The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, November 11, 1857, Image 3

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The Full (ifliclul tote for (•oveinor.
We have at length received the official
returns from every county of the State, ami
subjoin the vote for Governor in full:
Packer, Wilmot, Ihslehmsl,
Covanics. Dent. Hep. Atn.
Ad ante, 5362 1900 58
Allegheny, 0010 7089 850
Armstrong, 24t:9 2100 Itl
Beaver, 1557 1999 20
lied lord, 2338 15GS 308
Berks, 872 2 2750 874
Blair. 1819 1150 509
Bradford, 2<>B2 5042 0
Bucks, 5747 4SO I 101
Butler, 2301 2831 53
Cambria, 2379 1042 105
Carbon, 1507 072 153
Centre, 2003 2143 33
Chester, 5388 6209 421
Clarion, 2132 987 23
Clenrlleld, 1459 725 235
Clinton, 11 til 1083 18
Columbia, 2110 nil 30
Crawford, 2370 351 1
Cumberland, 3078 2400 58
Dauphin, 3109 2050 000
Delaware, 1599 1004 009
Elk, 502 270 3
Erie, 1985 3305 143
Fayotte, 3104 2520 80
Forest. 63 79
Franklin, 3 ISO 3058 91
Fulton, 817 570 9
Greene, 2031 1000 8
Huntingdon. 1749 1078 218
Indiana, 1438 2750 20
Jefferson, 1208 1125 64
Juniata, l los 1035 20
f.aneaster, 0480 7090 1230
Lawrence, 993 1992 50
liobanon, 1980 2004 182
Lehigh, 3805 2967 9
Luzerne, 5208 3530 214
Lyeoiuing, 2824 1084 317
McKean, 496 505 7
Meteor, 0539 2928 48
Mifflin, 1532 1217 104
Monroe, 2254 504 5
Montgomery. 5448 26')8 1380
-Montour, 1080 608 71
Northampton, 4000 1111 1010
Northumberland, 2821 974 490
Berry. 19.65 1501 101
Philadelphia, 27749 11100 I 11335
l'ike. 758 190 12
Bolter. 495 957 1
Schuylkill, 5980 3079 581
Somerset. 1711 '.277 5 I
Snyder, 999 989 81
Sullivan, 494 205
Susquehanna, 2119 3224 8
Tioga, 1193 3284 2 I
Union, 971 1275 102
Venango. 1900 1790 2,
Warren, 899 1309 9
Washington, 3752 Still 142
Wayne, 1992 1091 50 j
Westmoreland. 4304 31 IS 24 j
Wyoming, 10211 995 12 ;
Vork. 5314 1778 1332!
Total, 188,890 110,117 28.160 I
Backer over Wilmot. 42,743
Backer over both, 11,583 \
The total vote for Canal Commissioner, j
Supreme Judges, and on lite amendments I
to the Constitution is as follows:
Nimrod Strickland, D. 187.196 j
William Millward, l{, 111. 128 1
John F. Lindermait, A., 20.638
William Strong, D , 180.823 ,
Juntos Thompson. 0.. 187.023!
Joseph J Lewis. !{•, 112.520
James Veech. 11.. 142,377
Jacob Broom. A , 27,210 I
Jasper E. Brady. A.. 20.964
, Ist. 2d. .8,1. Ith. !
l'ot 122,058 117,142 114.000 118.205 j
Against, 13.033 21,412 20,395 11.332 1
Maj for 109.003 95,730 94,271 103,873 1
Governor Bollock lias issued the following
Proclamation, appointing Thursday, the 20th
of November, as a day of general Thanks
giving and Braise, in this State:
In the i ,<ime tun I hy the authority of tie Com
momocalth o/ Pennsylvania, JAMKS BOLLOCK,
Governor of the said Commouicealth :
Fellorr-Citizens: —To tender to Almighty
God. who controls the destinies of nations
and men, the homage of devout gratitude |
and praise for his goodness and mercy, is |
the appropriate and solemn duty of a free j
and highly favored people. As the giver of
every good and perfect gift we should ever
recognize His hand in our mercies, and ac
knowledge our dependence upon His Brov-1
idence : and although adversity may throw
its dark shadows across our pathway, yet |
we should be asured of this, "that the Judge j
of all Earth will do right/'
During the past year the bounties of a j
kind Providence have not been withheld
front our Commonwealth. Our free institu
tions have been preserved, and our rights
and privileges, civil and religious, enjoyed
and maintained. The arts and sciences,
and the great interests of education, morali
ty and religion, have claimed attention and
received the encouragement of an intelli
gent and liberal people. Honorable industry
in its varied departments lias been reward
ed ; and although recent and severe finan
cial revulsion has filled with gloom, sorrow
and distress, the hearts and homes of many
of our citizens, yet no fear of famine, no
dread of impending public or social calami
ty, mingles with our emotions of gratitude
for past blessings, or weakens our trust for
the future, in the Providences of Him who
wounds but to heal, and "whose mercy en
dureth forever." A plenteous harvest has
crowned the labor of the husbandman
peace, with its gentle and refining influen
ces, and unwonted health with its benefits
and mercies, have been vouchsafed to us.
In acknowledgment of these manifold
blessings, we should offer unto God thanks
giving and pay our vows unto the most High;
and call upon Him "in the day of trouble;
He will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify
Under the solemn conviction of the propri
ety of this duly, and in conformity with es
tablished custom and the wishes of many
good citizens, I, James Bollock, Governor of
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, do
hereby recommend Thursday, the twenty
sixth day of November next, as a day of gen
oral thanksgiving and praise throughout this
Sta'c, and earnestly request the people that,
abstaining from tlioir usual avocations and
all worldly pursuits, they assemble on that
'lav according to ihoir religious customs, and
mifo in offering thank • to Alintgh'y God for ,
j his past goodness and morcias : and while i
j humbly acknowledging our trangression, !
j and imploring His forgiveness, beseech
Hun, with sincere and earnest desire, to rc- ,
! turu and visit us again with His loving kind- !
noss, make us worthy of His bounties, and >
continue to us the rich blessings of His prov
idenco and grace.
