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Pro Ali, Compco of American A grivnlititc
The diameter and treatment of sandy
soils aro in almost every particular the re
verikrof those of clay. They do not pos
sesilif property of adhesiveness, and they
have, but little affinity for water, which es
capes from them almost as soon as it falls.
They Inive but a slight hold upon the ma
nures which arc diffused through them :
they are loose in their texture, and may be
plowed at any time with equal advantage,
provided the sowing or planting is to fol
low immediately.
As clay soils are much beneitted by a
mixture of sand, so likewise are sandy
soils greatly improved by the addition of
clay; yet in a much greater degree ; for
though it Would never pay, as a general
ride;lii'idd'itand to clay, yet the addition
of's few loads of the stiffest clay to a light
sand would, in,ahnostevery instance, much
more than compensate for the trouble and
eipenee. For this purpose, the clay
hbu id be thinly spread in autumn upon
•Werd previously plowed, and the winter's
frost will effectually separate the particles.
It should then be harrowed thoroughly
and' deeply in the spring, and subsequent
ly' plowed if necessary. Such a dressing
on a light, crawling land, is more than an
equivalent to an equal quantity of the best
manure, and will be permanent in its ef
fects. Clay and sand are necessary to
each other, as they both contain qualities
which are essential to a good soil ; and that.
WilF,always be found the best which has
the proper proportions of each.
:Sandy soils are improved by the fro-
Tient use of a heavy roller ; it cannot be
used too often. They require to be made
more compact, and any treatment that se
same this object, will be advantageous.
time, by its chemical action on the con
stituents of soils, while it separates clay,
renders sand more adhesive ; and when
cheaply obtained, it is always a profitable
dressing for sandy soils, to the full amount
they-may- require. Gypsum, in consider
able quantities. has an effect similar to
day add - sati'd • -
added in small portions, produces a stri
king increase in the crops of sandy soils.
Equally beneficial are ashes, leached or
unleached, peat, or vegetable manures of
any t kiud. Some calcareous sand, con
taining a large proportion of tube, like
those of Egypt and extensive regions 'of
the. Barbary titates, will produce luxuriant.
ly if supplied with a slight addition of ma
nure and an abundance of water. Sandy,
soils can peyer,be profitably_cultirattultill
they have acquired sufficient compactness
and fertility to sustain a good growth of
grass or clover ; and when once brought
to this condition,' they are among.the most
obey are at all times easily plowed and
worked; they require no draining; and
thought light and dry, are quick and kindly
soil*, giving an immediate and fuU return
for the labor• nod snanure bestowed upon
them. When in a condition to produce
rise, idieep are admirably adapted to pro;
aerie and 'augment their fertility, and by
their incessant migrations over it, their
sharp hoops pack the surface closely, pro
ducing the same effect as the roller.
Gravelly soils are, in some re spects, .
similar to sand, but much less desirable.
being appropriately termed hungry.—
They are also like the latter, peculiarly
lettehy, but in an increased degree, permit
ting the rapid escape of manures both by
evaporation and drainage. Such as are
calcerous, or composed of limestone peb
bles, are, in a great measure, not subject
to those objections ; as the deposing affin
ities of the lime, (of which enough will be
found to exist in the soil in a finely com
minuted or divided state, which, in this
condition, is enabled to act efficiently,) have
a tendency to retain the vegetable matters,
thus compacting the soil, and lioldinrwhat
over pabulum or food of plants may from
time to time be given to it for the want of
litters Drops. Unless of this description,
gravelly soils should not he subjected to
but appropriated to pasturage,
when sheep will keep them in the best and
moat profitable condition of which they
are capable.
Art LAM M—Th is is the proper Ml.'
son for draining, and otherwise improving
ere naturally moist and wet.
Every farmer is sensibly aware of the fact,
thetitifiimpossible to realize a remunera
ting crop from soils which exist in a state
ofrfupzussiturisatiou during a large portion
cif•the year, or for a considerable length of
time subseipseot to every shower or fall of
_.vainoititikisnder crop. With many, the
fear of irreurrieet expense is, in this ease,
ev' think, reductive of deleterious results.
egrothe policy of the husbandman,
it illositWirer be a primary and pervading
prittitple so tp invest his capital as to
insure thi.greatest actual return ; and in
me may can this be accomplished more
aocceasfully and with more pannaneot &d
-rown° Wan by thoroughly draining and
beingnig into profit laud* that are naturally
low and vet. One acre of swamp soil,
propotly drained and reclaimed from the
domination of water. will be worth more.
lot purpose* of cultivation, than two acres
of the boo sod moat productive upland.—
We Wiwi litterre several instances where
bdirk' %OW bees cleared and improved, in
wdk, ,w a ver being laid to grass,
told fur .1611 , per were. and the purchaser
edcwillokt theft °heap even at that price.
440Possirdewmt Zkironepil.
WHE undersigned, Auditor, appointed
by the Court of Common Pleas of
Adams county, to distribute the balance
remaining in the hands of JACOB Mimns,
Esq., Assignee of S'Amutst. B. EPLEY, tO
and amongst the respective creditors of
said Epley, will attend at the public house
of NICHOLAS MORITZ, in Freedom town
ship, Adams county, on Saturday the 18th
day of Oetobir next, at 1 o'clock, P. ss., to
perform the duties . of his appointment,
when and where all persona interested are
notified to attend.
