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The Seasons.
lore the lenghing, blooming firnlNG.
The lively month of May ;
Whey woods end fields; end mountains ring
• 4'is Nature 'e gale day.
I lore the withering Acrvis nr, too,
• With its sere and yellow leaf;
When 111 •round us wears the hue •
Of nipping, chilling death.
I love, too, stern old 14'1 , tyra's time,
With his cheerful blazing hearth—
' With the laughing song and merq thyme
WM the time for social mirth.
Suva° lovely, calm, king Belemsa's dsy,•
With the ben of the humming het,
As trorn dower to flower she wends her way,
The Be sus, the Sevoiss foe Me!
The Farmer's Cried.
Ve bell 'e in small farms and thorough
cultii , atiou. The soil loves to eat as well
as its owner and should be nurtured.
We believe in large crops, which leave
tho laid better than they found it—waking
both the farm and the farmer rich at once.
We believe in going to the bottom of things
and 'therefore in deep ploughing, and e
nough of it—all the better if with a subsoil.
We believe that the best fertility of the
soil is the spirit of industry: enterprise,
and intelligence; without this, lime and
gypsum, bones and green manure, marl or
plaster; will be of little use.
We belieue in good fences, barns, and
good farm-houses, good stock, and good
We believe in a clean kitchen, nfmt
wife 'in it, n opining piano, a clean cupboard
dairy and conscience.
We firmly disbelieve - in &utters that
willbotimprove, in farms that grow poor.
er every year; in starved cattle; in far
mers' daughters unwilling to work; and
in all fainters who are ashamed of their
Monterlizur.—The Editor of the A
merican Farmer, in answer to a letter of a
correspondein, who complains of mouldy
milk. says:—
The cabs* of milk and cream becoming
mouldy; arises fiat, from the heaviness of
the sunoephere in cloudy weather, second
ly, at the want of ventilation in the milk
house, All such houses ehonld have win
dciws facing each other at the four points
of the Compass, which windows besides
glass sashes, should be covered with fine
glitme-like wire, the upper glass sashes to
be so arranged as to be lowered so as to
admit ingress and egress of wind, and thus
encourage a current of air, to be at all times
passing through the house to carry off and
prevent the damp • vapors front' settling
down upon the milk vessels. '
A German journal states that the appli
cation of galFanism has been made in
Austria for preserving trees from the rava
ges; of insects. The process is simple, con
slating only in placing two rings, one of
copper and the other of zinc, attached to
gether, around the tree ur - Any in
sect that touches the copper, it is said, re
an electric shock, which kills it or causes
it to fall to the ground.
—Boosanzatturs.—A French nurseryman
sajirthareitiausted tan bark spread on the
se - Ause around the roots of' gooseberry
bushes, is an effectual remedy fur caterpil
lars. A =dead of the bark is amply suf
ficient for the largest garden.
ROOTS roe CNITLE.--Carruts, parsnips
and beets may be sown any time in June,
if your manure is well prepared. It should
be so fine as to be incorporated with the
soil. Platte the manures on the furrows
and harrow thoroughly—harrow on the
very day of planting, , that you may have
as few weeds u possible fur the hoe and
the fingers.
Yourrows or drills may be fifteen inches
apart—and your drills may be made into
hills, if yeti have courage enough to cut
down the pretty looking plants that stand:,
too thick. This labor is done with the hoe
cutting across the rows. When your plants
are all in hills you will have but little thin
ning or hand weeding, in case your ground
was well prepared and suwed.—Mass.
DAIRY UTENBILS.-All dairy utensils
should be scalded, rinsed, and dried every
time therttre ..used... Glazed pottery is
not considered desirable for milk and
and cream, as the acid contained in them
acts upon the glazing, (which is generally
-an-.oxide of lead.J and Converts it into an
active poison. Vessels made of wood are
preferred by many to any others,,for .this
purpose; although they are liable to be
come tsiuted with the acidity of the milk,
in which cue they can be thoroughly
cleansed by boiling; and when this fails,
a little esheratus added to the boiling Iva
ter will neutralize the acid. The vessels
must afterwards be inutteisedfei;ltro or
three days in water, w hiel{should occalsioti•
ally be changed. Milk vessels may be
wade of maple, white ash, hickory, or
white. pine.
Tat Vows-v.—The real esuite and all oili
er mule property of Lancaster county-,
aroonfing to the 'twat uieenial assess
emu; rammuts to $2111,101t,454 00.
Ontusati Vounitt.--About 8,000 Ger
man miasaine, in a body, are now on
AbitSs wiy to Gee of the counties of
sneiswis, the whole of which moiety themol.
Gay *a weepy. The alines* rani,
40it1 ettesher, lauded at hittaitouwac, Will
ow** es the 7th inst.
14roillirsiimajoi 44 Pito;o of work
*MOO' 441 4,4 6 /*".4
ViIllll,MoLd Ala =Hag
RETURNS' his grateful. acknowledg
ments for the very liberal patronage
which has heretofore been extended to
him, and takes this method of informing
his friends and customers, and the public
renerally, that he still continues the,CAB
-INET-M AXING in Chambersburg street,
at his old stand, where those wishing &st
rata Furniture can be 'supplied on the
shortest notice.
