The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, January 17, 1850, Image 4

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    lilt. SUAIXE'S
C'omimttml Syrup of
The Original and Genuine Preparation!
t OXxf Hl' I ID.V
Coughs, Colds. As'.hama. lironchitis. Liver com
plaint, Spitting lllood, difficulty of Ihnthiag,
Pain in the Sietc and lircait, Palpitation of
the Heart. Inf."en:a, Crimp, broken < ■m
etitiition, Sore Throat. Ferrous Debili
ty, and ail diseases of the Throat,
Breast and Longs; the most effec
tual and speedy cure known for
any of the vJiove dise scs is
li)li. SWlit'Ml'S
i'onipouml Syr tip of Wits! tlicrvj !
Costst'MPTtos C't'anu— Cl.lMNSl: a STBKNOTII
MORE News for the Sick.—Afflicted Head.— A
Voicefrom Schuylkill county.—Phase read
this Extraordinary Cure.
Da. SWAYSE: Dear Sir—About six years a
go, I discovered that my lungs were affected,
ot which 1 became more convinced Irom
time to time, although I tried many reme
dies, vet without any apparent benefit, and
my disease increased until I wits compelled
to keep my room, and at last my bed. 1 had
great pain in my left side, upon which Icould
not lay in bed; and in the morning my cough
was so severe, that 1 found it very painful to
throw up the pltlem, which gathered in great
quantities on my lungs, when tortuuiitel) I
bought of your agent in this place, one bottle
of your Comnovul Syrup of WiU Clicrrv.
wide It EO lmii it to. 'Vol tv.e that I cnutimo'it
using it until now. I have tt- I both. .-
ami am happy to t< I! you that my ; ains at >
removed, my sir .tl. relt:."icd. my sleep t
undisturbed ami swat, and I t.**-l pcifectly
well. I can now U llow my daily avocation
without being alibi '■ - with that painful ha !--
ing, weakening cough, and I firmly believe
that to your medicine, tinder the blessing of
Providence.l'm indebted lnrthis great change;
and am very happy to subscribe my-elt.
Yvh.i UFA i MONT.
Ft. Clair, Schuylkill co., Pa. Jan., 2b, 19.
.Another Letter to l)r. &'/.c-ynr.
Dated Andcrsotitovvn, Ltd.
Da. SVVAVNU: Dear Sir—All yotlr mcciicines
sell well and give good atisfactiou Y our v:il
nble Compound Syrup of YN'iKl ( harry '„a
been the means ol restoring .-onto bn; '
ca-es in thL section. Y t.'ttr Pills arc tmi.-l ex
cellent. I want you to send me a g -od -tt, -
ply of them. A man purcha .-1 ti buttle ol
your Vermifuge tho ether day 1 ir ht-ehilt.
and by its use discharged f.ixty-'.hi. - e ot the
largest worms he ltad ever si en. 1: i- some
what difficult to get the people to try it. t:-
they have s>i often be gulled by nauseousand
worthless vv orm i'ii'dau' CE. \ ours being o
very pleasant to the taste, as ihe sumo lime
effectual, 1 shall bo able to dispose ol it large
quantity. Respectfully your.-,
I'iry Important—Cuuti m:
Bear in mind there isjl r.t m.e gciini e
prepiration of Wild Cherry , and thai is Dr.
HWAYNE'S, the first ever prepared i:. this conn
try. Also bear in mind that all others pur
porting to contain VVihl Cherry are positively
'•fictitious end eounofieit." Remember alvvnvs
to inquire particunrly for the grout original
preparation, "Or Suayne's Cmnpound My tup
of Uild Cherry," vviclt is put up in square,
bottles, covered with a beautiful wrapper
(steel engraving having tho Portrai, of Dr.
