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    j fiHS!!9 BPEfiAL S NOTI€M7 ==aaH!
its of this purely vegetable extract for the
""v removal and cure of physical prostration,
genital debility, nervous affections, &0., &c.,
artviully described in another colu.-nn of this
paper, to which the reader is referred. #2
pegjrotrle, 3 bottles for $5; six bottles for
S8 ; 816 per dozen. ty Observe the marks
of the genuine.
Prepared only by S. E. Cohen, No. 8 Frank
lin Row, Vino St., below Eighth Philadelphia
Pa. to whom all orders must be addressed. For
Sale by all tho respectable Druggists und
Merchants throughout the country.
T. W. DYOTT a SONS, No. 132 North 2nd
et., Philadelphia, Sale Agents jfor Pennsyl
1 beg leave to call the attention of the citi
tis ol Pennsylvania to the above article,
manufactured by myself exclusively, at my
i Factory in Schiedam, in Holland, expressly
ft for medicinal purposes.
l\ It is made from the best Barley that can be
It selected in Europe and the essence of an ar
il omatic Italian berry, ol acknowledged and
B extraordinary medicinal properties; and it
has long since acquired a higher reputation,
B ooth in Europe and America, than any other
Gravel, Gout, and Rheumatism; in Ob-
H etructious of the Bladder and Kidney s, and
■ Debility of the Urinary Functions, its. ef
■ feels are prompt, decided, aud invariably re
■ liable. And it is not only a Remedy for these
W maladies, but, in all cases in which they are
produced by Drinking Bad Wafer, which is,
• almost universally, the cause of them, it op
erates as a Sure Preventive.
• The distressing effect upon the Stomach,
Bowels, and Bladder, to travelers, new resi
dents, and ell persons unaccustomed tol'nem
produced by the waters of nearly all our great
inland rivers like the Ohio, Mississippi, and
Alabama, from the large quantity of decay
ed vegetable matter contained in them, in a
slate of solution, is well known ; as is also
that of the waters of limestone regions, in
I producing Gravel, Calculi, and Stone in Ike
SCHNAPPS is an absolute cnrreclivo ol all
these injurious properties of bad water, and
consequently prevents the disease which
they occasion. It Is also found to be a cure
and preventive of Fever and Ague, a com
plaint caused by the conjoint effects ol vege
table malaria in the atmosphere, and vegeta
ble putrescenses in the waters of those dis
tricts in which it principally prevails Tho
Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps is consequent
ly in great demand by persons travelling, Or
about to settle in those parts of the country
especially; as well as by many in every
community whero it has become known on
account of its various other remedial proper
More than three thousand physicians,
among whom are numbered the greatest
ttaaies belonging to tho faculty of medicine
in this country, have certified over their own
signatures, to the valuable medicinal proper
ties of kucli an article, as the severest tests
haveproved theScbiedam Aromatic Schnapps
. to be, ar.d have accepted it as a most desira
ble addition to the materia medica.
Put up in quart and pint bottles, enveloped i
in yellow paper with my name on the bot
tle, cork and seal. For sale by all respecta
ble Druggists anil Grocers.
1 18, 20, & 22 Beaver s-reet, N. Y.
\ 25 South Front street, Philada.
yj I beg leave to call the attention of the pub-
Tito to the following letters from physicians:
f " Laboratory, N. Y., May 2, 1855.
' " Ma. UPDOI.PIIO WOLFE — Dear Sir: I can
not speak to highly of the purity of your Sclii
qdam Schnapps. It is decidedly superior to
anything of the kind in market. It is per
fectly free from the admixture ot lusit nil,
or of any of those amy 1 c compounds which
produce such a mischievous and irreparable
effect upon the constitution, and which very
few samples of alcoholic distilled liquors are
without —most olthem being largely impreg
nated with it. I have personally inspected
' the various process of distillation practiced
at Schiedam, and know (hat unusual care is
taken to aepara'e the noxious elements
(rem the pure alcohol, and your Schnapps is
a striking proof of its success. As a medici
nal agent for chronic and renal affections, I
have successfully prescribed it, and recom
mend it as an agreeable cordial end harm
less stimulant, and shall continue to do so;
as well as to use it as a source of pure ulco
hol for chemical investigations and experi
ments. Yours obedient, ISAIAH DEC*.
Consulting Analytical Chemist."
Dr Charles A. Leas, Commissioner of
Health, Baltimore, writes as follows in rela
tion to the value of Schnapps as a remedy
in chronic catarrhnl complaints, fcc. The
letter is dated July 27, 1853:
"1 take great pleasure in bearing highly
creditable testimony to its efficacy as a rem
edial agent in the diseases for which you rec
ommend it. Having a natural tendency to
the mocous surfaces, with a slight degree of
stimulation, I regard it as one of the most
important remedies in chronic catarrhal af
fections, particularly those of tho genito uri
nary apparatus. With much repsect, your
obedient servant, CHARLES A LEAS.
" PHILADELPHIA, July 15, 1853.
" Mr. Udolpho Wolfe, No, caver st., ft.
