The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, August 19, 1857, Image 3

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NOTICE is hereby given that,the
several Courts of Commom Pleas, Gen
ernl Quarter Sesuioas of fbe Peace, gnd
Orphans* Court, Court of Oyer and
Terminer and Jail Delivery, In and for
the County of Columbia, to commence at
THC'DRAJI lAI'SI IN Jtiobataauue, As
Mohdai/ the THi Bay of September next,
The Coroner, Justices of the Peace &
Constables, in and for the county of Co
lumbia,aye requested to be then and there
in their proper persons, with their roils,
records, inquisitions, and other remem
brances, to do those things to their sev
eral offices appertaining to be done.
And till witnesses prosecuting in behalf
of the Commonwealth against any pris
oner, are also requested and commanded
to be then and there attending in their pro
per persons to prosecute against him, as
shall be just—nnd not to depart without
leave at their peril. Jurors are request!
cd to he punctual in their attendance, a
the time appointed agreeable to their no
Given under my hand at Bloomsburg the
Ist Jay of August, in the year of our
Lord one thousand eignt hundred nnd
fifty-seven, and the Independence ol the
United States of America the Blst.
(God save the Commonwealth.)
Register's .Notice-
NOTICE is hereby given lo all lega
tees, creditors and other persons interested
in the estates of tiie respective decedents
and minors, that the following adminis
tration accounts have been filed in the of
fice of the Register of Columbia county,
and will be presented for confirmation and
allowance to tiie Or) bans' Court, to be
held at Hloomsburg, ia the county afore
said, on Wednesday, tho Dili day of Sep
tember next, at 2 o'clock, P. M :
civ The final account of George Appleman,
Guardian of Abraham Patterson, a minor
child ol Aaron Patterson, lato of Greenwood
township, deceased.
2. The account of John Frea, Guardian of
Elisha Knorr, a minor child of Peter Koorr,
late of Briarcreek township, deceased.
3. The accoant of John Freas, Guardian of
Caroline Knorr, a miner child of Jacob Knorr,
late of Briarcreek township, deceased.
4. The final account of Wm. Millei* Adm'r
of Frederick Miller, late of Mouatpleasanl
tow tis.'wp, deceased.
6. The account of Anna M'Bride, Execu
trix of Thomas Al'Bride, lata of Madison
township, deceased.
6. The final account of Solomon Neyhsrd,
Guardian of George W. Zeigler.a minor child
of Benjamin Zigler, and late grand child of
Felix Linn, deceased.
7. The accouut ol John Sialey, Adm'r of
Frederick Kuouse, late ol Jackson township,
8. The account of Samuel Alelick, Guar
dian of Purmelia Hagenbucb, daughter ol
Wm. Ilsgcnbuch, and grand child of John
Bittenbender, deceased.
9. The account of Levi Aikman and Frank
lin Moßride, Admt's. of John Ohl, lato of
Hemlock township, deceaeed.
10. The account of Aliohaei Philips, Adm'r
of Wm. J. Jones, late of Locust township, de
21. The account of SamneHfisner, Adm't
of Elizabeth YVelliver, late ol Madison twp.,
12. The account of Jonathan J. Hogeland
and Wm. M. .Iloggland, Admr's of John
Hogeland, late of Looust township, dee'd.
13. The account ul Samuel Mears, Adm'r
of Ellen Millet, lale of ftoaringcreek town
ship, dee'd.
14. The account of Samuel Creasy and S.
U. Bowman, Admr's of Samuel A. Bowman,
late of M'fllia township, dee'd.
Blooomsburg, Aug. 11, 1857. }
ITY virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas to
me directed there will be exposed lo
Cubtio svlo at the Court-house in Blooms
SEPTEMBER next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., (he
following real estate, to wit:
Three tracts of Land with the water power
appurtensnt, the first tract situate in Scon
township, Columbia county, containing
SO Acres and 80 Pcrcltcs
he the sauce more or less, and all of which
is improved land, bounded and described as
follows, to vyit: On the north by land of Pe
ter Sch'lg and John Ent; on the south by land
of Samuel Melick; ou the cast by the road
leading from Light Street to Orangeville; on
the west by laud of John While and olbeis,
whereon are erected a
a two story frame dwelling house, a frame
barn, five one story dwelling bouse* and a
b'uble with the appurtenances.
The second tract situate in Seolt township,
in said county, containing
17 Acrciaiid 4 Perches
strict measure, be the same more or less,
hounded aud described as follows to wit:—
On the north by land of John While; on the
south by land of John While and other lands
of Samuel L Bettle; on the east by lands of
John Whits, John Eat sad other land of
ISamuel L. Buttle with the appurtenances.
