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r UTNAHTB monthly.
The new volume (the 6th), commencing
January. 1855, is to be the best yet issued.
The moat distinguished writers in the coun
try ate enlisted.
" This Monthly is gelling continually a
stronger and stronger hold upon the public
regard. * * It is vapidly becoming a lead
er of public sentiment."— Norwich Examiner.
"Solid, yet interesting, and eomelimes
amusing articles by talenled writers, which
lesve the reader wiser and happier after pe
rusing ttiem."— Westchester Gazelle.
"With every successive number our ad
miration increases."— Mercer Co. Whig.
" An honor to our country and to our wri
ters."—Springfield Republican.
" Deserves its splendid success.''— Western
Reserve Chronicle.
"The highest order of excellence "—Jour
nal, Orange, N. J.
" Like new coin from the mini, fresh,
beautiful, and valuable."—Troy Daily Trav
" Better than 'Old Ebony' ever was."—
Cong. Telegraph, Chicago.
"We honor the men who have the cosr
nge to speak out, in the true spirit of patriot
ism against existing evils, political and mor
al."—Grand Rapids Eagle, Michigan.
The ecries including Curtis, Bayard, Low
nil, Trof. Liebet, Ellsworih, Bryant, Kimball,
Rev. Dr. Yinlon, Dr. Hawks, Rev. Dr. Baird,
l-ongfellow, Kennedy, Simms, Mitchell, &c.
N. B. The por'.iaiti will be continued in
every second number, or oftener.
The New Volume of the Magazine com
mences under the best possible auspices.—
Its position is now assured. Two years have
demonstrated the extent of its circle of
friends, and that circle is constantly widen
ing. The Magazine has not only the sym
pathy, but the actual literary support of the
most eminent authors in the country.
While care is taken that nothing in the
remotest degree offensive to propriety or
good taste defaces these pages, and the
ablest talent is secured to make a Magazine,
which, for variety ot interest, and excellence
of lone, shall be surpassed by no similar
publication in the world, the Publishers as
sure the Public that ibeir motto is still on
ward. and that every year's experience will
enable them more fully to deserve the favor
which they so gratefully acknowledge.
Price 83 per annum. The 4 Vols, pub
lished may still be had.
Jan 4, 1855.
Cheap Wa<clcs & Jewelry.
If Philadelphia Watch and Jewelry
Store, No 96 North Second Street corner of
Quarry, Philadelphia.
Gold Lever Watches, full jewelled, 18 ca
rat cages, S2B 00
Gold Lapine 18 k, 24 00
Silver Lever full jewelled, 12 00
Silver Lapine jewels, 9 00
Superior quartiers, 7 00
Gold Spectacles, 7 00
Fine Silver do, 1 50
Gold Bracelets, 3 00
Ladies' Gold Pencils. 1 00
Silvet Tea spoons, set, 5 00
Gold Pens with Pencil & Silver holder, 1 00
Gold linger Rings 37A cents to SBO ; watch
Glasses, plain, 12J cents; Patent, 13j ; Lu
net, 25 ; other articles in proportion. Ail
goods warranted to l>n what they are sold
On hand, some Gold and Silver Levers
snd Lepines, still lower than the above pri
September 2let, 1854 ly.
Half lies, Jewelry, Silverware and
jjjk IFAWir ®<2>@E>Bo
AChoue Assortment of the Finest Quality,
No. 184, South Second St.,
Between Pine and Union, West Side,
The assortment embraces s large and select
slock of fins Yt itches. Jewelry, ilver Wsie,
Aihata Ware, plated with fme Silver, in Spoons,
Forks, Ladles, &c.—Jet Goods, Fans and Flin
ty Articles of a superior quality, deserving the
examination of these who desire to procure the
Having a practical knowledge of the business,
and all available facilities fur Importing and
manufacturing, tbe subscriber confidently In
vites purchasers, believing 'hat he ran supply
them on terms as favorable as any otber es
tablishment in either of the Atlantic Uities.
All kinds of Diamond and Pearl Jewelry and
Silver Ware manufactured to older, within a
reasonable time.
Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware faithful
ly repaired.
No. IS4 South 2d St., a few doors above
the 2d St. Market, West Side.
17 In the South Window of the Store, may
be seen the famous BIRD CLOCK, which
commands the admiration of the soicntific and
September 28lh, 1854. ly.
Tin-vWare & Stove!
THE UNDERSIGNED, respectfully in
formr his old friends and customers,thai
he hat purchased his brother's interest in the
above establishment, snd the concern will here
after be conducted by himself exclusively, fie
dhaa just received and ofiais for sale tbe
largest and most extensive assortment
merit of FANG Y BTOV Efi ever rulro
duceJ into this market.
Hlovepipe and Tinware couatantly on html
and manufactured to order. All kinds of re
pairing done, aa usual, ou short notice.
The patronage of otdfrienisaod new eua
footers is reapeclfully solicited.
Dloomebarg Jan. 12, 1853. 61-tf
AT 223 North Second Street, below
Callowhill, Philadelphia ; baa on
Itand a splendid assortment of Velvet,
Q Tapestry, Brussels, Three Play, Ingrain
JR and Venitiao CARPETS: besides Drug- 2
< gets, Canton and Cocoa Mattings, c
S£ WIN DOW SHADES. Door Matls.Flooi o
E and Tabla OIL CLOTHS, Stair Rods, g
fe Hearth Rugs, bus. Also, the same at H
-t< his otber Store, corner of Bth and p
V Spring Garden fit., under the Spring
Garden House, —Wholesale and Re
April 13th 1854.-6 m
Plat form Scales.
