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\ —ANJ>— ...
Ailtecord of the beautiful and useful Art
rphe object of this paper is lo present, in
4- tho most elegant and available form, a
Weekly literary melange of notable evanlsof
the day. Its columns are devoted to origi
nal tales, sketches and poems, by the
aqd (be cream of the domestic and foreign
newg; tho whole well spiced with wit antl
humor. Each paper is
with numerous accurate engrhyinga, by em
inent ertists, of notable objects, current
events in all potts ot the world, and of men
nnd riTafmers. aildgethef making a paper en
tirely original it! its design, in lhi aottutry.
Its pages contain •'•lfc we df'vety papulous
city in the known world, of all buiidinjja of
note in fhe eastern or-western hemispheres,
of all the principal ships and atentuars ol the
natty and merchantserviue, wilhfiae aud ac
curate, portraits of every noted character in
the world, both male and female. Sketches
of beautiful scenery, taken trom life, will
also'be •given, with numerous specimens
from the animal kingdom, the birds of the
air, end the fish of lite sea. It is printed on
the finest paper, and with a font ot beautiful
brevier type, of lite most modern style, man
ufactured expressly ror it, presenting in its
mecnanical execution an elegant specimen
of ail. It contains fifteen hundred and sixty
four square inches, and sixty-four columns
of readinsnhiatler and illustrations—a mam
moth weekly paper ol sixteen oolavo pages.
It forms
inasmuch as its aim is constantly, in con
nection with the fund of amusement it af
fords, aud the rich nrray of original miscel
lany it presents, lo inculcate lite strictest and
highest lotto of morality, and to encourage
virtue by holding up to view all that is good
sillif pure, antl avoiding all that is evil in its
tendency. In short, the object is to make
the paper loved, respected, and sought alter
for its combined excellences.
TERMS—liivnrlAliiy In ndvnuce.
1 subscriber, fbur months, 81 00
1 " one year, 3 00
2 subscribers, 5 00
4* •' " 9 00
8 " " 16 00
IB " " 28 00
ON, and one copy of the PicToiriAi; DitAwma-
KOOM COMPANION, one year, for 81 00
Subscribers or postmasters are requested
to act as agents, on the above terms.
IS 1 " Though these ttvo journals emanate
from tho same establishment, still pot one
line will appear in one thai has been pub
lished in lite otlter, thus affording to those
persons who take both papers, an immense
variety of interesting reading.
I'ANION may bo obtained at any of the peri
odical depots throughout the country, arid of
tioyysrnett, at six cents per single copy.
Published every Saturday, by
58 Liberty street, hctrccen Broadway and Was- j
sau-street, near the Post Office, Wew YorJc.
ar u receiving, by daily arrivals from
** Europe, our Fall and Winter assortment
of rich fashionable fancy silk and millinery
We respectfully invite all Cash Purchas
ers thoroughly to examine our Stock and
Prices, and as interest gooa-ns, we feel con
fident our Goods arid Prices will induce them
to select from our establishment. Particular
allenitdn is devoted to MILLINERY GOODS,
and many of the articles are manufactured
expressly to our order, and cannot be sur
passed in beauty, style and cheapness.
Beautiful Parts Ribbons, for Hat, Cap,
Neck, and Belt.
Satin and Taffeta Ribbons, of all widths
and colors.
Silks, Satins, Velvets, and Uncut Velvets,
for Hats.
Feathers, American and French Artificial
Puffings, and Cap Trimmings.
Dress Trimmings, large assortment.
Embroideries, Capes, Collare, Under
eleeves and Cuffs.
Fine embroidered Reviere and Hemstitch
Cambric Handkerchiefs.
Crapes, Lisses, Tarietons, Illusion and Cap
Valencienes, Brussels, Thread, Silk, and
Lisle thread Laces.
Kid, Silk, Sewing Silk, Lisla Thread,
Merino Gloves and Mitts.
Figured nnd plain Swiss, Book, Bishop
Lawn and Jaconet Muslins.
English, French, American and Italian
Straw Goods.
Aug. 28, 1851-Cm.
Reading R. n. Pnsacngci Trains
NY-—Philadelphia, Aug. 30, 1851.—FALL
ARRANGEMENT, /ire reducedfwm Philadn.
•o Pottsville. Two Passenger Trains daily
(Sundays excepted.) On and ufter Sept. 1,
1851, two trains will bo run euch way, dai
ly, between Philadelphia and Pottsville.
loaves Philadelphia at 7§ o'clock, A. A!.,
daily, except Sundays. Leaves Pottsville at
7i o'clock, A. M., daily, except Sundays.
Leaves Philadelphia at 3 o'clock, daily,
except Sundays. Leaves Pottsville at 3i
o'clock, daily, except Sundays.
£SP dEN. 02 US S3 o
Between Philadelphia and Pottsville 82,75
Ist class cars and 82,25 2d class cars.
Between Philadelphia and Reading 81,75
Ist class cars and 1,45 2d class cars.
Depot in Philadelphia corner of Broad and
Vine streets.
Passengers cannot enter the cars unless
provided with a ticket.
Fifty pounds of baggage will be allowed
•to each passonger in these lines, and pas
sengers are expressly prohibited from taking
anything as baggage but their own wearing
apparel, which will be at the risk of its own
By order of the Board of Managers.
