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Battles of Contreras & Clinrubustio.
The Washington Union of kite' 15th in
skint contains the following interesting let
ter in relation to, these battles
TACMIATI. AlreSt 24. 11417.
""The army left Puebla en thetth of this
month, and, after a few days' march, reach
ed•Alotla, immediately on the margin of
the vltuypf Mexico. Between this place
and'illo !city, atiMit four miles distant, we
4obw Mere was a strongly fortified p os i..l
tion, eV S. :Non; it is a small isola- i
tat tatit lain; surrounded by water, near
tine of the . principill causeways leading to
tAlftinr — After spending a day or two in
reconteiteying : this place, and which it
Ipiniticl Iptve caused a great loss of life to
..lys,va t *en, it.was ascertained that there
mapiacticable road south 01 . Lake C Itl
e?.. rte General determined to take this!
'roar', and put the army in motion, leaving
ilits , ditisiOn to watch the enemy in our'
rear, The march was a dreadful one, be-1
it the 'rainy season: The road was in
minty 'plaeles, - where it passes at the foot
of themrsourimins, and on the margin oldie;
lakeSiar_narrow.causeway, nearly covered
with water, and excessively muddy . ; 'at
other's it was over rocky spaces of the!
mountains,, and in places entirely obstruc- ,
tdinij ,- huge rocks rolled down by the ene
enVl;litteilothing seemed to damp the ar- !
ant ii(the army—all obstacles vanished
Waft them. In two or three days, when
the , wholeltrmv was in inotioti, they could
be seen from the front stretched out over!
'distance of seven or eight miles. On
.01038th, the General reached a small town
called San Augustin, about twelve miles
aoutltof the city, the eaditor division hav
ing arrived there the day before. Getter- 1
*Worth had placed his pickets in advance!
'fis!_tkerayrivalof the General ; lie ordered
0 .whole division to advance and take pos-1
Reardon of 'a
hacienda within striking dis- 1
tance of a strongly fortified place called
Satratntentio, , aitil.also that ..reconeititeXing
'Wiles should be pressed forward still in
MlTtiiriee ; the party was supported by a
tvittircin of cavalry and a battalion. of in-
Emmy. In passim" to the front, I found
thata , troop, whicl: s had been flaced as a
picket, had gone forward ; and as I came
up with it, itmatle a turn in theroad which
brought--it in full view of the enemyla bat
terti'which opened upon theM. The first
firer killed Captain Thornton, mangling his
1 1 , 94 y in the most horrid manner. The -
bill, a In-pounder, afterwards struck the
read, and literally covered we with mud
end fragments of stone, one of which made
Velight.bruise on my right thigh. A guide
W% Itibacked troth his horse within 5 feet
tifiricOvith a shocking wound in the head
.113 0 i' piece of stone. It is thought lie will
recover, but with the loss of an eve. The
recoemoisatice was continued right and left
avithasome hopes of storming the battery
that afternoon; but night and the rain
etaato on, and it was given up. Very ear-
Irtite next morning, I discovered from the
top of the house in which we were quer- San Angustin, a large body of the
littelith some 12,000 or 15,000 on our
lefli'about three miles distant. The Gen
ettil'had ordered reconnoisanees in that di;
ewards San Angel; where irepor,
j 4 hint. He immediately ordered two
divistetls forward under Pillow and TWigii,
and followed soon after himself. The en
iirity Vere found' in an entrenched camp,
irti, educe • called Contreras, with twenty
.iilitt*t of artilleryi some of them very hea , ,
vy site pieces. The attack commenced
at doim, and the firingeontinued incestanb
iy.initil dark, when it ceased on bothsidesi
otrittiaope maintaining their gratin* and
birettpring a village near by. Daring' the
idliritorm we watched the different move=
tifnis;Of ourAronps with the most fearful
tirtiiiity;'. and could plainly see one of Ottr
Minnie' resist a charge of a laigebody of
cavalry, and the enemy falling. from their
*addles; arid taking to their heels, or rath
er „to ,their horses' heels. During the
article af the tight we could see on the right
o.tiMitly.of at least ten thousand infantry,
Titil Ceti*" in reserve, towards the city ;
liktithey bad not the. courage to advancer
although Santa Anna himself was.said to
istothere. ,' The attack was ordered to be
renewed at 3 o'clock next. morning, .and
Uta:General returned to San Augustin.—
, Reieft at an early hour, taking with him
Gen. Worth's and one-half of his division
as a reinforcement ; but en route he was
iiibi by an officer, who reported that the
lotiteries bad been carried by our troops
Ilia. Most gallant style, Colonel Riley lead
, ._.
int , the assault. As he approached the
.ittene 'of action, it seemed most incredible
lidvirenr men got over the gronnd to the
hitick. It was over immense masses of
Inlisi - thyoWn up in the roughest, sharpest,
bPhaslble shapes, and covered with dense
rushwood. Streams had to be crossed
triiiPeittri ravines ; and most of them hay-
Idepassed the night in a pelting rain with
het' 'shelter; it appears almost incredible
Wit they should be able to drive double
lb& numbers from a battery of 23 heavy
elite:. 'The scene on the arrival of the
General was iribst exciting. The cheer
ing of the troops left to protect the proper.'
ty,..triketi, and their delight on seeing him,
axis l yery gratifying. Many of the guns
ingl4 , have. been added to our siage train.
0 , je 'anima .ot ammunition, taken ex
: eil by three times the whole which we
.1 from Vera Crux, so that we are
ekilrovided. But the'greatest cause of '
ttllapen was . the recapture of two of
spi, , own guns, brought from Buena Vista,
he,lkat battle of General Taylor. when
I if* - the P. S. ott.them, I felt like dis
til Minting and embracing them. What is
remarkable about their recapture, it was
metia,by the 4th artillery, to which regi
aMmithey.fortnerly belonged. They, with
olhtutilnall captured pieces, were inimedi
tlehlitted up as a light battery, and the
tittPlaill (Dunn) who took them in emu-
Switittifit. The General, when he reeeiv
est -ttas intelligence of this victory, sent
General-Worth back to make a demonstra
lkolveitan Antonio , whilst be, with the
riot* 'ttit the army which was pressing
. : .
entesty, should get in its rear. I will
Oil 140010 'describe the scene on the field
ethtt battle. On leaving it, the road was
*redly . strewed with dead Mexicans,
eratu4 broken carriages, die. In passing
.t.litialae, , l looked over, and saw the bo
dies' if at least twenty, piled one, on the
tbothetVend the bank of the stream was
stunted with them, anti it was some dis
bratelnifere we got out of sight. Going
eta Aro earner to a church, In which were
Allow TOO prisoners. The General halt.-
: *OA* minutes, and addressedabe °f n.
,oo*Arity kindly. Amongst them were '
~j, l iadt OW: rids.. He then hurried out to
All*lrkiag ar my. Wonsan up w i th
Angels where they had halted.
,I . iligiumful panted along the line, it
-VMANlvesruiaued shout. After a few
lietoed un to a village coiled
Viirliatikr w we head tiring on our
right, about two miles off, in the direction GREETIMI or Gas. Score av run R
ol s a „ A n t o n Jo , T he Generallim mediate- j xv—Tkeir confidence in his Military
ly seat, me, pith Captain Nearny's„ troop,
g 4 .1 o/ IL—The Washington Union of We
i to ase4ta In lihe, state of a ff airs.
iopped „ on t and on approac h ing the p u ti . c, !dny, contains two letters from distinguish
! I found that Worth had turned t h e plea- by : a (diners in General Scott's army, relit.
both flanks, arid driven the enemy from it,' tire to the recent Landes, from one of which
and wlits in hot pursuit of them. I return.: Nve znake the following extracts
ed to the General as quickly as I had gone.
' , The greeting of General Scott by the
and as I gallopped along I heard a brisk ,
tiring in front. When I reached him I troops after the action, on seeing the sue- '
found that ho was fiercely ettga , cd with ces s of his plans. w as loud and vociferous.
It must have shaken the "Halls of the
the enemy at another strongly entrenched
, Nlontezumas." Their enthusiasm seem
position—San Pablo. This action lasted
ed to cheer the Mexican officers in their
more than two hours, and the tiring was
more general and more continuous than, captivity. The army has implicit . confi
any I had beard yet. The enemy's grape i de n ee in him- and alMadated nethite
and canister flew hliti hail, and the fire ofi, w here be munmands ; Ile sees every
, thing, and calculates the Mnit W - erity
our infantry was one continuous volley.
Captain Taylor's battery was obliged to measure; and they lento" :and feel that
retire—being inns , sa dl y cr i pp l e d — l ost their lives and labor will pot be Uselessly
two officers, a great many men, and left !ex pended '
the field with only two horses to a gun ; P"'", "9• 6 ".3vemmet , __ *P li r ael _
hut the enemy, although behind entreneh. mi L an s mu nmen,_„,
_estestlth nvi'n Wide mei
ments, with heavy guns, eouldeot with , Th mu° completely
stand the impetuosity and valor of OUT 1 01 01 : -
troops. The place teas carrtetl by sat
e == w"r°rile 7eZt montgatourms cm
e • pee
her of prisoners were taken. In the mean Lat,„,ilus army of,(
time, Worth having hotly pursed the ene- u `' , ' l L l M lt •.____, we mem
my, came up with him at another forti fi ed ek Ins a t an ?Tuts on the
place in advance of San Pablo, called they aelkamelldfia la" killed *Si
C'hurubtatco, and after an obstinate' resist. w° , l2°oml
once, carried it. made many prisoners,and d r 2 / 1 4 . ‘ __ aa th e army to ma'
drove the enemy before him The *din- pore -
L ta ,_; aama am ,, e111 1%." 116 elttara,.__mm
goons pursued and . followed . him to - -the i . ......, 1 - 40 - ' ,l--/..._--a- z _Pr 9 P O 2 . -g i mior-J_VIMOMMI
gates of the city. Two officers are said Para"' oitadat i :Eate
- 1 "
to have been killed inside of the entrene ' " lbtd and This
mentS of the - gateway. Time Muted the
__* - 2 -1411-in-ele-amatil fall a w d ala a t 4
day ; and I think you will agree with me ritr; t enable mallmaa, amem to meet
that it was a tolerably active one—four dip. d treat far PtMem.„Tht
fillet battles having been fought and won, armtst " 1 • 16964 ° Y
and the enemy outnumbering us in each """"'"I foresee the mead* though I
at least three or four times. They acktiewl- can very wilt see that it is for Santa Att.
edge to have had thirty *Wand Men in "'ll advanage make rem So far I
the field on that day ; and vet - dies* can frost
them on every occasion; and in 7 the• end. /intik another letter from Taeubayii, da
made more than frrente'-thfee hundred led August 22d, we take the foUo wiag
prisoners, among them 7: &their principal erosing extract:
Generals, aud:about 41:1' pieces of can non.
