The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, August 22, 1860, Image 6

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Blcomstnrf.Wf dnesday 2Icrnin?, An?. 22, 'CO.
Columbia Co. Democratic Convention.
TVTOTICE is hereby given that the Demo-
cratic electors in and. for the several
boroughs and election districts of Columbia
county, will reset at their respective places
of holding their general elections on Satur
dty, the 2sth day cf August, I860, between
the hours of 3 and 7 o'clock, in the afternoon
of said day, for the purpose of choosing two
Delegates from each Election District, to
meet in County Convention, at the Court
House, in Bloomsburg, on Monday, the 21th
dity of Aug ust, 1860, at 1 o'clock, P. M., for
the purpose of making the usual annual
nominations of the Democratic party of Co
lumbia county
Standing Committee.
Bloomshura, July 25, I860.
Notice to those indebted to the Star
Many of our subscribers will find bills in
to day's paper, to which we earnestly ask
them to pay their earliest attention and
tend us the mcney. September Court pre
sents a good opportunity to many indebted
to brinrr or send their amouuls due. Bills
shall be seni to all as fast as they can be
made out, but our friends know nearly how
touch is due as on subscription or other
wise, and can remit without delay, if they
only feel so disposed. A few dollars each
may not seem of consequence, but multiply
by the hundreds in aire.xrs and the amount
is important to the printer. We have sent
oar paper to some over two yaars and a
half without receiving one cent, and we
can't afford to send it much longer without
being paid up, neither woulJ we if we could.
It would be much better for both patron
and editor to have these subscription bills
squared up in advance, or at least daring the
year, and not permit them to run one, two
and three years, unpaid. Such work will
break up an editor, if be allows his patrons
to presist in that course. Now, we do not
intend it to be practiced upon us; we want
every man who owes us to pay up. This
notice is not intended for those who pay us
in advance, but unfortunately this portion
of our patrons is beautifully small.
PaKMirM List In to-day's Star can be
eeec the premium list of the Columbia
County Agricultural, Horticultural and Me
chanical Association, for the next annual
exhibition, whicU will be held, on therego
lar Fair Ground, on the 18th, 19th, and 20th
of October. The premiums are much bet
ter than they were last year : they are suf
ficiently large to make it quite an object
for our farmers to attend with their various
articles of production, stock Lc. The me
chanic is much more encouraged by the
late offered rewards, in fact all. We hope
to see the people of Columbia county earn
estly engage in this matter and try to make
these exhibitions more iuteres'.ing each suc
cessive year.
Delegate Elections. Next Saturday is
the day fixed for holding our delegate elec
tions, for the purpose of choosing two per
sons from each township, to represent the
Democratic party in County Convention, on
Monday following, at the Court House, in
Bloomsburg, and to place just such men
on the ticket as they think proper. Elect
good men as delegates and you may rest
assured that they will nominate a ticket
that we can insure success. The candidates
all have opposition, and the contest is ex
pected to be pretty warm.
Musical Festival We learn that invi
tations have been extended to quite a num
ber of Bands throughout the Slate to attend
a Musical Festival on the 28th at Pottsville.
It has been stated that over thirty bands
were invited and expected to be present.
A prize of a tenor drum will be awarded
to the best band. We have not been in
formed whether our band will allend. or not;
bat we venture to say did they attend they
. would eland second to none as performers.
Camp Meeting During the present week
the Methodists of this place and vicinity
have been holding a camp meeting near
Buckhorn, between five and six miles from
this place, which commenced on the 17th
inst, and judging from the interest mani
fest it was largely attended. Vehicles of all
descriptions are to be seen going- to and
from this place of gathering". The weather
- so far has been very favorable. A number
of celebrated preachers from abroad were
expected to be in attendance.
. Col. Johk G. Fhicze is at present consid
erably indisposed, suffering from a severe
attack of dysentery, which is keeping him
confined to his room. It is rather unfortun
ate for him as be is a candidate, with a stiff
opponent, for a Legislative nomination.
, Prepare to Shaxe. The mornings and
venings are becoming qoile cool. Excel
lent ague weather this. All that is needed
to bring on the shakes is a quart oi butler
'milk and the runny side of a cellar door.
' On the first page of our paper can be f een
the eo much talked of political speech of
James E ecu a man. It completely lets t?.e
wind out of the Republican sails, hence
their bilter feelings toward it.
A. M. Rupert, of this place, is making
op some very handsome and desirable self
sealing cans, capablo of holding one and
lVo quarts. :They are fine for putting op
, peaches, tomatoes, wLortleberries, &c.
Statu Fair. .In to-day's -paper appears
an advijrtismsnt relative to the Btate Agri
cultcral Fair, to which we would direct at
tention of cur readers.
Ors readers are informed that we are
ready and waiting to receive anything in
, vrroiuce line cn subscription to ihe Star.
r Y virtue of several writs of Venditioni ex-.
