The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, August 27, 1862, Image 1

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W U. JACOB., Proprietor.
Truth and Rignt -God and onr Country.
Th o Doll as ptr Anuuin.
NVM BE II'-34.
;STjiE of the. north.
- Wo. II. JACOBF. -
Cfflee ce EsinSt.. 3rd Sqnare below Earktl.
-. TEKMS: Two Dollars pr annum if paid
wiibii six months Irom tho lime ol subi-cri-bing
: two dollars and fitly rent if not paid
withui thk. year, No subscription taken lor
less period than nix months ; no discon- ,
linua'ue permitted until alt arrearages are j
paid, unless at the option ot the e.litor. I
2 kit Ut mi of advertising will le us follows :
Oue i qure, twelve lines, three times SI OO ,
Kvery subsequent insertion, 25
One square, three month, . . . . ... 3 00
One year, 800
Imported Blood & American breeds of Horses
. : - ' WILL BK HtLDT)N
Kfjstene Park Agricultural Fair
lirouuds, UilIiampoitt I'a.,
On 1 vtdoy lltdutsduy, 'Jkundoy and Fri
c'aiptembcr 2, 3, 4, and 5, 1862.
jit wiLUAMerokT, n. expi. 2, 3. 4 & 5, 1862
Th tuauagers Halter themselves that, al
thouh the past exhibition held in oiher
part ot the United Slates, have been en.i
keutlf successful and entirely satisfactory
Co tho public', the past experience will ena
Lie them to improve somewhat ill the de
tails Jf the arrangements, and in this con
hertixi they hope to givu greater facilities
lor the deliberate examination aid trial of
hoTMs intended for sale. Williamsport is
easily and qnickly accessible Irom alt direc
tions. Kej-toue Park is ueqaalled in it
track for showing or training a hor.-e. The
(oantigers design t make lhi u hort-e mart,
worilij of us ceutral position, and its extia
4rUiDxy laci'.itie.
A. E. KAPP, President
II. E-Taylor, Treasurer.
. r- Logan, iniel iHarsnal.
Geo. 31. D Pui Secretary.
Ol Imported B ood and American Breeds ol ; Sixe, actior. end rpeed will be ronsidei
' HORSES ; eJ making il.e award.
V1I be bekl on KEYSTONE PARK, Agri
cultural Fair Grounds,
Ou Tuday. W ednesday, -Thursday & Fri
day, September 2 3 4, and 5, lb)2.
I'lsintum Li-1 and Prize Banner opeu
to Exhibitor Irom the Canadas
and other British Pioince.
gkneral uegu la r ions ;
The entrance to Keystone P-rk for visit- '
ors on loot, is by the Center Gale, ou Camp 1
bell Street. The entrance lor Hor-es and
Carriages is by lb a N E. Gat,on Campoed i
The gates will be open for the admission
el the public Irom ej o'clock, A
M , until '
uixlown ol each day.
The Chiel Mari-lial and Superintendents
of the Exhibition, will meet at the Presi
ient's Tent at 8 o'clock, A M . each day, to
pef:Vct the arraiit'emenis lor the day.
A Soper:utetd-ti:t will accompany ech
set ot Ji'dge-, and point out the tliffere:il
cl aires or stock to be extiibited 1'hey will
see that Hnre are provided w ith natters
ly :l,eir owners, at.d suitably arranged lor,
xliibuion each day.
Will please report themselves on tneir arri
val iti tow n , at the o thee ol the society,
corierol Third and Elmira streets, in Tay
lor's building,' where the coinmt.tee of Re
ception wilt be in ession Cards ol admis
sion will ue luruifhed them to tt.e exlubi
lion.and the Committee will extend to them
very civility w ithin their power.
for the creator convenience of editors
and reporters lor the press, a tern will be
spscially set apart tor their ue, aod every
facility wil be a Horded them to ootaiii aod
transmit hilormatiou.
A Committee of recept:oc from ibe Press
wil receive their brethren Irom abroad, on
th 5eld and further the purpose ot their
uoining. ,
i,! . JUDGES.
The Judges will assemble at the lent of
lb; President on ihe ground, at 8 o clock, A.
1. Tuesday, to organize and fill vacancies j
in (be board, should any occur. The re-j
fort of ihe Judges must be handed to ttie ;
nssident'e Secretary be!ore Thurcday noou. I
'nssident'e Secretary before Thurcday noou.
Will be furnished lor visitors on the field at
a moderate charge. A tent saloon tor la
" will be provided with female attend-
abis. r -
ilee, CotTee,Oysiers.&c , will be supplied
by a competent Conlectioner.
N'c Seasoo Hcknts will be issued.- Single
itdmiAsion' to the ground $C 25
Children under 12 years of age, half price
Admittatice to the seals opposite the Judges
Hand " ' ' 1
Members of Public schools, Seminaties or
Colleaesmay coEimute for admission, with
tlilt Treasurer. '
For a four or six horse- vehicle and driver,
paiseugers being supplied with tickets 1 00
For a two horse vehicle and driver, passen
gers being supplied with tickets -75
Fcr a one horse vehicle and driver, passen
gers being supplied with tickets 50
fW a horse aud its rider - 50
- v. -:- PREMIUMS, t.
