The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, April 03, 1851, Image 4

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    Sear#* New MefttMy Family Visitor,
For M* Hmt Circlt.
T"ifiy rents pes annum, in advance, (inclu
ding a large engraving of the City of
New York, which sells alone for
Fifty Cents.)
DEVOTED to Literature, the Arts, Sciences,
Agricultural, Education .Ac. &c. The tiret
number was issued in January last.
A Monthly Journal principalis- literary and
miscellaneous, embellished with beautiful
and meritorious engravings, designed to fur
nish the heads of families, as welt as the
youth of both sexes, with a variety of en
tertaining and instructive information, which
will not merely possess the negative quality
of not deing injurious, hut in which the pos
itive ore of being really useful will alone
be found; giving a healthy tone of feeling
to their minds, and becoming instrumental,
it is hoped, in rendering them more happy
in themselves and in their families—more
useful in the various relations of life which
they sustain—belter members of society at
large, and preparing them for a state white
ail is absolute perfection. One particular
feature of this New Monthly publication
will be an entire freedom from all sectarian
spirit, and a careful avoidanco of political
and controversial subjects it) its pages—an
upholder of truth and virtues—with no
doubtful morality marring its pages—suita
ble for all, and proper to be read at all limes.
All the important movements and events
of the times will receive attention, and the
news of the month carefully gleaned anil
Our object is to introduce it extensively
among all classes, and secure for it a large
circulation and Held of usefulness. It will
be lurnisheil at the low price of
Any person sending two subscriptions and
one dollar, shall bo entitled to the Visitor one
year gratis,
Six copies, one year, • $2,00
Twenty copies, one year, 6,00
And hold, subject to the order of the person
sending the twenty names, one volume of
any gf our $2 50 or S3 00 publicat'ons, to be
forwarded at his exnense or risk of the per
son, though n member of a club, removing
during the year, may change the direction
ol his number to any other place.
All payments for'lie "Visitor" must be
made to the publisher. They may be sent
by mail at his risk—the person sending, to
vetain a memorandum of the description of
money, date of mailing, SEE. SIC. Notes of
all solvent banks taken at par.
OT Postmasters are authorized by law to
frank letters nod remittances.
Specimen copies will be cheerfully fur
nished to all persons wishing to examine.
All letters must be post-paid, carefully seal
*:d, and legibly addressed to
ROBERT SEARS, publisher,
No. 128. Nassau street, N. V.
To pulihihcis of Newspapers, throughout the
United States.
* # * Newspapers copying the above adver
tisement, (including this notice.) ami giving
it two insertions, shall receive a copy of
Sears' Pictorial Family Annual, containing
■IOO pases octavo, and Illustrated with 212
Engravings, designed as a valuable and
cheap present for parents and teachers to
place in the hands of young ppopie: or the
TION, a handsome octavo volume of more
than 400 pages, with an account of tha ear
ly history of tho country, the Constitution of
lhe United Stales, and a chronological in
dex ; illustrated with several hundred engra
Register's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given to all levees
creditors and other person; interested in
the estates of the respective decedents and
minors, that the following Administration
and Guardian accounts have been filed in
the Office of the Register of the County of
Columbia, and will be presented for confir
mation ana allowance to the Orphans Court,
to bo held at Blooinsburg, in and for the
County aforesaid, on Wednesday the 23d.,
day of April next, at two o'clock, P. M.
1. The first account of Jacob Garretson,
acting Executor of the last Will and Testa
ment of Alexander Garretson, late of tho
Borough of Danville, in the County of Col
umbia, deceased.
2. Tho final account of Henry Metz. Ad
ministralor of the estate of Mary Bariul,
late of Roaring Creek township, Columbia
county dee'd.
3. The account of Henry Mourer, Admin
istrator" of tho estate of Henry Johnson late
of Madison township, Columbia county,
4. The first and final account of Stephen
M. Gilmore, Guardian ol tiie person and
estnteof Edward Rood Wheeler, one of the
heirs of Thomas C. Foster, late of Briar
Creek township, Columbia county, dee'd.
5. Tho final account of Samuel Mellick,
Administrator with the Will amiAed of An
drew Delong, late of Orange township, Col
umbia county, d°c'd.
6. The account of Daniel Rembold, Ad
ministrator ol the Estate of Peter Smoyer,
late of Mifflin township, .Columbia county,
7. Tho first and final account of Andrew
Freas, Administrator of the Estate of Cath
arine Nicholas, late of Briar Creek town
ship, Columbia county, dee'd.
8. The first and final account of John Bo
gart, lAdmi"istrator of the estate of John
Vandling, late of Liberty township Colum
bia county, dee'd.
9. Tho account of Allen Sh< llhammer
and Daniel Neyhnrd, Administrators of the
Estate of George Shellhammer, late of Cen
tre township, Columbia county, dee'd.
10. The account of Abraham Mosteller,
Jr., Administrator of the Estate of Abraham
Mosteller, Sr., late of Mifßin township, Col
umbia county, deceased.
11. The necount of Caleb Thomas Execu
tor of tho last Will and Testament of Eph
raim McCollupi, late of Madison township,
Columbia cotlnty, dee'd.
12. The final seceunt of Charles and Ste
phen Michael, Administrators of the Estate
of Adam Michatl, lato of Beaver township.
