bargain had been struck
just before we Caine in, and one of the par
ty, a stout, good looking man, was paying
down the money. NVhen this was com
pleted, with an imperious movement of the
hand, he motioned to his newly-purchased
slave to follow him. It was the youngest
and the most timid of the two sisters whom
he had selected. Nothing could have been
more painful than to watch the intense, the
terrified anxiety, with which both had fol
foited the prograsnithesate ; and now that
it was :concludetitloul knowni that the mo
ment of separation was arrived, she whose
fate had been sealed, disengaged herself,
and, turning round, placed her. Awo hauds
on her sister's shoulders, with a firm grasp,
and gazed into her eyes. Not words, not
tears, could have expressed one-half of the
mate, unutterable despair that dwelt in
that long, heart-rending gaze. It were
hard to say which face was must eloquent_
of misery ; but the Turk was impatient ; he
clapped his hands together. This was a
well-knowri signal. A slight tremor shook
the frame of the young slave ; her arms
fell powerless at her side, and she turned
to follow her master. The voiceless but
agonized_faxewelLwas _,ano dies_
moment, we could just distinguish her
slender figure threading its way through
the crowd, :in company with the other
slaves belonging to the Turk. her sister
had hid herself behind her companions,
and now sat on the ground, her head sunk
upon her folded arms.— Sketches among
fhe Turks.
TION Saturday week a gentleman
brought into Portsmouth, (Ohio,) from
the Bloom Furnace, Scioto cannity, , a part'
ofnin- Wit man, found in the ore bed :
The part we saw was• the foot and part of
the leg. Having been converted into iron
by a gradual process, the minutest divisions,
as between toes, Ste. were not visible; but
the general outline of the foot and - ankle
were palpable. The spreading across the
toes, the general outline of the toes, the
heel, ankle, &c. were perfectly plain.--
We were told that the head and arms were
still more plain. There could not be the
least doubt of its having been a man. Nor
is there much doubt of the manner in whi'at
it came into this condition. The =body
must originally have been petrified in lime ;
but of this there remains now only the out
sitte incrustation, which will crumble off.
What was the man is now iron. By some
natural ! process, the iron must have grown
out of the lime: And here 'iris 'them e for
geologists! How did this change take
place I If we are right—and the facts
seem to leave' no room for doubt—this
iron man would afford one of the moat
beautiful subjects cos a geological lecture.
The iron ore, in which found js called •
the calcareous formation. The process of
its kirmation would be an instructive study.
-Cincinnati Chronicle.
Luther F. Gould, of Fairfield, Conn., met
with a shocking death. on 'ruesday last,—
Re was with others engaged in blasting
rocks in the vicinity of Black Rock. A
charge of about 10 lbs , of powder had been
deposited beneath a shelving stone, on
which Mr. G. sat and ' 11 " to apply the
match to the fuse. fix some unaccounta
ble mistake 'bottle was communicated di
rectly to the powdei, and the whole explo
ded before he had time to move from his
place. Hie body' was thrown over a tree
40 feet Itigh,awil exhibiting signs of life on
ly a moment or so; struck the ground, a
blackened and shockingly mangled. mass.
Mr. G. was about 26 years of age, and has
left a wife to mourn his awful death.
Mesmosst.—A3 a recent meanietie:Ps
ture in Exeter, the lecturer having, as he
fancied, meamerited a table and a man's
hand, and by some means held the two so
effectually together that it all depended on
his single will whether they should ever
again be parted, placed a shilling in tempt.
ing proximity to the hand "in a fix," and
exclaimed, "There now, my man; if you
can take up that shilling you may have it."
"thank you," said the honest fellow, as
ho very coolly dropped the coin into his
waistcoat pocket.
The potato rot appears to be still ex- .
tending in Massachusetts, the potato in
some sections being tainted oniwery farm,
and ,on many entirely destroyed. 'rhe
same appears to be the case throughout
North Caroilna, and in the Western por
tion of the, State hardly enough will be
saved for seed, and it is our opinion, those
should not be used for that purpose.
rent thanksgiving thloughnut the U. States
on the, some day, voluntarily set apart for
*at purpose by the Executiveof each State,
Would be a thing of beautiful propriety and
no ordinary interest. Such a concurrence
tiould.he en area' it first impression in
our country, and the, glorious abundance
niftiglt for':the past year has not only filled
oOrland, hut' his-Overildwed and poured
itself forth to supply the want out famine
of the old world, furnishes not only a ma-,
son but an occasion,for some !ugh signal
and.extraordinary mrtiffestation.of thank
The Governors of four States at least—
NoW•Ham_pshire. Missouri, Massachusetts
and Nb 4 York:--heite selected the 25th of
„November as, a. day of thanksgying. Nut
only is this day at a 'convenient season,
hut it is remarkable in our beleinlittfor the
evacuation. of 'oar territory by the British
ftroops. Let the proposal fir a concentra
tion upon that day go the mundurif - the
press, and the peculiar fitness - of the thing
will commend it to universal adoption.—
Charlestown ffews.
AN Etritanatimax CABE OF CHILD.
MOIDER.-Timuthy and Mary Burke were
tried and eonvicted at Kingston, C. W.,
lust week for the murder of their two chit.
dren, 'Donald, about b years of age, and a '
daughter 2 years of age. They were re- !
eently arrived foreigfiere, and the parents
had applied to several farmers in the neigh
borhood for work, then having the children
appearekwitliMit the boy. Suspicion was
aroused mid search made, which resulted
in finding the body of the boy thrust part
ly"dridera talten - tree;vith a heavy atone
on the neck, and other stones and Same
leaves on other portions of the corpse.—
The little girl was found not far oft dead,
but with no marks of violetlee.t..she bad
probably been !ibando - ned and died,of hun
ger and exposure. When the prisoners
were arrested they at first said, the man
that the children had died at sea, the wo
man that they had died in coining from
Montreal ; but when they were told that
bodies had been found, the man said the
' mother had killed them because nubody
would employ laborers with children.
SIR Ciertnot: Cocastinst.-L-The English
papers of last August announce the death
of GENgRAL Vl* 0 gniale COCRAVIM aged
84. He neeomprinied the British military
force, which, in A tigu , t, 1814, invaded and
raptured the city of Washingion. In that
capacity the gallant Admiral did the pres
ent proprietors of the National Intelligen
cer the honor to superintend in person the
sacking of their printing offiee, the destroy
ing of the innocent types, and the burning
of the books—the building then occupied
by - The publishers being eared from the
flames only by the representations of dis
tressedleinatOs, whose adjoining houses
would have fallen with it. The invw !ers
had [turned the Capitol and the Presit em's
house, and theonly priVate property they
took the trouble to destroy was that of the
editors of the Intelligencer.
stated in an English paper that Bangui),
the Thane of Lochaher, who resided in
the castle of luverlochy, was the progeni
tor of the Stuart family, of . whom many of
the crowned heads of Europe are descend
; ed. So that it is no wonder that Queen
Victoria should select Fort William. the
capital of Lochaber, (or her landing-place
on her visit to this part of her ancient
kingdom of Scotland. Through Mary,
Queen of Scotts, and the tat James of Eng-
Asndt, -the -Guelph-fonsity- wereAltreody—da,
scended from William the Coqueror. The
witches' prophecy, therefore, in Macbeth,
that the children of Batumi should be
, kings, is fully verified in the person of the
present occupant of the English throne.
MOUNT VERNON.—An effort is to be
mEde at the coming session of Congress to
secure an appropriation of $lOO,OOO. on
certain conditions, for the prelim° of Mt.
Vernon. It is said that Mrs. IVashington,
the present proprietress, is willing to dis
pose of it: -•Philadelphia Ihr!lran.
MxLsmcnoLv.—Tliti number of immi
grants to Canada, who have died in three
months on ship board, or after they were
landed, is aeren thousand one hundred and
forty. •
A vessel, recently arrived at Gross Isle
from Londonderry. had when she sailed
300 passengers, eighteen of whom died on
the passage, and 120 were landed sick.—
At Gross Isle several of the clergymen in
attendance and sixteen of the nuns were
sick of the fever.