Y.— Dear Sir : Last season the Writer received
through your agent in this city, a bottle of
your Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps, and since
that period has present, ail tbo eame in certain
forma of urinary complainta, also in cases of
debility in aged persona. So far, the Schn'apia
has been of much benefit to those using it
• * In conclusion, where a diuretic and
stimulant ia required, I should use the Aro
matic Schiedam Schnapps. hanking you for
your kindness, I am respectfully yours,
180 South Eighth st.
Tho subjoined letter Irom Dr PAINE, of
Manchester, N. H., relates to one of tho mo6t
valuable medicinal properties possessed by the
Aromatic Schnapps, and shows that it acts as
a a specific in a very painful disease—the Gruv
Mr. WOLTK . Permit mc to address you
a few line#, which you aro at liberty to uso if
yuu think proper, in respect to your medicine,
called Schiedam Schnapps. I have had a very
onstinate caao of gravel and Btone, of omo five
yeare standing, eauaing very acute pain in
every attempt to urinate, After using many
—medics without much relief, I waa indue id to
' ->f vouf medicine. In tho course
*7J.* J*' lit ... "d dislodging
of thread days It pro.." wrr s e
large pieces of atone, soma ot W h| >--,
large ae a marrowfat pes. I continuou n. e ,
dial, according to directions, and the patien
continued to gain, and ia fast recovering, I
think a medicine of so much value in so dia-
trcesing s complaint/should l>e known to tho
public, and the world at large. And 1, for one
must give it my approbation and signature.
Taos. PAINS, M. D."
From Dr. JOHN S. RSBSS, Chemist, Balli
ore, Md. Sept. 15, 18r2
•• \ number o f our physicians are ordering
the atticle,and several have already prescribed
it A gentleman of my own perso rial acquaint
once having suffered grestly with an affection
of the kidneys and bladder, look two bottles,
V end subsequently peaaed a stone of conaruera
ble sixo, and waa greatly relieved. It will, no
doubt go into general uao."
May SO, 185(5—3m.
FANCY GOODS, of every description and
variety, new styles, and fresh Irom New York
and Philadelphia, for sale at the cheap store
No woman of delicacy wililnif to dlnelow tbo pecu
liar ailment* incident to her sex, won toamo*t Intimate
finally phvuiclun.
'This modo*ty and delicacy In implanted by nature,
and neither should nor nerd be Buhjeotod to tbo rude
ahocks inevitable In inukltiff known to tho other nex
thoftc uilimmn belonging oioTuetvoly to tlio IVinitio.
lCxcept in extreme cne©*, her Hcii&itivciie** will sacri
fice her health rather tlmn her doilcncy. /
The corujcqueiiccd are oerlout, bun Datable, raid )Lft>
1 hns what nt find could Imvft been rosily remedied,
or norhnptt better still. not Incurred, bpcoinc* a compli
cation or dl.-*iUH*, not only ruining the health of tho
mother, and embittering her day* by cickUMC und suf
fering, but entailing broken < oniriitutityis upon her
children, and Hiibnrrasßing. fcf not diftrcnidng, tho bul
no** and pecuniary pro* pent* of the hu&buiuL Let every
•en*ible woman
(a* thousands have done) by the bitter experience and
HU firiluga of oilier*, of the dreadful cofiHeouences uho
entails upon herself and those endeared to nor, bv her
Ignorance of tlia almplOHt and plainest rules of health ns i
connoctod with the marriage *tnte, the violation of 1
which entail* disease, sutiVring, and misery.
How many at it- sum-ring from olimructlonc or irrogu
laritiea peculiar to tho female syatom, which undcmiino
the health, tlic effects of which they ore Ignorant, and
for which tluir delicacy forbids cocking medical ad
vice I How many cutter froiu prvltimu* uteri (falling of
the wombX or from J! cur ulbxu (wcaknea*, debility, A:c.)|
llow many arc In constant agony for many months pro
coding conttnemoiit I How many beve difficult, if not
dangorous dell cries, and slow and uncertain recovoriwd
To tho question, how are these to be prevented f what
shall be done f the answer is simple.
Let every woman ascertain lor herscTf, without vio
lence to her delicacy, tho nature and character of tho
ailment (to which elie as a fciuul© is subjoct). the causes
from which it may arise, and the proper loiuediea for
! Its euro und future prevention.
This she can do bv poaeessinff a little volume (already
poxiHwsod lv thousands), WHICH TKI.LS E VEll Y
hut ehiisto words, and such as 8110 con underhand.
This little volume is entitled
One Huiulrulth Edit tun (&00,000) 18 mo., pp. 2£o.
A standard work of cstaLlh-died reputation, found
cloflaed in the Catalogue* of tho gn at Trade Sales In
New York, Fhlhulelnfiln, and other cities, and cold by
tins principal bookseller* in the United Slatca. It wug
liret published in 1547, Eince which time
have been sold, of which there wore upward* of
attesting the high eidlmatlon in which it Uheld aa THE
OSLY RELIABLE, popular medical
the author having devoted, nn<l etlll devotee, hla exclu
sive attention to the treatment of complainta peculiar to
feinuh H, in reHpcct to which ho ia yearly coi.aulted by
thoupniula, both In person and by letter.
Hero ©very womttn ciin diHcover, by comparing her
own *ym]>toiiiH with thofOtleaoribed, tue nature, charac
ter, c;iUb.-H of, find the proper reinoilicu for her com
The wifo about ficcominga mother has oflon need of
inatruction and udvice of tbo utmost importance to her
ftlturo liealth, will ilnd aue.h inet ruction nu advice, and
alao explain many *.vniptoius which otherwise would
occoaion anxiety or alarm, a* nil tho jiecullaritJoa inch
dent to her aituution are deacrilH'd.
It la of couriH' linprticficabJe to eonvpj' fully the va
rious eubjecta tieiited tf, HH they nro <f a ne.turo strictly
intended for the nuirricd or tiioao contemplating mtir
rlage. Tlic revelation* contained in it* page* buvo
proved n blowing to thouKiuula, n* t c inuuuiorablo let
torn received by the author (wldoh be ia permitted by
the writer* to publhh) w ill atuut.
