The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, December 05, 1860, Image 3

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BlctralBrp, Kftoday, Efcrnbcr , 1S60.
The TTiip York J'aVy limes prospectus
tvill appear in onr next.
Cwjng to the mdifofition of one of our
fcmprixr the Ftak has been delayed one
i'ay In its publication.
We rcptd lish the official vote of Penn
j Ivtuiih lor Prrsident in another column.
'J I e cte lor all the counties is t flicial.
Lictcke. The Hon. Horace Greely will
deliver a lecture in the Court House at
this place on the evening of the 1 4th hist.
-Theme, '-Self made Men."
The Reverend Joshc Keu.v, who is well '
known t.v ih npnnln nf ri., .;..
... . ..... , , " I endeavor to atone therefor in 1861. What-
..ddressed a- meeting of U i,1e Aw:!u, at ever diseoiery, deduction, demonstration's
Muncy, on the 22d of November last. calculated to render the reward of labor de
-- . j voted to cultivation more ample or more
Thic boating season on the North and certain, shall receive prompt aud lull at
West branches has about came to a close ! ,er;,'".. ,
Ti. r ,1 1 u Ml. Manufac ores &c. He had every
The men f,om this place, u ho narrate I inwe,ltioil ol enterprise hereby American
these streams, have pretty much all return- ', Capital and Lat or are attracte.t to and nd-t-J
to rertain during the w inter. ' vantngeously employe in any department
. j of Manufrctr.rir.g or Mechanical Industry as
Large Hog Mr. John But
at the Ca'ta- !
wissu Mills, killed a hog. a few days since,
that weighed, vhen neatly dresed. Jive
kvvdted md Joity it rtn pound.. The hog was
eighteen months old. Who rati beat H ?- t
..." , , . ;
Jrot out your heavy porkers!
Focm Df.ap Mr. Tetei Crawford, of-
Madison towt.ship, Columbia Cor.ntv, was ;
found dead on Sibbaihmor. ing last near
icmjiowii. jie wu-. a mm ageu aooui ;
eighty year
H:s ueat'i wa sup; osed to 1
have leen caused by apnp!x) . Dcmctrat
-r .. 1 i
ut s-'"J I
thi piace. The stores, shops, ami places 1
ol binirn-s, were c'osed. The citizens met j
j: their respective Churches and held wrr- i
..-..or.- . , 11 ;
rhip The Rev Pirmi prt ached an able '
rermon in ttie 1-irsiM .-est'yteriaii Ctn:rc!i. ;
S.vow. Oi: Tuesday last we had qu
ite a ;
f:i of ncw in lhi place : but not snfTi-
ient to make s-Ieighhtir The loundiition
lor it never was much I et'.er everything
hppearmg to te in reaumess and ue -
stiouhl like to see it come in liberal por
tions a regular old fa-bi't:ed mow.
Mr. L. Apri.fcM.!.
Snno'M.lrfrl ipMf rl
Cernmon Schocls of Columbia county, paid ;
mi p r.fna lo-ilie Un crA-ifL-
....... i
J he ctficia! busme-s reswng upon hirn at !
I resent N visiting schools. We hare a !
rio'inu ihat he wi 1 make a popular Superin
tendent. i
L;t S itnr lav nisht
FtAurrt. Ci.Mtrr
n Mrs hertzel was sitting by a stove, her ;
1res! caught fire She ro-hed down stair-
rpt in
VI lining, Hiri it"" 1 - ' V . .
wnere citizens rushed to her ami evtm- j
ui-hec the flan e, but not before the fear ,
lid element had struck her wit'i dealh. ;
cranton I! trait.
We have gra ifyi-.g intelligence from the j
h-cuth IheliJeo' Uisn- lonism is evulertt-
Ij oi tfte et-h, and conservative counsels
tre beginning to prevail. The telegraph
reports that at different points in G-orgia j
meetings had been hel l by the conservative j
citizens of that S a'e, at which resolution
were passed denying that tlie election of
Liiicoio presented a cau-c for Secess
ion, denouncing the legislation of the North
ro Stares as oppressive ai.d U'jus:, and
deserving ihe severest retaliation.
Cocbt Up m the hour of going to press
Court i still in session. Ti.e Grand Jurors
were dismissed on Tuesday afternoon, hav
ing at that early hour disposed of all busi
res before them. The number of indict
rnrnts ... the bauds of ihW Jury for their .
considera'ioc was small as compared u ith .
those of previous sessions. 1: is not r.eces
ry for o to gla'e, as i cu-tomary. se eral '
, .,. . 1 T. - 1 1 . ,1
lulls were ignored. 1 he civil list presents
r pretty fair appearance ; may engage the;
Court the whole week. A synop-i ol the j
proceetliiigs will Le found in our next.
" " 1
Pkof. Theodork
M Down. 1. Price will !
rive an exhibition ol
his wonderful per j
lerrr.ances on a tight wire at this place on !
Christmas Day between the hours of ,2 !
und. 1 o'clock. Mr. Price ha gained con
riderable notoriety as a wire-walker, having
given Fome very creditable pr rformances
during the Summer last throi gh the West
em States, and also having lately exhibited
before large audience in the City of Balti
more to the great satisfaction of a!l who'
aw him. We shall advert to this subject
in another issue previous to the exhibition.