Enact& or FEAR.—TIie peasants Of
Sardinia are in the constant habit of hunt
ing eagles and vultures, both for profit and
as an amusement. In the year 1839.
three young men (brethren) living near
San °Miran de Dolma Novas, having es
pied ari eagle's nest in the bottom of a steep
precipice, they drew lots to decide which
of them should descend to take it away.—
the danger did not arise so much from the
death of the precipice—upwards of a hun
dred feet—but the apprehension of the nu
merous birds of prey that -inhabited the
cavern. However, the lot fell on one of
the brothers, tv-oung matt of about two and
twenty, of athletic form, and of a. dauntless
with. - He belted a knotted rope round
his waist, by which his brothers could low
er or raise him at will; end, armed • with
'a sharp infantry stir - 60M boldly tleseend..
ed•the rock and' reached the' nest in sal ety.
It contained' four eagles of that peculiarly
bright plumage called the light Isabella.-
I The difficulty now arose in bearing away
the nest. He gave a signal to his breth
ren, and. they began 'to haul him bp, when
he was•fiercely attacked by two powerful
eagles, the parents of the-young he
had captured. The onset war most furi
nos, they darkened the cavern by the flap
! ping of their broad wings, and it was not
' without much difficulty that he kept them
offmith his sword when, on 'a
the rope that suspended him swung round,
and on look ing- tip-'he. perceived that the
had partly severed it 'with 'hie sabre: 'At
' this fearful sight le was struck with such
a sudden terror that he was unable to urge
Ihis companions. to hasten hit delivery, al
though ho still kept his - fierce antagonists
at bay. His.brothers continuing to haul
him up, while their friendly voices endeav
ored to encourage him, he soon reached
the summit of the rock; but, although he
' continued to grasp the eagle's nest he was
speechless, and his hair, which had benne
been of a jet black color, was now us white
as snow.
THE PRICK OF Seamus Homon.—A
duel took'plaCe on Friday morning at the
Halfway House on the Dismal - Swamp
Canal, a short distance within the Virginia
side of the lino. The names of the parties
were Harris and Yellowby ; and both
wore from Pitt county, North Carolina.—
Harris received his ailversar . t 's bit''', in his
forehead, end fell dead.
To Country Merchants and Others
No. 426 Market street, above 12th Banat WO,
e 1.01 Zai II) La ZIP ale di
. 11AS now on hand' and is constantly
11 receiving a large and well selected
stock of every 'article in his line, consist
ing in part of Oranges: Lemons, Prunes,
Pigs, DatesOls4ons, Grapes, and every
other fruit in aeon. A full assortment
of Bordeaux and Soft-shelled Almonds;
Filberts, Ground Nuts, Cream Nuts, Eng
lish Walnuts, Cocoa Nuts, &c. Hie as
sortment of CANDIES are at lower pri
ces than can be bought in the City. He,
requests an examination of his stock be
fore purchasing elsewhere, as he offers
goods at a small , advance, being aniioue
to des htleinefs fnr_CASH,
Jut Out this advertisement and bring
it with you.
Sept. 24, 1.847.-3 m
Clothing Establishment.
The most extensive Ck•thing Warehouse in the
hutted Agates. •
100,000 CarmenTx on' boort - find reeity for &04-
1- rir 0 lib:Ma UfeNV - 0 - 01 -
but one price, those who are not
dealers, or do not understatiONhe read vat
; nation price of goods, will have an oppor
tunity of purchasing garments as low as
professed judges. Jobbers and dealers in
ready-made Clothing, can replenish their
storks for the winter. and we guarantee
the largest establishment in Philadelphia
to select from. Wo attend personally to
I the packing of goods and see thatn gond as
; soriment of sizes and well-made articles
! are put up. Single suits forwarded as per
11:73.0tir goode are for side oftly at the
large building, 128 Market at. Southeast
corner of Market and Fourth streets, Phil
adelphia. C. 11A RK N ESS.
Sept. 24, 1847.-3 m
First Premium Writing Ink.
rilins Ink has for a long while become
estahlislit.,l as a Nutiutial article, and
the hillowing testimonials from Washing
ton City, prove its merits in that dirbction:
House of lleprusentatives,
finhing,fott City, Frh. 21 1813,
I etatt: ilia' I have used the Ink, during
the present session of Uongrese, manuhte•
lured. by Joseph E. llover, Etl., of Phil
adelphia, anti 1 Rare hound it to be an ar.i•
ele of most excellent quality.
Speaker tloue of E q ." e_g a. eyes.
Patent Office, , iraohligion,l). C.,
l'ebrnary '24. 1843.
Black XV riling Ink has brim
used in this Office since Octillier lasi, and
is entirely approved,
I an respectfiilly f
J. IV. I L f), Chief llerk.
Mr. JOSEPH E. Iltivka,
lloveett Adamantine Cement.
The, followin G
g lint Reporter
will 1)64 illustrate ita value:
"Mr. {lover manufactures ...11apiantint
Cement" for joiniriz broken eltion,
&e.; we hays hare tried the article and
found it to he excellent."
-- rdit - Sate;AVlttilesale imtt Retail; irrthe
Nl:luau:tory, No. 87 North Third Street,
opposite Cherry Street, Philadelphia, by
C7"For sale in Gettysburg at the store
of S. 11. BUEHLER.
August 13. 1847.
Feathers ! Feathers !
to 43 Cents per Pound
E . starer and General Furnisher, No.
415 Market St. above 11 thcs North side.
opposite Girard Row, Philadelpltia, where
may be had at all times a large assortment
of Bedi and Mattresses, Curled Hair and
Feathers, Chairs, Tables; Bedsteads and
Looking Glasses,together withall other ar
ticles in the above line of business at the
very lowest Cash prices.
N. B. Goode warranter) to give satis
Sept. 2,1847.-3 m
Allegheny [louse,
TUE subscriber (late of the
Washington Hotel, Ilarrisburg, Pa.) takes
this method of informing, his old friends
and the public generally that lie has taken
the above named HOTEL. The House
is airy and comfortable, and has been ex
tensively altered and improved, and the
proprietor hopes by strict attention to bus
iness, and a proper care for the comfort of
his guests, to merit and receive a share of
public patronage. The House is situated
very convenient for the 'fravelling Public,
boing . Only two doors abdvei the Harris
burg and Pittsburg Depot, and within two
minutes walk of the Baltimore and ,Read
jag Depots, Stabling the pre
mises. Tonna *I per day. •
E. P. HUGHES, Proprietor.
ftiopi. 3. 1847 if
0.2. Subscribers have the pleasure of
,announcing that they have complstoti
Ocir srrarigeisests for running a •
between Gettvahurg and Baltimore,; via
Littlestown; Mrestroinst4, 0:0 Reimer?,
tuwn, entirely newline of superior
and'elegantly built *i t
Va,;: l e,` TROY 00AORES
have I.een put on the route, which, togeth
er with trusty and accommodating drivers,
they feel assured must give entire !misfit°.
Lion to the Travelling Public.
gcceThe line will run through - daily.
(Sundays excepted.) leaving regularly at
7 o'clock, A. 'M. •
.1011 N L. TATE & CO.
September 17,
Jewel? Watch-C uards.
w Alp. „Chains. .Kays, Simile:lee,
v &e.. r. tan all,' aye be laid at the
Clock & Waich rmabliottateut of .
.. " 1.1 "
llErd E a C e ' n f i r e U m l e . i L i Y of i n u fu e r it tn ys t b h u e r l, g ad i l n el
its vicinity, that they have taken rooms,
for a few weeks, at Kurtx's Hotel, (thir)
it o ry) where, with the beat , apparatus es•
tan t;ind materials of the finest quality, they
are fully prepared to execute •
Daguerreotype Lillteuteeses,
of all sint o in.* style
by any other, artist in the country. •
Likesses of chiltlrentOl. roas t as two
years, taken do exquisite litylea /I'l
Family GrOnps takin in stileddld style
sod at intolerant prices.
