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BLOOMSBURG,:::::::: : : PfiNN'A.
New Rochclle, or I,avion Blackberry.
We copy from the Horticulluralist the
following account of the productiveness of
this celebrated Iruit. It is one of the many
striking instances, where money is to be
made by farmers varying from their regu
lar routine of culture, and growing, to a
moderate extent at least, some other crop
than corn, oats and wheat potatoes especial
ly where they reside within reach ol a good
market like Philadelphia.
"Early in the month of August, by invi
tation from Mr. Seymour, when the berries
were in their prime, ivc saw the nursery,
and sufficiently to show that the Lawton
blackberry is among the most valuable va
rieties of fruit. The ground thus devoted is
less than two aud a half acres; from tlrs
ground Mr. Seymour was sending to market
daily, an average of upwards of ten bushels,
lie had been picking nine days, and the
aggregate amount to tho period of our visit
was one hundred and six bushels. Single
hills of some three or four canes, in many
instances yielded a bushel each. One day,
during the season, nineteen bu-hels were
picked. Tho picking is done almost ex
clusive by boys; eight being employed.—
Most of tho berries aro produced from a
field separate from the nursery, half of an
acre being devoted to tho fruit in tho nur
sery; ami here most of our observations
were made. This half an acre, which is
understood to have received the same cul
ture as bestowed upon tho rest of the plan
tation, had already produced sopio thirty
bushels; and probably at least twenty five
bushels remain to l e gathered. This is at
the rate of some sixty bushels to the aere.—
Many good judges who have visited tho
nursery, placed the estimate even higher
than this, lint any reasonable fruit-grower,
might be satisfied with a yield of sixty bush
els of blackberries, — smh blackberries,
larger, fairer, better flavored than the natur
al ft nit— from an acre of ground.
"But docs not this result involve a larger
expenditure in cultivation and harvesting?"
inquires some one.
Definite information on this point, obtain
ed from Mr. S., proves that the entire ex
pense of lite culture of an acre, afer the
ground has been properly prepared the first
year, fall below fifty dollars, and the expense
of picking is but a trifle over one cent a
quart. Mr. S. employed his boys by the
day, paying them fifty cents each. They
have averaged, during the season; from
forty to fifty quarts each a day Tlte ber
ries command a ready market at twenty
five cents a quart, wholesale. The com
mission for selling is one per cent, or one
cent for four quarts. The expense of trans
portation from Norwalk to NewYoak, some
forty miles, about tho sainc.
These aro the facts in regard to the cul
ture of tho Lawton blackberry. What has
been stated 011 this subject, hitherto, lias
mainly been theoretical we aro now able
to state from actual inspection not only
what tho blackberry is cnpablo of doing,
anil what it probably will do, but what it
has done, and what if is doing. Tito yield
from the two acres and three quarters cul
tivated by Air. Seymour, cannot bo accu
rately arrived at in season for the present
number. But if, when the crop is harvest
ed, it fails of reaching two hundred bushels,
we shall be obliged to confess, that tlte
means of forming a correct estimate, obser
vations have led us astray.
Mr. S. lias produced some twenty bar
rels of wine from tho blackberry this season,
which commands a ready market at a great
er profit than is reaized from the sale of 1110
Cut and Incut I'ocd for Cattle. •
In no instance where an experiment lias
been made in feeding cut hay, straw or
corn fodder, has it proved disadvantages,
but on tho contrary, has proved its econmy
and advantage. There are many reasons
for this
An animal especially a working animal,
is saved much of the labor of masticating its
food, by being cut, and therefore, having
more timo to rest. This is a great advan
tage where the horse is already overworked,
having barely lime to bolt down his food
before ho is again hitched to the plow. In
the larger cities whore the omnibus lines
and city cars employ a great many horses
no hay is fed whole, but all cut up with
machines worked by horse or steam power
Experiments and trials conducted fairly by
the proprietors of those lines, have proved
satisfactorily llio great saving, and that hay
fed whole is wasteful management. By
feeding cut food there is no waste, by hav
ing tho hay or straw dragging under tho
feet of the cattle, as is often the case, wast
ing about 0110 half. Cut food is much eas
ier digested from tho fact that it presents
more points to tho gastric juice of the stom
ach, also reducing the food in bulk. Feed
ing corn fodder in an open barn yard, at all
limes and seasons of tho year, is indeed
wasting at least one half. Tho stock only
picking o(Tthe leaves, leaving the entire
stalk to waste, which in fact contains far
moro nourishment than the leaves. The
leaves being thin and light, at best can con
tain but little of the juice, while the stalk
having a strong coating on the outside, pre
vents the juice in a great measure from dry
ing out and evaporating, the juice in the
stalk gradually working itself into the form
of sugar. (This fact can easily to proved
by crushing and pressing tho stalk,) by
cutting and crushing the whole of tho stalk,
is converted into soli and nutritious food.
"Fompey, wffat am dat goes when de
wagon goes, stops when da wagon, stops it
am no use to de wagon, and yet de wagon
can't go without it V " 1 gubs dat up,clem,'
"Why, de uoise, ob course."
AN editor in lowa has become so hollow
from depending upon the printing business
for bread, that he proposes to sell himself
for stovepipe at three cents a foot.
L. S(OIT& CO., NEW YOUK, continue to
publish the lollowing leading British Per
iodicals, viz:
Church. 4.
ZINE, Tory.
