The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, October 24, 1860, Image 3

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Bloomshnrg, Wednesday, October 21, 1350.
The Poetical effusion handed us to Mary
will appear in our next.
Wood. A load of dry pine wood is want
ed at this office, for which the highest Mar
ket price will be paid.
Chkrtspts. The crop of Chestnuts in
this section, this fall, is immense. Hun
dreds of quarts are brought to town almost
daily, and sell at 10 cts per quart.
The Pcbuc Schools in Bloom township
hare all commenced their winter sessions
with the exception of Mesrs. Beckley &
Barkler's School in the Academy, which
will take in in a few days.
The raik on Saturday last, interfered
greatly with the County Fair which was
"being held in this place. It rained nearly
all day, steady. It has swollen the streams
to an almost fearful height. The creeks
were low previous, to this rain.
Produce taken at this establishment on
subscription to the Star. We ar ready la
lay back our winter's stock. It is plenty
this year, but we'll endeavor to make way
with what is brought us only bring it along
don't be afraid of overstocking our prem
ises. How THsr Crow. (t is almost dangerous
for a Democrat to appear on the streets t)f
our town since the news from the State
election of Pennsylvania, Ohio ar.d Indiana
hare been received The Republicans are
jubilant over the reported vrcTone-s from
the States .mentioned. Lei them crow.
Their time of rejoicing is brief.
The "jiipon ptulhpfe" is the name of the
latent invented Paris petticoat. It does away
with hoops and crinoline, ' supporting itself
by the harmonious and intalligent disposi
tion of the waves of muslin of which it is
composed'' cant I te "modified"' or increas
ed at pleasure.
Supervisor Turs el is working the roads
in the vicinity of our office, cleaning out
water courses, etc. It is thought a very ju
dicious art, as the drain and ditches have
Income very much chocked up with mat
ter of eery description. Our streets, as a
general thing, in this end of town particu
lar, are in pretty good condition.
Thr Star presents a lair display of new
advertising this week, to which we would
invite the attention of onr readers. It can
not fail to interest some of yon, lor the
advertising in a newspaper is not of the
least account, as man' would imagine it
was It is matter that should always be
read to know what is going on in the world,
in fact to know what your neighbor is
Somk nnrnly boys, we are i'.formed, have
eeti brought before Enquire Chemberlin,
of this place. f:r their bad conduct while
a'tenciii'g meeting at tne At. fc.. Church, on
last Sabbath evening. There is nothing we
Relieve in this case to screen them from a
severe punishment. They are voung men,
and if they do not know how to behave it
is high time they should.
Those knowing themselves indebted to
tis will much oblige us by bringing along
The cash. We have our debts to pay, and
in order to do so, and thereby make an hon
est living, our patrons mut pay ns. Little
amounts, scattered all over creation, nearly,
when gathered up make a respectable 'piie,'
and that's just what we should have now to
have our just duet We trust onr patrons
will heed this notico, and save us from wri
ting another of qni'e a different character
Howek's Cornet Band, of this rLsc.
made its appearance, on duty, last week at
our County Fair, in an entire new dress
from head to foot. They looked well,
End performed jnst as well as they looked.
Their music throughout the whole three
tlays of Fair was entirely creditable. They
composed no small featiue of the exhibition,
nnd their services no doubt, were highly
nppreciated. Success to the Bloomsbnrg
The BloomsBprq Book Store Dr. P.
John has purchased Mrs. Clark's Book
Store, at this place, and designs continuing
the business in all its departments. He
"keeps a full assortment of Miscellaneous,
Literary and School Books of all kinds on
hand ; also, a superior variety of Wall
Taper, Writing Paper, Envelopes, Cards and
all kinds of stationery, wholesale and retail.
To those of our readers needing Books or
Stationery of any kind, we would recom
mend them lo go to the Bioomsburg Bock
ototes. j nu "cold snap" draws people s
attention to some mode of keeDins warm.
and hence, as they are looking about for
Jthat purpose, we advise them to consult
Mr. A. M. Rupert, of the Tin and Stove
establishment, on Main street, a few doors
below Market, South side. He has a fine
assortment of ranges tor wood and coal,
and warranted to give genera! satisfaction.
In the way of office and parlor stoves be has
everything that any one can desire. Our
town and country frieisds who want stoves
will find this a good establishment for ma
king a choice to sail them. His prices
are moderate. '
Stephen H. Millek has just returned
from the chy of Philadelphia with an excel
leni assortment of Fait and Winter Gtods.
The Sheriff takes great care in making good
selections, and as a man of considerable
. i i t- i
experience in me ary-goous. line, ae very
seldom, if ever, gets anything that he can
not highly recommend to the public. . His
lock is large and complete, consisting of
everything commonly kept in a well regu
lated store. His price . are so arranged as
to suit the times moderate and literal.
