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God might hate ;node the earth bring forth
Enough for great and iumall ;
tbs. bat ime and the cedar tore,
Without a flower at all.
We tnigtt have had enough, enough
For every want of ount.
For luxury, medicine and toil.
" 'And ye. tont had no flowers.
the on within the mountain mine
Re•titire thnone to grow ; •
Nor does it need the lotus flower
make the river flow.
And clouds might give abundant min,
The nightly dews might fait,
And the herb, that keepeth ilk in man,
Might yet hare drunk them all.
Thin' wherefore, wherefore were-they made,
And dyed with rainbow light,
All fashioned with supremest grace,
Up-springing day and night- 7 -
Springing in valleys green and low,
And on the mountain 11gb,
And* the silent wilderneirs,
Where no man paseeiti by
Our outward life 'reqoires them not;
Then wherefore had they birth',
To minister delight to man,
To beautify the earth—
To tiemfort man, to whisper hope,
Whene'er his bath is dim ;
For wham eareth for the dowers,
Will much more rate for him.
SALTING lloasss.—A curious fact is re
lated in Parker's Treatise• on Sell :--“A
person who kest sixteen farming binses,
niadi the following experiment with seven
of them which had been accustomed to eat
sali•with their food. Lumps of rock salt
were laid in their mangers, and those
lumpa, previously weighed, were examin
ed weekly to ascertain what quantity had
been consumed, and it was repeatedly
found that whenever these horses were fed
do hay and corn, they consumed only a
bout two and a half or three ounces per
day, that when they were fed with new
hay, they took six ounces per day." This
should convince us of the expediency of
permitting our cattle the free use of salt at
all times; and it calm( t be given in so con
venient a form as in rock salt, it being
Much more palatable than the same article
in a refined maw, and by far cheaper. A
good lump should always be kept in a box
by the aide of the animal, without fear that
it will ever be taken in excess.
PasszavE GREEN PEss.—The Peas
should be fre;h shelled ; put them into
Omni bottles, which should be carefully
washed. Put the bottles into a kettlor to
prevent their coming in contact fill up the
kettle with cold water, and heat it; when
the-water begins to boil take oft the kettle
directly ; leave the bottles in the water un
til it is quite cold for fear they should break
by taking them out whilst the water is hot;
stop down the bottles and keep them in a
dry and cold place, not exposed to the in
fluence of the sun.
-.W00t,.--The 'history of the growth of
Wool is veil , curious. Fifty years ago
not a pound of fine Wool was raised in
the U. States, in Great Britain, or any
other country except Spain. In the latter
countrythe docks were owned exclusively
by,the.twiltilityor the crown. In 1794 a
train dock was sent to the Elector of Sax
onyoui a present front the King of Spain,
whence the entire product of the Saxon
Wool, now of such immense value. Be
foie the breaking out of the last war be
tween this country and Great Britain, Col.
Humphreys succeeded in obtaining a few
merino sheep brought out of Spain; then
their exportation was prohibited under pen. '
altj of being sent to the galleys for life.
In 1809, during the invasion of Spain
by the French, some of the invaluable
Crown - docks were sold to labia money.
Our consul at Lisbon, Mr. Jarvis, purchas
ed" 1400 head and sent them to this coun
try. Mr. Livingston obtained a few sheep
of the Spanish breed as a present in 1792.
A portion of the pure .unmixed merino
blood from these docks is to be found in
Vermont at this time. Such was the ori
gin ,olf the immense flocks of fine wooled
sheep in the U. States and Great Britain.
'Maim; Brorran.—Mr. Merrifield, of
Iderlind, who 'received a premium for
butler from the N. York State Agricultu
ral Society, in 1842, adepts the following
mode for making butter winter the
milk stand! in the cellar twelve hours
thifit scalded over a slow fire to near boil
ing heat; the thins removed to the cellar ;
Ike cream only churned, which seldom re
oulimsmore than five minutes to produce
butter. ' lean testify to the superior qual
-114, of, Mr. M's butter, having been using at
MY table for several days a sample made
ib Aiyi,,w.arliescri4ed, and which is as high
ly 'colored and nearly as rich as the best
°Chem butter s though the cows were only
fad *tit hay. and no coloring substances
unnit. 4 -..Ribauy Cuitivettur.
ii TOUR Soar,evels.—There is scarce
. Iy a plant that Wiwi benefitardhy watering
aoap suds. It furnishes nutritive
anatketate *ell as moisture; keeps Off ins
wets, and promotes a rapid growth. The
Gesslaser's 'Chronicle states, th a t while
ifiki* hiss been a great failure in the cab-
NAV eeti catiNower ganlens geuerally.
-ilisatmliratittel - with soapsuds hare produced
• YAW-wisely. ..
%Imes mthelod by }s ect upon
• . _
- -
llot; ha aim* haw*. oow u al
"Ile 000 do% 0114,1im 41111116
Borough Ibr 11849-7.
JAMES MAJORS, Esq. Treasurer of
the School litnds of the Borough of
Gettysburg for the School year ending
June, 1847.
To amount of State appropriation
for 1847, . , • - ssaa 40.
