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    Tvra Weeks Later from rallfonslev
Arrival tf lk Grenada f N*c Meant.
Ntw dnim, Get. Jg-fcWte swsmship
Grenada arrived ibia evening from Havana,
which plfe at* toft oo Ibe loth ftrttant. Sh
bringa California ditsa to the 20lh till.
The rteamer Northsrn Light toft Asffnwall
for Nvw t*krV ilti **6o,ofo *r\T*i- 4
The Grenada experiouiid a ( avera gale on
the 3d and 4rh irtal , and afterwards discover
cd ihe wreck ol wseel, but ooutd not rr.ske
out liar name.
Gov. \V tier's majority in the late election
was 11,000 over both his competitors.
The newly elected Legislature • largely
Mr. Bales, ex-Treasurer, and Rows, hie
clerk, base both been committed in default
of bnil.
Cniaf Justice Murray i( dead.
Cof. Cassey, of Tenoeseee, has been killed
in 8 Duel with Mr. Blair.
| The overland mail from San Antonio, Tex
y as, reached San Diego on the Blst of August.
All well.
The reported assassination of Alvarex, in :
Coloma, Texas, ha* reached San Francisco. |
ft — Disturbances have occurred near tho oound
ary or Lower California, bat ween the author
ities and a company of Americans. A parly
had left San Diego lor the purpose of
ing the Americana, who were believed tWft
Governor Castro, of Lower California, fear
' ing a revolution ol bis pwu people, is said to
have joined the Americans.
Slight shock* ol an earthquake had beeu
fell near San Francisco.
The California markets are dull but the ac
counts from the mines are excellent.
Bobbery— A start la the clothing Business.
I On Thursday night of last week a robbery
j was committed at the Susquehanna House,
in Sunbury, kept by Michael Wilverl, by two
men, who entered one of the windows and
carried of nine coats, a pair of boots and a
lial. The latter was dropped in the aneet
b;fore the thieves succeeded in carrying
away their booty. It appears that two boat
man belonging to a boat lying at the coal
wharves had been at the house in the eve
ning previous to the robbery, and when the
theft was discovered early the next morning,
Mr. Wilvert immediately suspected these
men. Warrants were obtained from Squire
Shindel, and Constable Brostons proceeded to
• he boat to apprehend the supposej offenders
They were not to he fonnd there, but pres
ently made their appearance in a skiff from
ihe other aide of the river. Upon being ques
tioned what they had been doing on the other i
side of the river they replied that they had I
gone serosa to feed their horses; but the dri
ver of the bat assured the constable that the
homes were nm on the other side of the river
the men were arretted upon the additional
suspicion produced by tbeir prevarication.
Subsequently, the officer crossed lite river,
and fnnud the coals concealed under a rock
along the Blue Hill. Ten coats were found,
although but niqe had been stolen. Here
was a mystery that could not be solved, until
it was discovered that one of the nten, who
appeared L.e/ore the Justice in his shin sleeves,
bad fallen Into the river, and the tenth coat
was found to be wet, and in the same moist
condition as bis other clothing. It was his
cont, and he had placed it with the stolen
goods until'it would become dry. This oir
rumsiantial evidence was too strong to be
disregarded, and the two gentlemen who had
made so fine a start in the clothing business
were provided with rooms iu Sheriff Wise's
boarding house. We have not learned tbeir
names, nor thesecliou of country from which
they bai I . — Sunbury Gazette.
Some of the Signers of Ike Memorial. —The ;
New Haven Registert ays: •
"Anions the signers who remonstrated with !
President Buchanan against llie observance I
of his oatb to 'tee that the laws are faithfully i
executed,' are the names of persons who con
tributed tiz of the twenty-seven rifles given J
at the famous North Church meeting in 1856, I
to 'shoot border-rudftna.' It was on thai me
moriable occasion that Rev. Henry Ward
Beecher .told the New Haven Kansas Com
pany that 'it was a shame to shoot at a man
and not hit him!' These worthies seem to
have changed their tactics of la'.e. Remem
bering that 'those who take the sword' are
apt to 'die by the sword,' they have wisely
dropped the 'border ruffians,' and taken to
'praying for the President'—a safer, and we
trust, a more fructifying occupation."
A Town IN KANSAS—'The Sumner (Kan
sea) Ga mi it says of that town: It is only six
teen weeks old, contains between three and
four hundred inhabitants, has one of the beat
steam saw-mills in the western country in
active operation, and two moretruilding; has
ooe good hotel,aod one commenced that will
coat (53,600 when finished; baa seven stores,
one wagon-maker, one shoemaker, one
blacksmith, and three carpenier-shopl; has
subscribed 81,000 for a church edifice, and
has a printing office end a free school.
V3T A burglar made an unsuccessful at
tempt to rob the store of H. J. Webb, in Mon
trose, recently, bnt being suddenly attyrked
by a powerful dog kept in the store, just aa
he had effected an entrance through a win
dow, he seems to have very hastily decamp
ed, leaving the window open, end e strip of
bis coat lining and a piece of bis pants in
possession of the old dog.
