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    for the Removal nud Permanent Care 0/ all
And of UIOM Complaints which are canned by en Ira
poind, weakened or unhealthy condition of the
TbU beautiful end convenient application of the myt
terloui powers of GALVANISM and MAGNETISM, has
been pronounced by distinguished physicians, both in
Europe and the United States, to be the mott valuabU
mtiieitutl ditcovtry of the Ag*.
ta used with the most perfect and certain success la all
S'reugtherujig the weakened body, giving tone to the
various oi„*m. end invigorating the entire system. Also
and all NERVOUS DIbEASES, which complaints arise
from one simple cause—namely,
A Derangement of the Nervous System.
OCt- la NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, Drug, and M.dl
elites incrid v. the dneotr, for thoy weaken the vital encr
gies of the eiready prostrated system ; while, under the
etrengtheaing, life-giving, vitalizing influence of Gal
vanises. a* Applied by this beautiful and wonderful dis
covery, tka exhausted patient and weakened sufferer is
restored to formor health, strength, elasticity and vigor.
The great peculiarity and excellence of
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Curatives,
•onsiats In the fact that they arrest and cure disease by
•utward application, in place of the usual mode of drug
ging, and nhysicking the patient, till exhausted Nature
aiaks hopelessly under the infliction.
They strengthen the whole tyttem, equalize the circu
lation of (Ac blood, promote the secretione, and never do
the slightest injury under any circumttancee■ Binco their
introduction in the United btates, only three years sincet
More than
60,000 Persons
Including all ages, classes and conditions, among which
Vsre a large number of ladies, who are peculiarly subject
In Nervous Complaints, have been
Ihen all hope of relief had been given up, and every
ing else been tried in vain .
To Illustrate the use of the GALVANIC BELT,
•uppose the case of o person afflicted with that bane of
ssfviliaation, DYSPEPSIA, or any other Chronic or Nerv
•ua Disorder, in ordinary cases, stimulants arc taken,
wbioh, by their action on the nerves and muscles of the
rtomach, aiTord temporary relief, bnt which j.-ave the
etient in a lower state, and with inured faculties, afor
l action thus excited has ceased. Now compare this
wRh the effect resulting from the application of the GAL
VANIC BELT. Take a Dyspeptic suffeicr, even in the
Vrorst symptoms of an attack, and simply tic the Belt
JJouDd the Body, using the Magnetic Fluid as directed.
in a abort period the insensible perspiration will act on
•be positive element of the Belt, thereby causing a Gal-
VWO circulation which will pass on to the negative, and
thence beck again to the positive, thus keeping up e con*
4muous Galvanic circulation throughout the system.
Tk. u ' " vr<! <■• of DYSPEPSIA are PER.
Of tlie moot Undoubted Character*
Jrom all parts of the country could be given, sufficient to
nil every eolumn in this paper!
'dvhioh conclusively proves that
v Truth Is stranger than Flotion."
MmunaUam, Bronchitis and Dyspepsia.
WNew J.ncy, Of distinguished attainments and exalted
OBfStatloa •
Bid nr.r, New Jersey, July 13, 1949.
Da. A. If. CnxisTic—Dear Sir : You wish to know of
what has been the result in my own case, of the
LACE. My reply is as follows:
For about twenty yeart 1 had been suffering from
-Dyspepeia. Every year the symptoms became worse,
: bor could I obtain permanent relief from any course
of medical treatment whatever. About fourteen yean
•fcxce, in consequence of frequent exposure to the
weather, in the discharge of my pastoral duties, I
Yeoame subject to a severe Chronio Rheumatism, which
R>r year after year, caused me indescribable anguish.
JTarther t in the winter of '46 and '46, in conse
quenoe of preaching a great deal in my own and
virion other churches in this region, I was attacked
"by the Bronchitis, which soon became so severe as
to require en immediate suspension of my pastoral
Vfcors. My nervoue system woe now thoroughly pros
dfatod, and as my Bronchitis became worse, so also did
Dyspepsia and Rheumatic affection—thus evincing
the! these disorders were connected with esch other
through the medium of the Nervous Bystem. In the
Whole pharmacopeia there seemed to be no remedial
-agent which could reach and recuperate my Nervous
System ; every thing that I had tried for this purpose had
moopletely failed. At last I was led by my frienai to ex
amine your inventions, and (though with no very san
guine hopes of their efficiency,) 1 determined to try the
-•feet of the application of the GALVANIC BELT AND
VIEEU CEASED TO TNOUBLE ME. Bucli is the wonder
ffiil raB happy results of the experiment
I have recommended the BELT and FLUID to many
Who have been likewise suffering from Neuralgic afl'ec
•ton* They have tried them, WITH HArrv RESULTS, I
1 tm, dear sir, very respectfully yours,
Is iu% * for all complaints affecting the Throat or Head,
•uch ss Bronchitis, inflammation or the Thrmt, Nervous
mod Sick Headache, Dizziness of the Hoad, Neuralgia in
Che Face, Buzzing or Roaring 'o the Ears, Deafness,
whleh is generally Nervous, and what distressing com
at, ealfed Tic Dolorous.
Palsy and Paralysis.
All phjTiiciam acknowledga that terriWa <ll.
<SM, are caused by a S'ficimc, of JVTO. AWjy in tbe
MTectedaliaib,. Di>. CHBIITIS'I Galvanic Article, will
eupply this deficient power, and a complete end entire
•we is thus effected, 1
A.19 found of vast service in cases of Convulsions or Fits, '
was rood ic Complaints, and general Nervous Affections
■of the Heed and upper extremities. Also in Palsy and
Paralysis, and all disease* caused by a deficiency of powei
erNiivuui Energy in the limbs or other organs of tht
Tic Doloreox and Neuralgia.