8. BRADFORD, Secretary.
Aug. 30, 1851 tf.
Executor's Notice.
NOVICE is hereby given tfiat letters tes
tamentary upon the estate of Corne
lius Rittenhouss late of Beaver township,
CWbmbia county, deceased, have been
cantos to the |rs{(ling in the
said township 'or Beavlr. ' Alt ftersons know
ing themselves indebted to the said estate,
are requested to make immediate payment
to the undersigned, and those having ac
counts against the decedent to present them
BeaverJToMjnebip, Sept. 16, 1851,~6t
warranted to stand mare heal than any other
chests in the couniry. Also, Putcnt AirCliam
bcr IRON CHE TS, 1700 now in use. They
also eontinno to muko tho ordinary Fire Proofs
at very low prices.
We, tho undiraigrcd 'were present on tho 11
day of September, when Messrs, Evans 4- Wat
sen tested one of their Salamander Fire Proof
Cheats, at which lima they consumed five
cards cf wood over it, commencing at 9 A. M.
and continuing until 2 o'clock, P. M , making
ve hours intense heat, amounting to a white
heat. The Chests remained in the fire until
the next morning, when it was opene In our
presence, and all the bqoka and papers taken
having been preserved entire. The above
named Chest, together with the bocks and
papery, may be examined by catting at the Store
Of Evans & Watson,'B3 Dock street.
THUS, HANSBLL, 13th st., above Arcb.
BAMUEI. 1,. DAVIS, 111, N. Third st.
Messrs. Evans & Watson :
Gentlemen- -Having been present when the
contents of the Chest alluded to in the above
coilificatc wore exposed to view, [ luke pleasure
in adding my testimony to tho perfect security of
the papnrs. No mark of fire was apparent on
any of them. Respectfully.
Philadelphia, Sept 18.
BALTIMORE, June 18. *
Messrs. Evans & 'Vatson, Philadelphia;
Gentlemen—Wo hive much pleasure in re
commending yonr Firo Proof Chests to the no
tice of tho public—the one we purchtsed from
you having saved our books and contents ellec
tually,after undergoing a very severe heat during
the fire, which destroyed the entire block of buil
dings on Areh street wharf, on tho Schuylkill, on
the 6th of June, 1849.
Yonrs, very rce ully,
Seal and Letter Copying Presses, Pire proof
Doors for Hanks and Stores; Patent Slate Lined
I'efiigeraters, warranted superior to all others,
Water Filters, Truck Wagons for Stoics, Sho,v
or Ha.lts of the best quality,
Jane sih, 1851-ly
C£E>-, OU?3aaJtlE££AC3ll*£3
A BOUT Hvo years ago a new discovery
was made ill Europe, consisting of a
substitute for lite ordinary store coffee, called
Essence of Collee, which has gone into gen
eral use with astonishing rapidity, not only
amonit the poorer classes, who at once dis
pensed with the use ol the celebrated Chick
ory Coffee, but is now in general use in the
wealthiest families and the first hotels, and
is highly recommended by the medical fac
11 is extracted from pure, wholesome veg
etables, and excels all similar preparations
that have ever been offered to the public,
either in this country or in Europe. Its sul
perior quality has already been attested to in
the cities by some of the most eminent phys
icians, and a number of the most distinguish
ed of the cleray and other highly respectable
citizens. Coffee made from this essence ac
cording to lite prescription obtains a more
delicious and pleasant favor titan the com
mon store coffee, and is certainly more
wholesome, especially for persons in deli
cate health, which will be admitted by eve
ry physician who will take the pains to lest
the naluie and properties of litis essence.
One paper costing only 12J cts., is equal
to four pounds of store coffee, will be bright
and clear without the application of any
other ingredient to clarify or settle it. The
public uro therefore invited to give this es
sence at least a trial before they condemn it.
A respectable merchant of Luzerne coun
ty in writing of it says:
"My customers have been using of the
above Essence for some months past with
general satisfaction ; and Ido not hesitate
|e recommend it to the public.
Manufactered by G. Humtrel, Bolder &
Co., 718 Callowhtll street Philadelphia.
For sale by GEORGE WEAVER, Blooms
burg, by whom merchants can be supptid at
manufacturers prices—freight added.
Bloomsburg, July 31st, 1851.—3 m.
800 IS & SHOES.
Auxawwiraß wnms@sr
Respectfully announces to his friends and the
public that he has taken the Boot and Shoe
Store lately kept by Warren ltus6el, where
he has always on hand and makes to order
all kinds of Boots aud Shoes at the following
Aden's fine calf or morocco boots, 84 a 4 50
do kip or cow hide, 3 25
do calf 6hoes 2 00
do cow hide, 1 75
do miners', nailed, 2a 2 50
Ladies' gaiters, 2 a 2 25
" Lace boots, 162
" Thick soled slippers lal 37
" I'ump soled, 100
" Jenny Lind,s 125 a 1 50
Boys', youihs' and children's shoes in pro
portion. Ho manufactures his work of the
best of slook—warrants it to wear; and is
determined to sell it as low as others can
their Yankee or city work. Call and see for
yourselves. Shop on Main St., next door
below Hartmnn's Store.
