The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, April 06, 1864, Image 4

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    ' ,'4' '
. A "jtyra an I powerful Tonic, corrective
a l alternative of wondert nl efficacy in
disease of the STOMACH, LI V Kit AND
BO.YELS. , Cu re Dyspepsia, Liver com-,
plaint Haa lache, General' Debility,- Ner
vaan9i D Hresio i of Spirits, Constipa
rto i, XolieK Intermittent Fevers,'Cramp
aoJ Spun, aiid'all complaints of either
5ex,' lisi'-g" from .Bodily Weakness
waetfier inherent "m the system or prodnc
Tby special causes. . ;.
. No'ain; that is not wholasorae, genial
and restorative in its nature enters into
the coai.oiiioa o! HOSTEITKR'S STOM
ACH BITTERS. Ttiis popular preparation
coataiusjio mineral of any kiud,tio deadly
bbtaaical ' eJemsntj nofiry excitant ; bot
it is a combination ol the extracts of fare
biTsauio herbsnd plants with the, purest
an I nilJ-st of ditFuiv stimulants.
It is wall to be forearmed against disease
aal, ,8T lha- namati ' eysiem can be
"ro:3cted by human . means against mala
xes e;igmdere J by an unwholesome at
nspisre, impure water and other external
eau-sa, H stti t-r's Bitters may be relieu
on aj s-ife;afd. ;
'I'-, districts iufdjied with Fever and A sue,
it ha o-ea f o i nd infallible a a preventive
and irresistible as a remedy and thousands
w&r resort to it under apprehension of an
attack, esja'pa the scourge; and thousands
wno neglect to av-il themselves of its pro
tective qualities in advance are cared by
a very orief course oIihis marvelous medicine-'
Fever and Ague patients, after be
iag pl ed with qu'tniee for months in vain,
nutil Uirly saturated with that dangerous
talk?'od, are not Cnlreqaeutly restored to
lie a til wihin a few days by the use ol
Hosteller's Bitters. :r
Tne weak stomach is rapidly invigoreled
and 'ha appetite restored by this agreeable
Tjo.lic, an J bence it works -wonders in c.
sof Dyspepsia and in. less confirmed
form? of Indigestion. . Acting as a gentle
aa I piiu!es3--appnent," as well as upon
I .ft liver, it alsc invariably relieves the
Coslipanin superinduced by iriegular
ae io i ol the digestive and secretive or
gal. ...... . 5. ' "
4 Person of feeble habit, liable to Nirvws
Jtiacki.j Lowness of Spirits and Fit of Lori
gmr, find prompt and permaennt relief
frdti he Bitters. The Testimony on this
point is moil conclusive, and from both
eexlesv ' '' ' '
' The 'agony of Bilious Colic is immedi
ately a-ssoaged by a single dose of the
Munulanl aid by occasionally resorting to
it,ih"? retn ru "of the complaint "majr bep re-
velit.! ' - ;i':jU'K
'As a General Tonic,' Hostetter's Bitters
produce effects wliichTnuft be experienced
or witnessed before they can- be fully, ap
preciated. lt esso( Constiiutional Weak-
ess, and Prempture Decay and Debility
and Decrepftiide art-fn:.lroni Old. Age, it
exereise-' th electric Influence.- Ift "the
convalet-cent stages of all di-eas-es it oper
atesias a Jeliehtfor inviaorant. When tne
power ol natore ar; relaxed; it operates to
re enforce and re'-esfablish them.
L, but not east,, jt Is ; the The Ouly
Safe 'Stimnleijt', being manufactured "from
round and innocuous materials, ' and en
tirely free Irom the acid elements present
more or Je in 'ill (he ordinary (onics and
stomachics ol the day. . .'
t No family medicine basben so. oniver
salVf, and, it may be truly added, desev
dy popular with the intelligent portion ol
th communityj as Hoste-terN Bitters.
Prepared by HOSTElTER & SMITH,
Pittsburgh, P?. - ' ' ' ' ' :
Sold by aU Dmgaists-, Grocers and Store
keepers eVervwhere. .
. tDec. 9, 1861. ly.
GKEAT Trunk line from the North and
North-west for Philadelphia, New
'York, Rpadmg. PottsvilJe.Lebanoa, Allen
town, Eastort, &c&c .' , ,. ,
Trains leave Harritburg for Philadelphia
N4sf.V&rk;Beacling;Po'tsvilIe, and 'alt in
termediate Sta.ions, at 8 a. m. and 2 p. M
New York Express leaves Harrisburg at
i. CO a M. arriving at New York at 10 15; the
aame moroio?v '"' ''
Fares" Irom Harrisbnrs: to New York
$5 15 ; to Pnijadelphia S3, 35 and $2,80.
Basgage checked through.
Returuing leave New York at 6 A M. i2
No6h, and 7 P. ai-(Pittsburgh Expre-8.
arriving at Harrisburg at 2 A M.) Leave
Philadelphia at 8. 15 X. M and 3. 30 P M.
Sleeping Cirs in the New York' Exprers
Trains, ihrou-h to and troai Pittsburgh
without change.
' Pasengers by the Caitawfssa Itil Road.
leave'Tamaqtia at 8 50 'A M and 2.15 P.
M. lor Philadelphia, New York", and - all
Way Po'tits.
Traiiisteave Pottsville at 9. 15 A. M. and
2.30 P.M. for Philadelphia, Harrisburg
jjud.New ; York, f - .