Given under my hand and the Great Seal of
the Slate at Hurrisburg, this nineteenth |
day of October, in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred ami titty-seven
I and of the Commonwealth the eighty-soe
j mid.
! Bv the Governor.
I Deputy StertUiry of the Commonwealth.
" WOODLANU Cut. AM" —„7 Pomade for !
j beautifying the Hair —highly perfumed,
| superior to any French article imported, ami
j for half the price. For dressing Ladies B-ir
j it litis no equal, giving it a blight glossy ap- 1
i pearanee. Ii causes Gentlemen's Hair lo
curl in die niosl natural maimer. It removes
dai drnll, always giving die hair die appear
ance of being i'resh shampooed. Briee only !
fifty cents. None genuine unless signed
Proprietors of the
" Balm at a thousand Flowers.'' .
| For stile by all Druggists. New York. '
Titie KKV. ('. S.. BCUNKTT, while laboring as ]
j a Missionary in Southern Asia, discovered a I
: simple and certain Cum lor Consumption, i
i Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Nervous ,
j Debility, and all iinpuritiua ol the blood; also,
1 an easy and effectual mode ol Inhaling Iho |
| remedy. Actuated by it desue to benefit his
I stiffWii.g fellows, Ito will cheerfully soiul the
t Recipe (tree) losuah ns desire it, with full ,
i and explicit directions lor preparing and sue
-1 cosslully using tin, Medicine.
Address Rev. C. S. BURNETT, i
831 Broadwav, New Vork City.
ANI> HKAVTIFVL UiMn,KxtoN —can bene- I
.quired by using ilto "liaim of a Thousand
Flowers.'' What lady or gentleman would
i lemuin under the curse of a disagreeable
' breath, when by using the "Balm of a Than
sand Flowers' : as a iletilrilico, would no! only !
I render it sweet, but leave the inelli as while i
as alabaster ! Many persons do not,know j
i their breath is bad, and the subject is so deli- I
cute tltelr friends w ill never mention it. Be- J
f ware ol counterfeits. He sure each bottle is t
) signed FETRIDUE & CO., N. V !
j For sale by all Druggists.
Feb. IS, IStiT-lim.
On Tuosd.iv, 3,1 itts'., by tho Kev. D J
Waller JOIIN M A1.1.M to ftlsitv ANN IUK
r.tMI, all ot the vi.tiiiuy ol Bloomsbttrg.
Al tho new Lutheran Church, tit Briar ,
' creek, on the 2l!|lt tilt,, by the Rev. K. A. j
! Sharretts. lit UASI BOAVKU and RKRKCCA MAHTZ, '
both ol Btiurcteek township, Coliitr.bia ro.
! On Thursday, felt iost., by the Rev. I Buhl, j
Mr. Srsen KN 1111.1.. and MIIUMU Scvtimer, j
i both ol Salem, Luzeiiid county.
On the sth instant, hy the Rev. George j
Warren, Mr. D. K. ACCI.KMAN and Aliss MA- I
av K. IMKAIH), botii ol Hemlock township, |
[ Columbia county.
Notice is herehy given to all persons inter- j
ested, that the following at'comns have been I
tiled in the Prothonoiary's office ol Colum- 1
bin cot n'v, and will be presented in tho !
Court o! Common Pleas ol said county lor i
confirmation ami allowance nil Wednesday,
the 9th day ol Deee.noer, A. D 1857.
1 The account el John R. Meyer Commit- )
lee ol the person and estate ol Peter Melick,
a lunatic of Scott township.
2 Bite (termini of Jonathan Ri-liel Com- j
mitlee ol tho person ami estate ol John Rtslt
el. a lanaltc, late of Montour tnwitsl ip.
3 The aeeouiil ol John Snyder Commitlee
of the person and estate ol Alexander Stoker !
an habitual drunkard ol Bloom township. 1
Prolhonot try. '
NOTICE is hereby given dial tellers of ad- i
niinisiiulioii upon itiu estate of Solomon Sny- j
iter ten , bee of Locust township, Columbia j
county, ilecM, have been granted to the un- !
dersigned also residing in llie said township
of l.ocnst. All persons indebted 10 the cs- j
late are requested to make payment without
delay, and those having accounts for seule- '
uient to present them to
l.ocnst iwp., Nov. 7, 18f>7.
NOTICE is hereby given to all lega
tees, creditors and other persons interested
in the estates of the respective decedents \
and minors, that the following adutinis- i
(ration accounts have been tiled in the of- !
lice of the Register cf Columbia county, !
and will be presented for confirmation and
allowance to the Orj bans' Court, to bo
held at Hloomsburg, in the county afore
said, on Wednesday, the 9th day of De
cember next, at 2 o'clock, P. M :
1 The final account of Wm. Roberts, ad- j
ministrator of Jacob J. Kline, lute of Jackson :
town-hip, dee'd, filed by Samuel Rhone, ad
ministrator of die said Wm. Roberts, deed,
2 Tire account of Samuel Rhone, admin- !
isirator of Wm. Roberts, late of Sugarloaf j
township, deceased.
3 The account of Jacob Hofia and bydia
Deeter, Executor and Executrix of Jacob
Deeter, late of Liberty township dee : d.
4 The account of Jacob Demotl, adminis- '
trator of the estate of Elizabeth Welliver, ;
late of Madison township, deo'd.
5 The account of John Ilughes, Exoculor
of the late will nod testament of Abraham
Troxell, late of Roaringereek township, de- ,
6 The account of Thomas Connpr, Ad- 1
ministrator of the e-tuie of Isaiah Conner,
late of Orange township, deo'd.