Columbia county, dee'd.
13. The account of John Kclchner, Exe
cutor of die last Will and Testament of Wil
liam Kclchnei, late of Centte township,
Columbia county, dee'd.
14. The account ol John Rant" ami Ja
cob Christian, Adminislrators of the Estate
of John Christian late of Madison lowjship,
Columbia county, deceased.
The account of George Adminis
trator of the E-usle of William Hollinghead,
late of Cattawissa township, Columbia Co ,
JESSE G. CLARK, Register.
Bloomsburg, March 13, 1851. j
" UTION. ~
All persons are hereby eautioned against
purchasing a note of hand given by me to
Aaron Hess, dated about tho last of May
1850, and made payable six months after
date, for $-50. A credit of S3O is endorsed
upon the note as paid on the 11th of March
1851, and I have a legal defence to the bal
ance on tho note.
Centre township, March 14lh 1851.
Gaiters and Slippers just manufactured and
to: rale by WARREN Rt'SUEL.
a> is IP s n sy 8
72 £ S2 a
A Great Dyspepsia curer, Preparer! from
RF.NNET, or the fourth Stomach of the Ox,
after directions of Barmi Liebig, the great
Physiological Chemist, by J. S. Houghton,
M. D., No. 11, North Eighth Street, l'hila
delphia, Pa.
This is a truly wonderful remedy for Indi
geslion, Dyspepsia, Jaudioe, Liver Com
plaint, Constipation,-and Debility, Curing
after Nature's own method, by Nature's own
agent, the Gastric Juice.
PS" Half a spoonful of this Fluid, infused
in water, will digest or dissolve, Five Pounds
of Roast Beef in about two hours, out of the
Digestion is Chiefly performed in the
stomach by the aid of a fluid which freely
exudes from the inner coat of that organ,
when in a state ot health, called the Gastric
Juice. This fluid is the Great solvent of the
Food, the Purifying, Preserving, and Stimula
ting Agent of the stomach and intenslines.
Without it there will be no digestion,—no
conversion of food into blood, and no nu
trition of the body; but rather a foul, torpid,
painful, and destructive condition of the
whole digestive apparatus. A weak, half
dead, or injured stomach produces 110 good
Gastric Juice, and hence the disease, dis
ircssatid debility which ensue.
PEPSIN AND RENNET. —Pepsin is the chief
element, or groat Digesting Principle of the
Gastric Juice. It is found in great abun
dance 111 the solid parts of the human stom
ach after de ilh, and sometimes causes the
stomach to digest itself, or eat itself up. It
is also found in the stomach of animals, as
lhe ox, calf, &c. It is the material used by
farmers in makirg cheese, called Rennet,
the effect of which has long been the spe
cial wonder of the dairy. The curdliug of
milk is the first process of digestion. Ren
net possesses astonishing power. The stom
ach of a calf will curdle nearly one thou
sand times its own weight of milk. Baron
Liebig states that, 'One part of Pepsin dis
solved in sixty thousand parts of water, will
digest meat and other food." Diseased
stomachs produce no good Gastric Juice
Rennet or Pepsin. To show that this want
may be perlectly supplied, we quota the
BARON LIEWG, in Lis celebrated work on
Animal Chemistry, says : "An Artificial Di
gestive Fluid analagou" to the Gastric Juice,
may be readily prepared from the micous
membrane of the stomach of the Call, in
which various articles of food, aB meat and
eggs" will be softened, changed, and diges
ted, Just in the same manner as they would
be in lhe human stomach."
Dr. Pereira, in his famous treatise on
"Food and Diet," published by Fowlers A
Wells, New York, page 35. states the same
great fact, and describes the method of prep
aration. There are few higher authorities
than Dr. Pereira.
Dr Combe, in his valuable writings on
the "Physiology of Digestion," observes
that "a diminution of the due quantity of
the Gastric Juice is a prominent and all pre
vailing cause of Dyspepsia;" and he states
that "a distinguished professor of medicine
in London, who was severely afflicted with
this complaint, finding every thine "I'se to
fail, had recourse to the Oasiric Juice, ob
tained from the stomach of living animals
which proved completely succ.isslul." '
Dr- Grabf-ii, author of the famous works
"'v ege'.gbie Diet," says: "it is a remar
kable tact in physiology, that the stomachs
of animals, macerated in water, impart to
the fluid the properly of dissolving various
articles of food, and of effecting a kind of
artificial digestion of them in no wise dif
ferent from the natural digestive process."
Dr. Simon's great work, the "Chemistry
of Man," (Lea & Blanrhard, Phila., 1846,
pp. 321-2): "The discovery of PEPSIN
fo ms a new era in the chemical history of
Di gestion. From recent experiments we
know that food is dissolved as rapidly in an
artificial digestive fluid, prepared from Pep
sin, as it is in the natural Gastric Juice it
Professor Dunglison of the Jefferson Col
lege, Philadelphia, in'his great work on Hu
man Physiology, devotes more than fifty
pages to an examination of this subject.
His experiments with Dr Beaumont, on the
Gastric Jnice, obtained from tho living hu
man stomach and from animals are well
known. "In all cases," he says, "digestion
occurred as perfectly in the artificial as the
natural digestions."
