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II looms burg? %Vr<liifwdny v April '22,
Drmocra(ic IVominalionN.
of Lycoming County.
ol Chester County.
11l the degenerate day'B of Rome, the de
praved soldiery put up the Empire for sale
to the highest bidder, in our day the ele
ments of corruption are only bold enough to
propose that we shall sell the backbone of the
Stale—that we shalt cut out and sell to the
highssi bidder the main arteries in the body
and system of our internal improvements.—
This is to be sold for 5150,000 in money,
which will all be appropriated before it
i caches the treasury. The bonds which are
to form the balance of the purchase money
will be given to the Sutibury & Erie Railroad
Company, or to some other ol the spoilsmen's
corporations who are standing around with
greedy eyes and already licking their parch
ed jaws fur any little hugmenls. .
Next winter it will be found to have been
cruel an J unwise to sever the main trunk j
Irotn lite ministering and feeding limbs of ,
the public vvoiks, and the cry will bo "for |
mercy's sako unite them." Hut the I'etin- j
sylvai.ia llailroud Company will insist that
it has (airly purchased every pound of 110-li
in the Main body, and that the mountain |
will not go to Mubotnniod, but Mahommed |
may come to the mmii.uiio. The only rem- j
edy will be to give the limbs to Iho giant |
yvho shall already have tho body. Ho one j
by oi.e the different purls of the public works j
will be Hold or given uiv.iy; and HI ten years .
Uio Sial* will have tieilhor a mile ol public 1
improvements not u dollar us tho ptico ol :
The power ilu.t is strong enough lo ureal
tin) main body of litem from the Stale will
lie strong enough lo procure discharges ol it*
debts Irotn subsequent legia'aluro*. Ona ol
Uifloo corporations easily procurtiil a forgive
ness of ila ileitis lor I trail}/ years; mill it ivill ,
l a in licit easior lor oik' wliicb shall lioM the
Stain within lltu grip ol its itou bninla to ox
toil a total absolution frt>m all debt*
The lYttnsylvsuU Uailrouil Company at
present pays some S-200,000 a year as ion-1
11 age tax to the Sialo, ami limit this the bill j
now in the House wonl.! relieve Ihe font
pauy For years the Comprint' has ntaile
efforts lo have this tonnage lax law repealed;
and resorie.l to all the legerdcmaino ot legis
laiioit 10 gain that point.
As lo the moiAi* o/<rnimh of "putting
Ihtottg' such a bill as this lor the sale ol
the Mam l ino the following extract (rem a
llnrrisftitrg correspondent will give our rend
era sonte taint idea.
" Next week the borers of the lVnnsvlva
nia Railroad will return fullv organi.ed, ami
reaily lo proeeeil lo tvoik i'liev will be toil
by Mr. Anderson, assisted by tit M I eitleuants
James Hums, John H. Hook. Titos J Power,
atul Charles Fiailev To thoss) who know
llarrisbnrg thoroughly, tt will lie at onoe saiil
that no more lornnilabla engineer corps
could bo oigani/eil in the -Sine, It these
men cannot pasa a hiH, thou os passage is
hopeless. They will begin operations at
once, if they have not already broke ground
lo etfert the passage ol" the bill tut the sale
of the Main lane."
1 he Cohrmhtn Cow at y HrpuMirnn.
It will ho expected that we should notice
the advent of the new Republic an paper tin
iter the charge ol IV John, and yet we hard
ly kuow what to say, except that the sun
risea as ol yor.t and the water yet continues
to run down hill, ft Vtl' natural that the lead
s'rs ol the Krow-Ni'th'ng is Republican par
rv should teel the want c a newspaper organ
Mi>ce last foil, and Pr. Jofm has been in
duced to try to lii' that want. No doubt pol
ittcians deal in rosy promise* to bun as to
evraordmaey aupport. but it he finds them
realised it will be the tirst instance P.' 'he
kind in the history of i ews. aper enterpri.-'O
Hut we shall riot be envious at all the 'avors
aird honors he may teceire Irom his party .
and we will only ask that the Democracy
exert themselves us much ro snt.n the
••Sna" as the Oppnut, >n do tor the.r orgar
In dark troubled limes P-e "Srvs stov
always true to rs cause, and in several a the
hardest eontests tooght the battle of the peo
ple single handed and alone.
The /iVwrMoan w .If blow and str ke fo*
kVilmot mid FrtWvlorr: and w ill to doubt
Matt as rear fleeing the Judge as i s sup
porter* did in electing Fremont last tail. As
to bow ir.*"V nogroos i; w.U i.-o-o that lor
ihc laturo to proro
Tin** ro Ehim—oa !*>; wk *
\ownj pr isoror nanaod ia-tror wix*oakoJ
P nuwit is tbo yaii yard wboo b:>or iT X! or
locked ap. *od tbo-r ooaaaaooood ;b* t:o.Tip:
10 work hts war ibrocrb bo oaror wa.l or ido
jard. Mo Pad or'f *f -o ofcbto' ttJd * r>w>oo
tvi boarc wawP. bo bod :*koi -"•w tb* bod
to aid ktaa tc tbt pr-x*so . be; Padulaa <ci
* shoot and torn K ir o a ropo w.;h. oodoat*.
an oifon o saca'o tbo w lr the roorm
i.or.a i *x,U ?ot aboc. su .no os tbo
w-a't by t. d.jjuij;. and tht a'kwa loaad
t >• stioor s wvb ooid iron iso want <x a.?