C 7" The Montour Iron Company have paid
■off all their workmen in foil. Whether the
works will atart again this winter is very un
certain, however much the gentlemen, who
■have Isssed ibem, may desire to do so. The
clouds overhanging the money afleirs of the
country are 100 dark as yet to make any cal
culations ae to the future.— Danville Dem.
aeXajfetf aa. '" BegM '
On Sunday Morning, Out. 18th inet., in
F.spytown. by Sam'l A. Worman, Rvq., Mr.
SOLOMON Seroratni, of Orange township, and
Mrs. MAKYANGLB, of Espyto*n,Col. 10.
On ibe 30th of 9th month, Tiros. E- Evxs,
■ I iMittvillu, Columbia county, aad FRANCES
K . daughter ol John WiUou, of Valley fwp.,
Vleiit-xir rouniy. Pa.
SfCfinl Nolicetr
- r atmmyne.wmm.aea'eeaei
Grand Dinner ami Supper.
THE Ladies of the Germarrßeformed Con
gregation of Bloomabnrg, would respectfully
.announce to the poblie, that they purpose
giving DiunerV aod Sappers on the 22nd and
23rd days of October, on the days of the
County Agricultural Eahibition, on the Fa'u
ground for the benefit of the Cbuioh.
Bloomsburg. Oct. 3, 1857.
npHE cltlaens of Bloomsborg and vicinity
I ,K.,f2 VV. VV X(2K ITT2
Tare hereby notified tharG. W WAGNER
Ambrolypist and Uleroxcpist, will remain on I'
a few uays longet in this plane : so five hin
a call while he ia lo be found. Relying npoi
hie long and eatensive practice in differ
ent States in the Union, end a strict adher
ence lo the numerous improvements which
have been added lo the Art, he leela confi
dent of rendering satisfaction to all that may
favor him with their patronage.
lie returns his sincere thanks to the public
for past favors, aud hopes to merit a still
larger share of pttblie support.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 21, 1657.
\ " WOODLAND CREAM"— A Pomade for
beautifying llie Jlair— highly perfumed,
superior to any French article iipporled, and
for hall the price. For dressing Ladies Hair
it has tin equal, giving it a bright glossy ap
pearance. It causes Gentlemen's Hair to
curl irt the most natural manner. It removea
dandruff, always giving the hair the appear
ance of being fresh shampooed. Price only
fifty cents. None genuine unless signed
Proprietors of the
" Balm of a thousand Flowers."
For sale by all Druggists. New York.
THE REV. C. S. BURNETT, while taboymg as
a Missionary in Southern Asia, discovered a
simple and certain Cure for Consumption,
Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Nervous
Debility, and all impurities of the blood; also,
an easy anil effectual mode of Inhaling the
remedy. Actuated by a desire to benefit his
suffering fellows, he will cheerfully eend the
Recipe (ftee) to such • desire it, with full
and explicit directions for preparing and suc
cessfully using the Medicine.
Address Rev. C. S. BURNETT,
831 Broadwav, New York City.
THETrtistees ol this Institution have unan
imously elected H. D. WAI.KF.R, A. M., of
Lewisourg, Principal of said Academy, in
place of Prof. Anderson, whose time expires
with the present term, the J9th day of Oct.
Mr. Walker will surceed Mr. Anderson
immediately afterthe cloe of his labors. It
is designed by die Trustees, with their new
Principal, to make this Institution one of the
best ol the kind in the State.
Hi D. WALKER, A. M., Principal
New Cnlnmbus, Oct. 14s 18S7.
npo the heirs and legal rfpresen 1 -
\ L. a. j aiives of Yost Driesbach, late of
——- Roaringcreek township, in the coun
ty of Columbia, deceased :
You and each of you will take no'iee, that
at a Court of Common Pleas, held at Blooms
burg, for the county of Columbia, on tie sth
day of May, A. D. 1856, the petition of Na
than Nriesbnch and Samuel Hauck was pre
sented to the said Court, representing that the
lands of the said petitioners, situate in the
township of Roaringcreek, are now held in
gage or pledge by two several mortgages, to
wit: one mortgage in (avor of Yost Dries
bach made and given by Samuel Hauck, da
led the 30:h day of March, A. D. 1852: one i
other mortgage in favor of Yost Driesoach t
aforesaid, made and given by Nathan Dries
bach, dated the 21st day of September, A. D
1852; the first ol which mortgages is record-
I ed in the office fof the recording of deeds,
' Sir., in and for the county of Columbia,- in
Mortgage book No. 3, pages 793-4, and the 1
second of which is recorded in the same
book, pages 794-5; that said mortgages re
main unsatisfied; and that letters ot adminis
tration on Ihe estate of said Yost Driesbach
have not been granted; and praying the said
Court to grant a role, upon you it eliow cause
by the first day dt September Term of the said
Court, A. D. 1857, why satisfaction ol said
, mortgages should not be enlercd upon the
j record by the Recorder of Deeds, by the di-
I reclion of the said Court; which rule, at the
! said September Term rf said Court, wascon
] tinned nntil the then following December
I Term of Ihe said Court: Therefore you are
! hereby required to appear on the first dty of
| next December Term of said Court to answer
i the prayer of Ihe petitioner in the case.