10WKSH1P and Local LAtvs.-ue are in-
jebted lo Dr P Johs, for a volume bear J
jug lhi 4i:Ie.- It i a compilation of the
laws relating to the duties of Jastice ol the
Peace, Constables, Supervisors of roads.&o ,
4k knowledge of which is of importance to
every citizen. In addition it contains a
. umber of blai'k lorms lor instruments of
writing, most in use. The rolume is a val
uable one,' and should be in the hands of
every roan. Tt was compiled by - William
T. Haines, a member cf the Chester County
Bar. Dr. John is tho General Agent for
ni county. He advertises, in another
?olumn of the Star, for Agents to canvass
every township Tersons wishing to en
trage in a profitable business would do well
to make'eKly application. ,
Wanteb Information is respectfully so
licited of the whereabouts of Miles Heath;
the man reported in our last issue as hav
ing been arrested as crazy but j now at
large. Having some knowledge of hirn it
it hoped that fey persuasive means he may
be retained until, information is conveyed
to bis father Mr. Amos Heath, residing in
Choconut Township, Susquehanna County,
Fa., by whom ail reasc
ts ml Editors wiil
lab'e expenses wiil
tribune for isgi.
The XXth Volume of the Weekly Tribune
comn enced with ihe issue of Sept. 1. Du
ring tlie past year The Tribune has been
obliged to devote quite a large proportion,
of its space to Politics, but we shall soon
be able to forego Political discussions almost
entirely, for months if not for years, ond
devote near'y all our columns to subjects of
less intense, Lot more abiding, inierest.
Anions these, we mean to pay especial
attention to,
. Education. The whole subject of
Education, both Popular and General, will
be discussed in our columns throughout the
year 1861, and we hope to elicit in that dis
cussion seme of the profoundest thinker
and the ablest instructors in our country.
It is at once onr hope r.nd our resolve that
the cause of Education shall receive an im
petus from the exertions of The Tribune in
its behalf during the year 1861
II. Agriculture. We have been com
Polled restrict our elucidations of this
-"eat interest rhronghou IShO. anil stiail
a r co",'", '"" ,f t',e Pub.ic, in
suring rnpier steamer, more convenieri.
more remtJiiTaimg markets to the farmer,
with fuller emp'oy mem and better wajes
to the Lnborer. The progress ol Mining.
ln-Mal;in. Si-el-Making Cloth Weaving
&:c., &c. in our country and the world shad
le Wil.clieJ ,, repJrIP;5 by us whIl at
earnest and uctive sympathy.
VI Foreign Affairs We employ the I est
correspondents in London, Paris, Turin,
,Vr!" am rt'7r E"Pn Capitals, to
transmit us early and accurate advices
of U;e t c,.llu:es t(
7 1
ol the
but certainly prepari'.g. lii enile ol the
j pressure of Domestic Politics, onr jSeivs
.' trom ihe Old World is now vuried and
ample ;
but we
have to render it
more perfect during the eventful year ju.t
before n.
V. Home N'w. We employ regular
P"1"1 ccrrc-poodents in California, at ih
Isthmus ot Darien, in die Rocky Mountain
, , , , , J .
Go.d Kegion. a. d wherever else they seem
r,:;.;,, F.n.n ih mnr xpit,! nnr
I I II. I1V- M. H'.ll llir; UHMU .Tl I'lti I'Wfc I
pjoitudJ K torn thn n- ora nnonsfihln nnf !
Ltousof onroan country, we derive our in
lormatioii mainly bom the multifarious cor- j
mainir bom the multifarious cor- 1
- . t
respondents ot the Associated Press, from j
or changes, and the letters of i
itdel.igent iriend. We aim to print the I
cheapest general newspaper, wiih the fullest
iiMtww auinentic summa'V ot useiut in- ;
le! igenee. that is anywhere afforded. Ho- )
; pt:tg
miiKe cacti
t'ay a
rn'if nn triw
I last,: fi' d print a
better and better paper
trorn e?irto year, as our means
are steadily I
o.,I,r.,o.l ll,r. ), lU na,....,a nnor-.lii,, '
""r :".v ed wishers, we sol
.ci't. and
tauce of
shall Int'or to deserve, a conlinuance
r.l,uc ,dVor
rai!y Tribune (3 1 1 issues per annum)
Semi Weekly (104 " " )
i Weekly (52 " " )
52 !
To Cicb emi Weekly: Two copies
f. r 5 Five for -11.25, 1 copte.o to one i
address for 20 and any larger number at 1
tlie latter rate. For a club of Tweniv , 1
p,!r'i copy
will le sent. For a club of
Forty, we send The Dai v Tribune oralis
j one vear. '
mmr -r j f - n. T-
; ,pr sl and any larger numbe7 at the
rate of ?I 20 each per annum the paper to
be addressed tn each subscriber. 'J o clubs
j ot 1 went, we send an extra copy,
j Twenty copies lo fine address for S20, with
one extra to Jura wljo sends us the club.
j.,r eilch rt,n: of One Hundred, The Daily
inline will be sent grans for one vear.
When riralt can be secured it is much
. . . .
safer than to remit Bank Bills. The name
of the Pom Office and State should in all
cafcps be laitdy written
Payment always in advance
ddres,TllE TRIBUNE,
No. 154 Nassau St , New York.
AT RSAI) it A RT K K S !
McSiKr-VY, TKAS- & :.,
1 I A YE jnt receiveil and opei.eii .fieir stock
t Merchandise for sale, which .'ompri
ses the LAUGESl, Cheapest, rut hancom
et assortmil now ofTered in thi TO VN.
Having paid grat at entiori lo Ihe selection
ot iheir ei.iiie st.-icj: as to
Price aasci Quality,
(hv Ra(ter ,,,,1.11,1,, can'-ompete
with the cheape-l, and all those wishing to
nv cieap. can save money by giving u a
' '11 We havea'l kind of goods and wares
t supply "he wau's of the people. A very
cJ.,,t,!(, nlrJ,lt 0't 3
, 1 nipQ5 DIjrcc nnnnC
LilJJlljO JJilLOiJ uUUiiJ.
French Menr.oe. wool plat. Is, alpaca, fom-
baxii e, tie bages, noplins parainelta rdoths,
mohair lucres, inn-iin de l.iines. IVrian
c0,t,, Gi.g!.an., al coe, kc.
