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roiiiee appointed by the shateholders in this
affair, to distribute the 100,'000 Gifts amongst
the ticket holders, hare deferred the distri
bution until the bth of July, on account ol
there remaining unsold some few thousands
of tickets. Mr. Perham, ever anxious to
meet the views of hie patrons, offers extraor
dinary inducements to Agents to engage in
the sale of the remaining tickets, so that
there may be no more delays, which are un
questionably as vexatious to him as to those
who have purchased tickets in his enter
prise. We commend the reading ot hit ad
vertisement. to our patrons, and hope that
each and nil will lend a helping hand to
bring (lie matter to an early and satisfactory
1 beg leave to call the attention of the citi
zens oi Pennsylvania to the above article,
manufactured by myself exclusively, at my
Factory in Schiedam, in Holland, expressly
for medicinal purposes.
It is made from the best Barley that can be
selected in Europe and the essence of an ar
omatic Italian berry, of acknowledged and
extraordinary medicinal properties; and it
has long since acquired a higher reputation,
both in Europe and America, than any other
allelic beveiage.
In Gravel, Gout, a'ld Rheumatism; in Ob
structions of the Bladder and Kidneys, and
liability of the Urinary Functions, its ef
fects are prompt, decided, and invariably re
liable. And it is not only a Remedy for these
maladies, but, in all cures in which they are
produced by Drinking Bad Water, which is,
almost universally, the cause of them, it op
crates as a Sure Preventive.
The distressing effect upon the Stomach,
Bowels, and Bladder, to travelers, new resi
dents, and all persons unaccustomed to litem
produced by the waters of nearly all our great
mlann rivers like I lie Ohio, Mississippi, and
Alabama, from the large quantity of decay
ed vegetable matter contained in tbem, in a
state of solution, is well known ; as is also
that of the waters of limestone regions, in
producing Gravel, Calculi, ami Stone in Ike
SCHNAPPS is an absolute corrective ot all
these injurious properties of bad wa'er, and
consequently prevents the disease which
tbey occasion. It is also found to be a cure
and preventive of Fever and Ague, a com
plaint caused by the oonjoin; effects of vege
table malaria in the atmosphere, and vegeta
ble pntrescunses in the waters of those dis
tricts in which it principally prevails The
Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps is consequent
ly in great demand by persons travelling,.or
about to settle in those parte of the country
especially; as well as by many in every
community where it lias become known on
.account of its various other remedial proper
Mors than three thousand physicians,
among wdiom are numbered the greatest
names belonging to the faculty of medicine
In this country, have certified, over their own
signatures, to-the valuable medicinal proper
ties of such an article, as the severest tests
have provod iheSctiiedam Aromatic Schnapps
to be, and have accepted it as a most desira
ble addition to the malerta medica.
Put up in quart and pint bottles, enveloped
in yellow paper with tny name on the bot
tle, cork and seal. IW.r sale by all respeola
ble Druggists and Grocers.
18, 20, & 22 Beaver s'reet, N. Y.
"25 South Front street, Philada.
I beg leave to call the attention of the pub
lic la the following letters from physicians:
"laboratory, N. Y., May 2, 1855.
" Ma. UrDot.rno WOLFE— Dear Sir: I can
not speak to highly of the purity of your Schi
edam Schnapps. It is decidedly superior to
anything of the kind in market. It is per
fectly free from the admixture ol I'nsil nil,
Or of any of those arnyhc compounds which
produce such a mischievous and irreparable
effect upon the constitution, and whirh very
few samples of alcoholic distilled iiqubrs are
without—most ol them being largnlj impreg
nated with it. I have personally inspected
the various process of distillation practiced
at Schiodam, and know that unusual care is
taken to separate the noxious elements
frcm the pure alcohol, and your Schnapps i"
a striking proof of its success. As a medici
nal agent for chronic and renal affections, 1
have successfully prescribed it, and recom
mend it as an agreeable cordial and harm
less stimulant, and shall coutinue to do so;
as well as to use it as a source of pure alco
hol for chemical investigations and expert
wants. obedient, I-AIAII DECK. '
Consulting Analytical Chemist."
Dr. Charles A. Leas, Commissioner of
Health, Baltimore, writes as follows in rela
tion to the value of Schnapps ss a remedy
in chronic catarrhal complaints, tic. The
letter is dated July 27, 1853:
"1 take great pleasure in bearing highly
creditable testimony to its efficacy as a rem
edial agent in the diseases for which you rec
ommend it. Having a natural tendency to
the mocous surfaces, with a slight degree of
stimulation, t regard it as one of the most
important remedies in chronic catarrhal af
fections, particularly those of the genilo uri
nary apparatus. With much repsen, your
obedient servant, CHARLES A. LEAS.
" PHILADELPHIA, July 15, 1863.
"Mr. UJolpho Wolfe, No, 2 Dearer At., N.
