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A Great Dyspepsia turcr, Prepared from
Bcnnct, or the fourth Stomach ol the Ox.
after directions of Baron Liebig, the great
Physiological Chemist, by J. S. Hopghton,
M. D., No. 11, Notib Eighth Street, l'hila
delphta, Pa.
This is a truly wonderful remedy for Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia, Juu<lice, Liver Com
plaint, Constipation, and Debility, Curing
after Nature's own method, by Nature's own
agent, the Gastric Juice.
tST Half n spoontul of this Fluid infused
in water, will digest or dissolve, Five founds
of Roost Reef in about two hours, out of the
Digestion is ChieHy performed in the
'Stomach by the aid ot a fluid which freelv
exudes from the inner coat of that organ,
when in a state ol health, called the Gastric
Juice. This fluid is tho Great solvent of the
Food, the Purifying, Prescrt ing, and Stimula
ting Agent of the stomach and iutenslines.
■Without it there wilt be no digestion,—no
conversion of food into blood, and no nu
trition of the body; but rather a foul, torpid,
painf'il, and destructive condition of the
whole digestive apparatus. A weak, hull
dead, or injured stomach produces no good
Gastric Juice, and hence tho disetue, dis
tressful debility which ensue. _
Pepsin a>d ßennet. —Pepsin is the chief
element, or great Digesting Principle of the
Gastiic Juice. It is found in great abnn.
dance m tho solid parts of tho human stom
acli after do ith, and sometimes causes the
stomach to diiresl itself, or eat i'sell up. It
is also found in the stomach of animals, as
the ox, call, &c. It is tho material tired by
farmers in makirg cheese, called Rennet,
the effect of which has long been tho spe
cial wonder of the dairy. The curdling ol
milk is the first process of digestion. Ren
net possesses astonilii' g power. The stom
ach of a calf will curdle r.early one thou
sand limes its own weight of milk. Baron
Liehig states that, 'One part et Pepsin dis
solved in sixty thousand parts of water, will
digest meat and other food." Diseased
stomachs produce no good Gastric Juice
Rennet or Pepsin. To show that this warn
may be perfectly supplied, we quote the
Bibon Lif.b;g, in celebrated work on
Animal Chemistry, says: ''An Artificial Di
gestive fluid analogous to the Gastric Juice,
may fcc readily prepared from the nucous
membrane of the stomach ol tho Call, in
which various articles of Ic.od, as meat and
eggs! will be softcneu, changed, and diges
ted, just in tho same 'mariner as they would
be in tho human stomach."
Dr. Pereira. in his famous treatise on
"Fond and Diet." published by Fowlers &
Wells, New York, page 35. slates the same
great lout, and describes the method of prep
aration. There are few higher authorities
than Dr. Pereira.
Dr Combe, in his valuable writings on
the "Physiology of Digestion," observes
that "a diminution of the due quantity ol
the Gastiie Juice is a prominent and all pre
vailing cause of Dyspepsia;" anil he states
that "a distinguished urofessor of medicine
in London, who was severely afflicted with
this complaint finding every thing clso to
fail, had recourse to the Gastric Juice, ob
tained from the stomach of living animals,
which proved completely successful"
Dr. Graham, author of the famous works
on "Vegetable Diet.'' says : "it is a rerriar
knble (act in physiology , that tho stomachs
of animals, macerated in water, impart to
the fluid the properly of dissolving various
articles of food, and of effecting a kind o!
artificial digestion of thern in no wise dif
ferent from ihe natural digestive process."
Dr. Simon's great work, the "Chemistry
of Man," (Lea & Bln'i haul, l'hila.. 1846
pp. 3212): "Ihe discovery of PEJ'SIN
fn rr s a new era in the chemical history ot
I)i ge:ion. Fiorn recent experiments we
know that fond is dissolved as rapidly in an
artificial digestive fluid, prepared from Pep
sin as it is in the natural Gastric Juice it
Professor DungUson of tho Jefferson Col
lege, Philadelphia, in Ins great work on Iln
man Physiology, devotes more than fifiy
Eages to an examination of this subject.
:is experiments with Di Beaumont, on the
Gastric Juice, obtained from tho living hu
man stomach and Irom animals are weti
known. "In all cases," he say ß , "digestion
occurred as perfectly in the artificial as the
natural digestions."
As a DYSPEPSIA CI'RER, Dr Houghton's
pre; nation ot Pepsin has prod need tin
most marvellous effects, curing eases of De
bility, Emaciation. Nervous Decline, and
dispept c Consumption, supposed to be on
the very \ ot the grave. It is impo-s
--bio to give the details o f cases in the 1 mi
of this atUeriherrieii'—but r.utl ciitnati
certificates have heen of more than two liun
died Remarkable Cures , in Philadelphia, Nov
York, and Boston alone. These were
nearly all desperate cares. and the cure.-
were not only rapid and wonderful, but per
It is a great Nervous Ant-dote, nr.d par
ticularly useful for tendency to biilious dis
order. Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, oi
badly treated Fever and Ague, ai d the evil
effects of Quinine, Mercury, and otherdrug*
upon the D geslive organs, after a long sick
ness. Also, forexcess in eating, and the
too free use ot ardent spirits. It almost rec
jncilcs Health with Intemperance.
Oi.NSR MAtri Complaints I here IS no
form of OM Sumach Complaints which it
does not seem ,o reach and remove at once
"No matter how bad they may be, it give A ,ui.„ removes all
trie unpleasant symptoms, anil it only needs
to bo repeated, for a short time, to make
these good eff. cts permanent. Puri y o
Blood and Vigor of Body, follow at oncp. I.
is particularly excellent in cases of Nausea
Vomiting, Cramps, Soreness of tho pit ot
the Stomach, distress aftsr eating, low. cr-lc
state ol the Biood, Heavir.e.-s, Lowi ess m
Spirits, Despondency, Enibiiciaiion, W< ak
ess. tendency to Insanity, Suicide, fee.