These Periodicals ably represent the three
great political parlies of Great Britain— t
Whig, Tory, anil Radical, —but politics I
forms only one feature of their character.— ;
As Organs of the most profound writers on |
Science, Literature, Morality, and Religion,
they stand, as they ever have stood, uurivai
led in the orld of letters, being considered
indispensable to the scholar and the profess
ional man, while to the intelligent reader of
every class they furnish a more correct and
sati.-laeiory reeotd of the current lite'atnre
| of the day, throughout the world, titan can
[ he possibly nhfttm-d from any other source.
| EARLY COl'lKho J cT-lriuceipt of ad
vance sheets Irotit S.—li R.-li eptihlislters
! gives additional value to tlte.-e Reprints, in
! astmtclt as they can now he placed in the
j hands of subscribers about us soon as the
original etlnior s.
TERMS. (Regular Prices.)
Per nnn.
For any one of the four Reviews fc3 00
j For any two of the lour Reviews 5 00
I For any three ot the lour Reviews 7 00
i For all four of the Reviews 8 00
I For Blackwood's Magazine 3 (iO
Fur Blackwood and one Review 5 00
' For Blackwood and two Reviews 7 00
| For Blackwood and Ihtee Reviews 9on
j For Blackwood and the lour Reviews IP 00
| Money current in the fcflute where issued
] will he received at par.
POSTAGE The postage lo any part of
! the United Slates will he but Twenty-lour
j Cents a tear ior "Blackwood," nttd but
! Fourteen Cents a year for eaelt of the Re
! views,
j At the above prices lite Periodicals will
j be furnished for 1859, ami as a
Premium to New Subscribers,
, the No*, of the same Period hods tor 1857,
| will be IntDished, without additional charge,
j Unliko the more t| Magazine ol
- the day, these Periodicals lu-e Intlc by age.
Hence, a lull year of the Nos. (with no
I omissions) lor 1857 may be regarded nearly
as valuable as lor 1859.
I Subscribers wishing aho the Nos. for
! 1856, and 1858 will he supplied at the (ol
i lowing extremely low rales.
| For Blank wood's Magazine, the 4 years 6 00
For any one Review, " " o 00
I For any two Reviews, " " 10 00
For Blackwood ami t Review, " " to 00
For Blackwood Si 2 Reviews, " " 13 00
Fur three Reviews, " '■ ]3 oo
; For Bhiekwood & 3 Reviews, " " 17 00
For tlte four Reviews, " " 13 00
Por Blackwood and the four
! Reviews, " "20 00
N If—The price in Great I'rin iti of the
five Periodicals above named is Sr3l per an
As we shall never again be likely to offer
1 such inducements as those here presented,
Now is the time to Subset ihe !!
Remittances must, in all cases, ho
made direct to the Publishers, for at these
prices 110 contirt -sion can be allowed 10
ageuls. Address,
No 54 Gold street, New York.
\lA\mm WEEKLY.
Harper's We.kly has now been in exist,
puce two years. Daring .hat period 110 ef
fort has been spared to make it lite I est
posible Family Newspaper for lite Atneri
etui people, and it is 'lie hePcf ol the Pro
prietorv that 110 existing peiiodictd can com
pare with it.
Each limnberof Harper's Weekly contains
all the News ami Gos.-tp of lite Week, Do
mestic and Foreign. The ccmpletene-s of
litis department is, it is believed, nll rivaled
in any other weekly pttbhcuijon. Every
noteworthy event is profusely and accurate
ly ilh strand at t'e lime of its occurrence
The Laying ol the Atlantic 'Telegraph, for
instance It s been more elaborately iilttv
trated in Harper's Weekly than in all the
oilier newspapers in the world. Ami while
tin expense is spared 10 procure Original Il
lustrations—in proof of which the Proprie
tors would rcler to Hie udmirable pictures by
D.irley, Hoppin, McLeiiati. ami others, nntl
| to tho illustrations of yuih and the Utah
| Expedition, the Chine-ir Squadron, the Par-
I ttgtta Expedition, Sea., Civ., &c., which have
been published in tlte present volume ol the
Week ly— care is taken to lay belore the
reader every foreign pictute which appears
to porsess general interest. In a word, lite
Subscriber to Harper's Weekly may rely
upon obtaining a Pictorial History of the
times in which we live, compiled and illus
trated in the mo.-t perfect ami complete
manner possible. It is believed that the
Illustrated Biographies alone—of which
about one 1 it mired and ninety have already
been published—aro worth Ittr more to the
reader than Pie whole.coat of his subscrip
| The literary malter of Harper's Weekly
! is supplied by some of the ablest writers in
I the language. Every Number contains an
: instilment of a serial s-fory by a first class
ant Iter-—Bnlwer'a '• 11/ ml will lie t/o with it ?"
has appeared entire in its colums; one or
more short Slories, die besl that can ba par
ciluisoil at home or Ml>roul ; iho beat l\>*lry
of the day ; instructive Essays on topics ol
general inlorest; Comments cm the Events
of the lime, in the shape of Editorials and
die Lounger's philosophic and amusing Gos
sips; searching but generous Literary Criii-
J ebons; u Chess Chronicle; and 101 l and
careful reports of the Money, Merchandise,
and Produce Markejs.
( In (ixing at su low a price as Five Cents
tiie price of their paper, the Publishers were
aware lhat nothing bill an enormous sale
could remunerate them. Tliey are happy
lo say that the receipts have already realized
d-eir anticipations, and justify still further
edorls to make Harper's Weekly an indis
pensable guest iu evety home throughout
die eoumry.
