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IllonnifthnrSv Wi <ttt**<lur, April 13, I8"7
Democratic Nomination*).
F(M (.(> v KKNOH.
of Lycoming County.
of Chester County.
Mi ATI; co.ti.iti r '11:1:.
flxHEmern hereof the Democratic State Com
-A minno are reqiies-ed to meet ui the Mer
chant!' Hotel, Pliiiuile'ohia, on Monday, April
20lli, at 7 o'clock, !'• M
Another Tiuigrirnt Altl Society.
The rame men who from motives of pri
vate spec illation and political fanaticism orig
'mated iliu Kunsns Emigrant Aid Society,
now propose to revolutionize Virginia, anil
to pour into the "Old Dominion" si flock of
New England abolitionists. A charter for
such n company is now before the New
Yoik Icgibluturo and will no doubt bu pass
Meanwhile Virginia say* llinl so tons as
ilia honest nntl industrious individuals ol the
North catrio to improve their condition in
life they were welcome,l Itko brothers of the |
romo common ri-pubbo, icd Immhnds front !
our Northcrii Suite Inive been iiicorporatcil
into the families anil n" nil lite of the South,
iiul if there men collie a* invading Vandals, |
ua political propagandist—with a spirit alien .
and hostile to the people among whom they
ask to settle—not as individual emigrants j
but as a biuu'eil at toy imiler chiefinios and ,
charters—some ol the I loi.pnrs promise lo
welcome ihctn with "blood) hands nod hos
pitable graves." So wo may lone n new
edition of "bleeding Kansas near home
Meanwhile it will he well lo remember who
iiiat disunite ami troubles the waters ol peace.
Scwi of the liny.
The administration is giving much ntten- j
lion lo the preset.l ileliculn allatra ot thins
and is very anxious lo appoint n strong man
to represent this government. Caleb Ciislt
org is inentioned, and he certainly lias ability,
but hethapa is too impid-tve. It Kobert .1
Walker win not lived lor Kansas he would
probably be appointed. Win. b Uetnl ol ;
tins Stale is also spoken ot, but tl.nt lie has 1
been only about a iear in the Democrat!" y
bonseb.old will be made an objection lo Ititn
for the most delicate and lesponsible post in
our foreign n Iiiotis.
Jt.'r. Sl.tlell ot 1 eiiisiaita will likely be sent
10 Fart* a> "lie Aivenean Mu iser He lias
for manv e.-uS been a warm petsonal iriend
ol M- Kucha 'tan
Ceil Sam 11. u-'en wants lo be the oppo.
anion candidate * • lV>*o
Few men MI the e.-. i.t- > have bee t so much
overrated i>- Hcitstou. l'° RI V a""'"''
,sf aroma! courage, an' wiilr t.te anpeilict ,i
tin* often passes as n., !u.,ii g macy merus
and virtues.
Mary Hove Nichols ot Ns v \mk and lot
I tubal,J, ol 'line love' nod spiritual.*t tin
rot.e v. have become converts t, * 1,10 v *''to
lie Church.
Mccllon m l island.
The elections for members of rarha mour
are now going on in Fitc' iul dhe sis .
of voting ihere is CUM live, as in 1 '
and not t\ ba lot as in ris S;ve Ihe pi
pers are toll 11 addresses trom the old mem
tiers, who in nearly every instance seek a
re-election. The great landlord* £•" ■**■' v
control the votes ct then teua. is. and m this
way elect whom they please It some ,'■
trice a member f a* v lutes a, trv i co
siitueots as in i e-, and tSiongh an excuse
is given lor some ot these rases. here i-.o
b ones' reason torso t t.e a ih-pariy it. ihe
tijllsand eoloica". u oe gner. to ii licr
cr.t section* ul l! e ooe.t try.
B-\tf as isda.
The Editor IS tor a few days absent—all
detkiewc>es arc there:otr to bo CVCCMV.
this ivwinber—opociai y the '....0 re one
lie* Pt F Jobw'a mt p*|*r which waa
launched upon re t t.r: " •• •
latum*ot his tin' re ■ '
ot his citrine. v .•. wo
which vvdl hctxvx:to: r.w.k
tutor,*' o! th, ren >
the putmnt ot- o worker m.. e.
these column w ■■ hear.. •
aril ihe"id <xv . ..i.e ;o s.-i-.c m....
nudum wdioi sjiV-t.der.
X& These Wsek. Re: üb' esns w"o. from
igwenwure wpn jndwe. or a ie of K*'-. a-e
cha'g-f V* -
Kitrhuctp amlliev Ma ke - • f * *
theiaevth., Mr Wa krr.cV
ns! •****!*, pub's*' ed * loocfhj a •••
able let e* tarn..-; e trre Si r rs.o
Kansa*. and whois new k ew.'. S. Sr>
aruh as Nerh. to be pa . xi e a \-ee Co.
luitrvn. However, t i;as. so grtcu' a ."eat
wrat as to abuse bi ■ ■ ee.s or, r s
fg IIK, *e;rai res cc: ; y cvpresse.. . the
tsCrn bos
|y The WusbiosiOi m the c
yowtwfi g-awhie epnfsme ot rt>t do- -Ci -
iiouer o Nim.ra, Sew-esct *
"Tf fast House ot Reprw*" am-c* began
its eaeeer if. * ciaitweiaboo. s SoesW :>* >
vrtotMi mavv weeks*.! wa uuMa
urbw ii cwli io uHi nx r pi -" en w
Ihu eUverv cooi.on . eorr.peoea ar. ti -
pessui: by ** farwftjas cot—e or. l<t trrr y
Ml. woi wwioT.d up a biare o pinr.
tei ' c -eg iters* nr jour Fa<k isCf i.o i.-at
ol dcT-igtßeri-rrT>!i.'n. - No -e
y.jM* biJI UUfwalei. ! Xo ctiungu 'l* rtui
tiraTj-Htaw I Nvotbmg dor* a prnnt-
Mrf* Bu anrr 1 of i: w bu-e J*f! * P u> "
Wltlgs nnd Americans.