"We took altogether 2,5 . 00 prisoners,
gen 37 pieces of cannon, and am
enough for a whole campaign.
and completely disorganized their army. ,
The following day, 4215 t.) on taking our
position nearer the city, we were met by
some propositions from Santa Anna. which
the General declined. except no far as to
say that. if undisturbed he would not at
tack. That night we had formal proposi
tions for an armistice, commissioners were
appointed, and an armistice entered into
for the purpose of allowing commissioners
to meet Mr. Trist, for the purpose of treat
ing of peace: What dm itinialt Sell - be 'I
do not know. I have but little confidence
in them., It is reasonable sornmpose that_
Snits - Anna wishes peace, but whether he
will be able. to accomplish it I know not
There are various rumors of pronuncia
mentos,. factions. &e. - It is aid that Iles.
tamente and Paredes have formed one
side; Valencia and Almon* on the other.
&c. I her there is more work for the '
oAfter each of the haulm when* the
troops saw the complete success of Gen.
Scot's plans, he was received with the
most vociferous cheers - throughout Abe
whole army. The shouts must have
reached Hudak,: Ewen the impure Alex-
Inn officers seemed cheered in their dis
tress, to witness their enthusiasm. The
army hare the greatest confidence in him.
and justly. They know his care of them.
They know his worth. Ile lays his plans
well, calculates the cost of every measure._
and attempts nodal* without a reasonable
prospect of success. I hope our govern
ment will hot think the war at an end, and
stop our reinforcement} Akin- is the time
to urge them on, and show that the country
is not only ours, but that we will hold it
until our demands ant acceded to. It is
this temporizing policy that has protracted
the war. The march of Gee. Scott with
his link army upon the capital, has been
the boldest move in modern warfare. it
is ascertained that the !anima army was
x 2,000
strong. Twenty-seven thousand
men, from their own account, set us on
the They mein the rinthi of their:
resources; we are a great distance from
py from the New Orieuw Delta
killed and wounded officers ind.ptivates.
in the various divisions and brigades-of
out army. in the late battles - before the ci
ty of Heifeo. The killed, weare Retitled
to firul, are not as..oumerous as suppo.
Red, and • Many of the wounded are bet
slightly hurt. The recapitulation is as
•• • Killed. 'Woun'il. Missing.
Gen. Worth's ' 285 10
Gen. Twiggy' do, 19 94 12
Second Brigade.. • 13 . 4
Engineer etimperry. - 4 1 -
Company K Ist artillery, 2 23
Gen. Pillow's Diiision, 12 135 4
Brigagle,Voltiontrok • , . ,
'Howitzer Cos,, 11 - 28 2
Patmeito Regiment, , • 13 1U
(km. Quitman's Die., -18 • _ 88.
, 128
To main:oer ,elucidation of the spirit
with which the ,recent armistice was en
tered into before General Scott and Santa
Anos t
,we soncx r y s u r o important doe's
rnedls..7The following_ was the letter ad
dryssed by Gene* Scott to Santa Anna,
tendering an Armistice:
ifeadimartere of the Army of U. R. Arierica,?
ON Atllllolll 1847. 5
Chief of the Republac orMezico.
-Sir.iToo.much blood has already been
shed - in this unnatural war between the
two great Republics of this continent. It
is time that the differences between them
shrink!. be amicably and honorably , settled,
rind it is"known to'your Excellency that a
,commissioner on the part of the United
&ette, , clnthed with full powers to that
end, is with this army. To enable the
two Republics to enter on negotiation, I am
wilfing to eign,on reasonable terms,a short
-,-I-sluilLwaiLwidtpatience until to-mor
row morning fora direct answer to this
communication ; hot shall in the mean
time seiseeind occupy such positions out
side of the capital as I may deem necessa
ry to the knitter tinitetunfort of this army.
I have the honor to remain with high
consideration and respect. your Excellen
ey i s most obedient servant,
To this letter treply was returned by
the Mexican Secretory_ of Wu. of which
the-following is g haw version :
Ministry of War end Merime,
To His Excellency Gen.Winfleld 8008, Comma..
der-in-Chief of the Amy of the U. 8. of
maim. " .
Sir—The ondersigned,Miniaterof War
and Marine eflhe.Government of the U.
nited. States of Meiico, is instructed by
His Excellency. the President, Comma
der-in-Chiefoo reply to your communica
tion, in which you propose to enter into
as armistice, with a view to avoid the Ihr
titer shedding of blood .between the two
great Republics of this continent e for the
purpose of hearing the propositions which
may be made for this purpose by thecom
missioner of His Excellency the President
of the United States of America, who is at
the headquarters of the American Army.
It is certainly lamentable, that in con
sequence of the disregard of the rights of
the Mexican Republic, the shedding of
blood has become inevitable between the
first republics of the American continent;
and your Excellency with 'great propriety
qualifies this war as unnatural, as well on
account of its origin as the antecedents of
two people identified by ilffir relations and
their interests. The proposiiiou of an ar
mistice to terminate this scandal has been
received with pleasure by his Excellency
the'President, commander-in-chief, as it
will enable the propositions to be enter
tained which the commissioner of the
President of the United States may make
lin• the honorable termination of the war.
Accordingly. the President, Command
er-in-chief, directs me to say - to your Ex
cellency that lie accepts the proposition to
enter into an armistice, and for this object
he has appointed the Brigadier Generals
I). Ignacio Mom y Villamiland D. Benito
Quijano, who will be present at the time
and place which may be designated.
His Excellency also instructed me to
communicate his satisfaction that the army
Of the United States should occupy conve
nient and fitting quarters,trusting and hop
ing that they will ,be out of reach of the
tire of the Mexican fortifications.
I have the honor to be, with high con
sideration utubrespect, your Excellency's
most obedient servant, A LCORTA.
During the year ending lst August,
1847, the number of, smertige passengers
artivedmt the port of New York was 152,
116. During the.saine period in 1846,
the number was 01,280.
I-and General-in-
rues ma Rao Gnanez.--The Booth
ern mail of Saturday night brought news
of the death of Brig. General Hopping.
who died at Heir on the Ist instant. His
brigade is broken up. Glos. lane's bri
gade was =peeled to embark ow the Bth
umlaut from Brazos to Vera Cruz, aad
Gen. Codling was etwvammating his bri
gade at Palo Altor peeparztory so its de
parture for the sale place.
Ritcsirenei.--Assong die pieces of ar
tillery captured at Chenbaco, were two
pieces belonging to Lie' wt. O'Brien'. com
pany, which be was compelled to abandon
at. Buena Vita, and which fill into Mexi
can hands. They wen malptmnio . Iby the
company to which they originally belong
ed thus proving that their lose on s brines
occasion was no hick of of valor on their
part, but one of thone-ectidems the best
troops sometimes are compelled to submit
to. Nothing could ennead the enthusiasm
of the men when they saw their wellknown
pieies. They all but hugged and embrac
ed them, and rent the air with wild hums,
while drawing peals of eloquence from the
objects of their devotion.
The Great Agrindurral State Fair at
SARATOGA, (N. Y.) commenced OR Tues
day and dosed on Friday last. It was at
tended by a great number of persons, and
though it,did not realize aft that was ex
pected from it, it exhibited a great variety of
cattle and agricultural productions and im
plements. mattufaieturt-s. &c. The address
which had been prepared by the late Gov.
Wiiinirr, to be delivered by him, was read
by Gen. Dix on Wednesday, and is pvl2,-
fished in the papers.
At this Fair gentlemen were present,
it is said, from almost every State and
Territory of the Union, and among
them, Er-Presidents Vas Brien and Ty-
LF.R. -Many of the fair sex also graced the
occasion with their presence.
FATAL Monrsrv.—A sad event occur
red lately at a French house near Gourin.
A fire having broken out in the night, the
family hastened to make their escape.—
Two daughters of the farmer and a servant
girl, finding a crowd assembled at the door,
were ashamed of appearing in their nig
dresses, and returned for their clothing.—
In the attempt two of them were burned to
Tint .—The dwelling of AI r. Isaac BOSE
is, near Clayville. Va., was consumed by
lire on the 22d oh., together with three
little children. The parents were absent
at the time.
The political writings of the late Gov
ernor Silas Wright are to be published by
Hansom H. GiHer, who has been for some.
time collecting them.
The warner Britania arrived it Boston
on Monday morning, at a1.7,0ut 5 o'clock.—
She left Liverpool on the 4th, with dates
from that city with that day. She brings
110 paimengers. among lvhett► is General
Armstrong, the IL S. COnstil at Liverpool.
The steamer. Great Dritairs 'success
fully floated off on the night of ti4terth ul
timo, and arrived at Liverpool on tile 30th.
The British I.slands have, within the
last week or ten days, been visited by a
succession of disastrous hurricanes,which
have canoed incalculable damage to the
,• BI tuffs had experielvedancolher de
cline' prams, ain6e the balling of the last
*IMP flt , • A fe4rfitt Rfes 4 u. r 3. t!se been felt
in the money market, deep ly enacting, if
not entirely paralysing every branch of in
dits. A number of heavy failures have
alre4y.ocsurred, the liabilities-of-the de
faulting house* exceeding two millions
The bills 9f Prime, Ward Ar. Co., of N.
hoitared in England, and
it is thought the firm will be able to resume
payment*. '
The most interesting' intelligence by the
Dritania is that which relates to events in
Italy, where the liberal policy of the new
Pope had Occasioned considerable ferment.
His measures of political,reform have ren
dered'him very popular With the masses,
but huge received the open anti bitter hoe
:lily of itter Anstrian - Goneruntent, which
has m an ifested a determination to interfere
by the agencies of its armies, in case di
emstrfails. The town of - Ferrara has
invested by the Austrian troops, and
st declaration of war-on the part of die Pope
seems unavoidable. In the meantime Pope
Pius IX. is proceeding steadily in his
measures of reform, and preparing for the
worst, by organizing formidable bodies of
troops. It is said ho will lead his armies
in person, in case of hostilities breaking out.
It is said that the Pope will be sustained
by England and the leading Italian States,
whilst Austria is supported Parma, Lucca,
and Modena, possibly secretly by France.
The difficulties in Spain still continue.
Gen. Navarez had been called on by the
Queen to organize a cabinet, in opposition
to the wishes of her mother and the French
Government. The Queen has applied to
the Pope for a divorce from her husband.
ntet.wen, the novelist, has been defeat-' ,
ed for Parliament.
