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    Fall and Winter Goods.
to. mmjgaw a
HAVE just received the largest assortment
of new and fashionable fall and winter
goods to be found in Bloomsburg, and they
offer them at the lowest prices to their many
old patrons and new.
They have a full and large variety of
men's coats, vests, and pants. French and
English Merinos, Cashmeres, Delaines,
And Salt —Cedar ware, Hats, Caps, Coarse
and fine Boots and Bootees for Men and
Youths—Leather, Morocco and Gum Shoes
for Ladies, Misses and Childrens wear, and
just about every thing else that can be de
sired to please taste or sette use.
Bloomsburg, Oct., 20lh 1850.
JNew floods in I.iglit Mrcet.
T*ie subscriber has just received a new
assortment of goods from the city, which he
offers to the buying neighborhood at the
lowest prices. His stock-now- consists of
every article usually kept in-a country store,
QiiecUNtvarc Hardware, Caps
Buols and Slides,
&C., &C-
He can furnish Cloths, Casimeres SatinMs
and Jeans for inejiVwear; and Merinos, Al- j
facas, Cashmers, Dtdnincs, Ginghams" and j
tints for the ladies. Also Shawls, Hosiery :
and Gloves of oCery variety. Here is a
rare chancejbr bargains to thoso who want
cheap and good goods for cash or country
produce. I'ETER ENT.
Light Street, Oct 29, 1850
The subscriber has just received and j
opened al his old stand a choice lot of new
goods to which he invites the attention of |
purchasers. He has a full and fair assort-
ment of fall ant? winter goods consisting of j
Quecnswrrc, Cedar U'are. Fish and
Salt, Ilals and Caps. Coarse and
Fine Boots, Gttm, Morocco
and Jenny Lind Shoes
for ladies, misses and
childrens wear.
Also. Terkerri. Woollen, Walterloo, Bay j
state Mills and JENNY LND Long Shawls,
Cashmeres, Merinos, Delaines, Plaids. Prints
and Muslins. GEORGE WEAVER.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 30, 1850.
The subscribers have just added to their i
former stock a large ane genaral assortment I
of Dry goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queens, j
ware Cedarware, Fish, Salt, &c.. carefully*:
selected as to quality and price, all of which
they are anxious Jo sell on the most accotrt
modaling teTms, aud respectfully solicit, a
nail from all those who wish to buy cheap
goods' their old customers especially
Bloomsburg, Oct. 31st 1850.
For Young I.adie* mid Gentlemen
'' J. E. BRADLEY, Principal.
Asuffici ant number of competent Ass
tants will, at all times be employed.
The ensuing Winter Session will com
mence on MONDAY the 28th day of Octo
ber next, and will continue 22 weeks.
The Academic year consists of 44 weeks.
The price of tuition per quarter is as fob
lows ;
For Reading, Penmanship, Grammar, A
rithmctic, Book-Keoping by single entry. Ge
ography, History of- (J. S. S3 25
For same, and Algebra, Geometry, Survey
ing, Mensuration, Uoook-Keeping by double
entry, General History, Natural History, Phy
siology, Philosophy, other English brandies,
and Drawing. ®1 50
For Latin, Greek and German, 5 75
ES*"Good boarding can be obtained in pri
vate familiesat from SI 50 to S2 00 per week.
REFERENCES. —Col. Joseph Paxton, Hon.
Stephen Baldy, Hon. Geo. Michael
Brobst. Esq., John M'Reynolds, Esq , and
the Citizens of Bloomsburg.
EF* After this Winter Session the French
Languago will be taught in this School.
Bloomsburg Sept 28lh 1850.
Beading R. B. Passenger Trains
Office of Philada. & Reading R- R. Co )
Philadelphia, Sept. 16, 1850 j
Until further notice liioro will be but one
Passenger Train daily, (Sunday excopfed )
between Philadelphia and Pottsville at ha f
past eight o'clock, A.M., and stopping at iho
usual places on the line of the road.
Hours of Passing Reading : —For Philadel
phia at 10 o'clock. 10 minutes, A. M., for
Pottsville at 11 o'clock, 20minutes, A.M.,
By order of the Board of Managers.
S. BRADFORD, Secretary
Reading, Nov. 2, 1850.
A stray bull came to the
premises of the subscriber in
Koaringcreek tp., a few days
ra —l| -p- He is large, apparently
about three years old, of a white and brin
dle spotted color, n while face and the end of
bis horns sawed off. The owner can have
Jiim by satisfying,as to properly, and paying
t)ie necessary charges of advertising Uc.
Nov. 4, 1850.'
€. P. M A R R ,
' fiHR®(E©N BN®J9®,
Tenders his professional services to the
eitizens of Williamsburg and it* neighbor
hood for extracting ami inserting teeth accor
ding to the best improvements in surgical
science and skill. He will insert teeth either
upon pivot or plate, and in such a manner
as wil) insure satiafaotiob. His office is near
Pater Em's store.
Williamsburg, Cel. Co , Oct. 20th, 11W.
