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NOTICE ift hereby given that the
several Churls of Commom Pletst Gen-
I eral Quarter Sessions Bf Ihe Peace, and
I Orphans' Court, Churl bf Oyer' and
B Terminer and Jail Deliveryt In and for
■ the County of Columbia, to commence at
I the Cobßf Hotfffc, IN BtOonsHtrßo; ON
I Monday ike Ilk Day of September nCxi,
The Coroner, Juaticea of the Peace &
Constables, in and for the county of Co
jgjk Icrhbia.arß requested to be then and there
lit their proper perrons, with their rolls,
■ records, inquisitions, and oilier remem-
P brances, to do those things to their sev
p eral offices appertaining to be done.
' And all witnesses prosecuting in behalf
bf ihe Commonwealth Against any pris
oner, are also requested and commanded
to be then and there attending in their pro
per persons to prosecute against him, as
* shall be juet—and not to depart without
leave at their peril. Jurors are requcsti
ed to be punctual in their attendance, n
the time appointed agreeable to their no
Given under my hand at Blooinsburg the
Ist Jay of August, in the year of our
J.ord one thousand eignt hundred and
lifiy-scvcn, and the Independence ol the
United States of America the 81st.
(God save the Commonwealth.)
Register's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given to all legs
r.. tees, creditors and other persons interested
i in the estates of the respective decedents
bnd minors, thrn the following adminis
tration accounts have been filed in the of
fice of the Register qf Columbia county,
and will be presented fbr confirmation and
alloWhnce to the Or) hans' Court, to be
held at ftloonisburg, in the county afore
asid, on Wednesday, the ttili day of Sep
tember next, at 2 o'clock, P. M :
1. The Anal account of George Appleman,
Guardian of Abraham Patterson, a minor
child ol Aaron Patterson, late of Greenwood
township, deceased.
2. The account of John Frea, Guardian of
Klieha Knorr, a minor child of l'eler Knorr,
fate of Btiarcrerk township, deceased.
3. The account of John Kreas, Guardian of
Caroline Knorr, a minor child of Jacob Knorr,
late of lhiarrreek township, deceased.
4. The final account of VVm. Miller, Adm'r
ol Frederick Miller, late of Mountpleasunt
township, deceased.
6. The account of Anna M'ttrlde. F.Xecu'
Irix of Thomas M'Bride, luie of Madison
township, deceased.
G. The final account of Solomon Neyht-rd,
Guardian of George W. Zcigler,u minor child
of Benjamin Zeigler, and lata grand child of
Felix Linn, deceased.
7. The account of John Staley, Adm'r of
Frederick Kuouee, late of Jackson township,
8. The account of Samuel Melick, Guar
dian of l'armeha Hagenbuch, daughter ol
Wm. Hngenbuch, end grand child of John
Diilenbender, deceased.
9. The account of Levi Aikmanond Frank
lin Moßride, Admr's. of John Old, lato of
Hemlock township, deceased.
10. The account of Michael Philips, Adm'r
of Wm. J, Jones, late of Locust township, de
21. The account of Samuel Kiner, Adm'r
ol Elizabeth Welliver, late ot Madison twp.,
12. The account of Jonathan J. Hogeland
nml VVm. M. Hogeland, Admr's ol John
Hogeland, late ol Locust township, dea'd.
13 The account ol Samnel Meors, Adm'r
of Ellen Miller, late of lloaringcreek town
ship, dee'd.
14 The account of Samuel Creasy and S.
B. Bowman, Admr's ot Samuel A. Bowman,
late of Mifflin township, dee'd.
REGISTER'S Orricr, Register.
Blooomsbnrg, Aug. 11, 1857.'
BY vittue of a writ of venditioni exponas to
me directed there will be exposed tg
public sale at the Court-house in Blooms
SEPTEMBER next, at 1 o'clock, P. Al., the
following real estate, to wit :
Three traols of Land with the water power
appurtenant, Ihe first tract situate in Scott
township, Columbia county, containing
SO Acres and 89 Perches
he the seme more or less, and all of which
is improved land, bounded and described us
follows, to wit: On the north by land of Pe
ter Schug and John Eat: on the south by land
of Samuel Melick; on the east by tho road
leading from Light Street to Orangeville; on
the west by land of John White and othets,
whereon are erected a
a two story frame dwelling house, a frame
barn, five one story dwelling houses and a
K'able with Ihe appurtenances.
Tho second tract situate iu Scott township,
in said county, containing
17 Acres and 4 Perclics
strict measure, be the same more or less,
bounded and described as follows to wit:—'
On the north by laud of John White; on the
south by land of John While and other lands
of Samuel I. Bettle; on ihe east by lands of
John White, John Ent and other land of
Samuel L. Bettle with the appurtenances.