Tbe third tract situate in Mt. Pleasant town
ship, and county aforesaid containing
4 Acres and 66 Perches
be ibesame more oi less, all of which is im
f roved, bounded on the norm by land of
ohn White; on the esoth by rbom| •>
the west by the same, and on tbe east by
Peter Sctiug and John Ent; also, on all, thai
two story lrame store and store house and
lot of ground, situate in Light Street, Scott
lownsnip, in said county, bounded on the
east by a road leading from Light Street lo
Orangeville, on the west by other lands of
Samuel L. Bettle, on the north by an alley,
on the south by lots of Charles & William
Shannon, containing sixty feet front u| one
hundred and fifty teet in depth, and number
ud on the plan of said town No. 3. Also,
all that certain lot ol ground' situate ia Light
Street, Scott township, in county, con
taining sixty feet front and one hundred tnd
fifty teetin depth, and numbered in plan of
said town No. 4, bounded on the cast by a
road leading from Light Street to Orangeville,
tin the weet by other lands of Samuel L. Bot
tle, on the south by an alley, and on the
north by Johnson, wbereon are erected
n two story lrame dwelling house, a frame
stable with the appurtenances.
Seized and taker, in execution as the prop
erty-of Samnel L. Bettle.
SHERIFT'S Ovrrcc, > Sheriff.
Bloomsburg, August I, 1857. |*
of poxper & desirable forjns, fc sale at the
office of the "Star of the North."
AN ASSORTMENT of confeotionary, jew
elry, Perfumery soups, hair oils, Sec.,
Pomades. I" be had at
C. CLARK'S Book Store
A Farm within the reach of every Man,
has made arrangement* by which all
who desire lo settle or purchase a home can
do so.
The Farms consist of the feet limestong
soil of tho most superior quality for farming,
in o rapidly improving -place, Into which an
extensive emigration is now pouring. The
property is located in Elk Coneiy, Ptnnsyl
vsnia, in the midst of a thriving population
of some 10,000. The climate is perfectly
hcalthv, and the terrible plague of-the west
fever le Unknown, ir eleo fcat'aa dkwndaneo
of the best quality of Coal and'lron. The
price to buy it out is from $3 lo (3D per acre,
psyablo by installments, to be locateJ at the
time of purchasing,or a share of twenty-five
actes entitling to locate tho same for $3OO,
payable $6 per month or 12} acres payable $4
per month. Discount for every sum o r $lOO
and under, paid in advance, and for over $lOO
adit ;Ount of 10 per cent.
Inconsidering the advantages of emigrating
to (his locality the following are presented :
FIRST — The soil is e rich liraostone,capenlo
of raising the heaviest crops, owing to.
this settlement has obtained Its present great
Bvcomi—lt is the centre of ,he greet North
West Coal liasic, and is destined soon to be
come one of the greatest business ) laces in
the Stale. It will supply the great Lake mar.
kcl, (according to tho population and trivcf
the greatest in the Union.) It hasfivework.
able veioa of the best Bituminous coal, amnunt
rug in the aggregate to over 22 feet, which
makes 22,000 tons of cosl under each acre.
This will make the lat>d of inestimable value.
The eminent geologist Dr. Chat. T. Jackson
of Boston, has made a gcoiogi cal survey of the •
land, and analysed the coal, the iron ore SDJ
limestone. This report together with maps
will be furnished to inquirers.
FOURTH— Three Railroads are laid out thro'
thisproperty. The Honburv and Eiie Railroad
gives us s market for our coal to the lakes—it
runs from Erie to Philadelphia. A large part
of tho Road has been finished, and ia now in
running order. A heavy force is now working
from Erie towards our land in the western di
rection, the means for the complvtiou of which
has been rui-eJ, it will soon be finished. The
Allegheny Yalley 'Railroad connects as with
New York, Boston and Pitisburg. The Ve
nango Road connects us with the Weet.
Theie are olrcady good Turnpiko Roads
running through this property, various other
roads have been opened to accommodate the
emigration and settlement which has alieady
taken place.
There is no opportunity equal to It now of
fered to the man who wants to provide himself
a home in an rosy way, and make a settlement
where he can live in proeperitv and independ
ence in a climate Perfectly Healthy.
No case of fevor ever having been known lo
.occur in this settlement. It Is not like going
to the backwoods of the West, among perhaps
iMolerant people, where there is no society,
churches, or schools, where the price of land is
high, and where the emigrant, after being used
to the healthiest climate in tho world, ha* to
endure sickness and pain, and perhaps ruins
his health and that of his family. But here is
a thriving settlement having thiee towns, con
taining churches, snhnola, hotels, stores saw
mills, grist mills, ami everything desired. There
is a cash mmket at hand. '1 he luhther trade
last year amcunled to over two hundred million
feel of lumber. In a short time, owing to tho
coal, it will become still moio valuable as a
number of iron woiks and manufactories will
suon be Marled; they are at present starting
tbem extensively ai Wairen. Even for those
who do not wish to go there, die payments
are such that they can easily buy a far in lo
save their rising families from want in (lie
future, or <o gain a competence by the rise
which will lake place in the value nf lands.
By an outlay seareoly missod, a substantial
provision can be made.
Persons >ftrmt(l inirxe ewrty -
ply or write lo K. Jeffries, Secretary, No. 185
Walnut Stree:, below Fifth, Philadelphia.—
Letters caiefully answered giving full infor
Shares or tracts of land can be bought or
secured by letter enclosing the first install
ment of five dollars, when the subscriber will
be lurnislied with books, maps, &c. War
rantee Deeds given. Persons can also pur
chase from our Agents.