Sept. 24, 1817.-30 ✓ludilor.
r I "TIE undersigned. - Auditor, appointed
11 by the Court of Common Pleas of
Adams county. to distribute the balance
remaining in the hands of Taoism STE
PH K xs, Esq., Assignee of Tuonas
to and amongst the respective credb4rs df
laid Taylor. will attend at the public house
of JOHN W HANLEY, in Petersburg, (Y. Si
Adams County, on Saturday th e HU
cloy of October next, at I o'clock. r.,*. to
perform the duties of his appointnient—
when and where all persons interested are
notified to attend.
Sept. 24, 1847. 7 -3 t ditelitor.
- WOODI - 19'001r1 - •
DPO POSA LS tor, the deliver!, of FOR
TY CORDS-of WOOD (Hickory
and Oak) will be received by the Bo4rdof
School Directors-4)f the. Borodgh of Get
tysburg, between this and the 10th day of
October. By order of the Board.
Sept. 17, 1847:—.4t-
Satio's ..SARSAPARILLA will remove and
permanendy cure diseases having their or
igin in in impure state of the blood and
depraved condition of the general constitu
tionovix : Scrofula or King's Evil in its
various forms; Rheumatism, obstinate cu
taneous Eruptioisi, Blotches. Bites, Pim
ples or Pustules-on the face, Chronic Sore
Eyes, Ring Worm or 'Fetter. Scald Reid.
enlargement and_ in , of the bones and
joints, stubborn Ulcers. syphilitic symp
toms. diseases sirloins from an injudicious
Ilse of Mercnry. female derangements, and
other similar complaints.
Bas,unoas, February 4, 1843.
4. B. AR* otr Or.—Gentlemen : I have
used your Extract or Sarsaparilla since
its introduction into this city. It gives me
pleasure - to state I have found it to be the
best preparation of that valuable article
now an use. With much respect. yours;
!D For (ruttier particulars and conclusive evi
dence otits superior efficacy see Pamphlets,wh ich
may be obtained of agents gratis. Prepared and
sold. isdasleside-thd MIR, by &D. Sands,
J 6 Fulton street New York. Sold else 'try ap
pointment of the Proprietor by S. H. BUEHLER,
September 10, 1847.
ESPECTFULLY inforths hie friends
I_ll and the public generally that he has
now on hand a large assortment of T/N
WARE of every description. which he
will sell at moderate prices—all warranted.
Persona wishing to purchase at low rates
will do well 10 call before purchasing else
HOUSE SPOUTING will be made
and put up at 12i cents a foot. Geuyabarip-Mareh 12, 1847.
E!MIAS J. CULP respectfully informs
his friends and customers that he has
removed his
Tailoring Establishment
to the room formerly occupied by Wu.
BULL, deceased, opposite W AMPLER'S
TINNERY A itto Baltimore street, where
he will be p ke asekto attend to the orders of
sU .who lime work done up in
fashionable style, and st low rules. Ar
rangements have been made to receive the
Latest Pfishiopm,
from Philadelphia and New York, so that
customers can rely on having their gar
ments made in the most approved styles.
OcrCountry Produce will be taken in
exchange for work.
Gettysburg. Aug. 20,1847.-3 m
Dr. Cullnes
irg ?MIA N Vegetable Piles Remedy, is a domes
tie preparation, which his beau used valti en
tire success for many years. Being an internal
medicine, it has a deeWedpreferenee over'dutward
applications, which arebut palliatives and not cu.
retiree. This medicine acts upon the dimmed
parts, producing healthy action and a permanent
Are-WSICS W 2 W ,OS 22/17221 INC MO
CPSold, wholesale and retail, by Rowaia &
WALTON, Proprietors, 376 Market street, Phila.,
and by S. 11. BUEHLER, Clettysburgi Wm. Bit.
tinge:, Abbottstown ; Li Iley & Riley, °mord; and
T. J. Cooper, Franklin tp. [A ug.ti, '47—ly
TS HEREBY GIVEN. That applica
j lion will be made by the undersigned
and others, to the next Legislature 9f the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the
incorpbration of a Company under the
name and style, or intended name and
Capital Fifty Thousand Dollars, designed
as an office of discount and deposit; and
to be located in East-Berlin, Matta . coup
ty, l'a.
David Mellinger, John Dellone,
William Wolf, George SchaVtirtz,
J. J. Kutn, J. H. Anlabaugh,
Charles Spangler, Barnet Hildebrand,
George King, Isaac Trimmer,
George IL Binder, Abraham Trimmer,
John Diehl. David Hollinger.
June 25, 1847.-6 m
LETTERS of Administration on the
Estite of PHILIP HARTMAN, late of
Hainilton township, Adams county, deceas
ed, having been granted to the subscri
ber, residing in the same township, notice
is hereby given to all persons indebted to
said estate to call and settle the same•with
out delay, and those having claims against'
said estate are requested to present the
same, properly authenticated, tor settle
went. JACOB HARTMAN, :Muer.
Aug. go, 1R47.--Ot
HEREAS, in and by the act of the
IV General Assembly of this State, en
titled "An Act to regulate the General E
lections of this Commonwealth," enacted
on the 2d day of July, 1839, it is enjoined
on me to give public Notice of such Elec
tion to be held, and to enumerate in such
Notice, what Officers are to be elected : I
BENJAMIN SC HRIVER, Sheriff of the
County of Adams. do,- therefore hereby
give this PLIIng NOTICE, to le Elec
tors of the saidottntfinf , Adanat,lhat a
will be held in the said County, sto the
Second Tuesday or October next,
(THE 12TH,)
at the several districts composed of the
followiog TOwnships, via :
In the First District, composed of the
Borough - Of Vellysbitig;and the ToWnship
of ()underhand, at the Court-house in Get
In the Second District, composed of the
Township of Germany, at the house now
occupied by Joseph Barker, in the town of
Littlestown, iu the Township of Germany.
