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I have do sparkling gems, love,
To bind around thy brow,
I cannot bid my heart to thine
In a golden channel now ;
And didat thou aak for thews
How bitter welt my part.
For enmity wealth my heart can brunt
I. 11, true and loving heart.
A true and laving heart, lam
I knoir 'tie little worth,
For men Suwet that hearts in heaven
Are Oft JOW(11 on the earth ;
Butatill 'tie all I have, love, -
And thou deist ask no mom.._
For Wing this, whste'er tap mek--
'Thin knoweet k am not poor.
Thou knowest Ism not pow, love,
My bands disdain not
I Astit the daily tight of man "
With the atem rebellions moil :
2,a tty iii' &gal
And though I hare not gold or urns.
Ns a true and lowing heart.
From the American Fanner
The proper time to cut is, *hen the
atom, just below the head, becomes dry,
and the sources of nutritive supply from
the roots are thereby cutoff. By waiting
until •the estire stem is dry, great losses are
sustained from shattering, while, on the
giber — hintt; Rio "adian~gt` is - to - be — derived
to the kernels. Thai this it the case, is so
obvious, that we need scarcely illwitrate it
by argument, and will content ourselves by
remarking, that when the extremity of the
stem becomes arid, that the circulation
from below ii arrested in its course, and
the process of nutrition cannot be carried
on, as At that point, the conduit is literally
'cut off. It is worthy of an observation,
that wheat, when cut before it becomes
dead ripe. yields a heavier grain and whi
ter and more productive Bower than when
harvested at a later period. What we
mean by -more productive flour, is this,
that it will , take - more water, and 'conse
quently make more bread. By cutting
wheat at, the period we have named, the
straw is infinitely bettor adapted to the
purpoit of feeding, much of its not:ilia
properties being routined, whteh, when cut
ate later period, would be lost by evapo
ration. •
We would iterate our advice that all
possible care be taken to protect the grain
and straw, after it is down, from the influ
ence of the weather, as we know froro
perience that nested at*i Period Is . cal- .
__impair the sightly appearance;
as wallas the market value of the grain.
In sticking let the utmost care be taken to
exclude the possibility of injury from the
rains, and to ensure this, each stark should
be capped. so as to turn the rain. And we
would here remark, that, White every op
eration of the harvest is going on, the mas
ter's presence is indispensably necessary—
dial, though he may not labor himself, his
presence will tend to make his hands do
their work in the way that it should be
done. The best of hands, if not closely
superintended by those whose interest is
at stake, will, without intending it, slight
their work, and inflict injuries without de
signing them, Unfortunately it is the na
ture of most men to act thus, and although
we would not punish a natural fault, we
certainly would so act as to ensure against
it. Bear in mind that he who encounters
the - wil and expense necessary to make a
crop, rests under a high, moral obligation
to preserve it from going to waste.
fdasantra.—The English' Gardener's
Almanac for 1844 says that in 1837.2254,-
000. worth Of bones were imported into
England, and the quaitiity is ~annu~lly'in=
creasing. Of woolen rags, from 1836 to
1842, over 7,050 tons. or 1,101 tons an
nually, were imported,and used chiefly by
hop growers, although excellent also as a
general manure. In England, with a ter
r:try but little larger than the State of N.
York, 10,000,000 of catile and 44,000,000
sheep are kept advantageously. With the
manure imported and secured at home by
these means, and a system of careful cul
ture, there are raised annually, when fa
vored with ordinary seasons, 232,000,000
bushels of grain. Whitt a lesson to the
farmers of the U. States.
FATAL TO Satus.—Saltpetre is as latal
to swine as arsenic to man. Our foreman
last year salted , some swine with refuse
salt,' which had been taken tram a beef bar
rel and stored away; within twelve hours
two out of three which eat of it died, and
the "tar much injured. As farmers
at ibis amen are emptying their meat bar
nth, ituiteadtirif preserving the refuse salt
for the future, they bad better bury it in
she compost heap. Our beef was but
*Lightly saltpetml. and but a very little
could possibly have been taken by the
swine 4-14,11. huu. •
To waxy. Fox reatA Holum's Ere.—
Blow loaf auger and la, %Ode Halt into the
inflamed eye; it'd in root ewee it would
bat relieved. Sassafras buds, pounded and
put in water. if, let stand until it becomes
nearly at thick as en:mu, and they npplied
to the bps, ; is as excellent remedy fir in
To Maass* Cameo eniflotaiut;—Rut
yr** of urpontine oa the breast of the
14414111-* Ifl4ll 10, 4 . 4ttichtsl trithit. he
era be estiend. Hopes should newer be
'ptel t iteiseetai mark ou a MI stomach ; more
ibbrem stst bstee by bird driving sAer a full
64 tout by a 14114o:I aka Iwo! &it tug.
Borough for 1546-7.
J.4.11ES 111.9.10115, Esq. Treasuryr of
the School hinds of the Borough of
Gettysburg:for the School year ending
June, 1847.
To mount of State appropriation
for 1847.