Ota: w*irt< bo bwi toft rr jail
f7 Wo iioofooo kv .aro .ha; ooaoo o" tbo
paper on *\.<s ouatw* -.♦ pr—-od :
.lnyoota.j VMWL Wa regro. ibr*. ari
no aaoro to * Ct Caawvta Mi* feas art
osjl* jwaw rnw lenfoVorf Ci wh a wt aa. :
aruoio Wa sU" so* liar wo C" fpt*
I natai arWl a wbao Two a: * :iw
oaa WWW aiofwa S? ara# .a arraata frs si bocrtp
aa 4 W-i <o*o •• raoi-M a ow
Ptsaa |afot ia oitk. jw Caaotda jaar
rtH tbat |f 11 atri * a k-o --rod *r
r ro -to rn •bar ois t a* • pi-ro ri >*
T lie SCHOOL DiiiKcroity CONVEN
It is ju6t that the public should know that
' the present Superintendent of Common
Schools docs not ask or desire a re-election
to that office. 11l health is the only reason
for this determination, for the association
- and connection with Iho schools of the
county have been to him entirely agreeable
. and pleasant. True, it has tint been a
- source of profit; but in the present condi
tion of public education the duties of the
office must be filled more as a labor of love
than for money. Mo man who seeks the
position for profit is fit for it; and it will be
well for the Directors of our county to re
meinbor this at the Convention next month.
, We were repeatedly urged to have our sal
ary raised, but our answer always was that
wo knew what the pay was when we took
- the otfiee, and knew too what its duties
e were.
i- If the pay had boon throe limes as large
0 we could not have served the cause any
b better. It so happens that there are only
s about two mouths and a hall—front the rnid
y die of December to the first of March—in
- which school visitations can be made. 'Take
, out of these Saturdays and stormy days,
1 and there are not on an average over lour
a days in a week which can be givon to litis
i' out-door work. The wonder then is rather
I I that wo visited as ninny as wo did, than
s I that we did not visit more. The first year
i | we field the oilico five mouths and visited
- three fourths id' the schools. The second
/year we visited nil but a tow which wore
| either closed or inaccessible by reason of I
f snow drills when we were in the district.— |
l.ast winter we did all we could, and visited j
I all except about 25 schools, notwithstanding j
j sickness front exposure, and the had roads,
lint the most benefit resulting front a su
pervision of the public schools is in the
| work sit home: where almost every day
I some teacher, director or citizen comes lot
I information or with a bill of complaint. It
| is in explaining the workings of Iho colli
j moo school system, in reconciling dtllictil
j tics, r.:::! it! preventing feuds and law-suits
' that most good can bo done. We found it
! was not enough lor us to frswiiir the tcitch
! crs who presented themselves, we were
! obliged in many eases to instruct them We
' rejected about a dozen each year, and would
| have retused certificates to others it there
j had been material with which to supply
! their places.
When xvc came in'o the otliec we lotttid
.' that in several townships the provisions ot
the common school law had never been
complied with, and that tiro children had
' been cheated out of an education. In Ilea
j vor the Directors were removed, anil in
1 Uoaiiogereek were compelled to open the
schools, and we have the gtatilieatiou ot
seeing tor the first time in the history of the
county that even township is acting under
the common school svstem when our otliei
! al connection with it closes.
When we came into the otliec we found
no concert ot action between the teachers
tor their improvement in learning or in j
| teaching. We orgtllittiil a Teachers A MO- |
ciation which lias held six sessions and
1 might benefit Teachers very much. Hut
we suggest that there ought to be more at
ioiition given by them to improvement tn j
the sciences and less to die exaction ot high
w ages \\ hen true excellence shall bo once
attained that xvtil < >.si.iu.t good ;\i\. No
doubt the tanlt lavs very much with the
directors tor not discriminating lni\xeen a
poor and a eonipeient teacher. Tor it *
good certificate xvas once paid well it
would become an object tor which teachers
would tr\ to prepare themselves, it is a
truth may as well be told, lor the
public ought to know it.— ih>ctl\>u>;hs of the
| tracker* of ll its roii>i/y air oaf* eminent tecs
Fhex have no doubt the average mental c.v
; paecx of other young men and young wo
imen in the State, but they need much train
ing to bo teachers Most of them frankly
' conies* this to its when they come to be
examined, and attiibuteit to their want of
propei instruction. Hut how will our schools
mi prove at ilus rale ' The oi v remedy i
;or Director* to insist upon ijiiahuo.uions iu
the teachers, ami to e oc: a Superintendent
who wid be able l-\ education ami rcrve
to examine teachers tuby and tairix . When
ever it shall be once known that a poor
teacher w c'. receive poor pay and wfii ne;
be hitevl at U w here a good one can bo
nrxxeured. the D.rectors will ikm no longer
;be troubled with this class ot appliea ions
t \\ itlun the ;\a>t three years the wages ct
ica "hers !w.s increased in m.s: of the dis
tricts in this ceum . arte, in seme of them
w\"v that, lhe siar.iarvl of vjualificaKons
Hut le; these wages not be txve.ced—re
quire only i-etter t.xac'* The wages arc
now such that teachers cttgfi: to prepare
■:.f!iis"ivi"< ui ear a ir.eut by organizing a
Teachers' Insri' te. An Icstuute o. i..:ee
or tour week would w, "k woouers. nr..