These dreadful and agonizing complaints are imrns relieved by the application of the OALVANIC BELT,
KsoatAcr. end FLUID. The Belt diffuses the Electricity
through the system : the Necklace has a local effect, and
flfca Fluid acts dirootly upon the affected nerves. In these
dfctresaing afflictions the application NEVER FAILB.
These alarming and terrible complaints are always
•nosed by a derangement qf the Nerves. The BELT,
DxAOUf.ftT* and FLUID will enre nearly evary case, no
Ottier hew young or old the patient, or how confirmed
flhe complaint. Numerous and astonishing proofs are in
poessMloc of tha proprietor.
Mbny hundred Certificates from all parts of the
giren.'lf required!™** e * traordiMr y character can be
1 ftp ffo trouble or Inconvenience attends the use of
Ikey may be worn by tbe most feeble and delicate, with
P?. •••• F awt/. In many oases the sensation
'heir use is highly pleatant and agreeable.
They can be font to ny yat of tlie country.
Tlie Galraiffo Belt, Tkree Dollar*.
The Galranio Necklace, Two Dollars.
The Galranio Bracelets, One Dollar Eaob.
The Megnetio Fluid, One Doller.
Off- The article, are accompanied br (all and plain
AtoeoUooa. Pamphlet, with (all particulars maw U had
ef tbs enthoriied Agent.
OCh Bowers of Cotmterfeiti and Worthlete Imitation*
IS* Broadway, lew Year la.
For salt in Bloomsburg, Pa., by tht
authoriztd agtnt,
authoriztd agents in the prinei
pet tens of tht Stale.
Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Ner
vous Debility, Disease of the Kid
neys, and
all diseases oris
ingfrom a disordered
Liver or Stomach, such as
Constipation, Inward Piles n
Fulness of Blood to the Head, Aci
dity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart
burn, Disgust for Food, Fulness or
Weight in the Stomach. Sour
Erflotations, Sinking or
Fluttering at the pit
of the Stomach,
of the
Head, Hurried and difficult Breathing,
Fluttering at the Heart, choking or
suffocaiing sensations when in
a lying posture, dimness
of Vision, Dots or
Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull
Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspi
ration, Yellowness of the Skirt and
Eyes, Pain in the Side, Hack,
Chest, Limbs, fle. Sudden
Flushes of Heat, Bur.
ning in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings
of Evil, and Great Depres
sion of Spirits.
DR. C. 111. JACKSON,
No. 120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseases is
not excelled, if equalled, by any other rep
aration in the United States, as the cures
attest, in many cases after skilful physicians
had failed.
These Bitters are worthy the attention of
invalids. Possessing groat virtues in the
rectification of diseases of the Liver afid ll*-
ser glands, exercising the most searching
powers in weakness and afleetionsof the di
gestive organs, they are, withal, safe, cer
tain and pleasant.
Read and be Convinced.
The Hon. Charles D. Hineline, Editor of
tho "Camden Democrat," the best paper in
West Jersey, says, July 21: —
have seen many flattering notices of this
medicine, and the source from which they
came, induced us to make inquiry respect
ing its merits. From inquiry we were pet
suaded to use it. and must say we found
it specific, in its action upon diseases of the
liver and digestive organs, and the powerful
influence it exerts upon nervous prostration
is really surprising. It calms and stregthous
the nervesj bringing them into a state of re
pose, making sleep relreshing.
"If this medicine were more generally
;sed, we are satisfied there would be less
sickness, as from the stomach, liver and ner
vous system the great majority of teal and j
imaginary diseases emanate. Have them in
a healthy condition, and you can bid defi
ance to epidemics generally. This extraor
dinary medicine we would advise our friends
who are at all indisposed to give a trial—it
will then recommend itself. It should, in
fact, be in Jevery family. No other medi
cine can produce such evidenoes of merit."
[From the "Boston Bee."]
Tlie editor said, Dec. 22d—
"Dr. Hoofland's Celebrated German Bitters
for the euro of Liver Complaint, Jaundice,
Dyspeysia, Chronic or Nervous Debility, is
deservediv one of the most popular modi
cines of the day. These Bitters have been
used by thousands, and a friend at our elbow
says be lias himself received an effectual
and permanent cure of Liver Complaint
from the use of this remedy. We aro con
vinced that, in the use of these Bitters, the
patient constantly gains strength and vigor—
a fact worthy of great consideration. They
are pleasant in taste and smell, and can be
used by persons with the most delicate stom
achs with safety, under any circumstances.
We are speaking from experience and to the
afflicted we advise their use."
Judge M. Noah, a gentleman with
greatscientific and and litterary attainments,
said in his "New York Weekly Messenger,"
January 6, 1850.
"Dr. Hoofland's German Bitters. —Here is
a preparation which the leading presses in
the L'nion appear to be unanimous in re
commending, and the reason is obvipus. It
is made after a prescription furnished by
one oi the most celebrated physicians of
modern times, the late Dr. Christopher Wil
helm Hoofland, Professor to the Unireisity
of Jena, Private Physician to the King of
Prussia, and one of tlie greatest medical wri
ters Germany has ever produced. He was
emphatically the enemy of humbug, and
therefore a medicino oi which he was the
inventor and endorser may be confidently re
lied on. He specially recommended it in
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Debility, Ver
tigo, Acidity of the Stomach, Constipation,
and all complaints arising from a disordered
condition of the stomach, the liver and tho
intestines. Nine Philadelphia papers expfese
their conviction of its excellence, and sev
eral ot the editors speak of its effects from
their own individual experience. Under
these circumstances, we feel warranted, not
only in calling the attention of our readers
to the present proprietor's (Dr. C. M. Jack
son's) preparation, but in recommending the
article to all afflicted."