Before purchasing eiswhere probably you
w cckl do well to give fcira a call. He can
17 HEREAS, by the laws of theJJCom
- " monwealtb, it is made "the duty of
the Sheriff of every county to give notice
ot the General Elections, by publieaton in
one or more newspapers of the county, at
least twenty days before the Election," and
:o enumeiat) therein "the officers to be e
leeled," aud to "designate tte place at
which the election is to be held." There
fore, I, JOHN SNYDER, Hgh Sheriff of i
Columbia count)-, do hereby make known
and proclaim to the qualified electors
of Columbia county, on TUESDAY, thff
First Tuesday in said Month, at which time
twenty-seeu electors for a
of the United States are to be elected.
1 also hereby make known and give '.no
tice that the places ot holding the aforesaid
general election in the several wards, bo
roughs, dis'ricts and townships, within the
county ot Columbia are as follows, to wit :
Benton rownship, at the house ol Ezek
iel Cole, now occupied by John Cole.
Braver township, at the houise of Frank
lin L. Shuman.
Bloom township, at the Court House,
Borough of Berwick at the Town House
in Berwick.
Bfiarcreek township, at the School House,
near Evans' Mill.
Ca'tawissa township, at the house of
Samuel Kostenhader, Cattawia
Centre township, at the house of Jere
miah Uess, dee'd.
Conynsharn towns-hip, a' the house ol R.
R. Waser.
Fishingcreek twp., at the house ofGeo.
W. Hoffman.
Franklin township, at Claytqn's School
Greenwood township, at the hojse of
Joseph R Putto i.
Hemlock township, at the Buck Horn.
Jackson township, at the house of Kaek
iel Coin.
Locust twp , at the house of J. L. Hurst,
Sla blown.
Miflllin township, at the house cf John
Madison twp., at the public house of J as.
N. Miller, in Jersejtown.
Mount Pleasant lowp , at the house of
Wm. Hutchinson.
Montour township, a! the hone"of John
Richard-, now -occupied b) Wiiliarn Holl-
Main township, at the house ol. Isaac
Roartngcreek township at the public house
of John Snyder.
Oranve township, at the house of Alex
ander Hughe, Orangeville.
Pine iuv nt-l.ip, at the house of Albert
Siigarloaf township, at the house of Ali
us Cole.
Scott twp., at the house ol Enoch How
ell, E-py.
It is mriher direct I that the election of
the tiid several districts (-hall be opened
between trie hours of 8 and 10 o'clock in
the tnr-Mioon, and shall continue open with
out interruption and adjournment, ur.til 7
o'clock in the evening, when the polls thatl
be closed.
It is further directed that the meeting of
the return judges t the Court Hout-e in
BicomsbU'g, to make out'the general elec
tion, which wm be the ninth day of'.
And in and by the said act, I am further
directed ,0 S'vrt nticn that every person,
ex-opting justices ol the peace, who shall
In d uiy oriice: or appointment!.! or
trui under the government of ihe United
S ates, or of this State, or of any city or in
corporated district, whether a commis
sioned officer oi otherwise, a subordinate
0'Jler or agent, who is, or shall be em
ployed under the legislative, or executive,
or j di'riary department of this State, or of
a' y incorporated district, and alo thai ev
er member of Congress, and thrj select or
c m noti council of any city, commi-sion-er
of any iucororated district, is, by law
incapable of holding or exercising at the
same time, the office or appointment of
iudg-, inspector or clerk of any election of
tint commonwealth, and that no inspector,
judge or any officer of ny such elecinn
shall be eligible to any than to be
v ued for.
The general, special city, incorporated
di-trict and township elections, and all
election for electors of President and Vice
President ot the United State, shall be held
and conducted by the inspectors and
judges elected as aforesaid, and by clerk
appointed a hereinafter provided.
"No person shall be permitted to vote at
anv election but a white freeman of the age
of twenty-one years or more, who shall
have reided in ihis State at least one year,
and in Ihe election district where he orlers j
to vote at least len days immediately pre
ceding h election, and within two yean 1
paid a S:ate or Countj tax, which shall
have been assessed at least ten days before
the election. But a citizen of the United
States who has previously been a qualified
voter nf this Staie and lernoveJ therefrom
and returned, and who shall have resided
in the election district and paid taxes as
aforesaid, shall be entitled to vote after re
siding in this State six months: Provide I,
That the white freemen citizen ol th Uni
ted States, between the ages of 21 aud 22
years, and who have resided in the elsclion
district ten trays a aforesaid, shall be enti
tled to a vote although they shall not have
paid taxes.
