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    BfAR OF Till NORTH.
Uloomoburg, Thursday, Sept. 4, 1851.
JOHN B. GIBSON) of Cumberland,
* ELLIS LEWIS, oj Lancaster,
JEREMIAII 8. BLACK) of Somerset,
WALTER 11. LOWRIE, of Allegheny,
JAMES CAMPBELL, of Philadelphia.
M. E. JACKSON Esq., of Berwick.
Tit B. RUPERT of Bloomsburg,
STEPHEN BALBV of Cattawissa,
JACOB EYERLY of Bloomsburg.
JESSE G. CLARK cf Bloomsburg.
i ISAIAH JOHN of Cattawissa.
. ROBERT H. ARTHUR cf Bloomsburg.
We give this week, at length, tho pro
. cecdings of the Democratic County Con
. vention of Monday last, and of tho Repre
sentative Conferenco of yesterday, at Catta
wissa. We have neither time nor room for
many comments, but will hereafter speak of
the nominations in detail. The ticket is be
fore the people of the county; let it be sup
ported from top to bottom with energy and
in good faith to the parly and its organiza
tion. The men whoso names are upon the
ticket deserve support from their position as
■regular nominees, and must alt be triumph
antly elected.
M. E. Jnckson Esq.
This gentleman, who has just been nomi
nated for Assembly, will be elected by a
' heavy majority and will be an able and
faithful representative of the people. Uo
has not pushed himself forward, nor in
trigued in any direction or with any interest,
and can therefore defy all assaults or cavils
with reference to his nomination. He de
serves a hearty support, and will receive it.
ty The North Branch Democrat wittily
announces under the hymenial record tho
marriage by the "Sage of Wheatland" of
Christopher L Ward Esq., to Hon. David
.Wilmot both of Towanda.
ty On last Monday several ladies in ,
Bloomer costume paraded Chestnut street in
Philadelphia. They were escorted by gen
tlemen, and the boys brought tip the rear.
13" A new Post Office has been estab- ,
lislied in Luzerne county to be addressed
• "Moscow"—Thomas Defew Postmaster.
ty The Court of Quarter Session—Judge
PARSONS— has decided in the case of the
. Pennsylvania Railroad, aflei full argument (
of counsel, that the $2,000,000 of stock held
by Philadelphia was not liable to taxation.
Texas Election.
GALVESTON, Aug 22 —The returns of the '
late election have nearly all been received.
Peter H. Bell Democrat, is probably re -elec
ted Governor by 1000 majority over all his
competitors, and James W. Henderson, Lieut
Governor, by 2000 plurality. Richardson
Scurry is elected to Congress in the Eastern
District, probably, though not certain ; and
Volney E. Howard re-elected iu tho Second
District by a small majority.
ty The inimitable Signor Blitz, it is ex
pected, will give an entertaining concert in
this town on next Saturday afternoon, and
another in the evening. Evorybody except
the man who don't tako the papers, has a
thousand times heard of tho wonderful ma
jician. and everybody and*4tis wife will gtt
and see him
w Collectors Office Reach Haven,
SEPEEMBER 1, 1851.
R. VV. Weaver Esq., Dear Sir :
The following statement shows
v4!ie collections of Canal Tolls at this office.
Am't per last report $69,134,39
" Collected in month ending
Aug. 34st 1851, 22,030,18
" Since Nov. 30th 1850, $9 1,164,57
" Same limo last year, 74,243,32
Increase over last year, $16,921,25
iy Our friendly, sentimental and poetic
correspondent "Vitality Jane" must send us
her address.
iy The Bigler Club will meet in the
Court-house in Bloomsburg on next Friday
evening at early candle-light
OF He that shows his passions, tells his
. enemy where In hit him
Democratic County Convention.
The Democratic delegates of Columbia
county convention met in County convention
at the court-house in Bloomsburg on Mon
day noon, September let 1851, and was cal
led to order by Isaac S. Monroe, upon
whose motion
Of Mifflin, was chosen President, and AL
On motion the following delegates thon
presented credentials and took their seats.
Beaver. —Christian Shuman, John Shuman.
Benton. —Nicholas P. Moore, Richard
Bloom. —Robert B. Arthur, Thomas J. Mor
Briarcrcck. —Mordicai W. Jackson, David
Cattawissa. —lsaac S. Monroe, Solomon
Centre. —John Hill, John Workheiser.
Fishingcrcek. —Elias M'Henry, Henry Bit
Greenwood. —Jacob Evans, Johnson 11.
Hemlock. —Jacob Harris, Franklin M'Bride.