As a DYSPEPSIA CURER, Dr Houghton's
preparation of Pepsin lias produced the
most marvellous envois, curing eases of De
bility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and
dispeptic Consumption, supposed to bo on
tho very verge ol the grave. It is imposs
ble to give the details of cases in the limit
of this advertisement—but authenticate
certificates have been of more than two hun
dred Remarkable Cures, in Philadelphia, New
York, and Boston alone. These were
nearly all desperate cases, and the cures
were not only rapid and wonderful, but per
It is a great Nervous Antidote, and par
ticularly useful for tendency to billious dis
order, Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, or
badly treated Fever anil Ague, and tho evil
effects of Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs
upon the Digestive organs, after a long sick
ness. Also, for excess in eating, and the
too free use of ardent spirits. It almost rec
onciles Health with Intemperance.
form of Old Stomach Complaints which it
does not seem to reach and removo at once.
No matter how bad they may be, it gives
Instant Belief I A single dose removes all
the unpleasant symptoms, and it only needs
to bo repeated, for a short time, to make
these good effects permanent. Purity of
Blood and Vigor of Body, follow at once. It,
is particularly excellent in cases of Nausea
Vomiting, Cramps, Soreness of the pit of
the Stomach, distress after eating, low. cold
state of the Blood, Heaviness, Lowr ess of
Spirits, Despondency, Emanciation, Weak
ess, tendency to Insanity, Suicide, &c.
Price, ONE DOLLAR per bolllo. One
bottle will often eflect a lasting cure.
nr Sent by Mail Free of Postage.
For convenience of sending to all putts o
tie country, the 1 igestive Matter of the Pep
sin is put up in the form of Powders, wifh
directions to be dissolved in water or syrup,
by the patient. These powders contain just
the same matter as the bottles, but twice the
quantity for the same price, and will be sent
by mail, Free of Postage, for One Dollar sent
(post-paid) to I)r J S Houghton, No 11 North
Eighth street Philadelphia, Pa.
Six packages for five dollars. Every
package and bottle bears the written signa
ture of J S HOUGHTON, M D .Sole Proprie
Sold by agents in every town in the Uni
ted States, and by respectable dealers in
Medicines generally.
Agents for Bloomsburg, JOHN R. MOY
made to order of any desirable style at the
chair manufactory of B. HAGENBUCH
Bloomsburg, May 16th 1850.
Far the Care ef
In offering to the community this juitly eel
ebrated remedy for diseases of the throat and
lungs, it i 8 not our winh to trifle with the liva
oi health of the afflicted, hut ffcrkly to lay be
fore them the opinion* of distinguished man &
sme of the evidence- of its success, from
which they can judge for themselves. We sin
cerrly pledge ourselves to make no wild asser
tions or false statements of it- efficacy, nor will
we hold oit any hope to suffering humanity
which foo a will not warrant.
Many proofs are here given, and we solicit on
inquiry from tho public into all wo publish, fee*
lingnssered they will find them perfectly relia
ble, and the medicine worthy the;i best 'confi
dence and patronage-
PROF. CLEVELAND, of Bowdoin Col
lege, Maine,
Writes—*'l have witnessed tha effects of your
'CHERRY PECTORAL' in my own family
ond that of my friends, and it gives me satis
faction to state in its favor that no medicine I
hive ever known has proved so emiuently suc
acssful in ruling diseases of tho throut and
Writes—"That he considers 'Cherry Pectoral'
tho best medicine for pulmonary Affections ev
er given to the public,* and states that "his
daughter after being obliged to keep the room
four months with a severe settled cough accom
panied by raising of blood, night sweats, and
the attendant symptoms of Consumption, com
menced the use ef the Pectoral/ and
had completely recovered,"
of New York says. "I have been a great suffer
er with lironchetis, and hut for the use of tho
•CHMIHT PECTORAL' might have continued to
be so for many years to come, but that has cured
me and I am happy to bear testimony to its cli
From such testimony we ask the public to
judge for themselves,
Dr, Ayer—Dear Sir; For two years I was
fllicted with a cough,, accompanied
Y spitting of blood and profuse night sweats,
y the advice of my attending physiciaa I was
inilqced to use your Cherry Pcctsral, and con
tinue to do so till I considered myself cured,
and ascribe the effect to your preparation,
Hamden ss. Springfield, Nov. 27. 1848,
This duy appeared tho above named James
Randall, and pronounced the above statement
true in every respect.
PORTLAND, Me , Jan. 10,1847.
Dr. Aycr; 1 have been long afflicted with
Asthma which grew yearly worse until Inst au
tumn, it thought on a cough which confined me
in my chamber; and began to assume the alarm
ing symptoms of U ropuoj. 1 hud tried the
'"*** auvice and the best mcdi *ne to no niimAco
until I jjsecJ your Cherry Pectoral, which has
ciued mo, and you may well believe me. Gra'e*
fully yours, J, D. PHELPS,
If there is any value in the judgment of the
wise, who speak from ex|erieiice, here is a med
icine worthy of the public confidence,
Prepared by J. C. Jlyer, Lowell.
Alans., Sold by E P t LUTZ, Bioomsbnrg
A B WILSON, Berwick
Jan, 16 ,1851.-4 m.
Standard Medicines,
The following unequalled series of Family
Medicines may be depended upon with tho ut
most confidence. They have the approbation
of the best physici ens in the country, and are
recommended by ail who have used them as
superior to any family medicines known.
