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    larYraetteustitig to ever3o,ooo,was brought
urby - nliewsur of mounted artillery, ail
horses, three abreast, to each gun. and of
sappers arid-mitters ; and then came the
Waste Wagons and the Ironton
Bel the greatest sight was the marching
of the bones attached to the different regi.
'Amts. They seemed like machines. Von
•think it 'strange,' no doubt, and yet 'tic no
less .strange than true,' that every horse
la watching kept perfect time with hisfeci
• With Ow music. I never saw soldiers on
faot•tle it hetter*indeed not so well ; for
when a quick lively tune teas played by
die Music, wry horse commenced a trot,
anstkept op tho same uniformity of step as
litihike when on a walk. And then to see
thaw homes on a wheel by companies
and in double order, coining round with
this joisitision of a compass describing a
tikes! It exceeded any thing I ever int
.: zighted.'
"Mier the whole army—for the imperi
al is organized as an entire and die.
thiet army—had passed in review before
the gmperor, the infantry left the field, mid
thenavalry remained in full possession of
it end went through some evolutions.—!
Pm the Caucasians came at a full run down ;
the field and then the other regiments in
siMeeision. After this the whole body
ollidoned themselves at some distance op.
',trite the Emperor in close order, and at ,
g'gisen signal half of this body, over 15,-,
000 horsemen, started,on a run and and.
daily hatted a few feet in advance of the
Emperor, preserving as they halted the
genie compactness and the same perfect
front which they had before starting. A
few more evolutions, which I hare not
time to write about now, finished the re
view of the day—a day which has dine
much to impress on me the remark of Na.;
poloon,that with an army of Russian sol.,
tiers he would conquer the world.
"lie spoke of the soldiers, not of the
officers, of whom he had not a high opin
ion. The Russian soldier is a mere ma
chine. and has not a thought beyond his
church and the Emperor ; and for both he
believes it his duty to live or die. Most
isf the army is composed of serfs or slaves,
and the pay of the soldier is only shout
threktlollars per annum. lie is fed upon
'a mien bread and a kind of soup, and up
000nt_cgreatpc_day he is given meat
luta luxury. The pay of the Russian of.
firers_ is also very small. A lieutenant
gete but five hundred rubles per annum,
which is a little more than a hundred dol
lars; a captain seven hundred rubles, and
a colonel two thousand rubles. Ton ask
bow they live ? The officers generally
have a competency beyond their pay ;
some few there are who have not, and their
condition is worse titan the soldier's, for
the latter is provided with a uniform, and
jg. Ca d at the expense of the Enver* . •
•"I finish this my Idler by dayfiflit, and
yet it is ajfer lea o'clock. M. rhe sun
doe* not set here at present until 9} P. M."
The Rights Conferred by Gen. Kear
trey notacknoirledged by the Government..
--The St. 'Allis Republican,_of. 17th
emotions the reception in that tit
thee — arrival the thy before, of letters
from Santa Fe to the 27th May. This
-date-is-not •later than the last provionely-se.
calved, but some of the intelligenechrought
irrattiki One of the letters-quoted by-the
itiiiiihri6an states that—
•On 'the - 22d of May, Col. Price dis
mvired that there were instructions from
the War Department, which had been re
egiisi by the last mail brought by Mr.
Boggs, directed to the Colonel eommanil
ing in Santa Fe, in which it was annotine
edthat the President refused to sanction
*cciofAhe arts of General Kearney; so far
asi they confer any rights upon the citi
11*' of the territory of New Mexico, as
elOtiis tit the United States; and General
Is.estmey, or the officer commanding, was
directed not to permit to be carried into ef-
Feet such part of the organic and statute
laws of the territory as confers such rights:
On the strength of these instructions, Col.
Prier officially demanded the release and
rentisithin of sentence of Antonio Maria
t;onvieted of treason against the
'government of the United States. The ac
cused was thereupon set at liberty."
Gen. Pierces Command was to march
front Vera Cruz to join Gen. Scott on the
10th instant. The train was the largest
,Tel sent into the interior. consisting of
.three thousand five hundred men, guarding
orie'ilidlion of dollars. It is composed of
'the.9th, Col. Ransom ; a detachment of
the 14th and 3d, Lieut. Col. Hebert,
; a deiitehment of the 12th, and
companies of the I Ith infantry ; Cap
tains Duperou and Fords' Companies of
volticaurs; two of the Pennsylvania vol.
a detachment of artillery, with
four pieces, and a large detachment of ma
rhies. The trains will be front five to six
miles in length, and it is expected that it
trill have some eon diets with the Guerillas.
Rebellion in California.—The Wash
ington .correspondent of the New York
'lournal of Commerce" writes that there
"is a letter in Washington received by the
Western mail, with the startling intelli
geneirthat the Mormon regiment and Mor
. mon *eiders, in California, have risen and
rebelled against the American government,
as established there, taken possession of
the country, and established an indepen
!thintglivernmentoftlicir own. There may
be some foundation for the minor. The
Morraorts, prior to the origin of the Mexi
' Can war, had designed to establish an cm
ipirelin California, and taken some steps
towards .the enterprise.
C 0... Beerta.—Thie gallant officer do
clued accepting the office of Colonel of
Ste new regiment of Illinois volunteers.
vow pearly full. He has also declined the
Nitiatit* ofkred to him by the Secretary
'oefr Wit s of a battalion or veteran Illinois
The mond Regiment 111 ississippi Rifles
liusettufferedlrighfully from disease. When
the rivitymt `was. mustered into service, it
itteluffiog officers and men, 884.
IN/ whole cumber, according to the la
intst temme, amounts only to 331.
•-llike editor of the Portsmouth (Ohio)
*ltoihisom who was captain of a company
ist tles hit Ohio regimeat.speaking of ticp
,'llikkiNtilibies letter to the Ciueinuati Sig
*4 -l eryi t—
• • 4110aneetalished fart that General Tay-1
hr *a • Whig,4aut and out ; and certainly
iwon kl not (or should not at !
) totoceiring a little assistance
Lasokboos in placing hint at the ;
Of nor Goverinwat."
rie nowt 14,111,R5,.—(; elierd Taylor,
Ifille oshl, will wriW no mon. letteromr ails
,: ors to hilituiries relati%i- to hos opinions
• neon partirialer 4titlects 01 `hate polie) .
The Nee/Work Courier and Enquirer
has an article on affairs in Mexico reflect
ing with great severity upon the course of
the Administration with regara to General
Scott, and particularly is the matter of
the Trist Mission. In the course of the
article the Courier says :
.:It is a fact, which the Union will not)
question, that Mr. Trist, under the instriic- I
tions of the War Department, sought to!
conclude an armistice with Mexico, which
should prevent our army from advancing
upon the Capital for a certain period.—
That interval of security might, and un
doutedly would, have been improved by
the enemy in preparing for resistance.—
Gen. Scott would have been paralyzed for
weeks,—unable to make any movement ;1
.deprived of reinforcements and supplies;
—doomed to stand still, inactive, nod with-1
a small force gradually dimished by sick
ness, until the foe should have marshalled
its hosts and prepared its batteries for his
reception. And all this was to be done'
without his consent or even knowledged
hut in such a way as should throb . upon
him the whole responsibility for any die•
aster which ensue. Ile was solicited to
forward to the government of Mexico, a
sealed packet,ignorant of its contents, but
of Course responsible for any proposititm
it might contain.
“The trick was worthy an Executive
who acquired place and power by an ar- ,
droi:, two faced falsehond, and who seeks
to preserve them by intrigues and decep-1
tions still more culpable, because still MOM
deliberate. It. was: foiled. kowev.a.by_ .
prompt sagacity and firmness of the Gen
eral, upon whom the attempt was made.
But the same result is likely to be attained
in another waY. tra - en:Accitt could - tug I
be seduced into an agreement to stand still,
he has been deprived of the power to ad-1
vance ;—and so the Mexicans have been
perniitted to make further preparation fur
resistance ;—by die simple failure of the
Government to send on reinforcements at
the time they were promised."
Tint WAR AND VICTORMS..--It is a fact
worth remarking, that. although onr ar
mies have been invariebly victoriousm the
war which the Adtaieisiration is *aging,
the Ailtuinititreff has &tea
moat signally in'every battle it has ti►uglit.
It einnmenced the witefrith a majority of
nearly sixty in Cengressi and sin
gle election, carried on in different States,
the changes tire so groat as to exhibit a
majority now against them—the elections
iu Virginia and New Hampshire having
rendered a Whig majority in the next
Congress certain. This fact proves that
the people are fully eisposed to prosecute
the war into which the, country has been
forced, out of respect to its own honor, but
tcr punish with its displeasure those who
needlessly plunged us into it. Had the
war been one which lite people colanta.4
ranted, the victories of onr armlet would
have given increased respect and confi
dence to the • Administration under which
they were achieved. - But-theipeople take
the vietariewto - themselves, and give- that
Administration credit:for nothing but the,
war. fiNitsbekk—Ainercan.
The Pittsburg Commercial.lournalgives.
the translation of wiener said Air havebeen
written hyllentit - Annaio Mr. Polk, imme
diately after the disastrous defeat of Cerro
Gordo. The editor does not say by what
means the original was placed in his hands,
but says that the letter . will, "speak for it
self." Of course, there can be no doubt
of its genuineness. The Mexican chief
tain is indignant at whithe terms the per
fidy of Mr. Polk's Generals, SCOTT and .
TAYLOR. in frustrating the schemes so
shrewdly planned by himself and, r. Polk
at Havana, and undertakes to remonstrate
with his friend the President upon the im
propriety of keeping these peadions Gen
erals longer in the service. To prove their
perfidy, he goes into a minute detail of his
intercourse with "Rough and Zack" from
the time of thelatter's'sppearance on the
Rio Grande up to the affray alleluia Vis
ta, and complains bitterly of Zack's utter
disregard of the "sass" fitruished by Mr.
_Polk. Disgusted with the obstinacy and
perfidy of Gen. Taylor, so fairly brought
to view in the batde of Baena Vista, the
Mexican chieftain comes to the - conclusion
tlytt Zack cannot be familiar with the wish
es of Mr. Polk and his government, and
turns to Gen. Scott. who had just arrived
at Vera Cruz. After referring to the Bu
ena Vista matter, his excellency goes on
to say.
"I hurried from the scene of this misfor
tune, resolved to give this bloody North
American time to certainly receive your
commands. After waiting a long time,
could not learn that he had, and I conclu
ded that he must be either privately hostile
to the personally, or bent' on thwarting
your Excellency's peculiar plans of "con
outing a peace, --and its lie had not "Three
Millions about him," I resolved to address
my next and future operatioas in front of
Gen. Scott.