The third tract situate it) Mt. Pleasant town
ship, and county aforesaid containing
4 Acres and 96 Perches
be the same more or less, all of which is im
proved, bounded on the norm by land of
John "White; on the south by the same; OD
the wmt by the same, and on Ihe east by
Peter Schug and John Ent; also, on all, that
two story frame store and store house and
lot of ground, situate in Light Street, Scott
townsnip, in said county, bounded on the
east by a road leading from Light Street to
Orangeville, on the west by other lands of
Samuel L. Bettle, on the north by an alley,
on the 6outh by lots of Charles & William
Sbannou,'containing sixty feet front and one
hundred and fifty feet in depth, and number
ed on Ihe plan of said town No. 3. Also,
all thai certain tot ol ground situate in Light
Street, Scott township, in said county, con
taining sixty feel front and on* hundred and
fifty leet in depth, and numbered in plan of
said town No. 4, bounded on the east by a
road leading from Light Street to Orangeville,
on the west by other lands of Samuel L. Bet
tle, on the- south by an alley, and on the
north by Johnson, whereon are erected
a two story frame dwelling house, a frame
eiabte with Ihe appurtenances.
Seized and takec in execution as the prop
erly of Samnel L. Bettle.
Bloomaburg, Angusl 1, 1857. j
of porper & desirable forms, fo- sale at Ihe
office of the "Star of the North."
I&f USIJftB a yard wide for 8 cents, and
A" good prints for 6J cents jnst received
by A. C. MENSCH.
A Farm within Ike reach of every Man.
has made arrangements by which all
who desire to settle or purchase a home ban
do so.
The Farms consist of the best limestohg
soil of the most superior qustliy for terming,
in e rapidly improving place, into which an
extfenmc emigration is now pouring. The
property is located in Elk Conniy, Pennsyl
vania, in the midtt of a thriving population
of some 10,000. The climate is perfectly
heelthv, end the terrible plague of the west
fever Is unknown. It also has an abundance
of Ihe best quality of Coal ai,d Iron. The
price to buy it out is from {3 to S2O per acre,
payable by installments, to be iocateJ at the
time of purchasing, or a sharo of twon'y-five
sc.os entitling to locate the tame for S3OO,
payable $6 per month or 134 acres payable $4
per month. Discount for every sum o r SIOO
and under, paid In advance, eod for ovej SIOO
a die ;ount of 10 per cent.
In considering the advantages of emigrating
to this locality the following are presented:
Fihst —The soil is a rich limestone,capable
of raising the heaviest crops, owing to
thia settlement has obtained its present great
bucoirii—lt is llih centre of .he great North
West Coal Basic, aud is dealinrd soon to be
come one of the greatest business i laces in
the State. It will supply Ihe greet Lake mar
ket, (according to the population and travel
the greatest in the Union.) It has five work
able veihaof the beat Bituminous coal, smount
mg in the aggregate to over 22 feet, which
makes 23,000 tons of coal under each acre.
This will make the lat-d of inestimable value.
The eminent geologist Dr. Chaa. T. Jackson
of Boston,has made a geological survey of the
land, and analysed the coal, the iten ore arid
limestone. This report together with maps
will be furnished to inquirers. *
FoonTH —Three Railroads arc laid out thro'
ibis property. The Bunburv and Eno Railroad
gives us a market for our coal lo tho lakes—it
runs from Erie to Philadelphia. A large part
of the Road has licen finished, end is now in
tunning order. A heuvy force is now working
from Erie towards our land ill the western di
rection, the means for the completion of which
has been rat-oJ, it will soon lie finished. The
Allegheny Valley JRailroad connects us with
New York, Buston aud Pittsburg. The Ve
nango Road connects us with Ihe West.
There are already good Turnpiho Roads
running through this propcity, various other
roeds have been opened lo accommodate the
rmrgration end settlement which has eliendy
taken place.
There is no opportunity equal to it now of
fered to the man who wants to provide himself
a home tn on easy way, and make a settlement
where he ran live in prosperity and independ
ence in a climate Perfectly Healthy.
No case of fever ever having been knawn to
orrur in this settlement. It is not like goiug
to the backbonds of the West, among perhaps
intolerant people, where there is no society,
rhurchcs, or schools, where the price of land is
high, end where the emigrant, after being used
to the healthiest climate in lite world, has to
endure sirkness end pain, and perhaps ruins
his health and that of bis family. But here is
u thriving settlement hovuig thiec towns, con
taining churches, sellouts, hotels, stores saw
railis, grist mills, and everything desired. There
is a (osh market ul hulid. The lum!>er trade
last yroi amcUntcd to ovor two hundred million
feet of lumber, tit a short time, owing lo the will become still more valuable as a
number of ironworks tihd manufactories will
Htiun be started; they are al present starling
them extensively at Wutreti. Even for those
who do not wish to go there, ihe payments
aru such that they can easily buy a farm lo
save their rising families from want in the
future, or to gain a competence by the rise
which will take pluce in the value of lands.
By an outlay scarcely missed, a substantial
provision can be made.
Persons shoold make early application,"ap
ply or write to E. Jeffries. Secretary, No. ISS
Walnut Street, bolow Fifth, Philadelphia.—
Letters carefully answered giving full infor
Shares or tracts of land can be bought or
secured by letter enclosing the first install
ment of five dollars, when the subscriber will
be furnished with hooks, maps, &c. War
rantee Deeds given. 'Persons can also pur
chase from our Agents.
Routo from Philadelphia to Tyrone on the
Pennsylvania Central Railroad, and thence
by stage lo the land. This is a delightful
season to visit St. Mary's— the best hotel ac
commodation is afforded. Enquire for E. C.