They have been been before the Public For
Five Years, during which time more than
5,000 certificates hove been received from emi
nent public men and others, and are now on filo
at lhe Company's Offlce.
Tliey are < oiupounded with the ut
most care and skill, and the ingredients are thor
oughly tested by scientific chemists, so that
medicines of a uniform and reliable quality arc
guaranteed In all cases.
The Griefcnberg Vegetable Pills, Are par
ticularly valuable for the prevention and cure
of Fevers in general, all Billinus am I.iver Com
plaints, Jaudice, General Debility, Common and
Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Heart liuin, Cos
tivencas, Griping, Urinary Diseases, Obstruc
tions of the Menkes. Influenza, Asthma, and for
a variety of other Chronic Diseases; iu l/iin
for all or Jin iry family uses.
Full directions for the various Disea
ses accompany each boxl Pride 25 cts.
a box.
Tli© Graffenbfrg I*3 sen tcry
Syrup, A speedy and infallible remedy in
Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Bloody Flux, Cholera
Morbus, Cholera Infantum, and the Asiatic
Cholera, if taken with the first symptoms, viz .
vomiting and diarrhoea. It Dever fails to cure
(he worst possible cases of bowel complaints,
generally in a few hours, seldom beyond o day.
It is Puiely Vegetable, ai d taken in almost any
quantity is perfectly harmless.
The Giaefcnberg Green Mountain
Ointment. Invaluable for Burns, Wounds,
Sprains, Chillbbiins, Corns, Sores, Swellings of
all kinds, KheumulUm, Kryeipelas, Bronchitis
Scrofula, i leers, Pains in the Side and Back*
immediate y relieved, inflammation of the Dow
els, and for all cases where thoreis inflammation.
A Complete hand-book of medicine for fami
lies. Price 50 cents.
Office 214 Broadway, N. V.
The public is requested to in mind that
everything prcpaml by tie roefen erg lom
puny has their eeul pt>n it.
Spurious a. tides have been issued closely re
sembling the genuine in evriy particular except
the seal, and the utmost care should be observed
befoic purchasing.
A GEN TThomas Ellis, and E.
P. Lutz, /iloomtburg; Benjamin Bei
ber. Caftutcista, Peter hnt, Light
Blontysburg. Jan. 23, 1851-om.
Invites'thn attention of the fashionable in
Light Street to his stsio of cutting garments
He makes them in the best and most tasty
manner, and can can ensure satisfaction in
his warkmanihip.
He receives the latest fashions, and when
cutting onlp is desired, the work is marked
carefully for the maker.
wAll kinds of country produce taken
uschage for work.
Light Street, Feb. 14, 1850.
Price Reduced!
Larfo Bottles—Only One Dollar.
THE Proprietor of the Great American R/mcdy " VAFUHH'I
VK<JKT4BLK I .iTiiosi RTPTIC MIXTURE," indncetl bjr the
nrgpnt soHtiiation* of hla Afeet*, ttvoafhout the United
State* and Canada, ha* bo* J .*
Roduoa* the Trice
of his popular and well known ankle; and from this date,
henceforth, he will put up bd't one aire only, —hi* quart
bottle*: —the retail price will he
The public may real a**mt that the character of the MeU
cine, iu strenicth, and curative propertien WILL REMAIN
i NCHANdtn, and the same care will be bestowed in pre
parinf it a* heretofore.
A* this medicine, under iu reduced price, will be parehwed
by those who have not hitherto mode thomralv** acquainted
with it* virtue*, the proprietor would lie* to intimate that liw
article ia not to l>e claMed with the vast amount of " Remedies
of the day ;" it claima for iteelf a greater heating potter, in
all tliera tee, than anu other preparation now before tf><
world ; nnd iioa sustained itself for eight yean by it* aupertot
medical virtue*, and, until thia reduction, commanded double
the price of any other article in thia lino.
NOTICE PARTICULARLY, tbi* article acta with great beat
ing pewer and certainty, upon the
Blood, Liver, Kidnoys, Lungr
and all oilier organs, upon the proper action of which life nnd
lieiltlt depend.
Thia medicine haa a justly high rrpntc na a remedy for
Dropsy and Gravel,
and all disease* of that nature. It may be relied upon when
the intelligent physician haa abandoned hi* patient, —and for
these distressing diseases, m<#e especially DROPSY, the propri
etor would en meetly and honestly recommend it. At ite
pre-wit price it ia rarity olitained by all, and the trial will prove
the article to bu the
Cheapest JfcfEoins In the World!
ttT r lease Ask fur pamphlets the agent* give them away
they contain over sixteen page* of receipt*, (in addition to fu)
medical matter) valuable for household purpose*, and whiel
will nave many dollar* per year to practical housekeeper*.
These receipts are introduced to make the hook of greet
value, aido from it* character a* an advertising medium for
the medicine, the testimony in favor of which, in the form of ,
letter* IVotn all part* of the country, may be relied upon.
"Vaughn'* Vegetable T.ithon trip tic Mixture" —the
Grant American Remedy, now for sale in quart bottle* at #1
each, small bottle* at 50 eta each. No small bottle* will be
issued after the present slock i* diporod of.