Svvayne thereon) ngraved, a!-o hissipuatttre.
ihe counterfeiting of xvliich will be . .uiehetl
l)r. Stvai/ne's Celebrated f' rmifvge,
A safe and efTectunl remedy for Worms,
Dyspepsia, Clioleia Morbus, sickly or
Dyspepsia Children, or Adults, and
the most useful family medi
cine ever offered to the
ticad thin Home Certificate :
Dr. Swayne: Dear Sir—Having made use
of various nauseous Vermifuge medicines,
which had been highly applauded by their
proprietors, without the slightest good effect,
and having heard my neighbors speaking in
Ihe highest terms of your Worm medicines,
its delightful taste and wonderful effect, al
though 1 felt somewhat discouraged from the
result of the articles 1 had forced upon my
already emaciated, sickly, dyspepsia looking
child, whose delicate and almost -worn out
frame the worms had already begun to make
their ravages: I concluded to make tiial of
your most valuable Vermifuge, which to our
great joy, the worms had to let go their dead
ly and strong holds upon the vitals. Such
was the effect of Dr. Sway lie's Vermifuge on
my child, which is now perfectly healthy, as
auming all the color of the rose, with ali the
mirthfulucs of an innocent and playful child
Yours with respect,
No. 3 Howell street, between Schuylkill 2d
tied fourth.
SfisTHttcare of Mistakes.
lirmemltr: Dr. Swayne's Vermiii.ce is now
put up in sq-'.in li'ittUs. (huvi: gbeeu chat ed
recently) covered with a beaulin.l wrapper,
(steel engraving) with the portrait oi Doctor
Swayne thereon nigra-, cd. Bear this minimi
•t;d \>o not deceived.
Important Notice:
All Pills sent out from my office after the
Ist of Julv 18-tEI will have an outs! |e nulling
of pure while sugar, whereby evert thing dis
agreeable to the tu-te nr smell isru'irely re
moved, without in the least affectinu the ex
eellent qualities of the medicine. 'I hey will
also be put up in boxes turned out ortlu- solid
wood, covered with a label bearing rignatnre
of Dr. Swayne. l'urcha-ers will please bear
this in mind.
The above valnab! ■ me lioines arc prepa
red only by Dr. Swayne, N. West corner ol
Eighth an i Race street: t ...idclphia.
Bri be following highly respectable store
keepers have been duly apj .-'.tiled Agents fir
Columbia County :
E. P. Lutz if John R. Moyer, Bloomsbur .
M. C. Crier, Danville.
John Moore. do.
Chalfmt Sf Hugh's, do.
John Sharplcss, C'altawissa.
Hastman ff Co.. do.
" C, ifjl- Shaman, CatV.vissa Fosge;
.Brthen tx Creasy , MidjinviHo.
A. Miller, Berwick.
John Doak, Bjiarcreek township.
Peter Ent, Williamsburg.
E tf J. Lazarus, Orangeville.
J K. Millard, Espvlotvn.
Elias Waterman, Rhorsburg.
George. Masters, Millville.
J. M. Sheldon, Jerseytown.
McCary fy Patterson, Washinglonvillc.
Hugh McWilliaxus, Mooresbnrg,
Ana by most all storekeepers in the adjoin
ing counties.
Jan. 3, 1850.—4w.
A new lot just received and for sale cheap
•MACKEREL, just received and forsale by*
on- : vs
££Eo (To SCo a7£mS@SJo
No. 120 Arcli Sticet. IMiilndelphin.
Will effectually c•• re l.irer complaint. .1 ud:rc,\
Dyspepsia, Chroaii: or \eri-ous iliiatily, l)i™-
caic if the Isttlniys, aial all I ISLSSCS j
arisui.. from a disordered lieer or
Such a Consumption, Inward Piles, Fill- |
ness of lllooil to the Head, Acidity of the j
Stomach. Name a, Heartburn, Disgust for j
Food, Fullness or weight in the Stomach, ;
Sour Eructations, Sinking or Fluttering at
the l'it of the Stomach, Swimming of the
Head, Hurried and Dillieult breathing. Flut
tering at the Heart, Choking or Sulfieating
sensations when in a Eying Posture, Dim-!
I noss of Vi.-ion, Dots or Webs beloro the
i Si.;ht, Fever anil Dull pain in the Head. Deli
cti nev ol Perspiration. ello . ne.-s ol the
Skill at.d Eyes, Pain n the Side, Hack,
Chest, Limbs, S;e., Sti.hle t tin. lies ol Ileal,
nuruing in the Flesh, Co.tsiaiit liiraginings
ol Evil and Great Depression ot Spirits.