;Piemioms will t.ot be paid cn animal,
removed from the ex hibition,' unless such
retnovat has the special approval of Ihe
Chief Marshal, and premium- not claimed
within thirty days alter the aanl, will be
cCDStdered ss lorfeited. r Premiums will
no! be paid on hores which are unsound.
It is iaesimble that moe, who intend to
raks entries lor exhibition sL Jd noiify
t!ie Secretary on or before August 2Qih,
tiat arrangements may posittFely me made
iar:iieir accommodation. Letters may be
scthesd to the Secretary at WiHiamsport.
Tiis Treasurer will pay preminms awarded
si the tusintJi Tent, ca the Grosnd, at the
ubition and at hi office in
Williamsport during ihe following moiiih;
or w ill forward any premium, not on paid.
; in such manner as person entiled to the
" ,na direct. .'-
Class No. 1 Thotough Bred Horses,
S allion.
Premium, Two Hundred Dullas. ' S200
Speed will be considered in making the
Class No 2 Thorough Bred Mares
1 ftfc I- ill I J 41
Picmium One Hutu-red Dollars, 5100
Speed will be considered m making the
Class No. 3 Stallions for General ore six
j ears and over.
First premium, $100
Second do is
Clas No. 4 Stallions for ceneral use, (our
years aud under six.
First premium 850
Second do 20
Class No 5 Stallions of 2 years and o ruler
First premium , $30
Second do 15.
Clas No 6 Mares with Foal by their rides
Fit ft pre tn i urn $40
Second do 0
ClafS No 7 Breeding Mare.
For the beet bieedu.g mare Uur years and
First premium 850
Second do 20
'Class No 8 Fillies, two years and under
Erst premium 840
Second do 20
Class No 9 Fillies, 1 year and under two.
Firi premium 20
Second 10
Class No 10 Colts 2 years and under 4.
First premium $25
Second do 10
Cias No 1 1. Colis, Siatlions or Geldings,
ore year and under two. !
Firi-t premium 20 (
Second do 10
Clacs No 12 Maiched horses, geldings or
mates, for the best span 16 tiatids and over
First premium 50
Second do . . 20
For the be. 1 span of matched Hores, 14
hanus and under 16,
Fust premium $25
Second do 10
Class No 13 Fancy matched horses, geld-
ings or mares.
First premium $25
Sfcond do 10
Six, action and speed will be considered
in milking the awaid.
Llass No 14 Gentlemen's spans of driving
buret-f, geldings or mares.
Firt Premiuiu $100
Second do 20
Class No lo Eamily torses, Geldings or
For the ben lamily horse, four years and
over, tinvti'g, color, viz and action will be
considered in making tne award.
First premium S50
Second do - 10
Clas No 16 Genilemen's Dri ina Horses,
Gelding- or Mre, 4 years aud over.
FirM pieriiium . $50
Second do 10
Driving, color, size, action and speed will
ie conK.ered in iiiaaiug Hie award.
Cla- N 17 Sd lle Hordes
For ttie tieM Geiitleuiau's Saddle Horse
Fir-l lueiuiutii
Second do
For tt.e be ft Lady' Saddle Horse.
F'l-l premium ' $20
Second do 10
CI.m No 18 F.rm ami Draft H-irses.
For ti e best pair ot Farm and diatt hore
First premioin SO
Second do 10
Clasa No 19 Be-t Mimle Farm or Draft
Firs' Pieminm " SI5
Jecoiid do -
Class No 20 Ponies,
Ponies, under 14 tiaodr, dil.eti double
Tat.deiu or TriJem,
Fum premium, $15
Secoi d do 10
Class No 21.
Best team, six it: hand, S50
Clas No 12.
Best tandem or irnlem team, $.0
Will tie awarded to trie Slate (Agricul
tural Societt J I'ther than Penn?. tv aiiM,
winch by its citizen, enter
l.r exni
Vdlaable ,
buioii lor itie Ir -et i.mober ol
tlore a prize banner woriti 200
Exhibitors wnuhoise are required to use
the Souih etiir.iue gale on Campbell St.,
in coming ou to and returning Irom the
Etnes of ,-tock may be made at the of
fice ol the Secretary in Ta) lor's Building,
Momla, 9o clock, p. in., Septsmber
t, wr.eo the books must be made up tor
tat. Jodgs. The exhibition ol ttotk or the
i,v wail take place precisely at ttie lime
specified iu the subjoined arraiigemetil;aud
animals not prepared a! ttie proper time
and place may, at the discretion of tne
Jadges, be ruled outol competition. Stock
will be maiked w'Uti crds luruished by ttie
Seoretar), designating die class and No. of
entry; and during the exnibiuou they must
be Dlaced eutireiy under the nianagemeut
of me officers ol ihe society. It sutiicenl
time has not been given, m the programme
lor the Judges to examine any one class
belore the calling ol another class, ihe fir.i
named class will be examined oil a vacant
part ol the ground to oe designated by the
Chiel Marshal. Arrangements will be made
lor the trial of dralt hore by testing ttieir
strength, docility &c. at a load.