Y.—Dear Sir: Last sea on the writer received
through your agent in this citj, a boulo .of
jour Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps, anJ since
that period haa prescribed the same in Certain
forma of urinary complaints, also in casej of
liability In aged persons. So far, the Scbnapj a
haa teen of much benefit to those using it
* * 'n conclusion, where a diuretic and
stimulant is required,! should use the Aro
ma tic Schiedam Schnapps. Thanking you for
your kindness, I am respectfully yours,
180 Sooth Eighth St.
The subjoined letter Irom Dr. PAINE. of
Manchester, N. H., relates to one of the most
valuable medicinal propeitiea possessed by tho
Aromatic Schnapps, and shows that it acta as
a specifi: in a very painful disease—the Urav
" Mr. WOLV Permit me to address you
a few lines, which you are at liberty lu use if
you ihink proper, in respect to your medicine,
called Schiedam Schnapps. I base had a scry
Obstinate case ofggavelr avel and stone, of some five
years standing, eauting very acute pain in
eveiy attempt to urinate, After using many
remedies without much relief, I was induced to
try a bottle of your medicine. In the course
of threes days it proved effectual, dislodging
large piecss of atone, some of which were as
large as a marrowfat pea. I continuad tbe cor
dial, according to direction a, and the patient
continued to gsia, and is faa t recovering, I
think a medicine of so much value in so dis
tressing s complaint, should bo known to the
public, and the world at Urge . And I, fnr one
mo* give It my if probation a nd si gnature.
Taos. PAINI, M. D."
From Dr. JOBN S. RIEAI, Chemist, Balti
moie, Md. SpL 15, jgrj,
" A number o' our pbyeiciane ere ordering
tke article, end seve rvi btve aires dy prescribed
ft. A gentleman of my own peroo nl acquaint
ance, having suffered greatly with an affection
of the kidneys and bled dor, look two bottles,
and subsequently passed a stone of coniinera-
Mssias, and wosgreitly relieved. It will, no
doObt, go into geiwrel use."
May t lt, i59-But.
its of this purely vegetable extract for the
removal find cure of physical prostration,
genital debility, nervous afftctions, &c., &c.,
are tully described in another column of this
paper, to winch the reader is referred. 82
per bottle, 3 bottles for 85; six bottles for
88 ; 810 per dozen. BTObserve the marks
of the genuine.
Prepared only by S. E. Cohen, No. 3 Frank
lin Row, Vine St., below Eighth Philadelphia
Pa., to whom alt orders must be addressed. For
Sale by all the respectable Druggists and
Merchants throughout the conn'ry.
T. W. DTOTT t SONS, No. 132 North 2nd
St., Philadelphia, Sale Agents ;for Pennsyl
PILLS.— --The combinations of ingredients in
t here Pills, is ilie result of a long and ex
tensive practice; they are mild in their oper
ation, end cerlein in restoring natuce to its
proper channel. In evary inslanre h.tve the
Pills proved eucressful. The Pills invaria
bly open those obstructions to which females
sre listde, end bring nature into its proper
;hnnucl, whereby health is restored, end the
pale and deadly countenance changed to a
healthy one, No fonralc can enjoy good
health unless she is legutai ; end whenever
an Ohet ruction takea place, whether from ex
posure, cold, or any other cause, lite general
health immediately begins to decline, snd tho |
want of eurh a remedy has beer the cause o
so many consumptions among young telltales
To Indies whose heulth will not permit an in
'creese of their family, these Pills will prove
a valuable acquisition, as they will prevent
pregnancy. Headache, pain in tho side, pal
pitation of the heart, loathing of fond, and
disturbed sleep do most elwavs arise from the
interruption of nature; and whenever that is
the ease, the Pills will Invariably remedy ull
these evils. Nor nro they less efficacious in
the rare of Leu coirhoea, commonly called tbe
••Whites," These Pills should never lie la.
ken during preg nancy, es they would he sure
tn cause a utiscarrigao. IVarenledto be purely
Vegetable, and free from anything injurious to
life or health. Full and explicit ditections
accompany each box.
These .Pills are put up iu square flat boxes.
Persons residing where there ste no ogeney
sstablishcj, by en closing (Jire Dollar in a let
ter pirslpai dto D r. O. L, Clieesciiian, No. 267
Ulcekcr street,N cw York City, can have them
sent to their respc elite addresses by return of
To Agents for procuring Subscribers for
Tickets at S1 Each
2he distribution rf the (Sifts being definitely
fixed for JULY bth, 1855.
Any person sending $lO may deduct 10
percent, or will receive 11 Tickets.
Each person sending SIOO before the sth
of July, will, iu addition to commissions, be
presented with a Mammoth Gold Pen and
Case, valued at $lO.
Each person sending 8200 before the sth
of July, will, in addition to commissions, he
presented with a Silver Watch, valued at
Each person sending S3OO before the slt.
of July, will, ir. addition to commissions, be
presented with a Gold Watch, valued at SSO.
Each person sending SSOO belore the
slh oi July, will, in addition to commissions,
bo presented with a Gold Watch, valued
at 8100.
The person who shall send, before !he sth
of July, the largest amount above SSOO, w ill,
in addition Iu commissions, be presented
with a piano, valued at S2OO.
1 (tare been induced to make the above
liberal offers in or ler to remove a settle t ob
jection in the minds of youi committee, tn 1
having lite •distribution take place while
there remain in my bands tickets unsold,
snd for which cause they have seen til to
deler the partition of the gilts, which was
fixed for lite 27tb inet., to the sth of July, as
will be seen by reference to their proceed
ings, published below. I assure yon that
the portponement is as vexatious to me as
it is to those who have purchased tickets. I
therefore hope that each and every one now
interested, will co-operate with me in the
effort to dispose ol the lew thousand tickets
remaining unsold, and tints advance the in
terests ot the whole b aly of shareholders.
