The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, November 28, 1860, Image 3

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Bloorasbnrj, Wednesday, SoTember 2S. 1SG0.
Wb cannot agree to publish R. Newell's
Photograph Gallery upon the term offered
by Mr. V. B Palmer. Trade not accepta
ble. '. '
Thk new German Reformed Church is
fast nearing completion, under the supervi
aion ol Mr. Simon C. Shire. It will be a
handsome edifice when finished.
PecLTRT, of every description, taken at
this office on account. Atso grain will not
hm refused, but taken at the highest market
. riee. y
. , m m
On aecount ol too mnch other business,
we tailed to notice several periodicals in
this Star. They will be attended to in our
next '
yA Protracted Mrctikc was commenced
Vy our friends of the M. K. Church in Light
Ftreet on Saturday last. If attended with
good success will continue a week or two. '
On Wednesday night a week, a series of
meetings will commence in the Lutheran ih'm place, under '.ho pastoral
charge ot ths Rv. J R Dimm
V are credibly informed that, Hon.
ItitRRACE GftKELET,of the New York Tribune,
'will deliver a Lecture before the Young
Men's Christian Asociation of this place,
-u Friday evening, December 1 4th, 1860.
cThi cars on the CatUwissa road have
commenced running differently to what they
did m fw days since. We have not saw
lhe new' time table, but judge the time not
altered very much.
" At work The cabuiMt makers. Not ls
l bail a dozen cabinets have already been
framed for ''Old Abe'' all. of them com
posed principally of llmk oak Uollidaytburg
Mum Ja J.
r , ,
ropneior oi iew ior. i,m niaKes
proposition to country Editor to publish
liia Prospeetna of a half column in length
nl in return he will semi his emi weekly
tv t . ..... . '
VUI 1TIII. I .J . n ill IIUl ia . III. u . "a j '
. i
jour Daily one jer, ami we 11 -call to see
- Wc design opeiiiug in our next issue an
Edcrational Department, and we would in
lite alt those who feel any interea- in edit
cation a I matters to contribute , towards
making this portion of our paper as inter
ratiu and useful a possible.
Da. John's favorite tea appears to be
'calnep' as he has frequently recommended
it ta prson whom he thought omthi2'
I lhr kind i ceded. We should think cat-
'f tea much better, although we don't
-Uiu to be a Doctor
' Ma. Adrian VANHocric, of this place,
ahowed at our office one day last week, a
Turnip which weighed fit" piundt and
measured in circumference thirty four in's.
W'm'd like to see somebody turn up one to j
leat it- '
Nirr week will be court week, and will
iTord a splendid opportunity to all coming
to town to pay the Printer. Give us a call 1
nd we'll write receipts till our fingers ache,
iuly so that the 'spondulicks'' are forth
coming We acknowledge the receipt of a very
fine young Turkey from our Democratic
friend Josssh LiLtcrof Scott township
We should think our coiemporary of the
Republican wanted one or two. Why don't
somebody attend to him 1
"As poor as Job's turkey" is a phrase
that trouble the antiquarians, but they do
not give op lhe hunt for its origin, and one
ef them sajs he has found out that the
turkey had but one leather in his tail, and
was so poor lhat he was obliged to lean
against a fence to gobble.
Rcmedt for a Fklon. We find in an
xchange, the following simple remedy lor
this roost painful, and most difficult to cure,
of all sores: Take a pint of common soft
oap, and stir it in air-slacked lime till it is
f the consistency of glazier's pntty. Make
a leather thimble, fill it with this composi
tion, .and insert the finger therein, and
change tbe composition once in tewenty
minutes, and a care is certain.
BoUovDoyU Fills and Ointment. The Ticto
tries of science, Domestic Remedies. Steam
electric telegra phs printing, &c, have each
&ad their particular ovation, bnt the man
-who has rednted the sphere or disease and
Alleviated th sufferings of millions of hfs
ellow beings, is, to say the least of it, enti
tled to nor admiration. ; Holloway has ex
jended a life time. in the snppression of
.sickness throughout the world, and for the
rffaqxive cores of measles, smaII-gox, ring
,jronn,,Khoopin2 congh, and all disorders
2iectiag-.chlhihood, his Pills and Ointment
pt aa ftmiliar as household words, in Ea
pe, Asia," Africa and America. Mothers
ahoold never be without a supply.
Dx. JoPi'a Soor Stobb We commend
jpahllc spirit and enterpriza, ' Eoergetic ba
iness men are of nse to erery town.. They
jhao'd be pa'.fonlzed'and 'encdaraged.---Thcy
always wllhe. Henca it Is that we
jire gratified to sea the success and increas
ing business of oor friend Dr. JoHsr, especU
ally in the Bock and Stationery trade. He
is ssllic a great ma.ny Books and ; a large
araoant cf Wall Paper and .Station ry. In
addition to the retail pxrt hu is nopplyicg
par Country ilerefcants at Whole salt rates.
This to thorn will prove aa acconracdation,
jr. thsy czn send in their imtll -orders aa
-- r-3 tisrt. 'Fcr 'rTthr'? yoa r??d in
tribune forisgi.
The XXth Volume of the Weekly Tribune
comn enced with the issue of Sept. 1. Du
ring the past year lhe 1 ribune has been
obliged to devote quite a large proportion
of its space to Politics, but we shall soon
be able to forego Political discussions almost
entirely, for months if not for years, and
devote nearly all our columns to subjects of
less intense, but more abiding, interest.
Among these, we mean to pay especial
attention to,
L Education. The whole subject of
Education, both Popular and General, will
he discussed in our columns throughout the
year 1861, and we hope to elirit in that dis
cussion some of the profoundest thinkers
and lhe ablest instructors in onr country
It is at once our hope and our resolve that
the cause of Education shall receive an im
petus from the exertions of The Tribune in
its behalf during the year 1861.