One Copy for Twenty weeks 551 00
One Copy lor one year 2 00
One Copy for two years 4 00
Five Copies for one year 9 00
Twelve Copies for one year 20 00
Twenty-live Copies fur one year 40 00
An Extra Copy will be allowed for every
' Club ol Twelve or Twenty five subscribers.
Frank I n Square, New York.
of proper & desirable forms, fo" sale at the
ofnc" ' the "Star ofthe North "
N. HUDSON, Proprietor.
fjHARUES moderate, and accommoda-
lions satisfactory. apr14,'58.-if. I
jv. ... v ;
.-£• r:-~CX'
The want of a sterling medicinal to me"!
tho ills and nccessi'ies of the suffering por
tion ol humanity, and one entirely free from
mineral and other deleterious particles, was
J severely fell till this all powerful meilicine
f was ushered into tho world; Holloway's ln
| valuable P lis have become tho household
j remedy of all nations. Their attribute is to
prevent as well as to ettre ; they attack the
I rudix or root oT the complaint, and thus by
! removing the hidden cause ol disease rein
-1 and restore the drooping energies of
i the system, assisting nature in her task of
vital and functionary reformation.
I The great scourge of the continent yields
| quickly to a enurse of these antiseptic Pills,
and the digestive organs are restored In their
proper tone; no matter in what hideous,
shape this hydra ol disease, exhibits itself,
i his searching and unerring remedy disperses
I it front the patient's system.
Erorn whatever cause, lowttess of spirits
and all other signs of a diseased liver, and
oilier disorganization of tho system, vani-h
under the erai'irßting iiillnencn ol this all
powerful at tisepiie anil detergent remedy.
The proper quantum and right condition
of the bile is ot momentous importance to
the health of the human frame, this outi
bilious medicine exprls the hidden seeds of
the complaint, and renders all tho fluids ami
secretions pure fluent, cleansing and
resusilatitig the vital functions of the bodv.
Should lose no time in trying a few doses
of this regulating and renovating remedy,
whatever may be their complaint, it can be
taken with safely in all periodical and other
disorganizations its eilect is all but miracu
The testimony of Nations is unanimously
born to the health-giving virtues ot Ills nolle
letnedy, and certificates in every living lan
guage bear witness to the uitdeiiiabletwss of
their intrinsic worth.
llollt,way's I'ilis mc the lest remedy known in
ilie world Jar the following diseases :
Asthma, Headaches,
Bowel Complaints, Indigestion,
Coughs, Influenza,
Colds, lttllamation,
Chest Diseases, lnwa'd Weakness,
Costiveness, Liver Complaints,
Dyspepsia, Lowttess of bpirils,
j Diartlcitti, Piles,
Drot sy, Stone ar.d Gravel,
Debility, Secondary Symptoms
Fever and Agne, Venereal Alleciions
Female Complaints. Worms of all kinds,
CAUTION !—None ore genuine utiles- the
words "7/o/lotcui/, New York ond London,"
are discernible a- a water- mark in every lul
of the book of directions around each pot or
box ; the same may bo seen by
holding the leal to the light. A handsome
reward will to given to any one rendering
j sneh information as may lead to tho detce
] lion rif any part;' or parties counterfeiting
j the medicines or vending the same, known
I them to be spurious.
| *o* Sold tit the Manufactories of Professor
ILdloway, 80 Maiden Late, New York, and
I hv all respectable Druggi-ts tint Dealt r- in
] Medicine throughout lite United Sta'es arid
| the civilized world, in boxes at 25 cents 03
cents ari.t each.
There i- a considerable saving by taking
the larger size".
N. i'>.— Directions for the guidance of pn
tinus in every disorder are i-flixed in each
pot. June !>, 1858.
j rgMIE undersigned, formerly of New Rerry,
j -" Lycoming county, having taken Ilia ele
] em! new HiiekTavern Stand, 1.-.tely kept by
IV let 8!: ii, in Light Sirepi. Columbia conn
j ly, known as ilie FRANKLIN MOUSE, would
j respeeiluliy inform his Iriends and ilie pub
I lie, lhat he is prepared to accommodate, in
! excellent order, all who may favor him with
I their custom. The house is commodious,
I located on Main Street, every part of it be
ing new and very comfortable, with spacious
stabling, good ice Mouse, and other con len
iences, tor die accomodation of man and
Mis Table and Viands will be kept in die
best sljie, and his Liquors o( the choicest
brands. tl will be bis aim to caier to the
convenience of the ctealure comlnr'sof hsi
guests. N. HUDSON.
Light Street, April 14'h 1858.
RORKill' HAGENBUCII, IropiitloTj
ftp A IvES pleasure in announcing lolha pub
lie lhat he has rented and thoroughly
- refilled die Forks Ilolel formerly occupied
I by James Freeze, in Blnornsburg, and is
! prepared lo accomodate iravelleis, teamsters,
drovers and boarders. His latde will be sup
plied with the l est products the markets af
lord, and his Bar will be constantly furnish
ed with the choicest liquors.
Attentive ostlers will always bo hi at
tendance, and lie Irusis his long experience
in catering lo > tie wauls of die public, and
his obliging attention lo customers wil se
cure him a liberal share of patronage.
Bloomsburg, April 21, 1898.