Ile has also, in connection with the Ca
binet-making, commenced the CHAIR
MAKING, and is prepared to furnish
those wishing Chairs at as reasonable rule"
as at tiny other eitiblishmentin the'placi,
and'of •its gond gliality,.made of the- best
materithrand by one who Understands his
his Wiliness. • • -
.0 1 41( kinds Uf 'produho,, and lumber,
wiltbirtaketrio - wiffhorign for - Furniture;
and the highest market price given.
Kr .
COFFINS will be made at the
shortest notice, and all orders promptly at-,
tended to. as usual.
Gettysburg, Mardi
RESPECTFUL IN informs his friends
end the public generally that he has
now on hand a large assortment of TIN
trdme, of every description, which he
will sell atmoderste prices—all warranted.
Persons wishing to purchase al low rates
Will do well to call before purchasing else
HOUSE SPOUTING will be made
and, put up at 124 cents a foot.
izrAs Apprentice to the Tinning
business will be taken, if application, with
good recommendations, be made, soon.
43ne between 10 and 17 years of age will
be preferred.
Gettyaburg, March 12, 1847.
• _____
.ESRECTFULLYinforms hisfriends
.111.1....5uil the publicienerally, that he has
removed his Clock and Watch Establish
ment from Taneytown, Md., to Gettys
burg, at thelstand.lately occupied by Jo-
BEIM Ms-rnaiig, , deceased, where he—will
be pleased to Wait upon all who may favor
him with-their custom. He will keep on
hand a general assort
went of, , • n' l
A "11 D
Ci . . 4)
which wilkbe sold on the most reasonable
terms. Clocks, Watches. &c., will be re
paired at the most reasonable prices, and
wa rnm ttd to give anti re satisfacti on. Hav
ing been engaged in the business for a num
ber of years he hopes, by industry and par
dealer attention to his customers, to merit
a share of public patronage.
Gettydburg, Oct. 9,18.10.---tf
'THC undersigned has connected with
his Coaehmaking Establishment a
large Smith shop, and is prepared to do all
including ironing arriages, Buggies,
Wagons, ,te. He would sayto those who
have Horses to shoe, that he has in his em-
ploy first-rate hands, which, with his per
sonal attention', will enable him to giveren
tire satisfaction tonal those who may faror
him with a call.
Carrioge Iffirggy
(warranted) will be promfitly made to or
der at all tiMea. • •
J..A1l kinds of REPAIRING done,
both in Wood and Iron, at the most redu.
red prices.
Thankful for past enco ragement, the
subscriber soli& onttnuance of patro
nage, and i nes his friends to call at his
Establishment in tom west Chambersburg
street, a few doors below . Thompson's
Gettysburg, Feb. 0, 1840.
1 1 HE attention of . the Ladies is directed
0 - • to the very handsome assortment of
IVltite Goods, (plain, plaid and striped,)
unusualy lair', at the Cheap tBore or
Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegeta
ble Specific,
F OR Female Complaints—is one of the
most valuable medicines in diseases
common to Females, ever offered to the
public. Diseases arising from weakness
or other caus e s, are removed in a few
days. We have heard numbers of fe
males say they would not be without this
medicine, if it could not be had, for any
price. Certificates of cures, in pamphlet
form, may be had of the agents gratis.
Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegetable Remedy.
Do. do. Panacea
Do. do. • Pile Remedy.
Dr. di`ppleton's Remedy for. Deafness.
Remand's Magic Lotion.
These Medicines are prepared and sold
by the proprietors, Rowan & Walton, 370
Market street, Philadelphia, and can'be
had in Geityaburg,at the Drug Store of
Jan. 15, 18411.—tt
MONDS, dic.; of the beet quality
to be had at the Confectionary of
?Natly Ii eiNditiously executed
T "S!'F.111" OFFICE.
Spring & Sllllllllll' Dry Goods,
ALLY received from Auction, at J.
j_j ROSS 11001'ES', No. 411 Market
Street above 11th St.. opposite Girard
Square Philadelphia: such as mous. de
laiiies, from 12 1-2 to 18 . 3-4 cents, ging
hams, new style, 18 3-4 to 25 cents, yard
wide lawns, 12 14 to 18 3-4, white mulls,
bishop lawns, tarletons, jaconetts, swiped
and plaid muslin from 12 1.2
and:'glossy alpacas fgam..2s - toll7, tioaings,
(lane's, diaper., doe. Shawls .of every
style from $1 to 812. Calicoes from 5 to
12 1-2 c, of it.superior style, hosiery and
gloves, men's and boy's linen, cotton and
worded stripes and plaids, from 10 to 20c.
Tweed, Cassimere;all wool, only 25 and
81 eta. • Black, Eng. and French Cloths
from $2 to .5 per yard. My assortment
of muslin and linens are not to be surpas
sed, either in cheapness or variety, in this
city. Muslins at 8, 10, 12 1-2 8 yards
wide, 87 1-2. Cotton and wool ingrain
carpets from 10 to 50 cents. Matting 25
to B'7 1-2 cents.
N. B. Purchasers aye rtrquelited to call
and examine for themselves before buying
elsewhere, and they will save at least 25
per cent.
Phila, April 9.-3 m
Feathers! Feathers!