In the Third Dititrict, composed of that
part of 'the township Of Berwick not in
cluded id the 15th District, at the house of
John Miley, Esti., in the town of Oxtbrd.
In the Fourth District composed of the
Townships "of Latituore and Huntington,
at.the housetiol W littera Chronirter, ita-the
township of Huntington.
In the Fifth Distnet composed of the
townships of llamiltonban and Liberty, at
the public School-house in Millerstown.
In the Sixth District, composed of the
Township of Hamilton, at the house now
occupied by George Bontzel, in the town
of Berlin.
In the Seventh District, composed of the
township of Menallen, at the house of I
saac Yount, in said township.
In the Eighth District composed of the
township of Stratum, at the house occupied
lay Jacob Grass in Hunterstown.
In the Ninth District composed of the
Township of Franklin, at the house now
occupied by Henry Hartmar, in said town
In the Tenth District, composed of the
township of Conowago, .at the house of
John Busby, in M'Sherrystown.
In the Eleventh District, composed of
the township of Tyrone, at tho house of
Samuel Sadler, in Heidlersburg.
In the Twelfth District, composed of the
township of Mountjoy, at the house of
George Snyder, in said township.
In the Thirteenth District, composed of
the township of Mountpleasant, at the
house of Anthony Smith, in said township,
situate at- the Bross roads, the one leading
from Oxford to the Two Taverns, the oth
er from Honterstown to Hanover.
In the Fourteenth District, composed
of the townahip•of. Reading,- at the public
School-house in the town of Hampton.
In the . Fifteenth Distriey composed of
the Borough of Berwick and that part of
Berwick township, ONLY, included with
in the following limits, to wit: begining
where the Hauoverand ,P_eleotburg turn
pike crosses the York county j,ine, thence
along said turnpike to the place where the
road from Berlin to Oxford crosses the
said turnpike, thence along the said Oxford
road until it intersects the new road from
Geo. Mummert's farm, on the said Oxford
road, and thence along said road to the
York county line, near David Hollinger's
saw mill, thence along said York county
Sc.lute the .place olbegtuniug : the. Puli
lie School-house io Abbotstowu.
$L ,a~ic.»ar~,:us~r,~
In the Sixteenth District, composed of
the Township of Freedom, at the house of
Nicholas Moritz, in said township.
In the Seventeenth District, composed
of the Township of Union, at the house of
Enoch Lefever, in said township.
Al which time and places will be elected
One Governor;
One Canal Commissioner ;
One Senator;
One Represer.tativc in the State Leg
islature ;
One County Comtnisssioner ;
One County Treasurer ;
One Auditor; and
One Director of the Poor.
And in and by an act of the General As
sembly of this State, passed the 2d day of
July, 1839, it is diiected that the INSPEC
TORS and JUDGES be at the places of
their Districts on the thy of the General
Election aforesaid, at 9 o'clock in the fore
noon to do and perform the several duties
required and enjoined on them in and by
the same Act.
• .
ALso—ln and by virtue of the 14th Sec
tion of the act aforesaid; every person, ex
cepting Justices of the Peace, who shall
hold any , office &appointment 'of profit or
trust under the Government of the United
States, or of this State, or of any city or'
incorporated district, whethei a commis
sioned officer, or otherwise, a subordinate .
officer or agent, who its, or shall be employ.
ed under the legislative, executive orJudi
ciary department of this State, or of the
United States, or of any city or incorpora
ted district, and also that every member of ' '
Congress, and of the Stale Legislature,
and of the Select or Common Council of
any City, or Commissioner of any incor
porated distrust, is by, law incapable of
holding or exercising at the same time, the
office or appointment of Judge, Inspector.
or Clerk of any election of this'Common
wealth, and that no Judge, Inspector, or
other officer of any such election shall be
eligible to any office to be then voted for.
And be it further directed, in and by the
act of the General Assembly of this State
aforesaid, that one of the JUDGES of each
of the different districts,aforeaaidgmho shall
have the charge of the certificate of the
number of votes which shall have been
given for each candidate for the different
offices then and there voted for at their
respective districts, shall meet on the third
day after the Election, which shall be on
on Friday the 15th of October aforesaid,
at the Court-house, in the Borough of
Gettysburg, then and there to mate a fair
statement and certificate of the number of
votes which'shall have been given at the
different districts in the county of Adams,
for any person or persons for the offices
Sheriff's Office, Gettysburg, ?
September 3, 1847. 5
hoever wants a First-rate
C4AN be accommodated by calling at
1..) FRAZER'S Clock & Watch Estab
lishment, in _Chambersburg street, Goys
burg, next door to Mr. Buehler's Drug
Store—where a new lot of beautiful 24
hour and 8 day CLOCKS have just been
received from the city. They are of the
best manufacture, and will be warranad.
Give us.a eall—ihey will be sold cheap.
and all Diseasts of the Stomach and
DYSPEPSIA, or indigestion and its
consequences.—An eminent Profes
sor says: "It chiefly arises in persons who
lead either a very sedentary: or irregular
life. Although not regarded as a fatal di
sease, yet, if neglected, it may biing on in
curable Melancholy: Jaundice, Madness,
.or Verde, Palsy, and Apoplexy. A great
singularity attendant on it is, that is may
and often does continue, a great length of
time without any remission of the syrup.