Jackson. —David Remelly, John Savage.
Madison. —Benjamin Wintersteen, John
Maine —Daniel Reinbold, John Nuss.
Montour —John G. Quick, Elias Deifrich.
Mountpleasant.— William J. Ikeler, Wil
liam Howell.
Mifflin. —John Keller, Charles H. Huss.
Orange —Alfred Howell, John B. kslgar.
Roaringcrcek. —Geo. W. Dreisbach, Phil
ip Cool.
Sugatloaf. —Jacob 11. Fritz, Aaron Lowis.
From Roaringcreek there were two sets of
delegates—Geo. W. Dreisbach nnd Adam
Gable chosen at ono place, and Philip Coot
and Daniel Raitig elected at another. Mr.
Jackson moved that Messrs Dreisbach and
Gable be admitted as delegatos. Mr. Cool
mado a statement of his and his colleagues
case, and Mr. Dreisbach then presentoil the
claims of Mi. Gtble and himself. Mr. Jack
son withdrew his motion and proposed that
Messrs. Dreisbach and Cool—one delegate
from each seat—be entitled to their seals,
and this was agreed to by tho convention.
On motion, the convention proceeded to
nominate a candidate for the legislature.
Wm J. lkuler nominated John S. Fullmer
of Limestone.
C. Shuman nominated M. E. Jackson of
Rob't B. Arthur nominated John Dcitrich
of Alonlour. .
Thos. J. Morris nominated William How
ell of Mountpleasant, but beforo a vote was
taken, at tho request of Mr. Howell widt
dtew his name. The vote stood.
| Fon FULLMER— Messrs Moore, Stiles, Mot
| ris, Monroe, J. H. Ikeler, Evans, Harris,
M'Bride, Remelly, Savage, Wintersleen,
Legget, Wm. Howoll, W. J. Ikeler, A. How
ell, Edgar, Fritz, and Lewis—lB.
Fon JACKSON —Messrs C. Shuman, J. Shu
man, M. W. Jackson, Shaffer, Workheiser,
Hill, M'Honry, Bittenbender, Reinbold, Nuss
Keller and Dreisbach—l2.
FOR DEITTERICII —Messrs Arthur, Helwig,
Deilletich, Quick, Hess and Cool—6. •
Neither candidate having a majority of
all the votes cast, the convention proceeded
to the Second Vote.
Foil FOLLMER —Messrs Moore, Stiles,
Morris, Arthur, Monroe, J. H. Ikeler, Evans,
Harris, M'Bride, Reinelly, Savage, Winter
sleen, Legget, Deitlerich, Quick, Wm. How- 1
ell, W. J. Ikeler, A. Howell, Edgar, Fritz,
and Lewis—2l.
FOR JACKSON —Messrs C. Shuman,
J. Shuman, Jackson, Shaffer, Helwig,
Workheiser, Hill, M'Henry, Bitlenbender,
Reinbold, Nuss, lless, Keller, Dreisbach and
So JOHN S. FOLLMER was declared the
choice of the Convon tion for Assembly.
Mr. Monroe nominated Peter Boditie as a
Representative couferee to meul conferees
from Montour.
Elias M'Henry moved that Col. Hiram R.
Kline be another conferee, and Messrs Bo
diite and Kline were agreed to as conferees.
Mr. Harris moved to reconsider the rote
by which conferees were chosen.
After some discussion in which Messrs
Jackson and Monroe participated, on motion
of Mr. Monroe, the convention proceeded to
vote on the question whether there should
be confereess or not, with the following re
YEAS —Messrs Mooro, Morris, Arthur, C.
Shuman, J. Shuman, Jackson, Shatler, Mon
roe, Helwig, Hill, Workhoiser, J, 11. Ikeleri
Kvans, Harris, M'Bride, Remelly, Savage:
Reinbold, Nuss, Quick, VV. Howell, W. J-
Ikeler, Hers, Keller, Dreisbach, Cool and
NAYS —Messrs Stiles, M'Henry, Bittenben
der, Wialersleeu, Legget, Deitlerich, A.
Howell, Edaar and Lewis—9.
On motion it was then
Resolved, That M. E. Jackson and Levi
L. Tate are hereby appointed Judicial Con
ferees in connexion with Conferees from
Wyoming Luzerne and Montour, to nomi
nate a candidate for President Judge of this
judicial district.
Tho convention then procoeded to nom
inate candidates for Associate Judgo.
Mr. Monroe moved that tho convention
first nominate one Judge on tho south side
of the river which was lost.