II. Agriculture. We have been com
pelled to restrict our elucidations of this
great interest throughout 1860. and shall
endeavor to atone therefor in I88J. What
ever discovery, deduction, demonstration, is
calculated to rentier the reward of labor tie
voted to cultivation more ample or more
certain, shall receive prompt and full at
tention. III. Manufacnres, &c. We hail every
invention ol enterprise whereby American
Capital and Lahor are attracted to and ad
vantageously employed in any department
of Manufacturing or Mechanical Industry as
a real coniribmion to the Public Weal, in
suring ampler steadier, more conveniert.
more remunerating markets to the Farmer,
with fuller employment and better wastes
to the Laborer. The progress ol Mining,
Iron-Making, Steel-Making. Cloth Weaving,
&c, &c, in our country and the world shall
be watched and reported by us with un
earnest and active sympathy.
VI. Foreign Affairs We employ the best
corresponpeuts in London, Paris, Turin,
Berlin, and other European Capitals to I
transmit us early and accurate advices I
of the great changes Iherv. silently I
but certainly preparing. In spite ot the j
pressure of Domestic Politics, our News
from the Old World is now varied and j
ample; but we shall have lo render it
more nerhert ilurin" the eventful Year iusl !
r o j
before us.
V. Home News. We employ regular
paid correspondents in California, at tha
i.i ,.r r-i.. ,. : .k u..i,.. M,..,t..;r. l'nril, l-.J .... w... .......
Gold Region, and wherever else they seem
requisite From the more accessiMe pr ,
format, mainly born the mult, anoo- cor- ,
our exchanges, and the occasional letters ol
intelligent lrieuds. We aim to print the
oaper. with the lullesi
cheapest general news
and mot authentic summary of uselnl
: avwhere afforded. I!
ping to
"make each day a critic on the .
iaM,"and print a belter and better paper
. i i
from year to year, as our means are steadily
....... , . t
enlarged through the generous co operation
, , i - . ... :
of our manv we l withers, we solic
hst, .lPor lo deserve, a coutinnanc
public favor.
DailyTrthurie f"3 1 1 issues per r annum
Semi Weekly (104 "l " " )
Weekly (52 " ' ) 62 '
To Jemi Weekly : Two copies
for $5 Five for SI 1.25, Tu copies lo one 1
address for S20 and any larger number at '
the lat!,er rate! Fvr a, club d Twenty an j
extra copy will be sent. For a club of
Forty, we send The Daily Tribune gruti '
one year. j
Weekly : Three copies for Eight cop-
ies for Sin. and any larger number a: th
rat of Si 20 each per annum the paper to
be addressed to each subscriber. 'J o clubs
nf Twenty, we send an extra copy,
I we.ity copies fMte lor S20, with
one extra to him who sends us the clnb.
Foreachclub of One Hundred, The
I ribune will be sent oralis for one vear
iritn ne w ill Pe sent gratis lor one year.
When dralts can be secured u is mnch
safer than to remit Bank Bills. The name
of the Post Office and State should iu all
Case be plainly written
Payment always in advance
No. 154 Nassau bt , New ork
S2T '-SbN- r?yv m an ?
HA VK jui recei vvd and npei.eo .heir iock
ot Merchandise for sale, which compri
ses the LAKGF.Sl', Cheapest, and harn:om
pt asortmeiil now offered in this TO VN.
Having paid oreat at ention to the selection
ol tfieir-entiie stoek as lo
Price and Quality,
they flatter themselves iht ihey can compete
with the cheapest, and all thoe wishing to
bny cheap, can save money by civiug u a
call. We havea'l kinds of goods and wares
lo supply the want of the people. A very
arue and complete assortment oi
French Merinoes. wool plaids, alpacas, borrt
baxines, de bages, poplins paramelta cloths,
mohair lustres, muslin de laines, Persiau
cloth", Ginhams, al;coes, &c.
Sleeves, Collars, Spencers, handkerchiefs,
flouncings, bands and trimminos, lces and
edgings, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vel
vet libbons, and brsids, kid, cotton, lisle
thread gloves, mohair mitts, &c.
brocbe, Bay State, Waterville, black silk,
cashmere, embrodered, &c. Also a very
large large assortment of Cloths, casimers,
satinets, veMings, tweeds, jeans, coating vel
vet, beaver cloths, &c.
of all kinds and sizes for men, women and
children. We have a large assortment of
HATS and CAPS of tbe latest fashion. We
have also, Hardware, Queensware, Cedar
ware, &c. Very cheap
table and carriage oil cloths, mats, rugs, bas
kets, &c. Muslins, flannels, tickings, dra
pers, tow dings, drillings, &c, in abundance.
We invite oor friends and ihe public gen
erally to give os a call before purchasing
elsewhere. ;". We have bonshl oor foods at
the LOWEST CASH PRICES and will not
be undersold by anybody or the rest of man
kind. ; . McKELVY, NEAL & CO.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 21, 1850.
Tinware & Store Establishment
rg ?HE UNDERSIGNED respectfully in
forms bis" old friends and customers,
that be has purchased his brother's interest
iri tbe above establishment, and the con
cern will hereafter be conducted by himself
exclusively. He has just recoived and of
fcrs far sale the largest and most en
SJ tenfeive assortment of FANCY ST0TVS
ever introduced into this market.
Stovepipe and Tinware constantly on
hand and manufactured to order. All kinds
of tepairing done, ss usual, nn short notice.
The patronage of old friends and new cus
tomers is respectfully solicited.
: Bloomsborg, Jan. 12.153. if.
TVTOTICE is hereby giving to all legatees,
creditors and other persons interested
in the estates of the respective decedents
and minorsj that the following administra
tion and guardian accounts have been filed
in 'he office of the Register of Columbia
county, and will be presented for confirma
tion and allowance to the Orphan's Court,
to be held at Bloomsburg, in the county
aloresaid, on Wednesday the 5ih day of Dec.
next, at 2 o'clock, in lhe attrnoon.