''No person shall be admitted to vote
whose name is not contained in the list of
lax&ble inhabitants furnished by the com
missioners, unless first he pioduce a re
ceipt for the payment., within two year, ol
a S'ate or County tax, assessed agreeably to
the constitution, and give satistactoiy evi
dence either on his own oath or affirmation
of another, that he has paid such tax, or on
failure lo produce a receipt shall make oath
of the payment thereof; or second, if he
claims . vot by being an elector between
the age of 21 and 22 years, he shall depose
on oath or affirmation of another that he
bas resided in the State at least one year
before his application, and make such
proof of bis residencetin the district as is
required by this act, and ihHt he does verily
believe, from the accounts given him, that
hi is ol the age aforesaid, and give such
other evidence as is required by this act,
whereupon the name of the person so
admitted to vote, shall he inserted in the
alphabetical list by the inspectors, and a
note made tpposite thereto, by writing the
word "tax" if he shall be admitted to vote
by reason of having paid tax or the word
4 ag," if he shall be admitted to vote by
reason of such age, shall be called out lo
the clerks who shall make the like notes in
the list of voters kept by them.
'In all cases where the names of the
person claiming lo vote is found on the list
famished by the commissioners and asses
sor, or his ligat to vote whether found
tb-ereon or not, is objected to by any quali
fied citizen, it shall ba the duty ot the
inspectors to examine such person on oath
as to his qualifications, and if he claims to
have resided witbio the State for one year
or more, his oath shall not ba sufficient
proof thereof but shall make proof thereof
shall be a qualified elector, that he has re
sided within the district for more than ten
days next preceding 6ueh election, and
shall also himself swear that his bona fide
residence in pursuance of his lawful calling,
is within the district, and that he did not
remove into said district for the purpose of
voting therein.
"Every person qualified as aforesaid,
and who shall make due proot, if required,
of his residence and payment of taxes as
aforesaid, shall be ad mined lo vote in the
township, ward oi district in which he shall
"It shall be the duty of the several
assessors respectively, to attend at the
place of holding every general, special or
to vnship election, during the nme said
election is kept open, for the purpose of
giving information to the inspectors and
jndges when called on, i.i relation to the
right of any person assessed by them to
vote at such elections, or such o:her mat
ters in relation to the assessment of voters
as the said inspectors or either of them shall
from time lo time require."
Given under my hand nnd seal, at my
office in Bioomsburg, Ihis 13th day of Octo
ber, A. D., I860.
Bloomsbnrg, Oct. 17, i860. Shoiff.
riHE uudersigned lakes this method of
-- J'ffering his valuable Hotel
Property at private sale, situate
in the pleasant and thriving vil
lage of Light Street, Columbia
County, Pa. This is understood 16 te most
an excellent HOTEL STAND, the House,
Stable and outbuilding beinc all in good
repair. The Proprietor of this hsuse having
no desire to continue in ths hotel busines,
will dispose of his property at private sale
upon the most reasonable terms. To any
person wishing to engage in the business
it is a good locatiou and a desirable place.
For further information anplv to ihe sub
scriber, D L. EVER HART,
Oct. 17, i860. Light Street, Pa.
I WILL conduct an examination ol Teach
ers at the following limes and pleces.viz":
Scott, at Espy, Oct. 20th: Cattawisa at
Cattawissa, Oct. 22d ; Orange, at Orange
ville Oct 23d ; Greenwood-, at Rohrsburg,
Oi l, 2-lih; Madison al Jereytown, OiM 25th;
Hemlock, at Buckhorn, Oct. 20ih ; Mount
Pleasant at Hu'chiiinn, Oct. 27th; Mifflin
at Mifflin ville Oct. 29ih ; Beaver, at Mi
chael's School House, Oct. 30th ; Maine at
Maineville, Oct 3lt; Rnriricreek Middle
School Hnu"", Nov. 1st: Conyn;ham, at
Centreville Nov. 2J; Lee nst, at Slabtown,
Nov. 3d; Franklin, at Ctajions Nov. 5th ;
Montour ar Deitenck's School House Nov.
9th,at Fowlersville Nov. 7th; Briarcreek, at
Evaiisville, Nov. 8th, Fishmgcrek, at
Stiliwa'er, Nov. 12th; Benton, at Benton,
Nov. 13ih: Sngarloaf ; A. Cole's School
House; Nov. 14th; Jack son, a! Derr's School
House, Nov. 15th; Pine, al Upper Sereno,
Nov. I6ih. At 1 o'clock p. m., of eacn dnv.
Directors are requested lo make all need
ful arrangements, and to manifest their
interest bv attendance.
Light Street, Uct. 17, 1860.
Auditor's IVolice.
Estate of Jacob Fry, late of Mifflin ip. dee'd.
