The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, March 13, 1851, Image 4

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    From tki Albany Dutehman.
(mki for All Kiiis of Cfcfckeii.
hi speaking of tbo professors attached to
our seminaries ot learning, Diokens says
(hat their knowledge is as inversely as their
•gee— that is, the moat recently elected gen -
e rally know the most. The great trail It with
our learned men is, that when they enter a
college they leave the world, and become
so immersed in Greek and Hebrew, that
they can't eee common sense through the
' dust they kick up. Wo conversed the other
day with a classical scholar who was perfect
ly acquainted with every fiscal operation
that aver took place in Alliens, and yet that
same scholar could not toll whether the rate
vif interest iu this Stele was seven per cent,
ot fourteen.
L&iiiM TO SIKO. —To sweeten toil, learn to
sing. .A cobbler of our acquaintance at
tributes not only his success, but his longev
ity, to an early acquaintance with tho "Bay
of Biscay." If he tnculs with a los, he
eradicates its remembrance with 1 Koslyn
Castle ;" while he forgets his wife's impro
prieties, by refreshing his forgiveness with
"Auld Lung Syne." How much better is
this than flying to the bottle, or letting fly
the smoothing irons.
There is a man in Indiana so thin, that
"when the sheriff is after him he crawls into
his rifle, and watches his adversary through
the touch hole.
To attempt to iuttoduce female clerks into
bur dry goods stores, don't pny. Tho wo
men won't trade with them because they
won't stand their bothering.
Lucretia Molt says that a young man who
cannot persuade n lot of foolish women to
buy what 'hey will never want, or their hus
bands be able to pay fcr, should never ex
pect to become at all celebrated as a dry
goods clerk. Lucretia is an observing young
DELICIOCS MADNESS —Going crazy after
calico. Its premonitory symptoms are stan
ding collars, and n passionate desiro to blow
tho bowels out of a flute. Cere—A piece
of bed cord applied to the neck, or six
penco worth of arsdnic, taken internally.
The hardest people to reason with arc
topers. Tell a patron ot gm and sugar that
a laborer of your acquaintance lived ninety
years withoui touching liquor, and all tho
resoonse he will make to your remarks,
will bo a strong belief that all such a man
needed to mako him live for ever, was a
-taste ol beer now and then.
The colder the weather, the more you
should eat. According to Liebig, a plate of
roast turkey will keep out as much frost as
two pair of breeches and a flannel overcoat.
When you go to church, go to sleep; for
philosophers say that shutting the eyes,
makes the sense of hearing more acute,
To slop a runaway horse, throw tin pans
at him, which will so increaso his vpecd, that
in a short time he will fall to the ground
from sheer exhaustion. If tin pans are not
convenient, n greeu cotton umbrella will bo'
found nearly as serviceable.
Whether a man is courageous or not, de
pends altogether on circumstances. While
. the dinrrhoa willmake the brave irresolute—
the too.hsche will cause even the timid to
"go in" and face the devil. With a relaxed
state of the bowels, Scott could never nave
conquered at Chapultopoc till this day.
Muilouey says that the mysteries of card
p!aj ing can only be learnt by losing at it.
Novices will please remember this, as it
w ill save them much unnecessary study.—
There are many modes of opening men's
eyes, but we think tapping their pocket
bocks is the most speedy and effectual.
The editor that never lied, has turned his
attention to raising Pbaniixea. He is cou
sin to the young man that hollered watch
the other night, becausca girl mot him in
the street, and put iter arms around hitn.
Muggins rays that a widow who don't
wish to get married, shou.d bo as much
cherished ss a thistle tree that bears figs.
Where's the cistern pole!
Definition of a* Yankee.
As the Ysnkees are creating no litllo ex
citement in the commercial, political, and
military world, 1 hope my definition of a
tea! genuine male Yankee, would not be con
sidered a miss.
A real genuine Yankee is full of snima
tion, checked my moderation, guided by de
termination, and supported by education.
He hai veneration, corrected by toleration
with u love of self approbation and emula
tion ; and when reduced to a state of aggra
vation, can assume the most profound dis
simulation for tho purpose of retaliation, al
ways combined, if possible, with specula
A real live Yankee, just caught, will be
found uot deficient in tho (ollowing quali
ties :
Ho is self-deny ing, self-ielying, always
Hy ing and into everything prying.
AN INCIDENT.—A fashionable young lady
secenlly met her plain old graudmoiher al
the Springs. The old lady's heart was filled
with innocence and simplicity, and her ide
as of feshion halted at a straight coat and
plain cap. When, therefore, she mat her
dear niece, the first time for many years, and
saw her a disfigured invalid, she was shock
ed, and almost fainted. When her emotion
had a little subsided, she turned with tears
in bqr eyes, and said, "Margaret, honey,
thee may get well; but, indeed, I fear that
the waters never will cure thee of this dread
ful thing," laying her band on Margaret's
fashionable bustle.—"O ! how . awful thee
must feel about it !" and another answer of
tears gushed forth. Good old lady, that.
ty "Poor fugitive slave Bill," said Mrs.
Partington, as her eyes ran over the morn
ing papers, and her quivering lips betrayed
the agitation of her mind; "poor fugitive
slave Bill. 1 hope for my soul tbey won't
catch him—l hope tbey won't.".