Slepves, Collars, (.eucers, handkerchiefs,
Uounc.g., band and trimmings laces and
J eifgingsbonnel ribbon", in large variety, vol
vei itbbcns, and braids, kid, cotton, lisle
Sread gloves.' mohair mi'l, &e.
A2f K3IRJ? OF fcksAWIjS,
bi.ii'tie, Bav State, Waierville, black silk,
casnniere, em:ro'iereii, &:c. Also a ver
large large assortment ol Cloths casimers.
sa"nes, vesiings tweeds, jeans, coating vel
vet, beaver cloths, &e.
' wsW
of all kinds and sires for men, women and
children. We have a larei anrlmpnl nl
HATS ai d CAPS of the latest fashion. We
have al-o, Hardware, Queensware, Cedar
ware, &P. Very cheap
table and carriage oil clodis, mats, rng, bas
kets, &c. Muslins, flannels, tickings, dra
pers, lowelings, dri'ling, &e., in abundance.
We invite our friends ami the public gen
erally to give os a call before purchasing
elsevvhrre. We have bought onr goods at
the LOWEST CASH PRICES and will not
be uuder&old by art) body or the rest of man
kind. McKELVY, NEAL & CO.
Bioomsburg, Nov. 21. 1850.
Tinware & Move Establishment
MiHK UNDERSIGNED respectfully in
forms fiis did friends and customers,
that he has-purchased hi brother's interest
in the above" establishment, aud the con
cern will hereafter te conducted by himself
exclusively, tie has just recoived and of
lers for sale Ihe large! and most ex
tensive assortment ol FANCY STOTVS
eve introduced into this market.
Stovepipe and Tinware constantly on
hand ami manufactured to order. All kinds
of tepairing done, as usual, nn short notice.
The patronage of old friends and new cus
tomers is respectfully solicited.
Bloomsburg, Jan. 12. 1R53. tf.
JVOTICE is hereby giving to all legatees,
creditors and other persons interested
in the estates of the respective decedents
and minors, that the following administra
tion and guardian accounts have been filed
in !he office of "ihe Register of Columbia
county, and wjll be presented for confirma
tion and allowance lo the Orpbanrs Court,
to be held 8t Bloomsburg, in the county
aforesaid, on Wednesday the 5th da ol Dec.
next, at 2 o'clock, in the afternoon.
1 Tr,e second account of Peter Ent, one
of the Executors of Matthew McDowell,
late of Scott township, der'd.
2. The fecnrid account of Theodore
McDowell, one of the Executors ol Mat
thew McDowell late ol Scott township,
3. The ncconnt of Lewi Vetter, Admin
istrator ol the eMme ol Jacob Keiler, late of township, dee'd.
4. The first and final account of Eno
Jacob, Executor of he at will anil testa
ment of Rosanna Vannatta, late of liloom
township, dec'il.
5. Tic arconnt of Elisl-a B. Brown, Guar
dian f Elizabeth A. Brown, one of the
children and heirs ol John Brown, Jr.. late
ofMifibri township, dee'd.
P. Tn aceoont oi Elisha B. Brown, Guar
dian ol Rerecea Brown, one of tfie children
and hprs ol Matthew Brown, late ol Mtfllm
township, dee'd.
7. The aerount of Robert B. Swyr.,
Executor of Trie lst wi'I ntui testament ol
Jcob C. Swat ze, late of Franklin township
8. The aecpnnt of J aenb F R ihtbnck,
AdminNiraior of the estate of Jaeob Hohr
Oack, la'e cl Eranklin townshin. dee d
9 The account of Jam M isters, I'xec
titers o the list will and testament of Henry
Ki'cl en, la e of Madiou towiishio, ife'.!.
10. The aeceoui:! of Sjiruit-I Krs-ler,
Administrator (if the estate of Lemuel Kres-
sler, late of Scott lownhip, dee'd
t 1 Tk. r I .. .. t 1-.- -r
... in jo. 111 iwirray, ia;e oi
Liberty lowii-hip, Columbia (now Montour)
count) dee'd.
is. 1 e account o, u.cnar i u-mou, ex-
ecntor of ihe estate of Jacb Swishvr, la'e
. .1 m i- .1. '
i ol Majison township, dee'd
B!oomburg, Nov. 7, i860
i n i:
I i i .. u. -. l ty . r
i Till itiiii now in v i' i r iriMr is r i
I,'" "-"J '
rj I I " I I W. I T t .
, . r y . . 'I
on. inform 1 .lt n in rr. ' I ocirn In c,,K
." . r ' '
tir iiiii. i( irii ii ii iii iii'i iiii
' . '' 3 ',
r"h' lhal. Congre-s w, meet on th lust
Monday ol t December, when I sha!
r,,,",ri,e puMisCtt tlie ajova-iiamed P-
i- .
Tlio nit. r:trKo ivttl onnltn ronnrl
v,,v- " " ... ..... . ..11. .
ho nK'jlo Iti Kfilti Kr.lir.i.j ..I I f.r.ovc
J ldKe" " ' XK,; r,:u, l
J iim,s i r-uun unun nn.cis m hu-, j
Or III aMV Oilier COIIt.irV'. J tllf'll'V (l r
I ,hPm wiil 1,8 ,at,e rpl,or'' veilmtim,
j"1 thou-and words an hour, while U
I average number cf woids spoken b Uueiit
so"!akers rarely exceed- seven l!ionand
; live iMll lITHj tVtlMt
' riflhnloj r.l nut.' it.l iirit rn j L- a
more man
. I , . r. .. . . I .,... .!..., .... 1 1 : Ti. . !
n 'I ,1 r ' t
Daily Globe ot the next morning, which
wil! ,"',' 'o, the news: ! i heyday, io-
ae'her wi'h such editorial ar .cles as may
be suggested by pa-sing events.