4 LL persons interested will lake notice,
ihwt the undersigned appointed Auditor
by the Orphan's Couit of Columbia county,
to settle and adjust the rates and proportion.
of the assets of the estate of Jacob Fry,
leceased, in the har.ds of Samuel Creaky,
the administrator, to and among the respec
tive creditors ol the said Jacob Fry, accord
ing to the order established by law, will at
tend at Jiis office, in Bioomsburg, in said
conniy, on Saturday, the 2lh day of No
vember, lf6)t to make the distribution,
when and where all persons having claims
or demand agairst the estate ol the dece
dent are required to preent ihem lo the
auditor, or be lorever debarred from any
claim lo the fund in ihe hand of the ad
ministrator. ROB'T. F. CLARK,
Bioomsburg, Oct. 18, 1860. Auditor.
Auditor's TVoticc.
Hiram A. Child, In-")
In the Court of
Common Pleas of
Columbia County,
dorsee of Perry Deen,
Isaac Tv ler.
venditioni expona,
No. 45, September 1 erm, I860
THE undersigned appointed Auditor by
the Court of Common Pleas of Columbia
county, to make distribution of the moneys
raised out of the sale ol ihe real es;ate of
Isaac Tyler, by virtus of ihe above stated
writ of venditioni expona, will attend at
his office, in Illoomsbnrg. Columbia coun
ty, on FRIDAY, the 23d day of November,
I860, to make Ihe distribution, when and
where all person interested are required to
make their claim before the auditor or be
debarred from coming in on said fund.
Bioomsburg, Oct. 17, 1860 -4w.
Auditor's IVoticc.
THE unde-Figned, Auditor appointed by
the Court of Common Pleas of Columbia
County, to distribute ihe money returned
by the Sheriff as raised out of the sale of
the real estate of Josiah B. Dodson, among
the creditors of the said Dodson, according
to law, will attend lo the duties of his ap
pointment, at his office, in Bioomsburg, on
Tueday, ihe 27. h day of November. A. D.
1860, at ten o'clock in ihe forenoon, when
and where al! persons having claims against
the said Dodson are required 10 present the
same, or be debarred from coming ii upon
said fund. WESLEY WIRT,
Oci. 17, 1860. 4w. Auditor.
Court Proclamation.
WHEREAS the Hon. Warren J. Wood
ward. President Jiidae nf ihe Court nf
j -
Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Deliv
ery, Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
and Court of Common Pleas and Orphans'
Court, in the 26th Judicial District, compos
ed of the counties of Columbia, Sullivan and
Wyoming, and the Hon. Jacob Evans and
Peter Kline, Associate Judges ot Columbia
County, have issued their precept, bearing
date one thousand eighteen hundred and
sixty, and to me directed for holding a
Court of Oyer and Terminer, and General
Jail Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
Com. Pleas and Orphans' Court, in Blooms,
burg, in the county of Columbia, on the first
Monday (bein? the 3d day) of Deem., next,
and to continue one week.
Notice is hereby given, to the Coroner, the
Justices of the Peace and Constables ol the
said County of Columbia, that they be then
and there in their proper persons at 10 o'
clock in the forenoon of said day, with their
records, inquisitions and other remembran
ces to do those things which to their offices
appertain to be done. And (hose that are
bound by recognizes, to prosecute against
the prisoners that are or may be in the Jail
of raid county ol Uoiumoia, to oe men ana
there to prosecute then as shall be just. Ju
rors are requested to be punctual in (heir
attendance, agreeably to their notice, dated
at Bioomsburg, the 24th day of Oct., in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and sixty, and in the eiehty-fourth year
of the independence of the United States of
America. (God save the Commonwealth.)
Disease With Its Agonies;
What is more fearful than a breaking
down ol the nervous s)siem ? To be exci
table or nervous in a small degree is most
distressing, for where can a remedy be
found ? There is one :--dr?uk but little
wine, beer, or spirits, or far better, none;
lake no coffee,-weak tea being preferable;
get all the fresh air you can -; t&ke three or
four Pills every nigh'; eat plenty of solids,
avoiding the use of slops ; and if these gold
en rules are followed, you will be happy
in mind and strong 'in body, and forget you
have any nerves.
If there is one ihing more than another
for which these Pills are so famous it is
their purifying properties, especially their
power of cleansing the blood from all im
parities, and removing dangerous and sus
pended secretions. Universally adopted as
the one gtand remedy for female complaints
thev never fail, never weaken the system,
and always bring about what is required.
These feelings which so sadden us, most
frequently arise from annoyances or troub
le, from obstructed perspiration, or from
eaiing and clrinking what is unfit for us,
thus disordering the liver and stomach.
Thes?e organs must be regulated if yon wish
to be well. The Pills, it laken according
to the printed instruction, will quickly re
store a healthy action lo both liver and
stomach, whence follow as a natural con
sequence, a gocil appetite and a cluar head.
In the East aud West Indits scaicely any
other medicine is ever used for these dis
In all diseases affecting these organs,
wb;her they secrete too much or loo little
water; or whether they be afflicted with
stone or gravel, or with aches and pains
settled in the loins over the regions of the
kidneya, these Pills should to taken accor
ding to the printed instruction directions,
and ihe Ointment should be well rubbed
into the small of the back at bed time. This
treatment will give almost immediate relief
when all other means have failed.