-- ponas. issued out of the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Columbia county, to me di
rected, will be exposed to public sale, on
Kondajr, thejd Day of September, I860,
at 1 o'clock, in the afternoon, at the Court
House in Bloomsburg, the following descri
ed property, to wit :
All that certain tract of land situate in
Pine township, Columbia county, bounded
and described as follows, to wit : on the
north by lands of James Master and heirs
of Charles Eves, on the west by lands of
Isaac Youst and Andrew J. Fine, on the
south by lands of And. J. Fine, and on the
east by land of JatrtM Musters, containing
FIFTY-TWO ACRES more or less, about
thirty-five acres of which ia cleared land,
whereon is erected a one and a half story
log house, a frame bank barn, and other
outbuildings, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the properly of Zehnlon Shuliz.
All :hat certain lot of land situate in Or
ange township, Columbia county, bounded
and described as follows, to wit; on the
north by lands ol Jacob Hagenbuch, on the
east by lands of Peter Miller, on the south
Dy lands of Malchi & Benjamin Drake, and
on the west bv land ot Jacob Hsgenbuch.
containing SIX ACRES be the Eamv more
or less, all ol which is improved land,
whereon is erected a one and a half story
dwelling house, a frame stable and other
outbuildings with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be told
as the property of Benja. Boone & Rachel
All that certain tract of land situate in
Benton towns-hip, Columbia county, bound
ed and described as follows, to wit. -on
the north by land of Abraham Young, on
the east by land of John Conner and David
Yocum, ou the south by land of George
Hartman, and on the west by land of Dan
iei Bobbin's heirs, containing one hundred
and twenw acres, about sixty acres of
which is cleared land, wbereou is erected
a one and a half story frame dwelling
house, frame bank barn and other out
buildings, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Moses lucum.
The Defendant's interest in all that cer
tain tracl of land situate in Pine township,
Columbia count', bounded and dehcribed
as follows, to wit: on the north by lands of
Ira Sanders, on the east by lauds of Til
man' heirs and others, cn the south by
land of Iram Derr and others, and on the
west by land of David Sweney and others,
containing two hundred thirty three acres,
one hundred fifty-three perches and allow
ance, about thirty acres of which is cleared
land, wh reon is erected a Steam Saw Mill,
two frame dwelling houses, two frame sta
bles and oihjr ouibuildiogs with the appur
tenances. Seized, taken in execution and to be void
as the property of Isaac Tyler.
All (hat certain lot of laud situate in the
town ol Bloomsburg, Bloom township, Col
umbia county, bounded aid described as
follows, to wit: on the south by Main Street
of said town, on the east by lot of Jeremiah
J. Brower, on the north by an alley, and on
the west by lo: of Deli.'a Creveling, con
taining one fourth of an acre be the same
more or les, whereon is erected a one and
a hall story frame dwelling house, a frame
chop, a frame stable and other outbuildings
with ihe appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Charles Kahler.'
The Defendant' interest in all that cer
tain Lime Stone Quarry, situate in Centre
township, Columbia county, bounded and
described as foilows, to wit: on the north
by land of John K. Grotz. on the east by lot
of E. W. Low, on the south by lands of the
same, and on the west by lot of Andrew
Hagenbuch, containing four perches in
width and eleven perches in depth, where
on is erected a Lime Kiln and a Frame
Lime House with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and lo be sold
as the property of Abraham Deitterich.
AI! that certain lot ot land situate in the
Borough of Berwick, in the County of Col
umbia, bounded and described as follows,
to wit. Beginning at the corner of SeeihoItz
& Booa's Wheelwright Shop, ou Market
Sueet to Second Street 38 feet, more or
less, thence along said Second street to lot
of Gilbert Fowler, No. 4 49J feet, thence
along said lot 36 feet moie or less to Sees
hohz & Boon, thence along said lot paral
lel whh Second street 49$ leet to the place
of beginning ; whereon is erected a Two
Story Brick Siore House, with the appurten
ances. Seized, taken in execution aud to be sold
as the property of Josiah B. Dodson.
All that certain let or tract of land situate
in Centre twp , Columbia county, bounded
and described as follows, to wit: on the
north by a public road leading from Bloonu
burg to Berwick, oc the east by lot of Lind
ley W. Wooley and others, on the south by
the North Branch Canal, and ou the west
by lot of Hiram B. Freas & Hiram Brown,
containing three acres ol land be the same
more or less, whereon is erected a large
three story frame Grist Mill, a Steam En
gine and Steam Boiler, a two story frame
dwelling house, a one and a half story Irame
dwelling house, a frame stable and other
outbuildings, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of George H. Freas.
All that certain tract of land situate in
Sugarloaf township, Columbia co , bounded
and described as follows, to wit: On the
north by lands of Maria Fritz, on the east
by lands of John Kitchen, on the south by
iands of widow Vanderslice, and on the
west by lands of John Moore, containing
eighty one acres more or less, about forty
acres of which is cleared land, whereon is
erected a two story log dwelling houte, a
log bam and other outbuildings, with the
aupurteoances .