Tax assessed for do.
Outstanding tax in hands of John
Mentz for 1840.
Do. in'hands of John Jenkins
for 1844. •
Do. in hands of James Majors,
for 1846,
Do. in hands of. Q. Armstrong for
1848, . 753 33
To Cash received from J. Bloch
or, for tuition,
To Cash received from Samuel
Cobean, for tuition,
By amount due Treasurer at last
settlement, 090 721
Amount paid L. Haupt, trade*, 412 681
" J. A. Honek, 100 00
44 J. 8. Hanka, 160 00
" Wm. Witlierow. "..180 00
*4 T. Ihtterline, " 160 00
" R. S. Paxton, " 40 00
" Miss M'Curdy,
"- Mrs. Kesel',
" Miss Scanlan, "
" Jesse Sibb, •
•• Peter Weikert, for rent to
April 1. 1847. 24 00
" Colored Congregation. rent, 7 50
“ Sundry persons for Wood
and sawing,
Sundry incidental expenses and
repairs, 88 00i
Additional release to John Jenkins, 2 SO
Printing and Blanks,
By Fees and releases to Jim*. •
Majors, Collector for 1845, 109 88
Outstanding tat intends of J.
Slents, 1840,
137 49
Do. J-Jcakias,lB44, 17 67
Do. Q. Armstrong, 1846, 553 94
Do. Henry Welty, 1847, 347 56
Balance in bands of Treasurer 60 73
We hereby certify that the gi
Esq. , of James Majors, Esq., Treasurer,
has been exadrioed and found correct:
• D. M'CONA GUY, Preel.
H. J. Scuaseass, Sees.
June 4, 1847.-31
- To diet?: or Refuse. 4w..
STATIC or Pay. ASIA, AT an Chikage
Alums Corwri. Mutt, held at Get
' tyska% is aid far
the County af Ad
;44 ViV amis. ou the 25th
'"fol y day of icy A. D.
1847. 114iiiird
ham N. Irvine, Eaq.
President, and Ida Antochlea, Judges, &c. **gar
al, &e.
MOTION, the Court grant a Role
‘-ir on all the Heirs and Legal Reitman'.
latives of Philip Snyder, late of Franklin
township, Adams county, deceased, to wit:
Julia Ann, widow, Peter Snyder, Conrad
Snyder, Barbara, who is intermarried with
Geo. Rix road, Catharine intermarried with
Ileory Switzer, Elizabeth. intermarried
with, George Horn, Philip Snyder and E
lizabeth Snyder, children of Roe:mush
Snyder, deceased, who was intermarried
with Philip Snyder, to be and appear at
an orphans' Court to be held at Geuys
burg in and for the county of Adamson the
third Monday of August neat, to accept or
refuse to take the Real Estate of the said
deceased at the valuation made thereof, a.;
greeably to khe intestate laws of this Com
By the Court.
W. S. ItioncioN, (York.
June 11, 1847.-31
To Country Merchants, Worekrapers,and
the public in general.
THE, Subscriber takes this met of to
1 . inform aff whom it may concern,
that he intends to keep at his Old &tab
fished, Stand, No. 382, Market street, a
Safirst-rate assortment of all kinds of
D., TS Jr 4:4 IP Sy
suitable for the Country Tr= e.—
Feeling. confident from his expe
rience and practical knowledge of the bus
ipcss in all its various branches, that he
Will'be able to render general satisfaction
to all who may favor him with their cus
rConntry Merchants would do well
to call and examine before purchasing of
his more noisy competitors.
All hats warranted to retain their
cot or. 'Hats from $1.25 to 64.00, ofthe
latest style.
No. 382 Market sneer, Awe Elev. ea* south ride
Jannaiy 22, 1847. • 6m
The extraordinary and well authentica
ted cures wrought by the celebrated Sugar
Coated Tills; or Dr. Smith's Improved In
dian Vegetable Pills, have naturally drawn
public attention to them. Perhaps in the
history of Medicine, fronstbe time of Hip
pocrates to the present day, there is no ev
idence of a medical compound obtaining
equal celebrity in so short a time. There
was never a medicine recommended by
such high authority as Dr. Smith's
Besides their great curative properties,
(possessing as they do, such astonishing
curative powers to open all the natural
drains of the body, viz. : the Lungs, Kid
neys, Skin and Bowels.) they 'are, unlike
all other pilla, extremely pleasant, tieing;
coated with sugar, and as they do not gripe,
nOr produce nausea, or any other unpleas
ant consequences, they have become very
popular tor Dyspepsia, I leadache, Costive
ness, Bilious Complaints, Foul Stomach,
Fevers, Worms, Want of Appetite. WWII'
tities of the Blood, Obstructions and Fe
male Complaints generally, Colds,
One of the most influential and benevolent
ladies in New York. Nits. S. A. Gould,
Matron of the U. S. Naval Hospital, says
"there is no medicine withiCher knowl
edge so well adapted to the numorous ail
ments of mankind, as DI. Smith's Sugar
Coated Pills." She especially recom
mends then) to ladies. Read her certificate
in the pamphlet. . • .
gr_ . --- /"The genuine Pills are-foist& in
Gettysburg, by S. 11. Buehler and S. S.
allirrnesd in Hunterstown by dibrahant
King t' in Petersburg by ..Ifra. Fidler; in
eastitowrby, Mrs. Ihnean,anil in Hamp-
ton by .1. H. .tedtbaugh.,
June J. 11117-41.
