The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, December 09, 1863, Image 4

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    ' T V: "7'y- ffi
ssnor c. suite,
ip ESPF.CTFULLY invites ihe attention of
--tbe Pubic to ti is extensi veass oriment
ol'Cabinel Furniture and C H A I R S, "
which he will warrant ma.fe of good va.
materials and io a workmanlike man- 1
per. At hi establishment can always bp
lound a good asnrlmeul of . fashionable
furniture, which is equal in style and fin
ish to that o ; Philadelphia or N. York cities
and at as low prices. He has on -hand
) i 1"? ct d iff ereMsty le 'and ft "f
prices, fron:"S25 to SCO, , Divan Lounge?,
Walnnt ami Mahogany. Farlor chairs,
I ? r.f Ir n fT anil aiait , V t . . . . , "
a variety of upholstered work, with Dress
ing aid parlor bureaus, sofa, card, "??-p
ceiire and pier tables, detashn, T
cheffenierswhatnots and comocles,Ei&3
and nil kinds of fashionable work. His
stock of baieaus, enclosed and common
washbtands-jdress-tables, corner cupboards,
sofas, ,
tedsteads.cane seat and common chairs is
the largest in this sectron oJ the county.
He will nlso keep a good. assortment ot
lookioz glasses with fancy gilt and com
mon frame?.' ' He .will also furnish sprinj
maltrasses fitted to any sired bedstead,
which are snperior for durability and com
fort tr any bed in use.
Bloomsburg', Nov. 4, 1S63.
soldi ens irs Tin; asmiy
And Our Tceple at Home
Are now of ered an opportunity by which
liey car. obtain a
Our Watches are
YEAR, ami the buy er ss allowed the Priv
ilege of Examination before Payment is
A first diss Hunting Time-Pice of Sil
ver material, over which is electro fine
plated 18 k. gold,, most dnrably wrought.
priakn2 the imitation so faultless ihat it
cannot be detected from the solid na'erial
most experienced judges j acids will not
affect it. London made movement Im
proved Duple r. Full Ruby Action, has
urecp seconds, and is not to be excelled
tti general appearance. This is decidedly
one of the best artrclej ever offere 1 for tra
ders and speculators. Erginers, emigrants
nd persons laveliing, wiil find t'om nuije
lior to any other ; ahe-aiien ofelanute will
not afTec! their accuracy. Prii'e, packed
in good shape and good running order only
535, or c-su of 6 for $200.
Best Qjiility Silver Cases, over which
electro-fine p!atd IS k. gold, similar to
cur Irrprsved Daplax. and superior adj'it
rd movemnnts with ''Step." to be ced in
tiifiing hones, etc., has Focr I bexes for
Washington and Greswkh lime, 'Ve:
econ I, and ali tho improvement. Ail in
ail, taking t's Beautiful art Faultles ap
j'earacce and its Snperior Movement into
consideration, we regard a as decidedly
the cheapest article of the kind in the niar-J
yet. .rncf, m &.ood running- order
or cae of 5 for 5200. ' I
CFWejsk no pay ia advanre. tut wi'l i
torwaru ei tier or mem to respcnstrjie par
ties, to an part of ihe loval Sta'.es, with
t ill payable io e.xj ress.T!aD when the goods
are deliveied, giving rhe buyer the pnvil
qe cf examination, and, if not satisfactory,
th watch can be reiurned at our expense.
The express oompanies refuse making
coliections on soldier and other parties in
the disto)iil Stat tly all such
f-rdsrs mn.! be accompanied by the caii
lo insure atlention. We make a deduction
of two dol ars cu either watch when the
payment is forwarded ir ajrace.
Money may be sent by express at ou
S3 and 1)5 Broad St., opposite City Bink,
" : - Providence, R. I.
Oct. 21.1863.
Since its organization, has created a new
era in the histor of
bolesialin? Tea In this Country.
They have introduced their selection? of
TEAS, ard are selling them at not over
TITO CEXTS (.02 Cents) per pound
, . above Cos',
Never deviating from the ONE TRICE
. .. - : . . ' asked.
A nother peculiarity of the Company i
that their Tea Taster not only devotes
hU time to the selection of their TEAS a
toqaalitj, value, and particular t)les for
paru'culai localities of country, but he
bijlpi Uie TEA buyer to choose ost of their
eiiormoat stock such TEAS as are best
adapted to iiis particular wants, an t not on
ly this, bat points out to him the best bar
gains. " v
, It is easy to see the incalculable advan
tage a Tea Buyer hs in th's establishment
ever al! others.
It he is a Judge of Tea or' the Market,
if his tirr e is valuable, he has all the bene
fiis of a 'well orsanired systsm of doing
business, of an immense capital, of the
judgement of a Professional Tea Taster,
and the knowledge of superior salesmen.
This enables all Tea buyer- no matter
if they ate thousands of miles from this
market to pnrchase on as good terms here
as the New York Merchants.
Partiett can order Teas will be served by
ch as well as though- Ihey came themselves
b'jing st re to get original packages, trne
weights ;jrid lares; and ihe TEAS are war'
rintle! a: represented.
W'e issue a Prce List of the Company's
Teas, which will be sent to ail wbo order
it ; comprising
SSysoia, Yonngr Hyson, itnpc
C rznlj Ciiuipodcr. Tirankay
TEA of every de-ripiion. coU
ored ar. ur.cciored. .
Tl is I. st ha each ki-?d rf Tea divided tr.'.o
JPDRC!... namely; CARGO, high
C ATIGQ.HNET. t- al verj one may on-er-a
4 trcr.t dss?ri, ?;o-i and the prices
a'mev-Sii ;rs! hs Cm?w v.:. detenu nied
ti) t.:. J-.- i ? ; i she whcie Ua-!e.
