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, iilooiusbiirff, Weilueedar, Sept. dO, 1881.
DemocraHc Nomination*.
■ ;
lion. JL Cilancy Jonc*,
Agreeably to adjournment, the Senatorial
Conference of the district, composed of the
counties of Columbia, Montour, Northum
berland and Snyder, met at Eckbert's Hotel,
in Milton, on Saturday last, Sopt. 26ih.—
From Columbia, Geo. Scott, and Peter Bill
myer, substituted by Emanual Lazarus, ap
peared; from Montour, Daniel Biilmyer,
and TLomas Chalfant, from Northumber
land, W. L- Dewari, and ; and from
Snyder, Merrill and Dr. Auhl.
Upon meeting, the Columbia Coumy Con
ferees voted for Buckalew; Montour for Col.
McCorraick; Northumberland, for Geo. C.
Welker, and Snyder for Major Keller.
The balloting continued with various
changes, during the afternoon. The name
of John Mcßnynolds was also introduced,
and hallo ed for. After considerable irregu
larity in the phase of the vote, Snyder
county led oft'for Buckalew, and the vote
of Montour and Columbia gave him the
Hon. W, L. Detrart, in a very handsome
and complimentary speech, moved that the
nomination be made unanimous, which
was agreed to; and the conference adjourn
ed in the best feeling. The nomination was
made on the 105 th ballot, and must be
highly satisfactory to the parly.
We shall give the official proceedings in
cur next issue.
Yes: and the extravagance, thoughtless
speculation and wild debt-making has caus
ed this panic over which its authors now
lament. Everybody went into business with
borrowed capital and trying to forget that
pay-day would ever come. Ranks were
borrowed dry by men who could not pay
half their debts, aud then, lust winter eight
millions and a half more of banking capitxl
was created by act of Assembly and thrown,
before the people to tempt, corrupt, and de
bauch, the public mind iuto profiagacy aud
general bankruptcy.
Prices went mad. Traduce and labor all
got fabulous sums; but neither labor nor
produce will have any riches left them un
der the general collapse.
The result must be a return to first prin
ciples and the financial world must learn
that business can only be safely done on
actual and real- capital and not on its ficti
tious representative.
Some of the Philadelphia Banks have
suspended specie payments—nearly all of
them raluse to pay deposits. The best
among them have and will weather through
the storm. The Gerard and Pennsylvania
bank, which have grown fat by State favors,
are at tho head and front of this movement
for a general suspension. They are old
offenders and after abusing now the gener
ous confidence of the public, on which they
tied grown rich, they ought to be severely
dealt with.
Nearly one half of the country banks have
also suspended.
On last Saturday a rush was made upon
the Danville bank and it soon declined to
pay depositors anything, but during Satur
day paid note holders.
Gov. bollock has issued a proclamation
railing together the legislature on the Bth of
October. But after wliat happened in that
body last winter no person having any wit
will expect any other than mischievous re
sults from this session of seven days.
Let no suspension be legalized There
is no necessity for it, if the country is one
half as prosperous and wealthy as these
Bank borers represented it to bo last winter
when "they bored through charters for eight
millions and a half new banking capital.—
Let the legislature send back those borers
to their haunts of infamy aud maintain a
constitutional currency for our Common
wealth; instead of branding her. with the
lie of bankruptcy.
FIRE IN TAUAQCA— That town was again
visited by another destructive -firs on Mon
day evening last at about 11 o'clock, that
done much damage. The loss is estimated
at $lO,lBO. It is supposed to have been the
work of an incendiary.
< OF" A Military Encampment is proposed
to be fold at- Sslinagrpve some time next
Democracy the great princi
ples bf process. It is onward and outward
In its movements. It has a lieart lor action
and motives for a world. It constitutes the
principle of diffusion and is to humanity
what the centrifugal force is to a Involving
orb of a universe. What motion is to them,
Democracy is to principle, it is the soul
of action. It conforms 10 the providence of
God. It has confidence in man and an abi
ding reliance in his high destiny. It seeks
the largest liberty the greatest good, and
the surest happiness. It aims to buildup
the great interests of the many, to the least
detriment of the few. It remembers the
past without neglecting the present. It es
tablishes the present, without foaring to
provide for the future. It cares for the
Weak, while it permits no injustice to the
strong. It conquers the oppressor, and pre
pares the subject of tyranny for freedom.—
It melts the bigot's heart to meekness, and
reconciles his mind to knowledge. It dis
pels the cloud of ignorance and superstition,
prepares the people for instruction, and
self-respect. It adds wisdom to legislation,
and improved judgement to government
It favors enterprises that yields to many,
and an industry that is permanent. It is
the pioneer of humanity—the conservator
of nations. It fails only when it ceases to
be true to itself. It will quench the fire of
Republicanism an 3 hush the brawliugs of
The following, from the Berks and Schnyl
kill Journal, the Wilmot and Republican or
gan in Berks county, we commend to the
atteniion of the citizens of ofiftr counties,
as showing in what estimation our candi
date for Judge of the Supreme Court is held
at home, even by his political opponents:—
Reading Gazelle.