30000 anger intairtn:
ANING succeeded in whipping the
Mexican Armies at - Vera Cruz and
Buena Vista, and now designing to march
against the city of Mexico to meet the en
emy under the walls of their own Capital,
the subscriber would imitate their exam
ple by waging war against Rags and Na
kedness, and he has accordingly recently
visited the city of Philadelphia for the
purpose of purchasing a stock of
which he can sell at prices so low as to
enable any person calling at his establish
ment to clothe themselves from head to
foot, at astortiihirig low prices—his mot
to being "Quick sales and small profits.—
My stock embraces the largest assortment
of Ready-made Clothing and •
6233 60
1327 56
137 49
120 00
*2611 90
ever offered in 'this eountrr, bee been se
lected`with great care, and having been
purchased for cash entirely, will be sold
= _ Chew for Vish,
than they have ever bekire been sold in
this place. In professing to sell cheap
er than ever, 1 wish it to be distinctly un
derstood that I do not do so because it has
become fashionable for purchasers to make
such aunouncements ; ,I am sincere, and
only ask a visit • from those wishing to
purchase to convince them of its truth.—
Among the stock will be found COATS
of Fine Black Cloth, Habit Cloth, Alber
tine, Tweed, Cashmerette, Cassinet, Lin
en, Check and Gingham • Sack and Frock
Coats. &c.—Also, PAN TS, of Fine Fan
cy Cadmium Clltsinet, Linen, Cord, and
Cotton,--fancy colors and styles. Also,
VESTS, Fancy Cross-Bar, Silk, Satin,
Cashmere,MerseillesandCassinet. Also,
kerchiefs. Men's Lasting Gaiters, Suspen
ders, Gloves, Stockings—in fact every
thing belonging to a gentleman's•furnish
ing line ; all of fashionable cut and mate
rials. and as Well made as can be made
anywhere. • Also on hand a large assort
ment of fancy and useftll articles, Pius,
Needles, Thiinbles, Jewelry, Perfumery,
Shaving Apparatus, Combs, • Penknives,
..Rongit and Ready" m ats, &c.
• hare also for sale - ILIAof BOOTS &
SHOES, made in this county, a lot of
IRON, soda lot of Calfskin, Sole and Up
per Leather. which will be sold uncom
mon cheap, as I wish to clear off the stock.
Also, on hand a new Rockaway, two
second-hand. Buggies, a second-hand Car
riage, new and old Harness, wiich I will
dispose Of at extrentely low prices.
ipr.:7'Those wishing BARGAINS will
remember to call at the old-established VA
RIETY. STORE, next door to Kunz'
and inimedia tely opposite ihe Bank.
160 00
70 891
19 37j
61414 65
P. 3.—1 htTifejiisiteceived an additional
lot ofgoods purchased at auction very low.
Gettliburg, April 30, 1847.
ftESPECTfULLY informs his friends
and the public generally that ho has
now on hand *large assortment of 7IN
-WARE of every description, which he
will sell at moderate prices—all warranted.
'Persons wishing to purchase at low rules
will do well to call - before purchasing elsor
HOUSE `SPOUTING will be made
and put up at 12} cents a foot.
IrrAri Apprentice to the Tinning
business will be taken, if application,,with
good recommendations, be made soon.
One between 16 and 17 years of age will
:be preferred.
Gettysburg, March 12, 1847.
PROPOSALS will be received on or
before 6 o'clock, P. N. on Saturday
Me 26th inst., at the house Of A. B. Kurtz,
in the borough of Gettysburg,for the erec
tion of a new house of worship.
Plans will be exhibited and information
given to contractors at any daub previous.
• A. B. KURTZ,
H. HAUPT, Building
G. - CULP, Committee.
June 11, 1847.---td
RAN away from the service of the sub
scriber, on the 16th of May, an in
dented colo red boy named THOMAS 111 WIN
Nicuoxs. The public are notified not
to harbor said Nichols. Six and a quarter
carts, but no thanks, will be given for his
apprehension and return to the subscriber.
Fountaindale, May „
THE School. Directors of the Borough
of Gettys burg hereby give notice, it
accordance with a resolution passed at a
Public Meeting on Tuesday last, that an
election will be held at the Court-house,
in the Borough of Gettysburg, on &Luc
dug the 26th of June next, for the purpose
of deciding whether ,the Board shall be au
thorized to purchase the "Old Academy"
for tile purpose of converting it into Pub
lic Schools. -5*
The elertien will be held between the
hours of 10 A. M. acid 0 P. M. of said
fav, and proper officers will be appointed
and tickets prepared for that purPose.