Price, ONE DOLLAR per bottle. One
bottle will often effect a lasting cure.
tf Sent by Mail Free of Postage.
For convenience of sending to all parts o
the country, the ige-tive Mnoer of the Pep
•in is put up in tho'lorm rf Powders, wi/n
directions to be dissolved in water or syrup,
by the patient. These powders contain just
tho same matter as the bottles, but twice the
quantity for the same price, and will be sent
by mail. Free of Postage, for One Dollar sent
(xost paid) to Dr J S Houghton, No 11 North
Eighth street Philadelphia, Pa.
Six packages for five dollars. Every
package and bottle bears the written signa
ture or J S HOLGHTON, M D , Sole Proprie
Sold by agents in ovory town in the Uni
ted States, ami by respectable dealers in
Medicines generally.
Agents for Blourasburg, JOHN R. MOY
marie to order of any desirable style at the
•hair manufactory of B. HAGENBUCH
Bloomborg, May 16th 1850.
ty lb the citizens of Columbia county.CW
Read what others say of tho virtues of
Dr. KeMer'B i'ordial k CarwiiiUlive.
For tho speedy cure of Diarrhoea. Dysen
tery, Cholera Infantum, Cholera Morbus, all
summer complaints, Cholic, Flatulency, and
all derangements of the stomach and bow
els from teething, &c.
Thousands die annually with diseases of
the stomach and bowels from neglect. A
rnnng tho numerous remedies both public &
private, recommended for the above diseases
none are equal to the Cordial. Years ol ex
perience and trials made with it in hundreds
of cases, superadded to the voluntary tesii
mony tiom physicians and others, gives it u
character not to be unheeded by those cher
ishing the welfare of themselves and chil
itreu. Speedily subduing the pain and in
flammatory tendency, allaying irritability uf
the stomach, and constraining unhealthy e
vncuntions, its operation is prompt and ef
That it will cure, and has cured, the xvnrs
form of disease of dethstomach and bowels
read the following evidence :
Pliilalphia, June 1, 1819.
Dr. J. N. Kcelcr — 1 received yourno'.e this
morning asking for information as to the dis
tribution I made ol lite package of cordial
you put into my possession while in corn
mand of the U. Slates transport during the
Mexican war According to your direction a
1 part was distributed in Vera Cruz, the other
I kept for the use of my seamen and others
on board, beliviug I should have use for it,
as I had on board frequently from otto to
three hundred persons, ami that many when
leaving Mexico would be on the sick list i
Such was the fact, for Dysentery and Diarr
hoea extensively prevailed ; I used tho cor
dial freely, arid in not a single instance ilo I
recollect of its hurit.g failed to cure. My
own crew would often be attacked with Di
arrl.tra, Dysenlerry, &c. peculiar to nearly
all after getting on shore and eating fruit and
vegetables : in all such cases tho cordial did
not tail to cure speedily
When in New Orleans, a ftiend informed
me ot a Philadelphia gentleman, S Church
man Esq, who was sick with the Dysentery,
and despaired of by his doctor 1 mention
ed having a bottle or so of your cordial 1
I sent it to him. and in a few days I had the
pleasure of seeing him well. I can give you
many names and testimonials of the efficacy
of your cordial if necessary. 1 have given
it to one ship master of this port, in particu
lar Capt Whipple, ship Monorigaliel i. and he
informed me ho would not be without it I
think it is the safest and best medicine that I
have over known to be used in affections ot
the stomach and bowels.
1 remain yours res celfnlly,
D D Wilcox, 288 S Eighth street
Dnvisvi'le, Bucks co. Aug 25. 1847
Dear Sir—l am now prepared to recom
mend your cordial from having used it with
-uccess in several instances, into 1 am now
trying your Sa-saparilla Panacea in a case ol
protracted debility, attended with cough, ap
parently produced in the young lady by Iter
•outgrowing her strength,' to n.-e a common i
phrase. Yours, A KAKLE, M 1)
From the Upland Union.
We are as little disposed as most pet ots
to encourage appeal- to law or medicine, bj'
with all the legerdemain ol Ihe lirst, aiiu the
ignorant e and quakery of the last, appeal
I must occasionally be made to both. The
I excessive beat and the accomraning pro
| duclions of the season are already producing
Diarrhea. Dysentery and hnlerii Infantum,
lomplniuts which if not promptly relieved
produce great debility and frequent death.
From a know ledge ol its beneficial effect*,
we teler to Dr. Jveeler's Cordial and Crrsnin
ative." advertised in tltis paper. Dr. Keeler
is a physician ot intelligence, skill, and large
practice, and il the remedies and comment
dations of medical authority are to be de
pemled on Hie aitove named article will be
toutid useful in the complaints referred to.
FV Also Dr Keeler's Sarsaparilla, a ined
icine of great efficacy in freeing the system
Irom all diseases arising from impmities ol
lie blood. In chrcnir diseases oi the chest,
-tnmach liver and skin it is oi great benefit.
Females suffering with nervu* debility loss
ot appetite, costiveness, pains of the chest,
functional obstructions will fir.t a positive
•nre in the Sursaparilla. v Set pamphlets.
Price 81.
All of the above celebrated and extensive
| ly used medicines, arts prepared and sold
Wholesale and Retail, 294 Market street,
For sale also by J. R. MOVER, Blooms
burg; Chalfant A Hughes, and Dr. J. A
Moore, Danville: E. Franciseus, Jersey
Shore; and by Druggists and Merchants
throughout the Comity State.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 22d., 1849.—1y.