Respectfully yours, J. PERHAM.
Perham's third Gift Enterprise.
At s meeting of the Committee of Share
holders of Perham's Gift Enterprise, hold at
the Academy Hall,"Broadway, on Wednes
day Flvening, April 18: li, 1855, the follow
ing preamble and resolutions were adopted
and ordered to be published :
Whereas, in view of lite fact that several
enterprises have been started nnd carried on
with a seeming positive purpose of dolrautl
irtg those who could bo persuaded to pur
chase tickets therein; and such fraudulent
proceedings have exerted an injurious influ
ence It; the sale ot tickets iu me enterprise
of Air Perham; and whereas, it is deemed
essential that all the tickets should bo dispo
sed ol before the distribution takes place, be
it therefore
Resolved, That in order to allow lime for
that purpose, the distribution be postponed
until the sth ot July, at such place as may
hereafter be determined on.
Resolved, That the committee have undi
minished confidence in the integrity of Mr.
Perham, arid in hii disposition to conform
to all hia published promises tn his patrons.
The Tickets are only $1 Each.
And each Ticket admits Four Persons to
Perham's Burlesque < pera, 663 Broadway,
N. Y.; and that among the Gifts to be dis
tributed, are
A splendid farm of over 100 acres,
worth 16,000
1 Lean of Cash, 5.000
1 do. do. 2,000
1 do. de. 1,000
2 do. do. 8500 each, 1,000
10 do. do. SIOO each, 1,000
Trotting Mare, Lilly Dale, 1,500
5 Rosewood Pianos, $560 each, 2,500
5 do. do. 8300 each, 1,500
Tbe Great Mirror of N. F Scenery, 22,000
3 Splendid Carriages, $225 each, 675
10 Gold Watches, SIOO each, 1.000
40 dot dn. SSO each, 2,000
100 Gold Pent nnd Cases, $5 each, 500
5,000 Gold Pens, 83 each, 15,000
&c., &c, &0.
All orders forTtckets, by mail, and all let
ters for information, ahwuld be addressed to
663 Broadway New York.
CF Orders will now be received forTtck
ets in Perham's Fourth Gilt Enterprise.
May 19 1855—3w.
Fresh Arrival!
ANEW lot of cheap muslins and prints
jual received by railroad and for sale by
RAIHIBET SHAWLS with silk fringe, a
JL fine lot just received and for sale by A.
FILL USLINS a yard wide for 8 cents, and
good prints for cents just received
by A- G. MENSCH.
Good Books by Mail.
SOS Broadway. INI. Y.
IN order to accommodate " Tbe People'
residing in all parte of the United States,
tlie Publishers will lorward by return of the
first mail, any book named in the following
list. The postage Will be prepaid by Ihetn
at the New York office. By this arrange
merit of pre-paying postage in advance, fitly
per cent, is saved to the purchasers. All
letters containing orders should he post-paid
and directed us follows ;
308 Broadway, New York.
Constitution of Man. By George Combe.
The only authorized American edition.—
Willi twenty engravings nnd of the
author. Price, muslin, 87 cts.
Defence of Phrenology. Containing an
Essay on the Nature and Value of Phrenolo
gical Evidence; also an able Vindication
of Phienology. By Boardman. Price 87
Domestic Life. Thoughts on its concord
and discord, with valuable hints and Sugges
tions. By N. Sizer. tacts.
Education: its Elementary "Principles
founded on the Nature of Man. By J. G.
Spurzheim, M. D. With an appendix, con
taining n Description ot the Temperaments
and Analysis of lite Phrenological Faculties,
87 cts.
We regard this vclumo as one of tho most
important that has been offered In the pub
lic for many years.— [Boston Med. and Sur.
Lecture on Phrenology. By George Com
With Notes and Es*ay on Phrenological
mode of investigation, and an Historical
Sketch. Doctor Bjardntan. Illustrated.—
$1 25. ,
Marriage: its History and Philosophy A !
Phrenological and Physiological Expositions j
of lite Functions ami Qualifications necus i
sary for Happy Marriages. Illustrated. 75 |
cts. j
Memory and Intellectual Improvement;
applied to Self Education and Juvenile In
struction. Twentieth edition. Illustrated.—
87 cts. .
Matrimony; or Phrenology and Physiolo
jgy applied to the selection ot congenial
j Companions for Ljfe; including directions to
the married for living together affectionately
and happily. 36 cts.
Phrenology proved Illustrated and applied
accompanied by a Chart, embracing an An
ysis ct the Primary mental Powers in their
various Degrees of Developemeot the Phe
nomena produced by their combined activi
ty and the loca.ion of the Organs. Together
with a view of the moral and Theological
Bearing of the Science. Price SI 25.
Phrenological Almanac, with Portraits.—
6 cents.
Phrenology and the Scriptures. An able
though small work. By Rev. John l'ierpont
12 ceots.
Phrenological Guide. Designed for Stu
dents of their own characters. 15 cts.
Self Culture, and Pjrl'ection of Character
including the Education and management ot
Youth. 87 cts.
