The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, October 25, 1855, Image 3

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AiiMiii*i*<riior s Notice.
TVOTfCBts hereby given that letters "of'ad
-1" miiitst.raiioit io the crtatbof John Old,
late of Hemlock tow nship, in the county of
Columbia, dee'd, has been granted by the
Register of said county to Levi Aikntan who
resides in Center township,"and Franklin
Mcßride who resides in Hemlock township
in said county. All persons having claims
or demands against the eatate of the said de
cadent are requested to present to the admin
istrators or either of them without delay, and
all persona indebted to make payment lortb
witb. LEVI A IK-AN. ...
October 25 1855.
... rVBi IC SALE
<a>cr LLi.Ufc3VJL -_s£JS3tt<SAac®o.
pursuance of an outer of the Orphans
•A Court of Columbia county, Joseph Hartzel
Guardian of the estate of Eliza Fisher, Jacob
Fisbetyand Peter' Fisher, minor children of
John Fisher, lata o! Beuver township, Col.
county, deceased, .will on
' SATURDAY, the nth day of NOVEMBER
next, I at o'clock in the afternnoH expose to
public sale upon the premises the interest of
tho saitl warils (being the undivided one ftf
teenth part for each ward) ol a certain mes-
BHge or tract of land situate ill Mailt town
ship, Columbia County, containing altogether
ISO All It E 8 ,
adjoining, lands of Jacob Fisher and Jacob
Shurtijtn, which is purtly improved, but on
which there are no ttatlilingk
At the same lime and place. Henry Hart
zel, Guardian of the estate of Lydra Fisher
■ltd install Fisher, minor children of the
said John Fisher, will al-o, by virtue of a
similar order of the Orphans Cout t of Col.
county, expose to public eala the interest of
the sail! Lydia Fisher and Jaaiah Fisher, (be
trig lite undivided one filteetiih part of the
witole (or each ward) in the same premises
• Guardian of Eliza, Jacob and Peter Fisher.
Guardian of Lydtu and Jostab Fisher.
Ma ft) towimhip, (Vt. 25. 1855.
s~gK>crr>rr ;QQ3t3j£>(©a
Especially devoted to the wants of the Ladies of
Where this Magazine is tnken in a house,
no other is wanted, as it comprises nil ttiul
couid be obtained by taking three other Mag
New Features tor 1856.
A new and very interesting story story will
he commenced in January, by Marion Har
lanil, author of "A'one," and "Hidden ! nth,"
two novels that have created an immense
sensation in the literary wotid Also—
Miss Virginia F. Townsend will commence
in the February number a Novelette, which
we know will strongly interest the readers of
the "Bonk."
Stories by an English Authoress.
How to make W'a.v Flowers and Fruits—
With engravings.
The Nurse and the Nursery.
How to make a Bonne l .
Troubles ol tin English Housekeeper.
The art of sketching flowers front Nature.
With engraving! —To be copied by the
learner on paper to be colored.
Maternal coonsels to a Daughter.—De
signed to aid her in the care ol her health,
the improvement ol her triirtJ. and the culti
vation of her heart.
New style of illuminating windows and
lamp shades, with engravings.
Poetry ami history ol Finger Rings, illus
trated; Mud's for the Ladies, and whete they
come from, with engravings
Modelling in LeHiher wttli engravings.
This is 01 ly giving an idea ol onr inten
tions for 1856.—New designs of interest to
the ladies nre springing tin every day ; we
shall avail ourselves ot everything that can
.nlefesi tlietn. In fact, "Godey'e Lady's
Book," will possess lite interest of any other
tltrpe magazines.
In addition to the above will be continued
in each No.
Godev's splendid steel pngravings.
One hundred pages ol reading.
Godey'schallenge Fashion Plates. In this
os in every other department, we defy rivalry
or imitation.
Embroidery patterns. Any quantity of
them are given monthly.
Model Cottages.
Dress making with diagrams to cut by.
Dress patterns—lnfant's and Clnhlrens
Dresses—All kind ol Crochet and Melting
Wotk—Cloaks, Mantelets, Talmas, Cellars.
Chemisette, Under Sleeves, Bonnets, Win
dow Curtains, Brodertc Anglaise Slippers,
Caps, Cloaks. Evening Dresses, fancy Arti
cles, Head Dresses, Hair Dressing, Robes lor
Night and Morning, Carriage Dresses, Bridal
Dresses, Wreaths, Mantillas, Walking Dres
ses, Riding Habits, Boy's Cloll ing, Capes
and Cloaks of Fui in season. Crochet and
Netting Work printed in colors.
Blowing lessons for Youth—looo designs,
Music, 53 worth is given every year; the
Nurse and lite Nursery, with full instruc
tions; Godey'a invaluable Recipes upon every
We would advise all who intend lo sub
scribe to send in their orders soon, lor il we
do not tnuke duplicate stereotype plates, it
will be difficult to supply the demand. VVe
expect our list for 18A6 will reach 100,000
copies. The best plan for subset ibing is to
send your money direct to the publisher
Those who send large amounts had better
send drafts but notes will answer if drafts
cannot be procured. Letieis had better be
registeied—it only costs five cents extra, and
(heir safe reception is ensured.
Terms—Cash in Advance.
One copy 1 year, $3. Two copies 1 year,
85. Three copies 1 year, $6. Five copies
1 year and an extra copy to the person
vending the club making six copies 810—
Eight copies one year, and an extra copy lo
the person settdiog the club, making 9 cop
ies, 816. Eleven couies 1 year, and an ex
tra copy to the person sending the club ma
king! 2 copies, 820.