Shultr, Esq., the Agent for the property at St.
PRIZE. One ot the largest and best lit
erary papers of the day.
Terms of Subscription, $2 per Year.
And a GIFT will bu presented to each sub
scriber immediately on receipt of the sub
scription money.
Each subscriber will be entitled to a Gift
worth from SI to SSOO in Gold.
3 copies for 1 year, $3.00
15 do 1 do 15.00
1 Package containing SSOO in Gold
10 Gold Patent Lever English
Hunting Cased Watches SIOO Each.
j5 it u i 75 it
25 " Gold Watches 60 "
100 " " " " 60 "
300 Ladies' " " 35 "
100 Silver Hunting Caved Watohes 25 "
200 " Watches 10 to 20 "
500 Gold Vest, Guard & Fob
Chains 10 to 30 "
5000 Gold Lockets 2to 10 ''
Gold Rings—Ear Drops—
Broaches—Breast Pius—Stnds
Cuff Pins—Sleeve Buttons &c. f to to 15eacb.
Immediately on the receipt of the sub
scription money, the subscriber's name wit
be entered upon our subscription book, op
posite a number, and the gift corresponding
with that number will be forwarded to his
or her address by mail or express, post paid.
Address, BECKET & CO„
Publishers, 92 Moffat's Buildings, New York.
Augusr 2, 1857.
JJPoulJbUaa# 533 lie®
THE subscriber will offer at Public
Sale et Bloomsburg, ort TUESDAY, the
Bth day of SEPTEMBER next, at 1 o'-
clock, P. M., his HOUSE AND LOT at
the East end of Hopkinsville. The lot is
50 feet in front and 198 feet deep; and
the house a convenient new Brick dwell
ing, There is a good pump close to the
house, and desirable fruit trees on the lot,
which is well improved,
Bloomsburg, Aug. 11, 1857,
Reach Haven, Aug. Sst, 'ST. J
MR. EDITOR :—The amount of tolls receiv
ed at this office are as follows:
Previously reported, . . . $60816 15
July, ......... 27158 71
Total, *87974 86
Respectfully submitted,
JOHN S. FOLLMER, Collector.
A LARGE LOT of Thibet Shawls jnst re
ceived and for sale by
Of Jokn Alien, late of Madison tounulup,
Columbia County, deceased.
Yob and each of you am heieby notified
that at the laat term of tho Orpban'a Court of
Colombia bounty the pepition of David Al
len on* of the aons and deviseea of the said
John Allen deceased was presented to the
aaid court praying for the sale of the follow
ing real estate of the said decedent to wit:
A lot of ground in Jerseytown in Madison
township, situate on the Main road or street
of aaid town adjoining lot of John Swisher,
lot or lota belonging to Dr. Rossel Porks ard
others, containing one acre ot land on which
is erected a two story frame dwelling house
and frame stable:
Also one other lot of land in said town sit
uate on said Main road or street, adjoining
land of John Swisher and James Stout, being
a town lot.
Also two other contiguous town lots situ
ate in said town on said Main Street and ad
joining lot of John Pension and others;
And tine outlbl of land siluale on the road
leading from Jerseytown to Millville contain
ing about three end one half acres adjoining
land of John Swisher, Abraham Brodt ana
others:—which said property was on Ihe
21st day ol November, A. D., 1846, accept
ed by Robert Templeton Allen and awarded
to him at the valuation and appraisement of
an inquisition held thereon, and the Orphan's
Court of Columbia county on the 21st of
August, A. D., 1847, vucated the decree so
awarding the said real estate; so that the
same remains unaccepted by any of devisees
aud unsold. And it is prayed in the said
petition that the said real estate may be or
dered by the Court to be sold st public sale
on the premises on a day certain on the fol
lowing terms and conditions: twenty iter cent.
I at me striking aown ot ine property, one
half of the remainder on the first day of
April, 1868, and the other half thereof on the
first day of April, 18S9, with interest from
lite first day -of April next: —and a rule has
been grained by tho said Court upon the
heirs and devisees of Juhn Allen deceased
to show cause, if any they have, by the first
day of next term why tho order of sale
should not be granted, of which you will
hereby take notice.
Siuriff's Office, j Sheriff.
Blooinsburg, July 6, 1857. j
Public Sale of Valuable Real Estate.
THE undersigned Executor of the estate
of Wesley Roat deceased will offer al pub
lic sale upon the premises on SATURDAY,
o'clock, I'. M., the farm belonging to the said
estate, siiuato in Hemlock township, Colum
bia couuty, containing
1 *2.1 Acres A 37 Perches,
and adjoining lands of Hugh Mcßride, Juhn I
Mcßoynolds, l'eler Appleman, Caleb Barton,
sen., and Sylvester I'tirsell. It is situate in
of Columbia county, two miles from Blooms
burg, and on the public highway leading to
Buckhorn. A branch of Hemlock Creek
passes through the premises, and the whole
farm is in a lair state of cultivation. The-im
provements ore a lurce new frame
a new and commodious fruine tenant house,
a latgo new bank burn, a new wagon-house,
and other outbuildings entirely new. I'os
session will be given on the Ist of April 1858.