No medicine will so effectually imorove
ihe tone of the stomach a these Pilis; they
remove all acidity, occasioned either by
intemperance or improper diet. They
reach the liver and reduce it lo a healthy
action; ihey are wonderfuliy efficacious in
cases of spasm in fact they never fail in
culing all disorders of the li er and stornech.
Hollowly' s ri!h are the best remedy known in
J M.I .1 fit I
(he wortJJor ine jouowing ane'ises.
Hillious Complaints,
Blow-lies on the
Bowel Complaints,
Cotis'ipation of tha
Boa els.
Female Irregnlari-
Fevers of all
Head arte,
Liver Com
plaints, Lumbago,
Rtstentioit of
Scrolula, or
King's Evil,
Sore Throats,
Stor.e and Grave!,
Secondary Symptoms,
Venereal Affection,
Worm ol all kinds
Weakness from
whatever cause,
&c, &c.
CAUTIOX !! None are genuine nnlp
the words ' Holloway, New York tnd Lon
don' are discernible as a Water-maih in
every leaf of the book of directions around
eacT pol or box ; the same may be piainly
seen by holding the knf to the light. A hand
some reward will be given to any one
rendering such information a may lead io
the detection of any party or pasties coun
terfeiting the medicines or vending the
same, knowing them lo be spurious.
Sold a: the Manufactory of Professor
HoiioA'ay, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, and
toy all respecable Druggists and Dealers in
Medicine, throughout the civilized world,
in boxes at 25 cents, 62 cents and SI each'
CF" There is considerable saving by la
king the larger sizes.
N B Directions for the guidance of pa
tients in every dirJer ate affixed to each
October, 17, i860.
Or Valuable Real Kstatc.
BY virtue of authority contained in the
last Will and Testament of Cornelius
Reinbold, late of Columbia county, dee'd ;
ihe Executorsof ihe said Estate will expoe
to put-lie sale, on ihe premises, on SAT
URDAY, OCTOBER 27TH, 1860, at 10
o'clock in the- forenoon of 6aid day, the
Real Estate of the said deceased, compris
ing a tract of land containing
more or less, on which are erected the nec
essary buildings For the accommodation
of purchasers the said tract can be divided
into three parts, one
all cleared land, with a very fine building
location and excellent water. One other
about twentysfive acres cleared, two fine
springs thereon, and a beautifnl s:te for
the necessary buildings. One other
about seven acres timber land, whereon are
erected a
JLog Dwelling: House,
Log Barn, and necessary out buildings, and
an excellent Orchard of various kinds of
fruit, in fine bearing condition, a stream of
water running through the land, and all in
a good state of cultivation.
The above property lies in Locust town
ship, Columbia county, adjoining Lewis
Reinbold, Sampson Ellis, John P. Levan,
Peter Rhoads, Wright Hughes and others,
within one-half mile from Numedia, and
ten mile from Ashland. Also :
lying about one mile west ot the above
tract, which will be sold in lots to suit pur
chasers. EST Terms and conditions made
known on day of sale, by
Bioomsburg, having purchased the ex
clusive right of ihe above valuable Impro
ved Cheap Palent Sewing ' Machine, for
the County of Columbia, will be happy to
supply their friends with the article for iho
accornmodalionof themselves and families.
The following are some of the superior
advantages ibis implement possesses, viz:
1. It sewis from 400 to 600 tight stitches
per minute.
2. Double 'thread Machines are from the
more complicated character of their mech
anrsm invariably managed arid tl readed
with more or less difficulty ; not so with
RAYMON D'S, a child can manage it in two
hours, and it is threaded easier than a com
mon needle.
3. One of the fnosl valuable features of
this Machine, is the smaljness and the
compactness of its mechanism.
4. ! can be attached to a board, (able or
sland, in operating order, and removed in
les than half a minute.
5. It greatly economizes the thread, and
yet produces a seam, sufficiently strong for
any work lor which it is intended, a qual
ification not known (o all kinds of Sewing
'6. No human hand is capable of produ
cing a seam so regular and systematic.
The seam is so strong if well done, that Ihe
strongest material will tear before the
seam will give way.
7. Among the array of Pa'ent Sewing
Machines, ihere are none so cheap and
durable as Raymond's Patent, but no Ma
chine is adapied to all kinds oi work as
experience has proven. T here are perhaps
none so realy useful, doing such a variety
of wore lor the immediate use of the fam
ily circle, and at such a moderate price a
8. The operator can shape his seam just
as he pleases, waves, leave and flowers,
etc., can te represented or imitated.
