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    ,Aftipt few minutes conversation, we
Alliteeibrethhe reason in the fact that she
was a relative ofa soldier in Captain.--- , --'s
company of artillery. This corps had
been engaged, and, we remembered, had
satire& very severely. She had been in
formed that the list o f the killed and woun
ded had arrived, and she had called to hear
some intelligence of his fate.
'Site wished us to read over the names.
We again took up the paper end pro
ceeded to comply with her request. We
shall never forget the expression of that
woman'a features, as we read. Her agony
was terrible. She was not unhandsome ;
but her hum became ghastly pale, and her
eyes looked unutterable despair, as she
fixedthem upon the child, who was play- .
ing with a newspaper and laughing joyous
ly its heedless innocence. Her lips
were colorless, the perspiratiOn On
her forehead, and as she lifted her hand 'to
wipe.the large drops away, we could sea
- - itiremiding as though palsied.. •••
The presentiment of evil had already
almost broken her heart, we laiew that
The relative must he n very near one: '
She bad avoided giving us her name,
and so soon as we found the list, appaling
ly long, which comprised the easualities of
the designated corps, we began to read.
We tlid not know when wo would reach
the fatal name, if at all, and nt eath indi
vidual we looked enquiringly in the. wo
man's face. She said nothing. however,
for some time, and we began to hope that:
the namelVaii not down, when we read,
"John—, sergeant;
Such a scream ! It was the wail of a
broken heart. Only one—and then still
as death. That cry was ringing in our
ears for a month. , 'We immediately ran
towards her, but she arose from her chair,
motioned us her thanks, and without a
word left the office.
We had read to her the announcement
of her husband's death.
We did not do much service in the of
fiee that day.
The next morning, happening down on
the wharf, we saw the woman and her lit
tle girl, going on board the Cincimistt
packet. She recognized us. and we sp.
to her. She was• s erushed completely.
She had grown twenty years older, in as
many hours. She Informed us that she
had resided with her husband in N. York.
That she was originally from the West,
and on his corps being ordered to Mexico,
she. determined to repair to her friends,
and await the conclusion el the war. She
had heard of the battle. and knew that
Captain—'s battery was engaged ) and
on her arrival in Pittsburg, had been di-
reeled to th e Journal Ace for further in
formation. She arrived the very morning
after the receipt of the list of killed and
• Are bade her good bye. She continued.
her route to her girlhood's home, now des
elate, as was all the world, to her, and..we
to our daily business, a sadder man,' in
The little incident recorded above, wait
recalled to our minds on Saturday, by
rending in a Western paper, the notice of
the death of "Mrs.—, widow of
John—, a' soldier, , killed in the bidthreif
Buena Vista." 2 •
It was our acquaintance—there could be
no mistake.
She had grieved herself to death forte
We have often beenjalletripon. au bit;"
sinew of a similar - nature by the wive" of
officers and soldiers, but none of Alen! ev
at Buena Vista. •
➢7: theirtFtxl at NitirOrkettaß on tint
of the 7th, of the stesunship-Vne Orkitss, the Com
matt:ha Times received full files of papers, and
zegular . correspendeure up to the time of her mil.
initrom Vera Cruz, which port she kit Op theist
Vcat. Curs, May 31st, 1847
:;The city is alive with rumors from the
interior, not one of which, however, takes
a okapis that in my opinion, justifies any
"degree of confidence.
"'Report, by way of Orizaba, tolls us that
'Banta rev is - atilt — the . Presideatiat
ehaie,—that Valencia is commandepin-chief
of, the army , and old Nicholas Bravo, is
governor of the State of Mexico. Juan
Airlifts, whom you may remember as the
Senora robber, and friend of Santa Anna,
is said to be rapidly approaching with ten
thousand of his Indian retainers in arms,
and is expected to extirpate the Yankees.
utterly. The poor felloOi "will not know
what is the matter with them" if they once
getwithin reach of Worth's or Twigg's j
bull dogs.
Tile - Yellow fever, el vonato, as it should
be called, is now getting really serious
amongst us. 'Thirteen cases terminated I
tidally yesthrday; and to-day already I have
heard of the death of three individuals
whom I personally knew.
• June Ist—Our reports of Herrera's
election prove to have been premature, to
say the least of it. Santa Anna is at the
Capital in much less discredit than we have ,
beep lead to believe, and in the full exer- '
cise of the functions of his office. Upon
hHtarrival he proposed to resign his seat,
but contrived matters so as to have his
proposition rejected. •An election' will
take place on the 13th inst., when it is
hoped Ilerrera will be chosen ; but. Santa
Anna's creatures are too numerous, and
his position now too favorable for the con
trol of the required interests, to permit me
to indulge in such u hope, in any 'degree
14 ,expresses an intention to fortify the
tows. it least with a large ditch and etn
hiektieht; and to place a force in the city
etitudde of keeping off the Americans.—
Foe those purposes he demands four hun
dred thousand dollars, and has impressed
all the horses and mules that can be reach
A letter from a well informed German
merchant of the capital, to his brother in
thia city, says, that Knita Anna luts within
likaaaftwal a forts of near ten thousand
num, besides flume on their way under Al
tfes, earl he will soon have an army
atnat►d him capable of annoying, if not se
vioatly opposing Gen. Scott.
is tiny probable that the people of the
oapitat am about as ignorant as ourselves
sat *Om subjects, and although I
treat their
',Wilms with respect, I do nut adopt them.
Samba Anna evidently gives an importa t iCe
- 116 nievemeni, to which it it not
suoitled. and it is doubtful whether he will
Ips* * leinfineembit from this source of
2 :.Wes thousand wen. Valencia and Bravo
es; Ye rViitipleti their rt.tipeCtive
No &terbium whatever, has taken
Idnershilfitabhist ; on the contrary, the peo
ellslo4 01:1111441,1 NMI Ctillithlr,
pieltroigi with their couquerers.
hit Italia i* vine brisk Communication
with the sea coast seems only to ho requi
red, to brit* all r4ht "Vain. Generals
strott andAVertit 'tvera boils at Puebla
when the courier passed through that , city.
• Yours, very respectfully,
r _
LATEp r goat 813 AZOS.
letteresitoielis were received at lii. Orlcate on
the evening of the sth instant, from the Brawn.
Col. Jack Hays was at Palo Alto, with
his regiment of Texas Rangers, described
to be s body of remarkable hardy men.—
He Was waiting for orders to march to the
camp of Gen. Taylor.
Col. Doniphan was at Parras.
The patting scene (says the Picayune)
between' . the Mississippi regiment' end
Gen. Taylor, we are: told, was affecting in
this extreme. As the urea marched by him
to return to their homes, overpowered with
a recollection of the high deeds which en
deared them to hint and, with their demon
strations of respect and alTeetibn, he at.
tempted'in vain to address them... With
tears streaming down his furrowed cheelpt r i
all he could *ay was, 44iio on boys—io oa
-I can't speak."
The steamer Mcl.aos had just arrived
from Tabasco, having left there the U. S.
bomb-brig /Etna, and reports 7 that the
Mexicans, having mounted several pieces
of heavy cannon at different places op the.'
river below Tabasco; they would be de
fended in case of an attack, by .at _leastil
3000 troops. It is belieied that Critruno-,,
dore Perry was preparing suotheriexpetli4
lion, to sail for Tabasco in four :or five'
days. •
The Portia went up the Alvarado, river
as far as Ilacotalpan, a fine town, contain
about nine or ten thousand inhabitants; .
the U. S. bomb-schooner Mahoneese was
lying there to protect the inhabitants l who,
were in dormant fear of being ittaeked by
the rancheros, said lb be iitioutfiire or sit
hundred strong, within . tee miles of the
walls—who threaten to ilestmyi int only
this town, but every town and village
which should fall into the possession of
the United States. , •
When the Portia leltailtiVarado, the news
was confirmed of their being a party of
rancheros about fitivi'brindred strong, with- ,
in three leagues of ihe,plale.. It is believ
ed. hoWever, by our people, that Afore is
very hula ilauger of,.their_attichlog that
place, as there are three gun-boats and a
steamer, which iould lay the town in ashes
in aboutiesiminutes; 'although there is no
garition or soldiers in the place.
FelerifEß.fßOM .ARMY
Jrrieal of •ti Train of Two Hundred
IVagona at Jedapafrom Vera Cruz. es.
cowed ifw Cap4,-tralker and hie Men—,
:Mack on thi Train by Pinchtros, and
their IV7ealltitCapt.Walker, fe. fr.
In the Now• (Weans mewl of the .Bth inst., we
find full panic' Wars 'istthe news Saul 'Vera, Cram
and the Bravos; air brought try the 'leant ship N.
Orleans. ' • • -
° General Skeet left.lahipa on'thef3lsl
for Puebla. at the head of a hurt body of
troops. aritlarrived it Penne on .the 28th.
A letter from Vera o,rux, sin the In
says he'irt new in Puebla. The same let
ter, speakill of the deelensicin of the Pres
idency by Santa Anna, save Gen., Herrera
is the next prominent cattaidafe--tfic elec
tion will take place on the 15th inst.—:Gen.
Brava, the of the for.
cisinlitellteriur, has resiped--Cougress,
Cr ace icatfif gtiverifeitent, - W bie`n remov.
ed to a smallplacecaouth of thi city of
Mexico--they are (unifying a •hill a few
courier represents the city is in a most
beautiftil state of confueion, ,
Gen.Twiggs, with his tine division, sr
rived it Puebla on the ifith, and would
fprac the vas of the 'anny in the contempla
ted advance on the Capital.
It was reported that Gen. Scott would
enter the Capital, at'the head orthis force,
on the fifteenth of Jdne.
The Delta says:--Our correspondents.
whose leuets are to the 23d ult., from Jai
ape, all represent Saida Anna To being en
gaged in fortifying Rio rtio with a large
force. Pen. tleott, is , pushiug mitt meet
him with Oval hue* Ere.thie the, battle
has ocCuired, and the last °tbiae to the
entry of our, armzißto the eapitsdarill
~„ ,
Gen. Shields continues to recover. It
was expected he would leave Jalapa about
the sth instant, fur Vera Cruz, on ; his way
to New Orleans,.
Gen. Cadwallader arrived 'at Vera Oral
on the tat inst.. with nearly two:Pietist - a
troops--he will start immithattly 'With
them to reinforce Gen. Scott. : Among
these troops are a,purticul or lltst4l4.Tha
goons, the. Voltigeture. and the 1p
(en. La Vega is at Jalapa otillis rinds.
We regret exueusektoleertilthet rriek
tics prevailed tar a. grant, emem et Vera
Cruz. There were 49 deaths thrs day , of
the departure of the Neiv Gileaas, sad
1500 to 1800 were in the HottPital
however, included :the wounded and4itheisl
—those that had been cent from Cerro
Gordo. , ,
_ . . ,•,
Paoarrer or pgAcg.—the Nprleans
gulletin says: We saw's letterbY'the hug
arrival, from an officer in Oen. Scott's ar
my, and whose situation was highly favee•
ahle for obtaining correct -igrortnalion
which said peace would shortly be wade.
Correspondence of the N.. 0. Delta.
JAL IPA, May 21, 1847
Eds. Della.-1l train of 200 wagons
rived yestehlay afternoon from Vera Cruz,
and proceeded this morning, in company
with Gen. Twigga' Division, towards Pu
etill and the City of Mexico. Capt.