: If ever pnhiicat nartiea were thrown flat
upon their hacks, ami ignominiously Iram
pleit in the dust by those they have helped
to power, ii is the Whiga and "American*!"
Notwithstanding Ihe ftand of Ihe Ileputdi
cans in aliem|iling lo coupltt the latter with
their recent nominations, there is no small
amount "f kicking. The Daily Kews. the
. State organ of the K. N's. says:
| Air. Willi.ot is put forward as Ihe candi
date of the Keptiltlicaii party, nod no oilier.
Ail true Auierifviis wash their hand* of the
deed, mid u ill refuse to support lite Loco
Foeo Ifepuhlicii" Kreo 'l'ratler.
Old Wings have come lo lhal pass when
Itiev must falsify all llteir Tntill jirufcssinns
and voiti for a Froo Trader. Cnltolic lialtog,
and loreigner hating Know Nothings, must
. j yield all llteir "native" fervor nnd patriotism
■ j for lite sake of lite "nigger." These parlies
' j must lints deny their own identity—proclaim
i all the professions of their lives to have been
hollow, insincere, and false—or set up lor
themselves, or volo lor Ilia Demrernlic nom
inees ! What a cttmmenlary ami proof of tlio
| evanescent character of error and iminoerily!
. In a year or I wo, niggeiiarn will pass away
| also, tlisunitaiisni will be forgotten, and new
j j doctrines, not noiv dreamed of, will be the
j rally ing cry of lite opposition elements.—
j What n glorious compliment litis is to lite
! old party of Jefferson, l!te stern old Deitinc*
I racy who never yield to popular delusions,
j and stem and crush every popular lury of
| error which fiorn lime sweeps over the couii-
Ivy!— Clinton Democrat.
""" "" I
yViisliiuglon Allurs.
J WASIIIKUTON, April in.—Although the ml
miiiiaiiHiion is not ofliuiiilly infurmod ol ilo>
; lad, it is Ullder-looil lhal llio I Inn. Will. I'.
Heed has signified Ins ucceplaiice of Ihe
; China mission.
' The President has appointed Christopher i
' Carson, Agent lor the Indians in New Mcvi
co. ai l appointed Samuel Al \o I, til a sine
' dar ollice in lhal l emiory, vice Maj cis, re
' signed.
j Henry H. Welsh i appointed Receiver ol
Public Moneys at He a Aloiucs, lawn, vice
iCas-ndy, resigned.
IN Hovernor Heaiy reluritcii lit Washing.
i*it Ilii* meruit g lo dose lo* ollicial business
with i 0 yoi cri nici.l. II.• has "tilled to Ins
fiivlid* that he w ill not be iliawn into soy
new-poi or controversy, being snti-lied thai
alula iSovernor lie honesily ami to the best
of bi* ability discharged bis duties, lie also
s.inlie will mil be responsible lor publics
nous of reported eonversaoons, many ol n liiea
are contra.lieiotv. Dui i* willing to be judged
by In* ellb ial nets and the statements bv
hniisell committed to paper
The presents 'torn "he King ol S.atn to the
Piesident have been deposited in the fitato
Department I hoy include exe*
cnie.t <word and spears.
ti i A > is.
The Free Siate partv, in oottventioit at 1 o
peka. 1- no. II seems, lorma'ly agreed'o.ske
no pad to i'.e eleotioti in Jane rot the choice
of members ot a lernto.ial conient.oii to
tran.e a >.ce co -t tntiou. ti is diftVcwtl to
coirprelu'i..! -he main." ot itie nianu#r it
tie no* euie p.trtv . Vhe\ -is they Cae
niafority ol it c ioteis in the terntcy, and
id, with ail their icie or i coon, they to
las.* to i .0. 1 seenis jo lis < e I'* 1 tov thei
am pii-m : is a voiy wtxnig and i ptuom
one, I -r thuir own Infertile uiul Isculoofuted
to Jo p make K CMS a stave B.sie u e.i.t cJ it 1: ey should ai h-ai :t to
vote at the tegn At election, recogi. *e,l by
ihe national b' vernmeul a* scc'i. for mem
bers o. ih. to ventio. . a it, iliroagh Irac.d
and v u>,o oe ihey do not receive ' lair play,
i n w.i be * good reason lot a*ko g I o*
■?\.s to rej.vt a Slave GISU slit It Host, ft lie
*r-seitt na.ioeal udmuiistrAiion will nndoubl
, , protect Free Sae as well as other se:-
rr, m their tights, wait ihe whole power of
the s. 'Oy it t.ecrssvty. but it ttiey behave
i.ksv lei •" "'Stead of men and io u tar U de
, ■,• in xereise .he gnara need to them
bi the K • Ss bm, bow can liev ailciwar.:*
comydai:i ** *' f vorrcc ~ informed.
, e res: wait, ' has been re,e ed, .eavi g a
man tce to dep."" bad.,l xw.i.oui W,:m
1 *i tecled 'Odegra. 'N'" CottomoUs
A* O konsi ever ! • ' *' • *
under be l'esli t'm * " • *" ro
>en*C h - over M tsN ***** ami
never sl.oiud be -f> "•
rr The toi.ow.og Jove s -
or a m: a... -erap Co: at some •••• - '•• •'
ft It ftS *iirit .ox. ;o IV.U H..-
it eie-gaa; ami V..A;;V.. -
lilt KISS.
•O L .s< r.' nvni S.VF 'he r % .vv. r*.\
AN& rv,.;-: dkrtikp *> m* I *< 1
•bo morn i .-.ppro-5.".'.. R.-.i r.;0.:.e. "
v-.-ii. uc Mwlyy,
She g-av eyre C-.c UtUlilH irt —tA * WMt
That c of its p'cts. re e: o . we :c
kis*c,. • '. .i' ' ' - >
O L 4
C . y • S:o-e . the "Kv.'tn'gr IMl.'