' ,,e l-ongres-ioriai uiofe ant Appendix
!" eoiit.un a report oi all ttie Hetiates in i
Congress revised by the speakers, the
Mesages of tfte Pse-ident of the Unimd
IStaies, the Annual Ileporis of the Head ot
ifie Executive Department, Ihe Laws
passed during the session, and copious in
dexe o ail. They will be printed ov a
double royal sheet, in book fo-m, royal
qnarlo size, earn number conlarni
ill" SIX-
teen pages. I tie whole will make, it is be-
. . .
! ,r"-' , - ' pa-ICS. 1IMS IS
1 - ... . Clt-r
hi. rnoil' aiMOit tA rtnlhiii. hdiiwi.l irn.l. i
j ' fa" ""', netner a reprint or
j r:"";' 'f"' "'a-msenpt copy', taking lor
.ift the average
nuiiiOer of words n con-
The coming session wi'I. without doubt,
be an iinusriaily iniereting one, because
ihe debates will, in
a greai measure, be
j upon ihe policy of the President eleci, ami
'Pi... ;i..t, ...;n t. .. u . I . I
. ' , . . j
years past the only sourcn from lull
1 iirr ii.iiLin ill ifpr. f i . iiir 11 Jill
"'"7 A ..
1 r.e congressional uiooe anu AppnJix
pass free through the ma:ls ot the Un ted
S .ales, as will be seen by reauing the lol
lowing Joint Resoluiori pa.ed by Congress
the fiih ol August, 1852:
Joint Re-olution providing for Ihe dis'ribu
lion ot the La -vs of Congress and Ihe
Debates (hereon.
With a view to the cheap circulation of
the law ol Cangress and the debates con
tributing to the true interpolation thereof,
and to roakt) free ihe communication be
tween If.e representative and constituent
bo. lies :
L'e it resolved by the Senate and House
of Kepieseiiiaiives of the United Siaies of
America 111 Congress a-sembled, Trial from
anl after itie present ses-ion ot Congress,
the Congressional Globe and Appendix,
which contain ihe Saws ami the debates
thereon, shail pas free through the mails so
long as the, same shall be publi-hed by
Older ol Congress; Provided, That nothing
herein sh ili tie construed to authorize Ihe
c rcnhitiou of the Daily Globe liee of
Approved, August 6, IS52.
For a copy of the Daily Globe, far
four months, S3 CO
For 1 copy of the Congressional
Globe and Appendix, during the
session, - 3 00
For 2 copies iliitoi when ordered at
the same time, 5 00
No attention will be paid to any order
unless ihe money accompany it.
llank notes, current in Ihe section of the
country where a subscriber resides, will be
received at par. The whole or any pari ol
a subscription may be remitted in prist ge
stamps which i preferable to any currency,
except gold or silver. JOHN C K1VES.
1 X K TZ & K i T
PIT AVE just received from Philadelphia a
spleiulid assortment of merchandise,
purchased at the lowest figure, and which
they are determined to sell for
Cash or Cosuitry Produce.
on as moderate terms as can be procured
elsewhere in Light Seeet. Theii Stock con
sists ol LADIES' DRESS GOODS, cho.cest
sty les and latest fashions.
Iron, Nnils and Spikes,
In short every thing usually kept in a coun
try Siore. . They respectfully invite Iheir
old friends, and the public generally, to call
and examine their stock before purchasing
EST. The highest price paid for country
produce. ' - - -- '
For Icccmhcr Term, 1 800.
Bloom Evan Jones.
Bor. Berwick William H. Woodin, Mor
decai Jackson.
BriarcreekWilliam Hartman.
Centre Samuel C. Bower.
Cattawissa George Hughes, Adam Fed
ero. Fishincrfeek Hiram Hess, Dan'l Edgar,
George Howell,
Franklin Michael Mensch, Jackson Cle
aver. Greenwood Jjmes Vanhorn, Robl. Rob
bin", Elijah Lrrion.
Hernlork John (JirlOii.
I.oeiist Jacob Helwiji.
Main William Mensinger, William Bit
Montour Isaac Mowry.
Ml. Pleasar.t Abraham Ditdine.
Oranue William ' Fisher, Samuel Zirn
merrriiin Snyarloaf Anderson Ki'e.
Bloom-bur-.', Oct. 21, 18fi0.
Benton Eli Metisienhall.
Briarc reek Reuben Bower, Jeremiah C.
Beaver -John Shuman.
Catia wi-sa Joeph Breich, Naac S.
Monroe, ?tepfien Bddy, Samuel Thomas.
Franklin Daniel Rulirbck.
Fishinucreek Peter Gohfer, Sjm'l Crev.
eliiii, Emaudus Unansst.
(ireenwood Anron Muarave
Hemlock -Jolin Foust, John llarlman.
f.o. n-t Mask Williams, Henry Gable.
M iTlill Michael Fry, Lewis Krkroal.
Mair.e Daniel Reinhohl, Jno. Kline.
Mo;i:our Jacob Leibv. Joseph Monser.
Majifon NeAton 1 hoinas, Johti M.
Mi. Pleanni John WarJin.
Orange Jacob Good.
1 r 1 ' 1 1 1 ! 1 i Sihnp m :i lPf . lahtl !i Piif-
1 1 ' -.... . . .
i CFi Kfi oils, Jacob C'iri-lv.
Koarmgcreek Jndah Cheir'ingtcn.
! Sugarioal-j;.!.,. Kitchen.
S.-oit Jacob Giassen, P'jiiioT. Hartman.
I illvpnf. r ,ipv
. Josepn untey .
Bloomsburg, Oct. 24, 1SG0.
PitEMED MARCH 9, 1853.
ruir-: sio i: rn.
L Bloom sbr.rg, having purchased the ex-
. , . - ...
i in I ' V. I llll i'l HIV ufwt ''--'
MiiClio rtithf thj aluu-a U'.iln-ihlA i m n f i
! ved Cheat Patent Sewing Machine, for
i n t .
tlie onn'vot columoia, win tie nappy to
. ' -
I supply their friends with the article lor the
! ,.,., datioil ,,f ,Hmsi.v atu, famiijP.