Route from Philadelphia to Tyrone on the
Pennsylvania Central Railroad, and thence
by stage to the land. This is a delightful
season to visit St. Mary's—lhe best hotel ac
commodation is aflorded. Enquire for E. C.
Shullz, Esq , tho Agent for the property at St.
PRIZE. One of Ihe largest and beat lit
erary papers of the day.
Terms of Subscription, #2 per Year.
And a GIFT will be presented to each sub
scriber immediately on receipt of the sub
scription nteney.
Eacb subscriber will be entitled to a Gift
worth from $1 to #5OO in Gold.
3 copies for 1 year, $3.00
15 do 1 do 15.00
1 Package containing $5OO in Gold
10 Gold Patent Lerer English
Hunting Cased Watches $lOO Eacb.
15 " " " " 75 "
25 " Gold Watches 60 "
100 " " " " 50 "
300 Ladies' " " " 35 "
100 Silver Hunting Cased Watehea 25 "
200 " Watches 10 to 20 "
800 Gold Vest, Guard & Fob
Chains 10 to 30 "
5000 Gold Lockets 2to 10 ''
Gold Rings—Ear Drops—
Broaches—Breast Pine—-Binds
Cuff Pins—Sleeve Buttons &c. $lO to 15 each.
Immediately on Ihe reoeipt of Ihe sub
scription mouttv ihn subscriber's name wil
be entered upon our subscription book, op
posite a number, and the gift corresponding
with that number will be forwarded to his
or her address by mail or express, post paid.
Address, BECKET & CO.,
Publishers, 92 Moffat's Buildings, New York.
Augusr 2, 1857.
LPoaTtoliao SZ33iHaE>
THE subscriber will offer at Public
Sale at Dloomaburg, on TUESDAY, the
Bth day of SEPTEMBER next, at 1 o'-
clock, P. M„ his HOUSE AND LOT at
the East end of llopkinsville. Tho lot is
50 feet in front and 108 feet deep.- and
the hpnso a convenient new Brick dwell
ing, There is a good pump close to the
house, and desirable fruit trees on tho lot,
which is woll improved,
Bloomsburg, Aug. 11, 1857,
/■ Cor.LXcTOtt's OmCa, j
Beach Haven, Aug. 6f, '57. j
MR. EDITOR The amount of tolls receiv
ed at this office are as lollows;
Previously reported, . . . $60816 15
July, ... . • . . . . 27158 71
Total $87974 80
Respectfully submitted,
JOHN S. FOLLMER. Collector.
A LARGE LOT of Thibol Shawls just re
served and for sale by
Of John Allen, late of Madison township, j
Columbia County, deceased.
Yon and each of yon art heiaby notified
that at lie last term of the Orphan's Court of
Columbia county tko pepilion of Dtl<T*'Al
iei) one of tho sons and devisees of the said
John Allen deceased Was presented to the
said courl praying for the sals of the follow-'
ir.g real estate of the said decedent to wit:
A lot of ground in Jersey town in Madison
township, situate on the Alain road or street
of said town adjoining lot of John Swisher,
lot or lots belonging to Dr. Russel Park* ard
others, Containing on* sere ol land on which
is erected a twri story frame dwelling house
and (rame stable:
Also one other lot of land in said town sit
uate on said Alain road or street, adjoining
land of John Swiaher and James Stout, being
a town lot.
Also two other contiguous town lots situ
ate in said town on said Main Street and ad
joining lot of John Fonston and others ;
And one ootlot of land Bituale on the road
leading fropj Jerscytown to Millvilie contain
ing about three and one half acres adjoining
land of John Swisher, Abraham Brodt and
others: —which said property was on the
21st day ol November, A. D., 1846, accept
ed by Robert Templelon Allen and awarded
to him at the valuation and appraisement of
an inquisition held thereon, and the Orphan's
Court of Columbia county on the 21st of
August, A. D., 1847, vacated the decree so
awarding the said real estate; so that the
same remains unaccepted by any of devisees
and unsold. And it is prayed in the said
petition that the said real estate may be or
dered by the Court to be sold at public sale
on the premises cm a day certain on the fol
lowing terms and conditions: twenty per cent,
at the striking down of the property, one
half of the remainder on the first day of
April, 1858, and the other half thereof on the
first day of April, 1859, with interest from
the first day of April next; —and a rule has
been granted by the said Cnurt upon the
heirs and devisees of John Allen deceased
lo show cause, if any they have, by the first
day of next term why the order of sale
should not be granted, of which you will
hereby lake notice.
Rloomsburg, July 6, 1857. )
Public Sale of Valuable Real Estate.
THE undersigned Executor of Ibe estate
of Wesley Boat deceased will offer at pub
lic sale upon the premises on SATURDAY,
THE 3rd OF OCT ORER NEXT, at one
o'clock, P. M., the farm belonging to the said
estate, situate in Hemlock township, Colum
bia enntdy, containing
19.1 Acres A 37 Perches,
and adjoining lauds of Hugh Mcßride, John
Mcßeyrmlds, Peter Appleman, Caleb Barton,
sen., and Sylvester Parsed. It is situate in
of Columbia county, two miles from Blooms
burg, and on thn public highway leading to
Buckhorn. A branch of Hemlock Creek
passes through the premises, and lt;e whole
farm is in a lair state of cultivation. The im
provements are a larce new frame
a new and commodious Iraine tenant bouse,
a large new bank barn, a new wagon-house,
and other outbuildings entirely new. Pos
session will be giver, on the Ist of April 1858.
