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fti s ELC03I5JJCEC, WEDNESDAY OCT. 12, 1861.
, .. ; Ut. , - . '
f . S. M. PrrTEsoii.L & Co., 37 Park Row,
'' New York, ate duly authorized to solicit and
"'-receive subscription ar.d advertising lor the
m.Stai of the AorfA, published at Bluomsburg,
I t Columbia county, Penn'a.
. Mather & Co., 335 Broadway, New York,
are aoihonzed to receive subscriptions and
-! 'advertisinz for ihe Star of the North.
or ouio.
Death of William E. Huberts.
It ii onr painful duty this week to an
liouuce the deaih of one of the most estim
able citizen.- of Columbia county, in the
person ol William. E. Roberts, one of the
forty-four arrested n.en trxn the upper end
of ibis county, who died while under mili
' tary power, at Fort Jlijflin, a few dayo since
His remains pitted through ibis place, on
'their way to their last resting place, lor
interment, cn Monday evening last. He
Ieaes a respectable, kind and affectionate
family to mouro his departure. Imagine
the leelingsof his lamily, of his friend and
relatives, nu hearing of his death. His lam
ily is stripped of its bead, deprived ol its
'support and protection, without any mem
ber of it being present at his dea'.h to have
dminisieredto him any words of comlort
in bis dying hours. The community ha
lost a oselul and worthy citizen, the church
au exemplary member, and his family a
'kind parent. He had arrived at a good age,
being some filly-six, just at the stage men
usually decline in health andbecome more
or less infirm. Mr. Roberts's heahti was
delicate when be wa placed under arre.-t,
and soon after became so feeble that fears
were entertained as to bis recovery. He lin
gered along in one of the lastiles of this
administration, held as a political prisoner
for over a month, when death relieved him
'from all his pain and suffering This is one
case out of many, where men have been ar
rested by this corrupt and despotic admin
ist ration, thrown into some rotten and filthy
'prison, and there left to pine away and die
just as has been the case of Mr. Ruber;.
'Men bate been dragged into pri-on for no
offence known to the law, without charge
or commitment, and there held until the
panizan malice and spleen is thought suf
ficiently spent, after which they are released
' tc return to tLeir homes, not knowing thai
they ever violated any part of the laws of
2 iheir country, or in any way became amen
able to :he law. It this administration 'is
famous for any one thing, in the eyes of the
' American people as well as that of all Eu-
" " rope, it is fur its military and arbitrary "ar-
J ' rests ! The present administration wields
more power than any one that tVt r preceded
" ' it. Thi man was a quiet law-abidiu citi
zen, firm friend and supporter of his gov
" ernment, upholding1 and advocating all con-
r stitutioqal laws and measures, but never
for a moment1" doubted Ihe right to criticise
1 ' and examirfe into the acts of the present
""'"- administration, which he, in common with
the Democratic party has dune, and the
any shall continue to do so, until every
member of it lie in military bastiles. Tt.e
1 balance of the forty our Fort 5'iffiui prison
' era, save four, are stilfheld in the military
- ' bastite Four are at Harrisburg mdergoiug
" ' some kind of a military trial. They hae
- v been tinder this military power overlony
' da) s, as innocent men. They cannot long
sianu taat Kinu oi treatment, i ney are
' used to an out door agricultural life, and to
'insure the lives of many of them they must
. t soon be released, or follow the way of Mr.
v .,.Nicb Bt'siakJis ma CLEkCT. On Saturday
we noticed a couple of strangers in town
7 hey appeared to have considerable atten
''-- lion pani to then, by our Shod.Jy" brth
: ren. .- Their ' mysterious movements noon
u developed, ihemelvea into a full blown
Union League", orgitniza: ion. They ini
tjaied their movements in the room over the
store of Mebsrs Jackson and Woodin. and
" now bold their midnight secret orgies in a
1 room opened fw that purpose over Milhr's
. dru etore. Tl.eir proceedings are secret,
hi reported, however, thai thn "Brethren"
" all swear lb support "Old Abb.' It appears
that the strangers were a cojple ol Divines
Havn't they mistaken their calling? In
- the days of the Apostles they would have
been regarded as "wolves is sheep's cloth-
ins". Nice business for a brace of cleray
r" men, truly. We are 'not surprised at the
-'. condition of the conntry, when men pro
. fps-ina to be called of God to preach 'Chfit
; and him crucified are lound foremoct ir.
' war, war, and wallowing in the ces
" pool cf party politics. What else is lo be
expected? Eetvuck Guzettt.
The Vcorjpfe of Divines'5 alluded lo in
the above belong to the political corps ol
clergy of '.his place. The one was.RcoBCN
T. Wilsos, who preaches in the M. E.
CLurchj and the other was Dahiel A. Bear.
1.ET, who sometimes exhorts in the same
church, and who as the Democrat said last
uet, '-"stands cpon the records of our
Quarter Sessions, as a' convicted BioTiR."
ThU is ihe kind of atoll that is supporting
ABaitiAM Lixcoln, haranguing the mem
bers ol the Methodist Episcopal , Charch.
and running over the country organizing
Uxiok LEAtuEs"! Ttiese men have ter
r . 'y niieJ their calling to preach 'Christ
i.;.J hi.n crucified", if e mistake not.
TL?y are ptaumed to know their duties as
iiifw.s, Lut lew people ever couceivad
t -t ot their bcrs were to establish
1 crafiizitioQa !
1. war psvvs ts mi so encouraging to
The returns, come in too 6low for oj to
give any very great amount in this issue.