By order of the Board,
H. J. SCHREINER, Se - c'y.
Gettysburg, April 7, 1347.
TIIE subscribers have on band a very
large stock of STONE COAL,
which they will dispose of low by the sin
gle bushel or otherwise, at their Coach
waking Establishment.
March 12. 7 -. -;m
GIES, Am., of good and substantial
make, ean'be had at the Coach 'F.stablisli
client of the subscriber, in Gettysburg.
. , C. W. HOFFMAN.
Gc:itysbtirg, May 29, 1846...,
*AND Brrats, •
Neatly & expeditiously executed
4:4lllllr illi i•magegnam.
• ••••• a.m.= show •
. .
ILHB undersigned has connected with
his Coaehmaking Establishment a
large Smith shop., and is prepared to do all
kinds of
33 LA,crtsraiTsxNG,
_including ironing Carriages, Buggies,
Il 'ogons, sc. Ile would say to those who
have llorpcs to shoe, that he has in his em
ploy first-rate hands, which, with his per'
sonal attention, will enable hint to give en
tire satisfaction to all those who may favor
hint with a call.
Carrifigr /1"-flurgy Npritrgiti
dwarranted) will be promptly made to or
er at all times.
fr7•All kinds of REMIRING done,
both in Wood and Iron, at the most redu
ced prices.
Thankful for past encouragement, the
subscriber, solicits a continuance of patro
nage, and knvites his friends to 'call at his
Es tablis hm ev in Kr• west - Chambersburg ,
street, a few Avers below Theippson's
Gettysburg, Feb. 0, 1840.
113 ESPECTFULLY informs his friends
1.11 and the public generally, that ho has
removed his Clock find Watch Establish
ment from Taneytown, Md., to Gettys
burg, at the stand lately occupied by Jo
!MPH MATHIAS, deceased, where he will
be pleased to wait upon all who may favor
him with their custom. Ile will keep on
,--band-a- general _assort- ...
ment of 4 17
CrsCP • 114
! •!,
• N D
4gWPAir t ,
which will be sold on the most reasonable
terms; Clocks, Watches, &c., will be re
paired at the most reasonable prices, and
warranted to give entirosatisfaction. Hay
ing been engaged in the business for a num
ber of yeas he hopes, by industry and par
ticular attention to his customers, to merit
a share of public patronage.
Gettysburg, Oct. 9, 1846.—tf
gaZIIII4PI.CI' , 4 XI/ =2l /11 9
ETURNS. his grateful.acknowledg-
IA ments for the very liberal patronage
which has heretofore been extended to
him; and takes this method of informing
his friends and custonters, and the public
generally, that he still continues the CAB
IN ETA.' AKIN (lwe hamhersburg street,.
at his old stand, where those wishing &nit
rate Furniture can be supplied on the
shortest notice.
' He has also, in connection with the Ca
hinet-making, commenced the 'CHAIR
MAKING, and is prepared to furnish
those wishing Chairs at as reasonable rates
as at any other establishment in the place,
and of as good quality, made of the beat
Materials and by one who understands Ind
his business.
______ • 6
4All kinds of produce, and lumber,
will be taken in igschAnge for Furniture,
and the highest ntarlet price given.
111:7"COFF'INS will be made—at the
shortest notice, and all orders promptly at
tended to, as usual.
Gettysburg, March 19, 1847.--tr.
Just rectsed at
Chanibnvborg street,
ritilE subscriber respectfully informs
JIL his friends and the public generally
that lae continues the Tailoring business at
his old stand, in Chamhersburg street,
whore he may at all times he found, ready
,to Accommodate - all those who may•want
jgarments made. Ile has just received the
last New York.
and he promises all who may favor him
with their patronage, that he,will give them
entire scisfaction, both as regards the fit
and workmanship of all garments entrusted
to him ; and at as moderate prices as they
citt be obtained anywhere else. Ile hopes
by strict attention to business and a desire
to please, to merits contiuttanee of public
patronage and support. py Country pro
duce taken in exchaisge for work.
•-• J. G. BAKER.
April 16, 1817.-3 m
rr HE'subs. - Criber would respectfully in
j form the citizens of Gettysburg and
vicinity, and the public generally, that he
has oped a
'Tailoring Establishment •
In South Baltimore street,,in the room oc
cupied by Daniel Culp as a Chair Ware
room, a few doors South of the Post Office
where he wilt at all times bo happy to ac
commodate those who may 'patronise him,
assuring them that he feels himself able to
make a first-rate FIT. His ittirges will
be as reasonable as at any other establish
ment in the county. Country produce
taken in exchange for work.
He has made arrangements toreceive the
New York 4. Philadelphia Fashions,
quarterly ; and will therefore be prepared
to make garments in the most approved
styles. ESAIAS J. CULP.
Gettysburg, May 4,ll—tf
ILL be made and put up by the
If V subscriber, who will attend prOmpt
ly to aliorders, and upon us -reasonable
terms as can be procured at any establish
ment in the county.