Be, being more recently come from the
seat of govetnment, would be mole likely
to be in possission of your Excellency's
private rietvs 4. and having got into "hot
water" at home, about "a hasty plate
of soup," and a "fire in the rear," I could
not doubt he would be in a more suitable
frame of mind to "fork over," if he had
' the money, and was in a hurry for his din
neit'or patch up a peace if he had the au
thority, and did notlike a "fire in the rear."
Besides, from the estimate, evidently a
very low unc, placed on his abilities by
your Excellency—who has in seemingly
perfect good faith with toe, endeavored
to supersede him by appointing the great
Senator Benton over his head—l indulged
the hope that he would be us easily dispo
sed of as a "hasty plate of soup."
Accordingly, your Excellency will per-1
ceive that the resistance made at Vera
Cruz to the General Scott of Soup, was
but - enough to vindicate the honor of my
country. But I gathered a large force 'to
meet him at Cerro Gordo, and taking
what I considered to be an impregnable
position, ordered out some skirmishers
and proceeded to unstrap my leg, and take
my dinner. But did I get it? Your Ex
cellency, I had almost said, "all but the din
ner;" but that Would have been incorrect,
since my leg—the honorable memorial of
myslefence, in 1838, of the Castle of San
Josh de Ilea—remained to be taken with
the dinner, and nothing remained to me
but—desert! Blood and thunder! Your
Excellency, this General Imo no more no
foot of surrendering than your old Rough
and lark, and Vitt! 01 111% glittering epati•
letter, he would just as soon (if not a leetlo
rather) fight as eat, in culpable disregard
of the "hasty plate, of soup;" and lam al
most tempted to protest, if not against your
Excellency's want of good faith, at least
against your rash indiscretion in confiding
the management of this war to generals
who are hostile to your plans of waging it,
and opponents to your nioasuCes of nation.
al policy. Pardon, mc, your Excellency,
if I speak warmly. But, sir, I feel deep
! ly. I have heard nothing of the three mil
lions since they were placed at your "dis
posal." I have seen nothing of a disposii
tjein on the part of your generals or sol
diery (who do not know or will not tell
when they are beaten) of their purpose to
yield me ground enough in action for that .
platform of victory from which alone, as
your Excellency was well informed; lean
or dare treat of wow, or consent to receive
the ..Three Millions" we had agreed upon.
My - Naffed - grim - te; -- fitir
would have your Excellency hasten: to
bring about the state of things necessary
to precede negotiation* for owe; and, as a
firsVitepinaa mo•Demoetatic Generili to
Contend andlrett with. •, - •
But let come w hat may—whether I con
tinue •to fight, or have another chance to
eat in repose before the enemy—l will
not forget the kindness which passed nua,
through your bloody Gulf Squadron.
The remembrance of that will endure
to me as long as I love my country and
am faithful to her intercom and honor, in
defence of which I ant resolved, If need be,
to lay down my life and lose 'tether leg.
My children shall be taught to lisp the
name of Polk, evenivhile they curse all
North- Amerienns.- and --especially old
Rough and Zack, and that glittering "take
in" General Scott of Soup. ~And if you
cannot send me Petnocratic Generate to
contend with, men to whose love of coun
try and kindness to myself, I can trust, at
least receive the assurances of
oration and esteem for YOU rielf - all the same.
God and Liberty.
Rio Frio, May 23d, 1847.
ivano.—The above reward will be paid
upon the production of legal proof that the
following named_gentlemen have either.
sopa or sons-in-law in our army in Mex.
James K. Polk, President of the United
James Buchanan, his Secretary of State,
Wm. L. Marcy, his Secretary of War,
J. Y. Mason, his Secretary of the Navy,
Cave Johnson, his Past Master General,
Robert J. Walker, his Secretary of the
Nathan Clifford,his Attorney'Gerieral.
As these gentlemen, the President and
his Cabinet, involved up in the war with
Mexico, the country is deeply anxious to
know how many, of them . have sent their
sons or sons-in-law, to fig ht the foe; and
as much. difficulty has beat - - experienced
by the people in learning the facts, the a
bove reward has been offered, in (lopes of
eliciting the troth. The evidence may be
filed with C. B. Cole, President of the late
Democratic Convention, and upon his air
tifictie--iii-at, such evidence has been furn
ished. showrug that each of the before men
1-tionettleuiteman has . - either a son or a
son-in-taw in the arrny, the _abovereward
will be-paid by the
PosTscetrr.—Editors friendly to the
cause of knowledge, will please circulate
the foregoing.
Georgia Journal 4 Messenger.
Before the Washington Union can a
dopt Taylor, it says it will require him to
define his position. It is more than Polk
required of Santa Anna ; he went him blind
=as they say out West. Polk may think,
however, with the author of Hud b rasa"—
"Bore the pleasure's just as great
Of being cheated as to cheat'—
And he certainly_ ought to know, for he
/we experienced both pleasures.
• [New lork Tribune.
MORE AtotaxAvtos.—The New York
Sun proposes that the Government of the
United States shall purchase Cuha, and
seems to consider itself an authorized agent
tottettle the terms. • It says :
“Cuba is in the market for sale, and we
are authorized by parties eminently able to
fulfil what they propose, to say that if the
United States will offer the Spanish goy
ernment one hundred millions 'of (loners
Cuba is ours, and that with one wieek # a no
tice, the whole_ amount will be raised and
paid - over b y the Inhabitants Of the Island.
One week is all they ask, if our Govern
ment will only make the offer (or them to
act upon, and which Spain is ready to ac
cept. This is no vision, but a fixed fact,
of which we have seed, and now hold the
most undoubted proofs.”
Only one week to raise and pay over
one hundred millions of dollars. Their
finances must be rather flush 'at the pres.
ant time.
OF A FORMlU'Raene—The Lower Sandia.
ky (Ohio) Democrat says:
About two miles from this village ova
land known as the "Kerr Tract." there is
an ancient mound, circular at the base,
about 39 feet in diameter, rising ovally to a
point which is surmounted oak stump,
probably originally two feet in diameter,
which is almost totally decayed from age.
A few days since some boys dug into the .
mound; and nearly under the stump, at
the, , depth of three feet, a skeleton was
found, but portions of it in a fair degree of
preservation. Near the head was found
two stone hatchets, an arrowhead, a
stone pipe, and—far more singular—a lot
of plates, apparently isinglass, which are
covered with tines and hieroglyphics of
different and beautiful colors. The colors
mid workmanship betoken a more advanc.
ed and entirely different state of the arts
than has been heretofore discovered in re
mains of Indian tribes. Some of the plates
were destroyed, but there are fifteen pre
served. They are circular, oval in shape.
and about seven inelies,by ten in size. A
pipe -bowl, beautifully finished from stone,
was also found, the bowl of which is near
ly round, rises from a base, on the bottom
of which are the figures 1401. Measures
have been taken under the s upervision of
sonic intelligent citizens farther to explore
this singular mound. There is little doubt
that these plates contain the history of
some former race that has inhabited this
country and farther discoveries will be a
waited with impatience.
S • Wt is reported that a boy in Visinont
grows so fast that his clothe'', are too
short before they are put On, and-he has
lately grown three inehes through the crown
, of his hat.
The Union car predicted with cond.
(knee there would be a Democratic ma
jority in the next House.of at least 16.
New York voted,giving 23 Whigs instead
of the 14 which the Union allowed, and
straightway another estimate was framed,
making the majority 10. This estimate
and the actual result in the States that
have since voted are as follows:
Uniow's estimate. Atha/Insult
Loom Lwas.
New Hampshire [vacancies] 2 y 0
Commatient I 0
Virginia. 12 8
Total, - - . 15 • 8
. ,
Thieera a ties diartmee of seven in the
number, of Locos, and {net counting as a
Whir„,tha Independent elected in New
Ilamittibire,) a difference of 13 in.the re
tertlolflowthtir, whicirwortld exedra/ by
3 the estimated majority of 10; and to
this should be added the two members
claimed from Wisconsin. making a 'clear
Whig Majority - of Er. The following is
the Union's estimate for the States where
elections are yet to beheld :
Whigs. Locos.
Wine tracancios] 0 4
Rhode Wend tracaucy] I. 0
Marykid 4 2
North Carolina
141 m
Tow* ~
Virginia jritatneyl
Alteidx elected
Thu i aumming - up 'howl that unless the
Tniotr-can frame another estimate the
Whig' must have a majority. The New
York. Express makes the same esiimate
that we have made, except that it counts.
Iwo Whigs from New Hampshire.
[Richmond Times.
LYNCH LAW IN l'Exss.—A correspond=
ent of the Evening Post, writing (roan
Rusk county, Texas, states that there had
been several horrible tragedies enacted ini
. tire itligiihoiing couniies Withinillie past :
month, which have created considerable
excitement in the public mind. After no-
tieing the poisoning of the wedding party ;
in Strirdby totifftf, and the' escape of Wil-!
kinion from the. "regulators," the writer!
says— I
"The next rase occurred in Cherokee i
county, about twenty miles north west of;
us.. this was the murder, by a , fellow
named Jones of his wife and chil d The
bodies were found in a shallow ere •, coy-
ered with logs and rubbish. A all the!
circumstances tended to fix the guilt upon 4
Jonets;he was .closely guarded by some ofl
his neighbors, who started to deliver him I
into the custody of the law. I did hear
that the magistrates refused to take cogni
zance of the matter, and left him in the
handl of the mob ; at any rate, the only!
law put in operation was that of Judge
Lynch. Jones, after being several times, !
temporarily suspended, confessed the mur
der of his wife by choking her and striking'
her with his Asst. He was immediately i
hung ; his father and brother, who were
both present, interfering no further than!
merely to request that he should not be
executed till they had got ont of sight, and
that they might have his body for burial.
The wife *as very young. They had been
married a litte over a year, and the mur- 1
1 der was committed very near the spot ,
I where lie had "stolen" her, it being a run-
away match. i
The third affair took place in Shelby 1
county, a week or two ago. It was, very
briefly, this; The she off of the county
I levied upon a certain mare, notwithstand
ing the repeated asseverations of the own
er that he would shoot him down on the
spot if he shotild attempt it. The instant
' he laid his hand on the bridle the owner
fired Ind the sheriff fell. On the evening
of the third day following the latter died::
and early the next morning a party of twelve
men proceeded-to the jaiL'llfoktotien the
door, took out the murderer, and, without
further ceremony, hung him on the near
littlank jack." .
A few days ago, a youug lady walked
into a clothing store at Louisville, purcha
sed a suit of clothes (as she alleged) for
her husband, and then walked out. Not
rawly minutes after this transaction, she
she was seen in the neighbood of the store
in the very garments sh e d
. had purchase
fur her husband. Curiosity Will excited
—the police Were on the qui vitte—but the
young lady some how or other, could not I
be found. The Cincinnati Herald thus
solves the myetery
u We have at lest found out the secret of
the mysterious lady who . was the cause of
so.rouch speculation at Louisville. On
Wednesday, as we were informed byres.