- i. "
Register's Notice. '
Notice is hereby given to all legatees,
creaitors, and other persons interested in the
esta'es of tho respective decendents tjmt 'he
following administration accounts have
■ been filed in the office of the office of the
. Register of the County of Columbia and
will bo presented for confirmation and allow
ance to tho Orphan's Court, to be held at
Bloomsburg, in and for tho County aforesaid,
on Wednesday the 20th day of November
' next, at two o'block P. M.
1 The account of Peter Roberts, Admin
istrator of the Estate of Jesse Roberts, late
of Beaver Township, Columbia Co dee'd.
2 The account of George Sloan, Executor
of the last will and Testament of David
Sloan, late of Briarcreek Township, Col Co
8 The account of Jeremiah Cromloy, ad
. miuistralot of the Estate of George Cromley
late of Valley Tp., col co tlec'd.
4 The*hccounJ .of Benjamin Winlersteen
and Lewis Schuyler, adinir. islrstors ot the
estate of Wm Winlersteen, laid of Madison
Township, col co dee'd.
5 The account of George Girton, Execu
tors of the last will and Testament of Peter
Girton, late of Greenwood Township col co
6 The first and final account of George
Kidd, Executor of the last will and Testa
ment of Mary Kidd, late of col co dee'd.
7 The final account of James Pleasants,
administrator of tho Estate of Ezra S Hay
hurst, late of Cattawissa, Columbia county,
I 8 The account of Samuel F Headley, act
ing Executor of tho last Will & Testament
of Eleanor Lochart, late of Berwick, Colum
bia.county, dee'd.
9 The account of Margaret Creasey and
Elias Creasy, administrators of the Estate of
John Creasey, late of Centre Township, Col.
10 The account of William Hid lay, admin
-1 istratorof the Estate of Samuel F'Pricc, late
I of Orange Township. Columbiacountydeb'd.
,'ll The account oi William T. Rhodes, rfd-.
j minislrator of the Estate of Charles Buda,
• late'of Briarcreek Township, Columbia co,
i dee d,
j 12 The jeeouut of Rudolph Shuman one of
i iiie Executors of the last will of Jacob Shu
man latc of Maine township, Columbia co.,
I 13 Tfte.accoun( of Jacob L. human one of
I the Executors of the will of Jacob Shuman,
"lafe of Maine Township, Columbia county
dee'd. .
JESSE G. CLARK, Register.
| Register's Office j
! Bloomsburg, Oct. 21, 1850. j
| ~ Sheriff's Sale.
Jacob Harris By vfVtue of a mandate
vs issued out of the Court
Wm: M. Sprout of Common Pleas af Col
and others umbia county, at the suit
of Jacob Harris demandant, against William
M. Sprou I, Margaret Agnes Sprout a minor
by her guardian William M. Sproui. and
William Harris, Mary Ann Harris and James
Augustus Harris, minors, by their guardian
j John Mcßeynolds, Defendants, 1 will expose
jto public sale upon the premises, on FBI
i DAY, the lbiliday of November next, at one
j o'clqck P. M.
1 Three several tract! of land
Lying together and each other,
! situate ir the township of Madison and coun-
I ty aforesaid, ihe FIRST tract thereof boun
ded by lands hereafter mentioned and by
j lands of Peter Shnltz, John McGonigal ana
others, containing
i The SECONO TIWCT thereof bounded by
I ptljcr lands hereinafter mentioned, and by
'['tpitih of Jacob Stctle'r Henry Tanner the
; Heirs of Joseph Mellard, and others, contain
'tag siety acres and eighty six perches,—and
■ the THIRD and remaining fract thereof boon
j ded by lands hereinbefore described and by
| lands of Heirs of Joseph Mcliard, James C.
> Sproui, John McGonigal, and oihcr, contai
: ing
| with the appurtepances to the said . several
j tracts of laijd respectively appertaining. The
j said tracts of Jand are injproved and* have
J been in the possession of the said Jpcob Harf
] ris and William M S'prpnl &c. The sale
will be opened at.the* House of M.
Sproui upon the premises nolv occupied by
Joseph Blee as .tenant, 'icrtns,. nfade
knowtf on the day of sale ; and tfie said
lauds to be sold as the property of the parties
above named in the said aclidn of Partition
j Sheriff's Office Bloomsburg, 1
I October 22, A. D. 1850. j
The subscriber announces to the public
i that lie lias just opened a Saddler Shop in ihe
I central part of Bloomsburg, on Main" street,
j'one dbor above Rupert's Store,, where tie
j will keep constantly on hand and make to.
I order all kinds of
And every other article in his line of busi
ness. He wilk also attend to TRIMMING
carriages and buggies, in every desirable
style, and will turn off all his work neat and
good ; and at the lowest pricos. Those who
wish work in his line will do well to give
him a call.
rP*Hides, country produce, and even gold
I dollars will be taken in payment for work.-
Bloomsburg, May 15, 1849.