Wittentlx,author oc, "Ten Thousand a
Year," was also defeated for a seat is Par
From the Union Star of Sept. 15.
it--happy incident occurred at our meet
ing yesterday, while Den. -IRVIN was
speaking.—lle said,
"I have been charged by the opposition
and their presses, with having voted for
the Bankrupt Law. I never denied it, and
never wished - my friends to deny
That law was up in the Senate before the
election of 1840, and was-passed in that
body, but not acted on for want of time.—
The.most of the Whig Senators, and some ,
otthe Democrats voted for it. Among
them Mr. Robert J. Walker. At the extra
session of 1841, it was broUght up in the
Senate again and passed, •nearly• all the fur it, and again the
Democrats came to the rescue; and unless
four of them had voted fur it in the Senate,
it would never have been brottglit to the
House, becaufe unless these Democrats,
Mr- Walker and three others, had voted for
it, it would have been killed there, and I
never would have voted for it. But i fit was
an infamous act for James Irvin, a young
and inexperienced member of Congress,
to vote for this bill, was it not equally so
for the great Sir Robert J. Walker, one of
the very pillars of Democracy ? And what
most be the thought of your President, Mr.
Polk, in selecting a man for one of the
most responsible stations in his Cabinet,
who has been guilty of such disgraceful
and infamous conduct? Do they not by
this very course make Mr. Polk a party
to this conduct, and a sharer in this infamy
and disgrace 1"
The lion. John Snyder here 'interposed,
and said he hdped that Gen. Irvin would
-have the candor nrackuowledge. _that Mr.
Walker voted for the bill under instruc
tions from the Legislature of Mississippi.
Gen. Irvin replied :
"This may be so. I do not know that it
is the fact. I know Mr. Walker made two
speeches in the Senate in favor of the
measure, in which, I believe, he says no
thing of instructions, perhaps they instruct
ed him to speak as well as vote in favor of
the bill. But doef the gentleman see,
that if this is even so, it makes it so much
stminger formei I had not only thepersonal
example of the great Sir Robert J. fFidk
et, but that also qf the Democratic Legis
lature of Missisiappi to back me."
This turn of the subject fell like a thun
derbolt upon poor John, and put him com
pletely hors du combat, he looked strange
things, but was completely confounded,
and J9lut found, but whnkit_ was too late,
"that he had wakened up the wrong par
sever." And JohNhlke Polk's _friend,
Banta Anna, al Buena Vitus, or Cerro'
Gordo, beat a hasty retreat, avid the
shouts of the multitude. .
Lord Erksine .when a barrister c once
observed to a jury. as his oppoeent's clerk
entered the Court with a large armful of
books and papers. "Gentlemeu, whenever,
you see so much law necessary in support
of a cause be sure it is a very:bad one."—
Thus, whenever we glance over the , ver
bose letters in the Washington Onion, or
the labored vintlications fit its editorials of
officials and official measures, we apply
the anecdote, and say this great .(Ixpentli
ture of logic and rhetoric betokens the bol
stering of a very bad cause.
[New Orleans Bulletin.
RIOT IN BUTLER C 0 MIT Y. ---The Pitts
burg Despatch, of Friday last, Says
"We have been informed that an Ex.
Sheriff of Indiana county, and three or four
slaveholders of Virginia, went into Cran
bery township, 'Butler county, on Satur
day last, fur the purpose of hunting
: pp
sonic runaway slaves. On the farm of
Samuel Marshal, I;:sq., there were three
or our manumitted slaves at worlt, ,whom
these men tried to steal oft One person
was shot, but whether dangerously or mot
we are nut informed.
said in 4 letter
from London, that Fanny Elasler has lost
000.000 francs by the failure of a banker
01 Venice.
The Cork Examiner mentions the fail
ure of six , houses in the corn trade at Lim
erick, whoso united liabilities arnotint to
& vulittott rpm
Jr IP unz Jr' 841. LE.
IN pursuance kif an Order ofthe
Mians'Xiourt of 'suns collet)+, the
setisorriberti;4iliiitsistmtai•of this
of &must. HotuNoun, late of Latimore
township, deceased, will expose to public
Salo, on
Saturday the 2d day of October,
at 10 o'clock, A. at., on the premises, the
of sell 'deceased,' eitfittriwWwitt township,
adjoining lands of fieorge Deardorff, Wil
liam Wright, Isaae.,Drieto,,.ao7Geotge
Manna, and Gontainsuff. • • -
mote or lose, of Patented Land Tlie Im
provements are a ,:
Log House,
a double Log — Barn, with two
Threshin,g Floors attached, together with
the usual necessary outbuildings; there ,
are two thriving Orchards on the premises ;
also two wells of good water, one conve
nient to the House, the other. to the Barn.
A large proportion,of the land is ..covered
ill , with ,
The is also a su ffi ciency of
goo Meadow. A part of the land is
limed, and all is under good cultivation.
There are on the premises a number of
never failing Springs of water. ,
gawThe shove Property will be sold
entire, or in two separate tracts, as may be
deemed mostadvantageous. Terms made
known on the day of sale by
By the Court—Ws. S. HAMILTON, clerk
Aug. 20, 1847.—td
IVILL he exposed to public sale, at
the Tannery oflosseit BAUGHER,
Fountaindale, Adams county, l'a., on
Tuesday, the 16th day of November.
Six Horses, Horse Gears,
one of them a broad wheel Road Wagon,
the other Bark Wagons. Also, two pairs
of Ladders. The horses are excelllent
team horses. Sale to comn►cnc at 11 o'-
clock A. M.-,when the terms will be made
known by BAUGHER & CO.
Sept. 17, 1847.—ts
THE subscriber has from twenty-fire
Co thirty thousand trees in his Nur
sery, READY GROWN for this fall and
next spring's planting, comprising a large
amount of Apple and Peach, together with
a general assortment of all the liner,fruits
also various kinds of shade and ornamen
tal trees, w hich sell either at, retail
or by the thousand. Persons wishing to
procure trees for planting, or to sell again,
can be accommodated any time after the
25th of October next.
August 27, 18.17.-2 m
TfIE Subscribers have the pleasure of
announcing that they have completed
their arrangements for running a
between Gettysburg and 1!alt iinore, via
Liulestown, Westminster and Roisters
town. An entirely new line or superior
and, elegantly built
have been put on the route, which, togeth
er with trusty and accommodating drivers,
they feel assured must give entire satisfac
tion to the Travelling Public.
itcrThe line will run through daily,
(Sundays excepted,) leaving regularly at
7 o'clock, A. M.
.101 IN L. TATE & CO.
September 17, 1847.
Dr. Cu!lopes
&I NDIAN Vegetable Piles Remedy, is a domes
tic preparation, which has beeu used with en
tire success for many years. Being, an internal
medicine, it has a decided preference over outward
application*, which are but palliatives and not cu
ratives. This medicine acts Upon the diseased
puts* producing healthy action and a pertnanerit
wboli s sale and retail, by Row awn &
WA &ion. Proprietors, 410 Mgritet street,, Phila.,
and by S. IL BURBLER; Gettysburg; Wm. Ra
tingen-, Abbottstown; Lilley & Riley, Oxford, and
T. J. Cooper, Franklin . Vag. '4l--ly
MC Mao
OF the very best quality, and different
flavors, can be had, at all times, at
WEAVER'S Confectionary in Chambers
burg street. Fe/raffia and Partial will be
supplied with‘any desired quantity,,atfthe
shortest notice.,. CAEES and CONFECr
TIONS of all kinds always on .hand,, and
will be Welshed. order Aturoasenable
Gettysburg, JulY 23.—"tf , •
*kind Csoleivat
AN be had for. Cumberland township
at C. W. Horsupea'Coach-81kop,
Gettysburg o Pa. • ' Please ealand see them
and judge for yourself..
Gettysburg. May.2o, 1948. ;
ETTERS of Aihniiiistratien on the
Estate of PIILLIP H&RTMATI, late, of
Hamilton township; Adams county, deceas
ed, having been granted to the subscri
ber, residing in the same township, notice
is hereby given to all persons indebted to
said estate to call and settle the same with
out delay, and those having claims against
said 'estate are requested to present the
same, properly authenticated, for settle
ment. JACOB HARTMAN, lidner:
Aug. 20, 1847.—tit
Perfumery, Soap, Se.
ARTICLES, TOYS, &r.,' for sale
April 10, 1840.
/ . ..Ngivs. FROM-14FXIii
Ts daily expected, and as poon receiv
, 1 ect,.*ill be made knOwn thr ug h tlie
mpdrum of the-pr,ess. Trille m . taiire
die pt tie curiosity in thisi ,9 4l orliood
isiiilieyecupied in erprultil le xfritor
dmary supply of 7.---.
Ready-made Clothing,
for fall and winter use,ipst receircd,'a
for sale at astonishingly cheap rates, tit
in..Gettysbarg t immediately oppolilfrthe
Bank. The stock has been purchased
with a vie to the season, and embraces
ovary_ re* y of Gentlemen's. Apparel,
*sailt ,as superfine ,Cashmeret :and. Cloth
.Drees COATS and CLOAKS;. fine and
superfine Tweed . Coats ; Cassinet do. ;
plain and fancy. Cassimer, Cloth, .Tweed,
and Cassinet PANTS; Silk, Satin, Cite
simere, Cassinet, Plain &Fancy VESTS;
Shirts, Bosos, Collars, Cravats,Hand
kerchief's; & m spenders, Glo'os , St ockings,
together with every thing belonging to a
gentleman's furnishing line. Also a large
variety of
Jewelry, Spectacles,-Perfumery, Pen
knives, Combs, Shaving Apparatus," Pur
sea, Dish-shades, Umbrellas, Violin and
Guitar Strings, Needles, Pins, dm Ste.
Also, a few CLOCKS, which will be sold
low, as I wish to cleat off the lot. Also,
some cheap home-made Carpets.
Coach-makers will find among my stock
a lot of Coach-Lace, Canvass, Curtain
Frames and Knobs, Fly -nets, a small lot
of Iron, several Buggies, several sets of
New Harness--all of which will be sold
very cheap.
My goods having been purchased under
favorable circumstances, andlutving deter
mined to adopt the cash and on4.price sys
tem in my dealings hereafter, I am ena
bled- to offer them at lower prices than
they have ever hitherto been purchased in
this place. All I ask is an examination of
my goods, which I shall he pleased to show
to purchasers at all times.
Sept. 10, 18•!7.—tf
Watches, Jewelry, &c.
ATc HES, Jewelry & Silver Ware
• • may be haft wholesale and retail,
guarantied better for the price than at any
other store in Philadelphia, at (lute Nicho
las Le Horny's) No. 72 North Mud street,
Elabove Areh, Philadelphia.