9. It is particularly adapter to all kinds
nf stilt h'n g" such as gentlemen's shirts,
bosoms,, collars, etc., and all
kinds of ladies' sewing, including silks,
lawns, delaines, calicoes, dusters, etc., ex
cepting lor inen'sheavy wear, this Machine
is rather too light o! construction.
10. But we all admit, that ihe advantage
lo health, and principally to lh vision or
eyesight, inonced by the use of Sewing
Alaf.lnnes, surpasses infinitely all oiher ad
vantages. 1. This Machine fastens the seam al
ways itself, but if ihe operator wishes it
unlastened or open, there is a way lor it
too, thus you can have it fastened or not,
as you please, which is, sometime?, espe
cially for beginners, a very favorable cir
cumstance. If the seam is lell unfastened,
jou can draw it oul in three seconds unci
oave the thread.
For sale by the nndersinned, at their re
spective residences, in Bioomsburg, who
will put ihe Machine in operation and give
all necessary instruction.
Bioomsburg, July 11, 1860.
TN pnrsuanre of an order of the Orphan's
-- Court of Columbia conniy, on SATUR
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, John G Q'lick,
(iuaidiaii ot the minor children of Lewis J.
Barkley, deceased, who was one of the
heirs of lc'ding Barkley, late of Bloom
township, in said county, deceased, will ex
pose to sale, by Public Vendue', upon the
premises, the undivided nne-spvemh part of
in Bloomsbnrg, bounded on the soulh by
Main street, on the west by West street, on
ihe north by an Alley, and on the east by a
lot of ground belonging to ihe Heirs of John
Button, dee'd ; being in front sixty-six feet,
and in depth two hundred and fourteen feel
six inches, whereon are erected :i
ISrick Dtvelliu Hotinc,
and a FRAME DWELLING, and outbuild
mg. Late 'he Estate of said hidings Bar
kley, situate in the township of Bloom and
county aforesaid.
Bioomsburg, September 19. 186".
ALSO : At the same nme aud place, the
Hur.s of the said hiding li.irk ley , deceas
ed, will ofl-r, anil exro- to public sal, the
UN DIVIDED SIX-SEVEN rilS of ihe above
described property, ll is a very desirable,
location for a private or public residence,
being a lot, and convenient lo the
business pnrt of lomi. Terms and condi
tions made known on the day ol sals.
tiy order ol t ti e Heir.
Throughout this Country.
1UT there is great excitement down town
caused by the arrival of a new and se
Sect stock of Goods jnM received at L. T.
SHARPLESS' Cheap Cash Store. Having
just returned from Philadelphia with a stork
heretofore unrivaled, he flatter himself
that he can satisfy all of the beauty and ad
vantage of ihe Cnsh System by the exceed
ingly low prices with which he is able to
consists ol dress goods of every variety,
Silks, Plaid., FigM Thibets, Cashmere,
Plain snd fancy DeLaines &c, &c. Ladies
Broche and Reversable Shawl, Gent's
Shawls, Coal, Cloak and Mantle Cloth,
Fancy Casimeres. Vesting, Satin, Lawn,
Flannels, Ginahamsal-ccej? &c.,&je., Boo's
ar.d Slioes. A large asortment ol Gum
shoes which will be disposed of at the low
et prices, Hals and Caps, Table and floor
Oil Cloths,
Notions of erery Kind,
Qneenesware, Groceries, Flour and feed,
An examination of the stock i solicited
a no charge is made for an exhibition of
the goods. Grain and all marketable pro
duce taken in exchange for good.
Bioomsburg, Oct. 10, 1860
Tinware & Stove Establishment.
rjitHE UNDERSIGNED respectfully tn
forms his old friends and customers,
that he has purchased his brother's interest
iti the above establishment, and the con
cern will hereafter be conducted by himself
exclusively. He has just recoived and of
fers lor sale the largest and most ex
tensive assort m entol FANCY STOT VS
ever introduced into this market.
Stovepipe and Tinware constantly on
hand and manufactured to order. All kinds
of repairing done, s usual, nn shorl notice.
The patronage of old friends and new cus
tomers is respectfully solicited.
Bioomsburg, Jan. 12, 1853. tf.
ALL persons indebted to the nndersigned
for Professional sei vices up to April
1st, 1860, are respectfully requested to call
aud nettle, either by Note or otherwise.
IfLjmTTFq. , Mn
Real Estate of Levi Behel, late of Madison
township, Columbia county dee'd .
THE Commonwealth of Penn'syl-
s ) vania lo Levi P. Beimel, Sallie R.
' ' ' Beisel, iniermnrried wi;h Wil-
hson.P.obert M. Be i eel. Henrv Kent
Beisel, Narrissa Y. Beisel, ar.d Susan J.