Conditions will be made known on the day
of sale by WILLIAM NEAL,
Bloomsburg, July 20, 1857.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans Court
of Columbia county, Solomon Neyhard, Ad-
NEXT, at 10 o'clock, A. M., expose lo pub
lic sale upon the premises in Orange town
ship, Columbia county, at the late residenco
of the decedent, the following real estate; a
TRACT OF LAND, the east end of the farm,
adjoining lands of Wm.Delong, Jacob Raub,
Wm. Mears, and other lands of B. Dayman's
estate, and containing
on whicb there are erected a lrame house
and frame barn. There is a good spring of
water on the premises, and a'l kinds of fruit
trees. About 50 acres is cleared land.
At the same time there will also be sold
adjoining the above property, two of them
on the west, containing respectively 5-f and
71 acres; the other four on Ihe South, con
taining respectively 5 aores 31 perches, 5
acres 126 perches, 5 acres 112 perches and
5 acres 99 perches, and adjoining lands of
Benjamin Sleiner, Reuben Siller and D. Mont
gomo-y. These lots are mostly cleared land,
and will be solu separately.
At the same time and place thero will also
be sold the decedent's interest In a
in Centre township, Columbia county; to wit,
the undivided qne fourth ol a quarter aore ol
Late tha estate of the said Benjamin Hay
man of Orange township. Columbia oounty,
Orange twp., July 18,'67. Adm'r.
Public Sale of Real Estate.
rpHE subscriber will offer at public sale up
■*- oo ihe premises on Saturday the bth day
of September next at 1 o'clock in ihe afternoon,
a tract of valuable larra land containing over
188* ACRES,
of which about 30 acres is woodland and the
balance newly cleared land in a good slate
of cultivation. It lays within 2 miles below
the town of Calawissa, in a thickly settled
neighborhood, in Franklin township, Colum
bia county, adjoining lands of Jesse Cleaver,
Hamilton Clark, Daniel Zarr, Daniel Yener
ud Philip Boooholtu. Thorp is a politic road
running through Ihe farm, and Ihe improve
ments on it are a new frame
and other outbuildings. There is tr good
your.g orchard on the prcminee, a good pump
at the door of ihe duelling, a ueverfailing
spring near Ihe house, and a brook running
through the meadow. It is a pleasant and
desirable residence, and lo a good farmer
can be made as profitable as it is pleasant.
I3T Terms will be made known on the
day of sale by
Ftanklin township, July 21, 1857.
gineers, Surveyorsar.d Map,
aro now iu this place for the purpose of ma
king a thoroughly oorreol Property Map,
showing the Groondjl'lan ol every Bqildirig,
the size and shape of each Lot, with owners'
names, or initiala, printed theroon, Colored,
Varnished and mounted on Canvas, and Boi
lers, all complete. Price per copy, 85 pay*
able on delivery of the Map.
They are also prepared to, make Surveys
and furnish Skeleton Maps of Farms, with
contents calculated and inserted thereon, of
uny farm within a reasonable distance from
| ARGE, assortment of Iron, Sleel and Nails
for sale at the Arcade by
May 27, '57. A. C. MENSCH.
IAVUSLINS a yard wide for 8 cents, and
good prints for 6$ cents just received
~ maneni cnje is guaranteedl in ail stages
ol SECRET diseases, Self Abuse, Nervous
Debility, Strioluree, Gleets, Grvel, Mercurial
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Pains in the Ankles
and Bones, Diseases of the Throat, Nose and
Eyes, Ulcers upon thd Body, Frmale Irregu
larities, and nil oilier improper discbarges,
no matter ol how long standing, or obstinate
the esse, recovery is certain, nd in a shorter
time than a permvnertl euro cornd be effect
ed by any other treatment, even after the
skill of the most eminent physicians had
failed, and the disease resitted ell other
means of cure. The rpmg*e%A free from
odor causing sicknflSi nor Inconve
nience, snd without murwry or balsam.—
During twenty years' practice, I have re
stored to health over seventeen thousand pa
tients, who were suffering under the worst
forms of all of the above mentioned dis
eases, which guarantees nte in promising a
perfect and most speedy cure. Secret dis
eases arelhe greatest eneiaies to health and
happiness, as they are the first cause of con
sumption, scrofula, &c., and should he a ter
ror to all nations on the earth; for the dis
ease is becoming so comtson, and treatment
so little understood, that a permanent cure is
scarcely ever effected, as a majority of the
I cases fall into the hands of incompetent per-
I sons, who.not only fail to cure the malady,
| but ruin tho const-tulion with corrosive snb
limale—a dangerous poison, a preparation
of mercury—which, with the remains of dis
ease in the system, produces many of the
above named affections, whieh finally termi
nate iu consumption, and frequently a rapid
one ; but should it not cause death spesdrly,
and the victim to disease marries, the disease
is then conveyed (rom the patient to the chil
dren, causing tliem to coat#, iolo- Ihe world
with scrofula, affections of the akin, eyes,
throat, &c., and again terminates in con
sumption, and consigns his victim to an un
timely grave, between the ages of six months
and thirty-five years. Self-abenc is another
formidable enemy to health ; it destroys the
nervous system, rapidly wasting sway the
energies of life, causing mental derange
ment, preventing a proper development of
the system, and disqualifying its viciom for
marriage, society, business, and all earthly
happiness. Female Irregularities and other
diseases of females treated in Ihe most ak''G
ful and scientific manner. Medicines, with
directions, sent to any part of the United
States and Csnadas, by patients communica
ting (heir symptoms by letter.