Tax assessed for do. 1327 60
Outstanding tax in hands of John
Shultz fur 1840, ' ' 137 49
Do. in hands of John Jenkins
for 1844,
Do. in hands of James Majors,
for 1846, 120 oo
Do. in hands of Q. Arinstroagfoir
1846, TU 33
To Cash received tram
,j. Bloch
er, for wition,
To Cash received from- t3alioel
Cobeao, for tuition,
By amount due Traumatize. at Ipet
setdement,_ $96'111
Amount paid L. Houpt, teaching, 112 0A•.
H J. A. buck, 100 00
•• J. S. Hauke, 100 08"
" iVm. Witittoress. " 140 00
to T. Daterline, . "• ' , 180 00
aslt. 8. raxson4 " 40 00
" Miss M'Cuntly, w 1241100
" Mrs. Keerh, to LSO 00
" Miss Oeselart, "
at Jesse Bibb, "
i• Peter Weikert, for rent to
April 'l. 1847,
a Colored Congregation, real, 7 410
00 Sundry persona for Wood
and sawing. . 70 891,
qundry incidental espenaea and ,
repairs, 511961
Additional release to John lank his, 50
Printing and Blanks, IV
By Foes and Mertes to Amato
idiqors,.Colimetot for 1840. _.109.86
Oototandint tar. in-heed! of J. •
Do. J. Jookinbi 1644,
Do. Q. Annistionsl4l94ll, lin 94
Do. Marl'Willi,. ASO. -347 96
Balance in hands of icessuier 610 73
We hereby certify that the forego fining ac
count of Janie! Maim, girt., Treasure!,
has been elatriineti tind'fatittd cOrrect.
D. &POONA 1101IY, Preet.
ll'. gutturtstaiti
June 4; 1847,-111
INOTICE is hereby givea to the heirs
and legal Representatives of Faint-
Ilea SPIVLL, late of Tyrone townethip, Ad
ams county, deceased, to wit: John 19h011,
and Jacob Shall, (Petitioners,) PeterBhull,
and Wm. Shull, of the county ofilichianti
State of Ohio, Elizabeth-Shell, interinar
rird with John Fidler, also of the siGtreilifid
county of Richland, Ohio, and who is now
deceased, leaving lame the folictwiug, to
wit: tleorge, Elizabeth, Cathauine, Mar
garet. Lydia Ann, Sarah, Divid,Jesgb,bed
Sophia Fidler, (who are minors, and have
for their guardian Henry Myers, of Stn
ban township, Adams county ' ) fthlrgaret
Shull, intermarried with Jacob Slagle, also
of said county of Richland. Ohio, &manna
Shull, intermarried with Casper Fotiht.
also of Richland county aforesaid, also 1 1 al
ly Shull and David Shull, of the county of
Adams, and Hannah Shill, intermarried
with John Stouffer, of the county of Fred
erick, in the Stare'of Vitginis, who are the
surviving children' and represent/dike or
the said decessed---that
• A N is (tit ES
will be held on Saturday the 26th day of
June nee, at 1$ o'clock, A. AI. at
the late residence .of said deceased, in
Tyrone township, Adams county, Pe. for_
the purpose of making a partition of the
Estate of said deceased to and among
she heirs and the legal representatires, if
the same will admit of such partition with
out prejudice to, ors polling the win:dalliers.
of, but if the same will sot admit of such per.
tition,then to part and divide the same to and
among as many of them as the same will ,
conveniently accommodate, but if the same
will not admit of division at all, without
prejudice or spoiling the whole thereof,
then to value and appraise the same, whole
and iindivltled ; and further to enquire and
ascertain whether the said Real Estate
will conveniently accommodate more than
one of the heirs of said intestate. and if so.
how many of said heirs it will convenient
ly arrornmodate.
BENJAMIN scintivEß, "err - -
Sherifili Office, Gettysburg,
• June 4,1847.
' To ilecept• or Rquae, ite.'
STAT• or P la, AT an Ott/tine
Alums Corsivr. Court, held at Oat.
0 tystritg, in and is
The County of Ad
ams, on the 95th
day of May, A. D.
. . ..• 1847. Before Wit.
ham N. frnne, Eaq.
President, and him Amociatea, Judges, dm andgn
nl, he.
/IN MOTION, the Court grant a Rule
' ll -/' on all the Heirs and Legal Represen
tatives of Philip Snyder, late of Franklin
township, Adams county;deceased, to wit:
Julia Ann, widow, Peter Snyder, Conrad
Snyder, Barbara, who is intermarried with
Geo. Rexroad, Catharine intermarried with
Henry Switzer, Elizabeth. intermarried
with George horn, Philip Snyder and E
lizabeth Snyder, children of Rosannalt
Snyder, deceased, who was intermarried
with Philip Snyder, to be and appear at
an orphans' Court to be held at Gettys
burg in and for the county of Adams on the
third Monday of August next, to accept or
refuse to take the Real Estate of the said
deceased at the valuation made thereof, a
greeably to the intestate laws of this Com
By the Court,
Wit. S. Ilmemmos, Clerk
June 11, 1817.—at
ra"HIE Corner-stone of Saint Jolin'e
j, Church, in Franklin tp., York co.,
being erected by the German Reformed
and liutheian Congregations, will be la'd
on Sunday the 20th of June next. En -
Fmk and German preaching may be oxpe t
ee" Services to commence 14, Aeci
May 21, 1847.—td
1.11 AN DSOME Maltagany-frata'd Look
tag Glasser can he had cheap at
First Premium Writing Ink.