Conditions will be made known on the day
of sale by WILLIAM NEAL,
Bloomsburg, July 20, 1857.
Public Sale of Heal Instate.
npHE subscriber will offer ut public sale up
on the premises on Saturday the sth day
of September next at 1 o'clock in the afternoon,
a tract of valuable larm land containing over
158:; ACRES,
of which about 30 acres is woodland and Ihe
balance newly cleared land in a good state
of cultivation. It lays within 2 miles below
the town of Catawissa, in a thickly settled
neighborhood, in Franklin township, Colum
bia county, adjoining lands of Jesse Cleaver.
Hamilton Clark, Daniel Zarr, Daniel Yelter
and Philip Seesholt/.. There is a public road
running through the farm, and the improve
ments on it are a new frame
and other outbuildings. There is n good
young orchard on the prrmines, a good pump
at Ihe door of the dwelling, a neverfailing
spring near the house, and a brook running
through the meadow. It is a pleasant and
desirable residence, and to a good farmer
can be made as profitable as it is pleasant.
QT Terms will be made known on the
day of sate by
Franklin township, July 21, 1857.
List ol* Letters
Remaining in the Post office m nionms
btiig, Fa., (or Ihe (Juaricr ending August
16th, 1857.
Brommer Adam Mcßrido M
Bridge George Pheoltn.Micltael
Beddow Wm Paitride John A
Bacon Septimus Smith John
Cornell Kebecca Souder Wm F
Davis Isaao Shaffer Frederick
Essex Balser Sbultz E P
Freeland J C Tumblinson P fl
Grammes Jonathan Wilson S L
HiIIESM Webber Simon
Haher John Worthington Wm
I Klink A C Wax Casper
King George M 2 Werlman Henfy
Long George J Richard Griffith )
Letvis H Morgan Price J g".
Lombard Frank Miller Bernard ) ?
Persona calling (or the above letters will
please say they are advertised.
August 17, 1857.
AN Agency for the sale ot these Machines
for this and the adjoining counties can be
secured on liberal terms by a personal appli
cation to the subscribers, 6th and Arch Sts.,
Philadelphia. No one need apply without
capital sufficient to conduot the business
properly, and without references as to relia
bility and capacity.
We possitively assert that these Machines,
for all purposes of
are in every respect superior to any Sewing
Machine in market, (no matter at what
prices they are held al) and will wherever
offered for sale command a roady and un
limited demand.
Philadelphia, Aug. 14, J857.-lm.
Messrs. hurley & lloyd, civil Kn
gineers, Surveyors ar.d Map Publishers,
are now in this place for the purpose or ma
king a thoroughly correct Property Map,
showing the Ground Plan ot every Building,
the size and shape of each Lot, with owners'
names, or initials, printed thereon, Colored,
Varnished and mounted on Canvas,, and Rol
lers, all complete. Price per copy, $5 pay
able on delivery of the Msp.
They are also prepared to make Surreys
and fnrnish Skeleton Maps of Farms, with
contents calculated and inserted thereon, of
any farm within a reasonable distance from
-0 m&nent curt ia guararWW in ill stages
of SECRET disease!, Self Abuae, Nervens
Debility, Striaturea, Gleetl, Gra'al, Mercurial
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Paine in the Ankles
and Bonee, Diaeaaea of (be Tbroat, Nose and
Eyes, Ulcera upon the Body, Female Irregu
larities, and all other improper discharges,
no matter of how long standing, or obstinate
the case, recovery ia certain, and in a shorter
time than a permvnent cure could be effect
ed by any other treatment, even after the
skill of the moat eminent physicians had
failed, and the disease resisted all other
means of cure. The remedies f( free from
odor causing neither sickness Bar inconve
nience, und withoat tnufturf or Balsam.—
During twenty years' practice, 1 Rave re
stored to heullb over seventeen thousand pa
tients, who were suffering under the worst
forms of all of the above mentioned dis
eases, which guarantees nte in promising a
perfect and moat speedy cnro. Secret dis
eases aretlie greatest enemies to health and
happiness, Us they are the first cause qf con
sumption, scrofula, fac., and should be a ter
ror to all nations dn the earth; Tor the dis
ease is becoming ho common, and treatment
so little understood, that a permanent oatre ia
scarcely eve: effected, as a majority of the
cases (all into the hands of incompetent par
sons, who not only fail to cure the malady,
but ruin the conatiibtldn with corrosive sub
limate—a dangeroua poison, a preparation
of mercury—which, with the remains of dis
ease in the system, produces many of the
above named affections, which finally termi
nate in consumption, and frequently a rapid
one ; but should it not cause death speedily,
and the victim to disease marries, the disease
is then conveyed Irom the patient to the chil
dren, oansing them to come into (he world
I wiih scrolols, affections <r xJ<o akin. eyes,
throat, &c., and again terminates in con
sumption, and consigns his victim to an un
timely grave, between the ages of six months
and thirty-five years. Self absnc is anoihei
formidable enemy to tibaith ; it destroys tlie
nervous system, rapidly wasting away the
energies of life, causing mental derange
ment, preventing a proper development o(
the system, and disqualifying its viciom for
marriage, society, business, and all earthly
happiness. Female Irregularities and other
diseases of females treated in the most skin
ful and scientific manner. Medicines, with
directions, sent to any part of the Uniteu
States and Canadas, by patients communica
ting their symptoms by loiter.