J. SUMMF-RVILLE, M. 0., Bo* 53, Post
Office ; Filbert Street, below Tenth, Phila
delphia, Pa.
Who has had 10 years' experience as a
Banker and Publisher, and author of
\m A Series oj Lectures at the Broadway Tuber-
U nock,
u when for 10 auecessive nights, over
U 13"* 10,000 People JF, j
him with rounds ol applause,
while he exhibited the manner in which
5 counterfeiters execute their frauds, and
jJJ the surest and shortest means of detecting
£ The Bank Note Engravrrs all say
Q that He is the Greatest Judge of
Paper Money Living.
2 Orealeft discovery ol the present century
2 For Detecting Counterfeit Bank
® Notes.
? Describicg every Genuine Bill in exis'-
®noce, and exhibiting at a glance every
Counterfeit in Circulation ! 1
M Arranged so admirably, that Reference is
m easy and deleotion Instantaneous.
SJCjT No index to examine! No pages to
. hunt up! But so simplified and ar-
rangntt, .•* <b tl |djj.l. Book
erand Business MaMeSu see
g all at a Glance.
2 English, French and German.
Thus each may read the name in tut own Na-
live Tongue.
u Also a List of
y A Complete Summary of the Finance of
Europe and America will be published in
.each edition, together with all the Import
er ant news of the dny. Also,
S From an old manuscript fonnd in the East.
It furnishes the most complete
i f history of
! M Oriental Life,
~ In describing the most perplexing posi
•s tiens in which the Ladies and Gentlemen
2of that country have been so often found.
These Stories will continue throughout the
*3 whole year, and will prove the Most En
bliertaining ever oflered to the Public.
© t3T Furnished Weekly to subscribers
fionly, st Si a year. All letters must be ad
dressed to
H JOHN S. DYE. Broker.
Published and Proprietor, "0 Wall Street,
© April 27, 1857. New York.
TERM, 1857.
Bloom—Charles Kahler, Hiram W. Brown.
Driercreek—Samuel Fowler, Wm. Stall I,
William Laman, Samuel Henry, Jacob Mar z.
Benton—John C. Doty, John O. Dildiue,
Abraham Young.
Beaver —buiah Longenberger.
Centre —Wiljiam Hoffman, Geo. H. Ketch
Franklin—Joshua Mendsnhall.
Fishingcreek—Nathan Flockensleio, John
Creveling, Thomas Pcaler.
Greenwood—Samuel Evans, Isaac Evans.
Jackson—Peter Hodge, Daniel Poust.
Locust—William Yeager.
Madison—James Kisuer.
Orange—Samuel Achenbaeh.
Traverse Jurors far Sept. Term, '57:
Bloom—K. P. Lutz, William H. Jacoby,
Henry G. Phillips, L. 8. Stein mm.
Briercreek—Wm. Herrin, Jneiah Thomas..
Beaver—Charles F. Maun, Daniel Singley,
Benton—lsaac K. Krickbaum, John Ikelsr.
Cantre—lsaac Hess.
Catawissa —Daniel Helwig.
Fruriklin—Christian Arriey.
Fishingcreek—Peter P. Pealer.
Greenwood—Robert Bobbins, Isaac Patten,
Isaao Lyon.
Hemlock—Franklin M'Bride, John Nevi
ns, John Brngler.
Locust—Daniel Rehbold, Mark Williams.
Mi. P.easant—Samuel Johnson, William
Howell, Goorce Caveie.
Montour—John G. Quick, James Ba(|ou,
George Blecber.
Mifflin—Peter Lontaberger.
Orange—David Hotting.
Pine—John Leggit.
Roaringcroek—Michael Mowry, Elijah C.
Sugarloefc—Samuel Parks, Joshua Brink.
DOOK BINDER, hae' ioMed in -Bloome
" burg, where he wfllbmd books, period
icals and pamphlets in any deniable style
and manner; and el reasonable prices. He
will bind newspapers and magazines, plain,
in library style or iu morocco oruamented.
He has his place of business in Hopkins
ville with Mr. F. bier.
Bloomsburg, July 13, 1857.