"The nomination of Mr. Strong will elicit
a large vote in his favor not only from his
own party, but from those who stand in the
position of political opponents, and this
will be the case not alone in Berks, but
wherever he is known. Mr. S. is a gradu
ate of Yale College, which he left with the
highest honor. His legal career commenc
ed in this county, where his talents soon
plnced him at the head of the bar. He rep
resented thiscouflty in Congress two terms,
and declined are election. To legal abili
ties of the highest order, he adds great in
dustry and power of application to business,
and the unimpeachable integrity of his
character, his sympathy with all business
enterprises tb it have added to the prosper
ity of this city, and his. private virtues,
have secured him universal respect and
the affectionate regards of this community.'
In snying this we do but justice to a politi
cal opponent."
Amendmeuis lo the Constitution.
Tjie citizens of Columbia county should not
forget that they will be called on at the elec
lion in October, to vote in reference to some
important amendments to thn State Constitu
tion. They will be found in an other part of
this paper. There are four alterations pro
posed, and they will have to be voted on
separately, that i, on four Tickets. They
are !
1. In relation to the creation ol Public
2. In reference to the erection of new coun
3. In relation lo the Legislative Appoint
ments, and the election in certain cases of
Representatives by single districts.
4. In relation to fhsrtrrs 0 f incorporation,
pri-posing to give the Legislature power lo
alter and revoke anf charter when deemed
neoessary. w
This is not a parly measure, but il should
receive the attention of every citizen.
TUB ILL-FATED STEAMER.— The loss of the
Central America still continues to excite pub
lic attention, The adjourned meeting at New
York on behalf of the eofferers resulted in '
the collection of #8,086. This, added lo $2,-
000 already collected at Norfolk, makes $lO,-
085. It is presumed, from the hearty re
sponse of the publio, that the amount con
tributed in New York will not fall short of
The Steamship Company have made no
further statement relative to the loss of the
ship. The investigation has been thus far
conducted in private. The expense of bring- j
ing on the survivors to this eity has been paid
by the company.
LEGISLATIVE— It seems difficult for the
Opposition to find candidates for Assembly,
considering the desperate small chances of
their election. The chances are too small
to tempt any one to indulge in a contest.- '
The last report nominates Dr. Brower, the
editor of tho Danville American, and some
body in Sullivan county. The Conferees
for Senator have not yet made any nomina
A DiFfEßr.Nct.—the Black Republican
papers in all parts of the State are engaged
in publishing notioea complimentary to Mr.
Wilmot, taksn from Democratic journals at a
lime when that gentleman was acting with
the Democralie party, and contrasting litem
with what the same papers say of Mr. Wil
mot's course at the present time. Well wbal
does that prove? Gen. Washington praissd
Arnold when he was fighting for the liberties
of his country, but when be turned traitor
and joined the enemy he changed his opin
ion, and denounced both the man and his
treatooable acts,
f3T The Store of James Mott & Co., in |
Piltston, Luzerne county, wts robbed on <
Sunday night, 13th inst. An entrance was 1
effected through a window. The robber or!
robbers then went to the iron safe, unlocked
it, and took oat between four and five hun
dred dollar*—having the magnanimity to
leave untouched juat twenty cents. The safe I
was then locked, and every thing put in pre-'
cise order, as it wis left on Saturday evening.
On* of the proprietor- of the firm, Mr. Shock,
unfortunately lafi ibe key of the safe in his
coat pocket, and it i* supposed th* entrance
into tha safe wgs effected with this key or
1 another on# iik* it.
Wllmot's Oratory'
We all renumber, yrith what luxuriance
of adjectives and intensity of fulsome adu'la
lion, iho opposition press proclaimed the or
atorical exceljenoe of Mr- Wilmol, and the
exultation wjth which they prated of the
fear whiob Gen. Packer entertained 'of this
dread champion. This, we muit not forget,
wae before the people bed had enjr oppor
tunity of hearing anything about the justice
of these panegyrics. Now, smce hia real
merits are not shrouded in the mists of dis
tance and ignorance, we have- ceased to
hear anything further of this mighty orator,
who was to otry away spell-bound the
hearts and beet affections of the voters of the
Wherever he goes, he meets witb but poor
i reception, and leaves without a regret from
I his party friends. Iq Clarion, Meadsille,
| Franklin and Mercer, he has been received
by comparatively small numbers, less than
en ordinary town meeting. Tna humilialgig
fact is, that his pilgrimage through the State
has been an utter failure. The people are
sick of abolition harangues, and are begin
ning to suspect the rest truth, that there is
nothing but trickery in the Kansas excite
ment, upon which he has been pleased to
base his entire hopes of success. This cam
paign will be known through coming time
as that which was conducted by one of the
parties with an utter disregard of all tilate in
terest and the ignoring of its true issues.