J. SUMMERVILLE, M. D., Box 53. Tost
Office ; Filbert Street, below Tenth, Phila
delphia, Fa.
•TJ Who ban bail 10 yet' experience its n
{"Hanker and Publisher, and nnthdr of
m A Series oj Lectures at the {{roadway Tuber
til node,
a when for-10 successive nights, over
ry 10,000 People jet
him with rounds til applause,
while he exhibited the manner in which
execute their frauds, and
■j the surest and shortest means of delecting
them !
5 The Bank Note Engravers all say
Q thai He is the Greatest Jinlgc of
Paper Monty /jiving.
® Greatest discovery of the present century
2 For Detecting roiinicrfeit Bank
g Notes.
? Describing every Genuine Hill in exis'-
®nooe, and exhibiting at a glance every
Counterfeit in Circulation!!
M Arranged admirably, that Reference is
Q easy and detection Instantaneous.
rtjT No index to examine! No pages to
2 hunt up! But so simplified and ar.
® ranged, that the Merchant, Bauk-
I er and Business Man can see
g all at a Glance.
English, French and German. I
Thus each may read th" name m his own Alt
live Tongue.
q Also a List of
A Complete Summary of the finance of
Europe and America will bo published in
.each edition, together With all the Iroport
fij ant news of the day. Also,
From an old manuscript found in the East.
1; furnishes the most complete
■ history of
4l Oriental Ufe,
~ In describing the most perplexing-posi
tj liens in which the Ladies and Gentlemen
■of that country have bean so often found.
These Stories will continue throughout the
*■ whole year, and will prove the hlost En
kJte.rtaining ever offered to the Public.
© Of Furnished Weekly to subscribers
© only, at Si a year. All letters must be ad
dressed to
H JOHN S. DYE, Broker.
£ Published and Proprietor, 70 Wall Street,
Q April 27, 1857. New York.
TERM, 1857.
Bloom—Charles Kahler, Hiram W. Brown.
Briercreek—Samuel Bowler, VVm. Slahl,
William Laman, Samuel Henry, Jacob Martz.
Benion—John C. Doty, John O. Dildine,
Abraham Young.
Beaver —Isaiah Longenberger.
Centre—William Hoffman, Geo. H.Kelch
Ftanklin—Joshua Mendenhall.
Fishingcreek—Naihan Fleckenstein, John
Creveling, Thomas Pealer.
Greenwood—Samuel Evans, Isaac Evans.
Jackson—Peler Hodge, Daniel Poust.
Locust—William Yeager.
Madison—James Kisner.
Orange—Samuel Achenbach.
Traverse Jurors for Sept. Terai, 'Hit
Bloom—E. P. Lota, William H. Jacoby,
Henry G. Phillips, L. S. Steinman.
Briercreek—Wm. Herrin, Joeiah Thomas.
Beaver—Charles F. Mann, Daniel Singley.
Benton—lsaac K. Krickbaum, John lkeler.
Centre—lsaac Hess.
Catawissa—Daniel Helwig.
Franklin—Christian Artley.
Fishingcreek—Peler P. Pealer.
Creenwood—Robert Robbins, Isaac Palton,
Isaao Lyon.
Hemlock—Franklin M'Bride, John Nevi
us, John Brugler.
Locust—Daniel Reinbold, Mark Williams.
Mt. Pleasant—Samuel Johnson, William
Howell, George Cavene.
Montour—John G. Quick, James Barton,
George Blecher.
Mifflin—Peler Longaberger.
Orange—David Herring.
Pine—John Leggit.
Mowry, Elijah C.
Sugarloaf—Samuel'Parks, Josiraa Brink.
BOOK BINDER, has located id Bloomß
burg, where he will bind booka, period
icals and pamphlets in any desirable style
and manner; and at reasonable prices. He
will bind newspapers and magazine*, plain,
in library style or iq morocco ornamented.
He has his place of business in Hopkins
ville with Mr. F. Isler.
Bloomsburg, July 13, 1857.
HATS AND CAPS on hand and for aala at
the Arcade hy
May 27, 57 A. C. MENBCH.
aa\ir tjpza Sf
MXfOULD call the attention of all thoae who wish to buy good goods in his line, {hit lie has
" just replenished his (already} large and well selected assortment of the following arti
cles, viz.-—Drugs, Medicines, Oils, Paints, Varnishes, Glass, Dyeituffa, Confeclionaries, Per
fumery, fancy soaps and toilet articles generally; Cigars and Tobacco of every variety and
brand, Harrison's Inks wholesale and retail at the manufacturer's prices, PURE WINES AND
BRANDIES for mediciitnl use only. Trusses, Shoulder Braces and Abdominal Supporters,
Paint, Varnish and Tooth Brushes: also agent for most of the popular Patent Medicines of ihe
day. Toys, and ail endless variety ot uselul aod lulicy notions not here enumerated. Physi
cian's ! inscriptions and Fumily Medicines put up carefully and at short notice. Glass Cutting
done to order at the old stand K. P. LUTZ.