Walker's gallant kind of mounted men
accompanied the' train. and during tIM
journey had two skirmishes with superior
force of Mexican lancers or robbers. The
last took place at Santa he, at an early
hour in the morning of Wednesday last,
which resulted in the Complete route of
the enemy, over 200 in number, who had
-10 killed and many wounded.
Our men kid several wounded, but non,t 3
dangerously. The 2d Dragoons, who
were first attacked by the Lancers, while
reposing in slumber. had six killed and
eleven wounded. Walker, in person, pur
sued the wretches, as well as the darkness
of the occasion would admit, captured six
prisoners, who were handed over to the
dragoons, and almost instantly shot dead.
Capt. Walker has 180 men, only 100 of
which are mounted. They are a fine body,
and their gallant coomnander is now "the
lion" of r lalapa.
There are further items from Gen. Tay
lor's army, but very little of importance.—
The Massachusetts regiment had started
for Montere►•. Lieut. Colonel Wright
has been elected to the vacant coloneley
Major Abbott chosen Lieut. Col., and
Capt. Webster Major of the regiment.
A speedy movement by Gen. Taylor
tutratils San Luis was still anticipated.—
The rtonattukr of Colonel Voniphstt's
force was•J+ily expected ut
news from Mexico reported that the Mex
icans were fortifying Rio Frio, on the road
to ther'eapital, and that General Scott would
probably have another fight at that place.
A gantlemun who has travelled through the
country, and is familiar with this pass, des
scribes it us much more formidable titan
that of Cerro thirdo. !Aloes throughlift
mountain with a steep ascent, and for near-
Hly three miles the road, with high and rug
ged sides, ia only sufficient to admit the
passage of 'a single wagon at a time.—
['here is no possibility -of turning it. and
no tootle of attack, except by a direct
movement through the was,. Tite.pissis
about 36 miles from the capital and Rio
Frio (Cold River) - supplies the city with
water. Not withstanding these difficulties,
we have no doOht that if the Mexicans
Make a stand again, (fen. Scott will find a
way to penetrate the puss and drive the
enemy again before him.
Attxr Itsveronceurvrs.—The Wash
ington Union says:
itt calculated that pearly 7.000 regu
lar*, old and new raiment.. will soap-rein
force the main army via Vera Crua r —of
Which betiteeit 3,000 and 3,000 doubtless
have/ arrived.** Vera' erns in April and
May s and of the nisidne,a large propoition
will reach that place *k is supposed, by the
**We viJune. • .
.-!--.l4..Taaitisiar—Woulen.-...,-Amoncit the
leetwited at Cerro 0.0010,.-stay,, Kendall,
.was one stout Illinois , map", named Ford.
the one of whose haul appeared to have
been genital linty by a he)tvy cannon ball.
Oneo(unt besteurgeons. Dr. Wright. went
.up to-6e poor fellow when his time Came.
find to,uty ,aspniskinent commenced clip-
Ring the Shatter* rct i o tts of his. face.jaw
and ear; whieh'stil hung to him, and alter
-*anis ' , dressed the .wound es well as air
'commences would admit. I say wound ;
it was worse than a wound, and ktietteriP
tkin of it . would be too horrible. Two or
three days since, when nearlya month had
pasetkr awry,met Di. Wright here in
the streets of Jalapa, and asked him how
long the man in question lived. If I ever
was astonished in my life, it was when he
told me that he was still alive, and, what
•was more, that he was well and hearty !
A portion of his fate, his jaws on one side,
and his ear, are gone. but the man will
soon be strong enough to shoulder his mus
ket again, and is said to be mord , anxious
than ever to hare another turn with the
Mexicans. .
Conniouß ~.-The, ‘ Freentan'sJournal,"
n Catholic newspaper, conducted under the sus
piens of the Bishop of New York, in noticing the
church plundering suggestion of the Government
organ, says :
"The Washington "Union," of the I I th
inst., has broached a 'project tmworthy of
Yore re
e age, and 'still' mo' tmworthy . of our
Government, of which it is sometime/real,-
ed the °maw-4i is nothing more nor less
than a pmposit to turn 00 war against the
priests and the religion oral unfortunate
• lanurrasix yo Vouncrscas.—Mr. Ed
wards, - of the' l'eusion Office, writes to
ace. Jones, of the U. S. Army, that no
tioldier discharged before the expiration of
bie termaf enlistment, on his own applica
tion cud On Ai* special benefit, is entitled
tcr tepid or acrip t under the 9th Section of
the aet of the llth of February, 1847.
This is the opinion—of the Secretary of
War.. •
naso.—Francis Sassier, who, as we learn
from the Wyoming (Pa.) Record escaped
from the jail of that county, on the 22d of
January. 1845. under sentence of death
rdsr.,al Robert Atkinson, was
recognized at Buena Vista in Mexico, by
Luttier'Adkini, whe'resided in Wyoming
county at the time' of Batssler's trial and
escape. Gen. Wool took immediate uteas
urea to place the convicted man in the
hands of justice. Bassler was acting in
the capacity of teamster, having got with
the Dliuoialans domewhere in Texas.
Tea Coyne Haavnirr.--From every
quarter we hear of the promising condi
tion of the growing 'wheat. crop. Occa
aionally'there is a note' of complaint that
the crop here or there'has been wlnterAil
led; bet the 'POWS of the death is never
zonfirtned. The truth is that the crops,
as a general thing wore never more prom-
Uhl. • With even a tolerable crop, the en
tente! quantity of Need which has been put
In, both of wheat and Indian corn, will pro
tlgee n:greater quantity of breadstuff's than
Our countq has„ever seen before.—Nat.
/itietligeneer. •
Homusu*,-311. Robert Wilton, an
aid respectablecitizen residing near
Deerfield, Ohio, met his death in 'the fol.
;hiring horrible hianner : He had been en
gapprd on 'his Perin id burning , bnutkand
trees; a tree that had been fired fell across
hi:14144, bolding ; him , feet. And, there
he was heldin that, iron vice, with no` let
inaniar telmaihis'shrieks, nor hand to
help. -yet the Num crawling' slowly to
hirside, first warming, then blistering, and
rossilY Ozillag the vitals. .When discov
ered! he Was needy consumed, and it was
difficult to recognise in the crisped mass
Of detacited.bouttit r eby irate - 07 r humanity.
ilsaviror correspondent
writingfrom Michigan to the , New York
:Evangelist says :—"A field of Sixty acted
was harireeted in two days as follow's4
.: .
machine was drawn into the field by sit.
teen horses, gUided by as many oys
as necessary. On the front of the , um,
chine a msn was stationed to adjust the
forks and circular knives to the height of
the wheat, which was easily and rapidly
thrown back into the machine. No more
watt . seetyf it, until another man. in ,;the
telt , part f the machine was seek tying up 1 1
well till d sacks of pure grain, in perfect
Oder for the flouring mill. This huge
Machine, of the beet wheat, harvested and
bagged three bushels in a minute: -7-1
the Georgia Farmer gives directions for
making a cheap barometer, to aid in fond.;
ling, the weather. lie takes a stick three
feet long, and attaches to the butt end a
phial, full of air of course, and corked
tight. The stick is then suspended in a
horizontal position on a pivot, where it
will readily turn, say on a thread lied near
its centre. When the storm is coming on,
the air outside is lighter than that within
the phial; of course the phial sinks, and
indicates a change in the atmospheie.—
Such a barometer may be made in taw
minutes, and sonic of our philosophic far
mers will incline to have barometers of
their own manufacture.
Woo 13ioi t—A. Miss Thompson, of
Lowell, Mass. advertises her readiness to
marry any respectable man, from 25 to 30
years old, who may offer !Oilmen:
From the North American, June I I, 1847
Tho Public Ledger of the Bth instant
contained an'extract front the Hagerstown
News $n regard to the recent alive case at
Carlisle, Which is calculated seriously to
ihjure the reputation ore wrist worthy and
exemplary`citizeng du bornMonwealth ;
and which ; as we learn Uniiii — itithriiitte
sources, is false in almost every particu
lar. 'rho truth is, the laws of the State in
regard te.the•reoapture, of, fugitives were
broken through entirely by the slave-takers
and their legal advisers ; the latter, 'it lip.
pearst having no knowledge of the act-pas
sed at the last session of the Legislature.—
All the interest of Professor McClintock
in the matter was simply this : He was
accidentally passing the Court-House, and
entirely ignorant of what was going on
within, when he was informed of the case,
and invited to go into the court-room by a
gentleman of the first respectability in Car
lisle., After the hearing was adjourned, ho
inquired privately of the . Judge as to -the
law by which the alaves were held, and
whether the act of 1847 had been adherbd
to, when he lbund that neither the ledge
nor the liewyers had seen the law. He al
so protecut 1141egtot who was, do far an
,he - knew, and as the msn said, doing no
thing, and who was seriously threatened
by a white man (polite offiemr)--sometime
before the riot commended=-with the at
semen 'that if he did .nothing and was
jured i ,he .should be redressed by the law.
,All ihe proceedings of Professor McClin
tock were perfectly legal, and were intend
ed tp preiptit a riot, not to exhite
That he obeyed the dictates of humanity,
and desired to see the laws of Pennsylva-
Dia vindicated on the soil of Pennsylvania, ,
is not denied . by his friends; but this; in
stead of being a disgrace, is an, honor to
him. '
Advantate has been taken of the circum
stance by certain persona, in an attempt to
produce an excitement among the students
_at the College against the l'rofessor, but it
has signally failed. As soon a s s the facts
were'fully known, the students assembled
it a body, and instead of "demanding the
dismissioai" of the professor, as the Led
ger story has it, they passed resolutions
highly complimentary to him in every, re
spect: The time has gone by, when it was
a crime for eennsylranians to assert and
uphold the supremacy of their own laws,
or to aid the oppressed by all legalimeans.
For the statement of facts herein given
we have the highest authority in Carlisle.
EIMAcIrrION or TILL.—BUW long tho Itunp of
conversation holds out to hum between two per
sons only, is curiously set down in the fallowing
passage from Count Gonfallione/thaccount of his
"I am an old man now ; yet by fifteen
years my soul_
- is yotfngcr than my body !
Fifteen 'years I existed, for I did not hve—
it was not life—in the self-same dungeon,
ten feet square! During six years I had
cotnpanion ; during nine I was alone !
I never could sightly distinguish the face
of him who 'shared my captivity in the
eternal twilight of our cell. The first year
we talked incessantly together! we rela
ted our past lives, our joys forever gone,
0ve6,,,1nd over again. next year we
communicated to each other our thoughts
and ideas on all subjects. The third year,.
we had no, ideas to communicate; we were
beginning to loserthe power of reflection !