' Wilniol declared at Clarion that in almost
| every instance, but his first speech in Phila
j delphia, he had addressed himself to State
questions of policy. Now if we are not
grieviuusly mistaken, Mr. Wilmot ie. In ooe
of his last speeches at Mercer, 1 e avoided
tbem altogether, and in no one speech of
which we have yet seen an account, do we
how recall an instance in which he even al
luded to them except in the most distant and
supeificial manner, W'lh the single exception
of that at Clarion, where he was forced to it
by the previous address of Gov. Bigler.
Ilia entire stock in trade, is apologies for
his 'proviso,' whose introduction was fraught
with so much injury; threadbare tirades upon
( he horrors of slavery, and assaults upon the
consistency of others. All this will do him
but hllle good with the honest and intelligent
voters of our Commonwealth, who would
much prefer to hear from him, aome inti
mations as to the probable course he would
pursue as our Stale Governor, and nor as the
representatives of New Kngland abolition
ism.— Pittsburg Union.
The Subsidized Prest. —ln the Daily Hews
of the 21st met., Mr. H. B.Swoope, Chairman
of the American State Committee, publishes
a list of fifteen newspapers in the inteiior ol
this State, which were subsidized or paid (or
their support to Fremont last fall. The list
was furnished by Gov. Ford, of Ohio, for the
New York Herald , to rebut the charge that he
had misappropriated the sum ol $20,000,
which the Herald says was placed in his
hands to subsidize the press of Pennsylvania.
Mr. Swoope says he does not say that the pa
pers referred to received the money, which
is a question between them and Gov. Ford.
The amount said to have been paid to the
fifteen was $6,490, in sums from $l,OOO to
t7" We understand the) (lie difficulty be
tween the Sunbury and Erie Railroad and (he
Elmira Coal Dealers is about being arranged
by which the shipping of coal over the road
will be continued. Whether hangdon & Co.
have agreed to pay the 10 cents per ton more
demanded by the Company, we are unable
to say. The continuance of thn coal trade to
IClniira is of coneiderrble importance to the
Sttamokin region.— Sunbury Gazelle.
ET'Last week some ol our merchants were
engaged in identifying a number of articles
of dry goods which had been stolen from
their stores by a woman, somewhat notori
ous in these parts, residing in the country,
several miles from town. Shop lifting had
been carried on by the enterprising lady for
some months previous to her detection, the
articles stolen being principally cheap dry
goods, to the amount of some forty dollars.
We understand that Frilling & Grant Engle,
E. Y. Bright & Son, end Tener, bad been
contributors to her snpply of clothing. After
a hearing before Squire Shindle, Sheriff
Weise provided her with accommodations
in the county jail; but she was subsequently
bailed out.— Sunbury Gazelle.
necticut clergymen to whom President Bu
chanan gave so scorching a reply, will not be
put down by argument. They fre out again
in a three column article, addressed to the
President, going over very muoh the same
ground as before; that is, that usurpation,
like that in Kansas, cannot beget a valid gov
ernment ; and that by recognizing the territo
rial government, the President had violated
his duty. These views do not acquire any
additional force by iteration. The President's
answer to the first letter embraced all that
was necessary to be said in reply to the as
sertions in the second. The controversy, so
far as he is concerned, is in all probability
ended.— Ledger.
rv in Poltsville, last Saturday, William
Spence waa convicted of assault and battery
upon Col. Straub, and sentenced to 30 ueye
in the county prison. Spenue was one of the
rioters who so seriously beat Mr. Straub on
the night of the election last October. Aa the
Sheriff was taking him from the Court House
to the Jail, he broke loose and escaped ! He
has not yet been caught.
XW A hail storm on Friday evening last,
in Fluvanna and Gooohland counties, Vs.,
has done immense damage to property, blow
ing dowr, houses, destroying crops, &c. Two
negroes were killed.
BT The Montour Rolling Mill af Danville
has suspended operations on account of the
heavy failures in the East, and the tightness
of the money market.
OT The September term of court in Mon
tour county adjourned without doing Any bu
siness, on account of informality in drawing
the Jury, and therefore the trial of William
J. Clark and Mary Twigge for murder by
poisoning, bee been postponed till Decem
ber nest.
Partial Deafness and Discharges from the
Dr. btiTLKT generously offers to attend all
perrons suffering from affeoiiousof the ear at
his office, 760 Broadway, N. Y., without
charge until cured, thereby proving his sue
case unequal, and protecting the deaf from
Wing swindled by paying eelf-atyled aurista
exborbilanl lees in advance, and the infliction
of still more seriotit evils by permitting (lie
application of dangerous remedies by inex
perienced and unskilful hands. Dr. H. may
here state no connection whatever
with to cnrMjpfness,
neither has h* given permission toruie pub
lication of a certificate purporting to em en ate
from him, and cannot, therefore be responsi
ble from any alsrlning consequences resulting
from rashness and desperation. The less of
money may uot be taaterial to some persons,
but the deprivation of one of the most im
portant ol the senses ought to be regarded
and treated with more tban ordinary solici
tude. Deafneas, noise in the bead, and al|
disagreeable diachargea from the ear speedily
and permanently removed, without causing
the least pain ot inconvenience. A cure in
all cases guaranteed where malformation does
not exist. Thirteen years' aire* and almost
undivided attention to this branch of special
practice has enabled him to reduce his treat
ment to such • degree of success as to find
the most confirmed and obstinate oases yield
by a steady attention to the means prescribed
The following testimonials are submitted
with confidence. They will show at least
in-what esthrietion -his prolqssiomd qualifi
cations are held by some of the most distin-1
guished medical mon of the country:
"I havb had the pleasure to meet Dr.