A Great Dyspepsia curar, Prepared from
RENNET, or the fourth Stomach of the Ox,
after direction* of Baron Liebig, the great
Physiological Chemist, by J. S. Houghton,
M. D., No. 11, North Eighth Street, Phila
delphia, Pa.
This is a truly wonderful remedy for Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia, Jaudiee, Liver Com
plaint. Constipation, and Debility, Curing
after Nature's own method, by Nature's own
agent, the Gastric Juice.
Ey Half a spoonlnl of this Fluid, infused
in water, will digest or dissolve, Fivt Pounds
of Roast Beef-in about two hours, out of the
Digestion is Chiefly performed in the
stomach by the aid of a fluid which freely
exudes from the inner coat of that organ,
when in a slate ol health, called the Gastric
Juice. This fluid is the Great solvent of the
Food, the Purifying, Preserving, and Stimula
ting Agent of the stomach and intenstines.
Without it thero will bo no digestion,—no
conversion of food into blood, and no nu
trition of tho body; but rather a foul, torpid,
painf'il, and destructive condition of the
whole digestive apparatus. A weak, half
dead, or injured stomach produces nd good
Gastric Juice, and hence the disease, dis
tress and debility which ensue.
PEPSIN AUD RENNET. —Pepsin is the chief
element, or great Digesting Principle of the
Gastric Juice. It is found in great abun
dance in the solid parts of the human stom
ach after de ith, and sometimes causes the
stomach to digest itself, or eat i'solf up. It
is also found in the stomach of animals, as
the ox, calf, &c. It is the material used by
farmers in makirg cheese, called Rennet,
the effect of which has long been the spe
cial wonder of the dairy. The curdliug of
milk is the first process of digestion. Ken
net possesses nstonislii"g power. The stom
ach of a calf will curdle nearly one thou
sand times its own weight of milk. Baron
Liebig states that, 'One part of Pepsin dis
solved in sixty thousand parts of water, will
digest meat and other food." Diseased
stomachs produce no good Gastric Juice
Rennet or Pepsin. To show that this want
may be porlectly supplied, we quote the
BARON LIEBIO, in his celebrated work on
Animal Chemistry, says : "An Artificial Di
gestive Fluid analagous to the Gastric Juice,
may he readily prepared from the nucous
ineinbrano of the stomach of the Call, in
which various articles of food, as meat and
will be solicited, changed, and diges-
I-d, just in tho same manner as they would
be in the human stomach."
Dr. I'ereira, in his famous treatise on
"Food and Diet," published by Fowlers &
Wells, New York, page 35. states the same
great fact, and describes the method of prep
aration. There are few higher authorities
than Dr. Pereira.
Dr Combe, in .his valuable writings on
the "Physiology of Digestion," observes
that "a diminution of the due quantity of
the Gastric Juice is a prominent and all-pre
vailing cause of Dyspepsiaand he states
that "a distinguished professor of medicine
in London, who was severely afflicted with
this complaint, finding every thing, else to
fail, had recourse to the Gastric Juice, ob
tained from the stomach of living animals,
which proved completely successful."
Dr. Graham, author of tho famous works
on "Vegetable Diet," says : "it is a remar
kable fact in physiology, that the stomachs
of animals, macerated in water, impart to
the fluid the properly of dissolving various
articles of food, anil of effecting a kind of
artificial digestion of them in no wise dif
ferent from the natural digestive process."
Dr. Simon's great work, the "Chemistry
of Man," (Lea & Blanc-hard, Phils. 1846,
pp. 321-2): "The discovery of PEPSIN
fo ms a new era in the chemical history of
Di gestion. From recent experiments we
know that food is dissolved as rapidly in an
artificial digestive fluid, prepared from Pep
sin, as it is in the natural Gastric Juice it
Professor Dunglison of the Jefferson Col
lege, Philadelphia, in'his great work on Hu
man Physiology, devotes more than fifty
pages to an examination of this subject.
Ills experiments with Dr Beaumont, on the
Gastric Juice, obtained from tho living hu
man stomach and from animals are well
known. "In all cases," he says, "digestion
occurred as perfectly in the artificial as the
natural digestions."
As a DYSPEPSIA CUIIER, Dr Houghton's
preparation of Pepsin has produced the
most marvellous eflects, curing cases of De
bility, Emaciation. Nervous Decline, and
dispeptic Consumption, supposed to be on
the very verge of the grave. It is imposs
ible to give the details of cases in the limit
of this advertisement—l>ut authenticate
certificates have been of more than two hun
dred Remarkable Cures, in Philadelphia, New-
York, and Boston alone. These were
nearly all desperate eases, and the cures
were not only rapid and wonderful, but per
It is a great Nervous Antidote, and par
ticularly useful for tendency to billions dis
order, Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, or
badly treated Fever and Ague, and the evil
eflects of Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs
upon the Digestive organs, after a long sick
ness. Also, for excess in eating, and the
too free use of ardent spirits. It almost rec
onciles Health with Intemperance.
forui of Old Stomach Complaints which it
does not seem to reach and remove at once.
No matter how bad they may be, it gives
Instant Relief I A single dose removes all
the unpleasant symptoms, and it only needs
to be repeated, (or a short time, to make
these good effects permanent. Purity of
Blood and Vigor of Body, follow at once. It
is particularly excellent in cases of Nausea
Vomiting, Cramps, Soreness of the pit of
the Stomach, distress after eating, low, cold
state ol the Blood, Heaviness, Lownessof
Spirits, Despondency, Emanciation, Weak
ess, tendency to Insanity, Suicide, &c.