The "Philadelphia Saturday Gazette," the
beat family newspapei published in the Uui
ted States, the editor says of
"It is seldom that we recommend what
are termed Patent Medicines to the confi
dence and patronage of our readers; and,
therefore, when wo recommend Dr. Hoof
land's German Bitters, we wish it to be dis
tinctly understood that we are not speaking
of the nostrums of the day, that are noised
about for a brief period and then forgotten
after they have done their guilty raceoftnis
chif, but of a medicine long established,
universally prized, and which has met the
hearty approval of the Faculty itself."
Evidence upon evidence has been re
ceived (like the foregoing) from all sections
ot the Union, the last three years, and the
strongest testimony in its fyvor, is, that there is
more of it used in the practice of the regu
lor Physicians of Philadelphia than all other
nostrums combined, a fact that can easily
be established, and fully proving that a sct
uminc piorMuioa wiiLmeet with their out
et approval when prfllßlltett cm, iwU
That this medicine will cure Liver Com
plaint and Dyspepsia, no one can doubt, af
ter using it as diiected. It acts specifically
upon the stomach and liver—it is preferable
to calomel in all bilious diseases —the effect is
immediate. They can lie administered to
FEMALE or INFANT with safety and reliable
benefit, at any time.
This medicine has attained that high char
cter which is necessary for all medicines to
attain to induce counterfeiters to put forth a
spurious article at the risk of the lives of
those who are innocently deceived.
They have the wrillen signature of C. M.
JACKbON upon the wrapper, and the name
blown in the bottlo, without which they are
For sale, wholesale and retail, at the Ger
man Medicine Store, No. 120 Arch Street, one
door below Sixth, (late of 278 Race stieet,)
Philadelphia, and by respeotable dealers
generally throughout the country. Also for
Sale by JOHN R. MOVER, Bloomsburg, Pa.
Dr. Pearson's
Pulmonic Expectorant,
Is the most certain and effectual remedy known
or the cure of Coughs, Colds, Consumption, In
fluenza, hoarseness, spitting "f Blooa, difficulty
of breathing, bronchitis, pain in the breast and
side, palpitation of the hehrt, whooping cough,
asthma, croup, and all diseases of the Pulmonary
The proprietor of this Pulmonic Expectorant,
having graduated as a physician, and followed the
practice of his profession for several years, can,
therefore give t > those persons who require such
medicines that aasuranee which cannot he expect
ed where a compound is only concocted from an
antiquated recipe, taken from the leaf of an old
almanac or some similar source. y
Prepared by 3. A. Pearson, M. D, No. 108
North Fourth Stieet, Philadelphia, price $1 per
bottle, or eix bottles for $O.
I r. S. A. Pearson : Dear Sir—For the benefit
of others. I would inform you that I havo been
usngyour Pulmonic Expectorant for a cough
vej pain in my breast and side, the effects of a
relry heavy cold—l find that it has given me great
haicf. T consider it an invaluable medicine. I
cidve also used it in my family with the most de
uacd benefit—lt cures colds in the least nossible
time that medicine coald cure them, ifita vtr.
tuea were ponerally known, it would save thous
ands from an untimely gtave. You shouldsparo
no pains nor expense to havo it brought into uso
throughout the country.
Vours, &c. WM. M.CADE,
No. 212 Cherry St.
Dr. 8. A. Peorson . Dear Sir—About a year a
go I was attacked with a severe inflamation of the
f-UfigS, which threatened every symptom of a
speedy Consumption. 1 called upon one of the
most eminent physicians of Philadelphia,who pro
nounced mo incurablo. My husband then procu
red for me six bottles of your Pulmonic Lxpec
torant, whi-.h I bad heard highly recommended—
and before I had taken the last of the sixth bottle
my lungs were well,my cough and other symp
toms of Consumption entirely cured. lam now
enioyini fine health aud becoming quite fleshy.
Jay St., between Cosies & Wallace.
Hunterdon County, N. J,
Dr. 8. A. Pearson, lloar Sir—About a year a
go I became severely afflicted with a pain in my
lirrat and aide, an extremely bad cough, spittingof
blood, debility, night sweats, and other symptoms
of confirmed consumption. I became so much re
duced that T was unable to attend to my ordinary
bu-iness. I made application to a physician/who
examined my chest, and gave it as his decided o
*l njon that my lungs were seriously affected. I
I:.en app.icd to another, who was of the same o
pinton, and after having presctibcd advised mo to
teturu to my friends.
Previous to this I had for s long time been la
boring under all the symptoms usually found with
persons laboring under disease of ibe lungs, and
it was thought by all who knew me that 1 was fast
wearing away with decay.
At the lime I applied to the physicians I was
laboring tinder a severe attack of spitting blood,
With pain in my breast and side. Their preacrip.
tions failed to relieve the pain, and all their skill
could not arrest the discharge of blood from my
lungs. This being my condition. I was induced
to make a trial of your valuable Pulmonic Expec
torant, oy the use or which I was immediately re
lieved of all those unpleasant symptoms, and am
now so far restored to health, that i am able to
attend ta all my ordinary buiiness, and expose
myself as much as it is prudent for any one to do.
I would therefore confidently recommend every
person who is laboring under disease of the lungs
end breast, or who are afflicted with colds or with
cougba, to mike trial of your most valuable prep
aration* I would further add that after having
made use of your Expectorant for a few weeks, I
becamd so flesy that persons with whom i was
acquainted hardly knew me. i still remain in good
health at this time, March, 1846.
Yours truly,
The following card of three reapcctable'physi-
I cians aets forth the virtues of Dr. Pearson's Pul
monic Expectorant *
Having made use of Dr. Pearson's PULMONIC
ExrscTOBANT, we feel il a duty 4o recommend it
as a safe and effectual cu-o of the various diseas
es for which it is intended. We are acquainted
with many per-ona who have been cured of cough
bronchitis, pain in the breast and side, spittingof
blood, palpitation of the heart, and incipient con
sumption, cy its use, and many of them after all
other means had failed.