HATS AND CAPS on baud and for sale at
tho Arcade by
May 27, 57- A'. C. MENSCH.
u=. DZZ
WOULD call the attention of all thoae who wiah to buy good goods in his line, that he has
just replenished his (already) large and well selected assortment of the following arti
cles, viz.—Drugs, Medicines, Oils, Paints, Varnishes, Glass, Djrestuffs, Confeotionaries, Per
turnery, soaps and toilet articles generally; Cigars and Tobacco of e*ry *a_riety and
brand. Harrinon'd Inks wholesale and retail at the manufacturer's prices, PUßE /VIhES AND
BRANDIES for medicinal use only. Trusses, Shonldir Braces and Abdominal Supporters,
Paint, Varnish and Tooth Brushes; also agent for most of tha popular Patent Medicines of the
day. Toys and an endless variety of usefnl aod fancy notions not here enumerated. Physi
cian's Prescriptions end Family Medicines-put up carefully and at short Glass Coning
done to order at the old stand. E. T. LUTZ.
Bloomsburg, April 8, 1857.
Having added to the fixtures of the "STAR" Office good and extensive JOBBING MATERI
AL, is prepared to exeente all kinds of JOB PRINTING in the
best CITY STYLE, and at short notice.
Certificates of Stock and Beposite,
Constitutions for Societies,
Dank Checks, Promissory Notes,
Rail Road and other Tickets,
Catalogues, Paper Books, Bill-Heads, Check Rolls, Plain and Fancy Cards,
• Business and other Circulars, Posters Plain and in Colors.
Can be Procured at the "Star" Job Office,
The public are invited to call and see specimens, as we are determined to merit patron
age by strict attention to business and superior workmanship.
New arrival of Spring and Summer Goods !
war, cs<x>.>
HAVE just received and opened their stock of merchandize for Spring and Summer sales,
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assorlmet.l now
offered in this TOWN! Having paid great attention to the selection of their entire stock,
as to price and quality, they flattei themselves that they can compete with the cheapest,
and all those wishing to buy cheap, can save money by giving us a call. We have all
kind* of Goods and Wares to supply the wants ol the People. A very large lot of
French merinoea, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, de bages, poplins, parametta cloths,
mohair lustres, muslin de laines, Persian cloths, Ginghams, Caliooes, &c.
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieves. Collars, Spencers, handkerchiefs,
flonncings, bands and trimmings, laces and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vel
vet ribbons, and braids, kid, cotton, and lisle thread gloves, mobair mitts, &c., „
All kinds of SHAWLS, brocke, Bay State, Walerville, black silk, cashmere, Embroder
ed, &c. Also a very large assortment of cloths, cassimers, saltinetts,, tweeds;
jeans, beaver cloths, coating velvet, &c.
We have a large assortment ol Hals and Caps of latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Cedarivare, &c. Very cheap carpets, carpel bags, floor, table and car
riage oil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, towelings,
drillings. &c., in abundance.
We invite our friends and the public generally to give us a call before purchasing else
where. We have bought ourgoodsat Lowest Cash Prices and will not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest of mankind.
Bloomsburg, April 15, 1857.
New Arrival of Fall and Winter Goods.
INVITES attention to his stock of cheap and fashionale clothing at his Moreoo Marital
street, two doors above the "American House," where he lias a full assortment of men
and boy's wearing apparel, including
gox, Back, frock, gum and oil cloth coats of all sorts and sizes, pantsof all colors,shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravata, stocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
and fancy articles.
N. B. He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
the best manner. All his clothing is made to wear, and most of it is of home manufac
Bloomsburg, April 1, 1857.
HAS jnst received and opened a full and
large assortment
which he will sell at the lowest living profit.
His stock embraces atella, thibet and crape
shawls, barege, barege delaines, tissues,
lawns, debeges, crape orientals, alpaccas, &c
SILKS.—A very handsome assortment of
striped, plain, plaid and black silks, which
he intends to sell at very reduced prices.
An immense stock of embreiJefies, such
as embroidered handkerchiefs,collars, spen
cers, sleeves, Swiss and jaconet edgings and
inserting*, linens, cotton and thread laces,
flouncing* and embroidered enrtains.
DOMESTICS —Muslins, drillings, tickings,
cheeks, osnaborgs, baggings, ginghams, flan
nels, table diaper and ready-made bags.
Men and Boys' Wear.
Cloths, cassimeres, vestings, jeans, cotton
ades, denims, blue drillings, cotton plaids file.
A very large assortment of new style car
pets, snch as tapestry, Brussels three ply, in
grain and Venetian oil cloths, of all widths.
A large assortment of Ladies' & Childrens'
Shoes, whioh he will sell very cheap.
A lot of fresh sngars, molasses, jtSJI ® J
&c. Also Hardware Queensware,mß&nesaa
Crockery and Woodenware.
BP" FlOur and Feed always Ipr sale at the
lowest market prices for cash.
Bloomshurg, April 29, 1857.
Trial List for Sept. Tern 1857.