The fourth, at the interval of a month or
so, we would open our lips to ask each
?AFL egst ibat tile
we formed i s portion of mankind. The
fifth we wire silent. The sixth, he was
taken away; I never knew where, toexecto
tion or to liberty; but I was glad when he
was done; even solitude was better than
the dim vision of that pale vacant face.—
After that I was alone, only one event
broke in upon nine years' vacancy. One
day, it must have been a year or two af
ter my companion left me, the dungeon
door was opened, and a voice—whence
proceeding- I knew 'not—uttered these
words; "By order of his imperial majes
ty, I intimate to you that your wife died a
year ago." Then the door was shut, and,
heard no more ; they had but flung this
great agony in upon me, and left me alone
with it again." '
ACCIDENT.—Mr. Tobias Kauffman, on
Saturday last, while engaged in putting on
the "rubber" of his wagon, about a mile
from this place, met with a most painful
accident. It appears while standing on the
lever, the wheel caught his.foot and threw
*hint thready ander the , wagon, fulling with
the left foot under the right thigh. The wheel
rased over thithigh obliquely, causing a
compoundiraetnse of rr, and very seriously
injuring the left ifoot. • Mr .K.'s escape
from having botklow entirely cut.ofr, ap-
pears almost miraculous, considering the
enormous weightlwhich passed over them,
the wagon weigh 9,000 lbs., and laden.:
ed - with five tons ore. Notwithstanding
the 'severe injurie we understand Mr. K.
is in a. fair way t recovery_.—Columbia
• swain, having been
suit in the court of by
t one in a court of law
' 'ior .the• teeovery of a
dollar* and fifty, cents,
entry. which he had
pe in "happier days '
as destined to be-equial;
the jury rendered a vet ,
efendant. The beaus
Ives accordingly.
Love Tones
Law.—A disear
unsuccessful in h
men; lately brou.;
in Massachuset
dug. *tied Att l
constitutional cur
en to The loved
but in this suit be
ly_tinkrtunate, f.
dint for
,the fair
will govern them
The election
of the. State of
conclusively tha
their judges and
peals by somel,
tns from a large part
rew York; show pretty ,
the locos haittelected
erks of the court of ap•
000 inijotity.
As -77u leading ord.!
Agricultural Gazette,
plittyinent of ateath m
editoriare favorable,
!re docile and less cost
r man or horse. Eve.
(toughing involves the .
linear miles, by 500
They calculate the
l every ploughing at 01
,000,000 on as many
PAnicara sr 8
de 'ot ittie torttl.l
May 8, IS di ilia 1
Farming, to which
considermg it a in
1) power than ei
rykloo acres of
pasiking over 1,01
-consumers of fog
saving by steam
per acre, or 810
There passed ti
last week, forty-n
on their way to
liberated 'by a Mr.
county, Va., who
pay their expense
otigh Washington, Pa.
e emancipated Slaves,
)hio. They had been
'ochran, of Hampshire
ad given them $5OO to
.:fun ervr-W. m.—The Warrenton
(Virginia) Times f Saturday last says:—
"That the cut-won still continues its dep
redations upon th, corn. Many persons
have replanted the corn fields twice, and
i f
Will have to du- a" third time„ Upon
strong land the c r may yet be . a good
one, but it is too I e to make niore than
half au one where he land is thin.
Carr}. --We notice in the papers inti
mations that the wheat erop will be a poor
and our own limited observation leads
toLa 'similar 6nclusion. But we do not
bellive'that the harvest will be mail. A
vaatlyrgreater amtnibt of grain.tiras sown
lailt;tumil, than war sown in the previ.
oak ar ; and the' new dematql from n•
biriad forhiliati corinvintaied the farmers
to turn up en extraordinary amount of
earth for that grain. Bo far all looks well;
and it is probable that lig who s.giveth the
former and the latter rain," will again bless ,
our country with that abundance which
has enabled her to bless the sufferers of
other nations..--U. S. anzelle.
Nair Wnavr.—.A load of new wheat,
raised on the plantation of D. IL Stuff,
Esq., near Columbia, S. C., was said in
that place on the Ath inst., at *1 12% per
bushel. It is said to be a very superior
The harvesting has already commetieed
in som portions of our southern country,
and the accounts are generally favorable.
, ,
• FATAL: ACCIDENT .—On Thurs d ays last,
as a train of cars was passing through our
borough. a deaf and dumb boy, named le
hard, about .7 years of age, was run over
and instandy killed—severing his head
from his body* and cutting off o9c, of his
arm,.—York Rdvocale.
DONIPIIAN'a Contsaue.--This band of
noble fellows have been constantly on the
marsh' for eight months, and have been
without tents since last fall, nor have they
&awe? single: dollar of pay, since- they
have been in the service. A portion of
Lids command, at the last advices, had
reached Sahillo, after a severe skirmish
with Indiana, seventeen of whom were kil
led. Capt. Reed was wounded in the
skirmish, and several horses killed.
The extraordinary end .well authenticii
ted cures wrought by the celebrated Sugar
Coateil,Pills, or Dr. Smith's Improved in
' dian Vegetable Pills, have naturally drawn
' public attention to them. Perhalis in the
history of Medicine, from the dine of Hip
pocrates to the present day, there is no
idence of a medical compound obtaining
equal celebrity in so short a time. There
was never a medicine recommended by
such high authority as Dr. Smith's Pills.
Besides their great, curative properties,
(possessing as they do, such Astonishing
curative powers to open all the natural
drains of the body,,vizi : the Lungs, Kid
neys, Skin and Bowels,) they are, unlike
all other pills, extremely pleasant, being
coated with sugar, and as they do not gripe,
nor produce nausea, or any other unpleas
ant consequences, they have become very
popular for Dyspepsia, Headache, Costive
ness, Bilious Complaints, Foul Stomach,
Fevers, Worms, Wont of Appetite, impu
rities of the Blood, Obstructions mid Fe
male Complaints generally, Colds, dr.c.L—
One of the most influential and benevolent
ladies in New York, Mrs. S. A. Could,
Matron of the U. S. Naval Hospital, says
“there is no medicine within her knowl
edge so well adapted to the numorous ail
ments of mankind, as Di. Smith's Sugar
Coated Pills." She e'specially rocoM=
mends them to ladies. Read her certificate
in the pamphlet.
ift'The genuine Pills are for sale in
Gettysburg, by S. 11. Buehler and S. S.
Forney; in Hunterstown by dbraham
King; in Petersburg .by Mrs. Fuller; in
Casino wn by Airs. Duncan, and in Hamp
Dr. Culkn's Indian Vegetable Panacea
is the greatest medicine now before the
public. Persons who are afflicted are re
quested to read the advertisement in an
other column of this paper. l'here is no
fiction about it.
Ce)(.o.Aligbi'f l l . ..o'.N
Democratic Whig voters of the
county of Adams are requested to
assemble in their several boroughs and
Idwnships, at the place of holding borough
and township elections, on
Saturday the ad day of July next,
at three o'clock in the afternoon of that
day, and select TWO DELEGATI.I4 t o
represent each township and borough in a
hereby, called to assemble at the Court
house in, Gettysburg, on
Monday the sth day of July next,
at 10 o'clock, A. N., to settle candidates fOr
the Several offices to be filled at the ap
proaching election.
The committee ask their fellow.citizens
to Attend the township meetings numer
ously, and , urge it upon them as import
ant; as well to secure united action, as
that the mYOUNG GUARD" may main
tain her .position among the unwavering
Whig counties of the State.
• R. smcni,
June 11, 1847. Counq Cormuitiet.
N aceordanco with the wishes of nu
merous friends, I offer myself as a can
didate for the Office of COUNTY TRE.4-
MINER, and respectfully ask' the nomi
nation fur that Office at the next regular
Wing County Convention,.
Gettysburg. 44123, 1847.—tf
N compliance with the request of a num
j ber of friends, I respectfully present
myself, as a candidate Tor the office of
COUNTY TREASURER and solicit the
nomination at the next Whig Calmly Con
May 7. • ,
A T the suggestion of 'a' number of
friends, I offer myself as a candidate
for the office of COUNTY Ti1.E.480:
PEE, and respeetfullyask from my broth.
er Whigs a nomination for the office at
their regtdar Convention.
Gettysburg, April 16, 1847.—a
1 - 1 A NCOUR AGED by the iuggestiona
ilj of numerous friends, I hereby an
nounce myself a candidate for the office of
COUNTY TIRES SURER, subject to the
decision of the Whig County Convention.
Should my political friends deem
worthy of their confidence, and elect me
to the office, its duties will be promptly
and faithfully discharged.
GellyBburg, April 23, 1847—if
TO - ATS, Moleskin awl Silk, a itiperigy
article-only $3121 1 for MO!ask - in,
and 111 75 for Silk. For sale at Kurtz's
Cheap Book store.
Spring & Sunlmer Dry Gonds„
in k Al IN received from Aucdon e at J:
ROSS 1100PES', No. 4111 Market .
Street above 11th St. oppoitte Girard:
Square Philadelphia: such as loons. do,
Ulnas, from 12 1-2 to 18 34 Cents.; gintr
Idaus,new style, 18 ,3-4.t0.25 cams, yard
trida.laWns, 12 1-2 to 18414 ? whitamulls,
biehoP lawns, tarlatans, jsid6lolll, - ; itHped
and plaid muslin from 12 14 to 25, rich
and glossy alpacas from 25 to a 7, tickings,
flanals; diapers, &a. Shawls o( every
style from AU to $l2. Calicoes from sto
12 1-2 e';' - of a superior style, hdaiery and
gloves, men's and boy's linen, cotton and
woolen stripes and plaids, from 10 to 20c.
'Tweed., Cassimere, all wool, only 25 and
31 cts. Black, Eng. and French Cloths
from $2 to $5 per yard. My assortment
of muslin and linens are not to be surpas
teed, either in cheapness or variety, in this
city. Muslin. at 8, 10, 12 1-2 : 3 yards
wide, 37 1-2. Cotton and wool ingraiu
carpets from 10 to 5(1 cents. Matting 25
to 87 1-2 cents.
.N. 13. Pirchasers are requested to call
and examine for themselves before buying
elsewhere, and they will save at least 2¢
per cent,
Phila. April 9.-3 m
Feathers! Featpers !
Cheap for Caah.
than they have ever before been sold in
this place. In professing to sell cheap
er than ever, I wish it to be tlistinttlr un
&mood thiii tdo not do se hecitture it has
become fashionable for purehaseriro make
such announcements ; I 'am sincere': and
only ask a visit from 'holm wishink to
purchase to convince them of its truth.—
Among the stock will •be found COATS
of Fine Black Cloth, Habit Cloth, Alber
tine, Tweed, Cashmerette,_Cauutthet, Lin
en, Check and Gingham ; Sack and Frock
Coats, &c.—Also, PANTS, of Fine Fan
cy Cashmere, Cassinet, Linen, Cord, and
Cotton,—fancy colors and styles. Also,
REMO WI L. I VESTS, Fancy Cross-Bar, Silk, Satin,
LADOMUS has removed his Watch Cashmere, Merseilles and Cassinet. Also.
Watch-Tool and Material Store, IShirts, Bosoms, Collars, Cravats, Hand
kerchiefs. Men's Lasting Gaiters, Bullpen
from No. 33 S. 4th street, where he has
on hand a large assortment of Gold and tiers, Gloves, Stockings—in fact every
Silver Lever, VEpineti, and Plain Watch- thing belonging to. a gentleman's furnish
es, with a complete assortment of 'Fools ing line ; all of fashionable cut and mate
rials, and as well made as can be made
andataterials, such as 'Lunette, Patent and
anywhere. Also on hand a large assort-
Plea Glasses, Mainsprings, Verges, Hand
Dials, etc., of every description, to which ment of fancy and useful articles, Pins,
he has added a complete and splendid as-
Needles, Thimbles, Jewelry, Perfumery.
scirtment of JEWELRY, consisting of i Shaving Apparatus, Combs. Penknives,
Ear Rine, Breast Pius, Bracelet', G o ld 'Rough and Ready" Hats, &c.
