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    iHiui\-rin n cukukess
\V*miscTON, Dec Tth, 1837 —The weath
er to-day is charming, and the opening of
Congress has attracted dense crowds in the
galleries of both Houses and other pirta of
the Capitol.
SENATE.—On the roll being called lifiy
]Senators answered to their names. The
Sedate was called to order hy the Secretary,
who read a letter Irom Mr Breckinridge,
IVice President, stating that he would not
bo able to reach Washington at tho com
i nienremettt of the session.
On motion of Mr. Benjamin, a resolution
was adopted that the oath required by tho
Constitution be administered by Mr. Bright,
the oldest member present.
Messrs. Andrew* Johnson, of Tennessee,
ond Clark, of New Hampshire, new mem
bra, were sworn and took their seats.
The Senate proceeded to ballot for Presi
dent pro torn, ot the Senate, when Mr. Fit*-
Patrick w*s chosen and being conducted to
his scat, returned his acknowledgments for
the honor conferred.
Tho usual resolutions wore adopted lor
the appointment ol Committees to inform the
House and the President ol tho Untied States
that the Senate was organized and ready lor
the transaction of business.
The Senate then went into Executive ses
sion and confirmed the nomination, by the
President, of George W. Bowman, late edi
tor of tho Rentord G unite, as Superintendent
of Public Printing.
HOUSE.—Two hundred and twenty one
member* answeard to tho call of tho House.
A quorum ot members being thus ascer
tained to he present, the House proceeded to
the election of u Speaker.
Mr- Orr was nominated by Mr. Janes, ol
Tennessee, and Mr. Grow, by Mr. Batiks of
<*n the ballot the vote stood na follows :
Mr. Orr 128
Mr. Grow 84
Scattering 13
On assuming the Chair, Mr. Orr expressed
his thanks tor the hotter conferred upon him.
The members were then sworn in, advan
cing in delegatus * for that purpose.
On motion of Mr, Clingmnn, the rules ot !
the last House were adopted till otherwise i
Mr. Allen, of Illinois, was elected Cletk
of the House, receiving tho same number ol
votes as Mr. Orr received lor Speaker.
Mr. Glosbrenner was elected Sergeaiit-nt-
Artn, and Mr. Hackney Doorkeeper.
Mi. Cluskey was doel>red Postmaster by
Mr. Florence, of Pennsylvania, gave no- !
tiro of bis intention to introduce n bill lor the I
entire suppression of all bank notes as cur- !
rency, or of bank notes of a less denomina
tion than u hundred dollars, as a circulating
medium, in the District of Columbia.
The House then adjourned.
H'askinpUm, Doc. ft —At a caucus of Iho
Democratic members of the Hooso ol Rep
resentatives which was held this evening,
the following nominations were made:
For Speaker—lloa. .las. L. Orr, ol South |
[ For Clerk—Mr Allen, of Illinois.
For Post Master-Mr. Cluskey, of Georgia. |
For Door Keeper—Mr. Hackney, of Vir- j
For Sergoant-at-arms—Mr. Glosbrenner, !
of Pennsylvania.
Tho nomination lot Printer was postponed i
till Monday night, when another caucus will !
bo held.
Nrrlkc on the I'rtllrnl Ohm ti-t-.lios't fori
Non-Pnyincnt or Wages,
Zamwiiak, Ohio, Doc. s.—'Tlio median
ica and workmen on Centrs! Ohio Railroad,
employed at the depot in litis city have made
a "strike," on account of iho non-payment
ol two months' wages. The strikers to-day
stopped the freight trains, and put the loco
motives into tho engine houses. There was
no peisonsi violence attempted, however,
the attacks being made solely against prop
erty. No passenger trains were molested.
Pimrttii \\Ti.l.—A curious will case is
pending in Dallas.county, Alabama. Mr. E.
Tool, last summer, died alter a short illness,
bat procured the services of n Iriend to draw
his will, lly that instrument he bequeathed
a fortune of 560,000 to two mulatto women
and their children, his own off-pring, and
gave tbe drawer of the will a negro for his
trouble, besides making him sole trustee,
with direction to send these slaves to a fteo
State. The heirs of Pool contest the will on
the groond that he was of unsound mind.—
No decisiou yet.
UT Beauty and wit will die—learning end
wealth will vanish away—all the arts of life
will be forgotten—but virtue will remain for
ever. Planted on earth, in a cold, unconge
nial clime, it will bloom and blossom in
UT" Midias was so great a man that eve
rything he touched turned to gold. The
case is altered now—touch n man with gold
and ho will change into anything.
f7" Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, in 18-
41, Whig candidate for Vice President, now
President of Rutgers's Cotloge, was married
on the 26th of Oct., to Miss Harriet Pom
pelly, of Owego, N. Y.
CF"rhe Methodists have already thirty
itinerants and several local preachers in
Kansas, and their camp-mcetings this fall
have been very successful. The Metho
dists have laid the foundation of university
Palmyra, called the Baker university, after
Bishop Baker.