1 Tne second account of Peter Ent, one
of the Executors of Matthew McUowell,
late ol Scoil township, der'd.
2. The second account of Theodore
McDcwell, one of the Executor ol Mat
thew McDowell, late ol Scott township,
3. The arconnt of L-wi-i Vetter, Admin
iMr.tiorot the eMu'e of Jacob Keiler, late of
Cc'rt wi-oa township, dee'd.
4. The first and final account of Eno-, Executor of the lal will and testa
meiit ol Rnsauna Vaiinatla, Idle of Bloom
tow nship, dee'd.
5. The account of Elisha B Brown, Guar
dian of Elizabeth A. Brown, one ol the
children and heirs ol John Brown, Jr.. la'e
of Mifflin township, dee'd.
0. The account of Elisha B. Brown. Guar
dian of Rehecca Brown, one of the children
and heirs ol Matthew Brown, late ot Mitllin
township, dee'd.
7. The account of Robert B. Swayze,
Executor of the last wi'laud testament ol
Jhcob C. Swavze, lute cf Franklin township
P. The acconnt of Jacob F. Rnhibnck,
Administrator of the estate of Jacob Kolir
Oack. la'e cl Franklin lowushin. dee'd-
9 Ttie account of James Masters, Exec
liters of lhe last will and testament of Henry
Ki el. en, la e of Madunn township, dee'd.
10. The aeecouul of Svmnel Kres-ler, , cock, and on th south by a public road
Administrator ol the estate of Lemuel Kres- leading from Miilville to liohrsbur, con
sler, late of Scott townshi,.. Iec.M J laining one hall of an Acre more or less,
11. The acconnt of John Murray, late of j whereon are er-eted a two story FRAME
Liberty to-viiship, Columbia (no Montour)
county . dee'd.
12. The account of Richard Demoti, ev-
ecntor ot the estate of J;tcob Swisher, la'e
ot il.,,,,, 10wnship , dee'd
KKJITtU s UFFtl'K. I Kegister.
B! omst)nrg, Nov. 7, l8fi()
'l it I
nrTtirm ninin nr rrvvn n rop
Ufl' l l UI till IIU ll "JO
, MSh nr,vv ,y anua l' of
Tu, Dttl (i.,bv, The
fo ,!eire ,n M,bl
- ,. . v ,
. .i I r. . . ...:ii ' Ri.i
, srnoe, hihi v-uusir -..rn-n .
j Monday-of next December, when 1 tii
resume publishing the
. L ... . ,
I lie IJaily t.Iohe will contatri a report ot
".. . . , ,
, & i hn c i 1 1 im t w r 1 1 e f in il is
to any corps ol hori liiiml w riters in this,
.3 ' . . . . r
nr in anv (.filer roilnlrv. A niiti'irt'V Ot
it and ""m Xv,il "'r''- ' "; f"1,nr'- lt'Lat"
ince i,fil" ' w'";- ,,0"r'
J average number rf woid- spoken by finer,
speakers rare
exceed seven thousand
Ik. nr. ne the
a itav ilo not intke more ihan
. debate- ol
irriy-n-e ciumn. iney win appe-ir in 1 ne
Daily Globe ot the next morning, which
will contain, al-o. the new ol the day, lo-
ge'her wnh Mich editorial ar'icle.s as may
be suggested ty passing event.
The Congressional (ilobe ami Appendix
u ill enii!in a report of all the Debate in
Congres revised by the speaker, ihe
: he AllU;i,; ol Uie eaiU ,
the Executive Departments, lhe Laws
passed during the res-ion. am! co.iious in-
I dexes o all. They will be pruned on a
1 .1...,! .r.. .1 ;.. .,.r.Lr L.rr,. rn.-J
. '
. f MZe, each number containing mX.
, ,...n . ,. ; i
! 'l"- , V " T- 't, T
u"vrtl' " , ,2 100 V2- ' -
. k uei, t(, be ,tlecheapest work ever
I ,, .. .... . , .
j S0' T " 1 " ,! . . .
1 " . V ' " ' . 'r V " .
itit? i. i a Hum wet ui ,i I.UU -
Tne coming esion wi'l. without doubt.
oe an unn.M.any imereMinn one, ueiue
he debates will, 111 a ral measure, be(tvlo ;orv frm c!wh1.' house, a' lar-.e
upon ihe pobcy of ihe President elert, ami
1 tie tilnLie w ill be, aa it Ii.ts heeii lor many
.i t. i i i . .i
years past, me oniy rourcH irom wnn-n iun
tiebafs l L lll.':es ran he untamed. (
Ihe Loniire-MotMl dlobe and Appendix I
iias tree ihrouh lhe ma N ol I lie Uu teil '
Mater-, a- wii ue seen i,y rea.nns; u.e .01
the 6ti of Auut, 1H52:
Jjint Ke-olutin providing for the d.s'ribu
lion ol ihe Laws ol Congress and the
llebdtes thereon.
' un a view 10 uie cneap circuia ion 01 i
the laws of Ciinres atid the debate con
tributing to the true interpretation thereof,
and 10 make tree the communication be
tween the representative and constituent
Be it ren!ved by lhe Senate and House
of Repiesenlatives of lhe United States of
America in Congress assembled, That from
ard after the present session of Congress,
the Congressional Globe and Appendix,
which contain ihe Saws and the debates
thereon, shaii pass free through the mails so
long as ihe same shall be published by
order of Congress: Provided, That nothing
herein shall be construed to authorize Ihe
circulation of the Daily Globe free of
Approved, August 6, 1852.
For a copy of the Daily Clobe, for
four months, S3 CO
For 1 .copy of lhe Congressional
Globe and Appendix, during the
session, . 3 00
For 2 copies ditto, when ordered at
the same time, 5 00
No attention will be paid lo any order
unless the money accompany it.