Seized, taken in execution and to be 6old
as the property of George Moore.
All that certain lot of ground situate in
Orangeville, Orange township, Columbia
county, bounded and described as follows,
to wit: on the north by lot of Thos. Rocket,
on the east by lot of Henry Stiner, on the
sooth by lot of Adam Shaner and on the
wet by Main Street of said town, contain
ing one third of an acr6 be the same more
oi less, whereon is erected two two 6iory
frame dwelling houses, a frame stable and
other outbuildings with ihe appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be eold
as the property of William Remly.
. All that certain lot of ground situate in
Hopkicsville, Bloom township, Columbia
county, bounded and described as follows,
to wit: ou tbe'northeast by Main street of
said town, on the southeast bv an alley, on
the southwest by an alley, anJ on the north
west by 'lot of- , containing one
half of an acre be the same more or less,
whereon is erected a two story FRAME
other outbuildings with the appurtenances.
seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Josiah II. Furman.
ALSO, ... -All
that certain tract of land situate in
Beaver township, Columbia county, Pa.,
bounded as follows : on the east by a pub
lic road, on the south by lands of Manasse
Michael's heirs and others, on the west by
land of Shuman & Hoats, and on the north
by land of John and Reuben Herriger, con
taining eighty-nine acres, twenty five acres
of which are cleared land, whereon are
erected a two story FRAME DWELLING
HOUSE, Frame Kitchen, a Frame Barn and
other outbuildings with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and lo be sold
as ihe property ol Charles F.' Mann'.
A ceitain lot of ground situate in Maine
township. Columbia county, adjoining lands
of Isaac Yetter on the north, Aaron Ber
linger on the south, west and east, contain
ing one acre of land, whereon are erected
a one and a half story FRAME DWELLING
HOUSE, a Frame Stable aud a Well of
water ai ihe door.
One other tract of land sitnate in Beaver
and Maine townships, Columbia county,
adjoining lands of Charles Mann on the
north, Jacob Shu man's heirs on the north,
Abraham Knecht on the south, Charles
Fisher and Jacob Hinderliter on the east,
and Mary Culp on ihe west, containing one
hundred and one acres and a half with the
appurtenances, about ten acres of which
is cleared land.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as ihe property of Jacob Hossler.
By a writ of Levari Facias, a certain dwell
ing house two stories high, having a front of
about eighteen feet, and a depth of about
twenty four feet, siluate on a lot or piece
of land in the town of Espy, Columbia co.,
which lot contains a front of about thirty
feet, and depth ot about or.e hundred and
seventy feet, on the north bide ot Maui
Sireet, adjoining lot of William Tronsue on
the west, Alfred Heckman on the north,
and said Main Street on the south.
Seized, taken in execution and to be 6oId
as the properly ol John Turner.
All that certain two story frame dwelling
house or building situate in the township
of Scott, in the county of Columbia, on the
south side of the main road leading from
Bloomsburg to Berwick, being in the village
of Espytown, said building containing m
from twenty six feel, and in depth fifty two
feet, and the lot or piece of ground and cur
tilage appurtemant to the said building,
bounded on the northeast by Isaac McKa
my, on the northwest by David Whnmey
er, on the north by the main road aforesaid
and on the south by an alley,
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the properly of William A. Case.
By virtue of a writ of Fi. Fa. all that cer
tain lot or tract of land situate in Briarcreek
townhip, Columbia county, bounded and
described as follows to wit: on the north by
lands of Adam Deitterich and Jeseph Van
Horn, on the east by land of John Vanpelt,
ou the south by laud of James Lamon, and
on the west by land of George Zaner's heirs,
containing thirty acres, be the same more
or lee, all of which is improved laud with
the appurtenances.
Seized taken in execution aud to be sold
as the properly of Uriah Vanpli and Mary
SherilP Office, ) Sheriff.
Bloomsburg, Aug. 1, 1860.
Wholesale and Retail.
MMHE subscriber would announce to the
-- citizens of Bloomsbursr and vicinity,
that he is selling LIQUOKS in large and
small quantises, and at different prices, at
his New More, on Main street,
north side, two doors south of
Iron eireet, Bloomsburg. His IJIyp'
stock of Foreign and Domestic tac
consis's of Cognac and Rochelle, Blackber
ry, Ginger, Raspberry and Lavender. He
haB a large assortment of
Old Rye, gray with age, tine Old Bourbon,
Old Folks Whiskey, and any quantity of
common. He alo has
Madeiras, Lisbon, Claret, "Sherry and Cam
pagne Wines; and last but not leat, a
onantity of good ;double extra BROWN
STOUT; all of which he will fell at the
lowest cash prices. The public are respect
fully solicited to give his liquor a trial.
. D. W. ROBBlNS, 'r.