7 The account of Stephen 11. Miller, ad- j
ministrator of the estate ol Gabriel Luiz. late I
of Mifflin township, deceased.
8 The account of Philip Unangst, Execu- '
tor of the late will and testament ol Elizabeth j
Unger, late of Bloom township, rlec'd.
Bloorusburg, Nov. 11, 18f)7. j
Estate of David C. /iodine, lute of Col. i
county, deceased.
Af,L persons interested will take notice j
that the undersigned appointed Auditor, by
the Orphan's Court of Columbia county, to |
settle and adjust the rates and proportions of
the assets ol the estate of David C. Bodine,
to and among die respective creditors [which :
assets are now in the bunds of Philip Cool, I
administrator ol said deceased,] according (
to the order established by law, will attend j
at bis office, in Bloomsburg, on the 4th day <
of December next, lor the purpose aforesaid. '
when and where all persons interested wili j
attend if they think proper.
W. WIRT, Auditor
filobnisburg, Nov ! 18.">7
! Hard '/truss.' Hard Times ! Enlarge- '
j ment—Enlargement. The. Best in the
! World—The cheapest in the World.
! Premiums lo each subscriber—Every
i Farmer interested.
BAKER'S] ALSO, every small plot owner.
DOZEN. To meet the increased value of
'money consequent upon tho 'Hard
Times,' the publisher of the A met- ,
lean Agriculturist is happy lo an- '
uoitiice that lie Itus incteused the
pages ot this staunch old Journal
line Third, and doubled the in- i
trinsie value. Each number will
| RAKER'S herenller contain 32 double qtiatto !
; DOZEN, pu'tes. filled with plain, | rnctical
reliable tnlortnntioii, ol exceeding
-value to every one who cultivates
jt farm, a garden: or bill tho small
lest plot of ground. Ladies etteh
!volume of the Agriculturist will t
contain hundreds ol excellent prac
jtiettl hints upon every department
BAKER'S ot in-door, or household work.
DO/.F.N. | Besides famishing llt'e largest
|amouut ol really useful inlomta- -
jt ion, prepared by a great number ;
lot practical winking men and wo
men, the Agriculturist >s now the
largest Journal ol its character in
the world, but owing to it iin- !
meuso circulation tt can still he !
dforded at Duo Dollar a year, or !
BAKER'S for eighty rents each to clubs ol
DOZEN, ten or more.
lor I I months w ill tie scut lor the I
, usual price ol 12. to nil subscribers
Iter 1858, (Vol. XVII.) that is. nil
uittglo or club subscribers for 1858.
Iwlto subscribe now, will receive
Ithe two very valuable numbers lor
, BAKER S,November and December, ol this !
DOZEN, (year, without extra charge.
\ A largo li-t ol valttablo Field,
Garden and Flower sends will be 1
'presented to the subscribers lor
Ivolume 7, trom which every stilt
■ertber will bo allowed to choose
BA KF.R'S three packages without cltuigo !
DOZEN. The seeds will alone be worth the
I subscriptionjlprice to many per- I
-ens. Send itt your names at once j
.Hid get tho November number, |
now ready, and the succeeding
numbers promptly upon the first '
lay of each mouth, until tho cud !
,( 1856.
I The best remedy fur the "Hard
j BAKER'S I' ti"s" will he to learn (rom the ;
DOZEN. , dprieidlitrist llw best modes of in- ;
creasing the products ol your fields,
'gardens, orchard-,
Terms in advance —M u year, or ,
14 mouths now,
iti copies lor - it. 10 copies for SB. |
| 189 Water Street. New Vork.
vatiian Farm Journal has tie, u merged into ;
the American Agiicnltnrisl, and tl.c Agrirul
j lnii-l i> now peculiarly the paper for Bcuit
sjlvatiia Farmers.
November 11, 1857.
1 IN pursuance of an order ol the Orphan's !
Court ot Columbia county on SATURDAY,
I the 28th day of Nnvem'utr nc.M, at It) o'clock
in the forenoon. David A but, <-urvivmg Ex- 1
! ecntnr Kn . ol John Allen, late ol Madison Ip.,
! nt said county, dee d, will expose to sale, by
public vendue, upon the premises, a certain !
| LOT OF GROUND in Jerseyt twn, in said |
township, situate on the mam rnatl or street
lot saul lowii, adjoining lot ol John Swisher, i
lot ol late belonging lo Dr. Hit:-el Balk and !
i others, continuing
1 O.XE .it 'HE OP IJ1.XI),
1 on which is erected a two slort frutlto dwel- ;
iltg ho use and Irairut stahle. ABo otto other
lot of land in said town, situate en said main
road or street aforesaid, adj lining lam! ul
: John Swishvr and Juntos Stout, being a town
\ lot. Also two oiler contiguous town litis
j situate in i-nid town on said M.on street, and
| adjoining lot ol John Fnnslou and others, on
| which am erected a l lack it, lit shop, and
| one out lot ol land situnm on the road lead- I
I mg Irom Jerseytown to Millvilln, coriiaining
about three ami one hall acres, adj lining j
I lands ol John Swisher, Ahrubum Rroad ami
i others. Lain the estate of said deceased, I
I situate in the township of Mtn!i-,>n. ami conn
! ty aforesaid. JACOB KYERLV,
November 4, 1867. Cletk.
Traverse Jurors for December Term.
Bloom—Samuel Shaffer, James L. Barkloy,
I Jno. Whilenighl, J K. Grotz, Zebu lon Gross. I
I Benton——.i-foitt Davis, sen., Beicr Case,
: John Mclleury, Sr.
Ilriarrreek—Samuel Kelelmor.
I Ct'tilre —Levi A ikinaii, Stephen 11 tiHon.
Catawissa—Samuel Kotrteubader, Matthias
j llartman.
Fishtngcreek—Jno. Hess, Edward Unatigst ;
Daniel Strieker, Henry Eyr-r.
! Greenwood—John Rloore.