Hartley in practice, and have been led to
form a favorable opinion of his character,
botli in profession and as a gentleman.
"W. H. Parker, M. D., Prof, of Surgery."
"From my intercourse with Dr. Hartley, I
have found liis deportment to be correct and
gentlemanly. Valentine Molt, M. D."
Reference of cures.
Mr. Goodwin, 18th street, near Broadway.
Mr. Wm. Silvey, 70 Courtlandt street.
Mr. H. P. Herdman, Counsellor at Law,
16 City Hall Place, N. Y.
Dr. Belt, Dentist, Auburn, N. Y.
Mr. Setn Paine, Editor, Chicago.
Mr. James R. Burtis,Gas Works, Chicago.
Mrs. Hawley, and Mr, F. Dean, Spring
field, HI.
Mr. B. F. Stephen, Jacksonville, 111.
Miss Sarah Swaine, Nantucket.
Miss R. D v Howard, Fairhaven, Mass.
James Burnett, Pleasant Valley, near Po'-
keepsie, N. Y.
TERMS.—For cure, 5?25. In compliance
with the request of a large number of cor
respondents in the country, whose circum
stances will not admit of a visit to New York,
Dr. H. will forward a package by Express,
containing all the necessary treatment, ap
pliances, &c., with ample instructions to ef
fect a receipt of 810, and the Bal
ance when cured. These Terms continued
for One Month only.
September 28th, 1857.
THE REV. C. S. BURNETT, while laboring as
a Missionary in Southern Asia, discovered a
simple and certain Cure lor Consumption,
Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Nervous
Debility, and all impuritieso( the blood; also,
an easy and effectual mode of Inhaling the
remedy. Actuated by a desire to benefit his
snfiering fellows, he will cheerfully send Ihe
Recipe (free) to such as desire it, with full
and explicit directions for preparing aud suc
cessfully using the Medicine.
Address C. S. BURNETT,
B3l Broadway, New York City.
quired by using ihe "Nairn of a Thousand
Flowers." What lady or gentleman woulrl
remain under the curse of a disagreeable
breath, when by using the "Balm of a Thou
sand Flowers"s a d titrifice, would not only
render it sweet, hut leave the teeth as while
as alabaster 1 Many persons do not know
their breulh is bud,and Ihe subject is so deli
cate their friends will never mention it. Be
ware of counterfeits. BO sure each bottle is
signed FETRIDGE & CO., N. Y.
For sale by all Druggists.
Feb. 18, 1867-6 m.
In Danville, on Ihe 24th icst., by Rev. W.
H. Wilson, Mr. THOMAS EDGAR, of Espy town,
to MieA MART HARTMAN of the former place.
In Danville, on the 21st inst.. by Rev. Dr.
Yeomana, Mr. I. M. SPKOUL, of Mendola, 111.,
and Miss SOPHU A., daughter of S. Brady, of
In Willtesbarre, on the Iflth inst., by ihe
Rev. P. C. Headley, Mr. J. BOVD HEADLEV, of
Morristown, N.J.', to Miss HELEN M. THOM
AS, of the former place.
On the 20ih inst., at Maus Dale, byGnteli
us Snyder, Esq., Mr. WM. MOORE CHOSSLEV,
of West Hemlock, end Miss LOVINA KASE, of
Valley township, Montonr county.
Auditor's No!ice.
Estate of John Snyder, late of the borough of
Berwick, deceased.
THE heirs and distributees of the estate of
John Snyder, late of the borough of Berwick,
in the county of Colombia, deceased, will
take notice that the undersigned appointed
auditor by the Orphans Court of the county
of Columbia, 10 make distribution of'tlie
balance in Ihe hands of Charles Sriyder, ad
ministrator ol John Snvder, tleoeased, among
Ihe heirs of the decedent will attend at his
office, in Blonmsburg, in said county, on
Saturday, the 21st day of November next,
when and where all persons interested may
attend if they thinV proper.
Bloomsburg, Sept. 30, 1857.
Auditor's Notice.
In the matter of the Petition of Joseph Eves fir
Stibpcena to Jacob Swisher and Richa'd De
mo ft. Executors of William Swisher, det'd.
THE undersigned Auditor appointed by
the Court ol Common Pleae of Um county of
Columbia to adjust Ihe partnership accounts
between Joseph Eves and the late William
Swisher, deceased, will attend at his office in
Bloomsburg, on Friday the 20th day of No
vember next, for the purpose nf attending to
the duties of hiss appointment, when and
where ihe parties interested may attend if
they think proper. W. WIRT,
Bloomsburg, Sept. 30,'67. Auditor.