Miniatures of deceased peniaes can be
copied. •
Miniatures nude, without. regard to the
state of the weather, between the helms of
8-o'clock,A. M., sod iro 0414, 1 ,,--
Gettysburg, Sept, 17,
S daily expected, and as soon as receiv
,l ed will' be made known through she
medium of the press... In the mest►,time
the publio,curiosity in tide neighiscishood
can be occupied in examining i tlie Wraor
(finery supply of ,
Ready-made t lothißt,
for fall and winter use, just received, and
for sale at astonishingly cheap rates, at
orSaxnsoti's Variety Store, 4)
in Gettysburg, immediately oppoaite.the
Bank. The stock has been purchased
with a view to the season. and , embricell
every variety of Gentleinen'a...Apparel,
such as superfine Cashmerot and. cloth
Dress COATS and CLOAKS; fine and
superfine Tweed Coats ; .Cessittet do. ;
plain anti limey Cassiitier, Cloth. Tweed,
and Cassinet PANTS; Silk, Satin. Can
siniere, Cassinet, Plain & Fancy VESTS;
Shirts, IJosoms, Collars, Cravats, Hand
kerchiefs, Sus fenders, Gloves, Stockings,
together with every thing belonging to a
gentian:ill's furnishing line. Also a largo
Jewelry, Spectacles, Perfumery, Pen
knives, Combs, Shaving Apparatus, Pur
ses, Dish-shades, Umbrellas, Violin and
Guitar Strings, Needles, Pins, &e. &r.
Also, a few CLOCKS, which will be sold
low, as I wish to clear off the lot. Also,
some cheap home-made Carpets.
Coach-makers wilrflud aptungrny stock
a lot of Coach-Lace, Canvass, Curtain
Frames and Knobs, and a small lot of 1-
ron--all of which will be sold very cheap.
I have also on hand several Bug
aics and second-hand Carriages t alao Fly
nets, nail sevend sets of new h arness—
whirh ran he hail very low.
My gOinT4 having been purchased tinder
laem circumstances, mid having deter
mown to adopt the cash and one-plice sys
tem in iity dealings liellarter, I pin ena
bled to other them., at lower prices thou
they have ever hitherto been purchased in
this place. All I ask is an examination of
my goods, which I shall be pleased toshow
to purcluaiere at all times.
Sept. 19, 1847.—if
HF. Commissioners of Adams Conn
their office in Clettysburg, until Tuesday
(he `21.11/i day of October next, for bUilding a
across Little Conowago Creek. on the road
leading front Adam's Mill towards Hano
ver, near ConoWage Chapel.
pc.7-Plans and specifications can be seen
at the Commissioners' Office.
ATTF.ST-J. AN31111,:11A120111. Clerk,
Sept. 24. 1847.—td
L E'S'TERS Testamentary nn the FA
,/ tate of Jon N th rz, late of Motintpleas
ant township, deceased, having been grant
ed to the subscribers, residing in Adams
county, they hereby give notice to all Who
are indebted to said Estate to call and Pay
the same without delay, and those having
claims are desired to , present
,the sante,
properly authenticated, fer settlement.
111-7"'rhe first named Eiticutor realikles
in Hamilton township, and the latter in
Mountpleasant township.
October 1, 1847.--Bt. Executors.
- --
To Farmers and Lime Burners.
VT OTICE is hereby given that JACOB
111 11. BOWER, of Juniata county',. Ps.
has recently invented and procured Letters
Patent for an improvement in the Constine
tion of Lime Kilns, to which theittlention
of Farmers and'time Burners xeiPect
fully requested. A Kiln , canbesidnitfo
O -
ed according to this en', yieX i one
thousand bushels of Lime fur 0)601%110-
w dollars, and larger kilns tanict, pt
the rate of six dollars per arch.
be made any size' to sulk theaonvaiipettest
of pentium. The system' ta,s, 4 :1011
tested, and' has: proved to , be vititly 490,
rior to any system ever tried, SS kilns VIM
be built for one-half the cost fornieliy
tending their'constructims. ,
The subscribe r l_f 'doly itithotiso ac
gent to di*0 0 00, 0 c • FAA* itvairrib , in.
Juims, Adauxi, W,ranklin. Union end , Be&
ford counties,. and ,to furnish ,Utuirit Pat
ent, Schedule, Drawing and Deed.for the
same. Any. person Artehing iuriblt infor
mation, or to procure a farm right , in eith
er, ot the above counties, caw do so by en"
closing $5 a letter, or by §ersonal
cation to ,DA,VID
WALAVUT P. o,ll.vliata county, Pi.,
OF the very best qaality, and different
flavors, can be hed, at all times, M
WEAVER'S Confectionary in Chamber.-
bbrg street, ibmilita and Portia will bo
supplied with any desired yttantity, et the
•abortest notice. CAKES and CONFEC.
TIONS of all kinds always on hatidi end
will be furnished to order on. ceusonablo
Gettysburg, July 23.—te
Perfunterg,,,Srinp, ke,„
ARTICLES, TOW. dze. fur,
by C %IE.IN
TIMIATAR 4 ithirtirkt,
ott A
Evening, 0ct,15, 1817.
C AOENCY.—V. B. PAusin, Esq. at the
r of Chesnut St Third street, Philadelphia;
140 Nassau street New Yoe* six( Souib4est tor:
fler ii!!...Biatimote sad Calm* street. Baltimore--
• C&101, Esq. Sea &Ailing, N. E. Corner
OA Porkstcan4.44o IC Fourth et. Philati'a
to out outhorizotagents for rosetrini Advertise-
Insets and Buhr Rideau to the gStir',' and collect.
ins and inesipting for the mune.
OUISELVEtiL-Fce 083 0 *mike pot our col"
smog h i m mcomielly , been mast h aw mundly do
voted to political martm, to the a:elusion of that
variety *debasing sf vier patrons would have pro
*rm. 110Nintkon OlOginsafter. while we shall
oistinithrriiiAlMte dour to trtle,tturoxowstief
our party seed and tinserarting devotion to the
*WOO wbltls it 'vote*, we will be, enabled to
sowetpo *Mins With the umml vailety, Ourar.
nagoonoita bac the nomption of the latest news are
mop* and doing the coming winter our raiders
'Map My upon being kept regularly informed of all
plattiminf public interest. No !tort shall be spa
yed to Wake the "Star awl Delmer" equal to the
beet Omit eotemporartes as an entertaining and
iestrecting Family Newspaper.
As tbe long Winter nights are approaching, in
7 11 kb thefalramlT and* Sign will Inv.
abundance of leisure to devote threading, the pres
ort time la a peculiarly favorable one for subscrib-
Ing (aril good and substantial paper, through which
they may regularly acquaint themselves with whit
is being done "In the world," and be enabled to
opund Many an idle hour pleasantly and prolltably.
7'o each we nwportially commend the "Star," and
eolith the rummy of our Mends in extending its
simulation- We hoe still some mom on our sub
actiption lid, and should be pleased to see it filled
up with the names of good and responsible sub
THE ELECTION.--in atioth; "l / 4 ;olumn will
be found the official returns of the election In this
county oe Tuesdey last. Although the vote
thromghout the county was unusually smell, the
entire Whig ticket has been triumphantly sustain
ed, and Adams county furnishes renewed evi
dence of her unfaltering attachment to Whig
principle'. It is true that the majority is not
*hat our county could hove given, nor whet
we had hoped she would give. Infitoces,
however, arising from sectional disappointment in
the selection of a portion of the county ticket, and
other local causes, in no wise connected with
the great principles at issue between the two pa
ate, operated to produce a limited turn out of nor
-friends in some of the best districts in the country,
which, together with the "nail vote in the town
ship generally, has served to reduce the majority
much below what the county is capable of Riving
for Whig principles. Still several of the district:,
—among them Petersburg, a miltonban, Freed.
om, tTyrone, Siountjoy and Gettysburg—polled
well, and deserve all credit for the efficiency with
which they mine up to the good work ; had they
been as well seconded by the other districts, Ad
em/county, instead of returning 400 majotity for
our candidates, would lead off the list with at least
PETERSBURG friend bus
furnished us with the entire vote in Huntington
and Latimore townships on Tuesday tint, which
we subjoin. It does 0141 . 4 heart good to look at
the figures-170 majority to. Irvin, 165 for Pot-
ton, 236 for Sadler, 169 for IWBherry, 161 f,,r
Kiag,Jl4l4forleary, IST for Harper, and the
_ perky iratelpt.Htiginly l That is talking to
• nue purpose. Loetilivoisni, in this district, has
been growing "small by degrees and beautifully
less," for several years past, and if matters go
an at this rate, a few years more, it will scarcely
have friends enough to chant its funeral dirge.—
The Whig candidates era in kolirs:
Huntington Latimnre Total.