Or The above Terms cannot be deviated
from, no matter bow many are ordered.
Godey's Lady's Book and Harper's Maga
zine both 1 year for $4 50.
Godey's Lady's Book and Arthur's Home
Magazine both 1 year for 83 50.
The money must be all sent at one lime
for any of the Clubs.
XSr Additions of one or more to clubs are
received at club prices.
CY A Specimen or Specimens will be sent
dilietft nf sity Postmaster making the request.
t3r We can always supply beck numbers
for the yeer, us the work is stereotyped.
Subscribers in the British Provinces, who
■end for clubs, most remit 36 cents extra on
every subscriber, to pay the American post
age to the lines. Address
No. 113 Cbestnm Street, Pbilad'a.
The subscriber is now engaged in settling
op hi* business, and calls upon all who
have accounts with biin to call and either
pay or get their money. His books mut be
settled up preparatory to engttging in
other business, and all who wish to save J
cost* mutt eull soon.
RleOmsburg, Oct 10th 1866—Sw
Grand Jury for December Term, '55
Brtercreek— John Davenport, Jas. Evaui,
George L. Freeze,
Benton—Elijah Kline.
Centre—lsaac Entwine.
Franklin—Michael Mench.
Fishing Creek—Alexander Crpraer.
Greenwood—Barnabas Watts, James Gib
son. ♦.
Hemlock—George Ohl. •
Locust—Samuel Mears. Francis Came.
Ml. Pleasant—George Vance.
Monlonr—William Purse), Phillip Krutn.
Mifflin—Christian Lulz, Levi Kerkendall.
Orange—Henry C Delong.
Koagn Creek— Michael Mowery.
Scott—lsaac Creveling.
Sugar loal—Samuel Kitchen, Alinas Cole,
, John Lewis, Jesse' Fritz
I Traverse Jurors for Dec'r Term, '55.
8100m —John Hicks, Hiram W. Thornton,
Reuben Fettermah, Hiram C. Hower.
Brier Creek—Lewis Dielerich, John Suit,
John Mane.
Beaver—John Shuman, William Cnlp.
Benton—Matthew McHenry, Stephen Kei
Centre—Gilbert H. Fowler, Alex'r Hughes,
Elias Creasy.
Csttnwissw-Soloman Ueinard, Jacob Kreiglt
Fishing Creek—William Raber.
Greenwood—Jacob Girard, Isaac Ikeler.
Hemlock—William H. Shoemaker, Will
lam Vandyke.
Locust—Henry Roads. Peter Keller, Hi
rain Keller, Levi Johnson, Henry Gager, Eli
as Helwtg.
' Madison—Jonathan Johnson, James Dil
Montour—George Youst.
Maine—Mi.ihaeJ Grove".
Orange—Conrad Adams.
Pint—William Detlin.
Rouringcteek—Jacob Yooum, George Dries
Scon—Shively Stadon.
Illustrated Sheet Publications.
With General Descriptions, Prices, &e.
'J'H SE publications are iuvarialy colored,
" and all the satne size, (26 by 32 inches.)
and ol one retail price,—2s cents each.
lsf. — Mirror of the City of Sibaslopol,
and Map of the. Crimea and Black Sea
THIS is the only authentic view given,
showing the exact position of all the lortifTca
tions, with coriect name ami number ol guns
in each, and giving a full description ol the
City, its public buildings, harbors, &c. Also,
map of the, Crimea, showing the military po
sition ot ih Allied forces surrounding Sebns
topol; mat) Ot lite Black Sea, containing dis
tances Irnm Conelaiitd'Ople, and statistical
litlorniaiihtr relative lo the populaiiolt of Eu
rope and its principal cities. Also, views of
(lie hurricane on the Black Sea. the Sutlle of
liikvrtuaiiii, &c. Wholesale Price to Aged!*,
87 per hundred.
2d Sheet.—AMap of North America, Uni
ted Stales and Cuba.
Showing the route* to California, New Or
leans, Cuba, and many other largo places;
extent and population of United Slates. Mex
ico, British America, Russian ami Central
America ami Cuba; population of cities; por
traits ot Washington. Jefferson. La Fayette,
Jack.-on. Web-ter, Clay, ami Calhoun—men
who will never be forgotten. Wholesale price
to Agents, 89 per hundred,
3d Sheet.—T'lte Illustrated l ife of Christ.
Continuing eleven large and spleudid En
gravings designed ny Gilbert, the great Enß-
Itsh Artist. Subject as tnllows : The Adora
tion ol the Shepherds—The Fltgh* into Egypt
—Jesus in the Midst ot the Doctors—Jesne j
Subject to his Parents—the Baptism -Our ;
Lord in the House of Martha and Mary— !
Lord raising the Widow's Suit—Jesus Christ
Blessing little Children—The Crucifixion—
the Resurrection—Our Saviour. Wholesale
price to Agents, 89 per hundred.
4th Seeel.—A Great National Chart.—
The Constitution of the United States
nnd declaration of Independence.
With portraits and Biographies ol all the I
the Pre-tdeiils, and Seals of every Slate and
Territoiy in the Union. Wholosale price to
Agents, 89 per hfindred.
N. B.—No citizen should be without this
Sheet, and Foreigners who would understand
the American people, their ptinciple* and
government, should have a copy without de
s'th Sheet —Jnst Published, Latest Maps |
unci Views of the Eastern war, from
the most authentic sources, Scbsetopol,
Crimea, Black, Baltic and AznfTSeax.