3.3?rt-r8 to K?i ALL t-nr Tkxs a r.nt
ctcf T.'iO CSN1S(,C2 Cec!) per tpand
dt-ova o-t. br!ievii.2 this in te al.racave
! ili nny wro havo. L?reiof'ua been
paving ;SsosMocs PitcFrrs." - -GREAT
3.' 3. 5? Vesev
it, New Ycik-
ert.:9, IS63. 3
r"s TT"
PriceicWi Hemmer und Feller,
35 00.:
Stitching, Hemming, and Filling with
a Single Tkrcad,
It forms a neat, ever., and elastic seam,
which is warranted not lo rip in wear, even
if the seam is cut at frequent intervals, and
alsc ender all circumstances "to survive the
A Patented device of great utility to
learners, prevents the possibility ot ihe 'ma
chine beir-g run :n the wrong direction, or
the balance wheel wearing a lady's dress.
Another feature which deserves oartirn
lar attention isEs"THE WILCOX PATENT
- Two thousand Siitcbes, or two yards of
work, can be done in one minute Without
dropping a stitch.
These simple and accruate
in their construction, supersede the ue of
the shuttle ; and with one thread produce
al! the practical results of the two thread
machine; and more, for these fell without
basting, and hem the finest musliu without
Although at about half the price of the
other tirM class machines, they wilt accom
plish double the sewing in a given time
"It is emphatically the good, low priced
Family Sewing Machine thai the public
havH long been waiting for." Boston Tran
script. ,
"It is indeed a wonderful production, and
and for family use especially, no other will
bear any comparison with it." Pailadel
phia Evening Journal."
A mechaniealttonder.' -Scientific Amer
iccau. "Among the best and mosl serviceable
Sewing machines. Light and elegantly
finished, and so simple in its construction
that it seems almost impossible for it to get
out of repair.'' Titisburg Chionicle.
'Has combined with its own peculiar
merits all the really valuable improvements
of the higher priced machines." Pennsyl.
"This machine, in the opinion of the
committee, fills mere nearly the require
ments of a perfect family machine than any
on exhibition.7' Franklin Institute Exhibi
tion Report of 1853.
"Taking into consideration simplicity,
cheapness, durability, and doing all work,
the committee were unanimous in favor of
the Wilcox &; Gibbs as a single thread ma
chine." Pennsylvania Slate Agricultural
Society's Report.
"We must, in Justice, express our confi
dence in the ment?of the Wilcox &. Gibbs
Sewing Machine. We consider that a great
desideratum has ben supplied by i', in
proving, beyond coubt, that two thraads'are
not, a- was supposed, necessary to a jroou
inirumei.t.'1 Christian Advocate and Jour
,hal, Jr.n 21, I860.
"We hire one of thoso machine i i use,
ar,d think more highly of it than of any of
the number we have tried."" Richmond
The undersigned, Missionary to Constan
tinoo!?, has exan.ined mere than 'twenty
different kind- of Sewn g Machine, and
at:er some six weeks' exp?rier;ca with
Wilcox & Gibbs' Patent, ha has purchased
onijcf'.honi as the best adapied ta the
want; cf his family, and as th Ieat liable
to require repair. OLIVER CRANE.
Iotor., July 3, 1SC0.
The uodeisigr.edjdorins; eigl teen months
has favi in almost constant use, in bis fam-
ly, W ilcox klfib'o J-ewii,g Machine, up-n
which has been made the clothes cf his
large family from n3n.!in to pilot cloth
including the clotning-required (or his sev
ere1', bojs; and in o case have the teams
failed, although in hard service. The ma
cLi-ie now in use in hisfamdy lm required
no repair, and i3 i:i all respects, weii ap
poiu'.ed, tfiirietit end durable.
r' Send for a Circular. rj
JAJJLS U'lI.COX, MssnulJiriiirer.
No. 50S Broadway, New York,
Opposite St Nicholas Hotel.
August 23, 1S61 ly.
ii v 7,1 a 7i m i s r, n x .
Juxt IJullhhtd.xna Staled Enveloped.
Price C ehts :
CURE, of Spermatorri.cDd, Con
sumption, M.tal and Physical D'biiity,
Nervousness, Epilepsy ; Impared Nctrni.
of the BoJy: Lassitude; Weakness of the
Limbs and the back; Indisposition and In
capacity for study and Labor: Dol.'neto of
Apprehension; Less of Memory; Aversion
to Society: Love of Solnude; Timidity,
Self-Distrust; Dizziness; Headache; Affec
tions cf the Eyes; Pimples on the Face,
Involuntary Emissions, and sexual Incano
city; the consequences of Youthful Indis
cretion. &c, &c.
OTriis admirable Lecturcclear.'y proves
that J:e above enumerated, often 'self af
flictpd, evils may be removed withthts
medicine and without dangerous surgical
operations, and should be read by every
youth and every, man in Ihe land.
Sent under seal, to ariy.addres, in a plain
sealed envelope, on the receipt of six cents,
or two postage stamps, by addressina.
127 Bowery, N. Y. Post Oilice box 4586.
January 29, 1862-1 y.
51 Ail lil AGE. -ITS LOVE A AD
hates, sorrows and augers, hopes and
fears, regrets and joys; MANHOOD, how
lost, how restored; the nature, treatment
and radical cure of spermatorrhoea or sem
inal weakness ; involuntary emissions, sex
ual debility and impediments to marriage
generally ; nervousness, consumption, fit,
menial and physical incapacity, resulting
from SELF-ABUSE are fully explained
YOUNG, M. D. This mot exiraordinary
book should be in the hands of every youn
person contemplating marriage, and every
man or woman who desires to limit the
number of their offsprintr to their circum
stances. Every pain, disease and ache in
cidental to youth, maturity and old age, i
fuiiy explained; every par:icle of knowl
edge that should be known is here given.
