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Wednesday MorDin, May I, 1S61.
Thb Harrisburg State Sentinel haa been
soJJ to the proprietors ol tha Patriot 'and
U-ioA. The editor having volunteered. -
Nineteen thousand Pennsylvania Vol
nnteers have been accepted and over thirty
thousand have teen refused for the pres
ent C. II. Keei.ib, has connected himself
with the publication of the Sullivan Co.
"Dtmctrct. It is now being published and
edited by Messrs. Meylert & Keeler. Strong
team. .
Bcchanan' Subscription or i5,O0O We
have been informed by reliable parties, that
Ex Present Buchanan has subscribed the
sum of 55,000 for the equipment of volun
teers at Laucaoter.
The Home GcAtiDi made their appear
ance on our streets on Saturday evening
last for the first time, under the command
of Capl. John Al. Chamberlm, who march
ed his company through the streets with a
good deal ot military spirit and tact. The
' drilling was creditable and the gentlemen
respectable. Three cheers for the Home
Guardi I
New Liquors. We would announce that
'he Liquor Store in this place, "kept by Daii:
' iel Robbins as Agent, has been lately re
plenished with an extensive assortment o'
new liquors, superior in many respects to
any ever offered by him. He ha all kinds,
hence there is no necessity of .us numera
ting the different liquors. 'Call for any kind
joa want and you will find it right iu every
respact. See advertisement.
1m another column of to-day's paper will
Vbe found an advertisement of Military Books
published by order tf the Tinted S.ates
War Department, with full instructions ir.
lfield ariiilery ; toteiher with full system of
""discipline and field eserci.e. lor the differ
"ent corps of infantry, artillery or riflemen.
The books can be had by addressing the
publishers, J B Lipp'mcott & Co, No. 22
&24 North Third Street, Philadelphia. For
' particulars see advt-ri'sement.
Titf Messrs. Hicks of this place, have oar
thanks lor a macnruoih earihen pitcher pre-
'sented ds a few days since for office use.
They are energetic and prosperous young
men, carrying on the Pottery business in alt
its branches, at a pace not io be surpassed
by any other establishment or firm in this
'or adjoining counties. Wares of aM des
criptions in their line cau be had of them,
opon the most acceptable terms. Orders
;promptly filled
Thb Campaign. We trust that the Gov
erna.ent is not going to tite the rebels leis
ure to make plundering forays into South
ern Pennsylvania. We wait patiently, or
'impatiently, to see something d-cisive done.
In the meantime, lare masses of rebels
are collecting at Harper's Ferry, only twenty-seven
miles south oi the Pennsylvania
border in a straight line. We look to Gov.
Cartifi to be ready for any emergency
Pennsylvania must be protected thoroughly
'and efficiently. We expect that war shall
be kept to the territory or tnose who pro-j
voke it.
The Danvule Companies. The borough
"of Danville has sent forward two fine com
'pauies the DanvHe Rifles, Captain AIc
Clcre, aud the Columbia Guards, Captain
'Ephlin. The first arrived in Harrisburg on
Thursday and the last on Friday, accom
panied by Sloes' S.lver Comet- Band, Col
O. Alore, and a number of prominent citi
zens of Montour county. Both companies
were supplied with ten days provision, and
'provided with a change of clothing by the
"ladies of Danville.
The Country Roi. This is the proper
time for supervisors and all others interest
ed in and intrusted with the care of the
public roads, to make an inspection of their
condition, and repair them for summer
travel. The softening influei.ce of this
spring weather is bringing oat the most
'glaring delects in our public highways, and
we suggest that proper atteu lion be imme
diately paid to them.
The Ladies of Cattawissa, this county,
were at this place on Monday last in goodly
numbers. The chief object of their friendly
visit was to present to each member of
Capt. Ilicketta' military company a little to
ken of regard and respect in tha shape of a
haadsomiy made pin and needle cushinjw'e
presume well fihed with the article they
were designed to contain. About 4 o'clock
P.. Al f all, ladies aud company, marched up
Market Street to a shady spot, when all
came to a halt, where the presentation took
place. The spokesman on the pari of the
ladies was Mr. Merc'eron, and W. 11. Ent,
Esq., was the recipient on the part of the
ia Hilary.
Flag Presentation.- Ou Saturday even
Jag last, between the hours of 6 . and 7
b 'clock, the young ladies of this place, pre
sented, through the lie?. J. R. Dimm, to
the Military Compacy under command of
Capt. fiicketts, a splendid silk flag. It took
place ia front of Messrs. Win. Neal and A.
"3. Sloan's dwellings, on Market Street, in
lbs presence of a large number of our citi
iens. Tha remarks made by Rev. Dimm
la behalf of the ladies were impressive and
patriotic: Samuel Knorr, who bears the
flag at the head of this Company, respond
ed to the remarks of Mr. Dimm on the part
bf lbs Military. What he said was pointed,
treil-tirned and Ebroewhat affecting, caus
ing not a few of the ladies to have red eyes.