" Self-Made or never made," is the motto
no individual can read a page of it without
becoming apptoved thereby.— [Com. School
Self Instructor in Phrenology and Physiol
ogy. Illustrated with one hundredeiigravtiiga
including a Chart (or recording the various
Degrees of Developemeot. By 0 S. and
L. N. Fowler. Trice in paper, 30 cts., mus
lin,-50 cts.
Accidents and Emergencies; A Guide
containing Directions for the treatment in
Bleeding, Cuts, Bruises, Sprains. Broken
Bones, Dislocations, "Railway and Steamboat
Accidents, Burin nnd Scalds, Biles by Mud
Dogs, Cholera, Injured Eyeaetc. Appendix
by Dr. Trail. 15 cts.
Bulwer, Forber and Houghton on the Wa
ter-Treatment. A compilation of Papers and
Lectures on the subject of Hygiene and Hy
dropathy. Edited by Houghton. 81 25.
Consomntion; its prevention and cure by
the Water-Treatment. With advice concern
ing Hemorrhage of the Lungs, Coughs, Colds,
Asthtna, Bronchitis and sore throat. By Dr.
Shew. 87 cts.
Domestic practice of Hydropathy with a
form of a Report for the assistance of Pa
tients in consulting their Physicians by cor
respondence. By E. Johnson M. D. Price
$1 50.
F'rrors of Physicians nnd others in the
Practice of the Water-Cure. C. H. Rause.
From the German. 30 cts.
Hydropathy Encyclopedia; a system of
Hydropathy and Hygiene. Containing out
lines of Anatomy; Physiology of the Human
body; Hygienic Agencies and Hydropathic
Cookory; Theory and practice of Water-
Treatment; Special Pathology aud Hydro
Therapeutics, including the Nature, Causes,
Symptoms, Treatments of all knowg Diseas
es ; Application of Hydropathy to Mid-wit
ery and the nursery. Designed as a Guide
to I'amilies aud Students and a Text-Book
for physicians. By 11. T. Trail, M. D. Il
lustrated with upwards of three hundred en
gravings and colored plates. Substantially
bound prepaid by mad, 83 00.
This is the most comprehensive and pop
ular work yet published on tin subject of
Hydropathy. Of ail the publications which
have attained such a wide popularity as is
sued by Fowler & Wells, perhaps none are
more Hdapted to general utility than this riclt
comprehensive, and well-arranged Encyclo
pedia.—[N. Y. Tribune.
Practice of Waler-fure, containing a de
tailed account of the process used in I ho Wa
ter-Treatment, etc. By Wilson aud Gully.
30 cts.
Philosophy of Water-Cure. A develop
ment of the true Principles of Health und
Longevity. By Balberuie 3Gcts.
New Hydropathy cohk book. 11. T. Trail
M D. A system of cookery on Hydropa
thic principles containing an Exposition of
the true relations ol Alimentary Substances
to health with plain Receipts for preparing
all appropriate dishes for Hydropathic Estab
lishments, Vegetarian Boarding houses,
private Families, etc., etc. It is the Cooks
complete guide for ail who "eat to live,"
paper, 62 cts. muslin 87 cts.
Science of swimming, with instructions to
learners. .Illustrated. 15cts.
Water-Cure in America. Over three hun
dred Cases of Various Diseases treated with
Wator. With Case* of Domeslio Practice.
81 25.
IVater-Curo applied to every known dis
ease. A new theory. A complete Demon
stration of tho advantages of the Hydropnih
ic system of curing diseases, showing also
the fallacy of the Allopathic method audits
utter inability to effect a permanent cure.—
With Appendix, containing the Hydropathic
Diet and tules for bathing. By Ruase. Price
87 cts.
Water-Cure manual. A popular work em
bracing descriptions of the various modes oi
bathing the Hygienic and Curative Effects of
air exercise, clothing, occupation, diet,water
drinking, etc. Together with Descriptions
of diseases and the Hydropathic remedies.
By Dr. Shew. 87 cts.
Water-Cure Almanac. Illustrated. Price,
6 cents.
Combe's Physiology. Applied to the Pres
ervation of Health and to the Improvement
of Physical and mental Education. With
notes by O. S. Fowler. 87 ets.
Chronic Diseases; especially tbe Nervous
Disesses of Women. By D. Roscb. From
tbe German. 30 cts.
Digestion, Physiology of. Considered
with Relation to tho Principles of Dietica.
By Combe. Illustrated. 30 cfs.
Food and Diet. With Observations on the
Dietic Regimen suited to Disordered Slate
of the digestive organs; an aecount of the
dietaries of some of the principle metropoli
tan and other Establishments, Paupers, Lu
natics Criminals, Children, the Sick etc., by
Dr. Periera. CI 25.
Kansas; embracingdescriplionsof scenery,
climate productions, soil and resources of the
territory, imersperieil with incidents of ad
veniuro, and anecdotes of travel. By Max
Greene. 30 els.
Hereditary descent: Its Laws and Facts
applied to liuman Improvement, by O. S.
Fowler. 87 els.
Maternity; or the Bearing and Nursing
of Children, including Female Education
By O. S. Fowler, With Illustrations. 87
Natural Laws of Man. By J. G. Spurc
heim, M D. An important work. 90 els.
Physiology: Animal Mental. Applied to
the' Preservation and restoration of health
of body and power of mind. Illustrated.—
87 cents.