xeoe'vi no: v"os: winch The loachers As
soc ..-.on d Ir- to Int us me rubers oou.d.
tt.-s be '"cd. to make us scss.oa z
SNOW Srosv—l; w'.l b# no news to i
,va oar reader's of tie frew-sw*. bus "u
mv be ' to chr.vtvcle far fatuv reterenee
tr-a; on the 1 i ard SO h P f Apr; 'he-* fell
srow io She depek of a :.v>! . sr.d it w -'
. are bee - 'o feet deep is fad ro; rr.r et
so as:. T rrei iscLxswd up for severa' davs.
acd she £rs; news we cxpec: w be o' doods
Loos cct rot thcjc !—Kecer v serre of
.a*. c*ss o: oa:ers who are too laiv to w. -k
*Ei toe jeeod to beg hare bee: break -j
r. o setae of war goes: b.—
*.*' a lis -n*. Jz-ige Koper. bad ah k.s n>ti
sioier oris ssgS: '*• weft P- Ramsey
Sad a*se scvase of fc akee
>!a E r Lrrr is reeeir-rg: a rvw r:
lav* do. of Irask drags xsi f*cv*s<as*~s
a. its* oid stars 4 . wberr he fas iarbfa y win
j eearee w> si* w- is cd '.be pebbe for aeary
yrarwr the rr-st weriarT— C. v r m;r
rcs closers
C"F* Fr* paw TT'T* res Is. sav 4>i*rs
wod rf rsita&Jvkus "* be wmwmm ior
Satvrue* 1 c-g* '—tc. t* E*~r es* —'
S aT
* I s nlo of the niain Line.
t A bill providing for thii objacl was reporl
n j Ptl, on Wednesday last, in the House of Itep
n j rasvntalives, by die Committee of Ways and
u I'Means, under u resolution, passed by a large
n majorily, instructing the committee to pre
e pure u bill for the sale of the P üblic Works.
e Its leading provisions are contained in the
a following synopsis carefully made up by the
j. Ilarrisburg correspondent of the Ltd go:
0 I "It provides that immedialel y after its pas
c sgo, the Governor shall advertise a notice in
e die Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Washington,
p lialtitnore, Uoston, New York and Hsrris
burg papers, that the Main Line will be of
, lered for sale at the Merchants' Exchange,
i on a day to be designated by him, not more
1 than forty days after the pavsage of this act.
j v Any person or persons, or railroad or canal
s company incorporated by the State, may be
come the purchasers, for any sum not less
, than seven and u hall millions of dollars.—
f I II necessary, the Company purchasing may
, \ increaso their capital stock or borrow money
. and issue their bonds to any amount not ex
, j reeding 50 per centutr. above the amount of
, tho pnrohaso money. In case individuals
purchase, the (love rnor is empowered to in
r corporate them. No bid will be received
, nnless the bidder deposits in tho hands of tbo
. Governor SIOO,OOO iu cash or State bonds as
a forfeit. If the highest bidder fails to com
. ply with the uct, the Governor may, if he
thinks proper, tender the Works to the next
I highest bidder. II the Pennsylvania Kailroud
| Company become the purchasers, thpy nro
i required to pay Sl,&00,000 in addition. The
| whole purchase money to be paid in five
i per cent, bonds of the Company, payable
| semi-annually; said bonds to be it lien upon '
the Main Line; ten por cent, whereof shall j
fall due on the lirst of July, 1800, and the re- 1
numidor in ten equal annual instalments
ilioroaficr. I'pon the execution uttd delivery
ol said bonds the Pennsylvania Kuilrosd '
Company and the Ilarrisburg and Lancaster (
luiilrnad Company shall bo released from
iho payment of the tonnage tax now im- i
posed, the Pennsylvania Kuiliond Company '
also to be released from all other taxes im- '
posed by tho State. The purchasers of the j i
Main Line may purchase or lease the liar- I
tis'.uirg and Lancaster llailroud, or construct i
a road fioni Ilarrisburg to any point on die ! I
Columbia Koad. They may extend the Co- 1 1
lunibia road to tho Delaware river, and ul,or <
die route of the same. The purchasers are i
required to keep the canal and railroad open
Iroiu llollidaysbnig to PltiluJclpllia, and so
much of the Western Division as lies be
tween HlaitsviHe and Pittsburg until the
Northwestern Kuilrosd shall be opened for
business from Biairsvillo to the Allegheny
Kivor, and furnish motive power lor the use
of transporters, The purchasers may lease |
any portion ol the Canal lor a period of ten >
years, subject to ttte same conditions."