Extract of a Utter from u gentleman in Dayton, Ohio.
DAYTON, May 1,1847.
Dr. A M. Af.turiccau:
" My wife ha* been perceptibly finking for some three
year* or more, in consequence of her great unguiah and
au tie ring come monlht ooforo and during confinement: 1
every *ucce**ive one more and more dobllitated ana ]
prostrated her, nutting her life In imminent danger, and
which vaa on tint Inat ocetialon drapaired of. I auppoaed
that thia state of tiling* was inevitable, and reaigned j
inynelf to meet the wornt. At tlii* time (now about two
month*), I hoard your liook highly spoken of, a* con
taining some matter* roc.ehlng my cam. On it* recei]t
and IM-riii-al, I cannot cxtirea* to you the relief it afforded
my dint rested luiud, ana the Joy its page* imparted to
my wife, on kmnting that tlie great discovery of M. M.
Dosomeonx provided a nrnedy. It opene<i a prospect
to me whi. li 1 Jittlw conceived v\as |s>rrible. ho i ecu
niary considerntion can ever repay ihoubligntions I am
under to you, for having liecn the metuisof unmrtlng to
a- the t'uktt**rs oiituiuui in " The Married Woman's I
Private Medical Companion." But f<>r this, ere another
year would have paused over iny head, in all human
prohal iliiv my wile would huvo been In her grave ODd
my ei.i'drui lert luotberieHH."
In coniw-quenee of the universal popularity of tho
work, ns evidenced by its extraordinary sale, various iiu
pobition* hnvo isun attctnptod, us well on bookeeUer* n*
on the public, by Imitations of title pace, spurious edi
tions, and sum ]UltiotiH infringements of copyright, ami
other devices and deceptions, it has IKVIJ found necostory
therefore ;
to buy no bwk unless tl.o words "3r. A. M. MATRI
OEAr, 120 J.ilMTty Street. K. Y.," is on (und the entry in 1
the Cb rk's Olileo on the back of) the title page; and j
buy ouly of respeotahlu and honorable denier*, or scad by
inriil, and address to Dr. A. M. Mauriccnu.
&- Upon reasipt of Ono Dollar " THE MARRIED 1
•eat imaiL't /if) to any part of the United States, the
Cartada.q, and British l rovincec. All Lttters must be
post-paid, and addressed to Dr. A. M. MAURICEAU,
box 1224. New-York City. Publishing Qblcc, No. 129
Lborty Stroeft New-York-
Agents in Pennsylvania.
T. B. Petarson, J. M. Moss &Bro., and T.
Cowpeithall, Pbilartelpfiia — Mrs. Cyritliia
Williams, Honesdale — Went/. & Stark, Car
bomlale—lC. Flint, Williamsport —S. Tuck,
Wilkesbarre —S. Leader, Hanover —B. flail,
fitistoii— J. S. Nick son and A. K. McClure,
Chanibersburg —K. Banner, Suinneytown —
Joseph Swart/, liloomsbnrg —G. W. Earle,
Waynesboro —J. If. Cornelius, New Berlin —
G. D. Main, Mainsborg — Potter & McMann,
Beillonte —H. A. banco, Reading.
July 26, 1855.—6tn.
Arthur's Patent Self Sealing Cans.
For Preserving Fresh Fruit, Tomatoes
ly Hermelical Scaling.
can*, w hit hare scaled by ihe house
- keepers wlihout tho aid of a (inner, and
open ,easily wiihiut injury to the can, are
rapidly coining in;o general use. Full directions
lor putting up fruit accompanying the cans,
and tho work is so easily performed, thai by
their us. , every family may hove fie*h fruit
and tomatoes on their tables all winter, at
summer prices.
PRICKS.— Pint Cans 52.00; quart 52.50;
llalf-gnlloo $3.50; thiee quart* $4.25; gallons
$5 00 per dozen. The diUbrent sizes nest, in
order to secure economy in transpotlation.—
Country Storekeepers will lind this new article
one of ready sale. Manufactured und sola by
No. 60 South Tenth St., Philadelphia.
July 26. 1855.-—3 m.
Orphans Court t-ale of Real Estate.
IN pursuance of an order of the Orphans
Court of Columbia county, laaac Lardy, Ad
miriiatrdtor of Charles Sterling, late of Hem
lock township, Colombia county, deceased,
will on SATURDAY the 18//1 diy qf August
next, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, expose to
public sale upon Ihe premises in Hemlock
A Lot or Land,
adjoining lands of John Mcßeynolds and
Holster's heirs, containing about
t O J -deSsCSrOPCS&SJa
on which there is erected a one and a half
and a frame stable. The properly is on the
public road leading from Buckhoru to Jer
sej' fnwn*
To T?' 1 A L 'IE estate of Charles Ster
ling, deceased. Comii.'iona made known on
the day of saio by ISAAC LEI DY,
- Au,T.'Ji'.stralor.
Bm order of Court,
PROPOSALS wdl ba receivod by TBA un
dersigned until 4 o'clock I'. M., 011 Sat
urday, the 28th of July, for building a frame
or plank School House in South Bloomsburg;
the contractor TO furnish all the materials. —
Plans and specifications will be ready for ex
animation five days before the letting.
President of Board of Directors.
Bloomsburg, July 16, 'hs.
IRON STEEL, ami every kind of Hard
ware for sale by
100)000 COPIES!