. - pectable authority, a drayman ` tin Main
street, near was accosted by a
young gentleman, who asked him if he.'
knew where a certain person lived, men•
tinning the name of a keeper of a house of
ill fame. The drayman said that he did.
Whereupon the young gentleman offered
him five dollars if be would show him the
house. .He did so, and on arriving was
requested by the gentleman to walk with
him up stairs, which he did.' • When up
stairs, the stranger asked-for Mary
She came down, when he announced him
self as her brother, whom she bad not seen
for years. Quite a talk ensued when
Mary asked for her sister and family. The
supposed young gentienian announced
himself the sister, and opening his vest
proved it. Thereupon ensued tears show
ing a world of natural affection, which was
too real for doubting. The couple then
went out of the house, and taking the Pitta
burg packet left the city. The diivuised
sister had learnt the condition of the one
here, and had assumed this disguise that
she might safely gain admission and induce
her to leave. She took the drayman with
her that she might run no risk of personal
What more touching illustration could
be furnished of a mister's love 1
CAPTURE OF Sz..tvzits.—A London pa
per records the qapture and destruction of
Brazilian bifealled the Tres Rmigos,
to notorious armed slaver. This vessel
had made several successful trips, and on
her last voyage landed at Bahia 1400 slaves.
She was seen on the coast by the steam
ship-of-war Devastation, and chased ashore
Where she was dashed to pieces by the
breakers. The crew escaped. . The same
vessel recently captured an American brig
under Brazilliati colors, with 529 slaves on
[ward, hound to Rio.
A WILD MAN.—'rlic Ilalifax (N. 8.)
Herald of the 7th instant contains the fol.'
lowing ingulat mirati•ia-
Considerable interest has been created
within a few days past, by the arrival
in this city on Thursday last of a wild
man, who had been discovered in the
woods at Cape Breton, la a state of nudi
tyr—For the shrift time this strange indi
vidual has been in the poor asylum he
has received numerous visits, and although
in a condition of complete barbarism, be
gins to.afford encouragement that attempts
to civilize him may not be altogether hope
less. He is both deaf and dumb, and his
appeaqinee is - extremely . haggard. He re
mains &Irally whether awake or asleep,
in slAitting position. ' His , skin je..,eonsid
sidtirably shrivelled, froth - constant expo.
sure to the weather, and his wlude,deport.
meat resembles more an inferior animal
-than a+amen being.- -When foal iir offer: .
ed him he seizes it, and pressing it to his
mouth with both bands, devours it raven
ously, He is remarkably fund of salt,
which he eats in large quantities. The
Ann steps towards civilization have been
partially successful ; he having learned the
use .of a spoon; end to a limited extent al!.
lowed his body to be covered with light
wearing apparel. It is said that the pa
rents of this singular character emigrated
some years agoeo Sydney, from Scotland;
days to range the woods at . pleasure, he ac
quired a habit of leaving his parent's resi
dence for a number of days: at a time, un
til compelled, for want of food to return
home ; and on the death of his parents he
toolcurthiq abode in the forest altogether,
until the time of his capture.
ROYAL SQUABBLES.—The Paris corms
pondent of the Courier Wes Etats Mis,
writes that a good deal of fun is made in.
the faMily of 'Souls Philippe about a do
mestic quarrel between Prince Albert and
her Britanic Majesty. We translate the
story which, whether true or false, is a
good one :
"Having been invited to a fete, the hus
band of the queen received perinission s to
go, with the injunction not to fail of re
turning by midnight to the conjugal domi•
id: But having, Eke suilfered
the fatal hour to pass, the prince found the
doors of the apartment which he occupies
with his august moiety closed ngainst him.
Ile called no answer. Ile entreated :
the same silence. Filially becoming im
patient, he returned to his carriage and
drove to Clairmount, where he went to
bed and slept as well as any loan could
wish. On waking he sent for the Duke
of Wellington and said to him : "Will your
grace do use the favor to see the Queen for
me, and say to her, that I take very little
pleasure in her joking. She is Queen, I
know, and in public I am only the first of
her subjects ; but I claim to he King in
my bed chamber, and if that is not to her
taste, I shall take my leave for the Conti
nent." The old Duke, who had been
charged with such missions before, went
to her Majesty with the message. She
was _terrified at the idea that a husband so
fondly cherished and so strictly tyranized
over could escape from her, and ordered
her coach and went to Clairmount, where
the entente cordiale was established to the
satisfaction of all the World."
A C moos lhaTti.—The Trenton News
says Sunday evening an interesting
child of IVilliam S. Iluntchinson, of this
city, met its death in a singular and extra
ordinary manner. The mother had care
fully laid her infant to sleep on the bed,
up stairs. placing chairs in front to pro
tect it against the chances of rolling oft
At the foot of the bed stood a Bureau, a
few inches from the rail of the bedstead,
which was deemed sufficient protection in
that quarter; and with these ample guards
the child was left for about an hour, while
the mother attended to her household af
fairs below. On returning to look after
her infant she found that it had Slipped
down, feet foremost, between the foot of
the bed and the bureau, where it was hang
ing with the back of its little head against
the bureau and its chin rtp4ing oif the rail
of the bedstead. Life wits already extinct.
No noise had been heard by any of the
family. and it is probabler that the dqath
struggle was very brief."
Tits Cm or Borrat.o.—The most stri
king characteristic of Buffalo. is its vita
commerce. It is literally choked up with
shipping—with sail vessels, canal and
steamboats. One would suppose, to be
hold these, that there were enough to car
ry off, at one load, the produce of the fields
of a whole State ; when, in fact, there are
not , ennuglt to- do the business required of
their'. In the laatlwo months there have
arrived at Buffalo, as tables show, over
one million of barrels of flour, two mil
lions of bushels of wheat, and corn in 'a
mount almost beyond calculation. Riding
along on the railroad,J saw an almost end
less line of canal boats taking this immense
amount of produce on tide water. May
all the starving millions soon feel the re
lief it ought to give !—Corr. Bost. Altos.
A MEDICAL HINT TO Mothers.—A mod
ical correspondent attributes the high
shoulder and the lateral' curvature of the
spine. which frequently disfigure young fe
males, to *he shoulder straps of their dres
ses rest* below the shoulder and on the
muscles of the arm, instead of being on the
shoulder, 'Allah compels the wearer to be
constantly. hitching her shoulder to keep
up the dress„,an action that results in a
forcing up gibephoulder, a distortion _of
the chest, and tiMttintl curvature of the
spine. He also states that from this dan
gerous practice and the consequent expo;
sure of the chest to cold. inward tubercles
are formed, and not unfrequently consump
tion is engendered.
. - Mrs. Freniont [wife of Col. Fremont
and daughter of Senator Benton] left Wash
inton, a short time since, with the famous
Ail Carson, for the purpose of travelling
under his protection, for eighteen hundred
miles, to a point where she has agreed to
meet her husband. Here is a wife worthy
Of the young hero of the Rocky. Mountains.
—A German woman, in Baltimore, was
biulty burned on Wednesday evening of
last week. by the bursting of atm of Cam
phine oil. She was in the kitchen, and
attempted to fill a burning lamp from the
can, when the oil caught fire and bursting
the bottom out of' the can, enveloped her
clothes and the furniture in a blaze. Her
life was ,saved by tearing off her clothes..
Persons cannot be too careful witliciim
phine or spirit oil.
WHAT JT COdT.—The Viol; of President
Polk to N. York, says the Tribune, bled
the municipal treasury to tho tuna of four
thousand dollar, ! Thu dills of the Astor
[louse wore
IGRORANCE or TIM LAW.—It is said that
the Court and Lawyers of Carlisle were
lentirely ignorant of the law against kidnap-
ping, passed by the last Legislature, at the
'time the riot between the slaveholders and
the colored people took place in that town.
Professße hl'Clintock of Dickinson Col
lqe informed those engaged in the riot,
a.thiaxistence of the law, and this caused
the whites, in a measure, to stay their
hands; For this information an effort it.
now making to have him indicted, and we
shall soon see whether slavery is para
mount to law in this Commonwealth:—
The law alluded to, effectually protects
the elave--it gives him liberly the moment
i he sets foot upon the free soil of Pennsyl
vania, if he resist the action of his oppree
-or; the elave-cateher. Let this' fact be
made known to those interested:—Oda- .
ware Republican.
• - Poortmr - SLATras.—A • latter - dated BUf- -
falo, N. Y. July 22, says:-"The train of
cars that arrived last evening from Albany,
brought a snug little family of nine color
ed persona, all fugitive slaves, under the care
of an agent of the Abolition Society, who
was proceeding from Boston to Canada,
to set them free. Upon inquiry, I find
that the number of such occurrences are
much more frequent than we of the middle
States suppose, and thatothey are matters
of but little noticehere. 'rho agent
.• • • utgl . ,
an , I should suppose, from the peculiar
chimcteristica of his dialect, has not been
long in this *country."
TKRRIBLIC TRACIEDY.—.A. mob of six or
eight men - attaeked the house of a man,na
ined Menick, near New Albany, (Indiana)
on Sunday night, and the three first who
entered were felled to the earth by the oc
cupant. Jos.- Davis and another) , name
unknown,. wegq instantly killed, and a third
so injured that he cannot survive. Men
ick then surrendered himself to the civil
er, whose regiment, having been surround
ed, had cut their way out with the broad
sword, with the loss of half their number,
being the last in retreating, and highly cha
fed, was stopped by a forward Frenchman
returning from the pursuit, who charged
with his bnynnet, but soon finding the dis
advantage of his weapon, cried out "quar
ter !" "Quarter _ye r' said Donald, "by
my soul, lie one nine to quarter ye, maim,
e'en be contentit to be cnt in ma i l ' making
his head - IV - itom . his shoulders.
A child wis born last week, about eight
miles north of this place, which had two
well formed heads, both set on one body.
The faces of these two heads were perfect
ly natural, and even quite handsome, The
spinal bone of the neck united a little be
low the shoulders. The two windpipes
i united in one, in the breast where they
'eame together. In all respects except the
extra head the child teas naturally
It died in the act of being born, and centred
also the death of its mother.—St. Joseph
wife of Mr. William Tinker, a fisherman
in New York, presented hint on Thursday,
with three little female Tinkers. A Mrs.