From Dr. flare, the celebrated Proles !
isor of Chemistry in the University of Penn
Philadelphia, Oct. 11, 1843.
' , Dear Sir—Having tried your ink, I
will thank you to send the anothec'botde,
as I find it to be excellent.
From Dr. Locke, of Cincinnati, distin
guished fur his numerous scientifc• re
"Med. Col. of Ohio, Cinainnsg.
Jan. 17,1844: .
“Haring Mimi Mr. Hover's Wridng
1 ear satisfied that it is the but whialt has
ever come to my knowledge, and especial
ly it is excellent for
,the use of the Steel
Poem. arid Will not Corrode them ( even in
long Wm. " - JOHN 'LOCKE,
Prof, of Chemistry."
int4l 90
RioileePstAsimmaanstlnin ticantaL
Avails Well known role - milk. gentleman.
' uPhiladelphin f • Feb. 27, 180.
Jaentph E. Howtri.-4ir kitse of
Cetllttit; - inf some practical tests of
lisitnpeilotitA. haw induced me io .tecorn
nseite It to others'ali an invaluable article for
ineedlng Chins, Glass; or Cabinet Wire.
Analytic Chemist."
For Sale-, Wholesale Mul Bean; !tithe
MatinfactOry, No. 87 North Third . Street,
.opposite Cherry Street, Philadelphia. -by
Kr• For pale in Gettysburg at the store
of 8. H. BUEHLER.
May 14, 1847, •
'Compound Medicated Candy.
yblOH the Care of Colds, Coughs, Spit
ting of Blood, Dronchetis, Asthma,
_ _ioinng Cough, Pains and Oppressions
of tho breast, and all other Pulmonary
Complaints, and other diseases which have
a tendency to produce Consumption - . It
serves also as an effectual clearer of the
voice. ' '
127 49
This Candy is entirely a vegetable pre.
partition, the principal ingredients being,
Horb-hound, Wild . Cherry, Sarsaparilla,
Botimet, Elecampsne, Liquorice, • Flax. ,
seed, Ireland Moss, Prickly Ash, &c. and
will, if taken in time, relieve the system
from those distressing afflictions that tend
to ConatiuftSilt.
One great advantage in this valuable
medicine is its cheapness, the_ public not
being imposed upon by - the enormously
high pcieras which • are generally exacted
for Patent and other medical Preparations.
Etch package contains directions. Call
and try it !
nut go
Prepared and sold at the Collection and
Variety store ,of the Subscriber in West
York street, one square from the Court
house, end next door to Thompson's Ho
tel. heat) also be had at the Drug ores
of S. H. BUEHLER, and S. FUER
. .KrThe subscriber as continues
his Bakery, and is prepare to Supply
parties at the shortest notic , with choice
pekes, Ate.,
Lit ABHIONABLE Barber and Hair
Dresser, has removed his "Temple'
to the Diamond, adjoining the County Buil
dings, where he can at all times be found
prepared to attend to the calls of the public.
From long experience he flatters himself
that he can go through all the ramifications
of thinTonsorical departments, with ouch an
infinite degree of skill as will meet the en
tire satisfaction of all who may submit their
atlas to the keen ordeal of his razor. He
hopes, therefore, that by attention to busi
ness and a desire to please, he will merit
as well as receive a liberal share of public
patronage. - The sick will be attended to at
their private dwellings.
Oct. 10. • tf
National Dagterrian Gallery and Pk:
tographers Itrnishing Depot:
WARDED, the Melia!, Four First
ill Premiums, and Two Highest Hon
ors by the Institutes of Massachusetts,
New York, and Pennsylvania, for the
nsostbeautiful colored Daguerreotypes and
best Ap_p aratus ever exhibited..
6:7•Portraits taken in exquisite style,
without regard to weather. Instructions
given in the. art. A largd assortment of
Apparatus and Stock always on hand, at
the lowest cash prices.
- New -York, 261 Broadway; -Philadel
phia, 136 Chestnut at.. Boston, 75 Court,
and 68. Hanover Streets -; Washington,
Penni/Iraqis Avenue; Petersburg, Va.
Mechanics' Hall Cincinnati, Fount;
and Walnut, and 176 Main Street; Sara
toga Springs, Broadway. -
• June 15.1846..--ly
When the body is subject to many
changes, it reqUires Afedicine.—Suddon
changes from very hot to chilly weather,
are unfavorajileAo health, aial
universally admitted; that heat and inoist
urn are powerful agents in producing dis
ease, and that constant dry and constant
wet weather are both favorable to its gen
eration it does not signify what we call it,
it may be ague, it may be billions Lever, it
may be yellow firer, it may be dysentery.
it may be rheumatism, it may be bronchi
tis, it may be cholic, it maybe constipation
of the bowels, it may be intimation of the
bowels, it may be inflamation of the sto
mach, it may be a nervous allliction, but
still it is a disease, and a disease curable
by the BRANDRETII PILLS, because they re
move all impurities from the body, all that
can in a maener feed the further progress
of the malady, no matter how called, thus
these pills are not only the most proper
medicine, but generally the only medicine
that need or ought to be used.
117 - The genuine Brandreth's Pillscan be had o
the following Agents:—
J. M. Sieventron 4. Co.,—Gettysburg.
Jno. B. McCreary,—Petersburg.
