The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, July 01, 1857, Image 3

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    Johns, Johnson, Kauflinan. Knight, Leisen
ring. Lonpiker, Loveit, Menear, Maugle,
M'llvain, Moorhcad K Mnsselman, Nichols,
Nicholson, Nunemseher. Pearson, Peters, Pt
nkin, Pownall, Puroell, Ramsey, Philadel
phia; Ramsey, Yorkco; Reamer, Roberts,
Rupp, Show, Sloan, Toltm, Vnil, Voeghltfy,
Waller, West brook, Wharton, Zimmeimon,
ami Gelz, Speaker —67.
NATS—Hust-B. Arthur, Augustine, Baokns,
Benson, liishop, Brown, Chase, Cleaver.
Crawford. Kystet, Gibboney, Hamilton, Han
cook, Hi' 4, Hine. Hotrman, Lebanon co.; Ja
cobs, Kerr, l.ebo, M'Colmom, Momma,
Reetl, Smith. Cambria co : Smith. Centre co.;
Stevenson. Struthers, Thorn, Vanvoorhis,
Viokers, Wapqnseller, Warner, Wintrode,
Witherow and Wtighl—34
So (he question was determined in the af
On (lie question,
Will the House agree to the third amend
ment t
The yens and Ttay were ibLtn agreeably
to the provisions of the Constitution,and were
as follow, viz:
YEAS—Messrs. Anderson# Bark house, Ball
Beck, Benson, Botver, Brown, Calhoun,
Campbell,Chase, Cleaver, Craw Bird, Dickey,
Ent, Eyther, Fausold. Foster, Gibboney, Hit
tnel. Harper. Hcitit, Hiestuttd, Hill. Hillegas,
Hoilman. Berks ro : Hoffman. Lebanon co ;
Housekeeper. Imbrie. Innes. J.teoh, Johr.s,
Johnson. Kanflmnn, k'err. l.ebo, Longaker,
Loveit. Mallear, Mangle, M'Calmotit, Moor
ftead Mnmma, Mu-selman Nichols. Nteliol
een, Nlttieinaeher. Pearson, Peters, Petrikin,
Pownall, Pnrrell, Ramsey. York eo., Reamer.
Reed. Rupp, Shaw, Sloan. Smith, Cambria
e<> : Smith, Centre co; Stevenson, J'olan,
Vad, Vanvnuihis, Vickets. Vooghley, Wag
onseller, Weslbrnok, Willinon, Witharnw,
Wright, Zimmerman andGetz. Speaker— 72.
NAVS—Messrs. Arthur, Augustine, Backus.
Bishop. Cutty, Deck, Gililea, llainilten, Han
rock, llitte, Jenkins, Knight, f*eisenriii]y,
M'llivain, Ramsey Philudelphip ; Roberts,
Slruihers, Thorn, Walter, Wharton, Wainet
and Wintrode—s3.
So the question was deleimined in the af
On the question,
Will the House agree to the fourth amend
ment I
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably
to the provisioned the Constitution,und weto
us lollow, viz:
YEAS—Messrs. Anderson, Atlhur, Back
house, Backus, Ball, Berk, Benson, Bishop,
Bower, Brown, Calhoun, Campbell, Cany,
Chase, Cleaver, Crawfotd, Dickey, Ei.t, Evs
ter, Fausold. Foster, Gibboney, Gildea, I a
rnel. llatprr. Ileitis, Hetstand, Hill. Hillegas,
llnlitiiiui. Bctks co.; llotiman, Lebanon co ;
Housekeeper, linbrte, Innes, Jacobs, Jenkins.
Johns, Johnson, kaullmnun. Kerf, L.ebo, Lri
retitit.g, Longaker, Loveit, Mallear, Mangle,
M'Cnlmonl, M'llvain, Muniuta, Musselman,
Nichols, Nicholson, Nuuemaclier, Pearson,
Peters, Peltikin, Pownalt, I'urcell, Ramsey ,
Philadelphia; Ramsey, S'otk co.; Reamer,
Herd, Rubens, Rupp, Mrnw, Sloan, Smith,
Cambria eo.; Smith, Centre co ; Stevenson, i
Tclan, Vail, Vanvoorhis, Viekers, Voegliley,
\Yagnitreller. Walter. Warner, Westbtook, !
Wharton, \Villusion, Witherotv, Ziniiueimim ;
und Geiz, Speaker —B3. *
NAVS—Messrs. Dock, Hamilton, Hancock,
Slrntbers, Thorn, Wintrode and Wright—7. I
So the question u us determined in the af- I
fit illative*
SmntTAnv's Pkficr, )
lUntumtiG, June 22, 1557. J
Pennsylvnni i, ,vs;
I do ecilily thai the above ar.d foregoing is
a irue and correct copy ol li e ''Yeas" and
"Nays ' taken on the resolulioit proposing
amendments to the Constitution of the Com
in on wealth, as tl e same appears on the Jour
nals ol the two Houses ot the Geiieiul As
sembly of this Common wealth lor the session
Of 1857.
IT si Witness my hand and the seal of the
- " 'J said office, this twenty second day
ol June, A. 1). 1857.
. Sen clary of the Commonwealth.
