The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, August 13, 1856, Image 3

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NOTICE ia hereby given thqj the
aeveral Cauflt of Common Pleat. Gen
eral Quarter Session* of the Peace, and
Orphans' Court, Court of Oyer and
Terminer and Jail Delivery, in and for
%he County of Columbia, to commence at
Monday the 1J Day of % September next,
■>v The Coroner, Juatteea of the Peace Si
(/Onatablea, in and for the county of Co
lumbia,are requeated to be then and there
m their proper persons, with their roll*,
records, inquisitions, and other remem
brances, to do those things to their sev
oral offices appertaining to be done.
'And all witnesses prosecuting in bohalf
(of the Commonwealth against any pris
oner, are nlso requested and commanded
IP be then and there attending in their pro]
pK>r persons to prosecute against him, sa
shall be just—and not to depart without
leav# a' thoir peril. Jurors are request
ed in' be punctual in their attendance, at
the lilfce appointed agreeable to their no
tice's, \
Given untfcr my hand at Bloomsburg the
2d day of August, in the year of oqf
Lord one'thousand cignt hundred and
fifty-six, and the Independence o( the
United States of America the 79th.
(God save the Commonwenlth.)
NOTICE is hereby given to all legatees,
creditor* and other persons interested in the
estates of the respective decedents and mi
nors that the following administration ac
counts have been filed in the office of the
Register ol the county of Columbia, aud
will be presented for confirmation and allow
ance to the Orphans Court, to bo held at
Bloomeburg, in and tor the county aforesaid,
on Wednesday, the 3d day of September
neat, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
1. The account of Lewia Yetter and Dan
iel Yetter, adm're of the estate ol Jacob Yet
ter, late of Franklin twp., dec'd.
2. The account of Solomon Neyhard,
Executor of Joshua Webb, late of Centre
township, deceased.
3. The account ot Solomon Neyhard,
adm'r of the estate of Susanna Neyhard, late
ol Cen're twp., dec'd.
4. 1 he account of Dorothy Karshner nd
Wat. Karshner, adm'r of Michael Karthuer,
late of Pine twp, dec'd.
5. The account ol Robert F. Clark, adm'r
of Barbara Shurnan, late of Maine township,
6. Tho account ol Charles Fetlerman and i
O-born Williams, adin'rs of Jacob Feller- j
man, lute ot Locust twp. dec'd.
7. The account of John R Moyer, adm'r
of James Ralston, jr., late ot Bloom town
ship, dec'd.
8. The aooount of F.phraim P. Luiz, ex
ecutor of James Thornton, late of Bloom
twp., deceased.
9. The account of Klisha Hese. executor
of Andrew Ideas, la'e of Sugailouf township,
10. The account of Wm. Eves and David
Eves, exucu'ors of Wm. Eves, late ol Green
wood township, deceased.
11. The account of Georue Kelchner. ad
ministra'or of Jeremiah K. Hess, late o!
Centre twp. dec'd.
12. The account of John Keifer, adm'r of
the estate of Jacob Gearharl, sen., late of
Maine township, dee'd. , ;
13. The account of John Hughes, executor
of the estate of George Craig, sen., late ol
Roaringcreek tup. dec'd.
14. The aceouul of William Edwards and
Thomas Edwards, adm'ra of Anna Margaret
Edwards, tale of Briarcreek twp. dec'd.
15. The account of William Edwards and
Thomas Edwards, adm'rs of Wm. Edwards,
late ot Briarcreek twp. dec'd.
16. The account oi Jacob D. Kline, adm'r
of William Everett, late of Orange township,
deceased. ' .
17. The account of Jacob 1). Kline, exec
utor of Christian Kendig, sen., late of Orange
township, dec'd.
18. The final account of John Freas, guar
dian of Deborah Knorr, one of the children of
Jacob Knorr, late of Briarcreek twp., dec'd.
19. The final account of Johp Hieas, guar
dian of Fliae Knorr, one of the children of
Jacob Knorr, late of Briarcreek twp. dec'd.
20. The final account of John Freas, euat
dian of Stephen Knorr. one of tire children
of Jacob Knorr, late of Briarcreek iwp. dec'd.
21. The final account of John Freas, guar
dian of Jacob R. Knorr, one of the children
of Jacob Kuotr, late of Briarcreek township,
22. The final account of John Freas, soar
dian of William J. Knorr, one of tliechildren
of Jacob Kiiorr, lute ol Briarcreek township,
23. The account of Reuben B. Vorjis, Ad
miuisirotor of John Vorris, late of the Borough
of Dauville, deceased.
Bloomsburg', Aug. 6, '66. j
Public Sale of Real Estate!
BY virtus of a mandate issued out of the
Court of Common Pleas of Columbia county
there will be exposed to publio sale upon the
premises on SATURDAY, the 30th day of
August nisi., at 1 o'clock, I'. M., the follow
ing described real estate, viz:
situate partly in the township of Ml. Pleasant
and partly in the township of Hemlock in
the County of Columbia, adjoining lauds of
Jonalhsn Artman on the east, John Mordon
on the south, Beigle on the north, and
John Mordon on the weal, containing
more or less, of which about seven acres are
cleared, and the remainder woodland. There
are upon the premises a three-story
a two story frame dwelling house and a barn.
Th# properly is near the main public road
leading from Bloomsburg to Mtllville, and
about six miles from Bloomsburg.
Conditions will be made known on the
day of sale by
Bloomsburg, Aug. 6, 1856. Sheriff.