Principal Office, Buffalo, N. Y., 207 Main Ptreet,
Polrt Whole** 1* and Retail by OLCOTT McKEOBON &
CO., 137 Maiden Lane, New York City.
N. B.—All letter* (excepting from agents and dealer* wiln
urftcen Ire transacts business) must be post paid, or no attention
will be given to them.
AGENTS.—K. P. I.UTZ, Bloomsburg ; O.
F Moore, Danville; Jno. W. Friling, Sun
bury. M A M'Cay, Northumberland ; John
Sharpless, Cattawissa ; J K Millard, Espv
town; A. Miller Berwick; Charles Seybert-
Beach qaven.Oct. 31, 1850.-ly
The afflicted nre invited to call j, n ,[ 900
Isaac Brooks, Jr., at the corp\, r o(' Third and
Wilcox streete, and Miss Ch'.jsliana Sands,
Beach street below Spw a alr aet| tn , hc s c h U yl
kill. These two persons have bren snatched
from the very jaws of t'., e destroyer through 'he
agency of that Twist potent of all medicines,
Dr '.ulUn's Panacea is the only*rtain cure
fot or King's Evil, Teller, Erysipelas,
Old Sores and Ulcera, Mercurial Diseases, and all
othci afl'estiona, cutaneous or otherwise, arising
front impurities of the blood.
In the extraordinary cure of Mr. Brooks, peo
ple who visit hitn, hoi J np their hands in as
b"!!?hmeni( 'J iMI medicine cO' l !'' !' avo ar "
reefed BIS disease—then go away resolved to re
commend Dr Cullen's Indian Vegetable Pana
cea to every one they hear of who has need of a
purifying medicine.
So with Christiana Sands—her enje of Scrof
ulous sore throat was quite as extraordinaiy as
Mr. Brooks', when wo reflect that from the dis
ease her tea or coffee would frequently pass out
of tier cars, when attempting to drink, [Sec
her certificate.]
The people are beginning to understand, too
that the various Syrups of Sartaparilla are little
better than molasses, and that it is madness to
throw away money on articles which, under the
most favorable cireumstancea, do not produce
any impression on the system until several gal
ons have been swallowed. One bottlo of Dr.
Cullen's Panacea seldom fails to produce con
viction in U> minds of patients that a radical
cure is certain.
Thus hope, [JO necessary, an ally to medi
cine.] springs up st the outset, and the patient
re cured before any other preparation could have
made the slightest impression upon the disease !
In fact, the twelve ounce bottles of Di. Cul
len's Panacea, compared with the pint end quart
bottles of other purifiers, are valuatde about in
the proportion of gold to copper. Those who
woulc prefer a penny Jo a he! f Ragle, on account
of its size, would make a poor selection to say
the least.
Sarsaparilla a good purifier! Dr. Cullen's
Panacea contains its oxlract in its most concen
trated form. Added to this nte other extracts,
more active and powerful, and which effect in
combination willi the Barsaparilla, what the Lit
ter article, orcoml.inetl with the most powerfu
poisons, cannot alone accomplish.
It has cured where every thing else had failed
and (his in a multitude of cases—Slot iu Eutope
or in tho moon, (wheie so many great cuies
have been performed,) but in Philadelphia and
other pal'ts of the union. And be it distinctly
understood 'that we do not obtain our extracts by
"holing 400 gallons down to one," it being
known to every uruggist's apprentice that boiling
destroys the essential virtues of medicinal plants
and roots.
ROVVAND & WALTON, Proprietors,
Wholesale and retail, No. 21 North SIXTH
street; or E. P. Lutz, Bloomsburg; M C
Grier, Danville; Peter Ent, Light street,
Rickets and Stewart, Orangevillo ; Cyrus
Barton, Espytown ; J Cattawissa;
M G Shoemaker, BtlcUhofft.
Thomas C. Bomboy
Respectfully informs the public that ho has
opened and arranged in good order
at the Pennsylvania Hotel, in the lower part
ol Main Street, Bloomsburg, where he will
bo ready to furnish any kind of Firearms, in
good order uhd of approved workmanship.
He will also attend to
Repairing and Cleaning Guns
and will repair and make all kinds of light
machinery, locks, &c., at moderate charges.
Guns and Pistols on hand for sale.
Bloomsburg, May 2, 1850.
men—On the Eait side of Main Street
three sqatres below Market.
Fancy Chairs.
ceived from Philadelphia a new lor of FAN
CY CHAIRS, of Birch and Mahogany curl,
and of the most fashionable style, wliich he
will sell at the lowest prices for good pay.
Bloomsburg, May 16th, 1850.
Books! Books!!
Joseph Swarlz has just received a new lo
of Literary Historical, Religious, Poetical
Miscellaneous and School books, to which
ha invites the attention of the reading publio
of Bloomsburg.
To tlic Mick and Aidiclcd.
CERTIFICATES and Testimonials' suflicienl
to fill every column ot this paper, can be
produced, setting forth the wonderful vir
Dr. Swnj-ae's Compound Sjrrap of
Wld Clicrry.
Great Cure of Edward Hanson, Engineer, at
Mr. Pettits' Factory, corner ol 9th and
Wallace Streets, Spring Garden.
More substantial evidence of the 'wonder
ful curative properties of'
Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of
Wild Cherry.
PHILAD., April 15, 1850.