FOR RAILROADS, &c., for weighing
generally, Purchasers run no risk, every
if, after trial, not found satisfactory, can be
returned without charge.
BP"Factorj at the Old Stand, established
for toore lhau twenty years, corner of NINTH
and MELON St recti, Philadelphia.
> ABBOTT & Co,
J'Ml?delphU^r^ RAr i' to Ellicol t Abbott j
("JJENERAL notice of Dr. James Mc-
Cl'ntock's celebrated Family Medicines.
PKCTORAI. SVRIIP—Thia intulga-
Syrup, which ia entirely vegetable in lie com
poaition, haa been employed with wonderful
eucceaa for many yeare in the cure of diaeaaea
of the Air Pasaagea ill the Lung*. The most
commrfM diaeaaea of tbeae organa ate IriStation
and Inflammation of the Mucoua Membrane
v/hich linea the air tubea of thu thiout, wind
pipe and lunga. For any of thnae forma of
diaeae, wheather showing themselves aa
Cough, Tickling of the Throat, Hensgfeaf light
ness of the Throat, Spitting of lilood Difficulty
of Drealhiug, lloarseneaa or Loss of voice, and
Hectic Fever, its uso will be attended with
the happiest reeulta. It is recommended aa
one of the beat and safest medicines for all
forms of Bronchitis and Consumption.
N. 8., No Laudanum or preparation of Opi
um in any shape in this Syrup. Price in pint
buttles. sl.
Ccltl and (Tough Mixture for recent Coughs
and Colds. 25 cents.
Asthma *nd Whooping Cough remedy.
Price 50 cents pei bottle,
Dianhcs Remedy and Cholera Preventive
Pric. 25 and 50 eenta.
Tonic Alterative Byiup for purifying (he
blood. Price $1 per bottle.
Vegeta l le am' Purgative Pilla for Costive
iiese, Headache, &c. Price 25 cents per box,
Ann Billioua Pilla for l.iver Complaints,
Unordered action of the Bowels, Ac. Price 25
Dyspeptic Kliier for indigestion, Heart.
Dizziness, Price $1 per bottle.
Rheumatic Linirhent for Rheumatic htirao
Neuralgic paint' Price 50 certs per bntllund
Rheumatic Mixture fur internal use in Uhen
malistn, Gout, Neuralgia, &c, Price 50 cents
per bottle.
Anodyne Mixture, for instantly relieving
Tool? Ache, ord all pain wherever found
Piicc 50 cents per bottle. •
Fever and Ague Specific for Ague or Inter
mittent Fevers in all forms. Piice >1 per bot.
H.H.S. ELLIOTT, Agent fjr Pennsylva
nia, to whom all wholesale orders must bo ad.
dressed, North-west corner of 9lh and Filbert
streets, above Market Street. Philadelphia.
Agents in Columbia county.
E. P. Lutz, Bloomsburg.
John Van Licw, Light Street.
Jacob Harris, Buckborn.
Mny llth 1854-6 m.
Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA, In
ventor of the Celebrated Gossamer Ventila
ting Wig and Ealslio Hand Troupees. Instruc
tions to enable Ladies and Gentlemen to
measure their own heads with accuracy.
Foi Wigs. Inches.
No. I The round of the head.
2 From forehead over the head to neck.
• 3 From ear to ear over the top.
4 From ear to ear around the forehead.
Toupees ff Scalps. Inches.
No 1 From forehead to back as far as bald.
2 Over forehead, as far as required.
3 Ovor the crown of the head.
R. Doliard has always ready for sale a
splendid stock of Gentlemen's Wigs, half
Wigs, Frizots, Braids, Curls, etc., beautifully
manufactured, and as cheap as any estab
lishment in the Union.
Dollard,s Herbanian Extract, or Lustrous
Hair Tonic, prepared from South American
heibs and roots, the most successful article
ever produced lot preserving the hair from
falling out or changing color, restoring and
preserving it in a healthy and luxuriant
siate. Among other reasons why Dollard's
Hair Cutting Saloon maintains iis immense
popularity, is the fact that his tonic is ap
plied to every head of hair cut at his estab
lishment, consequently, it is kept in better
preservation than under any other known ap
plication. It being thus piac'ically tested by
thousands, oilers the greatest guaranty of its
Sold wholesale and retail at his old estab*
lishmeni, 177 Chestnut Street, opposite the
Stale House.
R. Pollard hat at last discovered the tie
plus ultra of HAIR DYE; and announces it
for sale, with perfect confidence in its sur
passing every thing ol the kind now in use.
It colors the hair either black or brown, as
may be dei-ired, and is used without any in
jury to the hair or skin, either by stain or
otherwise, can be washed off* ten minutes
after application, without detracting from
its efficacy. Persons vsiting the city are in
vited to give him a call. Letters addressed
to R. Dullard, 177 Chestnut Street, Philadel
phia, will receive attention.
Philadelphia, Oct 12ih, 1854—1y.