NOTICE is hereby given that the under
signed appointed by |he Orphan's Court of
Columbia county, Auditor ro distribute the
balance in the hands of Samuel Oaks, Ad
ministrator de bonis mm of John Marshall, late
of Limestone township, Columbia oour.ty,
deceased, to and among the persons legally
entitled thereto, will discharge the duties ol
that appointment at bis office in Bloomsburg
on SATURDAY, the !6lh day of August
next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., when and where
all persona interested it) said fund are here
by notified to attend.
Bloomsburg, July 15, 1856, Auditor.
IRON STEEL, and every kind of Hard
ware or sale by
MUSLINS a yard wide for 8 cenle, and)
good mints for 6} cents just received
by A. C. MENSCH.
The following is a list of the collectors in Colombia county for the year 1858, and
i svceral taxes assessed in their respective townships. It has been kindly furnished
us by Mr. Fruit the attentive Clerk in the Commissioners' office.
Bloom, B. F. Hariman, 874 09 1341 92 112 60
Briarcreek, Freas Fowler, 678 78 873 93 65 60
Benton, Peter Appleman, 192 24 281 18 28 50
Beaver, Christian Shurnan, 210 78 318 84 42 60
Cattawissa. Isaiah John, 861 19 532 81 47 00
Centre, Charles H. Dietetich. 475 18 723 08 42 00
Conyngliam, John Uren, 72 18 108 93 4$ 50
Fishingcreek, John Lazarus, 824 46 497 53 38 00
Frsnklin, Reuben Knittle, 210 94 322 17 11 00
Greenwood, Samuel Bogart, 352 51 541 24 42 50
Hemlock, Isaac Leidy, 398 34 604 29 25 00
Jackson, Daniel Poust, 78 26 119 27 18 00
Locuat, William Goodman, 425 68 643 09 52 50
Malison, John Smith, 338 36 625 60 25 60
Mifflin, Lewis Eckroat, 358 93 650 56 27 00
Maine, Joseph Geiger, 204 41 311 91 20 00
Montour, Evan Welliver, 262 03 398 70 18 00
Mounipleasnnt, Samuel Johnson, 169 34 259 37 16 60
Orange, Michael Keller, 264 82 413 39 18 00
Pine, Enoch Fox. 115 11 176 48 27 5(1
Roaringcreek, Michael FederofT, 142 72 217 18 12 50
Segarloaf, David Lewis 86 63 131 43 24 50
Scott, J, R. Robbing, 557 50 860 92 76 00
Having added to the fixtures of the "STAB" Office good and extensive JOBBING MATERI
AL. is prepared to execute all kinds ol JOB I'RINTINU In the
best CITY STYLE, and at shoit notice.
Certificates of Slock and Deposits,
Constitutions for Societies, i
Bank Checks, Promissory Notes,
Bail Road and other Tickets,
Catalogues, Paper Books, Bill-lleads, Check Rolls, Plain and Fancy Cards,
Business and other Circulars, Posters Plain and in Colors.
Can be Procured at the "Star" Joh Office,
<£PQQ.c& Sw££<®dQ.tlo3ill IX£cis>£PcE>apQoa.ttda a^
A monthly periodical is published at this office in excellent style snd workmanship, and
with superior material.
The public are invited to call and see specimens, as we are determined to merit patron
age by strict attention to business and superior workmanship.
Bloomaburg, June 2, 1856.
JVew Arrival of Spring and Summer Goods.
YJi2AQ.Ha cacD„
HAVE just received and opened their stock of merchandize for Spring and Summer sales
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assortmet t now
offered in this.TOWN! Having paid great attention to the selection of t'neir entire stock,
as to price and quality, they flatter themselves that they can compete with the cheapest
and all those wishing to buy cheap, can save money by giving ua a call. We have all'
kinds of Goods and Wares to supply the wants of the People. A very large lot of
French merinoes, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, de bages, poplins, parametla cloths
mohair lustres, muslin de laines, Persian cloths, Ginghams, Calicoes, &c. '
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieves. Collars, Bpencers, handkerchiefs,
flouncings, bands and trimmings, laces and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in variety vel
vet ribbons, and braids, kid, cotton, and lisle thread gloves, inobair mitts, ic.
All kinds ot SHAWLS, brocke, Bay State, Waterville, black silk, cashmere, Embroder
ed, &c. Also a very large assortment of cloths, cassimers, sattmetls, tweeds;
jeans, beaver cloths, coating velvet, &c.
We have a large assortment ol Hats and Cups of latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Cedarware, &c. Very cheap carpels, carpet bags, floor, table and car
riage oil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, towelings
drillings, &c., in abundance. '
We invite our friends and the public generally to give us a call before purchasing else
where. We have bought ourgoods at Lowest Cash Prices and wijl not be undersofd by
anybody, or the rest of mankind. -
Bloomsburg, October 28, 1855.
S3aCESA<3DOa ££DOPCaiPQU£EJS3 (£2B (3® #
Fashionable Spring Summer Clothing!
In the Exchange Block next to Swartz's Book Store. They have on hand a 1,5." i
full assortment of "anu a turge and
of all sorts and sizes, that the present enlightened age knows any thing about Of P
and Vests they have every color of the rainbow, besides some black, blue s'rev i d
and fancy ; Vests of satin, silk, buff, casimere, marseilles, linen and worsted of all r h
ionable cutsaud colore ; Working Pantsand boys clothing. Also fine white fion i i
striped shirts, Pocket and Neck Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Ties, Scarfs, all kinds of
man's dress goods ; Hate, Caps, Trunks, Traveling Bags and Umbrellas • and g en "-
Tltey have Umlersleves, Spencers, Collars, Rigalelts, Gloves, Mitts, LadiWa h.d r.„„
Handkerchiefs, &c., &c. Also Jewelry and Notions, each as Rings, Breast nins Tnld i
Silver Pens and Pencils, Medallions, Vest and Fob chains, Porlmonies, Spectacles Kni™.