Dr. Swayne—Dear Sir—Being severely af
flicted with a violent cold and cough, which
settled upon my lungs attended with great
debility, soreness in my side, that 1 could
scarcely breathe, spitting of blood, no ap
petite, could get no rest at night, owing to
the severity of my cough, would spit as
muchasapint of blood at a time. This
mournful state of things continued tintil I
almost despaired of being cured, having
tried physicians and numer jus tilings with
out relief; but having heard of the great vir
tues of your Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry,
and its being approved ol by physicians of
the first eminence, I concluded to make a
trial of it, and am happy to state that three
bottles performed a perfect cure; roy sleep
is now undisturbed and sweet, and 1 firmly
believe that to your meiiicino I am indebted
for this great cure.
I shall be glad to communicate with any
person on the subject who may be pleased
to call on me, and corroborate what 1 have
said in the above certificate, at the factory or
my residence.
Yours, most respeotfully,
The above certificate is from a 7,ian well
known by a large portion ol our citizens.
Those who tho truth of it, are invited
to call and themselves that it is anoth
voluntaTy, 'disinterested and living witness
to tb'e ™,eat virtues of Dr. Swayne's Compound
of HIM Cherry.
original and only genuine preparation of
Wild Cherry, as prepared by Dr. SWAYNE,
N. W. Corner of Eight and Race streets,
Philadelphia : all others are "fictit iu i .
' "A safe and effectual remedy for Worms, Dys
pepsia, Cholera Morbus, sickly or Dyspep
tic Children or Adxdts, and the most Family Medicine ever off
fired to the public.
This Remedy is one which has proved
successful for a long time and it is univer
sally acknowledged by all who have tried it
to be far superior (being so very pleasant
to the taste at the same time aflectual) to
any other medicine ever employed in disea
ses for which it is recommended. It not
0 „!y destroys But invigorates ihe whole sys
Dr Swavne's Vermifuge is now put up in
s c ( u are bottlo-, eev. ihat the name is spelt
correctly—S WAYN E.
Dr. Swayne's Sugar Coated Sarsopariila and
Tar Pills, Act as a gentle purgative, produ
cing a healthy state of the Liver, and Bowels
acting as an Alternative, changing that state
of costivencss, which is very common to
some individuals, and (or the irregularities
indident to females they are very valuable.
E. P. I.UTZ A JOHN R. MOVER, Bloomsburg,
Pa; M C Grier & John Moore Danville; John
Sharpless&C Hartfnan & Co., Catawissa; G
&HShaman Catawissa Forge; Brown and
Creasy, Mifflinville; A Miller Berwick; John
Doak Briar Creek tp.j Peter Ent Williams
bur™ ;E. Lazarus Orangevillo; JK Millard
Eapytown: Elias Wertnnn Hohrsburg; Geo.
Masters Millville; J M Sheldon Jerseytown;
McCay & Patterson Washingtonville; Hugh
McWilliams Moresborg; and by most all
Storekeepers in the adjacent Counties.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 17, 1850.—6 m.
The People's Friend.
nds and
Piles, and all diseases of the bowels of a
chronic nature, tooth-ache and ear-ache,,&c. f
It is truoly what it professes to be. "the
People's Friendl" Providence has scattered
along tho rugged paths of life many things
that contribute greatly to the comfort and
happiness of every body : hence their great
value, a'-- Tell may they be called 'friends
of Ine people.'
One'kvord here to guard against imposition.
A man by the name of spencer, has tnanu
ufaclured and offered for sale a spurious ar
ticle called lite Coryll Extract, —that would
be extract of the hazol-nutthe genuine is
as white and pure as water, while the spuri
ous article is colored, which enables tho
public to distinguish.
None genuine, but those mrrked Pond's
Pain Destroyer. For sale by
Wm Robison, Bloomsburg, John Jessup.
Shictshinny, Chalfant k Hughes, Danville,
Seth B Bowman, Berwick, Fowler & Trcm
b|y, Esp.v town. 2 18 ly
C. C. M A R R,
GM'.<3>®®ar EKgNdUJS®,
Tenders his professional services to the
citizens of Williamsburg and its neighbor
hood for extracting and inserting teeth accor
ding to the best improvements in surgical
science and skill. He will insert teeth either
upon pivot or plate, ard in such a maimer
as will insure satisfaatioli. His office is near
Peter Em's store.
Wilhgeharg,*Col. Co., Oct. l#th, 160.
ALL persons are hereby cautioned igauii:
Saying any money due me to Benjamin S.
ilmoro as he is not authorised to receive
any claims, due either to me on individual
accounlor on the late firm of Weaver & Gil
more, the books of the firm having been as
signed to rae. R. W. WEAVER.
Bloomsbuig Deo. 12th 1850.
proper and desirable forms, for sale at the
Ofice tho "Star of tho North."
Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Ner
vous Debility, Disease of the Kid
neys, and
all diseases aris
ing from a disordered
Liver or Stomach, such as
Constipation, Inward Piles v
Fulness of Blood io the Head, Aci
dity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart
burn. Disgust for Food, Fulness or
H'eight in the Stomach, Sour
Eructations, Sinking or
Fluttering at the pit
of the Stomach,
of the
Head, Hurried and difficult Breathing,
„ Fluttering at the Heart, choking or
suffocaiing sensations when in .
a lytAg posture, dimness
of Vision, Dots or
Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull
Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspi
ration, Yellowness of the Skin and
Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back,
Chest, Limbs, <s-e. Sudden
Flushes of Heat, Bu
rning in the Flesh. Constant Imaginings
of Evil, and Great Depres
sion of Spirits.