DSSttic r /\ wpjui s'sraXE,
WOL'I.I) call die attention ol all those who
** wish to buy good goods in bis line,
that be has just replenished his (already)
large and WPII selected assortment ol the fol
lowing articles, viz. - n
Uoiifecdonaries, Ferlumery, fancy soaps and
loilel articles generally; Cigars and Tobacco
of every variety anil brand, Harrison's Inks
wholesale and retail al die manufacturer's
prices, P(/WE IVIt\ES AND HUANDIES for
medicinal use only. Trusses, Shoulder braces
and Abdominal Supporters,
Faint, Varnish and Tooth Brushes; also agent
for most ol the popular fateni Medicines of
die day. Toys, and an endles variety of
useful and Ihncy notions not here enumer
ated. Fhysiciau'd Prescriptions and Family
Medicines put up careluliy and at short no
tice. Glass Cutting dona to order ul the old
siand E. P. LUTZ.
Blooinsbnrg, Jan. 13, 1858.
~~ COOPEi:iK(L
THE subscriber annuurices ttiat he will
carry on the COOPERING BUSINESS at his
brewery in Hnpkinsville, where lie will moke
and everything in lhat line ol business. He
will also repair work of all kinds, and will do
it skillfully mid at fair prices.
Bluomsburg, Jan. 13, 1858.
TASTIS 1115 SI OR A T i k . K 1I > UCIIES,
'JLhe Client Sufotiiutefur Tobacco.
Ii i* n well known and iucon'roverfaWe
fact lii (it the use of Tobacco is the promoting '
cause of mnny of the severe i
anil PliyMeid Disorders to which the race (if
man is tnbject. as careful analysis ami long
and painful experience have clearly prove.i
that it contains ccrtuin norcotic and poison
Otis properties most dangerous in their t*lT
ec8 t which by enteril.g into the blood der
ange the fin ctions uiul operations of the
Heart, causing mmiy to suppoe that organ
to \'e seriously diseased.
lobai'co aliens n!*o the entire nervous
system, ruanilesting it-elf—as all who have
over used the noxious weed will bear testi
mony—in lassitude, Nervous Irritability,
Water Era h, Dyspepsia, and many otiier
disorders of a similar character.
1 ho taste lle-torutive Troches nro design
ed to counteract these baneful influences,
and have proved completely successful in a
multitude ol cases, and whenever used.—
Htung harmless in themielvps they exert a
bcriclii-ial effort upon the en-ire system, re
storing thttT.i-to which has become vitiated
or destroyed by great indulgence, complete
ly removing the irrila ion and accompanying
tickling sensation of the Throat whieli are
always consequent upon abstaining Irotn the
use of Tobacco, urn! by giving a healthy tone
to flirt stomach, invigorate the whole system.
Persons who are irratrievably undermining
the ir cnusliluiious mill .-'mrtoiiint; their lives,
should use these Troches immediately and
throw of llio iitjiiijons :iml uiipleusaut habit
ol Tobacco Chewing.
1 heso Troclies or Ltizetgers are pot up in
a convenient and portable Iniiu at lire low
price ol rat Cents per Box. A liberal discount
to Hie Trade.
Prepared ami sold by the nntlersigneil to
whom all orders should he nrl 'ressed.
J AUKS I.BROW JiKS, Druggist
Corner 2d and II ce streets, Philadelpha.
[March 24, 1558.-ly.
PA AI IL r iv I: 'iv ApAP EU .
rjMIE New York Weekly Press is one of
-L tin'. best literary papers of the day.
A large Quarto containing 'J'weriiy Pages ol
Sixty Columns, of en'eraitiing matter; and
elegantly illustrated every week.
A GIFT worth from .'0 Cenls lo $lOOO 00
will be sent in earth subscriber on receipt ol
the subscription
One copy lor one year, and 1 gift S2 00
Three copies one year, and 3 gifts 5 00
Five " " " 5 gifts goo
Ten " 10 gifts 10 00
Twenly-nne " " 2| gifts 30 oo
1 lie nr'.ieles lo bo distributed are compri
sed in the following list:
1 U. Stales Treasury Nolo $lOOO 00
2 do. do. do. 000 00 each
5 <!t. rlo. do. 200 00 "
10 (In. do. do. 100 00 "
10 Pat. Lev. Hitui.C. Watches lt'O oo "
20 Gold Watches 75 00 "
50 do. 60 00 "
100 do, 50 oo ii
300 T.ndies Gold Watches 35 00 "
200 Silver Hunting C. Watches 30 00 "
500 Silver Watches fMij 00 to 25 00 "
1000 Geld Guard, Vest and Fob
Clicitis 10 0') to 30 00 "
1000 Gel I pens & pencils 5 00 to 15 00 "
Gold lockets, Or; ,-elct.--, brooches, ear
drops, breast pine, cff pins, sleeve buttons,
rings, sliirt en, wu'cli key s, gel.l and eil-
I vrr thimbles, and variety of other articles
vviirth bom 50 cents to $l5 each.
t)n receipt ol the subscription money, the
subscriber's narno will be entered upon our
| honks opt Osiie a number, and die gift cor
n-pending with that number will tie for
warded within one week lo bint, by mail or
express, post paid.
There is tieiil ■ r humbug nor lottery about
the above, as every subscriber is siire of a
Prize ol Viiluu.' We prefer to make ibis
liberal distribution among them instead ol
giving n large ciunniissioti lo Agents, piv
iiir to the subscriber the nuinunt that
would goto the Agent, and in many ca-es
of a htitulred-fo! I more.
All communication should be addressed
v.lO. no. 19] 211 Cenlre si , New York.
tt>m 7 iUPTIO!)>S f DO kot dsispaiu.
