The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, April 30, 1862, Image 1

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Two Dollars per Annua.
Trnih and Rteht- God and our Country.
W. 0. JACOBY, rroprietor.
UlAiyj., , ----- ,
ci.ihevebtttkdhp4tSt , . J
UM. U. JA':'lBli ;
Cfflcc cn Bain St.. 3rd Square below Market, '
n ;i
TEKMS:-Two Dollars
within six month from he , me of subset . ,
'7? v "k , i, :;,,:k;,r?o i
WIIIHII iur cm. . " " - - - ---
I.,, nerind than si months ; no discon- ,
'Hfiuar.c permitted until all arrearages are
raid utile at the option of the editor
J. he lei vis cj nqiri'"g "'j1""
Ooe square, twelve lines three limes, 31
Every subsequent insertion,
One square, three months, 3
Ooe year, 8
Court Pruclaiua? ion.
WHEREAS the Hon. Aaron K. Peck
bam, PieideutJudge of the Court of
Oyer afd Terminer and General Jail Deliv
ery, Court of Quarter Se-wionof the Pence,
and Court of Common Plea anil Orphans'
Court, io Hie 2.6th Judicial District, compos,
ed of the counties ol Columbia, Sullivan and
Wyoming, and the Hons. Stephen Baldy Hnd
John Mcheynold, Associate Judge, ot Co
lombia Co.. have ii-ued their precept, bear
ing date one thousand ethl hundred and
sixty one, ar.d to directed lor holding
Court of 0)r and Terminer, and General
Jail Delivery , Quarter See-ion ol the Peace,
Com. Pleas and Orphan C'ort, in bloom
burg, lit the comity ot Columbia nn the fir.-l
Mono a v (bnX the Mti day) of May, next
ari3 to t'otitinue ote week
Notice if hereby given, to the Coroner, the
Jotices of the Peaoe and Con-tables Ol the
aid County of Columbia, thai they be. then
and. theie in their proper person at 10 o'
clock in the . fnrenonu of said day, with their
record, inqnt-iiinn and ot her. renern bran
res lo do thoe inula which to iheir offices
. appertain to be done. And thos that are
bound by recoanae, -to prosecute annn
the prisoner that are or may be in the Jail
of Wiul county ol Colombia, lo b- then iii
there lo po-ecuie a shall be jisl. Ju
ror are reqnea'ed to be punctual in then
attendance, agreeably to llieir notice, dated
t Bioom.bnrg, 24th day of March in the
year ofonr Lord onethousard eight hundred
ou tixty-ot.e,. and in the eighty-sixth. ear
of the liidepeiidence of the Untied Siaien ol
America. (God nve the C'mmonweiltli )
Sheriff OiKce. ) StietiH
B!o.mrv4irf, Mr. 26, lfi2.
Public Amice for Lieencest
LTOllCE is hereby aien Ihai the lollow- person in t'olnai hia county, have
Hied their pennon ui the Court of Quarter
eeion. ' ot ibe aid cnu:iiv for Tavern and
Store Li ceii -em their respective township, ,
which id petition wiM I prrenteJ to
-i t r . S! . I .. .. il.A cK r f
Li c i n 1R9 . wl.irha: oer.o,,. inter-
s?ed will take no: ire. a;d ;h- Lirene for
Ihe county ol i"olumiia, wiil r- firanted on
Wednesday, the 7ih day of May next, al 2
4'c!oclc p. m.
Le is Erk Ti
Fiederick Nicely
Klli Walton
Daniel Oii'z,
Wm. B. Koors
John L'acot'k
Robert Hagenhuch
Oliver A. Jaeoby,
Samnel M Henry
John J. S Ies
Charles F. Mann
F'anklir. Shuman
Daniel Rembo.d
Sa.Tiuel K'enha.ier
Jacob B Kt-ller
Reuben R Was-ar
Jrlenry GbTtf,
ivern. Bur Berwick
to do do
do do do
do do do
0 blorrni,
c'o do
do do
do da
do Benton,
do do
do Braver,
do do
do Ca:tawis,
do do
do lo
do Conyngham
do do
tio do
do if .
do do
do Centre,
do Fi-hingcreek
do do
do Greenwood,
da Hemlock,
do LcnM,
i'o do
do do
do do
do Madioti
do do
do Maioe,
do do
do Mon'our,
do Mt Pleasant,
do Mi IS in,
do Otange,
do lio
do do
do Roaringereek
do Sugarloaf,
do Scott,
do do
do do
do do
do do
do do
Sore, Bloom,
c . .. , do
do Cattawissa.
do L'cu-t.
Fredr'k li. Wohlforth io
John L Kline,
John K. Jones,
John Grover,
Be.-ijjmin Mt Henry
Daniel Mcllenry
-W A. Kline -'
John Hanman,
John L. Hursi,
Jackson (ieore
laac Eho.'es,
Joshua Womer,
Samuel Rtmty
Keifer A Smith,
Isaac Yetier,
John Nus.