Auditor's Notice.
Estate of Baltis Appleman late of Hemlock town
ship, Columbia County.
THE legatees and all others interested in
the estate of Ballla Appleman', late of Hem
lock township, Columbia cpunty, will lake
notioe that the undersigned appointed by the
Orphan's Court of Columbia county, auditor
to make distribution of the several balances
in the hands of Caleb Appleman, Peter Ap
pleman pnd Bailie Appleman, Executors of
Baltis Appleman, deceased, will adend at
the office of Robert F. Clark, Esq., in Blooma
borg, on Thursday, the 19th day of Novem
ber next, when and where all persona inter
eeled may attend if tbey think proper.
> Bloomvburg, Sept. So 1857.
aeto <ausaßTP*sap.
BER 22 d If iird, 185*.
PrtßlMs to be Awarded as follows t
Red pair of carriage!, 04 00
Second beat, 3 00
Best pair of Draft Horaea 2 00
Second beat, 1 50
Best Stallion 3 00
Second beat 1 50
Best brood Mara 8 00
Second beat 1 80
Bart single carriage horses 3 00
| Second best, J 00
Best colt, three years old 3 00
Second best, do 1 00
Best Coll, two years old S 00
I Seoond ben do 100
1 Best Coll, 1 year old 3 00
Second beat do 1 00
Committee.—John K. Eves of Greenwood,
Vanish Reese of Hemlock, Henry B. Meliolc
of Soolt, R. B. Arthur ot Bloom, and Elias
| Kline of Scott.
Best bull, ibree years and upward 2 00
Second best, 1 00
Beat Fat Steer 1 oo
Best yoke ot Oxen 3 years and upward 3 00
Secoud best 1 50
Beat milch Cow, 2 00
Second best 1 00
Best Heifer, 1 to 2 year* old 1 00
Second best 50
Best bull calf under one year 1 00
Second best do 50
Best beiler calf under one year 1 00
Second best do do 50
Committee-Neat W'Coy of Madison, Geo.
Weaver of Bloomsburg, Daniel Kteigh of
Catawissa, Andrew Fieae-and Jacob Hill of
Best bock 1 00
Second best, 50
Best two Ewe Sbeep 1 00
Secoud best 50
Best 2 Fat Weathers J 00
Second best 60
Best pair of lambs under one year old 1 00
Secoud best 60
Committee—Daniel Melick of Scott, Isaac
Hess ol Cenlte, and Michael C. Vance ot Or
Best Boar 1 00
Second beat 50
Best Sow J 00
Second best 50
Best Fat Pig, 1 00
Best lot Pigs, or more, 2 or 10 weeks
old 1 60
Second best 50
Best Pigs not over 6 months, 1 00
Second best 50
Committee—William Rote, of Greenwood,
Netiemiah Iteece of Centre, Thomas Mc-
Henry ol Orange, Joseph Mouser 0! Mon
-1 tour, aud Henry Hollingshead of Catawissa.
Best Newfoundland Dog 50
do Shepherd dog, 60
do Terrier dog, 60
Committee—Peter Billmyer, Thomas Dall
man'aud 1. VV. Bonne, all of Bloom.
Best pair Shanghais 50 Best pair Ducks 60
do Cbittagongs 50 do Turkeys 50
do CochiuChiilsso do Geese 50
do Polish 60 Beat and greatest va
do Baniam 50 riety ot Fowls ol
do Dorking 50 any kind, 100
Committee—Silas E. Fowler of Scott, Seth
B. Bowman of Brisrcreek, and Alf. Howell
ol Orange.
Best bushel of White Wheat . 2 00
do MeOneranean 2 00
do Rye 1 00
do Corn Ears Goured 50
do do Yellow, 50
do do While 60
do Oats, 60
do Buckwheat, . 50
do i bushel Clover Seed, 1 00
do i bushel Timothy Seed, 50
CommiMee—Geo. Yost, of Montour, Jas.
Einnieti, of Hemlock, Joho Hartman, ol Cal
/ awissa, Reese M. Eck, ol Briarcreek, aud
Mordeica Hicks, of Centre.
WINES, &c. 1
Best i bushel Winter Apples, 50
Best i bushel Fall Apples 50
Best specimen Pears 50
do Plume, 50
do Peaches 50
do Quinces 50
do Cranberries 50
do Grapes 60
Best display of diflerent kinds of Froils 50
Beat peck of Dried Apples 60
do do Peaches 50
Best 4 quarts Dried Cherries, 60
do do do (stoned) 50
Best 1 quart Dried Huckelberriea 25
Best sample Current Wine, 50
Committee—John A. Funsron of Madison,
Reuben Bomboy, of Hemlock, and Albert
Huutcr of Pine.