A. PEARSON, M. D;.U. 8. Navy.
8. K. LEKDOM, M. D. Charaplain Co„0.
Patients may consult 8. A. Pearson, M. D*, a
his office No. 106 North Fouith Streei, above
For sale in Bloomsburg by William Robison,
Merchant,and alao at Pittston Ferry, by Dr. A.
Curtis, Diuggist.
A gents in Columbia county.
Wm. Robison, Bloomsburg,
Peter Ent, Light Street,
John Schmick, Caltawissa,
M. G. Shoemaker, Buckhorn,
E. Lazarus, Orangovilie.
4°** iy
No. 238 Market St. above Seventh,
south side, Philadelphia.
Although we can scarcely estimate the
value of TIME commercially; yet by call
ing at lite above Establishment, JAMES
BARBER will furnish his friends, among
whom he included all who duly appreci
ate its fleetness, willi a beautiful and per
fect INDEX for marking its progress, of
whose value they can judge.
His extensive stock on hand, constantly
clanging in conformity to the imprjve
inents in taste and style of pattern and
workmanship, consists o( EIGHT-DAY and
Clocks, French, Golhic and fancy styles,
as well as plain, which from his extensive
connection and correspondence with the
manufacturers he And* that he can put at
the Lowest cash Figure, in any quantity,
from One to a Thousand, of which he
w>t warrant the accuracy.
repaired and warranted
Clock trimmings on hand.
Call and see me among them.
238 Market St., Phil*. Sept. 20, '49-ly
Fancy Chairs.
ceived from Philadelphia a new lot of FAN
CY CHAIRS, of Birch and Mahogany curl,
and of the most fashionable style, which he
will sell at the lowest prices for good pay.
Bloomsburg. May 16th, 1860.
ahead cMall otiiersi
Because thry are . J , belter and more efficaci
ous than any others,my! because ih. public will
lake no others if thevfcan obtain thoni.
' 500,0jb BOXES
have been sold annuity for the last five years.
Young and old, Aale and female, can always
take them wild cquj> safety, without fear.
for purging and e'ransing the stomach and bow.
els, and punfyingthe blood and fluids of the bo
dy take no ol hers-,, for no other pills produce those
combined elicit*, .t contain narsaparilla in them.
Eat, Drift, ami istuc as Usual,
and pursue your iMtal occupa ion whilst taking
thorn, without fear of taking cold during all kind,
of weather. .
onexhoitsand DOLLARS
are wagered tint more genuine certificates [from
physician*,clergymen; Members of Congieaa and
roapeclable o™ii] can bo produced of their ef
ficacy than(_of anyjithcnj, and
will be foifeitod m.every instance where oxx BOX
will not do moie good than two boxes of any o
Forty Pille arc in a Box!
and aold at Twenty-five Cents a Uox, with direc
tions and much wholesome advice accompanying
each box.
They have no taslr. nor unpleasant smell—
frea from dust or powder of any kind—do not
gripe the Btomsch or bowels, —produce no sick
nrss, vomiting or had feelings—they are good at
all limes, ami adapted to most diseases' common to
mankind. No one having once taking them will
be willing afterwards to take arty others, because
they always do good, and if they do not then no
others will.
Dr. N. B. Lcidy, the Proprietor it Manufacturer,
is a regular Druggist. Chemist and Physician, of
fifteen years experience in Philadelphia; member
of different Medical Institutions of Philadelphia,
New York, Boston, Baltimore, Ac., and associate
and corrcseonding member of several Medical In
stitutions of I.ond >. id Paris—hcuco tho rea
son of lb: placed in his pills,
and there being in lac practice of
mosf respc-. lablr p'Vsiciatis throughout the Uni
ted Stales.
Principal Dcp Dr. Lfidt's Dispensxrt
No. 114 North Tenth Street, Philadelphia, and
sold wholesale : ! retail by
J. R. Mover c; E. P. Lutz, Bloomsburg; Dr.
A. B. Wilsor, Berwick; Peter Ent,
Light Street; M. G. Shoemaker, Buckhom;
J. A. Moore, Danville; Ricketts & Stewart,
Orangeville; John Schmick, Cattawissa ; A.
Levers, Waahi gtonville; J. M. Sheldon, Jer
seytown; J. F. Derr, Whitehall; J.S.Woods,
Columbus; Brown & Creasy, Mifflinsburg ;
E. Werlman, Khorsburg, ana Dy Storekeepers
generally. 49-ly
EtiaA&tbtA Fifteen Fears ago, by
A'. IF. Corner of Third and Union sis.,
Belwetn Spruce and Fine streets,
Fifteen yew of extensive and uninteriupted
practice epeot this city have rendered Dr. K.
the most exper and successful practitioner far Sf
near, itr the tri traent of ell diseases of e private
nature. Per. ia afflicted with ulcers on the bo
dy, throat rl a, pains in the head or bones, or
mercurial rhe jatiem, strictures, gravel, disease
arising from tuthf.l excesses or impurities of,
the blood, wbei by the constitution has become
enfeebled,are ■ I treated with success.
He who place himself under 4he care of Dr
K. may reltgioialy confide in bia honor as a gen
tleman, and eotsidently rely upon hia still as a
physician, -"" j
Take Particular Notice!
Young men who have injured themselves by t
certain practice indulged in, a habit frequently
letrned from ovß,companions or at school, the ef
fects of cightly felt, even when asleep
and destroy bntn mind and body, should apply im
mediately. Weakness and constitutional debility
loss of muscular energy, physical lassitudo and
general prostration, irralibility end all nervous af
fections, indigestion, sluggishness of the liver, Si
every disease in any way connected with the dis
order of the procieative functions cuted, and full
vigor restored.
BraHHfi Premature Death,
Only 25 Cents.
This book just published is filled with useful
information on the infirmities and diseases of the
generative organ. It addresses itself alike to
youth, manhood and old age, and should be read ,
by oil.
The valuable advice and impressive warning it
gives, will pievout years of misery and suffering
and save annually thousands of lives.
