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Democratic Anniinnlioiis.
:The eleciioif returns come in too slow to
'enable ns to give anything like the final re
Vtilt 'of 'ihis'Tonnty in this week's paper.
" fn thisr(Bl60'm) township the Union Tick
et engineered by the Republicans, 'received
majority. The Democratic candidates for
"Assembly were beaten in this twp. 147
'totes. The balance of the democratic tick
et received a simitar treatment in this twp.
' In Scott township the Opposition received
JtOS majority over the democratic candidates
for Assembly. In Hemlock twp. the dem
nrrats have a majority of '91. In Orange
iwp.' Lazarus and' Jennings, Opp., have 8
of a majority. In Fishingereek Tate arid
Tatton, Dem.ihave a majority of 153. ' In
'Montoar twp. Tate and Tuitorr'a'majority is
"7,'asain of 21 democratic" votes over last
Fall's election. The majority for the dem
'oicratic ticket in Sugarloaf is about 92.
In Benton township the Democratic can
didates for Assembly have 78 majority.
' ''The 'demctrTatic 'candidate forSherfrTin
"Benton township, the home of the'Opposi
' tion candidate, received 89 majority.
'In the Borough of "Berwick Lazarus and
Jennings received 52 majority. In Danville
' borough Lazarus and Jennings have a small
The Democratic majority of this county,
we feel confident, will not be less than 700.
In Montour 'con nry the democratic ticket
vilt have a roaj of about 200.
Tate and Tatton arer electe'd in the district
by handsome majority."
The Constitution.
Ii4ias been common to -suppose that the
Constitution of the United States was a work
f great-political wisdom, and that James
"Madisou," the wise v and honored eon of
Virginia, more than any other statesmen
contemporary with its formation, was in
strumental in its origination and adoption.
But it seems that the rraxims of seccession
teachi its votaries to spU on the ashes of the
patriots, '.egUlatares, "arid lie roes whose
works they are seeking to destroy. It is
to ibis. purport that the Richmond Whig of
recent date, in an article copied by M29.t
length on the 24:h instant, held the following
-contemptuous language respecting the
"-Constitution which it once professed to ad
jsire and Tevere :
"We have been taught to believe that -a
loose league or confederacy of free, sov
erein, and independent Commonwealths
constituted the beat frame of government,
for the happiness and freedom of man,
.which human ingenuity has devised. The
old articles -of Confederation, which bore
"''us triumphantly through the Revolution, is
our bean -idea! of a perfect Government
That was shipwrecked -by the financial em
barrassments which followed the war. and
vnt substituted by the Yankee concern, Hchich
in onr day, has annihilated evey vestige of
bb&y throughout the Northern States. We
ojld, if we could, restore, as nearly as
.changed circumstances admit, that confed
erate system, which, without an elective
"K:ng and an army of greedy office-seekers,
would ensure ns ireedom and indepen
dence.'7 ft is -in view of such utterances 'that we
can appreciate the violeucewhich secession
reanires its patrons to do to all that is most
-sacred in oar national traditions and histori
cal associations, li is willing to blot out
- tba glorious past, that it may with less
iihame coiotnence under anspices of dimin-
thed dignity ihe ingnoble career of a bro
ken nationality. .
' 5 The Potomac "River Cleat.
'The Chronicle of yesterday rooming says :
541 We are "requested to state, by Government
VufWiiy, that there is no truth in 'fh& rn
TOor which tiave been bat in circulation
"lately that the navigation ef the Potomac
'hssbeen closed by rebel battsries on the
'Virginia shore. Not a vessel bound to this
city has failed to reach ber destination, nor
"has oub outward bound been stopped.
Every i3ay numbers have come up and gone
Sown fheTiref, "but they have all passed
lb enemy's guns without a tnan being
"killed or even -wounded. Theonly accident
which lias occurred daring the .past
-week has been the collision between the
fteamer Delaware and Planet, resulting in
the Ioas of the latter The rebels have not
fortified a point on the river. Tby have a
few gun., which are continually shifted to
Vome new position, and the labor undergone
to remove them from point to point has
been so far poorly repaid, as they have not
ocreeded to Interfering with oar shipping
in ike least." '.
Ncw CocsTKruTS. -A counterfeit five
dollar note, on the bank of commerce, Phil
adelphia, haa made its tpperance which
aUaough nothing like the genuine excep
ia lte eiza and form of the letters in the
name, haa deceived many accustomed to
handling money.. The note is printed on
Mlmsy pper, of a lighter color than the
ensine. in the right hand corner it Las
a vignette of a stone mason, very clumsily
x5cutecj ; on the lelt are three female
figures, two siuirg and the other rec lining:
trie one nearest the corner of the. note if
holding a sheaf of wheat. The note is
narked with the letter D. The signatures
i':; vol resemble those of the genuine at all.
. Pktirson's Bank Note Deiector ior Oci
l-T has been received. Il contains the des
cr - .iaa ef quite a camber of counterfeits
v " -'; Luvrj lately mada their appearance.
reliable coney Z'1- The rner-
. ...11 -.... r.,, r-n.
.Democratic Generals.