It is full ofengravings. In fact, it disclo
ses secrets'that every one shouid know;
still it is a book thai rnns! be locked up,
and not lie about the house. It will be
ent to any one on receipt of twenty five
cents in specie or oosrage stamps. Ad
dress Dr. WM. YOUNG, No. 416 SPRUCE
Street, above Fourth, Philadelphia. '
no matter what may be your disease, be
fore ycu p?3ee onrseIf under the car cf
any' of the notorious QridU native or fcr
eisii wi.o euvenise m mis or any otiier
paper, g?t a copy of Dr. Youna'a bock,
and" read it carefully. It will be the means
of saving yon many a dollar, yojr -health,
and possibly your life. .
DR. YOUNG can be consulted on ary
of tbe diseases described ti. f;is publication
al his office, No.'4l6 SPRUCE Street, above
Fourth, Philadelphia. -
Office Lours Crorn 9 io 3, daily. . .
Eebrcary 26, 1352 y, - . -t
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
IN the month of December, 1858, the un
dersigned for the first time offered for sale
to the pnblic Dr. J. BOVEE DODS' IMPE
RIAL WINE BITTERS, and in this short
period they have "tven such universal sa'-
isfactipn to the many thousands of. persons
who have tried them that it is now an es
taolished article. The amount of bodily
and mental mierj arising simyly from a
neglect of. small complaints is surprising,
and ii is therefore of the utmost importance
ittr a sinrt Attention to the least and most
ruflin" bodily ailment should be had; for
diseases of the body mus invariably affect
the mind. The subscribers now only ask.a
trial of
Imperial V.iae Uiltrs! !!
fron all who have not used them. We chal
lenge the world to produce their equal.
These Bitters for the cure of Weak Stom
achs. General Debility, and for Purifying
and Enriching the Blood, are absolutely nn
srrpased by any other remedy on earth.
To be assured of this, it is only necessary
to make the trial. The Wine itself is of
a very superior quality, being about one
th'rd stronger than other wines; warming
and invigorating the whole system from the
head to the feef. As these Bitters are tonic
and aliemaiive in their character, so they
sirpngthen and invigorate the whola sys
tem and give a fine tone and healthy action
lo all its equalizing the circulation
removing obMrucfions, and producing a
general warmth. They are also excellent
for Diseatea ami Weakness peculiar to FE
MALES, where a Tonic is required to
strcngtfieh nnd brace the system. No Lady,
who is subject to lassitude and faintness,
should be without them as they are revivi
fying in their action.
Will not only Cure, but Prevent Disease
and in this respect are doubly valuable to
the person who may use them. For
Weak Lungs, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Dis
eases of the Nervous System, Paralysis,
Piles, and for all cases requiring a Tonia
Dr. Dads' Celebrated Niue Bitters
For Sore Throat, so common among the
Clergy, tl?ey are truly valuable.
For the aged and Infirm, and for persons
of a weak constitution, for Ministers of
the Gospel, Lawyers,, and all public speak
ers for Book Keepers, Tailors, Seamstress
es. Students, Arlis's, and all persons lead
ins a sedentary lit?, they will prove truly
As a Beverage, they are wholesome, in
nocent, and delicious to the tate. Tiiey
produce all the exhilarating efiects of Bran
dy or Wine, without intoxicating; and are
a valuable remedy for persons addicted to
lh ne of exesssi ve stronsr drink, and who
wi-i, ty retrain from it. They ara pure and
entirely free fiom the poi-ons cor:taint;J in
in the adulterated Wines and Liquors with
which the country is linctd.
Ti'ese Bitters i:ot only CUfJE, but PRE
i VENT Disease, and should bs oeJ ty all
i who live in a country where the water ts
i lad, or where Chills and Fevers ars prev
alent. Being entirely innocent and hr.rm
I less, they may ;ie given freely to Children
i and Ir.far.t with impunity.
j Physicians, Clergymen, and temp?r:,.r;ce
rtdvecates, as an act of humanity. g'l-.oM
afsift in preadir:g thesa valuable MIT
j TERS over the land, and thereby ps.pi tail
; ly aid in banishing Drunkenness and Dis
! ease.
: In all AfT?cttons of the head, sick Headache
j rr Nc-rvous Headache. Dr. Dods' Imperial
I Wine Bitters will be found lo ba .i;o?t
; Salutary and Etfiivicious.'
The many i ertifiates which have been
tanilerd u, and the letters which : arf
daily receiving, are conclusive proof thai
aniens the women thce Bitters havo giv
en a satisfaction which nr ethers have ever
done before. No woman in lha land Mhould
bt without them, an ! t!.fi-e who c:ice use
them wiil not fail to keep a supply.
Are prepared by an eminent and skillful
physician who has used'them successful in
his practice for Ihe last twenty -five y?.irs.
The proprietor, before purchaii.g .the ex
clusive rilil to manufacture and sell Dr. J.
Bovee Dods' Celebrated Imperial Wire
BiUer3, had them tested by two distinguish
ed medical practioneers, pronounced them
a valuable remedy for disease.
Although the medical men of the country
as a general thing disapprove of I'a'e-!:t
Medicines, yet we do not believe that a re
spectable Physician can be found in the
United States, acquainied with their medi
cal properties who will nol highly ap rove
In all newly seliled places, where there
is always a large quantity of decaying tim
ber from which a poisonous miasma is
created, those bitters should be used every
morning before brekfa?t.