WVITIIES, all kinds, tine, medi
um and low qualities, among which are
Goldi.cvers, full Jewelled, ;110 to $lllO
Lepoies " 25 to d 0
Quartiers Imitation, 5
Salver aver., full Jewelled, 911 to 30
Lepines 12 to 18
Quartiers fine 0 to 10
JE EIAR V, Diamonds, Gold Chains,
Gold Pens with Gold & Silver holders,
Pencils, Breastpins, Ear and Finger Rings,
Bracelets, Cameos of Shell, Coral and La
ren,: witlrevery other article of Jewelry of
the richest and most-fashionable patterns.
_ SEAVER AVARE,Phite, Forks, Spoons,
Cups, &r., of standard Slyer. "
PLATED WARE, Castors, Cake Bas
kets, Fans, Vases, Card Cases and other
Rich Panay Goods in great variety.
Wholesale Buyers will save money by
calling here before purchasing.
li:rlicep this advertisement and call at
No. 72. You will be satisfied the goods
are really cheaper and better than are of
fered in the city. For sale low, a hand
some pair of SHOW CASES, s uit a ble
roe Jewelry ur Fancy Snore, apply' as
Sept. 3,1847.—1 y
Feathers ! Feathers !
Prong 12 to 45 Cud") per Pound
CIIF,AT roe Clm.
1012EDITRICK 0. FRASER, l'phol-
JU stercr and General Furnisher, No.
415 Market St. above 11th, North side,
opposite Girard Row, Philadelphia, whet*
may be 4ad at all times a large assortment
of Beds, and Mattrasses, Curled Hair and
Feathers, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads and
Looking Glasses, together with all other ar
ticles in the above line of business at the
very lowest Cash prices.
N. 11. Goods warranted to give satis
faction. ,
Sept. 2,1817.-3 m
S HEREBY GIVEN. That applica-
I non will be made by the undersigned
and others, to the next Legislature of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the
incorporation of a Company under the
name and style, or intended name tied
capital Fifty Thousand Dollars, designed
as an office of discount and deposit;
to be located in East-Berlin, Adams coun
ty, Pa.
David Mellinger, John Dellonci
William Wolf, George Schwartz,
J. J. Kuhn, J. H. Aulabaugh,
Charles Spangler, Barnet Hildebrand,
George King, Isaac Trimmer,
George H. Binder, AbrahamTrinimer,
John Diehl. David. Hollinger.
Jane 25, 1847.—Cm
ilk Allegheny House
'Tom subatritter ; (lam of thei
Washington Hotel, Harrieburg, , Pc takes
thinlnelhod of informing his - eid friends
and'the publid generally that he hits taken
the above named' HOTEL. The ilduse
is airy end comfortable, end has been ex
ternsively altered and improved, and the
proprietor topes by strict attbMion to bo
niest', and a proper care fm themimfigt of
hie quests, to merhanifteetivellt *aro of
public ' , patronage. - , The 'House 'it /situated
very convenient for the Tntiolling Publio,
behtg only two' doors, above the Harris
burg. and Pittsburg Depot, and within two
minutes Walk of the Baltimore and Read
ing Dtipots. Stabling attached to the pre
mises. `Terms ilk per:day. --
E. P. HUGHES; Proprietor.
Sopt. 3, 1847.—:-tf
Jewelry, Watch-Guards,
11,17 ATCH Chains, Keys, Spectacles,
• &c. &c. can always be had at the
Clock & Watch Establishment of
Vaj ILL be made and put up by the
VV. subscriber, who will attend prompt
ly to all orders, and upon us reasonable
terms as can be procured at anyestablish
mont in the county.
~)Gettysburg, March 13.
in and by the act of the
9enerail Assembly of this State, en
titled "Att ALt to regulate the General E
lections 4f this Commonwealth," enacted
on the 2d day of July, 1839, it is_eqjoined
ort — Me NV ii of such Eke
it to belreld, and to enumerate in such
Notice, what ()dicers are to be elected: I
le4unty of Adams, Irecwelleby
I give this PUBLIC NoTt E, to e lee-
tors of the said County of Adam, that a
GENERAL Wilgoitio
will be held In the said Vim ty;` n the,
„tSce44l4 Wa10P 1 443: 00440114,411.1414
(THE 12TH,)
et the severardistridts tqhhposed of the
following Townships, viz
In , the First District, composed of the
Borough of Gettysburg, and the Township
of Cumberland, at the Court-hommin airfre
tysburg.- • : •
In the Second District, composed of tkur
Township of Germany, at the house, now
occupied by Joseph Barker, itt ffie lowo,Of
Li ttlesto wit, in the To w.nshi pof Oersostty t
In the Third District, composed td: that
part of the township of Berwick not I ,is‘
eluded in the 16th District, at the hotise of
John Miley, sq., in the town of Oxford:
In the , Fourth District composed ()Mid
Townships of Latimorc ..and:Huritington,
at the house of William Chronister, in the
township of Huntington.
In the .Fifth District composed of the
townships of Illamilionban and Libertyt at
the pdblic School-house in Millerstown.
In the Sixth District, composed of the
Township of Hamilton, at the house now
occupied by GOorge Bentzel, in the town
of Berlin.
In the Seventh District, composed Mate
township of Menallon ,
,at the how gi
saac Yount, in paid township:'
In the Eighth District composed,of the
township of Straban, at the house occupied
by Jacob Grass iu Hunteratown. •
In the Ninth District composed of the
Township of Franklin, at the house now
occupied by Henry Hartman, in said town
. In the Tenth District, composed of the
township of Conowago, at the house of
John Busby, in M'Sherrystown.
In the Eleventh District. composoii of
the township of Tyrone, at the • holise of
Samuel Sadler, in' Heidlerstmrg.
In the Twelfth District, composed of the
township of Mounijoy, at the house' of
Ocurge Snyder, in said township.
In the Itifteetith District, Cimino - nil of
the township of Mountpleasant, at the
house of Anthony Smith, in saitthininishjp,
situate at the cross rout's, the one leading
from Oxford to tie Two Taverns, the oth
er from Hunterstown to Hanover.
Lt the Fourteenth District, composed
of the townshiir of Reading, at the pablie
School-house in the town of Hampton.
In the Fifteenth District, composed of
the Borough of Berwick and that part of
Berwick township, ONLY, inchided
in the following limits, to wit: beginiug
where the Hanover and Petersburg turn
pike crosses the York county line, thence
along said turnpike to the place where the
road from Berlin—to 44xford crosses the
said turnpike, thence along the said Oxford
road moil it intersects the new road from
Oen. Minntnert's farm, on the said Oxford
road. and thence along said road to the
York county !we, near David Ilollinger's
saw will, thence along said York county
line to the place or beginning : at the Pub
lic school-house in Abbots:own.
In the Sixteenth District, composed of
the Township of Freedom, at the house of
Nicholas Moritz, in said township.
In the Seventeenth District, composed
of the Township of Union, at the house of
Enoch Lefever, in said township.
which ling and places will be elected
One Governor;
One Canal Commissioner;
One Senator;
One Representative in the State Leg
islature ;
One County Comtnisssioner ;
One County Treasurer ;
,9ne d 4nditor; and ,
On , ••ire , •
e Dctor oldie Poor.
` And in and by an act of the General As
sembly of this State, passed the 2d day of
July, 03.9, it is directed that theIbiSPEC
TO RS . and JUDGES be at the plaFes of
their Districts on the thy of the C h eneral
Election aforesaid, at 9 o clock in the fore-
noon, to do and perform the several duties
required and enjoined-on them in set 4 by
the same Act.—ln and by virtue of thel4th Bea
tion of the act aforesaid, every porn., ex.
cepting Justices of the Peace, vale shall
hold any office or appointment orprofttor
trust under the Government of the United'
States, or of this State, or of any city or
incorporated district, whether a rommis-
Bianca officer, or otherwise, a subowilOwle
officer or agent, who is, or shall be eloP,loY
ed under the legislative, e.xecutiviser Judi
ciary department of this State, or of the:
United States, or of any city or Iwo/pra
ted district, and also that every 'member or
Congress, and of the Stets LegisieWertr.
and of the Select or Common Council of
any City, or Commissioner of aey inwOr:
porated district, is ,by law incapable of
holding or exerciaingslAn same-time, the
office or appointment of Judgeillureler.
or Clerk of any election of this Common
wealth, and that no Judge, laspeelsr,, oc
other officer of any, such election shall be
eligiblekt6 any office to be that Toted ix.
And be it further directed, in and by lbw
Assembly of this lilts*
- aforesaid, that one ofthe .IV.DGEReleacb
lit,the different districts aforesaid, wko.shalli
have the charge of the certificate of do
number of votes which shall have bees
given for each candidate for the• &Soren%
offices then and there voted for. at them
reoperitive districts, shall meet on tie thins
day after the Election,.whieti shell Woe
on Friday the 15th of October aforesaid,
at the, in the Borough ol`
Gettysburg, then and there to make a fair
statement and certificate of the number of`
votes which shall have been given at the
dillbrent districts in the county otA,dasns,
for any.perion or persons for the ogles*
Sheriff's Office, Goitymburg,
septointw 3, 1847. S
Whoever want. 4 a First -pi°
GAN be accommodated by oallint to t
FRAZER'S Cloak & Watch limb.
lishment, in Chatnhershurg street, Ghittys,
Writ; next door to Mr. Buehler ) ! Drug
Store—where a new lot of beautiful 24
hour and S day CLOCKS have just been
received from the City. They preALthe
hest mattultclure, and will—he'werranted,
Clive us a call—they will he sold cheap,
iritlallvening, Sept, 21, 1847.'
CiITT AGENC V.—Y. B. Fain ast, Esq. at The
tends. K Cheinat it Third street, Philadelphia :
leolliamenn west Nee Yard; Ind Soutb•eust cot.
eet"ef Dahlman" and Calvert street. IMeisrore—
eidrit.W. Cans, lEaq.Sno Building, N. E. Corner
Third & Deck sward 440 N. Fourth st.
are oar autharitedAgents for receiving Ad verti se-
Mint" sod Bilmeihrethem to the "Star" and collect-
NJ omitting' for the same.
1,01 MINATO*.
FOR comussioNsa,
Drit li T m a mi l lt il a k 4 P ER.
BTU oar reatke of the Commencement tier
faeco bed work, we omitted the name of R. G. H.