" Showing the present position of the Allied
lorce-; Small Map of Europe, giving the
routes ami distances from London end Paris
to the Crimea, Cronsladt, and many other
places; Number ol vessels it, the Baltic Fleet;
Army and Navy of the world; Views of the
Hurricane on the Black Sea. Battle of Inker
inann, Constantinople; Population ol Eutope
and i's principal Cities; immense Supply of
Wur Munitions lo the French Army, &c.
No person should be without tins Sheet
It contains on a large scale the best maps,
plans and views of places that are causing so
much excitement throughout the world; also,
a small map ol Europe for reference to their
positions, to. Wholesale price 89 per bond
, Gili Sheet. —Mirror of Cronsladt, Schas
, topol, Great Re-.lan, Mamelou and Ma
lakoff Towera, Map of the Crimea and
Haiti; Sea, with portrait* of the Prin
-1 r.ipal Crowned [leads, a|so, Russian,
French, English and Turkish Officer*.
This is the only authentic view given of
Cronsladt, shewing the exact position and
correct nanie of all the Fortifications, with
number of guns in each. A new plan of Se
batiopol. Southeast view, showing Hie Great
Redan, tfamelon and Malakoff Towers—
-Jrawtt on lite spot—aUo, giving the number
of Allied Forces tn lhe Crimea, Baltic See,
&o. Wholesule price lo Agents. 89 per hun
dred. A. H JOCKLYN,
Publisher ol Illustrated Maps,
Popular Sheets. &c., &c.
60 Fulton St., {up stairs,) N. Fork.
1 Oct 18.
Ctenuine lloncy Soap.
— emollient properties of
this Snap, renders it ea-
(i- or chapped hands.and
vi.rinu* diaeases of the skin, it is unequalled.
' Each cake Is stamped WM. CONWAY, 168
South Second Street, Philadelphia. No olit
i er i Genuine.
Improved Chemical Olive Soap,
Warranted to wash in hard, soft, or salt Water
This soap has powerful demising proper
ties, which readily -emove Oil, Paint, Dirt,
&c., from every' description ot goods without
injury to them For ail oomeslic purposes it
ia superior to any other Soap in use, and 20,
pet cent, cheaper than the common Rosin
Soap. Each bar issiamped
168 South Second Street, Philadelphia,
Manufacturer of Fancy and Staple Soaps,
Sperm. Stearins and Tallow Candles, Impor
ter & dealer in Sal Sofia, Soda Ash,Rosin,&c
Order* by mail promptly attended t-
August 23, 1856—3 m
S. ERll l'S BALK.
BY virion ol sfeveral writ# of venditioni ze
ponas to toe directed there will be ex
pored lb public xele at the Court House in
Bloomsbcrg onSATURDAY THE ITth DAY
OF NOVEMBER NEXT, at 2 o'olock in the
afternoon, the lollowing real estate lo wit :
All that certain lo> of ground situate in
Hemlock township, Columbia county, hound
ed ami described as folloWe to wii: On the
north east by the main rond leading from
Blonmsburg to Jerseytown, on the south
east by lot of John Poust, on the south west
by lot of John MeKaynolda, ami on the north
west by lot of Daniel Neuhart, .containing
one fourth of an acre, be the same more or
less, whereon is erected a two -t<ry frame
dwelling hoime, a frame shoemaker shop,
and a frame stable, with the appurtenances.
Seized t.ket. in execution as ti.e property of
Henty Fans.
At the same time and place all that cer
tain lot of land situate ill He.nlork township,
Columbia county, bounded and described a-,
follows to wit: On the north and east by lands
of Win. Miller, and on the south and west by
land of Zebulon Bobbins, containing one
half of an acre, be the seme more or less,
all of which i cleared, whereon is erected
a one and a half story frame dwelling house
with the appurtenances. Seized and taken
in execution as the properly of Moses Gtbb-
At the same time and place a certain lot of
ground, situate in Scott township, county
of Columbia, adjoining lauds on the north, of
David Leaseri., oil the east by Jackson Hag
eiibnch, on the south by Aaron Boone, on
lite west by Anton Boone, containing three
acres, whereon ere erected a one and a ball
story frame dwelling house, and a frame sta
Seized, and taken in execulion, aa the
property of C. & C. Shug.
CONDITIONS—Ten per cent, of the pur
chase money to be paid when the property
is struck down, and lite balance on Thursday
the 6lh day ol November next.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 25 '55 j SHKIIIFF.
BY virtue of several writs of testatum ven
ditioni exponas there will be exposed lo
public sale at lite Coutl Honse. in Blooms
NOVEMBER NEXT, at l o'clock in the af
ternoon, the following real estate to wit:
| All those six certain tracts ol land situate in
Beaver twp , Columbia county, bounded and
I described as follows :
No. 1 culled BALBEC, beginning at post,
iheuce by lands of James McNeal, tiorih 12
degiees, west three hundred and forty-two
•lerches to a chestnut oak, thence by land of
Wm. Gray and VVm. Steedman, eouih sev
emy-eight degrees west 179 perches to a
port, thence by lands of Jeremiah Jackson,
south 12 degrees, east 410 perches to a post
thence by lands of Richatd Brook, north 78
degrees east 73 perches to a dogwood, north
12 degrees wes', 15 perches to a post, north
73 degrees, east 82 perches to a black oak,
t,, -nee by an old survey, north 12 t'egrpes,
west ££ pe'ches to a hickory, and north 32
de'irees par' 3-! perches to the place of be
ginning! containing - f ° ur hundred and twelve
ami one half acres am! !! ow "i ce of "* P*<
cent, for roads &c., on which at * erected two
log houses ami two stables, aud aioi' 1 Iwcn
ty five ac es of cleared land.