Hoots and Shoes.
ry Encourage your own Mechanics, and you
encourage Yourselves £3
| The subscriber would inform his friends
and the public, that he has on hand, and
makes to order ail kinds of BOOTS AND
SHOES, at the following low prices :
Men's fine calf or morocco boots, 84 a 4 50
do kip or cow hide, 3 35
do calf shoes 2 00
do cow hide I 75
do miners', nailed, 2a 2 50
Ladies'gaiters, 2a2 25
" Lace boots' 162
" Thick soled slippers, lal 37
" Pump soled, 100
" Excelsiors, 125
Boys', youths' and children's shoes in pro
portion. He manufactures his work of-the
best of stock, and warrants it to wear; and
he is determined to sell it as low as others
can their Yankee or city work. Call ami
see for yourselves. : hop on Main 6t., next
door below Hartman's Store.
Peter S. Leidy
Can manufacture just as neat and t'a-hiona
hie a sn'p of clothing as any other tailor in
these digging. As a sample of his work
manship, lie refers you to the
To be found in the town, which is quite cer
tain to have come from tiis shop.
He regularly receives the latest city fash
ions, and from his experience in the busi
ness can ensure satisfaction in his work
lit* has also on band an assortment of
At the lowest prices, from which he will
make up to order coatr, pants, orvestsof any
desirable style.
E?*Hisshop ison the North side of Main
Street, a few doors above the Court-house.
Bloomsburg, Feb. 14, 1850.
Executor's Notice.
Estate of Jacob Good late of Fishing Creek tsp
NOTICE is hereby given that letters Ex
ecutory were this day issued to the unde
signed residing in Huntington township. Lu
zertie County , upon the above Estate All
'hose indebted tci the sard estate are reques
ted to make payment and tlio.-e having
claims against the estuto to preseut them
without delay to the undersigned.
Nor. 19, 1860 —w.
To the Sick and Afflicted.
Cr.nnncATE- and Testimonials sufficient
■o fill every column ol this pnper. can be
produced, sotting lorth the wonderful vir
lues of Da. Swayne's Cf.lebbated Family
Di*. Swayne's Compound Syrup of
Wil Cherry.
Great Cure of Edward Hanson, Engineer, at
Mr. Pettits' Factory, corner ot 9th and
.Wallace Streets, Spring Garden.
More substantial evidence of the winder
litl curative properties of
Dr. bwayrx's Compound Syrup of
Wild Cherry.
Plitl.AD., April 15, 1850.
Dr. Swayne—Dear Sir—Being severely af
flicted with a violent cold and cough, which
settled upon my lungs attended with great
debility, soreness in my side, that I could
scarcely breathe, spitting of blood, no ap
petite, conld pet no rest at night, owing to
the severity of my cough, would spit as
much as a pint ot blood at a lime. This
mournful stale of things continued until I
almost despaired of being cured, having
"tried physicians and niimer his things with
out relief: but having beard ol the great vir
tues of your Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry,
and its being approved ol by physicians ol
the first eminence. I concluded to make a
trial of it, and am happy to state that three
bottles peiformed a perlect cure; my sleep
is now undisturbed and sweet, and 1 firmly
believe that to your medicine 1 am indebted
lor this great euro.
I s''all be clad to communicate with any
person on the subject who may bo pleased
io rail on me, and corroborate what 1 have
said in the above certificate, at the factory o:
my residence.
Yours, most respectfully,
The above certificate is from a man well
known by a large portion of our citizens.
Those who doubt the truth of il, are Invited
j to call and satisfy themselves that it isannlh
' voluntary, disinterested and 1-ving witness
to the ureal virtues of De. Swayne's Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry.
original and only centime preparation ol
| Willi Cherry, as prepared by Dr. JSWAVN'ff
j N. W. Corner of Eight atnl Race stree.s.
| Philadelphia ; all others aio "fictit io
i -'-A safe and effectual remedy for Worms, Dys
i pepsin, Cholera Morbus, sickly or Dyspep
tic Children or Adulls. and the most
uscjul Family Medicine ever of
fered to the public.
This Remedy is one which lias proved
j successful for a long lime and il is univer
! t-a Iv acknowledged l y all who have tried it
:io he tar superior (being so very pleasant
| to lire ta*ie at ihe same lime aflectual) to
' any other medicine ever employed itt dtren
i ses lor which il is recommended. It not
j only destroys But invigorates .ho whole sys
! t-rn.
| Dr. Sivaua-'s Vermifuge is now put up in
j square bo"'e . See thai Hie name is spelt
! correct l\ —S VV AYN E.
J)r. fwync's Sugar Coated Sursupnrillu and
Tar I'ills. Act as a gentle purgative, proilu
i cing a healthy state of the Liver, ami Bowels
j acting as an Alternative, < hanging that stale
of cosiivei.ess, which is very common to
! some individuals, and lor the irregularities
j indident to lemales tbey are very \aluable.
E. I'. Lutz a John 11. Moved, Bloomsburg,
I'u; R1 CGrier&John Moore Danville: John
*harp!ess& C Hartman & Co., Catawissa; G
K R Shaman Catawissa Forge; Brown and
| Creasy. Mililinville; A Miller Berwick; John
Doak Briar Creek tp.; Peter Eat Williams
burg;''!. Lazarus Orangevii'e; JK Millard
! K*pytowu; Elias Wertmin Hohr-burg;Geo.
| Masters Millville; J M Sheldon Jerseylowii;
McCay & Patterson Washingtonvnte; Hugh
i McVYilliams Moresburg; and by most all
| Storekeepers in ihe adjacent Counties.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 17, 1850.—6 m.
The People's Friend.
fain Destroyer and
'I Heating Extinct.—
An extract from fhe
! million, old sores, lre*n wounds and bruises,
Piles, and all diseases of the bow els of a
chronic nature, tooth-ache and ear-ache, &c.,
It is truely what it professes to be. "the
feople's Friend I" Providence has scattered
along the rugged paths of life many things
that contribute greatly to the comfort and
j happiness ot every body; hence their great
lvalue, t.' sell may they be called 'friends
I ol Ine peopie.'