No. 120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Their power over tho above diseases is
not excelled, if equalled, by any other rep
aration in the United States, as the cures
attest, in many cases after skilful physicians
had failed,
These Bitters are worthy tho attention of
invalids. Possessing great virtues in the
rectification of diseases of the Liver and 1 la
ser glands, exercising the most searching
powers in weakness and affections of the di
gestive organs, they are, withal, safe, cer
iain and pleasant.
Read and he Convinced.
The Hon. Charles D. Hineliue, Editor of
the "Catnden Democrat," the best paper in
West Jersey, says, July 21: —
have seen many flattering notices of this
medicine, and the source from which they
came, induced us to make inquiry respect
ing its merits. From inquiry we were per
suaded to use it, and must say we found
it specific in its action upon diseases of the
liver and digestive organs, and the powerful
influence it exerts upon nervous prostration
is really surprising. It calms and stregihens
tho nerves, bringing them into a state ol re
pose, making sleep refreshing.
[From 'he "Boston Bee. ']
The editor said, Dec. 22d—
'Dr. Hoofland's Celebrated German Bitters
for the cure of Liver Complaint, Jaundice,
Dyspeysia, Chronic or Nervous Debility, is
deservedlv one of the most popular medi
cines of the day. These Bitters have been
used by thousands, and a friend at our elbow
says he lias himself received an effectual
and permanent cure of Liver Complaint
from the use of this remedy. We are con
vinced that, in the use of these Bitlers, the
pai! p 9t constantly £iiis strength and vigor—
a fact worthy of great consideration. They
are pleasant in tnsfe and smell, and can be j
used by persons with the most delicate stom
achs with safety, under any circumstances.
We are speaking from experience audio the
afflicted we advise their use."
Judge M. M. Noah, a gentleman with
great scientific and and litterary attainments,
said in his "New York Weekly Messenger,"
January 6, 1850.
"Dr IlooJlaneTs German Bitters. —Hero is
a preparation which the leading presses in
the Union appear to be unanimous in re
commending, and the reason is obvious. It
is made after a prescription furnished by
one o: the most celobraled physicians of
modern times, the late Dr Christopher Wil
helm Hoofland, Professor to the Univeisity
of Jena, Private Physician to the King of
Prussia, and one of the greatest medical wri
ters Germany has ever produced. He was
emphaticaßy .the enemy of humbug, and
the.efore a medicine of which lie was the
inventor and endorser may be confidently le
licd on. lie specially recommended it in
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Debility, Ver
tigo, Acidity of the Stomach, Constipation,
and all complaints arising from a disordered
condition of the stomach, the liver and the
intestines. Nine Philadelphia papers express
their conviction of its excellence, and sev
eral ot the editors speak of its effects from
their own individual experience. Under
these circumstances, we (eel warranted, not
only in calling the attention of our readers
to the present proprietor's (Dr. C. M. Jack
son's) preparation, but in recommending the
article to all afflicted."
The "Philadelphia Saturday Gazette," the
best family newspnpet published in the Uni
t ed Slates, the editor says of
"It is seldom that we recommend what
are termed Patent Medicines to tho confi
dence and patronage of our readers: and,
therefore, when wo recommend Dr. Hoof
land's German Bitters, we wish it to bo dis
linctly understood It at we are not speaking
of the nostrums of the day, that are noised
about for a brief period ami then forgotten
after they hare done their guilty race of mis
chif, but of a medicine long established,
universally prized, and which has met the
hearty appro?*' 0' the Faculty itself."
Evidence upou e\ld? l,r .e has been rc
[ ccived (like the foregoing) from all sections
ol the Union, the last three yeai, and the
strongest testimony in its favor, is, that there is
more of it used in tho practice of the regu
lor Physicians of Philadelphia than all other
nostrums combined, a fact that can easily
be established, and fully proving that a sci
entific. preparation will meet with their qur>
ct approval when presented even in this
That this medicine will cure Liver Com
plaint and Dyspepsia, no one can doubt, af
ter using it as directed. It acts specifically
upon the stomach and liver—it is preferable
to calomel in all bilious diseases —the effect is
immediate. They can ha administrued to
FEMALE or INFANT with safety and reliuble
benefit, at any time.
This medicine has attained that high char
acter which is necessary for all medicines to
attain to indace counterfeiters to put forth a
spurious article at the risk of the livee of
those who are innocently deceived.
They have the written signature of C. M
JACKSON upon the wrapper, and the name
Mown in the bottle, without which they are
For sale, wholesale and retail, at the Ger
man Medicine Store. No. 120 Arch Street, one
door below Sixth, (lato of 278 Race street,)
Philadelphia, and by respectable dealers
generally throughout the country. Also for
Sale by JOHN K. MOYER, Bloomsburg, Pa.
