The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, November 14, 1860, Image 4

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Cioocsburg, Wrdaesday, November 14, I860.
A few bushel? of baking apples will be
'taken at thia office if brought wiihin a week
or two.
LrzRRNE Cocntt has gone for Lincoln by
49u majerity. Thia looks rather strange for
Ja Democratic county.
Those of our patrons owing us for rtSarly
hree year's subscription had better be call
ing in at the Captain's office 'with the ready
We lerfrn that the Depot m llris place-
on the Lackawanna anil Bloomsburg 11. R
ia under contract. Cyrus Fry, of this lotvn,
ia doing the work, and i to 'have it 'Corri
Ipleted by the first of next January.
Thb Danville intelligencer says, that a
'house belonging to Messrs. Waterman &
BJeaver, situated in the vicini'y Sf the
borough, caught fire and burned lo the
aground, on Monday of last week.
Dividends -The Bank of Danville has
declared a dividend of 5 per cent foT the
-last fix months; the Bank of Nonhumber
land 4 per cent ; the Lewisburg Baj.k 4 per
-cent ; and the Milton Saving Bank 4 per
Cokv We have had so much wet weath
er of late, we fear it has seriously damaged
Mhe corn crop, ol which the greater portion
-is still angathered. Some of it no doubt is
tjnite rotten, or grown, and vast quantities
of it are in a bad conditio;! for keeping.
Chjikcld Hands. Henry Vaple has lately j
disposed of his contract, for carrying the
Mail between this place and New Colum- !
bus, to Chester Hughes, formerly of this
place, now of New Columbus. The change
took place Monday last. The mail is cur
ied by coach three times a week.
The Republican papers are already ma
fciug Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet. This is in good
treason, giving plsnty o! time for alterations
and correction. We see the name of Se
ward conspicuous in the list. Simon Cam
eron's name is omitted. Pennsylvania cer
tainly should be represented in the Cabinet
The official vote of the county of Mon
tour for President, figure up as lilows:
Breckinridge. 739 ; bouglas, 311; Lincoln,
1043; and Bell, 4. Thus it will be seen
that Lincoln has a majority over Breckin
ridge n( 254. and Breckiuridge and Douglas
over Lincoln .V7.
Ocr thanks are dne Jacob Smbkr, Esq , of
Thelpsvi le, Sullivan county, Pa , (mow in
"Europe) for a late copy of The Week'y
Timti. primed in London. It is a paper of
the largest size, and conducted with signal
ability ; perhaps im other paper i-i the
"vorld is more ably edited or more exten
sively circulated and read. It is with much
interest that we peruse these foreign papers.
The Luzerne Legal Observer, published in
rantoii, Pa., by E. S. M. Hi: I Esq., has
made its appearance in our sanctum. It
promises to be of some importance and in
terest to the legal profession and busine-s
vnen generally. It U in quarto form, and
will contain the most important decisions of
Hhe Supreme Court, and of the Courts of
J..uzerne and adjoining counties.
The Democrats of o!d Columbia did pretty
well on Tuesday of last week ; they gave
the Reading Electoral Ticket 491 of ama
ority over Old Honed Abe, the Rail Splitter
ol Illinois. This, we say, is pretty well,
con-idering the lukewarmness ami divi.-ion
in our party. Had every Democratic county
came as near her usual majority as did
Columbia, the vote of this Stale lo day
would be recorded in favor of the Reading
Electoral Ticket.
McKelvt & Co. have just replenished
their already large and select stock of goods
for Fall and Winter. They have a hand
tome assortment of goods, surpassing in
quantity and excellence, probably, all
others in this place They purchase their
goods in the most reliable Houses of Phila
delphia, where nothing but good articles are
to be had. Their customers are invited to
call and examine their elegant stock. They
charge nothing for an exhibi ion.
At the late Trotting Race on the Blooms
burg Course, Thursday last, the Purse of
SI00 was taken by "Blind Buckskin," be
longing to Mr Carey -of Danville The
race was mile beats, the best three in five.
Buckskin" won the first three heats, thus
defeating his competitor, A. H. Roe's "Gray
Mare'7 of Light S'reet. The time made by
"Buckskin" was as follows : First heal,
3:51; Second, z:49; Intra, 2:42. I he Ala re
had the inside track but lost it on the first
heal. .
Tut Your Cocutt Paper Now that
the long winter evenings are at hand, ar.d
laere is plenty ef lime for reading, -every
family should bare a newspaper and es
qpscially a county newspaper. This will
famish them with the local news of their
own coauty along wiih the general news.
-Jfotbinj will contribute so much to the en
joyment of the people al their firesides as
he weekly reception of a well conducted
contHy newspaper. For seme months past,
nve bave been obliged to devote a large
aioant of our space to political matters,
especially as they hare been surrounded
so rrruch "importance during the cam
Jaig3 which has now been broBght lo a
los3. We have felt that a heavy duly de
volved upon ns in having the issues prop
erly placed, before the people. But now
that is over, and we Intend again to make
ocr paper all that can be desired, te make
ha welcome weekly visitor, freighted with
.general and local news, and such matter as
cannot fail to mike it pleasing and attract
ive. - IfcL, l.k-jn, a -county uncoper-take
IVOT1CE is hereby giving to all legatees,
creditors and other persons interested
in the estates of the respective decedents
and minors, thai the following tidministra
lion and guardian accounts have beensfiled
in 'he otiire of the Register of 'Columbia
county, and will be pref entefl !for confirma
tion and allowance io the Orphan's Court,
to be held at 'Bloomsburg, in the county
aforesaid, on Wednesday the 5th da) of Dec.
next, at -2 o'clock, in the alternoon.