Bloom ttp. gave an Abolition maj. of 63, a
falling off Of 24 fiora their maj last fair. In
Scott the Democrats elected their Justice,
over one of the'strongest Abolition guns in
fhe iwp., and Col. Piollet, for Congress, was
beaten butone vote by Mereur, the Aboli
tion candidate. This is a large gain, as
the township usually gives in the r.eigh
borhood of 100 Abolition m). Scott d:d do
welt as Thomas Dunn promised us she
would a. month ago. Th Democratic maj .
in Hemlock is 103; in. Montour 30; in
Orange 41 ; in Berwick borough 17 Aboli
tion maj , a falling off of 15 votes from latl
year; and in Jackeon, Fiahingcreek and
Beuton the Democratic majority is not
quite so heavy as it has been ctheryears.
A great many voter having left the, county
will account for this.
Fort Mifflin, October 7. I8fi4.
Editor of The Star: It becomes my
painful duty to announce the death of Wil
liam E. RobTrts, one of the citiznn prison
ers brought here by the military on the first
of September. He had been at the hospi
tal about twelve days. At midnight last
evening the gates'of our ee l were thrown
open and the death ol Mr Roberts was an
nounced. You may imagine, Mr. Editor,
the feelings this sad news imparted at that
solemn hour
g t til
uur teelings were such that ,
little sleep came to our reliel during the re
mainder ol the ninht. When he left the
bomb-proof for the hospital he was the
very picture of despair ; his beard and hair
whitened with the Irosts of fifty-six winters,
his form beni over, hishands clasped across
his breast. . I turned from the scene wiih
feelings . ol anguish. Banished from his
home from his wife and lamily and dy
ing without ihe sight or a com!or;ni word
from those who would have gladly admin
istered ucto him i'i his dying hours. And
what can I say to his bereaved wife and
lamily? All that we could do in our
s'raightened circumstance to render him
comlortable was done. After he was ta
ken to the ho-pital he was cared for as well
as could be expected. 1 do not envy tne
position ol the fiend or. fiends who were the
cause ol forcing this poor old man from his
home and family and friends to die urn org
strangers. Frequently, after he became
very feeble, he would enquire it General
Couch had corne, as he anticipated a re
lease. Poor man, he is released from the
control of all earthly power, and will te
brought belore a Judge where justice is
meted out. Those wicked persons that
were instrn.Tietita! in bringing him here, it
uot dead to all feelii'gs ot common human
ity, must have bitter compunctions of con
i.., !U l.w.b- ., tl.:.t r.r
" .,
disconsolate family, whose support
comfort they have taken away. May God
in His mercy, forgive them.
This is considered a very unhealthy loca
tion, even out in the open air, and must be
much more so in this damp, close cell.
The effect is visible upon all.
Without even charges being preferred,
thirtyT-eight days to-day have elapsed suae
we were brought here. But only intending
to give an account of the death ofone of
the inmates of this cell, I will not trouble
you further, .hoping soon again to enjoy the
sacred boon of Libekty onr forefaihers
looght and suffered so ranch lo accomplish
If the present state of things continue, the
inestimable blessings of liberty will be
wrested from the people, and despotism
with its dark pall will settle over our once
happy country, which, may Heaven pre
vent. JiMES M HCNKT.
Old Frank Blair and the old Cat.
The " son of his father" told the Republi
cans at New-York that, "he. (old Frank)
has pa-sed that period of lii when its hon
ors or its rewards or its glories have any
charm for him. He looks back only and
forward only to the grandeur of this nation,
and the happiues.-s of the people who are
growing op under its prosperous Constitu
tion and Union, and he would not permit a
son of his to stand in the way of the recog
nition arid the support of the glorious and
patriotic President who aivr leads as on to
success, not for anything that this world
could have in store for him "
"This remind me of a story." An old
rat, once upon a time called his compan
ions about bim,and took a forma! and affec
tionate farewell ol them say ion that he was
about to take up his abode where the
"wicked cease from troubling and the wea
ry are at rest." Subsequently he was
found alive and kickir.2 in the centre of an
extensively large and rich old cheese.
Grkat Salk of jKwrLRV. We have jnst J
inspected, at the ottlce of ArranJale & co's 1
Aaency for European Manufacturing Jew-f
elers, a larae assortment of fashionable and
valuable Jewelry, consisting of gold and
silver watches, chains, bracelets, ladies'
sets, rings, &c, all of the newest and most
fashionable patterns. We also noticed a
large quantity of silver plate, consisting of
goblets and drinking-cops, cruet-stands,
fruit-baskets, spoons, forks, &c. We un-
de"ianJ lie WQoI oi these newly-
imported articles are to be disposed oi on
a novel principle, giving great advantages
to buyers, and affording extensive employ
ment to agents. Our readers will find all
particulars in our advertising columns; and
as we know the firm in question to be very
respectable, and thoroughly worthy ol
public1 confidence, we recommend our
friends to read their advertisement N. Y.
Albion, Sept. 3, 1864. ' '
fiES. Lewis Cas, supports for President,
Gen. Gcorgk B. SIcClellav. Some of the
Opposition have attempted to place him in
Lincoln's class, but it seem that ihe old
hem and staiennan will attend no other
school, tic is a pore patriot and sound j
list of Drafted Men of Colombia Coaaty.
Jacob Long. William U Parker. Michael
Want!, I-aac Ktine Jacob Harrison, David
Demott. O. P. Swisher, William M -Parker,
William R. Mather, David Brady, John
Eves, William M. Reece. John ' Stadeu,
Zebulon Kline, Elijah Ike'er, A. P. Young,
John C. Lemon, John Crawforit, Jamas'
Manning, Asa F. Roe, Clark W. Klir.e,
Andrew J. Alberison, Richard J. Ees.
Samuel McHeury, Robt. Mu-urave. Win.
j C. Eves, Gsorge Greenly, Ira Johnon, Jmo.
i Moore Eve, Isaac Heacock, P D. Swisher,
! Motrin Wu.o.. 'I'h .. t ...... .. ..