Bank notes, current in the section of the
country where a subscriber resii'es, will be
received at par. The whole or any pari of
a subscription may be remitted in postage
stamps, which is preferable to any currency,
except gold or silver. JOHN C. IUVES.
tl AVE just received from Ph-ladelphia a
splendid assortment of merchandise,
purchased af the lowest figure, and which
they are determined to sell for
Cash or Country Produce,
on as moderate terms as can be procured
elsewhere in Lighl Sfeet. Then Slock con
sists ot LADIES' DRESS GOODS, choicest
styles and latest fahions,
Iron, Nails and Spikes,
In short every thing usually kept in a coun
try Store. , They respectfully invite their
old friends, and the public generally, to call
and examine their stock before purchasing
elsewhere. - , ;
EST The highest price paid for country
prouace. ;
BY VIRTUE of a cer ain writ of Levari
Facias, to me directed, issued out of
the Court of Common Pleas, of Columbia
county, will be exposed to public sale, at
the Court House, in Bloomsburg, on
Monday 3d day of December
next at one o'clock, in the afternoon of said
day, the following property, to wit :
A certain piece or lot of land, which
were of the Locust Mountain Coal and Iron
Company, owners, and,E. M. Heilner,
contractor, a certain dwelling house two
stories high, villi a kitchen, attached, one
and a half stories hi nil ; the building is
about thirty-two lee' by twenty eight leet,
and situate upon a certain lot or piece of
ground, within the Coutt';' of Cn'unihia.
and owned by the said Locust Mountain
Coal and Iron Company, together with lhe
hereditements and appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execut on and to be old
as the property of the Locust Monnlain
Coal ami Iron Company owners, and E.
M Heilner, contractor.
ALSO All that certain lot of land ittiate
in Cent reville, Centre township, Columbia
county, bounded and de-ciibed as follows,
to wii on the north by an alley, on the j
east by a street or said Lentreville, on the
south by lot of Jacob Mensinger and on
the wet by an alley, containing fittv two
feet in front and one hundred and eighty
!eet in depth, whereon is erected a one and
with the appurtenances.
' Seized taken tn execution and to be sold
as i he property ol Josiah B Edwards.
ALSO All that certain lot of ground sit-
j na'e in Greenwood iownhip, Columbia
! county, bounded on the norm west by a
I public road on the H by Charles Hay-
i I'-LLIMt HOUSE, a lo out house, a
j iraino s!Hiie, a trame woou s:ieu ami oiner ,
, outbuilding with the appurtenances,
j ALSO One other lot simple in the twp.,
j aiid ci'iinty aforesaid, bounded on the north
j west by a pnbim road, on lhe north by a
i public road lending from Miilville to Ronr
! puig, on the east by lot of A. f. Kesier,
i am! on the south bv lnJ of Ezra Eves.
! ,ia, i.,.. one hall of an acre more or le-s.
i i r cl;..,! m .i,-.
' ' "i-, "it"
I n ).,.-
' " Se-zed liken :n execution and to be sold
as the property of James Hampton.
! ,.Af; -A 11 .",dl VS' I' .J " !
siuiaiH n r,"iuii, uuiuiiiuiu ru., uuuun-
i . . . . ' .
j e, alll te.-eiibed as oilow. to wil : on toe
r - ;, - , - ,, jJUai., S,reet of said town, on the
! west by loTi.f-Ettttkx.fc Crevelmg, on (he
i lie r n v l ioi oi i -aac. x i noma.- -r- v .. , ;
, , , ,(,t of A(1rt,w Owens,
; coi.raiinns inriy me leet in root, one nim-
i ibc! rnl eignty leet m depth, he .he same
. :a a I VV()
! or le-f, whereon i ere.ieu a i 'in
nTAin. .ti inirrt i iv. nnrcL'
' stable, and other outbuildings, with !
: u).e(. in eKPCUI;rtn ant, to be poIl!
i as the property ol Prise Bomlw.y. !
l rv rtv ii.n f o irni Hi Vnil. kt ,
all mat certain Tract ot Land, uma e in ;
j Briarcreek town-h.p, Cidumbii CO., bound- i
j ed on the west by a public road leading
! Irom Berwick to New Columbus, on the
uor'h by land of Peter Hay-man. on the!
, eat b land ol S. F. Headly and Brutaiu. ;
: and on the south by I mid ot Wm. Luiden I
I au t oihers. roniaining seventy acres, n ore j
or less, hbout fifty acres ot which is cleared j
i land, whereon is erected a one and
a h-ll Mory lrame dwelling hou-e, a
i 'fame barn, a log stable ami other
. . u -II ...... '
' onmnn.imgs, wmi ine appurtenances. ;
i Seied taken in execmion and to be sold :
: as tl.e property ol Jacob Shafle'. ' j
, r n .
1 ALSO By sundry writs of vend ex. a'.hhat j
, certain Ioi of ground ei.nae in Rohrsb.irg,
cjolu-ntu-i co bounded on the wcm hV Mao i
1 ,l 4 ooumieu on ine west ry jani
! ' tovrnu ,he "r"! by hu F" 'M I
, UOe' " l,,e eaM " ,u,', OI Jd,','t' Lamoii. i
f containing; one hundred ?ar.d hltyfleei in I
1 I r i 1 1 1 lit Ihe Knirt ' mnftf nr a... I !
hin.d ed and fi teen (eel in deoih. be fie
-Hin l0ra OT , 'whereon are erected
t framt! whelM rilit
frame wheelwright shop, a Meani boiler, t
mall er.ume, a tnrn.uj lathe, a Ir-rne
blacksmiili etiop. a Ir .me tailo'r ,-t.n-., and
imo frame stables, and oher out buddings,
with the appurtenances. "
Seized taken in -xecnilon. and lo be
nlv lUe o( illUlld, M.Ai.ple
man. i
: . t . .