Price, ONE DOLLAR per bottlo. 0::e
bottle will often eflect a lasting cure.
ty Sent by Mail Free of Postage.
For convenience of sending to all parts o
the country, the Ligestive Mat'er of tne Pep
sin is put up in the form of Powders, with
directions to be dissolved in water or syrup,
by the patient. These powders contain just
the same matter as the bottles, but twice the
quantity for the same price, and will be sent
by mail, Free of Postnge, for One Dollar sent
(post-paid) to Dr J S Houghton, No-11 North
Eighth street Philadelphia, Pa.
Six packages for five dollars. . Every
package and bottlo bears the written signa
ture of J 8 HOUGHTON, M D, Sole Proprie
tor. . ■
Sold by agents in every town in the Uni
ted States, and by respectable dealers in
Medicines generally.
Ageuts for Bloomsburg. JOHN R. MOV
made to order of any desirable style at the
ohair manufaotorv of B.HAGENBUCII
Bloomsburg, May 16th 1650.
For Ihe Care #f
In offering to tho community ibis juttly eel
ehrsted remedy for diseases of the throat and
lungs, it i s not our wish to trifle with the lives
ot hcsllh of the offlidtcd, but f-rkly to lay be
fore them the opinions of distinguished men &
,sme of the evidence- of its success, from
which they can judge for themselves. We sin
cerely pledge ourselves to make no
tinns or false statements of it- efficacy, Mb will
wc hold not any hnpo to uttering humanity
which fio s will not warrant.
Many proofs arc here given, and we solicit an
inquiry from the public into all we publish, fee
ling assered they will And them perfectly relia
ble. and the medicine worthy Iheji best 'confi
dence and patronage.
PROP. CLEVELAND, of Bowdoin Col
lege, Maine,
Writes—"l have'witnessed the effects of your
'CHERRY PEtJTORAL' in' my own family
and that 6f my friends, and it gives me satis
faction to state in its favor that no medicine I
hive ever known has psoved so emiuently euc
oessful in esiing diseases of Ihe throat and
Writes—"That he considers 'Cherry Pectoral'
the best medicine for Pulmonary Affectious ev
er given to the public,' and states that "his
daughter after being obligod to keep (he room
four nionihs with a severe settled cough accom
panied by raising of blood, nighi sweats, and
Ihe attendant symptoms of Consumption, com
menced the use cf (he 'Cherry Pectoral,' and
had completely recovered,"
of New York saya. "I have been a great suffer
er with Uronchetia, and but for the use of the
'CnxiißT PscTonAL'might have continued to
be so for many years to come, but that has cured
me and I am happy to bear testimony to ila ofi
From such testimony we ask tho public to
judge foe themselves,
Dr, Ayer—Dear Sir; For two years I was
filleted with a very sevcic cough, accompanied
y spilling of Wood and profuse nigh.; sweats,
y the advice of lay attending pb'ysiciaa 1 was
induced to use your Cherry i'cctsral, and con
tinue .to do so tf. 1 considered myself cured,
and ascribe '.o ctlect to your preparation,
Hamden sa. Springfield, NOT. 27. 1848,
'Fliia day appeared the above named James
Randall, and pronounced the above statement
true in every rospect.
Ponri.AMi. Me , Jan. 10,1847.
Dr. Ayer; 1 have been long afflicted with
Asthma which grew yearly worse until last au
tumn, it bjought on a cough which confined me
in my chamheitand began to assume the alarm
ing symptoms of consumption 1 had tried the
best advice and the best medir.'ne to no purpose,
until I used your Cherry Pectoral, which has
cured me, and you may well believe me. Graie
fully yours, J, D. PHEI.PS,
If there is any value in the judgment of the
wise, who apeak from experience, here is a med
icino worthy of the public confidence,
Prepared by J. C. Ayer, Lowell.
Mans., Sold by E P.HTTZ, B onmsbnrg
A B WILSON, Berwick
Jan, 16,1851.-4 m.
Standard Medicines.
The following unequalled series of Family
Medicines may be depended npon with the ut
most confidence. They have the approbation
of the trest physici ana in the country, and are
recommended try all who have used them aa
superior to any family medicines known.
They have been been before the Public Tor
• Vive Yesil'N, during which time more then
I 5,000 certificates have been teccived from emi
nent public men and others, and are now on file
at the Company's Ofiice.
Tliey nre omponiidctl with the ut
most care and skill, and the ingredients are thor
oughly tested by scientific chemists, so that
medicines of a uniform and reliablt quality are
guaranteed in >tll cases.
The Gtiefenlrerg VEOETABII PILLS, Are par
ticularly valuable for Ihe prevention and cure
of Fevers in general, all Billious aire Liver Com
plaints, Jaudicc, General Debility, Common and
Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Heart Uuin, Coa
tiveneas. Griping. Urinary Diseases, Obstruc
tions of the Menses. Influenza, Asthma, aixl for
a variety of other Chronic Diseases; in Uiin
for all ordinary family usee.
Full directions for Ihe various Disea
ses accompany each box, Price 25 cts.
a box.