Os Sabbath last we had quite a smart
shower a'. thi3 place, iu thb early part of the
day. which somewhat
with the
tuilkir? fcrder of the day. Thb military
had orders of discipline to obey which' they
ver3 no c'du!:! rrea'Jv dcierre-J from per-
ce iPPeaa3
JU1ESK MEDICINES have now been be--
fore the cublio lor a -period of Tbiity
Wats, and during that time have maintained
a high chaia'cte r in almost every, part of the
Globe, foi iheir extraordinary , and imme
diate power of restoring perfect health to
persons suffering tinder nearly every kind
of disease to which' the human frame is
liable. -
The following re among the distressing
variety of human disease in which the
Aie well known to be. infallible. . .
DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing
i he first and second stomaches, and crea
ting a flow of pure, healthy bile, instead of
th3 stale and actid. kind: Flatulency, Loss
of Appetite Heartburn, Headache, Resiless
neM, II (-Temper, Anxiety, Lanauor, and
Melancholy, which are the genet al symp
toms of Dyspepsia, ill vanish, as a nat
tural consequence of its cure.
COSTlVEfsESS, by cleansing the whole
length of the intestines with a solvent pro
cess, and without violence; all violent pur
ges leave the bowels costive within two
day. v
FEVERS or all kinds, by restoring the
blood tf a regular circulation, through the
process of respiration in 'such cases, and
tne thorough solution of all intestinal ob
struction in others.
The Li l Medicines have been known to
cure RHEUM ATISA1 permanently ir. three
weeks, and GOUT in half that time, by
removing local iuflamalion Iron) the mus
cb8 and lisament of the joints.
DROPSIES of all kinds, by freiri2 and
Mrengthina the kidney and bladder; they
operate most delightfully on these impor
tad oraans. and hence have ever been
found a certain remedy for the worst cases
Al-o WORMS, by dislodging from the
turning' of the bowels the slimy matter io
which these creatures aJhere.
SORES, bv 'he perfect puiitv which these
LIFE MEDICINES give to the blood, and
al! the humors
COMPLEXIONS, by their alterative effect
upon the Hunts that feed the skin, and the
moibid statu of which occasions all erup
tive complaints, 6allow, cloud), and other
disagreeable complexion".
The use of these Pill for a very short
tirr.H wiil f fleet an entire cure of SALT
RHEUM, and a striking improvement m
h clearness of the.bkin Common Colds
and Influenza will always be cured by one
dose, or by I wo ir. the worsl caes.
PILES. The original proprietor of these
Medicines, was cured of Piles, 35. years
s'amling by the use of the Life Aledicmes
alone. . , -
FEVER AND AGUE. For thi scourge
of the Western country, thesj Medicine
will be found a safe, speedy, and cenain
remedy. Other medicines leave the sys
tem subject to a return of the disease a
core bv these Medicines is permanent
TRY THEM,, be Satisfied and b Cured.
PLAINTS General nehi'hy. Loss of ap
peti.e, and Diseases of Females ihe Aled
icines have been used wiili ibe mcst ben
fficial results in cases of thi descripiinu:
K'lis Evil, and Scrofula, in its worst forms
jield io the milJ Vpt. powerful action of
ihese remaikabie Medicines. Niaht Sweats
Nfrvoii debility, Nervous Complaints ol
al! kind Palpi'ation of ihe Heart, Pain
ters' Code, are speedily ciireil.
M ER C U R I A L D I S E A S ES.- Pe rs o n w hos e
constitutions have becomt impaired by the
injudicious use ol Mercury, will finJ these
Mel icines a perfect cure, as they nover
fail to eradira'e from, ihe sstem, all the
elffcisol Mercury, infinitely sooner than
ihe n.o-t powerful preparations of Sarsapa
riila. Prepared and sold by
335 Brodwav, New York.
April t7, 1861-iy.
Sheriff's Side.
Y Virtue of a certain writ of Veniilioni
Exponas, issued out of ibe C'juri of
Common Pleas, of Luzen.e county, to me
directed, will be exposed to ile at Public
vendue or-out cry, on Saturday, the 1 1A
day of May next, at 10 o'clock, iu the fore
noon, al the Court House, in the B.irough
of Wilke Rarre. in the county of Luzerne,
the following decribed property, viz :
ALL that certain tract, piece or parcel of
land, situate in the township, of Nesco
peck in tha Coun'y of Luzerne, Pennsyl
vania, and the township ot MitHm, Col
umbia i-nonty Pennsylvania, bounded and
desrr. bed -as. follows :Oi the. we! b lot
of John Williams, and ihe Susquehanna
River ; on Ihe South by lands of Samuel
Smith ; on the Ea-t by lands oi Levi Kirk
endall, nnd B. Evan, ami on the North by
land, hte of Jacob Buzzard, Hart, heirs of
It. AL Brundage and John Williams, in all
containing one hundred and forty acres of
land, more or les, about one hundred and
twenty acres iherof improve I, with a one
story and a half frame dwelling house, and
frame barn thereon abont one hundred
acres therof lies in the stid Township of
Nescopeek, and about foily acres thereot
lies iri the said Township of Aliflim, iu
said County of Columbia. Tt e improve
menls mentioned, lie in ihe said township
of Nescopeek in said County of Luzerne
Itbeing ihe same farm or tract of land,
conveyed by AL S. Brundag and wile to
William Rittenhouse, late the estate ol the
defendant in the said writ named with the
appurtenances.- s
Seized and taken in execution at the suit
of Al. S. Brundage s. William Kitteuhous
All ot which .will be sold for rash only by
. .SAA1UEL VAN LOON, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, )
W i I k'es Rarre. April 10. 1S61.