Witness my hand at Bloomsburg, in the
County of Columbia, this 10th day of Octo
ber, A. D. 1857.
'llO all persons afflicted with Sexual Dis
eases, such as Spermalotrhtea, Seminal
K'eaknest, Impotence, Gonorrhaa, Gleet, Syph
ilis, the vice of Omanism, tyc, Ifc.
The "Howard Association, in view of the
awtul destiuction of human life, caused by
Sexual diseases, and the deceptions practised
upon the unfortunate victims of such diseases
by Quacks, have directed their Consulting
Surgeon, as a charitable act worthy of tbeir
name, to give Medical advice gratis, to all per
sons thus afflicted, who may apply by letter,
with a description of theii condition, (age,
occupation, habits of life, tic.,) and in cases
of extreme poverty ud suffering, to furnish
medicines free of charge.
Ihe Howard Association is a benevolent
Institution,established by special endowment,
tor the relief of the sick and distressed, af
flicted with "Virulent and Epidemio Dis
eases." It has now a surplue of means,
which tha Directors have voted to expend in
advertising the above notice. It is needless
to add that the Association commands the
highest Medical skill of the age, and will fur
oisb the most approved modern treatment.
Just published, by tte Association, a Re
port on Sprmatoirb<Bi, or Seminal Weekness,
the vice of Omanisin, Masturbation or Self-
Abuse, and other diseases of the Sexual Or
gans, by the Consulting Snrgeoa. which will
be sent by mail, (in a sealed envelope), Free
of Charge, on the receipt of two stumps for
Address, Dr. GEO. R. CALHOUN, Con
sulting Surgeon, Howard Association, No. 2
South NINTH Street, Philadelphia, Pa. By
order of the Directors.
GEO. FAIUCHfLD. Secretary.
Philadelphia, Sept. 24, 1857.
quired by using the "Balm iff a Thousand
Flosoers" What lady or gentleman would
remain under ibe curse of a disagreeable
breath, when by using the " Balm ofl Thou
sand Floweri" as a d-nlrifice, would not ouly
render it sweet, but lease the teeth as white
as alabaster ? Many persons do not know
their breath in bad, and the subjeol is so deli
cate their ftiende will never meotion it. Be
ware of counterfeits. Be sure each bottle ia
signed FETRIDGE & CO., N. Y.
Tor sale by all Druggists.
Feb. 18, 1867-6 m.
FX/OOP it COAL lor sale at the Arcade by
Auditor's Notice.
Estate <f John Snyder, late of the borough of
Berwick, deceased.
THE heirs end distributees of the estate of
John Snyder, late of the bbroegh of Berwick,
in the county of Colamblu, deceased, will
take node*! that the undersigned appointed
additor by- the Orphans Court of the county
of Columbia, to make distribution of the
balance in the handa of Charles Snyder, ad
ministrator of John Snyder, deceased, among
the heirs of the decedent will attend at his
office, in Bloomsburg, in said county, on
Saturday, the 21st day of November next,
when and where all persons interested may
attend if they think proper.
Bloomeborg, Sept. 30, 1887.
~ Auditor'* Notice.
1 In the matter of the Petition of Joseph Eves far
Subpoena to Jacob Swisher and Richard De-
I motl. Executors of William Swisher, dee'd.
THE undersigned Auditor appointed by
the Court of Common Pleas of the county of
Columbia to adjust the partnership accounts
between Joseph Eves and the late William
Swisher, deceased, will attend at his office in
Bloomsburg, on Friday the 20th day of No
vember next, for the purpose of attending to
the duties 01 his appointment, when and
where the parlies interested may attend if
they think proper. W. WIRT.
Rloomahnrg, Sept. 30, '67. Auditor.
Auditor's Notice.
Estate of Balhs Applsman late of Hemlock town
ship, Columbia County.
THE legatees and sit others interested in
the estate ol Baltls Appleman, late of Hem
lock township, Columbia county, will take
notice that the undersigned appointed by the
Orphan's CrMiri of Columbia county, auditor
to make distribution of the several balances
in the hands of Caleb Appleman, Peter Ap
| pieman and Ballis Appleman, F.xeculors of
Balths Appleman, deceased, will attend at
the office of Kobetl F. Clark,F.sq , in Blooms
burg, on Thursday, the 19lh day of Novem
ber next, when and where all persona inter
ested may attend if they think proper.
Bloomsburg, Sept. 30 1857.
Public Sale of* Real Eitale,
In pursuance ol an order id lite Orphan's
Court of Columbia Connty, on SATURDAY
thH 21st dv of NOVEMBER next, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon, Matliew McDowell,
administrator of Abuer McDowell, late of
Scott township, in said county, deceased,
will expose to sale by public vendue, upon
the premises, a certain tract of land situate
ir. Orange township, in the county of Colum
bia, adjoining lands of William White on
the East, Peter Schng on the North, and
lands of Matbew McDowell on the South
and West; .containing eight acres more or
less. There are erected on the premises a
two slory log hnnse, and Stable, a
Glazing House, Dry House, Slack House, &e.,
and a water power appurlennnt. Date the
estate of said deceased, situate in the town
ship of Orange and county aforesaid.