FORMA, but the business of Coach and
Wagon making will be continued "by the sub
scriber at the old stand on Market'street. He
will promptly attend to all orders for work in
his line ot business, and is always ready, at
short notice, to furnish Wagons, Coaches
Carriages, Buggies, Sleds and Sleighs of Any
style ; but always of the best materials, and
made in the most substantial manner.
He will give his persoual attention to the
business, and employ none but good work
men. Repairing will be attended to with
oare, and upon the most reasonable terms.—
He proposes to serve his customers to such
work as will secure for him a continuance o
their patronage, and from all who need arti
cles in his line of business. He asks only a
trial of his work to insure satisfaction.
Bloomsburg, Feh. 16, 1849.
The Subscriber wishes all thoso who are
still indebted to tho late firm of Heftey &
Mendenhall to take notice that Le is com
pelled to urge an immediate payment; that
this is the last notice of this sort; and they
must blame themselves if they get a-other
kind of notice soon, attended with costs.
Ptoomsbarg, October 10th I90.~0t
Grand Jurors for November Term,
Anthony —Hugh Walton,
Briarcreek —Qeorge M'Bride,
Beaver— Edward Schell
Bloom —James Thornton,. Wm Hupert,
Samuel Kressler, George Mack.
Centre —David Sillier
Danville —lssa-ie Amerman, John unger
jwy Christian Laubach, Jesse Arter
Fishingcreek —Thomas Peeler, Isaac Kline 1
Greenwood —Philip Sipley
Hemlock —Kiohard Drinker
Limestone —John Dildino .
Liberty —Russel Shedden '
Madison —Richard Fruit
Mahoning —Daniel Rudy
Orange —Abner Welsch
Boaringcretk —Samuel Eck. James Robin
Valley —Benjamin McMshon.
Traverse Jurors, First Week.
Anthony —Robert McKeo
Beaver— John Fisher
Bloom —Caleb Barton jr, Jacob Girfon, Ja
cob Eyer, John M'Carty Jacob Deitrick, Ja"
cob Snyder John Scott.
Centre —John Werkheiser, Jesse Merril
• Cattaieissa —John Harlrnan
Derry —Edward Henry, John Moyer
Danville —John Armec, John Russel, Geo.
B Brown, Eli Trego. Stephen Morse
Fishingcreek —William Robbing, Moses
MeHenry, Edwin Holmes
Greenwood —John Richards, Nehemiah
Hemlock —John Ohl
Jackson —Daniel Ponst
Limestone —John Shearer
Maine —John Miller, George Miller, Ja
cob Fisher,
Madison —Gilbert C McWaine, Lewis
Schnyler ( John Hendershot
Mahoning —Peler Deihl
Montour —David W. Clark, Eli Menden
Movntplcasant —Samuel Johnson, Andrew
Mifflin —Matthew Brown, Jeremiah Brow
Orange —Joseph Richard,
Boarmgcreck —Charles Meiz, Jacob Hel
wig. John P. Waller, John Belig
Sugarloaf- —Samuel Fritz, Henry llcss
Valley —David Davis.
Briarcreek— David Shaffer, John Zanor,
15/oom—David Melick, Douglas Hughes,
Moses CoH'man,
Cattaieissa —Peter Kern, Jacob Kreigh, •
Danville —J. Clark Rhodes, Thomas Met
Derry —Conrad Springer
Fishingcfeek —John White
Hemlock —Cornelious Styers
Jackson —Jacob Lunger, William E. Rob
erts, David Remly
Liberty —John MeWilliams, John Wilson,
John Derr,
Limestone —George Wagoner Fetor Crom
Mifflin —Daniel Reinbold, Charles Hess
Mountp'easant —Joseph Gilbert, Daniel
Madison —Robert Stout, John Crossley
Montour—Samuel Lazarus, William Mc
Ninch,John G Pegg,
Orange —James Patterson, Peter Achcn
baeh, Jacob Seidle
ffloaringcreck —Eilias Helwig, Riubea
Fah ringer,
Sugarloaf- —Alexander Colley,
Trial List for November Term 1850.
1 Frederick Beates Executors vs. Jonas
2 Wm Donaldson vs. J P Grove et. al
3 Daniel lloates et. al. vs. Wm Schuyler
4 Jesse Hughes vs. Bl' Frick et. al.
5 Charles Kram vs. W E Albright
6 Lafayette Kessler, vs. Etisha Hess
7 Dr John Ramsay vs. Rev J P Heister
8 T Wildoners Executors vs. R Lochart
0 John Conner vs. John Stiles et. al.
JO William Betterly vs. Moses May et. ux.
11 Samuel Conner vs. Conrad Adams
12 George Fredericks et. al. vs. Veniah
13 Benjamin PJFrick vs. Charles F Mann
> .ll Elias Simpson et. al. vs Robert B Carey
,et. al.