An accomodation Passenger train leaves
Reading ai 6. o A. M. and returns irom
Philadelphia at 4. iO P. M." '
' All thelhe above liains ran daily,
Sundays excepted. ' ' -' j
A Sunday train leaves Pottsville at 7.30
A-M. and Philadelphia at 3.15 P. M.
, Com co at at ion, Miieasa, Season., and Ex--carsion
Tickets, at reduced rates to and
from all points. , ; .
i. General Superiateudant.
November 16 1863. -. ' -
... OJlce over the Wyoming Bank,
- ri? Will insure aga'inl loss or damage
b Fire on property in town or country, at
'reasonable ierms:
DIRECTORS'. G. M Hollenhack, John
Reichard, Sarnuel Wadhams, D L Shoe
maker, Daniel G. Driesbch, R. C. Smith'
R. D. Lacoe,G,P. Siela': W. W. Ketcham
Charles Djrrance, W.' S: Koss, George M
Hardin? . , ,.
G. M. 'I10LLENBACI1. Pres't.
- D. L.-RHOEM AKiiR,- V. Pres't.
R C. SMITH, Secretary -!
W. G. STIRLING, Treasurer; ;. '..
L H. CONOVER, Agent,- .
Beach Haveo, Pa.
Decarabar 2d, 1S53. ly.
..intrn 11!'
JESPKC JTFULLY invites,fte attention of
t nth 1 ab',e 10 ".V extensive assonment
ot Cabmev hurnuure ancLC'H A IRS fV
which he will warrant made, of good
materials and in a workmanlike, man. 'fl
ner. - At his istablis'Wineut.can.always be
fouud a good'asMirfm'eni of fashionable
rurni'Dre,, which is equal in style knd fin
ish to that of Philadelphia or N York cities
and at as low prices.- He has on hand
5 OD STl N
Prices, from $25 to $60. Divans Loutiaes.
walnut and Mahoaany: Parlor chairs
llockiog and easy chairs, Piano stools, and
a variety of upholstered work, with Dreis-
'o panoi ooreaus, sota. card
centre and Dier tables. dAihn.
cheffeniers, whatnots am
ana an khius ot Iahiofiable work His
stock of bureaus, enclosed and common
wastifctandsjdress-tables-comer cupboards
sofa, ' '- '
bedteads,cane seat and common chairs is
the largest in this section of the county.
He will also keep a good assortment of
looking glasses with fancy gilt and com
rrion frames He will also furnish spring
mattrasses fitted to any sized bedstead"
hich te superior for durability and com
fort to any bed .in use.
Bloomsburo;, Nov. 4, 1863.
- And Our People at Ilome
Are now otTered an opportunity by which
they car: obtain a
Our WuUhta are
YEAR, and the buyer ss allowed the Priv
ilege of Examination before Payment is
A first class Hunting Time-Fiece of Sil-
oi . maiciiai, uver wmcfi is eiectro tine
plated 1SW. gold, most durably wrought,
making the imitation so faultless that it
cannot be detected from the solid .ma'erial
most experienced -judges; acids will not
affect it. -.London made movement. Im
proved Duplex, in Full Ruby Action, has
sweep seconds, and is not to be excelled
in general appearance. This is decidedly
one of the best articles ever offered for tra
ders and speculators. Ergineers, emigrants
and persons levelling, will find them supe
rior to any otrfer ; alteration ofclimate will
not affect their accuracy. Price, packed
in good shape and good running order only
$35, or cise ol 6 for S200.
. ... .... .. LEVERS. : . t
: Best Quality Silver Casesr over which
electro.-jfine plated 18 k. gold, similar to
onr Improved Duplex, and superior adjust
ed movements with "Stop." to be u-ed in
tirnins horses, etc., has Four Indexes for
Washinaton and Greewich time, , sweep
second, and sli the in provements. All in
all, taking its Beauiiful and Faultless ap
pearanre and its SnperiorMovemeiit into
consideration, we regard it as ecideily
(I. AlianB.f ni.l.t I ' I . .
me iiioo-ci oniiic iii me Kind iii ine mar- I
kef. :,Prir-e;"in !'o6d running order. $34, i
CiWe ask no pay in advance, but will
forward either of thpm to 'responsible
ljes, toany part of the loval Sta'es, with
bill payable to exyressrran when theVoods
are delivered, giving rhe boer the privil
ege tf examination, and, 'if not satisfactory,
the watch can be returned at our expense.
The express companies .refuse rnakir.e
collections on soldier and other parties in
ll.e distoyal Stales, consequently all such
orders mnst be accompanied by the caso
to insure attention. We make a deduction
of two dollars on either watch when the
payment Is forwarded in adrace.
Money may be sent by express at ou
93 and 95 Broad St., opposite City Bank,
, Providence. R. I.
Oct. 21 1863.
The Great
Since i s organization, has created a new
era in the tiistor of
. AVholeMilins Teas In this Country
They have introduced their selections of
TEAS, ard are selling them at not over
TWO CExTS (.02 Cents) per pound
above Cost,
Never deviating from the ONE PRICE
nother peculiarity of the Crmpany is
rmihat their Tea Taster not only devotes
his time to the selection of their TEAS a
to qnality, value, and particular stales for
pariicular localities of country, but he
helps the TEA buyer to choose oat of their
enormous siock such TEAS as are best
adapted to his particular wants, and not on
ly this, but points out to him the best bar
gains. r .
It is easy to see the incalculable advan
taae a Tea Euyer Has in th: establishment
over all oiIipm.