Any person inclined to go into the busi
ness of making powde' can find no properly
better calculated for the business.
September 16, 1857.
Of all disease; tbe great, first cause
Springs from neglect of Nature's laws.
is guaranteed in all stages ol SECRET
bility, Strictures, Gleets, Gravel, Diabetes,
Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder, Mer
curial Rheumatism, Scrofula, Pains in the
Bones and Ankldfc, Disease" of the Lungs,
Throat, Nose and Eyes, Ulcers upon the
body or limbs, Cancers, Dropsy, Edileptio
Fits, St. Vita's Dance, arid all diseases aris
ing from a derangement of Ihe Sexual Or
Such as nervous trembling, less of memory,
lose of power, general weakness, dimness of
vision with peculiar Spots"hppMWTTgArtiee-tbe
eyas, loss of sight, wakefulness dyspepsia,
Liver disease, eruptions upon the face, puin
in the back and head, female irregularities and
all improper discharges from both sexes. It
-mutters not from what cause the disease origi
nated, however long standing or obeli rate Ihe
case, recoveiy is certain, and in a shorter lime
than s permanent cure can lie effected by any
o'hi r treatment, even after the disease has baf
tied the skill of eminent physicians and resist
ed all the means of cure. The medicines are
pleasant without odor, causing r.o sickness
and fiee from mercury or baleain. During 20
years of practice, 1 have rescued from the
jaws of death many thousands, who, in the
last stages of the above mentioned diseases
had hegn given up to die by their physicians,
which warrants me in promising to the afflict
ed, who may placa themselves under my care,
a perfect and moat speedy cure. Secret dis
eases are the greatest enemies to health, as
they are the first cause of Consumption, Scrof
ula and many other diseases, and shoulJ be a
I terror to tbe human family, Aa a permanent
care is scarcely ever effected, a majority of
the caeca falling into the hands of incompe
tent persons, who not only fail to cure the
diseases but ruin the constitution, filling the
system with mercury, which, with the disease,
hastens the sufferei into a rapid consumption.
11 ut should the disease and the treatment ]
not cause death speedilv and the victim mar- 1
lies, the disease i- entailed upon children, who
are born with feeble constitutions, and the
current of life corrupted by a virus which be* j
trays itself in Scrofula, Teller, Ulcers, £rup
tiuns and other affections of Ibe skin, Lyes,
Throat and J.ungs, entailing them to an early
Self-abuse is another formidable enemy to
health, for nothing else in the dread catalogue
of human diseases causes so destructive s drain
upon Ibo system, drawing iia thousands o!
victims through a few years of suffering down
to an untimely grave, ft destroys the Ner
vous system, rapidly wastes away the energies
of life, causes mental derangement, prevents
the proper development of the system, dis
qualifies for marritge, society, busiueas, and
all earthly happiness, and Jeeves the sufferer
wrecked in body and mind, predisposed to
consumption and a tiain of evila more to be
dreaded than deaih itself. With the fullest
confidence 1 assure the unfortunate violins ol
eeif.abuse that a permanent and speedy cure
can be effected, and with the abandonment of
ruinous practices my patients can be restored
to rubust, vigoious health.
The afflicted are cautioned against the am of
Patent Medicines, for there are eo many inge
nious snares in the columns of the public prints
to catch arid rob the unwary sufferers that
millions have their constitutions ruined by
the vile compounds of quack doctors, nr the
equally poisonous nostrums v tided as' Patent
Medicines.' 1 have carefully analysed many
of the so called Patent Medicines and find that
nearly all ol them contain Corrosive Hunli
mate, which ia one of the strongest prepara
tions of metcury and a deadly poison, which
insuad ol curing Ibe disease disables the ays.
tern for life.
'I bree-fourths of the patent nostrums now
in use are put up by unprincipled and ignor
ant |>ersnns, who do not understand even the
alphabet of the Materia Medics, and are equal*
ly as destitute of any knowledge of the human
system, having one object only in view, and
that to make money regardless of consequence.
Irregularities and all diseases of males and
females treated on principles established by 20
years of practice, and sanctioned by thousands
of the most remarkable cuias. Medicines with
full directions sent to any part of the United
States or Canadas, by patients communicating
their symptoms by letter. Business correspon
dence strictly confidential. Address
J. SUMMER ViLLE. M. D., Offiee No.
Jl3l Filbert Street, (Old No. 109] below
twelfth, Philadelphia.
Farmers* Depot and Plaster Mills,
At the Junction of York Avenue and
Callowhill Streett,
WE offer a large Block of Chemical Ma
nures and Fertilizer* al low prieas, and war
ranted to be genuine: among wbioh will be
fonnd— ,
1,000 ton* No. 1 Government Peruvian
1,000 ton* Deßerg's No. 1 Buper-pliophle
of Litre.