15 VV W Cook vs. William Edgar and Jonas
16 James Lesion vs. Silas E Walton
17 Philip Krouse vs. Wm Koons
BY Divine Permission, the newly erected
Evangelical Lutheran Reformed Church, itt
Briarcreek township, will be dedicated to
the worship of Almighty God, on Sabbath,
the 17th day of November, 1850, to which
all persons friendly to'llie cause of Religion
are respectfully invited.
U®"* A number of distinguished Clergy
men from a distance will be in attendance
and officiate on the occasion.
REV. I. BAHL, pastor \
David Shaffer,
Lewis Deilerieh,
Conrad Hippensteil,
George Kelchner, Esq.,
Oct. 24, 1850. Committee.
NOTICE is hereby given tit tat the
several Courts of Commoin Picas, Gen
eral Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and
Orphans' Court. Court of Oyer and
Terminer ami Jail Delivery, in anil for
the County of Columbia, to commence at
the Court House in Hloomsbnrg, on
Monday the lßtli day of November next,
conlinjte two weeks.
" Thc.Ooroner, Justices of die Peace St
Constables, in and fort(ie county of Col
umbia, are requested lb be (lien and there
in their proper persons, with their rolls,
records, inquisitions, and other remem
brahces, to-do those things to their sev
eral offices nppartaining to be done.
And all-witnesses prosecuting in behalf
of the Commonwealth against any pris
oner, are also requested and commanded
to be then and there attending in their pro
per persons to prosecute against him, as
shall be just—and not to depart without
leave at their peril. Jurors are request
ed to be punctual in their attendance, at
the lime appointed agreeable to their no
Given under my hand at Bloomsburg the
10th day of Oct., is the year of our
J.ord one thousand eight hundred nnd
fifty—and the Independence of the U
niled States of America the 74th.
(God savfc'the Commonwealth.)
* Novels,
School Books, Blank Books. ledgers. Day
books and Journals - Gift books, Keepsakes
&0., for sale at the Bloomsburg Book Store
| „ Jeeepk Swart,.
Sheriff Sales.
BY virllie of sundry writs of venditioni
exponas will be exposed by me to public
sale at the court-house in Bloomsburg on
Monday the 18lh day of November next at
1 o'clock P. M., the'following real estate to
A ceitain lot of Ground situate in Bloom
township in the County of Columbia boun
ded as follows: Beginning at a Stake on
the North west side of first street of the town
of Bloomsburg fifty three feet, North East
from the corner of a lot of ground owned
by Charles Knhler, running thence by fence
of Dr. John Kamsey North twenty nino de
gress west two hundred Sixty eight feet, to
an alley, theuee along said alley North sixty
one degrees East forty one feet to a slake
corner of said said lot, owned hy William
Lewis's thence by the same South twenty
nine degrees, East two hundred and sixty
eight feet to first Street aforesaid thence a
lonjr said street south sixty one degrees-west
forty one feet to the place of Beginning Con
taining ten thousand nine hundred and eigh
ty eight square feet, more oriess, and where
on is erected a double two story frame
House a well of water at the uoor with the
Seized and taken in Execution and to Do
sold as the property o c James Trane.
At the same lime and place, a certain lot
or tract of land situate in Fishiug Creek tp.,
Columbia County containing Eighty five
acres mor? or loss (seventy acres of cleared
land) Bounded by lands ot Thomas Lunger
on the west William Evens in the north,
John Henry on the South anil others, where
on is erected a one and a half story log
House with a framo attached to the end one
and one half story, one Bank Barn and a
large Apple Orchard, with the Appurtenan
ces. Seized and taken in execution and to
bo sold as the property of William 11. Moy
er and Isaac Kobins.
At the same time and place, a certain lot
of land, situate in Main township, Colum
bia County, containing forty thtee .acres
more or less (twenty five acres cleared)
Bounded by lands of Isaac Yetter on the
west, Daniel Yetter 011 the East, land of the
Shumar.s on the Sooth and others, whereon
is erected a one and one half story log
House and log Stable and other out build
ings, an Apple Orchard, with, the appurte
nances. Seized and taken in Execution and
to be sold as the properly qf Henry Derr.
At the same lime and place, a certain lot
of land situate in Light Street, in Bloom tp.
Columbia County containing one quarter of
au Acre more or less, bounded by lands of
Peter Schug, on the South, Charles Schug on
the North, nn alley on the East and the road
leading from Bloomsburg to Orangoville
whereon is erected a one two story frame
House with the appurtenences seized and ta
ken in Execution and to be sold as tho prop
erty of George W. Parks.
At the same time and place by virtue of a
writ of Levari facias, all that certain lot or
parcel of land Situate lying and beeing in
Bloom towuship in the County ot Columbia
aforesaid bounded and described as follows
to wit, Beginning at a post on the North east
side of east Street ot the town of Blooms
burg at point opposite to the South East side
of First Street of said town and running
thenco along a Street laid out by the said
John Kamsey and the Kev. David J. Waller
dividing their grounds, North fifty seven and
one fonrth degrees east, two hundred and
fourteen feet six inches to ail ally thence a
long said alley south twenty eight and three
fourth degrees east forty feet to a post, thence
by a lot of ground conveyed or to De con
veyed by the said John Ramsey to Charles
Brown, South fifty seven and one fourth de
grees west two hundred and fourteen fqct
sixty inches to east Street aforesaid, and
thence along said street North twenty nine
degrees west forty feet to the place of begin
ning together with the appertenances. Seized
taken in execution and to be sold as the
property of Bobison Key.