Steamboat Disasters on the Western
Jf'alert, and Steamboat Directory,
THE undersigned have now in course of
preparation a new Steamboat Directory,
which will be issued in October next, the
book will contain over two hundred pages, il
lustrated in the best style, and neatly bound
in a durable manner. It will be one of the
most interesting books ever published, and
will be a book that will be intcreafing to ail
classes of peoplo. The Steamboat Directory
will contain a complete list and dosciiption ol
all the Steamboats now afloat in the Western
and Southern waters. The length, model,
speed, power and tonnage of cocll boat, where
and by whom built, the name of tho boat, J
with tho trade she lias in. Also, the names
of Captains and officers, her ago, dec. The
Directory will contain a History of Steamboats
and Sleamboating on the Western waters,
since the application of steam: also, a sketch
of the tirst boat built for the Ohio ltiver, with
the name of the builder, commander and own*
The Diver Directory will contain a list ond
description of all the Steamboat Disasters
that have occurred on the Weatern and Sou th
em waters, beautifully illustrated, with a list
of all those who have perished by their burn
ing, sinking and exploding, on the western
und southern waters. Tho Directory will
contain Maps of the Ohio, .Mississippi, Mis.
souri, illiuoie, Arkansas,Whito, Red, Ouachita,
Yazoo, and other rivets, with the towns arid
cities laid down, with correct distances: also,
many other River and Commercial items of
interest to the people at large. Tho book will
contain the cards of the various 0. S. Mail
Bouts, will) the trade they are in, &c. The
Directory wilt also contain a complete list of
all the responsible Steamboat Licensed Qifi.
cots, their places of residence, dec. dec., the
new steamboat law. its icquiicinei Is, with
comments, showing wherein it benefits the in- 1
competent oflicer, and injures the competent
officer, dec. to., and all the important 11. S.
Supreme Court steamboat decisions up to
dule; the Rates and important Commercial
Privileges, Dills of Lading, important decis
ions of tho vauous U. S. Courts in regard to
freights Lost and Damaged, dtc. &c., with
many other things of interest.
The Directory will be illustrated in the best
stylo, and printed in the best manner. The
uuthur lias for six years been gathering
together ail the facts and items in regard to the
numerous steamboat disasters on 'lie Western
and Southern waters, and now intends pub
lishing them in hook form. Tho price of the
work will be put at the low sum of One Dollar.
Ten thousand copies will be issued for the
boutmer.; all others desirous of suhs.'ribing,
will have to do so at once, as none will bo
printed unless ordered in advance. This work
is destined to have a circulation of over eight
thousand copies, as the publishers are receiv
ing lurgo numbers of subscribers, per mail,
from all parts of the country, daily. Some of
the oldest boatmen, as well as most scientific
men of tho times, arc contributors to the
Steamboat Directory.
Iho Directory will be issued in October,
and will be an ornament to the parlor as well
lns Stcasibout. By reuniting One Dollar post
paid, you will receive a copy of tho above
All communications and letters should he
addressed to JAS.T. LLOYD <*■ CO.
Post Office Building, Cincinnati, Ohio,
duly 13, it<ss.
IMiilud'tt. and Rending It, It,!
k3 The Great Northern and Western U. S. '
Mail Routes.
Speed increased and fare reduced.
Little Schuylkill, Cattawissa, Sunbury and
Erie, Williamsport and Eitnira Railroad.
Through to Buffalo, in 16 hours.
" Niagara Falls, 1 16 "
" Detroit, ' 24- "
" Chicago, ' 34 "
" St. Louis, ' 43 "
BT Ticket Office—N. W.corner Sixth and
Chestnut streets, and Philadelphia and Read
ing R. R. Depot, corner of Broad and Ninth
On and after Monday, May 7th, Throe Pas
senger Trains will leave the Philadelphia ar.d
Reading Railtoad Depot, corner of Broad and
Vine streets, daily-, (Sunday's excepted,) as
Stopping at Phcßtiixville ar.d Reading only.
Connecting with the Cattawissa, Williams
port, and Erie, and Williamsport and Elmira
Railroad; arriving at Elmira at 4 o'clock P.
M., connecting with New York and Erie
and Buffalo; and from thence, via. Steamers
on Lake Erie, or on Lake Shore Railroad, to
Cleveland, Toledo, Monroe, Sandusky and
Detroit. ADo, with Eitnira, Catiandaigua
with New York Central Railroad, East uryl
West, and at Suspension Bridge with the
Great Western and Michigan Central Railroad
for Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, and all poiuls
in Canada and Western States.
Only one change of Baggage between Phil
adelphia and Canada or tho Lakes.
DAY F.XPRESS —llreaklast at Port Clin
ton and Dinner at Williamsport.
NIGHT EXPRESS—Tea at Port Clinton.
Passengers purchasing Tickets by this Line
have the privilege of stopping at any of the
above points, and resuming their seats at
Fare from Philadelphia to
Tarnaqua, - - - • $2 95
Cattawissa, .... 4 33
Rupert, .... 4 40
Danville, .... 4 60
Milton, .... 5 15
Williamsport, .... 8 90
Elmira, .... 7 00
Jefferson, - - • 7 65
Slarkey, .... 7 95
Penn Yan, .... 8 00
Gcrham, .... 8 00
Geneva via. Gorliam, - 8 00
" Steamer J. Arodt, • - 8 00
Canandaigua, .... 8 00
Honeoye Falls, 8 50
Caledonia, - * 8 8f
La Roy, .... 83
Ualavia, .... 9 Oo
Rochester, .... 8 60
Buffalo, via. N. Y. and E., and Buffalo
and N. Y. City, ... 10
Buffalo, via. Tonawanda, 10
Niagara Falls, via. Elmira, Canandai
gua Sc Niagara Falls R. R. - 10
" " via. Buffalo, 10 00
Suspension Biidjjfe, - - - 10 00
Cleveland, W - - 11 70
Toledo, ... . . 14 75
Cincinnati, - - ... 16 00
Detroit, via. Rail, - - - - 16 00
" Buff. & Lake, - - 16 00
Chicago, via. Great Western & Mich
igan Central R. R. • 20 00
Chicago, via. Buffalo and Lake Shore
Mich. Southern R. R., - - 20 00
Chicugo, via. Buff., Lake aud Mich.