Tbe Grnefeuberg Djaen 1e r y
S)'l*up a A speedy and infallible remedy in
Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Bloody Flux, Cholera
Morbus, Cholera Infantum, and the Asiatic
| Cholera, if taken with the first symptoms, viz ,
vomiting and diarrhoea. It never fails to cure
the worst possible cases of bowel complaints,
gcnoraliy in a few hours, seldom beyond a day.
It is Purely Vegetable, at d taken in almoat any
quantity is perfectly hurmleta. ~w.
The Graefcnheig Green Mountain
Ointment hrvaluable for Utrrna, Wounds,
Spraiua, Chillblains, Corns, Sores, Swellings of
ell kinds, Rheumatism, Erysipelas, Bronchitis,
Scrofula, | leers, Parna in the Side and Hack
immediate y relieved, inflammation of the Bow.
ela, and for all cteee where there ie inflammation.
A Complete hand-book of medicine for fami
lies. Price 50 cents.
Office 214 Broadway, N. Y.
The public ie requested to in mind that
everything prepared ky the raefen erg Com
pany has their seal nan it.
Spurious articles been Issued closely re
sembling the genuine in every perticulsr except
the seal, and the utmost care should be obeerved
before purchasing.
AGENTS, — Thomas Ellis, and E.
P. I.utz, Bloomsburg $ Benjamin Bei
ber, Catluwissa, Peter Ent, Light
Bloomsburg, Jan. 23, 1851-om,
Invites'the attention of the fashionable in
Light Street to his alsie of cutting garments
He makes tbem in tbe best and most tasty
manner, and can can ensure satisfaction in
his warkmauihip.
He receives the latest fashions, and when
cutting onlp is desired, the work is marked
carefully for lite maker.
E7*AII kinds of country produce taken
u xchage for work.
Light Street, Feb. 14, 1850.
Price Reduced!-
Largo Bottles —Only One Dollar*
The Proprietor of the Great American Remedy " VAUOHN'J
VKOKTART'K LlTaoitTßirnc MIXTURK," induced BY the
nrjrent solicitation* of his Afeut, throaghuut the United
Stales and Canada, has how
A. it ami the Fries
of hi* popular and well known article; and from tliw date,
thenoefortli, lie will put np hut one siao only, his quart
bottle*: the retail price wOl 1w
The public may reel aaured that the character of the Medi
cine, its strength, and curative propertiee WILL aKMain
UNCHANGED, and the same ears will he bestowed in pre
paring it as heretofore.
As this medicine, under iaAeduoed price, will bo pnrohased
by those who have not hitherto made themselves acquainted
with ita virtues, the proprietor would beg to intimate that bis
article is not to be clamed with the vast a mount of " Remedies
of tlie day it claims for itself n greater fueling power, tn
nit diaeaere, then any other preparation now before th(
world: and he* sustained itmlf An- eight yean by ita superioi
medical virtues, and, unHt this reduction, commands* slouble
the price of any other artiele in this line.
NOTIM PARTICULARLY, this artiste acts with great hear
ing pewer and certaiuty, upon tlie
Blood, Livor, Kidneys, Lungf
and nil other organs, upon the proper action of whioh life and
health depend. i
This medicine has a justly high repute ae a remedy for
Dropsy and Ch avel,
anil all diseases of that nature. It may be relied upon when
the intelligent physician has abandoned his patient, and for
these distressing diseases, more especially DROPSY, the propri
etor would earnestly ami honestly recommend it. At ita
pregent pace ft is eqrily, obtained Py all, and the trial will prove
the article to he 'the
ChaipeStllafiieina is the World;
CW Pliw* •* for pmplil,U— the '. (Cntl ,i v , lfcwn
dux comnin over wxtteo PM-. of rvaipt., (in addition to fill
medical mat let) Tali.i*, for SonmhoM purposes, and whicl
will sqv tuany .tpflars per year to practical housekeepers.
T new receipts are introduced to make tlie book of great
Value, aside from its character as an advertising medium fos
the medicine, jhe testimony in fgrorof which, in the form of
letters from all parts of the country, may be relied upon.
Cr *• Vaughn's Vegetable Litbmtnptic Mixture M the
Great American Remedy, now for tale In qnaft bottles
each, SRWJI bottles at 50 cU each. Np tma h bottles will be
iasaeil after the present stock is disposed of,
Principal Office, Baft*, tf, Y., 7 Main Street,
Sold Wholesale and Retail by OLCOTT McKESAON k
CO., IST Maiden Lane. New York City.
N. B.—All letters (excepting from agents and dealers witn
wh<*n he transacts business) must be poet paid, or no attention
will be given to tbero.
AGENIV>.—K. P. LtJTZ, Bloomsburg ; O.
F Moore, .Danville; Jno. \V. Friling, Sun
bur}*, M A M'Cay, Northumberland ; John
Sharpless, Cattawissa; J K Millard, Kapy
town j A. Miller Berwick ; Charles Seybert-
Beach Haven.Oct. 31, 1850.-ly
IBtPh C£BtailCߣXLl#S3
■■ - SAtfAQIBA.
Th* afflicted ore invited to coll ond tee Mi
■lsaac Brook*. Jr., ottiie corner of Third and
Wilcoi aireeM, and Mia* Chiiatiana Sanda,
Beach street below Sprnce street, i n the Bchuyl
kill. These two persona have been snatched
from the very jaws of the dostiojrar through 'he
agency of that most potent of all medicines,
Dr- Cullen's Panacea is the only cirtain cure
fot Scrofula or King's Evil, Tetter, Erysipelas.