Hemlock —James Etnmill, John Grttber.
Jesse Ohl, John H. Fausl.
Locust—Elias Helwig, Beior K. Herbein,
I Samuel Reinbold, Isaac Rhoads.
Mtflliu -Joseph O. Wtnleralcen. Leonard
Main—Samuel Fisher, Isaiah Shuman.
Orange—John Achenbach.
Bine—Benjamin VVinlersleen.
Roaringereek—Adam Gable.
Sugarloaf—Alinas Colo.
Scoti—Daniel Whitmire, Jacob Keller.
Blttomsbnrg, Oct. 31, 1857.
(iranil Jurors for December Term.
Bloom—Lewis H. Mans, Barnard Rupert.
Beaver—John J. Dreisbach.
Briarcreek—Stephen Achenbach.
Centre —Mahlon Hicks.
Catawissa—Benjamin Zarr, John Scott.
Franklin—Joseph Riner.
Fishtttgcreek—William Bnckalew.
Greenwood—Joseph Keller, Jackson Rob- ;
! lilts.
Locust—William Beach, Samuel Mears.
Madison—Lewis Schuyler, Nelson Kitchen, j
Montour—Art Boss.
Mifflin—lsaac Snyder.
Main—Hainan John.
Mount pleasant—Daniel Mordan.
Orange—Human R. Kline, Benjamin Wort
mart. i
Roaringereek—Jolu. Whititer.
Suott—Eli Groveling.
Bloonisbmg, Oct. 31, 1857.
List of Cftuses for Trial at Dec.'l'criu. 1
1 William Koons vs George L. Kline et ul. I
2 William Koons vs George L. Kline.
3 Joseph Stackltouse rs Gilhoit Fowler.
4 Thomas Barker vs John 11. Barker.
5 Isaac Brown vs Robert J Lyon.
(i Jacob Schuyler vs Wilson Acer.
7 Fletcher B. Dodsoti et al rs Wat. Long.
8 Christian Heist us Daniel Giger.
9 Martin Mowry vs Thomas Slaekhnttse.
JO Gilbert Fowler vs Gilbert 11. Fowler et al.
It William Rittenhonse rs Sam'l F.Headlcy.
12 David Ilildebrant trs Benjamin Fox.
13 Duval Wintersieen et al vs Chris. Sbttman.
14 William Conrad vs Duniel Smith.
15 James Riltenhouse et al cs Barny Hole.
1(> Jacob Warner v.i State Mttl'l Fire Ins. Co.
17 John Snyder vs Levi L. Tate.
18 O. C. Kuhlor lor the use ot Writ. Robieon ;
vs Frederick Rabb.
19 Henry Stork vs Nicely & Hileman
20 Adam Stroupct al c L. B. Rupert et n!. I
21 Cornolitia MoErron ■ Harry J. Voaplc. !
Bloontsburg, Nov. 4. 1857
w—rw^r—aa——P— MK—tMtpg—
1 NOTIC is hereby given tint the
several Conns of Commom I'leas, Gc n •
ernl Quarter Sessions of llic Peace, ami
Orphans' Court. Court of Oyer nml
| Terminer and Jail Delivery, in and for
; tho County of Columbia, to commence at
Monday the Ith Hay of December next,
The Coroner, Jitetioee of the I'oane &
Constables, in and for the county of Co
lumbia,are requested to be then and there
in their proper persons, with their rolls,
records, inquisitions, and other remem
brances, to do those thing:* to their sev
eral olliees appertaining to bo done.
And all witnesses prosecuting in behalf
of the Commonwealth against any pris
1 oner, are also requested and commanded
to be then and there nttendiugin their pro
per persons to prosecute against hint, as
shall lie just—and not to depart without
, leave at their peril. Jurors are request I
: ed to he punctual in their attendance, ti
the lime appointed agreeable to their no
Given under my hand at llloomsbttrg the
2d .lay of November, in the year of our
I unl one thousand t ignt hundred ami
lifty-seven, and the Independence of tbe
United Stales of America the Hist.
(Cod save the Commonwealth.)
/'..state of Joseph Janet, late of Col inn
hia comity,
I A 1.1. person* inteu'sted will lake notice
1 that tlio uiitlersignu.l appointed Auditor by
the Orphan's Court of Columbia county, to
si'ltie ami adjust the rales and proportions ol
tire as-cl* r I die o<talo ol Joseph Jones, to
! among the respective creditors, | which as
shis tiro now in the hands ol Jacob Dariioti.
administrator of 5.0.l deceit-oil,] according I
to tlio -itilor established by law, will anoint |
at his cilice, in Itluonisbmg, nit the Itb day j
of December next? tor the purpose nlnic*n>d,
| wlicn attil vvtiero all parentis interested will
) attend if tltey Hum; proper.
W.WIRT, Auditor. I
Itlooinsburg, Oct. fit, : .')7,
, ALLpi*rfOiiH knowing ilieiiiMilvi's indeblfttl !
I or having titiM'lilt'ii l.iioo invointl-* wit Ik tin* J
Mil-crit'cr ar liort)l> noiilinl t c:\ll upon .
'Solomon Noy ituril, iv ; tj . who can to louml j
oi his oiih'c every S.n < lay uliorooon, iiinl I
: collie the Minio l-cl un llio first ol January j
: uo\t; for !i• • r which liir.o nil iltieollorhjii uc- j
; coiiiiih will l o placeil i • I hiulh ol nllirt*r lor
j collmMion. KK JIA Ul> TOltllY.
' Oct. 31, |Bj7.
OA' T. S. A Iff! I DR.
This is a largo IStno vol into, Price S I OP. t
with a line mezzotint engraving, and t* one
ol tlio most thrilling tali-sever written by the
i author. It shows how a matt tuny seem to I
j tlio world all i* good end iiobio, And jet
bo a t\raol m (tin Imiitly, and finally send hi* '
> wile to II 111 .!< I- It Ol! nf.