Bloomsbutg, April 8, 1857.
Having added to the fixtures of the "STAB" Office good and extensive JOBBING MATERI
AL, is prepared to oxecme nil kinds of JOB PRINTING in llio
best CITY STYLE, and at short notice.
Certificates of Stock anil Brposite,
Constitutions for Societies,
Hank Checks, Protnissort/ Notes,
Hail lioail anil other 'Pickets,
Catalogues, Paper Books, Bill-lltads, Check Rolls, Plain anil Fancy Cards,
Business and other Circulars, Posters Plain and in Colors.
Can be Procured at the "Star" Job Office,
The publio arc invited to call and see specimens, as we are determined to morit patron
age by strict attention to business and supeiiur workmanship.
New arrival of Spring and Summer Goods !
HAVF. just received and opened their stock of merchandize for Spring and Summer Hales,
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assorlmnt t now
offered in this TOWN! Having paid great attention to the selection of tiieir entire stock,
as to price and quality, they flatlet themselves that I hoy cart compete with the cheapest,
and all those wishing to buy cheap, can save money by giving us a call. We have all
kinds of Gouds and Wares to supply the want.* of the People. A very large lot of
French merinoes, wool plaids, alp&cas, Bombazines, de bages, poplins, parametta cloths
mohair lustres, muslin de laines, Persian cloths, Ginghams, Calicoes, &c.
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieves. Collars, Spencers, handkerchiefs.
Bouncings, bands and trimmings, laces and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vol
vet ribbons, and braids, kid, cotlpn, and lisle thread gloves, mohair mitts, &c.,
All kinds of SHAWLS, brocke, Bay Slate, Walerville, black silk, cashmere, F.tnbroder
lad, &c. Also a very large assortment of cloths, cassimers, saltinelts, vestings, tweeds;
! jeans, beaver cloths, coaling vnlvet, Stc.
We have a large assortment ol llats and Caps of latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Cedurvvare, &c. Very cheap carpets, carpet bags, floor, table and car
riage oil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, towelnigs,
drillings, &c., in abundance.
We invite our friends and lite public generally to give us a call before purchasing else
where. We have bought ourgoods at Lowest Cash' Prices and will not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest of mankind.
Bloomsburg, April 15, 1857.
New Arrival of Fall and Winter Goods.
INVITES attention to his slock of cheap and fasliionale vlotbing at his storeon Market
: street, two doors above the "American House," where he lias a full assortment of men
| and boy's wearing apparel, including
gox, sack, frock, gum and oil cloth coats of all sorts and sizes, pants of all colors, shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, stocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
and fancv articles.
N. B. "He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
the best manner. All his clothing is made to wear, and most of it is of home manufac
Bloomsburg, April 1, 1857.
HAS just received and opened a full and
large assortment
which he will sell at the lowest living profit.
His slock embraces stella, thibel and crape
shawls, barege, barege delaines, tissues,
lawns, debegeß, crape orientals, alpaccas, Btc
SILKS.—A very handsome assortment of
striped, plain, plaid and black silks, which
he intends to sell at very reduced prices.
An immense stock of embroiJeries, such
as embroidered handkerchiefs, collars, spen
cers. sleeves, SwissUtnd jaconet edgings and
insetlings, linons, cotton and thread laces,
flouncing* and embroidered curtains.
DOM ESTlCS—Muslins, drillings, tickings,
checks, osnabnrgs, baggings, ginghams, ffati
nuls, table diaper and ready-made bags.
Men and Boys' Wear.
Cloths, cassitneres, vcslings, jeans, cotton
ades, denims, blue drillings, cotton plaids Sic.
A very large assortment of new style car
pets, snch as tapestry, Brussels three ply, in
grain and Venetian oil cloths, of art widths.
A large assortment of Ladies' & Children*'
Shoes, which he will sell very cheap.
A lot of fresh sugars, molasses, Igjif J
Sic. Also Hardware
Crockery and Wooden ware.
GF" Flour and Feed always lor sale at the
lowest market prices for cash.
Bloomsburg, April 29, 1857.
Trial List for Sept. Term 1857.
1 William Koons vs. George L Kline, et. al.
2 William Koons vs. George L. Kline.
3 Joseph Stackhouse w. Gilbert Fowler.
4 Adam Stroup jr. et al vs. 1.. B. Rupert et al.
5 Adam Stroup jr. et al vs. L. B. Rupert et al.
6 Thomas Parker vs. John H. Parker.
7 George L. Kline vs. Moses Collrnan.
8 Isaac Brown vs. Robert J. Lyon.
9 William Robtson vs. Wilson Agar.
10 Jacob Schuyler vs. Wilson Ager.
11 Fletcher B. Dodaon vs. William Long.
12 Catharine Tanner vs. John D. Weaver.
13 Adam Gable vs. Engle Fox adm'r.
14 Jonathan Mosteller vs. Stephen Baldy.
15 Christian Heist vs. Daniel Gieger.
16 Wm. Hopper vs. Edmond Crawford et al.
17 George Fetterman w. Solomon Fetterman.
18 Marten Mowry N Thomas Stackhonse.
19 Gilbert Fowler vs. Daniel Fowler'a Ex.
20 Daniel Koetenbader et al W. David Hani*
21 Wm. Rittenliouse w. Samuel F. Headley.
22 Jas. Ralston t. James Ralston jr.'s admr.
23 David Hildebiant vs. Benjamin Faux.
24 I). L. Wintcrstecn etalt'J. Christian Sau mail.
25 William Bobiton vs. Wm. Edgar.
26 Jas. S. Woods, adm'r of John Lazarus t\.
Catharine Lazarus.