Razors and a well selected assortment of Accordeons. '
&r Remember the cheap store in the "Exchange Block" opposite the Conn hn,,„
Bloomsburg, Apr,l 3, 1856. PP S DRKIFUSs! & Co!
IVevv arrival of Spring & Summer Goods !
TNVITES attention to his stock of cheap and fashionale slothing at bis store on Market
-■- street, two doors above the "American House," where he has a full assortment of men
and boy's wearing apparel, including
gox, sack frock, gum and oil cloth coats of all sorts and sizes, pants of all colore shawl,
stripes aud figure, vests, shirts, cravats, stocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves susnender.
and fancy articles. 1 1
N. B. He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
ture man,u,r - A " his clothing is made to wear, and most of it is of home manjufac-
Bloomsburg, April 1, 1856.
Grand Jurors for Sept. Term, 1856.
Benton—Samuel Hess.
Beaver—David Gearheart, Elias Miller.
Bloom—Abraham Fry, George L. Moyer.
Centr—Elwood Hughes.
Fishingcreek llurmon Labor, Samuel
Greenwood—Nicholas Kindt.
Hemlock Mnthiaa Wbilenight.
Locust—Lucas Fahringer, Leonard Adams,
lluhioti Hughes.
Mi. Pleasant—Philip Kistler.
Montour—Elias Dietrich.
Madison—John Fruit.
Orange—Michael C. Vance, Cyrus Mo-
Henry, Wtu. Fritz.
Michael Hagenbuch.
Scott—Robt. Ricbarl, Theodore McDowell.
Sugarloaf— Nehemiah Kile.Georue Moore.
Traverse Jurors for Sept. Tern 1856.
I Briarcreek—John Ruch, Jaines Jaooby,
Reuben Miller, Nalhen Seely, J. J. McHenry,
Elias Gieger, Paul Kirkendall, David Sbafler.
Bloom—John Pursel, Peter Smith, Jacob
Beidteman, David Beiz.
Benton—Samuel McHenry.
Centre—Joseph Wise, George Fleming.
Catlawisea-Solomon Ho I wig, Francis Dean.
Franklin—Peter Kline, Hiram Reader.
Fiehingcreek—John Pealer, Ben j. Thorn
tori, Richard Jones.
Greenwood—Charles Eves, William Law
tou, Elijah Alberison.
Hemlock—Baltis Appleman, Reuben Bom
boy, Dennis Pursall.
Jackson—Samuel Hess.
Locust—John Levari, Henry Melz.
Madison—George John, Silas Welliver.
Maine—John Giuver, Henry Bauman, Ru
dolph Shuman.
Mifflin—Christian Wolf, Btephsn H.Swank.
Mt. Pleasant—John Ruckle, William Jack
Orange—Samuel C. Bower, William Beck.
Pine—Benjamin Piatt.
Rosringcreek—Peter Gesrfaart,Samuel Eok.
Scott—Samael Kressler.
Sugarloaf—George Dille, Wm. Stephens, jr.
Insures Detached Buildings, Stores, Mej
chandize, Farm Property, and other build
ings, and their contents at moderate rates.
CAPITAL, $300,000.
„ , . , DIRECTORS.
Hon. John J. Pearce, Hon. G. C. Harvev
John B.Hall, T. T. Abrams,
Charles A. Mayer, D. K. Jackman,
Charles Crist, W. While
Peter Dickinson, Thomas Kitchen,
Hon. G. C. HARVEY, Pres't.
_ T. T. A BRA us, Vice Pres.
Trios. KITCHEN, Sec'Y.
H. CHAS. ULMAN, Gsn'l Ag't.
Samuel H, Lloyd, Thomss Botvnan, D. D.
A. A. Wtnegardnex, Wm. Vanderbelt,
„,™ aoke y> Wm. Fearon,
A. Whit#, Dr . j. g Crawford,
James Quiggle, A. Updegraff,
Jonn W. Maynard, James Armstrong,
Hon.SimonCameron | Hon. Wm. Bialer
. Bloomsburg,
June 18, 1866.-6 m.
NOTICE is hereby given that the under
signed appointed by the Orphan's Court of
Columbia county, Auditor io distribu'e the
balance in ihe bands of John Robison and
Isaiah Mehck, Administrator* of William
Molntire, late of Scott township, Columbia
oounty, deceased, to and among the persons
legaily entitled thereto, will discharge the
duties of that anpointment at the office of
Robert F. Clark, Esq., in Bloomsburg, on
FRIDAY the 15th day of August ne*t, at 10
o'clock, A. M., when and where all persons
interested in said fund are hereby notified to
* nd. WM. G. HURLEY,
, ... Audi/or.