ExctTilr'B Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters testa
mentary upon the estate of Sarah McClure,
late of Bloomsburg, Columbia county, de
ceased, have been giantod to the undersign
ed residing also in Bloomsburg. All persons
indebted to the said estate arc requested to
make payment without delay, and those hav
ing accounts against the estate to present
them lor payment to
Bloomsburg, June 17, 1857.
lvs > rutoi , 's Aolicc.
NOTICE given that letters testa
mentary upon the estate cf Peter Herloeher,
late of Mifflin township, Columbia county,
deceased, have been granted to the under
signed residing in the township of M'ffljn.
All persons indebted to the oMate are re
quested to make payment without delay, and
those having accounts for payment to present
them to
JOHN H. HETLF.R, Executor.
Mifflin township, June 21, 1557-6i#
THE subscriber announces that he will !
carry on die COOPERING BUSINESS at his j
brewery in Hopkinsvillp, where he will make
and everything in lhal line ot business. He
will also repair work of all kinds, and will do
it skillfully and at fair prices.
Bloomsburg, June 2, JSS7.
THAT Mr. J. O. Richardson is no longer
Ageut lor us. Nor will we pay any further
debts of his contracting.
Ileaver Valley, Columbia Co., Pa.
June 16, 1857.—1t.
WOL'LD respectfully inform the citizens
of Bloomsbnrg and vicinily, that he
has commenced the practice of Medicine and
Surgery lbere;and solicits ashare of public pa
tronage. He can always be found at the Ex
change Hotel opposite the Court House.
Bloomsburg, March, Ist, '55.
of porper it desirable forms, fo r sale at the
ofnoe of the ofthe North"
A LARGE LOT of Thibet Shawls just re
ceived and for sale by
LARGE assonmentol Iron, Steel -and Nuils
lor sale at the Arcade by
\ Mav 27, '57. A. C. MENSCH.
liM/OOD & COAL (or sale at the Arcade by
T*|OsLINS a yard wide for' 8 cents, and
•UvA-g 0 od prints lor 6J cents just received
by A. C. MENSCH.
IRON STEEL, and every kind of Hard
cue or sale by MeKKLVY,
MORTICED POMS on hand aud tor Bale
at ihe Arcade by
May 27, 57. A. C. MKNSCU.
fJOTTON and Wool Carpet lor sale cheap
at the Arcade by
May V 7 '57. . A. C. MENSCH.
A Farm within the reach of evert/ Man.
has made arrangements by which all
who desne to settle or purchase a home can
do so.
The Farms consist of the test limcsto n
soil of the most superior quality (or farming
in a rapidly Improving place, into which an
extensive emigration is now pouring. The
pronerty ia located in (Jointly, Pomsyl.
vtuia, in the midst of a thriving population
of some 10,Ot'O* The climato is perfectly
healthy, and tlio tetrilde plague of the woet
fever is unknown. If also his an abundance
of the beet qualify of Cool and Iron. The
price to buy it out is fiom $3 to J2O per acre,
payable by installments, to be located at the
time of purrhttsing.or a share of twenty-five
acres entitling to locale (lie state for 6300.
payable #6 per month or I'4J acres payable $1
per month. Discount for every aunt o*" SIOO
and undet, paid in advance, ana for ovej SIOO
a dis ount of to per cent.
In considering the advantages of emigrating
to itiis locality the following aro presented :
FIIIST—The soil is a rich limestone, capatdo
of raising the heaviest crops, owing to
this settlement lias obtained i;a present great
SECOND—It is the centre of .he great North
West Coal Basil:, and is destined soon to he
come ono of the gientest business \ lares in
the State. It will supply the great Lake mar
ket, (according to the population and travel
t lie gtcatesl in tho Union.) It lias live vvotk
nlile.vctna of the best Bituminous conl, amount
ing in the aggregate ta over 22 feel, which
makes 22.01)0 tons of coal under each sore,
litis will make the land of inestimable value.
The eminent geologist Dr. Clias. T. Jackson
of Boston, hits made it geological survey of the
land, and analysed tho coal, tho iron ore and
limestone. This report together with maps
will be furnished to inquirers.
FOVUTB—Three Railroads ore laid out thro'
this property. Tito iSunhuiv and F.tte Railroad
gives us a matket for our coal to the lakes—it
tuns front Erie to Pliiladelptiia. A large part
of the Boud has been finished, and is now in
tunning order. A heavy force is now working
front Erie towards our land in the western di.
red ton, the means for tho completion of which
has been rat-o.f, it will soon be finished. The
Allegheny Valley "Railroad connects us with
New York, Boston tttul Pittsburg. The Ve
nango Road connects us with the West.
There arc already good Turnpiko Roads
running through this property, various other
roads have been opened to accommodate the
■ migration and settlement which litis ulieady
taken place.
There is no opportunity equal to it now of
fered to the lnnn who wants to provide himself
a home in an easy way, and ntakea settlement
wlieic lie can live ill prosperity and iitdepenJ
cnee in a climate Perfectly Healthy.
No case of level ever having been known to
occur in this settlement. It is not like going
to the backwoods of the West, among perhaps
iatoleisnt people, wheio there is no society,
churches, or schools, where the price of land is
high, and where tho emigrant, after being used
to the healthiest climate in the world, tins to
endure sickness and pain, and pctliaps iitins
his hoahh and that of his family* But here is
a thriving settlement having thtee towns, con
taining churches, schools, hotels, stores saw*
milis, grist mills, and everything desired. There
is a iali market at hand. '1 he lumber trade
last year amcuntcd toovot two htindicd million
feet of lumber. In n short time, owing to tho
cool, it will heroine still nunc valuable as a
number of iron winks and manufactories will
soon be started; lltey are at present starling
litem extensively at Written. Even for those
who do not wish to go there, tho payments
aro such that they can easily buy a farm to
savo their rising lannties Ironi want in llit;
future, ot to gain n competence by tho rise
which will take place in the value of lands.