1000 BOK AEi\TS ~
TO Canvaas for the best and most sala
ble Books published. They are writ
ten by the most popular Authors of the day,
including among others, T. S ARTHUR, ol
whose last great work,
11,000 copies have been sold within a month
of publication.
These books are beaotifiully illustrated,
(many of them with finely colored plates)
and are printed and bound in the best man
Agents will find a pleasant and profitable
£<hployment in their circulation-. For par
ticulars address (post paid)
No. 48 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
September 21, 1853-Bm.
A NEW Discovery In Medicine. A few
words on the rational treatment without
Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or local weaknesa,
Nervoua Debility* Low Spirits, Lassitude,
Weakness of the Limbs and the Back," Indis
position and Incapacity of Study and Labor,
Dullness of Apprehension, Loss of Memory,
Aversion to Societv, Love of Solitude, Timid
ity, Self-Distrust, Dimness, Headache, Invol
untary Dischargee. Pains in tho Side, Affec
tion of the Eyes, Pimples on the Face, Sexual
and other loiiimitiea in Man.
From the French of Dr. B. De Liney,
The Important fact that these alarming com
plaints may easily be removed without medi
cine, ia, in this email tree', clearly demonstra
ted, and the entirely dew and highly successful
treatment, ae adopted by the author, fully ex
plained, by means of which every one ie ena
bled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least
poeaible cost, avoididing thereby, all the ad.
vcrtised nostrums of the day.
Soot to any addraaa, gratis and pott free, in
a scaled envelope, by remitting (post paid) two
postage stamps to Dr. B. De I-*ny , No. 17
I.i;>pcnard Street, New York, , 6m.
September 28th, 1854.
'2S>©(STOIB iratasiHMft
-A- Edition, with Oo
hun dr d Engravings,
showing Diseases and Mat
formations of the human
Bystem in every shape ani
form. To which is addad
a Treatise on the Diseases
of Females, being of the
highe-t impoitance to mar
ried people, or those con
templating marriage. 3y
Let r.o father be ashamed rhe present asopy
of the Aesculapius to his child. It may save
him from an early grave. Let no young nun or
woman enter Into the aecret obligations of mar
ried life without reading the Pot-ke Aesculapius
Let no one suffer from a hacknied Cough Palo
in the Bide, rratless nights, nervous feelings,
and tho whole train of Despeptic senst'iour,
sod given up by their physicians, be enother
moment without consulting the AESCULA
PIUS. Have the married, or those about to be
married any impediment, read thia truly useful
book, teat has been the means of saving thou
aanda of unfortunate creatuies from the vary
jawa of death.
Any person lending twenty Ave cents, en
closed in a leUer, will receive one copy of this
book, by mail,or five copies willbe sent for one
dollar. Address, Dr. W. Young, No. 159 Spruce
street, Philadelphia.' Post paid.
No 152 Spruce St., Philadelphia.
Sep. Ist, 1854-ly.
Danville Academy.
J- E. BRADLEY, Principal,
THE ensuing Session of this Institution
will commence on Monday, the Bth day of
January, 1855, and will continue twenty-two
be opened at the same lime under the imme
diate care of
but over which the Principt' of the Acad
emy will exercise a general vision.
I Instruction in both departments will be
thorough and practical, and will attend
through the whole ranges of English and
Classical studies usually taught in the higher
seminaries oi learning.
The Academic year will consist of forty
four weeks.
The price of tuition per quarter will be as
follows :
Geography, Eng. Grammar and Arith
metic, - - - 83 6C
Higher English studies, - - 508
Latin and Greek Languages, 6 00
German & French 1-anguages (extra)
each, - - 5 00
Drawing and Painting in Water col
| org, (extra) 3 00
Tuition bills will be presented for payment
at the end of each quarter.
ty Good boarding can beobirined in pri
vate families. J.G MONTGOMERY,
Danville, Jan. 2, 1855. Sec'rt.
OR Rlli'Ttrilfe.
ACKNOWLEDGED by the highest medi
cal authorities of Philadelphia, incompar
ably superior to any other in use. Sufferers
will be giatiflcd to learn that the occasion now
offers to piocurc not only tho UigblesUnd most
easy,♦ but as durable a Tiusa as any other, in
lieu of Ihccuinbruus and uncomfortablo article
usually sold, There in no difficulty attending
the fitting, and when tte pad is located, it will
retain its position without change.
Persons at a distance unable to call on the
Subscriber can have tho Trute sent to any ad.
dross, or by iemitting Five Dollars for thc-single
Tiuus, or Ten for the double—wi;h measure
round the hips, and staling side affected. It
will l-c exchanged to suit if not fitting by re.
turning it at once, unsoilcJ
For Sale by the Importer.
Cor- Twelfth If Race Streets, Philadelphia.
|y Lauiks, requiring the benefit of Me
cbauical Support*, owing to the derangement of
the Internal Organs, inducing Falling of the
anoinb. Vocal, Pulmonary, Dyspeptic, Nervous,
ned Spinal Weakness, are informed that a corn
patent Lap v will oe in attend-
Wce at the Rooms (set apart for their exclusive
use,) No, 114, Twelfth St„ Ist door below
June 27, 1854—1y.
fIIHE subscriber respectfully invites the at-
A tention of dealers and others, to hia large
and well selected stock of Leather and Find
ings, which ia kept constantly Ireah by repeated
drafts upon the manufacturers of this country
and of Europe, arid which is made up in part
of the following aiticlea, via The best Oak
and Red Bole ; Slaughter, Skirtingand Damag.