1 Ti'e second account of Pater Ent, one
of the Executors of Matthew Mcuowell,
late ol Scott township, dee'd.
2. The eeond accour.t of Theodore
MrDi well, one of the Executors ol Mat
thew McDowell, late of Scott township,
-3. The account of Lewis Yetter, Admin
istrator ol the. ola'eot Jacob "Keiler, te of
Cfiiwism township, dee'd.
4. Vne first atrJ 'final account of Eno
Jaeohy, Executor of the fast will and tela;
meirt of Eosanua Vannatta, late of Bloom
town-hip, ctee'd.
5. The account of Eiislra B. Brown, Guar
dian f Elizabeth A. Brown, one of the
children' and heirs ol John Brown, Jr., late
ofMiflliti township, dee'd.
6. The acconni ot Ehsha B. Brown. Guar
dian ol Rebecca Brow n, one of the children
and heir? ol Man hew Bio n, late of Mifflin
towu.-hip, dee'd.
7. The account of Robert B. Swayz,
Executor ol the last wi'l and testament ot
Jhcob C. Swae, late of Franklin lowtifhip
8. The account of Jacob F. Rolnback,
Admini-iratof of the estate of Jacob Rohr
back, laiecf Frunklm township, dee'd.
9 The Hcconnl if James Masters, Exec
uters o the last will and testament of Henry
Ki'cO&n, la e of Mdion township, dee'd.
10. The acccounl of Sanuiel Kressler,
Adminirtrator of the estate of Lemuel Kres
sler, Ute of Scott township, dee'd.
11. The account of John Murray, late of
Lit.frty to Aiiship, Columbia (now Montour)
vuunt. dee'd. DANIEL LEE,
RkgisTkr's Office, ) Register.
B'i omburg, Nov. 7, i860 j
f TllH) LOBE,
I pnbh-h now my annual Pro.-pectus of
The Daily Glebe, anil The Conresional
Globe and Appendix, to remind sub.-cribatx,
and inform those who may desire to snb-
scribe, hat Conres will meet on the first
Monday of next December, when I hall
resume pnblii-bina the above-nmef pa
per. They have ben published so lonj,
itiat inn-t public men know their character,
and iheretore I deem it needless to ir've a
miiMiift account of the kind of matter they
wiii rrn'ain.
Tfie Daily Glnbe will contain a report of
the. Debates in both branches of Consress
a t-iken down by reporters, equal, at least,
lo any roTps ol shori hand writers in this,
Or in any other country. A majoriry of
them w ill "ach, be able lo report, verbatim,
-n thousanti words an hour, while the
average ni:mLer cf words spoken by fluent
speakers rarely exceeds seveu thousand
five hundred words an hour. Wnen the
debate- f a day do not make more than
foriy-tie columns, they will appear in The
Daily Gtobe ot the next morning, which
will contain, al0, ttie news ol the day, to
gether with such editorial articles as may
be suseted by passing events.
The Congressional Globe and Appendix
w ill eoM-iri a report of all the Debates i'l
Cinre!.!, revi.-eJ by the speaker-t. the
Me6ai;es of the Psesident of the U'lited
Si.v.e, 'he Annual Reports of the Heails ol
I fie Executive Department-, the Laws
pd-sed ilurinsi the session, and copious iu-.
ilexes o ail. They will be printed od a
double royal sheet, in book form, royal
quarto ize, each number containing six
leen page. The whole will make, it i be
liHved, at least 2 000 pages. This is
ac knowledged to be ihecheapest work ever
sold in any couufy, whether a reprint or
printed Irom manuscript copy, taking for
data the average uutnoer of wotJs it con
ia'n. The i:nrain session will, without doubt,
be an Uiiusiially interesting one, because
ihe deba'.es will, in a "real measure, be
upon the policy of the President elect, and
The Globe will be, as it has been for many
tears past, the only soorca from which lull
debates i f Congress can be ootained.
The Congressional Globe and Appendix
pa-s tree through the ina'U ot the United
Siates, a will be seen by reading the lol
lowing Joint Resolution parsed by Congress
the 6tti of AuiiUst, 1852: "
Joint Rrt-olution providing for the distribu
tion of the l.aA J of Congress and the
Debates thereon.
Wi'h a view to the cheap circulation of
the laws of Congress and the debates con
iributing to the true interpretation thereof,
arid to maktt free the communication be
tween the representative and constituent
Be it resolved by the Senate and House
of Repieieiila;ivet of the United Slates of
America in Congress a-sembled, Thai from
ard after the present session of Congress,
the Congressional Globe and Appendix,
which contain the laws and the debates
thereon, shail pass free through the mails so
long as the arne shall be published by
order ol Congress! Provided, That notning
herein fchall be construed to authorize the
c rculatiou of the Daily Globe free of
Approved, August 6, 1852.