• er'.v "ker>; bv Pre as- Jc K e 'f -e
*e tortM kl liMs a gMfl swrmrnt
pc- tieflnr •• be> '* be* es afi e
• e "~e rv or we cbeao A'r L. s:. 1
1,1,11, uI It b-' r.ess 0- •: f oMI s-ur.d.
pp* j p S'-cepe: e :ne A'., rpo.rr.rrv
U,.cr b- o:.--x -.v ■->*
v if ar r • ed b> W I W.. larnscn
h rrjr.tcvi <t: :,c -> pc ~-t* a WSJ
*>.., a j r> Cf
CT i. Henry Paiestfi.' Xu* ti arce
,- Pinsaoa trcztlit — U.M L-iojiA" r—r
:t c re:.jc3.
pj* The Goueeww :.n* fcjvointud .Ntries
Ji. An- ani- Co Lyc.ia irx rai.ritf. Jn.igt
n: :t* su.,.ren> CourL, n. fvace o: .'udgt
CW I; Jircpawtc i Brwinr. to eror; 4
vC hot tIT Ol JotlTl BcW-d TtdlU.
,b üßtbn- of Hrtft-b aassz
('Tradiuir on Uorruiired Cupllul.
" If we could only get a larger discount
i> line," said a young mtriliant to a friend,
d "ive could double our business; what we
" want is capital, and discounts would give it
• lo us." "It is lack for you." replied Ids
h friend, who happened to be old experi-
II j encs.d, "lhal you caimnt gat a larger discount
e ' line; for it would tempi yon.-13 extend your
I business and then fail you, just when yon
- ! needed il most; lake my word for it, relying
t on bank accommodation* to milage your cap
't j it ul is leaning on n broken reeil."
j The old inercl.uul was rigid. Il is strange
, I indeed, that lltn delusion which lie refused,
s ! prevails so generally among our beginners.
There is nothing which more frequently ru
. ! ins mercliaiits than this enlarging of their
, | business on the faith of an increased dis
; 1 count line; for such additions to llteir means
. j cannot be permanently rlied on, and should
not he regaided as capital. The plan works
t i well enough while everything is prosperous,
inor.ey cheap, and the banks eager lo linil
1 borrowers. Hut let a succession ol bail crops
1 j come, let ihe country over trade ilsell, or lei
| a financial panic arise from any cause, and
lo ! ihe bank cms down your discount line
, j immediately, and 10 all your expostulations,
. j curlfy replies that "it must protect itself." —
Thousands of inerehants were ruined be
! liveen the years 183(5 and 18-10, by having
| depended on bank ueenmmodalinns lo ex
lend their business, fit the period of cxpan*
j stor. they have beguiled into "making haste j
I to get rich," by the faeilities oflered by the '
! hum's; but when the hour for cordractinn
i came, when the banks put down their dis- j
] count lines, they found, alas! that lltey had 1
j beet: leaning 011 a broken reed.
A*k nuy intelligent nnil experienced mer- J
elintd, who has realized a Infinite, unci lie I
will say Hint bunk neenmiiiodstiiin*, though j
ihey may be salely used lor lempurnrv em- i
1 urgencies, should not bo relied on to ineran-e j
capital. For the later is required perm a- j
ni'tilly. and ought in be above the chance- J
of favor. It a dealer does business on ,
lilty thousand dollars, which he either pos
sesses in hi* own right, or tin* borrowed lot
a tent, of ye ns, hit knows, or should know,
preei-ely lioiv mneh he end salely sell; bid
lei him sell one liumlrad per cent, more, re
lying on bank Accommodations to tits extent j
ol att additional litiy thousand, and he sub
jects himself to the tisk of insolvency, the
moment the banks reduce his discount line
N.nv, in 111 ft-ommetcial transections, there '
me enough nks beyond tha merchant's eon- '
trol. without nteieaimg them by trading on
a espial burrowed. Item quarter to qti ioer.
Item the banks. Tlta temptation to enlarge
a business, by raising money on discounts,
is one to which voting mercltsnts, pinched
lot capital, are peculiarly liable, but beware
of it, lor. as the old shipper said, tt is lean
ing en a broken reed —Ledger.
Ihe .Vtniisi Market.
There never was a greater triumph of prin
ciple, pi. bablv, •* 01 need in practical ope
iai on, il- in that to which we have so otien
retorted in the working ol the specie lemurs
ot \tw Itn'.epondei l fieasory. Il has dona
moon to hmu bai k ctrcilUi on, and to very
, mite ia' 1 narrow llectual.on* revulsions
11 1 . mo wctld. 1 e issue ot co e
! v bai k- on die old principle was. that it the
ooe-attc sol commerce brought, say one
ntiih vtol specie u-t.t the country, and the
merchants d'-posied i'rm specie the
bank-, ihe inxiiu'ien* might isaue three
m iiur-is ot paper bills in lieu ct it. Tl us,
suppose the currency is ten millions,and c; e
m 1.0 of coin should be imported, it litis
1 pa**cd i. to cremation, ihe currency would
ko eleven millu s. being depo-i ed ui ba- k,
boa over, three nitres tne quauiuy in I**o*l
iv.l* hil lto be legui.rra'e banking, and the
cut ret cv beeame thirteen mi'.,'tons.
"j j i* ,: 1 etease is too gteat a *i st.-lieial !*i
j two in .O IS.A d yiro.le.ciog a reae ion which
xxon.,l sei.d probably two milnors ol com
out ul he i-onnlty Tit- 1! tee to one peiiey
c.-cd to be ob-ened bv the ba: k ot I. g a >t.
bu was take 1 from u at the . s a: ce ol oir
K beil Peel in !$44. or the ocoi-io . I re
,;ir. ig li e bar.k The ba k can row ,s
sue ro note* beyond the actual sum paid in
c>-,.i. 'I the correiiCi i* t.ow t■. in .-n-.