At the sme time and place, a certain lot
of land situate in Sugatloaf township Colum
bia county, containing one fourth of an acre
more or less' bounded by lands of Isaac
Uartman, Daniel Hartmnn. and on the road
leading ftom Benton to Rohrsburg, whereon
is erected a frame blacksmith shop,
ALSO one other lot situate in the same
township and county, containing one fourth
of an acre more oriess, bounded by land of
Slott Cuilv, and on the road leading from
Benton to Uolirsburg, with the appurtenances
seized, taken in execution, and to bo sold
rs the property ofValentine Fell.
By virtue of a plnries w-rit of venditioni
exponas all those certain six adjoining tracts
ot land situate formerly in CattawissaTown
ship County of Northumberland, but now in
the Township ot Mifflin in the County of
Columbia, as follows to wit: The first cal
led Balbec, containing 412) acres and al
lowance whereon is erected two log Houses
and two stables about twenty five acres of
which is cleared land, the second called Pal
myra containing 401) acres and allowances
the third called stcne Hall containing 438)
acres and allowance whereon is erected a
stone dwelling House and Stable an acre <jf
cleared laud, and there is a vein of stone
coal opened 011 this tract. Tho fourth called
Farmer delight containing 418 acres and al
lowance. The fifth called, Troy, containing
429), acres and allowance. The sixth and
last traclcalled Maine containing, 381) acres
and allowance adjoining lands ot Judge Cox
and others. Seized ard taken in Execution
and to be told as the property of Jacob
Sheriff's Office )
Bloomsburg, Oct. 17,1850. J
It is hereby given that the final account
of' Daniel Yetter appointed by the Orphan's
Court of Columbia county Trustee to sell
the real esiate of Michael Bitler deceased
on proceeding ir. partition, has been filed a
m'ong the proceedings of tho Orphan's Court
and will be presented to the said court for
confirmation on Wednesday the 20lli day of
November next of which all persons inter
ested will hereby take notice.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 20th, 1850.
C Url.
proper and desirable forms, for sale at the
office the "Star of the North."
Books I Books I! '~
Joseph Swartz has jusLrecei*sd a new la
of Literary Historical, Religious, Poetical
Miscellaneous and School books, to which
he invites the attention of the reeding public
Jf Bloemnburg
. ■<%
Thomas C. Bomboy
Respectfully informs the public that he has
opened and arranged in good order
at the Pennsylvania Hotel, in the lower part
Ot Main Street, Bloomsburg, where he will
be ready to furnish any kind of Firearms, in
good order and of approved workmanship.
He will also attend to
Repairing and Cleaning Gun
and will repair and make all kinds of light
machinery, locks, &c., at moderate charges.
Guns and Pistols on hand for sale.
Bloomsburg, May 2, 1850.
New Arrangements arul Great Bargains.
The undersigned respecfully informs the -
citizens of Bloomsburgh and the public in
goneral,that he has purchased Mr. Frantz's
Boot If Shoe Store and has added largely to
his stock, and will continue die business at
the sarno stand in tho Exchange Building,
on Main Street, where he will he liuppy tc !
receive the calls of old and new customers I
Boots and Shoes, of every variety at prices j
to suit purchasers, kept constantly for sale, '
and customer's work made to order as usua'. I
ryu e invites the custom of his old friends ;
and the public, and hazards nothing in prom- 1
ising fat bargains.
tyStore in the Exchange Building, Maine
street, sign of the Golden Boot.
Bloomsburgh, warcli 28, 1850.
Fire Insurance.
THE Delaware Mutual Safety Insurance
Comoany, have appointed tho undersigned
an Agent, to make insurances in Columbia
county. The Company is in good credit,and
is conducted upon sound principles. Persons
insured by tho Company are entiiled to tho j
rights of membership therein, are elegiblo !
as Directors of the Corporation, but without I
any individual liability for the losses or expenses j
of the Company. The amount of premium
and policy paid when insured is the extent
of liability. Persons desirous of effecting
an insurance upon property, can call upon
the undersigned, at his Office in Uloomshur".
May 22, 1850.
For Good Watches. !
GUIJJ Ilenry Zuppinger returns
his thanks for past patro- ]
11 age, and invites the pub |
He's. lie to examine his new
x V 1 "Mtm assortment of
Trimmings, Glasses, and
Keys, Balance Wheels, Jewels, which he
offers for reasonable prices. He will also re
pair clocks, watches, and musical and opti
cal instruments in a satisfactory manner.
His shop is in the middle room of the Ex
change block, nearly opposite to the Court
Bloomsburg, Nov. 28, 1849.
ai c® up cei=S3 oa aa cSLL
Jl T
purr ATE SALE.