Bloomsburg, July 11, 1860.
fVOTICE is hereby giving lo all legatee?,
creditors and other persons interested
in the estates of the respective decedents
and minors, thai the following administra
tion and guardian accounts have been filed
in the office of ihe .Register of Columbia
county, and will be pretented for confirma
tion and allowance to the Orphan's Court,
to be held al Bloomsburg, in the county
aforesaid, on Wednesday the 5th day of Sept.
next, at 2 o'clock, in the afternoon.
1. The rinal account of William G. Hur
ley and Samuel Creveling, administrators
of Alexander Creveling, late of Centre twp.
2. The account of John Rantz, guardian
of George L. McIIenry, a minor child of
William McHgnry, deceased.
3. The second and final account of Hugh
McWilliams, adm'r cum tetia mento annexo,
of Thomas Lernon late of Liberty tp., deed.
4. The account of James McHenry, Ex
ecutor of Moses McIIenry late of Fiehiog
creek township, deceased.
5. The account of Solomon Neyhard,
adm'r ol Betij. Haymau, late of Orange tp.,
6. The account of Eli Bobbins, adm'r of
Thomas Robbins, late of Fishingcreek twp.
7. The first and final account of Joseph
Pilkington, adm'r of Joseph Eck, late of the
borough oi Berwick.
8. The account of Ellwood Hughes, guar
dian ot Rebecca Walp, one of the children
of Anthony Walp, late of Briarcreek town
ship, deceased.
9. The account of Richard Stiles, adm'r
of Tunis Karns, late of Benton iwp., dec:d.
10. The account of John Sharpless, exec
utor of the estate of Benjamin Sharpless late
of Cattawissa township, dee'd.
11. The account of Mathias Gilbert guar
dian of Chrislianna Stroup, a minor child
of Stroup, late of Mu Pleasant iwp.,
12. The first and final account of Thomas
Ogden, executor of Nathan Oliver, laie ol
GreeGwood township, dee'd.
Register's Office, ) Kegister.
Bloomsburg, Aug. 8, '60. J
SEVERAL desirable Building Lots in
Bloomsburg, for sale. Inquire of
June 20, 1860-tf.
Shop oo the South Side of Main Street, firs
patented march 9, 1858.
Bloomsburg, having purchased the ex
clusive right of the above valuable Impro
ved Cheap Patent Sewing Machine, for
the County of Columbia, will be happy to
supply their friends with the article tor the
accommodalionof themselves and families.
The . following are some of Ihe superior
advantages tbis implement possesses, viz:
1. It sews from 400 lo 600 tight stitches
per minute.
2. Double thread Machines aie from the
more complicated character of their mech
anism invariably managed and il.readed
with more or lees difficulty ; not so with
RAYMOND'S, a child can manage it ir. two
hours, aud it is threaded easier lhaa a com
hi on neecie.
3. One of the moM valuable features of
this Machine, is (he srnallness and the
compactness of its mechanism.
4. It can be attached to a board, table or
stand, in operating order, and removed in
less than half a minute.
5. It greatly economizes the thread, and
yel produces a searn, sufficiently strong for
any work lor which it i intended, a qual
ification not known to all kinds of Sewing
6. No human hand is capable of produ
cing a seam so regular and systematic.
The team is so strong if well done, thai the
swongect material will tear before the
seam will give way.
7. Among the array of Pa'ent Sewing
Machines, (here are none so cheap and
durable as Raymond's Patent, but no Ma
chine is adapted to all kinds of work as
expedience has proven. There are perhaps
none so realy uselul, doing such a variety
of wore for ihe immediate ue of the fam
ily circle, and al such a moderate price as
8. The operator can shape his seam jusl
as he pleases, waves, leave and flowers,
etc., can be represented or imitated.
9. It is particularly adapteu to all kinds
of stitchirg such as gentlemen's shirts,
bosoms, riatbands, collars, etc., and all
kinds of ladies' sewing, including silks,
lawns, delaines, calicoes, dusters, etc., ex
cepting lor men's heavy wear, this Machine
is rather too light o! conduction.
10. But we all admit, that the advantage
to health, and principally to lh virion or
eyesighi, inuueed by ihe use of Sewing
Machines, surpasses infinitely all oiher ad
vantages. 11. This Machine fastens the seam al
ways itself, but if ihe operator wishes it
unlaslened or open, there is a way lor it
too, thus you can have il fastened or not,
as you please, which is, sometimes, espe
cially for beginners, a very favoruble cir
cumstance. If the seam is left unfastened,
you can draw it out in three secends and
save the thread.
For sale by ihe undersigned, at iheir re
spective residences, in Bloomsburg, who
uill put the Machine in operation and give
all necessary instruction.
Bloomsburg, July 11, I860.
Grand Jurors for Sept. Term, I860.
Bloom Caleb Barton, jr., William Cole
man, Simon C. Shive.
Benton Jno. Beishline, Patterson Moore,
Thomas Hess.