Sober and Temperate Life. Discourses
and Leiters and Biography of Louis Cornaro
30 cents.
Tobacco. Three Prize Essays by Drs.'
Trail. Shew, and Baldwin. 15 cis.
Tectb : their structure,' Disease ami Treat
ment With numerous Illustrations. 15
Future of Nations : in what pot.sits their
Secnny A Lecture. By Louis KotsuM.
With a likeness. 12 els.
What the silsier Arts leach lis to Farming.
An Address. By Horace Greely. I2cts.
Labor: Its History aud Prospects. Bv R.
D. Owen. 30 cis.
Hints toward lL'lorm. Consisting of Lec
tures, Eseavs. Addresses nn.l ether Writings,
Second edition, enlarged. By Horace Greely.
$1 25.
Hopes and helps for the young of both
sexes, relating to ihe lortnation-of character, I
choice of nvocniion, health amusement, mu- ]
sic conversation, cultivation of intellect moral
sediments, social affections cour.ship uud
marriage. By U. S. Weaver. 87 cis.
Home tor all. A new cheap, convenient,
ami superior mode of building, containing
full directions lor constructing gravel walls
with views, plans and engraved illus.rations,
new edition revised aud enlarged. Price, 87
Theory of population. Deduced from the
general law of animal fertility. Introduction
by Dr. Trull. 15 cis.
Woman : her Education and Influence.—
By Mrs. Hugo Reed. With an Introduction
by Mrs. C. M. Kirklantl. Wilh Portraits.—
87 cts.
Either of these works may be ordered and
received by return ot the first mail postage
prepaid by the Publishers. Please enclose
the aniouul in bank notes or postage stamps
and address all orders postpaid to
308 Broadway, New York.
N. B.—Name your Post office, County and
April 25, 1855.
HAVING purchased the interest o r his
late Mr. S. Mendenlnill, in/
the of goods, will continue the .
Mercantile Business, in the Brick Siore, on
cornor of Mam and Market streets, Blooms
burg, and respectfully informs his friends I
and customers ot the late firm, that he lias
just relumed Irom the city, wilh a choice
assortment of
Dry Goods, Groceries Hard-ware, Queens
ware, Cedar-ware, Hollow.war-. Drugs,
Nails, Boots, Shoes. Hals. Caps, &c., 4te.
In short, every thing usually kept in coun
try Stores, 4o which he invites the public
generally :
• EsT Cash, Lumber, Old Iron, and Coun
try Produce taken in exchange lor Goods, at
the highebt market price.
Bloomsbnrg, -April 21, 55.—v.
liloomobarg. pa-
MERCHANT. —Siore on Ihe South side of
Alain Sireel, second square below Mar
STORE, on Main siseet.two
doors above the 'American House."
r-iLOTHING STORE in the 'Exchange
Block,' opposite the Court house.
TYJERCHANTS. —Store on :lie upper patt
i " of Main street, nearly opposite the
Episcopal Church.
*■" AND CABINET WARE.—Ware room
in Shive's Block, on Main Street.
Tinner and stove dealer
Shop on Soulb bide of Main street, be
low Market. .
Bookseller, store in the Exchang®
Block, first door above the Exchang®
Attorney at law.— omce on the
first floor of the "Star" Building, on
Main sireel.
Founders ANr. machinests. Build
ings on the alloy between the "Exchange
aud "American House."
1 i YAILOR.—Shop on the South Side of Main
-L Street, first square below Market.
MERCHANTS.— Store North West corner
of Main and Market Streets.
{STURGEON DENTIST.—OIfice near the
fcx Academy on Third Street.
TMj ERCH ANTS.—Northeast corner of Main
and Market streets.
STOVES, TINWARE &c.—Establish
ment on Myin street, next building above
he Court-house.
CLOCK and WATCHMAKER, south side
of Main street, above the Railroad.
Everv kind of disorder in jewelled or oth
er newly invented Escapements failhfull re
A NY Justice of the Peace wishing to pur
"•chase a copy of Purdon's Digest, can be
accommodated by applying at he this
off ca
HAVE jost received and opened their,stock of merchandize for Fall and Winter sales,
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assortment now
offered in thisTTOWN! Having paid great attention to the selection pf their entire stock,
ns to price and quality, they flatlet themselves that lliey can compete with the cheapest,
and all those wishing to bn/cheap, can save money by giving us a call. We have all
kinds of Goods and Wares to supply the wants of the People. A very large lot of
French merinoes, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, de bages, poplins, parameita cloths,
mohair Inures, muslin de laiues, Persian cloths. Ginghams, Calicoes, &c.
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieves. Collars, Spencers, handkerchiefs,
flounrings, bands and trimmings, laces and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vel
vet rilbot s. arid braids, kid, cotton, and lisle thread gloves, mohair mitts, &c.,
All kinds ot SHAWLS, broche, Hay State, Watervitle, black silk, cashmere, Embroder
d, &tc. Also a very large assortment of clolbs, cassimers, sattmelis,, tweeds;
jeans, beaver cloths, coaling velvet, &c.
We have a large assortment o( Hals and Caps of latest fashions. Wo have also Hard
ware, Qupenswnre, Cedarwnre, &c. Very cheap carpels, carpet bags, floor, table and car
riage oil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, lowelings,
drillings. &0., in abundance. -
Wo inviie nnr friends and the public generally to give us a call before purchasing else
where. We have bought ourgoods at Lowest Cash Prices and will not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest or mankind.