Old Bores and Ulctrs, Mercurial Diseusce, and all
other affealions, cutaneous or otherwise, arising
from impurities of the blood.
In the extraordinary cure of Mr. Brooks, peo
ple who visit him, bold up their hands in as
tonishment, that ANY medicine could have ar
rested ins disease—then go uwsy resolved to re
commend l)r Cullen's Indian Vegetable Pana
cea to every one they bear of who has need of a
purifying medicine.
So with Christiana Sands—her cujr of Scrof
ulous soie was guile as extraordinary as
Mr. Brooks', when we reflect that from the dis
ease hei tea Or coffee would frequently pass out
of lier earsrwhejr attempting to drink, [Bee
her certificate.]
The people die beginning to understand, too,
that the various Vyrups of Bariaparillaare little
better than molawes, and that it is madness to
throw away money on articles which, under the
most favorable bfirnuMlsncea, do not produce
any impression an the system until several gal
ena have been swallowed. One hottle of l)r.
Cullen's Panacea reldnm fails to produce con
viction in the minda of patients that a radical
cure iscerlain.
Thus hope. [ necessary, en ally to medi
cine.] springs up st the outset, snd the patient
is cured beforo any other pre|iaralion could hove
made the slightest impression upon thedisesse !
In fact, the twelve ounce bottles of Di. Gal
lon's Panacea, compared willi tho pint and quart
bottles of other purifiers, are valuable about in
the proportion of got.l to coppci. Those who
woule prefer a peony to a half eagle, on account
of it* site, would make a pour selection to say
the least. j .
Sarsaparill* a good purifier ! Dr. Cullen's
Panacea contains its oilracl in its most concen
trated form. Added to Ibis are other extracts,
more active and poweiful. and which effect in
combination with tho Barsaparilla, what the lat
ter article, or oopihined with the most powerfu
poisons, cannot aloae accomplish.
It has cured where everything else had failed
andlhis in a multitude of oases—not in Eutope
or in the moony (where so many great cutrs
have been performed.) but in Philadelphia and
other pafta of the union. And he it distinctly
understood that we do not obtain our extracts by
"holing 400 gallons down to one," it being
known to every Druggist's apprentice that boiling
deatioys tWwsaential virtues of medicinal plants
and roots.
ROWAND & WALTON, Proprietors,
Wholesale and retail, No. 21 North SIXTH
street; or E. P. Lutz, Bloomsburg; M C
(drier, Danville; Peter Ent, Light street,
Rickets aud Stewart, Orangeville ; Cyrus
Barton. F.spylown ; J Sohmick, Cattawissa;
M G Shoemaker, Buckhorn.
the public to trvOfflJaßr
f V/A Ilia new stock of bnr J W
carriages and buggies, a variety of which
can be found t his Livery Stable. He can
always fntuish horses and vehicles of the
best kind, snd on reasonable terms. He has
recently added a number of fashionable ve
hicles aud good horses to his former stock. —
He will furnish to parties four horse convey
ances with good and safe drivers, at very
low prices.
Call at the lower end of Hopkinaville, on
the East side of Main street.
Bloomsbnrg, Dec. 13, '4-ly
Thomas C. Bomboy
Respectfully informs the public that he has
opened and arranged in good order
at the Pmtttsylvania Hotel, in tho lowor part
ol Bloontsbuio, where he will
be ready to furnish any kind of Firearms, in
good order and of approved workmanship.
He will also attend to
Repairing ond Cleaning Gum
and will repair and make all kinds of light
machinery, locks, to., at moderate charges.
Guns and Pistols on hand for sale.
Bloomsburg, May 2, 1860.
~rTw. weaver,
rricz—On the Eait side of Main Street,
three squares belov Market.
To the Sick and Afflicted.
CERTIFICATES and Testimonials sufficient
to fill every column oi this paper, can be
produced, setting forth the wonderful vir
Dr- gwayne's Compound Syrup of
Wld Cherry.
Great Cure of Edward Hanson, Engineer, at
Mr. Peltits' Factory, corner ol 9lh and
Wallace Streets, Spring Garden.
More substantial evidence of tho wonder
ful curative properties of
Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of
Wild Cherry.
Pmr.AD., April 15, 1850.
Dr. Swayne—Dear Sir— Being severely af
flicted with a violent cold and cough, which
settled upon my lungs attended with great
debility, soreness in my side, that I could
scarcely breathe, spitting of blood, no ap
petite, could get no rest at night, owing to
the severity of my cough, would spit as
much as a pint of blood at a time. This
mournful stale of things continued until 1
e.linOßt despaired of being cured, having
tried physicians and mimer JUS things with
out relief; but having heard of tho great vir
tues of your Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry,
and its being approved ol by physicians of
the first eminence, I concluded to make a
trial of it, and am happy to state that three
bottles performed a ported cure; my sleep
is now undisturbed and sweet, and 1 firmly
believe that to your medicine I am indebted
for Ihl; grealcore.
1 shall be glad to communicate with any
person on the subject who may bo pleased
to call on me, and corroborate what 1 have
Said in the above certificate, at the factory or
my residence.
Yours, most respectfully,
The above certificate is from a man well
known by a large portion of our citizens.