1 William Koons vs. George L. Kline, et. al.
2 William Koohs vs. George L. Kline.
3 Joseph Stackliouse t. Gilbert Fowler.
4 Adam Siroup jr. el al vs. L. B. Rupert et al.
5 Adam Stroup jr. et al us. L. B. Rupert et al.
6 Thomas Parker vs. John H. Parker.
7 George L. Kline t. Motes Coffmen.
8 Isaac Brown vs. Robert J. Lyon.
9 William Robieon vs. Wilson Agar.
10 Jacob Schuyler vt. Wilson Ager.
11 Fletcher B. Dodson vs. William Long.
12 Catharine Tanner sis. John D. Weaver.
13 Adam Gable vs. Engle Fox adra'r.
14 Jonathan Modeller vs. Stephen Baldy.
15 Christian Heist us Daniel Gieger.
16 Wm. Hopper vs. Edmond Crawford et al.
17 George Fetterman us. Solomon FeUermau.
18 Marten Mowry vs. Thomas Slackhouse.
19 Gilbert Fowler vs. Daniel Fowlei'a Ex.
20 Daniel Kostenbader et nl us. David Hani*.
21 Wm. Rittenbouse vs. Samuel F. Head ley.
22 Jas. Ralston vs. James Ralston jr.'s adnir.
29 David Hildabrant vs. Bsoiamin Faux.
24 D. L. W intersteen et alus. Christian Shaman.
25 William Bobison vs. Wm. Edgar.
26 Jas. S. Woods, adra'r of John Lazarus vs.
Catharine Lazarus.
27 Reuben W. Weaver us. Willam Melz.
28 Thomas Marks us. Clark B. Steward. "
29 William Conrad vs. Daniel L. Smith.
A NEW lot of cheap muslina and prims
jusl received by railroadand fop sale by
Luzerne Connly, Pa.
rpHE Trustees of this Insiitution respectfully
JL announce, that it will be opened for the
reception of Pupils, of both sexes, on Monday,
October 20th next, under tho immediate care of
Prof. JAMES ANDERSON, as Principal.
Mr. A. is a gentleman of extensive acquire
ments. and enlarged experience as all educator,
end has been connected with the most popular
''High School" of Bucks Co. for several years.
He is also well and favorably known as a con
tributor to some of our leading educational peri
Will comprise Orthography, Definitions, Read
ing, Penmanship, Etymology, Geography, Eng.
Grammar, Composition, Arilhmelio Algebra,
Geometry. Mensuration, Plane and Spherical
Trigonometry, Surveying, Navigation, Astron
omy, &c. Book Keeping, History, Physiology,
Natural, Intellectual, and Moral Philoaophy,
and Chemistry.
Classes in the French, Spanish fy Latin
Languages will he formed as early as practica
ble, and Instruction on Piano-Forte will be
given if deaired.
. WEEKLY LECTURES on the Natural
Sciences, illustrated by appropriate apparatus
will olso be given.
SPECIAL ATTENTION will be paid to
young Ladies and Gentltnxn designing to qual
ify themselves as Teachers.
FOUR, FIVE and BIX Dollms per Quarter
In aocordance with the studies pursued, payable
one half in advance and the balance atthe close
of the Qutrler.
GOOD BOARD can be had in the village at
e moderate price.
Cf" Mr. A. will deliver an address on Physb
cal, Intellectual and Moral education, on the
day of commencement, when his method of
imparting instruction will be illustrated, and
the discipline sod management of the cbool,
fully explained.
Parents, Guardians, and the friends of eduea
lion generally, are cordially invited to be pres
Columbus, Sept, 4, 1836. Trustees<
Public Sale of Real Estate.
IN pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
-*■ Court of Columbia county, on Saturday,
the 29th day ol August viext, at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon, Michael Federoff and Mary
Mowry •dminiatralor of Miohaet Mowry late
of Konriugcreek township, in said county,
deceased, will expose to eale by public ven
due upoir the eeemire* a uertsin
situate in the township of Catawissa, in the
said county, adjoining lands of Jacob Drum
beller, Philip Gotaboll, widow Davis, and
others, containing
more or less, wheMpn are erected a log house
and barn. Late the estate of said deceased
situate in the twp.-of Catawissa and county
aforesaid. JACOB EYERLY,
Roanugcreek, July 29, '67. Clerk.
American Safety-Paper Manufactur
ing Company of Wow fork.
:< A. NICHOLAS, President.
Office ,70 Well Street.
A Perf'eel Security against all manner
of Fraud or counterfeiting on paper.
To prevent Photographs and Anas
tatic Counterfeits, Erasures, Trans-
or Alterations.
AVING purchased the Patent for Ibo ex
clusive light to manufacture and aell the
new Chemical Paper In America, invented
and patented ir. England by Henry Glynn, a
celebrated oliemiet aru! officer in the Brillkh
army, it ta hardly necessary to say that the
Paper is recommended by Mr. Kent, Assayer
of the United States Mint, Mr. Lyman of the
New York Clearing House, and Meade
Brothers, extensive and skilful photographers,
233 Broadway, New York. The latter say
that no imitation can bv made on a check or
bank note printed or. the Safely Paper, lie
low is our list of prices
Bank Checks—3s els per lb.
Bank Bills—olB for 1000 sheets.
Bills ot Exchange— #25 for 11)00 shoots.
Promissory Notes—4o els. per lb.