Dunn, of Detroit, recently presented her
loved and loving lord with three little
"hums. L Mrs„.B. F. _Cannon, of New
lem, on Thursday night. presented her
husband w ith four small Cannuns.—Penn
HORRIBLE Deem.—A disastrous finale
to a plundering expedition, occurred on
Friday night, in die vicinity of Commerce
and Fifth street, Philadelphia. A fellow,
detected by a border at the Merchant's Ho
tel, in an attempt at burglary upon some
stores in the rear, precipitately fled and
took refuge in an out-house, through the
floor of which he fell, and was smothered
in the filth. Attention was first attracted
to the spot by his cry of murder. Upon
the recovery of the body it was found he
wave black man named Joseph Dildson.
the matters presented by the Philadelphia
grand jury of the July teem, is that of the
unrestrained abuse of witnesses by mem
bers of the bar in court. The grand jury
consider this license calculated to abridge
the dignity of the court and to interfere
with the proper course of justice. a
I have been afflicted with dyspepsia in
its aggravated form for three years past and
found no relief until I used Dr. G. Benj.
Smith's Improved Indian Vegetable Pills.
After using six boxes of said valuable pills.
lam entirely cured. They are a general
remedy. J. K. Leeman.
?aducah, Ky., Nov. 19, 1945.
e can certify to the above facts. Dr.
Smith's Pills are universally esteemed in
this vicinity.. -
Hodge, Livens ¢ Co., Merchant's.
At the request of Dr. G. Benj. Smith's
agent, we cheerfully state that we visited
the office of Dr. Smith in September last.
while in New York, and found him to all
appearance carrying on a very extensive
business with his Indian Vegetable Pills.
The extent of his established would aston
ish any one not initiated in the 'mysteries
of the pill trade.—Louisville Journal.
p' The g enuine Pills are for sale in
Gettysburg, by S. H. Buehler and S. S.
Fbrney; in Hunterstowa by Abraham
King; to Petersburg by Mrs. Fuller; in
Cashtown by Mrs: Duncan, and in Hal9p•
ton by J. H. Rulebaugh.
July 9,1847.-4 t.
' Sudden changes from very hot to chilly
weather, are unfavorable to healtlCiiirit
is a fact universally admitted, that heat and
moisture are powerful agents in producing
disease, and that constant dry and mem
wet weather are most favorable to its gent
oration, it does not signify what we call it,
it may be ague, it may be billions fexer, it
may be yellow fever, it may be dysentery,
it may be Rheumatism, it may be bronchi
tie, it may be cholic, it may be constipation
of the bowels, it may be intimation of the
bowels, it may be inflamation of the sto
mach, it may be a nervous affliction, but
still it is disease, and a disease curable by
the BRANDRETH PuLt.s, because they re
move all impurities fromthe body, all that
can in any manner feed the further progress
of the malady, no matter how called t thus
these pills are not only the most proper
medicine, but generally the only medicine
that need or ought to be used.
117• The K ermine lirentlreth's Pille can be hallo
the following Agents—
J. M. .S'ievenson 4• Co.,.—Gettynburg
Jno. B. McCreary,—Petersburg.
ilbrahans King,—llunterstowll
A. Melhrhuul,-41thottstown.
David Al. C. While,—Hampton
meSherry 4. Thak,-I,ittlentown.
June 95, ISt?.
Jury List--.-Augustikra l ..
Gernany.—Jonathen C. Forrest, Samuel Berlin.
Ephraim Swope.
Strahan—Armstrong Toughinhatigh, Samuel W.
Hoffman, William Black.
Harniltonhan—Jac?b Raffempergin., Samuel Co
lman, of W.
Boiough--Williain Wisotsks7,
Latimore—Franklin L. Myers,
Hoinilton—Binonuel Kuhn, R. H. Hutchison,
Union--William Weikert,
Menallen—G. W. Rex, Adam Sower; Nsu rgi
Wright. ' ' •
Mountplessant--Peter Welker; Goo. thipautk.
Reading—Henry A. Picking.
Berwick—MichaelBla le.
Huntingdon—William Patera.
Franklin—George Shalmly.
Conowago—Lhisid Wert&
Freedom—William Scott.
_Condwago: .Fraucis -Littley Levi Kindigy , Jacob
Germany : George Behriver. '
Menallen: &mei Byaktr, Samuel Diehl.
Mountplcasant Christian Hessler, John' Blair,
• Lewis Long.
Stniben : Semi F. Neely, Henry Hoffman, Fred
erick Forney. ,
Franklin: George Pitter, Daniel
Heintshenan, Charles Mickley, Samuel Brady,
John Chamberlain. •
Union : Daniel Gelselman, Ignatius Sneezing:en
Reading : Henry S. Hildebrand.
Mountjoy : George Musser.
Hami I.9nburt.t_liickutel.—Hestriug,losephiburtin.
er, Hugh Culbertson.
Latimore: Levi Lippy.
Cumberland : George Quinn.
Borough: O. R. Buehler, Henry Welty.
Berwick: Joseph H. Henry, Jacob Slagle, David
M. Myers.
Tyrone: William Yeatts.
Huntingdon: William Webb. .
Freedom: James M'Cleery.
Nathaniel llosweilth Thbrotia
Flemming Gilliland ea. Samuel Witherow and T.
C. Miller.
Joseph Kitchen rs.. Peter Deardorff's Admirer.
Ann Beltler vr. Dr. David Study.
Commonwealth of Pa., use of Joseph Ouster, vs.
Anthony Storm and Dr. Wm. Hornbeck.
Catharine M'Knight vs. Peter tetudsbaker.
Val. Ulrich. (Wanlien of John Daughter va. J. &
Potent. 6
James How vs. Executor of Philip (lump, dec . &
Frederick Quickel vs. George Fidler.
Andrew Stock and Wife vs. Peter Hoffman.
Neal M'Callion vs. Henry Houck & Casper My-
David Ziegler vs. Agnes Walteroyer, Henry Har
man, and Andrew Hockey.
David thimble, Trustee of H. Rickenbau,;h
Francis Fisher.
FOR ♦ novNivex..
Citation against Thomas Claipheal Mvniving,
Executor or Wm. \Veakly, deceased, and tho.
answer thereto.
Rule upon Thorns/ Craighead, EXCCINICT of Win.
Weakly, deceased, to show cause whyett at
tachment should not issue to lino.
David Kendlehart vs. Oscar Letshaw.
July 30, 184 J,
Will be published in Washin gion,. D. C'.,
on the Seventh of December next,
No. One of
The United States Reporter,
hOly Journal of Go% onunent, Legi.lative ant
t;eneral Nevve
THE subscriber is now enabled to announce
the cum plet ion of his ariangements .lot the
establishment of a well organized and Indepenileist
Journal of News at the Seat of the General to
eminent The le:sling teat ufre ol ••The United
States Reporter" will be the following
I. Early intelligence of 'the movements of the
various Departments of theGovemnient, in refer
ence to Domestic affairs and to the Foreign tida-
Gone at the country, will be given with scrupu
lous fidelity. Possessing peculiae facilities for ob
taining information. the ••Reporter" will be ena
bled trequently to communicate, exclusively, in
telligence of the most important character.
It. The serbatim 'Reports of the Proceedings
and Debates of the U. States Senate, which the
proprietor is bound to furnish daily to that body,
in accordance with the terms of the contract inane
at the close of the last session of Congress. The
arrangements now made will at once lully wine
to the Senate of the United buttes an authentic
and complete record of its debetes; and to the peo
ple—in a greatly enlarged degree—the benefit of
sea of readers, will thus be kept fully mid syste
matically informed of domestic legislation in all
sections of the AT. States.
V. Early intelligent, of all important move
ments in the Legislatures of (heat Britai• and
France will be communicated by every steamer
from Europe, through Reporters in London and
Paris, who possess peculiar facilities fur obtaining
VI. The General News of the Day will beeps:,
en in a condensed form, with italnstry aad anen
tiun. '
Such is • brief view of what the "United States
Reporter" is designed •to be. All the plum and
arrangements bare been sell matured, sad the
hope is confidently cheraed that the "Reporter"
will prove itself en energetic. industrious. dignifi
ed, and perfectly independent journal. It will
have no party views—no Political bias. The pro
prietor, lw the terms of kis contract with the
Senate of the U. States,is bound to the condition
that "the paper shall contain no political discus
sions except the debates." It will he a vehicle of
wrier, not the organ of any set of oplcioos. The
grand aim of the subscriber is to establiah at the
seat of Govermzumt a faithTfitand pmempt reporter
of all sorts of intelligence—a responnbis agird, on
which the politician, the buirineu Man. the manii
lecturer, the mechanic, and every one interested ii
the affair') of Congress and the Government, may
rely at all times with Implicit confidence.
It is believed that the establishment of nth a
reliable Journal of lenelligence, on terms which
place it tvithin reach of the greet maim of: the
people, at the commencement of what promises to
be a most interesting and eventful period in the
history of Congressional proceedings, will be re
garded with favor by all cluaee of the eommuni
ty ; And, having thus stated bis objects, the sub.
scriber respectfully solicits a liberal and general
support from the enlightened public of the United
States. ss AMES A. HOUSTON.
Stenographer to the Senate of the U. States.
The oUnited States Reporter" will be printed on
a large and handsome sheet, and issued every
morning, except Sundays, at the rate of $d per an
num; singk copies 2 as.
In connection with the daily paper, there wilt
be lesued trom the lame establishment, •
This publication will contain enclittively the
reports of the proceedinp enddirtatiot elk. Con
gross of the U. State* It A ill b r neaps 'semi
weekly, in en elegant quarto forms; fliTeighoot
the sessions of Congress. Mi.will be trlosistsed to
subecribers et the rate ortwo dollars for the lonia
session, and one dollar forth. ghost session, It is
believed that this great notional work will
deemed indispensable in the library of every pub
lic institution, politician, sad professional vase,
throughouetbe country; end that it will be re
garded by the great mess of the people as the very
best p olitical test tarok for their own instruction
and t hat of their,chiklren.
InewrierAnnooncsocar.--Throughent the
session of Congress, Extras will he issued train the
&Nit) of the "United States Reporter," c o nfui l u ng
the reports of all such debates us may possess par
ticularly exciting interest.
All subscriptions and eemniunicetiom to be
postpaid and addressed to ..J. A. liocsTea, 11. S.
llepOrter, Washington, D. C." •
July ao, Ibl7=l-tnic
PADDY O() EASY and his iviG.
ey, by Uarlton ; Knight olOwynne.
by Lever, and a host of other new Books,
just,ree,eived and for sale at the sign of the
""Big Book.'
7111142112 et BAD OIL
...4. I OETTTISIB 1111,1166.
Friday Evening, July 30, 1847.
CITY AGENCY —V. B, Esq. at the
corner of Chesnut dr,Thirtiotreet, Paidsdripkis;
160 ffinatu street New York; end 8° " 91411 " "w
-eer of Baltimore and Calvert street; Babinoarr 7 o
-and E.W. Cies, Esq;Sim Building, N. E. Corner
Third Is Dock sts.and 440 N. Fourth at PhiJad'a
are hatanthnrisriAgents for welting Advertise
• meats and Butiecrlptions to the" Star" anti collect
ing and raradiginglor the same. •
FOR covristesloNza,
- - THOMAS—, ' .