Bloomsburg, July 16, 1856.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the Commonwealth of Pemi
aylvania in General Aasambly mat, That the
following amendmenta are proposed to the
constitution of the commonwealth, in accor
dance with the proviaions of the tenth article ,
There shall be an additional arliole to said
constitution to be designated as article elev
en, as follows:
SEC. 1. The stale may contract debts, to
supply casual deficits or failurers in reve
nues, or to meet expenses not otherwise pro
vided for; but the aggregate amount of such
debts direct and contingent, whether con
tracted by virtue of one or more nets of the
general assembly, or at different periods of
time, shall never exceed seven hundred and
fitly tlioasand dollars, nd the money aris
ing from the creation of such debts, rhall be
applied to the purpose for which it was ob
tained, or to repay the debts so contracted,
and to no other purpose whatever
SEC. 2. In addition to theabove limited pow
er the state may contract debts to repel in
vasion, suppress insurrection, defend the
state in war, or to redeem the present out
standing indebtedness of the state ; but the
money ari-ing from the contracting of such
debts, shall be applied to the purpose for
which it was raisei'., or to repay aoch debts,
and to no other purpose whatever.
SEC. 3. Except the debts ahnre specified,
in sections one and two of this article, no
debt whatever shall be created by, or on be
half of the state.
SEC. 4. To proviJe for the payment ol lha
present debt, and any additional debt con
tracted as aforesaid, the legislature shall, at
its first session, after the adoption of this
amend,nent, create a sinking fund, which
shall be sufficient to ray the accruing in
terest on such debt, and annually to reduce
the principal thereof by a sum nut less than
two hundred and fifty thousand dollars;
which sinking fund shall consist of the net
annual income of the public works, from
lime to time owned by the state, or the pro
ceeds of the sale ot the same, or any part
thereof, and of the income or proceeds of
sale of stocks owned by the state, together
with other funds, or resources, that may be
designated by law. The said sinking fund
may be increased, Irom time to time, by as
signing to it any part of Iho taxes, or other
revenues of the state, not required for the
ordinary and current expenses of Govern
ment, and unless in case of war, invasion
or insurrection, no part of the said sinking
fund shall be used or applied otherwise than
in extinguishment of the public debt, until
the amount of such debt is reduced belowj
the sum ol five millions of dollars.
SEC. 5. The credit of the commonwealth
shall not in any manner, or event, be pledg
ed, or loaned to, any individual, company,
corporation, or association; nor shall the
commonwealth hereafter become a joint
owner, or stockholder, in any company, as
sociation, or corporation.
SEC 6. The commonwealth shall not as
sume the debt, or any part thereof, of any
county, city, borough, or township; or o.f
any corporation, or association ; unless such
debt shall have been contracted to enable
the state to repel invasion, suppress domes
tic insurrection, defend itself in time of war, :
or to assist the elate in the discharge of any ■
portion of its present indebtedness.
SEC. 7. The legislature shall not authorize j
any county, city, borough, township, or in- I
corporaled district, by virtue of a vote of its '
citizens, or otherwise, to— %ce->me a stock- '
holder in any company, association, or cor
poralion; or to obtain money for, or loan its
credit to any corporation, association, iusti- j
lution, or parly.
There shall be an additional article to said !
constitution, to be designated as article XII, j
as follows:
No county shall be divided by a line cul
ling off over one tenth of its population,
(either to form a new county or otherewise)
without the express assent of such county,
by a vole ot the electors thereof; nor shall
any new county be established, containing
less than four hundred square miles.
From section two of the first article of the
constitution, strike out the words, "of the city
of Philadelphia, and of each county respectively,"
Irom section five, same article, strike out
the words "of Philadelphia and of the sever
al counties ;" Irom section seven, sn roe article,
strike out the words, "neither the city of Phil
adelphiu nor any," and insert in lieu thereof
the words, " and no;" and strike out section
four, same article, and in lieu thereof insert
the following:
"SEC. 4. In the year one thousand eight
hundred and sixty-four, and in every seventh
year thereafter, representatives to the num
ber of one hundred, shell be apportioned and
distributed equally, throughout the state, by
districts, in propottion to the number of tax
able inhabitants in the several parts thereof;
except that any county containing at least
three thousand five hundred laxables, may
be allowed a separate representation ; but no
more than three roomies shall be joined,
and no county shall be divided, in the for
mation of a district. Any eity containing
a sufficient number of laxables to entitle it
to at least two representatives, shall haves
separate representation assigned it, and shall
be divided into convenient districts of con
tiguous territory, ol equal taxable popula
tion as near as may be, each of which dis
Iricts shall elect one representative."
At the end of section seven, same article,
insert 'hese words, "the city of Philadelphia
shall be divided into single senatorial dis
tricts, ot contiguous territory as nearly equal
in taxable population as possible; but no
ward shall be divided in the formation there
The legislature, at its first session, alter
the adoption ot this amendment, shall di
vide the city of Philadelphia into senatorial
and representative districts, in the manner
above provided; such districts to remstn un
changed until the apportionment in the year
one thousand eight hundred und sixty-four.
7"o be section xxvi, Article 1.
The legislature shall have the power to al
ter, revoke, or annul, any character of incor
poration hereafter conferred by, or under,
any apecial, or general law, whenever in
their opinion it may be injurious to the citi
zens of the commonwealth; in suoh manner,
however, that no injuatioa ahall bit done to
the corporators.
la SENATE, April tl, 1856.
Resolved, That this resolution pasa. On the
first amendment, yeas 24, nays 5 On the
second amendment, yeas 19, nays 6. On
the third amendment, yeas 28, nays 1. On
the fourth amendment, yeas 23, nays 4.
Extract form the Journal.
April 21, 1866. )
Resolved, That this ;esolution pass. On the
first amendment, yeas 72, navs 24. On the
second amendment, yeas 63, nays 25. On
the third amendment, yeas 64, nays 25; and
on fonrth amendment, yeas 69, nay 16.