We publish all Mr. Arthur's new books,
| aim work* ol History, Itiogruptiy, Arc., lor i
! wtiicti we wan: Agents i-i all pails id the U.
i S , to whom the largest not-mission will he
paid, also no extra in tiro way
; oi gins.
•IS North Fourth Sr. l'liiladelpliia, I'.i.
N. H—Specimen copies senl tiy mail, tree, j
j on receipt ol the prim of the hook.
! Oct. 27, IS. 1 ,7.
Nt) II( K is hereby given thai I-t'ors of al
ininisiratioii upon the eslala ol Sieplnm Sci
pie, late ril Ceclio township, ( n iiiiiliia
doeuased, have been grained lo ih- Register •
id Will* iic., ol raid con my t• > Hat under-;
signed residing at Iftackereek I.a/erne en.
■ All pHlsoit* indebted 10 the t'-la-e are re
ipie-ied to make nayirieiii without delay;
and thost! having accounts lor M'ttlcincrit lo I
j ptercitl them to
JAM ICS KlCf-ncii.
/hliilinislni toy. ,
Blnckcreek, Luzcruc no., Oct. 2d. h,7.
Farmers' iiepoi .nirl Plaster MiJIsT 1
Jit the. Junction if York Jl venue nml
('allow/till ■Streets,
Bll 3 0> AL EICI.I>CI a %.
WIC offer a large slock of Chemical Ma- j
cures and Fertilizer* at low prices, and war- j
| rained to bo genuine: among which will be
j found—
-1,000 lons No. 1 Gavernmei • Peruvian j
1.000 tons Deli erg's No. ! Super-phosphate i
of Lime.
The above standard articles are, each of j
I ihcir kind, the best i 111 I- world ! Our Land
Plaster, manufactured from select stone, is
celebrated throughout lb* Union lor i's purity
and strength.
Do Berg's No. 1 Super Phosphate of Lime.'
I No. 1 Ooveriiineni Peruvian Gunno.
French's Improved Siip-nhospliate ol Lim.c.
French's Philadelphia Pouilrette.
No. I Phosphate Guam (I'liila. Co.'s.) 1
Mexican G-tano (A.J
Extra Land Plaster, Ordinary Land Piaster,
Chemical Bone Pure bone dust.
Fish Guano, Ground Charcoal.
10.000 Barre/s land Plaster,
, 5,000 " Casting Plaster.
10.000 " Hydraulic Cement,
i 3,000 " True 1 toman Ccinint,
1,000 •' Portland , Ems,) Cement.
ALS O . "
i Powdered Anthracite Coal, (in barrels )
do Bitnruinous Coal, do
Ground Brown Stone, do
White Sand do
Ground Brick* for Painters
Chemical Bone dim.
Steam Mills and Farmers' Depot,
j At Junction of York Avenue, Crown au.l
I Callow hilt Street*. Philadelphia,
i September 2, 1857.
I THE subscriber oiler* tor said hi* larm in
Orange township, Columbia co., containing
330 ACRES,
or. which are valuable improvements, com
prising two sets ol farm buddings,
Two EtwcSliiifv Houses,
two barns snd otber buildings, two apple
orchards and a variety of other fruit trees.—
About 200 acres of the premises is cleared
land in a good condition i improvement,
I and it lays along FUhiugcreek, t mile above
, Orungeville, uud only 7 miles from the county
j seal.
I The whole will be sold together, or in two
| divisions as purchasers may desire
For terms apply on the premises or direct
I o Orungeville. Columbia county to
j Orango township, May 6th, 1857. ;
I I.U.ori! AND FEED Dei at Iks V, >
r ty a U MENSCM
- uP'gj- !• ?"> T& .
WOULD call die alleiition of all those who wish to buy good good* in his line, that lie lias j
just replenished his (already) large and well .selected assortment of the following ntu- |
| cles, viz:—Drug*, Medicines, Oils,Tuiuis, Varnishes, Glass, Dvu-'ulfs, Conteelionuries, 1 er
-1 j furriery, soap* and toilet arlicles generally ; Cigais am! Tobacco ol T.ffflJ )
I brand. Harrison'* Inks wholesale and retail at the mumit.icturer's prices, P lI,L II 1 1" /'..* AIslJ
j BRANDIES for medicinal use only. Trusses, Shoulder Brace* and Ahdnmnal Supporiers, |
. j Paint. Varnish and Tooth Brushm: also ugenl for mo-l of the popular I'nieui Medicines ol the |
, I day. 'Toys, and an endless variety of n-elnl aad limey notion* not hero ciiumeialcd. I'lijsi- I
; cian's I rcscrlpiions and Family .Medicine* pul upcarclnlly aildul short notice. Glass Cutting i
I done to order at the old stolid. I'. I I I/..
' lllooni.-buig, April 8, 1*57
*U'si_j_AA LP :xi g._/ LA LLT k „
Having added lo llic lixture* ol tin' - Sr.Mi" t lllice good and cxicusive JOBBING MA I I -
AL. i* prepared to cvecuie nil kinds ol .lllil B'ICI in the
best CITY STYLE, uud ui short iiolu-e.
Ctrtificatcs of Stock uud /Irpositc,
Constitutions foe Societies,
/lank Checks, Peoiaissoey .\utes.
llnil /load anil other 'Pickets,
j Catalog ties, Paper thiol, s. /till-Heads, Clirek Hulls, /'lain nml Paar.y I ants.
Business and other Circulaj s, Posters Plain and in Colors.
Can be Procured at the "Star" Job Office,
The public are invite I lo call and see specimen*, as we aie determined to merit puiroti
' ago by strict atieiuion t<> busii.i-** an-l superior woikii.ansbip
J\(5W nrrival oS' S{>rmg and Sinninci- laoods !