ALSO One other tract of land, si;ur.te in
Beaver township, Columbia county, nf-
joining land of Charles Mann, on lhe north,
jacoD Herman s neirs on tne norm, A era
1...... k'.,o..i.i nr, ik. ..ii. n 1... 1
ua-ii 1, vn hid niuiii. vnann riMiri
and Jacob Heinderleiter on the eat, and
Mary Culp on the west, containing one
hundred and one acres and a half, with the
j appurtenance, about ten acres of which
are cleared land.
Seized, taken in execution, and lo be
sold as the property of Jacob llossler.
ALSO By virtue of a writ of testatum
venditioni exponas issued out of the Court of
Common Pleas, of Schuy Ikill county, Penn
sylvania, all that certain tract of land situ
ate in Franklin lownship, Columbia county,
Penn'a., bounded and described as follows
to wit : Beginning at a white oak, corner of
laud of John flower, thence by lhe same,
South Eighty-nine and a half degrees west,
forty perches to siones, ihcnce by land of
I Benjamin P. Former, north two degrees
weht, forty two and two tenths perches to a
chestnut oak, thence by the same, north
nine degrees west forty three perches to a
maple tree, thence by lhe same, north ten
degrees east thirty perches to a pikewood,
thence by Ihe same, nonh twenty five and
a half degrees east, thirty perches to lhe
mouth of Vetier's Ron, thence up the north
easi branch of the Susqnehanna River, its
various courses one hundred and thirty ami
seven tenths perches to a red oak, thence
by land of Charles S. Coxe, south thirty
five and a half negroes east, s.xteen and
two tenths perches 10 stones, thence by lhe
same.norih eighty five degrees east twenty
four perches to stones, ihence by wood lots,
sonih forty two degrees west twenty six
and six teiths perches to siones, thence by
the same, south forty eight degrees east,
one hundred and six perches to stones,
thence by lar.ds belonging to the heirs of
John Former's (dee'd.,) sooth thirty and a
half degrees west, fifty three rerches to a
6lone; ihence by the same and lands of the
aforesaid John Hower, south eighiy two and
a half degrees west, one hur.dred and sixty
four perches to the place of beginning, con
taining one hundred and seventy four acres,
one hundred and forty perches, and allow
ance of six percent, be the same more or
less, about one hundred acres of which is
cleared land, whereon is erected a two
story frame dwelling bouse, a large frame
bank baro, a frame wagoo house, a spring
noose, andpt 5 e t-P jJLduxcr.sjj
, im4,m ....-.,,, uniM.i 1. JUn j, s , del.lie, ,!,.!,,. eu-'v- "illtel! Joilft the s ru ptnrns , atti!
adioitunn la-id of I-aac Yelter on the north. ! -.. lr,aines, calu oe, d.i-ieM - '--e- . ' ., . ,.'
A-'ror. Heriinser on the .nnh, , an. J c"- "'T w"i,r--MacMne ; s Vo eiion- Ru ,r ur P 1 Uv
) , ' is rather too li-hl o! I unririictin. , 0.1. 0.1 v oiu tet ion , uu p. ure-. r aiy ,
eat, containius Oie acre o! land, whereon : ,n .. . . . Diarrlu e.. Jnmlu-e llen-tiinh 5e.i ii,,,ii
' , , 1 1 11 ' 1 I 10. 15 11 1 we all admit, that i advantas1- a J . 1 .. ' 1 l0Ol-
is erected a one and a half .lory Irani , ....i , , .. ..,, nr , L'rme. 1 . th Ki.lueys and Bladder,
dwell. 1.3 hoii-e.a frame stable, a Will of j ""'"'. and priLci.-. y to the v ,., or ; , , tliseaes of the
.. . 1 ' eve-ihi, int.iH-eil f y li e ue d wni 1 n-nammum 11, rfii i I'lt-r ui.-ra. e 01 ine
wa-er at Ihe door. l.r. ..11 ..: , ' S omach. Uuvv i-. Liver aud Urmarv Or
a the property of Marrret Gable, by her
attomey, in fact Henry G.ible.
Sheriff' t Office,
Bloomsburg, Oct. 24, I860.
Foi1 December Term, 18CO.
Bloom Evan Jones.
Bor. Berwick William II. Woodin, Mor
decai Jackson.
Briarcreek William Hanman.
Centre Samuel C. Bower.
Caltawissa George Hughes, Adam Fed
eroll. Fishinucreek Hiram Hess, Dan'l Edgar,
George Howell.
Franklin Michael Mensch, Jackson Cle
aver. Greenwood James Vanhorh, Robt. Rob-bin-,
Elijah Lirion.
Hemlock John (lirlon.
L(ust Jacob Helwig.
Main William Meusinger, William Bit
tier. Montour laae. Mowry.
Ml. PleasaM Abraham Dildine.
Orange William Fisher, Samuel Zim
merman Suizarloaf Anderson Kile.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 24, ls60.
Benton Eli Men lenhall.
Briarc teek Reubm Bo wer, Jeremiah C. t
Beaver John Shcman.
Caliawisa Joseph Breiich, Isaac
Monroe, Siepheu B ildy, Samuel Tliomas.
Franklin Daniel Rohrbi k.
Fisliiugcreek Peter Golder. Sam'l Crev
eliug, Eniaudus Unangst.
(ireenwood Aaron Mtisgrave
Hemlock John Fount, John ll.irtman.
.o,-ii-t Mjtk Williams, Henry G.ible,
Mitllin Muhael Fry, L-wis E-kriat.
Mair.e Daniel Reiubold, J io. Klin.
Moiiionr Jacoli Leiby. Joseph .Vlonser
M.iCii-oii Ne ton
lhomas, John M
Mt. Piea-ant John Warlin.
Orange J'irob Gooil.