For a copy of the Daily Clobe, for
lour months, ' S3 CO
For I copy of the Congressional
Globe and Appendix, during the
For 2 copies ditto, when ordered at
the same time,
3 00
5 00
No attention will be paid to any order
unless the money accompany it.
Bank notes, current in the section of the
country where a subscriber resides, will be
received at par. The whole or any part ol
a mbscription maj be remitted in postage
stamps, w hiclt is preferable ;o any currency,
except gold or silver. JOHN C. RIVES.
Washington, Nov. 7, 1860.
AOJT ff Pa js the entire cost for Tai
o""iion in the most popular and
successful Commercial School in the coun
try. Upwards of TWELVE HUNDRED
young men from twenty eight different States
have been educated for business here with
in past ihrets yesrs, some of" whom, have
been employed as Book Keepers at salaries
of ... :
S20O0,0O per Annum.
immediately opon giaduating, who knew
nothing of accounts when they entered the
Co! leg. -
EST Minister's sons Italf price. Students
enter at any time, arrd review when they
please withont extra charge.
For Catalogues, Specimens of Penmanship
and View of -College, eno!osef!velener
BY "VIRTUE of a certain' writ of Levari
Facias, to me directed, issued out of
the'Ctfnrj of Common Pleas, of Columbia
'county, will be exposed lo public sale, al
the Court House, in Bloomsburg, on
Monday 3d day of December
next at one o'clock, in the aftrnooo of said
day, the following property, to wii :
A certain piece or lot of land, which
were of the Locust Mountain Coal arid Iron
Company, owners, and E. M. HeUuer,
contractor, a certain dwelling house two
stories high, with a kitchen -attached, one
and a half stories hi&h :; the building is
about thirty-two fee" by twenty eight feet,
arid Kitoate opOn a certairt lot or piece of
grotind, within the County of Columbia,
and towned by the said Locust Mountain
Coal and Iron Company, together with the
hereditemeiils and appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execut ou and to be sold
as the property of the Locust Mountain
Coal and Iron Company owners, and E.
M Heiluer, 'contractor.
ALSO All that certain lot of Tand situate
in Centreville, Centre loWnship, Columbia
county, bounded and deeiibed as follows,
to wii--ori the north by an aTIey-, on the
ea-t by a street of said Centreville, on he
south by lol of Jacob Mensinger and on
the vei by an alley-, containing fiflv two
feel in front and one hundred and eighty
feet in ifeplh, whereon is erected a one ami
with the appurtenances.
Seized taken in execution and to be sold
as ihe property ol Jo.-iah B. Edwards.
ALSO All thai certain lot of ground sit
ua'e in Greenwood township, Columbia
county, bounded on Ihe north west by a
public road, on the west by Charles Hay
cock, and on lh south by a public road
leading from Millville to Uol'Tsbur-i, con
taining one hall of an Acre mote or less,
w hereon are vrei-ted a two story FRAME
DWELLING HOUSE, a log out house, a
frame stable, a Irame wood shed and other
outbuildings wiih the appurtenances.
ALSO One other lot situate in the twp.,
and county aforesaid, bounded on the north
west by a public road, on the north by a
public road leading from Millville to Rotirs
buig, on the east by lol of A. T. Kester,
and on ihe south by land of Ezra Eves,
continuing one hall of an acre more or less,
whereon is erected a frame Cabinel Maker
Shop, and a Log Stable with the appurte
nances. Seized taken :n execution and to be sold
as the property of James Hampton.
ALSO, All that ceitain Lot of Ground
situate in Kspyiown, Columbia co., bound
ed and de-cribed as foilows to wit : on tre
south by Main Street of said town, on the
went by fot of Fowler & Creveling, on the
nc nh by lot of Isaac & Thomas Crevelina,
and on the east by lot of Andrew Owens,
containing forty one feet in Iront, one hun
dred and eighty feet in depth, be the same
more or les, whereon i erected a TWO
frame stable, and other outbuildings, with
the appurtenances.
Seized taken in execution and to be sold
as the property ol Priscus Bom boy.
A I SO By virtne of a writ of Vend. Ex.,
all trial certain Tract of Land,.-situate in
Briarcreek township, Columbia co., bound
ed on the west by a puhlie road leading
Irom Berwick to New Columbus, on the
norh by land of Peter Haymaii, on Ihe
eal by land of S. F. Ileadly and Britiain.
and on the south by land of Wm. Linden
an J others, containing seventy acres, more
or le-s, nbont fifty acres ol which is cleared
land, whereon is erected a one and
a hall story frame dwelling house, a
frame barn, a loa stable and other
outbuildings, with the appurtenances.
Seized taken in execution and to be sold
as it.e property of Jacob Shaffer.
ALSO By sundry writs of vend ex. all that
certain lol of ground situate in Rorst'iir,
Columbia co bounded on the west by Mam
st. of said tow 'i, on the north by lot of F. M.