Owners or agents offering horses lor pre
mium or exuibiiioii'will receive tickets of
admission. Exhibitors are requested to
leave sufficient space around eaca horse oi
vehicle lor ihe Judges to pss lieety.
The Judges will m. all caees withhold
premiums where ihe horse is uoi worthy or
is unsound, .though there be uo corrposi-
lion- - j
Exhibitors entering. cohs of the a'evi
three years and under shall lornisti to the
Judges evidence ol ihe lime ol foaling, to j
be filed with Ihe Recordiug Secretary. j
Pedigree of Blood Horses and origin and ;
age must be funiistud, if required, lor ev- j
ery horse offered lor premium. - - j
The Judges will ; report to the Biard of j
Managers not only - ihe. horses emitted to ;
premiums, but also iLose next in merit hi
each class, to raeel the contingency ol any !
objection whicn may arise lo tUe award, ,
All horses not cbiaiutug piemiuuis.woteu
ia the opinion of the Judges deserve peci
x! ccnusendauoa, Hill be o reporttd to the
board of Managers. J
The Judges it nor satisfied as to the rej
; ulaiity ol the entries in ihe texpective cla
e", or i lie ges ol the dorse a recorded
in ihe entries, will apply to the Recording
Secretary lor informa'ion. and skould there
beany doubt, alter examination, ol thuir
comiiig wimiii ttie rguiatioiiH, or it any
hore is of such a ctiaracer a not lo be
emitted to exhibition in competition, they
will report the facts for the considcr-mou
of tr.e board of iiiaiiacer, that aiich couioe
may te adopted as the cae may require.
Trie several classes o. hori-es upon exi.i
bition wid be called tor in the order imlica
t.d in the programme, .ml precisely at in
hour . named, w hen fig wi.l be raised
i.eai t,e Judges' Mand with the incriiiiiii
Wtirn ihe tio'ir arrives for ihe exhibition
of any r'arn- oi liorfe the bell will te roig
and a 11 g will be raised to indicate ttie
cUss to be extubiied.
Ad hordes entfreit will be at therik ol
the ownets. The most effectual iiieiii
will be taken through Ihe agency ol the
.police and otherwise lo
guaid and i rot itt
tut the mana"hi
ibe hor-es exiubneo;
cannot be repoiiMble lor injuries occasion
ed by accident or otherwise.
Reports ol the doings ol ;he F.xhioitiot:
will be otficiallv published.
Horses intended tor public or ptivats sale
wilt le labeled accordingly, and a portion
otthegiouud will be designated lor their
exaruiiiatioii and sale. The services of an
auctioneer will be provided and a time
named for public sales. The Secretary will
give notice ot such intended sales, it early
entry is made with him to that effect. -Such
horses cannot be withdrawn until the cljse
ot the exhibition, except by written author
ity ol the Managers.
Members ot the several committees will
be recognized by the following badges :
Class Nos 1 & 2 -Thorough Bred horses
Navy Blue ribbon.
Ciaas No 3. Stallions, 6 years anJ over,
Green nboon.
Class No 4. Stallions 4 years and under
6, White Ribbon.
Class No. 5. StaHions,2 years and under
4, Green and White ribbou.
Class Nos. 6 & 7. Mares
with foal and
Breeding Mare, Orange ribbon.
Class Nos 8 & 9. Fillies, Black ar.d Or
ange ribbon.
Class Nos 10 & 11. Colts, Greeu and red
Class Nos 12 Si 13. Match and Fancy
Match horse--, red and White ribbon.
Clas No 14. Gent's Spans ol Driving
Horees, Light Blue and rink ribbon.
Clas No 15 Family Horses, Red White
and Blue ribbon.
Cia.s No Iti. Gent s Driving Horses. Dine
and White ribbon.
Class Nos 17 &. 20 Saddle Horses and
Ponies, Black and While ribbon.
Class Nos 18 & 19. Farmers' Draught
Horses, red ribtou,
Class Nos 21 ii 22. Best Team, Pink
Board of Managers, Rosettes.
No leature ol the Horse Sliow is riore
pleasing lo 'he managers, and we trust ac
ceptable to the public, than the lacili:ies
offered lor the transportation ot horses and
groom to and Irom the exhibition.
Peiiiioyivani Central R R. I'lnla. & Erie
R. R, Pinla bi Reading K R. Lebanon Val
ley R. R, Cattwirsa R. R., Eimira& vVtl-
iiatnspri K R, Syracuse,
binghamp'.nii U
N Y. R R., hast Pen. .a. R
11, Shamokin
V-liey R. K., will carry visitors, t.orses and
utooms Iree one way. Toe Lackaw.tnua
&i Bioomturt. PluU. Wilmington & L'aiu
ui re, and Cumoerlaiid Valley, aree to do
as other roads do. There are other l oads
lo hear Irom, which id, withoat doubt,
come iu;o tliesame arrangements. 1'tius it
it will be seen that ttie State ot Peunx , is
thrown wiJe ope i to the exhibition. The
roa w iii collect fares o:, all horses coming
lo the exhibition, aud return them Irte, on
pre.-euta iou ot tne Certiti- ate thai taey nave
teen on exhibition, and are uictaoi-d in
ownership . Trie loliowin is ttie form o
thertiticaie relerred n above :
U iixumpokt, Sept. 1662.