Beisel, and to all the heil and legal repre
sentatives of the said Levi Beisel, deceased,
greeting : You and each of you will take
notice l hat an inquest will be held to make
partition or valuaiion, as the cae may re
quire, of the rea I estate of the above nam
ed Levi Beisel, deceased, siiuate in Ihe twp,
of Madison, and county of Columbia, on
the prernesis. on Wednesday, the 2lst dny of
November nex, between ihe hours of 10
o'clock in the forenoon and 3 o'clock in ihe
afternoon of said day, at which time and
place you may attend if you think pioper.
Witness the Honorable Warren J. Wood
ward, Esq., President of our Orphan's
Court, al Bloomsbnrg, the 8th day of Sep
tember, A. D. eiiihieen hundred and sixty.
Sepi. 26, 1860.
nnm wKn rrr
' '
IVfOTICE is hereby given
(bat letters of
Administration on the Estate of George
Fetterman, lale of Locust lownship, Colum
bia county, deceaed, have been granted
by ihe Uegisier of said county, lo Reuben
Fahringer and Jonrs Fetterman, both resi
ding in the township aud county aforesaid.
All persons having claims or demands
against ihe estate ot ihe decedent are re
quested lo make them known to the Ad
ministrators, and those indebted lo the es
tate to came forward and make payment
without delav.
Locust. Sept. 19, 1860. Adm'rt.
Auditor's Notice.
In the 0phan,f Coin I of Columbia CO., Estate
of Chiutiun Schell, dee'd.
THE Auditor appointed by the Court lo
make distribution of the balance in the
hands of John McGonnick. Administrator,
with the will annexed, ol Christian Schell,
deceased, amongst the heir and legal rep
resentative of the decedent, will meet the
parties interested for the purpose of hi ap
pointment on SATURDAY, the 24'h day of
November, i860, al 10 o'clock, A. M , at
the office of R. F. Clark, E-q., in Biooms
Bloomsbnrg, Oct. 17, lR60.-4w.
.Hover' Dm? Store.
'IHE undersigned has just received a fresh
supply of
Drugs, Chemicals, Dyesti.tfs,
of the best quality, all of which he will gel
atgreadv reduced prices for the CASH.
re Also on hand an Improved Fruit Jar,
much superior aud cheaper to anything
hitherto offered in thi matket. Alo a lot of
much cheaper than hereiolore.
Bloomsbnrg, August 23, i860. tf.
New Fall Goods.'
Ve have aain been to '.he city, and re-
icrned with a large slock of Goods for
the sea-on, which we are preparpd lo sell
hi a low figure lor ready pay. Our stock
! consists ot
Hardware, Qneenware, Cedarware, Willow-ware,
Groceries, Nail, Iron, Fish, Salt, Plaster,
Fluid, Camphene Oil, White Lead by the
Keg, cheap, &c.
Blnomshnr2. Oc. 17,1860.
iVotice ill '.trillion.
Re.d Eila'e if Andrew Shoemaker, lite of Mud
ori towi'.hp deceased.
The Commonwealth of Pennyl
L. S
ivama to Jacob Shoemaker. Abra
ham Sr.oemaker, Charles Shoema
s-v ker. Catharine Shoemaker, inter-
mnrned with Peter Housen, Ebzabeih
Shoemaker intermarried with Peter Maxel,
Sarah Shneinakar intermarried wi;h Jo-eph
Heiiilershct, Mary Shoemaker intermarried
with Samuel Shaffer, and to all the heir and
leiial represen luti ve ol ibe said Andrew
Shoemaker, deceased greeting:
Yo'i an 1 each ol jou will lake no:ice
that an inquest will be held lo make parti
tion or vjilnatinr, as ihe case may require,
ot the real estate ol the aoove named An-
drew Shoemaker, decea-ed, situate in
M.kIko.1 ioa.isMp Columbia County, on
tne premises, on me toy, in itw aay y
Z.ovtmher vezt tei-eei, tne hour ot lo
o ciock in trie lorenoon auc o ciock in
the alternooii o
and ptace you
day, at which time
attend if you thiuk
Wunes the Honorable Warren J. Wood
ward, Esquire, President of our Orphan's
Court, ai Bloomburg, the 8th day ofSep
temoer, A. D. eii;htern hundred and sixty.
JOHN SNYf ER, Sheriff.
Fdoomshnrg, Sept. 26, I860.
THE undersigned would inform the citi
zen of Bioomsburg and vicinity, that he
has jut received and offers tor sale one of
ihe most extensive aonments of COOK
ING and FANCY STOVES, ever introduced
into i h is market, lhe nnsiopner uoium-
hus, James Robb nnd Globe are among the
first class cooking Stoves, all of which are
air-tight and gas burner. Hi Parlor sloves
are handsome and ihe assortment varied.
ALSO Particular attention is paid to Tin
Ware and Ho jse Spouting, upon shorl no
tice. All kinds of repairing will be done
with reatriPM and despatch. CP Country
produce taken in exchange for work.