Roe, on the east by land of Jacob Lamou,
containing one hundred ar.d fifty leet in
front, be the same more or less, and one
hundred and filteen feet in depth, be the
same more or less, whereon are erected a
l wo story frame dwelling house, a large
frame wheelwright shop, a steam boiler, u
small engine, a turning lathe, a frame
blacksmith shop, a frame tailor shop, and
two frame stables, and other out buildings,
with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of Muthias M. Apple
man. ALSO By virtue of a writ of plurias ven
ditioni txpoitas, a certain lot f ground
situate in Main township, Columbia couuiy,
adjoining land of Isaac Yetter on the north,
Aaron Berliner on the south, west and
east, conlainina one acre of land, whereon
is erected a one and a half story frame
dwelling hon-e, a frame stable, a well of
water at the door.
ALSO One other tract of land, siiute in
Beaver township, Columbia county, ad
joining land of Charles Mann, on tho north,
Jacob Sherman's heirs on the north, Abra
ham Knechl on the south, Charles Fisher
and Jacob Heinderleiter on the east, and
Mary Culo on the west, containing one
hundred and one acres and a half, with the
appurtenance, about ten acres ol which
are cleared land.
Seized, taken in execution, and lo be
sold as the properly of Jacob Hossler.
ALSO. By virtue of a writ of testatum
venditioni exponas issued out of the Court of
Common Pleas, of Schuylkill county, Penn
sylvania, all that certain tract of land situ
ate ir. Franklin township, Columbia cooniy,
Penn'a., bounded and described as follows
to wit : Beginning at a white oak, corner of
land of John Hower, thence by the same,
South Eighty-Dine and a half degrees west,
forty perches to stones, thence by land of
Benjamin P. Former, north two degrees
west, forty two and two tenths perches lo a
chestnut oak, Ihence by the same, north
nine degrees west forty three perches to a
maple tree, thence by the same, nortk ten
degrees easi thirty perches to a pikewood,
ihence by the same, north twenty five and
a half degrees east, thirty perches to the
mouth of Yetter'sRun, ihence up ihe north
east branch of the Susquehanna River, its
various courses oae hundred and thirty and
seven tenths perches to a red oak, thence
by land of Charles b. tjoxe, soutn tnirty
five and a half degroes east, s.xieen and
two tenths perches lo stones, thence by the
sarne.norvh . ghty five degrees east twenty
four perches to stones, thence by wood lots,
soath forty two degrees west twenty six
and six teilhs perches to stones, thence by
the same, south forty eight degrees east,
one buodred and six perches to stories,
thence by lar.ds belongiog to the heirs of
John Former's (dee'd.,) south thirty and a
half degrees wet, fifty three parches io a
6tone thence by the same and lands of the
afsreJaid John Hower, south eighty two and
a half degrees west, one hur.dred and sixty
lour perches to the place of beginning, con
taining one hundred and seventy four acres,
one hundred and forty perches, and allow
ance ef six percent, be the same more or
less about one hundred acres of which is
cleared land, whereon is erected a two
storv frame dwelling bouse, a large frame
I ha ti k JbaT, aj'ra meja ? jh n n ?r izz.
a the property of Margaret Gable, by her
atloiney, in fact Henry Gable.
Sheriff s Office,
Bloomsburg, Oct. 24, 1860.
IkRand juisoiis,
For December Term, 1860.
Bloom- Evan Jones.
Bor. Be'rwick-i-William H.VVoodin, Mor
decai Jackson.
Briarcreek"--William Hart man.
"CentreSamuel C. Bower.
Cattawissa George Hughes, Adam Fed
eroff. Fishinscreek Hiram Hess, Dan'l Edgar,
George Howell.
Franklin Michael Mensch, Jackson Cle
aver. Greenwood James Vanhorn, Robt. Rob
bins, Elijah Lemon.
Hemlock John Girton.
Lo i-ust Jacob Helwig.
Main W'iHiatn Mensinger, William Bit
tier. Montour Isaac Mowry.
Mt. Pleasar.t Abraham Dildrne.
Orange-1 William Fisher, Samuel Zim
merman. Sugarloaf Anderson Ki'e.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 24, 1860.
Benton Eli Mendenhall.
Briare ieek Bower, J'ereminh C.
Beaver John Shuman.
Cattawissa Joseph BreNch, Isaac S.
Monroe, Stephen B.ildy, Samuel Thomas.
Franklin Daniel Rohrbxck.
Fishingcreek Peter Golder, Sam'l Crev
eling, Emaudus Unanast.
Greenwood Aaron Musgrave
Hemlock John Foust, John Harlman.
Locut Mark Williams, Henry Gable.
Mifilin Michael Fry, Lewis Eckroat.
Mair.e Daniel Reinbold, Jno. Kline.
Moiilonr--JaCob Leiby. Joseph Jlouser.
Macron Newton Thomas, John M.
Sm n n.
Mt. Pleasant John Wardin-.
Orange -Jacob Good.
Pine Philip Shoemaker, John F. Fow
hcr, Ezra Lyons, Jacob Christy.
Roaringcreek Judah Cherrington.
Sugarloal John Kitchen.