Lemon, H. J, Watts, Hendrivk. Bangs, Sam
uel Patterson, Daiiini Ohl, Wm. P. Ikeler,
Jos. Eiias Eves. Jno. C Richart, George
Ikeler, Francis M Roe, Henry E. Mathers,
Joseph Clement John T Patterson, Har
vey Smith, Joseph S Kline. Samuel T.
Berniti-jRr, Samuel Musrave, Perry D
Black, Wn. E Patterson, Mathias M Kline
George Martin, Montroville McHenry,
Weils Girion, Jos. Hayman, J. D. Wilson,
i reter H Girton, hrasia Hendershot, L)av
t id P. Allan. Francis P Eves, Abraham Tit-
man, Clinton Robbins, George W. Lee,
Joseph H Parker, Jos. W. Patton, Reason
Conner, Peter Hayruan, Williamson De
witt, James Dewitt.
Mathias CoyI, Moses Snyder, Jno Thorn
as, John Drainer, Wm. Snyder, Patrick
McD-.tiald. Henry Dresher, Richard Hr
ran. George W. Davis. Harney McGuire,
Moses Long, Jtrank Stneler. George ll-Jy
j Uriah.
1 1. ley, ituraas bnvnn
arret, rhino Wanier John Shi inr ( ar
Newman, Eiiis Va'emir.e, Edward Eager
ty, John Laess. Frederick Bash. Bj li.imin
Leonard. Rchrd Keller, Thomas Howell, "I
Peter - Oie,, James Hageny, James
Lrawfor.l. Alamo Brem.t, Joshua Carl,
Henry Umlaut, I hos. McCorrmck. Freder-
istiiy a. iifiii, jauuu uilniic. pi .
ii(,ll;,mm 1,,,,, NT
Dewitt, Anthony Gallagher. Daniel Keiffer.
James Genurtiger, Charles McXiel, Benj.
Camp, Robert Parker, Jacob Fisher, Jis
Hughes. John Sioltz, Daniel Moser. John
Engle, Ralph Nixon, Thos. Grover, J. L.
Beadle, Thomas Lengan -Michael Hannari,
Morris M rnson, Joseph Stel John Dan
nau James H. Rhine, Robert Fagler.
Elias Ash, Livingston Rhone. Jr.o Pealer
3d, Stephen Dresher, Jethro Henry, Josiah
Cofemaif, John R. Merrel, Ira I). Kdne,
Erna-i-.tus Bj;ider, Sainuei F- Pettier, Pi--ter
Sutioii, Alexander Mjllenry. Jacoit M.
Peeler, P. D Sutiuii. S D. Kline. Joseph F.
McHenry, Hirarn Pealer, Jacob Gisi er
Atraham Kline, Levi Lnntr. (lyrat B.
White Cyrus Robbins, Daniel F Kra-ner,
Camden Mear. Daniel M.:Herirv, J-ti
Neyhasd, H. A. Former, J din I. Hess j Goverrwnent cannot expert any more ser-Da.-iel
Rinard, Norman McHenry, -Wm ' vicw 01il ot ihem, lor they are worn out.
Coleman, Jacob Kindig, Wm. Lauderbacli . . . , , . ,
ii . w ... i better give two rebel rrinoners for one , it
.Martin A. Ammeraii Ira J. 1 homas hmar: I e '
tins Unangst, A. A. P. Unani ' Cjrus W- I would te a suing in two ways, viz: the
Creveifing Eiias B. Beruter, George Doiiy ,
Ufcui'Cii ijos un, Alirea l. crevelliug
Alfred Peas' ISinnuel Johnson. William
B Riinya.i, I hornas Docherty, James W.
Eves. Jolin J. Kearnes, Jix. Richards, Geo.
W. Nephew, atnuel R Klmt. Amos Hit1,
Davis Rnnvan, Elias Richard Francis Eves
John M. Smith, Austin Corel!. Andrew S.
Aden, Thomas O. Kline, Josiah Moist, Jno.
Dallman, Jacob A. Swisher, H. II. Stout,
Geo. H. Loie, bamuel P. Demott. Isaac
V hippie, Hiram Lunger, William Runley,
Joseph C Smith, W illiam Pursel, George
- W"iu, -
W. Girton, Michael Hock. Joseph Kester,
Joel F4u!ke, Siephen Fiiis, Daniel S. Bjch
11 Al.iMt.Hin Si.infTHr. D.iiM.1 llt.lrt nul
, - - -, , , - -
Kmi.ey, Witliam Eyer, James Mills, O. P.
Hefiry H. Keichuer, John Harmoi, Sam
uel Hidlay, Wm O Eves. Henry Conner,
A. B. Siuart, Geo. W. App'eman, M M.
McGargie, J. V. Keeier, Lemuel Forc;
Alexaiider"tlerring, Perry DeLcns, Michael
Haeuouch, Sandereon Parsel, Wm. Miller,
J oil ti Welsch, Uanslow Fei-ter, J-tm Kee -er,
Emanuel Rome, Wm. Goodrich, Jer.
Comsiock, Jno. Mu.-selman, Jno. M Wliue,
AleTlui nrnbore, Russel While, C'T eilus
Bellas, John Fisher John Heldebrand, Dan
iel Suuliz, Samuel Everett. V'm H. Snyder,
Puineas Youiig, Joseph Idler, Munrosa S.
Hay hurat, Oscar Aciienbacii. .
John KesJer, J, C. Karnes, Philip Knanse,
Chatleo Ciobntis, Reuben Applernau. Philip
A. Kline, John J. Stiles, Ja'iies F Karons,
Hiram Ash, Benjamin Coliey, Gf o. R. Hess,
Elias McHenry, Jeremiah Sales, Jeremah
Vaiisickle, Alexander Hess, Saml. R. Kline,
Lawson Hughes. John R. Keeler, Geo. Lau
bach, Levi H. Priest, Hiram He, Join: S.