Thp f(lijfuvjr,(, aff, sori,e of tie superior
! advan':i2es llri impinin possesses, viz:
l. U sews trom 400 to bUO tight stitches
1 1 .....
o M,,,,K! ilrao. 1 mhiiiaa nte rnm lli
mot cornr-lica-ed character of their mech-
aitsm invariably managed and tl readed
I RAYMOND'S, a ch.ld
j lolirs, ail( it is tlirea.l
i ntnn ,ie(?L j.
w i'h more or le.-s itifliculty ; noi o with
can manage n ir. two
led easier thaa a com
i rnon neei:
3. One of the moM valuable 'eamres of
lrnerttm,- i u .m-jllnaca a... I lt:t
r . . , . ..
i tun irtvii't- ui it: if iri;n fin i --if I
4- 1 t,a bt? n-ched to a board, table or
' i .- , , .
i H,ni:i 111 nrprillmiT nr.lur unit mnivi.l in
lr-s- than nait a minute.
5. It greatly economizes the thread, and
yet produces a seam, sufficiently strong for
j any work lor which it is intended, a qual
ification not known to all kinds ol be wing
Machines. "
fi. No human hand is capable of produ
cing a seam so regular ami systematic.
The seam is' so strong it well done, that ihe
st.onget material will tear before the
seam will give way.
7. Among the array of Patent Sewing
I .1.-. i .... i i
. , - n n , , . . 1
' durabirt as Raymond s Pater:!, but no Ma
4-lire i. adaoled
to ail kinds oi work a
experience has proven. There are perhaps
lOMe h() r.a, ef, doing such a var.ety
f , e .mnwillii, .rt of ....
ily circle, and at such a moderate price a
8. Tlie operator can shape his upam jnsl
he nleases. waves, leave and lliui hi.
, e;c be re.ri.s,mej or ill!a,e(j.
9. It is particularly adapteu to all kinds
i . . a
ol stilcfiirg sucti as gentlemen' fnirt.
t0,0 rilbari , t.o! e.e.,-,nd all
kinds of ladies' sewing, including
sewing, including silks.
lawns, delaines, calicoes, dusters, etc.. ex
cepting for men'slieavy wear, thi Machine
is rather too light o! construction.
10. Dot we all admit, that the advantage
to heal1!!, and principally to vision or
eyesight, iniuiced by il.e use d Sewing
Machines, surpasses infinitely all oiher ad
vantages. ;i. Thi Machine fastens the seam al
ways itself, but if 1 he operator wishes it
iii.lastcnetl or open, there is a way lor il
too, thus you can have ii fastened or not,
as j on please, which is, somei ime, espe
cially for beginners, a very favorable cir
cumstance. the seam is lelt unfastened
you can draw it oul in three seconds and
r-ave Hi e thread.
For sale by the nndersigneJ, at their re
speciive resfdence, in IJIoon, sbu rg who
v ill put ihe Machine in operation and give
all necessary instruction.
B'.oomsborg, July 11, 1SC0.
OP CE 02. r" rrr i 0
f jHE uudersigned take this method of
offering his valuable Hotel euo
Propeny at private sale, situate f ivS'j
in the pieaam ami ttiriving vu- w a 1 ;
lage o! Light Street, Co!umbiaj3i
j County, Pa. Tnis is nnderstoo;! to be most
an excellent HOI EL b I AN I), the House,
Stable ai;d ouibnildings t eing ali in good
repair. The Proprietor ol ihis hsuse lir.ving
no desire to continue in th-i hotel business,
will dispose of his properly al private sale
upon the most reasonable terms. To any
person wishing to engage in the buine-s
it is a good location and a desirable place.
For lurther information apply to the sub
scriber, D. L. EVER HART,
Oct. 17. IfifiO. Light Strf.Pi.
old dk. yi:ni sRcoK or
Travels ami great discoveries ol llie"
Japaoese and East InJia Medicines, wi'h
full directions for the certain cure ol Con
sumption, Bronchitis Coughs, Colds, Ca
larrah, 'Asthma, Fevers, Heart Disease,
Scrofula, Cancer, Dyspepsia, Liver Com
plaint, Gravel and Urinary Depo-its, Fe
male Complaints, &. Illustrated with hun
dreds of certificates of cures and engravings.
For the purpose ol rescuing as many sober
ing fellow-beings as possible from prema
ture death, it will be sent to any pari of the
comment, by sending 25 cenisio Drs. Heath.
Sold by G. M. Hagenbnch, Bloomsburg;
N. L. Rank & Co. Danville, Jacob Lawali,
Caiasauqua: A. Miller & Co, Berwick.
647 Broadway, New York City.
Octobei 5th, ".859. ly.
Kortli Second Streel, above ArcL,
MISS ELIZA ACTON, in. Vised by mrh. s. j. iialc.
ST TELLS YOU HOW m choose all kinds
of Meats, Pouliry'j and Game, with all
the various and most n;. proved modes of
dresi(.g and cooking Beef and Pork ; also
'he bpsi and simplest way of saltirm, pick
ling ami curing ihe same.
IT TELLS YOU ALL the Vanou and
most approved modes 01 dressing, cok ing.
nr.d toning Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Poultry,
and Game of all kinds, wiih the different
Dryings, Gravies, ami Stuffings appro
priate to each.
IT TELLS YOU HOW to chooe. cean.
and preserve Fi-di of kind-, ami how in
sweeten ii when tainted; ;-o a! ihe va-
riou and
with ttie
moM approved mode- ol cooking.
different Dr
stings, t-.ii.ces.
Flavoring appropriaie t each.
IF TELLS YOU ALL Ihe various and
most approved mode of preparing over
fifty different kinds of Meat, Fih.Fowl,
Game, und Vegetable S nip-, Broths, and
Slews, with ihe Relishes and Se. soilings
a Jipropria'e lo each.