As the abolition sheets are laboring very
hard to create the impresslbn that 'the Dem
ocrats are acting in baafalh toward" the gov
ernment, it maynot be arqiss to -give the
public a lint of the general 6"fncVrs' of' the
army whe are and were inember9 olHhe
Democratic party viz: Major Generals
George B. McClellari ; John A Dix; Ben
jamin ;F. Butler; and Robert Patterson
Brigadier Generals: YVm. J. Rosencrans;
Frederick W. Lander ; Isaac J. Stephens ;
Andrew Porter ; George Cadwallader ; Dan
iel' E. Sickles ; Bumside ; Heihtzleman ;
Hunter; Franklin ; Lyon ; McDowell; Blenk
er ; Robert Anderson: Prentiss; Morris;
Smitie ; Storgis ;" Sweeny ; Wright ;' and a
host of others, whose names we are unable
to calf to mind. From the above list, it
will be seeri that fully two thirds of the
general officers are members of the Dem'o
cratic party, while fully three-fotlrths of the
rank and file of the army belong to the same
party. Many of the above were warm sup
porters of John C. Breckinridge for the Pres
idency. Gen. Isaac J. Stevens,' repined :o
be the best-military man and the most sci
entific officer in the arm)', was chairman oi
the National Breckinridge Committee. Gen.
F. W.' Lander, so renewed lor his personal
bravery, stumped the whole State ol Cali
fornia last fall for Breckinridge. And these
are the men who are branded as 'traitors by
tLe- advocates of fusion.
Meeting in bentoo.
A Democratic meeting was held in Ben
ton, on Saturday afternoon last, which was
largely attended both by male and female.
The meeting organized, about 2 o'clock, in
a grove close by the town, by -the selection
of the -following officers :
JOHN C DOTY, Pieside'pt
Vice Presidents. Isaiah Crevelinp, Peter
Hess. Albert Atnmermaj, Absolom McHeu
ry, William Cole, Jesse Bromstedler Geo.
W. Shaffer, Franklin Koons, Samuel Mc
Henry, Samuel R. Kline Hiratn F. Everett,
John McHenry, John J. Stiles.
Secretaries Cyroi B. McHenry, Uzal H.
Ent, W. H. Jacoby.
The meeting was addressed by Col John
G. Freeze and other. If we may judge
from the demonstrations of applause made
during the -speeches, we may well say
that the people of Ben'on and v icinity are
much enlivened in the cause of Democracy.
They gave to ns evidence that they would
, . t-i.u o.t, 1
render a good -account on Tuesday, the 8tn
:.. .....I. i pi cv,.,.,
III ? 1. A lie r Cwt II W I VIM. & u -j wu f
that afforded them much satisfaction; and
gave them to think more firmly that thej
were right in maintaining their old organi
sation. The letter read by the speaker,from
Charles 'R. 'Buckalew, was received with
applause. This letter asssred the Democ
racy that the course they were pursuing
was wise and patriotic.
On motion the meeting adjourned .
The Union,
Most of onr readers have doubtless read
that affecting. prssage in the book of Ruth in
which the beautiful Moabites, speaking to
her 'bereaved molher 'in law, exclaims:
"Whither thou go est, I will go, and whith
er thou lodgest, I will lodge," and the mal
ediction she called upon her head, if aught
but death should part them And it is thus
every true patriot now feels towaids the
Union. And why should not every Ameri
can citizen, 'whether he be native born or
naturalized, love it ? Il has been our bul
wark in war, and in peace i: has made us
the freest and most prosperous nation oh
the face of God 's earth. I: has been a ben
evolent and kind parent to all, and has
epreati the same panoply of protection over
the lowest as well as'the highest citizen.
It is the legacy ol Washington, Jefferson,
Madison, and the other illustrious revolu
tionary patriots and "statesmen who have
gone to their reward, and we should cher
ish it ks a jewel beyond all price. Let us,
therefore, with one heart and one soul,
guard, protect and defend it. With il we
are citizens of a great and free Republic
without it, we would be outcasts upon the
earth, and a by-word and reproach to all
nations. It is controlled at the present time
il is true, by men who have labored diligent
ly to create that sectional wartare, which
has destroyed it, end by men who are not
equal to the task confided to them ; bat that
is no reason why we should abandon it. It
is ireisnteu wun an inai is uear ;o us
men, and as American citizens we snouiu
a ..- I . 1 I
prize it above all earthly good The De
mocracy have always been true to the Un
ion, and in this trying honr, when the earth
almost literally rocks beneath our feet, we
nre confident ihey will still be found car
rying the gloriouk old. flag of our common
country, and keeping step to the music of
the Union.
Important Arrest. A Daguerreotypist,
from Lock Haven, was arrested by Consta
ble Pollock, on Monday evening, on a war
rant for passing -counterfeit fnoney, which
consisted of bogus ball and quarter dollars.
He gave his name as Jabez B. Hopkins.
When be discovered the rules of justice
were about to be enforced, he attempted to
relieve himself of the base metal, but was
arrested before be was entirely "strapped."
All along the route were evidences of his
gnilt, from the point where he first mis
trusted the eyes of the law. Tho money
looks well, has the appearance ana sound,
but lacks . in weight. In default of 800
bail, Justice McClare place, him in charge
of the Sheriff. Constable Follock teports
the taking ol considerable bogus coin Irom
his'picture rooms in Lock Haven, with the
receipt for manHfactadng money .-Wat
Branch Democrat
Secession Villmkt. Some of the seces
sionists of Missouri, whe vacated their pre
mises on the approach of the Union troops,
adopted one of the most devilish expedi
ents for poisoning we ever heard of. The
peachea which hung cn trees by the way
side were plogged, toma kind of liquid poi
son injected and ihe plug, replaced For
innately the eoldiers were warned io time
to escape, but a small pig to which one of
.k .np-r1 wss riven, died ia halt an
Dissracefnl Affair.