I f j.\V I-', just received and opened I heir slock of merrlniedize for Sp-ing an-l Suinnii-i -,i1.--
j i' * which comprise* the I.A RG EST, I'IIEA I'l-.M' and HA N DSG.M EST assorlrriei I : -- a
| offered in this I OWN! Having paid greal attcnlioii lo the selection id their entire sbn k.
;a* to priro and quuliiy, tlicy llallei themsolvc* thai ilicy can corupeto with rho ihnipi.i.
and all llioso wishing lo l-ny r-lmap, ean savo inoiiey by giving i.s a call. IVn h u: all |
i l iltd* of Good* and V. arc* lo supply the warns ol the I'eople. A very large lot ol
] French rncriiiuc--. wool plaid--, alpacas, boinl*, do bages. poplin*, pninrualla cloths
I nndiair lustre*, inusliii do luiiics, I'.-r-ian r- lot 11 .-*, (iingliam*, I'alicoc., fvc.
I WHITE GOODS OF ALL KI N DN, Sieve*. <'ollar*, Npenccr*, iianilkcr.-liicf
j lloiliicings, baud* an I trimmings, laces an I edging-, bminet ribbot:*. MI large variety, vel '
vcl litiboii*. unit braids, kid, cotton, and lisle thread gloves, nudum mill ,Vc ,
All kind* <>t SHAWLS, brocke, liry State, W'atervdie, black silk, caalimt-io, F.inbro.ler
;il No. -Also a very large assortment of cloth*, tM-simer*, Battmotts, vcstii::;*, twemis
I icans. iniaver clutlis, conling velvet, kr.
We I.ave a large uKiiortiYißill ol Hut* and C ..ji-'il latest fashion*. We have ol*o Hard*
i wsrOi Quoanaware, C-'odarvvare, Ito, Very cheap cur pet*, carpet bugs, floor, lublo and car
i riaM oil d'htha. mala rug*, baakct#, &c. Musliun flannel*, ticking*, diaper*, toweling*,
j drilling*, fco., in nbuu.lauce.
| We invite our friend* ;.">d tire pu-.1.e goi.crally lo give u . a . all : eloie purcnat mg .-
I vvliero. W'e have b-niglit onrgoudsal Ua-h Time* and v,Mil out be iiiidersol-J I j
Sill or 11* <9 rc-t ol matikiu I.
; lJlooinshurL', Ajiiii 15. I <57.
Now Arrival of Fail am! Winter
1 1 N VITUS attention to hi - stock of cheap and lus lit on ale vlotbir-g at hi - store nu M.nk ri
street, two doors above the "American lion e, ! whole lie l.u: a luli a*sor:riici lof roc. 1
and boy's wearing apparel, including
IS 1 A'livSiSJlk AAlaisi, t
1 aox. sack, frock, gum and oil cbiih coat* ol ail sort- and six**, pant* of all cr I i - shawl*
j stripes and figure, vests, shirt*, cravats, stocks, collars, Iran Ikerchiel glove-. suspender* 1
' and laiicy article*.
N. If. * lie wtll also make In order any article of cl'd! very short .-.-eice ;tr. ! ir
iliebcHt mariner. All In* clothing i* made vem ar.d ril'--: o; it is ol liorrte rr.a: ;,fie
I'.loomsburg, A] ril I, 18.17.
A. Mb.NSCiI j
; AT Tin: SUE.MI: ST.I!
p 3 AS jr.."t reecivt'd uri 1 o t )Caed a lull and
• '*■ |:re a •••Of I '!•(*)• I
i which lie will sell at ihe lovve-l living profit. ,
] Hi-slock embraces s'ella, thibel and crape |
i shawl-, fwrcge. barege delaine*, tissue.-,. ;
i lavvne. ilebcgo*, crape oriental*, alpucca*, t;<:
SILKS V very lianiD- me assortment of I
, ... liped plai I, plaid a-id hlacl; sitk- which
, no intend* to sell at very reduced pripe*.
An immense ilnek of pm'.-roi leries, such
a- embroidered bantlkcrclio* 1 -.vt- ar- -j en
: cr-rs, sleeves, Swiss an-l jacor.el c.lg • a- !
in-ciliogs, linens, cotton anil thread laces,
; flouncing* and embroidered curtain*.
DOMESTICS —Muslm*. dt.i.iiig*, .ck g-.
I chuck*, o-naburgs, bagging-, g ng- a i:*, llaa- ,
nel, tatde diaper and ready-made Lag-.
nlcn and Boys' Wear.
Cloths, cassimere*. vc*:'.: g*, j-u. cnttrn
ades, denims, blue drilling*, c no:i j atJ No.
A very large assortment of re v -•y' J car
pels, such a* tapestry. Brunei* three ply. in
grain and Venetian 0.l cl 0"--, oj a-- vv: -i:.-
I A large assortment n. LaJies g* t re .-
Shoe*, which be wiit *c-l very t
A In', of fresit sugars, rnt-las*JvVjj: y-J
Nc. jVb-0 liatilvv.ire bjiiee .svvate.-'-•• .
1 Crockery and W'oodctiw.rre.
Flour and Fee.l a ways t.r -aie at t'.e
lowest nir.iltet prices tar c r-n.
B'.onrnsburg. April 29. 1867.
E>PRAYED from ' e.-.j -:r, I
beil & Wordeit's l'.-vvder M in > *
township, Colutn i.. 00.. on Monday 11 .
of September lit, a voting ef"' '"s"T
. vvitn si-u.e Liuvvn -po's npenvjp(-
her, auJ horn- pec : . g Jg .vr-r'Vm >="*
: vvr.r !. F:v ' nolta .- rewar-i vv i; Le given :c-r recovery t-v the s bcr'~ , - , r
j Centre, October 7, t-j".
' The Sar Company, r.-.i; -e.