Central R. R. • - - • 20 00
Rock Island, .... 25 00
Ticket and Freight Agent,
N. W. cornet Sixth and Chestnut
G. A. NtcC.' Ls, Superintendent Philadelphia
and Reading Railroad.
T. KCKISSOCK, Superintendent Cattawissa,
Williamsport and Erie Railroad.
HENRY COFFIN, Superintendent Williams
port and Elinira Railroad.
July 19, 1855.—tf.
Registration Certificates
For the use of clergymen, justice*, phyei
ians and other persons in registering marria
ges and deaths as required by the new Ac
Assembly, can be bad at the office of the
Star of the North,"
Uloomabttrg, JJCL
MERCHANT. —Store on the South side of
Main Street, eecond square below Mar-
STORE, on Main street, two
doors above the 'American House."
LOTH INC. STORE in the 'Exchange
Block,' opposite the Court house.
TLVERCHANT.—Store on the upper part
of Main street, nearly opposite the
Episcopal Church.
8. 0. MIIVL\
in Shive's Block, on Main Street.
SHOP on South side of Main street, be
low Market.
BOOKSELLER. Store in the Exchange
Block, first door above the Exchange
ATTORNEY AT LAW.— oflice on the
first floor of the "Star" Building, on
Main street.
ings on the alley between the "Exchange
and "American House."
MtAILOR.—Shop on the South Side of Main
L Street, first square below Market.
MERCHANT. —Store North West corner
of Main and Markot Streets.
BURGEON DENTIST—Office near the
K? Academy on Third Street.
TM| ERCHANTS.—Northeast corner of Main
■*-'* and Market streets.
iTI STOVES, TINWARE &c—Establish
ment on Main street, next building t.bove
he Court-house.
CLOCK and WATCHMAKER, south side
of Main street, above the Railroad.
Every kind of disorder in jewelled or oth
er newly invented Escapements faithfull re
4 NY Justice of the Peace wishing to pur
"chase a copy of I'urdon's Digest, can be
accommodated bv applying at he this
off re
Thousands of Delighted Readers
Now add their testimoryto the "orriginal
ity," "beauty," "freshness," "brilliancy,"
"racinese," "geniality," ''earnestness," "hu
mor," '' pathos," and " popularity" of
A few brief extracts from many long no
tices :
The St. Louis Daily Republican pronounces
It "A literary banquet."
The New York Evangelist says, " We ad*
mire [hem more than We can well express.
The Portland Argus says; "These papers
are racy, and sparkle like champagne."
The New \ork Daily Times sayjs: "Just
the volume to take with you into the coun
The Buffalo Daily Courier says : "It can
not fail to reach the heart, and do good
wherever read."
The New York Evening Mirror says: " We
have seldom met with a more contagjpug
spirit of devotion to the beautiful."
The New York Commercial Advertiser sayst
"Calculated to please all and give offence to
The New York Observor says: "Full of
striking thoughts—brilliant, racy and enter
The New York Journal of Commerce says:
"It indicates sources ol enjoyment which,
to a mind less fertile in expedients, would
rarely occur."
The Cincinnati Commercial says: "Vivid
words gives tlte paper under which he writes
the gleam of his emotions."
The Cleveland Morning Leader says: " Ex
quisite sensibility shines out everywhere
Irom these brilliant pages."
The Daily Ohio Stute Journal says: "It
lias the sparkle ot the authpr's genius."
The Albany Evening Journal says: "The
most delightful reading we have met with in
a twelvemonth."
The Binghamton Republican says: "Will
become fixed stars in the constellation of
i our literature."
The Congrcgalionalist says: "No summer
pocket should be empty of it."
The Northwestern Christian Advocate says:
"They are gems of the first water—stars ol
I tho first magnituue."
The Rochester American says: "Star pa
pers have taken a range as wide as the
sweep ol the writer's great intellect."
The Rome Sentinel says: ' Those who
have not read these papers have an untasled
pleasure to enjoy."
The New York Tribune says: " Flashes of
fnn suddenly gleam out from exquisite de
The New York Independent says : "We
welcome this book as a thing of beauty that
shall be a joy forever."
Tlte Springfield Daily Republican says:
"Closely packed with fresh and beautiful
thoughts, pleasant fancies, general humor and
rich suggestions."
One elegant 12mo. vol. Price, 51,25. —
Single copies sent by mail prepaid, on re
ceipt of-prioe. For sale on steamboats and
railroads, and by all booksellers.
A thousand Agents wanted for this, the
best selling book extant.
J. C. DERBY Publisher.
No. INassau street, New Yotk.
List ol" JLctters
REMAINING inthe Post OtelßgH
burg, Pa., July Ist, 1855.
Arlley Catharine Lewis
Barnharl T. Montgotn^^^^^^H
Boardmac J. S. Miller Joh^^^^^^^H
Cristy Micheal Russel
Driblebis Catharine Ron
Evanson T. E. Rupert James
Gulick G. H. Shepperton ThonmPN
Gaflany Catharine E. Smith Spencer C
Gureland Hiram Thomas Edward R. 2
Gilbert Joseph Verry Wm.
Kitchen Martha Jane Wolf Sarah.