.Ibrahorn Eing,—Hunterstown.
illeFarland,—Aliboastown. •
David M. C. /r7iite,---11autplon
McSherry 4 nok,—Littlestown.
Mary Duncan,—Casiltown.
John Yoke,—Fairfield. •
May 14, 1847. - • - -
by given to all persons interested not to
trust him on my account. u I will not be
responsible for any debts of his contract
ing while absent from home.
Mountjoy tp., May 21.—at•
I am yours, truly,
P-L-U ft-1M '
ALEX. FA.B,74_Elt.
RESPECTFU 1.1. Y informs his friends
and the public generally, that he has
removed his Clock and Watch Establish
ment from Taneytown, Md., to Gettys
burg, at the mad lately occupied by Jo
guru Marmasoleceased, where he will
be pleased to wait upon all• who may favor
hint with their custom. He will keep on
hand a .general assort- ; lc .
meat of gr..
%Am will be sold on the moat reasonable
tennis. Cloaks, Watches, &a., will "be re
paired at the most reasonable prices, and
warranted to give en tire satisfac doe. Hav
ing been engaged in the business for a num
ber of years he hopes, by industry and par
ticular attention to bit customers, to merit
lIIINTO of public patronage.
tilettyaburg, Out. 9, 1840.--tf
ILHE undersigned has connected with
' his Coachmaking Establishnient
lame,iiilmith shop, and is prepared to do all
kinds of . .
including ironing Carriages, Buggies,
Wagons, 4-c. Ile would say to those who
have Horses to shoe, that he has in his em
ploy 'first-rate hands, which, with his per
sonal attentions will enable him to give en
tire,satisiltction to all those who may, favor
hitti with a call.•
Carriage ir Burr?, NPirlyg B
(warranted) will be promptly made to or
der at all times.
lICPAII kinds of REP. I IIRING done,
both ht Woo(' and Iron, at the most redu
ed prints. •
Thankful for ,part encouragement, the
aubeariber solicits a continuance of patro
nage, and invites his friends to call at his
Establishment in la' west Chninhersburg
street, a few , doors below 'Thompson's
Gettysburg, Feb. 0, 1846.
la attention of the Ladies is directed
111- to the very handsome assortment of
White Goods, (plain, plaid and striped,)
unusualy large, at the Cheap tSore of
_1149.V7D HEADY;
Jit U. 2 1134
R E: n r e tzi o s ,
t his e v g 9 r r a y te l
r a a c i kpnaotrwolneadgge
which has heretofore been extended to
him, and takes this method of informing
his friends and customers, and the public
generally, that he still continues the CAB
INET-MAKING in Chambersburg street,
at his old stand, where those wishing first
rate Furniture can be supplied on the
shortest notice.
'lle has also, in connection with the Ca
binet-making, commenced the CHAIR
MAKING, and is prepared to furnish
those wishing Chairs at as reasonable rates
as at any other establishment in the place,
and of as good quality, made of the best
materials and by. one who understands his
his business.
(aAll kinds of produce, and lumber,
will be taken in exchange for Furniture,
and ►he highest market price given.
KrVOFFINS will be made at the
shortest notice, anti *I orders promptly at
tended to, as usual.
Gettysbu :, March 19, 1847.—tf.
ESPECTPULLY family his friends
1.111, and the poJje generally' that he has
now on hand it""* - assortment of TIN
WARE of every description, which he
wilt sell atmoderate prices—all warranted.
Persons wishing to purchase at low rates
will do well to.eall before purchasing else
HOUSE SPOUTING will be made
• • d put-up at-1,240en1.8 a Knit.
IK/ 4 Ln Appreatibe to - tbe Tinning
business will be taken, if application, with
good recommendations;, be made soon.
One betvicea *and 17 years of age will
be preferred.
OettysbUrg.lfarch 12, 1847.
Dr. Csale*'p Idi
nan Pr Beta.
-bre speciae,
. Female Ceraplairot t --is one of the.
Most valuable medicines in, diseases
common'to Feint'lei, 'Over offered to 'the
public. Diseases ariting from weakness
or other causes, are ;removed in a few
days. We have heard numbers of fe
males say they w ould not be without this
medicine, if it could not be had, for any
price. Certifiestes..of cures. in pamphlet
form, had of tbo agents gratis.
Dr. Cullen's Milian Vegetable Remedy.
Do. do. Panacea
- 7Do. do. Pile Remedy.
Dr. dppleton's Remedy for Deafness.
Rotoand'd Magic Lotion.
These Medicines are prepared end sold
by the proprietors, Rowan & Walton, 370
Market street, Philadelphia, and can be
had in Gettysburg at the J)rug Store of
Jan. 15, 1840.—tf
GIES, &c., of good and-substantial'
make, can be had at the Coach . ,gstablish.
went of the subicriber. itt Gettysturg.
isray 2%184&-
Neatly &expeditiously executed
111 t . AILA,AT'Si
Promptly expels Worms to an almost incredible
number '
Pligo sabstantiste the above fact many hundreds
O.& of testimonials could be adduced, out of
which the following are selected, from individuals
of Thindint end veracity. - Indeed,lt ii confident:
ly affirmed that each new . trial 01 the powers of
this remedy will have an additionattendeney to
widen; and confirm its fame, and that if it were
universally known_anediffna ' al over the U.Stanes,_
it would save not less than many hundreds", if
not theusands'ol lives annpslly. - • '
I do certify that a vial of Dr. Al'Lancis Ameri
can Worm Specific expelled five, hundred and two
whole worms, and pieces that would have made
sixty More, from a boy 'of John Lewelling, which,
if laid In t straight line, would have most probe
`blyineastned the enormous length of one.hunilred
Owner of Water Fogg°, and other works, blouon•
galia county, Va.