Diivtil H iliuol t
II h it Tucy Thought IM IS in—That
our readers nun know the political position
ot David Wilmol iu ISdti. and what was j
! thought ol him then by those who have now
nominated him as their candidate '.or Gov
ernor, we publish Tae lollowiog oxtraeis Irotn
die llatrisburg TUtg ixyA, then edited by
Theo Tono, Esq :
" 1: must bo gratifying to every Iriend cl
In.- coimliy. and |-tuculai!y to every whig,
io know thai ol the ltd votes which wote
given in die House, lor the administration or
British nee trade bill, ONE HUNDRED and
THIKTKEN were loco tocos, ami but ONE
' wing, ami he Irotn the loco loco Na;e ol Al
Ol NINETY-FIVE who nobly stood up for
the tariff against the free trade policy, SKY
b\)COS, eleven of whom were from IVno
. sylvauia. tour Item New Yotk. two from N
Jersey. and one Horn Maryland. Kut OST
Jiii.'uA T ct Tki.'s liny axis jimnd i*li Tan
. syr.i.iia.' sod that was Wilmot vV iviaffguvi
f Ike exrv'nf i *cs 01 entry honest Jrtmo iVaa
. -ye: m i v... d.V epo* ai..' fjuote kirn un:n he
. nr..its th it • icheit the I.VIMI ON-.'* MO;
O >M' ic tit i< net e r*.*.M'."
rr The name ot Col Wyokonp, in cixn
i action with the Govsmorship in T;ah, .sstig
r gested.
Ti, H'ol /trench t>sa. —The break ir ibis
oxtta: above Milton, ha* been repaired aovd
the witer let in on WednesJsy las:
PF" D" Geo W. l\vrter. son of Gov
is sprsxintixt Tost Master a: Hxmsbisrg—a
seiecnon very wed received
rr Andrew Hopkins Tq, evfitor oi ihe
D*rri*burg Tejnet c%.i I'm.-*, has beer, ap
po>ved Keeeiver of the Land , n
Netvaraa d.stnel. Nebraska Tetrocy.
(T Cris, f'enno Hodaiaa. a i,*r*ry ger
■ emxt o: seraesce ui pas: tie. is now ar.
.■"mate ot ike l-sna:* Asy'am a: Hamsbcrg
tT" Tre IT; fcrs.v-t R/tetS says the ui
for whioh Hor Hstt >! F;!ter bad gore
seoif :v : v Wagotsv er of tbe N"w Ca- e
Fa k bad exsieexi bet*-e the raihrre, ortd
tba: therefore Mr. Fc'ier wtii o be := ary
; way liable
Tits F:iv or CPNIT. GsrTj & Co. ct
•* diss* ved, c J ;b< basiaess ear
r.ea oc t Fz >er, G-ore k Co. Hooex-k o;
Fcuey bare a is.- csscvevf pir-ersL-p Mr.
Hancock rraisiz; 'be J ftarti.
Thc Taws a-# reenmg ca-.y tw.weei
d ~.a*px aai SSEBICY T*EY leave here
a S A M, IWI S-W. A. M Tl.ej
ar- C* A TBOA: ?, A. M . XX. ~i F. M TAE
packet c."rwec zc wua the rwi-raaz, iwarws
N.cfocrtsw.-vaad at ~i ix dae errns —A
iwr Gsci
Neu-Tkr Tut.y Stv fa:.iaet ne t*ii
oi J Aena<aa.* Nfoi one or ts* De*-
£** -Bs ta: fsy is foe Mm Caavewiaoc
■lea notcaier lb WtUaet id* Ssoap
ioi aeraie.' Lit aeu 'ira an a*: to awppan
tux of Awercat yaary at: u Mi atcs?
The Late Election In England.
Oat transatlantic cousins, who were lately
i. deeply interested in our election, and whose
,1 sympathies were so intensely enlisted in be
e halt of Fremont, Black Republicanism and
- " Freedom," have just passed through the
i. ordeal of an election themselves. In allu
-3 ding to this event, it may not be uninteresting
i to consider for a moment what sn Knglish
election Is, and who participate in it. We
have had so many homilies read to us by the
1 press of that country on the blessings of Free
, dom and onr lack of devotion to it, that it
• may be well to look what sort ol an example
■ this "free" and "freedom-loving" England
, holds up to us. Of course, Englishmen have
i no vote or voice in the election of their Chief
. Executive officers. The King or Queen, who
I inherits the crown, wields its prerogatives, bo
he or she wise or foolish, virtuous or do
bunched, imbeoile or able ;—nothing short of
absolute insanity can change the course ol
this inheritance. The pooplo appear to be
long to the reigning iamily, (possessing, to
be sure, certain reserved rights, &0.,) and the
power to rule and govurn them is transmitted
trorn ono generation to another, precisely as
the title to landed estates or peisonal proper
ly. In the selection of a co-ordinate branch
of the Legislative power, they also havo no
voice, and any uew legislation or reform,
which they may demand, are iherotoro only
attainable by tho consent ol a body, in Ihe !
selection of which iliey hnvo no voice, and j
which is entirely beyond their teach. As a j
compensation for all this, however,the House ,
of Commons is elective, and hero some op
portunity is afforded tor (lie public sentiment
of tho country to make itself felt in the ad- ,
J ministration of public affairs. The nppor
j lionment of members is so arbitrary and tin- |
! equal, that there is little justice in it, as 60,- <
i 000 qualified voters in one locality may have |
no greater representation in Parliament than |
300 voters in another quarter. Put the cx- [ j
clusivcncss of tbe whole system is at once i
glaringly shown by the fact that only a little
more than half milion, out of the entire
population, is allowed to vote nt all ! With !