Emanuel Conner,
Thooias Jones,
John Ke'ler,
Jacob Good
Samuel Everett,
Alexander Hughes
George Thiele
Ezekiel Cole,
Peter Schug
Daniel L Everhatt
Enoch Hoell
Eeece Fairmac
Willmm Long
Wiliiarrt C Green
L. D. Mendenhall,
Jacob I. Gionl,
JereKiiah S Bmbst,
WashitiHioit Yeagei
Proihonotary's Offi.-e," ).- Clerk.
BIonTO-h'ir Apnl9. lSt2 i
5'clicc ta liie luira uf I'tier liufiman, dec'd
S , 'WE Common weahh ot Penn-
syivania o Louisa Lnn,
-'v. r iK.r. ti. rr.., ,., v u,.flr
Hen'y Hoffman . Geo. W. Huff
man. Harriet ruher. Anna Ma
ria Fowler. Rozetta Amanda Clearer, Syl
reater Hoffman, William Hoffman, Sarah
Elizabeth1 Richard. Charlotte. Hoffman,
Hannah Hoffman. Joseph Steele aud Sam
eel Sseek, children and. devisees ol Peer
Hoffman,deceaed, late of Locu.t township,
- Co! om bit county. ;
You and each of yoo are hert by cited and
commanded lo b and appear in your per
sons before the JaJge of the Orphan'
Court of aid county, to be4 hoh'eo at
JJIoomsborg, in and for aid county, on the
firat Monday' of May next, then and there
to accept or refuse the estate of aid dec'd
at the valuation or kow cause why the
time should not be old. Witness the
bonorable Aaron K: Peckham, Esq , Presi
rient of ouraid Court; at Bloomsbnrg the
fourteenth day of Feb'uary, A. D. one
thoacand eight bundred sixty wo.
Jacob Eterlt, Clerk O. C.
- Sherufs Oif.ce. )
Elonmsbnrg'FeH 26. I8fi2 J
vefa Chei
ivOTICS is herebv giving to a!! legatee,
J " CtdvoT and o'ther persons interested
in the estates of the respective decedent
and minors, that the following administr
lion and guardian accounts have been filed
( R iser o Col(nKa
be nff d fo confirma
"on "d iow.r. to the Orphan'. Court;
to be held at Bloombor", in the county
aforesaid, on Wedned iy the Tih da of May
next, at 2 o'clock, in the afternoon ol t-aid
1. Account of Samuel Creanv, Gnanl'an
of Hannah Boone daughter of Aaron Fry.
2. Account of Aaron Lamber.on, Guar
diati of William Jon, ion of Jee June
3 Fiit fcnd final account of Hon. War
ren J. UTo'''lward, lUxeculor, of Mis Ellen
Scott, de ved. .
4., Final account of Duniet liearharr, ad
minioirator of John Gearhart, of Franklin
towusbJp, deceae f. - -
5. Final account of Martin V. B. Kline,
admini-trator of Hon. Peter Kline, late of
Locust township, deceased.
6. The account of Jonathan C. Penning
ton, administrator ol Samuel Kozell, late of
Demon twp., deceased.
7. First account of Samuel Creasy, exec
utor of the lat Will ol John Brow;i, late ol
MtlBiii township, itee'.l.
H. Accour.l ol William Bnckalew, one
ot the e&ecutors of John M. liuckalew, late
of Fi'iinycreek iwp- deceased.
9 Account of Franklin Kariii and J hn
Witner atmrVof Elizabeth Helwig, lale of
Lo ust tovn-hip, deceased.
10 Account ol Jese Mensch, guardian of
ClarifS i Sidler, minor child of Johr. Midler,
Ute of Franklin lowti-hip, deceased.
11. 'Account of K I a-nod Hughes, executor
ot Stephen Adams late of Briarcrttek twp ,
12 Account of Thomas Reece, adm'r of
Philip fleece, lae of Greenwood town-h p.
13. Final account of Lewi Yetter, adm'r
dt loiiis : non ol Err Harder, lata of Catuwis
a town-hip, deceased.
14. Account ot Lewi YeMer and Sarnnel
Drum, eiecu'oiF. of Joh i Gearhart, lie ol
M trim township, decea-ed
15. Account of Wesley Perry and Mark
Williams, a.lmr'a ot Mordecai Perry, late
ol Locu-t township, deceased.
16. Account of Julia Rupert, Executrix of
Catharine Rupert lale of Hloom twp. dcM
17. Final wccunt of Philip Freis, J hn
Frea anil Andrew Fleas, executors o! Jno.
Fieas, lale ol Centre towtiship, dec'd.
18 Account of C. H. D;etierick & Phebe
Johnson. executor"of ttie last Will of Geo.
W. Parks, late of Scott twp. dec.V.
19. P'trsi and final account ol Levi Creasy
j and Samuel Creasy, executor of the last
; Will ot Adam Creasy, late ot M; til in twp ,
i deceased.