Gettysburg, March 13.
Protection against Lou by
iinpr I EuCumberland Valley Mutual Protection
Os Company," being incorporated by an Act of
the Legislature, and fully organized and in opera
tion under the direction of the following Board of
Managers, via: T C Miller, James Weakly, 1) W
M . Cullotigh, A G hillier. T A hlKinley, Philip
r.pangler, Samuel Galbraith, Samuel Tritt,
King, (Adams,) Jam Zug, kinuel Huston, J
Green, J Bear—call the attention of the inhabit
ants of Cumberland rind Adams counties to the
cheapness of the rites, and the many advantages
which this kind of insurance has over any other.
let. Every person insured becomes a siMember
ofthe company and takes part in the selection of
officers and the direction of its concerns.
:Id. For insurance no more is demanded than is
necessary to meet the expenses of the Company,
and Indemnity against losses which may happen.
3d. The inconvenience of frequent renewals is;
avoided by insuring for a term of live years.
4th. Any person applying for insurance must
give his premium note for thicheapest class at
the rate of five per cent., which will be ss4t on the
1000,"for which he will have to pay $ 30 for live
years and $1 50 for survey and policy, and no
mote unless loss be sustained to a greater amount
than the funds on bend will coveroand then no
more than a pro rata share. Theca rates are
much cheaper than those of other companies, ex
cept such as are incorporated on the same princi
ples. T. C. MILLER, PresidenL
A. G. Ali LTA", Secretary.
LITTbe following named persona have been ars
pointed digests for Adams County :—Wm W.Petc
ton, Esq. General Agent for Adams county; J A
Thompson and D Ziegler, Gettysburg; Dr. Wm
Stewart, Petersburg; Henry Myers, New Ches
ter; Henry Mayer, Abbottstown; Daniel Com
fort, Straban township; Abraham King, Hunters
town ; David Blythe, Faitileld ; T T Wierman,
Arealtsville; Wm Morrison and Abel T Wright
Bendersrille; Dr. D Mellinger, East Berlin ; AbM
Scott, Cashtown.
Sept. 13, 1816.—tf
first Premium Writing Ink.
From Dr. Ifare,the celebrated Profes
sor of Chemistry in the University of Pewi
• . Philadelphia, Oct. 11, 1843.
"Dear Sir—Having tried your ink, 1
will thank yon_in_scndine another bottle.
as I find it to be excellent.
From Dr. Locke, of Cincinnati, distin
guished fur kis numerous scientific re
-"Med. Col. of Ohio, Cincinnati,
. Jan. 17, 1844.
" ( Having used Mr. Hover's Writing Ink,
I am'smiiitied that'it is the beat which has
ever come to my knowledge, and especial
ly it is excellent for the use of the Steel
,and will not corrode them, even in
long use. JOHN LOCKE,
Prof. of Chemistry."
lioteem Adamantine Cement.
From a well known reientifie gentleman
"Philadelphia, Feb. 27, is4q.
"Mr. Joseph E. Hover—Sir: A use Of
your Cement, and some practical tests of
its superiority, has induced me to mom
mentit to others as an invaluable article for
mending China, Glass, or Cabiset Ware.
Analytic Chemist."
For Sale, 'Wholesale - and Retail, at the
Manufactory, No. 87 North Thiid,Street,
opposite Cherry Street, Philadelphia, by
For sale in Gettysburg at the store
of . S. H. BUEHLER.
May 14, 1847.
Compound Medicated Candy.
11 Olt the Cure of Colds, Coughs, Spit
ting of Blood, Bronchetis, Asthma,
IVltooping Cough, Pains and Oppressions
of the -breast, and all other ; Pulmonary
complaints, and other diseases which have
a tendency to produce Consumption. It
serves also as an effectual clearer of the
This Candy is entirely a vegetable pre
paration, the principal ingredients being,
Hore-hound, Wild Cherry, Suriaparilla,
Boneset, Elecampane, Liquorice, Flax
seed, Iceland Moss, Prickly Ash, &c. and
will, if taken in time, relieve the system
from those distressing afflictions that tend
to Consumption.
• One great adVantage in this Joinable
medicine is its cheapness, the public not
being imposed Upon by the enormously
high prices which are generally exacted
for Patent and other medical Preparations.
Each package contains directions. Call
and try it !
Prepared and sold at the Conibetion and
Variety store of the Subscriber in West
York street, one square from the Court
/ .use, and next door to Thompson's Ho
tel. It can alao - be - liattarth - eDrug Stores
of S. H. BUEHLER. and S. FORNEY.