The Genuine are Entirely Vegetable and
free fr nr. Alcoholic Stimulant Syrup, Aloes,
Itlieuhard, Calomel, Acids, and all Mineral
j and Injurious lugieilienls, they are pleasant
! in taste and smell, and mild ill their epera
tion, never griping or giiittg any uneasiness,
they give strength to the whole system
whilst they drive limit it disease. They can
be administered to the most delicate infant
with perfect safety.
It appeared in the leading German Jour
nall ol Philadelphia—tint "Philadelphia
Hem crat." 'I he Editor was personally tie
| ijuuinte I v ith Df. Honlland, and pri/.,ug Vie
j servicer ol thisgreut ttiHl) ho eould ttoi ipti
v:> - ok v.,.'. .• its-ti i.ine" in an impostor,
wiili-;:. pri/.i.-g the public ol approaching
Cjmlop!) Qufilunb.
Christ-, It r II II i f,and.
"One of the most renowned physicians,
one of the greatest betielaelors o: modern
times, was l-irn at La, ecu Sal/a, Germany,
ion the 12'ilt day ol mieusl 17ii2. Alter a
! careful seliohtstie edttealton, he, Lke his tath
f or ami gtat.dai'.iier. (two eelelu.t e..l Doctors.)
voluntarily devoted Itimseli to the study ol
Me licit.i*. ,:i Jena and Gotiigeu. and in 17:t
I obtained the degree of Doctor of Medici i",
I tit the latter I niversity. Front 17':t to 1801,
I lie olhc. te ' -Pr ■ o: •' In* En r-;:y nl
.lena. In IStll. he was aypoi.m I I'utki.e
Physician to tint King ot I'ro -ia. Aloiuher
ol the Ae.'.deuiy ot c'-eicuce. ami upon the
establishment "! the .:eart :h _at lieiliu,
Proh's.-or .i:.*l ( ourt Pay siibtm by the Mini..-
in oi the Itce.ior. Hi.- eharai.eri.-tie pro
: ioitiidtn'-s tutdileep peiiotralion ei.aided l.iin
to combit.e the theoretical ami practical; to
11(1 iIL! ohi and new :-y tew ; produce in com
| tnon the practical and usetul, it:.,l thus iltaw
therefrom the results and necessary applica
ble means. '
"It w;.> Dr. 1 1, prittcipally, who exposed
ami destroyed tho 'Brown's System,' which,
no'.u itlisaii'oinn the brilliant exterior, eould
not conceal its many imperfections, brought
to light by lbuillaiid's noble impartiality,
sound truths, and deep penetration. Inde
pendent ol his practical usefttlue.-s as Pity
j sieian and Profo—or oi the lteuleig art, lie
I has earned uddyiug tame lor his superior
knowledge in Uateri a I'rde I. a- w :! a- lor
i his manitold works on Medical juris,ira
donee. Among these may bo mentioned hit
I world renowned -i Takroht or the art ol
prolonging lile,' cm oi prueltea! healing
i ll," -hlou-ol l'aoiogetiic. Joarual ol prae
itical Medicine.' &e. lie has bosidesall tlti.s
gained et .'rnal lume and prai-e irom suffer
ing him eiiiy lor it.o •in. every and eo.nbi
nation of several i: :alot.!e tncdicinals, a
moug which is tho tar ranted am! justly cel
ebrated compound, known as
The application of :s eatlli lor the
cure ol .sulphuric disease.—'lhe celebrated
Diaphoretic rc me !y—and numerous inval
I uable recorded recipes.
After the celebration of his fiftieth profes.