CON^TMl 1 1 lON C5P* AN old Indian Doc-
CD liL I). lor, while a Missionary
among the Indians of the
Rocky Mountains, discov
ered a EAKE PLANT,
that proves to be a certain
COXSUMPTIONcure lor Consumption,
CURED. Bronchitis, Asilima, Liver
Complaint, Nervous Atiec
tions, Coughs, Colds kc.
Having now made his for
tune and retired Irom bus-
CONSUMPTION iness, lie >viil semi the
CURED. prescriptions and directions
lor preparing the medicine
Jrcc of charge to sdl wiio
desire it, and will send
their address, enclosing 2
CONSUMPTION stamps (0 cents), to pay
CURED. the return letter, with a
description ol their sy tno
toais. The old doctor has
cured more than 3000
cases of Consumption
CONSUMPTION alone, and hopes all al-
CUEED. dieted people will avail
(hemselves of this oppor
tunity, as the doctor wish
es to do all the good he
can he fore he dies.
no. 18—4t. Box 3531 P. O. New York.
PETE! DILLMEJEB, I'lCliriolor,
rHVtke* pleasure in announcing to the pub
lie tbat be siill occupies this I rge antl
commodious Hotel, in BLOOMSBURG, PA.,
and is yet, as ever, prepared lo uccomcduie
his guests. The traveling public may de
pend on ull comforts at home, as his house
is entirely furnished and keot in order.
Will be supplied with the best products the
markets afford, and MIS BAR is furnished
with the choicest liquors. The proprietor has
in connection with his hotel fitted out ill (he
basement an
where he can supply everything in the way
of EATABLES, fresh Oysters, Sardines,
Tripe, BeePSicnlc, fish, &c., &c., will be
kept on band for the accommodation of bis
guests and the public in getyrnl.
He also has in connection with his hotel
an excellent Omnibus Lute, running regular
ly several times per day to and from the
Depots oil the arrival of the Curs, by which
passeug'ers will be pleasantly conveyed to
the Depot Siutions, or taken from, or con
veyed to their residences, if desired.
CAT He will always be happy to entertain
and accommodate his friends lo the utmost of
bis ability.
Bloomsburg, Jan. 20, 1858.
(riOLDUX I'lUZi:.
Miss Southworth, Col. G. VV. Crocket,
Charles Harden, T. Dun English, M.D.
Henry Clapp, Jun., Cenrge Arnold,
Snnnel Young, Mrs. Anna Whelprey,
Mrs. Virgiria Vanaham Mrs. Di. Vernon,
Miss Hallie Clare, Fin fry Johnson,
csok PE^HB)-:.
I LLUS T 11 A T E D .
DEAN ic SLATER, eucr essora
The Now Yoik Weekly Golden Prize is
one of llie largest and best Literary papers
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Eight panes or forly columns of the most
interesting and fuciiialins readina niatier,
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Ulcgautly Illustrated Enry Week.
Wonh from 60 cents to $5OO 00.
Will be given lo each subscriber immedi
ately on the receipt ol the siibscrihlinn mon
ey. This is pre.-etned as memento of Iriend
j -hip, and not as an indncemul to obtain sub
One copy for one year $2 Ou anil I Present.
One copy lor two years 3 50 and 2 "
One copy lor 3 years, 500 and 3 "
One copy lor 5 years, 800 and 5 "
Three copies 1 years, 500 and 3 "
Five enpies one year, 800 and 5 "
I Ten copies one year, 15 00 and 10 "
I Twenty one copies I yr. 30 00 and 21 "
i The articles to be given away are cotnpris
| ed in the following li-l :
2 packages ol gold containing $5OO 00 each
5 u 200 00 "
10 " " " 100 00 "
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We will present lo everv person sending
ns lif.y subscribers, at $2 each a gold watch
worth forty dollars; to any one sending ns
on hundred subscriber* at $2 each, a Cold
Wa'cli worth $9O. Every subscriber will re
ceive a present.
Immediately en receipt of the money, the
i subscribers name will be entered upon out
j horde, by mail or express post paid.
All communications should be addressed
i to DEAN & SLATER Prop'rs.
335 Broadway. New York.
fgtOall persons afflicted with S'xnal f)is
eases, such as Spermoralrhiea, Seminal
Weakness, Impotence, Conoron/ia, died, Syph
ilis, the vice of Unionism, ipc.fyc.
The "Howard Association," in view of the
awful destruction of human life, caused by
Sexual di-e.i>es, and the deceptions practised
upon the nufoitunate victims of sueh,diseases
by Quacks, have directed their Consulting
burgeon, as a chariluUc act worthy of their
name, lo give Medical advice gratis, to all per
sons thus afflicted, who may apply by letter
Willi u ilesuri|fH>ti '< lirr comH iori,
occupation, habits of life, &c..) and in cases
of extreme poverty md sutlenng, to furnish
| medicines free of charge.
| '1 he Howard Association is a ber.evolenl
i Institution,established by special endowment.
lor lbs relief of lite sick and distressed, af
j Hided with " Virulent ami Epidemic Dis
ea-es." li has now a surplus ol means,
| which lha Directors have voted lo expend in
: advertising the above notice, it is needless
1 lo add tbat '.lie Association commands iho
i highest Medical skill of the age, and will fur
nisii the most approved modern treatment.