Mr. M'Henry nominated George Mack of
Mr. Arthur nominated L. B. Rupert of
Mr. Moore nominated John Kline of Ben
Mr. Savage Isaac Dewitt ol
Mr. Monroe nominated Stephen Baldy of
Mr. Harris nominated John M'Reynolds of
Hemlock. •
The name of Mr. M'ReynoMs was with
drawn, and the vote stood.
FOR RUPERT —Messrs Moore, Stiles, Mor
ns, Arthur, Shaffer, Monroe, Helwig, Hill,
Werkheiser, J II Ikeler, Evans, Harris, Mc-
Brido, Remelly, Savage, Wintersteen, Leg
get, Deittericii, Quick, Wm. Howell, Wra J
Ikeler, Hess, A Howell anil Lewis—24.
FOR BALDY— Messrs Arthur, C Shuman, J
Sbuman, Jackson, Monroe, Helwig, Harris,
M'Bride, Deitterich, Quick, Reinbold, Nusa,
Wm Howell, Hess, Keller, Edgar, Cool and
FOR DEWlTT —Messrs Morris, Hill, Shaf
fer, M'Henry, Uillenbender, J. H. lkler,
F.vans, Savage, Wintersleen, Legget, Wm J
Ikele%A ttoweil, Edgar, Cool, Dreisbacb,
Fflßpuid Lewis—lß.
Fou MACK —Messrs Jackson, Shaffer, M'-
Henry, Bitlenbender, Keller and Remelly-7.
Foil DAVIS— -Messrs C Slturnan, J Shuman)
Reinbold, Nuss and Workhciser—s.
FOB KLlNE —Messrs Moore and Stiles—2.
So LEONARD B. RUPERT was declared
nominated for one of the Associate Judges.
Upon a second voto the result was as fol
lows :
FOB BALDY— Messrs C Shuman, J Shuman
Monroe, Helwig, Werkheiser, Hill, Harris,
M'Bride, Reinbold, Nuss, Deitteric'n, Quick,
Wm. Howell, Hess, Keller, Dreisbach and
Cool—l 7.
FOB DEWlTT —Messrs Morris, Arthur, Shaf
fer, J H Ikeler, Evans, Remelly, Savage:
Wintersleen, Legget, Ikeler, A. Howell, Ed
gar and Lewis—l 3.
FOR MACK —Messrs Jackson', M'Henry,
Bitlenbender, and Fritz—4.
Fon KLlNE —Messrs Moore and Stiles—2.
There being no choice, the convention
proceeded to a third vote which stood—
Fon BALDY —Messrs C Shuman, J. Shu
man, Jackson, Shaffer, Monroe, Helwig,
Werkheiser, Hill, Harris, Mcßride, Reinbold
Nuss, Deittcrich, Quick, Wm Howell, Hess,
Keller, Dreisbach, and Cool—lo.
FOB DEWlTT —Messrs Moore, Stiles, Mor
ris, Arthur, M'Henry, Bittenbendcr, J. H.
Ikeler, Evans, Remelly, Savage, Legget,
Wintersleen, W. J. Ikeler, A. Howell, Edgar
Fritz and Lewis—l 7.
So STEPHEN BALDY was declared nom
inated for Associate Judge.
The convention then procodod to nomi
nate a candidate for County Treasurer.
Mr. Jackson nominated Samuel Creasy of
A. Howell nominated Joint Schmick ol
The vote stood—
FOR CREASY —Messrs Stiles, Moore, Mor
ris, C. Shuman, J Shuman, Jackson, Shaffer,
Werkheiser, M'Henry, Bitten bender, Evans,
Ikeler, Harris, M'Bride, Wintersleen, Leg
get, Ikeler, Keller, Hess, Fritz, and Lewis—
FOR ScttsncK—Messrs. Arthur, Monroe,
Helwig, Hill, Remelly, Savage, Reinbold)
Nuss, Deiltcrick, Quick, W. Howell, A How
ell, Edgar, Dreisbach and Cool—ls.
So Samuel Creasy was declared nomina
ted for County Treasurer.
The Convention then proceeded to nomi
nate a candidate for Prothonolary.
Robt. B. Arthur nominated Jacob Eyerly
of Bloomsburg.
A. Howell nominated A. W. Kline of Fish
The vote stood as follows :
Shuman, J. Shuman, Jackson, Shaffer, Mon
roe, Holwig, Werkheiser, Hill, J. Harris, M'.