Bloomsburg, April Ist, 1851.
Invite the attention of the public to his
i stock of clocks, watches, jewelry, watch
trimmings, glasses, keys, balance wheels,
jewels and
Gold Pens
which he continues to offer for sale at
reasonable prices.
He will also repair clocks, watches, and
musical and optical instruments in a satis
factory manner.
His shop is in the middle room of the Ex
change block, nearly opposite to the Cour
Bloomsburg, July 24, 1851.
wra & ixsii(gw@ffi si?v2)iEi§a
Wo. 939 i\. Third St.,
I'HtggjjUl (Above Callowhiil,)
And Liquors of every description:
John Wmdsides Agent (
liouse, Sign and Ornamlenta
DONE to order in the best highly-finished
polain style,by B HAGENBUCH.
American repertory of Inventions^
Seventh volume of the Scientific American.
American and foreign Patent Agents, and
Publishers of the Scientific American.
Respectfully annoiinco to the public that
the ticsl number of Volume VII. of this
widely circulated and valuable journal will
issue on the 20th of September. The new
volume will commerce with new type, print-;
ed upon paper of a heavier texture than that
used in the preceuding volume. It is the
intention of the publishers to illustrate it
more fully, by introducing representations of
prominent events connected wijh the ad
vancement of science; besides furnishing
the usual amount of engravings of new in
ventions. It is published weekly in from
five to six hundred engravings, together with
a vast amount of practical inforruatipn con
cerning tho progress of invention and dis
covery throughout the world. There is no
subject o.f importance to the mechanic, in
ventor, manufacturer and general reader
which is not treated in the most able man
ner—the editors contributors and corres
pondents being men of the highest attain
ments. It is in fuct the lending scientific
journal of the country.
The Inventor will find in it a weekly list
of American l'atent Claims, reported from
the Patent Office, an original feature not
found in any other weekly publication.
TERMS.—Two dollars a year, one dollar
for six months All letters must be post
paid and directed to Muun & Co., Publish
ers of the Scientific American, 128 Fulton
stroet, New York.
Any person wno will send us four subscri
bers for six months, at our regular rates,
shall be entitled to one copy (or the (same
length of time, or wo will furnish—
Ten copies lor six months, $8
Ten copies for twelve mouths, 15
Fifteen copies for twelve months, 22
Twenty copies tor twelve mouths, 28
Southern and Western money takon at
par fur subscriptions, or Post Office Stamps
taken at their lull value.
iV. If. Comer of Third and Union els.,
between Spruce and Pine streets,
Fifteen years of extensive and uninterrupted
practice spent in this cily have rendered Dr. K.
tho most ciprt and successful practitioner far
and near, in the treatment of all discaaes of a
private nature. Persons afflicted with ulcers on
the body, throat or legs, pains in tho head or
bones, or mercurial rheumatism, strictures,
gravel, disease arising from youthful excesses
or impurities of the blood, whereby the consti
tution has become enfeebled, are all treated with
He who places himself under the rare of Dr.
K. may religiously confide in his honor as a
gentleman, and confidently rely upon his skill
as a physician.
Take Particular Notice,
Young men who have injured themselves by
a certain practice indulged in, a habit frequently
learned from evil companions or at school, the
effects of which aro nightly fel*, even when
asleep and destroy *oth mind and body, should
apply immediately. Weakness and conwtitu
tional debility, loss of muscular energy, physical
lassitude and general prostration, irratibility und
all nervous affections, indigestion, sluggishness
! of the liver, and every disease in any way con
nected with the disorder of the proceative func
tions cured, and full vigor restored.
Youth and Manhood
A Vigorous Life or a premature Death,
This book just oublished is filled with useful
information on the infirmities and diseases of the
generative organs. It addresses itself alike to
youth, manhood and old age. and should be read
by all.
The valuable advice and impressive warning
it gives, will prevent years of misery and wuf
fering and save annually thousands of lives.
Parents by reading it will learn how to pre
vent he destruction of their children.
A remittance of 25 cents enclosed in a letter
addressed to Dr. Kinkelin, N W corner of
Third and Union streets, between Spruce and
Pine, in Philadelphia will ensure a book under
j envelope per return of muil*
\ Persons at ta distance may address Dr. Kby I
letter, (post paid) and be cured at home.
Packages of meuicines, directions, dec. for
warded by sending a remittance, and put up se
cure from damage or curiosity.
Booksellers, News Agents, Pedlars, Canvas
sers and all others supplied with tho above work
at very low rates. |y
I By m 'ana of (lie pocket
Esculapius, or every ono
f&r JSk ' l ' 4 own Physician : <hir
mi \UK l ' cl ' l edition, with up.
/W ira wards of a hundred engra
il gffiajai'y- ,9 ving3 showing private dia
-16 J Ml? J® e,,e * ' n over y shape and
/<sr orm > Bn< ' mnlfoimationsof
the generative system,
j Wjjjßwsfoy SYYVM. YOUNG, M.D.
'"' le '' me ' IBS oow 4,r ' v "
ed, that persona suffering
from secret disease, need no more become the
victims of quackery, as by tile prescription! con.
tained in this book any one may cur, himself,
without bindranco to business, or the knowledge
of the most intimate friend, and with one tenth
the usual expense. In addition to tho general
routine of private disease, it fully explains the
cause of manhood's early decline, with observa
tions on marriage—besides many other derange
ments which it would not be proper to enumerate
in the public prints.