Another of them called "PALMYRA,''
beginning at a post, thence by land of
Hubert Gray, north 12 degrees, west 410 per
ches to a post, thence by land of Win Sieed
man, south 78 degrees, west 160 perches to
a post, thence by land of Jnn Brady, south
10 degrees, east 410 perches to a post, ami
thence by land of John Wild and Richard
Brook, north 78 degrees, east 166 perches to
thesplace of beginning, containing four bun
dled and ono acres and a quarter, arid allow
ance of six per cent, for roads. &c—Anoth
er of them called "STONE HALL," begin
ning at a post, thence by land of John Br.-
dy, north 12 deprees, west 263 perches to a
post, thence by land of Chas Hall, south 78
degrees, west 271 perches to a chestnut,
thence by land of Catharine Longenbergpr,
south 16 degrees and a quarter, east 276 per
ches to a stone, and iheuce by lands of Deb
orah Stewart and Thomas Brooks, north 78
degrees, east 249 perches to the place of be
ginning. containing four hundred and thirty
eight acres and a half, and allowance of six
per cent, for roads, &c., be the same more
or less, on which is erected a stone house,
and about half an acre ol cleared land. There
is also R vein of stone coal Opened on this
tract.—Another called ' FARMER'S DE
LIGHT." beginning a> a post, thence by laud
of Wm Steedman, north 16 degrees and three
quarters, west 3ID perches to a spant-h oak,
thence by land of Wm. Webb, sooth 74 de
grees, west 162 nerehos to a black oak,
thence by land ol Thonus Say, south 16 de
grees. east 20 perches to a chestnut, thence
by land ol Chas. Hall, sooth ft degrees and a
half, east 362 perches- to a post, thence by
land ol John Brady, north 78 degrees, east
130 perches (o an ash,north 12degrees, west
80 percheato a while oaK and north 78 de
grees, east 80 perches to the place of begin
ning, containing four hundred and eighteen
acres, and allowance of six per cent. Inr
roads, &c.—Another of them called 'TROY,'
beginning at a post, thence by land of Jere
miah Jackson, north 12 degrees, west 410
perches to a post, thenee by land of W. P.
Brady, south 78 degrees, west 80 perches to
a white oak, south 12 degrees, east 80 per
dies to an ah, south 78 degrees, west 130
perchea to a post, thence by land of John
Reese, south 12 degrees, east 263 perches to
a post, thence by laud of Thomas Brook,
north 78 degrees, • ast 20 perches to a chest
nut oak, sooth 12 degrees, east 41 perches
to a black oak, thence by tbe same and land
ol John Wild, north 78 degrees, east 106
perches to a black oak, south 12 degrees,
east 25 nerches to a white oak, and noith 78
degrees, east eighty perches the place of be
ginning, containing four hundred and twen
ty nine acres and a quarter, and nllowance
of six percent, for roads, &c., and the other
of them called " MAINE," beginning at a
post, thence by land of Wm P. Brady, north
8 degrees and a half, west 362 perches to a
chestnut tree, thence by lauds of Thomas
bay and Jesse Budd, south 74 degrees, west
188 perches to a post, thence by land ol
Thomas Bellas, south 55 degrees, east 89
perches, to a chestnut oak, thence by the
same and land of John Longenberger, sou.h
one hundred-and eighty eight perches to a
chestnut oak, thence by land of the said John
Longenberger, south 76 degrees and a quar
ter, west 124 perches to a post, south 16 de
grees aud-a quarter, .east 104 perches to a
chestnut tree, and thence by land of John
Reese, north 78 degrees, east 271 perches to
the place of beginning, containing three hun
dred and eighty-one acres and three quarters,
and allowance of six per cent, for roads, &c.
Seised taken in execution and to be sold
BB the properly of Jacob Loose.
Conditions of salt —Ten per pent, of the
purchase money to be paid when the proper
ly is struck down, and the bsliuce on the
6th day of Deoember next.
Bloomtbnrg, Oct. 4,' 1355. )
CHEAP FOR CASH, for axle at the Canal
or in town at tbe etore of
Oat 11, ' A J. EVANS
" HAS JUST received and opened a new
and splendid assortment of
sa^.s®syAit Han
For Fall Rnd Winter, at his store on Main
Street below Market, to which he invites
the attention of the public. His assortment
will con pare in prioe and quality with any
to be found on this side of Philadelphia,
and includes
He has on hand every desirable and fash
ionable style ol Cloths, plain and fancy cas
and cverv article of
His slock is aellittg fast, and will be re
plenished every few weeka, for his motto
is ' small profits and quick sales "
Call and see our goods. We charge noth
ing for showing thens, and will always take
country produce in pay at ihe market prices.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 16, 1866.
No woman of delicacy is willing to disclose the pecu
llur allim-nts incident to her box, even to nmost initmato
family physician.
This modeety and dMiency la Implanted by natures
and neither should nor liegd b® subjected to the rude
xhocks ine.Jtnblo In inuking known fo tho other sc-X
those ailments belonging exclusively to the female.
Except In extreme cases, her sensitiveness wiU socn
flco her health rather than her delleocy.
The consequeuces are serious, laineutable, and Hfo
long. ,
Thus what at flr-t ooald have l*>en easily remedied,
or perhaps trotter still not incurred, becomes n compli
cation of diseases, not only ruining the health of the
mother, and embittering her days by sickness and suf
fering, but entailing broken constitutions upon bor
children, und embarrassing, if not distressing, the busi
ness und pecuniary prospects of tho husbuud. Lot svory
sousible woman
(as thousands have dono) by the hitler experience and
suffering* of other*, of the dreadful conseuuence# she
entails upon herself and those endeared to her, by her
ignorance of the simplest and plainest rules of health as
connected with the marriage state, tho violation of
which entails disease, suffering, and mlwry. . .