Are composed of a pure and undulterated
Wine, combined with Barberry, Solomon's
Seal. Confrey, Wild Cherry Tree Bark,
Spikenard, Chamomile Flowers, and Gen
tian. They are manufactured by Dr. Dods
himself, who is an pxperiencsd and suc
cessful Physician, and hence should not be
classed among the quack nostrums which
flood the country, and against which the
Medical Profession are so justly prejudiced.
These truly valuable Bitters have been
so thoroughly tested bj all classes of the
community for almost every variety of dis.
ease incident to the human system, that
they are row deemed indispensable Jis a
i'tii'chasc One Bolt Ic !
It Costs but Little ! Purify the Blood ! Give
Tone to Ihe Stomach ! Renovate the
System ! and Prolorg Life !
Prepared and snld By
78 Wiiiiam Street, Nw York.
L" Fo r sale by Druggists and grocers
generally throuahout ihe country.
August 28, 1861- ly
Old Things Hccomc IV cvr,
The undersigned would beg leave to in
form t .is old friends, and "the rest cf man-
kind." that he- has lately returned from ths
sfuce of his country, and aaain re-
orne.d his O L D E S i A B L I S H - ft
with a view of making up entire new gar
ments, a. well us mending old oneS) for all
mankind, and any tody el e, who may
favor him with their work in his lino.
Ho is i rej ar-d to do work NEAT,' Fash
by sodoir.u, and strict attention to business
to merit and receive a due share of pairon
age. But remember, ail, that !hes;j times
require money, or something to livu upon,
be therefore, -anJlruFt?t-ihi8lwhen
be has done hi part, his cusiorfirs will
do theirsby furnishing the "ready John,"
or ready trade. For truly the "Laborer i
worthv of his hire."
Bioonuburz, Sept 1 1862
The cheapest nnd best New York News-,
paper. Only one dollar per annum. Eight
pages forty columns. A complete record
of events, Benjamin Wood, editor and nro
prietor, Published at No. 19 City' Hall
Squaie, Daily News Building, Nbjv York
unrivaled in its ahdtty and enterprise as a
public journal, atnl in
is mot efiicien ly conducted, so as to form
a weekly record of events political, com
mercial, fifwneial and literary, ihroghont
tlui World. In addition to this it contains
all-in Domestic Inlwlligence oTeach week
antl full reports of every trailer of publio
As a political Journal The Weekly News
will be found on the tide of lha Constitu
tion of tho country as it was lramed and
established hy the Fathers ol the Republic,
and will scan with care and 'fidelity every
public act that may tend lo the violation of
iho letter and spirit of that instrument of
our liberties. It prefers the
to a milieus and exhausting system of War.
Insisting- upon the truth of the principle
embodied in th Declaration of Indepen
dence, that the jtisi powers of the Govern
ment are derived from the consent of the
governed, it urge the preservation of the
fundamental principles of liberty, inviolate,
a of mure sacred importance than national
grandeur or consolidated power under -despotic
ruin without the pale of established
law. On all questions of national impor
tance it is the inflexible chamoion rf tt...
rights of citizens, aa guaranteed under the
instruments by which they havedecided lo
be governed. It therefore boldiy avnws its
purpose ta sustain tie Freedom of Speech
and of the Press, with the view to protect
Ihe people from the encroaching dogmas ol
theorists who contcmpelate a modification
of the democratic principles which to this
time have been sustained against every ef
fort to overthrow them. In all matters per
tabling to Government the purpose of litis
newspaper is to protect the people frorn in
cousideraie and rash legislation, and to
hold our public servants to a strict account
abilify for their conduct while carrying ou
the machinery of power. To this enyf tha
most careful attention will be given to all
Federal and Legislative laws, and a firm
and impartial examine! ation of every new
yclitieal proposition may be expected a
theonly means of .protecting the people
from an abrfdgement ol their rights.
are given in the most succinct yet compile
manner. They chtim particular notice
for their fiJei-ty and truth, and all iho-e
wno desire to ci mi-rehend ihd exact fi;iun
cia. condition cf the cnuetry shou.'d i,ot
fail to examine the viws which wid fce
foui:n in this ciertme-u of the j mr-al
will be found especially KUera.-fing and in
blractue and temg derived from 'some of
the ablest mmds in Europe must La r-ad
With ir-.e utrnosi .ividiiy by those who desire
to camprehend that diblcmacy of lha Gov
errmenis of the Oil Wo'IJ.
In nil o-liPr respycts THE WEEkLV
S will b. found t- mei ihe pnbii.? ::e
mand. It is the espciul object of V,3 Pro..
r J icii'icr ii a laiUuLie and caer
pure in its moral ir.fluence, ' ennobling in
i-s character, and sat -factory U thai large
c: :u-s in the ccrr.rnmuty u ho desire io see
thft Public Prm iteal all public q.)!io;is
with argumer.u expressed in eouri'oy a -J
candor, thnuht. ai the r;,rn? time, with i;itj
sptrit cue to the themes -si-cussed.
By reference to the leans of Tns New
qrk Weekly Nbw it will be nr,t;Ccd ihat
it i by far th? rheapest newspaper ii tl e
world, an J the Pn.prietor feels ihat ha tna
invne tho.-e who anoovA of if r r, !....
nd co id act tu u-e tliir irfluence in aUdui- i
to its yreis.-it lare cncuUtioa.
Eight P-.UP9 Forty Columns
For One Year On- Dollar
i.even Copies to one Address for On
. .,Vear TEN DOLLAJiS,
ingle copies . Three Cents
A first class Metropolitan Journal dvoled
to Peace and Constitutional Liberty, nnd
containing all the news of Ihe day, Politi
cal, Telegraphical, Commeicul and Local
is the cheapest daily paper in the metropo
lis. TERMS:
One Copy, One Year Six Dollars.