Any person sending twenty five cents, en
closed in a letter, will receive one copy of this
book, by mail, or five copies will be sent for one
dollar. Address. Dr. W. Young, No. /52 Spruce
street, Philadelphia.' Post paid.
rf" Dr. Young, can be consulted on, any
of tho Diseases described in his different
publications at his offices, 152 Spruce street,
every day, between 9 and 3 o'clock, (Sun
days excepted.)
Philadelphia, March 23, 1850-12 m
rvA\ BOOKS!!
Read! Read!
Announces to the reading world in general,
and the good people of Bloomsburgh in par
licular that he has removed h'.s Bookstore to
the lower corner of Biggs Brick Block oppo
site the Court House, where he has a full
variety of Books for ail manner of men and
women kiud- He has all the popular works
of the day upon Morals, Religion, History,
Literature, Politios and Travels ; and a gen
eral selection of all school books, English,
Classical, German and French.
He has also a sweet lot of Confectionaries,
Toys and Jewelry,
So that every kind of taste dan be gratified
by a selection of something irom his stock, i
Bioomsburg, April 16th, 1661'.
The nfiJiiteil nro invited to call and see Mi
Isaac llrooks, Jr., althe corner of Third and
W ilcox streets, and Mies Christiana Sands,
Roach street below Spruce street, i n the Schuy 1
kill. These two persona have btcn snutched
from the very jaws of the destroyer through 'he 1
ngcuoy of that most potent of all medicines,
11l Cullen's Panacea is the only certain cure
for Scrofula or King's KU, Tetter, Erysipelas,
Old Sores and Ulcers, Mercurial Diseases, and all
other alfestions, cutaneous or otherwise, arising
from impurities of the blood.
In the extraordinary cure of Mr. Brooks, peo
ple whu vistt hiin, hold up their hands in as
tonishment, that AMI medicine could have ar
rested urs disease—then go away resolved to re
commend Or Cullen's Indian Vegetable Pana
cea to every one they hear of who has need of a
purifying medicine. I
Bo with Christiana Sands—hor cure of Scrof
ulous sore throat was quite as extraordinary as
Mr. Brooks', when we reflect that from the dis
ease her tea or coffee would frequently pass out
of her ears, when attempting to drink, [See 1
her certificate.]
The people are beginning to understand, too
that tbo various Syrups of Sarraparilla are little
better than molasses, and that it is madness to
throw away money on articles which, under the
most favorable circumstances, do not produce
any impression on the system until several gal
ons have been swallowed. One bottle of Ur.
Cullen's Panacea seldom fails to produce con
viction itv the minds of paiieuta that a radical
cure is certain.
Thus hope, [ro necessary, an ally to medi
cine.] springs up at the ontvet, and the patient
is cured before any other preparation could have
made the slightest impression upon the disease I
In fact, the twelve ounce bottles of Di. Cul
len's Panacea, compared with the pint and quart
buttles of other purifiers, aro valuable about in
the proportion of gold to copper. Those who
wontc prefer s penny to a half eagle, on acroun
of its size, wcold make a poor selection to sal
I be least.
Baisaparilla a good purifier I Dr. Cullen's
Panacea contains its attract in its most concen
trated form. Added to this are other extracts,
more active and poweiful, and which effect in
combination with the Bnrsaparilla, what the lat
ter article, or combined with the most powerfu
poisons, cannot alono accomplish.
It Itss cured where everything else had failed
and this in a multitude of cases—not ill Euiope
or in the moon, (whero so many great cures
have been performed,) hut in Philadelphia and
other pafls of the union. And be it distinctly
understood that we do not obtain our extracts by
"boling 400 gallons down to one," it being
known to every druggist's apprentice that boiling
destioys the essential virtues of medicinal plants
: and roots.
ROWAND & WALTON, Proprietors,
Wholesale and retail, No. 21 North SIXTH
street; or E. P. Lulu, Bloomsburg; M C
Grier, Danville; Peter Ent, Light street,
Rickets and Stewart, Orangeville ; Cyrus
Barton, Espytown ; J Schmick, Caltawissa;
M ti Shoemaker, Buckhorn.
C. W. ROBACK, Professor of Astrology
Astronomy Phrenology, and Geomancy, com
bined with CONJURATION froin Sweeden,
office No. G While Street New York City, of
fers his services to the citizens of Bloomsbuig.
He lies been consulted by ell the crowned beads
of Europe, and enjoys a higher reputation as an
Astrologer than any one living. Nativities cal
culatcd according to Geomancy—Ladies $3
Gentlemen $5, Persons at a distance can hav
their nativities draWn hy sending the date of the
day of their birth. All letters containing the
above fee will receive immediate attention, and
Nativities sent to any part of the world written
on durable paper; and he is prepared to make
U3e of his power by conjuration on any of the
> following topics; Courtship, advice given for
the successful accomplishment of a wealthy mar
ringe,- he has the power to redeem such fas are
given to the free use of the bottle; anu for all
cases of hazard, and for the recovery of stolen or
lost property, and the purchasing of lottery tick
ets. Thousands of the above named cases have
beendonr in thiscityand ila vicinity, and in the
United States, to the full satisfaction of all. 10,-
OUO Nativities ot Horoscopes have been cast du
ring the last four years while he'e. Letters
will answer every purpose, end will do as well as
to call in person, and the mail la now so safe
that persons need not fear to trust money through
lb Post Offico. Dr. Robsck receives from 500
to luOO letters monthly, and has never missed
All letters will he religiously attended to, if
prepaid. For more particulars cell at the office
of the "Star of tho North," and got en Astrolo.
gical Almanac gratis.