Ed do.; Harness, Bridt", Band and Welt Leath
er ; Thong and Lacing do. • Wax Upper, 800 l
Grain, IlulT and Split do.; City Slaug, K-pa
Salted and Collar do.; City, Country, French
and Patent Calf Skin* : Boot Leg Moroccos,
Buck Skius, Pad skins,Chamois,and Moroccos;
Bindings and Lining* of almost every descrip
tion ; Siioe Thread, Patent Thread, Silk, 800 l
Cord, Lace, and Silk and Union Galloons:
Black and Colored English Lasting, Worsted
Up|>re, and Crimped Fronts and footings; Awls
Tacks, Needles, Eyelet and Crimping Machines
and Eyelets; Steel, Iron, Copper and Zinc Neils,'
Files, Rasps, Knives; Rubbers, Pegs, Bristles;
and Boot Web; Hammers, Boot and Shoe Trees,
Lasts, Crimps, Clamps, Handles, Gum, Color,
Cod Liver nnd Tanners Oil; Shoe Tools and
Currier's Tools ol all kinds, ready for use, be
sides many other ariiclea not enumerated above,
all of which will be aelc at the lowest market
rotes, by JOHN WHII E,
Importer and Dealer, 407 Market Street,
Above 13th, Philadelphia.
Importers and Dealers in Foreign and Domestic
No. 101 South Front Street, Phlla.
(of different kinds.) Wme Biltere,
Dark and Palo, Stoughtbn Bitters,
Otard, Depuy & Co.of Essence of Pepper
various Vintages. mint,
I'inet, Caalillion & Co. Wild Cherry Brandy,
of various Vintages, Raspberry Brandy,
Maglorey, do Blackberry do
Hennessy, do Lavender do
Rochelle do Ginger do
HOLLAND OIN. Curacoa do
Swan Brand, Extract D'Ahsinlhe.
Comet, do MODULS.
Fish, do Rose Cordial,
Anchor Brand, Perfect Love, Cordial,
Sevdam, do Anniseed, do
WINE* Lemon, do
Superior old Sherry Peppermint, do
do do Madeira Wine Snperior Old Monon-
Port, of different gahela,
Kinds, Rye Whiskey, from 1
Tenenffe Wine, to 16 years old,
Lisbon, do Burbon Whiskey,
Malaga, do Irish do
Muscatel, do Scotch do
Claret, do Old Jamaica Spirile,
Burgundy Port, Old Peaoh Brandy,
Old Apple do
Aug- 17th, 1854. Cham, and Hock W.
of various brands.
TABLE CUTLERY—A Splendid asao
■* men! received and now on hand at
193 Harket Street, three doort below Fifth,
T ESPECTFULLY announce lo the Pro
feision and Siudenls at Law, that they
keep always on hand a well eeleoled stork
ol Law Books, comprising the best Treati
i see extant in every department of law, which
lliey wilt sell sell as cheap, if. not cheaper,
tliar. any other bouse in this oily or New
York. Being the publishers of several val
uable works, they are possessed of suoh fa
cilities in obtaining their stock as to enable
them to sell their books at very low prices.
KAY & BROTHER have the agency for
the sale of Harris' Pennsylvinia State Re
ports, for.the eastern counties of the State.
1. l'urdon's Digest of the Laws of Penn
sylvania, from 1700 lo 1853, by
Stroud and Brightly, new and Bth edi
tion, in one oouvenient volume, Bvo.
Price #5.00.
2. Sergeant & Rawle's Supreme Court
Reports, 17 vols.
3. Penrose & Watt's Supreme Court Re
ports, 3 vols.
4. Wnlls' do do 10 vole.
5. " & Sergeants' do do 9 vols,
6. Harris' Slate Reports, 8 vols
7. Brightly's Nisi Prins Reports, 1 vol.
8. Mires' Reports of the District Court of
Philadelphia, 2 vols.
9. Baldwins' U. S. Circuit Court Reports,
1 vol.
10. Chief Justice Marshall's Circuit Curte
Decisions, 2 vols.
11. Sergeant on the Land Laws, of Penn'a,
1 vol.
12. Sergeant on Foreign Attachment in
Penn'a, 1 vol.
13. Sergeant on the Lien Law of Peon's,
1 vol.
14. Duarre on the Law of Landlord & Ten
ant, 1 vol.
15. Duane on Iba Road Laws in Penn'a,
1 vol.
16. Brightly on the Law of Costa, 1 vol.
17. Graydon's Forma—new and 4ih edi
tion, 1 vol.
18. Hood on the Law of Executors, 1 vol.
19. Roberts' Digest of British slatu'es in
force in Pennsylvania—2d edition,
1 vol.
20. Smith & Reed's Laws of Pennsylvania,
commencing 14ili Oct. 1700, lOvoia—
The Btbj 9th and 10th volumes sold
21. Pamphlet Laws.—The complete acts
of the General Assembly of Pennsyl.
vania, from the year 1800 to the pres
ent time. in 41 vols. Complete sets,
of the Pamphlet Laws are very scarce.
22. Wharton's American Criminal Law
and 2d edition, 1 vol.
23. Wharton's Precedents Indictments
1 vol.
24. Morris on the Law of Replevin in the
United States, 1 vol.