THE subscriber offers at private sale his
burg : which, to any person desirous ot
purchasing real estate in the County Seat, of
fers a fine opportunity for a profitable invest- I
ment. The property is upon tho Mam and j
business street of the town, and ill that part
ot the place which has been growing most
rapidly w'.thin a few years past. The lot has
a front of fifi feet upon Main street, and ex
tends 214) feel back.
upon the premises might easily be made to
1 do a good business and the
on it are new ones of the largest kind. There
is a good PUMP at the door, and every oth
er desirable convenience.
ty It will be sold upon easy terms, by
early application to
Bloomsburg, October 2d, 1850.
Is hereby given that the final account of
1 James Kocher, Committee of Martha Can- |
ley a lunatic, has been filed in the Court of j
Common Pleas of Columbia county, and I
will be presented to (he Judges of the said j
! court in session 011 Wednesday the 20th day
, of November next, for confirmation, of j
which all persons interested are hereby 110-'
\ Clerk.
Bloomsburg Sept. 19th 1850.
, Invites'ihe attention of tho fashionable in
, Light Street to his slsie ol'culling garments
f Ho makes them in the best and most tasty j
- manner, and can can ensure satisfaction in |
his warkmanihip.
He receives the latost fashions, and when
> cutting onlp is desired, the work is marked
I carefully for the maker.
, IV;\ II kinds of country produce taken
exchagc for work.
1 Light Street, Feb. 14, 1850.
THE subscriber respectfully informs his
friends and customers, that ho has just re
ceived from the city, a large and select as
sortment of
Hats and Caps, of
I STYLE, which he offers for cash sales very
cheap, at his old stand, 0,1 Main Street, sec
[ olid door South of tho C ourt house.
r ty He continues to manufacture Hats to
r order as usual.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 15, 1849.
To HAVE the best fitting suit in town -I.
tirade by BERNARD RUPERT, who (R
does Fashionable Tailoring as cheap & ill
1 ittle better than it can be done in town by
anybody else. Ho has just received the )a
est Fall Fashions, and with his experiene in
f cutting garments, he can promise the best
atisfaction to those who patronize him. If
Was fo be supplied .with such garments as he
tqrns off, a fair fortune might be made at
once. His shop is ori Main street .below Mar
> ket, In the building lately occupied as an of
-1 ficeby C. R. Buckalew.
1 • iyHo will.thke country produce for his
3 work, and gold- dollars will n6t be refused.
•' Bloomsburg,- Nov. 8, 1849
IP IB IP B n 8
A Great Dyspepsia curer, Prepared from
UF.NNET, or the fourth Stomach of the Ox,
after directions of Baron Liebig, the great
Physiological Chemist, by J. S. Houghton,
M. D.,, North Eighth Street, Phila
delphia, Pa.
This is a truly wonderful remedy for Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia, Jandire, Liver Com
plaint, Constipation, and Debility, Curing
alter Nature's own method, by Nature's own
agent, the Gastric Juice.
ty fjalf aspoontul of this Fluid, infused i
in water, will digest or dissolvo, Fivt Pounds j
of Roast Reef in about two hours, out of the ■'
Digestion is Chiefly performed in the j
stomach by the aid of a fluid which freely j
exudes from tho inner coat of that organ, j
when in a state ol health, called the Gastric ,
Juice. This fluid is the Great solvent of the
Food, the Purifying, Preserving, and Stimula- |
ting Agent of the stomach and iutonstiues. |
Without it there will bo no digestion,—no
conversion of food into blood, and no nu- j
trition of the body; but rather a foul, torpid. I
painful, and destructive conJition of the j
whole digestive apparatus. A weak, half I
dead, or injured stomach produces no good j
Gastric Juice, and hence the disease, dis- .
Ires sand debility which ensue.
PEPSIN AND RENNET.—Pepsin is tlio chief*
element, or great Digesting Principle of the i
Gastric Juice. It is found in great nbnn- !
dance in tho solid parts of the human stom- j
ach after de Uh, and sometimes causes the |
stomach to digest itself, or eat i'self up. It i
is also found in the stomach of animals, as]
the ox, call', &c. ft is the material used by .
farmers in makirg cheese, called Rennet,
the effect of which has long been tho spe- j
eta! wonder of the dairy. The curdliug of!
milk is the first process of digestion. Ren- i
net possesses astonishi' g power. The stom- |
acli of a calf will curdle nearly one thou
sand times its own weight of milk. Baron
I.iobig states that, 'One part of Pepsin dis
solved in sixty thousand parts of water, will
digest moat and other food." Diseased
stomachs produce 110 good Gastric Juice
Rennet or Pepsin. To show that this want
may be perfectly supplied, we quote the
BARON LIEBIG, in Lis celebrated work on
Animal Chemistry, says: "An Artificial Di- I
geslive Fluid analagous to the Gasiric Juice,
may be readily prepared from the nucous
membrane of the stomach of the Call, in
which various articles of food, as meat and
eggs* will be softened, changed, and diges
ted, just in the same manner as they would
be in the human stomach."