C. W. ROBACK, Na, 6 White street,
New York City.
lie particular to mention the Post-office coun
ty and State. All communications kept retig
ously secret.
Fire Insurance.
THE Delaware Mutual Safety Insurance
Comoany, have appointed the undersigned
an Agent, to mako insurances in Columbia
county. The Company is in good credit,and
is conducted upon sound principles. Persons
insured by the Company are entitled to the
rights of membership therein, are elegible
as Directors of tlio Corporation, but without
•any individual liability for the losses or expenses
of the Company. The amount of premium
and policy paid when insured is the extent
of liability. Persons desirous of effecting
an insurance upon property, can call upon
the undersigned, at his Office in Bloomsburg.
May 22, 1850.
the Tnie Digestive Fluid , or Gastric Juice ! A
great Dyspepsia Curer, prepared from Ren
et, or the fourth Stofftach of the Ox, after
direction of Baron Licbig, the great Physi
ological Chemist, by J. S. Houghton, M. D.,
No. 11 North Eighth Street, Philadelphia,
Pa. This is a truly wonderful remedy for
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver Com
plaint. Constipation, and Debility, curing
after Nature's own method, by Nature's own
agent, the Gastrfc Juice. See Advertisement
II another column.
Wonderful News!
Just received at:d for sale by the subscri
ber a "Journal of the sufferings and
hardships of Parker H. French's Overland
Expedition to California, which left New
York city May 13 1850, and landed at San
Francisco Dec. 14," by William Miles of
Carlise, Pa. All lovers of California news,
will call soon and buy, as we have but a few
copies of this highly interesting work on
May 22, 1851
proper and desirable forms, Utr sale at the
Ofioe the "Star of the North."
Faucy Paper,
Envelopes, Pens, ink, Writing sand. &c.
can be found at the cheap Book store of
Guarantee Capital over SIOO,OOO
Surplus Cash " 25,000
ritlllS Company has been doing business
A übout ten months and bos accumulated
nn earned enpitulof over $125,000 above all
losses and expenses with a surplus of ovci
$25,000 on hand.
The premiums are as low as any good and
responsible company.
The directors confine themselves to the sa
fest class of property, and no risk to exceed
$2500 in one locality, (with a few excep
tions.) The profits arc wholly divided to the
memDers, which offers (owners of sale prop
erty.) inducements over most companies in
the .State.
John P. Rutherford, John B. Packer,
Albert J, Gillelt, Philo C Sedgwick,
Samuel T. Jones, Alonzo A. Carrier,
Robert Klotz,
J. P. RUTHERFORD, President,
A. J. GILLETT, Secretary.
R. W. WEAVER. Agent, Bloomiburg.
The Directors have the liberty to refer to
the following gentlemen:
Hon. A. L. Russell, Secretary of Common
Hon John Lnpolke, late Snfvefor General.
James A Weir, Escp, Cashier of Harrisburg
Robt. J. Ross, Esq., Cashier Dauphin Depos
ite Bank.
John M. Bickel, Esq , Stale Treasurer.
A. J. Jones, Esq , P. M., Harrisburg.
Col. Israel Painter, Canal Commissioner.
Messrs. Jno. Wallower & Son, Commission
Merchants, Harrisburg,
John H. Brant, Esq., Commission Merchant,
Bloomsburg, June 25th, 1851.
Price Reduced!
Large Bottles —Only Olio Dollar.
The Proprietor or the Great American Remedy •• VAUGHN'S
urgent solicitations of liia A genu, throughout the United
States and Canada, h&a now
Reduced the Price
of his popular and well known artiele; and from this date,
henceforth, he will put up but ouo size only, —hie quart
bottles: the retail price will be
The may rett aMured that the character of the Medi
cine, its strength, and curative properties WILL REMAIN
LNCHANQRD, and the same care will be bestowed in pre
paring it as heretofore.
As this medicine, under its reduced price, will be pnrchnsed
by those who have not hitherto made themselves acquainted
with its virtues, the proprietor would beg to intimate that bis
luticle is not to be chum-d with the vast amount of " Remedies
of the day it claims for ilself a greater healing potter, in
all diseases, than any other preparation note before the
tear Id; and bos sustained itself for eight rears by its scperiot
medical virtues, and, until this reduction, commanded double
the price of any other article in this line.
NOTICE PARTICULARLY, this article aots with great beu
iug power and certainty, upon tlie
Blood, Liver, Kidneys, Lungs
and all other organs, upon the proiicr action of which life and
health depend.