. -.- ' FOU
fully inform ber customers in Blooms
burg and vicinity, that she has just received
from thecity an excellent assortment of new
finer than ever, and more cat
., i ... .j . . . r
ihe most rastirlmno. Sht has
paid strict attention in making ber selc-
lions of bonnets, consequeclly has the best
assonmeoi, probably, ever brought, to this
place. She has an assortment of neat and
handsome haU and caps for little Alisses,
all of which she can dispose of cheap.
Give her a call before purchasing efe
where. Shop on Main Street, below Alar
kei, north side.
Bloomsburg, April 17, 18(11.
THE New German Relormed Church of
Bloomsburg, (God willing,; will be dedi
cated to the service of the Triune God on
the 2Sth of April at 10 o'clock A.AI. Servi
ces will be held on Friday evening previ
ous, and Saturday also. Rev. II. Harbaugb,
D. D., and Rev. J. H. A. Bomberger, D. D.
and other Aiinisters will be present to ofR
ciaie on thetocca9ion. The public are re
spectfull" invited to attend. .
TV'E is hereby given that the follow-
- " ing persons in Columbia county, nave
filed their petitions in jhe Court of Quarter
Sessions, of Ihe said count v for Tavern and
Store Licenses in their respective town
ships, which said petitions will be present
ed to the said Court on Alooday, the 6th
day of Alay, A. D., 1861, of which all per
sons interested will take notice, and the
Licenses will be granted on Wednesday,
the 8th day of Alay next, at 2 o'clock, p. m.
Applicants. Townships.
William B. Koons, Tavern, B.oo.n.
John I.eacock, .
Robert Hagenbuch, '
Oiiver A. Jacoby, "
Frederick Nicely, "
Lewis Enke,
Hiram Smethers, "
Jotin J. Sides.
Samuel AleHenry, "
Christian F. Nelle, "
Franklin L. Shuman. "
Fred. R AVohllorth,
John R. Jones,
William L. Kline.
Reuben Wasser, "
1 1
Henry Gaole,
John Grover,
Jacob B. Kistler,
Daniel Reinbold,
Samuel Kosttnbader,
Geo. VV. Hoffman,
Daniel AleHenry,
VV. A. Kline,
Geo. L Shoemaker,
John L. Hurst,
Joshua Womer,
Isaac RhOddes.
Samuel Rem by,
A. K. Smith,
John Kelier,
Iaac Fetter,
John Nuss.
Emanuel Conner,
Join F. Deiterich, Alt.
Alexander Hughes.
Jacob Good, ,
Samuel Eveiett,
D.niif 1 L. Everhari,
Pete Stiug,
William Long,
Enoch Howell,
Williard C.Green.
. it
A J. Evans, Store,
R. B. Ale:.agh, "
Daniel AIcKernan,
Jeremiah S. Btobst
Jacob eagr, "
Wasmngton Yeager, '
Biiiiibender &. Willit."
Proihonotary s t'lhee.
Bioomsburjj, April 10,1861
1'otice in Partition.
Estate of Henry Buss, late of Hemlock township,
Columbia county, deceased.
THE Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania to Daniel Bus-, Samuel
It ai ii fi
uuss, ah am nuss, nenrv duss.
Morris Buss, Dortha, inirrnarrind
with Geiger, Le vina, intermarried with
Charles Sailor, Catherine, intermarried with
Abraham Shoemaker ; and to all ihe legal
representatives of the said Henry Btis,
deceased, greeting : You and each of yon
will take notice that an InqoeM will be held
io make partition or valuation, a the cae
may require, of the real estate of the above
named Henry Bns, deceased, situate in
he township of Hemlock, and county ot
Columbia, on ihe premises, on Thursday,
the 18A dy rf April, 1861, between the
hours of 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and 3
o'clock iii ihe afternoon, of said day, at
which time and place you may attend if you
think proper.
Witness ihe Honorable Warren J. Wood
ward Esq , President of our Orphans' Court
at Bloomsburg, the 9ih day of February,
A. D., one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one.
Bloomsbnrg. Feb. 27, 1861. Sheriff.
Notice to heirs bf Andrew Shoemaker, dce'd.
THE Commonwealth of Pcnn-
veHv' ?ylvan'a lo Mr)" Shoemaker,
ffi?Vi widow, Jacob Shoemaker, Abra-cfe-ijjjc
ham Shoemaker, Charles Shoe
'''''JjSi -maker, Catharine, intermarried
wiih Peter Housen, Elizabeth, intermarried
with Pe'er Alaxel, Sarah, intermarried with
Joseph Hendershot. and Alary , itvermarried
with Samuel Shaffer, chilJren and heir oi
Andrew Shoemaker, late rf Aladison town
ship, in the county ol Columbia, deceased.