178 117 295
105 20 125
174 117 201
10 19 126
208 117 • 326
70 29 90
175 115 290
100 21 127 1
171 117 288
106 21 127
172 118 290
175 116 291
105 22 127
173 114 287
107 za 130•
At Sherry.
•In caorrquence of the death of Mr. Yeatta, the
Leeafoeor did not vute for Auditor.
also hew furnished with the vote in Hamiltonben
and Liberty tawny/tips, from which it will be seen
that while Liberty faltered and permitted our op
ponents to carry the day at her box, liamiltonhan
came up to to the rescue, and brought out the dis
trict in dying colors.
Libeity. Hamiltonban. Total.
Arvin, 59 143 201
ark, 60 71 181
. iiiittste. 58 147 205
LowAretli, 60 68 128
58 - '142 200
p o 7_5 _, 134
Af'4 l s44ll, " 54 ' 141 198
PitOnNtE;` 81 79 114
125 178
11514.9pc , 02 157
4 41 /084 1 57 157 214
12.. ° 8 20
ArPactifyi 67 144 201
lirinikeriluff, 41 7s' 134
Norm ,58 145 /01
- 43 ' 134
, virTba?Solpico tostsosiiss Is' sr is sea
siaa #A 3yWiX4irit. City. Tha most interesting
*pithily /assigns its attention is the effort to
reinstate Bishop Ondenlonk. *New York let.
147 Iisifr t° e l l apPiggasses. the Bishop's friends
and* it majority Ib the Howes of %pa*. In
* Hoene if Bishops it is intimated that two or
thilesS Bishops halm changed their opinions since
Bishop Ondesdoak's trial, and when the qui - tion
tomes before thorn, will vote for his restonstion
One thing is certain, that the general impression
in the Convention is that the Bishop's friends will
teeelleaplieb his restoration. It is rumored al so th at
ifiree4t should be the else, t► ad, tho Bishop be res.
toted, that he will immediately after being.plaeed
ht the position which he occupied before hie trial,
nsign hie iliectiona forever. '—"'
rrptt was one of the laws of Lycurgue that no
Portions 'honk! be given to young ladies in mar
dep. When this great Lawgiver was called up.
eon tojustify this enactineut, he observed that "in
the cholas of a wife merit only should be consider
edostra find the law was made to prevent young u o
nten from being cho.en for their riches or negler -
d for their poverty."
FROM MEXICO.—An acantily and piece•
meal we gather from Mexican paper.; and letters
from Mexico the particul as of the late battles, we
aro able to correct the first rumors which reached
us. The fret and most gratifying correction, is
that in reference to the death of Generals Worth,
Pillow and Smith, and the reported to,. that our
army sustained at. the late battles. Late Intelli
gence shows that than officers re safe, and that
the gallant Worth la now Governer of the city of
the Monteatunae. • The lows in all the battles
from the Bth to the 13th, &e lisp day, on which
there was any fighting, is Wawa fiveond ma,
hundred killed and efablided.' itiriak made it.
Novena thousand. It Opiate from a eiratitsfylitdt•
lished by Alt:arts, that. Gen . . Santa. Anna deieiniin: ,
ed at ones, upon thicianikatiotiref *beheld° of the
thareepital. The Unbolt report
ls that he retired to fbintlaktupe, which is scarcely
three miles Goth this pipits', n ith 10,000 troops
and twenty-five pima of artillery. Santa Anna
0P.41). 4108 1 1147.29.cr01d,e
ment. Ott graphic:account in the New York Sun
of the street lights on the 11th and 15th, were, of
coupe, fancy sketches.
The Pittsburg Commercial- Journal lays letters
have been received in that city, with the intelligence
that Lieut.,Col. Black, and, we presume, the ree
-1 er part, if not all the Prat Regiment of Penneylve
nia Volunteers, were. at Puebla, on the 12th of
September. They could not, therefine, have been
engaged in the late operation, atunnd Mexico.—
previous to Gen. Soott's !Avenue front Puebla
-ton etirreiptrndent, afar° Halt. Sun, who is in the
hab:t of talkingso oracularly of the movements of
the Administration, states that a special messenger
was despatched for Mexico on Saturday !At. to
recall Mr. Trist. The same correspondent talks
about the intentions of our Government in the fol
lowing cool style: "The conclusion come to by
the Administration, is to take possession of a cer
tain line,and to reduce every thing north of it to
complete trkection. Where that line is to strike
i s not yet definitely determined. ' Some want to
go only as far as the sierra, and others wish to a
dopt a line from Tampico to Mazatlan; while a
third party would prefer the line from Vera Crux
to Arespnleo. I believe the line of the Isth
mus of Tehuantepec is .strongly pressed, and .
may yet be adopted by the President and his
cabinet, if the rigorous war which we are about to
begin will not induce the Mexicans at once
to make peace. Ihe Istlinnis of Tehuantepec
would be ti very proper frontier, settling at once
all our difficulties with Mexico, and leaving that
Republic with quite enough territory for the exer
cise of the taste, judgment and virtue of its patriot
ic inhabit mor. Joined to the United States of
Central America. it would still be a power of some
consideration. sufficient to entertain respectable
sedation, with other countries, though incapable of
doini mischief, or disturbing the tranquility of
Southern States."
DAMAGE BY THE: FLOOD.—The flood of
last week, which proved so destructive to fences,
&c. in t h is region, it seems extended in various di
rections through Pennsylvania, Maryland, and
Virginia. •In Baltimore and Washington cities
several sfeets were inundated to the depth of see
eral feet. The fine rail-road bridges over the Pa
tuxent and Eastern Branch. betneen these two cit
ies, together with four largo culverts, were entire
ly destroyed.
The damage along the Susquehanna has been
very extensive. We understand that the Can
at Duncan's Island, above Harrisburg, is entirely
swept away, as much so as after the Groff ot'4o.
The North Branch has been so seriously dama..ted
that it will be impossible to repair it during the
present season—while the Juniata diviron. it is
thought, cannot be redered navigable 'or two or
three Weeks. Two or three aqueductshave been
carried away, and several large breeches made in
the banks of the Canals, One of the hotels et
Clark's Ferry floated down the river on Satunlay.
The Pennsylvania Canal, between Harrisburg
and Columbia, is 'also seriously injured, and the
Tide-Water Canal is said to be but slightly injur
ed. A colored boy was drowned at Harrisburg
on Sunday. The farmers along the banks of the
river have suffered severely, many of them having
had the entire crop of corn swept away. The
lumber merchants have not eseapped ; and at I cr
lumbii, lumber to the amount of $7,000 has been
lost. We learn, however, thnt the authorities will •
make the most vigorous efforts to repair the Ca
nal breeches as rapidly as possible. The Pittsburg
Journal of Monday says : The Allegheny com
menced rising last Friday morning, and the water
_reached an usual height. A vast quantity of rub
bish, sheds, one or two houses and a bridge, were
swept past the city on Friday morning. We have
heard of a death by drowning a few miles up the
river. •
MARYLAND ELECTION--The election in
Maryland has resulted in a triumph in all but the
Gubernatorial issue. The Whigs gain TWO mem
bers of Congress and rive members of the Legis
lature. Messrs. Chapman, Roman, Evans and
Chrisfleld, (Whigs) and Messrs. Ligon and M'.
Lane (Locofocos) are returned to Congress; last
year the dcletation stood 2 Whigs to 4 Locofbeos.
This secures a certain Whig majority in Congress
of four or five, probably mom.
The Legislature will stand 58 Whigs to 24
Locofemstin * the House—last year 53 Whigs to
29 Loci:trouts. The Whig majority in.the Sea
ate is five—same as last year. Inasmuch as the
Legislature now chosen will continue to sit for
two yesis under the biennial session law,'the elect
fon of a United States Senator, in place of Mr.
Paster, whose term expires in March, 1849, Will
devolswen-themlembers now chosen.