Scott Jacob Glassen, Philip T. Hartm&n,
Joseph Lilley.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 21, i860.
I'ltici-: gio Kirn.
Bloomsburg, having purchased the ex
clusive right of the above valuable Impro
ved Chear Patent Sewing Machine, for;
the County of Columbia, will be happy io
supply iheir friends with the article for ihe
act-orn mr da( ion of themselves and families.
The following are some of the superior
advan'ages ibis implement possesses, viz:
1. It sews from 400 to 600 tight stitches
per minute.
2. Double thread Machines are from the
more Complicated character of their mech
anism invariably managed and ll readed
wiih more or less difficulty ; not to with
RAYMOND'S, a child Can manage it ir. two
hours, and it is threaded easier lhaa a com
mon needle.
3. One of the mo-t valuable features of
this Machine, i- ihe smallness and Ihe
compactness of its mechanism.
4. It can be attached to a board, table or
siand, in operating order, and removed jn
less than half a minute.
5. It greatly economizes the thread, and
yel produces a seam, sufficiently strong for
any work for which it is intended, a qual
ification not known lo all kinds of Sewing
6. No human hand is capable of produ
cing a seam so regular and systematic.
The team is so strong if well done, that the
sloiigest material will tear before the
seam will give way.
7. Among the array of Pa'enl Sewing
Machines, there are none so cheap and
durable as Raymond's Patent, but no Ma
chine is adapted lo ail kinds of work as
expe'ience has proven. There are perhaps
none so realy useful, doing such a variety
of wore for the immediate use of the fam
ily circle and at such a moderate price as
8. The operator can shape his seam just
as he pleases, waves, leave and flowers,
etc., can be represented or imitated.
9. It is particularly adapteu to all kinds
of stitchirg such as gentlemen's shirts,
bosoms, ristbands, collars, etc., and all
kinds of ladies' sewing, including silks,
lawns, delaine?, calicoes, dusters, etc., ex
cepting for men's heavy wear, this Machine
is rather too light of construction.
10. But we all admit, that ihe advantage
to health, and principally to the vision or
vyesight, induced by the use of Sewing
Machines, surpasses infinitely all oiher ad
vantages. ;i. This Machine fastens the seam al
ways itself, but if the operator wishes it
unfastened or open, there is a way lor it
loo, thus you can have it fastened or not,
as you please, which is, sometimes, espe
cially for beginners, a very favorable cir
cumstance. II the seam is left unfastened,
yon can draw it out lu three sec-cuds and
save the thread.
For sale by ihe undersigned, at iheir re
spective residences, in Bloomsburg, who
will put ihe Machine in operation arid give
all necessary instruction.
Bloomsburg, July 1 1, 1860.
fMIE undersigned respectfully informs the
citizens of Bloom-burg, and ihe public
in general, that he has purchased the NEW
HAT STORE, in the white frame store
hoase, on Main Street, nearly opposite the
Exchange Buildings, where he has just re
ceived a splendid assortment of
City Hats and Caps, .
Direct from the Manufacturies, of all kinds,
styles, sorts and sites, latest fashion, which
he offars wholesale and retail, at very low
prices.. Also, STRAW GOODS, including
all the modern styles and fashions.
Cd These Goods will be 6old at very low
prices, for Ready Pay.
- OF
I3 02. .SZaSSJo
ritHE uudersigned take this method of
- offering his" valuable Hotel
Property at private sale, situate
in the pleasant and thriving vil
lage ol Light Street, Columbia
County, Pa. This is understood to be most
an excellent HOTEL STAND, the House,
Stable and outbuilding being all in good
repair. The Proprieror ol this fiance having
no desire lo continue 'tnlha hotel business,
will dispose of his property at private sale
upon the most reasonable terms. To any
person wishing to engage in the b'lsiueps
il is a good locatiou and a desirable place.
For lurther information applv to ihe sub
scriber, D L. EVER HART,
Oct. 17, 1860. Light Sireet, Pa.
f WILL conduct an examination ot Teach
eT3 at "the following limes and plrceg.viz
Scott, at Espy, Oct. 20th: Catiawisa al
Cattawi-sa, Oct. 22d ; Orange, at Orange
ville Oct 23d ; Greenwood, at Rohrshnrs,
Oct, 24ih; Madison al Jer-ejtown, OiM 25th;
Hemlock, at Buckhnrn, Oct. 20ih ; Mount
Pleasant at Hu'chinsons, Oct. 27th; MitTlm
at Mi& inville Oct. 29th ; Beaver, a! Mi
chael's School House, Oct. 30th Maine at
Maineville, Oct 31st; Roaringcreek Middle
School Hu, Nov. li: Conyngham, a
Cenireville Nov 2it; Locust, at Slabtown,
Nov. -31; Franklin, at Clayions Nov. -5th ;
Montour ar DeiieTick's School House Nov.
9th-, at Fo-A-le'rsville Nov. 7di; Briarcreek, at
Evansville, N.v. 8th, Fishingcreek, at
Stillwater, Nov. 12th; Benton, at Benton.