Dr. Pereira, in his famous treatise on
"Food and Diet," published by Fowlers &
Wells, New York, page 35. states the same
great fact, and describes tho motlied of prep
aration. There are few higher authorities
than Dr. Pereira.
Dr Cotnbe, in 4 liis valuable writings on
the "Physiology of Digestion," observes
that "a diminution of the due quantity of
the Gastric Juice is a prominent and all pre
vailing cause of Dyspepsia j" and ho states
that "a distinguished professor of medicine
in London, who was severely afflicted with
this complaint, finding every thing else to
fail, had recourse to the Gastric Juice, ob
tained from the stomach of living animals,
which proved completely successful."
Dr. Graham, author ot the famous works
on "Vegetable Diet," says : "it is a remar
kable fact in physiology, that the stomachs
of animals, macerated in water, imparl to
the fluid the properly of dissolving various
articles of food, and of effecting a kind of
artificial digestion of them in no wise dif
ferent from the natural digestive process."
Dr. Simon's great work, tho "Chemistry
of Man," (Lea & Blam-hard, Phila.. 1846,
pp. 321-2): "The discovery of PEPSIN
fo,ms a now era in the chemical history of j
Di gestion. From recent experiments we '
know that food is dissolved as rapidly in an
artificial digestive fluid, prepared from Pep
siq, as it is in the natural Gastric Juice it
Professor Dnnglison of the Jefferson Col
lege, Philadelphia, in his great work on Hu
man Physiology, devotes more than fifty
pages to an examination of this subject.
His experiments with Dr Beaumont, on the
Gastric Juice, obtained from the living hu
man stomach and from animals are well i
known. "In all cases," ho says, "digestion
occurred as perfectly in the artificial as the
natural digestions.'
As a DYSPEPSIA CURER, Dr Houghton's
preparation of Pepsin has produced the
most marvellous effects, curing eases of De
bility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and
dispeptic Consumption, supposed to be on
the very verge ol the grave. It is imposs
b!e to give the details of cases in the limit
of this advertisement—but authenticate
certificates have been of more than two htm- I
ilred Remarkable Cures, in Philadelphia, New j
York, and Boston alone. These were
nearly all desperate cases, and tire cures
were not only rapid and wonderful, but per
It is a great Nervous Antidote, and par
ticularly useful for tendency to billious dis
order, Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, or
badly treated Fever and Ague, and the evil
effects of Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs
upon the Digestive organs, after a long siek
! ness. Also, forexooss in eating, and the
] too free use of ardent spirits. It almost rec
onciles Health with Intemperance.
Oi.n Sr .MAcit COMPLAINTS.—There is no
form of Old Stomach Complaints which it
does not seem to reach ami remove at once.
No matter how bad they may be, it giveq
Instant Relief I A single dose removes all
the unpleasant symptoms, and it only needs
to bo repeated, for a short time, to make
these good effects permanent. Purity of
Blood and Vigor of Body,follow at once. It
is particularly excellent in oases of Naosea
Vomiting, Cramps, Soreness of the pit of
the Stomach, distress after eating, low. cold
stale ol the Blood, Heaviness, Lown ess of
Spirits, Despondency, Kmancintion, Weak
oss, tendency to Insanity, Suicide, &c.
Price, ONE DOLLAR per bottlo. One
bottle will often eflect a lasting cure.
I?" Sent by Mail Free of Postage.
For convenience of sending to all parts o
Ike country, the I igestive Mat'er of the Pep
ain is put up in the form of Powdors, with
directions to be dissolved in water or syrup,
by tlie patient. These powders contain just
the same matter as the bottles, but twice the
quantity for the same price, and will be sent
by mail, Free of Postage, for One Dollar sent
(post-paid) to Dr J S Honghton, No It North
Eighth street Philadelphia, Pa.
Six packages for five dollars. Every
1 package and bottle bears the written signa
ture of J S HOUGHTON, M D , Sole Proprie
Sold by agents in every town in the Uni
ted States, and bv respectable dealers in
Medicines generally.
Agents for Bloortsburg, JOHN R. MOV
made to order of any desirable style at the
chair manufactory of B HAGF.NBUCH
Bmomsburg, May 16th 18M.
ry To the citizens <tf Columbia couniy.OF
Read what otheis say of the virtues ol
Dr. Heeler's Cordial A Carminative.
For the speedy eure of Diarrbma. Dysen
tery, Cholers Infantum, Cholera Morbus, all
summer complaints, Cholic, Flatulency, and
all derangements of the stomach and bow
els from teething, flic.
Thousands die annually with diseases of
the stomach and bowels from neglect. A
mong the numerous remedies both public ft
private, recommended for the above diseases
none are equal to the Cordial. Years ot ex
perience ami trialfmade with it in hundreds
of cases, superadded to tho voluntary testi
mony fiom physi.-ians and others, gives it a
character riot to be unheeded by those cher
ishing tho welfare of themselves and chil
dren. Speedily subduing the pain and in
flammatory tendency, allaying irritability of
the stomach, and constraining unhealthy o
vacuatious, its operation is prompt and ef
That it will cure, and has cured, the Worst
form of di-esse of delhstomach aud bowels
read the following evidence :
Pliilalphia, June 1, 1819.