Cu 111120.. s illos list of those upon whom the de
igns at A. M. was coeferad. and 2120 the name of
Otwola. wpm whom was conferred the degree
of A. B.
weft erandar wbrther kianame is on the Awes
*at% Ii.PM, bare it put there immediately.
ibrawriaber that we pennon can be entitled to a Tote
whi basnetbeen soared at least ten days puree.
Xing to &diem
nsamds piped to leant on hlonday hot, that Mr.
Hems Wets., only son of Hon. Ohms' Witt,
of Littiontnre, was drowned on the preceding sf
tension, isiiittempting to cross the Big Cunowego
creek, between this pink and Petersburg. It
arse that the meek had been so much swollen by
the heavy rain on Snostay as to cause the water
to inundate the read this aide the bridge for some
1611411111KE. and that while the deceased, in company
with Mr. Leas PICIIIN., was passing over this
part of the nod in 'ilirriage, the vehicle was %en
dlessly capita-a by the force of the current, and.
with the horse, lasnaie into the stream. Mr. Pica
sso made kisebrape by reaping from the carriage.
and swimming to the shore. Mr. Witt, with the
vehicle, was carried a kw yards southward, where
for a few moments he 'ragmen endeavoring to save
the berm by direngaging it from the carriage; but
in this humane attempt, lost his own lire, as int
ermediately alter both were swept into the midst of
the earmmt..sad I. right of. The body of the de
ceased was reentered newt day. between two anti
three Esher down the stream, near Myers' Mill.
The deceased was • young man of irreproacha
bk character, sad highly macented by • large cir
cle of sequaintamer., He leaves a wife and two
children to mount his loos.
D.‘ LIN F--13) trfcrenee to our lot vertiA
ing nalumws it will be tern that 11n,ni. J. 1.. T4T r.
haae cianintroced t nails line lietnecti thin.
planr rid Bakitsenr. The Cowin. arc of Auperi
sr rauke. and will furnish superior 6111 ell 11 . 111 . e.
ter travelling. The rnterprisiong proprietors
riefly atorrve the thanks of the travelling public.
THE LATE BATTLES.—On the precceding
image WWI be found additional afr ailr 'from the
wear of the late hettlia between the &miles under
Hes. Snort and Hairea Av.*. near the capital of
Melina. The triumph achieved by our army will
Mire new lustre upon the American arm,. and in
vest with additional glory the already honored name
of the chieftain through whose agency the victory
woo was, Yet, while we cannot but exult over
these achieventents of oar eonit., men, and yield
aS lassuaspe to the heroic dating and consummate
aka sot the brave men who to well performed their
pow in tbs sanguinary inmate, it is impossible to
trims a *Aug ef deep melancholy over the fear
ful cat at which this p'ery has been purchased.
sad ths inexpoessibis ninety, and vnetchednem
sad twin, that at this moment sit brooding over
tem thememed desolated homes. 1,000 A meri
ewes, and GANA Mexicans, a La as nw 0 171% 1.-
,an I Ob. who shall estimate the mm of bitter a
puny. and impartible ruin, that must encumber
this ay . els Asper in the history of this unneces
sary sad unrighteous war ! How many untimely
gratvw--knat meordwatered and ruined constitu
tions—bow weeny widowed and orphaned hearts__
liwar many limened family circles—bow many
bliehold kmatand withered joys—what can corn
row*. for all these! The treasure expended
am be sepplod by taxes wrung from the pockets
rifle people, bet what amount of money, or ter-
Ater,. can cal leek the *rine of those whose
Jima woe aserilleed in them wwmgles, or make
intim to as families thole deadened and the wi
&ems aid divines *ea deprirod of their natural
imetottom I And tall to minister to the purposes
ef eanme and nosier demagogue., who would
maks for them awes a road to power, even though
it be OW Ibis aloha hopes, broken heads, and
ableoglo4 . braes ef their emoesymete. How long
will t h e terse—theektitha.rwro-kiviirli people
anidinn insicasseent to these things t
TO! 100rfeeN011018. 7 :1=1 Wins Main%
filwrograird Noah se folloire. of the number of
arintione Of Co ro= elected oet the reepodive par-
Am+ 01:12100 ? ninon! 111.; Loodeooe 100 ;
Iniesonne dine stew yet to vote, and
4111112000 And u the but Howe of Mire.
° r t/1110 " m;
1220eirW iga Loin&
?4_01111011, 1 ' 2 4
4UOllk , 0 4
i 3
3 11
111 O W Y d ap isMarAti
suit:4li6wr eMil* 1:40i666,
knif erewhere, OW Ilb it
/ 0401 *es alas yet to elect
okoll wiikes et bag elloctows.' *lre will be 114
Bossier e, end woo Mahe, who will
Niro froraidigiomirbetween the Aloft *
Yentas die Whigs. dwegit he cassia give the
foopiriiiwows64 die Lorigwoo. lbw Whip 'of
4.0643,04mier, cos Mere Goo, iT . wt ,
megi:lrek 111611111,ja Oro the Wbip:
f loa t apoiwity of wpm or Dias. Nook therefote;
*roe wire do exatione of au neighbor',
. aria. Jour C. S has published e
"Weil, whirl' tie says that- Mr. Tyrelitinnaza
itioa levied was dnapproted by him. awl that his
smpriiiian Is it wits tie awe alibi resignation as
Memoir" albs Treasury.
17Wiees Jos bear • !Arafura talking about
"aid and wanfoet.. jolt trek him "WHO PASS
s , boa won tnr II e!or.
MR. P.ATTON'S BANXittirt,PY...--Among
the other charges urged against. the Whig candi
data, by the leaders of the Loceieen pasty is the
desperation ot impaling defeat, is this—that Cita
levrer; cemma tgllh many of the best and
moit distinguished men of the country, of both
political pada, voted for the law nider which
those whQknui..isagirtuaitely. become poet might
be relieved (eV. papcution of heartless credit
tors—and that ',Lunar', wawa so unfor
tunate as to become involved by the failureiof his
partner in business, also took the benefit of this
Law. Passing by the contemptible hypocrisy of
the men who urge this objection to Gem. levier
and yet lad am worthy of their highest confidence,
Mr. V• 11 111:11111., who mcommentled, and Mr.
W , who voted for, this Bankrupt Law—
we to-day present to our , readers a triumphant
refutation of the charges of dishonesty and fraud,
with which our candidate for Canal Commission
er has been so readessly assailod in Sundry Lo
rococo papers. On the first page of to-day's pa
per will be found a clear statement of the facts
connected with Mr. Patton's failure in business,
his taking the benefit of the Bankrupt Law, and
his subsequent payment of the larger portion of
his liabilities. This statement is substantiated by
certificates of Mr. H ALDRICAN and other respectable
Locofocos, and by names with which many of our
citizens are familiar. It will be seen that although
it was Mr. Patton's misfortune to fail in business
some years ago, he has since sacredly applied
the product of as industry to the payment othis
debts, and anti, too, when he had been relieved
from all legal obligation to do so by the Bankrupt
Law. Mr. Patton has been thus compelled to
expose his private affairs to the public gaze, in or
der to vindicate himself from the aspersions of un
principled political foes. Yei we are in a mea
sure gratified that the occasion for it has arisen,
as the voters of Pennsylvania can now have an
opportunity of board:rig familiar with the stern
integrity and incorruptible honesty of the man to
whom they are called upon to confide the control
- end management of the Public WOO,: '
43°"A very large meeting of the Whigs of V
s lox county was held•at Now Berlin on the 14th
inst., which was addressed by Gen. IRVIN, Hon.
spee•htes are spoken of in the highest terms by the
"Union Star." Of Mr. Coon., the Star stays,"he
spoke most eloquently of the great Western States.
man, HXNAIt Cur, and rebuked the administra
tion for their feeble and inefficient prosecution of
the war, and their hostility to Genii. Scott and
Taylor. He urged, (in order to ensure a thorough
reform in our public works,) the necessity of elect
ing Joseph W. Patton Canal missioner, who
was both honest and capable. That with one
Whig in the Board, our public works had yielded
thousands of dollars more than they had dune be
fore; and that with a. full board, a sinking fund
n °old he created, whiele - Would soon pay off the
entire State debt and relieve us from taxation,—
And concluded by urging upon the Whigs the ne
cessity of union and activity, as all that was
necessary to ensure our success was, that we should
be up and doing."
A series of exrelleut resolutiorui were adopted
complimentary to Gons. Wrier and TAT Lon, and
the Whig candidates, and expressive of Whig
principles. The following were also adopted :
Resolved, That we regard the-ti On.
JAMES COOPER as one of the champions
and ex pounders of the Whig faith, and that
his high talents and great experience emi
nently qualify him to serve the people in
the higest stations.
Resolved, That the hearty thanks of
this meeting arc hereby tendered to Hon.
CoorEtt, fur their respective able and elo
quent addresses, and that the day is not
far distant when we hope to have an op
portunity of returning to each of them by
our votes some equivalent for the labor
they have expended iu the support of
Whig principles.
ttACHIFICE OF I, IF E It is estimated, by
the officers of the army, and those who have the
means of ascertaining the grand loss of our Army,
since the commencement of the war with Mexico,
that the bodies of 20,000 men lie mingling with
the soil of Mexico, and that at the present time fif
ty soldiers die every day ! Is Texas worth this
sacrifice 1 Philanthropy looks on this picture
with sorrow and weeps, and Christianity blushes
to think that h was brought about and is now do
fended by pniessing christians, and members of
the church of God.
It The infamous proposition of Mr. Pozz's
official organ to convert the War into a crusade
against the established religion of Mexico, mad to
plunder the temples of religion, in order to real
ize means whereby to defray its expenses, it seems,
does not lack for endorsers among the rank sod
file, as will be seen by the following precious ex
tract from the "Fine:title (Ylrgini•) Democrat," •
Locoteco paper :
...Seize the silver and gold stowed in the
CATHOLIC CHURCHES of Mexico as an in
demnity for the expenses of war. There
is enough there—it is ours by conquest.—
Where it is, it is doing no part of the hu
man family or God any service, and it
would be religiously right to rettnii'eut
oldies° treasures the money which their act
has forced our Government to expend."
ID - The , European news by the lad 'teenier has .
camel, it is said, as much sensation in NeWEetrk
ruswas ever known In that city upon a similar oc
casion, and merchants talk of nothing else. The
breadiduff people are in a good deal of abuse, for
the fact is certain, we shall have no more deinand
from Europe. One year' has told the story about
a ferclint .demand for oar grain. The ship that
same to Boston in the middle of September, 1848,
told us the &mine had opened the markets of the
world, and the boat of one year later tells us, that
the crops are restored, and that we must eat our
own grain. W &Anil aeon- bays to look to the
abused hornd market; arid we will find it Vetter
than any one over the sea.