How many are sntiertng l'roin obstructions or irregu
larities peculiar to the female system, which undermine
tho health, tho effects of which they aro ignorant, und
for which their delicacy forbids seeking medical ud
vice I How many sutler from j/roluisus uteri (fulling of
the womb), or trota flour albtis (weakness, debility, &c )f
How many ore in constant agony for many months pre
ceding coufinemontl How many have difficult, If not
dangerous deliveries, and alow and uncertain recoveries!
To the question, h>w are thobc to be prevented? what
shall bo done! the answer i simple.
Let every woman ascertain tbr herself, without vio
lence to her delicacy, the nature and character of tho
ailment (to which she as a female Is subject) the caws
from which it may arise, and the'proper remedies for
its ctm and future prevention
Tins she can do by possessing a little volume (already
possessed by thousands), W HICH TELL 9 EVER Y
but chaste words, and such us sho can understand.
This little volume is emit led
rnortssoß or dihbasfs or woukv.
One Hundredth Edition (600,000) 13 m0., pp. 260.
a s * work of established reputation, found
A stall en*, ••logues of the great Trade Bales in
classed in the y• *• '• and other cities, and sold by
New York. l'hiiiuWh.. United States. It was
♦lie princiiial bookseller* n • • k i m .
uret publlsiied In 1847, since ir|** c *
hove been sold, of which there were upwaru.
attesting th Itlgh estimation in which it la held aa THE
ONLY RELIABLE, popular medical
the author having devoted, and still devotes, his exclu
sive attention to the treatment of complaints peculiar to
females, in respect to which ho is yearly consulted by
thousands, botn in person and by letter.
Here every woman ©an discover, by comparing her
own symptoms with those describ tl, the nature, charac
ter, causes of, und the proper remedies for her com
Tiiq wife about becoming ft motlier has often ne<-d of
instruction and advtce of the utmost im]>ortancu to her
future health, .will And such instruction end advice, and
also explain many symptom* which otherwise would
occasion anxiety or alarm, as uH the pecullaritioe inci
dent to her situation ftre described.
It is of course impracticable to convey fully ihe va
rious subjects floated of, aa they are of a nature strictly
intended for the married or those contemplating mar
riage. The revelutionb contaned in its pages buva
proved ft ble-slng to thousands, as tho innumerable let
ters received by the author (w ileh ho is permitted by
the writers to publish) will attest.
Extract qf a Utter from a gentleman in Dayton, Ohio.
DATTON, May 1,1847.
Dr. A M. MSmicoau:
- My-wife has been perceptioly sinking for tome three
years or more, in consequence >r her great anguish and
suffering some months l>efore and during coubnement:
overy sneresslve one more and mere debilitated and
prostrated her, putting her iifo in imminent danger, and
which was on the hist occasion dt*lttr*d of I supposed
that this state of tilings was Inevitable, nn>t resigned
myself to meet tho worst. At this time (now about two
months), I henrtl your book highly spoken of, as con
taining some matters re-.ching my ease. On Its receipt
and perusal, I cannot express to you the relief It uftbrded
my distressed mind, and the Joy its pages Imparted to
my wife, on learning that tho great discovery of M. M.
iJesomcnux provided a remedy. It ojiened a praspoct
to me whb-h I little conceived was possible. No iecu
niary consideration enn ever repay the obligations 1 am
under to you, for having been U>o menus of imparting to
us the matters contained In "The Married Woman's
Prlvato Medical Oouipaidon." But for tills, ore another
year would have passed over my head, in all huuinn
prohublH y my wile would have been in her grave and
Uiy children left nuUlierless."
In oonsequence of tho universal popularity of the
work, as evidenced by its extraordinary sale, various im
position* huve Iw-cn attempted, as well on booksellers n*
on tho public, by imitations of title page, spurious edi
tions, and surreptitious iufringemuut* of copyright, and
other devices tuid deceptions, it itas been found nrcea&ry
to buy no book unless tho word* "Dr. A. M MAURI
cbao, 120 Liberty Blreet, N. Y.," Hi on (and the outry in
the Clerk's Office on the bsck of) the tide page; and
buy only of respectable and houornble dealers, or send by
mail, and address to Dr. A. M. Maurloeau.
63" Upon receipt of One Dollar " THjJ MARRIED
oent inutile'l free) to any port of the United States, the
Canada*, and British Provinces. -All Letters must bo
post-paid, and addressed to Dr. ▲. M. MAURICEAU,
box 122 A, Nsw-Yoik City. PuSitshfng Office, No. 13$
liberty Street. New-York- -
Agents in Pennsylvania.
T. B. Peterson, J. M. Mo.s & Bro , and T.
Cou'patiliail, Ptiilailelpliia—Mrs. Cynthia
Williams, HonesdalF— Wentz & Stark, Car
honrtale—E. Flint, Williamaport—S. Tunlt,
Wilkesbarre~S. Leader, Hanover —B. Hull,
Pit'sioti—J. S. Nick son and A. K. McClnre,
Charnbersburg—E. Benner, Sortiticytnis'ti—
Joseph Swariz, Bloomsburg—G. VV. Earle,
Waynesboro—J.H.Cornelius, New Berlin—
G I). Main, ftlainsborg—Potter & McMann,
Be.llonte---H. A. Lance, Reading.
Joly 26, 1865.—6 m.