By tin outlay scarcely missed, a substantial
provision can be made.
Persons should make early application,"np
p'y or write to E. Jeffries, Secretary, No. 1,35
Walnut Street, below Filth, Philadelphia.—
Letters carefully answered giving full isifor
Shares or tracts of land can be bought or
secured by letter enclosing the first install
ment of livodollars, when thosubscriber will
be lurnisbed with books, maps, &c. War
rantee Deeds given. Persons can also pur
chase froin our Agents.
Route Irorn Philadelphia to Tyrone on the
Pennsylvania Central Jlailroad, and thence
by stage to tho land. This is a delightful
season to visit St. Mary's—the best hotel ac
commodation is a Horded. Enquire for E. C.
Shult?., Esq., tho Agent for the property at St.
TO 11V.
The undersigned proposo issuing about the
first of October, 1857, a hook under the above
title, to contain about
Fitted! lltmrii'ril Pages,
Size ol page 15 by 20 inches.
The object of tile United Stales Directory
will be:
Ist. To give the name and post office ad
dress of every male person (of the age of 15
years anil upwards) in the United Stales.
2nd. To give the name of every post of
fice and post master in the United States.
3nd. To give tho name and place ol pub
lication of every Daily, Weekly, Monthly
and Quarterly Paper and Magazine publish
ed in the United Slates.
Each State, city, town, village and post of
fice will be alphabetically arranged.
The name of each person will bo alpha
betically arranged under the bead of their
respective post office address.
As the United States Directory will be a
matter of interest to every resideut in Amer
ica, we respectfully solicit the aid to I'osl
Masters and others, in till parts of the coun
try, in obtaining names and sending them on
as soon as possible.
In making up lists, write the name of post
office, County and State, at the head of the
sheet, then fill the remainder with distinctly
written names, of male persons only, of tho
age ol fifteen years and upwards, and as
soon as you have safficient to fill an envel
ope forward them on immediately.
A prospectus will be seul post paid lo any
persou who may order it.
To prevent mistakes—Write distinctly tho
name, post office, county mid Slate.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
N. B.—Publishers inserting the above pros
declus, including the notice three times in
their weekly paper, and call attention to the
same in their editorial column, will receive
a copy ol the U. S. Directory delivered at
their office free of charse. Direct all ex
change papers to the United Stales Directory.
June 17,1857.
WILL furnish boarding and lodging to all
persons at the Brick honsH near the
Passengers by Railroad or Packet-boat, trav
elers and all others can be accommodated.—
They also keep a RESTAURANT adjoining
the Station, for ilia convenience of tho public.
May 26, 1857. [c. w. it w. SHANNON.
LAIIGE lot of No. 1, 2, & 3 Mackrel, also,
White Eislt, Cod Fish and Herring, just
received and lor sale by
May 27, '57. A. C. MENSCH.
LI ATS AN D CAPS on baud and for sals at
the Arcade by
May 27, 57. A. C MENSCH.
Corner of Tenth and Market Streets,
Office in Second Story,
WE invite attention to our enlarged stock
ot Drugs, Paints, Oils, Vurnishes, &c., select
ed cxptessly for our sales, and comprising
one of the finest assortments in the United
j States, which we offer at low prices, for
cash or approved credit.
WE MANUFACTURE very extensively:
| Premium Pore White Lead, best,
Kensington Pore While Lead,
Pearl Snow White Lead,
"Vtelle Montague'' French Zinc, best,
Pure Snow While American Zinc,
Philadelphia Snow White Zinc,
Silver's Plastic Fire & Weather-proof Paints,
Chrome Greens, Yellows, is colors gcuemllv.
Potter's superior Alkaline Window Glass,
Genuine French Plate Glass, warranted,
The New Jersey Zinc Company's products,
Ttlden and Nephew's N. Y. Varnishes.
Brooklyn Premium Pore White Lead,
Hampden Permanent Gieens,
Pore Ohio Catawba Brandy, &c. &c.
Fret toll and English Plato Glas,
French and English Cylinder Glass,
Colored and Engraved Window Glass,
Daguerreotype Glass,
Hammered Plato for Floors and Sky-Lights,
Drugs, Chemicals, Perfumery. &o.
Druggists' Articles generally.
Painters' Toots of alt descriptions,
Hydraulic and Roman Cement,
Calcined and (.and Plaster,
Paper Maker's Clay, Satin, While, &o. &c.
Store N. W. cor. of Tenth & Market Sis.
April 8. 1867.-3 m.
Farmers' in put and Piaster Mills,
Al the Junction of
York Avenue, Crown ami Cullowhill Streets,
WE offer n largo stock of Chemical Ma
nures ami Fertilizers at low prices, ami war
ranted to be lieuuiiie : among which will be !
1.000 tons No. 1. Government Peruvian |
1.000 tons Da lierg'a No. 1 Super-Titos- |
pilule el Lime.