20. Atcount of Satruel Creaky, guardian
of Abraham Angle, minor child ol Jai-ob
Ai.-le.lale of M fil.n town-hip, uee l
21. Account ul J P.. Pennington, eecutor
id the last Will ol Etias Lutx late of Benton
tow nship. deceased.
22 Account ol Iaac K Krickbaum, ex
ecutor of ilie la-t Wi.l ol John Kline, black
fmiifi, la'e o( Benton tow nship, deceased.
S3 Aicount ol Daniel Maeler, executor
of Jmia'hat) Ma-teller, lateol Maditou twp.
24 Account of Bepj imin M WiNon, adm'r
of William L Fause, late of Hemlock twp
25 Account of George W. Dreifbach, ad
mtni'.traior of the esta:e ol Elizabeth D.'ei-b-rch,
lte ot Bioorn towniihip, .leceased.
26 Account ol Catharine A: Weliiyer, ad
ministratrix of Wilnam Weliiver, latent
Madi-nn townsfiip. deceased
27 Account ot Franklin Yncnm, adm'r of
Jacob Yocnm, ate ot Roaringereek town
ship, deceasec'.
Registcr's Orrtce, ) Register.
R-ni r-nrg ;nl 9. Ir2
liraud Jurors, for May Term, IS32.
Bloom John Pursel. sr., Montgomery .Kline
Andrew Creveling.
Beaver Christian Shu man.
Benton Elijah Klir.e.
Briarcreek John W. Bowman.
Bor. Berwick- Towusanil B ioue.
Catiaw ipsa, John Sharple.s, Daniel C
Gear lart.
Hemlock J ihn Brug'er.
Jackson Frederick Wile, Robert Edgar.
LoeuM Wm. Lee, David L. Helwig. Reu
ben Fah ringer, jr., Benjamin V ajitiet.
Mount Pleasant Thoma J. Weliiver
Madi-on Jacob Swisber, Henry C. MilU.
Orange John Herring.
Pine John Lore, Albert Hunter.
Scott Peter E l, Enock Howell.
Mar-t. 26, 1862.
Traverse Jurors, for May, 1S62.
Bor. Berwick Henry C. Frea
Bloom Peter Billrneyer, George Weaver.
Briarcreek John Feitr, jr., John Blank,
jr., Euo L. Ar f, Josep4i Siackhouse.
Beaver Jaco . figer, Peter Ecroatli.
Benton J -c (v ;le, Alexander Colley
Catiatsa John Rit'.er, George Strieker,
William !'arr
Centre John Hill, Paul Zaner.
Franklin Washington Parr, Aaron Lam-
Fishingcreek Elia Pealer, Henry Bitten
bemler. Greenwood Jesse Heacock, Nicholas Cole
John M. Parker.
Hemlock Reuben Bomboy, Samuel Ohl,
Benjamin Wilson, Jacob Harri.
Locust Henry Fahringer, Jacob Miller,
David Hauck, Michael Hower.
M film Stephen Auchenbacb, John R
.be, Henry Angle.
Madison Valentine Christian, Thomas A-
Fuuston, John Fruit, jr
Montour Lewis RoatvGfier Quick.
Orange Je-se Coleman. Peter P. Kline,
Hiram R. Kline.
Roaringereek Benjamin Hanck.
Sugarloal William Maaieller, Elias Cole,
George Hes. '
Scott Chester C. Marrs Samuel Kreesler.
March i6, 1862
Executor's Notice."
Estate of CKnUfhir Heller, late of ilifllin
township, Col co.t deceased.
LETTERS tcHamenlary oo the estate of
Cnristopher Heller, late of Mifflin twp..
Columbia county, deceased, have been
granted by the Register of Columbia coun
ty, to Samuel Heller, residing in Hollen
back township, Luzerne county. All per
sons indebted to said estate are requested
to rail and make immediate payment, and
those having claims or demand will pre
sent them prcpetly authenticated for settle
ment to ihe nidersigoed. - ; -
January 8, 1S2. t.
Notk The words I am dying far fiam
Home," were ti e last ottered by a yo ing
volunteer of the 19th Mass. Volonteei,who
died of Typhoid lever and wa buried near
Dames town, Md. The circumstance as
related to the author hence these lines
Beneath the hills the son was sinking
On a pleasant Autumn day,
And npon lhe tree top shining
Were the sun's last lingering ray.
As beneath a canva awning
Or. an humble couch there Uy,
One whose tide of lite was ebbing
From its tenament of clay. -
Racked was his mind and body sore,
Hot and burning wa his brain,
As he on his couch lay turning,
Fall of anguish and of pain.
But now there shot a gleam ol reason j
From his fever brilliant eye,
A to hi home his thoughts were taming
Ere he was about lo die.
- Once again he see his mother,
Feels her calm and magic touch;
Once again he sees hi brotter.
Grasps his hand in friendly clutch.
Spirit Sister round him hover,
Father with his mem so bold,
Fancy' vision waft around him,
Like a tale that's twice been told
Ah ! did'st not that thrilling spasm,
As it closed life's motal tone,
In low aud feeble accents whisper,
"I am dying tar from home ! '
uiR Ait.nY c"ouuiio.ii:j;i:.