Link Anna
Persona calling for the above letters will
pleasajay they are advertised.
MUSLINS a yard wide for 8 cents, and
good print* for <3J cents
oGS C3BCE> a
HAVE just received and opened their stock of merchandize for Eall and tWinler sales,
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assortment now
offered in tbIsJTOWN! Having paid great attention to the selection of their entire stoek,
as to price and quality, they flatlet themselves that they can compete with the cheapest,
and all (hose wishing to buy cheap, can save money by giving us a call. We have all
kinds of Goods and Wures to supply the wants of the People. A very large lot of
French merinoes, wool plaids, alpacas, bomftazinag, de bages, poplins, parametta cloths,
mohair lustres, muslin de laities, Persian cloths, Ginghams, Calicoes, &c.
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieves. Oollars, Spencers, handkerchiefs,
domiciles, bands and trimmings, laces and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vel
vet ribbons, arid braids, kid, cotton, arid lisle thread gloves, mohair mitts, &0.,
AM kinds of SHAWLS, broefce, Bay Statu, Walervdle, black silk, cashmere, Embroder
ttJ, &e. Also a very large assortment of cloths, cassimers, saltmelts, vestiugs, tweeds;
jeans, beaver cloths, coating velvet, &c.
We have a largo assortment of Hats and Caps of latest fashions. Wo have also Hard- j
ware, Queensware, Cedarware, &c. Very cheap carpels, carpet bags, floor, table and car
riage oil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, towelings,
drillings, Ac., in abundance.
We invite our friends and the public generally to give us a call before purchasing el-e- |
where. We have bought ourgoodsat Lowest Cash Prices and will not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest or mankind.
Bloomsburg, October 28, 1855.
Sl3a.aEEl(E>lSi I2DirK£>a£PQSI£DSS3 ct2s OCE> 0
Fashionable Spring and Summer Clothing t
In the Exchange Blne(i next to Swarlz's Book Store. They have on hand a lar"e and
full assortment of °
of all sorts and sizes, that the present enlightened age knows any thing about. Of Pants
and Vests they have every ecdor of the rainbow, besides some black, blue, grey striped
and fancy ; Vests of satin, silk, btifl, casimere, marseilles, linen and worsted of all fash
ionable cuts ami colors ; Working Pauls and boys clothing. Also fine while, figured'and
striped shirts; Pocket and Neck Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Ties, Scarfs, all kinds of "entle
man's dress goods ; Hats. Caps, Trunks, Traveling Bags and Umbrellas ; and 3
They have Undcrsleves, Spencers, Collars, Rigaletl®, Gloves, Milts, Ladies'a bead-bag
Handkerchiefs, &c., &c. Also Jewelry and Notions, each as Rings, Breast nine Gold and
Silver Fens and Pencils, Medallions, Vest and Fob chains, Porlmonies, Spectacles Knives
Razors ami a well selected assortment of Accordoons.
Gr Remember the cheap store in the "Exchange Block" opposite the Court house
Bloomsburg, May 18th 1854. S. DREIFUSS, & Co!
TNVITF.S attention to his stock of cheap and fashionale vlolhing at his store on Market
street, two doors above the "American House," where he has a fuli assortment of men
and boy's wearing apparel, including
gox, sack, frock, gum and oil cloth coats of all sorts and sizes, pants of all colors shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, stocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
and fancy articles. .
N. B. He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
the best manner. All his clothing is made to u-ear, and most of it is of home manufac
Bloomsburg, May 16lh 1854-3 m.
1 HAURISBURG, Maj 19 1855. j
To Ihe. Treasurer and Commission
ers of Columbia County.
GENTLEMEN :—You are doubtless aware,
that the semi annual interest on the funded
debt of the Conimouwealih lulls due on the
impelled under a sense of duty to call your
attention to the necessity of prompt and im
mediate action to secure an early payment
ol the taxes due the Slate. The reputation
and honor of the Stale are in a great mea
sure committed to your keeping, it is upon
the tax due from lite oovorol oouniies, that I
reply mainly for the means of making pay
ment. lam aware that the late stringency
in the monetary affairs of the country, has
greatly crippled the Manufacturing and Com
mercial interests of the State, that the gener
al drought and consequent failure of last
year's crops lias deprived the farmer of his
nsual ability to pay, and that owing to these
adverse aircumstances, it will requite on
your part a more than usuul ofiort to collect
piomptly. I know tliut the highest incite
ment to duly '.hat can be placed before the
people of this Commonwealtn, is to assure
them that the honor of the Commonwealth
demands such duty at their hands.
' Which I would hold up this higher motive
to you, antf through yon to the people. I
would also remind jou that by the Act of
Assembly of the 28th day of April, 1844, it
is provided that " any county paying into the
Slate Treasury its quota of lax levied on its
adjusted valuation, filteou days prior to the
first day of August, in any year, such eoutity
shall be entitled to ai übatemont of five per
cent, upon the amount so paid." lum dis
posed to give this law a fair and liberal con
siruclion. Where the whole amount has ■
not been paid, but an amount approaching I
near to Ihe whole, Ihe deduction ol five per
cent, will be made. 1 wouid euggest the '
propriety of allowing the abatement of five '
per cent, by the tax collector immediately to
the tax payer, believing that each a course
incite to a more prompt payment than when
the benefit is made accrue to the County
Treasury. |
You will confer a great favor upon me, by
letting me know at as early a date* as it will
be possible for you to do so, with any rea
sonable degree of certainty, what amount of
money you will be able to furnish, and at
what time, Your- respectfully.
ELI SLIFER, Slate Treasurer.