Mcfieurv. Lowrv McHitnrv. Th.i'iin O.
Kline, Chri.Miau Lit.ach, Rohr McHenry,
. " -' ' .
lrvm Knckoaum, Freeman Horn
, Georje
W. Cole, McKeivy Brink. Abraham Hart
' r
Jacob Bamberger. Henry Miller, Daniel !
Ramer, Hutchinson Brown. Wm. Baker.".
Reuben Owen, Andrew Hunsir.uer. John j
Hatz, Peter Shelihammer. Jacob Keiler. i
oiiu iNuss. Jacob Jv.eie.ter. Josnh t
oiiu Nuss, Jacob JCeicter, Joseph Sin. man, t
ohn Fry, John Naus, I honias Shuman,
Stephen M.cliael, Jtel Swenk, John Hur
ring. Andrew Shuman, John Singly, Wm. '
Abraham Peterman, Jarnes Smith Nath
an H Seward, Andrew Hess, Wilson Fritz
Calvin Kitchen, Divid Coker, Emanuei
Dills, Dyer C. Alaus, John .Getz, Ainkew
iwiiubaii, George U . Hawk, Henry Hoailer, fr;riCe Friday. Stanton bends us various
M;ii ii ii i f i n iv despatches Irom Grant, in which he makes
iller, Henry Hiuterliier, Conrad bred ben- ... V? i i i . n t i i i
.i, i . , ii n i the Inderal lo, at nri four Im ndred, and
Jer, Jcob Harager, Henry Heuiiiiii,er, Jno. ,. , . ,, ,,, i v. i . , .
H. ' ... a ' 1 a!tervards three hundred, in Friday s bat-!
Kile, Clark Neitz, Geirge Alovre, Jolin W.jdoneJ. This is undoubtedly true, because
uiltz, Uario Kierkvn, Ueorite v. aii"tener. t
r f vi . i, i.. Pk.r.n I
Hess, James Pennington, George Hess,
George Eliison. Benton Cole, Alern Cokes
eabairer, Jer. Vansickle, Wm. Peierman.
Henry Hoffman, Alichael Honberer Jno-
Snyder. George Pnillips, J. B. KostenOai'er
Jo'"' Erwin, Jacoo Lindenmutli i Franklin
Beaver, Beri:i Hornt-erger. Peter Bitner, sr
John S Carl, Jes-e McCIow, Win. L. Kline
Davio Lonjj. iaac Uyer, litiatn. trwn.e,
Washington Getger, Jacob Stine. jr.. ii A.
Herbine, C. S. Mears, John Luide.imuili,
Wm. D. Phaylor.
Silas W. McHenry, John H. Fntz; Levi
Keeier. Daniel Fritz, Jacob Shuliz I hos Y.
Herr, John Rot-ens, John SholUnoerger. W.
S. Parkt-r, Wm. W. Roberts. Jefferson Fritz,
Jacob Knouse. Wm. Young. Jackson Mc
Henry, John F. Derr, Washington Knou.-e.
Joseph Sweeny. Wm. Thompson, James
Hist, R. W. Lyons. James DreiOlebis. Isaac
M. Lyons, Wm. Karchner, VaL Weliiver.
Austin Hauldron. Silas Sweeny, Benjamin
Piati,John Cole, Robert Potter, Saml. Wil
liam, Isaac Yoont. Henry Gardner.
Jacob Kninle, Jacob Kelcbner, Clinton
Meudechall, D.vid W. Keeter.
The Republicans came out at ihr little
end 'of the horn in this township, on Tues
day last. Instead of their having the usual
majority of two hundred or some las they
only had s:xfy-threel Q.iite Democra'ic
gain. So much for Uloorc district, which
is under-(be iron masters' heel fn a meas
ure. But yesterday the people took the
r f .
' into thdr oven funds t
For the Star of the Xui'th.
lock onl for Croakers. .
Ma. Jacobv, Sir; You can almost hear
the Republican would-be leaders boarliQii
ol their worideriul sympathy lor the poor
soldier; they claim that they caused or
brought atoot the change in the Constitu
tion, giving ldiers the riqht of voting
while in actual servic, if so they should
boirst of it sa it was the firi-t atx of their
partj that had a tendency to pnlarge the
freedom of the white race, as all their cyni
pathies have heretofore been in favor ot the
negro. But as to the elective franchise ot
the soldier, it is a matter of doubt whether
they are entitled to snch credit. The Dem
ocrats have been in favor of white privileges,
and as to the amendment of the Constitu
tion, the sutject was not discussed at all,
neither in the rapers or otherwise : many
had their fears about the matter, fearing
that, as three years ago, if a man went into
camp with Democratic tickets he would be
rode out on a rail, or as in ihe State of Dela
ware, they would have to vote untler the point
of the bayune'; but now, Mr. Republican,
arouse your ryrnpathief in favor of the poor
soldiers who are held a prisoi e'rs, and
have been for the la.t eighteen" mo'uhs.
why not have them exchanged and give
j litem a chance tc vote ? poor fellows that
I were taken at the tattle of Gettvsburir. in
! ,e-o .. t ,t ... t . -i
" '
! ,he' vole 1 ""here i. the 7ih Regiment of
t Pennsylvania Reserves, taken on the 5ih
of May last? their term of enlistment has
expiret, veI lhej mu,t be held as premiers
f i c
on account of the negligence of your ad
ministration , in place o! being kept there
under pay, if they should ever be released,
where will they vote ? They are not even
allowed to write to their friends, and
even if they were, must pay thee tea's pos
tage; or, if they have not the means (being
kept out of ther pay so long) to pay postage j
U'l li m ii.l itsI a n y77-r I n thpif t
letter- as soldieks' lstters," and charge
the postage to the person to whom it is ad
i dressed ; but the hirelings ol Abraham Lix
; coln car. have their electioneering docu
ments by the cart load sad fne by the en- J
dorsement ol James Haklin, with " U.S S.''
attached to the end of his name. I i-ay,
yrote your sympaihies for those poor
prisoners ; their time has expired, and the
y e.xpei te of keeping the rebels, and pay
j y0U r CWl h0oiers il that justice be ever
New-Columbus, 0i 4.