THE subscriber offers lor sale his FARM,
situate in Fislnngcreek township, Columbia
uounly, about 24 milea above Orangeville,
adjoining lauds of Hiram R. Kline, I'homaa
Lunger and Jacob Eyer, now occupied by
the owner, and containing aoout
of which about 8 acres is timbered and the
rest well improved for farming. There are
on the premisea, . . .
a frame bam, a good yuuug apple orchard,
a lot of valuable peach trees, cherry trees,
&c. 17* Condition* will be made known
by applicaiott ou the premises to
Fiahingcreek, Oct. 4, 1866.
FANCY GOODS, of every description and
variety, new styles, and fresn from New York
and Philadelphia, for asle at this ohe.ip store
yfT rtgr TTartnv<r'or. <C CSBCE>®
HAVE lost received and opened iheir atock of for wd'Winler
which ihe LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST aMortmeu now
offered in thi;TOWN! Having paid great attention to the seleonon of tneir *°?*>
as to price and quality, they flattei themselves that they ctfn compete cheape ,
and all those wishing to buy cheap, can save money by giving us a call. We na e
kinds of Goods and Wares to supply the wants of the ftpople. A very large lot ot
French merinoea, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, de bages, poplins, pararaetla cloths,
mohair In.tres, muslin de lame., Persian cloths, Ginghams, Calicoes, &c.
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieves. Collars Spencers, handkerchiefs,
flouncing., bauds and trimmings, laces and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vel
vet ribbons, and braids, kid, cotton, and lisle thread alove., mohair mitts, &c.,
All kinds ol SHAWLS, hroche, Bay Slate, Walerville, black silk, oaahmere. Embroder
*d, &c. Also a very large assortment of cloths, cassimers, sattinetts,, tweeds;
jeans, beaver cloths, coating velvet, &c.
We have a large assortment ol Hats and Caps of latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Cedarware, &c. Very cheap carpels, carpet bags, floor, table and car
riage oil clothe, mats ruas, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, toweling.,
drillings. &c., in abundance.
VVeiovite our friends and the public generally to give ua a oall before purchasing el-e
--where. We have bought our goods at Lowest Cash' Prices and will not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest of mankind.
Bloomsburg, October 28, 18S5.
SBarmcpoa ODDfQ&afPuasass C33OD*
Fashionable Fall and Winter Clothing !
In the Exchange Block next to Swarlz'a Book Store. They have on hand a large and
full assortment of
of all sorts and sizes, that the present enlightened agft knows any thine about. Of Pants
and Vests they have every color of the rainbow, besides some black, blue, grey, striped
and fancy ; Y>s'.s of satin, silk, bufl, casimere, marseilles, linen and worsted of all fash
ionable c'utsantl colors ; Working Pauls and boys clothing. Also fine white, figured and
striped shirts, Pocket and Neck Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Ties, Scarfs, all kinds of gentle
man's dress good. ; Hats, Cups, Trunks, Traveling Bags and Umbrellas ; and
Tlicy have UnAersleves, Spencers, Collars, Rigatett", Gloves, Mills, f.adies'a bead-bak
Handkerchiefs, &c., &c. Also Jewelry and Notiona, such as Kings, Breast pins, Gold and
Silver Pens and Pencils, Medallions, Vest und Fob chains, Porttnouiee, Spectacles, Knives
Razors and a well selected assortment of Accordeons.
£7* Remember the cheap store in the "Exchange Block" opposite the Court house.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 4, 18f>5. S. DREIFUSS, & Co.
1855 lYew Fall and Winter Goods! 1855
INVITES attention to his stock of cheap and fashionalo clothing at his siors od Mark it
street, two doors above the -'American House," where he ha. a full assortment of men
and boy's wearing apparel, including
3>A£2IIIviDSJA22La M&lSfflg
pox, sack ftock, gum and oil cloth coats of all sorts and sizes, pantsof nli colors, shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, stocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
and fancv articles. .
N. B. ' lie will also make to order any nrticle ol clothing at very short notice and in
the best manner. All his clothing is made to war, and most of it is of homo manufac
Bloomsburg, Sept. 20lh 1855-3 m.
Or, the Model Republic, its Glory or its Fall ;
with a review of ihe Causes ol the Decline
and Failure of the Republics of S. Amer
ica, Mexico, and ihe Old World; applied
lo Ihe Present Crisis in the United States.
One volume, 12m0., about 40d pages, cloth
gilt, 31 25.
Contents of the H ork.
The U. S Prospective and Retrospective.
T tlC Ancient Republics—Early Civilization.
Span* atn" A, . he " < '-
a Middle Ages.
Mexico, and the Sou! l ' A'"*'"- 8 " ,aIM
The Heroes of Liberty. -.i.Mi.heil
The boundaries ol countries™
The Angle Saxon race, the only P"8 c -. DaDI
of sustaining Freedom.
The rights o( Conscience.
Religious Toleration.
The Bible, the Charter of Liberty.
The Principles and Perils of uur Common Ed
What constitutes the light to vote.
The right of the Majority to rule.
The effects of Romarlism and Protestantism
The Political power ol the Pope
Romanism and Freedom.
Folly of supposing American I nstuu'ions need
tjo safeguards. , i
American Citizens—native or adopted—
Romanist or Protestant equally interested in
resisting foreign influence.
Evils of PA Hilary organizations exclusively of
naturalized citizens.
Secret Societies, their use and abu.e
The Citizens of a Republic.
Naturalization laws of Ihe United Slates j
American Nationality
The Common Cause.