, a .: o'e n . J - 1* ,in pet ted. by -V- nce * 1
: -a. *it ci ' CA :r the en-re: ct be e btnee.
This pr . pie is based en c tact .ha; com
merce a WAV* teg 1 <e> -o * t. lie
,>: . . v,* impovV. o . t\*. a s fx he 'V .
~ rill Mof i'-e Sub IWlNI) *; N \ilk
i, f ;• il. irn o : ! am- tri.v-i> toan
jo.Not. .im o .'*•! o T' 1 i- tank*
k S.-IT-Si -<-v A M I.IW !l arfn'.+.'.H fll,
. 1 c i inorf OI oi# ;* n 1
m.' • ir.orv or iftv tx rr*lo. 1 ? io-
Frfvr.*\ >r Ih'fJ.l f la
--. <-v word 'r. : f" f*o ei-je. vt fi. .en
,r , o;i; , ~i . a .! i-eir. .-• f-v Jepiv *-e.t
e , --e.'fx. • ■..'■*■ .* rea-no-ed in narrow
t: r. i> .iik- now f ■><••• —LtUff.
Er-nV.-w* <#" 0f r* Jtatier i fiii: ?>.*•'.<
, t >,,, f>vct*;nj of tk it> . ih* now
** . . ,v- t >- nooo jvaoed 1a iho S:s:e
v,- -.p,-. OtSoo. bos .-J i:.od for :i>o sr i.rr.e
; oxrio.lo.: k::ur.c i."W*r:ii> * yocns: mt-i
•J. X* P of -- 0 . . . "O X- AS i i ---
f v - T-. - 4 hf . riot v t•• - presses.
\oo i..- f ill bo x-o-t boax-y
CTI: ir ;'i>r Hon. Thaodeea No-
Vf . ■; - -'. r ihf Nose dot can:-
pA... —I-2'A'l.i'f
Tua RW - 0 RV.rrped ' foe oen.
race -1 Aif* • r -- f CNnod a; M
r £■ u timet*:-
Anrtkn Titi.n. —Her. Sairt?: Brer-or.. *
rrf'ir.Oer r>s irorr i.risana siioa ai
1 t, ;> ref-n'ivt r* tr Fori Wayne. iateir, fro*
: . -oa-o >s if altf-sr." 1 . I>e has- coi ■ ■ rawer:
a nt Na ior;a] Hoiri. i." Wat.- .nfton
rr On WfednosaaT foe Sit mo.. a de
fvocu- o nre norcrMa as Jacas:>rjort. Art.
Tire losaar o-c-Bsajod as i-iiH-Mi*.
ty The InM jnnrder irisd is K York
F if JO ooroe off on lire lsi OJ ooxr month, v hnz.
M*f C unrunc s-wn; ana Join J Eekeiwillbe
C3T Tut Br>fias. jmy. ot Wednesdar. *■
i she raoe of die Bex-. Mr. laJlori- ice ndifl
- jcry mood eigin for acjjniai to row im oofi
The new Mexican Coniiiution has been
promulgated, after ratification by the people,
ilie clergy being the "illy portion ol ilie peo
ple who refuted lo join the celebration. It
does not take frill elfrct tilk the 16'h of Sep
lumber next, though in tile meantime the
Inderal elections tvi'l he held under it.. The
i most prominent candidates for the I'residenuy
; Com or. lott, Alvarez, Lerdo, Azalledo and Vi
daurri- The new constitution seems to be a
• well considered and digested ir.itrument. It
is federal reptibliran in its character and deal
-3 ing*—all power to reside in the people. The
, legislative branch consists of one general •-
• sembly, elective every two years, by the Iree
• 'suffrages of the Mexican people, and charged
r f with the enacting nf all lederal laws, in the
• I initiation of which they have, however, only
' concurrent powers with the President and
I the Legislatures of the several States. The
' Congress will have two sessions annually,
1 the first beginning the ltitli of September mid
1 terminating 011 the ISth December j the
' second beginning on the Ist of April nud ler
-1 minu'ing on the Inst of May. The executive
' is vested in cue single individual, styled the
"President of the United States of Mexico."
He must bo a Mexican citizen fry birth, 3d
years of eg J, and resident uf the country at
the time of his election. His term of office
|is limited 10 four years,to begin with die lt
|of December. He ban Hie power lo declare
war and roako treaties, subject, however, 10
) the ratification of Congress, and is charged
J well the other usual duties of at: executive,
j No ecclesiastic can ever become President ol
I the republic. The i tdtctary is vested in va
-1 rious District and Circuit Courts, with juris
diction not dissimilar from our own, and one
j Supreme Court, which is u'so constituted a
J Court ol filial appeal
j Kucli Snow is guarantied a republican fotm
| of government, but it denied the right to form
j treaties of allhncß one with another or with
1 loteign Slate*, and cannot com money or
j impose minings on port duties, or lay taxes ol !
any kind upon imports or exports, without
the consent of Congress, iter can any Suite
organize and maintain armies and navies, er
declare war. (n fact lit* constitution ol the
United States seems to be the model which,
was closely copied in training the Mexican
■ fundamental law. It is easy, however, lo j
plan government#--die ditficul vi to piUlhe
plan in operation. The Mexican people, no ,
far, have shown hut liule power of eell-gov- I
eminent, either (rem want of general inlellt- |
; geoee among ihe people or inaptitude ill the
national character and disposition to self con
trol. The circumstances of the country are
now such as will try the new constitution se
verely. The straightened circumstances nl
' the government have '"creed the suspension
of payment at the custom houses Without
resources, an amply treasury, and the pros
i peel ol liesulitics Willi Spain, Mexico would
. seem to be standing jost 01 tie brink of v\>-
solution as a rv anon—Ledger.