Chains, Keys, etc. which he. will eaglet). I have also for sale a lot - of BOOTS 4:.
tee to sell at the lowest New York prices, SHOES, made in this county, a lot of
Wholesale and Retail. IRON, and a lot of Calfskin, kioleand Up-
N. B.—Country Merchants, and others Per•Leirther, which will be sold mucous
visiting the city, are invited to call & exam-
mon cheap, as I wish to clear off the stock.
ine his stock and large assortment at No. Also,.on hand a new Rockaway, two
246 Market at, below Bth South
second-hand Buggies, a second-hand Car-
Orders from the country promptly attend-
riage, new and old Harness, which I will
ed to. ' dispose of at extremely low prices..
Philad'a, April 9—[Jan. 22-6m.] 110' Those wishing BARGAINS will
remember to call at the old-established VA
-. NOTICE RIE'PY STORE, next door to Kurth'
To Country Merchants, Storekeepers, and Hotel, and immediately opposite the Bank.
the public-in general. MARCUS. SA )(MON.
P. S.—l havejust received an additional
lot ofgoods purchased at auction very low.
Gettysburg, April 30, 1847.
_dem. and General l'urnia4er. No.
415 Market street, above Eleventh, North
Side, opposite Girard - Row, Philadelphia,
where may be had at all times a large as
sortment of , Beds and Mattresses. Curled
Hair and Feathers, Chairs, Tables, Red
steads and Looking glasses, together with
all other articles it the above line of bus
iness, at the very lowest price for Cash.
N. B. All old work repaired with neat
ness and despatch.
March 26, 1847—(3m.)
THE Subscriber takes this' 'Method to
• inform_ all_whom it,psy...lakur. ,
that he intendLigkeep at -libt,ol4 Eats..'
tidied 'Stand,'N'ii. 382,11forket street, a
first rate assortment of all kinds of
'NITS or fidlP'S,
suitable for the Country Trote.—
Feeling confident from hia"cipe
rience and practical knowledge of the bus
iness in all its various branches, that he
will be able to render general satisfaction
10E - 7..Country Merchants would do well
to call and examine before purchtuiing of
his inure noisy competitors.
• • * All hats warranted to retain their
color. Hats from $1.25 to $4.00, of the
latest style.
No. 352 Market street, strove Eleverth,scritb side .
January 22, 1847. •
JIl the Philadelphia Watch and Jewelry
No. 9d, North Second street, corner of Quail'' ,
Gold Lever Watches, full jewelled,
18 car. cases+, ,„ 4145 00
Silver Lever do. full jewelled, 23 00
Silver Lever do. 7 jewels, 18 00
Silver Lepine do. jewertl, Ist qual. 14 00
Superior,Quartler Watches, 10 00
Imitation do. not warranted, 5 00
Gold Spectacles, 8 00
Fine Silver Spectacles, 1 75
Goliltracelets, with topaz stones, 358
Ladies' Gold Pencils,•l6 carats, 2 00
Gold Finger Rings, 37 cta to $8 ;.Witch
Glasses—plain 12 ma ; patent 18 ; hmet
25. Other articles in proportion. All
goods warranted to be what they are sold
for. 0. CONRAD.
On hand, son* Gold and Silver Levers
Lepines and Quartiera, lower than the a
'hove prices. •
Dec. 4,1840.—1 y
The Ch. aputt Gold and Silver Watches
Gold Levers, full jeweled, 1145 00
Silver Levers, full jeweled, 23 00
Gold Lepines, jeweled, 30 00
Silver Lepines, jeweled, 16 00
Silver Quartiers, fine quality, 10 00
Gala watches, plain 15 00
Silvet Spectacles 1 75
Gold Pencils, 2 00
Gold Bracelets, 4 00
A large assortment of Gold and Silver
jfair-Bracelets, Finger-Rings, Br ins,
1-loop' Ear-Ring, Gold Pens, Oilier Spreins,
Sugar Tonga'', Thintbkno, Gold Neck, and
Fob Chains, Guard Keys, and Jewelry at
equally low price?.
11CrAllt want is a call, to convince coo
All kinds of -Watches Mid - Clocks re ,
piOred and warranted to keep good time
for one year. Old Gold and Silver bought
fur Cash, or taken in exchange.
I have some Gold att# flilver Levers, at
Still cheaper poses thin AS above. A lib- .
end Discount made to dealers. Call an4l
see for Yourselves. -L
For sale, Eight-day and Thirty-hour
Brass Clocks, at
LEWIS LAtomus , s
Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Store, 1V0.4191
Market St., above I lth, north Md., Phila.
Philadelphia, Sept. 4, 1846.
dig, SPECIFIC for Female Coniplaipts.—This
medicine is fast taking the place of ever} , prepar
ation heretofore used for diseases arising/row weak
ness or other causes.—All that is per. eeeee y to se•
cure this medicine a place ip the Domestic Prac
tice of every family, where such a unedicineis
needed, is a trial. •
It speaks for itself—is innocent in it, operation,
and WO injury can arise lion* its use at any time.
abovo valuable medicine can be bad in (act
tysburg at the Drug Store of
8 . U. at:EULER.
June 11, IS47.—tf
n AIING succeeded in whipping the
1111 Mexican Armies at Vern Crux and
Buena Vita, and now designing to march
against the city of Mexico to'meet the en
emy under the walls of there ow,n Capital,
the aubseriber Would imitate their exam
ple by waging war against Rags and Na
kedness, and he has accordiuglx recently,.
visited the c 4 ,of -Philadelphia Stkottni
purpose of purchasing a stock of
which he can sell at prices so low a/ to
enable any person calling at his establish
ment to clothe -themselves from head to
foot, at astonishing low prices—his mot
to being "Quick sales and small profits:L--
My stock embraces the largest assortment
of Ready-made Clothing and
1141102" 00011:14 , 0 '
ever offered in this country, has been se
lected with great cart, .and having been
purchased for cash entirely, will be sold
Cheaper for Cash
- Just reeked at
si mt.
GETTYSlitrita, PA.
rip H E subscriber respectfully informs
his friends and the public generally
that . he continues the Tailoring business at
his old stand, in Chambersburg street,
where he may at all times be found, ready
to accommodate all those who may wont
garments made. Ile has just received the
v et New York •
01,103230019 @
aiiilhe promises all who may favor him
with their patronage, that lie will give them
entire satisfaction, both, as regards the At
and workmanship ofall garments entrusted
to him ; and at as moderate prices as they
cin be obtained anywhere else. Ile hopes
by strict attention to business and a desire
to please, to merit a continuance of public
patronage and support. 10- Country pro
duce taken in exchange for work.
J. C. BAKFR..,
April 16, 1847.-3 m •
ME Jr T.l/l& 0 sei.ra
TIIE subscriber would reariectiblly id
form the citizena of Geo urg and
viciqity. and the. public genera ,- that-he
has oiled a
Tailoring Establis hment,
In South Baltimore street, in the room oc
cupied by Daniel Culp as a Chair Ware
rbom, a few doom South of the Post Office
whore he will at all times be Nappy to ae
cominiidate those who may patronischimi
assuring them that he feels- himself able IP
make a first-rate FIT. His charges will
be as reasonable as at any other establish•
meet in the county. Country produce
taken in exchange for work.
He has matte arrangements to receive the
New York 4 PhiMde4notia Fashions,
quarterly ; and will therefore be prepared
to make garments in the most approved
styles,. • ESAIAS J. CULP.
Gettysburg, Mey j4--tf ' •
Larisr azinitr.tL.
Date, of the latest Style,,
CAN be had at the Hat Establishment
'or J, J. BALDWIN . in South Hal ,
timbre street, a ferielgit's abort the Pone
Often, and next door to %turtle?' Ilk
ning. Establishment, 'TIM PER 0118:111101100. any, other Hat,Establialentat“
toreb--embracing JTna Aktnin ...600110.
Fine An., and 0kLifin44,47010 1 %
brims, and a good assiituf ' gpit,l4-
' 'Afin and Yotraire' ''
1, ' strasageat alaffisti ,
ail of which he is authorised tat.‘ool.ll*
. .... ~ _ .
f9rJevoli, or country , produee,Aortvitorn‘
4: -.
ionon*#,y. ' .
,141A,01Vil'i, Jtelit,..
aMtioburg , M u sk O. 180 , -1 ,_
IToTsd ~.
RAN away Rom the service of thee 4%
eeriber, on OK) eth of 1041rOla
dented colored boy named Tmontrae Ithlruk
Nieuote, Whe public alto ocotirtyed Doi
to harboK , said Viottols• sil; out a qvattra
ceps, bot no thanks, will b e m i x " 1. 9 r h i* ,
a'plirehensiou end return to the eubeeeiber t
Fountaindalo, May 2t4--3t
riloßAcoo, snuff, segara, utholitt,
male and retail, at Kurtz,'" clot*
Book 6tiatoi
Frid# Evening;June 18, 1847.
wits(' bAxoyDvric -rOlt-GOVZRK°R
FOR cow, 4.xaginestoriBa.
CITY B. Prrasrt. Esti.'st the
coiner oFCliesnot k Third street, rhilldelphid :
Inn Nassau greet' New York; and Louth-east cot
'ter of Baltimore and Calvert street. Bolliniore—
and E.W. coiei Esq.Surt Building, N. E. Corner
Third & Wtek4t4,aqd 440 N. Fourth st. Philad a
are ou t au tlorizedA gents for receiving Advert he
meets andSoscriptions to the "Star" snd collect
ing and i#l4lfitipx for tb, same.
1 73 -For Delinquent Patrons
- . rirTheenlargement of our paper has drawn
more heavily oil our purse than we anticipated,
arid we are compelled to call upon our patrons to
relieve us from. the difficulty. There is a large
amount on our hooks due us Srfi Job Work and
Subscription which it would give us much 'pleas
ure to see "squared or' The amount against
each subscriber may seem trifling, and for that
( r reason remehr.unpaid; but - it is of drops that the
ocean is made, ands few dollars from each of our
subscribers will in the aggregate produce an
amennt of eome lybportanee to us. These of our
patrons who have already paid up, will accept our
thanks, While those who have not, we feel assured
will *scum the present “sinx." as it is the first
ttngiurrehrentrtnbled with wince our ronnertion
with the "8r tar."
rit.reittry may he remitted M us per mail, a
orir ri4k.
The "Star' , for the Campaign.
j'i'be Gubernatorial campaign is about open
lug, and as it promises to be one of more then
° anal Want and importance, we propuer to tinuiela
tbi 'Hire& 41‘11 IiANNiU, ' Moil after the Election
copies will be lierwanted fur $5, or twenty-fii.e cop
ies for $lO. Bend on your names with the mon
- ie.y,sall ore will give you more than an equivalent
in tinier-light Will our Whig friends mention
• this lbo their neighbors, and thus assist in doing
servioe kw the 'good enuw !
VirA MEE'rING of the IVliig
County Coinmittee is hereby
called to be hold in Gettysburg on Tues
day ne.rl, (22d June) at I o'clock in the
afternoon of that day—afull attendance is
rciltrestetL It. SMITH,
L 1" W e have bccu rettursted to elute that the
rumor put in circulation that Wm. M',•.ta Kali I.