Extract from the Journal. •
Filed April 24, '56. J Sec'y of the Corn-wealth.
Secretary's Office, )
Harrisburg, June 27, '56. j
Pennsylvania, ts.
1 do certify that the above and foregoing
is a 'rue and correct copy of the original
"Resolution relative to an amendment of
the Constitution" as the same remaius on
file in this office.
<— j In testimony' whereof 1 have here
} L. S > onro set Yny hand and caused to be
(-—1 affixed the seal of the Secretary's
Office, the day and year above written.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
IN SENATE, April 21, 1856.
Resolution proposing amendments to the
Constitution ot the Commonwealth, being
under consideration,
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the first amend
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably
lo the provisions of the Constitution, and were
as follows, viz:
YEAS —Messrs Browne, Buckalew, Cress
well, Evans! Furgeson, Flenniken, Hoge, In
gram, Jamison, Knox, Laubaoh, Lewis, M'-
Clinlock, Price, Sellers, Sltuman, Souther,
Strauh, Tagga[t, Walton, Welsh, Wherry,
Wilkins and Piatt. Speaker —24.
NAYS —Messrs. Crabb, Gregg, Jordan, Mel
linger and Pratt—s.
So the question was determined in the
On the question,
Will the Senate agree lo the second
The yeas and nays were token agreeably
to .the provisions ot the Constitution and were
as follows, viz:
YEAS— Messrs. Btowne, Buckalew, Cress
well, Evans, Hoge, Ingram, Jamison, Knox,
Laubach, Lewis, M'CHntock, Sellers, Shu
man, Souther, Straub, Walton, Welsh, Wher
ry and Wilkins—l9.
NAYS— Messrs. Crabb, Ferguson, Gtegg,
| Pratt, Price and Piatt, Speaker— 6.
So the question was determined in the
On the question,
Will lite Senate agree to the third amend
Bbe yeas and nays were taken agreeably
Constitution, and were as follows, viz:
Bit—Messrs. Browne, Buckalew, Crabb,
Evans, Ferguson, Flenniken,
MP|e, Ingram, Jamison, Jordan, Knox, Lau
nch, Lewis, M'Clinlork, Mellinger, Pratt,
Bice, Sellers, Shuman,Souther, Straub, Tag
Walton, Welsh, Wherry, Wilkins and
Speaker. —2B
—Mr. Gregg— l.
flpSo the question was determined in the
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the. fourth a
The yeas ar.d nays were taken agreeably
to the Constitution, and were as follows, viz:
YEAS —Messrs. Browne, Buckalew, Cress
well, Evans, Flenniken, Hoge, Ingram. Jam
ison, Jordan, Knox, Laubach, Lewis, M'Clin
lock, Price, Sellers, Shuman, Souther, Straub,
Walton, Welsh, Wherry, Wilkins and Piatt,
Speaker— 21.
I NAYS —Messrs. Crabb, Gregg, Mellinger
and Pratt— 4.
So the question was determined in the
Journal of the House of Representatives,
A.'fti • t, 1856.
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably
toJfie provisions of the Constitution, and on
eh &- i f rope cd amendment, were as fol
lows, Viz; *
YEAS —Messrs. Anderson, Backus? Bald
win, Ball, Beck, Lycoming co.; Beck, York
co.; Bernhard, Boyd, Boyer, Brown, Brush,
Buchanan, Caldwell, Campbell, Carty, Craig,
Crawford, Dowdall, Edinger, Fausold Fos
ter, Get/, Haines, Hamel, Harper, Heins,
Hibbs, Hill, Hillegas, Hippie, Holcomb, Hun
seeker, Imbrie, Ingham, Innis, Irwin, Johns,
Johnson, Lnporte, Lebo, Longaker, Loveti,
M'Caltnont, M'Carthy, M'Comb, Mangle,
Menear, Miller, Montgomery, Moorhead,
Nunnemacher, Orr, Pearson, Phelps, Purcell,
Ramsey, Reed, Reinhold, Riddle, Roberts,
Shenk, Smith, Allegheny co.; Smith, Cam
bria co.; Smith, Wyoming co.; Strouse,
Thompson, Vail, Whallon, Wright, Dauphin ;
Wright, Luzerne; Zimmerman and Wright,
Speaker —72.
NAYS —Messrs. Augustine, Barry, Clover,
Cbbnnrn, Dock, Fry, Fulton, Gaylord, Gib
i honey, Hamilton, Hancock, Housekeeper,
Huneker, Leisenring, Magee, Manley, Mor
ria, Mumnia, Pa lerson, Salisbury, Smith,
Philadelphia CO.; Walter, Wintrode and
Yearsley—24. .
Sn iho question was determined in the af
On the question,
Will the House agree to the second amend
ment ?
The yeas and nays were taken and ware
as follow, viz:
YEAS —Messrs. Anderson, Backus, Bald
win, Ball, Beok, Lycoming co.; Beck, York
co.; Bernhard, Boyd, Brown, Brush, Buchan
an, Caldwell, Campbell, Carly, Craig, Fau
sold, Foster, C-Mz, Haines, Hamel, Harper,
Heine, lltbbs, Hill, Hillegas, Hippie, Hol
comb, Hunsecker, Imbrie, Ingham, lanis,
Irwin, Johns, Johnson, Laporte, I-ebo, Long
aker, Loveti, M'Calmoni, M'Carthy, M'-
Comb, Maugle, Menear, Miller, Montgom
ery, Moorhead, Nunnemacher, Orr. Pearson,
Purcell, Ramsey, Reed, Reinhold, Riddle,
Roberte, Shenk, Smith, Allegheny co.;
Strouse, Vail, Whallon, Wright, Luzerne CO.;
Zimmerman and Wright, S t "aker —63.