Sight & Tune Drafts—s29 lor 100 D sheets.
Insurance Polioies—4o ets per lb.
Railroad Stocks & Bonds—4o cts. per lb.
Bank and State Slocks—4o cts. pbr lb.
Bonds and Mortgages—lo cts. per lb.
Wills and Deeds—4o cts. per lb.
For wiapping Silks and other fine articles
it is excellent, as it prevents motns. 40 cts.
a lb.
For Indentures and Agreements. 40 cents
per lb.
AH State and County Records should al
ways be printed or written on this paper, as
the chemicals inserted in the pulp not only
prevent erasure or transfer, but make it last
ing as time.
For Southern Climates it is excellent, and
much eu| erior to any other; as the moistness
of the climate does not destroy it, —the prop
erties insetted in the pulp being a preventive.
In all the southern states, Cuba, the West In
dies and the Central American States, no
public records can be kept over 20 years,
written on the ordinary paper, white the oils
and chemicals inserted in this pnpel makes
it indestructible by the ravages of time. It
is also proof against moths, rats and other ver
min, which feast on and destroy all other pi
per now in use.
The Company have now In operation Mills
in Morris County, N. J., of about 300 horse
power, and are able to All all oldeV* for pa
per at the shortest notice.
All orders for the paper must be addressed
to A. NICHOLAS, President of the Company,
No 70 Wall Street, New York.
August 5, 1857.—3 m.
11 AS established a greater celebrity than
has erer been obtained by any otber
This has been the result of its marked su
periority in quality, and its invariable uni
form ity.
The nublic may be assured of the continu
ance of the high standard now established.
'The production is over Twenty Tons daily,
and the demand has extended throughout the
whole ol the United Stales, uml to foreign
Working thus on a very large scale, and
under a rigid system, they are able to secure
a perfect and uniformity in the quality through
out the year. This is the great Desideratum
in Starch-making, and is realized now for
the first rime.
The very best starch that enn be made, and
no oilier, is always war ted by consumers,
and while this will be supplied to thern by
the grocers, as soon as their customers have
learned which is the best, and ask for it—
otherwise they would be likely to get that
article on which the largest profit can bo
Mr. Kingsford has beon engaged In the
manufacture of starch coininuooily for the
last 27 years, and during the whole of the
period, the starch made under his supervis
ion has been, bevond nnv question, the beat
in the maiket. For (ho first 17 years, he bail
the charge of the works of Win. Colgate &
Co., at which period he invented the procotß
of the manufacture of corn starch. ■
ty .ilk Jor King/ford's Starch, as the name
Oswego has recently been taken hy another fac
{For Puddings. Ifc,)
Has obtained an equal celebrity with their
Starch for the Laundry. This articlo is per
fectly pure, end is, in every refpect, equal to
the best Bermuda Arrow-Root, besides hav
ing additional qualities which render it inval
uable for the dessert.
Potato .Starch has been extensively packed
and sold as Corn Staroh, and has given fatso
impressions to many, as to the real merits of
our Corn Starch.
From its great delicacy and purity, it is
coming also into extensive use as a Jiet lor
infants and invalids.
E. N. KELLOGG ft CO., Agents
196 Fulton Street, N. Y.
23 South Wtiaives, I'itilad'a.
July 28, 18S7— 3m.
T>ROPOSALS will be received at Dinners
Furnace on Wednesday, the I6:h of Sep
tember next, until 2 o'clock, P. M., of said
day; for building an open truss bridge over
Roarinacreek near Ynder's Mill, in Locust
township. The bridge to be 65 feel long
between the abutments, 10 feel wide from
out to out, and 9 feel above low water matk.
Proposals will also be received at lbs bouse
of John Hess in Fishingcreek township on
Friday, ihe 18th of September next, until 2
o'clock, P. M., of said day, for building an
open iruss bridge over Huntingdon Creek,
near the bouse of John Hess in Fishingcreek
township. This bridge is lo be IPB feet long,
with a pier i'.i Ihe middle, 18 feet wide from
ont lo oul, and 9 feet above low wuler mark.
Plans and specifications of both bridges
can be seen on the days of the letting.
Py order of the County Commissioners.
Commissioneh's Gwim, | Clerk.
Hlnnmsbnra. Allium 6. 1857. {
NOTICE is hereby given thai letters of ad
ministration upon the estate of Jliomaa Ale,
late ol Mounlpleasant township, Columbia
county, deceased, have been granted to the
under.igned residing also in MoiiHtplsasant
township. All persons indebted to the said
•state are requested to make paymeul with
out delay, and those having accounts against
the estate lo present Ibein 'or payment to
Mi. Pleasant, Aug. t, 1857.
A low competent agents wanted for the
Comprehensive Geography and History ancient
and modern of Ihe U'orldj? ' by S. G. Goodriob,
(Peter Parley); handsomely bound and pro-
Insely illustrated. Price $3. Sold only by
Agents, tc whom rars inducements are offer
ed. Address,
No 172 William Street, New York.
LARGE lot of No. I, a, & 3 Maokrel, also,
White Fish, Cod Fish and Herring, just
received and for sale by
May 27, '57. A. C. MENSCH.