Cheap for • Comb,.
dieter and General Il4rnisher, No,
416 Market street, above Eleventh, North
Side, opposite Girard Row; Philadelphia,
where, may be had at all times a large as
sortment of Beds and Mattresses, Curled
Hair and Feathers, Chairs, Tables, Bed
steads and Looking glasses ' together with
all other articles in the above line of bus
iness, at the very lowest price for ('ash.
N. B. All old work repaired with neat
ness and despatch.
March 26. 1847—(3m.)
- LtIFOOMUS has removed his Watch
110 * IVatch-Tool ,and Material Store,
from No - . 33 S. dth street, where he has
on hand a large asportment.of Gold end
Silver Lever, L'Epines, and Pjant Watch
es, with a complete assortment of Tools
and materials, such as Lunette, Patent and
Plain Glasses, Mainsprings, Verges, Hand
.Dials, etc., of every description, to which
he has added a complete and splendid as
sortment of JEWELRY, consistiMllll
Ear Rings, Brews} Pins, Bracelets, GAI
Chains, Keys, etc. winch he will guaran
tee to sell at the lowest New York prices,
Wholesale and Retail.
N. B.—Country Merchants, and others
visiting the city, are invited to call & exam
ine his stock and large assortment at No.
246 Market at, below Bth South side.—
Orders from the cointry promptly attend
ed to. "
Philad'a, April 9--[Jan. 22—Om.]
To country Merchants, Storekeepers, co
the public in general.
THE Subscriber takes this Method to
._1 Inform all whom it may concern,
that he intends to keerat his Old Estab
lished Stand, No. 382, Market street, tv
Aafirst-rate assortment of all kinds of
SPATS A' Cal I" S,
suitable for the Country Trat!e.—
Feeling confident from his expe
rience and prattled knowledge of the bits=
iness in all its various branches, that he
will be able to render general satisfaction
to all who may favor him with their cus
11:7PCountry Merchants would do well
to calf and examine before purchasing of
his more noisy competitors.
. 1 . All hats warranted to retain their
color. Hats from $1.25 to $4.00, of the
latest style.
tio. 382 Market street, above Eleventh, south side
January 22, 1847. Gin
lit the Philadelphia Watch and Jewelry
Store, -
No. 9d, North Second street, corner of Quarry
Gold Lever Watches, full jewelled,
18 car. cases, $45 00
Silver Lever do. full jewelled, 23 00
Silver Lever do. 7 jewels, f 8 00
Silver Lep* do. jewel'd, Ist (pal. 14 00
Superior Quartier Watches, 10 00
Imitation do. not warranted, 5 00
Gold Spectacles, 8 00
Fine Silver Spectacles, 1 75
Gold• Bracelets, with topaz atones, 350
Ladies' Gold Pencils, 10 carats, 2 00
Gold Finger I.ings,37 cis to $B,; Watch_
Glasses—plain 12 cts ; patent 18 ; lunet
25, Other articles in proportion. All
goods warranted to be what they are sold
for. 0. CONBAD.
On hand, some Gold and qilver Levers,
Lepines and gunners. lower thaw the a
bove prices.
bee. 4,.• 1840.-1y
The Ch. open Gold and Silver !roaches
Gold Levers, full jeweled, *45 00
Silver Lefers, full jeweled, 418 00
Gold Lepines, jeweled, 80 00
Silver Lepines, jeweled, 15 00
Silver Quartiers, fine quality, 10 00
Gold watches, plain . T 5 00
Silver Spectacles - 1 75
Gold Pencils, 2 00
Gold Bracelets . , • • 4 00
A large airsortment of Gold and Silver
Hair-Bracelets, Finger-Rings, Ereastpins,
Hoop Ear-Ring, Gold Pens; Silver Speou,
Sugar Tonges, Thimbles,' Gold Neck, and
Fob Chains, Guard Keys, and Jewelry at
equally low prices.
'ir2-Atit want is a call, to convince cut
All kinds of Watches and Clocks re
paired and warranted to keep good time
for one year. Old Gold and Silver bought
for Cash, or taken in exchange:
I have some Gold and Silver Levers,- at
still cheaper prices than the above. A lib
eral Discount made to dealers. Call and
ace for yourselves.
For sale, Eight-day and Thirty-hour
Brass Clocks, at - -
Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Store, No. 413 i
Market St., above 11th, north aide,
Philadelphia, Sept. 4, 1546; . if
Flower Seeds.
ISLEY'S celebrated FLOWER
JUL $ E E D 8, a large variety and bee
quality, received and for 'sale by
aburg, March 5, 1847. •
v E have just received a handsome
assortment of plain and fringed
PARASOLS, which we will be pleased to
show to all who favor us with a call.
May 7. W. &.C. RUTIIRAUFF.
noviays ;
First Premium Writing Ink.
Prom Dr. Hare, the celebrated Profes
sor of Chemistry in the University of Penn
Philadelphia, Oct. 11, 1843.
"Dear Sir-Hav ing _ tried your ink, I
will thank you to send ine another bottle,
as I find it to be excellent.
I am yours, truly,
From Dr. Locke, of Cincinnati, distin
guished fur his numerous scientific re
"Med. Col. of Ohio, Cincinnati,
Jan. 17, 1844.
"Having used Mr. !lover's Writing Ink,
I am satisfied that it is the bear which has
ever come to my knowledge, amtespecial
ly it is excellent for the use of IthesSteel
l'ena, and will not corrode them, even in
long use. JOHN LOCKE.