NAYS —Messrs. Augustine, Barry, Clover,
Edinger, Fry, Fulton, Gaylord, Gibboney,
Hamilton, Hancock, Huneker, Leisenring,
Magee, Manley. Morris, Mumma, Patterson,
Phelps, Salisbury, Smith, Cambria co;
Thompson, Walter, Wintrode, Wrigh', Dau
phin co. ( and Yearsley.— 25.
So the question was determined in the af
On the question,
Will tie House agree to the third amend
The yeas and nays were taken and were
as follow, viz.
YEAS —Messrs. Anderson, Backus, Bald
win, Hall, Beck, Lycoming co.; Beck, York
co.; Bernhard, Boyd, Boyer, grown, Buchan
an, Caidwell, Campbell, Carty, Craig, Craw
ford, Edinger, Fausold, Fo-ter, Fry, Getz,
Haines, Hamel, Harper, Heins, Hibbs, Hill,
Hillegas, Hippie, Holcomb. Housekeeper,
Imbrie, Innis, Ingham, Irwin, Johns, Johnson,
Laporte, Lebo, Longaker, Lovelt, M'Calmonl,
M'Comb, Maugle, Menear, Miller, Mont
ery, Nunnemacher, Orr, Pearson, Phelps,
Purcell, Ramsey, Reed, Riddle, Shenk,
Smith, Allegheny co; Smith, Cambria co.;
Smith, Wyoming co.: Thompson, Whallon,
Wright, Dauphin co.; Wright, Luzerne co.;
and Zimmerman—64.
NAY*— Messrs. Barry, Clover, Coboum,
Dock, Dowda'l, Fulton, Gaylord, Gibboney,
Hamilton,. Hancock, Huneker. Leisenring,
M'Carthy, Magee, Manley, Moorhead, Mor
ris, Patieiton, Reinhold, RobertsSalisbnry,Wal
ter, Wintrode, Yearsley and Wright, Spki-2b
So the question was determined in Ibe
On the queetion,
Will the Hooee agree to the fourth amond
* The yeas and oaya wote takon, and woie
as follows, viz;
YEAS —Messrs. Anderson, Beck us,
Ball, Beck, Lycoming co.; Beck, York
co.; Bernhard, Boyd, Boyer, Brown, Boohan
nn, Brush, Caldwell, Campbell, Carly,
Craig, Crawford, Dowdall, Edinger,
Fausold, Foster, Fry, Gets, Hamel,
Harper, Heins, Hibbs, Hill, Hillegas, Hippie,
Holcomb, Housekeeper, Hunaecker, Imbrie,
Innis, Irwin, Johnson, Laporte, T,ebo, Long
aker, Loveti, M'Calmonl, M'Carthy, W- I
Comb, Mangle, Menear, Miller, Montgora
ery, Moorhead. Nunnemacher, Orr, Pearson,
Phelps, Piircell, Ramsey, Reed, Reinhold,
Riddle, Roberts, Shenk, Smith, Cambria co.;
Smith, Wyoming Co.; Thompson, Vail, Wal
ter, Whallon, Wright, Luzerne co.: Yearsley,
Zimmerman and Wright, Speaker —fi9.
NAVS— Messrs. Barry, Clover, Cobourn,
Fulton, Gibboney, Haines, Hancock, Hune
ker, Ingham, Leisenring, Magee, Manley,
Morris, Patterson, Salisbury and Wintrode—
So the question was determined ic the af
Harrisburg, June 27, 1856.}
Pennsylvania, u:
I do ceilify that the above and foregoing
le a true end correct copy of the "Yeas'-' and
"Nays" taken on the Resolution proposing
amendments to the Constitution ol the Com
monwealth, as the same appears on the Jour
nals of the two Houses ol the General As
sembly of this Commonwealth for the session
of 1856.
1 Witness my hand and the seal of
L. S. > said office, this twenty-seventh dav
—— )of June, one thousand eight hund
red and fifty-six.
Secretiny of the Cummonwehltk.
July 9, 1856~3m.
The ileinoeratic Champion
and Standard Bearer.
sItHE under-igned will publish. Julv 20th,
SYLVANIA, candidate ol the Democratic
Parly for President of the United States.
Late Minister to England, and former
ly Minister to Russia, Senator anil
Representative in Congress, and Sec
retary of Stale :
Literary Editor of the New York Day-Book.
Birth, College Life, Studying Law, Election
of Legislature, Volunteer in the war of 1812,
Defence of Baltimore, Election to Congress,
Speech against the Bankrupt Bill, Defence
of Gen. Jackson, Speech on the Judiciary
System, Mission to Panama> Naturalisation
Laws, Election of Gen. Jackson, Mr. Buchan
an's Great Speech on the Impeachment of
Judgo Peck, Ten Years in Congress. Opposi
tion to Sectionalism, Defence of the Freedom
of the Press, Mission to Russia, Election to
Ihe Senato, Executive Patronage, Mr. Cluy
and Mr. Buchanan, Relations with Franca.
Admission of Arkansas and Michigan, Mr.
Buchanan's Great Speech -on Ihe Expunging
Resolution Interfeience in Elections. Speech
on Independent Tcessury Bill, Reply to John
Dfvis, On the McLeod Case, On the United
Stales Hank, Oregon Correspondence, while
Secretary of Slate under Mr. Polk, Mexican
War Coirespondence, Miesion to England
Nomination for PreatJcnt, Sic. &c.