MN., wilt not be a candidate Car nomination to the
Hotwemif itepreaentatives: is -incorrect. Mr. M'-
Sherry kht the hands' df his friend., and, as *
good Whim, will not shrink from the discharge of
.luty in any pow that may be **signed him by bin
political friend".
APPOINTMENTS by the Board of School
Director, fur the b?mugh—J.l.l.. likovr n, to IW
e;;lie.;4;r;:if School 'fax for the etrrreut year, and
A. D. to be Treasurer.
carted With the Division It'this platie, t 'amtle a
public display on Monday afternoon last.
marching through the streets in the regalia of the
Order, the procession proceeded to Mt. James'
Church, where the Rev. S. W. Harkey, of Freile ,
rick, delivered an able and eloquent speech to an
nuturually crowded audience. Thu procession
numbered upwarila of 100 perocliew, including irp
resentetives from neighboring divisions. .-- The Her
lin 'Brass Dead was present on thooccasion, and
handsomely acquitted itself.
construed by 4101110 individuals so as to warrant
the sending of transient newspapers free of portage.
The iTnion says that this arises from en error in
punetuteSt the pamphlet edition of the laws.,
lntrade ' newspapers are subject to a postage of
three mitts prepaid. The Postmaster General
Instructed the Postmasters to forward, without the
limpryment, all papers sent hum the office of
phia North American, a thorough-going Whig
paper, and one of the very best political journals
in the country, in noticing the recent improve
nient. in this paper, thus speaks of the imminence
of supporting local paper!' :—"Wheu the country
pries receives adequate encouragement, it in a sigh
that the renown which is advocated is in a healthy
condition. We have ever impressed it upon our
Whig friends of the interior as their.fing duty, to
*import their-local papers; -that duty perforaisel,
We shall be pkeervl to place them on our daily or
weekly tista But we doulotthefitleiiiy of that man
to his port, priscipki who is claim minim or har
wenn in osetorribingt to the mew of hie county ad.
meriting Mort prioiripies." We hope our very
many ' , ceders, who are not subscribers, will profit
by the hints here thrown out.
AIR, of Hamiltonban towhship, while returning
from Mrs. Myers' Mill, nearTairfield, on Friday
ereuinx lad, on horselmck,, was, together with his
horse, *dandy killed by the killing of a large
hickory tree. The deceased was about 10 years
of age.
THAT PABB.—Tlic Union calls Oen. Santa
Anua dui *lli Of the Whig.; but the Union must
not papect to pest °tits damaged goods on its ad.
venrltipt. The Executive of the 11. States sent
Saran Anna to Mexico to head her titmice, and
with the intentipn that he should do so. If that
intake ofplifter has turned oat a bad speculation.
the Got oranntainust, not hope to evade hempen
by twutaparent a trick as the organ at
rucnlrat pla,s; , at `What the ExtMutive could
ipWrashit 1t0e: ht Whig/Nita Anna to get %Mkt°
to 144baidte, we have never been
it elforei it kik** *hick the 'Goyim-
Petelitlet/4 tk .l ll ll od to !Al, ane! vrbdch we was
,Pefii l, 94 l P3l ol4l ° l4 ;
Witit‘notiraeuolive4lo Mende of the Athinin
16trat4040 Ala it was blllOr'-a.
incankate;dthalYatiVel still a blunder. Bat they
4 0 tat &Sim; 41,7410 pot lay allot was hoped
Or Hilbefond fines ,14, Plow, we de, ndt4itactee to
,1 4 0q1 0 11 01141 41' of the ainnt!ttra
/1,144 avail At Iti meant l' and in
itqa 44100 5 714 mg" mqm
ilan fie& &Ina Anna to ditentetieek—Zres.
•" rilektigist siny tinte, 11111 f il;;Ahihems Jwar•
IT,lsMlll:Mr#4ll. 4 r4il4oo was arwailirair weary diva
AN" PlePiratiqn for the greet
bstUo of mOnena Vista," .'Democratic Cown,
sorer/your **opinions of Mr. Polk, wee wa
ploy!d hi eisseving the oW Hero for his doings et-
Monterey, Will they attempt to justify it before
Our attention has fain and again been directed
to the unmanly and. dishonorable species of war
fare in which most of the Loonfoco evlibr of this
fitrite have so freely indulged While canvassing
comparative claims of Gen. illY/S and Mr, Finest(
upon the support of the people as candidates for
the Mlle* of Governor, and Wale surprise eilmtled
Rua we shenll.l have so audit/y:4y refrained from
-.noticing the amsuitoiofivilyand reckleady made
upon the PrivateAfutracter of our candidate. We
Wray as well Ireiv state; once foe all, that we have
but little Wile for this kind of poNtical controversy,
and must excused for not descending with - those
Mho wage it into an arena where no rules of hon
or obtain, and where misrepresentation, deception,
and detraction constitute the recognized and only
weapons of disputants. - Nor-does the character of
our candklate - mon - re that it should thus shield
ed from the malignant rundulta of wrecklees parti
zan assailants. Gen. lava. is too well known
throughout the State, and his name too honorably
identified with that-which is honest, and noble,
and good, to suffer in it contest of this kind, even
though not an arm be raised to wanl offtliave can
ed shafts directed agMinst his well-earned fame. A
diserbilnating and honestoninded people wiU rea
dily discover in all this well-plied and systematic
personal abuse, an illolisguised anxiety on the
part of our cl)ponents to blind the public mind, to
the true issues in the present campaign, and to
avoid, if possible, a too rigid scrutiny into the pol
icy and official misdeeds or their recognized lead-
As to the,objections urged against the political
views of our candidate, and the charges ariving
out of his Past public career, we shall in duo time
pay our respects to them, and show them to be as
entirely Mifountled as the aesault on his private
character has been malignant. In the mean time
we take pleasure in transferring to our column.
the at:next:4l manly paragraphefrom the I.lrilen
Times," a respectable and ably conducted ',emcee°
journal, as an honorable exception to the general
tone of the opposition press, and a deserted rebuke
to those engaged in this disreputable work of de•
traction :
Tura—We are sorry to ob
serve in several democratic papers, an at
tempt to injure the private character of the
opposing candidate for Gdvernor, by fool
ish and absurd stories about his manner of
living—his occupation as an iron master—
his bad treatment of his hands, &c., silt of
which we feel certain will injure instead of
benditting the democratic cause. Gen.
lawns does not belong to dur party, hut
that is no rOson why his private charac
ter shouhpfe atttacked. His character as
au upright, honorable and lair man is well.
known at home, and although we differ
widely in our political views, yet we will
not degrade our columns—as we have
been urged to do---by giving publicity to
such groundless and ridiculous stories as
we have alluded to. We profess to be
governed by principle, and to have some
worth contending for. Do not let us, there
fore, tacitly confess we have none by de
scending to low and vulgar abuse of pri
vate character. nor by attempting to raise
prejudices against any particular snrsuits
in life. All branches of legitimate business '
in this republican country are honorable
if honorably pursued by the persons enga
ged therein.—Union Times.
With ttvh or three except ona all the leading
Whig Journals in Penor y lvania hare expreamed
t! eir preference for Cen. t r n on the Whig
minli.late for the hA Hut one feeling ex
ists in the Whig mitan in tiin, Knee. Every both
gerealt With "a perfect lotalcarad" for OW Zack.—
Hargishrtre hildligrnter.
The magnifying powers of friend M'Cranr's
organ of vlatOfr . M11441.11Nt imiwcwod very consid
erably of late, even beyond the caPactity of Poodle's
disciple, who was accustomed' invariably to "see
double" when summing up the numerical strength
of the "defenders of the faith." Certainly, wa
have 10N 1 11 110 ' evidence Of the decided preference to
which allusion made, as influedeing "all the
lauding Wltirlournida in Pennsylvania, with
twoor three exceptions," and as evincing "hut one
feeling in the Whig ranks in this Sate." The
impression given us by an observation of the nu;
inemus expressions of popular sentiment through
out the titate is verrdifferent from that of the In
telligeneer, end we feel quite natured that, were
delegates appointed to the Whig NatiMial Con
vention at the present time, the voice of Pennsyl
vania would be for Wismaim Bcorr.
4V - At an examination of candidates for the.
post of Assistant Surgeon in the U. S. Navy, at
Philadelphia, in April last, nearly 200 applicants
were examined. Seven of the number received
appointments, among whom Mr. WV. F. Bills, a
gruluate of the Medical Department of Pennsyl
vania College, stands No. 1.
17e'The A nti-tilavrry Mate Convention, which
met at Harrisburg on ThUraday week, Nominated
Dr. I. F. I. tailor 1, of Waaltington county, for
Governor, and M. 1). 'Nun ♦a, of Philadelphia, fur
Canal Commisaioner.
t? The New Orleans papers publish a letter
from Santa Anna to the El Republicano (a paper
published in, the city of Mexico) in which the
wooden-logged hero insinuates that his friend, the
President of the United States, must have been
rather green for ever having believed that he in
tended to act the traitor towards Mexico, or to be,
come the agent for bringing about a peace between
the two countries I
tiirThe Louisville Journal kits the nail on the
head in the subjoined paragraph :
"It appears now to bo Mr. Polk's plan to set
up a government in Mexico by the bayonets of
our army with which to negotiate a peace. The
great dillicutty is, that, before Pentium act up a
government in Mexico, his own government in
the United States will be set down.
17The Mexican banditti are making sad work
with the couriers end scattered parties of our ar
my. Scarcely an arrival is 'announced et 'New
Orleans from Vera Cruz, without the ihtclligance
of some new murders. 'Among the last, we notice
that of CoL Soirees, of this State, who lett Vera
Cruz with despatches from Gcn. Scorn He was
waylaid on the road near the National Bridge, auti
murdered, together with his mot
ThAt NationarJuhilee of the Borts of Tem
perance in Philadelphia, on Trait) , last, was .a,
splendid pageant. ihmmeenterives were in Mien.
dance, from ahead tunny State in the Union. The
number of pursoni in procesidon was ("thrusted
at 12,000, while , large numbers were unabie, fibM
the fatiguesfirairel, to Ml in line. Theprooeiiion
was ihur heirs In Pawling over the designated
route, niter whit* It. rarlited to Wo4!allitoo'
2, Pleletto lies, the ,onition, Weer/14e
havingtiimrt: unexpectedly called to Ohio, in con.
Sequence of the dangerous *nee of his teethe',
den.„Oser, of .Ohio, was prevailed upon to take .
iiisplaCe and deliver an a , dcln* The entire Pto••
!mediums passed of f without accident or, difficulty
of any kind.
le Piitsburg intuits!. 'Mies that Dr. &melt
wettings has resigned the Presidency ofJolrerson
College, at'Cannonsburg, Pa. His place km be
supplied by the Rev. Dr. Milan, a gentlemen
well and ravonAly known An hie lectures ort.tu
THE CARLISLE RIOT.—As war expected,
the recent disturbances at Carlisle have furnished
$ convenient text to the pro-Slavery presses, from
which to pile& doleful lamentations over the in
security of property, daily becoming mom Intenti
ons by reason ofthe high-toned Anti-slavery prin
ciple so rapidly diffusing itself throughout Northam
legislations While some few of them
.teem with
bitter denunciation, of what they are pleased to
term the qui:Wear and"unconstitutional"leghla
that Of Tittmaylvania. Is aina.sing to observe
how effectually self-intereit, passion, anil prejudice
will blind men to the plainest distinctions between
right and wrong, and give to every thing a chame , '
lion hue, to be shifted and changed as the merest
caprice may iv-Oily,. These mime editors:, who
just 'noLaffect such a "holy hormr" at the•firet
symptom oTpopular tumult, and make their pens
indite bitter word, and gloomy predictions over
this attempt of a few ignorant and oppressed color
ed people texescue a brother front cruel and hope
lose bondage, in somewhat of the wine feeling that
taught our father, to believe "resistance to tyran
ny Use first duty of man"—these same editors, but
a fine years slitnecleAlted on, with oold indiffitrenee,
if not with epproving smiles, when mot-law reign
-ad tarketne wherever an Anti-slavery lecturer da
red to open his lips, and life was declared by
SoUthern hot-spurs to be the forfeit for a too bold
assertion of human rights. The burning and de
struction of Pennsylvania Hall by en excited mob
can be justified and extolled as patriotic and com
mendable, while a petty disturbance, occasioned by
an attempt to rescue human being. from threatened
slavery, is demented as a lamentable and portent.