To Riii!rotd Agents :
Tins cerufie that has had on exhi
bition, and noi sold Hor-es, at the First
: Horse Show, held in Williarnsporl
: l'enna. on the 2d, 3d, 4th aud 5th of Sep
tember, 862. Secretary
Daily Order of Arranjemrnl
The is. teg w ill bo opened for ailuiisgion of h public,
from e! o.wlock, a. w. until .unJowu cacti day.
' uts iay, September 2nd.
8 o'clock a m The Judges will aaemble at tin Preci
dant's Tent to organise, aacerlaiu and fill vaanciei,
and receive the Books of Entries for tlia exhibition.
Hi o dick am All hr.- entered for premium, ex.
bibition or sale, must be present on the ground.
10 o'clock a in At the sound of the bell, tho Grand
Cavalcaua will form on the half mile track, in sbicball
hortei entered for premium, exhibition or sale, are ex.
pected to be present and take their places, as called bjr
the Chief Marshal.
After the grand cavalcade, all horses entered f r prem
ium will assemble under the flags designating-their
class for inspection by the Judges.
Ill o'clock a ni At the sound of the bell, clai see Nos.
18 sad lt, (Farm and Draft Hors.) will assemble in
front of the JudJes' stand for inspection, after which
they will retire to the east part cf the groundx for the
testing of their strength, and qualities for worlu
IU o'clock p m Dinner. The track will be open fur
; promivcaous driving, till 2 o'clock pm.
' 2 o'clock p m At the sound of the bell, Cluss Tio. 6
Mares with Foal by their side.) will assemble in front
of the Judges' stand lor exhibition
ail o'clock p m At the sound of th belt, elais No. 7
(Breeding Mares) will assemble in front of the Judnes
stand for exhibition.
3 o'clock p in Trial of speed of the horses designated
by the Judges.
4 o'clock p m At the souudof the bell, Clai s No. 5
(Stallious of 2 years and under 4.) will assemble in
trout of the Judges' stand for exhibition.
1 o'clock p m Trial of speed of the horse d signaled
by the Judges.
Wednesday September 3. ,
9 o'clock a m At the sound of the doll, claites Nos.
8 9 and 10 (Fillies sad colts,) will assemble in front of
the Judges' stand for exhibition.
91 o'clock a m Trial of the speed of horses c sigoated
by the Judges."
10 o'clock a m At the sound oj the bell, Clai s No. 13
(Fancy inatchen horses, geldings or n.ares.) will as
semble in front of the Judges' stand for exhibition.
10, o'cleck a m Trial of sdeed of the horses designs,
ted by the Judges.
Ill o'clock aio At the sound of the bell Clai s No. 11
Colts (Stallions and Geldings 1 year and under 2.) will
assemble in frant of the Judges' stand fr exhibition.
12 o'clock m At the sound of tne bell, Clatt No. 17
(Saddle Horses.) will assemble in front of th Judges'
stand fir exhibition.
l-Jt o'clock p iu Dinner. The track will be open for
promiscuous driving until 2 p in.
2 o'clock p iu At the sound of the bell, clins No. 4
(Stallions 4 years and unJer .) will assemble In front
of the Judges' stand for exhibition.
21 o'cloek p m Trial of speed of the horiei designa
ted bv the Jadxes. - -
3 o'clock p in At the sound of the bell, clt .ss No 20
(Ponies onder 14 hands. Jte., see bill.) will as -emble in
front of the Judges stand for exhibition.
31 o'clock p m At the nund of th i beli. cli s No. 15
(Family Horses.) will assemble in front of th) Judges' ,
4 o clock p sa Trial of speed of the Horses designa
ted by the Judges.
'luuisiay, September 4 'A.
9 'clock mA Grand Cavalcade of alt horses en- ',
tered for premium, exhibitoa or .ale. will takt place on' '
tee- half mila track
MrbyJadgei. " i
iot cock a At ia &: of tx a, e aa
ber 12 (Matched Homes,) will assemble in front f the
Judges' stand for exhibition
11 o'clock a m Triui of speed of the horses designa
ted by the Judges.
Ill o'clock u in At thi sound of the bell, clam No 21
(fi in hand.) will assemble in front of the Judges' stand
for exhibition. "
12 o'clock M Trial of rpeed of the horses designated
by the Judge.
VH o'clock p m Dinner. The track will be open for
promiscuous driving until 2 o'clock.
2 clock p m Trial of speed of the horses designated
by the Judges.
2 o'clock p iu Atthe sound of the bull, class No 3
(Stallions to years mid over,) will assemble iu front of
the Judges' stund for exhibition
! 31 o'clock p m Trial uf speed of horses designated
) by the Judges.
1 4 n clock p hi Atthe sound of. the bell, t lass iniiu-
; b.-r 2 (Thorough Bred Mured.) will assemble in front of
j the Judges' stand for exhibition.
.' 41 oVliK-k p m Trial of speed of the horses designa
ted by the Juleus.