CAUSES.—Orief and uneasiness of
mind, intense study, profuse evacuations,
excess in venery, excessive use of spit.-
itous liquors, tea, tobacco, opium and
other tumefies, immoderate repletion, o
ver distention of the stomach, adell.
cioncy in the secretion of the bile or
gastric juice, exposure to cold and &imp
air, are the chief causes of this disease.
symforoms.—Loss of appetite, nau
sea, heart-burn, acidity , and fictikeructs
lions, gnawing of the stomach Wrien emp
ty, uneasiness in the throat, pain in the
side, costiveness, chilliness, languor, low
ness of virile, palpitations, and disturbed
er failed in affordini. immediate relief and
1'441410d eure.for.this disease. -
Principal Office, No. 77 N. Eighth et.,
east side, Philadelphia. For sale in Get.
tyaburg by 8. S. FORNEY.
July, 30, 1847.—1 y
Compound Medicated Candy.,
Iv OR the Cure of Colds, Coughi, Spit
ling of Blood, Bronchetis, Asthma,
Whooping Cough, Pains and Oppressions
of the breast, and all other Pulmonary
complaints, and other diseases which have
a tendency to produce Consuinption. It
serves also as an effectual clearer of the
voice. •
This Candy is entirely a vegetable pre
fration, the principal ingredients being,
Here -hound, Wild Cherry, Sarsaparilla,
801101434 -Elecampano, Liquorice, .Flax
seed, Iceland Moss, Prickly Ash, ike. and
will, if taken in time, relieve the system
from those distressing afflictions that tend
to Consumption.
One great advantage in this valuable
medicine is its cheapness, the public not
being imposed upon ,Liy )he enormously
high prices which are generally exacted
for Patent and other medical Preparations.
Each package contains directions. Call
and try it ! - - • .
Prepared and sold at die Confection and
Variety store of the Subscriber in West
York street, ono square from the Court
house, and next door to Thompson's Ho
tel. It can also be had at the Drug Stores
of. S..ll....llvianza, and S. FORNEY.
licr•The subscriber usual continues
his Bakery, and is prepared 'to supply
parties at the shortest notice, with choice
cakes, &c.
IRUIT TREES, of all kinds, (grafted
in the root,) can be had of the sub
scriber on reasonable terms. Please call
and judge for yourselves.
Gettysburg, May 20, 1846.
MONDS, &c., of the best quality
to be had at the Confectionary of
Gettysburg, Aug. 6, 1847.
• # .14
Dr. J. Lawrence Hill,
ESPECTFULLY offers his profes
sional services to the citizens of Get
tysburg and surrounding country. lie is
prepared to attend to all cases usually en
trusted to the Dentist, andhopes, by strict
attention to Dentistry alone, to be able to
please all who may see fit to entrust their
teeth in his hands. Office at Mr. M'Cosh's
Gettysburg, July 23.—tr
OFFICE in the Centre •Sqnsre, North
of the Court-house, between Smith's
and Stevenson's corners.
Gettysburg, Pa..
TH E undersigned having formed a
partnership for the practice of die
Law, will attend the Courts of York and
Adams, and also visit the neighboring coun
ties if desired.. Office in York street, Get
tysburg, between the Bank and Public Of
fices, where one of the firm will constant
ly attend, and where communieitimut
receive pronipt attention.
June 18, 1847.•;—0rn
r 3191LHilEa' - .E33.11140
(Of Carlittk)
PRESENTEihitr respects to hie friends
and informs them thit he has made
arrangements tonantinimpractice as netts'
in the Courti of Adams county, under the
new regulation of the times for holding
Jan. 30, 1840. tf
.4ttorney at Law,
OFFICE in .the S. W. earner of the
Public Squareoine door West of G.
Arnold's Store, formerly occupied as a
Law Office by John M'Conatighy, - deed.
He solicits, and by prompt and faithful at
tention to business in his profession, it will
be his endeavor to merit, confidence and
ill. M'CONAVOIIY will also attend
promptly to all business entrusted to him
as Agent and 'So/idiot . for Palents and
Pensions. He has made arrangements,
through which he can furnish very desira
ble facilities to applicants, and entirely re
lieve them fom thg, necessity of a journey
to Washington; on application to hint per
sonally or by letter.
Gettysburg, April 2.—tf
THOMAS .111 9 C1R EAR Y. )
griFFICE in the South-east. _Corner of
‘-'" the Diamond, between A.B. Kurtz's
Intel ami R. W. M'Shorry's Store.
(lettysbmg, Due. 12, 1845.—tf
(F all the remedies recommended, in lat
Aitif years, for the cure of CONSUMPTION,
Coughs, Colds; Asthma, Broochitii, Liver Corn.
plaint, Spitting Blood, Difficulty of Breathing,
Pain in the Side and Breast, Palpitation of
the Heart, Influensa Croup, Broken
Constitution, Stan; Throat, Net
yous Debility, and all diets- ,
ses of the Throat, Breast
and Lunge:
None has been timid more CIIITAITX and riliKA.
EMT in its curative power over these, so general
and often fatal disclaim, than_ the above prepara
tion. The Compound Syrup of Tar and Wood
unparalleled remedy. In addition to
the healing power of Tar—the virtues of which,
in affettioh% of thelungs, is ' , universally aeknowl
edged—there,js combined with it in this prepare
'ion the active principles of some of the most cer
tain Tonic Vegetable Pectorals, which unite to
make it the most 'valuable medicine ever offered
to the public for the cure of the diseases for which
it is employed, ao that it never "ails, if taken In
time, to produce the intended effect.
Among the testimonials to the value of the a
bove medicine, are several from distinguished phy
sicians of Philadelphia. Read the following from
Dr. Young, the eminent oculist :
Philadelphia, Jan. IS, 1847.