The above standard articles are, each of!
their kind, the best in Hie world! Our Land
Plaster, manufactured from selacl stone, is
celebrated throughout the Union lor its purity
and strength.
Do Berg's No. 1 Super Phosphate of Lime.
No. 1 Government Peruvian Guano.
French's Improved Sup- Phosphate of Lime.
French's Pniladclphiu Pondretie.
No. 1 Phosphate Guano (I'liilu. Co.'#.)
Mexican Guano. (A.)
Extra Land Plaster. Ordinary Land Piaster.
Chemical Bone. Pote Bono Dust.
Fish Guano. Ground Charcoal.
10,000 Parrels Land Plaster,
5,000 " Casting Plaster,
10.000 " Hydraulic Cement.
3.000 " True /lonian Cement.
1,000 " Portland(lfng.) Cements
Powdered Anthracite Coal, (in barrels.',
Powdered Bituminous Coal, do.
Ground Brown Stone, do.
White Sand, do.
Ground Bricks, for Painters.
Powdered Bone Black.
Steam Mitts and Fanners' Depot,
At junction ol York Avenue, Crown anil I
Callowhill Streets, Philadelphia.
April 8, '57, 2m
~ ISiVT IT MO { i
| Use ARTHUR'S Celebra- I
{ted Sell-Scaling (.'una and (
FRESH FRUIT Jars, and you will have Iresh '
fruit all the year at summer ;
Full directions for putting |
up all kinds of fruit and To- I
inatoes, accompany these |
cans and jars.
They ere made of Tin,
Glass, Qneensware, and Fire j
and Acid proof Stone Ware. !
IN WINTER The sizes are from to j
gallons. Tliuse cans & jars j
are entirely open at the tops, !
and nest, to secure transpor
For sale by Storekeepers
throughout the U. States.
Descriptive circulars sent
BETTER on application, fS" Orders
from the trado solicited.
Be sure to ask for " Ar
thur's." It has stood the
test of two seasons, having
been used by hundreds of
THAN thousands of families, hotel j
and boarding-house keep,
We are now making them
fur the million.
Sweetmeats. Manufacturers under the
Nos. 117 & 119, S.Tenth St., (cor. George.)
June 17, 1857.-3 m.
THE subscriber offers for sale his farm in
Orange township, Columbia oo.,containing
336 ACRES,
on which ate 'valuable improvements, com
prising two sets of farm buildings,
Two Dwelling Houses,
two barns end other buildings, two apple
orchards and a variety of other fruit trees. —
About 200 acres of the premises is cleared
land in a good condition of improvement,
and it lays along Fishingcreek, 1 mile above
Orungeville, aud only 7 miles from the county
The whole will be sold together, or in two
divisions as purchasers may desire.
For terms apply on the premises or direct
to Orungeville, Columbia county to
Orange township, May sth, 1857.
Estate of Elisabeth Longer, late of Stigarloaf
township, deceased.
ALL persons interested will take notice
that the undersigned appointed Auditor by
the Orphans' Court ol Columbia County, to
settle and adjust the rates and proportions of
the assets of the estate u( Elizabeth Lunger,
deceased, in the hands of Edmund Cruw
ford her administrator, to and uinong the re
spective creditors, according to the order
established by law, will aitend at his office,
in Bloomsbujg, on Saturday the I lilt day of
July next, for die purpose aforesaid, when
and where alt persons interested will attend
if they think proper.
Bloomeburg, June 8, '57. .'fuilffor.
4 N ASSORTMENT of uonleotionury, jew
eiiy, Perfumery eoupe, hair oils, &0.,
Pomades, to bo bad at
CLARK'S Book Store.
Extraordinary Volume.
Qfiintexeim of KndwMgc.
The title or this womlerfal book is "IN
WANT TO KNOW; or otfcr 3700 facts lor
the people.—Cloth Gilt, 435' pages, Prtct,
i Si.oo.
j "Inquire Within" is one of the most val
uable ami extraordinary volumes ever pre
rented to the American public, ami embodies
nearly 4000 lads, in the most of which any
person living will iitul iiistraauoti, aid anil
"Inquire Within" is sold at the low price
of One Dollar, and yet it contains 430 pages
of closely printed mutter, and is handsomely
and strongly bound. It is a'rector, a Gar
dener, u Schoolmaster, u Dancing Master, an
Artist, a Naturalist, a Modeller, a Cook, a
Lawyer, a Surgeon, a Chess Player, a Cos
metician, u brewer, an Aocoumhul, uu Ar
chitect, a Letter writer, "Hoyle and a Gen
eral Guide to all kinds of Useful and Fancy
Employment, Amusement and Money Mak
ing. Resides all this information—und we
liuve not room to give a hundredth part of it
—it contains so many use In I and valuable
recipes, that an enumeration ol them re
quires 78 columns of fine type lor the Index.
"Ittquite Within" is no collection of an
cient sayings and recipes, but the whole is
fresh and new, and suited to the present
times. As a book to keep in the tun.ily for
relctence it is ut.equalled, comprising, as u
does, nil kinds nl books information in u sin
gle volume. Published by
18 Ann Street, N. Y.
li' Copies of the book ecu* by runil, on
receipt ol SI, to any address, free ol poslagu
Reliable Agents wanted lo canvass for "In
quire Within."—bend Cash unlets lo Iho
*,* Editors of Country Newspapers giving
the above advertisement three prominent in
sertions, calling ulten'ion to the mime in thuir
editorial columns and sending aknarked copy
to the publishers wilt receive "inquire With
in" per return of mail, Ireo of postage.
ft"- Also just published, THE AR TIST'S
BRIDE, by Emerson Rennet. I'rico #I.OO.