Brido, Reinbold, Nuss, Wintersleen,
Deilterick, Quick, W. Howell, Wm. J. Ike
ler, Hess, Keller, Dreisbach, Cool, Lewis—
FOB KLlNE —Messrs. Moore, Stiles, Mc-
Honry, Biltlenbendor, J. H. Ikeler, Evans,
Remelly, Savage, A. Howoll, Edgar, Fritz—
So Jacob Eyerly was declared nominated
for Prothonolary.
The Convention then proceeded to nomi
nate a candidate for Register.
Robt. B. Arthur nominated Jesse G. Clark
of Bloomsburg.
A. Howell nominated Daniel Leo of
The vole stood :
FOR CLARK —Messrs. Morris, Arthur. C.
Shuman, J Shuman, Jackson, Shafler, Mon
roe, Helwig, Werkheiser, Hill, Harris, Mo-
Bride, Reinbold, Nuss, Deilterick, Quick,
Wm. Howell, Wm. J. Ikeler, Hess,
Dreisbach and C 001—22.
FOB LEE —Messrs. Moore, Stiles, McHen
ry, Bittenbender, J. H. Ikeler, Evans, Remel
ly, Savage. Legget, Wintersteen, A. Howell,
Edgar, Fritz and Lewis—l 4.
So Jesse G. Clark was declared nominated
for Register.
Tito Convention tlien proceeded to nomi
nate a candidate for County Commissioner
to serve three years.
Mr. Jackson nominated Andrew Freas of
Mr. Bittenbender nominated Jacob Hagen
buch ot Centre.
The vole stood—
FOR FREAS —Messrs. Morris, Arthur, J.
Shuman, Jackson, Shaffer, Monroo, Werk
heiser, Hill, Harris, Mcßride, Remelly, Sav
age, Nuss, Quick, W. Howell, Wm. Ikeler
Hess and Keller—lB.
FOR HAOENDUCII —Messrs. Moore, Stiles,
C. Shuman, Helwig, Mcllenry, Bittenbender,
J. H. Ikeler, Evans, Winlersleer, Legget,
Deilterick, lteinbold, Howell, Edgar, Dreis
bach, Cool, Fritz and Lewis—lB.
There being a tie the convention took an
other rote which stood
For Andrew Freas 21 votes.
For Jacob Hagenbuch 15 votes.
So Andrew Froas was declared nominated
for Commissioner.
Mr. Montoe then moved that Isaiah John
of Cattawissa be unanimonsly declared the
Democratic nominee lor County Commis
sioner, to serve or.e yeat, which was agreed
The convoution then proceeded to nomi
nate a candidate for County Auditor.
Wm. Howell of Mountpleasant was nam
ed and declined.
Isaac S. Monroe of Cattawissa was named
and declined.
Alfred Howell of Orange was and
Robert B. Arthur of Bloomsburg was nam
ed and unanimously nominated.
On motion of M- W. Jackson the follow
ing persons wore chosen the Democratic
Standing Committee for the ensuing year:—
Charles H. Dccbler, Emhniicl Lazarus, John
Schmick, Frankliu Ivlcßride and David Shaf
The following resolutions were then offer
ed and adopted : 0
Resolved, That we heartily endorse the
nomination of Col. WM. BIGLER, as made
by the Reading Democratic State Conven
tion, for Governor of Pennsylvania, and that
of Gen. SETU CLOVER, for Canal Commis
sioner,'and vl give thein our cordial sup
port at the cOQltrig General Election.
Resolved, That we AV ill yield an unwaver
ing support to the nomination of our Judicial
Democratic Ticcet, under the banner of Jer
emiah S. Black, James Campbell, Ellis Lew
is, John B. Gibson, and Walter H. Lowrie.
for Judges of the Supreme Court. .
Resolved, That with Col. Bigler, our able
standnrd bearer in Pennsylvania, we go for
the Union and the Constitution, and all the
Compromise measures of the last Congress, as
the only hope of our political safety and the
perpetuation of our glorious National Union.
The following report on rules was then
presented by the President.
To ihc Democratic County Convention.
The undersigned appointed at the last
County Convention to prepare some rules
for the regulation of nominations hereafter,
and report tne same to this Convention, do
report the following 12 Rules lor your con
They conform in most respects to the usa
ges of the party as heretofore existing, and
we have endeavored to make them concise
and intelligible.
A slight change in the time of holding the
annual conventions, as contemplated in the
first rule, is rendered necessary by the fact
that the Court House will hereafter be occu
pied by the courts on the first Monday of
September and lor some time afterwards.