One word here to guard against imposition.
•V man by the name of spencer, Fas maiiu
ufacliired and offered lor sale a spurious ar
ticle called the Coryll Extract. —that would
be extract of tho hazel-nut :—the genuine is
us white and pure as water, while the spuri
ous article is colored, which enables the
public to distinguish.
None genuine, but those mr rked Pond's
Pain Destroyer. For sale by
VVm Robison, Bloomsburg, John Jcssup,
Shickshinny, Chullant & Hughes, Danville.
Selh B Bowman, Berwick, Fowler A Trent
Iqy. Espvtoivn. 2 18 ly
For Young l.iidics and Gentlemen
J. E. BRADLEY, Principal.
A number of competent Ass
tarns will, at all times be employed.
Tho ensuing Winter Session will com
mence on MONDAY the 28tb day of Octo
ber next, and will continue 22 weeks.
The Academic year ensists of 44 weeks.
The price of tuition per quarter is as fol
For Reading, Penmanship, Grammar, A
rilhmebc, Buok-Keeping by single entry. Ge
ography, History of U. S. $3 25
for same, and Algebra, Geometry, Survey
ing, Mensuration, Boook-Keeping by double
entry, General History, Natural History, Phy
siology, Philosophy, other English branches,
and Drawing. 84
For Latin, Greek and German, 5 75
BP*Good boarding can bo obtained in pri
vate familiesat from 81 50 to 82 00 per week.
Refejiences.*— Col. Joseph Paxiou, Hon.
Stephen Baldy. Hon. Geo. Mack, Michael
Brobat, Esq., John M'Reynolds, Esq., and
the Citizens of Bloomsburg.
EV After this Winter Session the French ■
Language will be taught in this School.
Bloomsburg Sept 28th 1850
The Geatest Because the Best Fam
ily Medicine in the World
ATIVE HILLS, they have succeeded in
curing some ot the worst cases, of disease
ever recorded, and are daily accomplishin
the re'tormion of persons after having tried
in vain to obtain relief from any other
source. One of the Proprietors is a regular
physician of extensive experience, who de
votes his time exclusively to their prepara
tion. For FEVER& AGUE) they have nev
er yet failed. At least one thousand cases
in the neighborhood of Philadelphia, have
been cured since the first of Sept-, '*■ l
Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Liver Complaint.
Scrofula, for Worms, and a" other diseases
of children, they are unequalled by anything
ever prepared for tho purpose, while tor the
various diseases of Females there ia no me
dicine can compare with them, lhere is
more of them sold—they are in greater de
mand than any other pill—and when once
introduced in a family, they need no other
medicine. Each box containing Fiity Pills,
renders them the cheapest, while they are
decidedly the best, as well as the mildest in
action, of any now in the ntprket.
'/' lie Eilitor of the "City hem," thun
speaks of them:
IS* READER, you are suffering from fever
and ague, and you have never tried If ors-
Vegetable Restora ive Pills. Shake no
more. There is still hope for yon—you may
yet be cured* Go, or send at once to A.
Weeks & Co., 70 North Eighth street., and
procure a box of these unrivaled pills, which
are a sovreigh antidote for this distressing
Col. Forney of tl.e Pennsylvanian,
says :
WoitsDEM.'s PILLS.—This e*oellent family _
medicine is daily winning new triumphs
over disease, ami consequently in the high
road to public favor. In the removal of the
every day ills that flesh is heir to, we know
of no belter compound. We heard the oth
er day of a desperate ease of scrofulous o
ruptions of the head and lace being elikely
cured by them.
I)n Sullc of the "Times." says :
CUT The great popularity ol W irsdell's
Vegetable Pills, is attributed to the just ner
it which they teully possess. They have
been quietly gaining the fame they now
have, by the force of their own virtues,
l ite means usually employed to give eclat
to new* remedies have not been adopted bj
the proprietors. They have been content to
let their medicine speak lot itself. It is now
doing it in every section of tho country.
, They are for sale by most of the Store
Keepers throughout the Country,and in quan
tities at reasonable rates, at the Laboratory
No 70, North Eighth Street.
A. WEEKS Ac Co., Proprietors.
Agents, JOHN U. A/OVER, Blootnsburg:
K. Lazarus, Oranirevilu.
M. G. Shoemaker, Buekltoru,
Fmiston & Diefetibaelr. Jerseynttvn,
M. C. Grier, Danville,
C. I ailrnan & Co., Callawissa, and by
most merchants throughout the country.
GIIUIIIIIMI Cliciip Waitlics.
wholesale ami retail,m N>. 90 Nmill 'din!
a'r el, corner of Q iarry, Philadelphia.
(ft.ld lever watches, full jewelled, IS
caret cases. 53.) anil upwards.
Silver lever do. lull jewelled, $lO ami
Silver lepine tin, jewelled, sll and up
Silver qttartier watches, from $3 lo 10.
Gold pencils, Irani $| 50 to s7'
Superior gold rings, iTitui 37 to 80 els.
Oilier articles in proportion. All goods
warranted to be what they are suld fur.
Con-tani'v on html, a lull assortment
WARE. Also, no assortment of AL J
Tobias & Go. ;K. Sunns.>n Samuel and
Brothers; E- S. Y-ites i§" Go.; John Har
rison ; G. A- R. Beeslev's. and other su
perior PATENT I.EVKIt Movements,
which will be Cased in any stj le desiieil.
Arrangements li.iv-brt-n made with all
the above celebrated makers, the best
mannlaciiireia of Liverpool, to Inrnish at
short notice any ieq.'ired style f Wn'rh.
for which orders will be taken and die
H I rue and residence of the person order
ing put on if requested-
No, 90
Nortit Third Street.