It -he is a Judge of Tea or the Market,
:f his time is vaioabl, he has all the bene
fits of a well organized system of doing
business, of an immense capital, of the
judgement ol a Professional Tea Tater,
and the knowled?eof super o salesmen.
This enables all Tea bnyer no matter
if they are thousands of miles from this
market to purchase on as good terms here
as the New York Merchants.
: Parties can. order Teas will be served by
Gs as well as though they came themselves
being sure to set original packages, trne
weights and (ares; and the TEAS are war
runtted a. represented.
"We i-sce a Price List of the Company's
Teas. which vt ill bu seat to all who order
it ; comprising
Hyson, iroiin?IIy$oii, Impe
rial, Ciuiipoder. Twankay
. and Skin.
. ; JAPAN TEA of every description.. coN
ored and uncoiored. - ,
Thislit hs kach kind of Tie divided into
FOUR Classes, namely: CARGO, high
CARGO FINEST, that every one may un
dersamd frcm description and the prices
annexed that the ComrOv are determined
to nnderdi the whole Tka trade. .
We soarntee to sell ALL our Teas at not
over TWO CENTSt:, 02 Cents) per pnnnd,
jbove cost, be'ieviftg this to be atiractive
to the many .who.havo heretofore been
pay ins Enormous Profits. .
No. 5! Vesey Street, New York.
Sept. 9, 1863. 3mos.
rjotnp'oond Fluid Extract' Budhu, a poVi
Y've aod Specific Remedy for disease '
of theBladder, Kidneys, Gravel, and Drop
s:cal Swellings.
This Medicine increases the power of
.jinuH, ana excne the Ah,orbents into
healthy action, by which the Waterv or
Calcareous depositions, and all Unnatural
Enlargements are reduced, as well as Puin
and Iffitmmation.
For VVeaknesFes arising Irom excesi-es
Habits of Dissipation, Early Indiscreiion
ol abuse, attended with the following mp.
toms : .
Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power
Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing
Weak Nerves. Trembling llnrmr f n'
eaj-e, Wakefulnee, Dimness of Vision, Pain
in the Back, Ui.iversal Lassitude of the
Muscular System, Hot Hands, Flushing of
the Body, Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions
on the Face, Pallid Countenance.
These symptoms if allowed to go on,
which this medicine invariably removes
soon follows. 'IM POTENCY, FATUITY
EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of which the
Patient may expire.
Who can say that they are not frequently
followed by those "Direful Diseases "
Many are aware of the caust of their suf
fering, but none will confess the Records
ot the Insame Asylums.
And melancholy Deaths by' Consump
tion bear ample wimess to the Truth of the
assertion. The Constitution once effected
with Organic Weakness requires the aid of
Medicine to Sirengihen and In vigorate the
Sysiem, which HELM B OLD'S EXTRACT
BUCHU invariably does. Atrial will con
vince the most skeptical. 1
In many Affections peculiar to Females
the Extract Buchu is unequaled by any
other remedy, as in Chlorosis or Re'ention,
Irregularity, Painfulness, or Sopp-ession
of . Customary Evacuations, Ulcerated or
Scirrhous siate of tne Uterus, LeuchorrhcBa
or Whites, S erility, and for all complaints
incident to the sex, whether arising from
indiscretion Habits or Dissipation, or in
the Decline or Change ol Lite. j
Take no more Balsam, Mercury, or un
file a s-aut Medicines for unpleasant and
dancerous diseases. j -
HELM FOLD'S Ex'ract Buchu and Im
proved Wash cures SECRET DIS
EASES, In all their Stases, At I'tile Ex
pense, Little or no change in Diet, No
Inconvenience, And no exposure.
It causes a frequent desire and gives
sirtngth to Uriuate thereby removing ob
Riructtons, preventing ar.d curing f-trii-tures
of the Urethra, allay ing Pain and Inflam
mation, so frequent in the clas of disea-es,
and expelling all poisonous, diseased and
worn out matter.
Thousands upon Thousands who have
been the victims of Quacks, and who have
paid heavy fees to be cured in a short
lime, have lound they were deceived, and
that the "poison" has, by ihe use ol "pow
erful astringents," been dried up in the
system, to break out irran aggravated form,
and perhaps after Marriage.
Use He Ira hold's Extract Buchn lor all
affections and diseases of the Urinary Or
gans, whether exisfing in Male of Female,
from " whatever'cause originating and no
ma ter of how long standing.
Dis ases of these Organs requires the aid
of a Diuretic, Helmbold's Extract Buchu is
ihe Creat Dinreiic, and is certain :o have
the desired effect in ail diseases for which
it is recommended. Evidence of the most
re!faDie and responsible character will ac
company the medicine.
Price $1.00 a Bottle, or Six for $5 00.
Delivered to any address, securely packed
from' observation. Describe symptoms in
all corr rnunications. Cures guaianteed !
Advice gratis. Address letter lor informa
tion to
. II. It. IIF.LMBOLP, Chemist.
' 104 South 10th si., bet Chesinul, Phila.
HELMBOLD'S Medical Depot,
HELM BOLD S Drug&Chem'l Warehouse,
549 Broadway, New York.'
liT Beware of counterfeits and unprinci
pled dealers, who endeavor to dispose ''ol
their own" and "other" articles on the
reputation attained by
llelmhoid's Genuine Preparations,
do do Extract Buchu,
Helmbold's Genuine Extract Sarsaparilla.