Oar Borough was made the scene of a
very unpleasant affray on last Monday.
The Brigade Inspector of this Brigade hav
ing issued an order" for the several military
companies of this coanty, o meet at Dan
ville on that ' day for inspection, the Ex
change Guafds, a newty organized compa
ny from Anthony township, and a portion
of the Washington ville Cavalr)- were in at
tendance. Soon after their arrival J. R
Patton, of this place, and Jas. McKee, a
member of the Washingtonville Cavalry,
had an altercation relating to the war. and,
as is usual in such cases, one word brought
on another jntil both became excited and
injudicious language was, as we learn,
used on both sides. All manner of reports
being set on foot, soon brought an excited
crowd together, and for a time it looked as
if there was going to be a "free fight," but
finally, through the efforts-bf several law
abiding citizens, peace was restored. Still
the malicious reports that had been propa
gated by persons who ought to have known
better, kept up a feverish excitement
which finally broke out in violence to one
of the Exchange volunteers, who had exci
ted the ire of some individual by a remark
he made. This person was struck and
somewhat maltreated while standing in the
ranks of the company in front of Freeze'
hotel. Thomas Miller, a' workman at the
Rongh and Ready, interfering to protect
him, brought the crowd upon himself.
Blows were given and taken for some time,
but the par'y being too numerous'tbr Mil
ler, he had to retreat into the hotel, follow
ed by the mob who were bent on doing
him violence. Miller it seems got out the
back' way, and arming himself with a knife
went back in search of 'his hat when the
mob gave chae to him ant! finally knocked
him down with stones and then kicked and
stamped upon him until citizens interfered
to keep them from killing him outright.
Many thought he was dead, but it ' appears
he is about as tongh as sole leather, for
he was up and aboot in the evening. In
fighting Miller made a pass with a knife at
i one of his assailants named A'.en who re
ceived a slight scratch on the breast. In
the meantime the Guan's seeing so much !
turbolance and confusion in the streets dis
missed mid left for home
Justice to our fellow citizens of Anthony
and Deny townships, however, compels us
IO say luai lie aicuuiu ui nils nuiii as ii i -
en in the last Montour American, is one-
. . i . k . . r . i :. . (r : - . :
sided, and unfair. Of rhe Exchange Guard,
whom the edrtor of the American charges
w ith-entertaining 'disloyal sentiments, and
making' disloyal expressions, we need only
say, that no more loyal, brave and
Military Company, ever paraded the Streets
of Danville. If the editor of the American
doubts their lovalty or their love for the Un
ion, for thre establishment and ' preservation
of which many ol their fathers have fought,
let him tell any one ol those "boys" that he I
is disloyal, and he will soon "see stars"
and find stripes where none appeared be
fore, and will discover that they possess
true manly courage, as well as loyalty.
So far as we saw, or have been able to
learn these companies all conducted them
selves properly, molesting no one, interfer
ing with no one, not even heeding the con
temptuous epithets such as ''secession"
"Sunday soldiers," &c, with which they
were frequently assailed, by boys of larger
and Smaller growth, as they passed along
the streets. They were here in obedience
to a 'military order, in 'discharge of their
doty as citizens soldiers. Their ensign bore
aloft the Stars Stripes, the emblem of
our National honor, and of our Union, and
they were entitled to protection from insull
and injury. For the honor of our Borough,
for the credit of our peaceful, law abiding,
order Joving citizens, as well as for the bu
jiness interests of Our town, we sincerely
hope it will be long before another such a
scene shall occur Dnnvtlle Intelligencer.
"Sonsienr Tonson come Again."
Onr old friend Rnsseli the shap who
writes the sensation letters to the London
Times, giving graphic accounts of his obser
vations, in battles which he has never seen
has turned up again, at Washington
We were growing very about ijie
Doc didn't know whal had become ol him
Hadn't heard of him for sorrro time, and as
the rebels have been talking seriously
r MLllIll, I I I n I I .1 ,M U II 1 1 II tuw.iw.w . . v.
- -
oriving our arri!uo out 111 tin vj
throwing in a dense volume of some sort ot
noxious cas, we were a little apprehensive
lhat they might have captured the Doc,
rammed him into a moitar, and shot him
plump into the Fort ! BjI Io ! all at once
up turns the L. L. D He has been out in
Illinois; and while spendiug a Sabbath in
the quiet vidae of Wilmington, in that
State, he concluded to while away the ledi-.
urn of the day, by bavin a little port in
the gunning line. So he shoulder his gun,
and forth he goes ; but jt-s as he is in the
height of his enjoyment, an officer taps him
on the shoulder, and takes him prisoner
marches him before a magistrate, who, not
having a due appreciation ol the Doc s im
portance, nor the fearot the British aristoc
racy before his eyes, has the audacity 10
fine him filty dollars, for his liitle Sunday
afternoon's amusement. Just think ol il !
William H. Russell, L L D. Correspondent
of lhe London Time, fined fifty dollars, lor
Sabbath breaking, bv a country Squire
and a Yankee, at that !
Ilollowoy,s PilU An indisputable fact
Costiveness of lhe Bowels.-'-Many diseases
which afflict mankind originate in the slug
gish nature or impaired Junctions of the
stomach and viscera, viz: indigestion, head
ache, nervous disorders piles and cutane
ous eruptions, for which cathartics are us
ually Drescribed. These may relieve lhe
bowels lor ihe time but will not reach the
active cause of the complaint. Ordinary
purgative create a necessity for repetition,
ontil eveniully the bowels become power
less. Hoiloway's Pills not only eeek the
seat of the disoider, bat after evacuating
the depraved humors from the stomach and
intestines, bq renovate and invigorate them
as to prevent a future recurrence. Read
Business of the Country.