Blnomsbure, October 28, 1855.
* £S3acoa<3sm £E>aw®a£Pua.SEis3 (3®,
Fashionable Spring and Summer Clothing !
Sn the Exchange Block next to Swarlz'e Book Store. They have on hand a largo and
full assortment of s
of all sorts and sizes, that the present enlightened age knows any thing about. Of Pants
and Vests thev have every color of the rainbow, besides some black, bine, grey striped
RIKI fancy; Vests of satin, silk, hnfl, rnsimere, marseilles, linen and worsted nl all fash
ionable cute and colors ; Working Pants and boys clothing. Also lino while, figured and
striped shirts, Pocket .and Neck Handkerchiefs, Blocks, Ties, Scarfs, all kinds of gentle
man's dress goods ; Hats, Caps, Trunks, Traveling Bags and Umbrellas • and
They haco Unilersleves, Spencers. Collars, Rigalett", Gloves, Mills, Ladies'a bead-bag
Handkerchiefs, &c., &c. Also Jewelry and Notions, saoh as Rings, Breast pins Gold and
Silvpr Pens :>nd Pencils, Medallions, Vest and Fob chains, Portmotiies, Spectacles Knives
Razors and n well selected assortment of Aeeordeons.
py Remember the cheap store in the "Exchange Block" opposite the Court house
Btoomsburg, May 18th 1851. S. DREIFUSS, & Co!
J\T: ivsrßEva & SUMMER GOODS
TNVITES attention to his stock of cheap end fashionale vlothing at his More on Market
street, two doors above the House," where he has a full assortment ot men
and boy's wearing apparel, including
fjo.t. sack, frock, gnm and oil cloth enats of all sorts and 6izes, pants of all colore, shawls,
snipes anil figure, vests, shirts, cravats, stocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
and faney articles.
N. B. He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
the best manner. All his clothing is made to wear, and most of it i 9 of homo manufac
Bloormbnrg, May 16th 1854-3 m.
The Must Exciting; Topic now
Erfurt the World!
Just PotiM-hcd--! lilrd I'dllion of
Including ' Complete Historical Summary of
Iho Hussion War , from thecommencement lo
the present lirnt'. Giving a graphic Picture
of the Great Drama of War; its Bloody En
cnuincrs; Thrilling Incident*; llair-Breadth
Escapes: Fierce Enthusiasm; Imlividal Da
ring; Personal Anecdotes, etc., etc.
The Battles of the Crimea will contain a
New Planof Sevastopol, 11 by 22 inches, show
ing the ci'v of Sevastopol, its Fortifications,
Batteries. Position of Contending Forces, and
Siege works, Drawn by an Artist who has
been on the Ground, and is the only com
plete and reliable view of the Battle Ground
published. Also a Snberb Map of the Sent of
War, including the Crimea. Black Sea, Dan
ntii'in Provinces, Russia, Turkey in Asia, and
a plan ot Cronsradt. St. Petersburg and a
Ground Plan oUlhe Siege Operations Before
Selmslopol. Also, Embellished with splendid
Engraving* illustrative of die stirring scenes
in die Crimea. The illusliaiions were engra
ved expressly for this work, and are alone
worlh the price of rhe book. Octavo, 112
pages, Price, .10 cent*. Published by G. S.
WELLS. 140 Nassau ft. N. V.
ty Agenis wanted for all parts of the C
Slates and die Cauadas. The trade supplied
on liberal terms.
April 2, 1855.
A. J. EVA'.S
nAVING purchased the interest of Mr.
Appleman in the new store nearly op
posite the Episcopal Church, has received n ,
new assortmeiit of Spring ami Summer goods
wliich he ofiers to old customers and now
Among his ladies' dress goods are silks,
borages, chintz**, d,'baizes, lawns, ginghams, I
poplins &e. Me has
such as fine black and brown French cloths, |
black Doeskin and fancy Cassimers, satin
and fancy Vesting*, black & Italian fancy
Cravats, Suspenders, Gloves; &c.
A large assortment of Men's and Boys' l
bats and caps, embracing every style arid
quality. Also, a large and varied assortment
of Parasols and Ribbons.
DOMESTICS. — Bleached & unbleached
Muslin, Checks, Tickings, Jeans, Drills, Ta
ble-diaper, Bagging, Toweling, Table-lin
ens, &c.
HOOTS !f SHOES. —A large assortment
of Men's, Women's & Children's Boots and
Shoes, Jenny Lind & buskin Shoes at Very
low prices.
GROCERIES. —A large assortment of
Groceries, such a Sugar, Colfee, Molasses,
Rice, Teas, &e., &c.
Ready made clothing, spring fashion.
IV The highest price always panl for
grain or county produce of any kind.
Bloomsburg. April 26, 1555.
isSJo UPopasmCtllsKSS
TVJDW runs anew omnibus between Blooms
s-* burg and the Railroad Depot, which
will take passengers front and to any of the
residences of the town, or the American
House and Forks Hotel; and he will
also furnish oonveyanoea to all travellers who
may wish to go into any part of the county.