; in t: e woild. a- : ev,\. ;
| sttongih and talent anv Dram •: o c-cm. .i
; lion here: v|or- ctierwl ■ # lcn rr-o D.
i lie, will appear *t r v c-go; to Comedy TV*- j Snr o-Cotn." I ii N a - N:
ic! Biirlei'.a*. \C -'v-' W>e:t v- :r: e
; citv. g > there
I'hrladelphia. tVI. 27. 1557
! OOGK BINDER, hoe xitel ie Bloome
■* burg, vvtiete tie vv .. Brno peruM-
I iia'.s and p*tupb!w ut any Je..-a; .e .-.v n
and matioer. and at rcas.-aab e p.- co* He
will b.rid new* -ape- a-d iu.-g.v- .res. , .
I ri library -ivie ut u- morocea ornnnv ...
1 lie lias b - plane b.;>rugw ; J'.n
\ • with Mr h l*H*t
F - -m-birg v |3 185!.
I rpHE Truateea of (hia Institution rcanactl [f%
j J- ui;ni)Uncc, 'hal 11 I c [>ene i far the
i reception ol Pupils, c( both nous. .1 Moinl.iv.
j October 20th next. under llic immediate rire ~f
l'r"f. J AMES ANDKIISO.N". es I'rincipil. (
Mr. A. is 1 gentleman of ex'.eiiaive acq' r-e
I mehts, and enlarged experience as an eilL i'.r.r
en.l has lucn connected with the most popular
"llie'i :-c!io i 'of iJ'jik C>. lo iii-s.
j He h also well and fat known at a r n
-1 trihutor to tome of <ur leading tducstignal t en- '
I odicals.
U ill rompiis- Orthngrap iv, Iretir.i-.i na, Res I
j in?, Penmanship, Lismol jv li'eojrapi.v. En.} 1
; Grammar, Composition, Arithmolio r -,
, I'eoiaalry, Man as ration* i'iaae ami AHtaneal
i 1 "i' U"i.ietiy. Surveying, Navigation. Astroo*
I otny, ice. II ■ Ktepii.r. Hi t. J'f.ysi ,'oct.
.N iloral. Intel.ectu..!, and Moral i'3;il
Urel Chemistry.
fV'/.j.tes t 11' it' French. .Sjianish v Latin
Languages will bo forrosd as carlv at p'tctiei
; I'l-tructioo i Puna-Forte .! e
, si>c;i if detire 1.
, WEEKLY LECTURES on tbo Nat -a
wires. 1 lustra ej by appropriate spfarst. -
, '• e „-jen
, special attention ;ii be ■
! .t-rsLt" ' Cfrrt'tmtn dtfrjniaf *oqaa r
!l_v ihemsei >VS at TVs .e-*.
FOUR, FIVE and SIX !' llaia per Ustrter I
• •
ore ha't in a srec artl the . ;'!-■-<? a** .e .
Of the i^ftr.
t.t M >; B >A KD can be .aitj in the * j.* *i:
a erne t r cv.
• Mr '.r. \ r ftQ ff R 1
ct!. In-elUw' Ji! • J V ■•~ -n •
tii* oi conscienceaieot. wt.MJ a* m J
i:ii f n-ii"/ in>:roc w .. e . $ ar
Iht diMipline dJ Mtßiitßeal c • . cfc e
folly ex\ ia nt i. ,
"!• ' .-Mr V. i it. M. i TSVrNi
> AS *■ . ?ON. JOt; \ 3 API E
• - '-o- fi. VLU i!.
V;iiui!tiliatnr a Notice.
j* • ; • -• - ' t;.. tW Kt
| Mai km A. pa _MMI *a J
..v 'v.- s- I tie {MytM . * ®
•*>'• - ■ m• v ayeeut ••... w. i#pn*t "
to presy: tfcrat • 1
WI!,A .
• so\ o ' \os ;7
rSBi vKhtwi. '
N r\V ot < U'XO rn *:# p -• ■_>
* 0.0.50J ... -a oj.. r d v-vt >;• A
A 0 MVN.v ! '
mm i
May il \ U t'tuNHp
f|>o the heirs an<l legal reprwen'-
{i.. }■ alive* of Yost Dtiesbach, late of
i ' lioaringcreek towtiabip, rniUCcoun
| ly of Columbia, deceased.:
You and each ol you will lake noiice, thai
1 at a Court of Common I'leus, held at Blooms*
hnrg, lor ttie county of Columbia, on the 3th
1 ilny of May, A. D. 1856, the petition of Na*
ihim Dricsbaeh and Samuel Mauck wan pre*
I seated in the said Court, reprcnentiiig thai the
! lands of tin* raid pnlilioiieia, situate in tho
township of i.'oaiioircraek, urn now held in
I gage nr j '•m'.tm l>;' two several mortgages, to
1 wit: one mortrjneo n lavor of Yonl Dnns
j hai'li mill /e and piven by Samuel Hauck, da*
| ti>il the .10: h day of A.'areh, A. D. 1852: one
; oilier rnurigage in favor of Vo*t Driesbacli
.ifnrimii.l, made nod given by Nathan Dries*
bach, dated tho 21st day of September, A. I).
1 1852; the lirrt r.t which morgngi,'* i* record*
0.1 in the rllico for the iceordirig of deeds,
hie., in and lor itie county of Columbia, in
Mortgage liouk No. 3 pages 703—1, and lht
second id which is recorded in tho same
I hook, papes 791-5; that rani mortgage* re
main unsaii-lied : ami thai.letters,ol admihis*
11uiion on the erlule of raid Yost Driesbacli
have not been grunted ; and praying the said
Court to grant u rule upon you to show cause
| I y the fir*l ilny nl September Term of the said
Court, A l>. 18..7, why satisfaction of said
tin i gages should not be entered upon Ihu
le nr.; l y the Jieei.t hr id Deeds, by lire ill*
' leeimn ol tie said Ciiur'; which rule, at the
. r.i i I Sep'eniher ierm . I *iil Conr'. wu* con*
. hi, irill it the then lolhe.ving December
J',nil of the raid Coiir': Therefore you am
: icijiiireil or nnpear on the first day of
"I'M f>i jO'inhcr Term ..| Court to answer
Ihe prayer c! the i etmni er in the case.