A GENTS wanted to sell a NEW WORK,
-£*• entitled " Paganism, Popery anil Chris
tianity, or the BLESSING ot tin OPEN BI
BLE," us shown in the History ol Christian
ity, from the lime of our Saviour to the pres
ent day, by Vincent W. Miller. With a view
of the latest developments of Rome's Hostil
ity to the Bible, as exhibited in various parts
of the world, and an expose of the absurdi
ties of the immaculate conception, and the
idolatrous veneration of the Virgin Mary, by
Rev. J. F. Berg, D. D., author ol "The Jos
uils," "Church and Slate," &c. &c. The au- I
tbor of this work, Dr. Berg, is acknowledged
to be the most able writer on Romanism in
the the country; those who have read his
discussions with Archbishop Hughes will
need no assurance of this fact.
Agents will find this the most able work
it is a large 12mo. volume, of
and thirty pages, illustrated
engravings, beautifully and
and sold at 81 25 ttj|
sent by mail,
the United Slates, on receipt of
and judge for yourselves.
J. W. BRADLEY, Publisher,
MfPPb i#"-
OF Ginghams, Challi Detain, Brage Delain,
Lawns, Cham brage. Muslin, Caltoos,
Gaters, Roots and Shoes, Black Silk, Ladies'
Mohair Mitts, and Palm Fans.
July 18, '55. A. C. MENSCH.
By Tie hundred for sale at this office.
New Grand Duchy of Baden Lottery Loan.
Capital 14,000,000 Florins
THIS LOAN is guaranteed by llie govern
ment, arid will bo drawn in different prizes,
as follows:
14 of 50.000 Fie. I 54 of 40.000 Fls.
120f35,000f1s 230f 15,000 fls 20'112,000f1s
55 ' 10,000 ' 40 ' 5.000 ' 2 ' 4,900 '
58' 4,000 ' 366 '
&e. &c. &c.
The lowest prize being 42 Fls.
12 Florins are eaital to five dollars.
The next drawing takes place at Carlsruhe
under the Direciion of the Baden Govern?
ment, on the 3 1 sth of August, 1855, when
every drawn number must obtain or.e of the
above-mentioned Prizes, which will be paid
in cash, at tho offices of the undersigned.—
Those fortunate shareholders not residing on
the spot, will have their amount of Prizes 1
gained paid to iliem through an established
Bank. The List# ol the result will be sent
to each shareholder, and the successful num- j
bers published in the newspapers. *
The price of one ticket is Two Dollars.
The following advantages are given by ta
king a number ot tickets, viz:
11 Tickets cost 820 I 50 Tickets cost 880
23 ' ' 40 I 100 ' ' 150
The price of tickeis can be sent in Bank
Notes or Draft-, payable in any of Ihe com
mercial towns of Germany, Holland, France,
England, Scotland, or Ireland.
For tickeis and Prospectuses apply to the
undersigned Banking-house, which is ap
pointed for the sale of Tickets:
Frankfott-on-lhe-Maine, Germany.
N. B.—Letters to be directed "per Steamer
via Liverpool," to Moriz Stiebel Sons, Bank
ers, ill FrankTurt-ou-tlie- Vlaine.
Remittances which arrive afier the Day
of Drawing, will be returned, or invested in
the next drawing, at the option of the send
The Prospectus of this Distribution can be
| inspected at the oflice ol this paper, where
also Tickeis may be obtained.
July 5, 1855.
Grand Jurors Cur Septem
ber Term 1853.
Benton —Benj imin Brink.
Briarcreek —Win. Adams, Gilbert Fowler.
Btoom— Augustus Mason.
Centre —Solomon Neybard.
Fishingcreek —William Evans.
Greenwood —Samuel Bogarl.
Hemlock —Hugh Mcßrule, Jno H. Faust.
Jackson —Daniel Poust, John Heath, Jos.
Butt, Keeler.
IMCUSI. —Goo. Marks, William Roth.
Aladison —Peter Wolf, John Eves.
Mifflin —Leonard Kirkeudall, Samuel Ilarl
Aft. P'casint —John Jones, Benj. Kistler.
Orange —D. R. Kline, Thomas McHenry.
Suginloof —George Stedman.
Bloomsburg, July 12, 1853.
Traverse Jurors Cor Sept. Term 1855.
Briarcreek— -Henry Deiterioh, Andrew Fow
ler, John Freas, John Yost.
Bloom —Jacob Dieft'enbach, Mahlon Ham
lin, Charles Kaliier.
Reaver —John llent.inger.
C^tawisso —George Breisch, David Ritler.
, Levi A. Hutchinson.
George Schick, Daniel Zarr.
—Albert Ammerman, Jacob
Bobbins, Ptiiiip Appieiriao.
— Wm. Root, Peter Gitton, Jos.
E. Sands.
Hemlock —Baltis Girton, Cornelius Vanhorn.
Jackson —Hiram Baker.
Main —Henry Harlz.ell.
Mudison —Jacob Manning.
Mfflin —Thomas Hess.
Mountplcasant —Matthias Kindt.
Oranae —Jeremiah Hess, George Harman,
( Henry Eyer, George Appleinau.
Fine —lra Sanders, John Cornelison, John
' Lockart.
Roaringcrcck —Elijah Yocum.
Scott— David Witmire.
Bloomsburg, July 12, 1855.
cheap store of "A. J. EVANS.
Mod of ibe People havlig Men Sam,
READ SAM? i* supposed to mean the
A beautiful 12 mo. vol., farfly illostrated
containing an Authentic Narrative of tbe
Eventful and Stirring Life of the Illaetrioue
Senator, Hero, Patriot and Statesman,
and now when ominous cloud# of sectional
discords, and threulenings of Civil War on
our Western Frontier, come thick aod faci
al! eyes are turned to the Man for the Times.