Ctr. For Delinquent Patrons ! dS
Urns enlargement of our paper has drawn
more heavily on our purse than we anticipated,
and we are compelled to call upon our patrons to
relieve us from the difficulty. 'There ii a large
amount on our books o due us for Job Work and
tiubacription which it would give us mach, plea*.
ure to see •"squared oil" The_ amount against
each subscriber may seem trilling, and for that
reason remain unpaid; but it is of drops that the
ocean is made, and a kw dollar* from each of our
subscribers will in the s F gregate ! malice an
amount of some iniportang . to us. 'chose of our
patrons who have already paid up, will invert our
thaidis, while those who have not;we feel assured
wilt camas ihe pewit ••!ttx:' as it. is the. first
they have been troubled with since our connection
with the ••tit
Lir Money tuay be remittal to us per mail, at
mu risk.
••A San Cara. the daughter of a respertable
clealcvniam of I kitty shore,. oar, taken into custody
at Philadelphia. on Wednesday, as a vagrant.
`.f he had sadly departed from the path of virtue."
We find the above iiantarsph going the rounds
ef the press. It is founded on an article which
appeared in a late number of "Meal a Saturday
liazate," and lias about as much truth in it as
the masa of the infamous stories that are regularly
cooked up by the "cheap" City parent., to gratify
the morbid motes of theirreadoes, and sustain their
reputation as °pop la r" journals. Gettysburg has
no such representative in l'hiladelplna as that
charged in the above paragraph.
Notwithstanding all General r3corr's precaution
to provide against a 'lire in his rear, while com
batting the enemy in front," it recurs that be is to
Ite made a - victim of the Administration and a
scope-goat by which to relieve itself from the odi
"um of oflie t al buntlets--st least so far as Mr. Polk
and his agent* can accomplish the purpose. For
some time past occasional murmutings of dimwit.
isfaction eu the part of the Government organ am!
insinuation.' of negleet of duty by high officers.
gave Indication of what was to be expected from
W Administration that hesitates at noiracrifice. and
shrink. from the use of no means, however dishon
orable, to screen itself from merited rebuke, or car
ry into execution its ambition.' pr;ects. The as
sault was commenced by the Washington Union
on Thursday last with the following paragraph:
»We deem it probable that if
_Mr. Bu
chanau's despatch had been tntiernkted to
the Mexican Government inunediatdy al
ter fAe.kanie q/' CIIIRRO GORDO, we should
Itave had peace before this period. Why
it was not so transmitted is a grave ques
tion; bat we nndertake to assert. con -
slendy, that this was not the faullt of Mr.
Triet. On the contrary, he did every
thing in his power to have it forwarded
through General tScorr."
It was evidently intended in this paragraph to
charge General &err with the Whim of Mr.
That's negotiations, and throw upon his shoulders
the reapeasibility of continued hostilities. Unfor
tunately, however, for the Union, its battery is si
lenced alter the find discharge liy the National In-
Wilder. in this wise :
"The battle of Cerro Gordo occurred
en the lath April ; at that time ..Mr. Bu
chanan's despatch" was scarcely written;
it is dated in this city on the 16th of April,
only two days before the battle ; and Mr.
'Pater, who conveyed it to Mexico, arrived
at Vera Crux on the 6th of May, and at
Jalapa, General Scott's Headquarters, on
the 14th of May. How then could the
General have forwarded a despatch ..itn•
teediefely after the battle ofe ERRO GORDO"
Which did not teach hint until nearly a
needs after that battle?"
. Of teem that finishes the matter so far as this
charge. la contented t we ire a little curious to
)know in What quitter operations will next be aim.
inerteed. Between Pear and 'rheum, Preddent
Pith seri to be driving. a hard bargain—and
with about ea much seeress u did his friend
Banta Assiai•
taus Che w hes a letter tiro AdjtAaat A.
Vf.-*Wieretearg, hayed Meaterey, Illth of Jaste.—
With refenatee to the &tee wilier Geo. Taylor,
end the fp s eateaerwleted ewer:wale, Alto.
tent Atisettang writes as Alilows: 431ers. Tailor
misers toot* he Inv:less than 3,000 seta now
under his emantan t l, htehadAtif those at this point
attest, - SOMA bait this hie intention to mem to.
'erudition LatitPeteei aseoelailittiafeable t end
he aloe aimed atelhet he *in pornitint, *turn to
eter-flattelin Septimither twee, libeler dome is a
treat! soododed by, Pit Alma pr 1100
item R :Seastoest, of Haiti!
elope, in &Setter to the Nirscirtik Vouort; wows
g l is ac ii. Tarte* as the Wing CM*
didatefer President. •
IF Thar sodden ehangwin this weather dazing
the past week gnome to have extended som e
in Ness .Yock, on Tueaday, number , " o f
persons Winn seen on the linnets ohlthed
Whit& dean.
RATHER SHARP.—filhe following Wee giv
en as a toast at the Ceitbrairen 'of the Netiensa
Annivents7, on St. Ran* island, in the Siide of
tooth Caroline t
So gentk in peace Aleihindea smiled,
While in hank? be shone,* terribly grim!, [child,
'l'hal the emblem they `raved on his Aida we* a
With a thunderbolt pineed in hie innocent hand,
Oh, Ts' tett l so long as such Minister. wield
Yowl umgmtleent arm, the /lune emblem will Jo;
For while they'te in the 0111111 f 11, nuJ you in fk ld t
'We bait. 1 , 01 iu than, and data der you!
THE AIINT--lio detuae . "mtertgenos haw
been mine! from Gen tiarrr airier oar last;
indeed, it is loweitur a Reenth slave the hot direct
acivieee S . m his Ireolloasters were received. On
the 30th oirjone he was Ail et Podia, &wailing
the ninfeereoliego which had k and were to
Wee Tent Coo. der &wends Coheelolea, Ail-
law, sod Piano. L. i isseragsaciu,
say, bas his reeebrol flow the city of Moir%
where so mach asxisty seemed to oat ia mud
to the torwiloos of Gm Seri; as in din noun
. The Repolirresso, phial ia do Capital,
states • al Jane des. Elestt alkd
a carnal 'twee to crsairle tie .spotty of as ad
aims wpm the capitol, at whicA finusel aaate
meat was detenaiweil ea. The isateaseut, howev
er, is Popped is he hatter:set. as mar malice' lowa
Geo. Sao are is days lam sad it is not proba
ble that the enemy weak' he amme m emiliar with
his opanatioria this swelehea.
The nusoursitniab the Ardirmitsfiaiimos of the sr-
ray are very corammiand
agreeing as to tie point that the prospects for
peace an as far teased as ewer- One account
lays that the Mexican Canons lame declined the
peace o&is of out Gasenswole. mid Irsollw4 oat
to treat under any condition% wide another Meta
lions a seafitras between ones of the neat pow
ireful Motion Stara fan die repass of resistiOg
any teeny that the Central &menorah abould
dare to reoehaie.
Evetytiiiif wan genet at but amounts thing
Gen. Taylor's fine of operation,. The troops at
Buena trite. 2,00, sou in need health. and un
der Gen. Wooreconunand, prenteerioat rapidly is
the Wehool of a soidarr:' Smi. Taylor was rill
at Wawa Bnrinp, quietly waiting the areal of
these men&weentenie en °hen pnanised and alwaye.
delayed. He desire' dto go fonnni or back.
On the 26th ulttinso Can. Woof braised notice
of an intended attack by Gen. Vakiscia, who was
stationed at San Lois with S,AOO regular troops.
Our men made preyssiathest to give their viMors
a warm welcome, but after advancing to within 60
or $0 mike of Oakillo, the enemy Apia fell hack.
The flan lonia papers at die 6th init. date that
oor army marched from Puebla for likely of Met-
On. but after amertsisin — lig the fates they would have
to contend with. rammacrinaseleed again to Puebla,
without routing to an commitment with the
rans, although batik was offered at a paint distant
2& mike from &reify. - Wes -is- ten improbable
fur bend; Gem Isom will never turn tack when
once on the march—ern though the opposing
time hr “40A00 reliant fleikent. - as stated.
The annihilation of Gen. Scott's army is herald
ed as certain--they prociarni it impossible for him
either to advance to ortsrat. Tlhi■ is erstaitily
cheering news for the Menieens, and would be cc
ry sorrowful for us if we could be rank to believe
it ; but our faith is to, straw to allow any rairgie
imps as to the safety and triumph of mu army to
occupy oar thoughts.
[?The funeral orremosies in Kona of Col.
M'Kee. Lieut CoL Clay„ and the.ll.liir Kentock,.
Milennarbo fell It Deena Vista. mune oti Frank
fort, on Tne:olWint: iineWe;Mr of from 15,000
to 20.000 !wrangle. Henry Clay and the orphan
children of his lamented *ow were among the chief
GEN. SCOTT.—The Localism ownwrondent
of the Baltimore ran. Writing from Washington,
in retinrnee to the difficulty 1.-tuera Gem. Scott
anii % r. Trig. thus comgliasirms the Hem of Cer
ro Gordo: ----Gien.licott may "Ital.* a atie o•llkwar
nth, bid he is a seri great captain: it is our ino
de4„opinion that he has not nos,. as a %ivories
and scientific portal. has equal in the world--and
junior require* us to airluaimirdge that all the
hopes and sioas i -soinurtiposoa. a. far ate thissi-arcre
truly &ended oci_bals weaa_fiar maths( his eider
and The great and - &Wad management which be
exhibited in Ida internaluse sitb :be clergy and
the people."
-Dentin-ratio Adrenal... a Lanahro paper printed
at Baton Roane, the naribrace of Geo. Tattoo,
water troopanwaßy than lien. Taylor was owe.
end to the apaosannat allrwaro es ea plums
geteueds,* Rad that laKlibulus — the war lei& Mex
ico nold sad asiglit 41iii4 Sera aemdod^ Is INS
**OS be MICR -
14 Wit* Orly- The
Union will have to ihhhigiNgi Zak' is dr lie of
"Madras Whigs"
.The Cincietaitahapipre peedirar that dies ink
viral be untvenrally eamil by the Iredetril awes.
per% in Agri andar. . suit.fteir eyalorma
aware mow adninaltb." Nohow II as auseissi'
to there as 'Vet deedinhate wawa sad printed
thenewher .tinessrapaby,"---therfaier.
Our neighs. in peen* the abeam paragraph,
tenet hare bad ia flaeinewa'a L.lOllll
Federal nan-Weergpigishy jswb hhb wow
his "'Wend idottar" . crud haearaerai Mr. hiallien
as the .deartairete Wrisbinpara" 1 or I
Plohnbly tier of Charingliganwikut Si* ie of.
finned that lead be heal is diayeafthe Sear
Mien, be would hare liesOrii Tirry!"