IT Editors in lowa are olten placed on
committees at State and county fairs. To
wiiat extent they carry their examinations
may be iaferrod by the following, which is
contained in the report of n late fair l>y tho
editor of the Davenport Dtmocuit:
' 'The best wollen oloak was worn by a
lady from Muscatine ; also : the liest sock*
and home tnedo shirt"
ETA Salmon weighing twelve pound*,
was caught at Muncy Dam, one day Inst
week, by two gentlemen of Milton.
Governor Pecker's Cabinet,
Hon. N. B. Browne and William A. Porter,
Esq., of Philadelphia; Hon. P. C. Shannon
and A. B. McCaltnont. of Pittsburgh; aud
Hon. Gaylnrct Church, ol Erie, are named in
connection with the appointment of Attorney
General under Governor Packer's adminis
tration. For Secretary of the Commonwealth
the most prominent names spokon of are
Hon. \\ illiam M. Hiester, of this county
Hon. John 1.. Dawson, of Fayette: and Hone
John Cessna, of Bedford.
We do not know what Mr. Hiester's views
are with roferonco to accepting a place in
Gen. Packer's Cabinet; but all who are ac
quainted with him will agree with its that he
is peculiarly well filtod, by education and ex
pcrience, lor tho office with which his name
lias been coupled: and should the appoint
ntcm bo tendered and accepted, it w ill do
credit to the Governor's choice, and be ro
gurded with l ltd liveliest satisfaction by the
poopjy ol this, his native county, aa well as
by the Democracy ol site State at large.
/folding Gateltt.
" Woopi.and Cur am"—./ Pomndf for
beautifying the //n/r—highly perfumed,
superior to any French article imported, and
let hulf the price. For dressing l.adics Unir
it lias ho equal, giving it a bright glossy up
pcaram-e. It causes Gentlemen'* Hair to
curl in tho most natural manner. It tvmovoa
dandruff. always giving th u hair tho appear
ance ot heme Itesh shampooed. Price only
(illy cents. None genuine unless signed
Proprietors o[ tho
" /'"'m of a thousand Flown*,''
l'or sale by all Druggists. New York.
I in; Kav. C. S. UeuNKTT, while laboring as
a Missionary in Southern Asia, discovered a
simple mid certain Guru lor Consumption,
Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Golds, Nervous
Debility, and all impurities ol the blood; also,
an easy and c licet mil mode ol Inhaling the
lemcdy. Actuated by a desue to bonelii his
Mlth'iing Icllows, lie will cheerlully send the
Recipe (frceA to such as drtsile it, with lull
and explicit directions lor preparing and sue
cosslully using tin, Medicine."
Address lUv. G. S BURNETT,
831 Broadway, New York Guy,
Width Tkktii, l'i;iu*mn> Huicatii
anp IliiAvriKt'i. CoMt'i KxtoN—can bo ac
quired by using tho " liiu'tn oj n J'housaiut
Flowers." What lady or genilematt would
remain under the curse of n ilisucrnenble
breath, when by using the "llalm of a Thou
sand Floweis" u a ileutriliou, would not only
render ii siveet. Inn leave tho teeth us while
as alabaster .' Many persons do not know
their t reulh is bail, and tho subject is so deli
cate their friends will never mention if. He
ware ol couruerleit*. Be sure each bottle is
signed FKFRIDGE \ CO., N. V.
For sale by all Dillggisls,
Fob. IS, IBl>7-(!m.
A low competent agents warned for tho
('tiiii;ii/triMi t (icogr,ip/u/ mid History iiinjent
uriif modern iJ' the It'oiid; by S. G. Goodrich,
(Peter Parley); handsomely' bound and pro
hisely illustrated. Piieo S3. bold only hy
Agents, le whom rare inducements are olfot
ed. Address,
J. 11. COI.TON .N CO.
No. 172 William Street, New Ymk.
N't)TICK is hereby given that loiters ol ad
ministration upon the ostein qt Solomon Sny
der sen , Into ol Locust township, Columbia
county, doo'd, have been granted In llio tin
(Unsigned al.-o residing in ttic said township
ol Locust. All poisons indebted to tho cs
laic nre requested to make payment without
delay, und those having accounts for settle
ment to present them in
Locust twp., Nov. 7, 1857.
B.isl ol' fcilcpx
I) KM AININt! in die Post Office nt blooms
-* borg, Pa., tor the Quarter ending Nov.
10l It, 1867.
Ili'tenhomler Mary (' Philips John S
bcrh'cl Sarah A Peck Allen W
brisoti Henry 2 bobbins & Stoeker
("use William Rupert George 2
Flemings Wesley Smith John
Gintor David Stars! Henry
Goodrich Harvey 11. Suiiematt James 2
Hill George Wagner Preolovo
l.echihaler Conrad Weiliver T. J. N B Wowrcr W J
l.arish Reuben Wicks Madison
MeGee Jackson Zebbill Caroline
Morgans Moigan 'Thomas Hughes J rfl
Mnrr Alum James Watley >
Nichols Henry Flynn James )
Persons calling for the above letters will
please say they are advertised.
bloomsburg, Nov. 18, 1837.