- ILTOn Friday last, as per announcement, the
members of Gaga Lodge I. 0. 0. F. made LAM
play in our streets, by procession, in the midis of
the Order, and subsequently listened to art Ad
dress by "brother" Flax, of Philadelphia, in 'de
fence of Odd Falkeetimn. Collars, Aprons,
Badges, &c., were "potted in • endless Varian to
the gratilleation,no doubt, of the Mends'of the Or
der, and the amttsementof its opponentie.' The
address of Mr. FISK, we belleve,, failed to meet
'the eipectations of his - auditors - genendly, in
not taking' . hold of at least *ow of the more
weighty objccdons usually urged against the Or.
der by those who oppose it. Barring this dMep.
pointment we believe the &Mimeo Was listened to
with•pleasure. Upon the whole, we doubt much
whether the exercises ofthe day were much retails,
teil to remove prejudices, or make-converta.
ISTMr. Twain's . , Whig, htur been elected
agate to Congress. from Wisconsin, by from 000
to 1200 majority. • A good beginning.
appointed Superintendent, of Public Instruction in
ITThe two Pennoylvania regiments were not
n the late battles of Comma* and Churuhuloco.
.Ine wits at Pueblo, and the other ot Jalapa.
w A tas‘ W AKE UP!—The thnis is fast ap
proachingwhen the people of Pennsylvania will
bo again celled upon to exercise their constitu
tishal'pritrikges at the ballmsbox., 'Two *rob"
frtini:next Tuesday, they wilkbe called upon to
prOnonnee upon the merits of the men who pre
sent theeleelre ae candidates its Ind the
.propristy of thet policy to..whleitlisepart friendly,
and which they Mind pledged td - carry aid in dia
charging the film:l . l4s oftimotliCeti to which they
may be eleCted. On Ms one side is found Mr.
Surax, the friend. and supporter of the National
AdMinbtration, who, with the leaden of his patty,
enterers of Mt. POO entire policy; and on the
other, Gen. levee, the candidate of those who be
lieve Mr. Pollereadministration to be altogether in
imical to the interests of the country anthumani
ty —who believe *ar Mite a great national wrong,
and excusable only in resisting the infliction of
positive injury—who opt Ose this Mexican War as
unnecessary, and waged for purposes of conquest,
arid extatufing and streigthening the Slave /4'11"
totion—who believe it to have been commenced
jn violation of the Constitution and the rights of
Congests, and conducted with an irresolution and
want of judgement utterly unworthy of our Gov
ernment—who believe that it should be stopped at
once, arid in such a way es that while the honor
of our country Is maintained, the integrity of the
Mexican territory shall be preserved. Between
these men, it will not only -be the privilege, but
the duty • of the people of Pennsylvinia to chase
—a duty which no one can safely neglect. And
now that the period - when - tide - choice trtote
made, is so near at hand, it is time that the
friencis of correct ptinciplershould be moving,
with a view of deireloping their full strength. Let
an efficient and energetic organization be at once
effected in every tewnithip' in the County. As
the Harrisburg Intelligencer justly remarks, organ
isation ie one of the most efficient engines of po
litical succems. Let every borough, ward, town
ship, and school district be thoroughly canvassed.
Let every man be informed of his true interests.—
Lot them know that the pretended democracy of '
this day, seek to destroy the liberties of the people,
and make them "hewers of wood and drawers of
water," to unscrupulous demagogue*. Let them
know that their agricultural and manufacturing
interests are to be sacrificed for want of protection,
that the pauper labor of Europe may be encourag
ed. Let them know that the policy of their oppo
nents is driving the industrious and painstaking
artisan from his workshop, to give phloem import
ed mechanics.
WHIG.% WAKE UP ! bit the people know
that the proteruled democracy of this day have
plunged the country into a latched war for the ex
tension of SLitZIIT. - Let them know that they
are called upon by their opponents to support men
and measures which will perpetuate the traffic in
hswrailesk, and ultimately lead to a dissolution of
our beloved Union.
WHIGS, WAKE UP ! You are taxed aliesuly
with burdens "too grievous to be borne." Yeur
property, and that of your children, is pledged for
the payment of an enormous State debt, contacted
by reckless and dishonest demagogues, who fatten
on the spode of office, and smile at the contentment
with which the people submit to their dictation.
WHIGS, WAKE UP ! Remember that while
your opponents prate of the ability of the people
for self K ,mermaid, they urge the claims of a man
for Chief Magistrate who has lived upon the hard
earningi of the people, a lile time, to the tune of
whose only return has been, while Governor, to
veto the acts of the people through theirßepresen
tative. Let the people know that their voice is
disreganled by him, and those who are his imme
diate advisers. Let them know that their well cx
pressed wishes are Cleated with irOorn arid contempt.
WHIGS, WAKE UP! Remember that your
political foes are for FREE TRADE—Mit they
have destroyed the American Tariff of '42, which
they at one tittle so highly eulogized ; and have
sold themselves and their country to British inter
ests, by establishing the British Tariff of 1846.
WHIGS, WAKE UP! Let the people know
that your opponents are opposed to extending the
benefits of associated wealth among the poor la
boring classes, and are for confining the Adieu of
the wealthy to the immediate use of its lirseessers;
thereby depriving the man of small capital from
participating in the manufacturing enterprises of
the day; while the Whigs are for granting sets
of incorporation, which Mill enable the poor man
to become a co-operator, and a useful business
member of the community.
WHIGS, WAKE UP! Circulate the docu
ments! Expose the iniquity of your opponents . !.
Guard against the falsehoods which are industri
ously circulated. to decieve the people. Remem
ber that your opponents hard ahvayi been the m
art enemies Or the poor. Remember the "ten
cents a day" doctrine of Buchanan. Don't forget
the attempt made in Congress by them to tax the
per men's tea and coffee, while they were receiv
ing their eight dollars a day and roast beef, with
eight dollars for every twenty miles travel, on go.
ing to and returning from that Congress.. Don't
forget that Gen. James Irvin, your standard-hear.
er, battled against this nefarious scheme with all
his might, end with the aid of others like himself,
overthrew this measure. Don't forget that at the
last Congress, these patent democrats united their
whole fon* to fasten the tax upon the poor, and
signally failed.
WHIGS, WAKE OF! Don't go to sleep
now ! You are on the eve of a great battle, in
which the question of human rights is involved.—
Remember that your iltandanlbeemer is no arbiter
curt ; that he belongs to the industrial and produ
cing classes. Remember that•he is a man of an
sullied FP:it/ e of, ..fourdrur, high minded, lama,
generous ; one who feeds the starving poor with
tam hind,. distributes the bkrwings of his wealth
among his fellow mom 'Remember that under his
control or your POlAletti ofiliror your Public debt
will be paid, your Wee reduced, and labor noel,.
ifs just reirard:. ~•1 1 - -•—
WHIG% WAVE dir is at head I
Priimue yotitgetral for' thk6grO!it 'struggle t The
tome io bet oeu itraireistfor prtocit tint' lort ,
idotteit rim ! . "huh ,;end totection to
Atnericarytaiisti—tetwijor tec les or eF
pendittpli iu4 ec on omy ,- b etween Slimy
and Prinettorn. '
virtu/A *buil inn( North
American, the people of Pennsylvania will have
i mr""4lll4loP4l4 4 3hcoYibit thttiagh the
their.ifkilm ACMth Pea* and Mn
Seven. t They Will fibrosis , have pained upon
the libel which- kitofeeMent Ilan altered, that the
test ((patch:Womb sabserrience to the view, of
_President, 'Mut his beim notorious for bragging
Much and holding Gun little. They will have re
baked that spirit which charges Wagon upon those
who love peace in'that Universal sense which oar
holy religion teaches, and the extent which was
proclaimed by angel heralds as the cause of a Ss
viMit's advent.
SiIREWD.-A schoolmaster in Cornwall,
Advertising hie establishment, says : ",Ev
ery boarder must be supplied with a Bible
and a Prayer Book, a knife and fork, three
towels, and a silver. des : No-spoon; all. of
which, except the books, become the pro
prietor's perquisities on the pupils quitting
the school."
TRIE WAR—Waste of Human Life.—
Of all the incidents which go to illustrate
the horrors of war, we have seen none
which presents them to the mind in a more
striking and powerful manner than the
present condition of the South Ciroline
regiment of volunteers. They left their
homes six mouths ago, about 800 Strong:
of this number 140 "died at Vera Ott' of
on .the march to Puebla; 860 were lift sick
in the various hospitals. _About 278 were
int a condition to fight in. the late battles,
arid of these 187 (including' their gallant
Cblol►el, Pierce M. Butler) were killed'
or Wounded, leaving a meagre remit:int of
136, a moiety of whom-may yet perhaps
fall ix battle or ; perish by disease believe
the'wer shall terminate What a latlttlat
will the return honse,of this shattered, corps
present to the "pride, pomp and circum
stance" which attended their enlistment
and departure for the seat Of war.
Gswatat. Scorr.—lt is impossible to
withhold frotit _General Scirry the highest
approbation for the manner in'which hit
has discharged The duties committed to him,
Htlias shown in a pre-eminent degniit
every requisite pf a true soldier, and my tat
we most admire is The respect he hits shown
for the lives of his own soldiers and for
those of the oniony,. whint . in his ,power.
movement he made has Ititen
crowned with success, because his plena
Were. Is it ent.SeenilVALibe
Tiginning. His whitfo'in , in battle, and
his well-faid plans out of battle, have saved
an immense number of lives, and fighting
the foe at such immense odds, and upon
their own soil, in the face of their homes,
any mistake would have been fatal, and at
once overwhelmed him and his , brave ar
my with defeat. The battle' just fought
we regard as well-fought as that of Buena
Vista, which hitherto was the most splen
did achievement of the campaign. Scorr
and Tart.oz and Tar Oa and &err alike
have shown themselves unrivalled in their
fitness I to command an invading army.—
Pittsburg Gazette.
rarThe,ooridition of New Orleans at the pre•
cone timia4thua graphically described by the city
editor of the PH:Aires". t
Again the earth has turned upon Its am.
is, and what new event has transpired
Echo answers-" What ?" The answer
is.nothingnothing to impart pleasunible
emotions, agreeable sensations, but the
same dull monotony r stagnation ofbuidness,
abandoned thdroughfares, mournful heirs&
es, crowded druggist shops, the rushing of
doctors' vehicles, through streets otherwise
deserted, with here and there "a traveller"
upon whose countenance is depicted
wretchedness and wo. Nothing--ab
slimly nothing within the hun twenty-four
hours—has occurred to impart gladness to
the heart. The appalling and unpandled
epidemic continues, its ravages with insa.
iable fury, and the public cemeteries—
the cities of .the dead=—are being crowd
ed with emigrants from out of our midst.