Best boahei Mercer Potatoes 50
do common 50
Beat half bushel sweet Potatoes, 60
Best sample beaus 50
do Peas 50
Best half dozen htads Cabbage 50
-Best 2 Pumpkins, 60
Best dozen beeis 60
Best half bushel Turnips 50
Best dozen Carrota 50
Best dozen Parsnips 50
Besl ball bushel Onions, 60
Best three Squashes . 50
I)e6l sample Celery 50
Best Peck Tomatoes 50
Besl sample Chinese Sugar Cane 50
Committee—J. Deitrick of Montour, Sam
uel Eck, of Roaringcreek, aud John Harner,
of Locust.
Best butter, one pound and upward 60
Best cake cheese, nut less than teu lbs. 50
Best Loal Wheat Bread, 50
do Rye Bread 50
Besl sponge cake 50
do Pound cake 50
Best Fruit cake 50
Best specimen of Fruit Jelly 50
Besl quart Apolebutter SO
Beat Jar siraiued Honey 50
Ben sample bouey comb, not lea* than
five pounds, 50
Besl cured ham 50
Best sample hard aoap 60
do soft soap 50
Com'iee-Mra L. L. Tale, Mias Mary Pain
ter, Mrs. H. C. Hower, John G. Freeze, Esq.,
and Andrew Madison, Esq., all of Bloom.
Besi piece Clotb, five yards or more 200
Best Quilt 1 00
Best Couuierpaine, 1 00
Best pair Blankets 1 00
Best sample Carpet, five yard* and more 1 00
Best Coverlet 1 00
Beat pair linen Sheers .1 -50
do Pillow oaaea 50
Beat Shirt, 50
Best under shirt ' 60
Beet pair yarn hose, SO
do Mil lens 1 3ft
do Gloves, 60
Committee.—Jeaae Coleman, Of Orange,
Bernard Boperi, of Bloom, Mrs. Jearn Rale
ton, of lrondale, Mrs. Peter Est, of Light
Street, end Mice Harriet Haeman. of Centre.
Best Fancy Table Cover f 60
do Chair cover 60
Beat sample Lamp or Vase Met 60
Ren Shirt Collars and Boeouit 60
Beet display bead Work 60
do Crotrbel woik 60
do Fancy Knitting 60
do Embroidery 60
do Natural Flowers .60
do Artificial do 60
do Wax fruit, he. 60
Committee—Mrs. Wm. Goodrich, Mra. I.
W. Hartrnan, Mra. Morris Van
Morris Sloan, and Mrs. I. VV. McKelvy, ell
of Bloom.
Beat sample wheal flour, 60 lbs.or more 100
do rva do do 60
do Buckwheat do do 60
do Corn do do 60
Committee—John Leggott of Pine, Jacob
Meltck, jr, of Scott, and J. K. Sharpless, of]
Best Plow 2 00
2d beet 1 00
Best Cultivator 1 00
Second best 60
Beit Harrow 1 00
Best Roller 1 00
Beet aide bill plow 1 00
Best corn planter 1 00
Best horse rake 1 00
Bert Grain cradle 1 00
Best Thrashing Machine, 2 00
I Beat separator and straw binder 1 00
Best hay and atraw cutter 1 00
Best corn shelter I 00
Best Fanning Mill, 1 00
Best stump machine 1 00
Rest and most numerous collection of
agricultural implements 2 00
Committee—Judah Boone of Blonm, Wm.
H. Woodin, oi Berwick, and Eliaa Deitriob,
of Montour.
Beet two horse wagon 2 00
2d best 1 00
Best two borta carriage 2 00
2d best 1 00
Best one horse carriage 2 00
2d best j 00
Best open bnggy I 0 0
Best Sleiglt 1 00
Beet two horse sled I 00'
Best spring Hack wagon 1 00
Committee—Jacob Arnwine, of Montour,
Samuel Kiauer, of Madison, end Isaao Kri
der, of Briaroreek.
First Division. •
Best Specimen Cabinet Work 2 00
do Double Sett Carriage Harnen 2 00
do Single Sett 1 00
do Wagon Harness 1 50
do 2 Call Skins finished 1 00
do 2 Kip Skins do 1 00
do 2 Sides Harness Leather 1 00
do do Sole Leather 100
do do Upper Leather 100
do Pair Horse Shoes 1 00
do Grubbing Hoe 60
do i Doz. Fancy Chairs 1 00
do Dress Coal 1 00
do Vest 50
do Pair Thick Boots 60
do Pair Calf Boots 1 00
do Pair Ladies' Kid Gloves 60
Commute—B. P. Former, of Franklin, P.
Beaver, of Catawissa, Joseph Conner, of
Centre, Joseph Correll, of Hemlook, and Jo
seph Hicks, of Briarcreak.
Second Division.
Bes Churn 60
do Cheese Press 50
do Washing Machine 50
do Sausage Cutter 50
do Display of Copper Ware 50
do 3 Corn Baskets 60
do 3 Hand Baskets 50
do Bee Hive, • 50
,do Parlor Stove 50
do Cooking Stove ir trimming# 1 00
do Greatest Variety Tinware I 50
do Specimen Wood & IrSn Fence I 00
do Gate for barn and field use 1 00
do i Doz. Corn Brooms 50
do Sample 1 doz. Brick 50
do do Pig Metal 50
Commute—John Keifer, of Catewisss, Jac.