One Copy Six Month? Three Dollars,
Single Copies Tow Cent.
Address BENJAMIN WOOD, Edito
and Proprietor, No. 19 City Haft Square,
New "i ork.
Jorlh Central Uuiluay.
TWO TRAINS DAILY to and from the
North at d West Branch of the Su soneli n.
na, Elmira, and all of Northern New York.
On and after Mondav. Anril 20th. i.fio
the Pasienger Trains of the North Central
Railway will arrive and depart from Sun
ury, Harrisburg and Baltimore, as follows
Mail Train leaves Sunbury daily
except Sundays, at 10 10 a.m.
Leaves Hairisburg, 1.15 p m
Arrives at Baltimore, 5.35
Express Train leaves Sunbury daily
except Sundays, at 1 1 07 p.m.
Leaves Harnsb'rg.except Monday 2.00 a.m.
Arrives at Baltimore daily except
Monday, at 6.15 a.m.
Accommodation leaves Harrisb'rg 6,30 a.m.
Mail Trailleaves Baltimore daily
except Sundays, at 9.15 a m.
Leaves Harrisbnrg, , 1.15 p.m.
. Arrives at Sunbury, 4.05 p.m.
Express Trajp.3 Baltimore daily, 9.15
Arrives at ilarrisbtirg, f.35 a.m.
Leaves Harrisb'rg except Monday ,3.0a '
Arrives at Sunbury, S.38-"
For further particulars apply at the ofiioe.
Harrisburg, Aug. 8, 1863.
TI2E0 j7iTci VA 11 D. "
A Monthly Journal, devoted to th? Prin
A cipJes of 1776, Designed io unmask
the Usurpation, Desptisrri and crimes of
And lo defend the doctrines of State Ruhts,
and of Constitntionai Liberty, as held by
cur Revolntiouary Father8.
Putdi-hed by C- CHAUNCEY BURR &
Co., piu street, New Fork.
PRICE Single numbers 15 cents. Voi'
warJpJ by niaii or express to all parts of
the United States at 1 a year, in advance.
Any pereon sending ten subscribeis wiil
receive an additional copy for one year.
Aug. 26, 1863.
Ilents Balmoral Lace Bool, will be sold
very low. Also, Boys Shoes, at
THIS Journal, which is now in tho eix'iy
second year of its existence, is a thorough
t:oit;g. independent and fearless advocate
of genui' e practical democracy. It main
tains the equal right cf all mn Injustice
and freedoiii; it earr estly approves the war
) "
' b
for ihe Utiion; n hohis up the har.ds of our
rave soldiers in the fit'ld: and it opposes
treason in all frhapes," whether open, as at
thp Soirh, or covert or sneaking, as at me
nor h. At the same time it is the enemy
cf ail und ue exercise of power, or all kinds
of political jobbery and corruption, and
insists upon economy in expenditures, and
a strict adherence to the constitution.
Throughout the war il has advocated the
the most v.gorons prosecution of it, but as
ihe war draws to a close political questions
take the ascendent. A more stupendous,
difficult and interesting problem was nev
er presented to any people, than that of
the restitution of ihe revolting slates to
Iheir allegiance. It will require all the
statesmanship and wisdom of tne na'ion
to bring it to a satisfactory solution. On
that point ihe "Evening Post" will take
definite grounds, and endeavor to bring
about a condition of universal freedom
and real democracy. Peded to no par
ty, and looking only to the interest of ihe
whole country, it will use whatever euergy
and influence in the defence of the great
principles of human right and human pie-
j vation which lie at the foundation of our
Ii ain8 chiefly , however, at being a good
newspaper. In its columns will b j found
u complete History of the war, all impor
tant political or State Documents entire,
Proceedings ol Legislative bodies, Sum
maries of European Intelligence, and news
from all parts of the world, accurate reports
of financial and commercial matters, irnst
worthy Correspondei ce, and a carelully
selected " Literary Miscellany, comprising
Poetry, Reviews of now Works, with liu
erary extracts. Tales gossip and anecdotes
thtthole forming an excellent variety
in which every reader will discover eome
lhin2 io his taste.
Tetiiis Daily Evening. Post.
One copy 1 yr. deiiv'ed by Carrier, Si 1.00
One copy 1 ear sent by mail, 10.00
One copy 1 month, l.QO
Snni-fF ukly Evening Post.
Published Every Tuesday and Friday.
Ore copy one year, ?3 00
T'.vo copies orta year, 5 C-0
Fi ve copies one ar, 12 00
Tei copies one year, 22 00
A copy of the weekly one year, cr of the
Sen.i-Wef kly for six rriOHihs, wiil be sett!
io !ny t.erso?) vho sends us a club of ten
Sam i Weekly.
I I'ctkly Evening Post.
I pubii-ried every Wednesday. When
adJf(i--s I with each f-ubt-criber' name :
One copy one ear, 2 00
T. r e copies one )ear, 5 00
Five copies one yar, ;) (,0
T-vi copies one ye-r, 13 CO
And rf i extr s copy ta the getter tip of each
cluS ot ten.
T7;fji n Club in sent to one .jj.!rc?3.
4n rrd '-t to encpu'aae the format. o! of
(tuns ;i p:aces; o-.iy sy;g:e
a.- no-.v ! .!,;, -a a h.v Jt-ciuad
the hd'owjcg tiiducempMs:
4 copies o.ii e ir o o;.e addratr?.
f:5 CO
10 (0
20 00
2 3' 00
wiil bs
i rale.
7 CO !U
lfi do ,',-
20 t'j 'n
An ex ra c"r,y ,,f jt ?
SMil fir each Club of I we:
tj at th:
Cl.Myroen are soplh .l by mail at 'he
following rates: Dniiy, ?i 0 pr ;i:iSuii;;
int weekly, 2 2-3: Weekly, rO.