The above standard articles are, esqh ol
their kiod, Ihe besl in the world ! Oor Land
PUsier, manufactured from select stone, is
celebrated throughout Ihe Union for it* purity
and strength. .
De Berg's No. 1 Super Phosphate Lime.
No. 1 Government Peruvian Guano.
Frenoh'r Improved Snp-ohosphate of Lime.
French's Philadelphia Pondrelte.
No. 1 Phosphate Guano (Phila. Co.'a.)
Mexican Guano (A.)
Extra Land Plaster, Ordinary Land Plaster,
Chemical Bone Pure bone dust.
Fish Guano, Ground Charcoal.
10.000 Barrels Land Plaster.
5,000 •• Catting Plaster.
10.000 " Hydraulic Cement.
3,000 " True Roman Cement,
1,000 • Port/and (Eng.) Cement.
Powdered Anthracite Coal, (in barrels.)
do Bituminous Coal, do
Ground Brown Stone, do
White Sand do
Ground Bricks for Paialers
Chemical Bone dust.
Steam Mills and Farmers' Depot,
At Junction of York Avenue, Crown and
Callowbill Streets, Philadelphia-
September 2, 1857.
In announcing the THIRTEENTH annual
volume of the Scientific American, the pub
lishers respectfully inlotm the public that in
order to increase and stimulate the formation
of clubs, they propose to offer
for the fifteen largest lists ol subscribers sent
in by the Ist of January, 1858; said premi
ums to be dielributed as follow*:
For the largest list, 2300; 2d, $250; 3d,
2200; 4th, $150; sth, 2100; 6lh, 290;7th,580;
8:h, $7O; 9lh, $6O; 10th, $5O; 1 lib, $4O; 12th,
$35; 13th, $3O; 14th, $25; 15lh, $2O.
Names of subscribers can be sent in at dif
ferent times and from different
The cash will be paid to the orders of the
successful competitors, immediately after the
Ist of January, 1858.
Southern, Western and Canada money will
be taken for subscriptions. Canadian sub
scribers will please to remit Twenty-six ota.
extra on each year's subscription to pre-pay
Terms of Subscription—Two dollars a year
or One Dollar for six months.
Club Rate*—Five copies, For six month*,
84; Five oopiee, far twelve month*, 88; Ten
copiev, for ix months, 88; Ten copies for
twelve months, 815; Twenty copier, for 12
months, 828.
For ell Clubs of Twenty and over, the
yearly subscription is only SI 40.
The new volume will be priuted upon fine
paper with new type.
The general character of the Scientific Amer
ican is well known, and, as heretofore,it will
be chiefly devoted to the promulgation of
information relating to the various Mechani
cal and Chemical Arts, ManufaiAire*, Agri
culture, 'Tattnns, tt*giriuwii<,
Mill Work, and all interests which the light
of Practical Science is calculated to advance.
It is issued weekly, in form for binding; it
contains annually from 500 to 600 finely ex
ecuted Engravings, and notices ol American
and European Improvements, together with
an Official List of American Patent Claims
published woekly in advance of ail other pa
It is the aim of the Editors of the Scientific
American to present all subjects discussed in
its columns in a practical and papular form.
They will also endeavor to maintain a candid
fearfesaness in combating and exposing false
theories and practice in Scientific and Me
chanical matters, and thus preserve the char
acter of the Scientific American as a reliable
Encyclopedia of Useful and Entertaining
Specimen copies will be sent gratis to any
part of the country.
Publishers and Paient Agents,
No 128 Ful'cn St., New York
Sept. I, 1887. -*•
At the Quaker City I'ublishmK House of
BY buying • book far ons dailsr or more
you ire at once prevented with a prixe,
worth form 45 cents to 8100, consisting of
Fine Gold Jeweliy, Watches, Ac. All orders
by mail will be promptly filled, end the prixe
or prizes will sccompany the hook. Our list
contains til of the moat popular books of ibe
day, and will he sold at the usual -etail prices
many of them for leas. Persons wishing any
particular book can order at once, and it will
he forwarded with a gilt. A catalogue giving
full information, with a list of broka and gifts
will be sent post paid, by addressing
No. 33 South Third.BL, Philadelphia.
fSTAgenis wanted.
Bept. 8, 1857.—3 m.
ESTRAYKD from the euoaeilWf at Camp
boll & Worden's Powder Mills, in Centre |
township, Columbia co., on Monday die 14th
of September last, a young jfi* i JZalfi 1 "
witn some blown spo's
ber, and home poinliog dotfti-*a3eBH*
ward. Five dollars reward will be given for
her recovery by the subscriber.
Centre, October 7, 1857.
Lis! of Letters
REMAINING in the Post Office at Blooms
burg, Pa., lor the Quarter ending Sept.
30tb, 1857.
Barrua Win. Larasn James
Bowman Harry 8 Moyer Jefferson
Downing Geo. Noway Isaac
Evana Catharine Norton Jobo A
Evans Joseph R M Oal Jesse
Evans Elliok Sharp Richard
Griffith David R Snyder Jacob
Gal leg ley Patrick SchrinerJW
Garvey John Btory James J
Heister Joseph Shilman Mr.