I. The annual County Conventions shall
be held at the Court House in Bloomsburg,
on the last Monday of August at one P. M.;
and the Delegate Elections Bhall be held on
the Saturday previous at the places of hold
ing the general elections in the several elec
tion districts, between the hoursof three and
seven o'clock in the afternoon.
11. The Delegate Elections shall be by
ballot and each general election district shall
be entitled to two delegates.
111. The Delegate Elections shall be
held and conducted by n Judge and Clerk,
to be selected by the Democrats in atten
dance, and the said officers shall keep a list
of voters and tally of votes counted, to be
sent by them to the convention with their
certificate of the result of the election.
IV. All cases of disputed seats in Con
ventions Bhall be disposed of openly by vote
after hearing the respective claimants and
their evidence.
V. All Delegate must reside in the Dis
trict they represent. In case of an absent
Delegate he may depute another, if ho fail
to do so his colleague in attendance may
substitute for him. In other cases the Con
vention may fill up the representation from
citizens of (he District in attendance.
VI. The voting in Conventions shall be
open, and any two members may require
the yeas and nays on any question pending.
VIL Special Conventions may be called,
when necessary, by the Standing Commit
tee, tire proceeding of which shall conlorm
to these rules.
VIII. All county nomination!, and all ap.
pointments of Conferees and of Delegates
to State Conventions, shall be made in Coun
ty Convention.
IX. The Standing Committee bhall be
five in number, one of whom ehaU reside at
in county seal, and shall be chosen annual
ly in Convention. In case of vacancy the
Committee may fill up their number.
X. No member of the Legislature shall
be chosen by this county as a Delegate to a
State Convention during his term of office.
XI. In Conventions a majority of all the
votes given shall be necessary to a nomina
tion, and no persons name shall be peremp
torily stricken from the list of candidates un
til after the sixth vote, when the lowest name
shall be struck off and so on at each suc
cessive vote until a nomination is effected.
XII. None of these rales shall be altered,
or rescinded unless by a vote of two thirds
at a regular annual Convention.
The above report was, on motion, adopted j
and the convention then adjourned.
Gcoigc Chambers against the Liberty of
the Press.
When the State Reform Convention was
silting to amend the Constitution, a motion
was made to insert an amendment providing
that "in all prosecutions for libels, the TRUTH
may be given in evidenco to the jury; and
if that the matter charged as libellous is
TRUE, and was published with good motives
and for justifiable ends, the party shall be
acquitted, and the jury shall have the power
to determine the law and the fact." Here
is a plain principle of justice—a principle
absolutely necessary to the suppoit of truth
and human liberty—a principle to susfain
the liberty ol the Press, that great palladium
of the government. And yet George Cham
bers, now one of the Whig nominees for
Supreme Judge, voted against it!!!— See
Jour. Con. 2d vol. p. 476. Tho people will
vole against him.— Pennsylvanian.
ty The man who first introduced the
fanning mill into Scotland was denounced
as an Atheist—he was getting up gales of
wind whan Providence willed a calm I
idr An old bachelor, who edits a paper
somewhere in the western country, puta
"Melancholy Aooidenls" as a head for mar
riages in his paper.
LAND WARRANTS. —We learn from the
Washington Republican that the whole
number of land warrants already issued un
der the act of the 28th of September, 1850,
is thirty-eight thousand fivo hundred and
forty-five, and at that the Clerks in the Pen
sion Office are now engaged upon tho ca
ses presented from the 25th to tho 30th of
December, 1850. Thia is slow work, ten
months elapsed, and the work of only two
months of that period through with.
From the Pennsylvanian.
The Abolition Judicial Ticket.
That Jessup and Comly are Abolitionists
everybody knows. That Coulter is an Abo
litionist is manifested from his decision that
the owner of a fugitive slave could not main
tain an action in any Court of Pennsylvania
against the abolitionists who furcibly res
cued him from his master. Denying to our
southern fellow-citizens all remed) in our
Courts for injuries done by our citizens, is as
bad as denying them the benefit of our jails.
But how is it with Meredith and Cham
bers, the two remaining members of the
Whig Judicial ticket ? It is enough that
Meredith is the especial friend of the aboli
tion agitator, Gov. JOHNSTON. But our ob
ject is to state a few facts of record to prove
the Abolition propensities of Meredith and
Chambers. It wtll be remembered that they
were, both of them, members of the Con
vention to amend our Constitution in 1837-8.
