The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, January 24, 1856, Image 3

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    EF" EVERY READER will please notice the
adverlisemertt beaded ''7b Persons out of Em
ployment," and send for a lull descriptive Cat
alogue of all our Illustrated Works.
To tbe unitialed in the great art of se.lting
books, we would say that we present a scheme
for money making which is far betier than
all the gold mines *6l California and Australia.
Any petson wishing to embark in the en
terpiise, will risk little by sending to the
Publisher, $29, for which be will receive sam
ple copies of the various works, (at whole
sale prices) carefully boxed, insured, and
directed, affording ti very liberal per rentage
lo the Agent for his trouble. Willi these he
will soon be able to ascertain the most salea
ble, and order accordingly. Address, (post
paid,) ROBERT SEARS, Publisher, 181
William Street, New' York-
PILLS.— The combinations of ingredients in
hesc Pills, is the result of a long nnJ ex
tensive practice; tl.iy arc mild in their opcr.
atior, ar.d certain in restoring nature to its
proper channel. In evary instance h vc the
Pil.'s proved successful. The Hills invanu
bly o{ en those obstructions to which females
•re liab'e, and I ring nature into its proper
channel, whereby heath is restored, and tbe
pile and deadly countenance changed to a
healthy one, No female can enjoy good
health unless she is cgulai ; and whenever
an obstruction takes pin e. whether fiom ex
posure, cold, or any other tho general
health immediately begins to decline, and the
want of such a remedy has heon the ccuae of
ao many consumptions among young female.
To ladies whoso health will not | erniit an in
crease of their family, these Pills will prove
valuable acquisition, as they will prevent
pregnancy. Ilendnrne, pain in the aide, pal-
of tho hcait, loathing of food, and
distuibcd slecn do nms* alwav. arise from the
interruption of natu.e; and whenever that is
the case, the Pills will invariably remedy all
these evils. Nor oro tlioy less efficacious in
the cure of Li uconhoen, commonly called the
-Whites," 'These Pills should never lie ta.
ken during pregnancy, as they would bo buro
In cause a roircarriqac. Wnra'tled to be purclv
Vegetable, and lice from anything injurious lo
life or health. Full and explicit diicclions
a .'company each box.
These Tills arc put up in square flat boxes.
Perons residing where there aro no ogeney
established, by enclosing One Dollar in a let
ter postpaid to Dr. C. L. Cliceseman, No. 2C7 !
Bleckcr street, Ncw York City, can have them
cent to their respective addresses by return of
Dr. GEISSNRK'S Celebrated Menstrual Pills
have been long ami widely known as invari
ably certain in removing any stoppage, irreg
ularity, or suppression of the menses.
In the female hospitals in Vienna, Paris,
and Berlin, they have entirely superseded the
Use of all other remedies; because, where a
cure is attainable by medicinal agencies,
they are certain of success. Their astonish
ing efficacy would be almost incredible, if
not vouched for by indubitable testimony, in
numerous instances producing returns of the
monthly period alter all hope had been aban
In every case from vffialever cause the ob
struction may ariso, as also to prevent preg
nancy where the health will not admit ol in
crease of family, they are always efficient;
for which reason they must not be used du
ring pregnaney, though alw ays mild, healthy,
sate c'nd cerinin in their effects.
Married ladies will find particular instruc
tions in the directions, in which are slated
the various symptoms by which the cause ol
the suppression may be determined.
Price, One Dollar per Box, containing ex
plicit directions.
Each box will be signed by Dr R.G. tieiss
Principal Office, 1274 Liberty Street, Now
York Ciy.
Responsible agents will be appointed for
(lietr sale as soon as practicable, lu the
mean limn, all orders are to be addressed to
Dr. R. G. Geissner, 1274 Liberty Stree'. New
York City, or to box 2456 N. Y. Post Office, |
and a box will be.senl by return mail, as
they are put up in sealed envelopes, and can
be sent with the strictest privacy to any part
of the United States.
As various not only ineffective hut kijnri-1
ons compounds purporting to be " Female
Pills," under nil kinds of names as " Iron
Pills," "Silver Pills," "Golden Pills," " Peri- j
odical Pills," &c. are attempted tote palmed 1
off upon the credulous or unwary, it is only
necessary for ladies to be on their guard
against the attempted imposition, and in all
•cases where there is no authorized agent lor
the sale of Dr. Geissner's Menstrual Pills," i
to order direct from htm by mail, hy return
<Jf which a box will be sent. [29 —ly
Agents— Geo. Ross, Lebanon ; E. T. Mil
ler, York; S. Alleman, llarrisbur'g; D. It.
Jones Co., Harrisburg ; C. U'eiyley, Mill
NOTICE is hereby given that the
•everai Courts of Commoin Pleas, Gen
eral Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and
Orphans' Court. Court of Oyer and
Terminer and Jail Delivery, in and for
the County of Columbia, to commence at
live "Court House in Hloomsburg, on
Monday, the 4th day of February next,
to continue one week
The Coroner, Justices of the Peace <fc
Constables, in and for the county of Co
lombia,are requested to be then and there
in their proper persons, with their rolls,
records, inquisitions, and other remem
brances, to do those things to their sev
eral offices nppertainiug o be done.