Hart Patrick Steel Hasfte
Hughes David Treats John B
Ham Peter S Woolf Thomas J
Hauser Sidenham William Lewis J
Hill Samuel While Geo. D
Xenenger J C Devid Jones I
Ketchum Peter Jemee Flinn > El
Knorr Thomas Robt. MoDonald ) -
Kirk Mary
Persons calling for the above letters will
pleaae aay they are advertised.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 1.
WOULD call ihe eitention ol ell those who wish to buy good goode in his line, thai he bv J
just replenished bit (tlready) large and well selected assortment of the following erti- j
oles, viz.—Drugs, Medioinee, Oils, Fatala, Varnishes, Glaee, Confectioneries, Per
fumery, fancy soaps and toilet articles generally; Cigars I
brand. Harrison's Inks wholesale and retlil at the manofsotawr'aJMoea. P ORE WINES AND ]
BRANDIES for medicinal us# only, trusses, Shoulder Brace*® Abdominal Supporters,
Paint, Varnish and Tooth Brashes; alto agent for most of the popnlsr Patent Medicines of the (
dty. Toys and an endless variety or usefbl and fancy notione not here enumerated. Physi- -
cian's Prescriptions and Family Medicinea put up carefully and at short notice. Glass Cuttiog (
done to order al Ihe old slsnd. * • LUTZ.
Bloomsburg, April 8, 1857. t
(UODUB XPI22QSy , U>aS3rC3B>o
Having added to :he fixtures of the "Sr*a" Office good and"b*tensive JOBBING MATERI- j
AL, it prepared to execme all kinde of JOB PRINTING in the
best CITY STYLE , and al short notice.
Certificates of Stock and Deposite,
Constitutions for Societies, i
Bank Cheeks, Promissory Notes,
Bail Road and other Tickets,
Catalogues, Paper Books. Bill-Heads, Check Rolls, Plain and Fancy Cards,
Business and other Circulars, Posters Plain and in Colors.
Can be Procured at the "Star" Job Office,
The public are invited to call and see specimens, as we are determined to merit patron
age by strict attention to business and superior workmanship.
New arrival of Spring and Summer Goods ! !
HAVE just received and opened their stock of merchandize for Sp-ing and Summer Bales, <
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assortment now
offered in this TOWN! Having paid great attention to the selection of their entire stock, |
as to price and quality, they flatlei themselves that thoy can compete with (be cheapest, >
and all those wishi.lJ to bny cheap, can save money by giving u a call. VVe have all
kinds of Goods and Ware* !P supply the wanta of the People. A very large lot of
French merinoes, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, de bages, poplins, parametld cloths,
mohair lustres, muslin de laines, Persian cloths, Ginghams, Caimoes, &c.
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieves. Collars™pencers, handkerchiefs.
Aouncihgs, bands and trimmings, laces and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vel j
vet ribbon*, and braids, kid, cotton, and lisle thread gloves, mohair mitts, &c.,
All kinds ot SHAWLS, brocfce, Bay State, Walerville, black silk, cashmere, Embroder
td, &c. Also a very large assortment of cloths, caesimers, sattinetta,, tweeds;
ieanß, beaver cloths, coating velvet, &c.
We have a large assortment ol Hats and Caps of latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Cedarware, &c. Very cheap carpets, carpet bags, floor, table and car
riage oil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, towelings,
drillings, &c., in abundance.
We invite our friends and the public generally to give us a call before purchasing else
where. We have bought our goods at Lowest Cash Prices and will not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest of mankind.
Bloomsburg, April 15, 1857. •
New Arrival of Fall and Winter Goods. ;
INVITES attention to his stock of cheap and fashionale vlothing at his More on Market
street, two doors above the ''American House," where he has a full assortment of men !
and boy's wearing apparel, including
flox, sack, frock, gum and oil oloth coals of all sorts and sires, panes of all colors, shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, slocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
and fancy articles.
N. B. He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in fl
the best manner. All bis clothing is made to war, and most of it is of borne manufac- r
ture.. v
Bloomsburg, April 1, 1857. g
nAS just received and opened a full and
large assortment
which he will sell at the lowest living profit.
His slock embraces stella, thibet and crape
shawls, barege, barege detainee, tissues,
lawns, debeges, crape orientals, alpaccas, &c
SILKS.—A very handsome assortment of
striped, plain, plaid and black silks, which
lie intends to sell at veiy reduced prices.
An immense stock of embroiJeties, such
as embroidered handkerchiefs,collars, spen
cers, sleeves, Swiss and jaconet edgings and
inserting*, linens, cotton and thread laces,
flounciugs and embroidered curtains.
DOMESTICS—MusIins, drillings, tickings,
checks, osnaburgs, bugging*, ginghams, flan
nels, table diaper and ready-made bags.
Men and Boys' Wear.
Cloths, cussimeres, vestings, jeans, cotton
ades, denims, bine drillings, cotton plaids &c.