Ffifla;y Septembet 5th
, 9 o'clock a iu Grand Entree of Hornet by States, in
j competion for the I'KIZt HANLK. I be homes Irom
, rncli 8lute wiil be preceded by a banner bearing its
91 o'clock a in 1'rial of speed of the horses designated
: by the Judges.
10 o'clock a in At the sound of the bell. Class No. 1
(Thorough ifd Stallion,) will assemble in frout of the
I Jnriges stand for exhibition.
! . 1U1 o'clock a in At tho sound of the bell. Class No. 14
j (Gentlfuien's pans of Driving Horses.) wil assemble
, front of the Judges' Fluntl for exhibition,
j 1 1 o'clock a iu Trial of speed oi the horses designated
j by thejudges.
j 11 1 o'clock a m At the sound of the bell. Class No. S2
I (Tandems or Tridems.) w ilt assemble in trout of the
Judges' stand for exhibition,
j IS o'clock M Trial of speed of the horses designa
i ted by the Judges.
I I o'clock p m At the sound of the bell, .class No. 16
' (Gentlemen's Driving Horses.) will assemble in front of
' the Judges' stand for exhibition.
3 o'clock p m At the souud of the bell, there will be
a trial of speed of thorough Bred Horses designated by
the Judges.
4 o'clock p m At the sound of the bell, al horses to
wnom premiums have been awarded' will assemble on
: the half mile track, atwhish lime the awards will be an-
nounced from the Judges' stand, and premium flags dis
I tributed
J The Chief Marshrl requests punctuality on the part
; of exhibitors, in having their horses ready for exhibition
: on tha signal of the bell, occording to the advertised
j programme. Horses not ready for exhibition as called
for sy the Chief Marshal, may be rejected rom the list
J of competitors for premiums:
IT sufficient time has not been given in the programme
for the Judges to examine any one class, before the cull
ing of another classs, the first named elana. will be ex
amined on a vacant part of the ground, if so ordered by
the Chief Maishal.
Dr. W. F. LOGAN,
August 8 1962.
Choice Poetrrj.
The apples are ripe in the orchard,
Thejwork ol ihe reaper is done,
And the golden woodlands redden
In Ihe blood of the dying sun.
At the cottage door the gnndsire
Sits pale in his easy chair,
While the gentle wind of twilight
Plays w uh.his silver hair.
A woman is kneeling'beside him,
A fair young head is pre.t,
In the first wild pas-ion of sorrow,
Against his aged breast.
And far from over the distance
The faltering echoes come
Of the flying blast of trumpet
Aud ihe rattling roll of drum.
Aud theGrandsire speaks in a whimper
''The end no man can see;
But we give him to his country,
And we give our prayers lo Thee."
The violets star the meadows,
The rose buds fringe the door,
And over the grassy orchard
The pink-Tliiie Dlossoms pour.
But the grendsires chair is empty,
The cottage is dark and still ;
There's a nameless grave on the battlefield
And a new one under she hill.
And a pallid, tearless woman
By ihr cold hearthstone sits alone.
And the old clock in the corner
Ticks on with a steady drone.
Abocl Eepartees.
A repartee we presume to be an immedi
ate and appropriate reply lo an obervatiou
iej ending upon the rapidity of the working
of the mental powers, which seem to work
rather fater with some people than others.
We were once riding in a staije coach with
a worthy farmer, the mud was very deep,
and our progress at the rate of 2.40 miles
per hour. To our impatient inquiries a to
when we should reach our destination, the
old man replied in a slow tone, which did
not belie his words. "I never allow my
mind to travel faster than my body."
Some persona however, seem to have an
electric current of wit, which flashes the
moment it meets an opposing one ; and it
is our purpose here to give from memory a
few specimens of ibis sort of wit, for which
we should give the authors proper credit if
we knew their name?. Besinning with the
two of Lamb's which cannot be left out of
soch a catalogue, familiar at they are
Fir?t his reply when he was rebuked for
cominr in to business at the India House
o very late in the morning 'You know I
always go away very early in the after
noon,' and Jhe still older one to the anxious
passenger's query on entering a crowded
omnibus 'All full inside V 'I don't know
how 'tis with the other passengers butlhat
last piece of oyster pie did Ihe the business
for me.' It is related of some frie nds of
Campbell, the author of Hohenlinden, in
leaving hia room after a gay supper, that
one of the number bad the misfortune to fall
down the steps of a long flight of stair?