And all witnesses prosecuting in behall
of the Commonwealth against any pris
oner, are also requested and commanded
to be then and there attending in their pro
per persons lo prosecute ngainst him, as
shall be just—and not to depart without
leave at their peril. Jurors are request
ed to be punctual in their attendance, nt
the time appointed agreeable to their no
Given wmler my hand at Bloomsburg the
10th day of December in the year f our
Lord one thousand eignt hundred and
£fiy five, antl the Independence ol the
Unjjed Elates of America the 77th.
(God s.vve the Commonwealth.)
Adminißv'ralor'i Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of ad
ministration upon the estate of Gabriel
Lutz, late of Mifflin jownship, Columbia Co.,
deceased, have been granted to the under
signed residing in Bloom&bl'fg. All persons
indebted to the said estate are' requested to
make payment without delay, and i.'mse hav
ing accounts against the said decedent to pre
sent them for settlement to the administrator.
He will attend at the It te residence of the
deceased on Tuesday the Bth day of January
inn,, to meet those who have business with
tbe estate. STEPHEN H. MILLER,
Bloomsburg, Jan. I, 1856—6w. Adm'r.
Fancy I*nier,
Envelopes, Pens, Ink, Writing sand, tu
•a be found at the cheap Book store of
IRON STEEL, ami every kind of Hard
wwef ot sale by -
' * Corn Flour, Crirn Chop. Corn & Oats
Chop, Rye Chop, Buckwheat Chop Si Bran,
Wheat Bran,
BY I HE BUSHEL, constantly on hand and
lor sale atilie store of the subscriber.
Jan 2d—lf. A. C. MENSCH.
Prof. W. It. Brndbiiry,
Of New York City will hold a MUSICAL
CONVENTION, in Blootnsborg, commen
cing on Saturday evening, Feb y 2nd, and
continuing with Three Sessions for lout ructions,
each day, (except Sabbath) until Wednes
day evening following, when the whole mai
ler will conclude with
All persons who desire instruction in sa
cred ami secular music, by one of Ihe moel
celebrated teachers in the laud, ate invited 10
TICKETS, for the convention and concert,
can bo obtained at the book slnre, next door
above the Exchange hotel. Boarding will
be provided ul reasonable rales, lor those who
shali attend hum neighboring places.
S. i'. COOK.
Bloomsburg, Jan. 9, 1856.
Sheriff Sale.
| >Y virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas
there will be exposed to public sale al
the Courl-hotise in Bloomsburg, on Monday,
the 4th day of February next, at 1 o'clock
P. M., the following real estate lo wit:— (
All that certain lot ol ground siluule in)
Hemlock township, county of Columbia, !
bounded and described as follows: On the
North by a road, on the East by an alley, on
the Sou lit by nil alley, ami oil the West by
lot of Edward Lewis, containing one-eighth
of an acre, more or less, whereon is erected
a two story frame dwelling house, an out
kitchen, and u Iratne stable with the appur
Seized and taken in execution as the ptop
etty of William Hart.
Bloomsburg, Jail. 1*2,1856. j
To Builders and Others.
WANTED, to establish an Agency for
the sale of Wood Mouldings, of which
| there are from S2O to £2OO worth used in ev.
| ery bouse that is built. Our advantages, in
the use of a Machine that will work a wdtole
board into mouldings at one operation, and
| trie large amount of capital einploved by the
I Company, enable us to give a liberal com
mission. Pattern book furnished,containing
250 patients. Address
J. D. DALE, •
Willow st., above Twelfth, Phild'a.
Jan 16, 1855.
" lishers arid Blank Book Manufacturers.
P. Sl E. have constantly on band an assort
ment of Imported and American Books and
Stationery of the finest quality, which can
he supplied AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER
EST A BLISIIM F.NT in llie Citv. Having an
| connected with onr business we are enabled
to furnish BLANK BOOKS either from the
shelves or made to order al the lowest manu
i faclnrer's prices.
Persons wishing lo purchase in Philadel
phia will find it to their advantage to give us
a call befete making their selections.
All orders by mail promptly attended to.
Sept. 20, 1855 —6tn.
Arthur's Patent Self-Scaling tans.
For Preserving Fresh Fruit, Tomatoes
<SfC., by Hermetical Sealing.
rpH ESti cons, which are scaled by the house-
L keepers without the aid of a tinner, and
open easily wilhiul injury to tho con, ore
rapidly coming into general use. Full directions
for putting up fruit accompanying the cans,
and the wurk is so easily, performed, that by
their use. every family niav have fresh fruit
and tomatoes on their tables all winter, at
summer prices.
PRICES.— Pint Cans $2.00; quart $2.50;
llaif-galloo $8.50; tlnee quarts $4.25; gallons
$5 00 per dozen. Tho different sizes nest, in
order to sec lire economy in transportation.—
Country Storekeepers will find lids now urticlc
one of ready salo. Manufactured and sold by
No. 60 South Tenth St., Philadelphia.
July 26, 1855.—3 m.
Dressing Case MaiiitfaHurcr
JV. W. cor. of hth ami ('h.stnut Sts.,
ALWAYS on hand a large ar.d varied as
sorlmer.. of
Port M'.r.naies, Work Boxes,
Books, Cabas,
Bankers Coses, Traveling Bags,
Note Holders, Backgammon Boards,
Port Folios, Chess Men, [Books
Portable Desks, Pocket Memorandum
Dressing Case.s, Cigar Cases, &c.