The Ge&test Because the Best Pea.
fly Medicine la the World
ATIVE I'ILI.B. they have succeeded in
curing seme ol the worst cases, of disease
ever recorded, end are daily accompliahin
the restoration of persons after having tried
in vain to obtain relief from any other
source. One of the Proprietors is a regular
physician of extensive experience, who de
votes his time exclusively, to their prepora
tion. For FEVER & AGuE, they have nev
er yet failed. At least one thousadd oases
in the neighborhood of Philadelphia, have
been cured since the first of Bept.. last. In
Dyspnpsin, Rheumatism, Liver Complaint,
Scrofula, for Worms, and all other diseases
of children, they are unequalled by anything
ever prepared for the purpose, while for the
various diseases of Females there is no me
dicine can compare with them. There is
more of them sold—they are in greater de
mand than any other pill—and when once
introduced in a family, they need no other
medicine. Each box containing Fifty Pills,
renders them the cheapest, while they are
decidedly the best, ns well as the mildest in
action, of any now in the market.
The Editor of the "City Item," thus
speaks of them:
IV READER, you are suffering from fever
and ague, and you have never tried U'ors
dell's Vegetable Restorative Pills. Shake no
inore. There issliJl hope for you—you may
yet be cured- Go, or send at once to A.
Weeks & Co., 70 North Fughlh street., and
procure a box of these unrivaled pills, which
are a sovrcigu untidote for this distressing
Col. Forney of the Pennsylvunian,
says :
WORSDELL'S PII.LS. —This excellent family
medicine is daily winning new t-inmphs
over disease, and consequently in tho high
road to public favor. In the removal of the
every day ills that flesh is heir to, wo know
of no better compound. We hoard the oth
er day of a desperate case of scrofulous e
ruptious of tho head and face being enirely
cured by them.
Du Solle of the "Times," says •.
ty The great popularity ol Worsdell's
Vegetable Pills, is attributed to the just .tier
it which they really possess. They have
been quietly gaining tho fame they now
have, by tho force of their own virtue*.
The means usually employed to give eclat
to new remedies have not been adopted by
the proprietors. They have bepti content to
let their medicine speak foi itself. It is now
doing it in every section of the country.
They are for sale by most of the Store
Keepers throughout the Country,and in quan
tities at reasonable rales, at tho Laboratory
No 70, North Eighth Street.
A. W EEKS & Co., Proprietors.
Agents, JOHN R. A/OYER, Bloomsburg:
E. Lazarus, Orangeviile,
M. G. Shoemaker, Buckhorn,
T-'unston & Diefenbach, Jerseytown,
M. C. Grier, Danville,
C. Hartman & Co., Cattnwissa, and by
most merchants throughout the iiountrv.
, subscriber announces to the public
mat ho has just opened a Saddler Shop in tho
part of Bloomsburg, 011 Main street,
<m e door above Rupert's Store, wner* he
will keep constantly on hand and make to
"rder all kinds of
And every other article in his line of busi
ness. He will also attend to TRIMMING
carriages ajid buggies, in every desirable
style, and will turn off all his work neat and
good ; and at tho lowest prieos. Those who
wish work in his line will do well to give
Vim a call.
t.VHides, country produce, and even gold
dollars will ho taken in payment for work,
Bloomsburg, May 15, t849.
RESPECTFULLY announces to the citi
izeris ol Iflocmsbiirg in getieial and his
old patrons in | articular, besides the rest of
mankind, that he has again opened his tai
lor shop where ho will be pleased to furnish
tho best of clothing, cut according to the la
'test fashions, and made in the bost manner.
He receives the city fashions, and feels cer
tain hat his work will look well and wear bet
His shop is on main street of Bloomsburg
next door below Lulz's Drug store.
In pay for work, lie will take cash, store
order, or even GOLD DOLLARS.
Bloomsburg Nov. 21, 1860.
A V alunble New Work.
sketches of tho Indian Tribes ; a descrip
tion of American Antiquities, with an in
quiry into their origin and the origin of the
Indian tribes; illelury of Ibc United
Slates, with appendices showing its con
nection with European JJistory; a History of
tho present British provinces ; H'etory
>f Mexico; and a history ol Texas
brought down to the time of its admission
into the American Union. By Marcius Will
son, Published bv M. H. Newman iCo
199 Broadway New York. One large oc.
tavo volume. Price ¥2,00.
Tho above valuable and interesting work
for sale by I homes Ellis, A lent, Bloomsburg
January 23, 1851.-6 m
THE subscriber has now in active opera
lion the nesv FOUNDRY and Machine Shop.
■ recently erected at Orangeviile, and will be
ready to furnish castings of every size and
description, and every desirable kind of
Castings for Mills, Plough irons, Stoves of
every kind, Kettles, Bailers and all other
kinds ol Hollow-ware will be furnished by
him at the lowest prices.
He has also on haud. and will make to
PLOUGHS ready for use, and equal to the
best made in this region of the country.
Farmers in need of Castings or maohine
ry will find it to their advantage to Wait hi*,
establishment. He will keep on hand a lot
ol articles manufactured by him, out of
which a lair selection can always be made.
l£v ry description of machinery neatly re
paired on the shortest notice and moat ren
sonable terms.
Old metal taken in pay raent for work.
Orangeviile, July 29th 1850.
While absent during the session of the le
gislature, ray professional business will ba
in charge of R. W. Weaver, Esq., who wit}
attend to all matters in relation thereto.
J n ip- -M ia*j.