the poet, alarmed at the noise opened his
door ar.d ingnired- 'What's lhat V Tis I,
sir, rolling rapidly,' was the immediate re
ply of bis fallen friend. Sheridan is said to
have remarked on entering acrawded com
mittee room, in parliamentary language
'Will some member move that I may take
a seat V Also on being asked how the sen
sitive Fox would lake a salary provided for
him by his charitable friends, replied,
'Quarterly.' A poor poet, desiring a com
pliment, asKed Curran, 'Have yon read my
Descent into Hell V 'No, I should like to
see it,' replied the wit. A prosy member
of parliament, having asked him s Have
you read my last speech he replied, ' I
hope I have.' Two old New England min
isters were riding by a gallows, when the
cider asked, the other 'Where wo'd yon
be if that tree bore its proper fruit V Ri
dicg alone wu the immediate reply. Ad
Irish girl at play on Sunday was accosted I
by the prie-t 'Good mornins, daughter ol
the devil, 'and meekly replied, 'Good morn
ing father.' Two friends meeli.ig, one re
marked M have iust met a man who told
me I looked exactly like yon.' 'Tell me j
who it was that I may knock him down,' I
rl ia1 Ii . fsianil Drk'f f frk ii K f x Vs-knreialf ' t
x. l- 1 1 3 VX 1119 .lirillUi AUII IXVUWsO J r " v' a
, f. , , ,f ,
I did that mv!elf at once.' The celebrated
Davy Crockett, on visiting a Hienaaarie, j
was comparing the countenance of a mon- (
ker to that of oue of his fellow members ol :
Congress. Turning he saw the gentleman
; had overheard his remarks, so to make j
matters pleasant he sxiJ ' 1 do no! know i
which to apoligize to you or the monkey.' i
Two deacons were once disputing about j
the proposed site for a new graveyard, when j
the first remarked 'I'll never be buried in
lhal ground as long as I live.' ' What an
obniinate mansaid the deacon. 'II my lile
is spared, I will.'
How New Monitors are Built.
A good illustration of quick, systematic
aud thoroughly intelligent workmanship
may be seen in the construction ol one of
the six new Monitors, at Fulton Foundry,
loot . oiu s.rcet iersy cur.
grows harmoniously, but not musically
(unless one likes the din of a and
hammers) under ihe eye of the visitor
The lay ing of the keel, and the setting ol
nearly all the frames, have already been
accomplished. These are the difficult
r , , . ., ,i .
parts ot the structure, and upon their ac-
. , i . .i i i
curate adjustment everything depends.
The new Monitor, in the present stage of
its developement, looks- exactly like an
I I o.l . f .... T' U 1. ,
iron venebriE with three times the usual
supply of ribs. This skeleton of what is
soon to be a thing of terrible powers, is cov
-. L. . I . .1
with thrpA ItiriAit ha una
Th- .Ir.Ulnn f h l l.
ered with workmen as with flies.
swarm all over a with big and little ham-
.... , .
mere, chisels, pincers, and every known
appliance for the noisv handling and treat -
meut of hot or cold iron. Dozens of por
table forges stand on either side, in which
innumerable bolts ate heated red hot, and !
passed to the workmen, by whom they are
dexterously riveted in the hole made by j
them ; and so the iron plating and bars are
indissolubly bound togethe
It is a kind
of stitching for which no machine has yet j
hPn invent.!. Th frarna i. snrsrs.1 hi- a
high roof, to keep off the sun's ray. ; but
he ends and sides of Ihe shed are left open
or the comfort tf the On both
sides of the ample yard are long sheds for
the execution of various parts of the work.
Iu one, the bolts are ma le ; in another, the
holes are puncned ; in a third the ribs are
bent into precisely the right shape, to the
fraction of a hair. Trie latter task is a hard
one, requiring the successive exertions ol
numerous brawny fellows,who relieve each
other every few minutes in the swinging of
gigantis sledge hammers. Throughout the
yard, at every turn, are visible the evidence
of order, dispatch and ski):.
This one of the six new Monitors will be
200 leet, extreme length ; 16 feet, extreme
bread h ; and 11 feet, dep:h of hoi I . The
general construction of that wonderful ves
sel will be copied in all but two or three
trifling respects, where the inventor thinks
here is room for improvement. She will
carry guns of the largest known calibre
Journal of Commer: e.
Central Nelson ."3 ode to .lark lime.
A correspondent of the Irotiton (O.v.o)
Register, relates the following as having
occurred at Camp Joe Holt :
The camp guards after night are instruct- '
ed to allow no one lo pass in or out with
out giving a countersign, ad to retain as
prisoners those who come from the outside
to lha line with it. General Nelson came
to one of the guards one evening, just alter
the countersign had been given out, and
held something like the following conver
sation :
Guard Halt. Who comes there ?
Gen. I am General Nelson commanding '
this army.
Guard I don't care a d n; mark time,
march. Corporal ol the guard, No. (cock
ing his piece.
Gen (Commencing to mark time slow
ly.) You d n fool, I'll have you punished
like hell.
Guard. ! don't cate a d n; If McClel
Ian was here without the countersign, Jie
should mark time till the corporal comes.
Quick lime, march.
Gen. (Swearing and sweating.) Let me
Guard No siree, mark lime.
By this time the news had spread like
wildfire through the camp that one ol the
guards hnl General Nelson out at pol No.
marking time, and half the regiment was
collected on that side enjoying the joke
hugely. The corporal was very slow in
coming, and every time NeUon would
slacken speed the guard would cock his
goo and command, mark time.
Pat, said a builder to au Irishman enga
ged in carry itig salt to the lop of a four sto
ry building, "have you any houses in Ire
land, as high as this oue ?
'Yis, me mither's cabin."
' How many rooms had it V
"There was the ateing room, the slape
ing room, (he kitchen room and the pig-pen
four rooms."
"That's a story ," said the builder.