Prof. of Chemistry."
forer's Adamantine Cement.
From a well known scientific'gentleman.
"Philadelphia, Feb. 27, 1846.
"Mr. Joseph E. Hover ' -Sir : A use of
r _ out Cement, and some practical tests of
Its superiority, has induced me to recom
mend it to others as an invaluable article for
mending China, Glass, or Cabinet Ware.
Analytic Chemist."
For Sale, Wholesale and Retail, at the
Manufactory, No. 87 North Third Street,
opposite Cherry Street, Philadelphia, by
11EPFor sale in Gettysburg at the store
of S. 11. BUEHLER.
May 14, 1847.
Natigpal Daguerrian Gallery and Pho
lographers' litrnishing Depot:
WARDED the Me Oat, Four. First
Ak. Premiums, and Two Highest Hon
ors by the Institutes of Massachusetts,
New York, and Pennsylvania, for the
moSt beautiful colored Daguerreotypes and
best Apparatus ever exhibited.
Ro.' Portraits taken in exquisite style,
without regard to weather. Instructions
given in the jtrt. A large assortment of
Apparatus and Stock always on hand, at
the.lowest cash prices.
New York, 251 Broadway; Philadel
phia, 136 Chestnut at.. 805t0n,.75 Qom;
and 58 Hanover streets ; Washington,
Pennsylvania Avenue; Petersburg. Va.,
Mechanics' hall ; Cincinnati, Fourth
and Walnut, and 178 Main Street; Sara
toga Springs, Broadway.
June 15, 1846.—1 y
- -
Compound Medicated Candy.
FOR the Cure of Colds, Coughs, Spit
ting of Blood, Broncilmis, Asthma,
Whooping Cough; Pains and Oppressions
of the breast, and all other Pulmonary
complaints, and other diseases which have
a tendency to produce Consumption. It
serves also as an effectual clearer of the
This Candy is entirely a vegetable pre
paration, the principal ingredients being.
Hore-hound, Wild Cherry, Sarsaparilla,
Uoncset, Elecampane, Liquorice, Flax
seed, Iceland Moss, Prickly Ash, &c. and
will, if taken in time, relieve the system
from those distressing afflictions that tend
to Consumption.
One great advantage in this valuable
medicine is its cheapness, the public not
being imposed upon by the enormously
high prices which are generally exacted
for Patent and other medical Preparations.
Each package contains directions. Call
and try it !
Prepared and sold at the Confection and
Variety store of the Subscriber in West
York street, one square from the Court
house, and next door to Thompson's Ho
tel. It can also he had at the I)nig Stores
of S. H. Btriaixert, and S.FORNEV.
lIIQ"'The subscriber as usual continues
his Bakery, and is prepared to supply
parties at the shortest notice, with choice
cakes, &c. _
F ASHIONABLE Barber and Hair
Dresser, has re ved his "Temple'
to the Diamondoidj min the County Buil
dings, where liti can I times he found
prepared to attend to the c Hs of the public.
From long ezperience h flatters himself
that he can go through all he ramifications
of the Tonsorical departments, with such an
infinite degree of skill aswill meet the en
tire satisfaction of all who may submit their
chins toile keen ordeal of his razor. He
hopes, therefore, that by attentibn to busi
ness and a desire to please, he will merit
as well as receive a liberal share of public
patronage. The sick will be attended to at
their private dwellings.
Oct. 10. , .
Protection agestaiait Loiss by
gigUP. "Cukiberland Valley Mutual Protection
Company," being incorporated by an Act of
the Legislature, and fully organized and in opera.
tion under the direction of the following Board of
Managers, viz: T C Miller, James Weakly, D W
M'Cullough, A G T A M'Kinley, Philip
Spangler, Samuel Galbraith,'Samuel Tritt, Ab'm
King, (Adams,) Job* Zng, Samuel Huston:3-T
Vireen, J Ileac—call the attention of- the inhabit
ants of Cumberland and Adams counties to the
chairmen of the rtes, aid the many advantages
which this kind of insurance has over any other.
let. Every person insured becomes a member
oftbe company and takes part in the selection of
officers and the direction of its concerns.
2d. For insurance no more is demanded than is
necessary to meet the expenses of the CoMpany,
and Indemnity against lasses which may happen.
3d. The inconvenience of , frequent, renewals is
avoided'hy insuring fora term of five years.
4 th , Any Pepe's applying for insurance must
gin his premium note for the cheapest class at
the rate of five per tent., which will be $5O on the
tOOO, for which he will have, to pay 0 30 for nee
years and 50 for 'survey and policy, end n 9
more unless loss be sustained to a greater amount
than the funds on hand will cover, And then no
more than a pro nta shire. These Yates are
much cheaper than those of other companies, ex-
cept such as are incorporated on the same princi-
T. C. MILLER, President. -
A. G. Miami, Secretary. -
ITTThe following named persons have been ap.
pointed Agerkis for Adams County :—Win W Pax
ton, F,sq. Berland Agent for Adams J A
Thompson and D Ziegler, Gettysburg; Dr. Wm
R Stewart, Petersburg; Henry Myers, New Ches
ter; Henry Mayer, A bbottstown ; Daniel Com
fort, Straban township ; Abraham King, Hunters
town; David Blythe, Fairfield ; 1' T Wierman,
- Arendtiville ; Wm Morrison and Abel 'l' Wright
13endersville ; Dr. D Mellinger, East Berlin ; Ab'm
Scott, Cash town.