a population considerably greater than that J t
of the whole I'uited Slates, her number ot vo- j t
tors is but litrlo mote than that of Pennsylva- <
nia. Fngiieh sympathies were wrought up 1 <
to ihe highest pitch, for the Fremont party, i
which just now seems rather more violently j '
exorcised with the terrible suffering of the ! j
negroes in not being considered omens, than j
with any ctliei subject—yet this same philau- 1 t
thropie, freedom-loving England refuses to : I
extend the tight of cilixenship to more than I
a mere faction of her own white inhabitants.,
who arc of ihe same race, color and physi- j <
oal attributes as the proudest of her utistoo- J
This is a trie typo of the negro philanthro- j 1
py, whether displayed in England or Anieri. j '
on. h nets on the same principle as thoe ;
lieailion nation* who deified interior animals j 1
and rendered them most reverent homage, j 1
while millions of fellow beings of their own 1
race, were left to pine in ciuel bondage, and j
remorseless tyranny. So England, with the j '
executive pon.oo ol her government entirely 1 I
beyond the reach ol the people, with one i 1
branch of hot Legislature atso high above !
their heads, ami with only 600.000 of her m- I
habitants allowed to participate ai all, and ,
tiiat too, I'lidvt peculiarly untait and unjust >
circumstance*, in the so-called popular branch
ol her government, reads us long homilies i
and weeps ever our cruelty, because a!- j
though every white male of the legal age can >
exercise a direct inffuencv in the choice ot
out rulers of every grade, we are r.or ready
to extend the privileges ol cuiteuahip to, and
recognise as our equals, some three or four t
nnl'.iOtis of a different color, an offensive
odor, peculiar characteristics, and of aninfe- !
riot race.
A noticoabU feature ~i the hue eleciions '
in England, is the lamentable tact that the
noblest champions of t eedom Great Britain ,
has, have been stricken down at the polls.—
Among others lew eminent, Cobdeo is cue
ot the victims. He tso ie of the few British ,
statesmen whs have had the manliness and j
courage to advocate the introduction into t
Biiitau of *o* ol the relorms which kad
been inaugurated here, and to i
attempt some hing really practicable and
substantial, lor the benefit and freedom of j
the masses of the British nation. Booh an
offence could not be lotgtven. He was a re
al, not a mock philanthropist. He studie,:
the we ha re of the people, not that of a few
selfish classes He sought to imitate some 1
of the salutary examples which America had i
given, and among other misdemeanors, his
jwrsisrent etToru had rescued trom imminent
pil ot statrauon large booiesof his country
men, si tbe haxard of diminishing the profits
of monopc ixing landholders, and for all this
/ret Kaglar.u has doomed him to defeat.
I The British journals announce that Lord
Faimersroa has achieved a brilliant victory
n the fare tfeeffOML Tbe leaiLtg quesict st
issae was his Chinese poiicy. and this hat
boee rostaiaed. The true reason of die em
phatic coviamemcrt of Lord ratmersoa by |
ihe B-o.ish people or rh.s question, * to be
found in ihe admi'atton of the sggsessive j
foreign policy,which cfcarscterreshim. The j
access'ions of aggressions which England
heais rpon as are as hypocritical as the nom- j
es cw treed cm she treats cs to. The wor'.d .
has never beb#Vd * r.A'too rrrre aggressive ia i
" Vis sr rit than England is There is scarcely
a rcrveaer.t ia ibe foreign policy of any ra
tior on ;be ear.h that she does rro. aim to
iafioeacc, if aO'. to control. Soe scans the
arorU f-oet ber Late rock-nbbei isle, and
sends en: her emissaries into every quarter
~ 53 _-an a i mrnan firr isfiaezxre ever its ac- i
uses, whatever ter imereK or her pride rug- ;
pests a point ia* *t might be oes-raWv for her j
to ga a ~g people of every coetineat are ,
made tor be I her She perpetrtair
at wa*. an: alway* f fro® ber owr
shore*. Sn aims at eaercasir.g a eommani
.aj mflsK.-i ore* the whole world. Lord
Falsocrs r - .s a fit re of this prl
cj and .nereiotw he has been mtiined
whue the _-ae i [imji— of freedom have
, Bern ©sent uea.
fi-.ii —The get. .etc*- hi de
. mm to ha ri - int— e the Isi gt Cmory
Deeocnii; ckw aur iaE. ok already as
tjemdrng i;: rases h pepers
A■ rival of Ibo Ericsson.
By the arrival of ihe steamer Ericsson, Liv
erpool dales to tbe inal. have been re
Tho election for members of Parliament
has resulted ia a triumph for Lord Palmers
Messrs. Gibson, Cobden, Layord and Bright
were defealed. The ci'y of I.oniien returns
Lord Bussed, Rothschild,Crawford sod Duke.
Messrs. Uludsone and Roebuck are re-elect
The London Herald maintains thai the Con
servatives have lost only five seats.
The nelt increase of the revenue on tho
year just ended, as compared with Ihe previ.
ous year, is £3,525 000, and the increase on
' Ihe quarter is £115,074.
In the Customs, the increase on the year
arises on nearly every head of duly except
tea and coffee, on which there is a decrease
or postponement of revenue of £1,000,000,
principally owing to the anticipated reduction
ol the duty in April. The quarter's revenue
is more especially affected by the same
Canton advices siato that all is quiet there.
Admiral Seymour was a! lfong Kong await
ing reinforcements.
The trial ol Ailuni, the poisoning baker,
resulted ill llis acquittal.
A telegraphic message to Bombay, says
tliut tho Emperor ol China has ordered Ych
to conclude a peace on any terms.