'Yis, four storitfs," said Pat. - '
An eminent physician has discovered
that Ihe nightmare, in nine case.. oui of tea
is produced by owing a bill lor a newspaper.
1 Cowardly Outrage.
On Tnesday niht of last week, a coward
ly attack wa made upon Mr. P. G Mcrk,
the Junior editor ot the Dellefonte ITocA
man, by a batch of rowdies of that place,
which, lor a time, threatened lo terminate
in a general riot, which was only prevent-
: l s a r s l 1 -
ed bv the interference ol respectable cm
,. . . . . ,. L ,
zens. 1 he editor says he was but slightly
injured and is none :he worse ol the trifling
scratch he received. Subsequently he was
arretted on the charge of inducing men not
to enlist in the army, upon the oath of one
Of the persons who committed the assault
upon him, and was bound over lo Court in
the sum of S500. He pionounces the
charge as "utterly without foundation."
Mr. Men is quite a young mas and is
1 one of the most promising wri'ers in the
! S:ate. Like nearly all young and inexperi
enced writers of great ability, be is impuls
ive, earnest and sometimes indiscreet, as
well as occasionally perrrfiding his ardor to
carry him to extremes that may be termed
extravagant. He is hones', patriotic, able
and usually right in the judgment of th
party whose organ he edits. But, Tf ever
so wrong, there is no justification for an
aMa0t at once so cowardly and dastardly
was made upon him. If he is guilty o
She charge of inducing men not to enlist in
' lh armj which he ind- ,,y deniejl
; ,he ,aw wj oa doe f eaffic"ieoliT pun.
. m
In excitable times like thsse; mobs are
I '
t a dangerous resort for the redress oi wrong
-nd ,be? ar" 8lwa' crmina,
' Poli,i"1 r"or" ,hem' tot ,he Te
Ul lICITailVV9, IIIC VIUIl Will ll'lf--" -
. " ,OI"u" wo UDIICIBl UCBlIUtllUll O-
Tk. Ml V, I .1--. .:
) property, loss of life, insecurity, and univer
i I UlL'la.inau. ,1,1. rf c r, m K .. K I . I
f chAft Bml ft0Alm..1tnn ITvp npnndff man
. , . .. , .
I is a law-abiding man, and whoever pur
t - i k i
, . , , ,. , J
.uuifit anu biio i Ul 111V DOmiC
Mobs cannot advance any cause, but nec
essarily retard its progress, and in every
case benefit alone the interest of those
against whom ihey are directed. They are
conductive only, of wrong, and give en-
j tuu",er",r,,, la ou-iawry oi every uescrip-
tton. Ihey induce and develope all evil
n .. . . : . I .1 . : r ii i
" u-auuciisw oi soi o.
! prPer,y and the P' wliy of iceii,
I w" "d children. Every lover of his
rwu""' ",,u J imeres.eo
in preventing and pushing them. He who
does rot obey the law is scarcely entitled
to its protection, though he may receive it,
and they who encourage its violation must
i not te surprised if tho-e they injure or
! cause lo be injured will wreak vengeance
i in the same lawless form. Lock linen
Democ at.
The Demijohn Chorea.
Old Jndze L of Alabama kepi a demijohn
of Jsmaica in hi private office. The Judge
had noticd "hat on Monday mornings hi
Jma ca was lighter. Another fact had
gradually established iiself in his mind.
His sou a missing from the pew in
church. On Sunday afternoon Sam came
in and went up stairs rather heavy, when
the Jcdoe hailed him :
"Sam where have you been'"
"lo church, sir," wa the prompt reply.
"What church, Sam ?"
' Second Methodist, sir."
''Had a good sermon, Sam !'
"Very powerful, sir; it quite staggered
tne sir."
"Ah ! I see," said the Judge, "quite
powerful, eh Sam ?'
The next Sunday the son came home
rather earlier than usual, and apparently
not so much "under the weather." His
father hailed him :
"Well Sam, been to the Second Metho
dist again to day ?"
"Yes, sir."
Gftod sermon, my boy V
' Fact was, father that I couldn't gel in .
j church shut up and ticket on ibe door.
Sorry, Sam ; keep going you may get
good by it yet."
Sam says on goinj to the office for his
usual Spiritual refreshment, he found the
"John" empty, and bearing the following
label :
"There will be no service here to-day,
this church being closed for repairs."
No Usx for Thsm A letter from Port
Royal, S. C, to the Baltimore American,
says : "About 75 600 stand of arms have
been sent to this department from the North
since last fall. What Ihey were intended
for it is hard to ssy, but an order has come
for 50,000, and they will be sent North in a
few days.'1 It is evident somebody has
made cancelations wide of the mark. An
other fact of interest is stated in a private
letter received in Ne1 Haven, which says,
about 150 of Hunter's negro brigade had
deserted, carrying off the fine rifled mus
kets with which iher bad been armed, uni
forms, equipments, &c. Perhaps the amis
rent down were designed for the negroes j
expected to be fonhco'rhing
who were
when Hunier issued his famous proclama-
A loafer who had got bis Fourth of July
load on, ' fetched up," against lh side of a
house lhat had been newly painted. Shov
inc. dear bv vigorous ffori ha took on
by vigorous
glimps at his shoulder, another at the house
a third at his hands. and exclaimed 'Well,
that's a raishty careless Irick in whoever
painted lhat house, to leave it standing out
II night for people to ran against.'