Death ol Senator Penrose.
Htttstswev.. April G— The Hon Charles
B Penrose. Senator from Philadelphia, died
sltis alierr.oon of pleurisy, al Heir's llolel
The event • sivsaeviral to hnit, ' - -
' ot ihe Legislator*. when an immediate ad
• jeuninieut lock place.
1 , Mexico an.i fk. i of Shifts —The British
' journals just race ved are making themselves
somewhat nnhappi over the reported I an ol
ti ecu millions ot ~- ate hv the United S :es
' to Mexico. They nek upon this as anew
'' dei ce 1 hai the Ameiicsns are fomenting the
Met can and Spa h ~ tart-el, in hope got
' ling Cuba. As ihe l't nod Siams Son:e did
' not aoi upon the ;rea v the press in Knglaml probably feel easier w hen it learns ihe
f tact.
.1 SoW" I'.'f —Our Republican ftiendr
mn<i concede tl at Mi Buchanan has a solid
Cabinet in one to-pec al la-t.a!l ih? mem
1 Ivrs being iiien of Urge wealth. The Here...
■ c .ssities thru, i: 0?:
•' I • i ("<, say SJ.OOO.OOi
• Howetl Cobb. NVOvV
.Ue '> Thompson. 1.000 OtH
Messrs. Totivw. Black & Brown, fn 0 Opt
J'kt r>rp'-)M ".Vi'-ok /.<■ ' —\ special
ceir.m tree it,#
hftv# piWfniNi a repo on ihv petition ol Ij> i
Bake*. lori I 10 lest the "Seawl.
Law* ol \ fyi ia," a l -ocoirmend ihe par-
of a resolve appropriating SSS 000. 10
enable l.rvi Baker. o: \ *r mouth. :o test be
tone ;be B .pretne 0. n: f tiie l';ted Saies.
the eoit iiitcuakiy of an no; ol lire Lesisla
■ woe ol \ r,- i.ia, passer Marrti 1* h. iSif.
cniuied • An art poor . £ additional protec
t ion I'M i>t proper:* ol' citizens."
D/tuseg-t o Crop* is Iw—Tf Com
missioner o. Pmcii has received a tenet
from Mr. C. iunge. of New Vim. Austin Co .
Texas, in tch hesiates that on ike IS;I. u!
a nroag BU>i u.iii prevanoj in thai region causad eitflnoriimary damage 10 the
or.- r*. desarrj og toiaily the conn . c.wn and plaa- Ti.e crops wui have ;o be re
p. a wed.
ty The Wa-eaw Eofuiier fir in derail
ii-e paiuctiiarr wf lb* o't os a road dog in a
r: -fie aifkk 1: appear* that ore: fS.OW
w.vb of house*, oa-tie and hog* tor bale* ;
p, - nraieip oc irisra be nj e\* a . cum io
■ - fcv. aMfcrngh hu a-ta-ked th'ee perso;,*
• is career— re last whom rr.receded in
Ce-na'phiaftiim with a boe. Nea'U a the
•. s : ;n kite tee gone &.. asd boon
k ed.
rr A rerr iartre emi£~a.'.na re Kar.szs is
new c" ob. Every arnvs! a: St Lome,
a I.e .bo- Vy railway or Otoamor. is tirocged
with tr.-runts Earner, .re to that territory.
I: t> efe.rr.awdlba no"-lessrhac TO OOPsotris
wiß. fx - ..£ rbo pietcr.• season, be aided to
its perrna. ra psjnrla-.m-..
tw A bov. aged H, as tried a tew days
otneo a the Gudfrfc *HM, Canada West,
far the rrL'der of bpy or,!r yean
Old las- Or dun. Be w convicted and sen
tenced 10 death, hot ifcc Judge and Jnry tut
ted m a -rj—dltwi of mercy is ±i
1 ho lVushintion County Murder.
ti | Although 11 week has elapsed since Bam
1, ' nel H. White was brutally murdered in bed,
1- in his residence near the Borough of Wash
t ir.gion. the police have been unable to gath
er any satisfactory or even circumstantial in
) formation, which might serve to dispel the
e I cloud of mystery which hangs around ihe
; bloody deed.
- I The Washington Examiner of the 4th tnst.
a contains full particulars of the tragedy, and a
It I diagram of the house and premises. Trie
• j editor thus describes the Bppearnnce of the
a ; room, as lie entered it about 10 o'clock,
- | Monday morning, some seven hours after the
v ; inuriler:
I | "The face and head were covered with
> clotted blood; the gore was dry and bard—
/ I not a feature of the face could bo discerned.
I The pillow ami bolster on which the head
i | rested were saturated with blood, and the I
, , sheet contained s perfect pool nf it, extending 1
I J from the neck of the deceased to Ihe middle .
i| of Ihe body. Blood was all ntound. The
- j head-board and the upper posts of the bed— t
v j the celling above ihe bed —the wall at the 1
> hca.l of the bed—the window at the side of ,
' the bed—and even the wall six feel Irom the I
1 I bel, were covered with blond.
j The appearance of the desk in which were I
the secret drawers used by Mr. White for j
keeping his money, is thusderenbed by the
I Examiner
| '• The door thai enclosed these drawers was
1 found to have been pried oIT its hinges, and j
I the drawers bore the marks of having been .
rnmnged. The lower mid larger drawers ol
I this desk, in which clothing vvas kept, had ;
evidently been examined by the robbers and
murderers, as their eontents ware ir.tteh dis- j
placed. There are no marks of blood on the
! desk, which, tit ettr opinion, goes lo show
' that there were two persons engaged in the ;
j 111 order, for no one con Id have dealt t'<e blows
! without getting very bloody. One must have
j done die robbing while the other nccont-
I plished the killing
The local press do not breathe a word of
suspicion against Mrs White, although the
truth of Iter testimony is ip estioned by the
MonotvgaltelA Jv'r/niMtVm, published in the
' same county. For want of a more reasonable
I tbooty—ot lather the absence of till material
! Irom which to form any other— he police
' and the public generally hereabouts, regard i
| Mrs. White as the murderess, or at leas; a
1 knowing who the motderers are. We have
' carefully read the entire testimony (filling
1 toar columns of the Kx-mintr.) and we can
reullv see nothing to warrant such a dreadlul
! conclusion. It does not appear that she could
have had any motive for committing the !