Maney raay be tarwardd by mad at oji
fwTpeci mn Copies will ba sent freo fo
all wno desire it.
Oi,ice of th Evenitig f'o?t,
41 ?'asaj St.. cor. of L':b?rij, N. Y.
NTer:.t-r 25, 1S3.
TiiE 3iAG.ZI.E EOil
ll.ti A i.'i
JKTEB SON'S MAGAZINE, the btst a :d
- cheapest in toe World for i r.ties. Th.s
P'-pular monthly Mgazire will t.e strttdl!)
unproved for 1861. ..It w co:"a":u c e
Ttiousxtid Pa" of Reading! Fourteen
Splendid Stpel Plates! Twelve Colored
Beilin Work Pattern! Nino Hundred
Wood Cuts! Twenty Four Pages of Mu
sic! All this wi I be itiven for only Two
Dollars a year, or a dollar less tha i Maga
zines of the cla-s of' Peterson." Its 'i'hrd
ling Tales arid Novele'es ar? the bei pub
fished anywhere. All the mot popidar
'.vriters ate employed to write originally
for "Pe'erson." In I S64 , in addition to its
usual quantity of short stories. Four Origi
nal Copyright Novelets, will be siven, by
Ann S Iftephens, Ella Rodman, Frur.k L"
Benedict, and the Author of "the Second
Life." It also publishes
Fashions Jihea l cf All Others.
Each number, in addiiion lo the colored
plates, gives Bonnets, Cloaks and Dres;psf j
engraved on wood. Also, a pat'ern, from !
which a Dress, Mantilla, or Child's Dres,
I catl e cn' ou' without ihe aid of a matttoa
maker. A LSO, several f ages of Household
aiul otlier R-eeijts.
in the best Lady's Magazine in the
U'orld Try it for one Year 'Firms,
Alwayi in Advance.
frue Copy, one sear, 3 2 00
Three copies, for one year, 5 00
Five copies, for one year, 7 00
Eight copips, one year, 10 CO
Premiums for Getting up Clubs:
Three, Five or erht copies make u club.
To every person getting up a club, at ihe
above rates, a copy of ihe Magazine for
I 1864 wilt be given gratis.
Address, post paid,
203 Chestnut St., Phila.
November IS, 15:63
rt'HE undersized would announce, that '
he ha on hand, at his Hat av.d Cup
emporium on M.iin ttreet, Bioomsburg, an
assortme-it cf diil nei t kind r.f leather, scch
as fine calfskins, morocco, re. f ar.d black
and lininas, all of which he will sell cheap
er than can be had elesewhere in this mar
ket. Call and examine them for vomseives.
Bl-iomsbcrg, May 21, 1 8 6 2.
Fhjslciau sad Surgeon,
T7?AV1NG loca'ed permanently cn Main
Street, BLOOM SB URG, Pa., would in
form the public generally, that he is pre
pared to a tend to ail business faithfully and
punctually that may be intrusted to hi care,
on terms commensurate with the times.
Tv" He pays strict attention to Surgery
as well as Medicine.
Nn-emh-r 25. 1S63 -lv.
SZiy-jLisIit AiHbrolypaf9
ROOAiS in the Third Story ot the Ex
chang-e Block, (etitrance above the
Book Store,) Bloomsburg, Columbia coun
ty, Pa. -
Bloomsburg, Nov. 23, 1859 ly.
iIcnoia s Utci'.'jry
An Elegant, Mural, and Refined 31 is
cellane.ons Family Jovrnul.
Ai d a welcome visitor to the home cir
cle It contains the foreign a-vd doriicfc
nws of the day, ati f prctents the gteaieot
a::i(;i:nt of inteiliger.cp.
Is pritnwd on fine uhito pnprr. with nw
atid beautifal tvpe, and id a Urge weekiy
pp r of sixteen octavo pages.
An nriri vdllid corps oi eontrb'Hcr are
under ritilar engagements, and every de
partment is placed on the mosl fvtisdied
a'id perfect svstern that exparience c in d-3
vi?e. Each number will be beautifully il
luttrated. TERMS. 2 00 per annum. Invariably
in advance.
For sale at all Periodical Depots in. the
United States.
Published every Saturday, corner of Tre
mom and Bromfield stteets, Boston, Mas
sachusetts, by F. GLEASON.
Nov. 11, 1863.
yTHE subscriber would respectfully ap
prise his friends'and tlie public ener
ally, that be has es-labiished the
in Jerseytown, Coin mbia county, Pa. The
above house has lately been refitted and
undergone a thorough repairing by the pro
prietor. He is fully prepared to entertain
the travelling custom as well as the local
with general satisfaction, His TABLE arid
BAB, are well supplied and will be careful
ly superintended. And hts STABLE is am
ply and well stocked, in charge of careful
grooms, will always be properly attended.
HT He invites a share of the pub'iccus
tom, and pledges his best efforts, to help
his guests feel at home.
Jerseytown, Jan 8, 1862.
mm '-'S' "V " A "
Vai BK00XS Proprietor.
E5t.0031SiI5JB;;, PA
'"PHIS magnificent Hotel, tituate in the
posite the Court llou, has be hoVo;-h!y
repaired and refurnished, and the Propr 1
is now prepared to accommodate travelers i
teamstrra, drovers and boarders H mosl '
pleasant and agreeable muer Hi, Si
will be supplied wtth t! be!t .1,1 L S
nfr.lrd..-,n,t hi- P..w.;,K,i.-.. .
" " - ...... .-n,i lil-f I i.u.tM injurs
At'.cnti-e os;!-rs will always be cn har,d
a::d his stalling is the roo-t extensive in
this ser-tnn c.I coontrv. Onuih ise.