Those who doubt tho truth of it, are invited
to call and satisfy themselves that it isanoth
voluntary, disinterested and living witness
to the great virtues of Dr. Swayne's Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry.
criminal and 6nly genuine preparation ol
W iid Cherry, as prepared by Dr. SWAYNE,
N. W. Corner of Eight and Race streets,
Philadelphia ; all others are "fictit io
"A safe and effectual remedy for Worms, Dys
pepsia, Cholera Morbus, sickly or Dyspep
tic Children or Adults, and the most
uscjul Family Medicine ever of
fered to the public.
This Remedy is one which has proved
successful for a long time and it is univer
sally acknowledged by all who have tried it
to be far superior (being so very pleasant
to the taste at the same time effectual) to
any other medicine ever employed in disea
ses for which it is recommended. It not
only destroys But invigorates the whole sys
Dr. Swayne's Vermifuge is now put up in
square bottle , Sec that the name is spelt
correctly— SVv AYNF,.
Dr. Swayne's Sugta• Coated Sursnparilla and
Tar Pills, Act as a gentle purgative, produ
cing a healths otntoAof the Liver, and Bowels
acting as an Alternative, changing that state
of coMiveness, which is very common to
some individhals, and for the irregularities
indideht to females tlicy are very vnluable.
E. P. LUTZ A JOHN R. MOYEB, Bloomsburg,
Pa; iCI C Drier it John Moore Danville; John
Sharpless&C Hurtman &. Co., Catawissa; G
(tcßShumati Catawissa Forge; Brown and
Creasy, Miflfinville; A Miller Berwick; John
Doak Briar Creek tp.; Peter Eat Williams
burg; E. Lazarus Oraugcville ; J K Millaid
Espytown; Elias iVertmun Rohrsburg; Geo.
Masters Millville ; J M Sheldon Jerseytown;
McCay & Patterson Washingtonville; Hugh
McWilliams Moresburg; and by most all
Storekeepers in the adjucent Counties.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 17, 1850.—Cm.
The People's Friend.
mawm, old'sores,
Piles, and all diseases of the bowels of a
chronic nature, tooth-ache aud ear-ache, Ac.,
& c.
It is truely what it professes to be. "the
Feople's Friend I" Providence has scattered
along tho rugged paths of life many things
that contribute greatly to the comfort and
happiness of every body ; honce their great <
value, a', s'ell may they be called 'friends
of tne people.'
One word hero to guard against imposition. I
A man by tho name of spencer, has raanu- i
ufaclurea and offered for sale a spurious ar- J
licle called the Coryll Extract, —tlint would
be extract of the hazel-nut: —the genuire is
as white and pure as water, while the spuri
ous article is colored, which enables the
public to distinguish.
None genuine, but those mtrked Pond's
Pain Destroyer. For sale by
Win Robison, Bloomsburg, John Jessup,
Shiekshinny, Chalfant & Hughes, Danville,
Seth B Bowman, Berwick, Fowler & Trem
b|y, Espytown. 2 18 ly
For Young Ladles and Gentlemen-
J. E. BRADLEY, Principal.
A sulliciant number of competent Ass
tants will, at all times be employed.
The ensuing Winter Session will com
mence on MONDAY the 28th day of Octo
ber next, and will continue 22 weeks.
The Academic year consists of 44 weeks.
The price of tuition per quarter is as fol< |
For Reading, Penmanship, Grammar, A
rhhmetrc, Book-Keeping by single entry, Ge
ography, History of U. S. $3 25
For same, and Algebra. Geometry, Survey
ing, Mensuration, Boook-Keeping by double
entry, General History, Natural History, Phy
siology, Philosophy, other English branches,
and Drawing. $4 50
For Latin, Greek and German, 5 75
WGood boarding can be obtained in pri
vate families at from 1 50 to If 200 per week.
RzrEaKNcKs.—Col. Joseph Paxton, Hon.
Stephen Baldy, Hon. Geo. Mack, Michael
Brobst, Esq., John M'Reynolds, Esq., and
the Citizens of Bloomsburg.
El"* After this Winler Session the French
Languago will be taught in this School .
Bloomsburg Sept 28lh 1650
Jgundice, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Ner
vous Debility, Dictate of the Kid
neys, and i
all diteatet aris- . c
ingfrom a disordered e
Liver or Stomach, such as
Constipation, Inward Piles n 1
Fulness of Blood io the Head, Act- 8
dity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart• J
burn, Disgust foi Food, Fulness or t
Weight in the Stomach, Sour t
Erurtations, Sinking or i
Fluttering at the pit 1
of the Stomach, ]
of the
Head, Hurried and difficult Breathing, ,
Fluttering at the Heart, choking or ,
suffocaiing sensations when in
a lying posture, dimness
of Vision, Dots or
Webs before the Sight, Feoer and Dull
Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspi
rationi, Yellowness of the Skin and
Eyes, Pair, the Side, Back,
Ches{, Limbs, g-e. Sudden
Flushes of Heal, Bu
rning in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings
or Evil, und Great Depres
j sion of Spirits,
No. 120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseases is
not excelled, if equalled, by any other rep
aration in the United States, as the cures
attest, in many cases after skilful physicians
had failed.
These Hitters aro worthy iho attention of
invalids. Possessing great virtues in the
rectification of diseases of the Liver and 1 ts
ser glands, exercising the most searching
powers in weakness and aficctionsof the di
gestive organs, they are, withal, safe, cer
tain and pleasant.