For'The ftaroflhe North.
A7r. Editor: Forty-lour Democrats vic
tim, zed ! Forty two from Columbia and
two from Luzerne cour.ty ; all disfranchised
at one lell swoop, by being arrested and a-
! ken to FoRT AIirruN, for no crime what
ever : all tooJ cittzens, who have the rrood
of the country at heart as much as any re
publican that ever lived, ond will not be al
lowed lo vole on the lllh of October, 1864!
As to (he county tickets, in either Luzerne
or Columbia, this transaction wiii effect
nothing, bat as to the Con ureismeu it may
pos.ibly have some effect, as Loth the?e :
counties sre attached to strong Abolition
coutiiies. in firrpmu the districts; but the!
Republic!, wii i furni-hed h is ion money,
and curried him with others over the moun
tain, when de'er'in s atier having voluntarily
enli-ted, wa not attested, and. will wak np
to the pi. Us of Fairmount, arid vote like a
New-Columbus, Od. 10, 1S64.
From ht Army of the rotomac.
We have received Southern despatches j
detailing the contest with General Butler :
on Friday last. The Confederates captured
all the Federal works between the Central
and Newmarket roads, and still held them
They also took between four hundred and
. i . ..... r. .
n?e '"Jr" prisoner?, nine gun-, aim tr.-i
two to turee hundred bor?es. ihey sa
say (
their loss is very small.
Secretary Stanton
wrnes that ha cannot give any details
aflrHir because storm1' ha b
of ,
'd l!,e
The New York Ttihune j
refu-es to believe tie Aoc'uted Preis ac j
t ,t.a ...,, ....i h,.-.-.k ;
. . !
w,m ,nve"'
injr j falsehood.
It ciins to ;
Nothing of ;
'Secretary S
Secretary Stanton's account.
importance has occurred at
The takinu of Mobile Given i p It is
stated in a high Republican quarter that
the idea of taking Alobiie has been aban-
tarraul has Deen ordered lo the command
vi the Atlantic squadron. II Mobile and
Charleston could be taken, trade would in
evitably, spring up as at New Orleans, aud
the supply ol tha! great necessity lothe'i
laboring man cotton would be vastly
increased. Trade is a great civilizer a'id
pacificator. Mr. Chase held teiore the war
lo ' letting the Southren S:aies go, for trade
would soon bring them back ag un.1' That
would have given up tt.e Union without an
efjorl to tna'ittinn its authority. Cut a Dem
ocrat 'cr any other man1' who after four
years of badly managed war, suggests
steps for reconciliation is 'a traitor!
In the Duaft In our Congressional dis
trict we rind two of our brother Democratic
editors caugiit in the draft, viz: Michael
Meylert, of the Su.'l.var, County Democrat
and Hakvef Sickler, ol the Nstth Cranch
Democrat, published at Tijnkhannock . We
can sympathize with you, gentlemen;
about two years ago we were conscripted
ioto the service, and experienced a tate of
the horrors and deprivations of war. We
are unable to discover any ef the editorial
fraternity drafted on the dark side ot the
boose. In many districts all the men sub
jvet to do military duty rn conscripted.
Next the Government will be after the wo
men and children. In many it stances the
gravt and a udit are robbed at ready. .
The report of the late draft will be found I
la aau'.h3i columu. 1
II. U. Christman,
O ESPECTFULLY announces to the citi-
'zeii! ol Bloomnburg aiul vicinit' that
he bar just opened a new Refreshment Sa
loon and Confectionery Sore, on Main-st ,
.second door below the "American House,"
where he intends supplying all who may
givrt him their custom with FUESH OYS
TERS. Clam Soup, Sardines, Boiled ti;s,
Ham, Tripe Pigs' Feel, Dried Herring, &c.
He will also keei on hand a superior ar
ticle of DR UGHT ALE.Porter Lagerheer,
and Sari-aHfilla : together with a gooJ as
sortment ot" Can iies, Sweetmeats, Cukes,
Cigars and Chewing Tobacco In connec
tion with this saloon he has fitted up a La
dies' Department, where all who n.ay tie
sire can call tor Oysters and Refreshment,
and will be free from all annoyances and
indecencies that ladies are too often ex
posed to in some of our best restaurants.
Don't fail to give him a call.
H. C. CHRIS I'M AN, Proprietor
Bloomoburg, Oct. 12, 1864.
runs 1,5 C SIi K
I N pursuance ol an order of the Orphans'
Curt id Columbia county, on SATUR
DAY, the tilth da of November next, at
10 o'clock iti the forenoon Abraham Young,
Administrator of James S. Gibson, late ol
Greenwood township, Columbia county,
adjoining lands of Isaiah Kline or. ihe
west, Silvester Albertson on the south and
east, and Elias McHenry on ihe north,
containing about one hundred and six
acres aiid thirty-nine perches strict meas
ute ; about ninety acres are improve. 1 land
whereon is erected a Two Story Frame
House. Log Bam, Wagon Shed, and other
outbuildings, a spring of waier near the
dwelling, and a large Apple Orchard and
other Irtiit trees-on ihe premises, Ute the
esiaie ot said deceased, situa'e in the towu
fehii) oi Gieeawood and county aforesaid.