On the 20lL January, 1838, a motion was
made to amend the Constitution, by provi
ding that "the Legislature may at any time
after the year 1800, by a law passod at two
successive unnual sessions, extended the
right of suffrage to such other persons, of
whatever color, and upon such conditions, as
to them may seem expedient." The yeas
and nays being called WILLIAM M. MEREDITH
voted in favor of this extraordinary measure to
make the Negro a voter equal with the white
man, and without the consent of the people.
[See Journal of Convention, vol. 2, pa<e
On the same day, a motion was made that
allpersonsoj color "shall be entitled !o the
rights of suffrage, provided that every such
person shall have been for three years a res
ident of the election district in which he
shall offer to vote, and shall have been
seized and possessed for one year next pre
ceding said election, of a freehold or the
value of two hundred dollars, clear of in
cumbrances, and shall have been rated and
paid a tax thereon."
The yeas and nays being called on agree
ing lo this amendment, WILLIAM M. MER
Whig candidtes for Supreme Judges, voted
in favor of the amendment, and, of course)
in lavor of allowing negroes to vrto at elec"
tions equally with whito men. The worst
part of this vote is that which requires a free
hold qualification of 200 dollars. This shows
the aristocratic feelings of these two men.
[Jonrnal of Convention, p. 332.]
On the next day, anbther motiop was
made to allow nesr.rbea to vote, provided
they possessed a freehold qualification worth
$250. On this motion both MEREDITH &
CHAMBERS again voted in favor of negro
amalgamation in the elective franchise, and
in favor of the freehold qualification of
$250. [See Journal of Convention;
333 ]
On the someday, n motion was made to
allow negroes to vote without the freehold qual
i heat ion, provided they could read and writs and
understand the contents of common books.
On this motion, GEORGE CHAMBERS, voted
in the negative —that is. he n wilting that
an ignorant negro who could neither read
nor write, should amalgamate with the
white people in the elective franchise, pro
vided he had a freehold wor:h $2OO or $250
But a poor negro who could read and write,
aad was enlightened enough to understand
semetniug of the nature of our Government,
was, in Judge Chambers' opinion, unfit to
vote. In his opinion, money, not intelli
gence, makes the man ; and money is so
important in his estimation, that $250 makes
a greasy negro equal at an election to the
free and intelligent while man. We go a
gainst the Abolition ticket, from beginning
to end, and every Democrat will do the
From the Mining Register.
The Present Money Pressure*
WITHIN the last year, the N. York banks
have been practising upon the tactics of Ni
cholas Riddle and the United States Bank.
Under their Banking system the currency
has been largely inflated, heavy imports
have been encouraged, extensive specula
tions were engaged in, anyl when the bank
loans had been increased from forty-two to
wore suddenly turned, and ALI DISCOUNTS
The increase of loans in New York city
from the closo of 1848 to the close of June,
1851—viz: during thirty months—was thir
ty million per month, paid out by the banks
more than they received.
For the last thirty months the banks have
seduously encouraged the creation of obli
gations to them, They have discounted
nearly $50,000 per day more than was paid
into them—that is to say, where they re
ceived $1,200,000 they paid out $1,250,000,
which involved a larger payment to them
at tho er.d of sixty days. Under these cir
cumstances, goods have been purchased
from notes and sold for other notes with
perfect facility.—Values have improved, pri
ces advanced, and trade been nominally
profitable. All at once, without sufficient
reason, the banks suddenly refuse to discount
and all the supposed profits of dealers are
sacraficed to meet obligations to the banks.
The notes which the merchants hold as cash
to apply to their obligations became valuless
at the mere bidding of a board ol directors.
Tho reason given is, that specie is too
freely exported, although the institutions
hold more than ever. The true motive is
however, to compel the merchants to pay
higher interest, which has advanced from
six per cent, to seven per cent.; and this
difference in the interest on the loans makes
a difference of two and a half per cent, up
on the bark capital, besides (ho profits
which the directors and their friends in the
secret may make by selling stock short and
purchasing goods.
E3 f So great was the prejudice against
the first burning of coal, that Parliament
passed an act prohibiting it, and in the time
of Edward I, a man was actually tried, con
victed, and executed for using the article,
which has new become one of the constit
uents of England's greatness
Execution of George I'hnronh.
This unfortunate youth, condemned to
death for the murder of Rachel Sharpies*,
suffered the penalty of his bloody crime
yesterday at about 2 o'clock P. M., in the
priion. yard at West Chester. The same gal
lows and the same rope that launched his
uncle JaSez Boyd into eternity, were used
for the mournful purpose. Many applica
tions werjuude to the Sheriff for permis
sion to wffness the execution, which of
course—and very properly—the law did not
allow him to gratify.