M.41N18.-71t g Carimities mici
naitsii Ow* Bitomealiir . A Waileurd
Whig Caikerstieil b iiiminsiie _____ for
Priiiiiieut Ind Vice
STATE ELECTIOSS--Thefeileteker &Mee
hold their dottier rest seek: Eeeekr. loblt-
Ea, tifiatais,' Bliirouei Mikarm. w Elosekri
the 2d; :girth Tememtee. to Thew
day the sth of A "• ,1 . •
rrt "U. 4ilalk- se
in Vida. Tbe
Use 4011iiiiftwok
Lototoes :ids of Jelly
j by
•:sa ' w .eltaiii
-1 alio Sur his
valor Ina gin at Ciaietieolioaerilier if do JIM&
row wain, so teel i viii
taig ata aid ataato
'l3ilie Loathe Peace Society' bat alilmmied
mestatiole, not *sly to oar eine goveemeeat Od
that of Mati* bat as that Walk miaiitry toad to
all the laming meeho of irattiPc. Pkairrs for
• vas* tinsimsimm agar amarat wi l Mesa"
stator a goseral aelogothi . t alga& aoleetatetao far
war as ANS eapeasaii; its seaway i al area.
OrRIVI.IIIOO Cairn, glgi. INS
hesseet eitlllr..Wiegaie it the Heim Dietriet
helm The .antral cirreetet elf deism lathe
11:7Time Gamma lattbents Moab r Piulade&
ranee el itteas sad St. Mei dam% true
work by tibettiag ea Smoky miltiatat kat sad
destraytai. The awe sidle rasemme
SONS at Wadi mese monad bylammamm.
The eommegation bad bees irmaimiat M Meat
Minuses preying is the cattatmpia, ad ibe mac
aw bed left the buadieeramly >t meaftemt
Hid We mot bees tie came . a raelamoiltialy-lams et
life alight area 'easamill.
tar 'The oast of the Washiogith Vahan asks
the Whigs what 'Any expert to aorampikek by
their sonorous Taylor saurtingse hellfire says
;be aid man's tenusity atoms to he aired se great
us that ofSaata Anna, who deopaorherl a women_
ger to Gen. Taylor in the honest mooed of the
bottle of Berta Vista, to insphe -what horaturd."
A littk , girl !Talking in the cemetery of Pere la
Cliaise, at Pa,* and reedieß one after sonsiber
the praise* upon the wombs of itbauor who slept be
neath, suddenly exclaimed. ...Wei whine they
bur all the .inner.:"
WAIL—The views ore& Doniplum in relation to
the war am calculated to produce a deep irrigation
throughout the country. The Colonel says that
if our Government had properly supptarted Gene
rals Scott and Taylor; and placed at the disposal
of each 'of theme officers 20,000 men, they, would
me this have enbdued the whole Mexican Power ;
in other woeds, the war would have been termina
ted long sine°, and we would now be in theen
joyment of all the blessings and repose of peice...
Why, then, has the . Cherenuneed hesitated to die'
dame dutyl _Why has it protracted the war,
and thug unneciessmily and wantonly induced the
expenditure of millions of treasure, the shedding
of rivers of blood, and the sacrifice tnroh of
live. ? The War, in , thelanguags of some of the
beat and ablest officers of the army, has not been
prosecuted with effit4einey,' because the Govern
meet has negtectedtofurnish reinforcements. The
brilliant victories of Gen. Taylor have been robbed
of half their influence by the criminal apathy and
indifference of the authorities at Washington.—
The triumph at Cerro Gordo was greatly impaired
for the same culpable reason. Gen. Taylor has
been compelled to linger for months at 2itontarrey,
and Gen. Scott for weeks at Puebla and itaneigle
husband, and all for want of reinforcements.
The conduct of the government in this matter
has been infamous. It has cruelly trifled with
the safety and the lives of trur own troops, while it
has revived the courage and hopes of the Mexi
cans, and thus protracted the war. The public
indignation on these points is nearly universal,
and confined to niapatticular party. "'The two di
vision, of our army under Taylor and Soot; have
been cruelly, nay, wickedly abandoned, either to
inglorious inactivity or dangerous peril, and lan
guage of censure too strong, cannot he employed
upon the subject True, the Washington Union,
roused and goaded by the complaints of the pram
and the people, is endeavoring to shield the Ad
ministration, by affirming that our many in Mexi
co has already been largely reinforced. The ab
surdity of such an apology may ho duly apprecia
ted when we remember that at our last accounts
Gen. Scott had been anxiously and impatiently a
waiting reinforcements for weeks, and that rep to
that time not a solitary t regiment had arrived at
—A correspondent of a gentleman in Philadel
phia, writing from Centre County, hen communi
cated the following facts respecting Gen. ta•tres
conduct in two particular instances, which must
increase the public estimate of his worth. and
make a favorable impression on the mind of every
man capable of admiring ssenertMs action. We,
are well modified that the publication of ouch in
cidents is by no means agreeable to Gen. tarts
—be is truly one of that class of men, who
"41/J good by stealth and blush to find it fame."
but the virulenoetvith which he has been Retailed
as dose, selfish, niggardly, an oppressor of the
operatives in his employdent, an g.fron Mandel
with an iron heart," du., entitle the people to be
advised of the PACTS which refute these calum
nies. and to have him presented to them in hi. true
light as a liberal, generous, warm-hearted and dis
interested man. His conduct with regard to the
Cadetship at West Point shows that he is disiti
tutu of that quality of rupvtasm or a disposition to
bust relations, whether tit or unfit, into public °lli
a*, which is so common to politicians. Scarcely
had Gov. nhunk settled himself in the chair of
State before be elevated his brother-in-law; John
K. Findlay--a very moderately endowed lawyer
at Lanctracr—to.the Ben' of the District Court
at Philadelphia, thus prostituting his high station
to the proniotton gird eirrielibient of wiemßessof
tit own family, instead of employing litsidtertial
patronage fire the public benefit. We nVisoi in
the contrast presented by Gen. !swim to ,Citich at
potum.—York Reorstilicuit... .
"Gen. Irvin was called upon by hii lath
er in hie last illness, Lome few years ago.
Ito write his will. The Genend, whisker. ,
his father's situation and pmerty well.
and deservedly had MS Onftnetrin the
fullest extent, proceed It to i tilviltelro pro
perty. which you know was large.iniong
hiss. tildren, which Inv- did-WW I - 16 4kuguat
good judgment, and after rending it aver to
his kther, he expressed himself sauteed--
bat one thing. said the old gentleman, you
have forgottemp,and that is your own share.
The General explained:pea he had ituoug#i
already, and requested his fothersoiriee
himself no concern about hint, and an it
passed. The wilLin his bandwetting is
bled in our Register's office,: and abant the
facts which I hate stated very briefly:.
them can be no doubt, for I know them to
be tree. As you say. this voluntary re
linquishment of considerable eosin is a
rare Whence of true liberality. ,
I could give you other insitantA'Ehis
life which show this was in keepini with
his character, but I suppose • it is 44i110c- ,
wary-. - but there is one that t will ,
4 When
be note in Congress there wed) swisppoint- '
*seat t. Cadet at West Palm in his gill.
Two of his relations, one aysepheiv. were
very anxious to be appointed, but they be
ing able to live without it and beinfilas re
lations he passed em by, and g o it to
t e
the son of a poi man. who h large
family without influence."
---' l. - --- ‘'
DESERTING —The 4ittehury A a
• , beeofoco paper, printed in 11 ..
lead county, has heeled down the Littlish and
Logipgarth Bag, heretofore Beeline at the hewd of
dab miliaria! columns The "Milteeloe" in a Ilu-
War to ilia defictiwo,eays that "disunion and dia.
matialllailßoa pavan in every township* the exam i
07.7 4iiiitiVtaittiu T* 4 1:400040 41 "
Alicia: ire "c 'fret the e eets or the Ta
rifa' 1846.
Erne depredations of the Indians upon
mtrains" bound to Banta Fe, mai returning to the
Q. Easkes, are becoming as serious as they are Ewe
vent. On the 26th ult. a train, escorted by a
oempany.of troop' under LietelJUNl, was attack
ed by some three or lour hondradqndiarta. Five
men were lod in the encounter, and six otimee
wounded. The WashinstnnUnionstateathatthe
Government is abort adopting uieient nears to
prewar( these depredation hereafter.
1170 t the 22d inst. a Kr. Wx. Boor, of Bar
risteug, fell from Otte of the piers of the bridge now
in proems of earetioe over the Ousquehanses, in
Oboe of the one destroyed by the freshet ,hr the
*prism - 41846, ind was so much injured as to
curse his death on the following Burnley.-
FOUND Dtt►D.—An Friday last, a Mr.
Shale. lock-tender at (:lark's ferry, was
(bond dead on the Clark's ferry bridge.—
It is supposed, that while in a a state of in
toxication, he climbed up to the upper part
of the bridge on to some loose timbers to
sleep, and while asleep rolled off. His
neck was found to be dislocated, and his
hat upon - the timbers above.
—A gentteman by the mime of Morgan,
lately deceased In New York, has left the
sum of fifteen thousand dollars 5o be ex
pended. in the erection of the Washington
Roc" The FLOUR MARKET remains
quiet, with but little doing. Some few
sales were made on Wednesday at $5 75,
but mostly at $5 50—for fresh ground.
Good to prime red Wheat $l.OB a SLI7 ;
do. white $l2O a $1 28 : white and yel
low Corn 7 a 76 cents ; Oats 45 a 48; Rye
75 cis. • -
"Ott the ltth inst. by the Rer. E.
Mr. B . W. Ri car, and Miss
daughter of Mr. John Butt—both of C
On the 18th ins t. by the Rer.-Mr Lu
Tawas of.B•gbaore, and Mir
,Sesnat.ait, of Abbottotown.
On Friday hue, Witatax Hoke, in
Jeci 1). Danner. Emift,9 l- titiklAtc 44
On the 20th Wet. in New Oxford,
eat daughter ofJohn Esq. I
r To.lrs 8110 X F
077.'0131TZ1 THE 133
The follotring Books wane been r
Graham's Magazine for August 4 2 i
Godey's 1,6
Columbian "
Counterfeit Detectors " 1'
Gen. Taylor's Rough and Ready, I'
Crockett's, and Farmer's Alman I
And anil all Diseases of 44e Stonnich and
DYSPEPSIA,' or Intigestion land its
sor says: ultchietly arisei in perains who
lead either a very sedentiry or tiregular .
life. Although not regart*l as a fatal di
sease. yet:;if any bring on in
curable Melancholy, Jaittlice, Madness,
or Vertigo, Palsy, and Ap i pleity. A great
singularity attendant on Its, that it may
Alt lll -OfteraliClLWaiiltc_.,lllMloll Of
time without any reinisam of the symp
CAUSES.—Grief antkuneauineset of
mind, intense study, profue evacuations,
excess in venery, excessiv use of spir
itous liquors, tea, tobacq, opium and
other narcotics, immodaral repletion, o
ver _distention __of the sonlach, adeti
cieney in the secretion f die bile or
gastric juice, exposure to old and damp
air, are the chief causes of his disease.