Also, a general assortment of English,
French and German fancy goods. Fine
Docket Cutlery,
Razors, Razor Strops anil Gold Pens. Whole
sale, Second and Third Floors.
N. W. cor. Fourth & Chestnut Sts., Phila.
N. B—On the receipt ol SI, a Superior
Gold Pen will be sent to any part of the U.
Slates, by mail; describing pen, thus, medi
um, bard, or suit.
Philadelphia, April 5, 1855. 1-y.
THE subscriber will cfler at public sale
in Bloomsburg on SATURDAY the
26th day of January inst., at 1 o'clock in the
afternoon, his
in Mountplensant township, Columbia Co.,
adjoining lands of Godfrey Melick, Andrew
Melick, Robert Montgomery, and others',
now occupied by Jacob Geist, containing
Two Hundred and Fifty-five Jlcres,
of which about 100 acres are cleared, and in
a good state of cultivation. There are on the
TTircc Dwelling; Bouses,
A saw-mill, a barn, arid a good water power
upon Little Fisltingcreek.
Also at the sarno time and place a WOOD
LOT, adjoining lands ol Godfrey Melick, Ad
am Stroup, sen., containing about 11 acres.
t3T Bids will bo received until the lime
of sale. A DAM STROUP jr.
Hemlock, Jan. 16, 1856.
Engravings lor Newspaper!
and Magazines.
THE sabecriber has several thousand en
gravings of various subjects and sizes, suita
ble for illustrating newspapers an'l maga
zines. He otters the use ofrhem for taking
casts or printing, to tbe editorial fraternity
on very moderate terms. Address,
March 29,1855. PHILADELPHIA.
The most e ztraordmnry book of the 19th Century I
The way to the Alter. Matrimony made easy;
Ono volume of 160 pages, 32m0. Price
One Dollar. 500,000 copies already issued.
Thirteenth edition ready. Printed on the fin
est paper, and illustrated in the finest style
of art.
'' Love rules tho court, the camp the grove.
For Love is Heave:), and Heaven is Love."
So sang the Bard ; yet thousands pine
For love—of life the light divine—
Who, did they know some gentle charm,
The hearts ol those they love lo tVarm,
Might live, might din, in bliss suprefne,
Possessing all tif which they dream.
The road lo Wedlock would jou know?
Delay not-, but lo RONDOUT go.
Time flies, and from his gloomy wings
A ahadpw falls on living tilings;
Then seize the moments as thry pass,
Ere fall tbe last sands through the glass :
Al least the present is your own,
While all the future is unknown.
A nappy murriatte man or maid
Can now'secure by P.ONDOUT'S aid.
It teaches iiow to make ladies or gentle
men will the devoted affections of as ninny
of the opposite sex as their hearts may desire.
And the plan is simple, yet so captivating
that all may be married irrespective of age,
appearance or position: and it can bo array,,
ged with such case unit delicacy, that dctec-t
lion is impossible.
It tenches how ta make love.
It teaches every eye to form a beauty of its
It teaches how lo act when fascinated by a
It teaches how to make tho wrinkled face
It teaehes you the kind of a wife fo select lo
render home happy.
It gives advice to lite lover who has been
ottee itiily and is rejected after
wards through tho intetletence of friends.
It gives a remedy for unrequited love.
It gives jou instruction* lor beautifying tho
How to have a handsome face and hands.
How to remove tan and freckles.
A lecture on love, or a Private Advice lo Mar
ried Ladies and Gentlemen.
This is decidedly tne most fascina'ing, in
teresting and really useful and practical work
on Courtship, Matrimony, and the duties and
delights ol Married Ltle, that has ever been
issued from the American press. The artifi
cial social system, which in so many instan
ces prevents a union ol hearts, and sacrifice
to conventionalism the happiness and even
the lives of thousands of the young and hope
ful ol both sexes, is thoroughly analyzed and
exposed. Every one who contemplates mar
riage, and wishes for an infallible guide in
the selection of a partner for life, should pur
chase ibis great text bock of connubial feli
No one will ever regret the price paid for
such an invaluable secret.
Bills ol any of the specio-paying banks in
lite United States or Canadas received at par.
Gold dust can be sent from California.
•All that is necessary foryou to do isto write
a letter in as few words as possible, inclosing
ONE DOLLAR, and write the name, with
tbe Post office, County, and State, and direct
Publisher and Author.
No. 82 Forty-Sixth St., N. Y.
Street, are the wholesale agents.
1000 Agents wanted.
Grand Jurors fur Feb. Term, fSoff.
Bloom—Joseph Barkley.
Benton—Jacob Ogden.
Beave:—Samuel Cox, Henry Hossler.
Briercreek—Peter M. Transit.
Fisltingcreek—Moses McHenry.
Greenwood—Samuel Kisner.
Hemlock—Joint Cox.
Locust—Silas Johnson, James Deimcr,
George' Fettorman.
Madison—Swisher Boon, David Kiner.
Mifflin—Chas. Klingaman, PhineusSmith,
John Aten, Thomas K. Hess.
Montour—David YV. Clark.
Moutitpleasant—William Kesler.
Orange—John Herring.
Pine—John Young, George Welliver.
Seoit—Jacob Clossen, Samuel Melick.
Traverse Jurors for Feb. Term, 'SIL
Bloom—Samuel Mendenliall, Ephraim
Armstrong, Caleb Burton, Jr., Jacob 1L Groul.
demon— N. Patterson Monro.