27 Reuben W. Weaver vs. Willam Motz.
28 Thomas Marks w Clark B. Steward.
29 William Courad vs. Daniel L. Smith.
ANF-W lot of cheap mualina and print*
just received bjr ratlroadand for sale or
era EEJ s_3d a
Lir/crno County, Pa.
THK Trustees of this Institution respectfully
announce, that it will he openrJ for the
reception of Pupils, of hoth seres, on Monday.
October !40th next, under the immediate care of
Pr-f. JAMES ANDERSON, as Principal.
Mr. A. ia a gentleman of extensive acquire,
menu, and enlarged experience as ait educator,
and has been connected with the most popular
"High SchooP' of Bucks (Jo. for several years.
He is also well and favorably known as a con
tributor to some of our leading educational peri
Will comprise Orthography, Definitions, Read
ing, Penmanship, Etymology, Geography, Eng.
Grammar, Composition, Arithmetic Algebra,
Geometry. Mensuration, J'lane and Spherical
Trigonometry, Surveying, Navigation, Astron.
nmy, &c. Book Keeping, History, Physiology,
Natural, Intellectual, and Moral Philosophy,
and Chemistry.
Classes in the French, Spanish £ Latin
I.anguages will be formed as oarly as practica
ble, and Instruction on Piano-Forte will be
given if dpsired,
WEEKLY LECTURES on the Natural
Sciences, illustrated by appropriate apparatus
will also I e ifiven.
SPECIAL ATTENTION will be paid to
young Ladies and Gentlemen destguing to qual
ify themselves as Teachers.
FOUR, FIVE and SIX Dollars per Quarter
in accordance with the studies pursued, pat able
one half in and the balance attheclose
of the Qustter.
GOOl) BOARD can be had tn the village at
a moderate price.
OF" -Mr, A. will deliver an address on Physi
cal, Intellectual and Moral education, oo the
day of commencement, when his method of
imparting instruction will be illustrated, and
the discipline nd management of the chool,
fully explained.
Parents, Guardians, and the friends of educa
tion generally, arc cordially invited to be pres
Columbus, Sept, 4, 1856. Trustees.
Public Sale of Krai Estate.
IN pursuance of an order of tbe Orphans'
Court of Columbia county, on Saserday. ;
the 29ih day of August next, at 10 o'clock in ■
the forenoon, Michael Federorf and Mary
Mowry administrator of Michael Mowry late j
of Roaringcreek township, in said county, j
deceased, will expose to sale by pubhc t<u-}
due upon the premises a cenain
nituate in the township of Calawisea, in the
said count!. adjoining lands of Jacob Dram
heller, Philip Uotsholl, widow Dax.s, and
others, containing
more or lea*, whereon are erected a log house
and barn. Late the estate of said deceased
si.uate in the twp of Catawisaa and coeaty
aiiusnid. JACOB EYIIKU.
Vtcanufcreek Judy ?9.'??. C*r4 1
iitrku Ssftty-PaMr Manraciar.
ingCtfftpaaj ef New fork.
CAPITAL 9000,000.
A. NICHOLAS, PretuUnt. . A
Office, TO Well Street.
A Perfect Security again*! aO manner
of Fraud or counterfeiting on paper.
To prevent Photographs and Ana*-
tatic Counterfeit*, JErasuret, Trdh*-
fcr* or Alteration*. . ~ ,
TjfAVING purchased (he I'alenl for the ex
elusive right tn manufacture end sell the
new Chemical I'nper in America, invented
end patented ir. blnptend by Uaary GUno< e
celebrated chemist abd officer in (he Briiieh
army, il in hardly necessary lo ray fliel the
Paper is recommended hy Mr. Kent, Ax.ayer
nl the United Stole* Mini, Mr. Lyman ol the
New York Clearing House, and Meade
Brothers, ex tensive ami skilful photographers,
233 Broadway, New York. The lallur -say
thai no imitation cat by made 011 a check or
bank note printed m. the Safely Paper. Be
low is nut list of priuea
Bank Checks—33 era per lb. .
Hunk Bills—#)8 lor 1000 sheets
Hills ol Exchange— #25 for lUUO shouts.
Promissory Notes—4</cut. per lb,
Sight & Time Drafts—s2s lor 1000 sheet*
Insurance I olthiee—46 ol* tier lb.
Railroad Slocks & Bonds—lot:(. per lb.
Bank snd Stale Slocks—4o cis. per lb.
Bonds and Mortgages—to cis. per lb.
Wills and Deeds—4o cis. per lb.