Ariiuinistrnfor't-t Notice.
j hereby given that letters of ad
> ministration upon the estate ol John VVelliver
! late'of Madison township, Columbia county,
1 deceased, have been granted to the under
j signed residing also in the said township ol
j Malison. All persons indebted to the estate
are requested to make payment without de
lay, and t hose haviogaccoutus for settlement
to present them to
Jerseytown, Aug. 11, IBb7.
OAME so the premises qf Samuel Cole
j man, in Benton township niter harvest
on, the premises of Peter Karn*', adjoining
Coleman's farm, where they are at present.
The owner or owners ol said sheep are here
by notified to come forward and prove prop
erty, pay charges Bnd take them away or
else they will be sold according id*lu'v.
Benton, Dec. 2, 1867.
Barbara Tice, by tier next 1 lit the Court of
friend, Sanntcl Zimroer- > Common Pleas
man, vs James Tice. )of C il. ro., No.
18 of May term, A. D , 1867.
To James Ticc Defendant:
Take notice, thai the depositions of wit to be read in evidence on the argu
ment of the above stutu.l euusu on the part
of tho plaintiff will be taken before the tin.
ilereigned Commissioner, at Ids oliiee in
Bioomsbuig, oil Wednesday, the Dili day ol
December next, between the bouts id seven
and ten o it lock, P. M., when and wtiere )nu
may intend if you think proper.
November 17, 1867.
<>oihln at the Arcade by
May S7, 67. A. C. MKNSI'H.
WOOD It COAL lor sale at the Arcade by
Fourth year of the
Cosmopolitan Art Associa
Purchased nt a Cost 1/SIBO.OOO
lia-purchased torsi* thousar.ildollars, with
several hundred other words of Art, in Paint
ings, Sculpture ami Bron/es, comprise the
I temiums to be awarded to tho subscribers
■ol tiro Cosmopolitan Art Association who
subscribe before the SBth ol January, 1868;
at which time tlis awards w ill tnkn place
Every subscriber of Three Dollars and 3(i
els. is entitled lo a copy of the large arid splen
did Steel Engraving, entitled "Mawfnt Desti
I'Sft "Do to a copy of the Cosmopolitan Art
Journal one year, also to a Certificate in the
Award ol Premiums, also a Free Admission
■to the Dusseldorl end Cosmopolitan Galleries.
Thus u is seen that for every Three Dollars
paid, the subscriber not only receives a splen
did I liree Dollar Eiinrnving ! but, also, the
bountiful illustrated Two Dollar Att Journal
one year.
Each subscriber is also presented with n
Certilicnic in the Awanls of Premiums, by
which it valuable work of Art, in Painting or
Sculpture, may bo received in addition, thus
giving 10 every subscriber nil equivalent to
tho value of Five Dollars, and a Certificate
Any one of the lending S3 Magazines is
Inriiinncd, Instead of Ergruving and Art Jour
nal, if desired.
No person is restricted to a single share.
lltose taking five membership, remitting
SIS, nro entitled to tho o.xiru Engraving, ami
six tickets.
Foil particular* of the Association arc giv
en in tho Art Journal, which contains over
sixty splendid Engravings, price 60 cts. per
number. Specimen copies will bo sent to all
persons who dosire to snhsuiibc, on receipt
of five postugo stamps, lftcts.
Honoraj* Secretins/, A. A ,
11. F. Cluik's Law Office,
Bloonisburg, I'u.
Novvemhor 18, 1867.
NOTICE is hereby given to all lega
tees, creditors ami other persona interested
in the estates of tho respective decedent*
and minors, that the following adminis
tration accounts have been filed in tlio of
fice of the Register of Columbia county,
nod will be presented for confirmation ami
allowance to the Or) hails' Court, to he
held nt nioomsburg, in the county afore
said, on Wednesday, the Dili day of I)e
--eetnber next, at V o'clock, I*. M :
I Tho final account of Win. Roberts, ad
ministrator of Jacob J. Klitio, hue of Jackson
township, ileo'd, filed |iy Samuel Rhone, ad
mini-trutor of the suid Win. Roberts, deo'd.
- The account ol Samuel Ulionn, admin
istrator ol Wm. Roberts, Into of Sugurlouf
township, doi'tmsed.
3 The account of Jacob llofTu nml Lydia
Doeter, Executor and Ivveouliix of Jacob
Dinner, Into ol Liberty town-hip deo'd.
4 Tim iiecount of Jacob Delimit, ndminis-
Irntor of tho estate of Elizabeth Welliver,
Into of Mudi.-ntl township, deo'd.
Iho account ol Joliu I Inchon, Executor
of tlm l.uo will iiiul testament of Abraham
I'roxtdl, Imu of Koanngereok township. do
•I I'lio account of Thomas Connor, Ad
ministrator ol ilto estate ol Isaiah Connor,
lain ol Orange township, dee',l.
7 Tint account ol ISio|ibon 11. Miller, ad -
iniiiisiriilor cf tlicr onlatu ol Cabtioi but/.. late
of Millliti township, (locoused.
8 1 lid iiccouiit ol i'iiilip Ihinngst, KKPCII
lor ol llie laic will and Instilment ol Kli/.abclli
linger, lam ol liloom township, deed.