You and each ot you are hereby command
ed to be and appear at our Orphan's Court,
i o be Bloomsburg in and for said
county on the first Monday of May next,
then and there to accept or. refise the real
estate of Andrew Shoemaker, dee'd, at the
valuation put upon it by aii Inquest duly
awarded by ihis Honorable Court or show
canse why the same shall not be sold.
Witness the Honorable Warren J. Wood
ward, Eq.. President of cur said Court al
Bloomsburg, the 9h day of February A. D ,
eighteen hundred and sixtv one.
Bloomsburg, Feb. 27, 1861.
Ieyal Notice; .. ..
sm. , 2aY the Orphans' Court of Colum-
,yTfi?5. bia County: ...
1" the maiier of the Part
'J&iA'S Lucas Fahringer, for a de
tition of
decree of
o specine pertormance or trie con
. - r .
tract for the sale of real estate, between the
said Lucas Fahringer and SebasiMii Hower.
late of Locust township, Columbia county,
Notice is hereby given to the Widow,
hir and legatee ol the said Sebastian
Hower, deceased, lo appear at an Orphans'
Court lo be -held at Bloomsburg, or. the
first Alonday of Alay next, to anwer the
hill or Partition ol the said Lnc Fahriuuer.
praying the Court lo decree the specific
performance of the contract between hi" -self
and said Sebastian Hower, according
to the true inten: and meaning thereof,
otherwise; specific performance ol ihe same
will be decreed.
JOHN SNYDKR. Sheriff".
Bloomsbnrg, Feb. 27, 1861.
Almiiii!ralor's Notice-
Estate of Peter Kline, late of Locust township,
Columbia county deceased .
f . ETTERS of adm inisirtiion on the estate
of Peter Kline, late of Locust township,
Columbia county, deceased, have been
granted, by the Regite of said, county to
Alarlin V. B. Kline, residing in ,the town
ship , and , county aforesaid. All persons
having claims or demands against i lie estate
of the decedent are requested to make
them known to the ondetsigneJ, knit those
indebted to the estate to make payment to
the administrator without delay.
Jannary 23, 1861 6w. Admr .
Adciinlsf ratur's otice.
1 ETTERS of administration on the estate
ol Jacob Wanamacher, late of Frank
lin township, Columbia county, deceased,
have been granted by the Register of Co
lombia rounty, to the undersigned, residing
in 6aid Franklin township; all persons hav
ing claim against the esta'e of the dece
dent are requested to present them .to the
administrators without fjelay, and those
indebted to come forward and make pay
ment forthwith to - - j '
MARY L. VV A V a n a rrt vvJ::, "
, THE undersigned would inloun hisCv
friends and customeis and the rest ofsL&
mankind, that be continues to pay particular
attention to lh$ repairing of watches;
weight, spring, ..and lever clocks ; jew
elry and everyining belonging in his line,
and that it is at all limes, and in all cases
his desire lo give perfect satisfaction. , He
is an "excellent" workman, has visited
several, and worked in three of the fi'sl
Cities in the world New York, Philadel
phia and the great City of Paris in France.
Particular attention is paid to re-gildiug or.
what is termed "plating."
. Bloomsburg," April 10, 1861.
List of Trialsfor May Term, 1S61,
1. T. W. Kahler, vs. Daniel Neyhard.
2. John AlcMulligan, et. al. vs. S. Rhone.
3. A Creveling; vs. A. Mellick, el. al.
4. Robert J. Lyon, vs. M. Cox, et. al.
5. Jacob R Stine, vs. Robert J. Lyons.
6. Philip VVintersteen vs. V. VVintersteen.
7. John Pealer, vs. Daniel Edgar, et. al.
8. Lewis La ven he rg, et. al. vs J. Dyer. .
9 Wolf, Westler & Co., vs. D. F. Seyberl.
10. Solomon Sterner, vs. Abraham Snyder.
1 1. Isaiah ohuman, vs. Jacob L. Shuman.
12. Henry Gearhart, vs. Isaiah Shuman.
13. Jo-eph Lockard, vs. James Pennington.
14 Ezekiel Shulz, vs. J Pennington, et. al.
15. Henry Traugh, vs. W. B. Insurance Co.
16. Richard Torby, vs. D. F. Seybert.
17. W. Burgess, et al. vs. A. J Albertson.
18. Ezekiel Cole, vs. the twp. of Benton.
19. James Sheilds. et, al. vs. I. Shuman.
20. Go. Eves. vs. Zehulan R. Shults, et al.
DY virtue of a writ of Vendtlioui exponas,
-to me directed, issued out of the Court
of Common Pleas of Columbia county, will
be exposed to public sale at the Court
House, in Bloomsburg, on Monday '.he 6th
day oj May next, at 1 o'clock, in the after
noon, the following described property,
viz: j
ALL that certain tract ol land, situate in
Sugarloaf Township, Colombia county,
bounded and described as follows, lo w't :
On Ihe North by lands ol Samuel Hall ; on
the Easi by land of Emetine ,'Lir.ard and
others, on (lie South by land of James
Leanard, and on the West by land ot Ed
ward Hughes, containing SEVENTY
THREE ACRES, strict measure, fifteen
acres ol which arerleared land ; on which
are erected a OXE STORY DWELLING
HOUSE, and a LOG BARN with ihe ap
purtenances. Seized taken in Execution
and to be sold astti property of O. Parks.