Henriq'nrttrs, Silh Iieitnent, P Y.
15 kkyviilk, Va .April 14. :62 (
Fiieml IFi; There is nothing r.ew trans
piring in thi vicinity that would in erest
your reader, unless it be the capturiti; of
now and then a full blooded recr-h who is
immediately supplied with qoarers i n the
Guard House, until shipped to some other
point I know not whi'her.
A severe snow storm visited us oi la-t
Tuesday, snow fell to the depth ofei,htor
ten inches, which wa the deepest snow
Ihey have had thi winter. The wiather
has been rather severe for the fruit orops,
and it is feared that this cold snap h in
jured them, if not totally destroyed th sm in
this section ; but at present writm , the
earth is again free from it snowy rover,
and the roads are fast drying off. Th citi
zens are fast returning to their home f, and
all appear to receive the Union troopi. with
a shy feeling of joy. Th-y say that I thi
place is to be del. I by the Union force i they
hope that the 8 4th P. V. may be reiaine'.l
here. But our boys would rather be p and
doing. they do not like the idea o! lying
supinely by, guarding a town (lar distant
from the field cf active operation contain
ing nothing but old men, a few wome i. and
any quantity ol Palcman, wards, viz: "nia-
gers," w hill others are winning unperish
able laurels.
Heavy firing wa heard on Saturday morn
ing in the direction ot Strasbtirg, but a yet
I have ndt been able t ascertain the caue.
but rather think it was some of our bitteries
practicing with their new guns.
Not having important new to con muni
cate, I will give you some incidents of our
late battle at Winchester.
Sergeant Goldsboro wa in the thichesl of
the fight, and as the colors fell the econd
time, be caught them up, and rusiingto
the front of the column, amid a h werof
lead, he shouted at the top of his voice.
'come on boys, rally arooncV.he cole rs, and
let u die ra her than retreat " With a
shoot that woold have done hoco - to a
many natives of the woods, they rushed
forward carrying everything before liem.
Louisiana Tigars, to the rescu ran
along the lines of the rebels, when they
were hard pressed by the Indiana Joys.
'To h 1 with the Louisiana Tigars. Hoos
iers go in," was the reply ; and thej did go
in, and drove back the hordes of Jackson
with terrible slaa2hter.
Sergnant Henry Funk of our company
the "Hurley Guards1' received a painful
wound in the thigh, and at the same time
a ball struck his gun, cutting the t ck and
ram rod off, thus spoiling the gun. Noth
ing daunted, he borrowed another aid with
the exclamation ' you d d rascal i here's
another gnn to break," he continued to ad
ranee and fire, nntil night put a sto to our
further progress, and saved tt e reb -l from
total annihilation, when he returned oramp
completely exhausted. He is notr ready
for another chance of obtaining sa: sfacMon
for the broken gun- Hope he may t ucceed.
We copy the following Irom the Cartridge
Box of March 31et, published by ome of
the Printer of the 84th:
JcvtMLK BhavekT Little Stephen Hallo
ran. a drummer boy, aged thirteen year,
belonging io the 84th. appropriated Ihe gun
and cartridge box of a rebel sold er, who
was killed m the c-cmme cement o'the ac
tion at Winchester, and fought bravely
until the enemy were repulsed. Teurs were
discovered trickling down the berxc lad'
cheeks, but he evinced no signs ol coward
ice. His raltant disposition is most as
suredly an index to a bright and glorious
future. His noble conduct has already
won him a position that men ol 6'erner
years would be proud of; and it i io dpubi
envied by the boasting cowards wto feared
to stand by his side in the deadlj couflict
for their country, and left the ranks to find
shelter behind some straw stack or he trees
io the wood.
Narkow Escape One of the enemy's
shells struck the haerack of Corf - Jas. M
Price, while he was standing in brie of bat
tle, on Sunday last, perfectly deoolihing
it, and scattering it contents over the field
The gallant Corpeal remarked , hat, the
gcour.drels were cutting ell his suppHes.--Ile
was slightly wounded in the lig tJ io
explosion. If .-vi
Too mnch praise canr.ot be awarded lo
Capt. Frick and Lieut Ent, for their cool
ness, bravery and daring, Thile under the
most severe fire It seems a though the
fates favored them for their bravery, as both
had their clothes cut with rebel's ball
Their escape unhurt is a miracle. Long
may they continue to lead the " Hurley
Guards" to victory. The whole company,
with few exceptions, done nobly, and a
glorious welcome awaits them, should they
ever return to their homes, unless that idiot
Doctor should take it into hi head to blast
the fair fame they have won, fighting the
battles of the country, or as his precept
runs, freeing the negro.
I perceive by a lale number of that atuts
sheet the Republican of your pjace that
its editor doe not relish " Toodles' " letters,
and says that he shall tell his ''reader who
Toodles' is, and something of his antece
dents." Don't, Doctor, don't! I wa not
aware when I wro'e those communications,
that 1 was treading on the Q-iocjfc's toe, for
how could he expect me to know that he
had forned a coalition with Simon, ine
thief ? Sorry for you. doctor, you certainly
have shown the cloven foot, by ycur uncall
ed for attack upon me. Why bless your
poor ignorant soul q'iery, has he got a -ool?