This mediates has a justly high repute as a remedy for
Dropsy and Gravel,
and all diseases of that nature. It may be relied npon when
the intelligent phyeician has abandoned his patient,— and for
these distressing diseases, core especially DROPSY, the propri.
etor would earnestly and honestly recommend It. At its
present price It is easily obtained by all, and the trial will prove
{ the article to be the
Cheapest Medicine in the World!
ty Pleaxe ask fur pamphlet* the agent* five them away
they contain over sixteen page* of receipt*, (in addition to Atl
medical matter) valuable for hourehoh! pnrpoeee, and whici
will rave many dollar* per year to practical houeeltaeitcra.
Tltese ret pints are introduced to make rite hook of stent
value, aside from it* character aa an advertiains medium ft*
the medicine, the teetimony in favor of which, in the form ot
letter* from all parte of the country, may be relied upon.
rv *■ Vaof hn'l Vegetable I.ithontriptic Mixture" the
Ureal American Remedy, now for **!* in ituart botllea at SI
each, email hollies at SO eta each. No small bottles wiU he
issued after |he prefect stock is disposed of.
Principal Office, Buffalo, N. Y., 207 Main Street,
Sold Wholesale and Retail by OLCOTT McKESSON A
CO., 127 Maiden Lane, New York City.
N. R.—AU lettes* (excepting from agetlts and dealer* witn
whom he transects business) must be post paid, or no attention
j will be given to tliem.
AGENTS.—E. P. LUTZ, Bloomsburg ; 0.
F Moore, Danville; Jno. W. Friling, Sun
bury, M A M'Cay, Northumberland; John
Sharpless, Caltawissa; J K Millard, Espv
town ; A. Miller Berwick ; Charles Seybert-
Beach (javen.Oct. 31, 1850.-ly
New Spring and Summer Goods*
11HE subscriber announces that he has
just received and opaned a new and
general assortment of
Spring and summer Goods,
at his old stand on Main stieet, to which he
invites the attention of every person desiring
His stock includes
of all styles and prices; and he has a care
fully selected stock of
ymirayy. Q£>.<3i(3DC£lS3 0
Hosiery and Gloves,
which he will sell at the lowest prices for
cash ot counlry produce.
Bloomsburg, April 30, 1850.
Of Spring and Siintmc r
CE> CE> EE> S3
Which they offer to their old patrons and
new ones at the best of bargains. They can
be found at their old stand on Main and
Market slreets, and their stock will be found
to be selected with care, arid to embrace
every kind of gocds fashionable and de
sirable for the season. They have Fiench,
English and American cloths, cassimeres,
satinets and jeans for men's wear, and u va
riety of Lawns and Gingham's of the most
fashionable styles for ladies. They have also,
Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, Cedar
ware, Hats and Caps, and, in short, every
thing usually kept in a country store.
Iy Call and see that we do sell cheap
for cash or couutry produce.
Bloomsburg, April 23d, 1851.
RESPECTFULLY announces to the citi
izens of Oloomsburg in general and his
old patrons in particular, besides the rest of
mankind, that lie has again opened his tai
lor-shop whore he will be pleased to furnish
the best of clothing, cut according to the la
test fashions, and made in tho best manner.
He receives the city fashions, apd feels cer
tain that his work will look well and wear bet
His shop is on main street of Bloomsburg
next door below Lutz'a Drug store.
In' pay for work, he will take cash, store
order, or even'GOLD DOLLARS.
Bloomsburg Nov. 21, 1850.
For !i© Curli of
In offering to the community this juitly pel
elirited remedy fur diseases of tho throat and
lungs, it is not our wieh to trifle with the lives
or health of the afllictrd, but Darkly to lay be
fore them tho opinions of distinguished inen 3f
some of the evidences of ite succers. fro
which they can judge for themselves. We sin
cerely pledge ourselves to mako no wild ssser
lions or false statements of itv efficacy, nor will
we bold out any hope to suffering humanity
which fao's will not warrant.
Many proofs are here given, and we solicit an
inquiry from the public into all we publish, fee
iingasiered they will And them perfectly rtlia
hie, and the medicine worthy the;i best ccnii
dence and patronage.
PROP. CLEVELAND, of Bowdoin ol
lege, Maine,
Writes—"l hare witnessed ffw effort* of your
'CHERRY PECTORAL' in my own family
and that of my friends, and it gives roe satis
faction to state in ite favor that no medicine I
hive ever known has proved ao emiuently suc
cessful in euiing diseases of the throat and
Writes—"That ho considers 'Cherry Pectoral'
the best medicine for Pulmonary Affections ev
er given to tbe public,' and stales that "his
daughter after being obliged to keep the room
four months with a severe settled cough accom
panied by raising of blood, night sweats, and
the attendant symptoms of Consumption, com
menced the use ef the 'Cherry Pectoral,' and
had completely recovered,"
f New ork say s. "1 have been u grcut suffer
er with IJruncbelii, and hut for the use of the
'CHEURT PXCTUHAL' might havo continued to
be so for many years to conic, but that has cured
me and I BIU happy to baar testimony to its cfl.
From such testimony we ask the public to
judge for themselves,
Dr, Ayer—DearSir; For two years I was
filleted with <i very seveie cough, accompanied
V spitting of blood and profuse night sweats,
ty the advice of my attending physician I was
nduced to nse your tiherry Pectaral, and con
tinue.! to do so till I considered myself cured,
and ascribe the effect to your preparation,
Hamden ss. Springfield, Nov. 27. 1848,
This duy appeared the above named James
Randall, and pronounced the above statement
true in every respect.