I 'IVa and silks had further advanced at Liv
Disturbances have taken place nI Pegu.—
They are unimportant, but they led to a skir
mish with the troops.
Paris advices mention tho suspension ot
Messrs. Green & Co., Ihe American bankers
ol thai city. Tho cause o| this failure is at
tributed le the imprudent advances made on
French merchandize despatched to Nicara
gua a.ul other Central or South American
Connecticut Election.
We can well afford to rejoice over the Elec
tion in Connecticut, tor ihj staunch Democ
racy have achieved a splendid victory in the
election of two out of the four members of
Congress, and reducing the seven or eight
thousand majority given to Fremont, leaving
thai parly to succeed now by, barely 600 ma
The Democratic gains in vaiious parts of
the Stale are immense, but New Haven we
believe bears tho palm in this respect. The
Democratic Congressmen in that District is
elected by 560 majority, a gain trom lust fall
ol more than 2500 !
for damages brought against Judge John K
Kane in the Court of Common Pleas of Del*
ware County, was some time since argued
upon Demurrer. To the Declaration claim
ing damages Judge Kane put in live special
pleas setiuig totih his office, the proceedings
which occurred and justifying (lis entire con
duct. The Plaintiff replied d< injHi jj lo these
pleas, that the Defendant had committed the
acts ot his own will, and widiont cause.
The Judge's counsel demurred specially to
the replication on three pleas, and joined is
sue in uvo ol them. The argument oc de
murrer was hold in December. Yesterday
Judge Haynes gave nonce that he decided
against Judge Kane, so that the replication
mud*. and the case will go to trial on the
general issue, and will be tried some lime
x.uruig die present sum met.
Unrated that iu the bombardment of Catttou, J
by the English fleet, which began the 2Sth
ot lArtober last, seventy thousand lives—ot
men, women and children of ges—have
been sacrificed, aud property to the amount
ol over ten millions, destroyed. With aii
this loss of lue and property, there is no
succumbing on the part of the Celestials,
who manifest a stubborn bitterness of feel
ing toward anything that bas the appearance
of reconciliation.
the inventor ot the magnetic telegraph sys
tem, intends accompanying the party on
board the Niagara, who are to assist m lay
ing the telegraph cable. Two Russian officers
have permission ot our government to go
out in the steamer Kussiaseems to be wide
awake to all the tecent discoveries and im
provements in physical sc.ence, and will be
ready, when occasion cans lot it, a: no dis
tant day, to feud her aid to help to encircle
the world with a telegraphic girdle
75 rostmu/ers—l aptrls*; Ad.xr -It should
be remembered by Postmaster* that lor tbe
protection of newspaper publishers, a law
was passed not long since requiring them to
notify editors ot a.jy papers uncalled for.
w.tbin tire weeks thereafter, o: be held re
sponsible themselves ; now that many chan
ge* bare been made postmasters wit! please
notify os ot in* sabscriber's removal, thereby
saving to os much loss and affording as an
oppor.anny of mailing our paper* correctly
cy Fh* ps a dozen Know Nothing pa
pers ia the Bor.e retuse to sapport Wiimot
I ard a. ia OK tee enure party ia Padadelphia
. repudiate him. Tt.e Bedford Gczeie names
i eeverai prominent men of the opposition ia
that cocuy who re: use to sap port him.—
Here r.i* nomination has faiien dead upon
. the party, one as yet but lew othets than ultra
tvrpcbiieaa# avow ■ determination to support
a m. The republican leaders look despair
j iag Parser ought to beat Wi.mot dom fifty
i to a haadred thousand in me State.
Tit .V-cmfour Pro* ir.nLr.— The amount oi
. perfect finished rail* made at these work*
. during the month of March wa 11,763
| vegtitg about 2325 tins. At that rale the
J y iefi for the year would be nearly 25.00 C
( torts, eooogh to lay a 'rack of 230 miles ci
■ railroad
i l'area the new admmvsuat r-" tbere wri
ibe hex ou rpeod Mail Arc* en Pence) 1
i reaii mod thai ha* be— given to Mr Moore
i at peeeeu: a cierk m tho Poor Office Depart
Tsa wmaw of Ei Frestdew PCLX if abos
• z 'ak? rj her "iiimff a* WnLs-r?; ci*r
11 Marrying la Fan.*'
Another instance of the folly of "martying
in fun" is jusl now exciting the good people
of Fonda. It teems that a baukiug officer in
that town met at a ball a young lady from
this neighborhood, who was very good look
ing, sprightly, and attractive. While waltz
ing with her, he proposed in jest that they
should be married. The lady accepted hia
proposition, and they adjourned to a side
room, where u person present was called up
on to perform the ceremony, which he did, to
the infinite amusement of all concerned.—
The gentleman thought no more of the mat- I
ter until the breaking up of the ball, when I
the fair partner called on him to conduct her 1
to Ins residence. He demurred, and thought j
she had better go to her own residence. She i
said that the home of her husband was hor I
home, "whither thou goest, 1 will follow j
thee." He didn't hardly understand that she j
was his wile. She insisted upon her martial '
rights, and'oloimed that as the ceremony had 1
been performed by a Justice of the Peace, it J
was n perfectly fair and legal transaction.— 1
The gentleman inquired into matters ; found 1
that her positions were correct, and that he ;
was in a bad box. He is now endeavoring I
to ignore his wile and back out of the bar- !
gain, with littls prospect of success, however. '
The lady has before been married, and was,
it is understood, divorced Irom her former '
hunbend, but under such circumstances as '
admitted of her mairying again.— Lnntaslei
CV Ac an election held in the borough of |
Berwick, on Saturday last, for borough offi j
cere, the following gentlemen were elected ; '
Chit/ Biirptn —John MoAnall. I
Assistant Kur/rtss—T. W. Boone.