The Locofocos elect 14r. , Tanwta by 671 ma
jority over Got.bsoacmea---et result occasioned
part' by the latter's unpopularity, a! , 11 partly by
the extraordinary vote In Baltimore oily, where
the entire efforts of the Administration had been
centred in order to defeat Mr. KsxxsoT:
GEORGlA.—Returna fram all the counties in
tba Mate but ten give i tocolbcOsaln*filcient
arbor, evet l( 9 ll , Whig. ;Tha Letisliktuft‘
however, it Is thought, will be Whig. There will
certainty-to Whig trosjotity of Bin 94 Elertatei
the House standi 62 Whigs t 69 Loca*oe, with
Bto hear from. Two It 8. Elontitors are to be 8.
lected b y ths,l,egislature now chosen.
JONATHAN.—We have received from Wit.
seri & Co., New York; an, immense Pictorial
'sheet five and a half feet long by...threa feet wide,
tilled with large engravings,Aunl containing aeon;
else history of the war in Mexico and all the prin
cipal battles up to the'.pmsent time. Tho entire
first page of this monster paper is occupied with
an equestrian likeness of General Taylor, and the.
last page has excellent portraits of General Scott,
and other distinguished American officers. The
paper also contains numerous engravings of the
various interesting incidents of the war. The
price iv only 12 cents per copy, or ten for *l.
CD C: 0-3
0 ri"
tt : w n 9
_us "
• s, I ,
W 5),), I g 0
g SI a tata.'l:22•4gt
t*a Tgaii - 7.Fiati - :
4 i161112:::$0 1 4 4 4'Sge.ra'
(A g
R a l 5 4g2 . : ga... ess•
~ = ,• 1 ,„
.St 0 4.. 0.4 0 0
9. e , S' .c, S ....0 t.:. pt.c - r 4 ;-.• : aim z-,.,
tp. (,) . ...,
.1 CD . goo O. CD ilf. 00CD.4 CO at Of 0 -4cpoo.p. 44
• a A. 4 00000F.0.4140... !
• 40
al 005 0. CD 111 . talDl' 0 PO 0 0 ... 0 Da 0..1 ....
g . • r• ,, t:
11.• t o .4 CD .. .4 0 OD .- 0 40 ... OD 0 .4 VD! 0 Of
'CI . • .. .'"
= ..... .. 4 8 01. co ./.. co of co .4 CO a.t..;....,:t..u.,.t
.. 5 ...... 1 ..0 co L. OD .O so to .4 co_oo so .4 Cp 46 CD CO Ca .4
.t... r.
. ..
i r ..r4
- 0 , „ngs c ,, tgttg, .4343•
- -
9. W I O Z0' ..... I , • .- - a* t 4 .
~.. .. • , •-• 11, 01 4. 0 C. 00 DD Ca DO .0 0 .4 0 0 12t ip
...... , ...... .
:-...: :,..... g L. 0
0 OD oeo CO to CD CO CD Do 01 CO D• .... ... DO PO O. *4 .-
C 3 472 . Dir 0 cO ... CO .-, q ... .0 CO to Co Co .1. . 4 DP 0. CIO
a - - PI 0
, `,l O. 0 4. 0. CD .4 .2 CO ta 0 d. .4 0 OD Of 0 .0
1:1 .^ to Ca .-. -4 40 ... Co co 0" CO cia io p.. -.a CI W.l
a... '."
••• • gllg 0 .... "
0.• Poe .. ea CD
ac c o ..o q- co CO O. oqcocoCo 0 co ~- ... oo co 0...4 ,o.
A.. ? co -4 .-. ..... co co Co .-. to co .4 .1 tOoooo.-.0
o .
THE RESULT.—.Altholei the returns come ;1 1 1W tilt FAIR Ova.—" Pray Miss C.,"
in but slowly from the different counties in the aultkA gentleman, the. other esening."why
Ptate, enough is known ta . sstisfy
.10 that we hive' 6 it that ladies are so fond ' of officers?"
b een b ea t en b a dl y , and that jpeen " Bow stupid I " replied Miss C.. "is it
elected by a largely increased majority. Annei. not perfeetly naturalnd proper.that a ledy
ed we give the reported majorities as Air as they should like a gondq er, sir!
have reached. us ; •
Philadekhia City & Co
flour white. White corn QO aBl cents. and yel
low 84 R 85. Oats 38 a 45 cents. Rye 75.
jurity. Unless there he a check in the northern PROVISIONI3.--This market is a-little &null
counties it will ecrtajnlyzeterh-15.0 1 '0, probably Mess Pork sells at $l4, Prime 0.1110 50-2001
2EOOOI There is no usc of attempting to stole- tibia brought $ll JR *ll 50 for choice, 4 months.!
The Whig of S e : n ull zl i es ei o o f f N tm o lo .
u l rd ll ini oef
i a n t l
sma , l — l b l n ai t . im at e. g
gize in the face of such a majority.
Pennsylvania have "seen the elephant," and no cents; 18,00, lbs. Sides sold at 8 ets., and
mistake! snail parcels ehlite at 8} and 8). We quote
linnycat 9i a 11 , 1 cents 1 prime lots 11 a 13.--
i;V•The Hon. Busily A. Wißt, late Minister Nothing doing in Lard—kegs he'd at 11) cents ;
to Brazil, arrived at Norfolk last week in the U. and his, at 10 a 101.
S. frigate Columbia.. His successor, Mr. Tony,
had been presented to the Brazillian Government,
and it was thought the difficulties occasioned by On the Bth inst. by the Rev. Mr. Keller, Mr.
Mr. V ase hllliliCrCti6ll would soon La amicably Conan Barr insaL MA as . .A AO
settled. both of Menallen township.
. _ .
On the 28th Mt by the Rev. Martin Lohr, Mr.
FIRE !—See card of the President of Jolts BARR, to Miss Astisna E.Dtsat.,-hoth of
the Town Council, in another column, this o nco theunty.
,sth inst. by the Rev E. V. (imbed, Mr.
in regard to the organization of Fire Corn. Ana m RIIIICRT, to Miss Sue Asa A. eldest daugh
ter of Mr. isms Muntorft—all of Flanklin town
patties. It is a matter that deserves atten
lion. , On the 9th inst.: by the same, 'Mr. WILLIAM
Parreasox, of Liberty township, te Mies 1141.
FEATS OF A DRUNKEN FATHER,—TiIe 51ST LINS, of Freedom township.
Newark Advertiser says that on Saturday. On the 6th inst. by the Rev. Mr. tilechler, Mr.
afternoon a man in that city while in a DA TI 11 -.TH.Pi ,iii.
state of intoxication, (failing in an attempt —both of this county.
to heat his wife who escaped,) took a
child of 15 months and threw it through - D I E.ll
a window, breaking glass and sash, the On Wednesday Mornlnet last, at the residence
child being precipitated some eight or ten of her uncle, (Mr. Hierkneas.) in Cumberland
county, of consumption, Miss MART D. IXTIII a,
feet, Ile then seized another child aboutcounty,
three ( , ears old, p hick lie threw after it.—
some yew-. once if temporary reisident ol this
The first victim of his drunken wish was Pla irt e' jme nd n i e m ast i l iab tli y n w co ng u t „ i t d r y. on the 27th
en shockingly mangled that it is not ox- of August last, Mrs Etta w orn Pans, relict or
peeted to recover. Mr. John Peden, deceased,' formerly of This coun
ty, aged 71 yeara.