I did not mean yoo, I only hit thieve anil
swindlers But Irom hi ravins one would
be led to think that he wa Simon himself;
or from hi sympathy with the negro that
there I a tain, bomtvher. But I suppose
ere this reaches you, that hi readers will
know w ho " Toodles ' is! What a discov
i n't . ........ 1 1 ..
ery be tia mane: aai hiimiimmi' m
closures! Now doc., let ine telf yon hon
estly what the opinion cf the majority of ihe
Company is in resard to yourself : They
fay that jou are not only a blackguard but
a coward in every sene of the word, and I
must endorse their opinion- You certainly
cannot lay claims to decency, and a to bra
very your ow n action belie you, or you
would not wantonly assail a man who hn
lelt home and friends, all, all behind, and
taken up arms to assist in putting down
this rebellion, which wa caused by such
notorious aholitionWt a yourself. Ah, you
are very brave ! Thi i bravery : Silting
at home, far from the scenes of toil, hard
ship and dangers, that daily beset the sol
dier, you act bravely and show, your love
for the Union by your tirade again-t the
soldier that have laced the dead y cannon
mouth tf a have t;ken their lives in their
own hand that have dared to bare their
brea-t and welcome the death blow, so that
it but secured thi great Union. What con
solation ha tte soldier, alter making all
the sacrifice in hi- power, even to that of
offering up hi life for hi country, if she in
turn stabs him in the back 1 Shame ! doctor,
There appears to be a conviction settling
upon the mind of the soldier that thi war
i n"t a much lor the perpema ion of the
Union it i to free the negro; and 1 firmly
be'ieve that thi was the idea of ail the
leading Black hearted Republican Abolit on
leader. And time will show that the.-e
surmises are correct vide lat Congre-
It is w;el! known that this i the itipptr love
John i creed, the Chicago Platform his bible.
Simon Cameron hi God, and Snmne', Wil
son. Stevens, Greeley k. Co are the pnji'i.
What cares thi insignificant idiot, whether
the Union is divided or not only so that the
slave is freed.
I hve not been the only one that he ha
seen fit to vent his spleen upon ; no, far
from it, even Geokgk B. McClellav, the
secoi d Washington of America, i not free
Irom his blistered tongue. He attempts to
lob him of the laurels he has won and sac
rilegiously place them upon a man's head
who is na more fit to wear them than a
donkey is to appear upon a ball-room floor.
But I will drop the subject, Jor ihii time, by
saying that, I sought no controversy with
the editor of the Republican, I did not even
-make an attack upon him or his correspon
dent. They have opened the ball, fired
the first shot, and Lhave and shall respond,
! God defend the right. As lar as his army
j correpondent in thi Company i yoncern
! ed, I can prove him to be ns great a coward
I as the doctor himself. If the self conceited
and bombastic elaied defender of Came on
ihinks that I am done with that prince ol
swindlers he i much mistaken, for I iutet'd
to follow him up and expect ere long to lm
able to lay before your renders some as
tounding intelligence of his movement in
Rnssia. I know not why the doctor defend
him so valiantly, unless he think to gain
the favor of the ohl sinner, and secure for
tsimselt a j osi'ion a Private Secretary ; or,
perhaps he i taking lesson under him
Well, the old scoundrel will fi d in the doc
tor an apt scholar. Bo, thai k God Simon
will not have the chance ol demanding the
poor soldiers of their honest due a he
did in the thtee month's service, by payina
them off with money on the Warren Bank,
Shamokm B-mk, and others of the same
stamp, worth at that time fromo'ty to six'y
cents to the dollar, when he received par
money Irom the Government for the pay
ments. Now see the honesty of the old
traitor, sinner and thief He exchanges with
these Banks at from forty to sixty per cent,
discount, and then paid of ihe men icith this
trash at full ralue, thus stealing ye, steal
ing the hard-earned and honest due of 'he
soldier, and putting them into hi pock-t
This act alone was sufficient to have called
down the execrations ot all honest men op-
on his head; but so far from ii, that the Re-, Thgy arfl neTer alon6 ,hat are accompa
publican party take him by the hand, laud1 nieJ whh nob,e lhoagul9.
him to the skies, and secure for him tbe
appointment of Minister to Russia. Oh,
Abe ! Abe I ! has reason entirsly ; deserted
her throne, that you appoint a man to so
responsible a post, knowing his thieving
propensities and his secession and Aboli
tion proclivifes ? But what more can we
expect from this same party 1 Not satisfied
w'fh producing this war, ihey rob in every
way, shape, form and manner imaginable,
and now have the country upon the brink
ol ruin, both physically and financially, and
all for what? Why, that this Abolition j their share ;ri ,nat terr.ble fight. Let the
party may free the negro, ruin the country, mo,;ye what ,t mav ,jie neglect to make
place the black man upon an equality with .; known, officially, ihe part taken be our Vol
the white, and by dieir aid and assistance j unl9ers jn tne action is inexcusable. It
ride into power, crush out the last remain- i has ieake, ou, however, a: last, notwith
ing vestige of Ireedom, throw down the j Ftani,tig Curtin's attempt to keep it Irom
pillars of liberty and erect thereon a mon-
archical and tyrannical Government. This
is what they are striving after for this they
have been schemina and planning lor the
last twenty years, and they now g'oat over
tbe prospects of the consummation of their
hellish designs. Thi may seem harsh lan
guaee, but it is truth, and I hurl it into the
teeth of the black Abolitionist and dare
them to deny it with truth.