For wrapping Silks and oiber fine articles
it is excellent, as il prevents mollis. 40 era
a lb.
For Indentures and AgfeCmeftta. fo cents
per It).
All State and County Records should al
ways ba printed or vrtinen on tliia paper, am
the chemicals inserted in the pulp not only
prevent erasure or transfer, but make 11 last
ing as lime. .
for Southern Climatos it is excellent, and
muth anterior to any other; as tne inoistneas
ol the climate doesnol destroy ii,*-the prop
erties inserted in lha pulp being a preventive
In all the southern states, Cuba, the West In
dies and the Central American Slates, no
public tScOrds can be kupt over 20 years,
writien on the ordinary paper, whi'e the oija
and chemicals inserted in this paper makes
11 indestructible by trie ravages of lime. It
is also proof attairt't moth*, rats and other ver
min, which least on and destroy all other pa
per now in use
The Company have now in operation Mills
in Morris County, N. J., of about 300 horse
power, and are able to (ill all orders for pa
per at the shortest notice.
All orders for the paper must be addreisad
to A NICHOLAS, President of Ihe Company,
No 70 Wall Siyeet, New Yu/6.
August 5, 1857.—3 m.
IT AS established a greater celebrity than
*•* has ever been obtained by any otbor
This has been the result of its marked sit
periorily in quality, and its invariable uni
The public, may be assured of the conlinu
ance of the h yh standard now established.
The production is over Twenty Tone daily
and Ihe demand has extended throughout itjo
whole ol the United State*, and to forei->u
Working thns on a very large scale, and
under a rigid system, they are able lo secure
a perfect and uniformity in inequality tnrough
out the year. This is ;he great Desideratum
in, and n realized now for
ihe first time.
The very bestslaroli lhat can be made,and
no other , is always warted by consumer*,
and while this will be supplied to them by
the grocers as soon as their cu-torners have
learned which is the best, and a-k for it—
olh -rwise they would be likely to gel that
article on which the largest profit can be
Mr. Kingsford has l.ecn engaged in tb3
manufacture of s'arch continuously for thb
last 27 years, and during Ihe whole of tho
period, the starch mada under his supervis
ion has been, bevond any question, the
in the market. For the first 17 years, ho had
the charge of the work'ol Wm. Colgate A
Co., at which period he invented the process
of ihe manufacture of corn starch.
Atkjor KmgtfitttTi Starch, or tlu name
Oiirego has recently hem taken ly another fac
(For Pwidihgs, the,)
Has obtained an equal celebrity with their
Siarcli for the laundry. This article is per
fectly pore, and is, in everr respect, equal to
the best Fermcda Arrow-Root, besides hav
ing additional qualities which render it inval
uable for ihe dessert.
Potato Starch ha* been extensively packed
and sold a* Corn fcarch, and has given false
impressions to many, as to the real merits of
our Com Starch.
From its great delicacy and purity, it it
coming a.-o into extensive use as a die! lot
infants and invalids.
E. N. KELLCGG A CO., Agents.
196 pulton Street, N. Y.
23 South Wbarves, Philad'a
July 23, ISs7—3m
pROI'OSALS will be received at Diemer's
* Furnace on Wednesday, the 16 hof Sep
tember rext, until 2 o'clock, P. 51., of eanl
day; for building an open trnss bridge over
fjotsringcreek near YOder's Mill, in Locust
township. The bridge to be 65 feet longj
between the abctmjnts, 16 feet wide from
oot to out, and S feet above low water mark.
Proposals wiil alo be received at the hose*
cfJohu Hess io Fishingcreek township on
Friday, the lsth of September next, orBf! 2
o'clock, P. 5!., of said day, for building an
open truss bf.dge over Huntingdon Creek,
near the house of dohn Hess io Ftshlngcreek
township. This bridge isto be 10? feet'oeg,
with a pier ia ihe middle, 16 feet wide from
out to oof, and 9 leet above low water mark.
Plana and specifications of bosh bridge*
can be seen on the days of the le'tieg
7?y order cf the County Crmoussfoaeri.
Com mission ex's Office, I Clerk.
Bloom'burg Aoeust 5. 1337. )
NOTICE is hereby given thit letters ol ad
ministration upou the estataof Th >.was dl,
late of Mountp!ea*al township, Columbia
county, deceased. have twee gvamsd t- thw
unde (signed residing also in Metiep,wsan>
township. AH persons iadehfsd ro as eat#
eta e ate requested to make paymeet woke-
out delay, and iftose Pacing accounts aeaisit
i tbe estate to them 'or gasmen) to
Mt rieasani. Aug !. 1557.
A ew rompceet agects wan ed (or the
, CcwLF'tkrwx Utocntfit CKJ Uatory
and modem tf lit H'MM. fry $. G woodcice,
(Peter Parte j); basdsoioe.i oontvi and pce
, tuselT illustrated. ffare $3. Soai whr he
! Agents. tc eoosa ret* iadeceeette ate oAt
; ed. Address.
No tTt WdUaea Street. New Yarit
LARGE kx of Ko l.t. J J Mawirei, ataeu
White rb. C-d Fbsh aod Mertac, jerf
teceieed and fee toio hy
1 May f. > T A C MRNSTfi.