Importer of Watches.
January I, 1850.--1y49
"CP aa cis m=> 3:3 Hsi ca cSL
.1 T
THE subscriber offers at private sale his
bnrg: which, to any persot desiioua o!
purchasing real esime in the County Sent, of
fers n fine opportunity tor a proliulile invest
ment The property Is upon the Main and
business sireet of tlie town, and in that part
ol lite plaee which lias been growing mo.-,
rapidly w'.lhin a few years past. The lot lias
a front of fit! feet upon Main street, and ex
tends 21-14 feel back.
upon the premises might easily be made to
do a good business auvFthfi *
on it are new ones of the largest kind. There
is a good PUMP at the door, and every otli
er desirable convenience.
I ? It will tie sol.! upon easy terms, by
eat ly application to
Bloomsburg, October 2d, 1850.
mAc if 11\ i: shop.
The subscriber has inuv in active opera
lion tho new FOUNDRY und Machine Shop
recently erected at Orangevillo, and will be
ready to furnish castings of every size and
description, and every desirable kind ol
Castings for Mills, Plough iron", Stoves of
every kind, Kellles, Boilers and all niher
kinds ol Hollow-ware will be furnished by
htm at the lowest prices.
He has also on hand, andr wilt make to
PLOUGHS ready''or use. and equal to the
nest made in this region ot the country.
Farmer- in need ol Castings or machine
ry will find it to their advantage to visit his
establishment. Hd will keep on hand a lot
ol articles manufactured by him, out ol
which a fair selection can always bo made.
Ev ry description of machinery neatly re
paired on the shortest noti#e and most rea
sonable terms.
- Old metal taken in payment for work.
Orangeville, July 29th 1850 <
MAST Mil many a wife endures year* of bodily
suffering and of mental anenish, proetratc and help
lean, embittering her life, that of her husband, and
hazarding the futnre welfare of her children, arising
from causes which, if known, would have spared the
•offering, the anguish to the wife, and to the hns
band embarrassments and pecuniary difficulties hav
ing their origin in the mind being weighed down and
harassed in consequence of tho sickness of the com
panion of hia bosom.
How im|ortant that the causes should he known
to every wife, to every huahaud, that the dreadful
and harrowing consequences to the health and hap
piness of liotli may he avoided! Life is too short and
health too precious to admit any portion of the one to
be spent without the full enjoyment of tlw other.
The timely possession of a little work entitled as
follows has been the means of saving the health and
die life of thousands, as over
copies have been told since the first edition was is
The author baa been induced to advertise it by
tlie urgent and pressing request of those who have
been indebted to its publication for all they bold dear
(that all may have an oppor/iuity of obtaining it), and
who have favored him with thousands of letters of
encomium, some of which are annexed to the adver
Private Medical Companion.
noriiioit or disea.e. or vtomih.
Twentieth Edition. 18mo., pp 850. Price, 81.00.
LY FOR THE MARRIED, or t!ioo o ntempla
ling mtirriigc, an it discloses important secrets which
1 atiouM be known to them particularly.
! Hero, every I'emale—the wife, the mother—the
one either bnildiug into womanhood, or the one in
the decline of joins, in whom nature contemplntcs
an important change—can diacover the co-ises, synip
torn", and the moat efficient remcdiea and moat cer
tain mode of cure, in every complaint to which her
sex is suh|ccL
The revelations contained in its paces Imve proved
a blessinc to thousands, ns the innumerable letters
received by the author (which ho is permitted by tlie
writers to publish) will attest.
I Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman in Dayton, U.
"DAYTON, May 1, 1847.
"Dh. A. M. MaOHICKAU— My Dear Sir: - The
! Married Woman's Private Medical Companion,' for
1 j which I enclosed one dollar to your address, ca-no
safely to hand. I would not have tmohled yon with
' those few lines, but that I am impelled by a seosa
1 of gratitude, t.r myself and wife, to give utterance
to our ainccie and heartfelt ena funis.
" My wife has been perceptibly sinking for some
three years or more, in conseuut-ncn of her great an
guish sod Ballerina some ujudtha before and daring
coolinement; every successive erne more and more
debilitated nod prostrated her, putting Iter life in im
minent danger, and wliMi was. on the last occasion,
despaired of 1 supposed that this state of things wna
inevitatde, and resigned myself to meet the worst.
At tills lime (now alamt two months) 1 heard your
I took highly spoken of. aa .containing some matters
reaching mv case On it." receipt ami peruaal, I can
(Kit express to yon the relief it afforded my distressed
mind nod tho joy its pages imparted to my wife, on
learning that tlie great discovery of M. M. Dcso
raeaux provided a remedy. It opened a prospect to
OH! whirh.l little conceived was possible. No jiecn
; niarj consideration can ever repay the obligations I
am under to you for having been the means of im
parting to ns the matters contained in ' The Married
Woman's Private Medical Companion.' Hut for
ibis, eve another veer wonhl have pasted oyer mv
head, in all human probability my wife would have
I , beeu in Iter eras" and mv children left motherless."
Extract from a Ijeher.
; ' Competence and Health.
44 Lancaster, PA , Oct 21, 1847.
. "Mr DEAR I know yon will have the kind-
I ncsi to benr with me in encronrhinc upon your time,
l while 1 acknowledge (in behalf of nnsclf ami wife)
the ohlL'atini-s we feel ouraolvpi nnder to you in bav
! fag made known rertnin matters, contained in your
most invaluable 4 Married Woman's Private Medical
Companion.' It has been worth i'.s weight in gold
* ; to nie. If I express myself rulher warm'y, vou will
i see that 1 can not do ao too worndy, when inform
*j vou of the extent to which I have,'through it, been
benefited. 1 will at ate my aituation when 10l tnined
* vour book tbrnuL'h the merest curiosity 1 look upon
it at olio of the most fortunate events of my life. 1
; hud been married aoine ten yeaie, and was the father
of seven children. 1 was long atmeuling unceaNinely,
! to the end that I might gain a moderate competency,
, but the results of my utmost exertions at the end left
nie al khi t where I was nt the beginning of each year:
i and tliiit only, with the most stinted cconnniv, eufii
. : dug with barely the necessaries of life. Finally, this
constant effort was beginning to have its effect upon
, my healths 1 frit Immcapable to endure its oonann
-1 snce, while 1 felt the necessity of pcrsovur&nre.