What a falling off there has 'been in the
industrial department of oar nation within
the" sffon space ol one 'year. What a de
crease in the products of the conniry. One
year ago, j nst previous to the Presidential
election, the hum of ihe spindle, the ring of
the anvil, an-J the sound of 'the saw, were
heard in every part of the land. The shelves
of the merchant were fairly groaning be
neath the loads of merchandize; the com
merce of the nation was in the full 'tide of
prosperity, and the mechanic an) laborer
were abundantly "employed. The North
and Souih were alike prosperous, and the
country bore the marks of creamess aid ad
vancement. Business was thriving, and all
were satisfied with the cheering prospect
and hopeful future. Then it was lliat the
fanner sewed his seed in anticipation of a
rich harvest from his stock and his broad
fields he expected a good return for both
his labor and his capital. Railroad were
ir. process of completion, and the building ,n consequence of debility from over-ex-of
others was anticipated; new forges, lur-, ertio hl corlnt,ction w, his command,
naces, anti macmnes snops were ao i.emg
erected, and in lact every ihini looked 60 j
bright that the people rejo.ce.d to thii.k of
the good times so much busine-s would
make in the' country. ' But alas! all our
hopes are blasted, our calculations upset,
and business, so far as many of the best
men are conrerned i ruined.
Who could have predicted one year ago
snch stranae things as are now occurring?!
A lift trKn tirrt liat:a 1i.vof) ihom it ihpv
.,.,,.-., I
No man could have believed that there was j
wickedness enousjh in American citizens to
create' rebellion like the one before us at
this very' moment a rebellion to deetroy all
political relations, all ' social fellowship,
lamily ties, and. above all, to destroy this
noble Goernment. But it has been done,
and we are now beginning to reap the con
sequences. Although there is more money
in the country at the present time than in
any other year since the formation of tha
Government, still there is less business do
ing in all the productive departments ih'tti
there was before. And why is it? We an
swer again war, civil, rebellious war ! tia
prostrated the nation, the merchant, the
shipper, the manufacturer, the farmer, the
mechanic, the laborer, the artist, and. in
short, every department except that relating
to war. How long this' is -to last, remains
to be seen. Soon the Governriye'ru will have
all the &un., bayonet- and sword it require,
and all those working on inese things will
have nothing more to do. Before long the
army will be snpplied with a I the knap
sacks, cartridge toxes, belts, &c, that are
wauied, and a large num'ter more will be
idle. Then when the wagons and accou
trements belonging to them are supplied,
still more will be thrown out of employment.
Shipcarpenier. and -numerous othor work
men, will ere long nave tne cunDoats, ea
mere' and other Government vessel a'i built
and will likewise be added to the list of un
employed. The consequence this w ill be
to fill the streets with thousands ol men
destitute of occupation.
'What is 10 be done ? From this prospec
live state of things, it is no difficult tak to
make one believe that hunger, "want and
misery wil! stalk around the doers of many
an honest man, and that yr.nnt hideous want
will hover over the domicile ol those who
never knew what poverty was.
But if we suffer here North wilh all lUe
main resources of the country at our com
mand, what in the name of coolness, will
become of the poor of the Sooth f witn
their cotton, rice 'sugar, and tobscco a tne
chief productions of the country. God help
lhe loyal citizens of lhe rebellious part of
onr unhappy land. Especially for their
sake we would like to see the rebellion put
rlnirn thp irailnrn huncr and the legislative
. . , . . ,rJ ; :
b-iMness of our country once more in its
accu:tomed channel.
ThBFi.ood Lapgk PcsTBriTIOS of Paop.
ER1T -0,. Saiurday lat the r
was the scene of one of the greatest Hoods
which has visited it since'l47. The recent
heavy rains which vii-ited the northern sec
tion of the State w ere the cause of the rap
id rise. The damage at this place was
comparatively small, but at Lock Haven we
understand that thedamaae was immense.
The water ran up into the streets ot the
town, fill ing lhe cellars and in some cases
rising a high a the second story .of the
house. Hay. slacks, fences, sheds, and in
some cases light buildincs were swept
The Lock Haven boom save way
away .
under the pressure and an immense quatiti j
ly of logs were carried down the ftream. j
Many logs Were stopped by different indi
viduals at this place, and many more would
undoubtedly have been caught, bat for the
shabby manner in whitfh some of those en
gaeed in the same undertaking were treat
ed when the boom gave way two years ago
The number of logs lost on this occasion is
not nearly so great as the ammount two
yars ago ) et it i estimated that the loss
will he over one million dollars.
This freshet is one of the most sudden
and disastrous that has ever visited the
West Branch. A: one time the water rose
at this place at the rate of five feet pa hour.
It began to subside however on Sunday
morning and Ml rapidly until it had reach
ed its usual level. Miltonian.
Pardoned Letttia Girvin, who was ar
rested at Williamsport last spring, on charge
of attempting to fire lhe premises of Dr
Lyon at that place, an account of which
was published in this paper at the lime,
was convicted by a jury in August last and
sentenced to lhe penitentiary. Gov. Cunin
has now pardoned her, provided she leaves
the State. We think the pardon might as
well been withheld as given under the
above peculiar proviso. If we recollect the
circumstances correctly the criminal is a
little girl some fourteen or fifteen years of
age and we eee no clemency in keeping
her from the penitentiary and sending her
adrift on the world with almost'a certainty
that she must adopt a life of crime, or
starve. Miltonian.