Pine Philip Shoemaker, John F. Fow
ler. Eira Lyons, Jacob Cnrisiy.
lloarmgcreek Judah Cherritigton.
Sugarloal John Kitchen.
c . . i ... i. -1 i ji i : T" 11
ceo i jacou U1dB8eli, i .1111 . unma..,
Joseph Ldl
Bloomsburg, Oct. 24, I860.
ii,n . r 1 1 1 ..i iifiii.r fii.ri'iM..eii ineex
-i : . . l. r . . . l ...I.. .I-I
--, i
ved Cheat Patenl Sewing Machine, for
lite County of Columbia, will he hippy to
supply their friends, with theanicle lor lhe
Hero ru on da I ion of themst Ives and la milies.
The fuljowirig are home of tiic superior
: advantages tbis implement possesses" vr : ;
1. It sews from 400 to 6U0 tight stitches ,
per minute. :
.. ChHM,.,pr ,d .heir mech- ;
nWin invariably managed and ll readed
vvit, ,nort, r less difiicnlt) ; n:t so wi'h
I;A YMON D'S, a child can manage it ir. two
u,rSi amj lX js iireaded ea-ier lhas a com
mrit needle.
3. One ofthe moM valuable 'eatures nf
ttlls Jla.-hnie, is the smallnes and the
,.0m-aciness of its mechatiis-n.
4 ' . can be attached to a board table or
a,, j operating order, binl removed in
less than half a minute.
, 5. , 2re;ltv ecoimm i-s e threar!, and
yet produces a seam, siitHcientlv strong for
:iny wotk tor which it is intended, a qua!-
ifi'-a'iori not knowji to all kitats id Sowing
l h cli in
6. No human hand i capable of produ
cing a seam so regular and sysieuiatic.
The seam i so stm-n; i well done, that the
sfone.-t rrtiiterul will tear belore the
seam will uive way.
7. Anions the array of Patent Sewing
Machines. (!:ere are none so cheap :md
; Kayrnot.d s latent. Dot no
,...1. " (" - 11 "
Kiiuis 01 worK a
1 eXpe'Mnee has pro en.
There are perhaps
", e r,al' ,,0""i "ut tl : variety
! "f w orH ti,r 1,1,1 ' "'f'1 of l'" lam-
I ;lv "".'! a' f",:h." '""derate price a-
"'A-U)-M)S I A LIS 1.
I . Ine operator can shapri hi si'an just
i " h" wave. Ieavt- andfljweiP,
' rf., ivn ie represen'eii or inn ale.i
! !1. Il l iifi! v Mil:ile.. w nil kinds
r f t-1 1 1-ft 1 1 " -Uv-h
as lit l III eii'i hlrl.
,' t'O-oriis, rinibanls
collar-, iihl ali
n 1 1 1
tf Inifte
sewing, iiirlndinj silki
! '
jj Thi
w;,v jSell
Machine fastens the seam al -
t'tit if the operator wihes it
miiaki.'iisll or onen. there is a wav lor ii
i ' ' . ' -
i , ,. ...... i... r.,,-.,.i
as you please, whnh i, somenine-, ee
cially for beginners, a very lavorahle cir-
cumstance. the seam ii. left uufaiened,
you can draw il out in thrte secends and
save the thread.
For sale by ihe nnderisiited, at their re -
specuve resiliences, in bioomfburg who
iil pnl lhe Machine in operation ami give
all necessary instruction.
Bloomsburg, July 1 1 , I860.
Auditor IVotice.
Estate of Jacob Fry, Uie of Midi in tp. dee'd.
A LL persons interested will lake notice,
that the undersigned appointed Auditor
by the Orphan's Court of Columbia county,
to settle and adjust the rates and proportions
of the assets of lhe estate of Jacob Fry.
deceased, in the har.ds of Samuel Crea y,
Ihe administrator, to and amon the respec
live creditors of the said Jacob Fry, accord
ing lo the order established by law. wiil at-
1 . L if III t I
ienu at mis omen, in nioornsour, in sain
counly, on Saturday, the 2"th day of No
vember, i860, lo make Ihe distribution,
when and where all persons hiving claims
or demands against the estate ol the dece
dent are required to present ihem lo the
auditor, or be forever debarred from any
claim to lhe fund in the hand of the ad
ministrator. BOB'T. F. CLARk",
Bloomsburg, Oct. 18, i860. Auditor.
ICDOZ 2j ZlB 0
fllHE uudersigned takes this method of
offering his valuable Hotel JF-
Properly at private sale, situate fSJy f,e
in he pleasant and thriving vi!-
lage ol Light Street, ColumbiaLrS-J
County, Pa. This i6 understood lo te most
an excellent HOTEL STAND, the House,
Stable and outbuildings being all in good
repair. The Proprietor of this hsuse having
no desire to continue in the hotel business,
wiil dispose of his property at private sale
upon the most reasonablu lerms. To any
person wishing to engage in the business
it is a good location and a desirable place.
s-uii'upc. iiitiiuicn an viuci dij , 1
TT TELLS YOU HOW to choose all kinds
of Meats, Poultry, and Game, with all
the various and most approved modes of
dressing and cooking Beef and Pork ; alo
lhe best and simplest way of saltifnZ, pick
lm and curing Itift same.
IT TELLS VOLT ALL the various and
fnii'l approved mi.les of dressing, cooking
iir.d boning Mintori, Lamb, Veal, Boultry,
and Game of ail kinds, wtih lhe different
Pressings, Gravies, and Stulfuig appro
priate to each.
IT TELLS YOU HOW to choose, clean,
and preserve Fi-h ol ail kimU, and how lo
sweeten it when tainted; also all the va
rious and moi approved mode of conking,
with the different Dressings, Sauces, and
Flavorings appropria e to each.
IT TELLS YOU ALL the varion and
most approved trin.Jes of preparing ver
fiity different kiiu'n of Meat, Full. Fowl,
(iiine, and Vegetable S ups, Broths, and
Stews, with the Klisheo and Sesonii:gs
appropria'e lo each.