Tkhms of Sale -Ten per cent, ot ona
fourth ol ihe puichase money lo be paid on
the striking down of the properly, one
lourtti of ttie purcha-e money, less the ten
jer 'jent., to be paid lo the administrator on
the confirmation ot sale, and the balance
ot the purchase money to be paid one jear
from the confirmation, with iutereai from
the confirmation ol sale
Bloom-burg. Pvt. 7, 1864
Watchei, Chains, Diamond Rings, c.
WORTH over
All to be sold lor ONE DOLLAR EACH ! !
Without regard io value ! J Sot to be
paid lor until you know what you
are lo receive ! !
Splendid L'.it of At title- ! All to be sold fn
250 Gents1 Goli hunting case watches,
$50 to S15U each
250 Ladies' Gold Sud enameled case
watches 35 70
500 Gents' hunting case silver watches
35 70
200 Diamond rings 50 luO
2000 GuiJ vtrt-t and neck chains
15 30
3000 " " " " 4 6
3000 Gold band bracelets 4 8
5000 Chased gold bracelets 5 10
2000 Chatelaii e chains and guard chains
5 20
70oO Solitaire and gold brooches
4 10
2000 Lava and Florentine brooches
I 4 6
5000 Coral, op-l and emerald brooches
4 8
5000 Mosaic, jet, lava and florentine ear
drops 4 8
7500 Coral, Oj'al and emerald ear drops
4 6
4U0U California diamond breast pins
2 50 10
3000 Gold fob and est walrh keys
2 50 8
4000 Fob and vest ribbon slides
3 10
5( 00 Sets solitaire sleeve buttons, studs &c.
3 8
3000 Gold thimbles, pencils, &c.
4 7
1000 Miniature lockets 2 50 8
4000 magic spring 3 20
3U00 Gold toothpicks, &c. 2 8
5000 Plain gold rings 4 11-
5000 Chased gold rings 4 11
loUoo Stone set and .-ignet rings
2 50 10
10000 California diarrond rings
2 10
7500 Sets Ladies' jewelry, jet and gold
5 15
CoOO Sets Ladies' jewelrj , cameo, pearl
4 15
10000 Gold pens, silver extension holders
and pencils 4 15
10000 Goid pens an 1 gold mounted hold
ers 3 3
5000 Gold pens and geld extension holders
6 10
5000 Silver goblets and drinking cups
5 50
3000 Silvei castors 15 50
2000 oilver fiuit and cake baskets
20 50
J000 Joz silver teaspoons SlO to 520 pr doz
5000 ' 44 tablespoons and forks
20 40
In cons-'q'ience of the great staanation
of trade in ihe manu'acuring di-rncts of
England, tnrough ihe war having cut off
the supply of cotton, a large quantity ol
valuable jewelry, originally intended fur
the English market has been sent off lor
sale in this country, -arid must be sold at
any sacrifice.
Under these circumstances, Arrandale &
Co., acting as Agents lor the principal Eu
ropean Manufacturer, have resolved upon
IO the following regulations.
Certificates, i. anting each article and its
value, aie placed in Sealed Envelopes, and
well mixed. One ct tnese envelopes ill
be sent by mail lo auy address, on receipi
Of 25 cents.
AH attic es sold at One Doliir each, without
regard to vMue.
On receipt ol the Certificate, jon will
see what you are going to have, and then
it is at your opt'ou to send the dollar an I
lake the article or not. Purchasers may
thus obtain a gold watch, diamond ring, or
any set ol jewelry on our list, for One Dol
lar, and in no case can they gel le-s than
one dollar's onh, as there are no blank-,.
The price ot certificates io as follows:
One lor 25 cents.
Five lor one dollar.
Kiev n tor two dollars.
Thirty lor five dollars.
Sixty-five lor ten todars.
One hundred lor fiiteen dollars.
Aueuls will b allowed ten cents on ev
ery Certificate ordered by thejui, provided
heir remittance amounts tcf One Dollar.
Agents wilt collect 25 cents for every Cer -dficate,
and rem; 15 cents io us, either in
cash or postage stamps.
51 3m V; 157 Broiidway, New-York.
Altorncv :it Law
bloomsburg; pa,
Offi c on Main Street, Firm door below
A J. Slcau'-i Store. Dec 1864
ileinen. If you wish o marry address
V the Llidersi'JIieil. who will sml von wi li
mit money and without price, valuable in
formation that will enable you to marry
happy and speedily, irrespective of age.
wealth or beauty. This information will
J co.-t you nothing and if yon wish to marry,
il will cheerfully assisi yon. . All le'lers
i strictly confiaeutial. The desired informa k
tioti sent by return mail, and no questions
asked Address Sarah B Lambert, Green
point. Kings county, New-York.
0:t. 12, 1864 2m
$250. SEVEN OCTAVE $250.
Offer iheir new, enlarged' Scale Piano
Forles, with all latest improvements.
Thirty year's experience, with greatly in
creased facilities lor manufacturing, enable.
ihem to sell lor CASH al unu-ually low i
prices. These instruments received the
inchest award at the world's Fair, and for
five succe-sive ear at the American In-I
stitu'e. V arranted hve years. 1 ekms net
c- sh. Call or send for descripiiv e circular.