* A very large assortment of new style car
pels, such as tapestry. Brussels three ply. in
grain and Venetian oil cloths, of all widths.
A large assortment ol Ladies' & Cbildrens'
Shoes, which he will sell very cheap.
A lot of fresh sugars, molasses, J
&c. Also Hardware Qneensware,"iascsa
Crockery and Woodenware.
17 Floor and Feed always lor sale at the
lowest market prices for cash.
Bloonasbnrg, April 29, 1857.
AN Agency for the sale ol these Machines
for ibis and the adjoining counties can be
secured on liberal terms by a personal appli
cation to the subscribers, 6lh and Arch Sts.,
Philadelphia. No one need apply without
capital sufficient to conduct the business
properly, and witboct references as to relia
bility and capacity.
We posaitively assert that these Machines,
for all purposes of
are in every respect superior to arty Sewing
Machine in market, (no matter at what
priees they are bald at) and will wherever
offered for sale command a ready and un
limited demand.
Philadelphia, Aug. 14, 1867,-lm.
DOOK BINDER, has located in Blooms
burg, where he will bind books, period
icals and pamphleta in any desirable style
and manner; and et reasonable prices. He
will bind newspapers and magazines, plain,
in library style or in morocoo ornamented.
He has his place of busioesa In Hopkins
ville with Mr. F. bier.
Bloomsburg, July 13, 1857.
HATS AND CAPS on hand aud for sab at
the Arcade by
May 47, 57. A- C. MENSCH.
CS3 LCD £33 SX2 78
Enzernc County, Pa.
THE Trustees of this Inatitution respectfully
announce, that it will bo opened for the
reception of Pupils, of both seies. on Monday,
October 20lh next, under the immediate care of
Prof. JAMBS ANDERSON, as Principal.
Mr. A. is a gentleman of extensive acquire,
ments, and enlarged experience as an educator
and has been connected with the most popular
"High School" of Bucks Co. for several years.
He is also well and favorably known as a con
tributor to some of our leading educational peri
Will comprise Orthography, Definitions, Read
ing, Penmanship, Etymology. Geography, Eng.
G/ammar, Composition, Arithmelio Algebra.
Geometry, Mensuration, Plane and Spherical
Trigonometry, Surveying, Navigation, Astron
omy, Ac. Book Keeping, History, Physiology,
Natural, Intellectual, and Moral Philosophy,
•nd Chemistry.
Classes in the French, Spanish fy Latin
I.anguages will be formed as early as practica
ble, and Instruction on Piano-Forte will be
given if desired.
WEEKLY LECTURES on the Natural
Sciences, illustrated by appropriate apparatus
will also be given.
SPECIAL ATTENTION will be paid to
young Ladies and Gentium n designing 'o qual
ify themselves as Teachers.
FOUR, FIVE and SIX Dollais per Quarter
in eccordance with the atudiea pursued, payable
one half in advance and the balence etthe close
of the Qusiter.
GOOD BOARD can be had in the village at
a moderate price.
C#* Mr. A. will deliver en address on Physi
cal, Intellectual and Moral education, on the
day of commeneement, when hia method of
imparting instruction will he iliuatraled, and
the discipline end management of the cbool,
fully explained.
Parents, Guardians, and the friends of educa
tion generally, are cordially invited to be pres
Columbus, Sept, 4, 1850. Trustees,
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given thai letters of ad
ministration upon the estate ol John Welliver
late'of Madison township, Colombia county,
deceased, have been granted to lite under
signed residing also in the said township ol
Madison. All parsons indebted to the estate
are requested to make payment without de- ,
lay, and l hose havingaceounts for settlement
to present them to
Jerseylown, Aug. 14, 1887.
A NEW lot of cheap mnsiins and prints
just received bjr railroadand for sale by
in nno *>ht and lap shingles
10l the Arcade by
May 47, '57 A. C. MENSCH.
HAS established a greater celebrity thee
baa ever been obtained by aey at bar
This baa been lha raantt of its marked M
periorily in qualHy, and ita invariable nl-
Fomni'y. ...
The pnblic may be asrnred of the eontw*-
ance of the high standard now established.
The production is over Twenty Tone dailyi
and the demand has extended throughout the
whole ol the United Stales, atid to lorotgia
Working thna on i eery large ecale, and
onder a rigid system, they are able to secure
a perfect and uniformity in inequality isroligh
out the year. Thia is the great Detideratnnv
in Starch-making, and is realized now lot
the first rime.
The eery beat starch ihatVian ba Made,and
no otter, is always war ted by consumer*,
and while this will ba supplied to them by
the grocers, as soon as their customers has#
learned which is the best, end ask for il—
otherwise they would be likely to gal that
article on which the largest profit can ba
Mr. Kingsford haa been engaged in lira
manufacture of starch continnously for lha
last 27 years, and daring the Whole of tbe
period, the slaroh made under hi* supervis
ion haa been, bevond arw question, the beet
*wi the market. Forthe first 17 years, he had
ml charge of the works of Wilt. Colgate tt
Co., at which period he invented the process
of the manufacture of corn starch.