This is to certify that I purchased from Holmes
& Kidd a vial of Dr: StLane's American Worm
Specific. and gave two doses to a boy of mine
about three lets of ago.. He passed fully half a
pint of worms. 'The quantity was so large I was
really alanned,and called in several of my neigli
hOrl to sea them. Hail this story been related to
tne, I could not have credited it. without being an
eye-witness to the same. My child's health Un
proved much' atter. - SA M'L MORRISON,
Merchant Tailor, Wood it., Pittsburg.
Hear Medical Testimony.. •
From a regular Physician, Dr. G. S. Smith, Sun-
fish, Ohio
Mr. .1. Kidd—Dear Sir : 1 have used in my
practice Dr. Wtaine's American Worm Specific,
and have often witnessed its efficacy ip expelling
worms from the system. A patient of mine. a
short tinie ago, gave a vial of the Worm Specific
to a child and in a short time upwards of 65
worms were expelled.
Dr. A. P. ors ell certifies that he has frequent.
ly used the Specific in his practice, and with un
varying success, it never failing to expel from 25
to ISO worms.
A chili" of mini:Sussed one-third bf a pint of
worms with one vial of Dr.l4l.ane's Worm Spe
cific. It is truly a surprising medicine.
T. Markham*, Peebles township.
Surprising Tech of Dr. 111' Lane' a I Uorrn
- -
On Retuning Feb 7, LNiti, Mr, James Richaril
sae called at the office of J. Kidd & Co. and made
the following statement :
A child of mine had been very sick for some
ten days; we hail given her purgative ... medicine,
but it had done no gooil. One of our neighbors
came in and suid that it was worms that was de
stroying the child, and at the same time spoke of
the wonderful effects she bad witnessed from using
Dr. M . Lane's Worm Specific in that neighborhood.
We procured a vial, save one teaspoonful, when
the child discharged 42 large worms. -I gave a
nother teaspoonful. which brought; away 46 more,
in all 88 worms. As a duty I owe to you and the
commuAjty 1 freely make known these facts. My
child is now well. What is very lemarktblir, the
Worm Specific expelled the worms alive% about
four hours after I gave the medicine.
N. B. Be particular to inquire for Dr. M'Lane's
American , Wcom :-pecilic, or Patent Vet mifuse.
Prepared for the Proprietor by J. KIDD &.(70.
Wholesale& Retail Druggists, Wood at. Pittabors.
CITTlie above medicine can be had of the fol
lowing agents:
S. H. Buehler, Gettysburg ; J. Lower,
.Irendtsville ; J. & C. NrKtright,
dersville; J. S. Hollinger, Heidlerslntrg ;
Holtzinger & Ferree, Petersburg ; Jacob
Aulehaugh, Hampton; J. 'l'. Hildebrand,
E. Berlin ; Peter Mickly,./trummasbur e tr;
Wm. Bntinger, .Abottsioten ; Coulson &
Co. Wholesale Agents, Libirrty et. Balti
111x1. -
Feb. 45,
ROSS' rxpLicroniviT,
For Consumption, Coughs, C'olds, Bron
.ftsthma, Croup, Whooping
Coug,h, Spitting of Blood, Sore
Throat, Pains and Opprei
sions of the Breast, Dif
ficulty of Breathing,
and all other di
seases of the
Read the following Certificate of Cure performed
by the use of limes Erprrtorant and say if you
will longer neglect your g.ougb, or doubt its eine-
Raiment, Muth 12, 1847
Mr. he. F. Roes
Dear Sir—About three weeks ago my wife
caught a severe cold, which troubled her a good
deal and gave her great uneasiness: she prepared
a great many articles which were recommended
to her by her friends, but without receiving the
benefit from any of them ; her sough was getting
worse every dry ; bet appetite was fast failing.
and to sleep was impossitee. the pates in her
breast and side became so severe that Ifierishe
had to go to bed, and my friends advised me to
CAB in a Physician. I thought 1 would call in
the store where you were engaged and see if I
could not get something that would r e li e v e b ier ,
when you gave me a bottle of your Expectorant.
assuring me tkat it would cure her, she commen
ced taking it that night, not, however, without
great opposition on the part of some of her
friends, who said It wax only some "Quack
Medicine," and would do her more harm
than good. --But 1 determined to take your advice,
and now let all know tire Res u lt 1 From Inking the
first none she felt easier. though unable to sleep
on account of the quantity of phlegm that loosen.
ed and would almost choke her, but which she
could spit up with but little difficulty; the follow
ing day she continued it aeconling to the dim
none, and that time, for the first time for nearly
twe weeks, she enjoyed a good night's rest and by
the time she had riniehed the first bottle, she was
entirely cured. Make what use of this you think
proffer, for such an invaluable medicine should be
made known to the afflicted everywhere. With
best wishes for your success,
remain yours fiec.,
CAUTION! II Beware of Counterfeits and
Spurious Imitations. See that the initials''J. F. R"
are on the seal: also my Writtm.Signarere on the
wrapper of each bottle, wit - h - out which none is gen.
nine. Prepared only by James F Ross, Druggist.