Wei e-s my ,',;inl n! lttnonisbnrg, ill tho
f 'niiiiiy 11 ( "liiinbi.i, this J'tfi day of Octo
ber. A. I. IB'7.
SI Kl'l H'.N II Mll.fd'U, Sheriff.
Public s.tir- of* Real Eitnfp,
11 pitr.ontleo of an order nl tlie Orphan'*
Conri ol Crdiimbin Ceneiv, rn SATURDAY
I'm SM *1 ilny r-( NO\ IMHKII next, (\: J(j
i> i-1.• It ,n i.'••• f.ireuo ui, Maihew McDuwelf,
u Iniinistrulor tl Aimer Mi l) .well, lam ol
Se i iwuship, in sai l county, deceased,
will expose to -at., by Public Vendue, upon
He i remises, a ecriaui 4raei of land situate
ii I bin. - township, in the ennrily ol Colum
: m. .to. .|.,r . ~| \V,|ii al „ While vri
. ! i'i <" "re Nor ill, and
Inn Maihew McDowell on ibo South
| iiml W el: r out.lining eight nerrs more or
1.-* 'I here are erected on the premise* a
two story I- • I in, i S'ahl.* a
rwi). u .iiii.Lt'
'■ ' ' 'I • -e, |) y I mi , ,Slack House, Sec ,
and a water newer appurtenant, fail* the
, ' deer. i*c !, suuare i i the town*
-.. ,i (■' <).. i .go and r ouniy uforeiaid.
■' v I 1 "• i' olined to go into the bust*
'' ''" " ! " ' 1 * ean (i,,d no property
t fiii i i a.i u'.a'f.ii lor 11I u**iiifsß,
•n rr Id, JSS7,
lilw! or Lfllcpii
W' 1 ' •' IN IN'< n the I'osr Office n I Blooms-
Dr'g, I'.r., lot the Quarter ending bepi.
lUrro U ,n. f.amnn .(..ress
Bowman limy 2 Meyer Je/Trron
" Nn Way Isaac
E trw Cail.arir •* Norton John A
I'N'ari- 1...r. r ,f{ M Oal J**..)
Kvana CI ir Sharp Richar i
Or flilh D ivid li s-.yder Jacob
' '' trick Schrire-r J W
> ' i > James J
••■r Joseph Shilman Mr.
Hart i I'm k Hdnna
|J"-'! V s ,) ' VI ' ' reals Idm B.
' *'" r > Wo • I Thorns* J
' "• h '"i W.iliam I.ewii J
II '• i ' I Win's ( ieo. I;
..s, | ( Inv 1 lr g, .
Ketchum I'erer Jame. Fiiou If
Kl'rk'Vl My ' U Mct,o W I y
, ' ' - ve a lei* will
[l'Ju*C *..y It "V ;i*. ; 1 .f . f
ill.-, vol ' -r : i* a i he wdl
' • • PKRINU BUSINESS a- hi.
brew-.-ry ii v., e ..-•*be w. .
ar d every thi . . . ibat line ol butme-*. He
•v a *•• re .-a ir work of a •, and wtil do
t akilitu ly a- J a' • CM.
t ( H.VKf.f-lS W iIAiSERT,
1 ' '' r* """ sgen's was e ! fir ihe
' wfcy end Skora c/.oent
J;' . '-II byS O (>odricU,
I " er I .r >.i- :som-!y Vc*. I and pro
•• i •. Pi e 53 Sold ocly if
A --"''* ' *h n ii'. nf-cetcen s are offer*
Na T 7> 'A :im S Now Yo-k.
Auditor's Notice.
Edatt : .#m teefnmtmlkfmm
.'P C'r>"rr.Hl Ow.
.fir s.'li- ** v. r fil c' :•* - r
• " -i • st a-.. ': *• Hear*
' • C :a.t a cciii. v.. raks
■ ' - s~ -'ei - .iieg by
■ ' r c.umt a (Ws'r. agj'
T - * -nt c ■ •.< oT*a! ■ iiaagrr
* 'ti eb peer Ag.
-IT , £ i Ay, rraa*. Execwior* et
- • v-wd w.i. x.saiai
i. B rem*
i - "V ■i day if K.nei
• i >cter
r.* f.i stay ■ end if "5 >t -3 : -k "-eper.
• f.-;?'?- 1 - 1 - *^-
Auditor s Aoticr.
■ -' • ■ .-.Msh E+e? iff
• \ y 1 "-- "w I i.-f N
• ■ * ' •.t*". ieci.
• Ccit l . ,e : *25 ~ y
•' ♦ "• • I• \V I ZL
..." - f - • i y N. -
- * * " ■ * hva
'' . iTOC TJI i O'i .;
■ • < • - w truer.
1 iiuitdr'r Aotioe.
•* - * 5 - r f... y ■
-< v > .. • gf
- *.' -rwwk.
t . ri
* • - . "CMtaisi
■ - " - - *- • t -t eou.'Cv
: ii ? ■ t :ai aa -Jf
• - i --- r u<r* -
S '- - -livliA-sii:. UUBIJ
J -i.Tsij: : igrnwi tt j*
■wosrs .! >n?unty, en
- * -*v ,'t >..|iw#or wr
v to, /ecscai Siirrwnrc sav
is- i "vgwe.
S -S ' i . J CI, Awi S*e
•• K, ;s*.*:
" N ' ' '<•* <**••••- >c iflea.-
•* v . .* ?v
1 " T ' \ C fffSSCB
\\ vV. - xvV Afc TC Vj.e J -ne -,w e>.
• r . . v-v to
I 1 V l \ V I.S tsi
II :♦ *.a,e >v
>,, v J* '* s".