Ilead and be Convinced.
The Hon. Charles D. Hineline, Editor of
the "Camden Democrat,"the best paper in
West Jersey, sap. July 21
have seen many Haltering notices of this
medicine, and the source from which they
came, induced us to make inquiry respect
ing its merils. From inquiry we were pet
suaded to use it, and must say we found
it specific in its aclion upon diseases of the
liver and digestive organs, and the powerful
influence it exerts upon nervous prostration
is really surprising. It calms and stregthens
the nerves, bringing them into a state of re
pose, making sleep relreshing.
[From the "Boston Bee. ]
The editor saitl, Dec. 22d—
"Dr. Hoofland's Celebrated German Bitters
for the cure of Liver Complaint, Jaundice,
1 Dyspeysia, Chronic or Nervous Debility, is
deservedlv one of the most popular medi
• cines of the day. These Hitters have been
used by thousands, and a friend at our elbow
says he has himself received an effectual
1 and permanent euro of Liver Complaint
1 from the use of this remedy. We are con
-1 vinced that, in the use of These Bitters, the
patient constantly gains strength and vigor—
' a fact worthy of "great consideration. They
I are pleasant in taste and smoll, and can be
. j used by persons with the mst delicatestom
; achs with safety, under any circumstances.
, We are speaking from experience and to the
> afflicted wc advise their use."
i Judge M. M. Noah, a gentleman with
great scientific and and litlernry attainments,
said in his "Few York Weekly Messenger,"
, January 6, 1850.
i "Dr Hoajland's German Bitters. —Here b
I u preparation which the leading presses in
I the Lnion appear to bo unanimous in re
i commending, and tbe reason is obvious. It
■ j is made after a prescription furnished by
I one or the most celebrated physicians of
■ modern times, the late Dr Christopher W if
; helm Honlland, Professor do the University
of Jena, Private Physician 1° the King of
Prussia, and one of the grectlest medical wri
ters Germany has ever prot.htced. He was
! emphatically the enemy of humbug, and
j the,efore a medicine of whiofd he was the
| inventor and endorser may be i lonfidenlly re-
I lied on. He specially recomn tended it in
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, D ability, Vcr
ligd, Acidity of the Stomaclr, <- '-onstipation,
! and all complaints arising from * disordered
condition of the stomach, the Irver and the
intestines. Nine Philadelphia pape TS express
their conviction of its excellence, sua
cral ot the editors speak of its eih\ 'ls bom
their own individual experience- Under
these circumstances, we feel warrant! *l, not
only in callhig the attention of our J eaders
to the present proprietor's (Dr. C. M. Jack
son's) preparation, but in recommendin n T 'he
article to all afflicted."
The "Philadelphia Saturday Gazette," t he j
best family newspapet published in the Un i
ted Slates, the editor says of
j "It is seldom that we recommend what
] are termed Patent Medicines to the confi
dence and patronage of our readers : and,
! therefore, when wc recommend Dr. Hoof
i land's German Bitters, wo wish it to bo dis
! tinctly understood that we aro not speaking
of the nostrums of the day. that are noised
about for a brief period and then forgotten
after they have done their guilty racoof rnts
chif, but of a medicine long established,
universally prized, and which has oiet the
hearty approval of the Faculty itself."
Evidence upon evidence has been re
ceived (like the'forcgoitfg) from all sections
ol the Union, the last three years, and 'J, t
strongest testimony in its favor, is, that there is
more of it uspd tn the practice of the rcgu
lor Physicians <sf Philadelphia than all other
nostrums combined, a fact that can easily
be established, and fully proving that a sci
entific preparation will meet with their qui
et approval when presented even in this
That this medicine will euro Liver Com
plaint and Dyspepsia, no one can doubt, af
ter using it as diiected. It acts specifically
upon the stomach and liver—it is preferable
to calcmel in all bilious diseases —the efTect is
irpmediate. They can be administered to
FEMALE or INFANT with safety and reliable
I benefit, at any time.
This medicine has attained that high char
acter which is necessary for all mediciues to
attain to induce counterfeiters to put forth a
spurious article at the risk of the lives of
those who are innocently deceived.
They have the written signature of C. M.
JACKSON upon the wrapper, and the nanto ,
blown iuthe bottle, without which they are
For sale, wholesale and retail, at the Ger
man Medicine Store, No. J2O Arch Street, ono
door below Sixth, (late of 278 Race slieot,)
Philadelphia, and by reepeotable dealers
generally throughout the country. Also for I
Sale by JOHN R MOVER. Bloomtburg, Pa 1
The GntMt Beeuse the Beet PMI
Uy Medicine in (he WerM
ATIVE PILLS, they have succeeded in
curing some of the wont cases, of disease
ever recorded, and are daily accompli?hin
the restoration of persons after having tried
in vain to obtain relief from any other
source. One uf the Proprietors is a regular
physician of extensive experience, who de
votes his time exclusively to their ptepera
tion. For FEVER & AOTJE, they have new
er yet failed. At least one thousand cases
in the neighborhood of Philadelphia, have
been cured since the first of Sept., last. In
Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Liver Complaint,
Scrofula, for Worms, and all other diseases
of children, they are unequalled by anything
ever prepared for the purpose, While for the
various diseases ot Females there is no me
dicine can compare with them. There is
more of them sold—they are in greater de
mand than any other pill—and when once
introduced in a family, they need no ol' l ® l
medicine. Each box containing Fißy Pills,
renders them the cheapest, while they are
decidedly the best, as well as the mildeftt HI
aetion, of any now in the market.