Bloomsburg, April io, 1861.
jVOTICE is hereby giving lo all legatees,
creditors and other persons interested
in the estates of the respective decedents
and minors, that the following administra
tion and guardian accounts have been filed
in he office of the Register of Columbia
county, and will be presented .for confirma
tion and. allowance to ihe Orphan's Court,
to be held al Bloomsburg, in Ibe county
aforesaid, on Wednesday the 8ih day of Alay
nesl. at 2 o'clock, in the afternoon.
1 Account of Alatbi-ts Gilbert, Guardian
of Christian!! S'.roup, daughter of Jonathan
Stroup, deceased.
2 Account of Henry C. Frcas and Geo.
Freas, Administrators of ibe estate of John
Freas, late of Briarcreek twp., dee'd.
3 Account of John Michael, Executor of
ihe last will ar.d testament of Ulrich Mich
ael, late of Alitllin tovvp , dee'd.
4 The final account of G'uleoo Nuss, ad-mini-trator
ol the estate of Peter Nus, late
ol ALfflin township, dee'd.
5 The account of Henry Remley, mlm't
of John Remley, late of Orange township,
6 The firs: and partial account of Reuben
Miller, Executor ol the last will and testa
ment of John Linden, late of Briar Creek
township, deceased.
7 The account of Alontgornery Co'e and
Hester Ann Cole, Administrators ol the
estate of Benj.unir. F. Cole, late of Benton
township, deceased.
8 The acconnt of 7acob Hartzel jr., Guar
dian of Funny Hetiler, late Fanny Luzt, one
of the children of Gabriel Luiz, late of Mif
flin township, deceased.
9 The account of Christian Luiz. ir ,
Guardian of Elizabeth Lutz, (now Eliza
beth Alosteller) one of the heirs of Gabriel
Lutz, late of Mifflin towp. dee'd.
10 The account of Leonard Adams and
Henry Hi ffman, jr. Executors ot Henry
Hoffman, sen., late ol Roariugcre?k town
ship, deceased. . .
1 1 The account of Benjamin Wagner and
John P. Walter, administrators of the e-taie
of Reuben Helwig, late ot Locust township,
12 The account of John Hughe, admin
istralor of the estate of David Philips, late
of R"aringcreek township, Montour county
(now Locust township, Columbia County,)
deceased. . -
13 The account of John Hushes, Execu
tor ol the estate of Abraham Troxell, late
of Locist townhip, dee'd.
J4 The account of Anna Louisa Johnson,
adininirira rix of Ihe estate of Evan John
son, late Ol Madison township, deceased.
15 Th account of Lewis Yelter, ndrn'r
of the estate of George Harder, late ol Cat
tawisa township, deceased.
16 The account of j.imes Alateis, Adtn'r
of Jesse Alaiher, late of Greenwood town
ship, deceased.
. 17 The account of John K. Walls & James
Master-, AdinVs of the estate of Brriat as
Wa;is. 'ale o Greenwood township, dee'd.
18 The firi and final account of KJia
Al. Lauhach, Adnrr of the estate of George
Laubach, late of Fishingcreek township,
19 The account of Joseph E. Sunds,
Guardian of Jacob Shultz, a minor child ot
William S'iul2. laie of Greenwood town
ship, deceased.
20 The account of John Trembly. Guar
diaii ol Samuel Webb Garrison, one of the
sons and heirs of Jacob (Jjinon, late of
Bloom township, deceased.
21 The account of Benjamin Yohe, Guar
dian of He:iry Brown, one of the sons
and heirs of Daniel Brown, late of Maine
township, deceased.
22 The account ot Benjamin MrHenry,
Executor ot ih last will and testament ot
Elias AleHenry, late ol Fishingcreek town
ship, deceased. . : : ;
23 The account of Michael Federofl. and
Alary Alowry, Administrators of the estate
of Alichael Alowry, late ol Roarmgcreek
township, deceased. t
. 24. The account of Charles l. Ceobler,
Guardian of Etsha H. Biggs a minor child
of Elisha H. Biggs late of Bloom township
Columbia county, deceased.
2b The first and final account of John
Smith, admr. of Henry Smith, late of Mad
ison township, dee'd.
Register's Office, ) Register.
Bloomsburg, April 10, 1861. J
Manufacturer of Furniture and Cabinet War
Wareroom in Shive's Block, on Alain Snee
,'ourt Prociayiiation.
VIHEREAS the Hon. Warren J. Wood-
'. ward, President Judge of the Court of
Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Deliv
ery Court of Quarter Sessions, of the Peace,
and Court of Common Pleas and Orphans'
Court, in the 26th Judicial District, compos
ed of ih counties of Columbia, Sullivan and
Wyoming, and. the Hoik. Jacob Evans and
Stephen Baldy, Associate Judges of Colum
bia Coumy,have issued theirprecept, bearing
date one thousand eighteen hundred and
sixty one,-and to me directed for . holding a
Court of Oyer and Terminer, and General
Jail Delivery, Quarter Session of the. Peace,
Com. Pleas and Orphans' Court, in Blooms,
bnrg, in the county of Columbia. -on the. first
Alonday (beiri- the 6th day ) of May next,
and io i.-ontinue one week.