KrThe subscriber as usual continues
his Bakery, and is prepared to supply
parties at the shortest notice, with choice
.IL P. 51.710.7V5,
ILVER MEDAL awarded for the best
L pictures over exhibited. Strangers
visiting the city should call and examine
the various specimens of colored Daguer
reotypes, at M. P. Sirtions' Gallery ; and
those wishing likenesses, may rely upon
receiving perfect satisfaction in every res
pect. Whole families can be giotted to
gether, which forms a most Invaluable
keepsake. Miniatures set in bracelets,
Medalions, BreastpinO, &c.• 'An assort
ment of the above Jewelry, selected for
the purpose, always on hand. Examine
and then 'Oecitle. Materials used in the
Art fur sale, at the lowest rates. Instruc
tiont given by letter or personally. All
communications must be post - •
4. No. 179 Chestnut Street,
"Opposite the State House,-Phila.
April 30, 1847.-3 m
Barber and Nair
rDresser, has - removed his "TemAle'
to the Diamond, adjoining the County BO
dings, where he can at all times be foufld
prepared to , attend to the calls of the public.
From long experience he flatters himself
that he can go through all the ramifications
of the Tonsorical departments, with such au
infinite, degree of skill as will meet the en
tire satisfac doh - of-all who may submit their
chins to the keen ordeal of his razor. Ho
hopes, therefore, that by attention to busi
ness and a desire to please, he will merit
welt as receive a liberal share of public
tronage. The sick will be attended teat
tl eir private dwellings.
- , - -
Oct, 10. if
I am yours, truly,
anF all the remedies recommended, in late
‘l4 years, for the cure of CONsVMPTION,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Com
plaint, Spitting Blood, Difficulty of Breathing,
Pain in the Side and Breast, l'alpitation of
the Heart, Influenza, 'Croup, Broken
Constitution, Sore Throat. Ner
vous Debility, and all disea
ses of the Throat, Breast
and Lungs:
None has been found more CLIITAIN and 'Lama-
NENT in its curative power over these. so general
and often fatal diseases, than the above prepara
tion. The Compound Syrup of Tar and Wood
Naptha is an unparalleled remedy. In addition to
the healing power Of 'far—the virtues of which,
in affections of the lungs, is universally acknowl
edged—there is combined with it in this prepara
tion the active principles of some of the most cer
tain Tonic Vegetable Pectorals, which unite to
Make it the moat valuable medicine ever offered
to the public for the cureof the diseases for which
it is employed, so that it/serer fails, if taken in
time, to produce the'intended effect.
Among the testimonials to the value of the a
bove medicine, are several froin distinguished phy
sicians of Philadelphia. Read the following trom
Dr. ,Young, the eminent oculist :
Philadelphia, Tan. 18, 1847.
Having used in my practice, as well as in my
own family,-Thomwm's Compound Syrup of Tar
and Wood Naptha," I have no hesitattor. in saying
that it is the best preparation of the kind in ure
for persons suffering from Consumption, Ciiiighs,
Cohls, and all affections of the Throat, Breast, /sc.
so prevalent at this season of the year.
152 Spruce sheet.
Read also the following from a man who will
at any time corroborate its statements.
Philadelphia, Dec. 4,1847.
Penetrated with a deep sense of gratitude for
the benefit experienced by- the use of Thomson's
Compound Syrup of Tar, and that others whe,
like me, have languished through years of affliction
and puffering, without being able to find a remedy
may know where it can be obtained, 1 voluntarily
make the following statement.
About four years since, alter being affected with
a violent cold, it left upon me a troublesome and
severe cough. Whilst the cough continuer!, which
was with scarcely an intermiasion during this
long period, language fails to tell what I have sub
tend friam - debility, pains - in - the - breastaind - sitlei
night sweats, difßcult expectoration, oppressed
breathing, ,and in fact all those symptoms which
mark a severe pulmonary affection. The relief
occasionally obtained by the discharge of the mat
ter which obritructed the healthy action of my
system, but increased my fears, as the purulent
matter discharged was frequently streaked with
During this time I was under the treatment of
several physicians,and took Many of those prepa
rations tecommended as serviceable in the cases
of others, but.witbout relief: and I at length con
cluded.that a cure in my case was hopeless. But
how agreeably changed is now my opinion! I
have used for about three weeks Thomson 's Com
pound Syrup of Tar. By the use of one bottle my
cough has been relieved and my system reim igo
rated, and by continuing the use of it up to this
time, I am satisfied that my complaint is entirely
removed and eradicated.
11 - I(EARNEY, 242 S. Seventh M.
V .- This invaluable remedy is prepared only by
A ngney & .Dickaon, N. E. Corner of Filth , and
Spruce streets. Philadelphia. and can be had of the
following Agenta :
S. S. Forney. Gettysburg.
• Sag-ney, Carlisle. '
D. P. Lange, Hanover.
Price of large bottles $l. llO . Beware of imita
ions! (April 30, Ibli—iy
Stanton's Lx tern at Itc►►ted y,
S now universally acknowledged to be the
spinal affections, conttactions of the niuscles c sore
throat and quinsy, issues, old films, pains in the
hack and chest, ague in the breast and face, tooth
ache, sprains, bruises, salt rheum. burns, ctoup,
frosted feet, and all nervous diseases. The trium
phant sutras which has attended the application
of this most wonderful trudiciom in suring,the most
severe cases of the Millirem disease s above named.
and the high euroniums that have been bestowed
upon it, wherever it has been introduced, gives
me the right to call on the afflicted to resort at
once to the only remedy that can be re/ird on.