Having used in my practice, as well as in my
own family."Thomium's Compound Syrup of Tar
and Woad Naptha," I have no ifesitatior in saying
that it is the best preparation of the kind in use
for persons suffering from Consumption, C. . -
Cords, and all erections of the Throat, BreaildkC.
so prevalent at this season of the year.
152 Spruce street.
ReairiTicahifOlfoirliii - Gai men %Ito Will
at any time corroborate its statements.
Philadelphia, Dec. 4,1847.
Penetrated with a deep sense of gratitude for
the benefit experienced by the use of Thomson's
Compound Syrup of Tar, and that others who,
like me, have languished through years of affliction
and suffering, without being able to find a remedy
m•y know wig.° it , can be obtained, I voluntarily
make the following statement.
About four years since, after being affected with
a violent cold, it left upon me a troublesome and
severe cough. Whilst the cough continued, which
was •with scarcely an intermission during this
long period, language fails to tell what I have suf.
fared from debility, pains in the breast and side.
night sweats, difficult expectoration, oppressed
breathing, and in fact all those symptoms which
mark a severe pulmonary affection. The relief
occasionally obtained by the discharge of the neat•
ter which ob.tructed the healthy action of my
system, but increased my tears, as the purulent
wetter discharged was frequently stitial.cil with
During this time I was under the treatment of
several physicians,and took many of those prepa
rations recommended as serviceable in the cases
of others, hut without relief : and I at length con
eluded that a cure in my case was hopeless. But
how agreeably changed is now my opinion! I
have used for about three weeks ThomsoMs Com
pound Syrup of Tar. By the use of one bottle my
cough has been relieved and my system reinvigo
rated, and by continuing the use of it up to this
time, I am satisfied that my complaint is entirely
removed and eradicated. •
R. KEARNEY. 212 S. Seventh st.
I[l7-This invaluable remedy Is la'r pared only by
Angney & Dickson, N. E. Corner of Filth and
Spruce streets. Philadelphia, and can be had of the
following Agents_:
- • - •
S. S. Forney, Gettysburg.
.11. Angney, Carlisle.
I). P. Lange, Hanover.
Price of large bottles $l.OO. Beware of iroita
(April 0 , !hi:— ly
Stanton's Lxternat Remedu,
US now universally acknowledged , to be the
d, INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Rheumatism,
spinal affections, contractions of the inuscles, sore
throat and quinsy, issues, old ulcers, pains in the
back and chest, ague in the breast and lace, tooth
ache. sprains, bruises, salt rheum. burns, croup,
frosted feet, and all nervous diseases. The trium
phant success which has attended the application
'ot this most worolerfal iteedieine in curing the moat
severe cases of the different diseams above named,
nil the high enroniums that have been bestowed
upon it, wherever it has been introduced, gives
me the right to call on the af flirted to result at
once to the only remedy that can be relied on.
The faculty unite in recommending the cele.
brated External Remedy, Hunt's Liniment:
The following letters from the highly eminent
Physicians who have been attached to the Mount
Pleasant State Prison for many years, is the best
evidence of the value of this celebrated Liniment r
Brno Sum, Damsons 26, 1P45.
MnDZAR Si a :—I received your note of yester
day, asking my opinion of Hunt's Liniment, as
prepared by Mr. George E. Stanton. Knowing its
composition, and having frequently used it, I can
recommend it to you as a sate External Remedy,
and, in my opinion, the best Liniment now in use.
Very truly and respectfully yours,
Col. Pierre Van Corelandt, Grotorldanor.
I fully concur in the above opinion.
Sin reply to . your letter I would say that
I have used your External Remedy, called Hunt's
Liniment, in my practice since you made me ac
quainted with its composition, and unhesitatingly
say that I believe it to bethe best External Rem
edy now in use for the complaints for which you
recommend it. Yours respectfully.
Dionne E. STANTOX, Esc
From the New Thrk Sun
Among the mass of worthless articles and hmn.
bugs that are poured forth at the present day up
o n thecountry, it really refreshing to find some
thing of real practical utillity, something simple,
speedy, and effectual in its operation, and at the
same time free from those injurious effectserhich
generally attend powerful remedies.
iment prepared by GeotgeT. StrunomofSingSing,
though it has been but a short time before the
public, has already obtained the confidence, not
only of oar most wealthy and influential citizens,
but our most eminent physicians. All acknowl
edge it to be a sovereign balm for many of the
-ills that flesh is heir toonantwing the aching limb,
and py its genuine stimulating iuffuence, banish
ing diAsse front 'thy x eyatera.X4.i„:i
This Liniment is rid at 25 end - 50 - cents per
bottleby all this principal Druggitta and March
Orders addressed to me at Sing Sing, N Y, will
be attended to. , 0 E STANTON, Proprietor. •
Wholesale Agersto—Hoadly, Phelps & Co t 42
Water street, Rushton & Co 110 Broadway, A B
& b Sands,corrier Fulton and William, Aspinwall
Btl William street, New York ,• Cuthbert & Weth
erill 10 South Second, Philadelphia..,
AGENTS.--Sarnuel H. Buehler & S.
S. Forney, Gettysburg; Abrahani King,
.Flunierstown; E. Zuck, ...einerown; .I,a- .
cob Hollinger,Heidkraburg;.llollinger&
Ferree, Peteriburg, (Y. S.); Jacob Aida
baugb, Eampron; Geo. S. Bentael, and J.
S. Hildebrand &.Co., East Berlin..
June.ll, 1847. [Dec. 2-IY]
ASHIONABLE Barber and Hair ,
' Dresser, has removed his "Temple
to the Diamond, adjoining the County Buil
dings, where ho can at all times be found
prepared to attend to the calls of the public.