IT TELLS YOU ALL the various and
mol approved modes ol cooking Vegeta
bles of every tlescription, als.i how o pre
pare Pickles, Catup and Cmiies of ali
kinds, Potted Meals, Fish, Game, Mush
room, IT TELLS YOU ALL the various and
moi-t approved mo les of preparing and
cookicg all kind-! of Plain and P-is-trv,
Puditiiigs,, Friliers, Cakes,
I ('onlecttoner , Preserves, Jellies, a. id Sweet
: Disbe of every descrip ion.
j IT TELLS Y'OU ALL the variniM and
! nriot a;uroved rnoiles of making Bread,
,' Jiii'k-', Mnflins, and Biscuit, the bebt j
j method o preparing Coflee, Choc dale, and !
i Tea, ar.d how to make Syrup-, Cordials,
! aii f Wines ol vaiions kinds. j
IT TELLS YOU HOW to set out a.-d or- j
iiameui a Tatle. how to Carve all kinds of '
; Fichj Flesh or Eowl, and in shor', how loso .
1 simplify the whole Art of Cooking as to
j bring ihe choice?-! luxuries ol the table I
; within everybody's reach.
j Toe book contains 418 pages, and tip-'
wards o twelve hundred Receipts, all of!
which are the renhs of uciual experience, j
having b-esi fudy and careltllv tested un- '
der Ihe. personal mi periniendence ol Ihe ,
writers It is prmieii in a clear anil open
type, is illusirateil wiih appropiiaie engra
v uig, and will be forwarded lo any aodres,
neatly bound, ant! postage paid, on receipt
of l lie price, $1 00. or in cbeh, ena, Si. 23.
can be made by enterpr: Hg men every
where, in selling the above work, our in to all such being very liberal.
l or single copies o! l.'.e Bock, or fir
terms to ag'mis, with other .uformatioii,
apply to or address
JOilN E. I () I IE a, Publi-her,
No. 617 Sumom Philadelphia.
not I 4iii6
Hvvat Worli 011 the S3oie.
Professor of Pnifmlogy unit (J,er ttn;e Surgery
in the Veterinary College vj I hdndtlpaia, j
t'C, i(c.
TELL YOU of the Origin, Hi-tory
and di-tiuctive Irai s ol the various, j
breeds ol European, Asiatic, African and 1
American Horses, with the 1 hysical forma- I
lion and j e uliarnies ol the animal, ai d
how to ascertain Ii if age by the number
and condition of his teeib; :llntraied with
numerous explanatory engravings.
Will tell you cl Breeding, Breaking, Sta
bling, Feeding, Grooming, Shoeing, an I liie
general management ol ihe horse, wuh the
bel modes ol administering medicine, aUo
how to ireat Biting, K eking, Rearing,
Shung, Stumbling, Crib Bning. Reiless
iies andoiher vices to wfiich he is ,u bject;
with ritiT.erous explanatory engravings
Will tell you cf the canes. symptoms, and
Treatment ol Strangles, S-ire Throat, Dis
temper, Catarrh, Inilueiiza, lin.uch i' is,
Pneumonia, Pieuriy, Broken Wind, Chro
nic Cough . Roaring and Whistling. L impa-,
Sore Mouth and Uicers, and Decayed
Teeth, with other diseases ol the Mviutti
and Resira'or) Organs.
Will :eli you cf the causes, symptoms, and
Treaiu.eni cf Worms. IJ is Colic, Strangu
lation. Siony Concretions, Rojmire, PaUy,
Diarrhoea, Jaundice, Hepatirrhoea. Bloody
Urine, Stones in ihf Kidneys an 1 B adder,
L.ila'imiutiori, aiui other disease! (,f ilt
S omach, Bow Is, Liver au-J Unnaiy Or
Wtll tnll yii'i ol the canses? symptoms and
Treatment ol Bone, Blood and Bog, S,ivin,
R ngrone. Sweeni?, Strain-, Broken Knees,
Wind Gads, Founder, Sole Bru'we and
(Jravel, Cracked ILmfs, Scratches, Canker,
Tt.riisti, and Corn.-; also, of Megrims.
Vertigo, Epi'e. .)', Sagger, and other
diseases of the Feet? Lgs, -n. IJeaJ.
Will tell you of the causes, sv inoiori.s. Hcd
Treatment ol Fi-lula, Poll Evil, Glanders
r.ircy, Scarlet fever, Mange, Snrteii,
Locked Ja.iv, Jiheumutism, Cramp, Galls,
Dieases of the Eye and Heart, &e., &:.,
and how to manage CasirMion, Bteediiig,
Trephiiining, Rovveling, Firing, Hernia,
Amputation, Tapping, and other surgical
Will tell too of Rarey's Method of laming
Horses; how 10 Approach, Halter, or Stabl
a Col ; how to accu-tom a horse 10 Strang"
sounds and sight, and how to Bit, Sa idle,
Ride, and Break him to Harness; also the
lorm and law I Warranty. The whole be
ing the result of more than liheen years
careful study of the habi
wants and weaknesses ol
!, peculiarities,
this noble and
useful animal.
The book contains 334 pages, appropri
a'ely illustrated by One Hundred Engra
yings. li is printed in a clear ar.d open
type, and will be furnished to any address,
postage paid, on receipt of price, half
bou.'.-d, Si. 00, or, in cloth, extra, $1.25.
'SI OOO a Year
can be made by enterprising men every
where, in selling ihe above, and other
popular works ol ours. Our inducements
to all such are exceedingly libera!.
For single copies of tlie Book, or for
terms to agents, virh other information, ap
ply to or sddress JOHN E. FOH ER,
617 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa.