Bliiomsblirg, Nov. 11, 1857. {
/ \ ikCtirt'd riiysician
I Whose sands ol life linvo nearly run out,
| discovered while in tlm Kasl Indies, a oer
laiti cure for Consumption, Asilnna, limit
chilis, Conslis, Colds, and General Debility.
The remedy was discovered by him w hen
Ids only child, a daughter, was given up lo
die. lie had heard much ol the wonderful
restorative and healing qualities of prepara
tions made from the East India llnmp, und
the thought occurred llial he might make a
remedy lor his child, lie studied hard and
succcodud in realizing his wishes. His child
was cured, and is now alive and well. He
has since administered the wonderful reme
dy lo thousands of sufferers in all parts of
the world and he has never failed in making
them completely healthy and happy. Wish
ing >o do as much good as possible, he will
send to such of his afflicted fellow-beings
as reqnesl il, this recipn, with full and ex
plicit directions for making it up, and success
iully using it. He requires each applicant lo
inclose him one shilling—three cents to be
returned us postage on >ho recipe, and the I
remainder to be applied lo the payment f
of ibis advertisement. Address /
Dr. 11. JAMES, No. 19 Grand Street, /
Sept. 23.-lm ] Jersey City, N. J. *
Full Slock of Fall Dry Goods.
Tj*YRE & LAN DELL, Fourth & Arch Sis.,
Philadelphia, respectfully request CW
Buyers to examine a fine slock of Seasonable
Goods, adopted to Rest Pennsylvania Trade.
Poll l.ine of Fall Dre>s Goods.
New designs of Fall Shawls.
Good black Silks of all widths.
•t Cases assorted French Merwocs.
7 " l'oil de Chevrcs, New Goods.
Brit sh and American Dark Prints.
Salinetts, Cassimeres, Cloths & Vesting®.
Muslins, Linens, Flannels, blankets, &u.
N'. B.—Auction Bargains Itotn New York
a d this City daily received. Particular at
tention given to Country orders for desirable
Goodg— Terms ifett Co A.
Sept. 1, 1857 —3mos.
THE subscriber oilers lor sale his farm in
Grunge township, Columbia eo., containing
on which are valuable improvements, com
prising two .els ol farm buildings,
Tun B)welling lion*?*,
two hums sinl oilier buildings, two apple
orchards and a variety ol other fruit trees.—
About 200 acres of lite premises is elcsred
laud ill a good condition of improvement,
and il lays along Kishingcreek, I miie above
Dr.iugcville, and only 7 iniJeslrotu the county
The wlinlo will K *oM togothor, or iti two
itivioiona it* poreliaaera may >lo*iro
Koritm apply on ilie pruiiM> or liitoct
o Oraiiyi) villa, Columbia t'oiuiiy 1.1
Orange iownlnp, May slh. ISST.
po nfpert 111 ileairublit torma, f* ale at iho
tieef 010 ihe '"Mir ofihn North.''
UATS AND ( ACS on aauU ami tor *•!* at
the Aroait* t>v
May 17, 47. A. C. MKNSCH
Hard Tim** t Hard Time* i Enlarge
ment —Enlargement. The Erst in the
World—'lhe cheapest in the World.
Premiums to each subscriber—Every
Farmer interested.
BAKRU'S AI.SO, every small plot owner.
DOZKN. To mei't the increased value of
money consequent upon lh 'tlanl
Times,' the publisher of the Amer
ican Agriculturist is happv to an
nounce that he tins increased the
pages of this staunch old Journal
One Third, and doubled the in
trinsic value. Kaclt number will
BAKKU'S hereafter contain 32 double quarto
DOZKN. panes, tilled with plain, practical
reliable iutoriiiation, of exceeding
value to every one who cultivates
a latm, a garden; or but the small
est plot of ground. I,adies each
volume of the Agriculturist will
contain hundreds ol excellent prac
tical hints upon every department
BAKRR'SoI in-door, or honsohold work.
DOZKN. Besides furnishing the largest
amount of really useful inlorinn
tion, prepared by a great number
ol practical working men and wo
men, the Agriculturist ■* now the
largest Journal ol its character in
the world, but owing to its im
menso circulation it can still be
afforded at One Dollar a year, or
BAKF.R'S lor eighty cents each to clubs ol
DOZKN. ten or moro,
or It months will be sent lor the
usual price o( 12, to all subscribers
lor 1808, (Vol. XVII,) that is. all
single or club subscribers for 1858,
who subscribe now. will rßoeive
|tho two very valuable numbers for
llAKKU'SiNovcmber and December, of this
DOZKN. lyenr, without extra charge.
A largo list ol valuable Field,
Harden and Flower sends will be
" 4 presented to the subscriber* for
volume 7, from which every sub
-criber will be allowed to choose
BAKKU'S three packages without charge!—
DOZKN. The seeds will nlonn bo worth lltn
subscription price lo many per
-Otts. Bctul in your names at once,
and got the November number,
now ready, and the succeeding
numbers promptly upon tlm first
day of each month, until ilio end
of 185(1.
The best remedy fur tlm "Hard
BAKKR'S Tit >es" will he to learn from llto
DOZKN. dg) iciilturist llui boat modes of in
mousing the products of your fields,
gardens, orchard*, Sic.