June 17, 1567.
wl l'l'l ll RIOT, WIIKRI A IM3U-
nitineni cure is guaranteed in ull Mages
cl SKCKKT diseases, Sell Abuse, Nervous
liability, Strictures, (Jleets, (Irnvel, Mercurial
Rheumatism, Scrofula, I'uins in the Ankles
ami Bones, Diseases of the Throat, Nose and
F.yes, Ulcers upon die Body, Female Irregu
larities, and all o'lier improper discharges,
no rentier ol how long standing, or obstinate
the case, recovery is certain, ami til n shorter
time than a permrneul cure could bo efleel
ed by any other treatment, even alter the
skill of the most eminent physicians hud
failed, and the disease resisted all other
means ol cure. The remedies are free from
odor causing neither sickness nor inconve
nience, and without mutuary or balsam.—
flaring twenty years' practice, [ have re
stored to health over seventeen thousand pa
tients, who were suffering under the worst
lorms of all of the above mentioned dis
eases, wliich guarantees me in promising a
perfect and most speedy cure. Secret dis
eases a ret ho greatest enemies to health ami
happiness, as tliry are the fust cause ol con
sumption, scrofula, ike., and should be a ter
ror to all nations 011 the earth ; for the dis
ease is becoming so common, and treatment
so lidle understood, that a permanent cure is
scarcely ever effected, as a majority ol the
cases lull into tho hands of incompetent per
sons, who not only lai! to care the malady,
hut ruin the constitution with corrosjve suh
lintate—a dangerous poison, a preparation
ot mercury—which, with the remains ol dis
ease in the system, produces marty ol the
( above named affections, which finally lerrni-'
nate it) consumption, and freqwsmdy w-sapid
one ; but should it not cause,death apetglily,
| and the victim to disease marries, the disease
| is then conveyed Irom the patient to din chil
-1 dren, causing them to come into the world
, with scrofula, aHertioiis of tho skin, eyes,
throat, &c., and again terminates in con-
I sumption, and consigns his victim to tut un
| timely grave, between lite ages ol six months
and thirty-live years. Self-absnc is another
formidable enemy to health; it destroys the
nervous system, rapidly wasting oway the
I energies of hie, causing menial derange-
I ment, preventing a proper development ol
| the system, and disqualifying its vieiom for
j marriage, society, business, and till earthly
I happiness. Female Irregularities and oiber
I diseases of females treated in the most skitb
j ful and scientiliu manner. Medicines, with
j directions, sent to any part of the Uniteu
J States and Cauiulas, by patients communion
' ting their symptoms by letter.
I J.SUMMKRVILLB, M. !., Box 53, Post
Oflice ; Filbert Street, below 'Tenth, Phila
j dulphia, l'a.
rjwho has had 10 veara' experience as a
Banker and Publisher, and author of
© A Series oj Lectures at the Broadway Tuber
mi nacle,
|£j when for 10 successive night*, over
iy 10,000 People
r greeted him with rounds ol aptdattse,
.-while he exhibited the manner in which
execute their frauds, and
Jj the surest and shortest means of delecting
them !
{j The Bank Note Engravers all say
Q that Ih is the Greatest Judge of
Paper Money f.iving.
® Greatest discovery of the present centurv
2 For Detecting Counterfeit Bank
~ Notes.
2 Describing every Genuine Bill in exis'-
®noce, and exhibiting at a .glance every
Counterfeit in Circulation!!
*4 Arranged so admirably, that Reference is
S easy and detection Instantaneous.
T'rV No index to examine! No pages to
j? limit up! But so simplified am! ar
® ranged, that the Merchant, Bank-
- er and Business Map can see
V all at a Glance.
2 English, French and German.
m Thus each may read llie riume in his own Nu
mi live Tongue
CJ Also a List of
y A Complete Summary of the Haante of
Europe and America will be published in
.each edition, together with all the Iroport-
Mant new* of lhe~day. Also.
-j From an old manuscript iouikl in the East.
It furnishes the most complete
™ history of
m* Oriental UIV,
In describing the hndst perplexing posi
es lion* in which the Ladies ud Gentlemen
2of that country have boon *° ohen found.
These Stories will continue throughout the
h* whole year, and will prove the Most F.n-
Wtettaining ever offered to ibo Publio.
© S" Furnished Weekly to subscribers
© only, at Si a year. All letters must be ad
dressed to
H JOHN S. DYE, Broker
Published am! Proprietor, 70 Wall Street,
© April 27, 1857. New York.
A FULL o> Uaie*' Diy
tiooiU *i ib AioaJiJ l>y
Mity 07, '57. \ CUCNSCII,
AITOULD call the attention of all those who wish to buy good goods in his line, that he has
' just replenished his (already) largo and well selected assortment of the following nrli
eles, viz;— Drugs, Medicines, Oils, I'aiule, Varnishes, Glass, DyostutTs, Confectjonaries, Per
fumery. fancy soaps and toilet articles generally; Cigars and Tobacco of evrrv variety and
brand, Harrison's Inks wholesnle and retail ut the manufacturer's prices, PORE U'tNES AND
HHANDIES for medicinal use only. Trusses, Shoulder braces and Abdominal Supporters,
Paint, Varnish and Tooth brushes; also agent tor most of the popular Patent Medicines of the
day. Toys, und an endless variety of useful and lancy notions not lieru enumerated. Physi
cian's Proscriptions and Family Medicines put up carelully und at short notice. Glass Cutting
done to order at the old stand. * E. P. LUTZ.
bloomsbutg, April 8, 1857.