From long experience he flatters hituselt
that he can go through all 'the ramifications
of the Ton sorieal departments, with suck an
infinite degree of skill as will meet the . en
tire satisfaction of all who may submit their
chins to the keen ordeal of his razor. He
hopes, therefore, that by attention to busi
ness and a desire to please, he will merit
as well as receive u , liberal share of public
patronage. The sick will be attended tout
their private dwellings.
Tor Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Bron
chitis, Rsthma, Croup, Whooping
Cough, Spitting of Blood, Sore
Throat, Pains and Oppres
sions of the Breast, Dif
ficulty of Breathhog,
and all other di
seases of The •
Read the following Certificate of Cure performed
by the use of Ross's Expectorant and say if you
will learn neglect your cough, or doubt its office.
Ilattimore, March 12, 18.17
Mr. Jas. F. Rose.
Dear Sir—About three weeks, ago my wife
caught a severe cold, which troubled her a good
deal and gave her great uneasiness she: prepared
a great many articles which were recommended
to her by her friends, but without receiving the
benefit from any of them; her cough was getting
worse every day ;.,her -appetite was fast Ise ling
and to sleep was impossible: the pains in her
breast and side became so severe that that, she
had to go to bed, and rdY (Fiends advised me io
call in a Physician. 1 thought I would call in
the store where you were engaged and see if 1
could not get something that would relieve her,
when you gave me cbottle of your Expectorant,
assuring me that it would cure her, she commen
cad taking it that night, not, however without
great opposition on the part of wine of he
friend., who said it was only some "Quack
Medicine," and would do her more harm
than good. But I determined to take your advice,
and now lel alt know the Result 1 From taking the
first dose she fel t easier, though unable to sleep
orrecoeunt-of. turiktwarwity of phlegm that loam,-
ed and would almost choke her, but which she
could spit up with but little difficulty; the follow
ing day she continued it according totthe direc
tions, and that time, for the first time for nearly
two weeks, she enjoyed a good night's rest and by
the timeshe had finished the first bottle, she was
entirely cured. Make what use of this you think
limper, for such an invaluable medicine should be
made known to the afflicted every where. With
beat wishes for your success.- '
I remain yours &e.,
CAUTION! !I Beware of Counterfeits and
Spurious Imitations. See that the initials 'J. F. H"
are on the also my Written Signattere on the
wrapper . of each bUttle, without which none is gen
uine. Prepared only by James F Ross, Druggist,
Baltimore Dld. IL/ Fur sale in Garysbure by,
SAM I 'EL 11. BUEHLER, and in Aldlrrstuicu by
G. W. El EAGY.
II•i/1 be published in Washinzton, 1). C.,
on the Strenth of Ili -emitter next,
The United States Reporter,
A Daily Junnial Gwernment, Legiblativg and
General IS ews
TUE !name; iher ix now enabled to announce
the completion of his arrangements for the
establishment of a well organized and Independent
Journal fit s at the Seat of the Genciat (m s .
eminent The leading teafures of •'1 he Uinted
States Reporter - ,s ill be the following:
1. Early intelligence of the movements of the
various Departments of the Government. in refei•
fence to Domestic affairs and to the Foreign iela
lions of the country, %sill be given with sumps
Mu. fidelity. Possessing peculiar facilities lot ob
tu,ning information. the “Reporter oil be ena
bled Irequently to communicate, exclusively, in.
telligence of the most ImPriltant character.
ii. The ,cehatiftt Report. Of the-Proceeding,
and Debates 01 the U. States :senate, which the
proprietor r hmind to furnish daily to that lifsd,
in accordance with the terms of th e contract 'o a f ,
at the elm if of the lust sessum of r 1 , 11V.:1,... The
anon:tem fit no of made w of one,. 101 1 4 %fin.
to the Senate of the Limed stales an aktlit.itlic
and complete record of its debates f and to life ;fem
pie—in elt II y enlaiged degree--the lalicht ul
the experience, sagacit, , and tattluellialtbliip of
that body to iallich they hare ever 100.. ed %%nth
solicitous and respecitul regard.
111. The Proceedings and Debates in the (loose
of Representatives %sill also be Shen, with 1011.
ness, impartiality', and the utmost promptitude.
Each day's record will be completely made o p,
and appear it, the - Reporter' next mottling.
IV. A Sy ',optical View of the PI ocredlingo and
Debates of all the State Legislatures will be regio
laxly giuen. Members el l'ongte,so,ll,l all elm.
ses of readers, will thus be kept fully and syste
matically' informed of domestic legislation in all
sections of the U. States,
V. Early intelligence s of all important Move
ments in the Legislatures of great Britain and
France will be communicated by every steamer
Iron Europe, through Reporters in London and
Paris, who possess peculiar facilities for obtaining
vi. The General News of the Day will he eiv
en in a condensed (oral, with italmtry and kitten
Such is a brief view of what the "United States
Reporter" is designed to be. All the plans and
arrangements have been sell matured, end the
hope is confidently cherished that the ..Reporter'
will prove itself an energetic. iudurariou.. dignifi.
and perfectly independent journal. It will
have no party views—no political bias. The pro
prietor, by the terms of hie contract with the
Senate of the U. States, is bound to the condition
that -,the paper shell contain no political dawns
sioneexcept the debates:" It will be a vehicle of
news, not the organ of any set of opicions.' The
grand aim of the subscriber is to establish at the
seat of Government a faithful and prompt reporter
of all sorts of intelligence—a responsible ogeni. uo
which the politician, the business man, the menu.
lecturer, the mechanic, and every one interested in
the affairs of Congress and the Government, may
rely at all times with implicit confidence.