. do do Improved Rose Wah.
fi'Sold by all Druggies everywhere.
Ask for Helmbolii's. Take no other. Cut
out Ihe Ad vertisemer.t and send for it, and
avoid imposition and exposure.
I)ecmbpr 9, 1863. -I V.
EioLin w i'i:i:$uits :
fllaglc Time Observers.
Being a Hunting or Open Face or La
dy's or Gentleman's ff'atch Combin
td, with Patent Self-Winding Im
provement, a most Pleasing Novelty.
One of the prettiest, most convenient,
and decidedly the best and cheapest time
piece for general and reliable use ever offe
red. It has within it and connected with its
machinery, its own winding attachment
rendering a key entirely unnecessa y. The
cases of this Watch are composed of two
metals, the outer one being fine ,16 carat
gold. It has the improved ruby action le
ver movement, and warranted an accurate
time-piece. Price, superbly engraved, per
case of half dozen, SzOi. Sample Watches,
in neal morocco boxes, $35.
silver Watches.
First Class Hunting Time-pieces for accu
racy of movemert, beauty of material,
and, above all, cheapness in price, these
watches mu?t insure universal approba
tion. - . ;
An imitation so faoMess that it can
hardly be detected by ihe most etperien
ced judges. The material being ol two
metals, ihe outer one first quality Sterling
Silver, while the inner one is German Sil
ver, it cannot be recognized by cutting ol
neavy engraving, making it, not only in
appearance, but in durability, ihe best re
semblance of Solid Sterling Silver in exist
ence. The sale of these Watches in the army
is a source ol enormous profit, retailing; as
they very readily do al $25 and upwards.
Many hundred dollars can be made "in a
single pay day by any one of ordinary
business tact.
hunting cases, beautifully engraved, white
enamel dial, and fancy cut hands, in good
running order, by the half dozen, $66. Sold
only by by the case of six !
Upoi receipt of (wo dollars, as guarantee
ol good faith, we will send watches by ex
press to any part of ihe loyal States, col
lecting balance of bill on delivery. This
ensure buyers against fraud, giving rhem
their watches betore payment is required.
Send orders to the sole importer.
GAIUS WHEATON, No. 12 Jeweler's
Exchange, Cor. Cortland St. and Broadway
New. York . . ,
Dec. 9,1863- 3m. .. . V ' ! .
Gcnc'I Com'sion merchant.
1 Bloomsburg, Columbia county Pa.
Particular attention given to PateHi lights.
Sept. 2, 1863.3moa.
' The cheapes'and best New York News
paper. Only ob dollar per anuu'tn-.' Eight
pages forty cairnns. A complete record
of events; Bemmiri Wood, editor and pro-
l.prieior, " Publihed , at No. 19 City Hall
Sqnaie, Daily lews Building, Ne York
unrivaled in Usability and enterprise as a
puuuc uurnai, qia in -
is mot effieien'Iy conducted, so as toform
a weekly record of tvenis political, com
mercial, financial and literary, ihroghout
the World. In addition to this it contains
all the Domestic lr.tellignre Df ef, efk
and full reports ol every rr.alter of public
interest : -
As a political Jodrnal Tie Weekly News
will be lound on the side f tha Constitu
tion of the country as it vas framed and
established hy ihe Fathers el the Republic,
and will scan with care and fidelity every
public act that may tend to Ihe violation of
the letter and spirit of that instrument of
our liberties.' It prefers the
lo a ruinous and exhanstir.g sysiem of War
Insisting upon the-.truth ol the principle
embodied in the Declaration of Indepen
dence, that ihe powers cf ihe Govern
ment are derived from Ihe consent of the
governed, it urge the preservation of the
tundamenial principles of liberty, inviolate
as of more sacred importance than national
grandeur or consolidated power under des
potic rule without the pale of established
law. On all questions of national impor
tance it is the inflexible champion ot the
rights of citizens, as guaranteed under ihe
instruments by which luey hav edecided to
be governed. It therefore boldiy avows its
purpose la sustain the Freedom of Speech
and of Ihe Pren. wiih ihfe vi i
the people from the encroaching dogmas ot
uieorisis vtno coniempelate a modification
of the democrat ic nririr inlwrt urhirh i.
time have been sustained against every ef-
... u'niiirow mem. in all maiters per
taimri" lo Government ihe purpose of this
newspaper is lo proiecnhe people from in
considerate ar.d rash legislation, and to
hold our Dublin 8rvu.,ta m o .I,:... .
.... . - .10 iw a nil u.i Ol IUUI
ability for their conduct while car.-yin" ou
ir iiidi-nmerynipower. To this end ihe
most careful atinniinn will t. . n
. . , - ..... u nil
federal and Leiiislative laws, and a .firm
and imparual examinat ation of every new
yoliiicai. proposiiion may be expected a
the only means cf protecting ihe people
Irom an abridgement ol their rights.
are givn in ihe most succinct yet complete
manner. They claim particular notice
lot their fidelity and truth, and all thoe
who deire so comprehend the exact finan
cial condition of the couetry should not
lail lo examine ihe views which will be
tounn in this department of the journal.
will be found especially interesting and in
structive and being derived from ome of
the ablest minds in Europe must be read
with the nininxi avidity by those who desire
tocamprehend thai diblomacyof the Gov-err-mems
of the Old Wo-ld. ' i
In all other respects THE WEEkLY
NEWS will be found to meet the public rfe
lt n ine; eppeciai object ol the Pro
prietor tr render u a vaiualle and enter
taining. . , . . FAMILY NEWSPAPER,'
pure in its moral influence, ennobling in
its character, a id satisfactory to thai large
class in the community who desire. to see
the Public Press lreai; all, public que-tions
with arguments axpresed in rourte-y and
candor thought, a: the same lime, with the
spirit due to the (hemes di.-cusied
By reference to the lerms of Tne New
York Weekly New, ii will be noticed that
it is by far the cheapest newspaper in the
world, and rhe Proprietor feels lhat he may
invre thoe w ho app-ove of its principles
and co id jet lo n-e their influence in addm
to its yresenl large circulation.