Parents by reading it will learn how to prevent
the destruction of their children.
A remittance of 25 cents enclosed in a letter,
addressed to Dr. Kinkelin, N W corner of Third
and Union between Hpruco and Pine, in
Philadelphia, will ensure a book under envelope
per return of mail.
Persona OO a distance may address Dr X by
letter, (post Paid,, and be cured at homo.
Packages/of medicines,directions, tic. forward
ed by sein ing a remittance, and put up secure
from damage or curiosity.
DookseljVrs, News Agents, Pedlars, Canvassers
and all others supplied with the above work at
very low ,'ates. 2-1-ly
D'. Henry Turner's Rheumatic Liniment
This superior remedy for the Rheumatism, bit
recently introduced irto this cduntrv by the pre
sent proprietor, has long been known in Eng
cand, London particularly, as the best and only
certain euro for that distressing and painful af
fection. Its effect uj on tho system ia mild and
nothing, at the same time certain and efficacious
rarely failing to give relief upon the first appli
cation, and by repeating it a few times, t per
manent cure is effected.
We havo kno-" cases of pain in tho breast
and back, with sbroneaa, of several weeks dura
tion, cured inooute t single night, and beard the
patient express hiAprateful thanksthot such re
medy waa .vet flisf overcd. We have also heard
individuals aay :hey would give thousands of
dollars for a curefor rheumatism, yet the same
tndividula were erred by two botilea of thia great
Liniment, costiig but fifty centa each. Who
would regret grv ng euch a price for such a rem
edy -to be free-torn the excrutiating tortuoe of
that moat painhtl of all diseases.
Afflicted go Otocure a bottle of Dr. Turner 7
Liniment and I s healed at once ; do not longer
delay, but mat aside all nostrums and cute alls,
fur the one thing needful to insure a cure. Bold
wholesal- and retail by D Wonderly ft Co. pro
prietorsNo 20 Commerce street, and their gen
eral agints Rowand and Sou, No 21 North Bixth
street, Philadelphia.
Also, JOHNK MOYER Bloomsburg. 6m
The most Wonderful Medicine of the Age,
1,500,000 BOTTLES
This Medicine la ptit up In Quart Bottles,
ami lias cured more than
100,000 Oases of Chronic Disease,
within the last Ten Years.—None Is Genuine
unless signed by 8. P. TOWNBHNI).
—the rubtlc will learn the origin, or rather where the
recipe for making the stud' they call Old Dr. Jacob
Townaend's Sarsajw-illa, came from—and will be able
to judge which ia the genuine and original, and of the
honesty of tho men who are emfAoyea ia selling it aa
tho original Dr. Townaend'a Saraaparilla. Dr. P P.
Townaend waa the original proprietor and inventor of
Dr. Townaend'a Saraaparilla, and hia medicine haa
Sained a reputation that no other remedy frer gained.
!o manufactured over one Hii.lionof bottlea laat year,
and ia manutacturing at present 0,000 bottlea per day
We uae more Saraaparilla and Yellow Dock in our
establishment each day, than all the other Saraaparilla
Manufacturer* In tho world. Principal Office, 196
Fulton st.
City and County of New York, at.
William Armstrong, of the said City, being duly
sworn, doth depose and aay that he ia a practical
Druggist and Chemist. That anme time in the latter
part of May, or first ol Juno, 1848, a man by the name
of Jacob Townaend, who at that time was a book and
pamphlet peddler, called upon deponent, at tho house
of Mr. Thompson, No. 43 Hudson-street, where depo
nent boarded, ai.d requested deponent to write him •
recipe by which to make a Syrup of Saraaparilla.
Deponent further says, that he became acquainted
with said Townaend at the office of Theodore Foster,
Esq., Book Publisher, with whom said Towusend
dealt. That said Townaend had had frequent converse,
tiona with deponent respecting the manufacture of an
article ol Saraaparilla to be sold under the name of Dr.
Jacob Townaend.
That aaid Townaend etated he was an old man, and
poor, and was not At for hard labor—and wished to
make some money, in order to live easy iu his old
days, and that, if Saraanarilla under the name of Town
send sold so well, and so much money waa made by
it, he con Id see no reason why he might not make
something out of it too, (Wf name being Townaend,)
if he could get a capable person to prepare a recipe,
and manufacture it for him. Deponent in one of the
conversations asked said Townaend if he was related
to Dr. 8. P. Townaend, to which he replied, that he
knew Dr. 8. P. Townsond would be down on him after
he should commence. But that he did not care for
him, as he had lormed a co-partnership with men who
could furnish the requisite amount of capital—and waa
well prepared to defend hunself against any attack
hat might be made on him.
Deponent further says, that pursuant to the requeat
of said Jacob Townaend, he wrote a recipe for the
manufacture of a Syrup of Saraaparilla, and gave it to
aim. Said Townaend observed that no wanted to
Take a apecimen to .exhibit to his partners lor their
approval, aa he wished to gratify them in every thing,
is they furnished all the capit.' -said Townaend also
old deponent thut the bottles they were to uae were
to be oi the same size and shape as Dr. 8. P. Town
a onfl'r and denonent at the renunat of said Jacob
Townaend, went to the office ol *r. a. *.
and procured one of hia labels.
And deponent further says, that he has been infoi n
ed, and verily believes the Syrup of Saraaparilla, sold
•a Oiu Jacob Townaend'a, ia made after the recipe fur
nished ty deponent, to Jacob Townaend, aa aforesaid.
And further deponent aaith not.
Sworn to before me, this 24th dey of May, 1849.
Mayor of the City of New Fork.
Here is proof conclusive that Dr. S. P. Townaend'a
Saraaparilla ia the original. The following ia from
some of the most respectable papers in this Btata.
Albany Evening Journal*
Dr. Townaend'* Saraaparilla.