POIITLANI), Me , Jan. 10,1847.
Dr. Ayer; 1 have been long afflicted with
ABlhma which grew yearly worse until Inst au
tumn, it bjought on a cough which confined me
in my chamber; aud began to assume the alarm
ing symptoms of consumption. 1 had tried the
best advice nd the best medicine to no purpose,
until I used your Cherry Pectoral, which has
cuied me, and you may well believe me. Gra'e.
ullv yours, J. D, FHELI'N,
If tbore is any value in the judgment of the
wise, who spexk from experience, here is a med
icine worthy of the public confidence,
Prepareil by J. C. flyer, Lowell.
Mass., Sold by E P LUTZ, B.oomsbnrg
A B WILSON, Berwick
Jan, 1G,1851.-4m.
Standard Medicines,
The following unequalled scries of Family
Medieines may to depended npoor with the ut
most confidence, Thuy have the approbation
of the beet physicisne 10 the country, and are
recommended by all who have used them as
superior to any family medicines known.
They liuvo been been before the Public For
Five Years, daring which time mure than
5,000 certificates have been received from emi
nent public men and others, and are now on file
in the Company's Olfrcc.
Tliey are Compounded with the ut
most cute and skill, and the ingredients are thor
oughly tested by scientific chemists, so that
medicines of a uniform and reliable quality are
guaranteed in all cases.
The Uriefenherg VEOKTABLK PILLS, Are par
ticularly valuable for the prevention and cure
of Fevers in general, all Billious aire f.iver Com
plainta, Jaudicc, General Debility, Common and
Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Heart Uuin, Cos
tivencas, Griping, Urinary Diseases, Obstruc
tions of the Menses. Influenza, Aalhnia, and for
a variety of other Chronic Diseases; in Ufin
for all orJinary family uses.
Full directions for the various Disea
ses accompany each box, I'rice 25 cts.
a box.
The Graefciiberg Dysentery
Syrup. A speedy and infallible remedy in
Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Bloody Flux, Cholera
Morbus, Cholera Infantum, und tho Asiatic
Cholera, if taken with the first symptoms, viz .
vomiting and diarrhoea. It never fails to cure
the worst possible caees of bowel complaints,
generally in a lew hours, seldom beyond a day.
It is Puiely Vegetable, at d taken in almoat any
quantity is perfectly harmless.
The Giacfrnberg Green Mountain
Ointment. Invaluable for Burns, Wounds,
Sprains, Ghillblains, Corns, Sores, Swellings of
all kinds, Khenmatism, Krysipulas, Bronchitis
Scrofula, 1 leers. Pains in the Side and Hack'
immediatey relieved, inflammation of the Bow
els, and for all caaca where there it inflammation.
A Complete band-book of medicine for fami
lies. Price 50 cents.
Office 214 Broadway, N. Y.
The public Is requested to bear in mind that
everything prepared by the Gcaefenbeig Com
pany has their seal upon it.
Spurious articles have been issued closely re
sembling the genuine in every particular eicept
tho aeal, and the utmost care should be observed
before purchasing.
AGENTS, — Thomas Ellis, and E.
P. Lutz, Bloomsburg; Benjamin Bri
ber, Cattawissa, Peter Ent, Light
Btoomsburg, Jan. 23, 1851-om.
Invites'the attention oi the fashionable in
Light Street to huslsie of cutting garments
He makes them in the best and most tasty
manner, and can Can ensure satisfaction in
his warkynpnihip-
He receives the latest fashions, And when
cutting onlp is desired, the "work is marked
carefully lot lhe maker.
EVATI kinds of countrmproducLAal3en
exchage for work. '
IP 23 IP® EST 8'
A Gteat Dyspepsia curer, Prepared from
RENNET,or the fourth Stomach of the Ox,
after directions of llaron Liebig, the great
Physiological Chemist, by J. S. Houghton,
M. D., No.ll, Notth Eighth Street, Phila
delphia, PB.
This is a truly wonderful remedy for Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia, Jaudiea, Liver
plaint, Constipation, and Debility, Curing
after Nature's own method, by Nature s owu
agenf, tho Gastric Juice.
C9~ Half a spoontul of this Fluid, infused
in water, will digest or dissolve, Five Pounds
rf Roast Beef in about two hours, out of tho
Digestion is Chielly performed in the
stumaqh by the aid of a fluid which freely
: exudes from the inner coat of that organ,
When in a state ol health, called the Gastric
Juice. This fluid is the Great solvent of tho
Food, the Purifying, Preserving, and Stimula
ting Agent of the stomach and intonstinen.