'tons aymptem of insubordination; the mutilated
body of Loy &toy le permitted to s'nk into its grave
with scarcely a whisper, of censure upop the raw... -
derma of the lion-hearted champion of freedom,
who sought to make men of slam, while all is con
stentation and alarm at Thu "daring outrage" of
no attempt to resist "respectable" slave-dealers in
their efforts to make stares at men. A singular
people we have to deal with in this boasted land
of civil and religious liberty.
In a previous column will be found an article
from the Philadelphia North American in regard
to the disturbance at Carlisle, and Prof. M'Cias-
Theleil participation in them, which, we have as
surances from the very beat authority in Carlisle,
contains a correct statement of facts. In addition
to the facts there stated we notice a card in the pa
pers signed the southern students connected
with Dickinson College except four, about 90 iu
Manlier, acquittillg Prof. M eLI STOCK from the
charge preferred against him of an improper inter
ference in the riot, and affirming their entire con
fidence in him as a man and a teacher.
C - YA COLLISION, between the steamboat
Chesapeake and the schooner Porter, occured on
Lake Eric, on Saturday last, by-which Its) schoon
er was almost instantly sunk. Her crew was ta
ken on board the Chesapeake, but this vessel also
went down before reaching the shore. At this
critical juncture the steamer Gen. Harrison hove
iti view, and rescued thirtyllve of the passengers.
There were 45 passengers, together with the
crew, oil board, of whom 8 are known o to have
been drowned. The vessel is entirely lost, not e
ven a passengers's trunk being saved.
Celt is said that the Hun. DAN/
has joined the :Sons of Tompennice.
IrrThe collections in the 11. States in favor of
Maud, amount thus for, it is estimated, to more
tEr Hon. A IllOrrT Low•awrs , of Mutton, has
given a. donation of $50,000 to Hanord Univer-
(0"• An Infidel CoiT.inion is now in session in
New York.
("risnies Crawford was sentenced, isst week
New York, for stealing two jackets, to esl.
11w army
re - Gen. PJ LLOW has published a defence of.
Lis proceedings at Cerro Gordo.
Having understood that a citizen of Ucttyshurg
was circulating a report through the county that
'Wsr. R. aAmr.aa would not be a candidate for the
State Senate; that an arrangerntint had been made
with him to deeline the nomination for Senator,
and accept it for RePreamtative; and that D. M.
Sit visa was to bc a candidate for the Senate, Wm..
R. Sintsu for Representative, and Wx. M'Surcri
was not to be a candidate at all--1 feel it a du-
ty to st a te that it is not correct, and without roan
dation. WM. R. SADLEM is and will he a canal
date for the nomination of State Senator, (Asti
Norm's(' stas,) in the Convention. And a bet ,
ter man—one whose views are MOM clear, judg:
moat more sound, and principles more pure and
honest, we have not in the county.
I deem this-as nothing more than justie.e to him,
that the erroneous statement should be corrected.
We ask the free and independent voters of Adams
County to nominate W. It. SAI/LIM for State
Senator;-and-with his name on the 'ticket with
Irvin and Patton, we will tell a tale on the second
Tuoaday of October, that will speak well for old
Ma. EDITOR:—From a communication which
appeared in the last "Sentinel," I Perceive the
question of who shall be our next Senator from
this District, is about being brought before the
people. lam glad to see a move on this subject,
and as one of the old soldiers of the Whig party
of tliis county, I ham taken the liberty of sending
you my views on thelatject, and of suggesting
the name of a gentleman for that office, who, I
think, will scarcely have the shadow of an oppo
sition before our County Convention. T he gen
tleman to whom I refer, is Dsenst M. SXT.ZX,
Esq., of your town. His name and experience as
• legislator will at once recommend him to every
man in the county. Such it man is needed at
present in the State Senate. There is scarcely a
doubt that Gen. Irvin will be our neit Governor,
and that Maj. Patton will bo elected Canal Com-
Missioner ; this being the case; it behooves Ad
ams County to be represented M the Senate by
one who his had some experience in Legislatire
bodies, and one who den Mistain the new admit";
iettation by his . eloquemn and experienot—one whe
can originate, protect and, defend the interests of
the Whig party. , Mr. Smyeer
,represented 140-
people, of thin county lb, two successive years in
the Manse of RepnesentativesofPrmnsylvanisond
he was then acknowledged.* he , alb mod eloquent
debate/ in dud body. Arid, by Miguel &mom of the
Whigs was alk . rieed'to be the leader ofdtirparty
in the House. Let ns, this retare, nominate him as
'our candidate 'fbi Senator, ands 414v . 0pl for it,
not a county in the Commonweal ,can boast of
it more ccorapetent and. mote enorgelie . 4epreestits.
live than the "Young Guard." , When IMY this,
tot rim _le understood correctly. I moan no die.
psragsment to any other man who is spoken of fur
that office, antlyarticularly so In regard to the fa
vorite of the "Sentinel's" correspondent, .!llunt
ington." Mr. thetas has always been a favor
ite of mine, and he is acknowledged tol4n ex
cellent and intelligent man, a sound , and
would no doubt make a good Senator ((( :Mist when
this is admitted, it will also be allowed that he
lacks that experience in legislation which is so
n Presser). at this peculiar time. Important nt anent
will no doubt arise at the next meeting of the Sen
ate, and it requires an old and experienced deba
ter to meet the "old stagers" in that lady. Mr.
Sniper is. Anon and admitted to excell almost
any other Mau in thrt Btale le' debate, and of coitad
wig be able le . awry, measures ,widebit roverAi bi;
impossible Iballer to amilplieb. • Thom
ate _my siteura /midis sal;Met., /believe them 'oho
taarect. I may be wrong, boirease, hasty concha.
dons, mkt if the people of the county, through
their Conventhrth deem Mr. Stadler more .ettrofie.
tont to represent them in that body thin Mn stey.
ger, and nominate him, no man will give &Wittily ,
er and more hearty aup'porchiWst thintour hum
ble servant from good old
Ms. B esa4a.—We observe s &cout] unicatio
in the 4 80titinel! ottlxi 14th last, signed "11
• intitofti" In relation, to ; the Utinaination 'of imAi l
dates for the Senate mud the. House of Represen=
tatives, which, among other things, alludes to
newer add to have been itut in dreulation, admit
ah arrangeowitt had been- made with him, (MW
Bsutaa,)' to deelirte the nomination for'ftemiteit,
and accept it for Repretientative ; and that 1). M.'
ax TEM was to be the candidate for the Senate;
Wm. R. BADLIS for Representative, and Wx.
M'Elasawr waist,: to tt'bes randidite at all."
Now, sir, we feel authorized to contradict this
rumor, and say that Wx. M'Sdiaair will be a
candate for the °miriade* of Representative.—
What the author, "Hinitinghnirminmt by garb
ling his article in the manner ho has, so as to
make it stood unintelligible, we are at a loss to
know, unless ho wished it to be understood that
Mr. M'Sherri Seas not a candidate. Mr. H
. has alai left his readers in the dark as respects the
meaning of this singular communication.
Although Mr. M'Auguai has not asked that
his nomination he'urged, yet he wilt, if nominated,
egeept it, and be thankful to the Whigs of Ad-'
ams county for the honor conferral, and endeavor
to till the station with that dignity of character
and honesty of purpose which so much distinguith
There is no man we would rather ace on the
ticket than Mr. M'Sit mil r, as we believe libiguai
illeations are such as to enable him to discharge
the duties of the station with credit to himself and
honor to the country. He has always been warm
ly attached to the Whig cause,—has inborn! for
it earnestly and faithfully, and in our °pinta'
would be an honor to the county aful his eisustitu
,ents in the Legislature. Again, Mr. M'Saimar
is a host within himself, and we can assure you
and the convention through you, that with his
his name old Genuany and Union will gives good
account of themselves. Let the report be contra
dicted—let justice be done him, and we will come
sip to the mark in the spirit of those determined to
triumph. With him we are and will be perfectly
invincible. GERMANY 84 UNION. '
FROM THE ARMY.—The annexed letter
from a yyung friend, an officerin Capt. ilarnanl's
company or Voltigeurs, now under orders to join
Gen. Seaver, reached ua last week-take our pa
per hiltil gohe to' press. It Will ba Vettbeleisi be
read with Interest by the friends 4tite wittert'.*
Correspondence of the Shrewd
• PALO ALTO. (1 4 i4111;)
flan Eta was deeply grieved to hear this
morning ofthe death of my friend end' fellowsoP,
dier, JOAN PATTON)+, one of theyoung mewhito
enlisted with me at Gettysburg. He died on Stir
urdaY last,altec e protracted dine* of about six
weeks. He bore his afflictions with. a 'patience
and moral-fortitude that is seldom equalled under
the trying eireunistanciminwhreh be was placed.
lie suffered front dysentery, compticawd with eth
er disease. For some time he lay in-the same
tent with me, (I being sick at the 'gun° time). I
did all that was In my power to make him com
fortable until ho was removed from here, about a
, vook.affo, to the Hospital at Matamoros, where
he died. I deeply regret that I was deprived of
the privilege of paying the last tripute of respect
to his mortal remains, but I feel assured that he
was interred in a decent and becoming manner...—
Poor follow; they have laid him down to sleep in
a strange land, far from his native home, where np
friend can look upon his grave and drop 'a tear of
heart-felt affection. I sincerely sympathize with
their parents in the ken of so dear a soft; but let
them derive consolation from the thought, that by
his own natural good consolation and manly de
portment, ho had won the esteem Of all who knew
We were all in high spirits in consequence of
rumor finding its Way into ramp that we were to
be diawlvarged and sent home in let than a week.
It ma laughable to : see the poor l kilowa t wow
faces had been drawn down and sharpened by dis
ease, until it gave them the appeanume of the most
sanctified saint that ever took upcus itieuteif the
respungibility of forgiving 'dna, their chiesertwling
up to their proper places, and smiles occupying
the place where just before Was seen the ghostly
look of despair. 113tu all these blight antkipatious
e( home were soon dispelled by an girder reaching
us to proceed to Vera Cruz,. I believe tajoin'the
gallant Gen, eiturrr and aid hint in 'taking the city
of Mexico. Three cheers for that ! we will have
a chance at old ...Cork- Leg n :let, and his yellow;
skinned followers. I sincerely hoperthat the little
band that started front Gettymberg may 'come off
id flying colors, mid give their Mends at home no
reason to be eshrimeel of them.