Jhe Second Old Jiickory- Jackson's Friend.
Hero of San Jacinto. The Conqueror of
Santa Ann,,. The Fust President of Texas.
The Future President of the United Slates.
" This book will win him hosts of friends."
—Louisville Jour.
" Every American should possess it"—
N. O. Exp) ess.
" Houston is a man of prominence at this
time. His name is 'in themouthsol men ">
—American Organ, D. C.
" A strange and adventurous life—beyond
that of most men."— N. O. Crescent.
"Intensely interesting, and will be read
by millions."— Hingham {Mass ) Journal.
•' No novel ever presented a more attrao- as
live face."— Star Spangled Banner.
He can capture with bis sword, or capti
vate with"— Troy Whig.
" Thousands of bis friends will read it with
enthusiasm."— Chiistian Enquirer.
" It should be in the hands ol every Amer
ican ciliaen."— Concord (N. 11) Journal.
" In language such as will touch the heart,
the outline of Houston's career."— Savannah
{Geo) Jour.
" It is a work of the most romantic, hero
ic interest."— N. Y. Mirror.
•' For execntive action in peace or war, a
statesman a and soldier.'— Niwbcrruport Iler•
His name nnd history Americans will
love to cherish."— Buff. Christ. Adv.
"A record not unworthy a Presidential
candidate."— l'rov Post.
" A national man, who has fought and bled'
and lived for the American Uepub!ic."-.fmer
ican Patriot.
" Would l tere were more like him among
our public men.' —Gospel Banner.
" i lie work throughout is one of deep and
thrilling interest.' —Christ. Freeman.
" We have read the work with istense In
terest."—Schenectady Rejlcctor.
" Full o[ anecdote, adventure and thrilling
incident."— Chic. Budget.
'•An extremely interesting and grapblo
memoir.' - Boston Transcript.
'• Wdl engage the attention of the reader
from the opening to the close."— Rochester
" Destined in have a large sale, for Sam
is popular."— Hart. Repub.
'• The champion of Jackson, respected, be
friended and beloved by bim."— Bujff. Repub.
" Will everywhere be read with much in
terest, it is a copious and brilliant narrative."
—N. Y Coin Advertiser.
The übove is but the key-note of many fa
vorable notices, Irom the leading papers of
the United States. Thousands of American
citizens are reuding the book with delight.
Many more are waiting for ait opportunity to
possess it. I'rico £1,25. And fur sale by alt
Single Copies sent by mail (post-paid,) on
receipt of prion.
16.000 AGENTS WANTED, liberal terms
allowed address J. C. DERBY,
119 Nassau street New Yorlc.
June 5, '55.
For Youth of hoth Sexes.
npIIIS Institution which has been in suo-
X cessful operation lor several years has
recernly been enlarged lo eive better accom
modations for W~rrs and increased (acui
ties for 1 ailion, &c.
Kach quarter of the School year consists
of eleven weeks, and the next session win
commence on the 13;h of August, but pu- -
pils will be taken at any season.
In addition lo the constant attention of the
Principal, the services of an experienced
teacher have been procured. Instruction will
be given in all the English branches usually
taught, and also in Latin.
Natural Philosophy and Astronomy will be
illustrated by appropriate apparatus and ac
cess given to a Library and the use of Math
ematical instruments. Books and Statione
ry will be provided for all who desire.
Tcmoii, $3.50, S4 and $4.50 per quarlor,
graded by the course of study.
Boarding, Tuition, Washing, Lights, &c.,
$24 per quarter, one-half payable quarteily
in advance.
For further particulars address the prin
Millville, July €, 1855.
Universally Acknowledged to be the
Funniest Hook of the Age !
Second Edition going off like Hot Cakes!
Or, Humor, entire, and Sentiment,
rp REATF.D Scientifically and Poelically,
The New York Picaynne, Containing Side-
Splitting Illustrations, Price 75 ceotsin paper;
$1 in cloth, gilt.
This work Is unanimously pronounced by
the Pres3 of the Old and New World, as be
ing the Greatest Work of its kind ever Pro
duced—a Hare Combination ot Morality,
Comicality and Philosophy.
1000 Enterprising Men Wanted immedi
ately, to sell this and other popular Works
and Maps, throughout the Slates and Cana
The trade supplied ai the lowest rates.
G®" Copies mailed free of postage, npon
receipt of price. Address,
A. RANNEY, Publisher,
195 Broadway, New York.
Public Sale of Ileal Palate.
THERE will be sold at publlo sale upon
the premises on SATURDAY thcSthdny
of September next at 1 o'clock P. M., the fol
lowing real estate: —A tract of
Improved Land
in Eislringcreek township, Columbia county,
lately occupied by Russel Shultz, adjoining
lands of John Aliegar, James N. Jones, and
Abraham Robbins, containing 220 aores and
63 perches. Huntingdon Creek divides the
truer, and the parts on euch side of the creek
will be first offered at sale separately, and K
lint so sold, then as one tract. There i* a
two and a half story frame dwelling bouse, a
bank barn, a
and outbuildings of value on the premises,
and a never failing well near tbe house.—
About 96 acres are cleared land, and the rest
timbered with pine and oak.
At the same time and nlace, a vacant town
lot of one lourtlr acre in New Columbua, on
which is au excellent well ot water.
iy The property will be sold as the estate
of Samuel Bealer deceased, by order of trig
| Fisbingcreek, Col. op , July 19, '65,