There probably never has been so popular a remedy,
or patent medicine, as Dr. Townsenda's Saraaparilla,
which was originally, and continues to be manufac
tured in this city, at first by the Doctor himself, and
afterwards for several years and to the present time,
by Clapp k Townaend, the present proprietors. Since
the partnership waa formed, the Doctor haa resided in
New York, where he keeps a store, and attends to the
business that accumulates at that point. The manu
factory is in this city, and is conducted by the junior
partner, Mr. Clapp—here all the medioine is manufee-
Few of our citizens have any idea of the amount of
this medicine that ia manufactured and sold. Besides
the sal as in thia country, it ia shipped to tha Canada*
West India lalanda, South America, and even to En
rope, in considerable quantities. At the manufactory
they employ a ateam engine, besides a large number
of men, women and girla, in the preparation of the
medicine, making boxes, printing, fcc., and turn out,
ready for shipment, over 400 dozen per day, or nearly
•000 bottles. This is an enormous quantity.
The great aale the medicine has acquired, haa in
duced a number of men to get up imitations, and there
is at the present time, other medicines for sale, that
are called " Dr. Townaend'a Saraaparilla." One In par
ticular started a short time ago in New York, ia called
"Old Doctor Jacob Townaend'a Baraaparilla," and ap
parcntiy with a view, by dint of advertising, and the
usual remedies resorted to in such efforts, to appropri
ate the name ot Dr. 8. P. Townaend'a great remedy,
and thua gain all the advantages resulting from tha
popularity of the name which he has acquired for it,
by years of patient and expensive labors. Dr. 8 P.
Townaend, formerly of this city, as is well known
here, is the inventor end original proprietor of the
medicine known aa "Dr. Townaend'a Saraaparilla •
and we think those persona who are attempting toaell
their article aa the genuine, should be exposed
Now York Dally Tribune.
(fty- We published an advertisement inadvertently
some time since that did injustice to Dr. 8. P. Town
■end, who is the original proprietor of the preparation
of Saraaparilla known as Dr. Townaend's. Other
parties have within tha put few months engaged or
connected themselves with ■ man by the name of
Townaend who put up a medicine and calls it by the
same name. This medicine was advertised in The
Tribune as the original, kc. This advertisement also
contained matter derogatory to the character of Dr.
8. P. Townaend end that of his medicine. We regret
it appeared, and in justice to the Dr. make this ex
New York Dally Sun.
De. Towrvscxn's extraordinary advertisement,which
occupies an entire page of the Suit, will not oscep*
notice. Dr. 8. P. Townaend, who is the original pro
prietor of Dr. Townaend's Saraaparilla, and whose of
fice a next door to outs, whore he haa been for sever
il yr-xrs, is driving an immense business. He receives
no leu than four hundred dozen of Saraaparilla per
dey, and even this enormous quantity does not supply
the demand. No medicine ever gained so grant n
popularity u his preparation of the Saraaparilla. His
edition or Almanacs lor 1849 cost $3*2,000, and ha
has paid the New York Sun for advertising, in the
last four years, over $lO,OOO, and he acknowledges
that it is tho cheapest advertising lie has had dono.
This medicine is exported to the Canadu, Weat In
dies, South Americd and Europe, in considerable
quantities, and ie coming into general use in those
countries, u well aa here.
Druggists and others that sell Saraaparilla for the
Senuine and original Dr. Townsend'i Saraaparilla.
tat is not signed by 8. P. Townsend, commits a fraud,
and swindles tha customers. Men that would be
guilty of such an act, would commit any other fraud
—and no Druggist of common intelligence but knowa
that oura is the only genuine.
Old Jacob Townsend.
Some people who aro not well informed, and have
not read the papers, and not seen our advertisements,
have been led to suppose, that because these men ad
vertise their stuff aa M Old Jacob Townaenda," that it
must, of course, be the original. It is less than one
year since they commenced to make their medicine.
Ours has been in the market over ten years
Tble Old Jacob Townsend.
They are endeavoring to palm off on the public aa
an old Physician, kc. He ia not a regular educated
Physician, and never attempted to manufacture a med
icine, until these men hired him for the uae of hia
name. They say they do not wish the people to be
lieve that their SaraanariJla is ours, or the same—but
the better to deceivo the public, they at the same time
assert that their s is tho Old Dr. Townsend'#, and tha
original; and endeavor to make the people believe
that the stuff they manufacture, is the Dr. Townsend'*
Saraaparilla, that has performed so many wondorftil
cures for the past ten years, and which has gainod a
reputation which no other medicine ever epjoyed—
which is a base, villainous, unprincipled falsehood.
We have commenced suits against these men for
damages. \y* wish it to be understood, that the old men
is no relation to Dr. Townsend whatever. In their ad
vertisements and circulars, they publish a number of
gross falsehoods respecting Dr. Townaend, whioh we
will not notice.
Falsa Report*.
Our opponents have published in the papers, thtl
Dr. 8. P. Townaend was dead. This thev send to their
agents about the country, who report that we have
given up business, kc. kc. The public should be ox
their guard, and not be decei\ ed by these unprinci
pled men.
Notice of Removal.—After the first of September,
1849, Dr. 8. P. Townaend'a New York Office will be
in the South Baptist Church, No. 83 Nassau street
which ie now undergoing a thorough change, and
will be fitted for the better accommodation of the pro
prietors and the public-
Take particular Notice —No Saraaparilla Is the
genuine and originator. Townaend's Saraaparilla, un-
Aobjvts.— Redding k Co, No. 8 State-street, and
Mrs. E. Kidder, No. 100 Court-street, Boston : Samuel
Kidder, Jr, Lowell; Henry Pratt, Selem: James &
Green, Woroester } Allison k Oault, Concord; J
Bal*h k Son, Providence ; and by Druggists and Men
chants generally throughout the United States, We*
Is the sole agent in Bloomsburg, for the sal.
of Dr. S. P. Townaend's Saraaparilla-36-ly
Gaiters and Slipper, ju.t manufactured and'
for sals by WARREN RUSBEL.