It is believed that the establishment of such a
reliable Journal of Intelligence, on terms which
place it within reach of the great masses of the
people, at the commencement of what promises to
be a most interesting and eventful period in the
history of Congressional proceedings, will be re
order., with favor by all chrism of the communi
ty p and, having thus Matt* his objects, the sub
ictiber respectfully solicits a liberal and general
support from the enlightened public of the Milted
_ .
Stenographer to the Senate of the U.StatPa.
The" United States Reporter" will be printed on
a large and handsome sheet, and issued iwery
VlRcept Sundays, at the rateof 1.6 per an.
non/ single copies 2 cta.
In connection with the daily paper, there will
be issued from the same eatablishment,
This publicatfon will contain exclusively the
reports of the proceedings and debates of the Con.
giess of the U. States. It will be issued semi-
Weekly, in an elegant quarto form, throughout
the sessions of Congress. and will be furnished to
subscribers at the rate of two dollars for the long
session, and one dollar for thi short session. It is
believed' that this gteae national, work will be
deemed indispensable in the Irlitir? , cif every pub
lic institution, politicied, end professional man,
throughout the country; anti that it will be re
garded by the great mast 'of the people as the very
best political text book for their own inistruction
and that of their children. •
/ X 114 , RT. T A 11.1110 U it es XIN T.- -Th roughoui the
session tuf Congress, ,Extras will be issued from the
office of the "United States Reporter," containing
the reports of all such deliztes as may possess par
ticularly exciting intsrest.
• Ali " subscriptions sad communications to be
paettaiidand- *Waited r to "J. A. liourres, U. 8.
Reporter, Washington, D. C."
Dr. C.JEL dppitlon's Celebrated Remedy
quAINS in; and &thaw Pt nutter from, the
ear, together with all 'other unpleasant spit p•
tomb, which either accompany or announce ap
proaching Deafness: This invaluable medicine is
the result of along and faithfully Puratied course
of experiments instituted with the sole view to
discover (if possible) a certain, and. at the same
time, a safe remedy for thiridrcadiully afflicting
disorder, and after being extensively used in the
private practice of the subscriber during diciest,
eight years, in very numerous cases with the most
remarkable success, is now offered to the public,
for the benefitnc these who, from distance or other
causes, cannot have the personal attention of the
proprietor, in The (idlest confidence of its efficacy,
and in the firm belief that it will not disappoint
the expectations of those who may haveoccasion
for its use ; in short, that it is the most VALUA
BLE article over offered to the public for this di.
6:7•For sale in Oettysburis by S. IL iltr.klll:F.R,
in Abbottstown by War. Byrn moan, in Oxford
bet.; Lair & Rises, and in . Franklin town.hip by
•fuumAs. J. Oman. (Aug. 6, e. 17-1 y
bullion Vegetable . Panacea.
experienced the extraordinary efficacy of
your Dr.
r. Cu r i s l o e n n: ang of gratitudeslnd fee i l o i nVegetablelar; o o r a upon y
wonderful discovery, and a desire that ytiur Med
icines should be known and appreciated by the
public, has induced me thus woluntarily to give
you an account of my case, hoping that others
who may be ito unfortunate as I have been, nasty
be induced to throw prejudice aside and give your
Panacea a fair trial.
In February, 18411, • lump , or tumor first ap
peared upon the spine of my n;bl leg, and poth
er on the lower part of my breast near the junc
tion of the ribs; they increased gradually until the
pity part of June, about which time they became
very painful. In July the tumor on the left leg
et.c • • AVM and became a running sore, extending
itself until it was 'halt the aiwrof a-mates hand,
and had eaten into the bone, and one Of two smal
ler ulcers appeared below the uncle. 3ty physi
cian and others pronounced it Scrofula. Up to
this time every remedy Deed gave no relief; the
leg continued to pet worse; during the eatly part
of August my sufferings were intense. •-I neither
went to bed 'or slept regularly for nearly toe
weeks, being compelled to set up, with my leg
supported Q 0 a chair. About this time my son
brought home with him from Cincinnati market
one of your circulars, which had been thrown in
to the wagon. I reed it, and knowing some of
the signers to the Certificate of the can of Mr.
Brooks, and believing from my knowledge of their
characters that they would not lend their names
.for.-tha purpose of palming en imposition -upon
the public, I concluded to try what effect-it would
have upon me. On the 20th of August I procu
red the first bottle, commenced taking it accord
ing to directions, and in four hours the pain was
so much relieved that 1 fell asleep and enjoyed that
greatest of blessings, a few hours repose. I con
tinued using it until the 28th of August, when I
sound myself so much better that I went to Cin
cinnati to your Agent, Mr. Danenhour, with whom
1 made arrangements to take 20 bottles, provided
be would guarantee to cure me. 1 - ht agreed to do
so , end gave me the privilege of stopping short of
the 20 Doilies, whenever 1 considered myself well.
I now lett encouraged, and continued to use it un
der Mr. D's instructions, until I had taken 12 Loot.
Iles, (using no other medicine whatever.) when I
found myself entirely, well ; the tumor on my
breast having softened, it opened, cantle out, and
was healed up when 1 had taken 6 or ? bottles.
1 will here observe, that for many years 1 had
been troubled with a kind of dry Totter, which
greatly annoyed me, particularly when heated or
w-srm in bryl . 1 na re telt nothing of this since ta
king your medicate, and have no doubt that my
system is Bow entirely free from disease, my gen
oral health neser hawing been.better.