We learn from the Village Record, that
Aaron Sharpless, the father of the murdered
girl, visited George in his cell, on. Saturday
last. He said in reply to George's request
to be forgiven, that it was the duly of all to
forgive and forget injuries—that he freely
forgave while it was not possible to forget-
George was entirely cool and self-possessed
Ai ion asked George why he did the deed,
and whether he had loaded the gun that
morning, with the intention of committing
murder. George said that he had no cause;
he had never been injured or insulted by
her, and that when he left home, he had no
intention of shooting her. To anothor per.
son, a female friend, he said on the same
day, he had loaded the gun that morning
expressly for Rachel. George was not much
moved by the interview.
Democratic Convention of Schuylkill Coun
ty, met at Schuylkill Haven on Monday last
and nominated the following County Ticket:
President Judge —Charles W Hegins.
Associate Judges —Strange N. Palmer, Fran
cis. Hubley.
Assembly —Stephen Ringer, Bernard Reib
Prothonotary —John Harlan.
Register and Recorder —Lewis Recser.
Treasurer —George D. Boyer.
Commissioner —George Hartline.
Director of the Poor —Wm. B. Kershner.
Auditor —Michael Brechbill.
John Horn was elocled Senatorial Dele
gate, and Michael Weaver, and C. M. Hall,
Representative Delegates, to the next State
A Resolution was unanimously passed
in favor of Gon. Cass for the' b Preaidency, and
the Delegates were instructed to sustain his
claims by ail honorable means.
The Whig Convention also met at Schuyl
kill Haven on the same day, and nominated
the following County Ticket:
President Judge —Christopher Looser.
Associate Judges —Solomon Foster, Israel
Assembly —John S. Struthers, Thomas S.
Prothonotary —William Garret.
Register and Recorder —John P. Hobart.
Treasurer —Charles Dengler.
Commissioner —William Sterner.
Director of the Poor —George Dreibelbis.
Auditor —Abraham Schwenck.
NOT ALONE —Parson Brownlow, the fight
ing preacher and Whig Editor in Tennesse,
"Mr. Fillmore or General Scott will be
the Whig candidate for the Presidency in
1852, as all can now see. Should Mr. Fill
more be the candidate, we will do battle in
his cause to the very best of our humble
abilities; should General Scott be the candi
date, tee will not support him under any cir
cumstances whatever, having NO CONFIDENCE
THE CITY OF GLASGOW. —We see by the
English papers that this noble screw steam
ship left Liverpool for Philadelphia on the
13th inst., with the whole unprecedented
number of 224 passengers, some of whom
were glad to pay full cabin fare for the priv
ilege of making up their beds on the floor.
Besides the übove, this ship brings out a
very valuable cargo of dry goods. This
shows well for the success of the Philadel.
phia steamship enterprise.
TIIE HILLOTYFE, or the Daguerreotype in
colors, invented by Mr. L. L. Ilill, is an
nounced by the Daguerreoan Journal to have
been so far perfected that the pictures will
be exhibited in September. It is the invent
or's purpose to select a committee of gentle
men to examine them, who shall make a
report to (he world. The modo by which he
proposes to dispose of his discovery has not
yet been made public.
foreign news it is stated that the Pope is a
bout to make some new cardinals, among
which is the "Archbishop of Philadelphia."
This evidently refers to Dr. KENDRICK, the
learned Roman Catholic Bishop of Philadel
phia, who is probably as well entitled to the
dignity as any of his brother bishops in this
Clinton Connty.
The Democrats oi Clinton county have
formed the following ticket:—
For President Judge —Robert Fleming of
Associate Judges —George Harvey, David
Sheriff —John Stover.
For Treasurer —Levi Conser.
Commissioner —William Meyers.
Auditor —John Ekel.
FICE.—A Cincinnati paper states that three
years ago a poor orphan girl applied and
was admitted to set tjpe lor that paper. She
worked two years, during which lime she
earned, besidos her board, about $2OO, and,
availing herself of the facilities which the
printing office offered, acquired a good edu
cation. She is now an associate editress of
a popular paper, and is engaged to be mar
ried to one of the smartest lawyers in Ohio.
tMr The Piltston coal trade Ike past few
days, the Gazette says, has been quite brisk.
The people of tbat section anxiously await
the completion of the North Branch Canal
Letter Irons Gen. Cttss.