Baltimore Md. itFor sale in Grtfysberg by
SAMUEL I.I:"BUELILER, and in Mil:crawls by
May 28, 1847.-1 y
Q._ ILVER MEDAL awarded for the beet
L. .Strati
,- -_, pictures over exhibited. Stra s
visiting die city should call and exam '
the various specimens of colored Dag
reotypcs, at. M. P. 8111101)8' Gallery ;, d .
those vitshlpg likenesees, may -rely ripn,
receiving pparfecj tunisfaction in every res
pect." Whole families can be grouped to.
kther, which !brine a most invaluable
epsake. Miniatures het hi . brieeleti;
Mertalions, Dreastpios, "dre. An assort-
went of the above Jewelry, selected far
the purpose, lilways on hand. Examine
and then decide. Materials , used' in' the
Art fur, sale, at the lowest rates.. Iniittuc..
tiont given by 'letter or personally. All
communications must be post paid.
M. E. 81MQNP,
No. 179 Chestnut Street, 1
Opposite the State House, 'Phila.
April 30, 1847.-3 m
Perhimery, Soap, 0e ;
ARTICLES, TOYS, Ate,' for sale
April--10, 1840.
DRY GOODS of every description can
be had unusually low, in Chambers
burg street, immediately opposite fleagy's
Cabinet Ware House.
May 7. W. & U. RUTIMAUFF.
/AV all the remethes recommended, in late
7.. W years, for the cure of CONSUMPTION,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Corm
plaint. Spitting Blood, Difficulty of Breathing,
Pain in the bide and Breast, Palpitation of •
the Heart, InOutn a, Crom Brolipt. _
• Giridittition, Sore nroat, Ner-
eons Debility, and all dlyea
as of the i f bran, Breed
and Limp:. •
None bus been foetid more 01111T1IN and rearrA••
in its curative power over these. so general
and often fatal' diseases, thin' the above prepare
tion. The Compound Syrup of Tar and Wood
Naptba is en unparalleled remedy. In addition to
the heeling power of Tar—the virtues of which.
in affections-of_the lungs, is univerielly icknowl
edged—there is combined with it in this prepare.
titre the active principles of 'Gornto( the most cer
tain- Tonic Vegetable Pectorals, which unite to
make it the most valuable medicine ever offered
to the public for the cure of the diseases for which
it is employed, so that it Herer foils, if taken in
time, to proddce the intended edict.
Among the testimonials to the value of the a
bove medicine, are several from dhsthiguithed phy.
sicians of Philadelphia. Read the fp' lowing from,
Dr. YoUng, the eminent oculist
Philadelphia, Jan. 18, 1847.
Haying used in my practice, as well as in my
own Rimily."Thomson's Compound Syrup of Tar
and Wood Naptha," I have no liesitatirr in saying
that it is the best preparation of the kind in use
for persons suffering from Consumption, Coughs,
Golds, and all affections of the Throat, Breast,Sic.
so prevalent at this season of the year. •
W5l. YOUNG, M. D.
152 Spruce street.
Read also the following from a man who will
at any time corroborate its statements.
Philadelphia, Dec. 4, 1847.
Penetrated with deer earn* of gratitude for
the benefit•extterienced by the use of Thomson's
Compound Syrup of Tar, and that others who,
like me, have languished through years of affliction
and suffering, without being able to find a remedy
may. know where it can he obtained, 1 voluntarily
make the following statement.
About four years since, after being affected with
a violent cold, it left upon me a troublesome and
severe cough. Whilst the cough continued, which
was with scarcely an intermission during this
long period, language fails to tell what I have suf-
fered front debility, pains in the breast and aide,
night sweats, difficult expectoration, oppressed
breathing. jam) in feet all those symptoms which
mark a severe pulmtinary affection, The' relief
occasionally obtained by the discharge of the mat
ter which obstructed the healthy action of my
system, but increased my fears, as the purulent
waiter discharged was frequently streaked with
During this time f was under the treatment of
several physirians, and took many ofthose prepa
rations recommended as serviceable an the cases
of others, but without relief : and I at length con•
eluded that a cure in my case was hopeless. But
how agreeably changed is now my opinion! I
have used for about three weeks Thomvon's Com.
pound Syrup of Tar. By the use of one bottle my
cough has been relieved anti my system reinvigo
rated, and by continuing the use of it up to this
time, I am satisfied that nay complaint is entirely
removed and eradicated.
KRA 'INF Y. 212 S. Seventh st.
iTY - This invaluable remedy is prepared only by
Angnev & Dickson, N. H. Corner of Firth and
Spruce streets, Philadelphia, and can be had (Attie
lollowing Agents :
S. S. Forney, Gettysburg.
R. Angney: Carlisle.
D. P. ',wise, Jlunover.
p r i ce 01 large b.tiles;lmo. Beware or imita
tioasl (April 30, 14
Stanton's ExtCrrna Remedy,
Tr i .l6w universally acknowledged to be the
INFALLIBLF. It ENIEDY for Itheurnati,m,
spinal affections, contraction* of the muscles, bore
throat and quinsy, issues, old ulcers, pains to the
back and chest, ague in the breast and lace, tooth
ache, sprains, 'noises, salt rheum. burns, croup,
frosted lent, and all nervous diseases. The &tan,
pliant success which has attended the application
01 this most wonderful medurna in curing the most
severe cases .31 the different diseases above named,
and the high eaconiurns that have been bestowed
upon it, wherever it has been introduced, gives
me the right 'to call on the *fined to mean at
once to the only remedy that can be relied Gm.