Br.arcreek Adam Stilt, John Davenport,
Jacob Mosieller, Ephraim Evans, Peler
Cattawifsa Samuel Thomas.
Centre John Shaffer.
Franklin Thomas Hower.
Fishingcreek Hiram Bit ten bender.
Greenwood David Albeiteon, Peter Gir
ion. Jackson James Yocum.
Locum George Fetterman.
Madison John Demon.
Mifflin John Snyder, Jacob Schweppen
heiser. Roarinacreek Charles Eck.
Scott Philip Achenbach.
Traverse Jurors.
Bloom William Bear, Joseph Ruckle,
Joseph Weaver, John 11. Moyer, Charles
Thomas, Strawbridgj A. Wilson, Yastine
Bor. Berwick Jacob Moyer, A. B. Tate.
Beaver Peler Gearhari, Samuel John
son. Centre Thomas Conner.
Caitawisca Solomon Reinard.
Franklin Jacob KoMenbader.
Fishingcreek John Creveliug, Thomas
Greenwood Samuel Musgrave.
Locost Jonas Fahringer.
M'fflin Michael Fry, Jacob Yohe.
Macliron Daniel Merkle, Isaac Mc Bride
Henry Dildioe.
Montour Andrew Claik.
Mouul Pleaodiil Eliaa Howell, Andrew
Maine Aaron Andrews.
Orange James Patterson, Henry Delong.
Pine William Atter.
Scott A. J. Thornton, Samuel L. Betlle
Elias Krum, liobert S. Howell.
Sugarloaf Henry C. lle-v, Andrew Lau
bach. July 2b, I860.
N pursuance of an order of the Orphan's
Couil of Colu mbia county, on SATUR
next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, Martin
A. Ammerroan and Michael Lemon, Ad
ministrators of Peter P. Pealer, late of
Fishingcreek township, in said couniy, de
ceased, will expose to sale, by Public Yen
due, upon tho premises, a certain
adjoining lands ol Daniel Sloker, Hiram
Pealer, Jacob Geisinner, John Pealer and
FOUR ACRES, more or less, on whicn are
erected a
Frame Dwelling Ilousci
and other outbuildings, mostly cleared land
and in a good state of cultivation.
The. above property is situate on Big
Fishingcreek, about four miles above Or
angeville, on the main road leading from
Orangeville to Cambria.
Late the Estate of said deceased, situate
in the township of Fifhingcreek, and coun
ty aforesaid. JACOB EYERLY,
Bloomsburg, July 18, 1860. Clerk.
In the Orphans' Court.
HPHE Auditor appointed to make disiriba
- tion of the balance in ihe bands of
Abraham Robbins, Administrator of the es
late of Thomas Robbins, late of the said
couniy, deceased, will meet the distribu
tees and all persons interested, for the pur
poses of his appointment, at his office in
Bloomsburg, on -SATURDAY the 25ih day
of AUGUST next, between the hours of nine
A. AL and three r. M., when and where
all persons havins claims are required to
present them, or be forever debarred from
a bhaie of said fund.
9000 (o 10,000 New Words in the Vocab
ulary. Table of Synonyms, by Prof Good
rich. With other new features. Together
with all ihe mailer of previous editions.
In one volume of 1750 pages. Price $6 50.
Sold by all Booksellers.
G.&C. MERRIAM, Sprinsfield, Masn.
EP"The eighty pages of Illustrations,
comparable in fineness to those of bank
notes, are worth ihe price of ihe book."
Lh. Herald.
"Getthe Best." Get the Handsomest.
Get the Cheapest. Get Webster.
Within the last few weeks the Publishers
have received flattering iestimonials of the
merits of this edition, from nearly Thirty
Presidents of as many of ibe leading Col
leges of ihe United Slates. Among them
are fiom Presidents Freliniihuyfeti of Rut
sers, Walker of Harvard, Hopkins of Wil
liams, Siearnn of Amherst, Curnmings of
Middletown, Noti of Union, Way land of
Providence, Jackeon of Hobert, Woods of
Bruim ick, Lord of Dartmouth, Pease of
Burlington, Ballon of Tufts, Gale of Gales
ville, Ciampi of Holy Cross, Murphy ol
Abingdon, Labaree of Middlebnry, An
drews of Marietta. Fisher of Hamilion,
Read of Sliunlitf, Siurtevant of Illinois,
Reynolds of Illinois, Collins of Wilkinson,
Anderson of Rochester, Wallace of Mon
mouth, Curtis of Knox, &c. In them, are
expressions like the following:
''An honor to American science, taste
and criiieisrn." 'An enduring value and
authority.' 'Never found any work which
so uniformly satii-fied my inquiries.' 'Has
ever since been ray constant companion in
my practice at the bar, and for the last five
yeais upon the bench. I have ever found
it a sale counsellor, and an indispensable
heln in the preparation and decision of
caj-es.' 'For the sake of my country and
the English language, 1 rejoice in the won
derful standard excellence, as well as celeb
rity, your Dictionary has attained. It is a
work for the present, and for all corning
time.' 'Stands unquestionably preeminent.'
where seems every prospect thai it will be
the standard book lor th is countiy, at least,
if not for England. I am content it should
be so.' 'This irulv "real and national work.