The omnibus will leuve Bloomsburg twice
daily at 10J o'clock A. M., and at 2 o'clock
P. M.
He has also a large livery stable connected
with the omnibus line, from which he can
accommodate the publio, with conveyances
for travelling, pleasure excursions or busi
Bloomsburg, April 24, 1855.—1y.
ESSENCE OF COFFEE. For aale at the
cheap store of EVANS, & APPLEMAN.
• Brigade J^olice.
belonging to Hie Ist Brigade 9th
Division of Pennsylvania Volun
teers, are hereby notified to rfieet at
tlie annuttl Spring Bmalion it
Qn Saturday, lite 261b Ray of May
next, at 10 o'clock A. M ~ equip
ped with arms find accoutrements
for parade
Brigade inspector, Ist Brig. 9th D. P. V.
April, 20, 1855
THE County Commissioners will receive
proposals at the pnblio House of A.
Howell in Orangeville, until one o'clock P.
M. on Saturday the 19,h day of May next,
tor building an open truss bridge, in Orange
township over Big Fishing creek, near the
residence of Peter P. Kline. Said bridge to
be 130 feet in length with a pier tn the mid
dle 8 feet thick ; width of bridge 18 feet.
Specifications can be seen at the Commis
sioners office any time previous to the let
'inn- , J. CdFRUIT,
Coitrßs. OFFICC, ) Clerk.
Bloomsburg, April 23.' 55. j
HAS JUST recpivQci ?.rid opened a new
and pp-diidid assortment of
I For Spring and Summer, at his store on
Main street below Market, to hich he in
vites the attention ol the public. li s as
< sor'.ment will compare in price and quality
with any to be found on this side of Phila
delphia, and includes
cg><E>cE>ija=£3 3
poors AND SHOES.
He has on hand every desirable and fash
ionable style of Cloths, plain and funcy cas
Poplins, borage, de baize, lawns, Summer
Shawls Sillks, Detains, ginghams, prints, and
every artioie of
II oil sic Furnishing Goods,
Sheetings, ticking, checks, &c. •
His stock is selling fast, and will be re
plenished every few weeks, for his motto
is ' small profits and quick sales."
Call and see our goods. We charge noth
ing for showing them, and will always take
country prodhce in pay at the market prices.
Bloomsburg, April 26, 1855.
IN pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
Court of Columbia coun'yj on Saturday,
the 5/A day of May next, at 2 o'clock in the
afternoon, H. R. Kline Administrator, &c ,
of Wm. Palierson, late of Orange Iwp., in
said county, deu'd, wdl expose to sale by
public vendue upon the premises a certain
"S-JPapancsrll: assfr* £2aaaaa(£l B
situate in Fishingcreek township, Columbia
county, containing about
adjoining land of Amos Spade. Holder,
EI IBS McHenry and the heirs of Jno. Lazarus. I
The property is very valuable as a mill-seat,
and there are on it now a large
a saw mill, a two story frame dwelling house
and other outbuildings. It is the best water
privilege jn the County, and has all of Fish
uigoreek aa a feeder without a dam. It is
six miles above Orangeviile, and on the wa
ters of Raven Creek, late the estate of said
deceased, situate in the township of Fish
ingcreek and county aforesaid.
H. R. KLINE, Admr.
By order if the Court.
Bloomsburg, April 17, 1855.
BV virtue of several writs f testutum ww
ditioni exponas fro'tit the District Court
of the City and County of Philadelphia, tbera
will be exposed to public sale at tbe Court
House in Blnomsburg on
Moutlay the 4th day of Jane iext,
at two o'clock, P. M.
All those six certain tracts of land situate
in Beaver township, Columbia county, boun
ded and described as follows: No. 1. call
ed BALBEC, beginning at a post, thence bp
lands of James McNeal, north 1? decrees,
west three hundred and forty lwn perches, to
a chestnut oak. thence by lauds of, VVm,
Gray, and Wm, Sieedman, south seventy
eight degrees west 179 perches to a poy>,
thence by lands of Jeremiah Jackson, south.