"A load of good wood ia badly wanted
..!.'- ? r-a
The Case of Gen. Fremont.
The charges preferred by Colonel Blair
against General FaicMONT; on the 26th ult.,
have not reached Washington. According
the revise il army regulations, charges are
require ! to be transmitted through the su
perior officer in this General FiieMoNThim
self. A copy of them, however; has been
received, to be filed in the event that he
shall neglect or decline tolranmit the 'orig
inal to the War Department.
There seems to be no doubt tha; Gen. Fre
mont will be superseded, but no official in
timation has been sent to him of this fact
General Wool, it is thought by those well
infnrmHcf in ' military affairs, will Droceed to
the West under specific instructions, and
it may be he will supersede General Frk
mont. No positive-information, however,
is derivable on this subject.
Resignation of n Pennsylvania Colonel
Cq, r q Marsh, of the Fourth Resiment
Pennsvlvania R. V. C.
;., A meEli"
has resigned hi
of the off.vrs and
I privates In his regiment was called, and
resolutions passed complimentary to Col.
MaAsh as a soldier and citizen. The regi
ment regret their loss.and tho War Depart
ment reognizes in the retirement of Col. il,
the absence of an efficient officer.
The Confederate Flag not I!cco?nizetl in Cuba.
Letters from Havana state that 'the report
that the Confederate 'flag would be admit
ed in Havana, is without a shadow of: truth
The authority siales t hat "No such act or
decree, or anything like it, has appealed
The Captain General could only do it on re
ceiving instructions to thai effect from the
home Government. The few vessels sail
ing under the Confederate flag, and which
arrived here some months ago, had to hoist
the stars and stripes before entering our har
bor. Cincinnati, Oct. 4. The following is a
special dspaich to the Cincinnati Commer
cial: Cheat Mountain, Va , Oct. 3. This morn
ing, at 1 o'clock, -n portion of Brigadier Gen
eral Reynolds' brisade," consisting of three
Onto regiments, (the ?4ih, 25lh, and 32d.)
arid portions of six Indiana regiments, (the
7th, 9th, 13;h, 14th, 15th, and 17th,) togeth
er with detachments of Colonel Bracken's
lndiar.a regiment, Colonel Robinson's Ohio
regiment, Colonel Greenfield's Pennsylva
nia cavalry, and detachments of How's reg
ulars, Loomis' Michiaan and Danm's Vir
inia artillery, numbering in all five thous
and men lft tha t mountain to make a re in force in fronf of the enemy's
position in Greenbriar river, twelve miles
Colonel Ford's Ohio regiment was sent
forward to hold an important road, the pos
j session of wh.chwas important, it flanking
oar main column.
The expedition arrived in front of the en
emy's fortification at 8 o'clock, iheir pick
els retreating after firing an ineffectual vol
ley. j i
Col. "Kimball's Eifteenth Indiana Regi
ment were immediately sent forward to se
cure a' position for Loomis' battery.
Col. Aramin'o Ttventy-lourth Ohio Rsi
menl deployed as okirmishers on the souths
lopo of the mountarn.
Loomis' Lattery, after gelrit g into position,
and being supported by the Seventeenth In
diana Regirnen:,'opened the baf.le.
The shot was immediately'responded 10
1 .
t bX an enem lhe bush' who were eoon
routed by tiie Fourteenth Indiana HeirRenl
! with a loss of seven killed, and a largo num
i ber wounded and taken prisoners,
j Howe's battery, supported by the Thir
1 teenth Indiana Regiment, then moved lor-
; ward, taking a position three hundred yards
1 " 1 j
j from the enemy's lortificalions, and opened
a brisk fire.
Cpt. Daum brought forward two pieces,
n imewme cpeneu a am
,1-1 i .-
i t I'i : - I 1. 1. c
i ine Iiriti2 on 00111 6iiies wa almost in-
' cessant for an hour, our artillery doing good
1 execution, judging from the lamentable
! bhrieks of the enemy's wounded,
i The enemy' battery did comparatively
' le,r 3 Jfc"' 100 mucn eie'
va!eJ- ur ut'8 effectually silenced three
' ol theirs.
W'hile observation w ere being ma le of
the enemy's fortifiications, occupying three
more hours, an irregular artillery fire was
j kept up, occupying lhe enemy'B attention.
! During this interval, the Twenty-tilth Ohio
and riteenta Indiana iieuimetils reiuiereu
efficient ervice in scouting the mountain.
Before the close of,
which was most satisfactory in its results,
ihe enemy received heavy reinforcements
from their camp near Monterey, mak
ing their strength about 15,000
Although this reconnoissance partakes
more of the character of a regular engage
rnent than any previous battle in Western
Virginia, our loss is but lea killed and
eleven wounded.
It is impossible to ascertain the enemy's
loss, bul it cannot fall short of five hundred
killed and wounded, as our artillery did terri
ble execution.
Their camp was situated on the slope of
the mountain, supported by a number of
We captured thirteen prisoners from the
enemy and also a lot of cattle and hores.
'1 he reconnois-ance proved highly sue
cessful, affording information relative lo the
enemy's strength which could not be ob
tained fom scouts.
Our troops acted nobly.