Eight Paes Forty Columns
For One Year One Dollar
Eleven Copies to one Address for One
ingle copies Three Cents
A firslcla-a Metropolitan Journal devoted
Peace and r .. i
.. ..... u wif IjlifClll , MEIil
containing all Ihe new of the day, Politi
cal, Telegraphical, Commercial and Local
is. ihe cheapen daily paper in the metropo-
'. -TERMS:
One Copy, O .e Year Six Dollars.
One Copy Six Months Three Dollars,
Single Copies Tow Cents.
Address RENJAMIN WOOD, Ediio
and Proprietor, No. 19 City Hall Square,
New York. H '
lYorlh Central Railway.
TWO TRAINS DAILY to and from the
North and West Branch of the Susquehan
na, Elmira, and all of Northern New York.
On and after Mondav, Aoril 20th, i63,
the Passenger Trains of ihe North Central
Railway will arrive and dnari fr n m Sin n
bury, Harrisburg and Baltimore, as follows-
Mail Train leaves Sunbury daily
except Sundays, at 10.10 am.
Leaves Hatriburg, 1.15 p.m.
Arrives at Baltimore, 5.35 "
Express Train leaves Sunbury daily
excepl Sundays, at 1107 p.m.
Leaves Harrisb'rg.except Monday 2.00 a.m.
Arrives al Baltimore daily except
Monday, at 6.15 a.m.
Accommodation leaves Harrisb'rg 6,30 a.m.
Mail Trail leaves Baltimore daily
except Sundays, at . 9.15 a.m.
Leaves Hvrisburg, 1.15 p.m.
Arrives at Sunbury, 4.05 p.m.
Expiess Trains Baltimore daily, 9.15 "
Arrives at Jlarrisburs, 1.35 a.m.
Leaves Harrisb'rg except Monday, 3.00
Arrives at Sunbury, 5.38 "
For further particular apply at the office.
Harrisburg, Aug. 8, 1863.
A Monthly Journal, devoted to the Prin
x ciples of 1776, Designed to nnmask
the Usurpation, Desptism and crimes of
xAnd to defend ihe doctrines of State Rights,
and of Constitutional. Liberty, as held by
our Revolntionary Fathers.
Published by C- CHAUNCEY BURR &
Co., sarj street, New York.
PRICE Single lumbers 15 cents. For
warded by mail or express to all parts of
the United Stales si SI a year, in advance.
Any person fendirg ten subscriber will
receive an additional copy for one year.
Ang. 26, 1863.' J
"erits Balmoral Ltce Boots, will ,b sold
vry low. Also, Boys Shoes, at
THIS Journal, which is now in the sixty
second year, of its existence, s a thorough
goinf,' independeOi and fearless advocate
ol genuine practical democracy. It main
tains the equal right of all men to justice
and freedom; it earnestly approves the war
for the Uniouj it holds up the hands ol our
brave soldiers in the field; and it opposes
treason in all shapes, whether open, as at
the Sou'h, or covert or sneaking as at the
nor h. At thu same time it is the enemy
of all undue exercise of power, or all kinds
of political jobbery and corruption, and
insists noon economy in expendi'ures.and
a strict adherence to the ' constitution.
Throughout the war il has advocated ihe
the most vigorous prosecution of it, but as
the war draws to a close political questions
lake ihe ascendent. A more stupendous,
difficult and interesting problem was nev
er presented to any people, than lhat of
the restitution of the revolting states lo
Iheir allegiance. It will require all the
statesmanihip and wisdom ol tne na'ion
to bring it to a satislactorv solution. On
lhat point the "Evening Post" will take
definite grounds, and endeavor lo brin
about a condition of universal freedom
and real democracy. Periged to no par
tv, and looking only to the interest of the
whole country, it will use whaiever energy
and influence in the defence of the great
principles of human riyht and human ele
vation which lie at the fouudaiion of our
It aims chif fly, however, at being a good
newspaper, in its columns will bj lound
a complete History of the war, all impor
tant political or Stale Documents entire,
Proceedings ol Legislative bodies, Sum
maries of European Intelligence, and news
from all parts of the world, accurate reports
of financial and commercial matters, trust
worthy Corret-ponderce, and a carelully
selected Literary Miscellany, comprising
Poetry, Review" of now Works, with lit'
erary extracts. Tales gossip and Anecdotes
-the whole forming an excellent variety
in which every reader will discover some
thing o his u-sie
'Perms Daily Evening Post.
One copy l yi. oeliv'ed by Carrier, Si 1.00
One copy 1 yutir sent by mail, 10.00
One copy IrVonth, 100
67 mi- Weekly Evening Post.
Published Every Tuesday and Friday.
One copy oii'J year, JT3 00
Two copies one year, 5 P0
Five copies one year, 12 00
Ten copies one year, 22 00
A copy of the weekly one year, or of the
Semi-W f kly Tor six months, will be sent
o any person who sends us a club ol len
Semi Weekly.