Bloomsbnrg, Oct. 3, I860.
mHE undersigned has opened a new Li
JL quor Store at Mifflinville, Colombia
county, and stocked it with a largeand ex
cellent assortment ot
Ca CE XT CE 122.
of all kinds, to which he invites the atten
tion of dealers. His Liquors are of the
best brands, nnd one trial will satisiy ait.
Pffil mm
A-4rrT-2-r l' J
All description of sores aTe remediable
by the proper and diligent use of this ines
timable preparation. To attempt to enre
bad leg by plastering ihe edges of the
wound together is a folly "j for should the
skin unite, a boggy r!iseawd condition re
mains underneath to break out with tenfold
fury in a few days. The only rational and
successful treatment, as indrca'ed by nature,
is lo reduce the inHainadon in and about
the wound tmd ic soothe the neighboring
part by rubbing in plenty of the Ointment
as sail is lorced into meal.
Any of the above diseases may t8 cored
by well rubbing the Ointment three limes
a day'iuio the chest, throat and neik of the
patient; it will soon penetrate, and give
immediate relief. Medicine taken by Ihe
mouth must operate upon the whole sys
tem ere its influence can be felt in any lo
cat pari, whereas the 0mmeiit will do its
work at once. Whoever tries the unguent
in the above manner ol the disease named
or any similar disorders affecting the chesi
and throat, will find themselves relieved as
by a charm.
The Bbove class of complaints will be
removed by nightly fomeniing the parts
wi;h warm water, and then by most effect
ually rubbing in tha Ointment. Persons
suffering 4rom these direful complaints
should lose not a moment in arresting their
I progress. Ii should be understood that it
I is not sufficient merely to srnear the Oint-
mer.t on the affected parts, but it must be
well rubb-d in lor some considerable tim
two or three times a day, that it may te
taken into ihe sysiem, whence it will re
move any hidden sore or wound as effect
u ally a though palpable to the eye. There
again bread and waler poultices, after nib
bing in of the Ointment, will do great ser
vice. This is the only sure treatment for
females, cases ot cancer in the stomach, or
where tbere may be a general bearing
Blotches, as also swellings, iibs, with
certainty, be radically cored if ihe Oint
ment be used freely, and Pt!l be taken
nigVit ami morning as recommended in the
primed instructions. When treated in any
oiher way tney only dry up in one place
to break out in anoiher ; whereas this Oint
ment will remove the humor from the sys
tem, and leave the patient a vigorous and
healthy being. It will require time with
the use of the Pills to ensure a lasting cur
Although the above complaints differ
widely in their origin and nature, yet they
all require local treatment. Many of the
worsf ca-es, of such diseases, will yield ill
a comparatively short space of time wh-n
this Ointment is diligently rubbed into the
parts affected, even aher every other mean
have (ailed. In all strion maladies the
Pills should be taken according to the di
rections accompanying each box.
Both the
Ointment and fills shoiddbt uted in
th: following cases :
Biiliou CompUin'.f,
Blotches on the
Bowel Complaints,
Constipation of the
Liver Com
plaints, Lumbago,
Retention ol
Scrofula, or
Female Irregularis
Fevers ofall
Sore Pnroats,
Stone and Gravel,
Secondary symptom's,
Yenereal Affection
Worms of till kinds
Weakness from
whatever cause,
King's Evil,
riUilO ! None trp eennine uMe
J the word "llollowav. Tew York aud Lon
don," are diceraibe as a n aler mrrk m
' nr r 1iiWP,:nn4 .rnnn.l
, each , or hox . ,n pHme m!iv b pajny
j MU b fai,liHg lhe le,,f0 lhe Ught. A hand-
Uf,ie reward will t? gtven to any one ren
I derm;, SUch information as way lead to th
det-ction of any parly or parlte counter
feiting ihe medicine or vending the same,
knowing them spurious.
t Sold at Ihe Manufactory of Professor
Holioway, 80 Maidon Lane, New York, and
by ail respectable Drugsi'ts and Dealers in
Medicine, throughout the civilised world,
in pots, at 25c. 62c. and SI each.
CP There is a considerable saving by
takmg the larger sizes.
N. B Direction lor the guidance of pa
tients, in every disorder, are a (fixed to eacli
box. October 10, i860.
.", .". .. ,
.V. .
. .
Cheaper than Ever.
May IP, I860.
ftrsftririr:! : : : :
-M- "
soiTira'TS. m
THE undersigned respectifully inform
the laoies of Bioomsburg, and vicinity, that
she bas just returned from the City widi a
splendid assortment of new
comprising everything commonly found in
a firsi-clai Millinery Store. Her style of
Bonnet, cannot be surpassed in this section
of country, and her work will favorably
compare with any done this side of the cit
ies. She has on hand a lot of neat and
handsome bonnets, hats and caps, for little
Misses, of all styles and prices.