1 deed.
I The only circumstances which seem to
opetate against her aie, first—she got tip vjlti- ,
etiv, and passed over the toot ot the bed, so
as not to wake her husband: *nd secondly—
at vt passing into the kitchen, hearing the
noise outside and seeing the men approach
• and enter the door of her husband's room.
| she tied to Allison's without raising the least
t alarm
1 The first circumstance is very easily ex
plained—the very object she ha.t in getiiog
... ,> would induce any modest women not to
i wake bet husband.'
Her conduct m tieeing from the kitchen as
the robber* entered the room, vvi.l not admi'
1, ol so easv a solution —but whilst it s admit
-4 ted that the generality ol women would, un
[ dot s inilar circumstances, have raised an
alarm, and lematned in the house, yet surely
i; wool. 1 be absurd to conclude that because
Mis. White s\va she tied quickie away, it is
an evidence 01 her guilt Bhe might as easily
I have said, "I screamed aloud several times,
j and then tan."
The general impression here is, that Mi*
White wiilvei be arrested. Bui unlet* there
be iiuther developments, tending to implicate
! s bcr. we consider th: it would bo a gross out
,l rage to charge her with the crone. Taking
her statement as a whole, and comparing it
y wuh that of o.hcr*. it s.-cnis plausible ituough
out It is nut absolutely impossible that she
n could have murdered her husband, but to
at our view it is tar, tery far Item batingplaui-
(tunMm; in Taveraa.
Now that the Board oi Licensers are in
seviion. we trr'rl tliat ihey will nuke a ntfid
eam nation into the wanner in wh ch ccr
t n ho-el* and restaurants have been con
dooted. It common report can be re'nc.t :
U|tor.. some ot" Ihe.-n hare perminel e-r,.
biir.g to be on as a nishily pr act tea.
liamtng is a great evil rn itself, ami is now
cvetuned Irom ail gacvi society. It is be
coming more and more a mark of a low
taste, am! a want if correct principles. Bit;
i. i* an e-peci'l tnj-trv to society, wt-en ta
ciiioes and temptations are al.owed to
the paths ol yocih. and lead ihem on to win.
A tarern-keeper, who rents out a portion ot
his prem ses lor the purpose ot
not ocly violates the law. boi rtt-ks the for
ieitnre of bi* license His place of business
.-eases ic be ar. accommodation n the pub
lic the mortem it is surrendered to such de
moraltiicg purposes. He does an i:*ary to
sofifiV) and prejudices the ir.teresis cf a
others engaged is rise same kind of business.
|f be lets or.t hit rooms for c'ub purposes
where gitrti. g is permitted, he should not
receive a license. ar.J his bad caniuct ehould
be made k.nowr. ic the B~ard o! Licensers,
,n owe: mat they may inquire it. I-et
b k. own that sect, a tele is to be adopted
and tavern clubs will sicnr. be disbanded, for
the proprietors ot the places were ihry ei
rs; wiil, .nview of their own ie'erests, re
t'sse to tol.nate ihem longer. The Board of
Licensers should no: be deterred ia the p<i
lo.marice of the part ef their duty, by any
si mpaihy in faror of those who are gui.ty
of ea great a violation both oi iaw ar.j mor
als. Every man who keips a hotel for the
convenience of the pub!*, and who has a
respec; for himself and his house, will ap
plaud ibe determination of the Board to re
lase to license stock houses, and none but
' the guiity wdi fund fault with their aciioa
- Ledger.
s ——
gy In Washington, SI, a scboolmaMet
- named Phißtpa shot and killed Mr. Beak
e with whom he Cjuamfad about tbu treaimec
cf Mr B's ctiildiuß
The Unibatitlea In China.
The Crimean snuggle woke a Urge portion |
, of the civilized world from the delusion into
• which it had fallen, that "ware should be no
. more." The Chinese contest will shake mill
• further that faith in the perfection of the 19th
i century which so many entertain. Cities,
ruthlessly laid in ashes on one side, and poi
son sdmiciatered in bread on Iha other, are
significant warnings that revenge, troaclt
t ery, and other base passions reign yet ill the
i human heat!. From the Chinese, indeed,
i little else could be expected. They are — 1
, from the European point of view, at least— j
i a semi-barbario race of people, the belisvers
in a gross idolatry, cowardly, traitorous, liars,
i assassins. That they should seek to destroy, J
■ by arsenic, an enemy whose prowess they
fear, and from whose extirpation, in litis way,
no Christian teachings withhold them, is
1 nnrdly surprising, especially when we ra- '
' member that the Spaniards, a civilited, high- I
spirited people, during the French invasion, :
! poisoned the wells, in order to destroy the ;
j soldiers of Napoleon. But that the British ;
! should wantonly waste tho suburbs of Csn- '
j ton, seems, to us at least, altogether inexcu- j
1 sable and inexplicable.
1 And in this destruction, in fact, is to be
' found the solution to the poisonings at llong
Kong. Thousands of innocent families saw
their houses horned over their heads by the
j bombs and shells ot the British; sow them
| burned in a quarrel in which they had per- !
I sunnily taken no part, and lor which individ- !