Nov. 13th; Sugarloaf ; A. Cole's School
House; Nov. J4ih; J-ckson, a! Derr's School
House, Nov. loth; Pine, at Upper Sereno,
Nov. 16th. Al 1 o'clock p. m., of eacn dny.
Directors are requested to make allneed
lul arrangements, and to manilest iheir
interest bv attendance.
Light Street, Uct. 17, 1860.
Ymlif or's lYoticct
Estate of Jacob Fry, Lie ?f MihTm ip. dee'd.
LL persons interested will take notice,
that the undersigned appointed Auditor
by the Orphan's Court of Columbia county,
lo settle and adjust the rates and proportions
of the assets of the estate ol Jacob Fry,
deceased, in the har.ds of Samuel Great y,
the administrator, to and among the respec
tive creditors of the said Jacob Fry, accord
ing to the order established by law, will at
leiid al his office, in Bloomsburg, in aid
county, on Saturday, the 2th day ol No
vember, i860, lo make the distribution ,
when snd where all persoiis hnving claims
or demand against Ihw estate ol the dece
dent are required 10 pre-ent mem to Ihe
auditor, or be forever debarred from any
claim to the fund in the hands ot the ad
ministrator. ROBT. F.CLARK,
Bloomsburg-, Ocl. 18, i860. Auditor.
Auditor's IVotiCc.
Hiram A. ChihU, In
dorsee ol Perry Deen,
Isaac Tyler.
In the Court of
Common Plea of
Columbia County,
venditioni expona
No. 45, September Term, 1560
THE undersigned appointed Auditor by
ihe Coorl of Common Pleas of Columbia
County, to make distribution of the moneys
raised out of (he sale of the real es.ate of
I-aac Tyler, by virtue of the above ftated
wrii of venditioni expona-, will attend a'
his office, in Bloomsburg. Columbia coun
ty, ri FRIDAY, the 23d dav of November,
IHfiO, io make the distribution, when and
where all persons interested are required to
make their claim before the audiior or be
dtbarred from coming in on said fund.
B.'oomsbjrg, Oct. 17, 1S60.-4w.
Auditor' IVoticc.
THE undersigned, Auditor appointed by
the Court of Common Pleas of Columbia
Couniy. to distribute ihe money returned
by the Saeriff as raised out of ttie sale of
ihe real estate of Josiah B. Dodson, among
the creditors of ihe said Dodson, according
to law, will attend lo the duties of his ap
pointment, at his office, in bloomsburg, on
Tuesday, the 27ih day of November. A. D.
1860, al ten o'clock in Ihe forenoon, when
and where al! persons having claim-against
the said Dodson are required to present the
same, or be debarred from cn.ning ir upon
said fund. WESLEY WIRT,
Oct. 17, I860. 4w. Auditor.
Court Proclamation.
YVHEREAS the Hon. Warren J. Wood-
" ward, Pie-ident Judqe ol Ihe Court of
Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Deliv
ery, Court of Quarter Ses-iens of the Peace,
and Court of Common Pieas and Orphans'
Court, in the 26th Judicial District, compos
ed of Ihe counties of Columbia, Sullivan and
Wyoming, arid the Hon. Jacob Evans and
Peter Kline, "Associate Judges of Columbia
County, have issued their precept, bearing
date one thousand eighteen hundred and
sixty, and lo me directed for holding a
Court of Oyer and Terminer, and General
Jail Delivery , Quarter Session of ttie Peace,
Com. Pleas and Orphans' Court, in blooms,
burg, in the county of Columbia, on the first
Monday (being, the 3d day) of Deem., next,
and to continue one week.
Notice is hereby given, o the Coroner, the
Justices of the Peace ami Con-tables ol the
said County of Columbia, that they be then
and there in their proper persons at 10 o'
clock in ihe forenoon of said day, with their
records, inquisitions and other remembran
ces to do tho-e mings which to their offices
appertain to be done. And those that are
bound by recognizes, to prosecute against
the prisoners that are ot may be in ihe Jail
of said county ol Columbia, to be then and
there to prosecufe then as shall be just, Ju
rors are requested to be punctual in their
attendance, agreeably to itieir notice, dated
at Bioomburg, the 24th day of Oct.. in the
year of our Lord (me ihoiii-ar d eight hun
dred and sixty , and in ihe eihty-lonnh year
of the independence of Ihe United Siaies of
America. (God save the Commonwealth.)
Bloomsburg. October 24, I860.
AVE just received from Ph;fade!phia a
splendid assortment of merchatniise,
purchased at the lowest figure, and which
they are determined to sell for
Caf-li or Country Produce,
on as moderate terms as can be procured
elsewhere in Light Sfeel. Their Slock con
sists of LADIES' DRESS GOODS, choicest
styles and latest fashion,
Iron, Nails and Spikes,
In short everv thing usually kept in a coun
try Store. They respectfully invite their
old friends, and the public generally, to call
and examine their stock before purchasing
Heal Estate'of Levi Beiiel, late of Madison
township, Columbia county dee'd .
THE Commonwealth of Pennsyl
s 1 vania lo Levi P. Beisel, SallieR-
'J Beisel, Interma'rried with Wil-
-v- JisbRobert M. Beit-el, Henry Kent
Beisel, Narnssa Y. Beisel, ar.d Susan J.