Just published, by the Association, a Re
port on Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal Weekness,
the vice of Omanism,- Masturbation or Self
Abuse, ami other di-euses of the Sexual Or
gans, by the Consulting Surgeon, which will
be scut, by mail, (in a sealed envelope), Free
of Charge, on the receipt of two slumps for
j postage.
j Address, Dr. GEO. R. CALHOUN, Con
: suiting Surgeon, Howard Association, No. 2
| South NINTH Street, Philadelphia, Pa. By
order of the Directors.
GEO. FAIKCHILI). Secretary.
Philadelphia, Sept. 24, 1857.
I Ua&3c UmitiiE'.v, aiooiiisbiii';
THE subscriber having erected a largo new
brick Foundry and Machine Shop, in place
of the old one, is prepared to make all kinds
Plows constantly on hand. The Mibscribe
> has removed his Tin Shop from Main
Street to the Foundry Lot, where ho has
erected a building altogether for Stoves and
The Cookirig Stoves consist of the WM.
Oc all kinds, the Egg Cylinder Stove,
All kinds of Spouting made to order.
Bloomsburg, April It), 1857.
I33CZDQDI22. no. YTR
r jIMIE undersigned would in this way call
-*• the attention of the public lo the Honk
Store at the old stand, next door to ilia "Ex
change lintel," where at all limes can be
found a good assorimem of books, including
Bibles, Hymn Books, Prayer Books,
Histories, Books of Poetry, Novels, ami
School Books ; ulso all kinds of stationary of
the best quality.
A considerable deduction made upon the
price of School Books and Stationary lo those
who by to sell again.
Just receivetl, a good assortment of WALL
PAPER, which I would ask ull to call and
examine belore pnehnsing elsewhere.
Successor to Jesse G. Clark.
Bloomsburg, May 25, 1857,-lyr.
JOIIN LEACOCK, Proprietor.
ISloomsbuig, I'ii.
THE Proprietor ol this well known estab
lishment thankful for the liberal patronage
hereiotore extended him, lakes this method
of informing his friends and the public, that
he has added considerable to the facilities of
his house ami is prepared lo accommodate
all thosn who may favor him with their cus
tom. llis house anil its arrangements will
be found to be in good order, ami be hopes
by a strict desire lo please, lo receive a lull
share of patronage. He has also good sta
bling and attentive ostlers.
Bloomsburg, July 21, 1858.
r~- •.- l'liil'a manufactured
/ ■; No.2(lSoni'i Fourth Steel
L. 1 I 111 (.A DELI 111 A.
Report of the. Commillee appointed to
superintend the burning of the Iron
Sales at Heading, F<b. '27 th, 1857.
HEADING. March 4ih.
The undersigned, members ot die Commit
tee, do respectfully report, that we saw die
two Safes originally agreed upon by F'arrels
ft Herring and Evans &. Watson, placed side
by side in a furnace, viz: The Sale in ne by
the Paymaster of the Philadelphia and Head
ing Kuilrmid Company, in his ollice at Head
| ing, manufactured by Farrels k Herring, and
the Safe in use by 11. A. Lantz, in his store,
manufactured by Evans & Watson, and put
in bonks and papers precisely alike.
The tire was started at 81 o'clock, A. M.,
and kept up until four cords of green hickory,
two cords dry oak and half chestnut trip wood
were entirely consumed, the whole under
tho superintendence of the subscribers, mem
bers ot the Committee. The Safes were then
cooled oil wi h water, after which they wete
opened, agd the books and pnpers'taken out
by the Committee and sent to 11. A._LaiPz's
store for public examination, afier they were
first examined and marked by the Commit
lee. The honks and papers taken Ironri the
Safe manufactured by Evans k Watson were
but slightly affected by the intense heal,
while ihnse taken from the Safe manufac
tured by Farrels & Herring were, in ourjuttg
rtieni, damaged fully lillecti per cent, mure
than those taken from Flvuns k Watson's
Having been ab-eni during the burning,
we fully coincide with Ihe above statement
ol the condition of the papers oud bouks tak
en out of tho respective Safes.
The following named gentlprnen have
purchased our Salamander Sales, 88 in num
ber, from our Agent, H. A. t-aniz, in Read
ing, Pennsylvania, since the trial by fire,
mentioned above, up to Juno Ist. 1858.
G. A. Nicolls, 1 Solomon Rhoads, 1
I!. R. Company, 2 W. B. Verger, 1
11. A. I.anlz; 2 Geo. K. Levari, 1
! Kirk & I leister, 1 Samuel Fa-ing, I
|W. Rhoads & Son, I J.M &G.VV.Hahlach, I
It. W. Missirner, 1 James Jameson, 1
[ Dr. Win. Moore, 1 J. B.kA, B. Wanner 1
| Levi J. Sbtith, 1 Jacob Sclimucker, 1
lligli k Cra.g, 1 Win King, 1
| Win. Krick, 1 V. B. Sliollenberger,l
■I Kaulman k Baum, 1 Leopold flush, 2
j Win. McFarlin, 1 Ezra Miller, 1
| Geo. J Eckert, 1 W.C.&P.M.Ermen
| Isaac Until, 1 trout, 1
Billmeyt r, Folmer Win, Donnhower, 1
& Co. 1 Ballic! k Co., 1
'S. U. Hollenbach, 1 W. P. Dickson, 1
jB. I'. Hunter & Co. 1 Waltz fx Hoedel, 1
| Peter Spang, I Writ. B. Hurtzel, 1
•j Ephriam Phillips, 1 Samuel Oiinger, 1
I Amos Dick, 1 A. Taylor & Sons, 1
j Joseph Hnyelt, 1 MA. Seller*, I
Erymire & Bio., 1 Heck man & Fisher, 1
P. McAddarn, I 1 N. Killmer, 1
I John Swartz, 1 J. It. Heildig, 1
A. W. Poiteiger, 1 P. K Miller, 1
John A. Slieetz, 1 K W. Earl, 1
Collins I.en & Co., 1 Nicholas Dick, 1
\ Ivist IVnn'a. 11. It. 1 Douglas &Connard I
j Henry' Fry, 1 Ezra High. I
I Jacob K. iiittor, 1 Lebanon Val'y It. I! 3
■ Allen IScclitcl, 1 I). L. Billing, 1
Geo. M. Laiimnn 1 C. Ilreniser, 1
J Boss k Snanules, 1 J. t}ri--r,t,rr, 1
! llarvcv, Birch &Co I llcister Climer, I
F. S Hunter, 1 J. B. ltoiherinel, 1
i F. S. Hunter k Bro. 9 D. K Engle, 1
i June 23, 1858.