.vays te n re:
?-?r.s la and frnr,.
the Ra'dr.-iid D? v.t.
Blnomsbcrg, July 1. isco ' "
tin hctixil.
' I ! L sub sen cer
cf Pl.ntr.-b
thalhe ve;r.z LIQUORS u, Jar -a "and
smuji q-i3rlities, an I at liilFtrcnt pti-e.-. at
.'lis New Store. o;. Ivlam street, Jr.
north s ;:!, W- o doors ou;'i ol f .ZSTl'i'S
Ir-n .-tr.?e, Blcomsf.ur;T. (: ) '.--"
fctcck of Foreigo an I Do mesne r-ii,. ... - .4
i : r ' it i
' ! i : t r v
c'.:;.-!s!& t.i t nnitc ario jiocheii-3
ry, Ginger, Raspberry red Lire
has a largd assortient cf
' . . - - t - -.. ...
Old Rye.
age fine Old Bourbon.
Old Folks
i. ,
a T-
a'id a'.y quai.t:'.y of
He al-o has
Madeiras, Lisbon, Claret, Sherry and Can
pagrsc Wines ; and list but not leat. a
quantity c-f t;cod 'Jot.ble extr?. BROWN
STOUT; a'l of which he will -,; tu the
iov.fsi ca.-.ii .r;cf.s. 'i t;e pnbiic ar-? r.kpect
fulij solicited to give hi iiq'ior a tri l.
(f , -
fillers his
professional services to the
t I 'f a .1 p f . ripnttfimon rtl Rir....-
bura and vicinity. He is prepared io attend
to all 'he various operations in Dentistry,
and is provided with the latest Improved
PORCELAIN TEETH, which will te in
serted on pivrt or gold plate, to lock as
well as t.tural.
Mme al plate and block teeth manufac-
tcre i an i alt operations on teeth carefully
a .ent.e .
A superior article of Tooth Powd-Ts, af -
.- .i t
ways on hind. All operations on the teeth
J . , 1
les-dence and Oruce, a few doors above
P , ' . ,
j Bloomsburg, Au-. 19 185s.
Gull a Pcrcha Hacking:.
jOR Boots,
- and Militr
iocs, Harness, Carriages,
itary Leather Work.
This iipw nn.t fvpM'pr.t .nu.i vot
eveavthin-T ever before in nse. for beauti-
fyii, g and sof en'mz the Leather. It makes
Blo-.msburor, May 1, :S31.
pi T c m ry
5. V. EIOWLin,
.l U. Li If i 4
a polish like patent leather; will not rub I t ie laitntul exponent of Democratic pnn
off with water, nor slain the finest white ' r,e?' aa!' ond' itself worthy to oe an
silk, and makes leather perfectly wa'er- j oran of ,he democratic par!y,under whose
proof. Twice a month applied on boots ' auspices our country prospered so long
and shoe, and once a month for harness j and PO welL Tf9 restoration of ihat par
is snfhcient. If the leather becomes dir v i tv the party of lh Constitution and the
was, ii off with clean water and the polish ' Union 10 power in the legislative and ex
will re appear. Warranted as reprc-ented. 1 fri!llTe governmental branches of the State
Directions lor nse. Apply a few drops ! a,id o the Union, we believe ta be neces
on a spom'-, rub it slowly over the leather, ! sar' av,r anarchy, and the utter ruin of
and the. polish complete. j tne Republic. To contribute to that resto-
PRICE 37 CEFTS PER BOTTLE raiion w ill be our highest aim.
HT Fcr sale by L. T. bHARPLESS. jtj I T.he n?ws- i-e'ary, commercial and oth-
t,, . , .. ; er departments, will receive due attention,
Bloomsburg, May 14 , IS62. j anJ wiit 5e h0 conducted as to make "Tho
Kollock's Dandtiioa CoCfee.
TillS p rejjaratioi, made from the'bestj
Java voiu-3, is recomme no-a oy p . vieians
T .r .111 i I
iim ntiwior rto luiiutj nr. tiwiur,
lor General Debiittv. Dvsneo-ia. and all
bilious disorder. Thousands who have
been compelled to abandon the use of erf
fee will ue this without injurions eifects.
One can contain a. strer.g;h cf two
pounds of ordinary colfse. Price 25 cents.
Th3 f.nreM and best BAKING POWDER
known, for making light, sweet and nutri
tious Bread a:id c.-.kes. Price 15 cents."
'.','.( .''( i ( y
7,1- H. KOLLOCK, Chemist.
Comer of Broad and Chesinut Streets. :
Philadelphia, !
E?" And sold I t) all Urucghts end Grocers, jr
February 26, 1F2. ly. i
Gcne'l Com'sion ITIcrcIiant. ;
Bloomsburg, Columbia county Pa. j
Particular attention gi?en to Patent rights, j
Sept. 2, 1863.--3mos. t
rfORTY-EIGHT col-mnof res ting ma!.
- tpr p r wfk for Si 20 per year. Tlie
only Now York Paper wad np exclusive
ly for enmi'ry circulation; and, ihe new
ol the week, with the cattle, produce, aud
other markets. -strpf.:illy reoor'ptf.
The Aeir York Day-Hook. far 1864.