June 15, 1864. 3m. -
I 'j'HE ur-der-ianed offers his private resi
J deuce at pubbc sale. Il is situated in a
j pleasant part of Bloomsburg the couuty oi
J Columbia, has a commodious
well finished, and the tot contains all the
j necessary improvements. The sale will
j take place on
S, I URDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1864,
j at one o'clock, p. m. There is a good va
j r.ety of fruit on the promi-es. Possession
' will he n-iven on 'he first d.iv of Anril next.
r- - j --i
Also, l the same nme I will offer iwo
valuable out lots lor sale. 1
Bloornsburif, Sept. 29. 1864 !
vey's Fetriale Pills have never yet failed in
removing difficulties arising from obstruc- I
tion, or stoppage cd natgre. or in restoring!
Ihe system to perlect health when euflei ;
j ing from spinal affections, prolapsus, Uteri, '.
" i . ,i , .- a ... I
j the whites. Or other weakness ot the uter- ,
. ' . . :
j me t-rgans. The pills are perfectly t.ann- ;
lesson ihe constitution, and may be taken
j by the mo-i lielicate female without taus-
I ing d.stress-.he same time they act like a '
; . . . ... , !
jenarmby sireng.hetisug, invigorating and ,
' restoring ihe sjstem lo a healthy condition
and by brinaing cn the monthly period
with regularity, no maiter from what caun-
1 , . . , !
es the obstruction may arise. They should
i however, NOT be taken during the first (
three o: four months of pregnancy, though 1 ses of Dyspepsia and in less confirm. t
safe at any oilier timeas miscarriage ,or'ns ol Ja"'0'- Acting a- a gentle
, . . . . . (and painless a) peneit, as well h hiio i
would be Hie result. f,e liver, it al-o invariably relieeth
Each box conlair.s 60 pill. Price 81. ! Constu'a'iori mj eriu-'in-d by 'inegiiLr
Dr. Harvey's Tre..tise on diseases of Fe . action ol the digestive and secretive or-
males, preunancv, miscarriage, Barrenne-s J ga"- ....
.. , - . , , .T ' PerOT6 of feeble hsbc. liable to Afrr..M
sterility, Iveproduct.on, and abuses of Na Attalks. LoUliesS 4 Spitjt and Fits of U
ture, and emphatically the ladies' Private , outrj find prompt and pHrniafinii rehef
Medical Adviser, a pamphlet of 64 pases! Irom the Bitteis. The l'e!iinouy on Una
sent free lo any address. Six cents re- t Poinl Ut01 conclusive, and Irom both,
quired ,0 pay postage. . Th(? nf Bi,;on- Cw;. u imfn(,(ii-
The Pills and book will be sent by mail j aiPjr assuaged by a single doe of ihe
when desired, securely sealed, and prepaid stimulant and by nccasioiialiy resortins lo
by J. BRYAN, M. D. General An'i. it, the reinrn.of the complaint may be pre-
No. 76 Cedar street, New York. : v?ntd. '
I As a General Ionic, Hosietter s timers
nrsold by all the principal druggists. 1 prot,ic eflecis which must be experienced
Nov. 25, 18G3 ly. ! or witiie-sed lelore the can lie f 11 II v ap-
j preriate.l. In cases of Coii-ti'utional AVeak-
BELL'S SPECIFIC PILLS Warrated ! ness, ap.d Pre-isture Decav and Debili-y
in all cases. Can be relied on! Never faia J and Decrepitude an'-ins 1mm Old Aae, it
to cure '."Do not nauseate P Are speedy exercises the elecirtc inflneuce. In the
.... , .. ,, ' cnnvalescpiit slnoes ol all di. eases il oper-
in action ! No charge of diet required !, a,es a U R2htlolifiwiaora..t. Whe t,.e
Do not interfere with business pursuits ! p0Wers of mature are relaxed, it operates lo
Can be Used without detection ! Upward j re enforce ami re pstabl sh them,
of 200cures the past month one of them Last, but not Jeast, it i- ih The Onlv
. iii ' Safe Siimnlent, beina inannfacturwd from
very severe cases. Over one hundred p!iy-1 , , - ' , . .
. 1 ' Hound and innocuous materials, and en
sicians have ued them in their practice, !tjrer fre Irom the acid element- present
i and all speak well of theireflicacy, and ap- i
prove their composition, which is entirely stomachics of the dav.
. ki ,i 1 ,.,t .1,. ,.t,. I No lamily medicine has been -so nniver
veetable, and harmless on the system ? .
. r . 1 sally, ai d, it may be truly added, deseiv-
Hun.ireds ol cert ideates can be shown. J e(,y popuar wil, the intelligent portion ot
Bell's Specific Pill are the original arid ; the community, as Ho-tp-ier' Bi-ter.
only genuine Specific Pill. They are!
adapted for male and female, old or young,
) and the only reliable remedy for effecting
I a permaiiietit aud speedy cure in all cases j
i Spermatorrhea, or Semitial u eakness, with
all its train of eils. such as Urethral and .
. Vaginal Di.-cVtares, the whites, nightly or
1 I
nvoluntary Emi-sious, Incontint nee, Geni ;
.... .
tal Debility and Irritability Impotence ) ; ,1 T A T
J t ' excellent a-sorlment of Millinery (oods.
Weakness or loss nt lower, nervous De- ghe ,aH vry latest fashin and the
bility, &c, all of which arise principally, J most approved styles of Ha' ami Bonnets,
from Sexuel Excesses or self-abuse, or ; logeth-r with ihe most tasteful lot ol Rib
some constitutional derausement, and in- bons , Trimminus, &c. Give her a call and
,r i f im a examine for yourselve.
capacitates the suflerer Irom lulnlling the . MARY BARKLEY.
duties of married lite. In all sexual dis- j BIK)mV.nir2. Oct. 1?, 1864.
eases, Gonorrhea, Gieet ami Strictures, and !
in Diseases of the Bladder aud Kidneys, r
1 i ii-r- -t
It.ey ail as a cnarm : iienei is eperi
enced by taking a single box.