This work, written in anegWieM American ,
spirit, by uhie and experienced writers se
lected for their eminent fitness for Ihe task,
will be found worthy the attendee pe
rusal of the whole American people. It
condenses a prodigious amount ol most val
uable iufoiinalian relating lo our social and i
political economy, and the dangers to which I
our ci> il and national liberties are exposed,
together with illustrations drawn Irom lite his
tory of the classic and modern republics.—
This production must become the great text
book lor American citizens: since it is sothor
ough in its investigations, and of such deep,
stirring interest, that it cannot fail in making
its direct appeal to the hearts of the people.
. . IL
Comprising the Colonial, Revolutionary and
Constitutional Record, oi the Country ; ba
sed upon, ami. tucluding the Documents of
the Federal Government, &b. By Benson
J. Loaning and Edwin Williams.
In two volumes, royal Bvo., profusely illus
trated with tine engravings on steel and
wood, muslin gilt, Seven Dollars.
It is a woik unique in its chsraCter and of
intrinsic value as a standard authority for the
statesman, historian and general reader; and
no less important us the exponaul of the po
litical ethics and progress of. the Confedera
cy. Il will be regarded as the National histo
ry of the country during its three great epochs
—Colonial, Revolutionary and Constitutional,
condensed.lroin the national archives. The
work is splendidly illustrated by original views
oi the naltonul buildings, offices of stale, Sic.
Now Readyt Tbe Statesman's Manual;
Containing the President's Messages, inaug
ural, annual and special, irom those of
Washington lo the present time : with their
Memoirs and Histories of their Adminis
trations. Also, valuable Documents and
Statistics, Complied from official sourcee j
by Eilwin .Williams.
The nra edition brought down to fie present time.
4 volumes Bvo., with portraits of all Ihe
Presidents, cloth, extra gilt, $lO 00.
This great national work hat received ihe
highest commeudation from the Press
throughout the country, as well as from some
ol the moat distinguished personages connec
ted with the Federal & Slate Governments. It
is inditpentable lo all persona in any way con
nected with official or governmental affairs.
A full analytical Index accompanies the work
by which immediate reference can be made
to any great question—political, social, or le
A new and enlarged edition (the 20f/i thousand)
Of IConianisin;
Compiled trom Romish Authorities: with
Supplement, bringing the history down to
the present time: with 50 engravings.
1 vol. Rvo., 800 pages, cloth gilt, S3.
The American and Odd-
Containing (Jems of Literature, prose and
verse, by eminent writers: with over
thirty engravings on steel.
2 rolumea Bvo. muslin gilt, 85 00.
A nobler compendium of choice literal ure
could hardly be collected—an elegant bonk
lor the centre-table and for presentation—it
is equally fitted for the library ,-N. }'. Mirror.
f3" Active and responsible Agents for the
above work', wanted ir. every State of the
ITujou—who will pleae address
3^ > 114 Pulton St., New York.
"Public b3l of Valuable
f|A HE 'ubactilVßf will offer si rub'io sale up
J- on the premises in Roaringcr'ei tuWgship.
Columbia county,on
Saturday the 3d of IVov. nctt
at 1 o'clock in the sfternoon, the following test
estate, viz: s TRACT containing 94 acres,
ntoro or less, uiljoining lands of John C> My
ers, Jacob Fisher, Daniel II suck, Wright
floghea aijd Geo. Craig. About 69 acres is
cleared land, the remainder good
'flMßElt LAND.
There are on the ptemiseu a (wo story Uwsl I
ting House, a fnrne barn, plenty of fruit, end a
never-failing well of water near the bouse.
A 1,80, at the same tinio and place a lot on
Main Htreet, in tho town of Numidia, on which
there is a two story
It adjoins ground of John P. J.evan and Wni.
Bcott. Terms Aiade known on the day of sale
Roaringcreek, Bept. 38, 185
Hood's Ornamental Iron works,
Kidge A venue, Philadelphia.
THE attention of the inhabitants of I'enn
r.ylvania are invited to the extensive Muirafnc.
lory anj Wuierooms of the subscriber, whe is
prepared to furnish at the shortest notice, Iron
Railing of every description, for Cemeteries,
| public and private buildings, also Verandahs,
Fountains, Chairs, Herleea, Lions, Dogs and
other ornamental iron woiks of decorative char
ade'. I'urcli asors nay rcltr on having ull ar
ticles carefully bozed and shipped to their des
tination. A hook of designs will he furnished
to those wishing to make seleetiona.
Ridge Avenue, below Spring Garden St.,
September 27. 1855.
csanrf' aj,*>,q=>
tho BEST BOOKS in your schools and
your ohildren will leain more in six months
than in three yenrs with inferior ones, and
you will
SANDER'S NEW are tlie best Readers,.
WEBSTER'S are the Jpest Dictionaries.
Spl.e'ddid Outline Mann.
■ Sower & Barnr*,
Publishers, Booksellers (f Stationers,
33 North Third Street.
October 11, 1855—3 m.
Freah Arrival!
ANEW lot of cheap muslins and prints
iust received by railroad and for sal* by
; Jj. C. MENBCH.
FOB AlliitTßi.ioii
DY the aid of a microscope, we see million
*-* of little openings on the sur/foe of oar
; bodies. Through these this Ointment, when
rubbed on the skin, is carried .10 any organ
or inward psrt. Diseases of the Kidneys, dis
orders of the Liver, affections of the heart,
Inflammation on the Lungs, A'thinas, coughs
and colds, are by its means effectually cured
Every housewife, knows that salt pusses free
ly through bone or meat of any thickness.-
This healing Ointment far more readily pen
etrates through any bone or fleshy part of
the living body, curing ibe most dangeroos
inward complaints, that cannot be reached
by other means.