Briercreek—Jonathan Eck, James Boiles.
Cattawissa—Henry llollingshead, Jeremiah
Centres—George Kelehner, Jacob Hngea
bueh, Daniel Eageitbueb, L. W. Wooley,
Philip Freas.
Franklin—Reuben Knitlle.
Fishingcreek—lleury Bitlenbeiider, J. D.
Greenwood—John Stadon, David Dreibie
Locust—Mayberry Snyder, Henry Yousl,
Samuel Adums, Joseph B. Cleaver, Abisba
Montour—James Dngan, Jacob Leiby.
Madison—Samuel Brugler, Adam Keeler,
William Carnahan.
Maine—Stacy John.
Mountpleasnnt—John C. Thomas.
Mifflin—William Mensinger.
Scott—John PI. Dewitl, Joseph Robbins.
Trial List lor Feb. Term, 1856.
1 Isaiah Slinmantis. Jacob I, Shuman,
2 Julian Harder vs. Samuel Haider.
3 John R. Mayer Committee of Peler Mel
ick vs. Samuel F. Hundley et. al.
4 Joseph Sharpless vs. Jamison Harvey.
C O. B. Hilliard vs. Daniel Sponenberger.
6 Jonathan J. Hogoland vs. Israel Ashton.
7 William Edgar et. al. vs. Alexander Ager.
8 William B. Pojermau s. George Pain
ter et. al.
9 George Amen vs. Andrew Crouse.
10 Eli Freeman vs. Henry Martz.
11 John Gerling el. al. vs. Cbas. F. Mann.
12 Alexander Edger vs. Daniel F. Seybert.
13 Samuel L. McCulloch el. ul. vs. Samuel
F. Headley.
14 William Koons vs. Geo. [,. Kline el. al.
15 William Koons t's. Geo. L. Kline.
16 O. C. Baldy vs. Daniel Sponenberger.
17 James V. Hurt el. al vs. David M'Kinney.
18 Sural- Kline vs. Joseph S. Kline.
19 Com. for W. A. Petrektn vs. Peter.Bill
20 Thos. H. Wilson vs. SaumelF. Headley.
21 J. G. Brenner el. al. vs. Phillip Winter
steeu et. al.
22 School district of Seott vs. School district
ot Bloom.
TUE. Arch Street, above Sixth, Phil'a.
THE STAR COMPANY, Composed of the first
Artists in the world, and exceeding in
Strength and Talent any Dramatic combina
tion heretofore offered to the Theatrical Pub
lic, will aptienr EVERY NIGHT in Comedy,
Tragedy, Serio-Comic Drama, Vaudevilles;
Musical Burleltas. &c., &c.
IST When visiting the city, go there.
Oct 2— lf.
Fresh Arrival!
ANEW lot of cheap muslins and prints
jnst received by railroad and for sale by A.
FANCY GOODS, of every description and
variety, new styles, tyid fresh Irorn New York
and Philadelphia, for sale at the cheap store
Especially devoted to the scants rf tho Ladies of
Where this Magazine is taken in a house,
no other is wanted, as it comprises all that
couid be obtained by taking three other Mag
azines. A , .tmr.
New Features fflTlws6.
A new and very interesting story story will
be commenced in January, by Mntion Har
lund, author of "Alone," and "Hidden I'aih,"
two novels that have created an immense
sensation in the literary world. Also—
Miss Virginia I'. Townsend will commence
in the February number a Noveleue, which
we know will strongly interest the renders of
the "Book."
Stories by an English Authoress.
How to make Wax. Flowers and Fruits—
With engravings.
Tlus Nnrso aud the Nursery.
How to make a Bonnet.
Troubles of an English Housekeeper.
The nil of sketching flowers from Nulhrc.
With engravingr.—To be copied by the
learner on paper to bo colored.
Maternal counsels to a Daughter.—De
signed to aid tier in the care of her health,
the improvement of her rnintl, and the culti
vation of her heart.
New slylo of illuminating windows and
lamp shades, with engravings.
Poetry and history of Finger Rings, illus
trate'.l: Shells for the Ladies, they
come from, wills engraviKgs
Modelling ill Leather with engravings.
This is only giving an idea of our inien
tions for 185l>—New designs of interest to
the ladies are springing tin everyday; we
shall avail ourselves ol everything that can
interest them. In fact, "Godey's Lady's
Book," will possess the interest of any other i
ihreo magazines.
In addition to the above will be continued
in each No.
(lOilev's splendid steel engravings.
One hundred pages of reading.
Godey's challenge Fashion stales. In this
as in every other department, we defy rivalry
or imitation.
Embroidery patterns. Any quantity of
them ure given monthly.
Model Coitages.
Dress making with diagrams to cut by.
Dress patterns—lnfant's and Chtlilrens
Dresses—All kind of Crochet and Netting
Work—Cloaks, Mantelets, Talmas, Collars,
Chemisetts, Under Sleeves, Bonneis, Win
dow Curtains, Brodeno Anglaise Slippers,
Caps, Clouks, Evening Arti
cles, Head Dresses, Hair Dre.-Aigyitobes lor
Night and Morning, Carriage Dresses, Bridal
Dresses, Wrea'tis, Mantillas, Walking Dres
[ ses, Riding Habits, Boy's Clothing, Capes
! and Cloaks of Fur in season. Crochet and
Netting Wotk prinlod til colors.