EU( Berlin, Pu., May 28, 1847.
Dear Sir,—l consider it my duty to express
my sentiments, in behalf of your invaluable med
icine called Hanes Liniment.
I have for some time past used the Liniment
in my practice, for various diseases, and feel sat
jellied, from the careen attending its application.
that it merits all that can be‘aid in its behalf.
I consider it one of the best external remedies
I have ever used in cases of Tatter, Ringworm,
Salt Rheum, pains, bruises, cuts, swellings,
The cheap rate at which the articles is to he
had, places it within the reach at all. It should
farm the principal external remedy of every family.
Hampton, dfdtrina Co., Pa. Slay 2t
Gao. E. ST m tria:
Dear Sir—l feel be dto the afflicted to give
publicity to the eitraordinary effects of your in
valuable External Remedy, called Hunt's Lini
My daughter, a girl of twelve years old, had
been afflicted with 1/'bite Swellings, in one of her
legs, directly below the knee joint, for several
months, during which time her sufferings hair
been excruciating and deplorable. I called on a -
Physician, who, during frequent visits, made use
of every means in his power to (wrest the fell de
stroyer, but all without effect . The - leg-continuer)
swelling, until it opened, forming various disa
greeable ulcers, rendering amputation necessary
unless immediate relief be had. Fortunately, how
ever, on the first day of December last, your agent
having been'in our village, and hearing of the suf
ferings of my daughter, he sent me one bottle of
your Liniment, the use of which alone, thank God,
has not only arrested the further progress of the
disease, but liaacured the leg perfectly, removing•
all pains and swellings; and restored the leg to its
proper use.
I am under many obligations to your kind agent,
who thus, by one bottle of your invaluable medi
cine, eased Alia leg of mydaughter from amputa
tion. Your Liniment should find its way inlo ev
ery. family. MOSES PHILLIPS.
May 29, 1847.
4, We, the urelersigned, citizens of Hampton, are
acquainted with Moses Phillips, and know him to
be a man of truth. and that the
,ficts as set forth
in hisaertiflcate 2 are correct." _
This Liniment is sold at 24. - and AO cents per
bottle by alt the principal Dritggists and Merch
°Were tuldreuild to me at Sing Sing, N Y, will
lascranded to. OF. STANTON, Proprietor.
Walesa,' Igents—Hoadly, & Co 1 42
Water'street, Rusliton`& Co 110 Broadway, A B
& Sands, corner Fulton and William, Aspinwall
'BO William street, New York; Cuthbert & Wadi
'trill 70 South Peiond. Pkadelphin.
AGENTS Samuel' 11. Buehler &'S.
S. Forney, Gettysburg; Abraham- Kingg,
Hunterstown E, Zuck, Pineloton; Ja
cob Hollinger, Heider:burg ; Hollinger 6t;
Ferree, Petersburg, (Y. S.); Jacob Aula
baughtliomplan; Geo. S.Hentzel, and, J.
S. Hildebrand lit Co., East.llerlin.
June 11, 1847. illcc. 2-Iy]
- -
Shovel Cultivators
VAN be had for Cumberland township
at C. W. Ilorcintes Coach-Shop,
Gettyiburg, Pa. Please call and see them
and judge for yourself,
Gettysburg, May 29, 1040.
HAWLS of every description can be
had very cheap at W. & C:l2tithrtiefre
Cheap Stope in Chamberibut street.
~May 7.
miERSONS afflicted yid) Scrota Kings Evil
iff" Cancer. Elysipelna, Old hems, Ulcers, Tel
ler, Mercurial Diseases, or any other complaints
arising.froni impurities' et tte_Winalotse
ad to read tho following:testimonials, in proof of
the wonderful properties of the above espied 034 0,
Icine, READ I EAP 0,1
GENTe.—It is now silt monthi since my
youngest child, a daughter, had , a .entant...
one affection,which made its appearance
over its entire body. It was Ceske of
Hereditary 'Fetter, and ao virulent was the
dietneve,..that we wisheg, in case r ,it eduld
not be speedily relieved, that it might' he:
soon laid in its grave. At this etagerof thop,
disease my sister-in-law called upon you,
to advise as to the best preparation °Oar
saparilla that could be procured, as an al
terative ; whenyou recommended the use,
of Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea.
and I am pletteed to say that the good ef
fectf of the medicine were perceptible
when it hnd taken but a few doses ; and
by the time we had used one single bottle,
the disease had entirely. disappeared, and
from that time Were has been no re-ap
pearance. I really feel thankful to you
for having recommended the Panacea in
this case, for I feel confident that had not
the disease been arrested, my child would,
ere this, have been the tenant of , the cold
and silent tomb. Respectfully yours,
ltovyAlill& ' WALTON. John P. Rees,
Phila. Dec. 9 1845. 85 N. Seventh St.
Philadelphia December 19,1845.