Notice is hereby given, o the.Coroner, the
Justii-es of the Peace and Corn-table ot the
said County of Columbia, that they be then
and. theie in their proper persons at 10 o'
clock in the forenoon ol said day, with their
records; inquisitions and other remembran
ces to do those tnings which to their offices
appertain lo be done. And those that are
bound by recognizes, lo prosecute against
the prisoners that are or may be in ihe Jail
of said county ol Columbia, lo be then and
there to prosecute then as shall be just. Ju
rors are requested to be punctual in iheir
attendance, agreeably to their notice, dated
at Binomsburg, the 25 day ol March, in the
year of our Lord one thousar.d eight hundred
and sixty-one. and in the .eighty-filth year
of the Independence of the United Stmes of
America. (God save the Commonwealth.)
Bloomsburg Alarch 27, 1861.
5 Y virtue of sundry, writ
" Lxpona to me directed. iaf
of Venditioni
issueJ outol the
Conn ol Cumnnn Pleas ot ihe county of
Columbia, Pennsylvania, will be exposed
to public SHle at the Court Hou'ie in Blooms
bnrir,on SATURDAY, the 20th OF APRIL,
1861, al one o'clock in the afternoon the
following described properly to wit:
All ihnl certain tract or piece of land sif
uaie in Sugarloaf township Columbia to,
containing filly four acres of which twenty
one ncres are cleared land, bounded on the
North by lands of Alichael Beisnline, on
i lie . South by lands cf Abraham Sholiz, on
the East by lands of Daniel Hess &. Jesse
Harimau and on Ihe west by laud late of
Edmund Crawford, wheteon i erecled a
one and a half story Plank dwelling house
a frame Barn aud a Black Smith Shop with
the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in Execution and to be sold
as tht property of John Alichler.
Al the same time and place, all that cer
tain tract of land stiuaie in Sugarloaf twp.,
Colombia county bounded ami described
a follows to vvit : ou the No'th by land of
Richard Kile ou the Eas by laud of D. R.
Laubach on the South by land of Jesse
Pennington on the west by Uud of John
F. Laubach containing sixty eight acres
more or less. About twenty five acres of
which is cleared laud whereon i erected a
one and a half story Plank dwelling house
and other out buildings with ihe appurte
nances Seized, taken in execution and to be
sold as the property of George Aloore.
At the sume lime and place, all that cer
tain tract or lot of land sitoa'e in Fishing
CieeJc township, Columbia county, bounded
and described aj follows to wit; On the
North by land of Paul Pealer, on the East
by land of Richard Jone, on the South by
land ol R F. Stucker, and on Ihe West by
land of William L. Parks, containing Elev.
en Acres, be ihe same more or less, ail of
which is cleared land, whereon are erected
a . one and a half story Plank Dwelling
Hone, a Frame Bank Barn, and oitisr oui
buddings with the appurtenances.
SeizeJ, taken in execution and'o be solJ
as the properly of James B. Parks.
Bloomsburg, Alarch 27, 1861.
Git A IV I) Jl koi:s5
FOR MAY TERM, 186 1.
Bloom George H. Brown. .Joseph Weaver.
Benton Peter Case, Eli Alendenhall.
Beaver Samuel Cox, Peter Kuecht.
Briarcreek Jonas Wright.
Cdtiawissa William Aliller, Alaihias Hart
man. ...
Centre Edward Hariman, Gilbert H. Fow
ler. Fish'ngcreek James Edgar.
Greenwood Edward Albertson.
Hemlock John H. Faust, Eaw G.rton
Jesse Ohl. '
Locust Henry Keller, Adam Dimmig, Ja
cob Haruer, Leonwrd Adams.
Midison Nac Whipple.
Montour Jacob Aruwiue.
Mait e lacob Sh uman
Sugailoaf William Stephens, jr.
t R , VERS EJ nil) RS
Cioorn James Fieeze, John Leacock, L
B Rujert.
Beaver Joel Bredbender, Peter Hauck.
Benton John Doty.
Catlawissa William John, Daniel Gear
hart, Joseph Man.. Daniel Kreih,
Cony ngham Isaac W. llaus, Frederick R.
Centre PeterMilIer. . ...
Fi-hit'gcreek Albert Ammetman. Geor"e
Al Ho well, Hugh Mc Bride,
Greenwood Da v id DreiMebis,
Hemlock John Al. Barton,
Jack-on Jntm Kes-ler.
L"Ctist Davnt Kostenbauiler. Ceorge Kel
ler, Enoch Kc-ter, Silas Whynn, Abra-
ham eager
Maine William Guttling.
Al'tiliu Solon, on EcCroth
John Michael.
Levi Creay,
Alt. Pleasant George Caveoee, Samuel
Al lisou Joseph C. Smith, Robert Johnson.