'A fnmnliti annarjln for all nnroosen ot
- i r t - r r
reading and und?rstandinz American and
English literature. It is difficult to con
ceive of anything that could be added to
fit il for ihese ends.' 'A vast treasury of
knowledge, ihe whole ol which is needed
by every one who usJs the English Ian
guage, either as a writer, a speaker, or a
reader.' 'Ought lo be a part of ihe furni
ture of every American.' 'We long ago
accepted Webster as the Standard in our
College, and the experience of every irm
strengthens our conviction of Ihe wisdom
ot our choice.' 'So long as you continue
to incorporate all the improvements which
are developed in the science of lexico
graphy,' &c, tc' June 6, I860.
Delaware Lackawanna and
Western Kail Koad.
ON and after Monday, May 28, I860,
trains will run as follows:
Moving South.
The Accommodation Train bound east
on N. Y. & Erie Railroad arrives at Great
Bend at 6,38, and the Cincinnati Express
at 6,03, a. m., and connects with (he Ex
press Train which leaves Gteat Bend for
New York and Philadelphia, at 7,1C a. rn.
Due at Scranton, 9,35 a. m.
Moving North.
Passengers from N. Yoik, leave
Pier No. 2, North River, at
From Philadelphia, leave Wal
nut Sireet Wharf, at
Due at Scranton,
Due al Scranton,
The Accommodation Train
7,30 a. m.
leave Scranton until after the arrival of ihe
Morning Train on the L. & B. Rail Road,
thus giving pa.-sengers from "the Wyoming
Valley a direct connection for ihe West by
the Morning Train.
For ihe accommodation of way travel on
the Southern Division, a Passenger Car will
be attached to the Express Freight Trains,
leaving Scranton, at 4 a.m.
Returning, will leave Junction at 3,40 a. rn.
Due at Scranton, 2,50 a. m.
Passer.gers lo and from New York change
cars at Junction to ami from Philadelphia
vih B l R R, leave or lake (he car al Hope.
For Pulton, Kingston, and Wilkesbarre,
lake L. & B. R. 11. cars at Scranton.
For Je-sup, Archbald and CarLondale,
take Stages al Scranton.
Vr Tickets sold and baggage checked
Through. JOHN BRISBIN, Sup't.
Wm. N. Jenk, (Jen. Ticket Ageut.
June 13, 1SC0.
R A I L - R O A D .
Summer Arrangement.
iU"W'll V' 'tit f
"Leave Phiiad'a Mail N. Y. Express.
Scranton, 6.10 a. tn. 4.53 p.m.
Arrive at
Pittston, 6 38 4.53
Kingston, 7.05 5 20
Shickshinny, 7 50 6.25
Berwick, 8 20 6. 55
Bloomsburg, 8 50 7.30
Ruperl, 9.00 7.40
Danvilile, 9.25 8.10
Northumberland, 10.00 8 45
Moving North.
Leave N. Y. Express. Phiiad'a Mail.
5.30 a. tn.
4.45 p. in.
Arrive at
6 05 5.20 .
6.35 5.50
6.45 600
7.15 6.35
7.45 7.05
8.30 7.45
8.57 8 15
9.25 8.45
The Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Rail
Road connects with the Delaware, Lacka
wanna Kail Road at Scranton. for New
York and Philadelphia, and intermediate
points East; also for Great Bend, Binghara
ton, Syracuse, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and
all. important points West.
At Rupert it connects with the Catawissa
Railroad for points both East and West.
Al Northumberland it connects with the
Suubory and Erie Railroad, for points
s. c.
"O ESPECTFULLY invites the attention of
the Public to his extensive assortment
of Cabinet Furniture and Chairs, which he
will warrant made of good materials and in
a workmanlike manner. At his Establish
ment, can always be found a good assort:,
ment of
which is equal in style and finish to that of
Philadelphia or New York cities, and at as
low prices. He has Sofa ol different 6tyle
and prices, from $25 lo 60. Divans Lonn
:es, Walnut aud Mahogany. Parlor chairs,
Rocking and eaey chairs, Piano stools, and
a varieiv of uoholsterad work, with Dressing
( am nurtni huffs lis sofa, curd rfnlro and
pier tables, detashu?, cheneniers, whatnots
and comi'des and all kinds of fashionable
work. His slock of boieaus, enclosed and
oomrnon washsianus, dress-tacles, corner
cupbo irits sola,
bedsteads, cane seat and common chairs i
ihe largest in this section oi the couniy. He
will also keep a good assortment ol looking-
glasses with fancy gilt and common frames
He will also furnish spring mattrasses fitted
to any sized bedstead, hich are superior
for duiability and comfort to any bed in
use. Bloomsburg, January 13. 1858.