Beisel, and to all the heirs and legal repre
sentatives of the said Levi Beisel, deceased,
greemig : Yon and each of you will take
notice that an inquest will be held to make
partition or valuation, as the ca "may re
quire, of the rea I estaie of the above nam
ed Levi Beisel, deceased, si uate in ihe iw p
of Madison, arid county of Columbia, on
the premesis. on Wednesday, the 2sl'day of
November next, between ih hours ot 10
crclock in the forenoon and 3 O'c-fock in the
afteriifon of said 'day, at whteh lime and
place you may. attend if you think piope'r.
Witness ir.e ll'dnoraole Warren J. Wood
ward, Esq , President of our Orphan's
Court, al Bloomsburg, the Rih day of Sep
lember, A. D. eighteen hundred and ixty.
Blnomsburg, Sept. 26, lSffO.
jVOTICE is hereby given 'that letters 'ol
Administration on the Estate of George
Fetterman, late of Locust township, Colum
bia county, deceased, have been sramed
by ihe Register of said county, to Reuben
Fahringer and Jon?s Fetterman, both resi
ding in the township and county aforesaid.
All persons having claim or demands
against the estate nt the decedent are re
queued to make Ihem known to the Administrator-,
and those indebted to the es
tate to rame lorward and make payment
widiout delav.
Locust. Sept. 19, I860. AditCrs.
Auditor s Notice.
In the 'Oijjhan's Ccurl ff Columbia co.. Eiiufc
of Christian Schelt, dee'd.
THE A nditnr "appointed by the Court to
make distribution of the balance in the
hands of John McGormick, Administrator,
w ith the w illanneved, of Christian Schell,
dereaced, amongst the heirs and legal rep-
resentali ves of ihe decedent, will meet the
parties interested lor the purpose of hi ap
pointment on SATURDAY, the 24ih day of
November, i860, at 10 o'clock, A. M , al
the office of R. F. Clark, E-q., in Blooms
Bloomsburg. Ocl. 17, I860.-4w.
rt -r.
New Fall Goods I
I"le have again been to the city, ami re.
turned with a large stock of Goods for
the sea-on, which we are prepared to sell
at a low figure lor ready pay. Our stock
cottists of
Hardware, Queensware, Cedarware, Willow-ware,
Groceries, Nails, Iron, Fish, Salt, Plaster,
Fluid. Campheue Oil, White Lead by the
Keg, etieap, &., &e.
Bloom-hnrg. Oc. 17, I860.
INofice in Parlilioit.
Ileal Estate i f Andiew Shoemaker, late of Mud-
ison township deceased.
Ttie Commonwealth of Pennsyl
vania to Jacob Shoemaker. Abra
ham Shoemaker, Charles Shoema
L. S
-v" ke.r, Catharine Shoemaker, inter
married with Peter Housen, Elizabeth
Shoemaker intermarried with Peter Maxel,
Sarah Sboernakar intermarried with Jo-eph
Hendershol, Mary Shoemaker intermarried
with Samuel Shaffer, and to all the heirs and
leghl representative of the said Andrew
Shoemaker, deceased greeiin2:
Yon an I each ofyou will lake notice
lhat an inquest will be held to make parti
tion or valuation, as the case may require,
of Ihe real eMat of the above named An
drew Shoemaker, deceased, situate in
Madison tow nship, Columbia County, on
the prerni-es. on Tuesday, the 20d day of
November rifzt. between the hours ot 10
o'clock in ttie forenoon anc 4 o'clock in
the afternoon of said day, at which time
and place you may attend if you think
Witness the Honorable Warren J. Wood
ward, Enquire, President of our Orphan's
Court, at Bloom-burg, the 8th day of Sep
tember, A. D. eighteen hundred and sixty.
JOHN SNYI ER, Sheriff.
Bloomsburg, Sopt. 26, 1860.
THE undersigned would inform te citi
zens of Rlnomsbur? and vicinity, that he
has jn-: received and offers lor sale one ol
the most extensive a-'sor'ments of COOK
ING and FANCY STOVES, ever introduced
into ihis market. The Christopher Colum
bus, James Robb rind Globe are among the
first class cooking Stoves, all of which are
air-tight ami gas burner. H is Parlor stove
are handsome and the assortment varied
ALSO Particular attention is paid to Tin
Ware and House Spouting, upon short no
lice. All kinds of repairing will be done
with neatness and despatch. C5 Country
produce' taken in exchange for work.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 3, 18f0.
rcyy CO QD -S3 &
rpHE subscriber has just returned from the
City with another large and select as
sortment of FALL AND WINTER Goods,
purchased at Philadelphia, at the lowest
figu'e, and which he is determined to sell
on as moderate terms as can be procured
elsewhere in Bloomsburg. His stock com
prises Ladies Dress Oood,
of the choicest styles and latest fashions.