But, a day of reconing is coming; the hor
izon ol their joy, where all wa sunshine is
fast becoming covered o'er with the clouds
nf retributive vengeance the peop'.e ae
becoming ick of such proceeding they
are beginning to get their eyes open to the
true condition ot affair they are just a wak
ening from a lethargic sleep, and with
Sampson like strength they will hurl those
proud oppressors fiom power, take the
rein of Government into their own hands.
chae out the thieve and money changer,
cement the tie of the Union stronger than
ever, bring back the nation lo its former
greatness and glory, and cause it to become
again respected by all the nation of the
earth and not a now a by word at:d a
A wake Democrats, gird on the armor,
fling your barrier to the bteeze, rush to the
re-cue, throw yourselves into the breach,
shout forth your battle cry of "truth and
right God and our country," and victory
will perch upon your banners.
Perhaps the docior and his friends think
that I am piling it on rasher steep but I can
assure them that I do not wih to exaggerate
nor to throw blame where it should not at
tich The people are disappointed, dis-
J hear'ened, and diguied. They see their
government bankrupt ; the see, too, that
the Abolitionists are making no effort tow
ard an adjustment of our national trouble ;
and they fee, loo, that until the slave are .
tree these diunioni6ts do not want peace ! J
I hey would rather see ihe glorious fabric !
of our liberties a heap of smouldering ruin
ar.d the slaves free, than to have ihe sacred
Unioc once more united, and peace and
harmony retg' ing supreme throughout this
land, and the southern people still holding
property, to which the Constitution and the
Laws give them a perfect right. Why
dees lot the inveterate abolitiot it. Dr.;
John, comedown this way and try and se- j
cure a lew nz a pets, and keep them in a ;
cage l'i his sanctum, to wile away the tedi- '
on hours w hen not otherwir-e engaged or
Ihey would make a splendid parlor or
esj ecia ly d;ri"g the summer season
for all such rank black Republican Aboli
tionists. There is not a negro in the south
but what i in Savor ol Uncle Abe and there
is not one in the north, black or white, iut
what is in lavor ol ihe same honest individu ,
al. So much lor that.
Your.&c. Toodles
There i not really half the gallantry of
manner as there ued to be some filty year
ago. Now a gentleman only litis his hat to
a lady, then the hal was entirely removed
from the head, and the gentleman stood be
fore her imcovered. Now ihe gentleman
take a smack from her roby lips, and
hardly looks red in the face then he sirug
gled for ihe, and never drew a long
breath for half an hour after, then he kneel
ed gracefu ly to tie up her shoe string, row
she puts her fool his lap, and he ties
the string wiih a cape and releases the
toot, wiltioui any eepiasy or rcu a
squeeze. We are growing barbirou.
In the town of , in
Wisconsin lives
a busy little shoemaker, who,
at Huridry
times ctlipiates a preacher,
save li lie expense of printing,
In order 10
it was hi
custom to write his notices ot preaching :
Here isoneof the laiest : 'There will be
preaching to the pine next Sunday afier- j
noon on the subject All who do not be- .
lieve will be damned at 2 o'clock "
I it very sickly here ?' asked a son of the
Emerald Is e iheoihet day of a brother Irish
man. 'Ye,' was the reply, 'a great many
have died this year who nier died before.'
The que' ion ut regard to man's political
position used to be I he sound on the ;
goo-e ?"' Now Prentice say it should
be, 'Is he sound on the e-gle V
Why are two young ladies kissing each
other an emblem ol Christianity ? Answer
Because they are doing onto each other as
they would men should unto ihem.
One's sweetheart is always the flower of
humanity ; one's wife sometime the flour
of sulphur.
He who asks no questions is queer, but
he who asks many is the querist.