12 degrees ,caet 410 perclies to a post, thence
by lands of Richard Brook, north 78 degree*
east, 73 perches to a dogwood, north 12 de
grees west, 15 perches to a post, north 78
degrees, east 82 perches to a black oak,
thence by an old survey, north 12 degrees,
west 25 perches to a hickory, and north 32
degrees, east 34 pernhes to the place of be
ginning, containing Four hundred and twelve
and oho-lialf acres and allowance of six per
cent, fur roads, &c., on which are erec
Two log Houses and (wo Stables,
and about Twenty-Five Acres of cleared
Land.—Another of thein c-dled PALMYRA:
Beginning at a post, thence by land of Rob
er' Gray, north twelve degrees, west 4 ft) per
ches to a post, thence by land of Wm. Steed
mau, south 78 degrees, west 160 perches to
a post, thence by land of Jno Brady, south
twelve degrees, east 410 perches to a post,
and thence by land of John Wild find Rich
ard Brook, nor:h 78 degrees, egst 166 pe.- ;
dies to the place of beginning, containing
Four hundred and one Acres and one quar
ter, and allowance of six per cent for roads,
Stc.—Another of tbera called STONE HALL,
beginning ct a post, thence by land of John
Brady; north twelve degrees, west 263 per
ches* to a post, thence by land of Ch9. Hall,
south 78 degrees, west 271 perches' to a
chestnut, thence by land ol Catharine Long
enherger, snutli sixteen degrees and a quar
ter, east 276 perches in a stone, and thence
by lands of Deborah Stewart and Thomas
Brooks, north 78 degrees, east 249 perches
to the place of beginning, containing Fouf
Hundred and Thirl)-Eight Acres and a hall,
and allowance ol six per cent, for roads, &0.,
he the same more or less, on which is erec
ted a
6S3acE>m.cE> ££3qDua<sscsfo
and about half an acre of cleared land.—-
There n also a vein of Stone Coal opened oil
this tract—Another called FARMERS DE:
LIGHT, beginning at a post, thence by land
of Wm. Steedman, north sixteen degrees
;,nd three quarters, west 310 perches to a
Spanish oak, tlience by land of Wm: Webb;
south 74 degrees, West 162 perches to a
black oak, thence by land of Thomas Say;
smith sixteen degrees, east twenty perches
to a chestnut, thence by lar.d of Chas. Hall;
'south eight degrees and a half, east three
hundred and sixty-two perclies to a post,
thence by land of Jno. Brady, north seventy
eight degrees, east one hundred and .thirty
perches to an Ash, north twelve degrebs;
west eighty pert-lies to a white oak and north •
seventy-eight degrees, east eighty perches
to the place of begining, containing Four
hundred and eighteen Acres, and allowance
ol six per cent, for,roads, &c.—Another of
them called TROY: beginning at a post;
thence by land ol Jeremiah Jackson, north
i twelve degrees, west four hundred and ten
parches to a post, thence by land of W. P.
Brady, south seventy-eight degrees, west
eighty perches to a while oak, south
twelve degrees, east eighty perches to an
Ash, south seventy-eight dearies, west one
hundred and thirty perches to a post, thence
by land ol John Reese, south twelve degrees,
east two hundred n J sixty-three perches to
post, thence by land ol Thomas Brook, north
seventy-eight degrees, east twenty perchee
to a chestnut oak, south twelve degrees, east
lorty-one perches to a Black oak, thence by
the same and land of John Wild, north sev
enty-eight degrees, east one hundred and six
perches to a Black oak, south twelve de
grees, east twenty-five perches to a white
oak. and north reventy-eight degrees, east
eighty perches to the place of beginning,
Four Hundred & Twenty Nine Acres
ami u quarter, and allowance of six per cent
for roads, &c., and the other of them called
MAINE, beginning at a post, thence by land
ol Wm. I*. Brady, north eight degrees and a
half, west three hundred and sixty-two per
ches to a chestnut Uee, thence by lands of
Thomas Say & Jesso Budd, south seventy a
four degrees, west one hundred arid eighty
eight perclies to a post, thence by land of
Thomas Bellas, south fifty-fldegrees, east
eighty nine perchee to a chestnut oak, thence
by the same and land of John Loogenberger,
I south one hundred and eighty-eight perches
to a chestnut oak. thence by land of the said
'John l.ongoriberger, • south seventy-six de
grees and a quarter, west one hundred and
twenty-four perches to a post, south sixteen
degrees and a quarter, east one hundred and
i four perches to a chestnut tree, and thence
by land of John Reese, uo-lli seventy-eight
degrees, east two hundred anJ seventy-one
perches to the place ol beginning, contain
ing three hundred, ar.d eighty-one acres and
three quarters, and allowance of six per
cent for roads, &u.
Seized taken in rxecn'ion and to be Mild
as the property of Jacob Loobd.
Sncr.irr's Officii, j Sheriff.
ftloomsburg, May 10. 1855. |
Established by Bmriy & Roualdson in 1796 fc
on the base of Sowera's Gennantown Foun
dry, of 1739.
The long experience of the several pro
prietors of die 1' IIIL ADE L P HIA TYPE
FOUNDRY enables L. JI)1I!VS03I & Co.
to offer to the printing craft the largest vari
ety of Types, and all the appurtenances of a
priuling office, to be found in any establish-'
jnent in the United Slates, — and of a quality
too, which is deemed to be unrivalled. The'
composition of the metal used is oalrulated
to afford the greatest durability ; while the
scrupulous care exercised in the fitting up of
the Type is such as to insuA accuracy and
squareness of body, &e.
L. Johnson & Co.'s facilities are so*exten
sive as to- enable them to fill orders ol any
amount, either in
Plain or Fancy Types*
Music of unparalleled beauty ; (oust iu Ihil
Foundry only,) Scripts, Flowers, Borders;
Cuts, Brass or metal rules, brass braces, la
bor-saving rules, &o.
PRESSES of all kinds, and all sorts of
Printing materials, most of which are made
by L. J. & Co., will he furnished at Manu
facturers' prices.
STEREOTYPING, in Ancient or Modem
Languages, from the largest volume to thd
smallest label.
ELECTROfYPING of Books, Wood Cute;
Jobs, &o.
Type used in Sleteotyping for sale, at Hi
de ced prices.
Wood Cots designed and etigraved In lha
finest style of art.
L. J. & Co.'s " Minor Specimen Book"
(acknowledged to 1 be the first of lis class in
tbe coontry, and original in it conception
and getting up) will he sent (b fill printers
who have not received it who direct how if
may be transmitted.
No. 6 Sanson St., near hall of lb dependence
April 19, 1855, PhdZiphil '