Justicr of' /hi Pt.uc —tieorge W. Styer.
Borough ConstMt Freua fowler.
High Constable— Hutohina Vanetta.
7!<trn Council —Frederick Nicely, John J. .
McHenrv, Henry C. Front, Isaiah Bower, W :
J. Knorr.
Ot.r Bon. • brought before the Superior
Court of Now York on Saturday lam. on an
affidavit, which act lorth that he had in his
possession violin* and jewel* which he re
fused to apply to a eatiafaction of a certain '
jndgeinent. Ol* Bull admitted on hi* exam- j
inaiion that he had in his possession three
violin* worth ihitt tkoiiMn-i d.WAtir I In the
bow of one there was a diamond worth a '
very largo amount.
_ .
Opti'M.—The import* of opium ittto the l". J
S. last year amounted to 157,514 pound*; (
value S4Ss,4st> No persevering attempt has
been made in this country to cultivate the
poppy lor the purpose ol manufacturing
opium Irom it. The plant is a delicate one, |
and wages here are too high to enable Amer- '
•can opium to contest a market with the In- '
dian and F.nropcan artiole.
t tT The construction of the towers for the
suspension bridge over the Ohio, at Cincin- i
nan, is progiessing. The lower* are Sti by !
33 lost at the base, will be 3)0 feet high, ai.d .
lOOt? 'eel apart. Tne cables will be anchored j
300 feet back on each side of the river, pass 1
over the top* ot the tower* and thus be made
:to sustain the weight of the bridge. The en
tire span will be lt'Ori feet.
IT" A cosl-burning locomotive ill Illinois I
recently ran 384 miles, saved 533 iO in coat
of fuel by burning coal instead of wood. The !
coal used in Illinois is the bituminous, which
is abundant, but wood it every year becoui- I
ing dearer, so that the use of the former at-1
Hole has become almost dispensable to loco
-1 motion.
A Not of Swad-y SJWvl—ln lowa City, a t
latge population having recently sprung up
in the vicinity of the Railroad IVpot, a Sun
day School, which is attended by about fifty .
children, is held e.ery Sabbath in a Railroad
cat ai titat place.
fh!l cf a losrtr. —The Chinese Herald con
firms the report, that the lamed porcelain '
i tower at Nankin was destroyed in November
I during a bloody massacre of sotue 5,000 to
; 6,000 Impcnal troops by the insurgent*, who j
bad gained possession ol the city by treason
The Phtrnix Iron Company msnnfactured
la*t week, at their works i t Fbtrnixville,
j Chester county, seven hundred aud thirty
. two tons of railroad iron—or upwards of 130
: tons per day
Important to Tkos* Il'ko Likt It.— Over one
1 hundred and thirty-three thousand dollars'
worth of brandy was brought to Philadelphia
last week, and warehoused.
ty A lady passenger on the *• Common
wealth," from Norwich to New York, recent
ly, bad a aairour escape from drowning, and
was onlv saved bv bet hoop#.
TR A cargo of ivory was recently brought
to Salem. Mats., from Zanzibar, Africa worth
$90,000. A Urge portion of the ivory im
; ported into this country is brought to Salem.
Sarra Anna.—This extraordinary man is
said to be in constant communication with
bis fneod* in Mexico, with a view to bis re
turn at some opportune moment.
OT We are pleased to learn tbat J oho G.
Freeie, Esq., has been appointed Postmaster
at To*no*, waere be bat ukeen up bit
rewde- ce as be editor of tbe Tuna.
BP" We learn that on tbe South side of tbe
riser tbe S*JOW is two feet deep.
rpHE partnership heretofore exUting be
tween Win MeKelrr & Wm. Neal, un
der the firm oi Wm McKelry & Go., tit tbe
manataetore of Paper at Caiawiesa Mills,
was dissolved bv mutual consent oc the Ist
day of April, 157.
Toe business of it.e late firm will be set
tlfti by C W McKelry k Co., a: Catawissa
Mi:u WM. McIiELVY & CO.
Tee oßde'tjoe : brw-; peienased tbe in
terest of Hie late firm of Wm McKelvy k
Co ai CatawMsa Mills, will eootmwe tbe
mar.uiacicre of Paper and purchase Kag u
C W MCKeltt
1 .' M'Vff-H r/bprif 17, ItST.Jt
Holhncay's Pills and Ointment Mortifica
tion may at way a be ptevented, by the timely
i use of Hnlloway'a Oinlraent, and lockjaw baa
i never boen known to supervene in any oaee
of external injury where it was used as a
dressing. Its healir.g proper lies are prover
bial in all parts of the world, and it is otsd
in all the great surgical institutions of Conti
nental Furope, as the only reliable and un
failing specific for wounds, ulcers, dropsical
swellings, cancer, tumors and eruptive mala
dies. The pills are prescribed by em inent
medical practitioners as the most efiiosoious
remedy for indigestion, liver complaint and
disorders of the bowels.