Sept. 13,1846.—tf
&c., e s cheat geality, can alwaya be had at
the FtintY Store of C. WEAVER.
April 10, 18401
1)n .
Arogrorty opts Worm, tow n almost incredible
114/0 substantiate the above fact many hundreds
114 of testimonials could bcrAdduccd, out of
which the following are selected, ftorn individuals
of standing and veracity. Indeed, it Is confident•
ly affirmed that each new trial of the powers of
this remedy will have an additional tendency to
widen, and confirm its lame, and that if it were
universally known and diffused over the U. Slates,
it would save not less 'than many hundreds, if
hot thousands of lives annually.
I do certify that a vial of Dr. ItCLane's Ameri
can Worm Specific expelled fate hundred anal two
whole worms, and pieces that would have made
sixty more, from a boy of John Lewelling. Which,
if laid in a straight line, would have most proba
bly measured the enormous length of one hundred
Owner of Water Forge, and other works, Illonon
galia county, Va.
This is to certify that I purchased from Holmes
Kidd'a vial of Dr. IWl.ane's American Nva
Specific. and gave two doses to a boy of mi
about three yens of age. Ile passed fully half a
pint of worms. The quantity was so large I was
really alarmed, and called in several of my neigh
bors to see them. Had this story been related to
me, I could not !Inv, -redited it. without being an
eye-witness to the /411110. My child's health im
proved much alter. SA MI MORRISI/N.
Merchant Tailor, Wood at., Pittsburg.
Hear Medical 'Testimony.
From a regular Physician. )r. G. S. Smith, Sun
Mr. J. Kidd—Dear Sir : I have used in my
practice Dr. M'Lane's American Worm Specific,
and have often witnessed its efficacy in expelling
worms from the system: A patient of 171111e.1
short time ago, gave a vial of the Worm Specific
to a child and in a short time upwards of 65
worms were expelled.
Dr. A. P. ory ell certifies that he has frequent
ly used the specific in his practice, and with lin
varying success, it never failing to expel from 2.
to I :At worms.
A child of mine passed one-third of a pint a
worms with one vial of Dr. nt.ane's Worm Spe
cific. It is truly a surprising medicine.
T. Morkbernr, Peebles township..
Surprising Teets of Dr. Lurae's I! urns
On Saturday - Feb. 7. t ta. Mr. James Richard
son called at the office ofJ. Kidd s Co. and made
the following statement :
A child of mine had been very sick for sonic
ten days; we hail given her purgative medicine,
but it had done uo good. One of our neighbors
came in and said that it was worms that was de
stroying the child, and at the same time spoke of
the wonderful effects she hail witnessed from 'using
Dr. M . Lanc's Worm Stm‘cilic in that neighborhood.
We procured a vial, gave one - teaspoonful. when
the child discharged V: large worms. I gave a
nother teaspoontol. which An-ought away 111 more.
in ell 8S worms. As 111 ditty I owe to you and the
community I freely make known these laces. My
child is now well. %%lint is very remarkable. the
Worm Specific expelftvl the worms alive in about
four hours after I gave the 'medicine - .
N. B, Be particular to inquire for Dr. M . Lane's
American Worm Specific, or Patent Vedniftige.
Prepared for the Proprietor by J. KIDD- & Co.
Wholesale& Retail Druggists, Wood st. Pitti.bore.
ILTThe above medicine can be had of the lid
lowing agents:
S. 11. Buehler, Gettysburg ; J. Lower,
; J. & C. NrKnialit Hen
tkomille ; J. 5., Heidlersburg
Holtzinger & Ferree, Prtrr.rburg. ; Jacob
Aulebaugh, Hampton : J. T. niblebrand,
E. Berlin; Peter Nliekly, .Ihtnimasimrg;
Butinger, .4bbotlslou•n ; Coulson &
Co. Wholesale Agents, Liberty st.
more, Md.
Feb. 26, i 8.1 7.-r. m
For Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Bron
chitis, asthma, Croup,. Whooping.
Cough, Spitting of Blood, Sure
7'h rout, Pains amt tr.pre)i-
Sions of the Breast, Bill
ficalty of Breathing,
am( all oilier di
seases of the
Read the tallow tog Certificate of lure performed
by the u,,e of Boss's Experturant and Pay if you
%sill longer neglect your cough, or doubt its ellica-
Mr. JAS. F. Rob%
Dear Sir—About three weeks ago my wife
caught a severe cold, which troubled her a good
deal and gave her great uneasiness • she prepared
a great many articles which were recommended
to her by her friends, but without receiving the
benefit from any of them : hecisougli was getting
worse every dry; her appetite was last failing.
and to sleep was impossilee: the pains in her
breast and side became so severe that that she
had to go to bed, and my friends advised_ me to
call in a:Physician. I thought I would call in
the store where you were engaged and see if I
could not get something that would relieve her,
when you gar e ore a bottle of your Expectorint,
assuring we ttat it would cure her. she commen
ced taking it that night, not, however, without
great opposition on the part, of some of her
friends, who said it was only some "Quack
Medicine, - and would do her more harm
than good. But I determined to take your advice,
and now let all bum , the Result From taking the
first ease she felt easier, though unable to sleep
on account of the quantity of phlegm that loosen.