WHAT NEXT I—An imperial ukase has On the Ist inst. Mr. Pima Gtovr, of. this
been promulgattia itt _Rusttta, which cum- rouittYi ht the ad Year or 4ls age- •
mends >ilt civil functionaries who possess COMMOXICATIII.
a lissome to state exactly in their returns DIED.-00 Monday evening last, In this pleas,
by what memis they have aegired it. if of Cuttutunktiun, Mr. Witt.iss RIPZIIIIAVIV, in
our state and federal executives had power
TrearnYyeusLorifohuanis age.
ht God's ways in his t.° issue p similar ukase, it would create deal
ing with man, probably in nothing impresses
no little fluttering throughout the length and us more. striltiO Iy than in the o ft en insvplicable
breadth of the land. providence by which 4oath's messengers Ire sent
into our midst to summon from us those whose
.4 LEARNED WOOD SAWYER. --WO have prospects ere-white seamed most blight and prom.
in this city a German, about 30 years of king. Row *llea bit that we see the Detwiler
age. who was educated in one of the (per- eat his cold seal upon the forms of those whom we
man Universities, He is an excellent hal not only learned to love most. hut 'to whom
.h abo orv v% a rk ll tiest othens hueL lhe f p ut ec ure uha See li m w ed w g u idd i ed t
in w th ith e
Latinist, a good Greek and Hebrew schol
ar, anti speaks and writes French. Spanish. case of the friend -whose death it is our painful du-
German and English, and is an excellent ty to record. But a few months since,
mathematician. With all these nccont- apparently in the posseesion of perfect health, ' awl.'
plislonents he is compelled, for want of in the fill Bush of manly vigor, no on. could with .
better employment, to saw wood for a lir- better re's' , " hs' e ' , Warded • "reef of active and
lung continued usefulness. Yet Deatiktrri !perked
ing.—Deiroil Journal. '
him out as his victim and even then the ruin that has .
COLONIZATION.—The time has been, `' so o n bean " a "" l ' m a tad ' bad begun its secret
when tint six pulpits in the Bible of Has. t w b o r su l ai ng : on 'i , n ,,,V.7, r es t l lgna Md h has i m t Lu il :o l 7o er d im a was
aachusetts were open to the advocates of was fully prepared to meet it with that C3lOlllBBl
Colonization, and When not art ereteehisti. and resignation which -it is the sole'privilege of
cal body would listen to its claims. out Christian iiith . to enjoy. Bone six oreightyeare
within the last year or two, the lamented ego ho made a pilblle mires/don of religion by
Rev. Dr. l'anney, who died at Norlhatnp- a c e n 7 a = tril:patif withi t h ' P l a , a m ilida ie l !' t , it ! alalan
ton on ,the 28th ultimo, has presented the
I Thth Y I" °late (elision/ an a l bo ' ne r volerweni4 ' s 'r n.
canoe before 130 congregations in that of the day. together with an eminently exempla.
State, and before untie ministerial associa.
o ry rtho"
Christian f
nde o portni the
ent,gavon shear
lords:. ndantsvie n n u ce t
Lions. Rev. Dr. Humphrey has alio
preached on the same subject in several of it vras reierved for the closing hours of hie exist
the churches in Boston. with general no. tnh'iec'ht*with'epeirtr,i: full rtirins;rettittigTe°
cern:lnce, and so far as is know), without and sheda ll a . halo of i
peaceful P glory around the dt r r i .:
giving offence to any individual.--N. Y. big bed: As gra.tually the wadiogenersiea ofthe
Journal of Commerce. 1 body gave indiration that the sands of life were
o . ---7 . ~, ", ram running out, when the ties of earth a n d the
N ''TAND M JOIPPIC4 I3 T TRIO rllll .'"—A endeirnents of friendeldp were to be Sundered.
g0 ...4 s t or y is tuna 4Ga Yankee w h o wo o sad Ris voice Wall avidly being hushed in death, ibi
, • ,
for the first time into a bowling alley, anti "L°W soft, fervent,. farewell to tone e
.... . ,
kept firing away at the Wm* to the immi . Thrille d through itisSeMPeei of ParaMglaill. .'"
nen!, peril of the boy, who. so fin' from hay- ,in triumeant exultation. and •Pleiee , end grid ,
ing a any thing - ur tior or 7setting up" the i tit i g;- '"luf THUG WhitgiviAts the victory " No gloomy
was actively at work in an endeavor to a - tract or i rd m h blmiwing serenity dmibt" seeme d
void the ball of the player which tattled on hoar. After nvae ca t lm e tyand affectionately addressing
, ,
all stiles of the pink, without touching them. hitasidi La the friends whose. privilegeit was to be
At length the fellow seeing the predica- Prelent at liiribeiblita end commending his soul
ment the bey wee in, yelled oat, as he let to lilts Ood, in full , confidence ofa glorious` resur
drive another hall, "Stand IN innong the rmti°l4 the null moment Which was
, into the presence of his RedeeMer was calmly a
ping, boy, Vyou don't want to get hurt , waited, .1 r II
and at length. swee tl y, frace.oil breath
'—"" i out his life,thespirit winged its flight'
ARROGANT CLILLEGIATE...—NOthing i s some holm
more rediculous than to boast of advents- "Thou art gone s
gee in education which have not been liar Yet wert thou blest e'en here—oh ! ever blest
proved. A -young clergyman this one day
Threa.thacianotiooywanthwar thoughts and tranquil faith!
boasting among his relations ol'fiav ing dill o'eittow‘i thy breast,
heeded but guarding from all change by death.
been educated in two colleges, linrvard
and Cainhrulge. "You remind me," said A Fa r ewell r ! thy life bath left surviving IUVO
rd of sweet "feelings given,"
an aged divine present, "of an instance I Prom @Drew's heart the faintness to remove,
once knew of a calf which sucked two By whispers breathinglesadca rth thin beafew.'
rowis." oIV hat WAR the consequence ?" Thee mitts thy spirit still on those with whoui
asked a third person. "Why, sir." re-. Thy step the path ofjoyous duty trod,
plied the old gentleman, very gravely, "the Bidding them make an altar of thy tomb,
. Where chastened thought may ear praise to
consequence was, that it was a very :red (Lod !"
rot/. Ucttysbarg, Oct. 13,1817. D.
aint_l4ste for filovt
5 1 'F'''"F•PrPPS°7: 4 PP'f`PPr
"/).•=.3',;r4: ON Mt11114.:.t1
1.8 01RC05...0K.1.4
4 yr o ; 4 PI PO e. M ib
14 .4 r 4r
; .! 4 Y.;
38 0
. w.
::: ', ' ,'saint ,i?l,, , Tt_ ?
,31 *Pit it iPtio4 .
..= t i i jo s f m -A( •sot L I
. re' itraiiittri rfnow o
00 • ' 1
,o •
t; 'lt&
3,3, qpimusx seam 7,
a_ ......,..x., i
. ,
; ri; ',,.,,fa suuntr .! E
. .
O g 'aalagrstVell '3Pf ,-
... as
Z . , 7, 'zlitilivig •At 1. r
- :...t. ~..r1, 12 InvnlTM
twins:foam} wig&l
e. leowntwa4airgo
BEEF CATTLE.—Them were 950 head of
fered at theddealos on Wind - ay. 051 of 'AO' *old
at $4 60 as 6 2r) per 100 Dm net. These priced
show an advance..
of Live Hogs at 86 50 a 87 00
good demand.
FLOUR.—There war more ("merle le the
flour market this morning, anti a fair inquiry.—
Sales of 300 hills, Howard street brands at $5 93
and 800 lota, at $B. The supply is light.
ales of about 90:i bbls., City Mills, at $5871. and
later in the day 30 1 t blots, at 0. Rye fluor at $C
25. Corn meal held at $3 1.5.
GRAIN—The receipts of wheat are small and
.prices slightly advanced. Sales are tasking otsl
23 a $1 27 for good to - primo reds: $1 30 a $1
33 for white, and SI 35. a $1 40 for octra family
II AS just received his Fall supply. of
11 Goods direct from Philadelphia, of
The Latest-and most Fashloists!
tole Styles,
which hare been purchased fur Cash, at
the present -
iredeteed Priken,
ant wilt be_ offered at very moderate pro
fit*. in order to yield QUICK, 4ETURNS.
liCrLadiel w ill find a baautitial stesort-
Meet of rich DA; and
very cheap.
Oct. 16:1847.—e •
A tirge..; nd,.Beleit Stock of
itY? tZs f ,
2 4
'VIM Subscriber will expose to Puftlie
■ Sale, at the Store-room of W. &C.
RUTIIRAUFP. in Oettvaburg; a large
stock of STORE GOOOS. on •
Monday the 18th of October mat. - ,
Paintn.oueing Aeri , •te S M to
continue on each day thereafter until all is
sold. The stock is large.ielaci: and fash
ionable, having been recently
the cities. It includes
Jeans, Calicoes, Ginghems.
Chintzes, Lawns, hi.,Delainee.