General Anderson and Colonels Johnson,
Jackson, Arid Oliver, were in command of
the enemy's forces.
Gksatrkss. It is a remark of John Hun
ter: "There never was a great man that
wanted to be a greal man, ever was a great
man. For gteal men have endeavored al
ways 10 do some great action that seemed
to tend to some great good, and the effect
made them; great. Wanting to be great is
vanity without power."
flrr 1 f DnvU PIT RriiTa.
t dier Gen. McDowell is to be made a Major
' General of volunteer. - - '
LouisviLLKOct. 7 A fire took place at
Memphis, Ten r.., on the $9ih ult., destroy
ing 430, 000 worth of property, situated ' at
ilia corner of Washington street and Centre
alley. The fire extended to the front row o
The Memphis Avalanche has absorbed the
Bulletin newifrapers ol tlia city. .
A Memphis paper of the oOlh say:
Thirty cases of Enfield muskets, beini a
pari of ihe 50.t00 which came into a South
ern port some time since, arrived at Mem
phis, and are on their way to Columbus. Ky.
The city of Memphis was literally alive
with soldiers on the 29ih.
The Southern ' Commercial Convention
will assemble at Macon, Georgia, on the
14th of October.
The University of Mississippi is aboii 1 1c
be closed for want of patronage.
Jacob Thompson has been nominated lor
Governor of Mississippi
The Pocahontas (Ark ) Advei'her sy V.
C Haul man formerly a member of the Fed
eral Congress) has obtained 3 000 more
men from the State ol Arkansas lor Gen.
Hardee's command.
EvG iveruor E Louis Lowu, of Maryland
has escaped to Richmond. ,
Isaac Davenport, of Richmond and a
member ol the lirm of 1 li (i. H lxa'i.
port, yave a check lor $10,000, b-u.;j the j
amount due their Nortl.t-iu irvdii'V. loihe !
commissioner for tho ret ejiimu of r. j
Sources ol revenus.
ll.i! Nortneru lUuh ol A'.abmin lm an t iten-u iiiroijti in tnmi, or by ex;jre-s,
peuaVd spuc-irt parent, t Uj of j ''i;:i KtX. and ttif Trenury Not
Gov Moore ' ,:l fnni.liaHy djlivtrr J, or llt:il
The ii.erchats of JWjVjile b ve i;c i to ' 'U cbacnbirf a they irtay BevamUy di
reccivo t'otite 'eiu i.vjc ' ' - '.
for debt and 'uuml. t't'i fm'mlt'M:- mn-:fnd f-th intrf-t
Gen. Utiit'cnHUi:4 !'.-: bu tnnu iUt ol 'Au cst iftf dttit'ofiif t3
to Pitman's Ferry, on lh ii i.x j u'itr, io h ildy 1U1 nt'ii: u-t; ricfi-!
j. 11 o. jooen, lorrntr y c iun m 4. yur
de'ptiia paper i Sncrni4iy ih lVr !-
par'.meut ut Ku hiilofid
Governor Moore, of Loutiainn, I, or
ilered the State authoritKiS to nftnutt all (tit
pork now in ike hand of New Ofl4,
opeculaiors, who had advanced ihe pficto
Soil per bbl. j
It is HStiniateil tliHt the Yankee property, (
in the State 'of Virginia, which ha been j
placed under the han of the SeoJuetralio:i ,
Act amounts to 30,000,000 !
M J. Wicks, chairman of the Military!
at the owners's expense.
The Fort Smith (Ark ) fleraU says the
Cherokee I ndiaus will furnish three reui
menis, the Creek two regiments, and the
Sem'mo'e a battalion.
'The Mobile (Ala.) paper say the defen
ces south of thai cny are vgcrousiy yotng,
on. j
Ttip mnriininut a 11 ! tin ri !i a rtf Mnl-iitp ft rrt I
issuing shinplas:ers in email anion it
The rebel soldiers, especially tl.oe at -
lached to the department in We-tern Vir
" "I ...v .
yinia, are suffering greaiiv fcr the want oi
A vessel, with a ciro of ' 1,000 bnsl.oU
of sail, Irom L.iuuayra. had it caro uktr.
from the Brazos river to Hichmond.
A nnze echooner was caouired near Gal-
Committae of Memphis, says il i- des.ratJe j : finite , ""'a ,"l,ul t-t'ermm,
that no cottfii. nor tobacco be 'shipped i?i2k: o!,,mo" reii-rwian, Henry F-i-thereuntil
further orders, and if planter ""n, Ueorje tet.ermn. Joo.
don't stop shipping, the military aiiihoritie J r etier-ua:', )oiu Fettr'r'nan,
will send the cotton back into the country Vk"ub" I'e:ijrK,'4" re"d'"-! Iin-i
ver-tou Texas, recently, with 2C'0 sacks of Wnre the Hnii'irble iV arre t J. Wnl
coffee anJ toO 000 cigars. v-'art-'i E-quir, Pre-i feat ot our n C i.irt
The Nashvil e (Tenn ) papers of 'the 2d . a' Bio.rr1-uu.-4, me I7in ,i ,;t s i)t,,nn r
instaut sy the heavy r.tnn have carried ; - D. one thou, iml ei-ht riun.lrej I mry
away the ornlues on ttie .at I eu nessee
Ilailroad. anil delayed trains from Rich j
mood, tor three tla)s.
I he B.iwling (ireen (KTy.) corr esponilent i
of the Nashvide Union and American says.