The above work has been attrition by a gen
tleman well qualified by his literary attain
ments, and his long connection with the Dem
ocratic press. He was furnished personally by
the distinguished subject of the momoir with
many of tho dates and facta of hi a early life,
and from authorised friends of Mr. Buchanan,
has been supplied with materials inaccessible
to other parties. The proof sheets have been
submitted to authorized friends. It can there
fore be exiled without reserve.
1 he price at re'ail is One Dollar.
The book makes a handsome 12mo. volume
of 439" pages, neatly bound in cloth, and is im
bellished with an arcuiale Portrait on Steel,
from an Ambrotype by Brady. Engraved by
Buttre. Address
119 Nassau Street, New Yoik.
U-000 Agents Wanted •
Immeiiately to Canvass for the above popular
Book, in every town in the United Slates.
Apply as above. [July 16, '56.
Trial List, Sept. Term, 1836.
1. Jacob Julmsuii vs. Henry Johnson,
et. al.
2. Win. Brown's Atlm. vs. Sam'l Mettle.
3. O. B. Hi Haul vs. Daniel Sponenberg
er's Adm's.
4. Eli Freeman vs. Henry Martz,
5. John Gerling et. al. vs. Charles F.
6. Alexander Edgar vs. D. F. Seybert.
7. Sam'l L. McCullock et. al. vs. 8. F.
8. vVm. Koons vs. Geo. L. Kline.
9. Same ss. Same
10. C. C. Baldy vs. Daniel Sponenberg
er'g Adm'ra.
11. Frederick Boat's Ex's. vs. Phillip
12. Benj. Peterman vs. Andrew Laubach.
13. Jonathan Mostellervs. B. Hartman.
14. Joseph Stackhouse vs. .Gilbert Fow
15. Amos Ellis vs. Dier Morse.
16. J. M, Berninger vs. W. A. Kline.
17. Malancton Baker vs. Richard Torby.
18. Dan'! F. Seybert vs. Daniel Sponen
berger's Adm'rs.
19. David Reinbold vs. Aaron Wolf.
20. J. M Berninger el. al. vs. Milton H.
Kerr el. al.
21. Jacob H. Lake vs. Wilson Ager.
22. James Tyson et. a!, vs. J. M. Shel
don et. al.
23. Samuel Brugler vs. Wilson Ager.
24. Peter Appleman et. al. vs. L. B. Ru
pert et. al.
License Notice.
TOHE followingnpplications for license have
been filed in the office of the Clerk of
the Court of Quarter Sessions of Columbia
county, and the same will be presented for
approval by the said court on Thursday the
4th day of September next.
The petition of Joieph Kistler to keep a
tavern in the honse now occupied by him in
Cattawissa township.
The petition of Stephen Wolf lo sell spirit
ous liquors in quantities not less tbar. one
gallon with goods and merchandize, in Miff
The petition of Washington Yeager to sell
spiritnus liquors in quantitiea not less than
one gallon with goods and merchandize, in
Locust township.
The petition of Stephen H. Swank of Mif
flin twp., to sell spiriloaa liquors in no less
measure than one gallon, along with other
goods and merchandise.
The petition of Frederick R. Wohlfarth, to
keep en Inn or Tavern in the bouse now oc
cupied by bim in Conyngham twp. Cel. 00.
Bloomsburg, Aug. 6, 1856.
Term* after the Tint af'hute vnll be S3OO. '
97 ftfWl ACREH OF OOOD Far H
County, Hi ui ngpr Townrbip, Pennsylvania
Tor sale, giving a Farm cf 26 acre* for S2OO,
payable in inataljnenla of $1 per jweek, ro at
so mo monthly.
Farms of 60, 76, IpO, or more aciea adjein
ing in proportion. Each Fairn fronts upon a
road thirty feet in width.
The Soil la a rich limestone loam, and es
pecially adapted to cultivation, aa it la mMw
hilly nor atony, "hot gently rolling or fine table
land. Around and through ihis property there
are already some 20,000 acres under cultivation,
and its fertility has been established fromtthn
cropa prji uced. Upon this subject it ia easy
to be fully aatiefied. There ia a rrady cash
market for produce which is taucfc better than
trade. It is the CHEAPEST, as land of a
similar quality is selling at much Msor prices
adjoining, and especially such as contains coal.
THE COAL—ThiB in particular fa tho Coal
District, several veins underlaying the whole
properly, and the attention of miners, and
th,.so acquainted with coal lands, is apecially
called to it. It baa the Advantage of being the
neatest to the great lake, market, with which
it will he connected by the Eunbury and Erie
llailroad now Under contract and in course of
completion from Erie to Kidgsway, with do
set-tiding grade the whole way. The soil over
bituminous coal ia the beat, lor instance Eng.
land and other countries. The price per acre
ia trilling for the coal aioue, aa it will certain
ly, in ao favorable a location within a short
time pay largely. This ia important at an
immense coal trade Trill soon open. Four coal
companies have already been started to work
mil es in the vicinity, and lbs re ato new fifteen
openings around Bt. Mary's.
THE TIMBER, Stockholder*" also receive,!.
'l'hvre is no reservation whatever either of
limber or coal. It is very valuable, and will
puj fur a great poll of the On account
of the excellence of streams there are line op
portunities for twills.