Dialling Lessons for Voutli—looo designs,
Music, S3 worth is given every year; the
Nurse aud the Nursery, with full instruc
tions; Godey's invaluable Recipes upon every
We would advise all who intend to sub
scribe to send in their orders soon, for il we
do not tnake duplicate stereotype plates, it
will be diliicull to supply the demand. We
expect our list for 1856 will reach 100,000
copies. Tho boat plan for subsetibing is to
send your money direct to the publisher.—
Those who send large amounts hud better
send drafts but notes will answer if drafts
cannot be procured. Letters had belter be
registetcd—it oidy costs five cents extra, aud
their sufe ensured.
Terms—Cash in Advance.
Onccnyj 1 , Ir3, Tw- Vspav I >*eai,
$5. Three copies 1 year, $6. Five copies
1 year and an extra copy to the person
sending the club making six copies slo.
Eight copies one year, and an extra copy to
the person sending the club, making 9 cops
ies, sls. Eleven copies 1 year, and an ex-
Ira copy to the person sending trie club ma
king 12 copies, £2O.
ISF The above Terms cannot bo deviated
from, no matter how many are ordered.
Godey's Lady's Book and Harper's Maga
zine both 1 year for $4 50.
Godey's Lady's Book and Arthur's Home
Magazine both 1 yety for's3 50.
The money must be all sent at one time
for any of the Clulis.
Additions of one or more to clubs are
received at club prices.
fST A Specimen or Specimens will be sent
direct to any Postmaster making the request.
IST We can always supply back numbers
for the year, as the work is stereolyped.
Subscribers in the British Provinces, who
send for clubs, must remit 36 ceuls extra on
every subscriber, to pay thy Ameucan post
age to the lines. Address
No. 113 Chestnut Street, Philad'a.
Register's Notice.
TBkjOTICE is hereby given to all legatees,
Xw credi'ors and other persons interested in
lite estates of the respective decedents and
minors that the following administration ac
counts have been filed at the office ef the
Register of the county of Columbia, and will
be presented for confirmation and allowance
to the Orphan's coutt, to be held at Ulooms
burg, in and for tho county aroresaid, Oil
Wednesday, the 6th day of February uexi,
al 2 o'clock, P. M.
1. The final account of John Robison and
Isaiah S. Melick, administrators of the es
tate ot William Mcltityru late of Scoll town
ship, deceased.
2. The account of William T. Miller, de
ceased, admr. of James Miller late of Lo
cust township, deceased, so far as the estate
of said James Miller, deceased, tame inlo
his hands, filed by Oliver Evans, admr. of
taid William T. Miller.
3. The account of Oliver EvSH*) admr. de
bonis lion of James Miller late of Locust
township, deceased.
4. The account of Elias Mendsnhall, ad
ministrator of the estate ol Jesse C. Jones
luie of Bloom township.
6. Tho account or Adam Stroup, Jr. hdmr.
of the estate of Jonathan St roup late of Alt.
Pleasant township, deceased.
6. The account of Gilbert H. Fowler, Jo
seph l'ilkiiigion and David Fowler, Execu
tors of the last will and testament of Daniel
Fowler late of Briercreek Iwp. deceased.
7. The acc'ounl of Christian Shuman admr. i
of the estate of Catharine Shuman, late of
Maine township deceased.
8. The account of Samuel Oakes, admr. de
bonis h.on of John Marshall late of Lime
stone township, Columbia county deceased,
which were left unadministered by his ex
ecutor Heniy Marshall deceased.
Bloomsburg, Jan. 8, 1866. j
i~KF Clolhs, Cassimeres, Saiinelts, Kentucky
Jeans, Muslins, cotton uml wool Flan
nels, all wool Dulain, Brnge Delain, Cham
bray, Silks satins, Long and Single Shawls,
Calicoes, Rats, Caps, Boots
and Shoes of all sizes, Groceries, Hardware,
Iron, Steel, Nails, &e., &c.; in fact everything
to make up a full and complete assortment.
Come and see.
Com and Rye Chop constantly on hand and
for sale lor cash.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 28, 1855—4 m.
To Those Wanting Cheap Clothing!
rc/v cCs <3BC3D O
T.TAVE just received and opened their slock of merchandize for Fall and Winter sales,
11 which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assort inert now
ollered in this|TOWN! Having paid great attention to the selection of their entire stock,
as to price and quality, they flatlet themselves that they can compete with the cheapest,
and all those wishintr to buy cheap, can save money Uy giving us a call. We have all
kinds of Goods and Wares to supply the wants of the People. A very large lot of
trench merinoes, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, do hages, poplins, parametta cloths'
mohair lustres, muslin do laines, Persian cloths, Ginghams, Calicoes, &c.
111 E GOODS 01' A LI, KINDS, Sieves. Collars, Spencers, handkerchiefs,
bouncings, bands artJ trimmings, laces and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in large variety vel
vet ribbons, and braids, kid, cotton, anil lisle thread gloves, mohair mitts, &e., '
All kinds ol SHAWLS, broohe, Hay State, Walorville, black silk, cashmere. Embroder
' Alao B ver y lar ?t e ussorirnent of cloths, cassitnors, sattinetls,, tweeds:
jeans, oeaver cloths, coaltrig velvet, &e. " '
We have n large assortment ol Hats and Caps of latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Ccdarware, &c. Very cheap carpels, carpet bags, floor, table and car
riage oil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, Sic. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, towelings,
drillings. &c., in abundance. ' " '
We invite onr friends and the public generally In us a call before purchasing el e
where. e have bought ourgoodsal Lowest Cash Prices and will not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest of mankind. '
Bloomsburg, October 28, 1855.