Without it there will be no digestion,—no
conversion of food into blood, and no nu
trition of the body; but rather a foul, torpid.,
painful, and destructive condition of tho
whole digestive apparatus. A weak, half
dead, or injured stomach produces no good
Gastric Juice, and hence the dis
roes and debility which evrtl._
PEPSIN AMI RENNET.—Pepsin is the chl'e
element, or great Digesting Principle of the
Gastric. Jujce. It is found in great abun
dance In the solid parts of the human stom
ach after de ith, and sometimes causes the
stomach to digest itself, or eat i'solf up. It
is also found in the stomach of animals, a
the ox, call", &c. It is the material used by
farmer* in making cheese, called Rennet,
the • fleet of which has long been the spe
cial wonder of tho dairy. The curtflittg of
milk is the first process of digestion. Ren
net possesses astouishi' g power. The stnm
ach of a call will curdle nearly one thou
sand times its own weight of milk. Bare
Liebig states that, 'One part of Pepsin dtw
solved in sixty thousand parts of water, wit
digest meat and other food," Diseased
stomachs produce no good Gastric Juice
Rennet or Pepsin. To show that this want
may be pfirleclly supplied, we quote the
scientific evidence?
BARON LIKBIC, in Lis celebraleil work on
nimal Clirmislry, ta ys : "An Artificial Di
eslivo Fluid analago lis to the Gastric Juice,
may be readily prepared from the nucous
gmembrane of the stomach of ihe Call,
which various articles of food, as meat anil
eggs" will be softened, changed, and diges
ted, Just in the same manner as they would
be in the human slomadt."
Dr. Pereira m his famous treatise on
"Food and Diet," published by Fowlers &
Wells, New York, page 35. states the same
great fact, and describes the method of prep
aration. There aro few higher authorities
than Dr. Pereira.
Dr Combe, in his valtfable writings on
die "Physiology of Digestion," observe
hat "a diminution of the due quantity o
he Gastric Juice is a prominent and all-pru
ailingcause of Dyspepsia"' and he stale,
that "a distinguished professor of medicine
in London, who wae severely afflicted vtih
this complaint, finding every thing else to
fail, had recourse to the Gastric Juice, ob
! tuined from the stomach of living animals
which proved completely successful."
Dr. Graham, amber ef the famous work
on "Vegetable Diet," says: "it is a remar
kable fact in physiology, that the stomachs
of animals, macerated in water, impart to
the Uuid the property of dissolving various
articles of food, and of effecting a kind of
artificial digestion of them in n wise dif
ferent from the natural digestive process."
Dr. Simon's great work, the "Chemistry
of Man," (Ltmb Blanrhard, Phila.. JB-16,
pp. 321-2): "The discovery of PEPSIN
fo ms a uow era iu the chemical history of
Digestion. From recent experiments wer
know that food is dissolved as rapidly in an
artificial digestive fluid, prepared from Pep
sin, as it lean die natural Gastric Juice it
self." I
Professor Dunghson of the Jefferson Col
lege, Philadelphia, in his great work on Hit
man Physiology, devotes more than fifty
pages to an examination of this subject,
llis experiments with Dr. Beaumont, on th
Gastric Juice, obtained from the living hu
man stomach and from animals are well
knowi:. "lit all cases," he says, "digestion
occurred at perfectly in the artificial as lha
natural digestions."
As a DYSPEPSIA CURER, Dr Houghton'®
preparation of Pepsin has produced the
most marvellous effects, curing case# of De
bility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and
dispeptic Consumption, supposed to be on
the very verge of the grave. It is imposs
ble to give the details of eases in the limit
of this advertisement—but authenticate
certificates have been of more than two hun
dred liemorkable Cures, in Philadelphia, Net*
York, and Boston alone. These we're
nearly all desperate cases, and the euros
were not only rapid aud wonderful, but per
It is a great Nervous Antidote, and par
ticularly useful for tendency to blltious dis
order, Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, ov
badly treated Fever and Ague, and the ev
il effects of Quinine, Mercury, and other drug
upon the D.geslive organs, after a long sick
ness. Also, for excess in eating, and the
too free use of ardent spirits. It almost rec
onciles Health willt Intemperance.
form of Old Stomach Complaints which no
does not seem to reach and remove at one ifc
No matter how bad they may be, it givee
Instont Jielief I A single dose removes als
the unpleasant symptoms, and it only needs
to be repeated, for, a short time, to make
these good affects permanent. Purity of
Blood and Vigor, of Body, follow at once. It.
is particularly excellent in cases of Nausea
Vomting, Cramps, Soreness of the pit of
the Stomach, distress after eating, low, cold
state ol the Blood, Heaviness, Lowress of
Spirits, Despondency, Emaucialion, VVeak
ess, tendency to Insanity, Suicide, &c.
Price, ONE DOLLAR per bottle. Ono
bottle wilt often effect a.lasting cure..
I?" Suit by Mail Free of Pontage..
For convenience of sending to all parts o
the country, the I igestiveMaPerof the Pep
sin is put up in the form of Powders, with
directions to be dissolved in water or syrup,
by the patient. These powders contain just
the same matter as the bottles, but twice the
quantity for the same price, and will be sen
by mail, Free of Postage, for One Dollar sent
(post-paid) to DrJ S Houghton, No 11 North
Eighth street Philadelphia, Pa.
Six packages for five dollars. Every
package and bottle bears the written signa
ture of J S HOUGHTON, M D., Sole ttoprie
Sold by agents in every town in the Uni
ted States, and by respectable dealers in
Medicities generally.
Ageuts for Bloomsburg, JOHN R. MOV
ER, E. P. uirrz.
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