On the 3d of December 1 again called on bfr.
Datienhower. I then prononnced myself well and
offeied to gise him a Certificate to that effect,
w hull I promised to tend him in a tew days. A
lets day, thereufw, huts me', %%Tole ktlliug hogs,
I hurt the name leg badly, in cometmence of
which I postponed giving the promi red. Certifi
caie. 0 tithing liiViolighly to t en t th e p e cous ner r e y
of the cure. I now used punting but the usual
simple remedies tbr Ire h wounds. acd found my
flesh perfectly healthy. and in the usual time for
,itch coos toy Ica healed. Sufficient time has e
lapsed to console,. me that I am now a sound Man
and that I has been ruled he your Panacea alone.
lu short. 1 La v e every confulener
.iir its virtues.—
l'einons Amamin of ohitaininu "turner pa rt iettlate,
can be gratttied by calling at my residence. at
Muddy Creek; Hamilton county. Ohio.
l'el,4 , 11:1:11 appeared berni - e- me, the subscriber,
Ittnor sitnl . ItAvin Kt null. who, being
dup., and baps that the facts met forth in
he toreti,n4ll.; statement are tine. In teor.nnony
e. he:nol, I Inn e hereunto set my name, nod canoed
the Corpotate Neal of the said City to be affixed,
ties fourth dap 01 Match. 18.17
- - E. SI•ENCPR, Mayor.
Said, whobe4ntemni rotoil, by Rnor,4Nllk WAL
TON, Proprietom a7et Market street, Philadelphia,
anti by the tolln, in: Agents :
N. H. Gettyshm.
!rm. Ilitlinger. A bbotta to n.
/,i//// 4. Riley, find.
7'. J . Cooper, Franklin ip.
August d. 1N.17
Protection agewhal Loxso by
Fe re. .
4114 lIE "Cumberland Valley Mutual Protteetion
Company, - being incorporated by an Art of
the Legislature, and fully rirgartzeil nail in opera
tion under the direction of the following Hoard of
Managers., viz: T C Miller, James Weakly, 1) W
Nl'Cullough, A G Miller. 'l' A Al 'Utley. Philip
spangle.. :..anniel Galbraith, Samuel Tritt, rn
King, (Adams,) Jolla Zug, Samuel Huston. I T
Green„l Dear—call the attention of the inhabit
ants of Cumberland ar d Adams counties to the
cheapness of the rates. and the many advantages
hich this kind of insurance has over any other.
let. Every person insured becomes a member
of the company and takes part in the selection of
officers and the direction of its concerns.
21. For insurance no more is demanded than is
necessary to meet the expenses of the Company,
and Indemnity against losses which my happen..
3d. The inconvenience of frequent renewals is
avoided by insuring fora term of live years.
-Ith. Amy person applying for insurance mast
give his premium note for the cheapest class at
the rote df five per ceni.lw hich will be $3O on the
'lOlSt, for which Se *ill hove to pay $2 fitr torero.
years and $1 410 for surrey and policy, and on
more unless loss be sustained to a greater 81110130 i
than the funds on hand will cover, and then no.
more than a pro rata share. These rates are
much cheaper than those of other companies, ex
cept such an are incorporated on the same pined.
dies. T. C. MILLER, President.
A. U. . Mii.can, Secretary.
It The follow ing named persons have been op
poinked Agents for Adams County m W Pax
ton, P.q. General Agent for Adorns (Trll; J A
Thompson and D Ziegler, Gettysburg ; ; DI.. Wm
k Stewart, Petersburg; Henry Myers: Are Ches
ter; floury Mayer, Abbottstown • Daniel Com
fort, Stratum township ; Abraham King. Hunters
town- David Blythe, Fairfield ; T Winranon.
Arendfiwille ; W fli Morrison and Abel Wright
Bendersville ; Dr. 1) Mellinger, East Berlin Ablo
Scott. Cashtown.'''
Sept. 13, ,
.11% , IllIsterfs ,Ointment,
F OR the cure of external Sores, Serof
ulous affections ' Liver Complaint,-
Quinsy,, Sore Throat , Bronchitis, Pains in
the Chest, Tumors, Diseases of the Skin,
Piles, Cum. Rheumatism, &c., &0., tot
sale at the Drug Stole of
S. 11. BUEHLER..
Gettysburg, June - '
WATCHES, of all kinds#
off will be cleaned and repaired, at tim
shortest notice. at FRAZER'S Clettit:A
Watch Establishment, in Gettysburg.
July 18, 1847. - it
la piiblished every l'riday Evenisig;iohs
County Building, above the Registeg
and Re eorder's Qffice, by
. Tr paid In adv a nce oi►within the year, *2 pes
Rollout—if not paid within the year, $2 50. Pita
paper discontinued ulifttal I art enrage' aft 'paid.—
except at the option of the Editor. t4iogle copies
centa. A.tailnre to notify a diet9 6 tibalaturia
will be regarded as a new engagenient
Advertisements not exceeding a nom inserted.
th n i e times for sl—eftry inhieutient insertion,
25 cents. 'Longer ones in the cants proportion.
All advertisements not sptvially oidered tor a giv.
in time, will be continued until forbid. A litimaA
reduction will he made tothuse woo adrottiso !fit
the year.
Job Printing 0! all kiwis executed neatly sad
promptly, and on reasonable let roc '
legersapcl Comintuthittialis to the Edilot, (ex•
eepting inch as contain Money ur the names at
new sub,cribers.) unlit be char raru,inotdtt tO
teCUIC UttClltiol.l.