* j 44 This constant, unceasing struggle on my part WHS
* I imperative, in consequence of tho prostrated condi
i l lion of ray wife 'with occasional intermission) for six
years, much of the time confined to her bed, and of
J course incapable of tnkiug tho charge and niQiuige
t ment of household affairs. Her condition arose ftom
' causes of which I wna ignorant. Ob! what would
' j 1 brtve given • d I the six years to livo over again •
* | W bat would my wife have given to have been spared
. : the long days ami still longer nights prostrate on a
bed of sickncHs! all of which would have been
' avoided, had 1 then seen a copy of 4 THE MARRIED
From a Ph virion*
I How many are sufferine from obstruction or irreg
ularities peculiar to the female system, which un
d< rmine their health, the effects of which they are
i ignorant, ond for which their delicacy forbids seeking
I medical advico! How many miffer from pro/apnv.n
uteri (foiling of the womb), or f'n mfli.or-nlbu* (weak
! now, deltfify, Jcc., Ac )! How manv are in constant
I agony for many months preceding confinement! How
many have difficult if not dnnuerous deliveries, and
whose lives u r e jeoparded dunng sucit time, will find
I in its pages tho means of prevention, amelioration,
1 and relief!
Extract from a Letter.
I: To those just Married.Had I known!"
44 PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 29, 1847.
j 41 DH. A. M- Maukioau : Ilsd I known of the iip
portui.t mnttcrn treated of in 4 The Marriel Woman's
1 | Private Medical Companion' Home years ago how
, much misery I might have escaped !"I have suffered
years from causes which you point out in your book,
I without knowing what to do. 1 obtained a copy, and
found my case treated of. I trust every female will
avail heraelfof the information contaiued in its pages."
Letters are daily received of this character, unne
csHiy to presciu
I To those vet unmarried, hut contemplating mar-
I riage, or perhaps hesitating as to the propriety of
' incurring the rerpousihiliiies xU' n.'mt n|ou it, the
! importance of being possess* d ofthe revclnt ions con-
J tained in ilicse pages, so intimately involving their
*; future happiness, can not be appreciated.
It ia, ol course, iinpructicable to convey more fully
! the various auhjecta treated of, as they ar.* of a na
j ture strirtly intruded lor th- married, or tltnao con
templating marriage; neither is it necessary, since
it is every one's duty to become possessed of knowl
edge whereby the sufferings to which a wife, a moth
er. or a sister, may fie subject, can be obviated.
BT Copies wttl ho aenl by .Hull free of Postage
to the Purchaser*
IT On the receipt of One Dollar, 44 THE MAR
PAN ION" is sent (mmltil free) to any part of tlie
United States. All letters i mat be post paid (except
those n remittaii -e), and addressed to Dr
A- M. MAUHICKAU, MOV 1024, New York City.
Publishing OHlce, No. 109 Liberty St., New York
Over 40,000 Copies h- ve been sent by 31 All.
within three months with perfect safety and cer
* tsinty.
Booksellers mi l agents engaged in its sale
re making handsome competencies from
li e ready und extraordinary demand for it.
and the extiemely liberal terms affo.ded
Active local or travelling Agents through
out the United States ami Canada will be
supplied nn the samn terms. Communica
tions are required tu be post paid and undres
sed as above. I
CV CAUTION.—The public are cautioned
against various caicli peinii -s iniendeil to be
palmed off upon them, the title ot
die work as'-The Married Lidies' Medical
Companion,'' and various other tides. The
title of the work is "The Married IVO
MAN'S Private Medical C'omp at,ia," l)r.
A W Mivincet u.
JOSEPH SWARTZ, Agent, Bloomskurg.
House, Sign and Ornamental
DONE to order in the bent highly-finished
oplain vj'le, by B HAGENBUCH.
Taundict, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Ner
vous Debility, Disease of the Kid
neys. and
all diseases arts
insfrom u disordered
Liver or Stomach, such as
Constipation, Inward Piles v
Fulness of Blood io the Head, Aci
dity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart
burn. Disgust foi Food, Fulness or
■ Weight in the Stomach. Sour
Eructations, Sinking or
Fluttering at tin pit
of the Stomach,
of the
Head, Hurried and difficult Breathing.
Flu tiering at the Heart, choking or
suffocating sensations when in
a lying posture, dimness
of Vision. Dots or
Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull
Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspi
ration, Yellowness of the Skin and
Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back,
Chest, Limbs. <S'u. Sudden
Flushes of Heat, Bu
rning in the Flesli, Constant Imaginings
of Evil, and Great Depres
sion of Spirits.
No. 120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseases is
not excelled, if equalled, by any other rep
aration ill the United Stales, as the cures
attest, in many cases alter skilful physicians
had hilled.
These Bitters aro worthy tho attention of
invalids. Possessing great virtues in the
rectification of diseases of the Liverafid Its
ser glands, exercising the most searching
powers in weakness and allectiongol the dt
gestive organs, they are, withal, sate, cer
tain and pleasant.
Read and be Convinced.