Hardware, Queensware, Cedarware, Hol
lowware, Iron, Nails, Boon & Shoes, Hats
and Caps, fcc, &c. In short, everything
usually kept in country Stores j to which he
i -i ' " ' ' ' '
All description of sores are remediable
by the proper and diligent tsse'of this ines
timable preparation. Io attempt io core
bad legs by plastering the edges of Ihe
wound together is a felly ; for should the
skin 'unite, a boggy dieasfd condition re
mains underneath to break om with itnfoW -lury
in a lew days. The only rational and
successful treatment, as indicated bv nature,
is to reduce the inflamaiion in and about
the wound and ic so'Othe the neiBh'BrJfrrftg
part by rubbing in plenty of the Ointment
as salt is forced into meat.
Any of the above diseases may be cured
by well rubbing the Ointment three lim
a day into the chest, throat and neck of the
patient; it will soon penetrate, and give
immediate relief. Medicine taken by ibe
mouth must orerate upon -the whole Sys
tem ere iis influence can be felt in -any lo
cal part, whereas the Omnieni will do ita
work at once. Whoever tries the unguent
in the above ma'iiifer id ihe disease named,
ot any shYiitat disorders affecting the chest
and throat, will find theinselveb relreved aa
hy a charrn.
The above class of complaints will be
removed by nightly fomenting the paria
with warm Water, and then by most effect
ually rubbing in thj Ointment. P rsona
suffering from thee direful comlini
should lose not a moment in arresting iheir
tl should be nndeTsrocd that it
is not sufficient merely to smear Hie Oint
ment on lire affected parts, but it -must b
well rubbed in for some considerable tiin
two or three 'times a dav, that it"Tnay be
taken into the system-, whence it will re
move any hidden sore or wOund jrs effect
ually a though palpable to the eye. There
again bread nd water poultices, after ruh-.
bing in of the Ointment, wif't do great fcer
vice. This i the only sore treatment for
females, cates of cancer in the stomach, or
where there may he a geueral bearing
Blotches, as also swellings, u.At with
Certainty, be radically cured if the Oint
ment be used freely, and Pills 'be taken
niglit and morning as recommended in the
printed instructions. When treated in any
o;her way they only dry tip ia one platt
to break out in anoiher ; whereas Ihi Oint
ment will remove the humor frofti The sys
tem, and leave the patient a vigorous and
healthy being. It will r?c,uire time with,
ihe use of ihe Pills to ensure a lasting cure
Although trie above complaints differ
w idely in their origin and nature, yet they
all require local treatment. Many of thf
worst cases, of such diseases, wtfl yield in
n comparatively short space of lime when
this Ointment is diligently rubbed into the
purls affected, even af er every o.frer mean
have failed, in all serioft maladies ihe
Pills should be taken according lo the di
rections accompanying ecb box.
Both the Oir.tment and Fills thovlibt vt$d in
tht following cases :
Billions Complaints,
Blotches on the
Bowel Complaints,
Constipation of the
Liver Com
plaints, Lumbago,
Retention ot
Scrofula, or
King's Evil,
Female irregulari
ties, Fevers of all
Sore throats,
Stone and Gravel,
Secondary sympiorat
Veoereal Afhction
Worms of all kind
Weakness from
whatever cause,
&c , &.c.
CAl'TIOX None sre eennine unless
the words "Holloway, Tew York and Lon
don," are disceraib'le as a If"ar mrrlc in
every leaf cf '.he book of directions around
each poi or box ; ihe same may be plainly
ssen by holding the tenflo the light. A hand
some reward will be given io any one ren
dering such information as way lead io th
detection of anv parly or parties counter
(eiiing ihe medicines or vending the same,
knowing th?n to be spuTioos.
Sold at the Manufactory of Professor
HollOway, 80 Maiden Lane, Nw York, and
hy all respectable Drog2its and Dealers in
Medicine, throughout the civilized world,
in pots, at 25c. T52c. and $1 each.
r There is a considerable saving by
taking the larger sizes.
N. B Directions for the guidance of pa
tients, iti every disorder, are affixed to each
box. O.-tober.lO, 1860.
Throughout this Country
I yVT ihere is great excitement down town
caused by the arrival of a new and se
lect stock of Goods jui received at L. T
SHARPLESS' Cheap Cash Store. Having
iut returned from Philadelphia with a sto"lt
heretolore unnvaJeo, ne natters nimsen
that he can satisfy all of the beauty and ad
vantages of the Cash Sytem by the exceed
ingly low price with which he is able to
i:onis'5ol dress- poods of eery variety,
Silks, Plaid, Fig'd Thibets, Cashmere
Plain and fancy DeLaines &c, fcc. Ladies
Broche and Rversable ShawNj G-nt'a
Shawl, Coat, Cloak and Mantle Cloths
Fancy Cassimeres. Vestings Satins, Lawns.
Flannels, Ginghams, Calcces &c&c. Boon
ar.d Shoes. A large assonmeui oi uom
shoe which wii! be ?isDOseJ of at the low-,
et prines. Hats and Caps, Table and floor
Oil Clothe
Notions of ertrj Kind,
Ojieenesware; Groceries, Flour and feed,
An examination of the stock is solicited
as no charge is made for an exhibition of
ihe goods. Grain and all marketable pro
duce taken in exchange for goods.
Bloomsburg, Oct. lo, U60