Where did Noah strike the first nail in
J ihe ark ? On the beaJ.
i Why is an infant like a dt
1 aus it ia a dear little thing.
diamond? Be-
Tbe PennsyiTQnians at Pilhbnrg Landing.,
Gov. C us tin is responsible for the- an
nouncement that no Pennsylvania soUliers
participated in the slorious victon- gained j y
over the enemies ol the Union at Pittsburg
Landing. The Governor must either have
6upposed that he was stating fact, or else
wa perfectly indifferent io awarding honor
m the brave soldiers of his own Siata for
lne public, that a Peuny Ivania Regiment
did participate in that bat1!, and to o:her
States Kentucky and Ohio are we indebt
ed for the firi account of the heroic conduct
of the gailant Pennsyl vanians on that bloody
battle field. Two weeks ago the Governor
should have made known this glorious
news, through a General Order, congratula
ting the 77th. Pennsy lvania Volunteers, tor
their gallantry at ihe battle of Pittsburg
Landing Nothing of the kind ha been
done, or will it likely take place unless our
prompting ittould bri;ig it out. These Re
publican Administrations have a queer way
of dealing wiih the soldiers It is noi
enough Uiat they cover their back with, issue them aiity and ur.wliule
.oriie rations, withho'd their pay lor three
or four months at a lime while their fami
lies are in want all these wrongs it seem?
are not sufficient but the poor boon ot an
acknowledgement of their share in achiev
ing a glorious victory must too be withheld.
Byron once said that " glory consisted in
being killed in battle ar.d having your name
misspelt in the Bulletin " These Republi
cans would go a little further ihey are
very willing to have you killed in battle but
would omit the name altogether. There
was a time when Gov Cnrtin ?oul1 not vis j her We we,M upoa ,he ice aritj then Mary
it a camp ol Pennsylvania sold.ers without j quielly down, ordered roe on my knees,
being hissed or hooted at. Are we getting am, quie,y p!aceJ that foot, a foot in my
back to those days? Have the whitewash- j bp and biJ melo put or. her fckAte9 jf
in-sof the Legislative Committees so em j sjr yenU!t bild drop?ed frorQ Heaven, and.
boldened him and hi clique a to make j l0,d Re l0 ru5 hr dowa wilh roIlen Ptoa0 ,
them believe that they can renew their out- j anJ Ql, jt couIJ n0, have a3,onished me
rages on the soldier with impunity? To j mofe lhan wben lhat dir-Be fuol WM pUced
the Democratic press of the country must j Qn my unworihy ,a? j felt faiu: but buck
our gallant soldier look to have j eJ Di, lrke kate. and stood op, with Mary
wrongs righted. It has in every war prov- j by my eide! No . we j lel me teU yoa. .
en itsel! the steadfast inena oi trie oeietni-
sis of our Country's Flag and it will not be
found wanting at tin time The
wrongs perpetrated on the soldier have
never been excused or winked at by the
Democratic press, or ha a single member
of the party it repre-ents ever descended so
low in the scale of patriotism as to express
the wi-h that they may be "welcomed with
bloody hand to hospi'able craves." Thai
is a ort ol l.yny that the Democratic par
ly will never understand in practice or the
o ry . Vi Hey Spii it.
Ministering Angels. !
The beautiful have "fine with their bloom !
from the gaze o! human eye Soft eyes
thai made it spring time in our hearts are ;
seen no more. We have loved the light of
maty a sm.le that ha laded from us now, :
and in our heart hae lingered sweet voi-
ce that now are hushed in the of
death. Seats are left vacant in our earthly
home, which none again can fill. Kin
. if- i i i . . . ...
dfea ana menu-, lovea uii na-o p-sC..
away one by one, our heart are teti oeso-
late, w e are lonely without them. I hey
have passed with their love to "that la;id.
from whose bourne no traveller returns "
Shall we never see thetn agai:i ? Memory
turns with lingering regret to call those
smiles and the loved tones of those dear fa
miliar voices. In fancy they are of:et
by our side, bul iheir hime is on a bright
er shore. They visit ns in our dreams,
floating over our memory like shadows over
moonlit water. When the heart i weary
with anguith and the soul is bowed with
do they not come and whisper
thoughts of comfort and hope ? Yes sweet
memory brings them to us, and the love o
bore ihem lilts the heart from earihly aspi
rations, and we long to join them ir. thai
better land. They hover round u, Ihe
' . t - I .I. .
tsihereai ones, ;ovi . ana
loved, they w.i:c!i wrti eye sium er
tot. When gentle dream- are wandering
to ihe attgeliand in whispers wake ihe
hymning strain ol that bright and happy
choir, revealing many a tale ol hope, b i-s ar..l love They 'ell of sunny
re!m, ne'er viewed by mortal eye of
form? arrayed in fadeless beauty and lotty
anthems :o their great Creator' praise are
sounded forth in sweet seraphic number-.
And this bright vision of the blest dissolve
the tumuli id life's jarting cenes, they fade
in air and then we glory in the thought
that we are heirs of immortality. And why
1 i' that we regard with such deep rever
erence anJ love, tno-e bright celestial be
ing ot another spi ere? Ah. it i because
they take an interest in our welfare, and
joy over our succes in the great battle of
life. They are not selfish in their happiness
but fain would have o share it wiih them.
General Fremont is a statesman who ha
never made a speech, a genera! who has
never won a battle, a pa'hfinder who ha
always mWsed ihe track, and a rnillionare
not worth a continental damn.