The Editor of the "City Item," thus
speaks of thrm:
READER, yon are suffering from fever
" und you have never tried Wort
attn agu., . -,; piU s . Shake no
dell's Vegetable Kes.Crn... , n>v
more. There is still hope 101 you—yo- —. _
yet be cured- Go, or send at once to A.
Weeks & Co., 70 North Eighth street., anch
procure a box ot these unrivaled pills, which
are a sovreigri antidote for this distressing
Cot. Forney of the Pennsylvnnian,
says :
WORSDF.LI.'S PILLS. —This excellent family
medicino is daily winning new triumphs
over disease, anu consequently in the high
road to public favor. In the removal of tho
every day ills that flesh is heir to, we know
of no belter compound. We heard tho oth
er day of a desperate enso of scrofulous e
ruptions of the head and face being euirely
cured by them.
I)u Sollc qf the "Times," soys :
IV The great popularity of Worsdell's
Vegetable Pills, is attributed to the just mer
it which they really possess. They have
been quietly gaining tho fame they now
have, by tho force of their own virtues.
The means usually employed to give eclat
to new remedies have not been adopted by
the proprietors. They have been content to
let their medicine speak foi itself. It is now
doing it in every section of the country.
They are for sale by most of the Sloro
■ Keepers throughout the Country,and in quan
tities at reasonable rales, at tho Laboratory
No 70, North Eighth Street.
A. WEEKS & Co., Proprietors.
Agents, JOHN R. A/OVER, Bloomsburg:
| E. Lazarus, Orangeville,
1 M. G. Shoemaker. Buckhorn,
Funston & Diefenbach, Jerseytown,
1 M. C. Grier, Danville,
C. liartman & Co., Catlawissa, and by
I most merchants throughout the ttountry.
IPWIi>2MK3 ST®SncD32o
Notice is hereby given, that the Partner-'
ship heretofore existing between GOEL St
SHAW. as Contractors for the Construction
of tho Philadelphia and Wilkesbarre Tele
graph Line, nnd the Susquehanna River anil
North at:d West Branch Telegraph Line, is
this day dissolved by mutual consent. AH
persons having subscribed and paid for
stock in "Tho Philadelphia and Wilkesbane
re Telegraph Company," are respectfully re
quested to present their receipts for such
payments to ELI J. SiEGKR, Esq., of Allen
town, Lehigh county, l'a., President of tho
said Company, and receive their certificates
1 properly authenticated therefor; and all per
sons having subscribed and paid for stock in
1 ''The Susquehanna River and North and
West Branch Telegraph Company," are also,
respectfully request oil to present their re
ceipts for ouch payments to A. C. GOELL, a
i tho American llntol, Chestnut street, oppot
i silo tho State House. Philadelphia, President
of said Company, or to T. O- VAN ALLEN
t Treasurer, Danville. " Montour county,
: and receive their ceilitk ales in duo_ fornri
f therefor. And all persons having claims a
• gainst the said Partnership, GOELL AN.D
" SIIAW, relating to the construction of sap!
f lines, whether upon promissory noto, draft,
• book accounts, or otherwise, aro respectfully
' requested to present correct statements of .
I the same, without delay, to JOHN TUTS,
t Est)., No. 12 Mercantile Library, Philadel
phia, who is authorized to receive and ax
i tango for settlement of tho same.
' January 3d, 1831. jaltJltn.
Tho subscriber announces to the public
tliat ho has just opened a Saddler Shop in lha
central part of Bloomsburg, on Main
one do'ir above Rupert's Store
will keep lO-M on hand udlZZt
color nil kinds or."
And every other article tit his line of busi
ness. He will also attend to TRIMMING
carnages and buggies, in every desirable
style, and will turn oil all his work neat ~,,7
:?ood ; and at the lowest prices. Those who
\visit work in his last*- will do well to gi?7'
hun a call. 8
i '-o-^p r oduee,„d oven gold
l dollars will bo taken in payment for Work
wt i, „W- M'K. THORNTON.
Bloonisburgj May 15, 1849.
Peter S. Leicly
Can manufacture just as neat and fashionn
ble a suit of clothing as any other tailor in
these diggins. As a sample of his work
m.mship, he refers you to the
To be found in the town, which is quite cer
lain 1o have come from his shop.
He regularly receives the latest city fash
ions, and from his experience in the bust
ness can ensure satisfaction in his work.
He has also on band an assortment of
At tire lowest prices, from which he will
make up to order coatr, pants, or yasts of any
desirable style.
UTllis shop is on the North side of Main
Street, a few doors above the Court-house.
Bloomsburp, Feb. 14, 1850.
While absent during tlj ~ thete-.
gislature, toy profession,', bu.i will be
in charge of It. VV. Wp aver , will ,
attend to all matters r„ [e |j ((4^jrTL, eIO
January 2d, 18k,i. 7-r
A SPLEKP.w A' iSOh'miWT oTudi^s
uaiters and oltpper . manufactured and
for .ale bx r WARftN RIStsEL.