White Man's Lit er!ie.--State Rights Fed
eral Union.-
1 he N"v Yf rk Pay-Book is an inrln0n.
dent, Democratic jour ial, holding with the
I ue Sena or D.oiijlas, thai "this "overn
mei.t is iiu le on ihe wt.itj basis, by white
men, for ihe benefit of while men and
their posterity forever."- It is a Urge do.
bl'e sheet, with firty eight columns of read
ing matter, and in all respects whether
lor Markets, new, Literary or Agricultural
information is not inferior to any as a po
litical or fumi'iy newspaper. In its politi
cal department, il arapples boldly with the
real question before the American people,
and presents the only philosophy of it
which can reiist ihe sweeping march of
Abolitionism. It is Democratic in the true
s.ense of the term the defender of the peo
ple's rights, but it is the upholderof no par
ty chicanery orincke.y. L i. ,,0 only for
peace, but it shows how, and how only
permanent peace can be obia'n ed, and this
glo'ious white man's government of Wash
ington restored, viz : ty the utter route,
overthrow, and extermination of Abolition
ism from American soil.
The Day Book is now the ouly weekly
political paper in New York city made no
exclusively for country circulation. All the
others are reha-hed from the columns of
some daily paper, which renders it almost
impossible i give so complete and general
a summary of the news as in the other
cae Persons about subscribing should
take this into consideration. Democrats
al-o, must 6ee to it that sound papers are
circulated amon2 the people, or abolition
ism will never re put down, or All who
desire lo refute the araumei.ts of Abolition
isty, shonld read The. Day Book.
TERMS: One cony, oi.e vear. $9 en-
j Three copies pi year, 5 00; copies,'
j one year, 57 50; Ten copies, one jear, and
one to the cetter uti of ihe r nh si i on.
Twenty copies, one year, and one io the
i get e: uo of ihe Club, y24 00. Additional
copies, each M 20.
A "".Vi 'l' F'
SrJ-ir 1 7
i, t
3r"Tt ! ' ? aJ,an al!
ef" " IT? lh Um
'""V. A ht "P,,es-
! iviuuess,
1G2 Nassau St., New York.
t i0 P've a mouon of i.orthern read
j rn '! e f the Races. IV'.
t ot i.juiu.y i u I'its j itirnai were
plHce.l in the har.d$ cf one half of the vo
ters of the t:ort.!i,-rn States between this time
and NnvernLer, 164, ths Democrats could
t.;-! fail to
tini. Wrt
c irry t.c- next presi Je:.ttal elec-
thcreiors nialte iiie followinc
'T, nrt
liitht of prie, ar.d noi
wi.l te prcctaMe, for we
n:d it but solely to secure
even t
?( au-o r
iTt c ly a i.
can sf
a 'vic ill.-.?.- rr;iii3' ''i of the views which
we j rolt-Uw y tel. eve v. ill save our coun
try. Clubs cf a club r20,
lv:ides the extra papr now orferej, we
wiii srnd a ecpy-of Dr. Vao Erie' great
cn "tiei'roes a:. i rejiro iavery," lhe
third e
ti'jn cf
. oiv fi i just ready, l'nce
Oi.e I)
Clubs cf Fiff.rGr a dub of Fifty
ulscrihcr-, p.! :.!;. i- will send one extra
pi'.pcr, a'-d a cor
Iiito'i Publications
s i--fc l- I 1 'ill
the prices ol which,
taken tfjether, a;r.c-j.,t to 2 75.
Clubs of One Hundred. In relation
to Clubs i.: o:,4 hundred, we will bay this:
Whcvv-r '.v.:i us c-.z hundred sub-
erib-rs at oi. t.rr.c, the ciub to be sent to
one iuld.-cs-. ar.d begin ar: J end at the tame
:.-:.c, v. ill receive tiia papers at $:&0.
V. E., H. CO.
o t rr: b t !8 I -3 3 .
T bft panned Daily and Weekly in
, A lhff fh of rhi:a..jeI.,hiil b A J Gloss
brenner U Co. ' The Aae" will advocate
ihe principles of the Demoratic party, and
will, ihereforpj i eccesariiy favor the resto
ration of ihp Union as it was, and defend
ihe Conduction of the United States, and
th-U of this Commonwpiltru
Il will freely and fairly discuss all lesit-
c!udi, co an; re.erniaenUy at
j imPj aM cneHi0n, rnPnnecIed wilhythe
i exirimr unhappy condition of our country.
j j. i r -, ., I
Ii wiil tearie.-sfy criticise Ihe publ.c acts
rr - , ttr,.. i 4 i .u i i .
i ot puo.ic strvantJ and uefvnd the legal and
. ,.;..,: .., . - ,--,..,
an i , r..r.;,r - 7 ,.
an.i ii! ro. crigt; Mates, aiiainst assaults
j from any quarter.
It wiil seek to
awaken the minds of the
people to a proper sense of the actual con
dition of the Republic to present to them,
truthfully, the learful perils in which we
stand as a nation 'o exhibit the magnitnde
of the t;r-k thai hes before them, if they
would check our downward progress and
! to inspire theni with patriotic determina-
I 'ion aPI,,y lhe 'fmedy for our national
' "' belief, it wri in alt taings.airn lo De
Age" worthy of the support of ihe general
1 reader.
The msnr diflicultle? now surrounding
, an enterprise of the magnitude ot that in
j wrticli the undersized are engased, re
quire them to appeal to the public for a
generous support, ar.d to sk for "Tbe
Aite"' a libera! patronage and ex'ended cir-
Ti;p preparatory arrrangements warrant
ed the issuing of die first number of the
piRy Ate i;i ilie month of March 1663,aad
d.a Weekly was conmenced soon after.
Diily, per annum, S6 00
do Six, 2 00 '
" Three months, 1 50
Copies delivered at the counter, and 10
Agents aud Carriers. 2 cents each.
Weekly, per annum,
do Six months,
do Three months,
Te:j copies to one address,
Twenty do do
Thir'v. do . do
S2 00
1 00
17 50
32 CO
45 00
G?" Payment required .invariably in ad
vance. Address,
4 Chestnut Street, Phila.
November 1H, l?63.