Otnge Nathan Aliller.
Phih Bcitj;riiiu Wintersteeu.
Scon Samuel Betz
Sogarioaf- John M. Cfle.
Notice to heirs of Levi Eiseli dee'd.
liz's THE Commonwealth of Penn-
''tv'- ',va,"a lo Susan R. Bisel, wid
flj"' Levi P. Biel, now residing
VS m ,,"J S,a,t'j0 Illinois, Sallie R.
Bisel, intermarried .with
Willison, row residing in Lebanon county,
Penn'a, Robfrt. Al. Biel, now residing in
the State of Georgia. Henry Kent Biselre
siding in the same Stale, Narcisi-a Y. Bisel,
and Susan J. Bisel, both residing in Union
county, Pennsylvania, the last three named
of whom are minors, ISarcissa . Bisel and
Susan J. Bicet, have for iheir Guardian their
mother, Susan R.- Biel, and Henry Kenl
Bisel, has for hi Guardian, Robert Patter
son, children and heirs ot Levi Bisel, late
of Aladison v township, Columbia .county,
deceased, lot) and each of yon are hereby
commanded to be and appear at our Orph
ans' Couii lo be holJeu al Bloomsburg, in
and for said county on the first Alonday of
Alay next, then and there to accept ot re
fuse the real estate of Levi Bisel deceased,
at the valuation put upon it by an Inquest
duly atvarded by this Honorable Court, or
show canse why the same shall not be 6old.
Witness the Honorable Warren J,-Wood-
ward, Esq., President of onr saidCoorJ
& & & & & a O &J
Cheaper than Uvcr.
Alay IP, 1860.
j. j.
Kb 'P
H .-
1000 chances .to make-money !
o.m: iiim,i6. doll vi:
Silver-PIiited Ware,
AND . ,
Original Flan!
A persons desirous of securing an Agen-
cy in this .
iEW extei:ps:isk
ShouM send on their names at once, enclo
sing: a 3 cent stamp to. pay postage, and re
ceive by retiirn of mail ...
Containing our
( Which afford a
Witliou: risk, together with
Relative to this
To insure prompt and satisfactory deal
ings, direct all orders to
Ill) 4 lielntil Street,
April 1, 1861 xw.
Ty AYS the enine cost for Tuition in the
-- most popular and successful Commer
cial School in the country. Upward of
Twi lve Hundkeo y oui.g men from twkmtt
ekjht different States, have been educated
for business here within i he past three
years, some of whom have been employed
as book Keepers at salaries of
$2000,00 per Annum,
immediately upon graduating, who. knew
nothing of accounts wben they entered
the college.
CS Ministers' sons half price. SiuJrntf
enter at any lime, aud review when they
please, without extra charge.
For Catalogues of 84 pages, Specimens
of Prof. Cowley's and Ornamental
Penmanship, and a laigi Engraving of ihe
College, inclose tweniy-fiv cents in Post-
a i7 : -J rn rw tt Pf nnn jI
JENKINS & SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa.
January 9; 1861.
Literary Societies,
flHE next Convention of the "Literary
-- Union ol Aloniour, Columbia, arid adja
cent counties,' w II be held at the Court
Hoti-e, iu Danville, on the 27th of April,
18Gl, at 10 o'clock, a. in. AH Societies of
the above characier are cordially requested
to send hva delegate lo repretnt ihem in
said Convention.
The public generally are inviteJ lo at
tend. ,
A J - HARDER. Com. of Arrange
CHAS. W.SHOLES, ) . ments
Danville, Alarch 29, l8fil.
tXke1i0T ice.
THAT 1 have applied to the Honorable
Judges of the Couri of Common Pleas, of
Columbia county, lor the benefit of the
several acts ot Insolvency of Ihe Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, and they have
appointed MONDAY I HE ih OF .MAY
NEXT, at 1() o'clock, A. Al., to h?ar me
and my creditor-, at ti e COURT HOUSE,
in Bloomsburg, wheo and where yon may
attend it yon think proper.
Bloomsburg, April 10, 1861. .
Administrator's Notice
LETTERS of administration on the es
tate ol Jo-ep.h Gearhrt, laie of Calta
wisa township, Columhia county, dee'd.,
have been grained by the Register of, said
county, lo the undersigned, reidinz in
said townshp: and, all persons . havi tig
clftims or demands auainst said estate, are
requested to make known the same to the
undersigned, and tho-e indebted to make
paymeal lotthwiih to .
v ......... JOHN KE1FER, Adm'r.
Catlawissa Iwp., March 6. 1861.
THAT I have applied to. the Honorable
Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, of
Columbia county,, for the. benefit of the
several acts of Insolvency of the Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, and they have ap
NEXT, at 10 o'clock. A. Al.. to hear me
and mv creditors, at ihe COURT HOUSE
in Bloomsburg, when and where you may
attend ii you thiuk proper.
Bloomsburg, Ap'il 10, 1861.