, ually they were not responsible: sud their |
exasperation may be imagined. If there is j
anything which rouses the tiger in a man, it j
; is to have his wile and children driven forth i
' homeless into the world. The people ol our,
• own rural districts remember to this day, tho' !
three generations have elapsed,the atrocities '
J of the Hessians in the Revolution, and exe- '
cate lireat Britain accotdtitgly. It is almost
impossible lot a Christian and a civilijte.l
population will go. in revenge lor tne burn
ing of their homes anil household goods, and
1 their con sequent mm—especially a popula
liotl in whom the lainil) ties ate held so sa- .
ore.l as with the Chinese,
The coming Parliamentary election will j
! decide whether the British nation defends or
repudiates this baibaritv, Tho indications 1
' appear l<> be tiia! it will defend it. tine ot
' die most sagacious of English statesmen once
said thai bis countrymen "liked the taste of
blood and certainly the people have al- !
ways sustained a war ministry, however un
justifiable the origin of the war. Palmer-tin
is pte eminent for tact, and finding himself I
tottering to his (ail, has shrewdly availed lum- j
! self of the condemnatory vote of the Com
! moos to dissolve Dailiament and appeal to'
the constituencies, conlt.len' ol being un
tamed on the cry of "no concessions to the
ireachciousChinese," Tints the Bt.iish, ahcr
having vittnally provoked hostilitiea,and alter
having prolonndiy embittered those hostilities
by their own barbarities, will seek to justify
themselves to their cruel consciences and to
; history lot continuing a cruel and merciless
contest on the plea of the atrocities ol the
. ' Chinese. Thus a conning and unscrupulous
j minister, in order to prolong his term of pow
sr. tans the revengeful passions of his nation
' an .| stimulates their hereditary "taste t>r
„ blood." Where ie lite Universal Peace So
• cietv f—Ledger.
[V Frenchman recently wrote a book
1 .on the Tutted States of America. Among
'' the tact- he gives the billowing "Thetliir
•* i teen stripes on our ling are the thirteen pro—
'' em States of thevvmodorntton. and the thirty
'* one s:ars. the States i: is expected will be
■ added I The Governor of tho United States
is chosen every two years! Pennsylvania
is a large town in Philadelphia, and the
' Chief Admiral and the Commander-in-Chief
1 are one and the same person! Alter this
f the Piekenscs. the Ttolloprs. and tho Mar
" ryatts, may hide their diminished heads, wc
S think.
"Rtrtsu os A RAH.."—Warrant* h*T* been
issued at East Deer township, Allegheny
county. Pa , lot ilie srresl of six young U
■lies, charged with riding the school master
ol thai district on a tAii. Ii appears that (he
school masier ret used ihe use of his school
house for the purpose of holding singing
schools, which gave the young ladies great
offence. So great is the excitement that the
young ladica have secreted themselves to
avoid arrest.
XTV A cow m Vermont which was lost in
October was iottntl in February in a well*
sheltered place, vv here she had lived through
the severe winter, having trodden a path
to running waier near by. and subsisted by
browsing- The owner had suspected a
neighboring family of stealing the romantic
CF |j is sia'ed ihst dun: g the year 1556.
one grain and produce lir.n at Chicago, used
in the.r business 512.500.000, their checks
on a single bank amounting to 55,000.000.
Tne amount of gram which raased through
their hands was 5.250 000 bushels.
Special \oliccs.
Ho/.wty 'f Oi'dmcNl and Pilis —External
injuries. as well as external diseases, may
be truly said in have lost half tf.eir terrors
since ihe introduction of Heiiowaj s Oint
ment. The worst bruise-, burns, and scalds,
the severest flesh wounds, and the most dan
gerous tracinres. ar treated successfully with
fnis Ointment in the hospitals ol London and
Pans. In# first dressing snbdoes inflsmma-
I uort and relieves paid. and, these symptoms
removed, the process of restoration is rapid
almost beyond credibility. Emj-nons ol ail
kinds, asthma, rocmps. croup, and sores ar.d
I doers of every kind, may be p-omo'ly re
i hered by the application of this unequalW
remedy." The pills are the standard specific
for <ii-esesof the stomach, liver,aad bowels
throughout Europe and America.
{ White Teeth, PEarcHto Bheatb
asd BEarTtrcL Coxpeexiik —can be c
quired by the '-Jicim cf a Thovmm
Fcv<cri' J What lady or genueroau wcu'i
remain under the curse of a diSAgreeabu
breath, when by osirg the '•fio/m of a Than
tend Fkarerr ! as a d*D'nfioe. wculd not onli
render it sweet, but leave the teeth as whth
as alabaster ? JtlarT f-ersous do col knov
their fcveath is had, and tie sobjec: ia to deli
• ca-.e iheiT friends witl never mention it- Be
ware of coaaerfen* Be vera each boHle i
signed FETBIDGE it CO , S. Y
! i For sale "by ai Dre®**.
Feb it !WM.
On the 2Rth of March 1557, in Berwiok. by
tha Ra*. I. Buhl, Mr, RKCBKN LITTLE of Bri
arcreak, and Mis* MART KOCII ER of Centra.
On the 2d instant. bv THE same, Mr. JOHU
of Hollenbsck, Luz. couutv.
In Catawissa Vallev, on the sth int , by
the same. Mr. JOHN EI-ENHACER, and Miaa
Ir. Catawissa Valley, on the 4ih of April,
CHRISTIANA, wife of Jacob Dewald, aged 28
yoirs, 0 mouths and 7 day*.
In Cslawias* Valley, on the VI inst., JAMES
BUCHANAN. son of Daniel Lehrer,sged C mot.
, and 7 days.
In Cat*\visA Valley, on tha 6th int., BEN
JAMIN FHASELIN, son of John O. Schmidt,
1 age<l 7 months and 10 tlava.
In Locust township. Columbia conntv, on
• the LL ol March, Mr. ELIJAH TLT-R. aged
i about 47 yosrs.