1 sioiiul festivity in 1533, upon v. ttirh occa
j sion the King ol Prussia, ho:: i him with
| the insignia oi the Order ol the JU*d Eagle,
l ntut many other Rayal Orders and marks oi
\ distinction, lie died on the 25th day ol Att-
I gust lSoti, (as tho King o! Prussia's private
I Medical Counsellor,) willtuutauy legitimate
I malt! heir or offspring,
j "Dr. C. M. Jackson, of Philadelphia, has
hail the nieaiis ol obtaining the genuine ro
j eipes of the great medical eouncellor 'Chris-
I lopli Wilhelin lluleluud,* and these itivaln-
J able medicines are prepared with the utmost
i care tit the German Medicine Store. The
bitter mixture: lloollatid'sGerman Hitters,
! is the result ol many years: tiuly and expe
rience by the great inventor, and known and
! prized in Europe as an infallible remedy lor
the .'UI ■ i I J.I- r t.'unpl ial Jsa.lice, Dyspep
j si i Or. C. M. Jackson's preparation of
1 in medicine bus oblci ,■•'.! Lite : nne celebri
jly in tlii:- Wi .-toin \\ otKl. Ihe te.-iiiuonials
and innumerablo confjrmations of thousand*
| of the most severe and difficult casus cured,
lis ample proot of this. Tfte medicines oora*
pounded by Dr. C, .M.Jai k.-on have produced
I the veryffeetspid tho >ame happy results,
j whit It the iinniihtai ii.veulor indicuteil, and
I intend til, and ore,spiei 'dymiict be prepar
ed with serupulotts accuracy, it- view ol
I die übovo tact'-it .-t .us . mgtt'ar, that any
| body cottltl have the hardihood anil impii
■ deuce to abuse the tinmen! this dtsiioguish
\ t'tl Doctor, who died thirtoi n yea:- agtu To
1 pa s oil a cliarla.itii quack ; rcparaii.-u tis the
real and genuine medicine, and to give a
a mbiance ol nii.-.i i.iiity by alh.xing a fic
simile ot the deceased, is indeed extraordi
nary! I lie public will Uiidi'istuial w hat to
j expeot, mid w'tal to do under such eircuin*
: stance:.."
j A number of-German papers copied the
; above and are therefore entitled to our
, thanks.
j Tin :0 bitter- are worthy the attention ol
invalids. Posso.-sing groat virtues in the
! recti lie at ion ol dt.t ascot the liver and lo
| ser glands, exetei-nu the most searcitiug
j powers in weakness and affections of the
i digestive organs, ttiey are withal, sale, eer
| lain, and pleasant.
The German "Illustrated News" says :
"Our editor and others ot this office have
used the German Hitter r ; I can recoinnioinl
it with confidence to otw readers. As prepa
red by Dr. Jackson, it fully <juals if not sur
passes in its effects upon diseased Liver and
Stomach, the fullest expectation of tho dis
tinguished physician.
Tho City Item, October Kith ssys:
JOY von THE INVALID. —IIow many of nut
readers are atllicled with diseased liver,
stomach or nerves ? Matty, no doubt.
They are to be pitied, yet to idl there is tt
cure. Dr. lloollatid's German Hitters has al
ready cured hundreds; and that it will cure,
no one who once uses it will dout, if they
use it as directed. It has established for
itself an undying fame, which few have
done out of die vast number that has been
thrown before the publo. It is. one of U e
most perfect preparations in use, and, n< a
German contempory has said, that as pre
pared by Dr. Jackson, it fully equals, if not
surpasses, in eilects the fullest representa
tions Of the distinguished physician who I
lir-t < ompouwled it. A.- a spurious article is
now before the |utl<lii'. we would caution all
against using any hut that signed C. M. Jack
son and sold by hint at 120 Arch street.
The l: Camden Democrat," the best paper in
West Jersey, says, July 21.
"We have seen many flattering notices ol
litis meditine, and the source Irom
tbov came nidneeil in to make i iiptiry re -
nt n •..!ed to UM i'. n "I ute-t -ay we found
II si.t t :('•■• 111 it.- nut it. : lipo.i dl -oa.-es lit tin*
liver and ilia* -live organs, and die powerful
inllueiieo it exerts upon nervous prostration
is really surmising. It calms and strength- >
ens the nerves, bringing tlieui into a state of
! repose, making sleep refreshing.
It this medicine was more generally used,
j we are satisfied there would belesssiekn ss,
i as Irom the stomach, liver and nervous sys
tem the meal uiajoii \ ol rial and imaginary
discuses emanate. Have them in a healthy j
condition, you can bid deliattce to opideni- |
ies generally. This exirie rdmary medicine
no would udviseur friend- vlio are ul till in- ■
disposed to give a trial—it will then recom
mend itself—lt should, in fact, bo in every
family. ' No other medicine can produce
such evidences of merit.