E530.1X51 CSDESQ CSdD a
Fashionable Fall and Winter Clothing f
I" Excltangelllock next to Swartz's Cook Store. They have'on hand a ffirge and
of all sorts and sizes, that the present enlightened age knows ar.y thine about Of Pints
and Vests they have every color of the rainbow, besides some black, blue, grey stri'ned
and fancy ; Vests of satin, silk, bull, casimere, marseilles, linen and worsied of all fush
tollable cuts and colors 5 Working Pants and boys clothing. Also fine white, figured and'
striped shirls, Pocket and Neck Handkerchiefs, Slocks, Ties, Scarfs, all kinds of entle I
man's dross goods ; Hats, Caps, Trunks, Traveling Bags and Umbrellas ; and °
They have Undersleves, Spencers Collars Iligale.ts, Gloves, Mitts. Ladies'a bead-bag
Handkerchiefs &c., fee. Also Jewelry and Notions such as Rings, Breast pins, Gold and
Silver Pens and Pencils, Medallions, Vest and Fob chains, Ponmonies, Spectacles. Knives
Razors and a well selected assortment of Accordeons. '
fST Remember the cheap store in the "Exchange Block" opposite the Court house.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 4, 1855. s DREIFUSS, & Co.
1855 New Fall and Winter Goods ! 1855
TNVITES attention to his stock of cheap and fashionale vlothing at his store on Market
*wet, two doors above the "American House," where he has a full assortment of men
and boy's weanhg apparel, including
a ox. sack frock, gum and oil cloth coats of all sorts and sizes, pants of all colors shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, stocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, sus'oenda
and fancy articles. ' 3 * " UOIB
N B. He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
Ire lna " ner- '" S clo,1 ""S 13 made '> 51*J most of it is of home manufac-
Bloomsburg, Sept. 20lh 1855-3 m.
The best Books ibr Agents!
Send for a few copies and try them among your
Publishes the following popular illustrated
work?*, for the suit* of vltiol) he tlecire*
I an active agent in every county of the U.S.
A small capital ol S2O or $25 only is required.
The most Elegant and Usiftd Volume
of the year.
Just published, an illustrated description ol
| the Russian Empire. Being a physical arid
Political History of its Governments and Pro
vinces, Productions, Resources, Imperial
Government, Commerce, Literature, Euuca
| tional Means. Religion, People, Manners,
j Customs, Antiquities, &c., &c., from the
latest and most authentic sources. Embel
i lashed with about 200 engravings, and Maps
of European and Asiatic Russia. The whole
complete in one large octavo volume of
[ about 700 pages, elegantly and substantially
bound. Retail price $3.
Persons wishing to net as agents aud do a
safe business, cgji send for a specimen vol.,
and a Subscription Book (price of both $3.25,
sent free of postage,) and obtain from one to
two hundred subscribers, to be delivered at
a certain time tn be agreed on, say in thirty
or forty days Iroiil the time signing.
Also, a deeply interesting volume, entitled
CELEBRATED PERSONS," embracing the
Romantic Incidents and Adventurers in the
Lives of Sovereigns, Statesmen, Generals,
Princes, Warriors, Travellers, Adventurers,
Voyagers, &i\, eminent in the history of En- •
rope and America, including Sketches of over I
filly celebrated heroic characters. Beautiful
ly illustrated with numerous engravings. 1 '
vol. -100 pages, royai 12mo. cloth, gill. Price '
$1 25. 'I
New Pictorial Ilistoiy of China and India—
Comprising a description of those countries
ami their inhabitants, —embracing the His
torical Events, Government, Religion, Edu
cation, Language, Literature, Arts, Manu
factures, Productions, Cornmeree, and Man
ners and Customs of the People, from the
earliest period of authentic record to the
present time. Illustrated wiih two hundred
engravings. 600 pages largo octavo. Price
New Pictorial Family Instructor, or Digest
of General Knowledge —Comprising a corn l
plete circle of useful and entertaining infor
maiion. Designed for Families, Schools and
Libraries. 600 pp. octavo. Price $2.50.
Pictorial History of the American Revolution.
—A booklor every family in the Union ! It
contains an account of the eatly history of
the Country, Constitution of the United
Slates, a Chronological Index, &e. Several
huoilred.Engravings. Prico 52.00
With a variety of ether Pictorial Works, of
such a moral And religious influence, that 1
While good men may sulely engage In their
circuWjoir, they will confer a public benefit,
and receive a fair compensation lor tlieife la
VV To men or enterprise and tact, this
business offers an opportunity for profitable
employment seldom to be met with.
1 1ST Persons wishing to engage in their
sale, will receive promptly by mail, a Circu
lar containing full particulars, with "Direc
tions to persons disposed to act as Agents,"
together with terms on which they will be
furnished, by addressing the subscriber, post
181 William Street, New York.
TY SEND FOR ONE COPV.—Single copies of
the above works will be carefully enveloped
in stout paper, and lorwarded at our risk and
expense to any post office in the United
Slates, on the receipt of the retail prices.
ltcgigtration Certificates
For the use of clergymen, justice*, physi
ians and other persons in registering marria
ges and deaths as required by the new Ac
Assembly, cun be had at the office of the
Star of the North."