Eau Bertiii, Pa., May 28, IP•17.
Dear Sir,-1 consider it my duty to express
my sentiments', in behalf of your invaluable-med
icine called Moines Liniment.
I have for come time past used the Liniment
in my practice, for various diseases, and feel sat•
Rifled, from the success attending its application,
that it merits all that can be said in hs behhlf(.
1 consider it one of the best external rrnirliss
I have ever used in cases of Tetter, Ringworm,
Salt Rheum, pains, bruises, cuts, ass ellinge, &c.
The cheap rate at which the articles is to be
had, places it within the reach of all. It should
form the principal erterienl remedy of every family.
. Ifataitaa,..klanis Cu., Pa. May tin, 1847-
GlO, K. STAitztToN,
Dear Sir-1 feel bound to pgrafllicled to give
publicity to the . extraordithiry effects of your in
valuable External Remedy, called Huut's Llni
My daughter, a girl of twelve years old, had
been afflicted with While Bw4lings, in one of her
legs, directly below the knee joint, for several
nion:hk during which time her sufferings . have
been excruciating and deplorable. 1 callid on •
l'hysician, who, during frequent visits, made use
of every means in hisliower to orresi the fell de
stroyer, but all without effect The leg continued
swelling, until it opened, forming various dint
greeable ulcers, rendering amputation necessary
unless immediate relief be had. Fortunately, hour
ever, on the first day of, December last, your agent
having been in our village, and hearing of the set.
ferings of my daughter, he sent me one bottle of
your Liniment, the use of which alorm, thank God,
has not only arrested the further progress of the
disease, but has cured the leg perfectly, removing
all pains and swellings, and restored the leg to its
proper use.
I am under many obligations to your kind agent,
who thus, by one bottle of 'your invaluable medi
eine, saved the leg of my daughter from amputa
tion. Your Liniment should find its way into ev
ery family. MOSES ,, PHILLIPS.
May 211, 1847.
"We, the undersigned, citizens of Hampton, are
acquainted with Moses Phillips, and know him to
be a man of truth: and that the facts as set forth
in his certificate, are correct." •
Thl Liniment is sold at 25 and SO , cents per
bottle by all the principal Druggists and March
Orders addresied to me at Sing Sing, N Y, will
be attended to. G E STAN TON, Proprietor.
Wholesale .gems- -
-badly, Phelps & Co 142
Water street, Rushton dr. Co 110 Broadway, A 13
& D elands, corner Fulton and William, A spinwall
80 William street, New Fork ,• Cuthbert dr. Weth.
erill South Fecond, Philadelphia.
AGENTS.--Samuel H. Buehler & S.
S. Forney, Gettysburg; Abraham King,
Ilunterstown ; Zuck, Finetatan ; Ja
cob Hollinger, Heidlersburg ; Hollinger &
erne, Petersburg, (Y. S.) ; Jacob Anla
b Hampton; Geo. S. Bentzel, and J.
S. I brand & Co., East Berlin. "
June 1 , 1847. • [Dec. 2-Iy]
Shovel Cultivators
AN be had for Cumberland township
111 j at C. W. HOFFMAN'S Coach-Shop,
Gettisburg, Pa. Please call and see them
and judge tor yourself.
Gettysburg, May 20;1046.
THE subscriber having associated with
'hint in the Mercantile Business his
brother, would respectfully ask all persons
indebted to him to call and make imme
diate payment.
.Fbr the cure of I/Tallies or Liver Com
plaint Dyspepsia and Sick Head-Ache.
InitHlS remedy hint been for several years em
-4.11 ployed by the proprietor in his practice, on a
very large scale in Monongalia, Preston, Harrison,
and Randolph cuonties, in Virginia, besides seser
al other places, and having been attended with
the most happy effects; he has been from time to
time solicited to take such a course as would give
it a more extensive circulation with a view to le
sen the amount of human sufferin g ; Aw gre of
the fact that many nostrums have been pal
upon the public, he hesitated for several year.., us.
til thoroughly convinced that the above medicine,
if properly Used. would not fail to erect cures ins
great many instances, and even to alleviate these
cases which are quite incurable.
Symptom of a diseased Lirer.—Pain in the right
Side, under the edge of the ribs, increased on pres.
sure; sometimes the pain is in the Tell' side; the
patient is rarely able to lie on the left side; some.
times the pain is felt under the shoulder-blade, it
frequently extends to the top of the shoulder, and
is sometimes mistaken for • rheumatism in the
right arm. The stomach is affected with lON e(
appetite and sickness; the bowels, •in general. 11111'
costive, sometimes alternating with lax, the heed
is troubled with pain accompanied with a dull,
heavy sensation in the back pert. There is gen
erally a considerable loss of memory, aceonipan
led with a painful aensation - of having left undone
something which ought to have been done. A
slight dry cough Is sometimes an attendant. The
patient complains of weariness and debility; hale
easily startled, his feet are cold or burning. and be
complains of a prickly sensation of the skin; his
spirits are low; and although he is satisfied that
exercise would be beneficial to him, yet be. tan
scarcely summon up fortitude enough td try it.—
In fact, he distrusts every remedy. Several of the
above symptoms attend the disease,but eases have
occurred where few of them existed, yet exami
nation of the body after death has shown the liver
to have been extensively deranged.