ed and would rilitio.q choke her, but which she
errokl spit up with but little difficulty; the follciw
ing day she continued it according to the direc
tions, and that time, for the first time for neariy
two weeks, she enjoyed a good nights rest and by
the time she had finished the first bottle, she was
entirely cured. Make what use of this you think
proper, for such an invaluable medicine should be
made known to the afflicted every where. With
best wishes for your success.
remain yours &c..•
CAUTION !II Beware of Counterfeits and
Spurious Imitations. See that the initials''J. F. R"
are on the seal : also my Wrilien Signaturt on the
wrapper of each bottle, without which none is gen
uine. Prepared only by James F Ross, Druggist,
Baltimore Md. al - For sale in Gettysburg by-
SAMUEL H. BUEHLER, and in Illilkrstown by
May 25, 1847.—1 y
Q4LVER MEDAL awarded for 'the beat
pictures ever exhibiied. Strangers
visiting die city should call and examine
the various specimens of colored Daguer
reotypes, at M. P. Simons' Gallery; and
those wishing likenesses, may rely upon
receiving perfect satisfaction in every res
pect. Whole families can be grouped to.
gether, which forms a. most invaluable
keepsake. Miniatures set in bracelets,
Medalions, Breastpins, &c. An assort
ment of the above Jewelry, selected for
the purpose, always on hand. Examine
and then decide. Materials used in -the
Art for sale, at the lowest rates. Ituitrue
dons given by letter or pernmally. All
communications must be post aid.
M. E. SIMONS, " '
- No. 170 Chestnut Street,
Opposite the State House, Phila.
- April 80, 1847.-3 m
. ,
Perfumery, Soap, A te. ,
I: ARTICLES, TOYS, &c., for salo
by 4 C WVER.
April 10, 1846.
DRY GOODS of every description can
be had unusually low, in Chambers
burg street. immediately opposite Heagy's
Cabinet Ware House.
May 7. W. & C. RUTHRAUFF
number /
bah, Ohio
Baltimore, March 12, 1847
.?2. P. S 1410.478
rp) F all the remedies recommended, in Ist*
years, for the curs of CONSUMPTION,
Coughs, Ids, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Com
pliant pitting Blood, Dialculty'of Briathink,
P in the Side and Breast, Palpitation of
the Heart, Influenza, Croup, Broken
Constitution, Sore Throat, Ner
vous Debility, and all diets-
ses of the throat, Breast
and Lungs:
None has been found more CURTAIN and eaatsa•
SINT in its curative power over these. so general
and often fatal diseases, then the above prepara
tion. The Compound Syrup of Tar and Wood
Naptha is an unparalleled remedy. In addition to
the healing power of Tar—the virtues of which,
in affection, of the lungs, is universally acknowl
edged—there is combined with it In this prepare
tion the active principles of some of the most cer-
tain Tonic Vegetable Pectorals, which unite to
make it the most valuable medicine ever offered
to the public for the cure of the diseases for which
it is employed, so that it steer fails, if taken in
time, to produce the intended effect.
Among the testimonials to the Nalue of the a
bove medicine, are several from distinguhdied phy
sicians of Philadelphia. Read the following-trom
Dr. Young, the eminent oculist :
Philadelphia, Jan. 18, 1847.
Having used in my practice, as well as in my
own family." Thomson's Compound Syrup of Tar
and Wood Naptha," I have no hesitation in saying
that it is the best preparation of the kind in use
for persons suffering from Consumption, Coughs,
Co . .ds, and all affections of the Throat, Breast, Bi.c.
so prevalent at this season of the year.
•••• 152 Spruce street.
Read also the following from a man who will
at - any time' corroborate its statements.
Philadelphia, Dec. 4,1847.
Penetrated with a deep sense of gratitude for
the benefit everienced by the use of Thoinsona
Compound Syrup of Tar, and that others who,
like me. have languished th ough years of affliction
and suffering, without Lein lible to find a remedy
may,know where it can be obildllel44yoluntarily
make the following statement.
About four years since, after being affecti4wih
a violent cold, it left upon me a troublesome awl
severe cough. Whilst the cough continued, which
was with scarcely an intermission during this
long period, language fails to tell what 1 have suf.
lered from debility, pains in the breast and side-,
night sweats. difficult expectoration, oppressed
breathing, and in fact all those symptoms which
mark a sever pulmonary affection. The relief
occasionally obtained by the discharge of the mat
ter which oh.tructed the healthy action of my
system, but increased my tears, as the purulent
matter discharged was Irequently streaked with
During this time t was under the treatment of
several physteians.and took ninny a tho,e prrpa.
rations recommended as ser%iceahle in the Canes
Mothers, hut without relief and I at length con•
eluded that a cure in my case was hopelcs , • nut
how agreeably changed is now my opinion! I
have meet for about three weeks Thomson's Corn.
pound sytup of Tar. Hr the use 01 one b o ttle my
cough has been relieled aunt my system reinvigo
rated, and 'by continuing the me of it up to this
time, I urn satisfied that my complaint is entirely
removed and eradicated.