Let us Reason Together.
It has been tile lot of the human racotdbe
weighed down by disease and suffeiing. Ilol
loway's Piils are specially adapted to the relief
of the Weak, the Nervona, the Delicate, and
the Infirm, of all citmes, ages, se.vos, and con
stitutions. Professor Holloway personally su
perintends the manufacture of his medicines in
the United States, and ofl'crs them <o a freeand
enlightened people, as tho best remedy the world
ever sa .v for the removal of disease.
These Pilh Purify the Blood.
These famous Pills are expressly combined to
operate on the stomach, the liver, the kidneys
tlvp lungs, the skin, and the howek, correcting
any derangement in their functions, purifying
the blood, tho very fountain ot life, and thus cu
ting disease in all its forms.
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaints.
Nearly half tho human race have taken these
Pills. It his been proved in all parts of the
world, that nothing has been found equal to
them id cases of disorders of the liver, dyspeu.
, sia, onJ slomuch i'i>m)>luin!s generally. Thev
. soon give a healthy lone lo thcue organs, how- I
• ever much Jcronged, and when all other means
have failed.
J General Debility. 11l Health.
I Many of the most despotic Governments
( have opened their Custom Houses to the iritro
duclion of these Pills, that they may become
the medicino of the masses. Learned Colleges
admit that this medicine is the best remedy ev
er known for persons of delicate health, or where
| tho system tins been impaired, as ils invigora
ting properties never fail to afford relief.
Female Complaints i
No Fomale, young or old, should be.withou
this celebrated medicine. 11 is correct and reg
ulatcs the monthly courses at all periods, acting
in many cases like achaim. It is also the best
and safest medicine that can tie given lo chil
dren of all ages, and for any complaint: conse
quently no family should be without it.
Hollow ay's PUD are the best remedy
known in the world/or the following
Asthma Diarrhoea
Bowel Complaints Dropsy
Coughs Debility
Colds Fever and Ague
Chest Diseases Female Complaints
Costiveness Headache
Dyspepsia Indigestion
lulluenza Inflammation
Inward Weakness Liver Cmtiplainls
Lowness of Spirits Piles
Stone and Gravel Secondary Symplons
Venereal Affections Wormsj of all kinds
Sold at the Manufactories of Prof. Hoi.lo
way, 80 Maiden Lane, NeW-York, and 244
Strand, London, and by all respectable Drug
gists and Dealers of Medicines throughout
the United Stales, and the civilized world, it>
boxes, at 2fl cents, 62J cents, ami Si each,
OT There is a considerable saving by ta
king the larger size.
N. B. Directions for the guidanue ol pa
tienta in every disorder are affixed to eacl.
Bridge Letting.
rpHE Commissioners of Colurab°,& a nd
X Montour counties will receive proposals
(or repairing the county bridge ov er Roaring
Creek near Mayberry Gearharl, at the house
of Jacob Dyer, ID Cattawisai< 4 , on SATUR
DAY the 2nd day of February, between the
hours of 10 A. M. and 2 P. M.
By order of the Comm.issioners.
Clerk to the Corn's, of Montour County
Clerk to the Corn's, of Columbia County.
January 15, 1856.
100,000 COPIES 1
Steamboat "Dimeter on the Western
■ Waters, and Steamboat Directory.
THE undersigned hove now in course of
preparation s new Steamboat Directory,
' which will be ieansu in October neat, the
, book will contain over two hundred pages, il
, luatrated in the beat style, and neatly bound
I in a durable manner. It will be one of the
moat interesting books ever published, nod
will be a book that will be interesting td *ll
classes of people. The riteamboat Directory
willcontain a complete list and description of
' all the Steamboats now allont ID the Western
and Southern waters. The length, model,
speed, power and tonnage of each boat, where
■ and hy whom built, the name of the boat,
, with the trade she has in. Also, the names
of Captains and officers, her oge, &c. The
Directory willcontain a Hialory of Steamboat!
and Steainhoallng on the Western waters,
since the application of steam: also, n sketch
of the first boat liuilt for the Ohio Kiver, with
the irome of the builder, commander and'own
The Diver Directory will contain a list 3n d
desciiptiolt of all the tticomhost Disasters
that have occurred on the Western and Mouth
etn waters, beautifully illustrated, with a list
of all those who have perished by their btirn*
ing, sinking .Mid exploding, on the western
and southern waters. 'The Directory will
contain Maps of the Ohio, Mississippi, Mis
souri, Illinois, Arkansas, White, Red, Ouachita,
Yazoo, and other rivers, with the towne and'
cities laid down, with correct distances: also
many other River and Commercial items of
interest to the people at large. The book will
contain tho cauls of tho various U. S. Mail
Boats, with the trade they ore in, &c. The
Directory will also contain a complete list of
all the responsible Steamboat Licensed Offi
cers, their places of residence, <stc. dec., the
new steamboul law its lequircmei ts, with
comments, allowing wherein it benefits the in
competent officer, and injures the competent
ollieer, See. See., and all the important (J. IS
Supreme Court steamboat decisions up to
date; tho Uutcs and important Commercial
Privileges, Bills of Lading, important decis
ions of the votinus U. S. (' regard to
Freight* Lost and Damaged, dec. Sic., with
many other things of interest.