•• WOODLAND CREAM"— A Pomade for
beautifying the Hair— highly perfumed,
superior to any French article imported, and
lor half the price. Fur dressing Ladiee Hair
i it hus no equal, giving it a bright glossy up
; pearnnce. It causes Gentlemen's Hair to
; curl in llie most natural manner. It removes
, dandruff, always giving the hair the appear
-1 ance of being Iresh shampooed. Price only
{ filly cents. None genuine unlets signed
Proprietors of the
" llitlm of a thousand Phvtrs."
I For sale by all Ornggists. New York.
| On the Pth inM., by Rev. Wm. Goodiich
Mr. HIKAM PALMIER, of Bloomsburg, and Miss
A DA LINK TITTLK, of New Columbia, Montour
! county.
I A' Willow Grove, on the sth inm., by Jesse
Mi* I AMAK EVANS, both of l>ri are rock (own*
'nip, Co|. couiuy.
r. lu .w h !lf Jel P hi * Pn ,lm 15,h •". by Rev.
l>R U \\ . T. Bangor, Mr. K. O. JACKSON, Jr ,
and Miss AMKIX M. LONQ of Philadelphia.
In Light Street, on the Bth int., of con
sumption. Mrs. K.AIKUNK KKLLKK, agod S5
years and 5 months.
In Patawissa, on the 18th of March last.
Mrs. MARUAHKT ANN, wile of Amos Fahringl
or, aged about 87 years.
Knsrle Foundry* lllooiiiMbiirji
THE subscriber having erected a large new
brick Foundry and Machine Shop, in place
of the old one, is prepared to make all kinds
Plows constantly on hand. The subscriber
has removed his Tin Shop from Mtin
Street to the Foundry Lot, where ho has
erected a building altogether for Siuvea and
The Cooking Stoves consist ol the WM.
all kinds, the Kgg Cylinder Stove,
All kinds of Spouting made to order.
liioomsburg, Aptil 16, 1857.
A New Novel by the Author of <ZaMtee.'
.i Story of the Scottish Reformation:
Author ol "Zaidee •' "Adam Graeme,"ate.
Complete in one large 10mo volume, bound
in cloth, for One Hollar.
This charming novel, by the author of /AI
MER, will be welcomed by all who have had
tnc pleasure ol reading the iormer production.
The quaint originality, the healthy and cheer
ful religious ions, and charming simplicity
and good sense of this volume will render it
a general and permanent favorite.
We publish and supply dealers and 'ravel
ing Agents with every work of Fiction,
and all kind*of Publications, by every author
of celebrity. Book Dealers and Merchants
wanting a wholesale selection should address
us and get our iists, and state wh>t business
they are in. and the sort of. books wanted, so
as io enable us to give information suited to
their wants.
IS Ana Street, New York.
Copies of the above book sent to any
a.Mress tree of postage. Send cash orders to
the Publishers.
IMiljr, Tit. Weekly HIIII Wrrkly.
THK undersigned will commence ihe pub
lication ot an independent, national, demo
cratic paper, in tlie city ol Washington, on
the first of April, to be called
"The Stales.''
It will represent the second constitutional
principles which havo ever been upheld by
ihe national democracy, but it will not be so
entirely political, that Us columns will inter
est the politician exclusively, nor so subser
vient to party as to betray principle at tbd
command of power, or disguise its convic
tions at the suggestions ot expediency.
In addition to the discussion of important
political questions, its columns will be de
voted to the proceedings of Congress, the
current transactions of the government, to
general news, and matters of interest apper
taining to literature, agriculture ami com
will be mailed to subscribers at (4.00 per
annum, two copies will be forwarded fot
57.00. The Tri-weekly, embracing alllhe
reading matter wftich appears in the Daily,
will be furnished to subscribers at >3 00 per
ar.num ; iwo copies will be mailed lor 55 00
Tits WEKKLY — The cheapest popt' in Ike Soulk
The Weekly will be issued in large double
sheet form, and printed or. superior paper
t with handsome bold type at the follow tug
; rates:
Single copies, 52 00 per year
Two copies, 3.00 " "
Five copies, 7.00 " "
Ten copies to one address, and any laigei
number at the rate of 51 per year, 510.
Ten copies to the address of each subscn-
ber, and any larger Dumber a 151.20 each,sl2
Any Postmaster, clerk, or other person,
who may senJ five subscribers, with 57 en
closed. sball receive an extra copy.
BP* Payment in all cases u required ii var
iably iu advance, and no paper will be for
warded until the receipt of the money.
The Weekly will contain all tha important
matter published during the week in tbo
The undersigned was one of the original
proprietors of the IPasAtnglon Union, and his
too? newspaper experience before and since
the establishment of that paper, justifies him
in promising the public a paper well worthy
of their patroeage. The Stales will not be
the organ of any clique or faction, and with
no partial purpose to serve, the paper will
address trself to the honest judgment ol the
people, and for support will tely upon their
Address J P. HEISS, Washington, D C.
IT ilk v 81. atore 12th, Ftorth Side.
MOULDINGS suitable for carpenters,build
ers. Cabinet and Frame Makers, always
Ageuia wasted in ibe various Towns in
. Lie port roc of the State, to whom opportuni
ties will be offered for large profits to Ibern
April * 157.-?n