For Young Ladies and Gentlemen
J. E. BRADLEY, Principal.
The next Summer Session of this Institution
will commence on MONDAY the Bth of
Text Books.
Emerson's Spelling Book and Reader.
Goodrich's Geography.
Bullion's English Grammar.
Parker's I'regressive Exercises.
" Aids to English Composition.
Blair's lUietoric, University edition.
Davics' Arithmetic.
" Algebra.
" Geometry.
" Surveying.
" Mensuration.
Shea's Book-keeping.
Ackeman's Natural History.
Cutter's Anatomy, Physiology, & Hygiene.
Guernsey's History- of the United States.
Lardners Outlines.
Olmsted's School Philosophy.
Burritt's Geography of the Heavens.
Johnston's Turner's Chemistry.
Wood's Botany.
Svlimucker's Mental Philosophy.
Wayland's Moral Science.
Webster's Dictionary.
LATlN.—Bullion's Latin Grammar, Bullion's
Latin Reader, Anthon's Ciesar, Sallust, Cic
ero, Horace, Folsom's Livy, Leveritt's Latin
GREEK.—Bullion's Greek Grammar, Bul
lion's Greek Reader, Robinson's Greek Tes
tament, Xenophen's Anabasis, Xenophon's
Memorabilia, Pickering's Greek Lexicon.
GERMAN—G J Adler's German Grammar,
OllondorPs method of Learning the German
Language, Adler's German Reader.
There will be frequent exercises in Decla
mation and Composition. Instruction will
also be given in Penmanship and Book-Kee
ping. • ag
Pupils attending (Bis School can enjoy the
advantages of instructionon the Piano Forte
at a raouei ate charge
It will be the aim of the Teacher in this
School, to impart to the pupils a thorough
knowledge of the branches studied, to educate
their minds, and thus to prepare them for hon
orable places in life.
The Summer Session will consist oftwenty
' Four weeeks or two quarters of 12 weeks
I each. The price of tuition will be as follows
per qu. .er:
For Reading, Penmanship, Grammar, A
rithmeth . Book-Keeping by single entry, Ge
ography, History of U. S. S3 25
For saij£ artu Algebra, Geometry, Survey
i:~tz i bv double
entry, ( History, Phy
sichogi-, Philosophy, other English branches,
and Drawing. $4 50
For Latin, Greek and German, 5 75
FVGood boarding can be obtained in pri
vate familiesat from SI 50 to $2 00 per week.
REFERENCES.—CoI. Joseph Paxton. Hon.
Stephen Baldy, Hon. Geo. Mack, Michael
Brobst. Esq.. John M'Reynolds, Esq., Rev.
Daniel Steele.
Bloomsburg, Feb 21, 1850
Goodand Cheap Hatches.
wholesale and No. 06 Nonh '2nd
street, corner of Quarry, Philadelphia.
Gold lever watchee, fnll jewelled, 18
caret cases. §3O and upwards.
Silver lever do, full jewelled, §lO and
Silver lepine do, jewelled, §ll and up;
Silver quartier watches, from §5 to 10.
Gold pencils, from §1 00 to §7*
Superior gold rings, from 37 to 80 cts.
Other articles in proportion. All goods
warranted to be what they are sold for.
Constantly on hand, a full assortment
WARE. Also, an assortment of M. J.
Tobias St Co. ; E. Simpson Samuel and
Brothers; E. S. Yates Co.; John Hsr
rison ;G. R. Beesley's, and other su
perior PATENT LEVER Movements,
which will be cased in any style desired.
Arrangements have been made with all
the above celebrated makers, the best
manufacturers of Liverpool, to furnish at
short notice any required style of Watch,
Tor which orders will be taken and the
name and residence of the peraon order-
on if requested.
O. 90NRAD, No, 96
Norlh'Third Street.
Importer of Watches.
January 1, 1850.-1y.40
Boots and Shoes.
TV Encourage your oxen Mechanics, and you
encourage Yourselves. _,4Pl
The subscriber would inform his friends
and the public, that he has on hand, and
makes to order all kinds of BOOTS AND
SHOES, at the following low prices :
Men's fine calf or morocco boots, 84 a 4 50
do kip or cow hide, 3 35
do calf shoes 2 00
do cow hide 1 75
do miners', nailed, 2a2 50
Ladies'gaiters, 2a2 25
" Lace boots, 162
" Thick soled slippers, lal 37
" Pump soled, 100
" Excelsiors, 125
Boys', youths' and children's shoes in pro
portion. Ho manufactures his work of the
best of stock, and warrants it to wear; and
.he is determined to sell it as low as others
can their Yankee or city work. Call and
see for yourselves. Shop on Main St., next
door bolow ilartman's Store.
The subscriber announces to the public
that he has just opened a Saddler Shop in the
central part of Bloomsburg, on Main street,
one door above Rupert's Store, where he
will keep constantly on hand and mako to
order all kinds of
And every other article in his line of busi
ness. He will also attend to TRIMMING
carriages and buggies, in every desirable
style, and wilt turn off all his work neat and
good ; and at the lowest pneos. Those who
wish work in his line will do well to give
him a call.
ty Hides, country produce, and even gold
dollars will be taken in payment for work.
Bloomsburg, May 15, 1849.
And General Stage Office.
The subscriber has taken the large and
commodious hotel in Berwick Pa., lately
kept by Frederick Nicely., and refitted it up
anew in a style comfortable and convenient
for travellers and boarders. HIS TA.'dLE
will be supplied with the best products of
the markets afford, and HIS BAR furnish the
choicest liquors.
Attentive hostlers will always be in atten
dance, and by obliging attention to the wants
of his patrons he solioits a share of the pub
lie patronage. G. W. NICELY.