The Hon. Charles D. Hineline, Editor of
tho "Camden Democrat,"the best paper in
West Jersey, says. July 21 :
have seen many Haltering notices of this
medicine, and the source from which they
came, induced us to make inquiry respect
ing its moths. From inquiry wo were pet
suaded to use it. :.:td must say we found
it specific in its action upon ili-orses ol the
| liver and digestive organs, and the powerful
I influence it everts upon nervous prostration
is really surprising. It cnlins and stregtheus
' the nerves, bringing them into a state ol ro-
I pose, making sleep refreshing.
[From 'he "Boston Bee."]
I The editor said. Dec. 22d—
| '• Br. Ihni/hind's Celebrated Gtrmm Fitt-rs
! for the cure of l.iver Complaint, Jaundice,
I Dyspeyia, Chronic or Nervous Debility, is
| deservedlv one ot the most popular medi
cines of the dav. Theso Bitters have been
used by thousands, and a friend at our elbow
says be lias himself received an eilectual'
and permanent cure of Liver Complaint
Irotn the use ol this remedy. We are con
vinced that, in the use ot these Bitters, the
patient constantly gains strength and vigor—
a fuel worthy of great consideration. They
are plea-ant in tntte and smell, and can be
used by | crrons with the mo-l delicatestom
actis with safety, tinder any circumstances.
We are speaking from expericu e and to tho
afflicted we advi-e their use."
Judge M M. Noah, a gentleman with
great scientific and and liUerary attainments,
said in his ' New York Weekly Messenger,"
January 6. 1850.
| "Dr lloojland s German hitters. —Here is
| a preparation which the leading presses in
| the Union appear to bo unanimous iu re
| commending, and lite reason is .obvious. It
is made after a prescription furnished by
one o: lite mod celebrated physicians of
modern times, lite ln'e Dr Christopher Wil
belm Hoolland. Professor to the Univeisity
of Jena, Private Phvsioiun to the King ol
Prussia, and one of the greatest medical >vri
ers Germany has ever produced. Mo was
emphatically the enemy of humbug, anil
the.el'ore a medicine of which he was the
inventor anil endorser may be confidently re
lied on. He specially recommended it in
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Debility, Ver
tigo, Acidity of the Stomach, Constipation,
and all complaints arising from a disordered
condition of 'lie stomaeh, the liver and the
intestines. Nine Philadelphia papers express
their conviction of its excellence, and sev
eral ot the editors speak of its effects f rom
I 'heir own individual experience. Under
these circumstances, we toel warranted, not
only in calling the attention of our readers
to the present proprietor's (Dr. C. M. Jack
-oil's) preparation, but in recommending the
article to all afflicted."
j The "Philadelphia Saturday Gazette,"' the
| best lamily new.-p.ipei published 111 the Uni
ted States, the editor say of
"It is seldom that we recommend what
are termed Patent Medicines to the confi
dence and patronage of our readers: and.
therefore, when we recommend Dr. Hoot
land's German Bitters, we wish it to bo dis
tinctly understood it at we arc not speaking
of the nostrums of tho day. that are noised
about for a brief period and tlton forgotten
alter they have dune their guilty raeeofmts
chif, but of a medicine long established,
universally prized, and which has met tho
nearly approval ol the Faculty itself."
Evidence upon evidence has been re-1
eeiverl (like the foregoing) from all sections ]
ol the Union, the last tiuee years, nod the i
strongest testimony in Us favor, is, that there is
inure of it ns j d in tho practice of the regu
lar Physicians of Philadelphia than all other
nostrums combined, a fact that can easily
be established and fully proving that a sci
entific preparation will meet with their qui
et approval when presented even in this
That this medicine w ill euro Liver Com
plaint and Dyspepsia, no one can doubt, of
ier using it as diieeted. It acts specifically
upon lite stomach and liver—it is prelcrable
to culi mel in •; U bilious diseases- the effect is
immediate. They can he ndtninisiejed to
FEMALE or INFANT with safety and reliable
benefit, at any time.
This medicine has attained that high char
acter which is necessary for ull medicines to
attain to induce counterfeiters to put lor/h a
spurious article at the risk of the lives of
those who are innocently deceived.
They have the written signature of C. M.
JACKSON upon the wrapper, and the name
blown in the bottle, without which they are
For sale, wholesale and retail, at the Ger
man Malicine Store. No. 120 Arch Street, one
door below Sixth, (late of 278 Race slteet,)
Ph.ladelphia, and by respeuiablo dealers
generally throughout the country. Also for
Sale by JOHN ft. MOYER, Pa.
Because they ste safer, belter and mere efficscl
our than any uthers, and because the public wit•
take DO others if they can obtain then.
500,000 BOXES
have betn sold annually for the last five yetrt.
Young *nd uld. male and femnte. can alivayt
take them with equal aafrty. withnnt fear.
fat purging and cleansing Itieatnmach and bow,
' els, and purifying the blood and fluids nfthe bo
dy take no miters—-fur no other pills pr.ducslhore
combined eflccls. or contain snrsaparilla in tbeta.
Eat, Drink, and Live as Usual,
and pursue year usual occupa inn whilst taking
them, without fair of taking cold during all kind
of weather-
are wagertd that more genuine certificates [from
physicians,cler„Ymon-, Members of Congtess and
respectable citizens] ran be produced of their sf
ficscy than of any others, and
Ten Dollars
will bo forfeited in every instance tvhrrs oxi box
will not do IIIUIO good than two boxes of anv o
Forty Pillcarein a Box I
and sold at Iwe my.five Gents a Box, with direc
tions and much wholesome advice accompanying
each hox
They hare no lasts nor unpleasant smell
free front dust or powdct of any k'tid— do nit
gripe tho Sloutath or hwels.—produce no rick
in s. vomiting or bail feelings—they arc good at
all, and adapted tn most d'scascs common to
mankind. N0.,n0 having oiicit taking tliein wilt
be willing afterwards to take any others, tiecauss
Ihet always JJ good, soil if they do nut then no
olhi'ta will.