Vestings, Plaids, Silks, Muslims, Cambries,
Jackonets, Alpaceas, Cashmeres, Swigs
and Book' Muithis. Shawls, Handkerchiefs
Olovee.liosiery, Ribbons, Laces, Edgingh,
Combs, Buttons, Queettaware, 'Cutlery.
Spiess. Looking Glasses, Bretons. Brush.
es. Ropes. &c.. and a great variety of oth
er Goods usually found in a largLi Retail
Attendaime will be given and - the
terms made known on the day of sale by
Oct. 15, 1847.
Fir HE subeeriber offers for sale the yel
l_ uable FARM 'adjoining that on
which "he rcsideN. in Cumberland town:.
ablp, Adams comity...containing - .
more or less. , The improvements are in
il atid - einiditirni, L tniii -- inelndi - e — neits ,- ttSt
ister ;
ylog Dwelling
se ZI 0 tell,
, Il I II - '
.with a Pellet under it, a Ersins-
Barn, a Garden enclosed with. a paling
fence; also, a well of water and a young
bearing . ORCHARD of Grafted Fruit..'-
There is a good Meadow, and more can
be made, if desired. About 70 Acres qe,
D.LAND . _
-well set with -god thriving anther-35
Acres of which can readily be cleared,
leaving still a sufficiency of timber for the
use of the farm
This, property lies about 0
.milea — south
of Gettysburg, nearly joins the road that
leads from Binmitaburg and Millerstown
to the Two Taverns, on the, Baltimore
turnpike, and within mile of the .road
that leads from Sell's Mill on Marsh Creek
to Taneytown and Baltiipoiii. 4k6out, 6
miles from the farm there are two Lime
Kilns, and plenty of limeatone, near the
Millerstown niad. „
The neighborhood in whiehtit is located
nut surpasoed by any , in the county for ,
intelligence, sobriety, and good morale,.
ferent denominations within a eonveniant
distance—all making it a very pleasant and
desirable reside nee.
IN:7The Farm will be sold entire,er di
vided twsuit purchasers.. The terms.will
be Made easy, and the payments .to suit
purchasers. Persons wishing to view the
premises, can de so by calling in. the sub
icrlf the above Kopettri Kr sold
befure Friday - the 12/h dam or November
nest. it will on that day be offered tat Pub
lic Sale.
Oct. 13, 1847:-.—te
N T C Vt.
ETI'ERS of Administnwion on the
11 A Estate of Wx. Yens, dec'tl, late of
Reading township, Adams county, deceas ! :
ed, baring been granted to the eubscri
her, residing in thettame tonmeltip, noti c e
is hereby grratrire) 1 persons indebted to
said, estate to tall and settle the stale With-
out delay, and thong havintelairmiagainst
said estate are reqtiested tti present the
same, properly authentiested, tor kettle
'crux BROUGIL, Adults.,
Oct. 15, 184-7.--(lt 4 '
IVal HERE AS- the Hon. W.
V V VINI. Esq. President of the sevoCal
Courts of Common Pleae t in the'tpunties
compoeing the 19th District', and Juiti r ea
of the Courts of Oyer and Teresina' and
General Jail Delivery, for the trial Of all
capital and other offenders jn the said dia.
trictand Garottes SIMMER and JAMES
M'Dtviir, Digs., judges of the Courts of
Common Pleas, and General Jail Deliveryf
for the trial of all capital and other offend
ers in the county of Adams—have issued
their precept, hearing date the 18th day
of August in the year of our LORD one
thousand eight hundred and forty-six, and
to me directed, for holding a Court of Corn,
mon Pleas and General Quarter Sessions
of the Peace and General Jail Delivery,
and Court of Oyer and Terminer, at Get.
ysburg, on Monday the 15th day of No
vember 1117/
all the Justices of the Peace, the Coroner
and Constables within the said County of
Adams, that they be then and there in their
proper persons, with their Rolls,' Records,
Inquisitions, Examinations and other Re:-
membrances, to do those things which to
their offices and in that behalf appertain
to he done, and also they who will prose
cute against the prisoners that are or then
shall be in the Jail of the said County Of
Adams, and to be then and there to pros
ecute against them as shall be just.
Moire ()Mee, Gotybkirg. •
Odolier 15, 1817. S
WA %Ml,l
an, fano
H AS just received arid is now opening
as large and handsome a stock of
PJILL' GOODS as has ever been offered
to ihe public in this place. They have
been bought upon the very best terms, and
Will be sold at prices that cannot fail to
please, 'The Stock consists, in part, of
o.le 9 z 3 i.rD 11 " '" Vim"
Coatings, t'assimers, a , sincts,
Jeans, Velvets and l'elvet Cords, Pilot
/ • and I:leaver CLOTHS--cheap;
, Plaid, Striped, and Plain Goods of every
intrietyjor Ladies' Cloaks, vegv Low; al
. so Figured, Plaid, and Plain
Fir E' if 7 /1/ L 0 7 1 /1
a very superior article for Ladies' Cloaks,
with Trim:tinge to suit--very cheap ; alsu
Plashes, Velvets, Satins, k
every variety of color, for Ladies' Bonnets,
with Trimmings to suit; plain French and
.English,.Metinoes, Plaids, Stripes, Plain
Goodsieter, variety ; Mohair& Silk-warp
Alpacoati—ruperlor & 'very cheap.
ataa---Rep-Cashmeres, M. de Delaines,
Gingham:, Cancan, Silk:, plain,
siitkalinost every variety of articles for
011 3 , REtRa a_
Silk Velvets. nd black Ital-
- ion Silks ,
far pulite eills/initS, with trimmings to
snit. cheap Domestics. Queens
ware, Hardwa r e ,
F'1111 4 .26.1% GrtocF:ni ES,
dsc., dr..c,, all saf.wbich will be sold at prices
tbist cannot be itcat. trzt Please call—it
will do us , nleitiore to thew the Goods and
give,you *WAIN% such as you , have
nut had ,hpretoliwit.
. ,
you want to buy Krcheap
42 '9P.80, roPlitith
Gettysburg, Oct. ), 1054.1- fit
Plain; rrenai
'" E.101:1NOtS,
Thibet, Lyoneee alidraiumetta cLoTri,
beautiful 'articles fur' Liulies";llltraka and
Drawler. plaid and siriped.Silk unullVorsiud
Silk, Wooli.ri rind •Ootten,"Titltbir,
na Visui pl Oregton god •
very handaoepid cheap . . lli%oolno Piano
and rn
- Tibia. Oovera,--i-a beautiful article.—
greet. vetitityron; ~ h ttnyl 'and , for , sale by
.1 ,• 1310: ARNOLD.
Ort..S, ;•: . ;•
Oft hand and fur 'ittliribtt
. large quantityttliNKWES,all atr
zee, which will be sokt very cheap. Cult
anchie.• .GEO. ARNOLD.,
Sept. 24, 1847..".-20
• • • •• .•
• ocoszsi :;.,
TikiF„ , tuktserthee fial in want of money,
and requests those persons who know
themselves .to bfindebtetflo hint to settle
up immediately., i Oe hopes shit thosetin4
terested will attend to.the matter, promptly.
and thereby save tLethselves Irom costs, I
can be found to aliNtimessleithicat my res
idence or eny'retirrdry.
Sept: `lo4li--if
._ • ,
ILL be&Kedged to ,, publie 'se at
Fonnutindale.Adaniateoutlifa., on . '
Ttiesda#: the ibt4 dal'lViettilbtr, ' I
Six HPrileS ) :. llartie.Vrears,
Thite WAIJONS, '
eth d %v
one n ern a.. , w roe ,k a o Wagon,:
the other Batt .IVngons. .Also. twq pairs
of Ladders. Th i s . .tor g es a r e corxettletty
team horses. Sale to coma:talc AL o '-
clock A. AI, .I . ?ltyn the tertos will be made
know,! by BitilattElt Ji. CO.
Sept. 17.'1847.--ts
/VHF'. subscriber bas from Monty-five
- to thirty thrinsind'irees in hiiNttr:
sery.' READY GROWN ler this fall and
next spring's planting, comprising a large
amount of Apple end Pesch, togethetswith'
a general assonment of all the finer fruits;
11/Btl sitrioits kinds oriliutle and ornamen
tallieeti, which he will sell either at retail
or by the thensand. PeroMns Wishing to
procure trees for'planting, or to sell again,
can be _ uecinninediteil any, time after the
25th of (Muter next.