Berwick Ps April 19th 1849.-iv.
The Greatest Because the Best Fan-*
Hy Medicine in the World
ATIVE PILLS, they havo succeeded in
curing some of the worst cases, of disease
ever recorded, and are daily accomplishing
the reetoration of persons alter having tried
in vain to obtain relief from any other
source. One of the Proprietors is a regular
physician of extensive experience, who de
votes his time exclusively to their prepera
tion. For bEVERfii AGUE,they have nev
er yet failed. At least one thousand cases
in the neighborhood of Philadelphia, have
been cured since the first of Sept., last. In
Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Liver Complaint,
Scrofula, for Worms, and all other diseases
of children, they are unequalled by anything
ever prepared for the purpose, while for the
various diseases of Females there is no me
dicine can compare with them. There is
more of them sold—they are in greater de
mand than any other pill—and when onee
introduced in a family, they need no other
medicine. Each box containing Fifty Pills,
renders them the cheapest, while they are
decidedly the best, as well as the mildest in
aetion, of any now in the market.
The Editor of the "City Item,'" thus
speaks of them:
TR READER, you are suffering from fever
and ague, and you have never tried IVors
dell's Vegetable Restorative Pills. Shake no
more. There is still hope for you—you tnay
yet be cured- Go, or send at once to A.
Weeks & Co., 70 North Eighth street., and
procure a box of these unrivaled pills, which
are a sovreign antidote for this distressing
complaint. "
Col. Forney of the Ptnnsylvanian,
WORSDELL'S PILLS.—This exoellent family
medicine is daily winning new triumphs
over disease, and consequently in the high
road to public favor. In the removal of the
every day ills tbat flesh is heir to, we know
of no belter compound. We heard the oth
er day of a desperate case of scrofulous e
ruptions of the head and face being e nirely
cured by them.
Du Solle of the "Times," says :
I3F The great popularity ol Worsdell's
Vegetable Pills, is attributed to the just mer
it which they really possess. They have
been quietly gaining the fame they now
have, by the force of their own virtues.
The means usually employed to give eclat
to new remedies have not been adopted by
the proprietors. They have been content fo
let their medicine speak for itself. It is now
doing it in every section of the country.
They are for sale by most of the Store
Keopers throughout the Country,and in quan
tities at reasonable rates, at the Laboratory
No 70, North Eighth Street.
A. WEEKS & Co., Proprietors.
Agents, JOHN R. IWOYER, Bloomsburg:
E. Lazarus, Orangeville,
M. G. Shoemaker. Buckhom,
Funston & DiefenWh, Jersey-town,
M. C. Grier, Danville,
C. Hartman & Co., Cattawissa, and by
most merchants throughout (he uountry.
To Physicians, Druggists and Conntry
Dr. J. N. Keeler and Bro. most respectful
ly solicits attention to their fresh stock of
English, French, German and American Drugs,
Medicines, Chemicals, Varnishes, Paints,
Oils, Dye Stufls, Glass ware, Perfumery, Pa
tent Medicines &c. Having opened a new
store No. 294 Market St. with a full supply
of Fresh Drugs and Medicines, we respect
fully solicit Country dealers to examine on
stock before purchasing elsewhere, promts
ing one and all who may feel disposed to
extend to us their patronage, to sell them
genuine Drugs and Medicines, on as liberals
terms as any other house in the City, and to
faithfully execute all orders entrusted to us
promptly and with dispatch.
One of the proprietors being a regular
physician, affords ample guarantee of the
geuuine quality of all articles sold at their
/ We especially invite druggists and country
merchants, who may wish to become agents
for Dr. Keeler's Celebrated Family Medicines,
(standard and popular remedies,) to forward
their address. •
Soliciting the patronage of dealers, we re
spectfully remain,
J.N. KEELER & BRO., Wholesale
No. 294 Market street. Phila.-33-ly.
Philadelphia Reading and PoUsville
RJllLfißfe R OJtD.
Office qf the Philadelphia and Reading Rail
road Company.
PHILADELPHIA, March 29, 1850.
Two Passenger Trains daily (except Sunday.)
ON and after April Ist, 1850 two trains will
be run each way, daily, between Phila
delphia and PoUsville.
Morning Line, ( Accommodation.)
Leaves Philadelphia at 7i A. M.,daily, ex
cept Sundays.
Leaves Pottsvillo at 7J A. M., daily, ex
cept Sundays.
Afternoon Line, (Fast Train)
Leaves Philadelphia at 2J o'clock, daily,
except Sundays.
Leaves PoUsville at 2J o'clock daily ex
cept Sundays.
l'assergers cannot enter the cars unless
provided with Tickets.
The afternoon, or fast trains do not stop at
Auburn, Althouse's Bridesboro', Roger's
Ford, Valley Forgo, Port Kennodey, Spring
Mill OP Falls.
NOTICE.—Fifty pounds of baggage will
be allowed to each passenger in these lines:
and passengers are expressly prohibited
from taking any thing as baggage but their
wearing apparel which will be at the risk of
its owner.
By order of the Board of Managers.
April 18, 1850. S. BRADFORD,
FORNIA, but the business of Coach and
Wagon making will be continued by the sub
scriber at the old stand on Market street. He
will promptly attend to all orders for work in
his line of business, and is always ready, at
short notice,' to furnish Wagons, Coach'es
Carriages, Buggies, Sleds and Sleighs of any
style ; but alw'ays of the best materials and
made in the most substantial manner. '
He will give his persoual attention to the
business, and employ none but good work
men. Repairing wdl h 0 attended to with
care, and upon the roost reasonable terms
Ho nroposes to ser-ve his customers to such
work as will secure for him a continuance o
their patronage, and from all who need arti
cles in his line of business. He asks only a
trial of his work to insure satisfaction.
Bloomsburg, Feb. 16, 1849.
proper and desirable forms, for sale at the l
office the ''Star of the North "