Weekly Evening Post.
Is published every Wedne-day. When
addressed with each subscriber's uame :
One copy one year, ?2 00
Three copie fne yeai, t 5 00
Five copies one year, ' 8 00
Ten copies one year, ' 15 00
And an exra copy to Ihe geiter up of each
club of ten.
When a Club is sent to one JJddress.
In order to encon'ae the formation of
clubs in places where only single copies
are now taken, we have decided to offer
the lollowin inducements:
4 copies one year to one address, S5 00
7 do ' ito do 10 00
16 do do do 20 00
20 do do do 25 GO
An extra copy ol Ihe Weekly will be
sent for each Club of twenty at this rate.
Clt?rgymen are supplied by mail at the
following rates: Dly, S8 00 per annum;
Semi weekly, S2 25: Weekly. Si -50.
Money may be forwarded by mail at our
itr Specimen Copies will be sent free to
all who desire it.
Office of the Evening PoM,
41 Nassau St., cor. of Liberty , N. Y.
November 25, 1863.
I PETERSON'S MAGAZIN E, the best and
- cheapest in the World for ladies. This
popular monthly Magazire will be greatly
improved for 1864. It will contain one
Thousand Pases of. Reading! Fourteen
Splendid Steel Plates! Twelve Colored
Berlin Work Patterns! Nine Hundred
Wood Cuts! Twenty Four Pages of Mu
sic! All (his will be given for only Two
Dollars a year, or a dollar less than Maga
ziuee of the class of " Peterson." Its Thrill
ling Tales and Novelettes are the bet pub
lished anywhere All the most popular
writers are employed to write originally
for "Peterson." Jn 1864, in addition lo its
usual quantity of short stories, Four Origi
nal Cop) right Novelets, will be given, by
Ann S Stephens, Ella Rodman, Frank Lee
Benedict, and the Author of "the Second
Life." Il also publishes
lashions Ahead of All Others.
Each number, in addition 10 the colored
plates, gives Bonnets, Cloaks and Dresses,
engraved on wood. Also, a pat'ern, from
which a Dress, Mantilla, or Child's Dress,
can be cut out, without ihe aid of a mantua
maker. A LSO, several ages of Household
and other Receipts.
is the best Lady's Magazine in the
IVorld Try it for one Year Terms,
Always in Advance.
One Copy, one y ear, S 2 00
Three copies, for one year, 5 0(
Five copies, for one year, 7 00
Eight copies, one year, 10 CO
Premiums for Getting vp Clubs:
Three, Five or eigtit copies make a club.
To every person getting up a club, at ihe
above rates, a copy of ihe Magazine for
1864 will be given gratis.
Address, posi paid,
306 Chestnut St., Phila.
-November 18. I8f3
TITHE undersigned would announce, that
he has on hand, at his Hat and Cap
emporium on Main street, Bloomsburg, an
assortment of different kind of leather. such
as fine calf skins, morocco, red ar.d black
and linings, all of which he will sell cheap
er than can be had elesewbere in this mar
ket. Call and examine them lor yourselves.
Bloomsburg, May 21. 1862.
1 ujiuau auu cuigiuiij
AVING located permanently on Main
Street. BLOOMSBURG. Pa., would n-
form the public generally, lhal he is pre
pared to attend to all business faithfully and
punctually that may be intrusted 10 his care,
pn terms commensurate with ihe limes.
V3T He pays strict attention to Surgery
as well as Medicine.
November 25, 1863 -lv.
Skv-Iiight Aiiibrolvpist,
OOMS in the Third Story oi the Ex
change Block, (entrance above the
Book Store,) Bloomsburg, Columbia coun
ty. Pa.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 23, 1859 ly.
Ctjenson ts Literary
A n legantt ' Moral, and Refined Mis
cellaneous Family Jovrnal. J
Ard a welcome visitor to the home cir
cle. It contains the foreign and domestic
news, of the day, and presents Ihf greatest
amount of intelligence. . - ". ; '
Is pritned on fine white paper, with new
and beautiful type, and is , a large weekly
paper of sixteen octavo pages.
Ah unrivalled oorps of contributors are
under regular ensagements, and every de
partment is placed 011 the most fit.ished
and perfect system thai experience can de
vise. Each number will be beautifully il
lustrated. TERMS. $2 00 per annum: Invariably
in advance.
For sale at all Periodical Depots in the
United States.
Published every Saturday, corner of Tre
mont and Bromfield Mteets. Boston, Mas
sachusetts, by F GLEASON.
Nov. Il, 1863.
madison holm;,
TTHE mbscriher w ould respactlully ap
prise his friends and the public gener
ally, lhat he has established the
in Jerseytown, Columbia county, Pa. The
above house has lately been refitted and
undergone a thorough repairing by the pro
prietor. He is fully prepared lo entertain
the travelling cutom as well a the- local
with general satislaction, His TABLE and
BAR, are well supplied and will he careful
ly superintended. And his STA BLE is am
ply and well stocked, in charge of careful
grooms, will always be properly attended.
He invites a share of Ihe pnbliccus
torn, and pledges his best efforts, to help
his guests feel at home
Jersey town, Jan 8, 1862.