-•-• • ' WM. wilmirr.
August, 27, '
Ir,TTEgs of Administration on. the
A Emote of Butes WILL, "late of lion
-lington township, deceased, having been
granted. to tho subscriber, residing in Gen:
many, township, notice is hereby given to
all thosVindebted to said estate to make
payment, and those having claims upon the
estate to present the same, properly au
thenticated, for settlement.
Oct. I. 1847.-8 t• diden'r.
Or. Cullen's,indian Vegetable Ypetific
For FeMale Complaints.
medicice is fast taking the place of ere.
ry preparation heretofore used for diseases
arising from Weakness or other causes. All that
is necessary t.i secure thin medicine a plhce in the
Domeatie Practice of es ery family, when such a
medicine is needed, is a tii ii. It 'speaks f,r itwell
is innocent in its operation, and no injury can a.
ise frogo its use at any time.
R7 - For sale. wholesale and retail, by Rowaen
& Wat.Trie, Pi nprieters, 37h Make at. Phila. and
by S. if BUEHLER, Gettysburg; Wm. Barringer,
Abbottstown ; Lilly & lliley.Oxford,and by T. J.
Cooper, Franklin tp. [Aug, 6,'47-1y
rip lIE citizen's of Gettysburg, favontblo
I_ to 'the formation of one 'or more
FIRE COMPANIES within the Borough,
are requested to meet at the Court House,
on Saturday 'ruining, the, 23d ituto at
half peat six o'clook---: --; •
c i
~ . • . J. B. M'PHERSON,
Pn.t 4 Toll n Cqun , il.
ot.l. 13, 1 17-41,
More facia in rreriiicne to the
Compound Syrup of Par Wood 4416110
Iha, the BEST RElllOr ql . the
Coughe,Colds, Liver Com
plaint, 4.'cl• 4"c:i ;+e•
MEAD the following from Mei Etherp,* well
known and highly respectable althea of thri
Northern Liberties, Philadelphia County. Mit
one of the most astonishing cures on_pseefill,4ll4
i: will be seen, is attested by the Rev. Mr. Statue,
and by other citizens of that district:
PIIILADVLNItA. AllOl7ll. 11,1847.
Near the close of the year. 1840,1 had an attack
of the Plettrisy and while recovering from It, I
took a deacre cold. My condition soon became
alarming and I grew gradually worse and *one:
The symptoms manifested by my disease woo
thole ordinarily found in pulmonary affections...o
but Mine were of an exceedingly aggravated thee.
aster: For a long period I expectorated a real
quantity of matter, which appeared a mixture of
pus and bluod—at times it teemed as if I was difr•
charging the very substance of the Lungs. My
voice wee gone so as to be unable fo atter:ei few,
ordi ‘t it bout great difficulty, and 1 experience I
a thousand other painful sensations that cannot
be told. One of the most unpleasant attendant.
of my disease were chilling sweats. The cold
p.rspiration ran from me continually, not only at
night, but also during the day so as to keep my
cloths at all times continually wet.
I employed every means of curet could hear,
and was attended by several eminent and skillful
Physicians, Dat the obstinacy of my disease
baffhel alktheir efforts. T hey indeed rained me
from my bed. bat they-also pronciiincedawinemes
able. the last Physician attending me, told me
at one time, that 1 hod but a few days to live—at
another time I might linger mu a few weeks or
months, but that It was utterly impossible that I
could get well, or eter be ahie to attend to my .
business. 't hue, with no prospect of recovery I
lingered on (luring the greater part of the year
1846—for three months of which period my
friends sat up with me, expeetmg every night kr
see my sufferings end in death.
But last fall, a lady residing M,Southwark, wbs
bad been mired of tamed hat similar sufferingihy
'Thompson's Cttrnpnionl .yrup of To and Nap's.
tha,"came and urged upon me a trial of it: Al.
most despairing of any relief, sndwith act istspenf
recovery. I commenced its use. Imagine titan
my satisfaction in being able to state that ;SIM
NOW W I soil I attribute my restorations's
tirely to the wondered efficacy of the above meth.
eine. From the time .1 commenced it. use, the
disease began to yield its hold upon roe, and by
steady perseverance in its employment I may Say
it hairalse) me from the grave. All unpleasant
symptoms have vanished and I have for several
months attended to my business as formerly, and
(except some less degree of strength than I onee
possessed.) as well as et er.
People come Crum various places to see met in
qttiring for them in curd of Consumption! Those
who have k wham me and are well acquainted with
my long continued afflictions. stop with astonish.
meat when they meat me, at seeing the wonderful
change wrought by the use of the above medicine:
WM. W, !`HARP.
No. 8 Charlotte st., Philadelphia.
'the undersigned, friends of Mr. W. W. Sharp;
lire *Mint with his ease and aufreringli and hag:
tij that the statements are true.
John Street, Missionary. Noi 113 York Road,
Thomas Street, No. lii r g North Second street.
Addison limes. Grocer. No: 121 Brown street.
-- Jareoh Knows, No. 309 ,North Fourth street.
Pgtret Varmint N. VI North Second grew.,
IT,Tihts bribable remedy is prepared only by
A npry F. Corner of Fifth and
Spruce stleetr4 Philadelphia, and can be bid of the
following Agents :
S. .S 4 Forney, Clettysburg.
R. 4nAiney, Carlisle.'
1). P. Lange, Handter:
and by respectable Druggists generally.
Prier, 5u cents or#NAG per. brittle/ Bewareof
,9ct4ttpr,,l3, i 847. (.10,3 36,1817.7-1 y)
untlersiped has connected whit
hid ,c;oachmaking Esublishment a
l a rge Smith Shop, and is prepared to dd
Itigilia BiluGli3, WACOII3.
ili,vitieOtt-Pay, to those who have Horses in
shoe!, that' he has in his employ first-rate
handityWhieh, with his personal attention (
will enable him to give entire satisfaction
to all those who may favor him with a call:
(warranted) will be promptly 'nada to orJ
ileum all times,
CF`All kinds of REPAIRING done.
both in Wood and Iron, at the most reduc
ed prices. ; -
IC'/'Thankful for peat endouragentent.
the subscriber solicits a continuance of pat-
Maw, and invites his fiiends to call at
'his Establishment in west Chantbersburg
st., a few doom below Thompson 7 a Hotel.-
Gdttysburg, October 15, 1817.
lIAN be had for Cumberlo6tl townithir
) at C. W. HOFFMAN'S Coach-Shop,
'Gettysburg. Pa. ' 1 9 1esse call and see titetn.
and judge for yourself.'
Gettysburg, MaY'2o, IP4O.
&e., of heat go:LBW, can always be had at`
lbe Fano"' Store of E. WEAVER.-
April 10,18 •tn. • • • •••
Wood ! Wood t-
A few cords of, goo
WOOD wanted at this
in payment of anhaeription:
Sept. 17,-113n.,
, - -
Sudden changes from very he( to chilly
weather, are unfavorable to health, and It
is a fact universally admitted, that heat *4
moisture are powerful agents in producing
disease, and that constant dry and constant
wet weather are most favorable to its gee:
eration; it does nut signify what we esti it;
it may be ague, it may be billions fever, it
may be yellow fever, it may be dysentery.
it may be Rheumatism, it may be bronehii
tie, it may he cholic, it may be conetips4
lion of the bowele,it may be infiernmatitsit
the bowels, it may be inflammation of tb
stomach, it may he a nervous effiction w lak
still it is disease, and a disease, curably
the BRANDRETII,,PILLS, because they re.
move all impurities from the body, all OM
can in any manner feed the further pregnant
of the malady, no matter how called; the*
these Pills are not onlk the most proper'
medicine, but generally the only metkine
that need or ought to he used.
The genuine Brandreth'e gills east he had el
the Wowing Agents
J. 11.1. Stevenson f-Cod e —Gettpthiciy •
Jno. B. McCreary,—.PetersbeN..
hbreherin /ifiner—llueuennewe l
IklerarlaW.—AbbottsVwn.' • ''
David M. C. FP ll od4hiriti7,►
ivesherl 4. nak-litkifitin,
**ember $7;