In the way of business, the only . artiCles
for which there is an active inquiry , are ma
hogany, walnut and white pine, and near
ly all others are unemployed save physi
cians, druggists, nurses, undertakers, the
drivers of hearses and gravediggers. Sad
ness--rules the-hour, bur-that-hour•inustex
pire. "Weeping endured* for the night, but
joy cometh in the morning."
On the 16th inst., by the Rev.. Mr.
Mr. JAMS W. PULLIT, of Bultirriore.and Miss
LAVINE* TRMILL, of this borough .
On the 11th inst., by the ilex. r. &eider, Mr.
RUFUS R. RcaesT of Hanover, and,kliss Borax
x A Jou xs of Conowago township.
On Tuesday, the 14th inst,by the Roes. J. H.
Mansion, Mr. Futilities Ruin, Jr. and Miss
HANNA% HARTIOCL, both of this county.
On the 14th inst., by the Rev. It Keller, Mr.
JOINJ•con Ttrion t and MlasBusss Buoy Lino,
both of Arendt/silk.
On the 18th inst. by the same, Mr. Miser J.
WALTIII and Miss Eilexos.i, dateghter of Mr.rhil
ip Deemer, both of Menallen township..
On the same day„-by the suns, Mr. Joins rlihr
irrof Oxford, and Mies' Buses Prrias; otitis
On the 2241 inst. by Rev. T. Tenolll, Mr.
Gamma &rowan and Miss Eats Awe Liam—
both of this Owe.
On the leth inst. by the Rev; P. Schemer, 'Mr.
Testes K. Non.s. and Mks fluesErsit R. Rettse;
sawr ; ,—both of Adams county,
On the 11th nit, Mrs. CLTII4III*i W
of Menallen township widow of Mr. Adam Wal
ter, aged 84 years 8 months sod I'day:
On Saturday last, near Abbottstowu, Mr. Hau
er Doss, aged 23 years, 3 mouths and 17 days.
• On the 18th inst. in Littlestown, Maur esso.
spr. daughter of Mr. Andrew Watson, aged 1
year 8 months and 13 days.
Wood ! Wood !
DrA few cords o 1 good
HICKORY WOOD wanted at this office,
in payment of subscription.
Sept. 17, 1847.
THE subscriber is in want of money,
and requests those persons who' know
themselves to be indebted to him to settle
up immediately, He hopes that these
terested will attend to the matter promptly.'
and thereby saveshemselvekiriiMeosts. 1 I
can be found at all times either` at my res.
idence.ur myfoundry. •
Gettyebett, Sept. 24. 1847..•-tf • t
ON, hand and for by tboaubweriber
a large quantity of STOVES, till si
zes, which will be sold very cheap
, Call
and atiti. GEO. *IOIOLD.
Sept. 2 4,;;W:•- 4 - 1 / 1 1 r < •
. ,
tlothini gstablic4±,
The moat 'extensive Clothhig- -
100,000 Oartnenta On hand, aid heady for &rico
sal, WHOLESALE. & 1111 TAIL.
rbpatrons we would say, that having
ut one price, those who are not
dealers, or do 'not understand the real, val
uation price of goods, will have an oppor
tunity of purchasing garments as low as
professed judges. Jobbers and dealers in
ready-made Clothing, can replenish their
stocks for the winter, and we guarantee
the largest establishment
. in Philadelphia
to select from. We attend personally to
the packing of goods and see that a good as
sortment of sizes and well-made articles
are put up. Single suits forwarded as per
rrOur goods are for sale only at , the
large building, 128 Market et. Southeast
corner of Market and rourth streets, Phil
adelphia. C. lIARKNESS.
Sept. 24, 1847.-3 i
Sudden changes from very hot to chilly
weather, arc unfavorable to health, and it
is a,fact universally admitted, that heat and
moisture are oowerful agents in producing
disease, and that constant dry and constant
wet weather are most favorable to its gen
eration: it does not signify what we call it,
it may be ague, it may bo billious fever, it
may be - yoliawfbver, it may be drentary,
it may be Rheumatism, it mity be bronchi
tis, it mat be •obblic, it may' be ionstipa
tion of the boweis,it tuttypeinflammetlott tAif
the bowels, it may be tatiammation'of 4ha
etomaob, it may be a nervous affidtion, but.
sail it is disease, and a disease curably
the. Baminatern bectatue they re.
move altintpurities-from the body, all that
MI in any manner feed the further progress
of the malady, no matter how called; thee
these Bills are tot'otily the meet proper
medicine, but generally the only medicine
that need or engitt to be need. '
The genuine Broodretb's Pills can be had of
the following, eats:—
J. M. St s, Co.,—Gettysburg.
,Jpo. B.
Arahaer &At liiiiteveiewn.
A. M cFar /7 bbottstown.
David N..* - ' 441issupton.
McSherryf o Ustallestown.
Mary Duncani—Cashtown.
John '
' September 17, 1847. jv
SAND'S SAIISAPARIL4 Will remove aml
rmanently cure diseases having their coo
n to an bnialiii siiibilirtliellood,lind"
depraved cOnditilin ot, the general Cotiseitm
don, viz t_Eicznlitla or tingle—Eiiriel its
various forms, Rheum:ideal, obstinatecu
taneous Eruptions, Blote.hes, Riles, Pini
ples or Pustules on the face, Chronic Rote
Eyes, Ringworm or Teeter, Scald Head,
enlargement and
_pain of the bones and
joints, atithborn Ulcers, syphilitic sport
foths, diseases arising from an injinlidioue
use of Mercury, female derangements, and
other similar eomplaints.
BaLi‘exoeue, February 4;1843.
A: B. Sands .1. Co.—Gentlemen: I have
used your Extract of Sarsaparilla since
its introduce* into this city. It gives the
pleasure to state l, have found it to be the
beet preparation of that valuable `article '
now m use.. With much tespect, yours.
- • .lolrti - 3innwelater,-31.1),—,
erFor further particulars and conclusive evi.
dance elite superior efficacy see Pamphlets,which
may be obtained argent" gratis. - Prepared and
sold, wholesale and retail, by A. B. & D. Sands,
76 ,Fulton street, New York. Sold also by ap
pointment of die'ProPrietor by . S. H. BUT.Ii LER,
Glettysburg;Pa. Price it Ter Slx bottles
for 05.
September 1(1, 1:47. •
.• • 41 •, ' '
/lOW TIII2 111ALT11101111111irs 6t anitaalVlT.
BEEF CATTLE,:.There were 1250 heaa of
fered at the Seale" on Monday, 800 of which sold
at $4 00 **s ao per 100 lbe. het. , Thema Icicle*
*how's decline.
HOOB.—eases of tire Hogs at $6 50 a $7 00
-r-• good dornand.
FLOURraths Platy niarketis ratter memo*
tiers—But few-aparatises-harra-takert
t3ome small sales were made early In the day. at
$5 25, bqt_Amsards hoklent...rotused, to mi ll et
liiiithan $5 117.
°RAIN. —The supply of wheat is good, and
prices - her loth whiteand Ind.=
Bales of several thousand bushels of the:former at
Si 05 a *l.lO, and of the latter at $1 08 alit 07.
,No demand for white corn, consequently no sales ;
yellow sold at 60 cents. Bales of Oats at 88a 40
cents, according to quality. . .
PROVISIONS.—There is no special change
to no toin this market We quote Bless Pork $l5
a *l5 50 and Prima at *II a $l2 50.-a site of
50 barrels. Prime at $l2. Priam at $l2. hi
Beef baking sl4asl4 51 14-1 1 10. 1-$184 4 / 2 -50.
-Bacon--is in-good repent; sales of shonlacriat
8 a 8i cents, los good to prime parcels, and 14' a
for &d ice lots ; sides at 9 a ill cents ; and
hams at 10 a 111 cents; hog round 91 deals.—
Sales of lard. in kegs, at 11 cents ; bbla: are worth
10 cents. Fair sales.
N -
THE undersigned, Auditor, appointed
by the Conn of Common Pleas of
'Adams county, to distiilnite the balance
remaining in the hands .. of ;soon, Mums,
Esq., Assignee of &must. H. EPLEY, to
and amongst Au" respectiin mrediunaT of
said Epley, will attend at the public house
of NicuorAs Aloarrx, in Filmdom town
ship, Adams county, on Saturday tbe 181 A
day of October next, at 1 o'clock, ta
perform the duties of his appointment;
when and where all persons interested' are
notified to attend.
Sept. 24, 1847.--3 t• Auditor,
THE undersigned, Auditor, appointed
by the Court of Conimon Pleas' of
Adams county, to distribute the balance
remaining in the hands of THOMAS Brs-
PanNls, Esq, Assignee. of THOMAS TAYLOR,
to and amongst the respective creditors of
said Taylor, will attend at the public house
of Joan
( Wiriazir, in Petersburg, (Y. 181
Adams unty, on iYaturddy the 181
day of Or ober next, at 1 o'clock, p. tt. to
perform the duties of his appointment—
when and where all persons interested are
notified. to attend.
Sept. 24, 1847.-3 t .auditor.
S 'URA Y's.
TWO - stiaiEIFFERS were taken
up by the subscriber residing in Li
berty township, 'Adime county, ibdtirthe
10th of Angitst list. Both are of a red col
oil.. = with,Some white on their backs and
bellies; ote.Of which:is a mooley. No ar
tificisl ntarks , observed on them. They
had been rungingin the neighborhood since
last, April. Ile owner is requested to
provo,property_and take them away.
Sept. Sit 1847.-4 t
To Country. Merchanta and Others
N0.,428 Market street, above, 12th South side,
temailaawatiluna o
II AS now on hand and is constantly
JUL receiving a large and well selected
stock of every article in his line, consist
ing in part of Oranges, Lemons, Prunes,
Figs, Dates, Raisons, Grapes, and every
other fruit in season. A. full assortment
of Bordeaux and Soft-shelled Almonds,
Filberts, Ground Nuts, Cream Nuts, Eng
lish:Walnuts, Cocoa Nuts, &c. His as
sortment of CANDIES are at.lower pri
ces than can be bought in the City. He
requests an examination ofhis stock be
fore purchasing elsewhere, as he offers
goods at a small advance, being anxious
to do business for CASH.
{tom" Cut out this advertisement and bring
t with you.