General Bnrknpr is advancins to.war-1
the O.iio nver, driving lhe Home Guard be
lore him "
The Richmond Divitch say;. Arnold Har-
ns has been unconditionally rel'j.ied
The Confederate Government lia au'hr
ized General Winder to arrest all Y'anke
who may venture therein concern lor their,
former nh: of property in the South.
The arrival ot James Ferguson, member
of Parlidrneut. and Hon. William Burke of
England, is reported at Nashvslle on the j
30:h SeptetnLef. They were en ru.'e for
Richmond i
Important from Western Virginia
Rout of ihe RiLiU al Chap-nansviUe.
' ah: in the tenth dy ol A,)rd, f) o,d
Cincinnati, Oct. 3 The Kanawah cor- I rlrou-au.l eii,! hu'i Ire I a 1 1 li , v j .vo, w
repondet:t'cf the Commercial says that (i e ' seized in ffn nf kii-f in fi !!. V114 Jes
companies of the First Kentucky, four com- crtbed pTa tuiion and .not ot wit.
panie of the Tnirty-fourth Ohio, and one j All lhat cerawi .ranu-i an.t r?t n I t
company of the F lift Virginia, under, uliuate m iiai'i to..'ii-lii alorci I, 4 Ij iu-
fieuteuar.t Lulonel h iart, h id surrocul l
and attiickevl tlie rebel at Ciiapmatville
and, after a thort eiiaetne:it, completely
routed ihern. killing 60 and taking 7o pris
oners. Tlie reiiel. in escapi-m. were inier
cepted by Colonel Haytt. who killed 4it and
took a large number of prisoners.
The country between Charleston and the
Guvandotte river is now freed from Seces
sion power,
blow given
This is the mo-t eflective
the rebels in this pari ol the
When the Kanawhi lelt Ch.irlsetori there
wa a report that a battle was aoin on be-
tween General Cox and the rebels unqer
Wise and Floyd, at Sewall's Mountain, and
that the rebels were pelting the worst of il
and were tailing back on iheir entrench
ments al Levvibur.
ki;vilu or Tin: market.
RYE. 70
CORN, 50
OATS. 30
FLOUR pr. bl-1 6 00
HAMS, 12
On the 3d inst., by the Rev. William J.
Eyer. Mr. Alocstcs Keller to Miss Han
nah Moor, both ot Dat.ville Pa.
Of Dyptheria in Mt. Pieaam township,
this county on lhe 4th iust., Pehmelia Ass,
in the sixth year of her age ort the 6th
William Arthur, in the tourth jear of his
age on the same day, Sarah Alvaretta,
in the eleventh year of her ajre and on
the 7th Aravilla Alice, in the tenth year of
her aze a 1 children of John F. and Eliza
beth Dei'.terich of the above place.
THE nndersioned would most respect
fully announce to the citizens of Blooms
bntg and vicinity, lhat she ha just receiv
ed from the eastern cilie her fall and
all of which she is prepared to makep-Trt
up and sell at a very reasonabley lolLr
fianre. Her assortment of goocs are
a little superior in point of durability as well
tas'efulness, 10 sny offered by ber in thi
Fection heretofore. Sha returns thanks for
ihe liberal patronage she has received, and
respectfully solicits a routinuanc of lhe
Bloomiburg, Oct. 9, 1861.
Seren and Three-Teaihs Per Cent.
bow Hedy Mr letircry ai I he i-ffice
J A Y f 0 0K E &. CO.,
Nn-lli Sn't)th Third S:reel WiUMphU.
Purimn! to itt'lf uctmot from the S'rf.
tary o' h I reasurw tr Sucri,) in,, rfQ ,1,
ry Note, tieiirng imeri at trie ra:e f
Hvan and ihre-tenthi p-r c-ut. per annum
will remain vi' t oiv rfi f . t '
nntil (urlh.-r notice, inm 8 V M. nil 6 P
M. ai d on M01 lav lilt a. p M.""" '-
Th- notes w ill h- ol' ihe deiio.nina!l
"HOUSAiN D DOLLARS, 4-.d are all ,Uj
! - ."i,u,iiit, j r, 1 1 U ,i li It K (1
. .... , r . 1 r . .......... ' "
Liirv not 1 ns! rvL' 11,..,.,.:
... .. ... ........ , . imi'iio m OiiJ5 in
three Mhr, or enn veruhlt i ho a twenty
year' six per ittin. loin, si- un o.hio i of
h holder. Enh Prenury N m jMi inter
ent coupon 'attached, -.v ln?t can t. ,. fl
rtiid eo!U.-tel in old at ihi Mi n every si
month, mid hi V. ratd ol ,n- t-am nr ,1..
ei fH y d II if.. . I
'' '" (,t;piiwi may hrt m-id
f" 'f'''.l o Cn-eks, or ik-m of Qf
l'ii'U.UHn H n.fc.
ll-tn,"m i a ilumt.f an rmii by trif
; I ii,l4 -nlyhi', at Ui rat o oi,n ceiu per
f,tr iy on Mt-h 'fl'ty loffsr.' ' -'-.v.
i Aooly lo or a ira
Ci ol JaV COOK1-: 4c CO.. Hooker..
Ill hJ-t luirl ftifel PiiiUjei .nu.
Oci'itlrf 9, ,tjl I l . .
" " .. J ,. :
' ,. ' ' '
oJWw, '.nuweaiiii 01 renif.