25. Binns' Justice—new and sth edition,
1852 —By F. C. Brightly Esq.— 1 vol.
26. Troubat on the Law of Limited Part
nership in the United States, 1 vol.
• 27. Troubat and Halys' Practice, new and
third edition In 2 thick volumes 8
vo, of over 1700 pages.
28. Brightly's Bunion's Annual Digest for
1854, price 50 cents.
Wharton and Stille's American Medical Ju
risprudence, 1 vol. royal 8 vo.
Wharton on the American Law ot Homi
* cide, with Reports of Cases, 1 vol.
royal Bvo.
Burton's Compendium of the Law of Real
Property, with copious American An
notations, 1 vol. royal Bvo.
A new Digest of the Laws of the United
Slates, on the plan* of Purdon's Di
gest of 1853, 1 vol. imperial 8 vo.
Sergeants' Mechanics' Lien Law, new edi
The Pennsylvania Form Book
17 See Kay & Brother's Catalogue of
Law Publications for particulars:
E7 Orders or letters of inquiry rom the
country promprly attended to
August 17th, 1851. ly
Penna) Ivanln Wire Works.
A T o. 21 Arch St., above Front,
THE Subscribers have on hand, and are
coDstantlv manufacturing,SlEVES. RID
all meshes dnd tndths. Also all kinds of
plain and lincy Wire work. Brass and Iron
Wire Sieves of all kinds ; Brass and Cop
per Wire Clotb for Paper Makers, &c. Cyl
inders and Dar.dy Rolls covered in the best
manner. •
Heavy Twilled Wire for Spark Catchers,
Sieves for Brass and Iron Founders, Screen
Wire, Window Wire, Safes, Traps, Dish
Covers, Coal and Sand Screens, &c.
August 17th, 1854.
Philadelphia & Reading Rai Road.
For Pottsvllle, Reading, kc. k.
Leave Philadelphia and Pottaville at 74 o'-
clock, P. M. except Sunday*.
Leave Philadelphia and Pottaville at 34
o'clock P. M. except Sundaya,
Between Philad'a & Pottaville,s2 75 #2 2.5
Between Philad'a & Beading, 1 75 l 45
50 I be. Baggage allowed to each passen
ON SUNDAY—One Train leaves Philadel
phia at 74 o'clock A. M and returns from
Pottaville at 4 o'clock, P. M. taking no bag
All Tickets ransl be purchased before en
tering the Cars,
DEPOT in Philadelphia, Comer of Broad
and Vine Streets.
By order of the Boa-d of Managers.
S. BRADFORD, Secretary.
Aug. 18, 1854.
(By Authority of the State of Alabama,)
Conducted on the Havana plan.
CLASS H—TO BE DRAWN 20ih of Dec.
CAPITALS. 87,500
" 5,000
" 2,000
" 2of 81,000 2,000
* -
In all 251 prizes, amounting to 830,000
E7* Tickets 85—Halves and Quarters in
Every prize drawn at each drawing.
"Current bills of any bank received at par."
• All rommnnicalions strictly confidential.
SAMUEL SWAN, Agent and Manager,
Sign of the Bronze Lions
Montgomery, Alabama, June 20, 1854.
Cash paid for straw.
Tha subscriber will pay cash for Straw de
livered at his Paper Mill at Millgrove, near
Light Street, at the following rates to wit: —
Short straw 80 50 per ton, long straw 87 per
ton. These rates will be paid for either
Wheat, Rye er Oats straw in good dry con
For flax, alter tha seed is threshed off, ho
will pay glO par too.
Millgrove, April Bth "1854.—tf.
13311® oa>aCttSß>'UD anodes
Cabinet Ware Rooms,
RESPECTFULLY invites the attention of
of the Public to his extensive assort
ment of Cabinet Furniture and Chairs, which
he will warrant made of good materials and
in a workmanlike manner. At his Establish
ment, can alivavs be found a good assort
ment of
Fashionable Furnilue,
Which is equal in style and finish to that of
Philadelphia or New York cities, and at as
low prices. He has Sofas of different style
and prices, from 525 to 860. Divans, Loun
ges, Walnut ar.d Mahogany Parlor chairs.
Rocking and easy chairs, Piano stools, and
a variety of upholstered work, with Dressing
and parlor bureaus, sofa, card, centra and
pier tables, delashus, cheffeniera, whatnots
and comodes and all kinds of fashionable
work. His stock of bureaus, enclosed and
common washstands, dress-tables, corner
cupboards, sofas, dining and bieakfast ta
bles, bedsteads, caue seat and common
chairs, is the largest in this section of the
country. He will also keep a good assort
ment of looking-glasses w tlh fanoy gilt and
common frames. He will also furnish spring
mattrasses filled to any sized bedstead,which
are superior for durability and comfort lo
any bed in use.
Bloomsburg, April 6th 1854. If.
11JOTICE is hereby given that the under
-1" signed oilizens of Bloomsburg Columbia
County Pennsylvania, will apply to the
next Legislature for a Charier for a Bank to
be located at Bloomsburg lo be oalled the
" BMOMSBURG BANK" with banking
priviliges of issue, discount and deposit,
with a capital of two hundred thousand dol
Daniel Snyder; Wm. Robison,
I-. B. Rupert, J. Ramsey,
Wm. Snyder, R. B. Arthur,
K. Mendenhall, Ephraim P Lutz,
A. J. Sloan, Joseph Sharpless,
Lloyd Paxton, Wm. Sloan,
Geo. Weaver, S. Mendenhall.