Sept. 21, 1817,-3in
:R3l JIG• AIL - 1 11 aT MIL NNW
5 flt UA UE
EL,i' AL .S'INIg
IN porstetnce of an order of the Or
phone' Cotirt'of Adams County, will
be expoied to sale by public vendue, on
IWdaythe : lsl4 and Saturday the 161 A
days of Octobernext,
commeneittgatillt ttalnek, M., at the Man
aion IT the Home place, the fel
filw.itigpiloverty, late the Estate of FREDIE-
IikX Snut.J., deceased
N 0..1.--
or. Homo . Place,. situate in Tyrone town
ship Adams county, adjoining lands of
Henry ?die% Samuel Hoffman, and oth
ers, havirikl4Hl4lift Oonowago Creek on
thelliiuth liklikte-Llying 1-2 mile from My-
Atr's Mill, one Mari from Newchester, (or
Pinetown,) containing
more Or leas,:of ,good Land, principally
cleared, with a large quantity or meadow,
and a fine body of excellent woodland.—
, Tile improvements are a
• lit' Dorrams TWO-STORY BRICK
(-lI WSION itousg l , -
liithi'llritlellbelillefidin g , a large - double
Bank Bilta,'Sheds and out-buildings, ate ex
oelleittitning Mum, and -other improve-
Menet. , "Flme ills alio upon this Tract a
with - log stabling, and a spring .of water
-tit the hblitteir. " There are also
7,'EXcellent Orchards.
e q .*, 00 1 3 plantation, containing a
irar ety. of,clioice Fruit Trees.
The Mansion Farm will be soW entire
or in two 'portions to suit purchasers :
The lit part, containing 157 acres and
77 perches, and having thereon the man
'loot ,11d dljli forchard&
ailtik ansihtini 1 15 s o res, with
the- Teatuatkidotwed—Orchard,
Each Tract will have a good proportion
of arablelaak Aleadowand Woodland, and
a goodaupply,,of water. ,
• -- -
S 41E1 go
more or itirainitr township,
adjoigipt lands 'tif SOO Criestitt, 'Heirs of
Philip Oraft,.'itite.eitsed, iind others, lying
on the public Road, distant two miles 4.oni
Pinetow‘ 411 ftom liunters
towa-11),,,part Meadow,
witkiho , t 10 acres aped Timber Land.
• 3.-1-Wife 4 1 11.i.1.
tt . 4 4 .11P.,, #111,0)111R &
in the iewrieflitititerstoern, fronting on the
toad - leatilottei Ohambersburg, adjoining'
Lots eclicob bra s,' John Felty, and oth
ers; and containing about ONE ACRE ;
orr which are erected a
44-1-1 .
Kitchen, Shop and,: 44table; with wel of
water on the premises , •
Itr:rThe sale will be lield attlie-Nome
-Place,- wherititlierr tetabr-lwitt; —wide
known I and until the day of. sale the pis=
party will he shown to, persons desiring io
view: the tnne, by • - , • •- •••
'.• • • JOHN SHULL, •
•• . ••• •-DAVID SHULL, •
ildmi re , of ?reek =Wadi, deed.
By tire Cour tF StilituturoN, Clerk.
Sept. 24,
.1847.—te - • •
• •srtrif to 4. A
TO B ' "I - ERB.
rrilE 'Cinnnthelotters ot Atleatit i eon rt
ty will receive -
•sealed Proposals at
their office' iq otspourg, until tfraettiplg
Me 28th day P/'.osfober next, for.huiltling I
across Little poftbwogoOrsokyon the road
leading front Adam!" Mill..itswarda Hama
ver. near Gonowsgo,Chapel.
llCTTlOnlinulatateifteations can be seem
at the Commissioners' Office. . •
• - , liN/1 4
, Mntialaner. •
AvaltlNtlevfith, Cient. -
Sept. 24;1847.14
To Fappiero and 1,141 e Dorms.
.'1 , 44:4-;.-;
N"'"'hereby given that JACOB
11. BOWEk, of Jititiatacounty, Pa.
hag recently ktrented and procured Letters
Patent for , an tinripvement in the construc
tion of Limo Kilns, to which the attention
of Farmer! and Pmellierriers. is respect
fdlY;mikpß4l.,,,A Kiln can be construct
edcolligi.iu ee ngirt, t h is patent,. to yield • one
thousandheft; of Lime, for about twen
ty d e,._.
awl jargerAilns can be built at
the ratitnripa Bare perarch. Kilns can
be made any size to .
,suit the convenience
of persons. The,system, has been well
tested, and has'proted to be vastly supe
rior to iumayettom ever tried, as kilns can
be befilHointortiAblf 'the cost formerly at
tending their construction.
The subscriber ' , is duly authorized a
gent to dispose or FARM RIGHTS, in
Juniata; A4nts. Franklin, Union and Bed
ford counties, and to furnish Letters Pat
ent,-Schedtile. Drawing and Deed for the
same. Any person wishing further infor
mation, or to procure a farm right in eith
er of the above counties, can do so by en
closing $5 in a letter, or by personal appli
cation to DAVID KEPNER,
WALNI, T P. 0. Juuiata county, Pa.
Sept. 24, 1847.—Gin
PPOPOSALS for the delivery of FOR
TY CORDS of WOOD (Hickory
and Oak) will be received by the Board of
School Directors of the Borough of Get.
tysburg, between this and the 10th day of
October. By order of the Board.
H. J. SCHREINER, See'y.l
Sept. 17, 1847.—Ht
Notice to School 'Feathers.
MEETING of the School Ditectors
f of Franklin township will be held at
Cashtown, on Saturday /held of October
next, for the purpose of receiving propo
sals and employing Teachers totake charge
of the Schools of said township.
fly order of the Board,
F. DIEHL, Scey.
Sept. IU, 1t447.-3t
Goods, selling off at Cost !
lIE undersigned boring determined
Oo t withdraw from the mercentihr hol
iness iffimediately, have reduced She prime
of their goods. and now offer theta at
The stock is largo, select, and fashionable,
and embraces every variety of goods usu
ally found in a Dry Good Store, inducting
Cloths, Cassimeres, Cassinets '
Muslin de Laies, illpaccas,Boasbes.
zines, Silks, Mullins, Thread,
Cotton, & Lisle Edgings,
Ladies' Fancy Articles, &c., act.
As it is our intention to close up btu&
IICBB immediately, persons wishing bar.
gains would do well to call without delay.
sc - j-All persons indebted to the Firm
on Book Accounts are requested to make
payment on or before the 15/4 of October
Ilex!, as after that date owl books will be
placed in the hands . of a proper collecting
officer. Those having claims against the
Firm will also present them for settlement.
Gettysburg, Sept.. 17, 1847—tf
MI , Books, at Acconnts have been
placed in the bends of my brother CHARLES
RITTIIRAUFF, who is authorized to make
collections on my account. Thiele who
are indebted to me will please call and
settle with him on or before the lalh of
October next. Those having claims a
gniust me are requested also to present
them for settlement. '•
Gettysburg, Sept. 17, 1847.
SCOTT'S Napoleon, 2 vols. ; Prover
bial Philosophy, by Tupper, hand
somely hound, very low ; Motherwell's
Poems, Cloth Gilt ; l'ick wick Papers
Mrs. Landon's Poems ; The Remember
Me ; Young Ladies' Guide; Young Lir
dies' Own Book ; Young Man's Own .
Book ; Progress ; Daughter's
Own Book ; Sacred and Miscellaueous
Poems, Tappan ; Bridal Gift; The Sa
cred. Flora ; The Flower Vase; Border's
Self Discipline ; History of Charles XII.;
Oracles of the Poets. or the American For
tune Teller; Mrs. Sigonrney's Select Po
ems ; Festus, a Poem by Bailey ; with a
large variety of Miscellaneous Books.—
Also the largest and cheapest assortment
or BIBLES ever brought to Gettysburg,
comprising Family, Pocket, Folio, Cottage,
Oxford, Pearl with clasps, Polyglott, and
School, of various sizes and prices. A.
supply of
School Books,
always , on hand, with a general assort
ment of STATIONERY, with all the
late publications for sale by
Bookseller and Stationer.
Sept. 24, 1847.
Only $1.50 for the beat colored .Daguer
. . reotre LIKENESSES!
- flounce to the i d adies and Vender
'men of Geitysburg and its vicinity, that
he has taken rooms, for a few weeks, at
Mrs. Shultz's Boarding House, (South
east corner' of the Square,) where, with
the best apparatus extant,.and materials of
the finest quality, he is prepared to execute
Daguerreotype Likenesses,
of all sixes, in a. style not to be surpassed
by any other artist in the country.
Likenesses of Children, as young as two
plain. taken in exquisite style.
• Family Groups taken in a aptendidArtyle
nodal Moderate prices.
.Miniatures of deceased persons can be
copied. '
Miniatures made, without regard to the
state of the weather, between the heats or
43 o'clock, Ito M. and 5 P. is.
Clettyiburg, Sept. 17, 1847.
ON= $1.50 FOR TIM REST Coic.conso DA
ESPECTFULLY inform the Ladies
. and Gentlemen of Gettysburg and
it. vidinity, that they have taken rooms.
foe's few weeki. at Kuriz'e Hotel, (third
story) where with the licat'apparatturex
tant,and materials of the fittest quality, they
are, fully prepared to execute
Daioerreotype Ljkenesies, .
of all sizes, in a style not to be surpassed
by any other artist in the country.
Likuses of ' children, as young u two
years, taken in exquisite style.
Family Groups taken in splendid style
and at moderate prices.
Miniatures of decessed persons Can be
Miniatures made, without regard to the
state of the weather..betweMt the hours of
8 o'clOck, A. M., and 5 P. M.
Gettysburg, July 15, 1847.—tf •
_ -
LI A SAIAS J. CULP respectfully Worm*
; his friends and pustouners that he has
remoiled his
Tailoring Establishment
to the room formerly occupied by Wll#.
BELL, deceased, oppositc WA.MPLNR 4 B
TINNERY, in Baltimore street, where
he will be pleased to attend to the orders of
all who wish to have work done up in
fashionable style, anir at low rates. Ar.
rangernents have been made to receive the
Latest Fa ' , Mons,
from Philadelphia and New York, so that
customers can rely on having their ger.
ments made in the most approved styles.
o:7'Country Prodeco•will be takes is
esehauge for work.
Gettysburg, Aug. 2b,
S'rltAY COW.
CAME, to the premises of the subeesis
her in. M'Sherrystown, Adams cow
ty, about -tlto last of August, a ted sad
white ap91,10 Cow, with a notch est CM
of the right ear, and about fire or six Tran
old. The owner' is desired to pans pro.
perty, pay ehargeo, and take her a ,
Sept. JO, 1847.-4 t
t A
. At expedititoWy exceed*
.1 7' THE 7' .1 11" OFFICE.