SYMPTOMS.—Loso °appetite, nau
sea, heart-burn, acidity ary foetid eructa
tions, gnawing of the when emp-
side, costiveness, eltillinessfinguor, low
ness of spirits, palpitations,ind disturbed
er failed in affording irrime4te relief and
a radical cure for this diseasi
Principal Office, No. 77 j. Eighth et.,
east side, Philadelphia. Fopsle in Get
tysburg by S. S. )RNEY.
Juiy 30. 1847.—1 y
‘,_,) the murder of the For
also a Report of the trial and
Haggerty, to be had at Kelle.
of the Bigi Hook.
You will prude at the hi)* of J. L.
Grass. in fluntersinwni 4 Saturday
the 14th of August nest, at 10 flock w. x.
By order.
J. T. I'ELTY, M. S.
July 30.
AMER ' LAST NOVEL; tus ;ell. or
of Charles the 2d," an Ltisrfeal Ro
mance—for sale by Keller Ka, sign of
the Big Biol. -)!1
G F. e?iti G r, - ddti ß o lt na ' rs ' o p poz l4il t st receiv.
tlt teVgi tki t 11%
/mono If RICO /011
Dontestie Matins, Ticking 4
. PlaieSi'Ginghanis, Cas!
\ __Voids, Drillings,
sinells, Fancy Cassini
&c. Arc.. all of which are to i
'ces to suit the times.
judge for yourselves, and
please, sAll.we take please ,
the Goods. .f s-- ,%;,' '
Gettysburg. July 23.-1-44 •
O 1 » the very him quality d different
Alnvors, can be had.? times, at
WEAVER'S Confecthme ' Chambers
burg street. Families s p a *. ' , lies will be
supplied with any des' ' 'EI tity, at the
shortest notice. CAKE ONFEC
'MONS of MI kigds alway hand, and
will be furnished to ordef reasonable
terms. J (1
Gettysburg, July 23.—1 f
r NO 1, 1„90
.. ,- ..-....L.- ...-
- 1 - ETTERS of Admisis
IA Estate of ELIAS AAA
East Berlin, Adams couniy,
ins been granted to thesuksc
in Paradise township, Yeti
isitereky giiim to all perm
said estate Westland setth
out delay, and those hstvitn
skid' estate, are requested
same, properly4uthentim
meet.. JOHN JAC(
July IL
ilgy k WATCHES,
E g it will be cleaned and
shortest notice, at FRAZ
Waieb Establishment; in
July 16, 1847.
Whoever wants a
tJAINF be accommodate
iiIRAZER'S Clock ,•
bailment, in Chauthersbu
burg. next door to lir ;.!1
Store—where new I .
hOur and 8 day CLOCK
received from the City.
best manufacture, and wit
Give us a call—theY will 1)
July 10, 1847.
MONDE, 4:0.,,0f th hest qualy
to he had at the Cooteetiortry of
A Chance for Farmers
Two Valuable Farms for Sale
In Adams County.
THE undersigned, desiring to give up
the Farming business, will sell at
Private Sale, his Property, consisting of
situate in Freedom township, Adams coun
ty,- Pennsylvania, adjoining lands of Wil
liam Scott, John Neely, John Stewart's
hake, Abraham prise, James M'Cleary,
David Bosserman and George Irvin ; ly
ing on the.road leading from Gettysburg
•to Nunemakor's Mill, about 8 miles from
Gettysburg, 8 miles from Eromitsburg, 13
trout Fairfield, and ti from ~ B ig Marsh
Creek." The Farms adjoin each other.
One of them dontairts - • - -
- • Mr.
Id son or
ec r, eW-
More or less, on which is erected a large
with a °able Back Building ; a large
Stone Bank Barn, 82 feet front ' . Wagon
Shed, Corn 'Crib; Wash House , Carriage
House, Shop, a new Patent. Cider. Press.
with other out-buildings; a thriving
834 trees :. also a large number
MCof other Fruit-trees on the premi
ses ; three never failing wells of water con
venient to the different buildings. ' About
40. acres are good Timberland, enelo
sed in good fencing ; about 60 Acres of
the very best Meadow land ; the balance
cleared, under good cultivation—the fen
cing being mostly ehesnut, inexcellentor
deC. TheTtitin is - hid out - in fleta — Tlo '
from 12 to 16 acres, there being no waste
land on it.
Tho other Farm, adjoining the above,
conniata of
more,or less, on which .are.ereeted a large
a doule Log Barn, with shed
irtgaltarouttd_;_Wagonpled :Cum. Ceiti •
largeffity Sheds; Wash house ,• with oth
er outbtolditigs ; two wells of -never fail
ing Water, one near the door of the dwel
ling, the other convenient to the Wash-*
house; a thriving young -
of di ff erent kinds of Fruit.—
There aid about 33 Acres of
good "unberlantl, about 55 acres of Mead
ow equal to any in the county; the bal
ance cleared, with cheanut feucingotod in
a good itate of cultivation, _
The above Farms are among the Moat
ing conveniently located, and under the
very best cultivation. Pettier's desirous
of entering into this Fa - tin - Mg busineas, wijf
lindnobetter opportunity tensvest theirenv
.Purchasers desirous of seeing the
premises, .will be shown them by the sub
scriber. residing on the firstdeseribed Firm.
Tattms..—One half CAS!) in hand, and *lw
balance in six annual , paymenti. . Pos
session will be given immediately, - ilium
the terms of sale
_being complied with.--
Persons wishing to purchase aro request
ed to make early application.
Freedom tp., Adams co. July 9.---11 -
--- stiMirtit IAL
ggerty. for
-y family ;
nvietion of
N pursuance of sundry writs of Lende-
L 'Hod and .nolitis Venditi.mi Exponas.
issued out of the Court of Cottonton Pleas
of Adams county, and to nie•directed, will
be exposed to public sale on A.Caturdoyllte
7118 .qugue, 1847, at 1 o'clock. P. M.,
at the Court-house, in the Boronglt of Get.
ts•sburg, the following Real Estatei
A Tract of Land,
situate, in..s.louutpleasaut thwaship . Adniut.
county, adjoining hinds of Egbert Eckert,
Peter Smith, and „okhera. containing-J.6 ,
ACRES, more or. lose, ori which, ere is
rected a Ilstory Log
a Log Stable, With a Thresh- .. 1141 '
ing Floor ; there is ari' excellent we ,of,
Water near the dwelling ; also , a variety
of Fruit Trees on the premises. About
10 Acres of title kind are cleared and
state of cultivation; the residue is covered
with young timber. Seized and taken in
execution as the estate of Peter friedl.
arks, and
A Tract of Land,
old at pri-
II in anti
•ti cannot
situate in Huntington township, Adams
county, adjoining. lands of Thomas Ste
phens, John Sadler, John Collins, and oth
ers; containing 40 ACRES, more or lees,
on which are erected a 1 14 story log
AO with a Spring" of Water near the
" door. There is also an orchard
Trees upon the preniisie. 'flatt
ed and taken in execution as The estate
of Robert Nickel. Execeurr or the estate
of Willitun Nickel, dececased. •
FirPorigiau perchaslac prep/sty at Sheriff's
idle, will have to pay tee per end. or the purchase
money on the day of of sale.
Sherif'. Office, Gettysburg,
July 16,1847. ; 5 to
fr HEREBY GIVEN. That applies
tion'vrill be made the.undersigned
and Others, to the next Legialature of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the
incorporation of Compel ' under the
name and style, Or intended name and
capital Fitly Thousand Dollars, designed
as an office of discount and deposit; and
to be located in East-Berlin, Adams coun
ty, Pa.
David Mellinger, John Dellone,
William Wolf, George Schwartz,
• J.
.J. Kuhn, J. H. Aulabaugh.
Charles Spangler, 'Barnet Hildebrand,
George King,' Isaac Trimmer,
George H. Binder, Abraham Trimmer,
John Diehl. David Hollinger.
Jnne 25, 1847.-6 m
r i lion ot the
'A • :,. la of
ti ' aaav
1 , r•res T
' 4_17, a icei
Itt obl4 to
i IMMO lith.
r , - Milagittt
asen i tle
4, tot We'
$. Aititti
al/ ki ."
paired, Atha
"8 loci &
icy sburg. I
, .71 1 .1tlisterls Obetnattst,
FOR the cure of external .Sores, Scrof,
ulous affections, Liver Complaint,
Quinsy, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Pains in
the Chest, 'rumors, Diseases of the Skin,
Piles, Corns: Rheumatism, &c., &c., for
sale at the Drug Stote of
lxy callinE at
Watch Estb
.treet, Gets
teltler's Uig
aye just ben
hey are rate
sold cheap
Gettysburg, June 26.-0'
Ella GOODS of every description can
m-or be had unnstially low, in Chambers
burg street. immediately opposite Heagy's
Cabinet Ware House.
212 4CRES,
Sea Ga autato.
* 1.1 THE Subscriber offers
( "4144'
0 ~,_ to the trade, or by retail,
'7O a large assortment of the
. i
1 ' l', following articles, being
-' all of his own imports
,- -,-;
Ilb. - " — ti
on . -- - or manufacture.
Buyers of goods in this line are invited
to examine tl.e assortment, and orders are
solicited, with the assurance that every ef
fort will be made to give satisfaction and in
sure a continuance of custom.
Gold & Silver Lever Watches of ordinary quality
Do do do of superior finish.
Du do do A iichors & Lepines.
Silver double cased English and Swiss verge
Watches, with light medium and hravy eases.
Gold Jewelry in all varieties, fine and common.
Silver Plated, and Silver Wares.
Musical Boxes, playing 2,4, 6, 8 and 10 tunes.
Gold and Silver Spectacles.
Diamond Pointed Gold Pens.
Mantel & Office Clocks, in gilt and other trines.
Watchmakers' Tools and Materials of all aorta. •
Fancy Articles, Fancy Fans, Steel &vide, &c.