Dear Sir,—At your request I cheerful
ly give you an account of the wonderful
cure effected upon me by Dr: Wien's In
dian Vegetable Panacea. At the age of
fourteen years I had upon my right knee
a White Swelling, which stiffened the
joint, and caused some seventy or more
pieces of the hone to conic aivitY . in' the
sores, and which was temporarily relieved
by the usual remedies, but not entirely col
red. 'AI times sores - Would again break
out, and become so distressing and painful
that I could get no rest night nor day. In
this way it continued till last spring, when,
having witnessed the.extraordinary e ff ects
of your Panacea, as an alterative, upon a
a daughter of mint who was using it for a
chronic disease, I concluded to make a tri
al of it in my own case; the result has
been an chore cure. lam now sixty-sev
en years of age, and have suffered fifty
three years with gores. I cheerfully add
my testimonial to the many others that I
have heard, of the cures performed by your
celebrated Panacea.
Thomas Walton,
490 N. Third Street, Alderman Seventh
Ward, N. L.
Ye learned ones of the "Healing Art," if ye can
so far overcome professional pride as wise ■ med
icine which ye know not how to compound, ye
may perceive many valuable lives winch will o
therwise be sccrificed. Will ye not prescribrit 1
If it shall not accomplish all we claim for it after
a fair trial, according to directions, we will pub
hsh an account of its failure is any three papeis
iiittr U. States at our own expense.
And here we say, without the fear of contra
diction, that we have not found a case N Sciotula
or other disease for which we recommend the l'a
nucea, which the medicine hew nut speedily ar
We have nt this time a multitude l of patients un
clef treatment. all of whom are doing well. A
mong them is one of CANCER, which was pro
nounced by physicians beyond the reach of Surgi
cal assistance, but from all appearances will be
cured in a law months.
ELTThe above valuable medicine is for sale
wholmale and retail, by Messrs. Rowan and Wal
Proprietors, :176 market street, Philadelphia
and by the following agents:
Samuel 11. Buehler, Gettysburg, Pa.
a—ll—Norris, York, Pa.
N. .V Robinson, Baltimore, Md.
Aprll23, 1847.—tf
Protection against Leas by
"Cumberland Valley Mutual Protection
Qin Company," being incorporated by an Act of
the Legislature, and fully organized and in opera
tion under the direction of the following Board of
Managers, viz : T C Miller, James Weakly, D W
M'Cullough, A G Miller. T A M'Kinley, Philip
spangle,. iamnel Galbraith, Samuel Tritt, AbMi
King, (Adams,) John Zug, t'smuel Hinton, J T
Green, J Bear—call the attention of the inhabit
ants of Cumberland and Adams counties to the
cheapness of the rates, and the many advantages
which this kind of insurance has over any other.
Ist. Every person insured become' a member
ofthe compasy and takes part in the selection of
officers and tile direction of its concerns.
ttil. For insurance no more is demanded than is
necessary to meet the expense* of the Company,
and indemnity against losses which may happen.
3d. The inconvenience of frequent renewals la
avoided .by insuring fora term of five years.
4th. Any penson applying for insurance must
give his premium dote for the cheapest class at
the rate of five per cent., which will be $5O on the
1000, for which he will have to pay 50 for lise
years and gt 50 for survey and policy. and no
morn unless loss be sustained to lk greater amount
than the funds on hand will cover, and then no
more than a pro rata share. These rates are
much cheaper than those of other companies, elt"
cept such as are incorporated on the same princi
ples. T. C. MILLER, President.
A. G., Secretary.
Mr The following named versant bare limners
pointed .dgruis for Adams County W
ton, Esq. General Agent for Adams county ;'J A
Thompson and 1) Ziegler, Gettysburg; Dr. Wm
4fitewart, Petersburg; Henry Myers...Now_ Chea
ter; Henry Mayer. A bbottstown ; ptfirsi Coin.
fort, Straban township; Abraham Ring, Hunters
town ; David Blythe, Fairfield; T T Mennen,
Arendtsville; Wm Morrison and Abel T Wright
Bendersville ; Dr. 1) Mellinger, Emit Berlin ; Ab'sn
Scott, Cashion n.
Sept. 13, 1810.--tf
. ,
Arc., of best quality, can always be bad at
the Fancy Store of . C. WEAVER.
April 10, 1840.
WE have just received a taiiiiicane
, assortment of plain antl.,fril
PARASOLS, which we will be plima4°
chow to all who favor us with a lb
11,1r,7. NY 0, RtinigAllr F.
h published every Iliday.tvening, in the
County Building, above th'e Reeder •
and Recorder'sVeri
it paid in advance or within the year, 19 per
annum if not paid within the year, $2 O.
paper discontinued until all arrearagea are paid. Z...
except at the option of the Rditor. Single caplet'
ni cents. A failure to notify a discontinuance
will be regarded as a new engagement
Advertisements not exceeding a square insetted
three times for $1 —every subsequent insertion
25 cents. Longer ones in the same proportion,
All advertisements not specially ordered for a
i n time, will be continued until forbid. A liberal
reduction will be made tothose ho advertise - 6
the year.
Job Printing of all kindielgecuted.aeatly -asmi
promptly, and on reasonable terms.
Dam and Communications to the FAitor, it*•
cepttng such as contain Money or the nathei of
new subscribers,) molt be roe? PA ‘lO, itt /Met 1111
secure attention.