Terms in advance —St a year, or
11 months now,
ti copies lor #5. in copies for 8-8.
181) Watur Street, New York.
P. S. To Pbnnhvi. vanish*—Tlm Punnsyl
vanian Farm Journal lias been merged into
the American Agliculturtsl, ami the Agricul
turist is now peculiarly (lie paper lor Penn
sylvania Farmers.
November 11, J857.
Al l. persru.s knowing themselves indebted
or httv.iig iiiiseuled f.ime nceotliit* with lltn
subscriber are hereby nniified to call upon
Solomon Ne) lintel, Ksq , who can bu found
in bis oflicu every Suluulay afternoon, anil
selllit tin' hitttii) before the first of January
liexl; fur idler which lime all uncollected ac
counts will bo placed in bands ol ollieor* lor
collHctioii. RICHARD 'l'tlUßY.
Oct. 31, 1857.
This is a large It'ino. volume, Price SI.OO,
with a fitin mezzotint engraving, and is one
nl the most thrilling tales ever wriltun by t IKS
author. It shows how a man may seem to
tint world all that is good uiid noble, and yet
bit a tyrant in In* lamily, and finally sund iiis
wife to a mad-house.
Wo publish all Mr. Arthur's new books,
iilho works of History, Biography, <ye., lor
wriich wo wan: Agent), in all parts of the U.
S., to whom Iho largest commission will be
paid, also an extra commission it: the way
of gifts.
48 Nnrlli Fourth St. I'hilndelphia, I'.t.
N. ll—Specimen copiß* sent by mail, Iren,
on receipt of the price of the book.
Oct. 27, 1857.
NOTICK is horehy yiven that letters of ad
ministration upon the estate of Stephen Sei
ple, late of Centre township, Columbia <:o.,
deceased, have been granted to tho Register
of Wills Ste., of said cnni.ty to tho under
signed residing al lilackcreck, Luzerne c o.
All persons indebted to the estate are re
quested to make payment without delay;
ond those having accounts lor settlement to
present them to
Rlackcreek, Luzerne co., Oct. 23, '57.
—— fpO the heirs and legal represent-
I., s. A atives of Yost Dnesbarh, late of
—Roaringcreek townabip, in the coun
ty of Columbia, deceased :
Ynti and each of you will take no'ice, that
at a Court of Common I'leas, held at Hio.ut -■
burg, for the county of Columbia, on tl e 5 ii
day of May, A. I). ISiti, the [eliiion of Na
than Driesinirh and Samuel Hauck was pre
sented to the said Court, representing tfra the
lands of the said petitioners, situate in ike
township of Rottringcreek, are now be! i in
gase or pledge by two p*foa| mortgages, '.a
wit: ono mortgage in favor of Vost Ines
bach made and given by Samuel Hauck, da
ted the 30th day of March. A lb 1852 ; oi.s
other mortgage in favor of Vot hriesbacb
aforesaid, ma le and given by Nathan Pries
bach. da'oJ the 21st Jay ct September, A p
J852: ibe'first of which m. rgage* is record
ed in the cilice for the re.i rJing ol deeds
Sir . in an t for the county c C !amb;s, to
Mortgage book No. 3 pa. • 793-1, av ' :e
second of wtuch is lecur. r ' m the same
book, page* 79f-.V tfiat sa d mor'ga;e* re
main uueatistied; and that> ete'oi *-
tration on ine estate of s#i,f Vot Pr esfutctt
have not been granted ; a. ' taymg toe tad
Court to grant a ml* upon \ u ir snow cause
by the lirsi day ol Nrpteiitl. • ienuit -es. .
Coin:, A l>. I>T. wt.v . s-actH'u o *a
morigage* shon. t uot be entered e -on <e
recont t v the Kccoeisr of IVeOs, b* i ti ,<i.
reritou ol ihe *i.l Ci r:; -h rue a' te
said >ep ember IV.iu t as, • Court, was.-s
tinned until tne sir la-oai * IhesetM
Term o| ttte said l\ki i "none you are
hr*h requited to s pr it re (ir*; on
neat Pscrmtcr Term • *.i Cou to a. •*•
the prater ct the oetu.n'r. J t:>* ease
Witucss imv ha dtt t isbu g u te
County cl Columbia, i!ti S. ? . y or rV .
ber, A IV IMI
MT'lllf'N M Mil I Kit JSk.
t'HK subM-'ibev al' Isu*-e# in*: He a i
carry on the r'rHR'KKiNC RkM.SF.Vs l<
biuwety HI Hrvknrasi.E > rsWsiuswr-
and etetylking iu ifca. .. ol but. >oa*. He
still aisss reiseu work w all bsJ*. a-d w-'j J*
■ t skitltullf and a) fiv arseee
Kls<*NMbun|' June j. > >l.
nUTcnrrvn tinivt Up. UitirOZa S
call the attention of all those who wish to buy good good* in bis lins, that lie lis*
* " just replenished his (already) large and well soleeted assortment of the following arti
cles, viz;— Drug*, Medicines, Oils, Paints, Varnishes, Ulass, Dyesiuffs, Confectioneries, Pur
lumery, fancy snap* and toilet nrlicles generally; Cigars and Tobacco of every variety and
brand. Harrison's inks wholesale and retail at the manufacturer's prices, PURE U'IN'ESANI)
lillANlllES for medicinal use onfy. Trusses, Shoulder Braces and Abdominal Supporters,
Paint, Varnish and Tooth Brushes; also agent for most ol tint popular Patent Medicine* of the
day. Toys, and an endless variety of iisctnl and laucy notions not here enumerated. Physi
cian's Prescriptions and Family Medicine* put up carefully and at sliotl notice. Class ('tilting
done to order at the old slund. K. I'. I.I'TZ.