WM.B K00NS Proprietor
fTMIIS magnificent Hotel, situate in the
i- central portion of the town, anj op
posite the Court House, his been ihorouahlj
repaired and refurnished, and the Proprietor
is now prepared to accommodate travelers
teamsters, drovers and boarders in ihe most
pleasant and agreeable manner. His table
will be supplied with the best ihe market
affords, and his Bar wiih the choieesi liquors
Attentise ostlers will always, be. on hand,
and his stabling is Hie mol extensive in
this section of country. Omnibuses wil
always be in readiness lo convey passen
gers to and from the Railroad Depoi.
Bloomsburg, July 4. 1860.
r Iiocnlc and lictail.
fl" HE subscriber would announce 10 the
citizens of llomnsbur Htid vicinity,
thai he is selling L1QUO.JS in Jare and
small quantities, and at different pm es at
his New Store, on Mam street, .'
north side, two doors south of fijE?ky'
Iron sueet, Bloomsburg. H'.s wT4iST)
stock of Foreign and Dumesiic -V'ffilHiita
consis'sol Cognac and Rochelle. Blackbrr
ry, Ginger, Raspberry and Lavender. He
has a large assonment of
Old Rye. gray with age, fine Old Bo:irbon,
Old Fo'ks Vhiskey, and aiy quai.tity of
common. He also has
Madeira, Lisbon. Claret, Sherry and Cam
pagne Wines; and last but not 1-aM. a
quantity ol good double e'x'r? BROWN
STOUT; all of which he will eit :t tii
lowest cash prit-fs. The public are re-pecl-
miiy solicited to sive his liquor a
I). W
Bloomsburg, May 1, 1861.
;n .nm'i;it,
pii'jessiuiiH 1 services in mo
ladies & gentlemen ol Blooms
burg and vicinity. He is prepared 10 attend
to all the various operation in DenTi:ry,
and is provided with the -latest improved
PORCELAIN TEETH, which will be in
sprled on pivot or gold plate, lo look as
well as natural.
I Mineral plate and block teeth mannfac
I tured and all operations on teeth carelully
! attended to.
A superior article of Too'h Powder, al- !
ways on band. All operations on the teeth
warranted. j
1 Residence and Office, a few. doors above 1
I the Court House, same side. ;
Bloomsburg. Aug. 19 1858.
Gull a IN rt ha Racking.
TOR Boots, Shoes, Harness, Carriages,
and Military Leather Work.
This new and excellent article excels
evpaything ever before in use, for beuti
fying and sof ening the Leather. It makes
a polish like patent leather ; will noi rub
off with water, nor stain :he finest white
silk, and makes leather perfecily water
proof. Twice a month applied on boots
and shoes, aod once a month for harness
is sufficient. If the leather bernmes din y
wah il off with clean water and the polish
will re-apnear. Warranted as repre-ented.
Direcl ions lor use. Apply a few drops
on a sponge, rub it slowly over the leather,
and the oolish is complete.
tF For sale by L. T. bHARPLESS. jsj
Bloomsburg, May 14, 1862.
Kollock's Dandelion Coffee.
THIS preparation, made from the best
Java Coffee, is recommended by ph ysicians
for General Debility, Dyspepsia, and all
bilious disorder. Thousands who have
been compelled to abandon ihe use of cof
lee will use this without injurious effects.
One can contains the strength ot two
pounds of ordinary coffee. Price 25 cents.
The purest and best BAKING FOWDER
known, for making light, sweet and nutri
tious Bread and c.ike. Price 15 cents.
TJaniifacturtd by
M H. KOLLOCK Chemist,
Corner of Broad and Chestnut Streets.
J3T And sold by all Druggists and Grocers. Fj
February 26, 1862. ly.
Aff ff IBEJIE'Sr ill? W3' '
Office id Court Alley ; formerly occupied by
Charles R. Buckalew.
December 28, 1859.-tf.
PORTY-EIGHT column of rendirTg maf-
temper wi-fk forfl 20 per year." The
onlv NV- York Paper made up exclusive-
Iv l'-r riHin r ; circnlalion; and, thernws
ol the wi-ek,'tt1i the cattle,' produce, and
Other ui'iikcl-. carelully reported. t
- The Afrr York lUnj.- Bok. for 18rU
White Men's Lit'ernes-'-Sla'e Ri-hts Fed
eral Union... .
T!ie New Y rk Day-Bfiok is an indepen
denl. Den. ocra'te Journal, holding wii-h rhe
l;i'e Sena'or Di.ualas, thai 'iliis. siov-rn
ment is ma le on the white basis, by white
men, for the benefit of while men and
their posterity forever.r Ii is a Urge dou
ble sheet, with f.rly eight column ol read
ing matter, and ' in all respect .heter
lor Markets, news, Literary or Agrieohwal
information is not interior to any as a po- ;
lit'cal or lamiiy newspaper. In its pohii
ral departmeni. il grapples boh'ly with tho
real qnei-tion before Ihe American people,
and present the only philosophy of it
which can resist the sweeping marrh of
Abolitionism. . It is Democratic in the true
sense of the lerm the defender of the peo
ple's rights, but il i-ihe upholder ot no par
ly chicanery, onrckety. It i 1,01 only for
peace, but it shows ho, and ftow only,
permanent peace can be oblai- ed. and thti
glo'ious white man's government ot Wash
ington' restored, . viz : by the utter roue,
overthrow, ard extermination of Abolition
ism frrm American foil.