Having added to ;he fixtures of the "STAR" Office good and extensive JOBBING MATERI
AL, is prepared to execute nil kinds ol .JOll I'ItIATIAR hi iho
bust CITY STYLE, und at abort notice.
Certificates of Stock and licposite, <
Constitutions for Societies,
ltank Checks, Prarnissori/ Notes,
/toil Itond anil other Tickets,
Catalogues, Taper Hooks, Hill-Heads, Check Hulls, Plain arid Fancy Cards,
Husiness und other Circulars, Posters Plain anil in Colors.
Can be Procured at the "Star" Job Office,
AS PKOmrTlsY I%NI NRATISY I*lll iVJTI'jD an i v the
city .
The public are invited lo call anil see specimens, as we arc determined to merit patron
age by strict attention to business and superior workmanship.
New Arrival of Spring and Summer Goods.
op v &Z cacE)
HAVE just received anil opened I lie ir stock of merchandize for Spring and Summer sales,
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assortment now
offered in litis TOWN! Having paid greul attention to the selection ol liieir entire stock,
as to price noil quality, they Hutiei themselves that llioy can compete with the cheapest,
and all those wishing to buy cheap, can savu money by giving us u cull. Wo have all
kinds ol Goods and Wares lo supply the wants ol the People. A very largo lot of
liAim:** BHtBISS tiOODK,
Frdhch mcrinocs, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, do hages, poplins, paramatta cloths
mohair lustres,muslin do laities, Persian cloths, Ginghams, Calicoes, bo.
WHl'l'ls GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Slovi-s. Collars, Spencers, handkerchiefs.
Bouncings, bauds and trimmings, laoos and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vel
vet ribbons, and braids, kid, cotton, ami lisle llirt ail gloves, mohair milts, fee.,
All kinds ol SHAWLS, brocke, Ray State, Waterville, black silk, cashmere, Eirtbroder
9it, Kc. Alsrt a very large assortment of cloths, cassiincrs, saltiuolls,, tweeds;
jeans, beaver cloths, coaling velvet, bo..
We have a large assortment ol Hats and Cups ol latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, QuetMisware, Ccdurware, be. Very cheap carpels, carpet liags, floor, table and car
riage oil cloths, trials rugs, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, lowelings,
drillings, bo., in übundativo.
We invite our Iriends and the public generally to give us a call before purchasing else
where. We have bought our goods at Lowest Catib Prices and w ill not be undersold by
anybody or the rest of mankind,
illoomsburg, April 15, 1857.
Now arrival of Spring and Summer Goods !
--INVITES attention to his stock of cheap and fasliionale vlothing at his storeon Market
street, two doors above the "American House," where he has a full assortment ol rrieri
and boy's wearing apparel, including
•jox, sack, frock, gum and oil cloth coats of all sorts and sizes, pantsof all colors,shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, slocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
and lancy articles.
N. 11. " He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short nolice and in
the best manner. All bis clothing is made to wear, and most ol it is ol home manufac
llloomsburg, April 1, 1857.
nAS just received and opened a full and
large assortment
which he will sell at the lowest living profit.
His stock embraces s'ella, tliibet and crape
shawls, barege, barege delaines, tissues,
lawns, debeges, crape orientals, alpaccas, &c
SILKS.—A very handsome assortment of
striped, plain, plaid and black silks, which
he intends to sell at very reduced prices.
An immense stock of embroiJeiies, such
as embroidered handkerchiefs,collars, spen
cers, sleeves, Swiss and jaconet edgings and .
insertings, linens, cotton and thread laces,
flouncing* and embroidered curtains.
DOMESTICS—MusIins, drillings, tickings,
check*, osnaburgs, baggings, ginghams, flan
nels, table diaper and ready-made Dags. J
Mm anil Hoys' Wear.
Cloths, eassimeres, vesting*, jeans, cotton- |
ades, denims, blue drillings, cotton plaids &c. i
A very large assortment of new style car- j
pels, such as tapestry. Brussels three ply. in- |
grain and Venetian oil cloths, of all widths. |
A large assortment of Ladies 1 & Chiidrens' ■
Shoe?, which ho will sell very cheap.
A lot of fresh sugars. molases. W JEJ JJ |
&c. Also Hardware
Crockery and Wooden ware.
t"?" Floor and Feed always lor sale a! the !
lowest market prices for cah.
Bloorasburg, April 29, 1857.
S. W. Corner of Fourth and Race Sts.
Will Supply on Low Terms,
I Bill Henri*, Carris, C hecks,
Bill of Lading. Promissory .Volts,
Drafts, 4-c.
Made in a superior manner, or Kuled and ;
Bound to any Pattern.
Letter, Note & Foolscap Paper,
WJfiAiPif Iiv& f
In a handsome and durable style,
ry y onr orders ret pectin dv solicited. I
Philadelphia, March 4, 1857.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given ibal htW t
administration open the estate of Jacob \\ .