Bloomsbttrg, April 8, |Sft7.
Having added to :IKS fixture* of tint "STAII" Dlllce good and extensive JOBHINH M ATKItI-
Af.| is preparetl to oxccnie all kinds ol JOIt I'lll Vl'liXJ in the
best CITY STYLE , and at short notice.
Certificates of Stock and Deposite,
Constitutions for Societies,
Hank Checks, Promissory Notes,
l/uil Road and other 'Pickets,
Catalogues, Paper Hooks, Hill-Heads, Check Rolls, Plain and Fancy Cards,
Husiness am I oilier Circulars, Posters Plain anil in Colors.
Can be Procured at the "Star" Job Office,
AN niOMI'TLY A!\l IVI ATI Y IMtlKIGI) AS l.\ Till)
Tito pnblie are invi'.od to call ami sou specimens, its we tiro determined to merit patron
ago by strict attention to business uud superior wnikmansliip.
Now arrival of Spring and Summer GSoodn !
nAVF. just received nml opened llimr slock of merchandize for Spring and Summer sale-,
which comprises the KARHKST, CIIKAI'KST, and IIANDS'tMKST nssorlmnt t now
olTercd in this TOWN! Having paid great altcnl'on to the selcctieri ol litoir unliru stock
as lo price and quality, tliey fluttui themselves (hat lltey can coiripeto with il,u iJieo/itit,
ntnl all llinso wishing to buy cheap, can save money by giving us a cull. We have all
kinds of Hoods and Wares lo supply tiro wants ol the I'ooplc. A very largo lot ol
Fmliclr mcrinocs, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, de bages, poplins, parametla cloth,
moliair tuslrns, inn-lit) de Initios, Persian cloths, Hiiighams, Calicoes, Arc.
WHITE (JOOUiS Ol'' AM, KIN 1)8, Klcvcs. Hollars, .Spencers, Itainlkcrcliir f*.
Ilonttcittgs, bands and trimmings, Inccs and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in largo variety, vel
vet ribbons, and braids, kill, cotton, mid li-lo thread gloves, mohair milt", Arc.,
All kinds of SIIAWI.S, hrocko, Bay State, Watatvillu, black silk, cuahmcrn, Kmbro.lcr
ttil, &c. Also a very largo assortment ol cloths, easterners, saltinatls, vesting*, tweed'.
jeans,beaver cloth*, coaling velvet, Sir..
Wo It live a large assort men; ol Hut. ami Caps ol luteal fashions. We have also Hard
ware, (fiiennswaro, Heilarware, Sic.. Very cheap carpets, carpet bags, floor, latdn and r ar
tiagu oil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, Kc. Muslins llonrmU, lickings, diapers, toweling,
drillings, titc., in übuintaiice.
We invite our Irietnla ami lint public generally to give n- a call before purchasing el c.
wltertt. We have bought our guilds at Kuweit Cash Prices alt I if ill not bo m. let >l.l t.j
anybody, or tlm rest of mankind.
(iluomslutrg, April 15. 1857.
New Arrival of Fall and Winter floods.
INVITKS attention to In- stock of cl cap sn-l fn-fiiona!e clothing at h. • -toreio Murk -t
■ street, two door* above the "American lloii-c,' - w here bo i, a - A fuli menl of r .-
and boy * wearing apparel, including
}|ox, sack, frock, gum and oil cloth coals of all son* and sizes, pa-i. of n■ r. 'a.. -
Hlripns ami figure, vests, shirts, cravats, slock - c-ilar-, fißmikercbief- .love
and fancy articles.
N. B. Ho will also make to order any article n clothing at very .'-r rt -
the best manner. All his clothing is made to 'rtnr, atp: rr.on o• i' ■ o. , .r.e to,
Bloomsburg, April I 1857.
HAS jn*t rerfjiv.j! and a t ioae i a lull ar. i
which he Will s* 11 at thn lowest living prut
Hi' nock PintllC'f a'ulli "i'c a; t rn.-e
shawl*, buege. barege dentines, t sue,
lawn, debege, crape nnerra , a f.accas, no:
bILKS.—A very ha drome rmw,
striped, plain, plaid and black w. •,
he intend* to cell al vary reduced pricos
An immense stork of em! ro !eri -"~h
a emlro: iere ! hat.dkerct.efk r "a-v •;
cer, sleeves, Swiss and jac. • rl e_•
inserting*, hi ens, ra"3n a"! "rj| tire*,
flouncing* and embroidered
OOMEBTlCß—Maalkif ••
checks, ofnaborg", bagging* ng' 1.1 ... tlm
nets, table diaper ar.J ready n a.le taj
.lien flixl IlojV Wear.