Sold by all ihe principal druggists. Price
1 ' I
They will be sent by mail, securely seal-
ed, and confidentially, or, receipt of the j
money, by J. InuAiS, Al. It. j
.- s- f 1... V
Consulting Physic'ans for the treatment of
Seminal, Urinary, Sexual, and Nervous
Diseaes, who will send, free to all, the
lollowing valuable work, iu sealed en-;
v,pe :
nrmc rn-Mric" ir k,
BELL'S TRc Al ISr. on self-abu,e, Prema-
ture decay, impotence and loss of power,
sexual diseases, seminal weakness, nightly
emissions, genital debility, &c , kc, a
pamphlet ol 64 pages, containing impor-
taut advice to the afflicted, and which
should If read by every sufferer, as the
3 1 '
means of cure in the severest stages is
plainly set lorth. 1 wo stamps required to
I pay postaae.
Nov. 25, 1863. ly,
tS SHAKE AND BURN ! Shake and
Bu-n !! Shake and Burn ! !!
This is the life of agony enJured'by the
sufferer from Fever and Ague. He war
ders like an uncertain shaXow never
knowing what moment he may be pros
irated. and therefore disinclined to give
any serious attention lo business. This is
the condition of thousands in town and
country. Il is 110 exaaeration to say that
Fever and Amie kills more people than
any twenty other diseases in America
For a sure and speedy cure of this terrible
atlliciioi, we lake ureal pleasure in rec
BITTERS, which have already achieved
a wide reputation for rapid and powerful
effects in renovating lha system prostrated J
by tirs disease. j
erare1er7whDer,e?S5'UaOj C,0a,0r5
re. -risi'P A
A PURE and powerful Tonic, corrective
-anJ alternative ol wonderml etlicHcy in ,
disease of he STOMACH. LIVER AND
BOWELS Cu re Dysppsit. Liver corns
plaint, Headache, General D-bi1ity, JVer
vousriHss, Deiression of Spirits, Constipa
tion, Colic, Intermittent Fevers, Cramps
and Spasms, and all complaints of either
Sex, arising Irorn Bodily Weakness -whether
inherent in the system or produc
ed by special cau-es.
Nothing that is not whol wome genial,
aud restorative in its natur Mite' into
the composition of HOSTETTER'S STOM-
ACH BIFrERS. This popular preparation
contains no mineral of any kind, no deadly
bota.iical element; 'no fiery, excnani ; but
it is a combination ot the extracts of rare
balsamic herbs and plants with the purest
and mildest of ai diffusive s'imula'it.
It is well to be torear meil auainsi dieae
and, so tar a ihe human system can be
protected by human riieni.s against mala
d es engendered by an un liulrrome at
mosphere, impure water and other exteri vi
causes, Hoste;t t's Bitters may be relied
on as a salegi.ard. '
Ir. district- iufcted with eier and Ae.
it ha been f u mi inlallitde as a p'O votive
a rresi-titd as a reined v and I'lousamU ,
who resort lo it -uiuier api lehetision of an
. . .. i , ,
attack, esoiprt the (;oiirge ; aid th itt'HtnU
who ,ie,ecl lo avi themselves ol its pf...
tective qualities ir: a;!vauio, are .-itr.'d hy
a?very ori-f cmir-e ol I ns matVc-l ua uMdi-
CiM. 'ul M" l';-"'-. 'r be-
in g pi ed with quiiiii'e. lor iimiuhK in vHin,
u,(l Ulf,v rtHIur4le,j that .l.nasrna
alk'oul, are not unlreq'iemly restored 'to
beano wt'h'm a lew days by the Use of
H,,,lr'Bi,"r,, . . . .
I tie weak stomach i rapidly itiviortted
anJ aj)pj,e reMor, by ;,U aree,.le
Tonic an.l hence it works, wonders in ca-
more or less in all the ordinary Ionics and
Prepared by HOSTElTER & SMITH,
Pittsburgh P.
Sold by all Druggists, Grocers and Su re-
keepers everywhere.
Dec. 9, 1661. ly.
Miss MARY BARKLEY has jit returned
lwsrr T IE.' Vnrlr UTl.t Pll ll .li!tl uti I j Uiilll
Valuable Personal Iroiu ry
Will be expo-ed tt public s-le a ihe
re-idei ce ot th subscriber, in Pine tw-p.r
Col ii 't. hi j roii'i'v. on
TMUI;5;l)U T,E 3ll 0F OCTOBER,
the lollowing decribed personal
property, viz
iwoSorin? Colls, four Mitch Cows, three
htail Young Cattle, and 31 head of Sheep,
Also, on- Spring Wagon, out Truck
J Waoii, oneSled, one set of Hevy Har-
1 "ess, ote Set of Plow Harness, one Set of
1 iniile Harness, one Double Set of Light
j HanieMij Sl0ip MiMhilie and chains,
m oUOd repair. AI-o
alu micwheai by the, bushel, HAY by
j the trn, and POTATOES by the bushel ,
': besides many other articles too numerou
j 10 mention.
j Sale 10 comw enre at 10 A. M , 01 said
j ja. w heil l odition8 will be made known.
1 and attendance given.
Pme iwp., Sept 28, 1864 21
Physician aud Surgeon,
HAVING loca'ed permanently on Main
Street, BLOOMSBURG, Pa., would in
form the public generall), that he is pre
pared to a'tend in all bu-iness faithlulfy ami
punctually that may be intrusted to his care,
on terms co'nmeiisnrate with the time. .
C He pays strict attention to Surgery
as well as Medicine. 1... - t
November 25, 1863 -ly. ;) . ; . :
C L O 7 II I N G S TV Ji E, -On
Main street, t wo doorsabove ihe 'Aroer-,
icn Hoi I.' . . -
j S 017 PeCtOral.