FOR HEARTH, the location is much re
commended by Physicianr. The chills and
fevers are uuknown, also pulmonary complaints
being protected from the north east winds bv
the Alleghanies. The water is pure and amongst
the best, the lend abounding on fine springs
FOUR RAILROADS will ahonly he coin
pitted connecting it by a direct lommunicalioit
with New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Erie,
llufliilo, and all the cities on the Inkrs. They
are the dunbury end Erie, the Allcghariv
Valley, the Pittsburg and Buffalo, and tlis
Venango. Energetic exertions are also boing
msde for Ihe building of the Tyrone and Clear
lid,l, which also passes through this property.
The effect of this upon trade, and general dei
velopmettt, n well as the coal, may be imagined.
The large und flourishing town of 81. Mary's
ia in the centre of the tract, numbering near
3,000 inhahilanta. It has hotel#, good public
schools, saw and grist rqills, alorea, well stocked
and every thing desired. There are 235 half
acre lots in the town of 81. Mary's which will
be r old and the proceeds equally divided amongst
those who buy faiimf. Ridgoway the county
seat, where an extensive business ia donoad.
joins the trait ou the west. The whole district
is intersected by good turnpike, and other roads.
Thit is a rare opportunity offered to thoso
who wish to farm or have a good investment
for the future. By making ptoper inquiries,
and considering the advantages of good soil,
an abundance of coal, heallhfulnesa of cli
mate, Railroad facilities, and its location, a
correct judgment may be formed of its pre
sent advantages and ultimate increase.
By writing to the office directions will be
given lo those who wish lo visit the land.
Asystem of exenrsiona will shortly be adopted
There is an excellent opening for vartoua
branches of mechanical business, especially
lanners, wheelwrights, axe handle makers,
shoemakers, carpenters and others.
Farms can be bought by enclosing the first
instalment. Ladies can hold shares in their
dwn right. Title unquestionably good, and
warrantee deeds given. Address or apply to
Samuel VV. Caltell, Seo'y, 135 Walnut street
between Fourth and Fifth Sts., Philadelphia!
Henry M. Walts, Esq., Walnut St., Philad'a.
John C. Cresson, Esq., President oi Philadel
phia Gas Company, 7th St. above Chest
nut, Philadelphia.
Geo. Wiegand, Esq., Inspector of Coal, City
Gas Office, 7lh Si. above Chestnut, Phila
delphia, has been over the land and exam
ined the coal.
Hor.. Geo. R. Barrett, Clearfield, Pennsylva
nia, has been over the land.
Henry Schmitt, Esq., United Slates Mini,
Residence, No. 652 North Fifth St., Phil
adelphia, examined Ihe land.
Win. F. Boone, Esq., south side of Walnut
Street below Fourth, Philadelphia, exam
ined the land. •
Hon. Alexander L. Hayes, Lancaster.
Geo. Walmsley, Esq., St. Mary's, Elk Co., a
recent settler.
Ricbatd Gardner, Esq , 636 Poplar St., Phil
adelphia, has examined Ihe land.
J. L. Barren, Esq., Proprietor of the Mt. Ver
non House, Second street above Arch,
Philadelphia, has examined the land..
E. C. Schultz, Esq., Justice of the l'oace,
St. Mary's, Elk county.
Charles Luhr, Esq., President of the Borough
of St. Mary's.
J. S. Weis, Esq., Postmaster, St. Mary's.
George Taylor, Esq., Deputy Postmaster, St.
Mr. Wm. Lyons, St. Mary's.
Mr. John miller, Coal Miner, St. Mary's.
Mr. John Corbe, " " "
E. 11. Stone, Esq., Wellsville, Ohio, Coal op
L. Wilmarth, Esq , Pittsburg Pennsylvania.
Borough Council of SI. Mary's to the Public.
This is to certify that, having been over
the tract owned by the liidgeway Farm and
Coal Company and aiven it a thorough ex
amination, we find the representations of that
Company to be correct. We find the soil to
be the most fertile—the coal and iroh ore to
lie in inexhaustible quantities, through ibo
whole district—lhe Farms in excellent order,
and the intelligence and prosperity of tha
people to be of the most gratifying charac
ter. We know that there is no healthiar lo
cation in the State, and we consider h ■ most
desirable place of settlement.
We make this declaration, As we believe
Ihere may be many persons who dre unac
quainted with theae lands, and we are satis
fied, from out knowledge of the Subject, (hat
information upon it will be a public benefit.
Jacob F. Shal'er, Elk Co. Surveyor, St. Mary's.
Charles laihr, President of the Borough of St.
John Beeiclt, Member of the Borough Coun
cil. St. Mary's.
Charles Brooks, Member of lha Boro. Coun
cil, Si. Mary's.
H. J. Wriggle, Membor of (he Boro. Council,
St. Mary's.
Fant Jahab, Member of the Boro. Connoil,St.
This is to certify that the above five gen
tlemen are at present the Acting Membete
of the Town Council of St. Mary's, Elk 00.,
and that the above is their band and signa
In teslimony whereof 1 have subscribed
my Dame, and caused the seal of office to be
attached thereto; and I fully eonour in the
above recommendation.
Chief Burger of St. Mary's, Elk Co., Pa.
See the Land— Start from Philadelphia ot
other places on Tueidsy night, at 11 o'clock,
for Tyrone, from which a stage will leave ev
ery Wednesday morning for Bt. Marya, Elk
Co. All are requested to go. It is suggested
that patties who connot go will olnb together
and send a Committee. It is a beautiful and
interesting trip. After the first of Jane the
price of Farms will be greatly raised,