Dr. J. -V. Kceler — I received yournote this
morning asking for information as to the dis
tribution I made ol the package of cordial
you put into my possession while in com
mand of the U. States transport during tho
Mexican war According to your direction a
part was distributed in Vera Cruz, tho other
1 kept for the uso of tny seamen and others
on board, beliving I should have use for it,
as I hud on board fruquentlj from ouo to
three hundred persons, und that many when
leaving Mexico would be on the sick list.—
Such was the fact, for Dysenfery and Diarr
hoea extensively prevailed ; I used the cor
dial freely, and in not a single instance do I
recollect of its having failed to cure. M
own crew would often bo attacked with Di
arrhma, Dysenlerry, &e, peculiar to nearly
all after getting on shore and eating fruit and
vegetables ; in all such cases the cordial did
not fail to cure speedily
When in New Orleans, a fiiend informed
me of a Philadelphia gentleman, S Church
man Esq, who was sick with tho Dysentery,
and despaired of by his doctor I mention
ed having a bottle or so of your cordial I
I sent it to him, and in a few days I had the
pleasure of seeing him well, 1 can give you
many names and testimonials of tho efficacy
of your cordial if necessary. I have given
it to one ship master of this port, in partku
lar Capt Whipple, ship Moncugahel.i, una he
informed me he would not bo wfthqut it I
think it is the safest and best medicine that I
have ever known to be used in affiictious of
the stomach and bowels.
I remain yours res eclfully.
D D Wilcox, 288 S Eighth street
Davisville, Bucks co. Aug 25, 1847
Dear Sir— l am no-.v prepared to recom
mend your cordial from having used it with
success in several instances, ana 1 am now
trying your S.vsaparilla Panacea in a case of
protracted debility, attended with cough, ap
parently produced in the young lady by hof
•outgrowing her atrength,' to use a common
phrase. Yours. A HA RLE, M D
From the Upland Union.
We are as little disposed as most persons
to encourage appeals to law or medicine, but
with all the legerdemain of the first, and the
! ignorance and ciuakery of the last, appeal-,
must occasionally be made to both. Th
excessive heat aud tho accompauing pro
ductions of the season are already producing
DiarrhtEa, Dysentery and liolera Infantum,
complaints which if not promptly relieved
produce great debility and frequdht death,
From a knowledge of its beneficial effects,
we refer to Dr. Keeler's Cordial and Crrmin
ative," advertised in this paper. Dr. Keeler
is a physician of intelligence, skill, and large
practice, and if the remedies and commen
dations of medical authority aro to be de
pended on the itdove named article will be
found useful in the complaints referred to. ,
IV" Also Dr. Keeler's Sarsaparilla, a med
icine of great efficacy in freeing the system
from all diseases arising from impurities of
] the blood. In chronic diseases of the chest,
stomach, liver and skin it is of great benefit,
j Females suffering with nervous debility loss
of appetite, costiveuess, p-tins of the chest,
I functional obstructions will find a positive
cure in the Sarsaparilla. Lir See pamphlets
Price 81.
All of the above celebrated and extensive
ly used medicines, are prepared and sold
Wholesale and Retail, 294 Market 'street,
For sale also by J. R. MOVER, Blooms
burg ; Chalfant & Hughes, and Dr. J. A
Moore, Danville; E. Franciscus, ; Jersey
Shore; and; by Druggists and Merchants
throughout the County and Stats.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 22d., 1849.—1y.
Hoots and Shoes.
ty Encourage your own Mechanics, and you
encourage Yourselves
The subscriber would inform his friends
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Ladies' gaiters, 2 a 2 25
" Lace boots, 162
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Boys', youths' and children's shoes in pro
portion. lie manufactures his work of the
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he is determined to sell it as low ns others
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door below Hartmnn's Store.
4SIYE 'EM FiTSli ~
Peter S. Leidy
Can manufacture just as neat and fashiona
ble a suit of clothing as any other tailor io
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He has also 011 hand an assortment of
At the lowest prices, from which he will
make up to order coats, pants, or vests of any"
desirable style.
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Street, a few doors above tho Court-house.
Bloomsburg, Feb. >4, 1850.
Adßinistralor's Notice.
Notice is hereby givcn.that letters of Ad
ministration have been granted to the sub
scriber, the Register of Columbia county,
upon the estate of Margaret Shearman, de
ceased, late of Roaringcreek township, Coh
urabia county. All persons It flowing them
selves indebted to the said estate are requir
ed to make early payment to the undersign
ed, and all having claims against the estate
to present them to him for settlement, at bis
residence in Reariagcieek township, Colum
bia county.
i Octeber th, 11 So. JACOB R. UCWER.