This is to certify, that having bees associated
with Dr. !inane in the practice of medicine" for
nearly two and a half years, I had many opportu
nities of witnessing the good effects of his Liver
Pills, and I believe they have cured end relieved
a much larger proportion of the diseases of the liv
er, than I have known cured owl relined by say
°Viet etarta of treatment,
Dec. 4, 1836
Oliver Morgan, M. D.
Mr. M'Lmie's Liver Pills.
This is to certify that I have been afflicted for
six years with the Liver Complaint, and applied
to dilTerent physicians. obtaining tempomry tenet.
On bearing ofDr. fflrLane's Liver Pilk 1 obtained
and used two boxes. I now feel almost run, WI ,
stored to health—The Liver Pills have giros Ms
surprising relief. S. DAVIS, near Pittsburg.
Obrerve-,None are genuine without a fae•siimi
le of the proprietor's signature. Prepared for the
proprietor by JONATHAN KIDD & Co, Whole
sale and Retail Druggists, No. nO Wood at. Pius
N. R.--lno . ider that there may be no mistake,
be particular and ask fur Dr. 111 . 1,ane's Liver Pills:
Erne above medicine can be bad of the fol
lovving agent*:
S. H. Buehler, Gettysburg; J. Lower,
drendisville ; J. & C. M'Knight, Ben
dersvilk ; J. S. Hollinger, Heittleretuig ;
Iloltzinger & Ferree, Petersburg; Jacob
Aulebaugh, Hampton; J. T. Hildebrand,
E. Berlin; Peter Mickly, Ilurnnussburg;
Wtn. Ilittinger, dibbottslown ; Coulson &
Co. Wholesale Agents, Liberty at. Baki
more, Aid. -
Feb. 20, I SI 7.--Gm
For Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Bron
chitis. .11sthma, Croup, Whooping
Cough, Spittingof ßlood. Sore
Throat, Pains and Oppres
sions of the Breast. Dif
ficulty of Breathing,
and dl other di
seases of the
Read the following Certificate of I ore performed
by the use of Ross's Expectorant and Ray if you
will louget neglect your cough, or doubt its effica-
Baliau . March 12, 111417
Mr. Jie. F. Raw
Pear sir— About three weeks ag o wry wife
caught a severe told, width troubl ed her a good
deal and gave her great uneasiness; she prepared
a great many articles which were recommended
to her by her lrisods, but withont receiving the
beucfiu tram any of them ; her cough was getting
worse every day; her appetite was fast bilis.
and to sleep was imposibe: the pales in her
breast and side became so severe that that she
had to go to bed, and my friends advised me to
call in a Physician. 1 thought I would sill in
th.e atom where you were engaged and see if 1
sold not get something that wouldvilieve- bet,
when you gave me a bottle of your Expectorant,
assuring meant it would cure her, she commen
ced taking it that night, not, however, without
great opposition on the part of some of Is
friends,' who said it was . only some "Quark.
Medicine," and would do her more barns
than good. But 1 determined to take your advice,
and now Id all know the Revak ! From taking the
first dose she felt easier, though unable h sleep
on account of the quantity of phlegm that loosen•
ed and would almost choke her, but ,which she
could spit up with but little diffieulty; the follow—
ing day she continued it **cording to the direc
tions, and that time, for the first time for nearly
two weeks, she enjoyed a good night's rest sad by
the time she had finished the first bottle, She was
entirely cured. Make what use of this you think
proper, for inch an invaluable Medicine should be
made known to the affiicted every where. With
best wishes for your success,
&swish" .yours he..
'CAUTION, !I Beware of Colmteetitile anti
Spurious lmitations. , See that the initials V. F. 11.'
are on the seal : - also my Writiea Sigiwelenr on the
wrapper of each bottle, without which now is gee
uine. Prepared only by James F
Ap - _
Cheap Snip ay e in Chainbereburg street.
&c., of best quality, can always be had at
the Fancy Store of C. WEAVER.
April 10, 1846.
tJV E have just received a handssl oo
Pc! assortment of plain and l'ed
PARASOLS, which we will be plem t
show to all who favor us with a calk
May 7. W. &C. RUTHRAUFF.
Is published every Friday Evening, in the
County Building, above the Register
and Recorder's Office, by
fir paid in advance or within the - year, $2 Let
annum— if not paid within the year, $ 50 . "
papertliicontinued until all arrearagea are paid—
except at the option of the Editor. single copies
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will be regarded as a new engagement
Advertisements not exceeding a square inserted
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