It. KEAIiNFY. %?Il S. Seventh st
IP - This invaluable remedy is prrpart.ll only by
tnaney & Dickson, N. F:. Corner of Fifth and
""pruce streetA, Philadelphia, and can be bad of the
following Agenta
S. S. Forney. Gettysburg.
Carlisle,- . - -
I). I'. Lunge, Hanover.
Prire of large bottles $1.1.0. 134.!,A ll' it imita
!ions! [April :10, ISl7—ly
Stanton's I:xterstal Remedy,
vS now unisersally acknowledged to he the
Ai IN FALLI 13LE REMEDY for It heumatism,
-spinal alli.ctions, contractions of the muscles, sore
throat and rpiinsy, issues, ohl •pains in the
baok and chest, ague in the breast act tare, tooth
ache. sprains, htroses, salt' rheum, burns, croup,
hosted feet, and all nervous diseases. The troon•
pliant starts, which hits attended the application
01 this most wonderful oterlirtne in cur ing the most
severe cases of the different diseases abuse hamed,
and the high eneoniume that have been bestowed
upon it, wherever it hos been introduced, gis es
me the right to call on the offloted to lesurt at
once to the may remedy that fan be relied on.
ID - The hillowing letter from Edmund M Blunt.
Esq. whose name has been rendered immortal as
the author of the Coast l'ilot, and - several other
Nautical workeris tht, moot reliable evidence of
the great value pf the celebrated External Remedy,
ford a Liniment.
Sing Sing, July 1545
Genre( E. Staunton, Esq.
Pear Sir :—For more than half a century I have
suffered by 'Rheumatism. A twov mon:hs since iii
consequence asuisequence of that disease which
sticks closer than a bruther„ lien and injured my
side. inducing my applying Hunt's Liniment, from
which I had immediate relief ; subsequently feel.
ing an attack of my old companion, I applied it
to Umtata affected, which at. once removed
As a law compels all ship-masters to carry a Rust
icine cheat whilst at sea, none should go without
this, as I think one bottle for external purposes
worth all the medicine they can carry: You may
use this communication at your pleasure,
Very respectfully yours,
A gentleman of high standing in the society of
Friends, speaks as tollows of the great remedy.
Hunt's Liniment:
Newrasth 11 th month, let, 1814
George E. Staunton,
Esteemed Friend :—Thy letter of the r..foth ulti
mo is received. In my reply I would say, that I
have been troubled with it-lame knee for several
years, during which time it has distressed me much.
I procured a bottle of Hunt's Liniment at thfy smote,
early last spring, and I have used it freely, and I
tan that since that time I have had little or no
trouble with my keee. A friend, to whom I sent
a bottle, informs me thiif it was of .great benefit
in a rheumatic affection. I have no hesitation in
recommending it to any person needing an exter
nal remedy.
2edford, Sept. 4,,1§4.
To George E. Staunton,
Sza--;ometime since I overheated myself in
'Working, and in a short time the calf of my leg
broke out in pimples, which by scratching, became
fever sores of the worst desc tipt, on. The irritation
and swelling was so greet that I could not rest
day or night; I used one bottle of your Liniment
and lam entirely well. I was also affected by a
swelligg in my groin from the same causes, and
the applicition - of the Liniment relieved me at
once, i 'Did..Limit confidently recommend it to the
public as an invaluable remedy.
This Liniment is sold at 25 and 50 cents per
bottle by all the principal Druggists and March
Orders addressed to me at 6ing Sing, N Y, will
beattended to. G E STANTON;Pmprietor.
Inoirsate Agents—Homily, Phelps & Co 141
Water street, Rushton & Co 11.0 Broadway, A B
& D Pands,corner Fulton and William, Aspinwall
86 William street, Nero York; Cuthbert & Wear
'rill 76 South Recent!, Phil., dolphin.
AGENTS.—SamueI H. Buehler &
S. Forney, Gettysburg; Abraham King,
Ilunteratoten; E. Zuok, Pinetown ; Ja
cob Hollinger, Heidkrsburg ; Hollinger&
Ferree, Petersburg, (Y. S. ; Jacob Au's
bough, Hampton; Geo.' S. Benizeli Berlin
May 7, 11347.
Varnish i Iliusries !
THE subscribeas just received and
r h has for into a new supply of first
quality COACH VARNISH—aIso a lot
of superior Paint Brushes 4 Sash Tools.
S. H. 13UE14ER.
6ettysburg, Alvah 15, 2E147.
0 GIES, &c., of good and substantia
make, can be had at the Coach Establish
mont of the subscriber:in Gettysburg.
Gettysburg, May 29, 1840.
ERSONS afflicted with SererOa. Kings Evil
ir Cancer, Erysipelas, Old lEones, Melnik tri
ter, Mercurial Diseases, or any other complaints
arising front impurities of the blood, are request
ed to reattthe following testimonials, in proof of
the wonderful properties of the above neared med
icine. READ! READI READ! t 1
Gmrs.—lt is now six months since my
youngest child, a daughter, had a cutane
ous affection, which made its appearance
over its entire body. It was a case of
Hereditary 'fetter, and so virulent was the
disease, that we wished, in case it could
not be speedily relieved, that it might be
soon laid in its grave. At this stage of the
disease my sister-in-law called upon you;
to advise as to the best preparation ofSar
saparilla that could be procured, as an
terative ; when you recommended the use
of Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea,
and I am pleased to say that the good ef
fects of the medicine were perceptible
when it had taken but a few doses; and
by the time we had used one single bottle,
the disease had entirely disappeared, , and
from that time there has been no re-ap
pearance. I really feel thankful to you
for having recommended the Panacea in
this case, for I feel confident that had not
the disease been arrested, my child would,
ere Ilia, have been the tenant of the cold
end silent tomb. Rbeptetfully )I:lure,
ROWAND & WOittliN. John P. Rees,
Phila. Dee." 9 1845. 85 N. Seventh St.