The Directory will be illustrated in the bast
I stylo, and printed in the best manner. - The
( author baa fur six years been gathering
together alt the facts and items in regard to the
numerous steamboat disasters ot| fho Wcsteru
and Southern waters, and now intends pub
lishing tht in in bonk form. The. price of tho
work will bo put at (lie Idw sum of One Dollar
Ten thousand copies will be issged for tho
, boatmen; all others desirous of subscribing
I will have to do so at once, as none will be'
printed unless ordered in advanco. This work
is destined to have a circulation of over eight
thousand copies, as the publishers are receiv.
ing large numbers of subscribers, per mail,
I fiom all parts of the country, daily. Some of
the oldest boal inen, as well as most scientific
men of the limes, are contributors to the
Steamboat Directory.. ,
The Directory will be issued' in October,
and will be an ornament to the parlor as well
; as steamboat. By remitting One Doiliir, post
; paid, you will receive a copy of the above
All communications and letters should be
eddrcssed to J AS. T. LLOYD CO.
Post Office Building, Cincinnati, Ohio.
July 12, IBf>s.
Illustrated Sheet Publication,
With General Descriptions, Prices, &o.
fI'HKSE publications tire invarialy colored,
* and all tho same size, (26 by 32 inches )
and of one retail price,*—23 cents each.
lsf.— Mirror of the City of Sebastopol.
ami Mop of the Crimea and Black Sea
THIS is the only authentic view given,
showing the exact position of all the fortiHen- -
lions, with correct name and number oi' suns
in each, and giving a full "description'ot the
oily, its public buildings, harbors, Ate. Also,
map of lite Crimea, showing the military po
sition of the Allied forces soarouikling Sebas
topol ; man of the Black Sea, containing dis
(anceg from Constantinople, and statistical.
Information relative,to the population of Eu
rope and its principal oitics. Also, views of
(he hurricane on the Blajk Sea. the Battle of
| Inksrmarin, &<\. Wholesale Price lo Agents,
87 per hundred. *
2d Sheet.--Map of North America, Uni
ted Strifes and Cuba. ~
Showing the routes in California, New Or
leans, Cuba, and rnarty other largo places;
oxtent and population of United States, Mex
ico, British America, Russian and Central
America ami Cnbn; population of cilies; por
traits of Washington. Jefferson, La Fnyetle,
Jackson, Webster, Clay, and Calhoun—men
who will never be forgotten. Wholesale price
to Agents, 89 per hundred,
3d Sheet.---The Illustrated Life of Christ.
Containing eleven large and sploudid En
gravings designed by Gilbert, the great Eng
lish Artist. Subject as follows : 'Tho Adora-
I linn ol the Shepherds—The Fligh* into Egypt
j —Jesus in the Midst of tho Doctors—Jesus
I Subject to his Parents—the Haplism--Our
Lord in tho llouso of Manila and Mary—
Lord raising the Widow's Son—Jesus Christ
Blessing little Children—The Crucifixion—
tho Resurteclioti—Our Saviour. Wholesale
price to Agents, 89 per hundred.
4th Seect.—A Great National Chart.—
The Constitution of the United Slatee
and declaration of Independence.
With portraits and Biographies ol all the
tho Presidents, and Seals of evety State and
Territory in the Union. Wholesale price to
Agents, 89 per hundred.
N. B.—No citizen should be wilhoot this
Sheet, and Foreigners who would understand
the American people, their ptinciples end
government, should have acopy without de
3th Sheet —Jnst Published, Latest Maps
und Views of the Eastern war, from
the most authentic sources, Sebastopol v
Crimea, Black, Baltic and Azoff
Showing the present position of tho Allied
forces, Small Map of Europe, gi.vj n g the
routes and distances from London and'"Paris
to the Crimea, CronsiHtlt, many othcx
places; Number of vesse' ia ; n Baltic Fieel-
Army and Navy of tl-, a world; Views of tho
Hurricane on the P, lac k Sea, Baffie of Inker*
mann, Constenttr l0 p| e . Population of Europe!
and Cities; Immense Supply of
WmfiDinui'jng ( t) 9 French Army. &o.
LSr Mo ' ( ,er6or. should be without litis Sheet
It conta-,„g p n a i arge sca | 9 |ke best maps,
plans and views of places that are causing eo
mur -h exci'.emeni thronghont (he world; also,
a small ;nap of Europe for reference lo theit
positions, &c. Wholesale price 39 per hund
Ct'.t Sheet.—Mirror of Cronsladt, Sebas
topol. Groat Re-fan, Mamelon and Mn
lakolf Towers, Map of the Crimea and
Baltic Sea, with portraits of the Prin
cipal Crowned Hoads, also, Russian.
French, English and Turkish Officers.
This is tho only authentic view given of
Cronstadl, showing the exact position and
correct name of ail the Fortifications, with
number of guns in each. A new plan of Se
bastopol, Southeast view, showing the Great
Redan, Mamelon and Malakofl Towers
drawn on the spot—also, giving the number
of Allied Forces in the Crimea, Baltio See,
&o. Wholesale prioe to Agents, $9 per hun
dred. A. H. JOCELYN,
Publisher of Illustrated Maps,
Popular Sheets, &c., Sio.
60 Fulton St., (tip stairs,) N. Fork.