IT TELLS YOU ALL the varinn and
rno-t approveo moile ol conkiti ' Vegwta-
5e f eVery description, aUo how to pre
nare Pickles, Catsiinn and Curries of all
I kinds, Polled Meats, Fih, Game, Mush-
! IT TELLS YOU ALL the various and
j mni approved mo leu of preparing and
i conking all kind of Plain and F"ancy Pa
j irv. Pu filing-, Omelettes, Flitters, Cakes.
; Confeciioiier , Pres-rves, jellies, and Sweet
! Dishes .f everv descrip ion.
J IT TELLS YOU ALL the various and
j mo-t approved modes of riiakiug Bread,
Kti-ks, Muffin, and Biscuit, lhe best
: methoil ol preparing Coflee, Chocolnte, and
: Tea, ai.d l.ow lo riMke Syrups, Cordials,
1 and Wines ot vatiniis kinds.
I IT TELLS YOU HOW lo set out and or-
namein a Tatle. how lo Carve ail kinds of
Fish, Flesh or Fowl, and in shop, how loso
: simplify the whole Art of Cooking a to
bring the choicest luxuries ol the table
I within eer body's reach.
Tne book contains 418 pages, and up
, wards ot twelve hundred Receipts, all of
i which are the resiTlis of actual experience,
having been fully and carefully tested un
i der the personal mi periutendence of the
wri'ers. It i printed in a clear and open
type, is illustrated wnh appropriate engra
viPU', and wiii be torwarded lo any addres,
neatly bound, and postage paid, on receipt
. 0, ltiB ,,,1, l OO.or in clo.h, extra, Sl.25.
81 OOO a Year
cat. be made by enterprising men every
where, in selhtig lhe above work, our in
ducements to all Mich being very liberal.
lor single copies o! the Book, or fof
terms 10 agents, will, other .1. formation,
apply to or address
JOHN E. POTTER, Publisher,
No. 617 Sanborn Philadelphia.
(arc at Yoic lhe II
Profettor of Pathology and Ouer 'live Surgery
in the I'tterinary College of Phihtde'jmia, j
e c.
VCriLL TELL YOU ol the Origin, History
and oiMinclive trai s of the vartou I
t'reed 1 I European, Asiatic, African and .
American Horse, with 1 he physical forma- j
,i'j'tiii iji i
lion at .l pec uliariwrs ol the animal, and , ,., tto.k of Goo,s jUil IPreiJ 8l L X
how ;o ascertain his a-e ty the number , SflARPLESS' Chap Can Store. Having
and condition ol hi teeth; illustrated with j :., re.nmed from Philadelphia with a airvk
numerous explanatory enuraving-. ! heretofore nnrivaJd, he flatters himself
THE HOUSE AND HlS DISEASES i that he can satisfy ail of the beauty and ad
Wiil tell you ol Breeding, Brraciti:, Sa- ! vaniaoe ol the Cash Sytem by the exceed
t"ing, Feeding, (iroomin, Shoeing, and tne j '"-' 'ow prices wuh which he is able to
general management of the horse, with the sell.
best innOes ol admini-lermg medicine, alo, j Tiff gy f3. t. Ci T,
how iu ireai Biiiuj, Kckinr, Bearina, i onsisth ot nreis gootls of eiery variety,
Sh in-j, S' uii.bln.jj, Crib Biting. Replies- Silk, I'laiiU, F15M Thibels, Cashmere,
ne, ami other vires 10 which he it subject; j I'lain ami fancy DLaines &c. ice. Ladie
with iiu:::erous explanatory engravings j Brcn-he anil R-verable S'iawl, Gent'n
THE I10LSE AND HIS DISEASES. i Si.awU. Coa-, Cloak and Mantle Cloth-,
1 r .1 . , ! Fancy Casimere. Veatina, Satin, La whs,
U il! te.i ion ol the cause-. smptoms, and r-. 1 ' 1 01 r c i
n " . v 4 1 ',, r .dimels, Liinham,Cal coes &c., ice, Boms
1 reatmem nl Slidi!,, D.s- i , ... ' , , ' . . , .
... 1 .1 1. . ' -d S'loes A lare asortaiei.l ol Gum
lemiier, I at.rr.i, In itifnZJ, brmu ht'is. i , . - - 1 . , . . .11
'. ,, , . . shoe which wi. I be dispose 1 ol at ihe low.
rneuiuonia, I'.eun-V, iirokeu tvind. Lnro ! . . . 11 , in t m , u
. . ',, - ' . .... . . esi prices, Hats aud Cps. Ia.ble and noor
m ' . 11- 1 I. Od Clo'.hs,
Sure Miituli ainl Licer-, and UecaxeJ . (. o r -r..j
Teeth, v.,:h u.her d.sea.e, ot the M,uth AolIOnS Of C.ery Ivilld.
anil iiesrira:ory Organs. ( Q'ienesware, Groceries, Floor and feed,
S Will tell vou ol die caues, svmntonis, and
: TreatmeM ol Bone. Blood and !!... S ...viii
t .. '. ". '
.nt,ni,. wuum. L
j Wind G.iiU, Founder, oli Bruise nn l
j Gravel, Cracked Hoof, ijcratcfies. Canker,
j Thrush, and Corns; also, of Me;rims,
j Veingo, Epi'epsy. S agser-, and other
j ci.-eases ot the Feel, Les, and Head.
Will toll yon of the caues, symptom, and
Treatment ol Fi-tul.i, Poll Evil, Glanders.