Erysipelas, Salt Rheum and Scorbutic
Humors. *TV
No remedy has ererdone so much forthe
core ol disease of the Skill, whatever form
they may assume, as tluu Ointment. No case
of Salt Rheum, Scurvy, sore heads. Scrofula,
or Erysipelas, can long withstand its influ
ences. The inventor has traveled over many
parte of the globe, viaiung the principle hos
pitals, dispensing this Ointment, giving ad
vice us to its application, and has thus been
the moans of restoring courtiers numbers of
1 health , ,
Sore Legs, Sore Hreatis, Ifounds and
Some of the moat scientific surgeons now
' rely solely on the use of ihia wonderful
Ointment, when having to cope with the
worn cases of sores, wounds, nicer-, glandu
lar swellings and tumors. Prof. Hollow-ay lias
by command of the Allied Govertimet:la,die-
patched to the hospitals ol the Last, fargu
shipments of this Ointment, ro tie used uuder
the direction of the Medical Stall, in the
worst cases of wounds. It will cureauy ulcer,
glandular swelling, stiffness or contraction of
the joints, even of SO years' standing.
I'ties and Fistulas.
Tne-e and other similar distressing com
plaints can be effVlually cured if the Oint
ment be well rubbed in over the parts alfecti
ad, and by otherwise following ttae-printed
directions around each part
Both the Ointment and I'Ml thouM be
used in the following cases!
B miuiis, Lumbago,
Burt b, Mercurial Erup-
Chapped Hand', lior.s,
Chilblain', Pile,.
Fistulas, Rheumatism,
Gout, ;-i u |l Rheum,
Skin Disease., Sore l-egc,
Sore Breast', Swelled Gland*,
Sore Heads, Stiff Joints,
Sore Throats, Sores o( all kinds,
Sprains, Scalds,
Ulcers, Wounds of all
Venereal Sores, kinds.
Sold ai the Manufactories of Prof. Hollo
way, 80 Maiden f.ane, New York, and 214
Strand, London, and by-all respectable Drug
gists and Dealefa ol Medicines throughout
the United Stales, and the civifitwd world!,
in Pom, m.25 cents, 62j cents, and SI each.
SW There is a- considerable saving by
takina the larger sizes.
N. B Directions for the guidance of oa
tients in every disorder nrc affined to each
July 19. 1855.
100,000 cor I EH !
Sit iimboat Disasters "ti the, Western
Haters, and Steamboat Directory.
rpHE undersigned hsve now in conris of
1. preparation a new Steamboat Directory,
which will be isaucd in October next, the
book will contain over two hundred pages, il
lustrated in the best style, and jnestly bound
in s durable manner. It will be one of the
most interesting hooks ever published, an J
will be a book that will be interesting to aN
classes of people. The Steamboat Directorr
will contain a complete list and description of
all the Staamlinate now afloat in the Western
and Southern waters. The length,, model.
I speed, power and tonnagr of each boat, rrliere
and by whom built, the name of tho toat,
ofthth" trade she lies in. Also, the names
ofCap.'sirt! ' and officers, hor age, dec. Tho
Directory will contain a History of Steamboats
and Sleandmuting on the Western waters,
aince the application of steam: also, a sketch
of the lira! boat built the Ohio Rivet, with
the name of the builder, commander and own
The River Directory will contain list and
description of all- the Blruud>oat Disaaleis
that have occurred on the Western and South
ern waters, hi-uutilully illustrated-. Willi a lilt
of all those who perished by their burn
ing, sinking ni.d exploding, on the weatoru
and southern w ilars., Tito Directory will
contain Maps of lbs Ohio, Mississippi, Mis
souri, Illinois, Arkansas, White, lted, Ouachita
Yazoo, and other rivvie, with the towns and
cities laid down, with collect distances: also,
many (Ik r ff iver and Commercial items of
inter s to the people at I irge. The hook will
contain the csiils of the various U. S. Mail
Boats, with the trade thoy are in, die. The
Directory will also coiiliin a complete list of
all the responsible Steamboat l.icenaei Offi
cers, their place's cf residence, dec. dec., the
new steamboat law its icqnircmei Is, with
comments, showing wherein it benefits ffia in
competent officer, and injutea the competent
officer, die. he., and ull the important U. 8.
Supreme Court steamboat decisions up to
date; the Rules uiul important Commercial
Privileges, Uills uf Lading, important decis
ions ul' the various If, 8. Courts in regard to
freights Lost and Damaged, dec. Sic., with
many other things of interest. , , '
The Directory will lie illustrated in the beat
style, and printed in the best manner. The
author has for sis years been gathering
together all the facts und Heine in regard to tho
numerous steamboat disasters on 'he Western
and Bputbcrn waters, und now intends pub
lishing ilnm in book form. The price of the
work will be put at the low sum of One Dollar
Ten thousand copies will be issued for the
boatmei.; all others desirous of suba ribing,
will have lo do so at once, at none will bo
printed unless ordered In advance. This work
is destined to have a circulation of over eight
thousand copies, as tho publishers ere receiv
ing large numbers of subscribers, per mail,
from ull parts of the countiy, daily. Some of
the oldest hualtnCn, as well as most scientific
men of the times, are contributors to the
Steamboat Directory.
The Directory will be isausd in October,
and will be an ornsmant to the parlor aa well
as steamboat. By remitting One Dollar, post
paid, yon will receive e copy of the above
All communications and lepers should bs'
addressed to J AS. T. LLC YD + OU-
Pout Office Building, Cincinnati, (Miio,
July 13, 18.55.
IM| USLINS a yard wide for 8 ceils, and
good prims for <ll cents jut received
by • AC. MENSCH.
ff RON STEED, aud every kind of Hard
* ware for aale by