Slandering thi lllustriom Dead.
The Republican Convention, he?d in this
city on Monday , pawd ihe) following res
olution, as a bait'io catch gudgeons :
T.eaoh-td That we reooanize not'oulyjthe
loyalty ol the oreanixaliou know n as 'the
'People's Party," but lhat olal! Democrat
ic citizens who bke the late Senator Dong.
If s, give their cordial and unqualified sup
port to the Government in its efforts to put
down rebellion, and desire that they also
be fully represented on any ticket this Con
vention may adopt.
This afleclior.atejreference lo Douglas by
men who. for ten jears previous to hia
death, spent their days and nights in revi
ling him, would be amusing if it were not
infamously 4hy pocritical. But in one re
spect this resolution assumes a more seri
ous character. It implies that, if,:lmrig.
Douglas would join the Black Republicans
and subscribe to their plan of support';
ihe Government in its efforts to put down
the rebellion. This is, virtually, charging
that lamented statesman with an inclination
id plunder the treasury, arm the Southern
-laves, annihilate a dozen .or more State
Governments, and ruin the country, We
regard this as a viles1andercpoh if.e illus
trious dead, unwarranted by anything ever
said or done by Douglas. His whole record
attests hisjbitler hatred of the principles of
this party, which, afiertraducing him as a
traitor for yearsnow, that; be is dead, ie
claiming him as its own.
Even at the very threshold of the world
to which bis spirit has departed, he desired
that his children should be lauht'to love
the Constitution which ihese Republicans
repudiate, and which some of their leaders
declare to be a "covenant. with death and a
league with hell,",and, in his last publio
speech, bedenounced the policy of the Re
publican party in respect. to arming lie
slaves. He w as for the preservation of the
Union, but declared that'savages'must'not'
be let loose" upon the women and children
of the South. On;;be 3d 6l(Januafy, 1861,
Mr. Douglas, in ibe U S. Senate, declared
and provedthe Republicans'to.t e respoti
sible.for the failure ot Crittenden's Compro
mise. He said :
"I believe this to be'a'fair bati of ami.
sable adjustment. If you of the Republican
side are not willing to accept this , nor ihe
proposition of be Senator from Kentucky,"
Mr. Crittenden,! pray tell us what you are
willing to do ?
"I address the inquiry to republicans
a'one, for the reason that in the Committee
of Thirieen, a few days ago, every member
from the South, including those from the
Cotion State, Messrs Davis and Toombs
expressed iheir readiness to accept the
proposition of my venerable friend from
Kentucky. Mr. Crittenden, as a final settle
ment of the controversy, if tendered and
sustained by the Republican members.
" Hence the sole responsibility," (mark
the language,) " of our disagreement, and
the only difficulty in the way of amicable
adjustment is with ihe Republican party."
Bot, notwithstanding these well-known
facts as to the sentiments of Mr. Douglas
throughout his life, ep to the very hour of
his death, we find the ultra vsing cf the
Black Republican party of Philadelphia
pas-ing a resolution implying that if Doug
las were alive he would cow e acting with
the ultra portion of lhat ultra parly! We
know not how a greater reproach could
have been cast upon the dead patriot- It
i placing him in the same category .with
Forney. Evening Jourml.
Expense of Hindoo Marriage. There
i nothing which, to the end of their exis
tence, is remembered by a married couple
with more pride ano satisfaction than the
sum expended upon their nuptials. If it is
extravagant, it is iheir "amookee," their
title of nobility, and the basis ol their claim
to repect in the eyes of those among whom
they live. I have known a young Hindoo
of the upper class, on arriving at his major
ity, and enering upon the management of
his estates, borrow three times the amount
of his annual rents, and pay exorbitant in
terest on the loan that he might have (be
gratification of marrying off a couple of sis
ters w'ith the jewels, dresses' processions,
feasts and fireworks by which the weddings
of his mother and grandmother were ren
dered remarkable. The greatest expendi
ture is on ibe part ot tho.-e related to the
bride, who consider that in proportion to
the money spent upon her wedding will be
the Celerence with which she will be treat
ed afterwards ; in other word, they seek
by the prodigality of their outlay k pur
chare for the yoang female a position in
her husband's family, and respect among
the tribe to which she befong'v
A Prettt Shabp Report. The young
ladies were riding in an omnibus. One of
ihem rfuh features remarkable for a prom
inence of nose, exibited to the other a da
guerreotype of herself, and ihey were en
pared in discussing its merits, when aa
elderly lady got in. After awhile she reach-
eJ out her hand, and said to the lady with
the picture.
Please let me look at it ?
Her modest r?qnest was met with an in-
! dignant , "Ii's none of your business."
The old lady settled back in her seat
Nery complacently, when the companion
I me one w in uie ,iiu.w
"What do you wi-h to do with it V
"Oh, nothing," repii-d the old lady ; "I
only warned to ee how successfully the
urtist has put such a hosii oa so saull