TJXHK undersigned take pleasitro in a'tnonno
j -* tug to Merchants that they are manufac
turing A superior article ol RAKES at their
New Factory on Kishingcreek above Orange
ville, Col. Co. Merchants w:.-L;ir,G ti pur
chase good PA EEs can have litem at the Rec
tory, or if desired we can forward tliem to
Blonmsburg to S. C. Shiva where they can
get them, or we can forward then to those
, Stores that are not ion much out of our way.
; All orders should BE addressed to Samuel
Sluve, Pealera P. 0., Columbia conntv. Pa.
| April It, 1857 -m.
I F.ISHIOX.wr.K Mf/J.iXERi'.
INVITES attention to her stock ot newly
! *■ received Millinery Dress Hoods, Trim
-1 nintgs. Ribbons, svlk-. &o , w l n It she will
i sell cheap st the old stand, lower end ol Main
■■ v. Sireei. Bloom-burg.
BONNETS ol the latest spring styieHßp
- w ill be made to order, and trim
mod to suit any ta-ie. Childran and Misse*
Bonnets, II its end Finn of varinua prices anil
i styles <ir> hand, and will b> turn.shed to order
i in any si\le or 'a-iO ol trimming.
April id. 1847.
> Al iff to School Dirrctors,
¥ WOULD respecifnlly suggest to the sever
si Boards ol School Directors of Columbia
county, to the importunee of rraknig out and
I forwarding in me, at an early day as pos-ible,
the Animal Reports and Affidavits of their re
spective districts, as the School Department
' wdl not is<ue wairaltts lor the Siste appropri
ation until they have been received. Blank*
i have been sent to every di-trici in the county.
COIIH'Y Sirperi'wftmtetf.
IMiltlir NttiNi
To ikt School IhiKtors o/ Cotu nhia County
(•KNTI.KMKS : to pursuance of the 43,1 sec
tion ot the Act of Silt ot May, ISSI. you are
hereby notified to meet in Convention l the
Court House in Blonmsburg, on thai firat
Moinl.iv in May, A. D ISh*.being ilia fottnU
, day of the month, at I o'clock P. M., ami
select eii'u eve, bv a majority of the whole
1 number ol Director- present, one person of
i literary and scientific attainments,and o* skill
, and cx,v:ieoce in lite art ol Teaching, as
Count) Superintendent,for the three succeed
s tug \car ; determine the amount of compen
sation tor ihe sum,*, :>d certify the leruit to
, it.e S.tite Soperntteiideut at Htrrisbu<g; Re
. tniviiru oy die awm and aoi'i seeoon- nrsala
act. R. W. WEAVER.
County Suptrio.ltn lait of Columbia Co.
Bloom-bung April i>. ISM.
\l' U ASlllNtj t'ON 11 C.
I'tiily. Til-11 cikly mid Weekly,
Till', undersigned will commence ihe pub
lication of a t independent, ti.ttnvul, demo
crane paper, in the city nl Washington, ou
the first i<! April, to bo called
"Tlic Stairs. 1 '
1; will represent the second constitutional
principles which kavo ever heett upheld by
die national democracy, but it will not uc so
entirely political, that its columns will inter
est the politician exclusively, nor so subser
vient to party as to betray principle at the
command ot power, or disguise its confla
tions at the suggestions ol expediency.
In addition to the discussion ot important
political questions, its columns will he de
voted io the proceedings of Congress, tlto
current transaction* of the government, to
general new*, and matters ot interest apper
taining to lttetature, agriculture and com
vv.ll he mailed to soh-enbers at #4.00 per
annum, two copies will be forwarded tor
57.00 The Trt-weekly. embracing all the
reading matter w ich appears in ihe Only,
wt.l be foniisheil to subscribers at 53 00 per
annum : two copies will far mailed (or 5.100.
To r Wvrxt.v — The (kt.ipttJ fxipti in the South.
The Weekly will be issued to large double
sheet term, and printed on superior paper
with handsome bold type at t.te following
Single copiea, #2 00 per year.
Two copies, 3.0t) •' "
Five copies, 700 " "
Ten copies to one address, and any larger
numbet anhe rate ol $1 per year, #lO.
Ten copies to the ad,tress of each subscri
ber. and any larger number at 51.20 each. sl2.
Any I'ostmas'er, clerk, or other peraon,
who may send five subscribers, with S7 en
closed. shall receive an extra copy.
ty Payment in all eases is required invar
iably in advance, and no paper will bo fo>
warden unui the rrcei,o of lt. money. v
The Weekly wilt cot.lain all Ihe important
matter publ-sbed during the week in (ho
'! daily.
The undersigned was one of the original
proprietors of tne tFasJiington Umon. and hia
long newspaper experience belore and since
the establishment of that paper, justifies him
in promising the public a paper weii worthy
of their patronage. 2\t St.iUs will not be
■ the organ of any clique or faction, and with
no partial purpose to serve, Ihe paper will
1 address hself to the liore-t judgment ol the
people, and for support will rely opon their
' Address J. P. HEISS, Washington, D. C.
' Erdntnges —The 1 ri-Weekly Safes will be
' forwarded to all country papers which will
' give the above a few insertions.
" April 4. 1857.
* I The subscriber offers at priva l * sale the
farm containing ONE HUNDRED AND FIF
' TY ACRES, on which are a log house, a
1 log barn, a good spring of want near the
' house, and a good apple orchard. The prop--
a eny wtli make a good home lor any person
d who wishes io farm.
e He also cflers for sale another tract of land
1 lying io Pine towosbip, Columbia county*
f containing
i- Aboat ten acre* is cteared, and the balance
t- . well timbered, so a* to soppori a saw-mtfl.
ts For terms apply io bsetib*r t fl -ew
< sou towosbip* Columbia c- & anty.
Jerkacp, feb 16,