I would not give one oc i!ennsylvanitea good
Houston° filtOn for ail 'Of iHeileo and Texas that ,
There yer.goen, and If the 'ulterior ii not teo . re
imuditing than this portion of it, lift:. Polk could
not lave been a very good judge ibel& else he ,
would not have.sont au arety here to fight for, it.
It has not rained hero for chi,- nonitie irti the
ground is cricked openitem eighteen' ineites
throe feet deep. it la literally pare* up, and the
not sun is rendering the ovine oat of our'fat ?elm.
eyiviuda b'hoys, equal to a tallow elutridlrry, ; But
hover fear ; there will be enough left pf them to
satisfy them Lilaputian Mexicans. The PenneYt
vanians are the finest looking and MOO spirited
men that I have alert hero, and well represent the -
State ftme which they, comeAlglatu4ortilto 'oh!
Keystone, and old Adams in piationlae. •
I wish I had some way of sending the Litiniiirt
Association someOfthet&wild uvannhintitand
nico6di eurloint insect& There are spideri 'here ax
big sr youi thrt, and their bite is instant dee% to,
man tielbthie: Theniitte callo Trelreeksid 'land
me of a datt brown' n color. ' Seveini, have been
caught In 4W , lentil ; they (WIWI in at 'night ; and
my opinion is. . that tboy tug. iseissucll Ina ought
to be ex , sn 3 Plnnitts4d. Vitrre
441 4PhitooAiatt Out ore to tom t (4 7 her Vera
are Capt. Bamanrei Capt. Iliddlea, Capt.
Reward's, Capt. Edwards', end Capt. Church's,
dike Voltiginia, and'the 11th and idittiegitatenta
of banal. When we get there; dote will be
something walls writing about. you will hear'
hum ma again. Farewell. W. I. M.
AT VERA RUZ.—We note that 'OA
°Apar L6l avAtit about 2,000 bit lu
ding Copt. Darnard's company, had arrived at
Vets Crua on the lot iust., and intended pushing
on immediately to join Uen. &Arm ,
ling through of of the Isthmus of Suez is
at last determined upon.. I. Egypt is
made a neutral State; her independence
amid sentrality are guarantied, by the Porte,
J iance England and Austria. 2. Prussia,
RhWsbl, North America, and powers 'of the
Second rank, are invited to recognize - this
zrutrality; '3. Euglated is to tiny the. ne
cesSarV land at Suez t and 'the canal
pifoltecidisTrrined EngrandlOgether.-
AN Execution re Ktiviicist.—Wm. H.
fltepier, a young mail 17 years of age,
wad-executed . according to' seifitette, 'in
Greenbush, Ky., on the , iSth , inst., for the
ponder of his mother. Nearly five thou.
kandoreiine assembled ain slitineikthe el*.
Bing scene, , and, strange as it may appear,
full doeiludftif them: Ideas lediedht.ili4es,
, .
too,' appose ridy ,
lit teuptactabilityf livid^ high
breeding. ~.., . .,, , ~ , r,,, .1“, ••1 •R-.. 1.,/:
..,NLAVII,OkrmAPARAL-4 , 77-The it mown, of
eufferinglidiened by this invaluablekcirepa.
'ration is !idiom s parallel in the history
of medicine. Thousands have been resto
red, tit. hoitillt , hy,<4, heelinciand-sigedima-.
1 44,CfrIetteT , who *Om clat444 , 4PAit, . i
tea lila of remedial means,'" arnets eerd , -
caw/ Ileretefet:eiiitt,i)irited , *KV es
ittkilieft,i , it has rece”eiriihP a pp p.
bationof Many liwlitior!pl, M.Atia.,l4A4
ethervities, Mal Lb r apid groll4.*WiaigtB'
iimation of rho public• hamilaced pt,h4qcut(
die reirit. of)istracticio ac t dig efforts cif
dompelition• 1 ".Discases which arise from
impuisty of the liloial or, rilfllio,niof tly)4pu
mon/ gerieraliyestmh as Sprefidabr, •
if.inK a lf
Evil, RhMunatism entflneipiedaold.;,A3 t.
Ahearn and oihtir eutaiteous diseases, Pli•
ter Sores, Internal Abscesses, Fistulas,
painful Affeetions of the .B t eeel, (ample
inflammation of the Kidneys, Female De : ,
raekterients, General Debilaty. and Prod's
tkon of the System, are all removed by its :
use. ( ' ' ' i'--.4"i! ..: !I. r iir
IKTFor further particulars and 'conclusive esi•
donee ofits superior albytsciissee PatqpWeyAske)
rutty he'obtnined Of tigehts eratis..!POPsted
sold; .wholesale Sad - retail; by 111.11:ii
7tl Fulton street New—York.„--tiolkolo,dry
pointruentsittherrli - • " Ti
Gettyiburg; Pa.. Price $1 per bottle. §ix boitleft
lor P 5.
hine la, 1847: •" •
The PI9P,K MLRKET is infe7
live ; buyers offer $ 50, but holders *ink
erally prefer waiting fur fartheradvines
front Europe. Some males made at oFf, 50.
(60d to prime xe4 Wheat 0;05
White and yellow Corn at .1.i2 a *1.13;
Oats 00 a- 02; Rye,*l.2otl,Clovtifffed
*4 50: . Pra4sesel-fl 403 Beef $0
tti ,*B'24. Hoge *0 00 t 0 ,40,.0U. ••••
• • •• •I) 1E . •
Qn the 13th nit. Mr. Itte'niii.ta
bottnown, tigril 83 tosnt, 9 inentisinniti l 9
On tin. Oth inst. in Abboustown, afters .Itingilla
neat' Eta lIA a Ora,: wife of hfr..r.alioilown:
Tho PRESS- on which tittr“ftti"
luts.been printed-is offered for sale. It ista
good .Ramage. ,, with-iron bed a a •
is in good order, and will be sold,
Letters to the editor, poet-paid, ill
attended to.
D MIDDLECOPF ' h juit pscfiiygif
art 4r Iphof
-which will be offered at very reduced pri
Fait Color Madder Prints; for lit ceriti4
vtordi 124 • ' • •
Fast Color French Lawns, forl2l , entto:-4.
worth 25;' • • •
Cloth's, Tweed", Casslntelres,
Codringtoris, Drillings, Cot l tonades,
W)Ci - On/u @aVgitiolOßo,
Caps, Bonnets, Umbrellas, Parasols, Pq r
asuletto, and Sun Stigt ;,
Ex . All decidedly Ci . 1e51 7 11111111 tlo9liXli 441 l. „ 40
June 18.--ft 7
ag"'An Address upon Tem.
perance will be deliveted before tfie Main
Total Abstinence Society'? of Gettysbuit
by the Rev. R. S. MACIAY, in the. Cori.
'tense, THIS (Friday) EVENING, at fi
o'clock. As as interesting diseourse may
be exeected, the friends of the cause, c itivil
the citticusgenrellY, ate invited tp attend.
• P. M • 0 0NAPG1 1 ) 4. =AN.
June 18.-It .
41 KELLER, KUETA'S PACilp '1)0940/T v
1111711 ERE may be found Bonka - on
w w
Theology, Arcdiekger LaVVI C/ 08 ,Mi•
cal and,School--with ail the recent publ4 ,
cations of the day.
Just give me a call, and l'nt sure you woninieji;
tiuiric.sules and Antall patina is the wa...y, I'do it.'
June 18.—tf
Pictorials, 4th of Jaly.:.
1 1 1 11 E Dimble Pictorial gaturday Couri
er and 'Brother . Jontithith—price . 12
cents` -for sale at lteller'Ktirtz's: •
rfrilE Account of WIS.: Coin,
111, znittee of Nitursurlovcx, a linuttk,
has been presanted. 10 cokirt,prPOp. l
Ilion Pleas or - Atlanta i0un107,1.414"11i
Couit has appointed - itfonAty the 1131Adtry'
of August next for :tlui eonfinuatlon'iind
allowiace of said aOtount. ' ' '" •
• A. B. KURTZ, Protley.,'
Protlioaotary's fatties,
Genybtmeg,June i5,1841„5 • '•• 35
E Ondereigne4 having formed a
'partnership for the practice of the
will attend tbecourts of York and,
Adonis and alieol/sit the neighboring coun
ties if . &sired: or* in turk street, Get
tyelnol, between Ike - Bank and Pnblie Of
fices, where one of 'the fitlyi will constant
ly at . tenA (TO where conintunicauons will
r4colve prompt attention.
June /13 1847.-6 m
Flower Seeds.
Ist:try& -eelebrateid P OWER
E D S,'lklargivklety and bea
quality, received and tor attlei)y ' '
March 6; 1847.
11101 4 11Cia, &c., of the.beat quality
to be had at the ConfeetietierY of
`IL/ 0 ULD call the at tenth:ma:if persons
!IF to the stock of GROCERIES,
which .are now opened at
. their Cheap
Store immediately opposite David Heagy's
Caltjnet Ware House. . Call and examine
for voutlires. . • • .
flay 7, 1847. • •
LETTERS of Administewihm on the
Estate of JOSEPH RIFE, late o
Franklin township, Adaini ',County,' de.
'ceased, having been granted to the sub
scriber, residing in said township, notice is
hereby given to all persons indebted to
'said estate to call and settle the same with
out delay, and tllosmhaving daitus agniust
said custate are requested to ptesent , the
Amino, properly authenticated,, tor settle.
went. ;,.
.1L jidner,
' . . . TA' * E 1 4 i t)T 1 c t:.
>ik t ubscriber havipg.assoCifeil ivitli
) r ttimitiiiie Sfekantile Busine§s hill
i ? iii: w?o . l . regpectfully ask all persons
tbteil t o um ' to 'eall'and make imine
g e paymv.. , , ,
'•". NVV. 'RutitnAr rO. .
t4i.t i::' .• • • , . .
jF.II 'l 4 l i fittft'illail kitids,•ro a 'rta ;
iii. e root) can be ,hati of'iLe sub
ieriber o iiiiiionlitileilayMc ' 'Ph3aso' tall
anti'itt ' for yotirselves:''''' ' 1; • ,
•! 7 •
C. Wt"If9tFICON:'
lteffiSburg Mity1W10111: ' " ' '
IPtlic last session 4fthellLegislature
It,. bite been tbeeived , itt'tfica Priithotio
itaffitiffice. and tiro reitafterilistrlbution.
,TlitisOtititled krreceivo theni will call on
,the undersl#rledd -, •r - • ..; •ii -.; - ,
I. j ' ' '
.);' A. 11 . . KIIKTZ; 'Proth'.y.
Pnitioiotoroi/offic44'4"llbtl'il '''
' "
ituicitlVlNlT,l).••• •i• • . a •,,‘ .. at 1
IMl;thr sale
Ers .
()ex r:
ye t e
t • -,
I Afirtd ;.89n, CHARLES NE WMA N,
I IV-Lhavintahatnionast,hstv home, ponce(
'to trust him on,my ALeilAtiniv ss not
im:ro4lMlsible for say .debtlair,bis eon
• trlwting. JEW: D. , ,NIRW.hIAN.:
gap 603E1[4,11 4 , otilidli Phsti6md;'4le
• !Sinnott' `iind‘ - ifigsi'pekeet arttrieinP
theirowth - hnd preservation of the Hair,
for Ira& lit:tuna's Cheap 'Book Store—
pricerillit eta.