''I am a great gun," Baid a tipsy printer,
who had been or. a spree for a week. 'Yes'
said ihe foreman, 'and half cocked and you
can consider yonrself discharged.' 'Well,'
said Typo 'then I had better go off'
The lazy wife' friend. A reekingchair.
The Tree Reason.'
. "If w had no slavery in ihi conntry w
should have no rebellion." Republican Pa
' - ... . . .
If we had no Abn!itinuit9 in this countrj
; we should have no rebellion Slavery ex;
lztt i r ft. A frfrTW ot Ina I I 11 a ff tKa tfr -
, '
but we had no rebellion in consequence of.
it. For ih'ee quarters of a century, peace, '
happiness and pscperiiy reigned supreme
in the land, but no sooner did the monter
abolitionism raise it hydra head a-d as
sume to control the r'esiini- of this great
nation, than we had rebellion civil war,
bloodshed. carriage and devastation through
out the length and breadih of a once peace-,
ful and happy country. From Exeter Hall
in old England the poisonous weed was
brooght nod planted in the congenial soil of
New England, and from small beginnings'
its poison infused itself gradually Into the
minds of the Northero people, until it re
sulted in tbe organization of the Republi
can party with abolitionism for its basis.
And a soon as abolitionism entered the
halls of our national Legislature did peace
harmony and good fee ing leave, and bitter
j hatred . sectional animosty and vindiciliva
prejudice succeeded the good old days of
fraternal kindness and mutual regard ' for.
evdi other's rights, which existed in that
time of the Fathers of the Republic and
continued for many years thereafter. AbC
litinnistn i i an evil hour was permitted to
lead the people astray, a id to-day the Caiioo
paying the pena ty of its folly.
Seating Cocbtiso Well, air, Mary
cetughl the skating fever which is raging so "
fearfully. I heard her express a wish for
a pair of skates, and the next day she bad
the best pair that could be bought in the
city, and nobody knows who sent them to -
Mary and her victim in tbe firt skaiioj'
Ie.on. Marv and I started she on mr
' left arm all square. First, Mary's dear'
little gaiter boots presented themselves to
my astonished vision, an 1 before I had
time to wonder how they came up before
me, I fell ihem pressing their blessed beau
ty with empia-i into the pit ot my stom
acn. Next scene wavy hair, with thirty
dollar bannel. camepi.ching into my waist
coat w ith such violence that I fe:t the but
tons agaiasi my spine. Next, Mary gazed
at me Irom between my jack boot, and
anon her blessed little nose wa thrust into
my shirt boom. Ah! my friend, all re
search and study on the myterioiis subject
i ol woman has been comparatively vain till
i in t'.u eventful year of 162, the fashion
ha opened new and various source of ia
; formation. Doyo'i rememb-r yoir first at
i tempt at driving tandem? Do you remetn
j ber how that internal perverse beast that
j you nad selected for our leaJer, wooUi in
j s ist on turning short round and staring you
, .(i (f f
what the deuce
; . , . r, y.
just you jo and try a
woman on sxates. tni s an jisi iry ii ;
Ah, wont you come to the conclusion that
women have sundry and divers ways of ac
complishing their object. Dear M try, I of
fered mysell to her every time he turned
up or came around. I am her.
. .t .1 tt - -
Amcmno Each OrHKK A correspondent '
of the N. Y. Tribune, writing from the Pen
insula Va., on ihe 11th insi., gives ihe fol
lowing: During ihe f rst day's kirmih on our
right, iwo soldiers, one from Maine. lb
other from Georgia, posied themselves each
behind a tree, and indulged in sundry shots
without efiect at the same time keeping op
a lively chat. Finally, thct getting & little
tedious. Georgia call out to Mane 'Give
me a show." meaing step out and give atl
opportunity to hit Maine, in re-ponso,
pokes out Ir head a lew inche. and Geor
gia cracks away and m:sse 4iToo high,'
says Maine, now give me a show." Geor
gia pokes out tier head, and Maine blazes
away 'Too low' sing Georgia. Ia lhi
way the two alternated several time, with
out hitting. Finally Maine sends aball so
as to "raze the tree within an inch or two of
the ear ot Georg-a 'Csase firing.' shoots
Georgia. 'Ceae it is ' respond Maine.
Look here,' say one 'we have carried oo
thi business long enough for one day
rSpoe we adjourn for rations.' 4Aereed,'
says the other. And so tbe two marched"
away in different directions, one whistling
Yankee Dood e,: and the other 'Dixie.'
An old Scotch clergyman of the true
Spurgeonistic cla.. who wa terribly an
noyed at many of hi congregation indulging
in the habit ol bolting out of church previ
ous to, and during the benediction, had one
day jt6t got that length in tbe service, acd
was standing wiih outstretched . hands and
closed eyes, when tbe noise of the escaping
multitude attracted his at er.lion, and dt
turbed ihe the quiet of the church. Quietly
opening bis eye, be thus adJressed the
door-keeper, and efieetoally stopped the
practice for that day at any rate : Aod now
John. o;.en the door and let all tbe cursed
people who doa't want the b'eain, re