This medicine lias attained that high char
acter which is necessary for all medicines to
| attain to induce counterfeiters to put torth a
j spin ions article at llio risk ol the lives ol
thoso who are innocently deceived.
Look well ot the marks of the genuipg.
They have the written signature of C. M.
JAC'KMON upon the wrapper, and his name
blown in the bottle, without which they are
I spurious.
! For sale wholesale and retail at the Ger
! man Medicine Store. No. 120 Areli Street,
i one door below Sixth, late ot 27S Knee St.,
I l'htin.iclphta. And by JOHN U MOl EK,
illootiisbtirg, and by respectful dealers gene
! rally. ' -U-tirn.
I _ J
| Itr. 11.-nrv Turner's Ithi'iiuuitic l.ii itiient
I I lis huju rmr remedy to) (tie tiiieu Minium, tun '
: r.vuitly iuli.uiiuevi 11 to tiiiet i*uiia \ ly iie pie
I m'ji! |iro}r!c(ur, litis long liefi, kn wn m Ivuy- ,
I < •<i:tl, mm! HI J'l tu uluily, as iho lie#i. t.*tl m l
cerium cun I T Unit ilimressijij; UIMI p.iintul *t(- j
i 'no.'tor.. Ilscil rt I)| on llie system is until ;t .
..ti. 4. at lite same iui-certain a.ul illi acious
j nirily t gn n-liet' up. HI Hie. ii>i appli
j .an HI, lV lejic itinj tl a fe.v tiine-i, t j*.
i iII a lien t < UIC is eHecteJ.
W. tia* ♦ .'.•"um ruses of pain in the brrost
.iut haitv, ui:li ftoieia s#, ol SL-veiai Weeks <iur-
I troil• cu .l iii one Hti|(le nit:lit ami heard the
ex|irtii hi&grau-t'ul (hanksthit *ueh re-
I imviy wa> ever d.scovtned We have also liourd
1 "ul.- dun!:* .)■ iluy would yive (h ot
| .it lla a lr u cure i.-i rht iintti'iii yet (he same
uiiitvidul# were cufd hy two liiMil--* id" ih.a git at
i i.iniii.GJil. ('• linn I.ui liny tei is eatu. Who
j a luld i(iviim sin h a pri. e!• r such a rem
eilv to he tree IIMIII the exnuiia ing tortu e of
j dial meal j .in.lid it all dise.i.-es,
.Mil: (id g > pnicu e a imttle ot Dr. Turiiei'n
| liiniun m and tie healed at once ; do tint longer
! delay, hut east aside nil iio-truiiis and cuie all-,
i! .i (he oi e lit'iig iifii'iilul to iii-ure a cure. Mohl
j wholesale ami rr nil hy D W'ou:r|y <* Co pr
j prieloiH .\o Colli ne. ce tn. I. and (hell gen
ua ag n s Ui wjiitlali i 3>ii, i\o ~l iNorih •ixtti
-neel, I h 1:1 i 1,1.1U
lls-j. b>j JO USII MOV Ell Bloomsbiirg. titn.
' •'->-g-' j __ - u-i LL J.
I Indian Vegetable Remedy-No lure
I NO !" A V .11 HI I'livsii l ...a' "j N|
: a-. i no
I lone .rierib il me HIU.VC ini lii-nit- in
; .-cvi-rul ens n| Primary bi-c i—
eg mill Secondary Syphilis, and tin- cf-
J feel lots been strikingly beneficial ; so
j in Hi* It sou to imlu-e me to ounitnop its
: use in sit It eases with inueli satislae;ton.
- I: t- generally agreeable to lite taste of
I patients.
No. 102 N. Fifth st,
Phi!:.., June 12. IS 15.
I have piCseiibid •■lit. '"lllb it's R in
edv," 111 ill ill. ens aol G inn rlim-t, anil
t.iuiid it 'n effect .i cure in a v r\ idnn I
nine, A. W U.S- N. M. I).,
Cor. Tweifii & Siiijipen si-.
I'lii.a.. I) f. 10 !., IKIS,
Messrs liwind <fc Walton— (• tt'le.
men : 1 have prisctibed your celebrated
! -'Dr. (Inllnn's Remedy," in several eases
of of fri.ttorrlioea and St philis, and
can ciniseiciiiionsly recommend it as a
certain and speedy cure.