card frcsia Br. .Tames I!!.
j INFIRMARY.—My connectiou fir the past
e ghl years with the above Institution, as
| Chief Physician, and a twelve years' course
i of steady devotion to the Cure of Pulmonary
I Consumption and its kindred disease, logeth
| er with my unrivalled opportunities and ad
j vantages ol pathological researches—aided
| not a hole by a perfect system of Mcbical In
halation—has enabled me to arrive at a de
j cisive, direct, and successful course of treat
| meat fur tho positive and radical cure of all
diseases of Hie Throat, Langs, and Air-Pas
sapci. By Inhalaiicm, the vapor and curative
properties ol medicines are di'eetly address
ed to the diseased organs and the integument.
1 do not advise the use of medical Inhalation
of any kind, to lite exclusion of general heat
meat; and although I consider it a useful ad
juvant in the proper management of those
tearful and often fatal diseases, yet I deem it
very necessary that each pa'ient should have
ihe benefit of both gsneiut and local treat*
meat. The success of rhy treatment in Ihe
above diseases, and in the high character of
the Insiituliou over which 1 have so long had
the honor to preside, are too well known to
need any eulogy ot comment from me. At
the solicitation ol many private and profes
sioial friends, through whose philanthropic
aid the above charity has been long and lib
erally supported, and alter due consideration,
1 have concluded lo make such arrangements
ae will bring the beuefits of my experience
and treatment within the reach of all, and not
confine myself, as heretofore, to those only
who entered the Infirmary, or who were able
lo visit trie at my office. Hoping iherelora
that the arrangement will give entire satisfuc
tiou, both lo my professional bretliern and
the public, I would respectfully announce in
conclnsion that lean be consulted personally or
by titter, oil ell ill-eases as above, ami thai ihe
medicines, the same us used in lite Institution
brepared to suit each individual case. In
haling vapors, Medical Inhales, kc. ka. will be
forwarded by express to any part of the Uni
j ted States or Canadas. TERMS —My terms of
treatment by letter are as Ibllows, viz.: $l2
permonlh lor each patient, which will include
medicine sufficient for one month's use; al
so, Inhaling Vapor, and an Inhaling Apparat
us. Pay meats as follows : $6 lo paid lo Ex
press Agent on receipt oi lite box of Medi
cine, und the balunce $6 at Ilia expiration of
the month, if the patient is cured or is entire
ly satisfied widi the treatment. Patients, by
giving a lull hisiory of their case, and their
symptoms in full, eau be treated as well by
letter us by personal examination. Patients
availing themselves of Dr. Jurrett's treat
ment may rely upon immediate and perma
nent relief, as he seldom has lo treat a case
over thirty days. Letters of advice promptly
answered. For fiilher paoiicttlurs address.
No. 820 Broadway, cor. Twelfth St. N. Y.
P. S.—Physicians and others visiting the
city'are respectfully invited to call at the In
firmary, where many interesting eases can
he witnessed, and where our approved oppar
rotus (or the inhalaiion of medicated vapor
can besoen and inspected. •
July 28, 1858.
No, 405 C ommercr. Street, Phil ad'a.
Cash buyers will find it for their interest >°
call. Jan. 7, 1858—ly
The Original Gift Booh Store.
(1. EVANS would inlorm his friendsand
lli public, thai lie has removed In* Star
Gill llook Store ami Publishing House, lo the
splendid slore in lirowu's Iron Building, 439
Giles'nut slreel, -two iloiirs below Filth,
where ilie purchaser of each book will re
ceive one of Ihe following gifts, valued at
from 25 cents lo $lOO, consisting of Gold
Watches, Jewelry, &u.
Worth each
550 pat. English lev. gold watches $lOO
550 patent anchor do do 50
410 Indies gold watches, 18k cases 85
(500 silver lever watches,warranted 15
500 parlor time pieces 10
600 drops and pins 10
500 ladies gold bracelets 5 lo 12
500 gents vest chains 10
1000 gold lockeis (large double case) 3
3000 do (small size) 3
1000 gold pencil cases, with gold pens 3
1000 extra gold pens, cases k holders 10 50
3500 gold pens wiih silver pencils, 250
3500 ladies gold pens, with casvs 1 50
(5500 gold rings, (ladies') V
2000 gents' gold rings 2 75
2500 Indies' gold breastpins 2 50
3500 inissits' gold breastpins 1 50
3000 pocket knives 75
2000 sets gents' goldjbosnm studs 2 50
2000 do tlo sleeve buttons 3
2000 pairs ladies' ear drops 3
8000 ladies'peatl card cases 5
j 25000 ladies' cameo.)it or mosaic pins 5
3500 la lies'carneo shawl & ribbon pins 3 50
2000 Eelridge's I'.alm of 1000 Flowers 50
Evans' new Catalogue contains all Ihe
most popular books of tho day, and the
newest qiibncutimis, all of which will be
sold as low as can be obtained at otberslores.