Cloths. eaimcre, veelirjs. *in c'"
ades, denims, bloc dridmgs c sids-
A very large ssaotirr.e't e.' -<* sty.* a
pets, soch as tapestry ll' •♦••• '** : * •
grain and Venetian c r as 's v. •
A large assortment of l.s !■<*' it ■ ret'
Shoe", wb-eh he wi'l se I s-"v ft.ea.
A la| of fresh sugar* n. I
Ac. Also Harj.* are LIUEER swat*. GMMESI
Cr<ckeiy and WOOJET.ware.
OTFluar til.: Feed always 'sa.#': •
losreet msikei yiicea I RET*
UiOO!Bl'Urg, Aft.i i i' •
KfTIUTKO f>Mi era Cm
!. \ N ale • I' s.r.' M •
tjersftip,'d • )h • ..
v ear"
W lIITK I \\ . V
vk irj K* v i or 4* • •** •'
K i UAH>\\. .
C . ** *. . *
WMUTUI? M. rva 11
www > \ \ % \ •* * \r*
VT# > K \ i >
Ar >• * # •* * ww
v* * # • t.f ; * v sftw ** 1
% v i j • i . \i, #. \
k'l> t M X. Jk W ta ; *#
Y |T • 4 A'l I? 'V*
bug is • *-i bvst •* js*
rttta.' pai a ft •■**<* * * >• *
and aasi *sl s snwths hsn> '"•
•< I *0 •**•** • arsJ !*•> ><*>
a hate's tts te S SSIWNV a. saws- ee.
Me a** ass "* a. >es i< f i •
s e.x V| Us*
<tu 91818 MALE l\D FEJfALK
liiizrrnr ( <>mily. Pa.
I rftME TfMMr 11 •• II rH
A at n J :nr >, *hi> ii * ,1 r n,
r'f'plinn fl' . ! f - Vl'- i J]
Or.. S r,*h r.|.. r.
I*- f IA M !: . \sr i. I'-
Mr. A. i i fr'• Tin fT ■ • ;
rinntr. n.| .iitr| Mta .'< i
i' ! hi. . •. oni"-* I m - iti.
" rt r .;> f ii-; *• ', t i 1 .]' t
H . ; f„ , , kf
•gtOf > f mc jf v(l' | I,
T; \
: M Iriap lii U-a fTp . R, k ..
*. rnfl, r . 1 . .!;• s> i,. s, p,
OrMMMr, Colßniilan .ImteMfe A r ,J
i'• ii ir r % t
' Tnptawltilmyiai
| ■ •• A:. Bt K*r;<c| H<*o*r
| Ihnril lawful, c 4 Mcrii
4 I I ik#B W',
£ /<f 11#f if f Fftne\. * 4 ' ,
I : 1 •• ! ~ , ~ „ ,
tnl f-**-. „ , fi**h : ,
WEEKLY r.n rt •.:. m w s ,
. • "I I I | ".II
*ri.. I \!. v rTE>:; > m ....
' -t 1-K. . i !.■..*. Of* 14
1 iWsn • or.***-'.
rom r:vcn4.x i- i |., „
fcU .< * * .• %• 4 #4 *
* I . i iJ%.4 * .
4- 1 *
l# ' • ■ Ui iU I -1# • 4f I
irv 1 • 1 i - 1 .
' ♦ . . :>' IvK ; • ' 1 v,
% * I 1,4 M • •* . rn. • '
• • #8 •
*# M •
I • \ %
* * 4 ** * \ \ 4
* • * * >'• 4 I
.*4 4
. * >4 w . 4 *.<N* * * • ••
t KM • MM •.. >4 ~ . 4M
S'l'l ** 01 *• i I • K *tt '#.-■■ r*u 111
14 kit ,l* H a . ■ ikJ.'
t ' *l4 OV>Hi > K >.ll f %k> 41
•* *( *H M*U| M M*. S*. 4*
I 4.41 >.> .• 4 t.l
f YNI k\Wh . i 114.1 ItMIM. . .41
• .* t. .AM 4*rn>4 OK. KM N vnl WK.
•*. • MH4 a t V.4MKI OK*- 1
I "> Milk A . *Ol *.*■ .04 O'Ol 4
n "4 MW.I K • M IIMMI *H I>■
' M loTuo* j44QH 1 r* fvwit ■■ 1 ■
In announcing lha THIRTEENTH annual
volume jo Ilia Scientific American, Ihe pub
lisher* respectfully inloim ilie public 111 it in
order to increase nod stimulate ilia formalior
of club., ihay priipuiaio offer
for ilia liflean large" liala ol inbicribaii nan'
in by ilia lit ol Juiiiiiry, 1868; said praini
11 in - to be dielritratod R* lolliiu'*:
For ilin largest Hat, k300; 2.1, $260; 3d,
MOO; -lib, $160; slli, $100; full, <IO; Till,B0
8 h, 870; Dili, 800; luili, S6O; 1 lib, S4O; I2lb
SBS; I Jili, S3O: I 111. 825; Islh. S2O.