The Day Bo- k i- now the only weekly
political paper in New York city made up
exclusive:) for country circu'a'ion All the
others are rha-hed from the c litmus of
some daily paper, which renders it a!mn-t
impossitle lo give so complete and genera!
a summary ol the new as in the ottier
case. Person about si.b-crbmg should
take this into coi sidera in. Dr-mocratf,
al-o, must see to it lhat sound piper- are
circulated among ihe people, or attolinoti
ism will never re put down. OT All who
desire lorefuie ihe argument. ot Abolition
ists, should read T' e Day Book.
TERMS: One copy.-01 e year. 52 PO;
Three copies on tear, $5 00; Five copie,
one year, il 50; Ten copie-, one )ear. aid
one If ili Ki:er up of the. club, 14 00;
Twenty copies, one year, and one 10 the
"et eruuof the Club, 421 00. Additional
copies, each SI 20
' The name of lbe pot-offl -e cuniv, and
J S'a'e, should in al! a-es, be plainly given
1 in every letter.
j Paj men! always in adanre, ard a '.I
! I a; ern will be stopped useu ihe lime of
j tub-cripiiuu paid lor expire.
Address. ;
I 162 Nassau St., .New oik.
j Special Orders. We desire this year
I to place belorn a million ol northern reari
j ers ihe reat docirtnes ' The Day Book"
1 leache on ti e queMion ot the Races. We
j fotitidetttly elieve i! ttns J Hirual were
j placed in the hand ot o:ie half ot the vo
j ter of the northern S ates bet-.vpen this lime
j and Novemher, 1 S6 1, the Demo ra s could
! not fail to cmv the uem presi.te'Hial eiec-
lion. We iherelore make the following
offer, in t in the li-jhi of prizes, at.d not
even because i' wiil bp - profitable.' for we
can scarcely a fiord it hut solely to sn-uw
a wide dissemination of :he ihm which
we prptotitidly telieve will ae our c un
ify. Clubs of Tiveufy For a flub of 20,
besides the ex'r paper now ohVred, we
will send 4 copy ol Dr V.o E-rie's reat
ork on "nsr"e ant ne:o 'rlavery,' the
tti 1 rd edition cl which i-j-isi ready. Price
One Dollar
Clubs if Fifty. For n ch b of Fifty
ut scrihers, at zl'j, v. e will send one exir
paper, ami a totiie set of our Ai i At'O
1 11 ifin Publications," ihe price ol which,
taken together, an. 'Mint to 75.
Clubs of One Hundred. In relation
to Cl.ib ol oe hundred, we will say this:
Whoever will send us" o e hundred -ub-ecribers
al one time, the club to be. sent i
one address, and teiiii an-J end :i te sam
lime, will receive thj papers at $100.
V. E., H. fie CO.
November IS, 1S63.
fl'Q be published Daily and Weekly
' the city ot Philadelphia, bi A J Glos
brenner & Co. The Age' will advocate
ihe principles of Ihe Demoratic party, and
will, therefore, r.ecessaniy favor 'he re-lo
ration of ihe Union a il was, anil defend
1 1' e fnii-tifuiiori of the United Siktrs, and
that ol this Commonwealth.
It will Ireely and fairly di-cuss a!l legit
imate sul j-ct- ol newspaper con.mei , in
c!udi:i, ol cniir-e. and pre-eminently at
thi lime, all question cfunie. ted will Hie
e.xisin m happy i-oridi'ion of our country.
It will feanesfdy crnicis; ihe pLtd.c ai ls
of public servaii' and defend tde tesal and
constitutional rihl of individual citizens
md ol sovereign States, ajaiusl assaults
Irom any qnaner.
Il will &eek 10 awaken ihe mind of the
people to a proper sense of the actnal con
dition ol the Republic ?o prrneni 10 them,
truthfully, the tearful perils in which we
stand a a nation to ex? i bit the magnitude
of the task that lie betore tt.ein. i" ihey
would check our down watd pri oress ti
lo inspire them with patriotic determina
tion to apply the remedy lor our national
ills. In belief, it will in all things. aim to be
t.'ie faithful exponent of Democratic prin
ciples, and to render itself worthy lo be an
organ ol the democratic party, under whose
auspices our country prospered so long
and so well. The restoration ri that par
ty the party of ihe Constitution and he
Union 10 power in the legislative and ex
ecutive governmental brat rhes of the State
and of the Unon, we believe to be neces
sary to avert anarchy, and the utter ruin of
the Republic. To contribute to that resto
ration will be our highest aim.
The news, literary, commercial and oth
er departments, will receive due abeulinn,
and w ill be so conducted as 10 make "The
Age" worthy of the support ol the genet I
The many diffirnlue now surround'rK
an enterprise .of Ihe magnitude o' thai ii
which ihe undersigned are engaged, it
quire thera to appeal to ihe public foi &
generous support, and to ask for ,4TLC
Aiie" a liberal patronage and extended cie
The preparatory arrransemorits warrant
ed the issuing of the first numher of the
Daily Ase in the month of March 183, an-J
the Weekly was commenced coon after.
TERMS : ','''
Daily, per annum, $6 00
. do Six month, 2 00 V
" Three months, , 1 50 .
Copies delivered at ihe counter, and tc
Agents and Carriers, 2 cents each. ; " '
Weekly, per annum, '-S2 0O.-
do Six months, . 1 00 ;' .
do Three morlhs, 80
Ten copies to one address, 17 50
Twenty do do 32 CO '"
Thirty, do do 45 00' :
fc" Payment required invariably in ad
vance, Adlres,
4:to Chestnut Street, Phila'
Norembur 18, 1863.
v-' f