Excitemriit at the "Old Arcade!"
CCD OD QD b3 &
f jMIE subscriber has just returned trom.the
- City with another large and select as
sortment of Spring and Summer Goods,
purchased al Philadelphia, at the lowest
fiu'e, and which he is determined to sell
on as moderate terms as can be procured
elsewhere in Bloomsburg. Hi slock com.
fndie' Dress Goods,
of the choicest styles and latest fashions.
Hardware, Queensware, Cedarware, Hol
lowware, Iron, Nails, Boots & Shoes, Hals
and Caps, &c, &c. In short, everything
usually kepi in country Stores; lo which he
invites the public generally. The highest
price paid for country produce.
Rloomehnrg. April 25. 1860.
S. E. Corner Seventh and Chestnut Streets.
Ccmprises Book Keeping for Mercantile,
Bdiiking Railroad, and Manufacturing
Business with Pennmansbip, Cal
cuiaiions. Correspondence, &c.
&c, fully qualifying the Student for atcua)
business. Students receive individual In
struction. Diplomas are awarded to Graduates.
Pays for Life Scholarship good in seven Col-
leses; S25 for partial course.
CI" For Catalogue and Specimens of Wri
ting, Address, inclosing two stamps,
Jnlv 27. 1859 Pruiarf'a.
Trial List for Sept.
1. Benjamin A. Cole vs.
Term, 1S60.
William Simons.
2. Peter Mdler vs The Cat:awissa, Wil-
liamsport & Erie Railroad Company.
3. Smuel Lemon vs. A W. Creamer.
4. John McCalla vs. Henry Hantz.
5. Simon Fetterman vs. Wr-ght Hughes.
6. Jacob Schuyler vs. Wilson Ager.
7. Chailcs Hemtinger vs. Ludwig Diehl's
8. T. W. Kahler vs. Daniel Neyhard.
9. Jno. McMulligan et al vs. Sam'l Rhone.
10. J K. Gtrion vs. Edgar E. Barton el a!.
11. Wiliuin Smeyer vs. John HofTnagle.
12. J. P.Jackson et al vs Enoch Howell.
Stephen H. Miller vs. Dati'l F. Seybert.
Robert E. Auten vs. Beisj. Paydou.
Wm. Appleinan vs Jonathan Mosteller.
Eiioe. Adams vs Samuel B. Seybert.
Alary Hefs vs William lies.
Peter Billmeyer vs Michael Mylert.
Jeremiah H. Harmati vs Abram N. liar-
Nathan'l E. Rutler et al vs A.N. Harvay.
C. D. Herring et al vs John G. Jacoby.
Joseph Lilly vB James W. Sankey.
Lavina Cole vs. Adam Lutz et al.
Daniel Spayde vs Christian Laubacb.
Ira Bobbins vs Jacob Diehl.
George S'oan's Executor vs a. Raotz.
Jeob Schuyler vs Albert Stookey et al.
George (Jetty vs Henry Shollaberger.
Jul n Barton's adrn'r vs Joseph Lilly.
Bloomsburg, July 25, I860.
.. r. .m 4
V.- Vf
X OF 9
X Cheaper than liver. X
May IP, 1860.
e?. .v. .", .-. .. -.
. V." V
, .. j: .-. .". -. .-
1 . v.- vi
Flour and Feed Delivered
MJE undersigned has made arrange
ments that will enable him to deliver
Flour and Feed, FOR CASH, about ten per
cent, cheaper than any body else in town.
His prices are as follows :
Flour 7 25; Corn and Oats Chop Si 55;
Corn and Rye Chop Si 65 ; Bran SI 10 ;
1 respectfully solicit a share of the public
patronage. MOSES COFFMAN.
Bloomsburg, June 14, 1860.
THE undersigned has opened a new Li
quor Store al Mifflinvilie, Columbia
county, and stocked il with a large and ex
ce llent assortment of
2a GD QLi
of all kinds, to which be myites ihe atten
tion of dealers. His Honors are of ihe
best brands, and one lMajllaiMy'J,
The World Unanimous!
The virus of disease often makes its wty
to the internal organs through the pores of
the skin. This penetrating Ointment, melt
ing under the hand as it is rubbed in, is ab
sorbed through the same channels, and,
reaching the seat of inflamation, promptly
and invariably subdues il, whe her located
in the kidneys the liver, the lungs, or any
other important organ. Il penetrates ihe
surface to the interior, through ihe countless
tubes that communicate with Ihe skin, as
summer rain passes into ihe fevered earth,
diffusing its cool and regenerating influence;
Every species of eaJerior irritation is
quickly reduced by the ami inflammatory
action of this Ointment. Angry Ervptions,
such as salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Teti'eri, Scald Head; Nellie, Rash, Scab
ies, (or Itch) k.c, die out, lo return no more,
under this application. Hospital expert
ence ia all parts of ihe World proves its
infallibility in diseases of the skin, ibe mus
cles, the joints and the glands.