Dr. N. B Lcidy, the Proprietor I Manufacturer
is a regular Uruggi-t, Chemist and Physician, o
fifeeu years experi< nee in Philadelphia; membu
of diflVtenl Institutions ot I'hi'adelphia
. New Yuik, Boston. Baltimore, Ac , and assocjats
and corrcacoiidine member of several Medical In,
stitiitiona of Loud n tnd I'srir hence the rea
son of the greater confidence placed in his pills,
and there being recommended in the practice of
' most rrspeeuble phystciini tin oughmi the Unt
led States. .
Principal Depot, Dn. Limit's Dipxa nr
No. 114 North l-'onith Street. i'hiludelphii. and
sold wholesale ami retail by
J. IU Mover & E. P. JLutz, Bloomsburg; Dr.
|A. B. Wilson, Berwick: Peter Em
I Light S.reet; .W. G. Shoemaker, Buckhurii
j J. A. Moure. Danville; Kick oils & Stotvarr'
j Orangeviile; Juittt So tniuk, C'attatvissa ; A*
Lovers. Wnshiiigtonville; J M. Sheldon Jer
| seytown ; J. F. Dorr. Whitehall; J.S. Woods
I Columbus; Brown & CTeasy, Mitiiinsbur&t
| E. '-Vcriman, Rhorsbnrg, and by Storekeeper
j ge..z rally. 49-i'y
I' ll II,AI)\]I PII I \ "
• Established Fifteen Years ago, bu
I X. IF. Corner of Third am! Union >ts.,
b'Jtree i Pine, streets "
Fifteen tears ut extcneivo nnd unintsrinplrd
I practice s| ent in tin, city have rendered Dr. K.
j the trust et|a-rt and sue cafii| practitioner far A
near, to the treatment ot uli diseases nf a privalo
! nature. Persons afflicted with u'cors on the bo.
; dy. throat ot legs, pains in tho head or hones, or
| mercurial rheumatism, strictures, gravel, disease
; arising from you hi".-.I excesses or iinpuailics •
j the blood, whereby the constitution has become
i enfeebled, are all treated with success,
| Ho who places himself under the care of Dr
j K. may religiously confide io his honor as a gen*
lleinnn, mid confidently rely upon his skid as s
Take Particular Notice !
j Young men who have injured themselves by t
; certain indulged in, a habit frequently
: learned from evil companions or at school, tho of.
I feet- of which are nightly fell, even wlieo asleep
j and de-troy both mind and liody, should apply tin.
J mediately. Weakness and constitutional debility
j loss of muscular emrgy, physical lassitude and
| general prostration, irratiiiiliiy and all nervous of.
feel ions indigestion, sluggishness of Vile |j ve ,
j every disease in any way connected with the dis
order of t e procteativc functions cuteil, and full
vigor restored.
Sfiwai&BpSlS.' Prcmnfiin- Don fit
Only 25 Cents.
This book just published i filled with useful
j inhumation i.n the infirmities and diseases of the
genern'iveorgans. It addresses itself aliko to
youth. inauhuoJ an J old age, and should be rcsd
iiy all.
Tlie vnluiiMc advice and impressive warning it
: gitv, ivill pievput years of misery and kuflVring
i ami Nive iinji:illy thoiiHiiul* of lives.
Rin nt hy reading it will learn how Io prevent
tho devtrucimn of their children.
A remittance of 'i. S rents enclosed in a letter,
addressed to Dr. Kinkclin, N VV corntrof J bird
m.d Union street*, lu-iwei ii Spruce and Pine, in
Phih.h Iphiti will ensuio book under envelop®
I per r< turn of mail.
Persona ut a distance may ndJrcss Dr IC t-y
j letter (pst paid) and ho cured at home.
! Prirfteg s• f medicine*, dir. cliom*. dftj. f >rwrd.
! ed hy MM ding a remittance, ami put up sucuro-
I from diimage or curiosity,
| Uooksellfrs, i\tw- Agents, Pedlars, Canvasser*
ind nil oitiois i upplied witll tho slicve wivvk- at
I viiy low rates.
I D'. Henry Turner's Rheummic Lirinient.—
l itis superior remedy foi the Ifheuoiaiism, h u .
reesntly introduced irto this cnuutiv by the prei
-ent proprietor, has lima bso,. known in Eng
eand. London paitieularly, as lite beat a,id m
certain cure fir that distressing and f
lection. Its clleet u| on the system is p „|j T
i.olliiog, at tho saineiiins certain and effleocwis
rarely tailing to g"e relief up, it, |in4 " ' .
cation, snd by repeating it n few tl „ lM ,'' '
uianeiU cure is efT'cted. ?
We have known esse, oi p,j n in the brea.
and back, with soreness, of several weeks d ur .
lion, cured in one einc.'.e nighl. snd heard tho
patt-nt ex,ness bsgra, P f u | thankstbit such ro
medy was eve diccoverod. Wo hav.slso h.srd
ini tvidual. say they would give thousands of
dnllais tor a cure for rheunntiam, yet the same
mdii idols were cured hy two buttles uftbis great
Liniment, costing but tifiy cents each. Who
would 'egret giving such a price for such s rem
edv -to he free fuiin tkc excruciating tortuoe o
that most painful of all diseasei.
Afflicted go ptocuro a bottle of Dr. Turner
Liniment end he honied st once; do not huge'
delay, hut cast aside all nostrums end cute allr
lot the one thing needful to insure a cure. Boln
wholesale snd re'eilhy D Wunderly 4 Co. pro
prieturs No 2tr Gom nerce street, and their gen
era! agents ILiwaild an I Son, No 81 North Bixte
street, I'hilulelpl is
Also, by JOHNk MOYER Bloomsburg. 6m
Gaiters and Slippers just manufactured and
for sala by WARREN RUSBEL