Philadelphia December 10, 1843.
Mr. J. T. llow•ma.
Deer Sir,—At your request I cheerful
ly give you an accouat of the wondeilful
cure effected upon me by Dr. Cullen's In
dian Vegetable Panacea. At the age of
fourteen years I had upon my right knee
a White Swelling, which stiffened the
joint; and caused some seventy or more
pieces of the hone to come away in the
sores, and which was temporarily relieved
by the usual remedies, but not entirely cu
red. At times sores would again break
out, and become so distressing and painful
that I could get no rest night nor day. In
ibis way it continued till last spring, when,
hating witnessed the extraordinary effects
of your Panacea, as an alterative, upon a
a daughter of mine who was using it for a
chronic disease, I concluded to make a tri
al of it in my own case; the result has
been an entire cure. I ton now sixty-sev
en years of ago, and hulte suffered fifty
three years with sores. I cheerfully add
my testimonial to the many others that
have heard, of the cures performed by your
celebrated Panacea.
Thomas if 'dim
190 N. Third Street, Alderman Seventh
Ward, N. L.
To whom it may concern.—This may
certify that.m.y_ rh ~samosit-frout-44411,
was afflicted with Scrofula, which covered
most of its bodies with sores; and that for
eighteen months, though consianily under
medical treatment, nothing afforded relief
till 1 was induced to make a trial of Dr.
Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea. The
attending physician, on witnessing its good
effects, recommended its continuance ac
according to directions, and by using a
single bottle of the Panacea, the child was
apparently cured. It is now about four
months since the medicine was discontin
ued, and I have no doubt but the cure is
complete. Yours truly,
bow•se & WALTON
I s.t
Mr. J. T. RowAND—Sta,—Sometimo
last Spring 1 was so unfortunate as to get
the "Jackson, or Barber's Itch," by shav
ing after some one affected by that trou
blesome and obstinate disease. You
cannot have forgotten the swollen and,
irritated condition of my face at the time
you recommended "Dr. Culieu's Indium
Vegetable Panacea."
I have now the pleasure to inform you,
fur the benefit of all who are similarly af
flicted, that the use of a single bottle of the
Panacea Cured me entirely. You may
judge of my gratification at such a re
sult, as 1 had so often known the disease
to continue for years under the usual mer
carrel remedies. (Signed)
I'hila. Aug. 5 1845. T. L. SanderB,
Pledge Office.
Ye learned ones of the 'limiting Art," if ye can
so far overcome professional pride tense a..
icine which ye know not how o ea
may presetve many valuable ir n tell will
therwire he sacrificed. W• not p ctibe b
If it shall not accomplish ale , claim .r it if
a fair trial, according to d ctions, we ibir.uh
lish an account of its faltu t pets,
in the U. States at our own ..xpens .
And here we say, with. .. feat, of contra
diction, that we hive not foond a case of Scrofula
or other disease for, which we reconimied the Pa
nacea, which the roediciekbas not snowily ar
We have at this time a multitude of patients un
der treatment, all of whom are doing well. A—
mong them is one of CANCER, which wu pro
nounced by physicians beyond the reseed Surgi
cal assistance,. but from all appiesraueas will be
cured in a few months. •
rerho above valuable medicine is fen sale
wholesale and retail, by Messrs. Rowan wed
ton, Propnetore,.376 market street, Philadelphia.
and by the following agents:
Samuel IL.Buehler r Gettysburg, Pa.
C. A. Morris, York, Pa.
N. N. Robinson, lialtimoxv, Md.
April 28, 1847.--tf
Shove, Cif ',Waters
CAN be had for Cumberland township
at C. W. HOFFMAN'S CoachnShop,,
Gettysburg, Pa. Please canoed see theca
and judge for yoUrielf.
Gettysburg, May 29, 1046. -
killAW LS of every description can be
had very cheap at W. & C. Riebraure
Cheap Slope in Chambersburg street
. May 7. ' .
h published every Aiday . &Wang , in SA
County Building, aporlhe Rtgisier
and Recorder', Wee, by,
Lr 'paid in advance or within the year, $2 per
annum—if not geld within the year, $2
Paper discoitinued until all arrearages sire paid...
except at the option of the Editor. Fingle copies.
6} cents. A failure to notify a diseontiouance
will he regarded as, a new engagement
mei pot exceeding a square Weeded
three times for $l--every subsequent insertion
25 cents. Longer ones in the same-proportion.
All advertisements not specially ordered fora giv.
in time, will be continued until forbid. Ailiberal
reduction will be made traitors who advertise , by
the year..
Job Printing of all kinds executed neatly and
pr pay, and on reasonable terms.
/ trus and Commutairations to the Editor, ( eg ,
rept ng such as contain Money or the names or
new bscribers,) must be goal lath, in order to
secure attention.
Dt 111*(' LEA S,
3st) !flatlet St