A.M. lilTEUT,
Shop 00 South side ot Main street, below
THE undersigned would inlorm V e c'"i
zens nf Bloomslmrg and vicinity, lha he
has jus: received and ofTers tor sale one ol
the most eterisic asorimenls of COOK
ING and FANCY oTOVES, ever ii.tmdnce.l j
into ifiis market. The Christopher Colnm- i
bus James Rnbb :m J (Jlobe ire among the
first ctas cooking Stove's, all of which are
air-iight and gaft burners. His Parlor stoves j
are handome and the asor. ment varied J
A l.rU lanicniar iillernion is paid to lin
Ware and House Spouting, upon short no
tier;. All kinds of repairing will be done
wbfi reatness and despatch. C Country
produce taken in exchange for work.
Bloomsbnrg, Oct. 3, ISt'O.
Gi CS C -LD b23 &
flHE sub-criber has just returned from the
City widi another large and select as
sortment of FALL AND WINTER Goods,
purchased a! Philadelphia, at ihe lnvps'
figu'e, and w Inch h
on as rnoftera'e terms
s determined to sell
s can be procured
elsewhere in Bloom rburg. His stock com
of the choicest styles and latest fashions.
Hardware, Qijeenware, Cedarware, Hol-
lo'.vware, Iron, jN.nls.- uoo'S it Mines, Ha.s
and Cb s. Scr. , fee. In short, everything
n-uaily kepi in country Stores; lo which ho
invites the pubtic generally. Tlie hi!isi
price paid for country produce.
ninomburz, Oa. 24. 1P60.
- jr.
Kcw Fall Goods (
e have aaiu l-een to the ci'y, and re
turned w ih a large stock of Goods for
the sea-on, which we are prepared to sell
at a low figure for ready pay. Our tlock
' consists of
Hardware, Q ieensware, Cedarware, Wil-
low-ware. Ho!io-ware
(iroceries, Nail, Iron, Fish, Salt, Piaster,
Fluid, Camphene Oil, White Lead by ihe
Keg, cheap, &c, &c.
II. C. fc I. W. HARTMAN.
Bloomsburg. Oc. 17, 1860.
Tliroiigliaiit lhis Couulry.
J ? UT there is great excitement down town
'caused by ihe arrival of a new and se
lect stock of Goods jusi received at L. T.
SIIARPLESS? Cheap Ca-h Store. Having
ju-i relumed from Philadelphia with a stork
heretofore unrivaled, he flatters himslf
that he can satisfy all nf ihe beauty and ad
vantages ot the Oi.v'i System by ihe exceed
ingly low prices widi which he is able to
ronsis's ,,t cress goods ol eery variety
Sdks, Plaid-, FigM Thibets, Cahmere",
Plain and lancy DnLaines fee. &.e. Ladies
Broch at: I Rversable Snau-Is, Gntr
StiawJs, Coa1, Cloak and Mantle Cloths
Fancy Cas-imeree. Vesting, Satins Lawns,
Flannels, Gingham, Cal'cee &c. Boo-s
ar.d St.ofs A large a-sortment ot Gum
shoe- which wiil be dispo-el of at ihe low
et prices, Hats and Caps, Table and Hoot
Oil Cloths,
Aouons of every Kind,
Q tefnesware, Grceer;es Fiour anJ feel,
An examins'ion of ihe stock 1 solicited
a no charge is mad- tor
an exhibition of
the goods. Grai-i and all marketable
duce taken in exchange for goods.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 10: 1S0O
"o!irl S'roelaisitalion.
MIEUEAS the Hon. Warren J. Wood-
ward, Piesident Judge ol Ihe Court of
Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Dehv
ery, Court ct (Juarter esi.ns of Ihe Peace
and Court of Common P.ea and Orphans'
Conrl, in 1 he 26lh Judicial District, compo
eJ of the counties of Columbia. Sullivan and
Wyoming, aid ihe Hon. Juob Evans and
Peter K!in Associate Judgfs ct Columbia
County, have isued their precejit. bearicg
date tuie thousand eighteen hundred aiui
sixty, and lo me directed for holding a
Conn of Oyer and Terminer, and General
Jail Delivery. Quarter Session ol the Peace,
Com. Pleas at.d Orphans' Cour. in Bloom.
onrg, in ine count oi oninioia. on me tir!
Monday (being, ihe 2d day) of Deem., next,
and io continue one week.
Notice i herern given, ?o the Coroner, the
Ju-tices ol the l'eice and Lon-lables 01 tlie I
said Com ty of Columbia, that they be iIomi j
find tlieio 111 their proper persons at 10 o'- '
clock in ti e forenoon ol said day, wuh thir j
records, inquisition- atid other remembran
ces 10 do those Itiings which 10 iheir ol'ices I
appertain lo be done. And those that are '
bound by recognizes, lo prosecute against
ihe prisoners thai are or may be in ihe Jail
of said county ol Columbia, 10 be then ami
there to proseeu e then as shall be j'ist. Jn
rors are requested to be punctual in their
attendance, agreeably to I heir notice, dated
at Bloomsburg, ihe 24;h lay of Oct., in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and sixty aud in the eighty-tonrth year
of the independence of Ihe L'tnted States of
America. (God save the Common wealth.)
Bloomsburg, October 24, 1S60.
r.nizi:ii snor.
MM HE undersigned respectlully informs the
-- citizens of Bloomsburg, and the public
generally, that he has taken ihe Barber
Shop, located on Main Street, in ihe white
Frame Building, nearly opposile the Ex
change Block, where he is at all limes ready
lo wait upon hit customers to entire satis
Will be executed with care and neatness
and in the most fashionable eiyle, and on
ve'V moderate terms.
tShampooing, done up in City Style.
He solicit public patronage and pledges
his best endeavors to give every reasonable
rfn it. I'lLlf .1. .11.1 111 .