The effect ot this unrivalled external
remedy upon Scrofula, and other virulent
ulcers and sores, almost roaraculous. It
firt discharges (he poison which produces
suppuration and ptoud flesh, and thus the
cures which its healing properties afterwards
complete are safe as well as permanent.
In cases of the fracture of the bones, in
juries caused by steam explosions, Bruises,
Burns, Scalds, Rheumatism, Stiffness of the
Joints, and contraction of the sinews, i: is
employed and warmly recommended by
the faculty. This marvellous remedy has
been introduced by its inventor in persons
into all Ihe leading Hospitals of Europe,and
no private household should be without It.
The Medical Staff of the French nd Eng
lish Armies in the Crimea officially sigaed
their approval of HOLLOWAY'S Ointment,
as the most reliable dressing for sabre cots,
siabs, and gun-shot wounds. It is also
used by Ihe surgeons of the Allied Navies.
Both the Oimmerit and Pills should be uisd
in the following catet :
Mercurial Emotions.
Chapped Hands,
Swelled Glands
Sore Legs,
Sore Breasts,
Sore Heads,
Sore Throats,
Sore ofal! kinds.
Rheumatism, i
Salt Rheum,
Skin Diseases,
Stiff Joints,
Veoeral Sores,
Wouuds of alt kinds.
13T CAUTION ! None are genuine cn
less the world " Ilollotcay, New York and
London," are discernible as a water-mark in
ev9ry leaf of the book of directions around
each pot or box; the same may be plainly
seen by holding the leaf to the light. A hand
some reward will be given lo any one ren
dering such information as may lead to the
detection of any pany cr parties counterfeit
ing Ite mediciesor vending ibe same, know
ins them to be spurious.
Sold at the Manufactory of Professor
HOLLOWAY, 80 Maiden Lane, New York,
and by alt respectable Drugjist and Deal
ers in Medicine throughout the United States
and ihe civilized world, in poisat 25 cents,
62 i rents, and $1 each.
Cs There is a considerable saving by
takins ihe larger sizes.
N. B Directions for the guidance of pa
tients in every disorder are affixed in each
pot. August 17, 1859.
Court Proclamation.
WHEREAS the Hon. Warren J. Wood
ward, President Judge of the Coort of
Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Deliv
ery, Conn of Quarter Sessions of the Peace
and Court of Common Pleas and Orphans'
Court, in the 26ih Judicial District, compos
ed ot the counties ot Columbia, Sullivan and
Wyohnnsr, and the Hon. Jacob Evans and
Peter Kline, Associate Judges ot Columbia
County, have issued their precept, bearing
dato one thousand eighteen hundred and
sixty, and to me directed for holding a
Court of Oyer and Terminer, and General
Jail Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
Com. Pleas and Orphans' Court, in Blooms,
burg, in the county of Columbia, on the first
Monday (bein ihe 3d day) of Sept., next,
and to continue one week.
Notice is hereby given, to the Coroner, the
Justices of the Peace and Constables oi the
said County of Columbia, thai they be then
and theie in their proper persons at 10 o'
clock in ihe forenoon of said day, with their
records, inquisitions and oiher remembran
ces to do those tnings which to iheir offices
appertain lo be done. And those that are
bouud by recognizes, to prosecute against
the prisoners thai are or may be in the Jail
of said county ot Columbia, to be then and
ihete lo prosecufe then as shall be just. Ju
rors are requested to be punctual in their
attendance, agreeably to itieir notice, dated
at Bloomsburg, the 23:h v!ay of July, in the
year of our Lord one thoasacd eight hun
dred and sixty . aud in the eichty-lounh year
of the independence of the Uuited Slates of
America. (God save the Commonwealth.)
The undersigned respectfully informs the
citizens of Columbia county. and the public
generally, thai he manufactures to order
and keeps for sale, at his establishment
bspylown, the celebrated
made of the best material, in excellent
style, and will be sold at a low figure. Far
mers will find it sreatlj lo iheir advantage
to secore one of the above Rakes, bv which
they can rake as much in one day as can
be done by ten hand rakes
Espy, Pa.. June 27, 1860.
n.R K00XS, Proprietor.
iiLoonsunifj, pa.
THIS magnificent Hotel, situate in tha
central portion of the town, and op
posite the Court House, ha? been thoroughly
repaired and refurnished, and the Proprietor
is now prepared to accommodate travelers,
teamsters, droveis and boarders iu (he most
pleasant and agreeable manner. His lable
will be supplied with the best the market
ailords,and his Bar with ihe choicest liquors.
Alieiitise ostlers wilt always be on band,
and his stabling is the tuo-t extensive ia
this section ot country. Omnibuses will
always be in readiness to convey passea
V,lo- f-