1 ioa, Minarine iniermarrie-t with H-tcy
j Horner, Sa rah imerifurnec wi:i WiUiani
j Vcj-iet, ai. l El.zoeih iiildrm-trrif'.l wii-i
! Hamilton Fisher, child en ail i,ylr t
t.eore r-r-rtinri ne-i . die of Ljcu-t town
Li;i, in S4i,l c unity deceased.
You an! each of yon are hereby cim'i
an J co:r.i!iMP.te I to be and 4p, -ar i,i your
( proper r-.oiin jfiore Hie Ju ! ut th O-
j I"1 18 uu"i oljr urp:i-r.3 Court, 10
: '' ' tJ'uofijibur on in- MauJay of
! December nxt, tt,n an I ther t t,i
! .r 0 e 'e of the ssi l
reiierinii, sen.
dice!-il. at ihi pU.;e I uou it bv n-i iiuj mi jay
awarded by tUdrtatd Court, mi l reiaroe.t or
me Mierin, or ho.v cwm whv ilirt nt na
' "oui.l i.ol so,f ier-.i 'a n;i.
' j nii ckhv, k ij. u.
J 'H.N SN DER, Shenff
Bloo-nbnr4. 0.r.orjr y. lStil.
of conduct icdh Htniy llxAzd
y't. Ih-i Co:iirriiuwe !t:i of Pein
S$& sylvrn'M to lUttf Hartal,
0T beer a Har E-thr inter Bar.
fi-d with I-ac Noyer, Peter
'''. Hartz-I, Jcor Hrt-4i, WMbm
llar;zl, Sifh intermanid wrti J;'i. Fth
er, and Elizabeth Har d. o'l IJrsn and
heir-i ol Peier Z-l drf ie I.
You a-id each of you are hereby command-
j ed andci ed to be and 111 your prap.
, er pir.-o i before the Judrf of ih Orpnan'f
fCourt of said Cmi'iiy, n b-? f.uld.i t
! Boom-bur m and for s.iid co i-iiyt it
! Monday ol December ne', "iei t'-crv
l to answer trie petition ot J 'm Keid"e: E
i'ecutor of the lat wiil ait f teiUm-fit of
r Peier Har-z-il tiee'd . eniu f.iri'i : that
; the said P.ner H.irt.ell in hi h etinn 10
i 1 Und ol Jo.-epti llru 'ii. t--o' n:ar.
i S I tmon Snuman, Ma'il ia Jhhhst 1. Stal
; J ihii. and others conta ni ig N'city ' severi
Acie- and nine pe'che tnr or le-. trm
I W iug fO ieizr I the s-tid Pe er H ir z-ii!, di t
by a btrfcaiu or ontral in wii nig binding
j hiriisell to tell ari l cut.vey t!.e sail rol
J es'a'e wnh the appurtemnoe ti ito hi son
I Henry INrz-!! tor it,e co-i.leratioi of
1 Nineteen hundred JoiUr, thinee;i hu 1
; dollars if the t-ame to b- pi I in annual in-
! alments of tme hundred h-i fcix;y fojr
! dollars. The tirt paymitnl to wiu h u-n
j ol one hiridred and i'y lour d'dlir to
te made in oe year at er the death of tha
said Peter Hanzell, and lhe 4iJ contract
which bears date on the ai I te ith dsy of
April, A D. 1802. further rrowt i- tht the
purchaser Henry Harzil 'ionll receive
his deed for said Real E-tate after thu. ma
ing of the fir-t payment, w nch tail pay
ment has been made toujour petitioner, six
hundred dollar, of sid purofie mmey by
the term of said Contact Wa to remai 1 in
. . . . . I . I V . T ihj t 1 I ,m A f , I. IV
, IUK J.I I r. Ill l-t- ' I i 'I '11 in.. IIIIITT Ul liio
:Q wife of Pe'er Hanzell, the iniereei on the
:0 same lo be paid lo hf-r annually and the
principal in itiree equal annual instalment
alter her death, but that no sufficient pro
vision lor she performance of Ihe aid bar
gain or contract appear 10 have been made
by the said deceased in his lifdu-ne thja.t'i
he was well ratified, and intended that the
same fhould be co i-um mnted. And lint
the said Court will be pleased to decree tha
specific performance of the said contract
according to lhe true intent and meaning
thereof in order to the cornpl-ting of his
title according to the act of Asembly ia
such cae and provided.
Witney the Honorable Warren J Wood
ward Esq.," President of our said Court at
Bloom-burg she Seventh day of September
A. D., one thousand E'ghi hundre I an ixty
one. Jacob Everly, Cl'k., O C.
JOHN SN V I) ER, Sheriff. I
B'oomburg, October 9, 1S61.
Auditor's police.
Estate of Thomas Conner, deceased.
THE undersigned, appointed by lhe Or
phan's Court of Columbia county, an audi
tor to distribute the fun Is in the hands of
John Conner, Trustee &c, of Tnomas Con
ner, late of Greenwood township, in said
County deceaseJ, to and among lhe heirs
and legal representa'ives of said decedent
accordinjlo law: wiil afend at hi office
in Bloom.-burg, lo perform the duties oi hjs
appointment, on Friday the 8tri day of
November A. D. 1861. And all persons'
having any claim on the said fuods are re
quested to make known the sawie to the
Aod;tor on said day, or oe foreer debar
red Irom coining in for a share of. lhe said
faiid. " " ..
ROBERT F. CLRK, Auditor:
.EJoomfcbui, Oa.,2, IS61.-41.
,..,U ,