T?pHE Proprietor respectfully informs hit
J& friernts and the public enerally that bd
has taken charge of ihe Wyoming House, in
the village ol Wyoming, near the Railroad
Depot of that place, and has fitted it out 60
?s to entertain both transient and perma
nent visitors in a suitable and comfortable
manner. His rooms are spacious and airy
and not only calculated io add to 'he conve
nience nnd rorrtlori ! ihe it; vet ing Com m O-
niiy, l u' aUo io il'e w f:o yochJ seek a
plexsaiit snmn vr resort wiif- families- -
HIS TABLE will t e Mipl-ed tl-p .est
p matbet run afior1 ; aiil fii" TaB wdl b
fi fnisf-ed with the pine' liquor ifial can
be obiaii.ed. The proprietor will ive hi
exelns'ive a'tentlon to ijie comfort a:.d crn
veii e:ice ot hie tiiesj. and is detrniineii
lo make the -WYOMING HOUSE tank
iiiong the firr-r tote!s in ihe Si ite.
The Prn'irie'or bore that from hi expe
rience in ihe tMidnes, snd by unremitting
i.lteiiiio-i on bis par:, combined with a judi
cious selection al the moM careful and oblig
ing servants, he may be emilled to the fa
vorable consideration of ihe public, and re
ceive a liberal hare of their pair-mage.
fT Please give h.rii a ca'l, and judge for
yrtnrselvt. April 2, I85d.
'SHAKES pfpasure in announcing lothe pub
lie lhai be has rented and thoroughly
refitted the Forks Hotel formerly occupied
bv Jan.e Freeze, in Bloomi-burg, mid ii
prepared to accomodate traveller, teamster.
drovers and boarders. His :aLle will be non-
plied with Ihe t e-t products lha markets af
lord, nd his Ear will be constantly furnish
ed with the choiee-i liquors.
Afentive osilers will always be ;n at
fendance, and he trusts his long etperiencrf
mi cntermg lo de wants of ihe public, anil
his obliging attention lo customer wileJ
cure a liberal share of patronage.
B'oomsbttrg, April 21, 1858.
HisinScn Holel Berwick, Pa.
THE suhscriter would respectfully inforrrt
his friends and the travelling public that hf
has taken charge of the above named hotel,
ami has fitted it up in the best possible man-
) tier for the accommodation ot all who may
favor him with tt.eir patronage. He flatters;
l.imself that by unremitting attention, b
can give entire satisfaction to all. Histabh
will be supplied with the test the market
iiRordsj and his bar with ti e choicest liquors.
Obliging and attentive ostlers will always
te on hand, ?.! bis stabling is the mjet exJ
tensive ia this section of country.
Berwick, April 20, 1859.
En;; Be Foundry, ITIooiiisliurp'
THE snb-criber havin? ereeted a laroo now
hr;ck Foundry ond Machine Shop, in placrt
ot the old cue, is prepared to make all kind
Plow s constantly on fi.ind. The subscribe
ha removed his Tin 5hop from Mairt
Street to Ihe Foundry Lot, where he ha
erected a building altogether for Sloves and
The Cooking Sloves ronit of the WM.
JFq PENN C00IC, raub COOK, van--
4rf "II kinds, the Egg Cylinder Stovey
All kinds of Spotting made to order.
Bloomsburg. Ai-'d 16,1858
rff1iE uiidersigued would in lhis way call
the attention of the public, to the Booi
j Store at the old stand, next door to the ' Ex-
charige Hotfcl,''" where at all limes ran
j found a good assortment of books, including
J Kiblcs, Hymn Books, Prayer Cooks,
llis'ones, h oks of Poetry, Novel", and
chool i'orks ; also all kinds cf stationary cf
the ben piatty.
A considerable ('eduction made upon ihfl
piice of Scon' Books and Stationary to those
who by to sell aain.
Just received, a gnod assortn.erd of WALTi
PAPER, whirh I would ask all to call and
examine before puchasing elsew here.
Successor lo Jesse G. Clark.
B!oorrbr.rg, May 25, lS57.-lyr.
Boot niHl !iofin;;liin.
THE nndersigied being tliankfu! for pan
lavors. and yra'e'ul forluture pros
pects, desires to :nform
the citizens o! this place f?it7 '
and vicinity, and hi
friends and patrons in particular, ihal be
still carries Oil the above business in a:? it
various branches t his old stand. 0:1 Main
streei, nearly opposite the Episcopal C.'inrcrr
Bloomsburg. lie employ? the very bet
t workmen, acd usp nothing but good stock.
No pa;n are spared to make r.eal fit and
durable woik; a l of which can be obtained
very low for ready pay.
F.'oomebnrg. Feb 1, IPGO-Iy.
11. c now iiR,
v 11 i: r i e . t s s
services to tbe
iJ 1 ladies a-u! gentlemen ol Blooms-
burg and vicinity. He i prepared to attend
I to all the various operations in D
an' is provnteil witn tbe nte.-t improvep
TORCELAIN TEETH, which will be inser
ted on pivot o' gold plate, to look as well as
A supprior article of Torh Powders, al
ways on har.d. All operations 0:1 the teeth
Oilier, 3d building above S. A. Wilson's
Carriage Manufactory Mai.i St., west tide.
Bloomsburg. January 13, 1853
PAMK lo the premises of the subscriber,
itl Locust township. Columbia County,
about ihe Uuer pari o. May
lat a HEIFER, about two
jearsold. Color light red,
with a few while spots upon
ihe lower parts of its body. Ihe owner or
owners are requested to come lorward anrt
prove properly, pay charges and take it
away, otherwise it will be dispoa"d of ac
cording to law. JOHN OLIVER.
Locus. July 25, 1SG0.
mTriV.MINGS AND NOTIONS, farcy ani
- cle, a good assortment ot Hosiery Of the
best quality; also gloves, mil.?, baskets, Ca
bas, Comb, dress trimming" and linings,
sewing sdk, thread, etc., etc., to be had nent
door to ihe l'Exchang."
Bloomsburg, May 25, l0-7-