Bloomsburg 22d,—1854.
sfsw (sWemsT
HAVE JUST received and opened an en
tire new and sp'endid assortment of
SSABOSMMEIUa (gj.®©i2)ss
For Fall ant? Winter at tbeir Brick store oa
Main street abo-e Iran Etreet, lo wbich they
invite the ar.enlioi of the pnblic. Their as
sortment will compare in price and quality
with any to be found on this side of Philad
elphia, and includes
They have on hand every desirable and
fashionable style of
Shawls, Sillks, Merir.oes, Detains, ginghams,
prints, and every article of
House Furnishing Goods,
Sheetings, ticking, checks, &c.
Their slock is selling fast, ann will be re
plenished every few weeks, for their motto
is ''small profits and quick sales."
Call and see our goods. We charge noth
ing for showing them, and will always take
countryproduco in pay at the market prices.
Bloomsburg, October 24, 1853—tf
HAVE opened a new Stove and Tinware
Establishment, on Main street one door
above the Court-bouse, where they are pre
pared lo furnish goods in their line such as
Tin. Sheet Iron, Hollow Ware. Brass
Kettles, Cast Iron Sinks, Frying
Pans, Stove Pipes, all kinds
of Tin Ware, Broom Wire
at extremely low
Prices. Among their
variety of
may lie found the Home Air Tight, William
Pdttn, Globe, Coal Mountain, Miners' Choice
Van Leer's Kitchen Comfort, Double Oven,
'thecelebrated Raub Cooking Stove for qpal
or wood, and others, too numerous to men
tion. Also Parlor Grates, Office and
Parlor Slovca,
in great variety. Tin Roofing, Gutters, Lead
ers, and all kinds of work made to order, at
the shortest police.
Repairing of all kinds attended to.
Bloomsburg, April 27th 1854.—tf.
TTAS just opened a new lot of Books, Cap,
LI letter and note paper, porfolios &c.,
which he will sell at the lowest prices at the
Bloomsburg Book Store. He has the Stand
ard School Books, and a variety of the most
desirable historical, religions, scientific pub
lications of the day. He has also a stock of
EB®S3tl £2F®7®US3,
Blank Looks, Bibles, and Religious works.
A nutiber of
a stock of jewelry; and an assortment of
canes, lamps, tops, perfumery7*confectiona
ries, linlck knacks and notions for sale.
(7 He will furnish at short notice any
work that may be desired and ordered.
Bloomsburg, October 15th 1851. '
For Youth of both Sexes.
THIS Institution which haa been In suc
cessful operation for several yeats has
ecently been enlarged to give better accom
modations for boarders and increaaed facili
ties for Tuition, &c.
The School year will consist of 44 weeks
and vacation will occur during July- and part
of August, but pupils will be taken at any
Instruction is given in all the English
branches nsually taught. Natural Philosophy
and Astronomy will be illustrated by appro-
C rials apparatus and access given to a Li
rary and the use of Mathematical instru
ment*. Books and Stationery will be pro
vided for all who desire.
TUITION, #3, 84 and 85 per quarter, graded
by the oourse of study.
Boarding 81 60 per week. Board, Tuiiioa
washing, lights, &c., 821 per quarter; or 840
for two quarters, if one half is paid la ad
For further particulars address the princi
Mtllville, Nor. 1,*1854,
spectfully announce to the citizens of the
United States and Canadas, that for the )pur
pose of oultivating a taste lor the fine* arts
throughout the county, and with a view of
enabling every family to become possessed
of a gallery of Engravings,
By the Fiat Artists of the
They have determined, in order to create an
extensive sale for their Engravings, thus not
only give employment to a large number of
artists and others, but inspire among our
countrymen a taste for works of art, to pre
sent to the 'purchasers of their engraviug,
when 250,000 of which are sold
35-000 GIFTS, of the actual cost of
SISOOOO- Each purchaser of a One Dollar
Engraving, therefore, receives not only an
engraving richly worth the money, but also a
ticket which entitles him to on? of the Gifts
when they are distributed.
For Five Dollars, a highly finished Engra
ving, beautifully painted in oil, and Five
Gilt Tickets will be sent; or five dollars
worth of splendid Engravings, can be selec
ted from the Catalogue, and sent by return
mail or express.
A copy of the Catalogue, together with a
specimen of one of tho the Engravings, can
be seen at the office of this paper.
For each Dollar sent, an Engraving actu
ally worth that sum, and a Gift Ticket, will
immediately be forwarded.
The Committee believing that the suc
cess of this Great National Undertaking will
be materially promoud by the energy and
enterprise of intelligent arid persevereiog
Agents, have resolved to treat wilt such on
the most liberal terms.
Any person wishing to become an Agent,
by sending (post paid,)Bl, will receive by
return of mail, a one dollar engraving, u
"Gilt Ticket," a Prospectus, a Catalogue and
all other necessary information.
On die final completion of the sale, the
the Gifts will be placed in the hands of
a committee of the purchasers to be distribu
led, due notice of which will be given
throughout the United Slates and the Cana
last of Gifts.