Hess late of Jackson tow oshif, CoUtMbie
county, deceased, have been granted to the
undersigned residing also in Jackson two
t ship. AH person* uideb ed to the said estate
ate requested to utake payment without do
lay, and those having accounts against the
decedent to pieseut them lor settlement to
Adxsrustr,' lot, |
Jackactt township, Mav 19. 1957 -<t.
4 store building on Mate street, Blooms
-• bum, lot tout uu reaaouabh* tetnis
Bk'omabutjf, Nov it, 195 d
JEi. CG3 UD USt '~J2T 3
Liizci'iu' County, Pa.
rpHK Trustees uf this Institution respectfully
-L announce, that it will he opened fur the
reception of Pupil*, of huh sexes, on Monday.
October 20th next, under the immediate care of
l'rof. JAMIIS AN OKI WON, as Principal.
Mr. A. is a gentleman uf extensive acquire
mcnts. and culaigej experience as an educator,
and horv I ceil connected with the most popular
'•llich Wchool" of Liucka Co. for several years,
lie is also well and favorably known as a con
tributor to some of our leading educational peri
Willromptjae Orthography, Definition a, Heal
ing, Penmanship, Etymology Geograph.. flog
Grammar, Composition, Ar.ihraetic Alee! ia. •
Geometry. Mensuration, Plane and Spherics!
Trigonometry, Surveying, Navigation, Astron
omy, Ac. U„nk Keeping, History, Physiology,
Natural, Intellectual, anil .Moral Philosophy,
and Clumiatry.
C/aitei in the French, Spanish 4* Latin
Languages will he forin>-d a- early as practica
ble, and Instruction ou Piano-Forte wtij
given if desired.
WEEKLY LECTURES on the Natural
Sciences, illustrated by appropriate apparatus
will sl.ev I e g.ven
SPECIAL ATTENTION will 1* pa d to
young Ladies and Gentlemen deigning to qual
ify themselves as Teachers.
FOUR. FIVE and SIX Uollats per Quarter
in accordance with the studies pursued, payable
one half in and the balance ai the close
of the Quitter.
GOOD BOARD can be kid in ihe village x*.
a moderate price.
I/" Mr. A. will deliver an addtcsv eu Fhysi
cal, Intellectual and Moral education, u the
day of comntencetiaem. when his method cf ,
imparting instruction w be :'!csr*a cd. and
Ithe discipline ud management of the cbeoi. ,
fully explained.
Parents, Guardians, anJ the friends of educa ,
J lion generally, are cordially invited to be pnes
; en:.
I 1). 1., CHAPiN, I B. M. STEVENS,
JOHN KOoNs. 1 N.O.SriLEe:.
I 8l! AS i>OB>ON. i JOHN YAPI.E.
, Columbus, Sept* 4, Isoti. Trustees.
3i ?.2.rSSii
' lAHF. vuueisix' e„ ;tn posuswre w aarcuoc
-■ ing to Mcrchsrj ,ha. it e a-e rea -. Te
tunng waupertvas ar vlee' KA K KS aide.. -
New Kaetotv cu F>s gceek a bev
* Ho. Cel. Co. Mvraetaaete wisktaj v ?-
cease good Fvtxs out havo them at ice Fac
torv, pr it iteeuevi *ta c*a tvtwrari .heat c
Ittvvusbarg to b C. Sane where ;Ny ca;
get itteu. at ete eaa loserard .Wet to Ocve
Stores that tare t.v wo much out bi tttf av
All iv\Ww sbouWt he aV -es-ed to Si**
Shire. iVarera P X> . Cewwak** *ee." Fe.
SMiVKS Jc t>*V*
April 15, ISVT -
P X R Justices vl Cog <s j
tmxt kw tar **te at the^a-x - * ottce
I The Iff edleine ofthe fill HOB.
The Kxclling Cause of Hickucss.
Tlit* blood in tho lift) sustaining agent. It
furnishes the components o( flesh, Lone,
muscle, nerve and integument. The stomach
is its manufactory, llio vein* in distributors,
mid the intestine* ilm channel through which
ihe wuitU) ir.niter rejected in its productions
is expelled. Upon the tainach, the circula
t iti it nil the bowels, these Pills art siinnha
itetiusly, relieving indigestion, purifying the
llmils, und regnlalitg the excretion*.
Dyspepsia is ihn most common disease
among all clitssoa in this cuiuiry. It assumes
a thousand shapes, mid is the primary smirre
nl innumerable (longeron* innludies; but
whatever its typo or symptoms, however ob
situate its resistance In ordinary preparations,
il yields readily anil rapidly to this searching
and unerring remedy.
The tpimnily mid tjiiuliiy ol the bile are of
vital importance to henhh. Upott the liver,
die gland which secretes this fluid, these
I'itU opetme speeifirallv, Infallibly rectifying
ils irrecul.irilies, und ellvclnally curing Jaun-
Jire, Ihhotis Keiinllants, and all (he vaneiiea
ol disease generated by mi uinialiitul condi
lion ul dm organ.
Unlesa die bowels perlorm Iheir liinclion*
properly, the whole body sutler*. Ten* of t
thousands die annually ol Dysentery, Diar
rliirn, Chronic consumption, and other die
eases of these waste pipes of the system.—
The elleri ol ihe I'dls upon all intestinal dis
orders, whether casual or epidemic, is a
phenomenon in medicine, by following the
printed directions, llio most alarming cases
ol bowel complaint are promptly controlled.