Names ol autisrrllinrsc.ili bo sent in lit dif
(Went tirna* and from different fVat Office*
l b.. rali will ba paid lik, tl.n order* of tin
*IHTC**II.| I'oinpoiiii.ia, iininidißiely aliar lb.
I►! ill January, 1858.
Southern, Western nn.l 4'unadii money wil
bo liikon lor *ubrii|.|ion*, Canadian nub
•criliori will pliiusu in remit Twenty-ai* cl*
ewtra on oucb your'i subscription iu pre-pay
postage, .
IVrni. of Subscription—Two doflara a yea'
i 'no Dollar lor *ik tnobili*.
< lob Rules—Five copies, lor six mntiili.
< Five copies, fur twelve n.oi.ili*, 18: Tat
. opies, lor six miinil.N, Ton copiae fo
Iw.'lvo monlliß, 815; Twenty copies, (or II
month*, S2B.
For ill Club* of Twrr.ty over, lb'
y.-.iily subscription i only Sri do.
I lit, low vulurtiu will be printed upon flni
paper wnii now typo.
I l.e ueinuul chururter of the Scientific Amer
nun i # well known, ami, a. licreiolore, it wil
be i l.ii ||y devoieil lo ihn promulgation ol
■ <.1..iii.1.1...1i relating in llie vaimiii Mccliani
cnl ami ( lietmriil An*, Maiiufartnins, Agri
enl'iiro, I'aloul*, Invention*, K..gthccruijr
AMI Work, anil all iniere-i which ilia ligli
r.l Ciuciicul Scicucu i* calculated lo nilvanca
Ii i* issued weekly, in lorin lor; '
centum* aimnully from 600 lo 000 finely a*
ecnieil Engravings, ami nnlirei ol America:
arid J'.iiropean Improvement*, together will
an flilac*nil I,r.i of American Talent Claim
f puhlndiril weekly in advance of all oilier pa
It i* l lm aim of the Editor* of the Scienlifi
American lo prr**cnt nil subject* discussed ii
it. column- in a puitrlicul and popular lorrr
I lie) v. ill alio einleavoi in maintain a r an.ln
: learle*nievi. in combating ami exposing faD*
: ; theories and practice m Scientific and Ma
j | chnriical mail.'r*, and t'.n* preserve ihe char
HI n-r nl 11.0 Sc.eulific American n. a r.-hahh
| I'.ricyt loped.a ol L'.ulul ari l Kr.l. iiainini
. Knowledge.
i Specimen rt.piea wili bn sent grille lo any
I part of Ihu cenriiry.
, | MINN it CO.,
J Publisher* ami patent A Iter, (a,
No 128 New York
[ Sapl. I, 18.',7.
WJAS PalaLl.lie I a g'**'ef rele'r'y
ba* ever Leer, ol'*"i*d tf ar v othe
'J ••l a* b'-er 1 e re-*:*t at o .rke I*o
per t.' ) Ijl..-y, a; : I , 1.l <LI on!
I'lirin y
I I•' 'rra .I e a-*,* I t' ' * a*".'inn
,ar re of a I 1 f-mr I'l.fd.
I l.e | r lutnor • ever "| wen'j foe* daily
nr. I !-*i r.a> ■ . ri.'.gknc: :bt
i ' : '.e I *j • ica, alt 1"i
Work r _ rboa - . *e,|. w
..I :r. ■, I'' *0 ire a ie ate or>
a ptrfael and a • ,roi>gii
I • • e -rear ire* .nut n
i " : •• f!ie t :.o- in
T e •.*••. "AR V EAR >* Tc.'.e, M
u j >.'tu • * t,4\ • %% l r ; *^.*ot€>*r%
t. I'A e: .laA % :a* a # . |>)
"■ a{* ' f*. *• • tf* " ' Iff f
--' " T% ■ W> il j <*l
**''• A „ * | ".(ft " f
"V .
• ' r ! e-;a.e. me
•: .1". - .Ma.f m
• a " T ♦ - • * •2 -
* *• HP
<'A ' t WF: •*? ♦. ,* -•
* c" ' ■ +■ ' < . • ; ten*
*■ I
R*** ■' 4 ' A R I 4 '*4 <* -FAF
: U* # ;C
O ( /A V ST.IK F U
} / : >*• T
-4 * * * • • • * ' * •"' ' T -srf
f r - ##♦-* a
a * . ;.I 4$ . !n/ 4 ;t^
•- . • t " a* 4-4* l
• W R.,' TTF •-
♦ *4. * a* 4 a. | 14 M
• 4 '< 44 Ii i M R
JF Y. \ F
r - tfwt utf m,itr HMu
" • * h' -rt'taa an t
IHII 111 I 1 I'M I A
* 4 *• ueH 4
•ft a 4*lol
Mv,v* rna .tfM or j eaN|
V N. , .
• 'a ' :■ W—l '• . ..tfM
r at % a,
I I s
v •x.kiris.
I" lit'W •
*- r *i M-ii *;,a
* 4 . tf
*D MmO a* **.••
'to i'
S. •, ■- -.wji—Ml W.