Farcy, S-ailet Fever, Manne, Surfeit,
Locked Jw, Rheumatism, Crimp, Gall-,
Diea-es of the Eye and Heart, &c, &c,
as) how to manage Castration, Bleeding,
Trephinning. lioweling, Firing, Hernia,
Amputaiimi, Tapping, auJ other surgical
Will teil yon ol Rarey's Method of taming
Horses; how 10 Approach, Halter, or Stable
a Col : how to accustom a horse 10 Strang
sounds ar.d sight, ami how 10 Bit, Sandle,
Bide, and Break him lo Harness; also the
lorm and law cl Warranty. The whole be-
ing the lesuli of more ihan fitteen y ears'
careful study ol ths habits, peculiarities,
wants and weaknesses of this noble and
u-elr.l animal.
The book contains 3S4 pages, appropri
ately illustrated by One Hundred Engra
vings. Ii is printed in a clear ar.d open
type, and will be furnished to any address,
postage paid, on receipt of price, half
bouiid, SI.00, or, in cloth, extra, S1.25.
SI OOO a Year
can be made by enterprising men every
where, 111 selling lhe above, and other
popular works oi ours. Our inducements
to all such are exceedingly liberal.
For single copies of Ihe Book, or for
lerms to agents, with other information, ap
ply to or iddreaa JOHN E. POITER,
617 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Shop ou South side of Main street, below
THE undersigned wonld inform the citi
zens of Bloomsburg and vicinity, that ho
has just received and offers lor sle o f
he most ex'ennive a-sortmeeH of COOK-'
INK and FANCY STOVES, ever introduced1
nto ihis m;irket. The Christopher Colum
iius. James Robb snd Globe are mn the
fifst c'ass cooking S'oves, all of which are
air-tihi and gas burner. His Parlor siove
ire handsome and Ihe asiortmenl varied
ALSO Par'ieolsr attention is paid to Tin
VVire and House Spoutinz, upon- short n-e--lice.
All kinds of repairing will be done
w'ph reatness and despatch. tW Country"
uroduce taken 111 exchange for work.
Blrtnmsbnrg, Oct. 3,
'MIE subscriber has just returned from fhsj
- City with another large and select a
sortmei.t of FALL AND WINTER Goods,
purchased at Philadelphia, at the lowest
figiwe, and which he is determined to self
on a moderate terms a can be procured
elsewhere in Bloomsburg. His slock com
Ladies' Dress Goods
of the choicest styles and latest fashion..
Hardware, Queensware, Cedarwa'e, Hal
low ware, Iron, Nails, Boo's & Shoes, Hats
and Caps, &c , &c. In short, everything
usually kepi in country Stores; lo which ha
invites ihe public generally. The highest
price paid for country i.iod-ice.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 24, 1860.
aa&B. ass.
New Fall Goods.'
We have again been to the city, and re
turned w'rh a large stock of Goods for
ihe season, which we are prepared to sell
at a low figure lor ready pay. Our stock
consists of
Hardware, Queensware, Cedarware, Wil-low-ware,
Groceries, Nails, Iron, Fish, Salt, Plas'er,
Fluid, Camphene Oils, White Lead by iha
Keg, cheap, &e., &c.
1L C. S: I. Wr. HARTMAN.
B'ioombt:r25 Oct. 17,1860.
Throughout this Country.
I t UT ihere is great excitemvnt down town
" 'raneil tiv lhe airival of a new ami ..
I .in 1-a a iu 1 11 c ii:i hi inn Piuih 1- siiiii-i't,p
j as no charje is niaile for an exhibition of
the :oots. firan and ad marketable ;ro
iluce taken in exchan2e lor sjoo't-.
B'oomsturg, Oct. 10, I860
Court rocIama!ioii.
IV' HEBE AS the Hon. Warren J. Wood-
ward, President Judce ot the Court of
Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Deliv
ery, Court ol Quarter Sessions ol the Peace,
and Court of Common Pleas and Orphans'
Court, in the 26th Judicial District, compos
ed of the counties ol Columbia, Sullivan ami
Wyoming, and the Hon. Jacob Evans and
Peter Kline, Asociale Judges of Columbia
County, have is-ued their precept, bearir
date one thousand eighteen hundred aud
sixty, and 10 me directed for holding a
Court ot Uyer anil 1 erromer. antl General
Jatl Delivery, Quarter Sessions ol the Peace,
Com. Pieas and Orphans' Coon, in Blooms,
bnrg, in ihe county of Columbia, on the first
Monday (being ihe 3J day) of Deem., next,,
and to continue one week.
Notice is hereby given, o the Corcner, the
Justices of the Peace and Con-tatlrs ol the
said County of Columbia, thai they be then
and there in their proper persons at 10 o'
clock in lhe forenoon of said day, with their
records. inmiiitinns uml n:hpi rpmomhran.
J Ces to do those things which to iheir office
j appertain to be done. And those that are
t bound by recognizes, to prosecute against
ihe prisoners that are or may be in lhe Jail
j of said county ot Columbia, to be then and
; ihere lo prosecu.e then as shall be iusl. Jo-
rors are requested to be punctual in their
attendance, agreeably lo llteu notice, dated
at Bloomsburg, the 24h day ol Oct., in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and sixiy . and in the eighty-fourth year
of lhe independence of tbe United States of
America, (God save the Commonwealth. )
Eloomsborg, Ociober 24., I860.
Auditor's Aotice.
. . .....
Hiram A. Child, In-'
dorsea ot Perry Deen,
Isaac Tvler.
In the Coort of
Common Pleas of
Colombia County,
venditioni expona-.
No. 45, September Terni, I860.
THE undersigned appointed Amlitor by
the Coort of Common Pleas of Columbia
I county, to make distribution ef ihe money
' -1 .r.i. 1.. .
ratseo oui 01 11:9 paie 01 ine real .ate ot
1-eac Tyler, by virtue of the above stated,
writ of venditioni exponas will attend at.
his office, in Bloomsburg. Colombia coun
ty, on FRIDAY, the 23d day of November,
1860, to make the distribution, when and
where all persons interested are required to
- i r ., -