Kostenboder, of Franklin, and Iram Derr, oi I
Third Division
Best & largest variety of Dental Work 200 >
do do Marble do 200 |
do do Edge Tools 1 00 1
do do Earthen Ware 1 00'
Committee—Dr. A. P. Heller, of Green'
wood, Dr. H. H. Fox, of Locust, Dr. Jas. A
Wilson, of Berwiox, Dr. Josiah Smith, ol
Scott, and Dr. J. K. Bobbins, of Catawissa.
Beet 2 lbs. Sugar from China Sugar Cans 60
do Maple Sugar 60
Best qt. Syrup from China Sugar cane 50
do Maple 50
Committee—Martin Kuperl, of Bloom, W.
Fisher, ol Orange, James Keater, of Scott,
Mrs. Thomas Creveliog, of Scott; Mrs. J. K.
Groiz, of Bloom.
Best plowing, regard being had to the skill
of the workmen and diacipline of teams, and
execution of the work, aa well • time occu
pied ' 2 00
2d beat 1 00
Committee—Jacob Demott, of Madiaon,
Hiram Kline, of Fisbingcteek and Eli Men
denhall of Benton.
Committee.—Lawaon Hughes, of Benton ;
Alinaa Cole, of Sugarloaf ; Thos. E. Etas, of
Greenwood; Lewis Schuyler, of Madiaon,
and Wm. Mathers, of Greenwood.
t. The Committers will have to exrroiae
discretionary power and withhold the premi- '
urns if the artiole exhibited is not worthy of
a premium.
2. The Committee on Discretionary pre
miums will award such premiums aa they
may think proper, on articles not provided for
in the general schedule.
3. The members of the various Commit
tees, wil' make it a point to be on the ground,
aa early aa possible, on the second day—not
Later than 10 o'clock, at which lime their
names will be called from the aland, and tbey
will be expected to proceed to business.
4. The Chairmen of the different commit
tees are requested to hand in their reports aa
eatly as possible, and not later than 2 o'clk.
The premiums will be awarded by the Pres
ident at 3, p. m.
1. All artiole* for competition most be on
(he ground by 10 o'clock, a. m., and at 11
o'clock tbecommittee will proceed to to ex
amine and award the premium*.
2. All artiole* exhibited must remain on the
ground until 4 o 'clock, p. an., and on all oc
casion* will be returned to the exhibitor, un
less otberta ise directed.
3. CATTIIOIJ— AII articles exhibited,
whether eatables or not, must be respsewd
as private property; and any person detected
in purloining or imuriog them, will be dealt
wiih according to law.
4. All articles offered for competition mutt
be owned by the competitor*, all frails, veg
etables, powers, ito., must be tbe growth ol
tbe competitors, and all manufactured arti
cles must have bean made by the competi
Every competitor for premiums must be a
resident of Colombia county. But persons
from other eooniiae may base the privilege
Of bringing articles on exhibitioe, on the
payrtont of an entrance fee of fifty Cents.
The amoniii r- quired |nr membership 10
the Society it Fifty Gen's To induce • gen
erml co-o, <ra ion ( the people of the whole
oouuty, the Society !>*■< issued e number of
retiifice as end p'euod i hem into the hernia of
tba f olio vt- in a named persons <n the different
parte of the County, who are authorized 10
f;rant them to iuch as may pav the iniiiatiou
ee into their hand*, 10 wit:— Bloom, Eli Bar-
Ion; Berwick, Enus Fowler; Benton, Eli Man
denhall; Beaver, Isaao Davis; Caiawissa, J.
Keifer; Centre, Cilberi H. Fowler;
creek, Henry Billenbender; Franklin, B. P,
Former; Greenwood, Eliaha Hayman; Hem
lock, Sylveater Pureed; Jackson, Theodore
Smith; Locust, David Reinbold ; Mifflin, W.
L.Brown; Montour, Elitte Dieterick; Mpiqj
George Shaman : Madiaon, Reuben Wilson ;
Mountplsasant, J. H. Vanderalice; Orange, O.
W. Lott, Pine, Jamea Masters; Hoaringcreek,
Samuel Eck ; Sogarloaf, Andrew Laubach ;
Scott, Thoiusa Creveliog, and likewise of the
The. certificate not only conatituiee the
owner a member of the Columbia county Ag
ricultural Society, for onb year, but it eolttlee
himself and family to attend the fair without
extra charges and further allows him a priv
ilege of bringing such articles on exhibifiou
ea he may choose, without any further pay
ment of entrance fee.
This opportunity, however, will only con
tinue op to the 15th of October. Those not
embraoing it anterior to that date, Will be re
qoired to abide by the ratee, both for en
traoce of articles and admieeion lo the Fair
that tbail be adopted at that time. *
Bloomsbnre. Pa., Sept. 19, 1857.
TlO all persons afflicted with Sjxttal Dis
*; eases, such as Spermatorrhea, Seminal
Weakness, Impotence, aonorrhao, Gleet, Syph
ilis, the vice of Omantim, $•(., tfc.