W -Ask Jor Kingsford's Starch , at the nan m
Oswego hat recently been taken by another/at
(For Puddings, tfc,)
Has obtained an equal celebrity with their
Starch for the Laundry. This article is per
fectly pure, and is, in every respect, equal ta
the best Bermuda Arrow-Root, besides hav
ing additional qualities whieh render il inval
uable for the dessert.
Potato Starch Iras been extensively packed
and sold as Corn Siaroji, uu| hat given falee
impressions lo many, as idVte teat merits of
our.Corn Starch.-
From its great dtlicdc#tnd partly, H is
coming also inlo nxtenarvdnjs a* s diet lor
infants and invalids. "M
E. N. KELLOOP& CO.,'Agents.
198 Fulton# reel, N. T.
ALLEN & NF.EDLnB, Agents, '
23 South TVAarvßiJiPtlilad'a.
July 28, 1857—3 m. '
/ A Retired rh]|(ian
■ V\ hose saitdt of life ItavS' rfesrly run oof.
§ discovered while in the East Indies, a cer
tain oure for Consumption, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Coughs, Colds, and General Debility.
The remedy was discovered by him when
his only child, a daughter, was given up lo
die. He bad heard much ofihe wonderful
restorative and healing qualities of prepara
tion] made from the East India Hemp, tnd
the thought orcurred lhai he thigh! make •
remedy for his child. He sludied<;hard and
succeeded in realizing his Wishes. His child
was cured, and is now alive and well. HM
has since administered the woaderfuMHßiL
dy to thousands of sufferers • dgHNML
the world and lie has never failed 4n
them completely healthy aflMmtpr. VVtsn
ing lo do as much good he will
send to snclt of £is aflLcffl fellow-twinge
as reqoesi it, '.his recipe? with fall and ex
plicit directions for making jfjjp, snd success--
fully using it. He appllSfct to*
inclose him one shilling—three cents to be
returned as postage on the recipe, and the J
remainder to be applied lo the payment y
of this advorii-rmeut. Address M
Dr. H. JAMES, No. lUirand Street, j *
Sent. 23 -lrqJ J /
V A Lf
By virtue of sit order of the Orphan's Court
of Colnrtlbitt county, Solomon Neyhard, Ad
ministrator o! Benjamin Hayman, deceased,
will, on
SATURDA Y the 24th of OCTOBER,
next, at J o'clock, P. M., expose to public
sale upon the premises, in Orange township,
Columbia county, at the late resilience of tbe
decedent, the following real estate :
the east end of the farm, a'ljoitiing lands of
Win. Delong, Jacob Raub, Wm. Mears, and
other lands of B. Dayman's estate, and con
60 Acres and 104 Perches,
on which there are erected a Frame House
and a Barn. There Is a good sprinj of water
on lite premises, and all kinds of fruit treeii
About fifty acres are cleared land.
At the same lime there will be sold
. OadiXPSS.
adjoining the above property, two of them oa
the west containing respectively 6f and 7f
acres: the other four on the south, containing
respectively 5 acres 31 perohes, 5 acres 112
perches, 5 acres 126 perches, and 6 acres 99
perched, and adjoining lands of Benj S'.oiner,
R. Ritler and D. Montgomery. ,
Ai the same time and place there will by
sold the decedent's interest in a
Limestone Quarry,
in Centre township, said county; to wil, the
undivided J of a quarter acre of ground.
Late the estate of said Beni. Hayman, dfl*
ceased, of Orange township, Columbia ro.
Orange township. Sept. 29, 1867.
Full Stock of Fall Dry Goods.
"C'YRE & LANDEIJ,, Fourth & Arch Rta.,
" Philadelphia, respectfully request Cask
Buyers to examine a fine atock of Seaeonable
Goods, adopted to Beat Pennsylvania Trad*.
Full Line of Fall Oresa Goods.
New designs of Fall Shawls.
Good Black Silks of all widths.
4 Cases assorted French Memoes.
7 _ " Poil de Cbevres, New Goods.
Brit sh and American Dark Prima.
Satineite, Cassimeres, Cloths & Vesting*.
Muslins, Linens, Flannels, Blankets, &c.
N. B.—Auction Bargains from New York
and this City daily received. Particular at
tantion given to Country orders for deeirabla
Goodg— Terms Nett Cash.
Sept. 1, 1857—3m0a.
THE subscriber announces that ho will
carry on the COOPERING BUBINEBB at hie
brewery in Hopltlnaville. where he will make
and everything in that line of business. Ho
will also repair work of all kinds, and will do
il skillfully and at fair prices.
Bloomsburg, June 2, 1857.
A lew competent agents wanted for tha
Compr hensive Geography end History ancient
and nf the World?' by S. G Goodrich,
(Peter PaVtey); handsomely bound and pro
leaely illustrated. Price (3. Sold only by
Agents, tc whom tart inducements ara offer
ed. Address,
No. 172 William Street, New York.
of DOipa* & desirable forms, fo sale at tha
oHfce of the "Star oftha North.''