A Word to Female*.
The local debility and irregularities which
are Ihe especial annoyances of Ihn weaker
HOT, and which, when neglected, always
shorten life, are relieved fur llio lime being,
and prevented tor tho time to come, by a
course of this mild but thorough alterative.
Are the best remedy known in the world lot
tho following diseases:
Asthma. Diarrheas,
Howe! Complaints, Dropsy,
Coughs Debility,
Colds, Fever and Ague,
( hurt Diseases, Female Complaints,
CostivoiieM, Headaches,
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, and Crave! Influenza
Secondary Symptoms Inflammation
Venereal Affections inward weakness
Worm* ol ail kinds Liver complaints
I Lowness of spirits Piles.
Sold at tho manufactories of Prof. Hollo
way, Sit M aiden Lane, New York, and 211
Si rand London, by all respectable Druggists
and dealers in medicine throughout the 17.
S. and the civilized world, in boxes at 25
cenis. 62$ cis. and SI each.
Cy There i- a considerable saving by lak
, ing die larger sizes.
N. b. D.ieciions for the guidance of pa
tients iti every disorder are affixed to each,
box. [Aug. 13, 1856.
j f-7 CAP f ION '.--None ere genuine unlesa
j '.he words 7/ot/oirai/ Xeiv York and Lorn/on,"
j are discernible a- a t C'dermnrk in every leaf
: ol the book ol directions aronml each pot or
box: the same may te plainly seen by hold
ing liie icoj to the light. A han.Doma reward
will be given to any one rendering such in
human ui a# may lead to toe detection of aoy
party or coonterteiling ihe medicines
or vending the same, knowing them to Us
B Phil a AlauuraclorH
|fl SAFES;
IsESfNo. 2*> Sauii Fourth Jyreet
llcpcrt r>f the Committee appointed to
superintend the burning of the Iron
Sat'es at Heading, Feb. 'llth, 185".
KuatJtnc. March Lit.
The undersigned, members ot the Commit
tee, do res, ectiuliv re t >ort, that we saw the
two >.ifes origins iy aareeJ cpon by Farrele
„'c Herring aud Evans hi Watson, placed i*Je
M * Hie ie a ;..rudoe, via; The bate 13 nae by
j re Paymaster o; the Philadelphia and Kad
.r.g Kai.roa . Company. a his lice a: ILr-ad
ng. main, act Jre i by Farrecs i; Hemng as<l
the bare in ti a e by H A Lati.x, ia h.a a ore, urea by fclsans cc Waaoa, and pox
m bc'ik- iti t papers ,:ec.-<s y a ice.
The :re i- s sd at >J e.ock. A M,
i-.a Kept oj'un .1 .■ crcarus o!' green hiefcory.
two cords drx oc a .d hal: chesuiat top wood
were ero rely rcusumed, the whole Buder
he aafer.uicndecee ot the aers. itcx.-
te-c; el airs fee. Tie Safes were ;ba
e_ *o .: a a water, atter wk were
cpene. . asl ".e tcots and pacers tahen out
ty the C nui.fee ana seal ,3 H. A. La., t *
s ore lor poo-io examtcatiua, at er xey wens
,(i ■ ex.ta ed tad ctaried by :re Co.ainU
i-e. l„eco c a- J -vrers utsa Tom je
Site m ■ hie :r->. - kj Bn A- W'a.scc werw
b;t ly aaecteu by t-e -ctease .vrat.
trbrs those taken tV-oat ti.e Sa e maouTec
tured by r a."e. A tier- -g jrxne, .a oar
mettt, cimagei fully fifteen pee eenr teens
than .fuse rakea trcen Eeogs & NYataea'e
f Hi vie; been obraat car ia tte beftjieg,
we tc iy ewtoeadw w ;h tie above Kt'c.aest
i ct the cosdiuoa at lie papers aud Stoke oak
■ a est ct tao ve Nt ve.
u. A N tCQLLSs
The tctro.vt'l* naet xeatwswseo. seewieate
p p. r.u .**, who sa .ie
above ti.-v. auxe , itxraassa Safes he a U•
4w VVxatoas.&ce -ae :;-p. tip v May fs.',
( I<-T.
I," A NvodiS, ! SkM fields I
U. K cowtty, d V c Vewttes, I
K A z. - i*ew E Leeemy t
.kx aHe s-sr. l See ue* Fxsicrp., S
l\ Ri ■ ros x ace, t J M i'AW Haucseiy.b
HVVV; >- uxr, 2 .', ne Tu swxi. 1
IN Wa Moose, t ! A,l t SkWamMl
Lev, J Sa-.;f a J-accC N.-caxackec- 1
Kiihl ti, Waa Cats, I
Wat K~oi I N ¥ >'-ov ooSrajwr b
Xa.-'tara •jc Sa.ra*. A Iseycui l>Ht, 1
W Mr fas m 1 Saw Jtriwe. I
J. Kcken WA
Www; Rtt a, l I
R. xrev*:, T.euwev- WvWr. >%■ Raaawa, I
\ d.v. * XvAoa. k
ha* Ik, Mdl.
lak IMMk XWiT ANv> vu AiffiW
w at sfte \ c-' Jv
\ Ntix ST. "ST AC