The "Howard Assooiaiion, 5 ' in view nf the
awful destruction of hnman life, caused by
Sexual diseases, and the deceptions practised
upon the unfortunate victims of such disease*
by Quacks, have direoled their Consohing
Surgeon, as a charilalle act worthy of their
name, to give Medical idvice gratis, to all per
sons thus afflicted, who may apply by letter
with a description ol their condition, (age'
occupation, habits of life, &c.,) and in case*
of extreme poverty end suffering, to furnish
medicines fret, of charge.
The Howard Association is a benevolent
Institution,established by tpeoial endowment r
for the relief of the sick and distressed, af
fl.cted wiih "Virulent and Epidemic Die
eases." It has now a surplus of means,
which ihe Directors have voted to expend in
advertising the above notice. It is needless
to add that the Association commands the
highest Medical akill of ihe age, and will fur
nish the most approved modern treatment.
Just published, by the Association, a Re
port on Spermatorrhea*, or Sentinel Werknese,
ihe vice of Omanism, Masturbation or Self-
Abuse, and other diseases of the Ssxnal Or
gans, by the Consulting Surgeon, which will
be sent by mail, (in a sealed envelope), Free
of Charge, on the receipt of two stamps for
Address, Dr. GEO. R CALHOUN, Con
| suiting Surgeon, Howard Association, No. 2
South NINTH Street, Philadelphia, Pa. By
order of the Directors.
GEO. KAIRCHILD. Secretary.
Philadelphia, Sept. 21, 1857.
By virtue of an order of the Orphan'* Conrt
of Columbia county, Solomon Neyhard, Ad
miniatrator of Benjamin Haymao, deceased,
will, on
SATURDAY, the 24th of OCTOBER,
next, at 1 o'clock "P. M., expose to publio
sale upon the premises, in Orange township,
Columbia county, at the lata residence of the
decedent, the following real estate :
the esst end of the farm, adjoining lands of
Wm. Delonsr, Jacob Riub, VVm. Mear., and
other lands of B. Hayman's estate, and con
60 Acres and 104 Perches.
on which there are erected a Frame House
arid a Barn. There is a good spring of water
on the premises, and all kinds of fruit trees.
About fifty sores are cleared land.
At the same time there will be sold"
adjoining the above property, two of thorn
the west containing respectively 5J and 7f
acres: the other four on the south, containing
respectively 5 acres 31 perches, 5 acres 112
perches, 5 acres 126 perches, and 6 acres 99
perches, and adjoining lands ol Beoj Seiner,.
R. Siller and D. Montgomery,
A'lhe s.rne tine and place there will be
sold the decedent's interest in a
Limestone Quarry,
in Centre township, said county; to wit, the
undivided J of a quarter acre of ground.
Late the estate of said Benj. Hayman, de
ceased, ol Orange township, Columbia co. *
Orange township, Sepl. 29, 1857.
/ A Retired Physician
I Whose sands of life havo nearly run out,
| discovered white in the East Indies, a cer
tain oure for Consumption, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Coughs, Colds, and General Debility.
The remedy was discovered by bim when
his only child, a daughter, was given up to
die. He had heard much of the wonderful'
restorative and healing qualitiaa of prepara
tions made from the East India Hemp, and.
the thought occurred that he might msks a
remedy lor bis child. He studied hard and
succeeded in realizing hi* wishes. His child
was cured, and is now alive and well. He
has since administered the wonderful reme
dy to thousands of sufferers in all parts of
the world and he has never failed in mulling
them completely healthy and happy, WisD
ing to do as much good as possible, he will
send to such of hie afflicted fellow-beings
jse request it, this recipe, with fnll and ex-
Sicil directions for making it up, and success
tly using it.' He requires each applicant to
inclose him oae shilling—three cents to be
returned as postage on the tecipe, and the ■
remainder to be appjyd to Ibe payment I
of this advertisement. Address /
Dr. U. JAMES, No.' 19 Grand Street, /
Sept. 23.-lm ] Jersey City, N. i.S..
Public Sale of* Real Eitate*
In pnrsuance ol an order nl the Orphan's
Court of Columbia County, nn SATURDAY
the 21st day of NOVEMBER next, el Id
o'clock in the forenoon, Mathew McDowell,
administrator of Abner McDowell, late of
Scott township, in said county, deceased,
will expose to sale by publio vendue, upon
the premises, a certain iraot of lend situate
ir. Orange township, in the county of Colum
bia, adjoining land* of William White on
the East, Peter Schug on the North, and
lands of Mathew McDowell on the South
and West; containing eight aorea more or
lens. There are erected on the premises g
two etory log house, and Stable, a
Glazing House, Dry House, Slack House, fee-,
and a water power appurtenant. Late the
estate of said deceased, sisoale in the town*
ship, of Orange and county aforesaid.
Any person inclined Id go into the bosi*.
ness of mahihg powde- oan find no property
better calculated for the basins**.
Septkmber ifl, 1857.