, 1-' l ' .11 •
11 11 ,94qk •
4e11124"4 irqqfPgr.sll.oAitiirtp,4
PeAßlNVAirena Risley's
# the Quakers'parderts,A.York i anditos
sale at the Drug' Storn,ol.,
_ s. H. fIUEitLER.
Gettysburg, Mimi 11;t1141. •
M:1111041t O.' , RIJTHRAUFF heve re
labivedirelveryillergwoubortOront of
l'itNS'll , otir a etc to ,s,! .25:
• , M43iffrir—q ' .. 1 : '
T •
111171141 i be , m ade end put up byr the
ll' , aubatiriber,,wtib will attendprompt
li , tn. „gal ordera o and upon air reasonable
tempo as can be srociarcd at any establish
'tient, in Abe .eountyv
43E0v RUEIII.I3It.
Gattiaburgr Abireh
4.4 l ,aminculary, for the People,
Nr OWtiiibkistdarthe ECLIZTIc COMM EN.
' TAFT"; ore the Bible,; from the woiket of
lictbry NO-8e:44 ihoint one bundled other
Item p orkmi l printed °shoe paper, and it ith
lariPti flair i tyjta. It will be completed in 24
parts, of tit) pages each. imperial Bvo,all'of'which
trrd now itetebthileilz i It iiill''be beautifully illus.
listed+ by secante views of scriptural scenes, de
igno oomph, to Baibellish 4 Commentary, and
;rioted ,t 1„ the, roost eminent artists.
and chifits are 'fifteen's. m
,addpl, ahe necessarl
lliSstratjek end the whole cothpri
ping as valuable a serieworlthisfrative engravings
and embelliOnl4nit ghat Oct heeds 'tatted in a
nqq similar work, , It mit fie pied with any 'di
lion oftite Bible ; Will be laihluibeil
at ;25 tants each'pait: " ' $ -
&titian erY %V Coattail*. 'of the Linden
Watt Sticietly shwistrahhearisepervirdat the'Dig:
Has stork mrshittenttniA b u,betq tllO , COMINg.
ittoueolierbeeet,fdl,yrtrolF4l,4emeneinti t t,ipniun s et.
* lt ll° •t ua l ce f).1 , 2 oVnific4, l trigf"tßO re- t
li "ohs 'truth au utr.
thri iebilifa YtiebJ int t ecialMentliffeti or
etirnek thew one' hulldrall'Orb - '
'ter •wititerr ini stint exclaim illepartnrontir iar Bibittalt
titteretetaii the erefti 14141(04 0 tralaurgalirt•
tin% enneent iltyinpli ling sealed, constitu tive arligeat of. (h. moist Taluable , 1 . 1,( icli the
bieWied filth ore' hisksitnr4d,
kat biddy of the froly'Seriphires. ''R'effeteitee has
bailie bad to the nrairot4l *outlay edam' neithere,
pied orApitiow_rtAtukinitveskoonsite .4,413% of
tbeeetilltetett., .1, .r •
ItgliikpstliensaliveT sesscinneuire Vi hen
,true tebg,df robot greatly ottedeil a safe-gitant a
gaintt ithselis Witictr'sfilt both boldly and Mali -
oultylivinsed saber vitaliptieeiplest (*Aspe true
religion wee nerer,ini,learn perilous partition 0.1..1
mete open enemies and pretended. frisnilsolbealt,,
ihisAtsr,tplier arieliuwat =yell *wee it
mcinrincumbent iban,nkw, on nyesy !MA (head of
her Poly precepts, eveit s conscieafiolie mater' nt's
haullbhold, every animus parent. gifardian and
protector, to be paividta , lri4 OAP *Weiss to the
poison, whictwis- , soteenserseittectitterea
broad, or an argument 'pine t each dangerous
lacy/Wads 1 1 1 .00p64(adetildthaliajantaiiiiNatt
nu . '" th4tifelliapts*hieti lathe fain& Ont
o%theAiri • R, tor, anti the brio expolsent el;
Willi) I )-• TT'
,111101.gbject p( the r rOmpilere has besato ‘ proviae
camaavary errtpiret 111 site,Vet* In price ,
audituinAtopitrugsans of ever y` i:mailstak and
"x , 4 101 04 0 11. ,
nlhe firmly hits %hose handed& aprheames
belealit(tbeit passeeden a store of Biblical science
and psarticial imitroktiocrof mere vilbeaban gold.
l'he re publication is a great undertaking, and ire
hope* will. receive na taisqu.!ta suppart: 4 -11 , ..Ti
- e tlii s tatibinentory bee Voyed an eictreo;rtina.
ry , popularity as a practic ext;osition of • c;011's
won!. ''it differs from any Other, presenting the
best araligatiesi illustrative alai practical corn.
Inentwathich the, editors were able to select from
the taest achoiars, on each passage in course, he
text being omitted, it is wielded to present a vast
amount of learning in a null space. 'I he sour
ces • Isom nhich it is compiled afford a perlect
guarantee ohm sounders,, both of doctrine and
interpretation. while the advantage of having the
opinion ot 3111ferent commentators Jul apparent and
very grcat.'"—/V. I:lunge/Ist.
"We regard the Eclectic Commentary, now in
comae of publication by Mr, Nhantion. as especial.
ly deserving the patronage of Protestant Christ
ians. Its'clienpness. beautiful finish of meehani-
cal workmariship,.and its compieliciisi‘eitess. em
bracing: as it does. the cream of all the ablest com
mentaries. all entitle it to Cr%y high consideru
tion."—ChriaMin Purkir ilaguziNt.
We have received the nrn..t favorable notices
fiom many distinguished elerg)nien arious de
nominations in this country, and also from the re.
ligious press, which cannot be inserted in a news
paper advertisCritent'on account of their length—
they will be found on the corer of each'part.
l lK Nassau street, N. York.
°„' Booksellers and agents supplied at tine reg
ular trade. pricus. The nunthers, as puhlished,
will be sent by express to any part nut the United
States,'by remitting the amount for the shim, at
the time of sending the Order.
June 18, 18.17-12 t • •
Will be'taken at titin Office Wit/tined/ale.
,applitsatiott be.noulo. (Inc front 14 to Lt;
yearn:of age would be preferred, '
pursuaneettf an oider thoo
Cpuil.of Albans mini?, 6tter
ed at public 'outcry; opon the** on
Iredpeed4`tfit 14th cloy of Jitlyaseg:
The REAL ESTATE of Tama. Willi nor,
late of Tyrone township, Adasns.County,;d, conniating of a
situate in said township, adjoininglands of
Alfred Harman, Solomon Starner, and oth•
ere, containing
more or less, one third upland and panty
timbered, the balance good arable land,
with a proportion of meadow and balloon.
The improvements are a double
" Spring House, a double, Loy
Barn, with sheds attached, and there itia
'never' failing spring of water near the
house and a young and thriving Oichani
on the place. • •
Sale to cotnmence at 1 o'clocti; P. 211, of
said day, ~..Attendance given lOW Atlas
made known by - -
'JANSON T. WR1G1137 0 ,,
, 4dminivirator.
• By the, Court,
Ittitraietc, Cle4,
June 11, 1847.--Ia
PROPOSA litl - - wilt lie - reeeivedr,
before 6 o'clock. P. M., on Noito`day
the 20th inst„ at the house of A. B. Kurtz,
in the borough of Gettysburg, for tlttforce
lion of a now house, of worship : , f ;
1_ Plans wilbbe exhibited and informatints
given to coniractors at any time . provioini.
A.' 11. ICUR'fZ,
H, JIAUPT, Brillang
G. CULP, Cotniie . e.
June 11. 11147.'—td .
Et.r.crioN NOTICE.
fir "IIE School Direetorw of the Baronet
of Gettysburg hereby give neat:A l -it:
qceortionce:iritb zt.roso)ti
Public Meeting on Tuesday 148,4 . that
election ivill he held at the
in the . Borough of Gettysburg,' on 'swot:
de ! / the 201 h of June next, for the perpdetf
'of debitling whether the Board shall' Wavy.:
ilmrizoil to purchase the "Old Iteadetny'!.
for the purpose of converting it into
l t ub-
Jic Schobls.
. _
The'eleetion will he held between 'the
holies orlo A. M. and 6 P. M. of said
day, and.proper officers will he appointed
and tickets prepared for that purpose.
By order of the Board,
11. J. SCHREINER, 'Neey. •
Gbttysburg, April 7, 1847.
TE subscribers have on hand•s'veiyi
large stock of ST ONE .COAL,
which they will dispose of law by thesina ;
gle bushel Or otherwise, at their coach
making Establishment. "
March 12.=—Irt •
Virath s F.: persons 'who have engaged
IL to furnish the Supscriber with
WOOD, on account, are requested to. de
liver it hum/At/W . O at his Foundry f othei-
Wiie will expect ate money. 7,'hoio
interested will please attend to the above
Gettysburg, April 2J.—tf
IR. GILBERT informs his friends,
and the public in general, 'that he
has formed a permanent partnership with
CL.I3YTON .4. 604VGILL, Al. D.,late
one of the resident Physicians ofthe . Phil..
adelphia Hospital at Hinckley.
Gettysburg; June 4, 1847.
A),- r, FIX/
ECTULLY offers his-proles
sional services to the citizens of GeN
tysburg and 4 surroundi tog country. Ho hi
prepared to attend to all cases usually erti
trusted to the DrwrisT, and hopes, by strict
attention to Dentistry alone, to be able to
illgase Mt who may see tit . to entrust -their
tettliinitishands. Otlice at Mr. M'Coster
Hotel. . .
Ant lguolorfaiimm_
(9/ ca r (i.yte,)
Pkgs'EN TS
,h is respects to his friends
and "infor ms them that he 'haumatle
ariartgernAtisto continue toprsetice as nernst
it iie fitnins-of Adams county-, under the
new regulation of ,Cite times for holding
Jan 30, 1840.
ALF •X. N V .14:1%
, . 41'TORNEI 42" LAW,: • ,•,---,1.-
OFFICE in the Centre Sqnste, North
of the Court `house. betwten Smith's
and §tevensen's corners.
9ettyshurg, Pa.
LOP 111 ICON A IU-G-111.1r-ti
/OFFICE in the S. W corner of An,
Public Square, one door West qf
Arnold's Store, formerly occupied as a
Law Office by ions; . 11Peoszstmeer;
deedt lie Solicits, and by prompt and'
and faithful attention to busmess in his pro,
fession, It will be his endeavor to merit ,
confidence and patronage.
KT D. M'OoNsttenv will also attend
promptly to all business entrusted to hint as
Agent and Solicitor for Patents and
He has made arrangements, through wbfeit
he can furnish very desirable farilities let
applicants, and entirely relieve them . from
the necessity of journey to Washington,
on, application .to him personally or; by
Gettysburg, Aril 2,1847,
THO 11 A S ‘III 9 C E
grAFFIV 13 in Abe South-emu CpnlfYrOi
'iur theßiantond, between A. B, /Curteilk
tfolel and It. W. 111 ' 811 tTLY'si
Gettysburg; De&
- _
I H. HegH hay removed
•) ()Ince4 to the room uite unit' Ettat . tit
Mr. Wattle'it !fwd. unLI: immetfiately.
posite Dr. flamer**.
~: <s
~~, ;