100 Marble busts of Washing
ton at " " #IOO #IO.OOO
100 „ " Clav, 100 lO^OOO
100 " " Webster, 100 10,000
100 " " Calhoun, , 100 10 000
50 elegan! Oil Paintings in
splendid gilt frames, sixe 3
x 4 ft. each, 100 5 000
100 elegant Oil Paintings, 2x3
ft. each, 50 hOOO
500 steel plate Engravings,
brilliantly colored* in oil,
rich gilt frames 24x30 in
EAFI H, 10 5,000
11,00(1 elegant sieel plate En
gravings. colored in oil, of
the Washington Monument,
20x26 in. ea. 4 4 ()) O00
237,000 steel plate engravings,
from 100 different plates
now in ■ possession of and
owened by the Artists' Un
ion, of the market value ol
from 50 cents to #1 each. 4 1,000
1 first class dwelling, in N. Y.
City 12,000
22 Building Lois in 100 and
101 st sis , N. Y. City, each
25x100 ft. deep, at 1 000 22,000
100 Villa Sites, containing each
10,000 sq It. in the suburbs
of New Y'ork City, and ■
commanding a magnificent
view ol the Hudson' River
aud Long Island Sound, at 500 50,000
20 perpetuals loans of cash,
wiihout intererest, or se
enrtty, of #250 each. 5 000
50 " " * 100 " 5.000
100 " " 50 " 5000
250 ' " 20 ' 5,000
2,000 " • " 5 n 10,000
Reference in regard to the Real Estate,
F. J. VISSCHER & Co., Real Estate * Brokers,
Nf x lork. Otders, (post paid,) with mon
ey enclosed, to be addressed.
505 Broad way Y.
CT The Engravings in the Catalogue are
now ready for delivery.
New \ork, Nov OIL tßs4*-6m.
F3@~ <&&&!£ uag
THF. undersigned, Laving just received the
latest Paris and New York Fashions,
would again beg leave to inform his numer
ous friends and all the world about Blooms
burg, that he is now better prepared than ev
er to accommodate any one with the neatest,
easiest and best fitting suits of Clotbes that
have been turned out lately; and not only
that, but lie will also do them up in the best
order, upon the lowest terms.
His shop is at the old stand, (too well
known 10 need luilher notice) where he may
at all limes be found, seated upon the bench
of repentance, steadily drawing out the thread
of affliction, hopeing it may in the end prove
advantageous to him and his customers. He
would also advise his friends to bear in mind
that poor, afflicted tailors must live, or they
can't be expected to work. Therefore, Wheat,
Rye, Corn, Oats, Potatoes, and with all now
and then a little CASH xvill come mighty
handy from those who are back-standing on
hte book.
Remember, gentlemen, that in all cases
" the laborer is worthy of his hire."
Bloomsburg, April 14th, 1853.
(Successor to Hartley <s• Knight.)
No. 148 South Second Street, Five doors above
Where he keeps constantly on hand a full as
sortment of every erticle in his line of business.
Feathers, Featherbed*, Patent Spring Mattres
ses, Curled hair, Moss ,Corn Husk aud Sliaw
.Mattresses, Velvet Tapestry, Tapestry, Brus,
sols, Three.Ply, Ingrain, Venetian, List, Rag
end Hemp Carpctings, Oil Cloths, Canton Mat.
lings, Cocoa and Spanish Mattings, Floor and
Stair Druggets, Hearth Rues.Dooi Mats, Ta
ble and Piano Covers, to which he respectfully
invites Ibe attention of purchasers.
Philadelphia Sept. Ist, 1861. Jy,
Registration Certificates
For Iho use of clergymen, justices, pbysi
ians and other persons in registering marria
ges and deaths as required by the new Ac
Assembly, can be had at the office of the
Star of the North."
No. 7 South Seventh Street,
Manufacturer of strong Tinware, Copper,
Tin and Zinc Bathing Tubs, Bathing
Pass, and every kind of bathing apparatus.
Also deed and paper boxes.
Prompt attention given to ordered work,
, and goods carefully lorwpjued on ocders.
Philadelphia, August 17th, 1854
Herald of* Penmanship!
For Young Hen Going into Bngtaosa I
You can now obtain, for the Aral lime
in the world, a practical handwriting, adapt
ed to business or correspondence, with as
much certainly as a child learns to walk;
and wiihout, nearly as well as wiih the aid
of a master! MACLAURIN'S Currents Cular&o
(Rapid Pea) System puts this necessary art
in the power of ull, WITHOUT MISTAKE !
By a Series of Manual Gymnastic Exercises,
entirely new in their design, it lakes the
chain off the hand, arm and lingers, makes
the hand perfectly at home on paper, and
combines the element of Rapidity With beau
ty of Execution. It begins a REVOLUTION
' in the ART of WRITING! Such as has nev
er before taken place, and will qualify thou
sands of young men for good positions as
book keepers, accountants, and copyists,
who have failed to learn to write well under
every other system. It is equally adapted
to teaching a rapid and elegant ladies' hand.
f Self Instruction Serits of Books --The sr
sential course of this Scries consists of MAO
LAI'RINIS System of Manual Gymnn-'ic ex
ercises, in five numbers, accompanied by a
Book of Instruction, six books in all, togeth
er with six of lite MacLaurin Pens and a
holder, one package, and sent to
any part of the V. S. by mail, with the post
age paid, at one Dollar.