Executor's Iolicc
VOTICE is hereby tiven that L-tters
1 Testamentary upon ihe estate oi Ellen
Scott, late of the township of Bloom, in the
county of Columbia, deceased, have been
this day granted by the Register of said
county to the undersigned, residing in said
township; and that .all persons having
- t - ' "
: OR - , :
IHstepse With Its Agonies;
What is more (esrfnl ihan a breaking;
ilown of ihe nervous system To t exci
table or nervous in a small degree ' most
distressing, for .where can a remedy bo
found? There -is- one : driuk but littlu
wine, beer or spirits, or far better.- one ;
lake no cofltte, weak tea being preferable;
get all the Iresh air yon can ; take three-or
four Pills every night; eat plenty of solids,
avoiding the ae of slops: ; ami if these eold
en rules are followed, you will be happy
in mind and strong in body, and forget yorj
have.apy nerves. . ; . , ,
Ifihere is one thing more than another
for which thesn-Pills are so tamons it in
iheir purifying-properties, especially their
power of cleansing ibe blood from, all im
purities, and removing dangerous and sus
pended secretions. Universally adopted at
theonegiand remedy tor female complaints
thev never fail, never weaken the system
and always bring about what is required. '
Thse feelings which so sadden us. most
frequently arise from annoyances or troub
le, from obstructed perspiration, or from
eaiirig and drinking what is ui.fif.jfor ,us,
thris disordering (he livpr aud stomach
These organs must be regulated if you wistt
to be well. The Pill, if taken according
lo the printed instruction, will quickly re
store a healthy action to both liver and
stomach, whence follow as a natural con
sequence, a gocd appetite and a clear head.
In the East and West Indies scaicely any
other medicine is ever used for these dis
In all diseases affecting these organs,
whether they secrete too much or loo little
water; or whether they be afflicted with
stone or gravel, or with aches and pairt
settled in, ihe loins over the regions of tbe
kidney a, these Pills shook! bo taken accor
ding to ihe printed instructions directions,
and the Ointment should be well rubbed
into the small of the back at bed lime. This
treatment will give almost immediate relief
when all other means have failed.. . ,
No medicine- will so effectually imorovo
the tor.e of the stomach as these Pills; they
remove all acidity, occasioned either by
intemperance or improper diet. They
reach the liver and reduce it lo a healthy
action; they are wonderfuliy efficacious iu
cases of spasm in fact they never fail in
culing all disorders of ihe Ii er and stomiclw
Hollnxrny''s mis are the best remedy known in
the world for the following diseases.
Ague, .
Billious Complaints,
Blotches on the
Cowel Complaints,
Contipation of th
Female Irregulari
ties, Fevers of all
Head ache,
Jaund'ce, .
Liver Com
plaints, Lumbago,,
Retention. of
Scrofula, or " '
King's Evil,
Sore Throais,
Stone and Grave!.
Secondary Symptoms,
Venereal Affections,
Worms of all kinds
Weakness from
whatever cause,
- &c., &c.
CAUTION !! None are genuine nnlees
the words '"HoMowav, New York nd Lon
don," are Jire;nable a a Water-mark in
every laaf-of the book of directions around
each pol or box ; the ani may be plainly
seen by holding the leaf to the light. A hand
some reward will be- given to any on
rendering such information as may lead to
the detection ol any party or pasties coun
terfeiting the medicines or vending lb
same, knowing them to be spurioes. . (
Sold at (he Aliuufactorr of Professor
Hollotfay, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, and
bv all respecable Druggists and Dealers in
Aledicine, throughout the civilized wcild,
in boxes at. 25 cent. 62 cents and SI each.
There is considerable saving by ta
king the larger sizes.
N. B Directions for the guidance of p a,
tients iu every disorder ate alfixed to uacn
O-'ober. 17. 1P60.
tiv Arrival of
David LoivcnlVcrg . .
IjfVlTESatienlion to his stock of cheap
.and fashiouale clothing at hisbioreoD
Mam street, twojdoors above the 'Amer
ican House,' where he has ftfullatsort
mentof men and boy's wearing appareli
including .he most fashionable
i i: e s s a o o i s;
Box . sack, frock, gum and oil cloth coal
of all sorts and sizes, pants of all colors,
shawls, stripes and figure, vesls,shiri8, cra
vats, stocks, collars , hand kerchiefs .glove 8 ,
suspenders and fancy articles. , . ,
N.B. He will also make to order any
article of clothing at very shortnotice and
in the best manner. All his clothing ia
made to treat, and most of it is of home
Bloomsburg, Alarch 13, 1861.
, (Latb.Write Swan) t
Race Street, above 3d Philadelphia.
Q VILUJAN B0 YER, Proprietors.
Terms, SI. 25 per day. .
rpO the old customers of this well-known
J. House, we desire to say, ihat we have
renovated, improved and newly furnished,
the, and ihat we respectfully ; solicit
a continuance ol their patronage..
S'rangers, travelers and visitors we cor
dially invite to .the bospitalliiy of the "Na
tional" to coma and see anil judge lor
thetnelve of its advantages and merits.
O'irlocatioH is -central, and convenient
for Merchant and business men generally-
We will always endeavor lo siiidr the
wants ami comforts nf r gtirs, sod with
the assistance of Mr. Joseph Uovvm ocr
aftahl anil uttpntio Ciort- .r -J-i"lt