Having every facility forobtaining goods
on the most advantageous terms, corres
ponding inducements will be offered to pur
chasers. • JOHN C. FARR,
112 Chesnut at. Philadelphia.
July 18, 1847.-8 m
41,* EOr T.lllb 0 le .r G
7 , 11 E subscriber would respectfully in
s form thereitizens of Gettysburg , and
sioinity,- and the public generally, that he
has oped a
Tailoring Establishment,
In Beath Baltimore street, in the room oc
cupied by Daniel Culp as a Chair Ware
room, a few doors Booth of the Post Office
rairereire - wilt - srrall - times be happy to ac
commodate those who may patronise him,
assuring them that he feels himself able to
make a first-rate FIT. His charges will
be as reasonable as at any other establish
ment in the county. Country produce
taken in exchange for work.
He has madearnngements to receive the
New York 4- Philadelphia l'ashions.
quarterly ; and will therefore be prepared
to make garments in the moat approved
styles' TBAIAB J.. C U LP.
Compound Medicated Candy.
10-0-11-.the.Ctire of Colds, [soughs, Spit-.
12 --Sing of inoud i -llronchetis, Asthma,
Whooping Cough, Pains and Oppressions
of dui breast,- and all other Pulmonary
complaints, and-other digestive which have
a tendency tip produce Consumption. It
serves also as. au effectual clearer of the
This Candy is entirely a vegetable pre
• 4.llllelti ngredientei being,
lombound, ild berry, Sarsaparilla,
:.Eleeampane, Liquorice, Flax
seed;lCelliitf Was, Prickly Ash, &c. and
will, if taketrin time, relieve .ifib system
from those distressing afflictions that tend
to Consumption •
One great advantage in this valuable
medicine is its cheapness, the public not
being imposed upon by the enormously
high prices which are generally exacted
for. Patent and other medical Preparations •
Elacli package Contains, direction*. Call
sod try it !
1 :Prepared and sold at the Confection and
:Variety. siore.of ~the Subscriber in-Iltest
I s c ij rk ourastistms stpirart.
t 1 Incsibil Mitt dour to Ttimpson's Ho
tel. It can also ins had at the. Drug Stores
Of S. D. Dustmen, and S. FORNEY..
loc:T^The subscriber as usoul continues
his fishery, and, is prepared to supply
parties at the shortest notice, with choice
onkel, &c. .
• ...,Tl'heConuraipauledtkofPennayl
granite, to the Sheri, of .qd.
ants Couhty, Greeting :
. Wo committal you that you
attach •JOHN DUPllol2N:ltite of your
Cougty. by all and singular-ids good And
°tattles, land and tenements, in wltbse
hands or 'possession soever the same may
be, so.that he be sad appear before our
Court of Common Pleas to be holden at
Gettysburg, in and for said County, on
Mil 16th day of August IVX,i—thero to
answer Elizabeth Jodon in a plea of Debt
on Note not exceeding Two Hundred Dol
lars. And we further command_ you. to
summon all persons, in whose hands or
possession the ma id goods and eitattles,lands
and tenements, or any of them, may be
attached, so that they iota every of them
- be-and appear before the said Court at
Gretlyeblirl Atte lllth,tlay of August next,
,;6 . 11 be objected against
them. and abide the judgment of the Court
therein. And have you then there this
!felt, --Witness Wm. N. Irvine, Esq..
Preaidein Judge of bur said Court at Get
tylbarg; this Nth 'day of July, A. D. 1847.
A. B. k Proth'y.
Prothemotary's office,
Gettysburg; July 23, 18t7. et
1 . 3 AN away from the service of the sub
kV scriber, in the latter art of May
butt, OUST3VUS HENRI, an indented
apprentice to the Coach-smithing business.
All persons arc hereby warned not to bar
bor'said apprentice, as the law will be en
forced against any so offending. Two
Cents, but no thanks, will be given for his
apprehension and return.
July 23, 1847.-3 t
Jewelry, Watch-C uards,
W ATCII Chaim, Keys, Spectacles,
&e. &c. can always ha had at the
Clock & Watch Establishment of
July 16, 1847. tf
dm, of beet quality, can always be had to
the Fancy Store of C. WEAVER.
April 10, 1840.
Shovel Cultivators
fl AN be had for Cumberland township
V) at C. W. Ilornsstes Coach-Shop,
Gettysburg, Pa. Please call and see them
and judge for yourself.
Gettysburg, Ma • 29, 1040.
T"Eltubseriber having associated with
him in the Mercantile Business his
brother, would respectfully ask all persons
indebted to hint to call and make imme•
Aar payinrstf.
Dr. J. Lawiellite - 10411, — .
ertmocom Derr"
Igloosl services to the cifteetteMO•
tysburg and surrounding comer",
prepared to attend to all eases usually
trusted to the Dentist., and hopes.-100 strict
attention to Dentistry alone, to towable tri
please all who may see fit to entrust their
teeth in hie hands. Office at Mr. irCeelea
Gettysburg, July 23.--tf
D. .31 1 C4)NA11611Ms
Attorney nt-Leno, •
ft RICE in the S. W. earner of the'
I/ Public Square, one door Wee of th•
Arnold's Store, formerly occupied es •
Law Office by John M'Conasigby, dec'd.
lie solicits, and by prompt and Willful at...
tension to busin?.ss in his professioe, it will
be his endeavor to merit, confidence Mid
IWCossuctuy wiH also attend
e romptly to all business entrusted to him
as .9gerl and Solicitor for Paletsfi entf
Pensions. Ile has made arrangement,.
through which he can furnish very desira
ble facilities to applicants, and entirely re
lieve them from the necessity of a journey
to Washington, on application to him per
sonally or by letter.
Gettysburg, April 2.--tf
T II ,F; undersigned hiving formed $
1 partnership for the practice of
and Law, will attend the Coups of York and
Adams, and niturvisitthe neighboring coon : -
ties if desired. Office in York street. Get;
tyaburg, between the Bank and Public Of
fices, where one of the firm will constant
ly attend, and where communications will
receive prompt attention.,
It. 0. 111'CREARY.
June 18, 1847.—Gm
L. 911" NOTICE
(Of Carl 44,) _
1 REST N ' l S his regimen; MitiliftietOrgi
and informs them that he has made
arrangements to continue topractireas caul
in the Courts of Adams county, under the
new regulation of the times for holding
- Jan. 30, 1840. ff
ALEX. IC. S'l' V Eft t ,
I .4 TTORNEr dIT 1,4 W,
ivricp: in the Centre Square, Notth
' I L J r of the Court-house, between Smith's
and Stevenson's corners.
Gettysburg, Pa.
OFFICE in the Souttpeast Cornet'id
the Diamond, between A.B. Kurti's
Motel and R. W. M'Sherry's Store. •
Gettysburg, Dee. 12, 1845.-11 _
111F:310VA L.
ir H. REED has removed his Lair
011 . Office to the room one door East of
Mr. Wattle's Hotel, 21111 immediately op
posite Dr. Horner's.
April 0. 1847-Ix.
Perfumery, Soap,
ARTICLES.' TOYS, Sze.: ter solo
April 10. 1846
,!/ M. & C. ItUTHRAUFF hare re
ceived a very large . assortmept of
FANS, from 3 eta to $1.25.
1)R .
Promptly ['pd. WOT rn, ro MI almost intrailite'
Pligo substantiate the above fact many headlight
ehic of testimonials rozuld be addured, out of
which the:following me ',elected, from trulitidealei
of standing and veracity. indeed, it is confident.
ly alarmed that each new trial of the powers of
this remedy will hav e an additional tendency to
widen, awl confirm its tame, and that if it were
universally knot., it and itiffuted mei. the U. Swea t
it would save not 10.5 tliait many hundred', if
not thousands 01 lives annually.
I do
certify that a vial of Dr. Nl'Laries Anieri•
can Worm Specific expelled fit e hundred and two
whole worms, and pieces that would haver slide
sixty mole, from a boy of John Lewelling.whieh r
if laid in a straight line, would have most prat*.
bly measured the enormous length of nee handled
Owner of Water Forge, and other %mita, Menen"
galia county, Va.
'lbis is to certilv that I pnrchased from Holmes
& Kidd a vial of Dr. 31 Line's Anderican Worm
Specific. and gave two doses to a boy of mine
about three yet, of age. Ile passed fully half a
pint of worms. 'I be quantity was so huge! wait
really alarmed, and called in several of any neigh
bors to see them. Hail this story been related to
me, I could not have credited it. without being an
eye-witness to the same. My child's . health ini
prosed much alter. SAM L MORRISON,
Merchant Tailor. Wood at., Pittsburg.
Hear Medical Testimony.
From tiols,!!ftr Physician, Dr. G. S. Smith, Sipa
tit h, Ohio
Mr. J. Kidd—Dear Sir: I have used in my
practice Dr. NI - Lanes American Worm Fpecifrei
and have often witnessed its efficacy in expellieg
worms from the syirtem. A patient of mine, •
short time ago, gave • vial of the Worm Specific
to a child and in • abort time climax& et 4*
worms were expelled.
Dr. A. P. orvell certifies that he hu frequent-,
ly used the Specific in his practice, and with ler.
varying success, it never failing to expel from 2.
to 150 viorms.
A child of mine passed one-third of a pint of
warms With one vial of Dr.l . l.4ine's Worm Spas,
cilic. It is truly a surpriiiing medicine.
T. litrukhorse, Prebles townsbip.
Surprising effects of Dr. At Lane's Worm
On Saturday Feb. 7. 1845, Mr. James ;licher&
son called at the office of J. Kidd h- Co. sad malt
the following statement :
A child of mine had been very sick fee some
ten days; we had given her purgative onedicine
but it had done uo good. Our of our Haigh;
cathirin and said that it was worms that wild.-
stroying the child, and of the same tilos spoke of
the wonderful etrects she had witnessed fee=
Dr. M•Lanes Worm Specific in that neigh
We procured a vial, gave one teesPanifil,
the child discharged 12 large wolves. 1 worn 4-
nother teaspoonful. which brought away 16 ammo
in all 88 worms. As a duty I owe to yea semi fib;
community I freely make kaolin thew beta. Illy ,
child is now well. What is very temarbible,tion
Worm Specific expelled the WOTINIS alive i• *WA
fourboors after I gave the asedieiae.
_ _
N. R. Be particular to inquire for Dr. M . Litt . /
American Worm Specific, or name Veteldheill:' t
Prepared for the Proprietor by J. KIDD *eh
Wholesale& Retail Druggists, Welallit.
117 The above medicine eau le had of thaii 411
lowing agents:
S. ii. Buehler. GdirOWS 1 . 1
S 118=
rendiavilk ; J. At C. Wake ,
dersvith ; J. S. Hollinger ; , ,
Holtzincer As Ferree. Pdersolit
Aulebaugh, Hampton; J.
E. Berlin; Peter kliekly,Mmemaistrip
Wm. Ilittinger..o6oUrtearre; COW
Co. Wholesale Agents, Liberty at.
more, Md.
15 1: --Oa
ur w...A.,111412/11