The target Course is the same as the pre
ceding, augmented by the Series of six round
and ftne-haud Copy-Books knd a blank ex
ercise Ruled Book, for additional practice,
making thirteen books in all. with pens and
Instruction Hook, at Two Dollars.
The book, containing a full Exposition of
the System, with Directions, (gill be sent sep
arate to any one ordering it and including a
postage stamp and twelve and a half eents.
This will give a full knowledge of the im
mense advantages of the System over all
others, and enable the buyer to preeead un
derstand ittgly, if r.ol already aware of the
nature of the plan; which is, the Art of Writ
ing rapidly from the first, and at the same
time well—on art never before taught either in
the schools or by writing musters.
EXTRA —I Primary Book of big exercise*
for hand and arm, introductory to the Course,
adapted to children ftptn four years old up
ward, and useful to all. 18} cents.
2. Book of Mammoth Capital Loiters, for
extra Gymnastic Exerriae during the whole
course. 18} cents. These two booke also
indispensable in schools.
11. The School Series —Teachers are re
spectfully informed that MACLAURIN'S
System of Gymuastio Exercises, being a
complete Course ol Gymnastic Exercises,
designed to give the greatest possible com
mand of the pen. Published in eixuembera,
price 7 5 cents.
MacLaurin'e Round-Hand Copy Books, in
two parts, price 25 cents ; and MacLaurinV-
Series of Fine-Head Copy Booke, iu four
parts, price 50 cents, are now ready.
The above twelve books constitute Mad'-
Laurie's complete Series. Pi ice one dollar
and fifty cents for the set.
Hl— hfacLaurin's Tirenty-Fimr Writing
Tablets, for children in Pri
mary Schools, 6} cents epch; sent by ureil
in packages of 6, 12, or 24, containing the
Big Exercises on s'.itf boards, for pen, pnti
cil or style, dost the thing for amusing and •
infracting the child at the same time ; com
bining the toy and the bnuk I
Publisher, 71 Chamber Si, N. Y.
Feb. 8. 1855.
Fall & Winter Goods.
HAVE just received and opened i |sv>
lot of Fall-and w inter geod*, to wVch
wo invite the attention of purchaser*. A
mong their
are black and fancy Silks, black arfß
changeable Alpacas, de Lainea, Merino*#,
Mous. de Bege, Bombazines, plain, fifurei
and changeable Poplins, calicoes, fyng
hams, gloves, hosiery, fc., &c.
such as fine black and brown French
black Doeskin and fancy Cussimers, satin '
and fancy Vestings, blaok & Italian fancy '
Cravats, Suspenders, Gloves; be.
A large assortment of Men's and Boys'
huts and caps, embracing every style and
quality. Also, a large and varied assortment
of Parasols and Ribbons. .
DOMESTICS. — Bleached & unbleached
Muslin, Checks, Tickings) Jeans, Drill*, Ta
ble-diaper, Bagging, Toweling, Table-lin
ens, fee.
BOOTS If SHOES A large assortment
of Men's, Women's & Children's Boot* and
Shoes, Jenny Ltnd & buskin Shoes at vgry
low prices.
Colored and white Carpet Chain.
GROCERIES. —A large aeeorlment of
Groceries, such as Sugar, Coffee, Molasses,
Rice, Teas, &c., fee.
The attention of all who Wtab good bar
gains is solicited, for anduoement* to pur
chasers will be offered.
Bloomsburg, October, 29, 1854.
1 has taken the store lately kept by J. S.
Sterner, on Main St., Bloomsburg,and oflera
rare bargains to the purchasing public. The
present stock he offers for the "dimes" et
prices not averaging abov# FIRST COST,
and he is now engaged in replenishing the
stock from the city with a
Fresh Assortment of all Goods
desirable for.winter and spring. He has ev
ery kind of Ladies' dress goods, such as
silks, Mcrinoes, Delaines, debaze, Coburg
cloths and Ginghams of every *tyle and
price. Among his white goods are embroi
deries, Inces, dross trimmings, handker
chiefs and fine muslins.
he has bleached and brown muslins, checks,
table diapers, flannels; tickings, Manchester
and Lancaster Ginghams, crash and ho*ns ot
all kihOm cloths cassimeree, costings, cotton -
ade anoltnon for pants, hosiery and gfoyes,
boots and shoes for ladies, men, misses,
boys nnd children,
HfiNs and Caper,
Glasswnre, Queens were, crockery vrfre, herd
ware, Groceries, Sugar, Molasses, Coffee,
Tea, Rioe, Spicea, tobacco, candlse, and in
short, every article usually kept in a coun
try store, at the lowest prices. Country
produce taken in exchange for goods. -
January 18, 185*5.
- '■ ii , „ g qgdjfc—i
• E- O. HOTTER, J"
ffiraOJEOH ©JFOTte
aos-gti. T> ESPECTFUf.LY offers his
(mSSBa professional servwek to
, LF the Ludiey and Gentlemen of
Bloomsburg and vicinity He it prepared to
attend to all the various operations in JMp 1
tislry, and is provided with the latest im
proved PORCELAIN TEETH, which will
be inserted on pivot or gold plate, to look M
well as natural.
A superior article of Tooth Powders, si
ways on hand. Ail operations on the teeth
OF* Office noar the Academy 1 . /
Bloomsburg, Nov 30,1$1„ \ ■ y