The following letter was received and read
at the lato Democratic mass meeting at tha
Spread Ragle, in Delaware county. We And
it published in the Upland Uniort, the editor
of which paper, A. McKeever, Esq., was the
i presiding officer of the meeting. It pro
-1 ceeds from one honored, beloved and confi*
ded in by all, and we commend it to the at
tentive consideration of every raembei ol
the democratic party ;
DETROIT, July sth, 1851.
GENTLEMEN ■I have received yonr
ter, and assure yon it would give me great)*
pleasure to accept your mtfiatioii to attend
the ratification meeting to be held m Dela
ware county, on the 2d oi August next, if i*
i was in my power. But other eogagementa
will prevent my attendance, and I can only
expross the hope that but one spirit trill ani
mate every Democrat who may be present,
i and that is, a determination to support the
usages of the p£ty, by supporting every
; nomination whieh has been made. The
; contest you hava£afore you is an important
one. and you mra bo prepared to meet the
full strength of our political opponents. If
we are united, as we should be, there is no
fear of the result, and the victory will be
hailed with gratifieation by every Democrat
throughout the Union. If thera are any lo
cal or personal fedtngs adverse to either of
the nominees, these should be saorificed tor
higher considerations, and each should la
bor within his sphere for the accomplish
ment of the good work. I feel oonfidenb
that the 4&mocracy of the old Keystone.
State will be true to itself in the hour of tri
al, and will command the respect and grati
tude of their brethren throughout the Union.
I am, gentlemen, with great regard, truly
yours, LEWIS CASS.
Edward J. Lowman and Geo. -Palmer, Esq*.
a* ttaaaqaAaaia
Montour Nominations.
DANVILLE, Sept. Ist 1851.
The Democratic convention met today
and made the following nominations.
Associate Judges. —James C. Sproul, John
I Commiisioncr. —David Yeager.
I Auditor. —Hugh Fulton.
, K. H. Baldy and George Mears are chosen
representative conferees to meet conferees
from Columbia.
V. Best and Joseph Dean are chosen Ju
dicial conferees to meet others from Colum
bia, Luzerne and Wyoming.
Gen. Lopez Reported Successful
Geo. Enna nail Several other Olficea Kil
SAVANNAH, Sept. I.—The schooner Mer
chant arrived hero to-day from Havana,
bringing advices from that city to the 23d
August, four days later than the advices by
the Empire City, at New Orleans, a
The Merchant brings the important intelli
gence '.hat Gen. I-opea has been successful
in every engagement with the Spanish troops.
In the engagement of tho 17th, Gen. Eil
na, Commander-in-Chief of the Spanish tor.
ces, was killed, with several other officers
and a large number of men.
The force of General Lopez was from 15-
00 to 2000 strong, and was daily receiving
Gon. Lopez was marching, toward Havana.
Gen. Enna was buried with great pomp in
Havana on the 20th August.
Great excitemeut prevailed at Havana, and
muck apprehension, was felt.
There are now only about 700 troops re
maining in the city.
Fiom Wllliarasport
Sept. 3d.—Lycoming County Democratic
President Judge—J'. N Maynard.
Associate Judges—Solomon Btstress and:
A. Woodward.
Assembly—J. B. Torbort.
Prothonotaiy—J M Green.
Register and Recorder—J. S Runyaiv. ,
Treasurer—John Ki isitv
Comissioner—N. Blackwell.
Auditor—Ellis Michael.
J. S. Maxwell was nominated for Treasu
rer by a majority of three and declined.
To the Independent Electors
or Columbia Comity.
We propose CHARLES
KAIILER Esq., of Bloomsburg as a suitable:
person for the office of PROTH ©NOTARY
of Columbia county. Ho is competent, and
being able to speak both German and Eng
lish, we believe him fitted for the office and
well deserving it. He has consented to bo
a candidate, and will be supported by.
T# the Electors of Columbia County*
At the solicitation of my
friends I am induced to be a candidate this
fall for ASSOCIATE JUDGE of Colum
bia county, and respectfully solicit your suff
rages. If olected, I will discharge the du
ties of that office with fidelity and imparti
Orangeville, August 30th 1851.
Encouraged bv many solicitations to be a
candidate this fall for MEMBER OF THE
LEGISLATURE, I respectfully solicit your
votes for tbat office, and tender you an hon
est assurance that, if elected, I -will act with
fidelity to the cause of the people.
Of Contre township will be an independent
candidate this fall before the people of Co
lumbia County for the office of COUNTY
COMMISSIONER, and respectfully solioita
the suffrages of his fellow citizens.
W We are authorised to say that WIL
LIAM ROBISON ol Bloomsburg, will be a
candidate for Associate JuJge of Columbia