A compline catalogue of books sent tree, by
application through the mail, by undressing
G G. Evans, 430 Chestnut street, Philadet-
I pliiu.
Agents wanted in every town in the Uni-
States, l'lirf-e desiring so to act can übtaiu
particulars by addressing as uhove.
i N. B.—ln consequence of Ihe runny crisis
j ami numerous failures Ihe subscriber lias
j been enabled IO purchase from assignees an
, immense stork of books embracing every
| i eparttnent id literature, at prices which will
enable liiin to give $5OO worth of the above
! gifts on every $lOOO worth of books sold.
| An extra book, with a gilt, will be sent lo
| each person ordering Ten bouks to be sent
j io one address, by Express,
Send fir a Catalogue. [apr 28 '5B.
• T his old Maud on itiH upper end ol Main
| Sireet which lie will fell cheaper ihau
i Ihe cheap**!. Il consists in part of Silks al
pacca*, lustres, borages, de laities, ducal
j cloihs, poplins, brilliants, ehallia*, da bages,
lawns, skirling, trench anil scotch ginghams,
| prinis, gloves, hosiery, collars, handkerchiefs,
&c. Shawls and Mantillas ol every sly le anil
! quality.
Cloth* ca*siintreft, vesting*, flannels, mus
lins, (irking*, ftricheck*, calicoes, col
tomulc*. linens, sheetings, nankeens, drills,
nmr*eillen qnilts, colored and while carpel
chiiin, parasol*, umbrellas, a larizn and splen
did assortment of HAI S, CAPS, BO() I S ANL>
L'L>£££E. ±£J^
TrantColiccj Siipiv^olnMrs
llice, Spice, &c. Also, Hardware, Queens
j ware. Crockery and Cedarware.
Having selected my cnlire slock with the
greatest cure and al Hie lowest cash prices, I
can assure my Irieuds and the public gener
ally, thai I will do all iu my power to make
| establishment known as iho " Head quarters
'for bargains " Those who wish 10 purchase
! will liud il lo their advantage to call and ex
j amine my slock before purchasing.
I will pay the highest market price for
Dried binn, ami country produce iu general.
I Blootnshura, Jan. 13, 1858.
/"bNE smalLbnx of Pills cures ninety-nine
j cases out ol a hundred. No Balsam, no
Mercury, no odei on the breath, no lear of
l detection. Two small pills a dose ; tasteless
| and harmless as water. Full directions are
: given, so mat the patient can cure himself
! as certain as with the advice of the most ex
-1 perienced surgeon, and much better than
| with the advice of one of little experience
in ibis class of disease.
bent by mail to any part of the Country
by enclosing one .dollar lo Dr. D. G. IVniton,
{ No. 154 North Seventh St., below liace,
Philadelphia, A liberal discount lo the trade.
None genuine without the written signature
of I) C. Walton, Proprietor.
Dr. W.'s treatment for Self-abuse, Weak
! ness, &c., is entirely different from the usual
! course. l)r. W. has cured hundreds who
have tried others without benefit. The
treatment is as certain lo cure as the sue. is
lo rise. Enclose a slump, and address Dr.
W. us above, givetig a lull history of your
case, and you will bless Ike day you made
[lie effort to secure what isceriaiu—A RAD
ICAL CUKE. [Jan. 27. 1858-ly.
I Tennis. —Three Dol'ars per annum, or
I Twenty live cents n number. Upon die re
i ceipt of the subscription price, the publisher
i will mail the "ATLANIIC" to any part of
! the United States, pre-paid, Subscriptions
' may begin with nny nnin her.
! Cmns For Tin Dollars the publisher
| will send five copies of the "Atlantic" lor
! one year, the subscribers lo pay their owu
I postage.
Clergymen, Teachers, and Postmasters
will receive ihe periodical for two dollars a
a year.
Booksellers and Newsmen will obtain the
terms by Ihe hundred, etc., upon applicat'on
to the publishers.
13 Wittier street, Boston.
0. W. H'KKt.VV. j. a. M'jri.NCir.
C. W. M'KELVY, & CO.,
AND Dealers in Bags, Catiawisea Mills,
keep constantly on hand paper of all
kinds, such as Printing, Uook, Cap, Leber
and VVrapping, at the lowest prices lor cash
or in exchange lor lags.
Having increased facilities for manufactur
ing would cull ihe attention of merchants
ami dealers, lo Iheir slock of paper, which is
offered ot extremely low prices.
Orders by mail promptly attended to, and
rags purchased at market value, in small or
lurge quantities.
Cniiawi-sa, April 2ly"1858.
AN ASSORTMENT of confectionary, jew
elry, Perlumery soaps, hair oils, &c.
Pomades, lo be had at
Afy CLAf K'S Book Store.
f 1 1 Rl MMI NOS ANI) NOTIONS, fancy nrli-
J- cles, a good assortment of Hosiery of the
best quality; also gloves, mills, baskets, Ca
bas, Combs, dress trimmings and linings,
sewing silk, thread, etc., eie., lo be had next
door lo the "Exchange."
Bloomsburg, May 25, 1857.