Yours. Ate,.
Jos I' I'rrrfhß, M I)..
C-irner of Seei ml iY llcavi r. N E.
Wholesale and ID-mil, In ROWAND
A' W A L ION proprietors, til SIX I'll Si.
and by the pet suns named in another
e dtiiini as agents of Dr Culleu's Indian
Vegetable I'anaeea
llloomslmrg. Jan. 3d 1853.-Gill
To Miysiciaus, Ilruggisis n<l Country
M KU C 11 ANT S.
Dr. J. N. Keeler and liro. most respectful
ly solicits attention to their fresh stock of
Ito It'll. Freuth. German mil American Urates.
.Medicines. Chemicals. Varnishes, Paints,
Oils, D.e Stuffs, (ill: s ware. Pertain my, Pa
lent Medicines etc. Having opened a new
store No. 29! Market Si. with a lull supply
ol fresh Drugs ano Medicines, we respect
fully solicit Country dealcs to examine our
-:ock I elore purchasing elsewhere, piomis
ing one and all who may leel disposed to
extend to us their patronage, to sell them
genuine Drugs and Medicines, on as liberal
terms as any oilier house in the City, an to
htilliluilv execute ad orders entrusted to us
promptly and with dispatch.
• hie ot the proprietors being a regular
physician, affords ample guarantee ol the
genuine quality of all articles sold at their
We especially invite druggists anil country
merchants, who may wish to heroine agents
lor llr. Heeler's Celebrated Futility Medicines,
(standard and popular remedies.) to forward
their address.
Soliciting the patronage of dealers, we re
spcclfullv remain.
J.N. KEELER & IJRO., Wholesale
No. 291 Market street, l'hila.-33-ly.
I-'OHNIA, but the Imsiness of Coach and
W agon making will he continued liy the sub
scriber at tbo old stand on Market street, lie
will promptly attend to all orders lor work in
his line oi business, and is always ready, ai
short notice, to furnish Wagons, Coaches
Carriages, Buggies. Sleds and Sleighs of any
style; but always oi the best materials, and
made in the most substantial manner.
He will give bis personal attention to tho
business, and employ none but good work
men. Repairing will be attended to xvith
,-ure, and uprfti ilie-most reasonable terms.—
He proposes to servo his customers to such
work as will secure lor him a continuance o
their patronage, and from all who need arti
cles in his line of business, lie asks only a
.tial of bis work to insure satisfaction.
Bloomsburg, Feb. JO, 18-19.
Ore. rid Jurors
For v. an. Term, 1850.
Muom —J with Mttlick, Al'x. Hughes,
Joseph pong fir.
Ilnarcreck — Jonas Wright, Samuel
Ceiftrr- J..1 it I. OUT lit I) !••• •
Do •; .1 ■ •Mir, AM F
H .-I . ; I I - I MI- 'I I' .
IS j . . I, M\ .
(in Citir :ot! —-1) niit'l Rual.
11l Ull'-tk— IMI.M' lil'illv.
Liber!}/ —Julio Dogirt, Prior O Hill
no vi r, Joseph //11kri.
Limexlmie —Peter Wagoner.
A/übo iim: Andrew Or erperk.
Montour —.1n II Quirk.
Ma Caleb Tooinns.
Oranzc —Samuel Conner
Snstirl af —li'iin Kline,
J'ltllil/ —John V, j_'.- in, Henry Winter*
| Sl' HII.
Traverse Jarors
For January Term.
Aul/ioinj —Knbt 11 Holler. Win. Curv .
j Hubert Dorr.
Mourn —Philip Ever, John Meliek,
I George Wonvrr.
Briarcreek —James J.etnon.
Cattaxrissa —Ailin Gensil.Dan. Kroigli
! Jacob (.Slay ivill. Jr.
Centre— A'auiuel llovver, Daniel Hu
I j'Kiihoeli.
Danville —Sani'i Anderson. IVter Hal
j i!y, Geoige S. Sanders, Julio Iloo'lalel
j l.iW.
I'raukliu —Daniel V night Pcier Kline
Fiihiiil/ei cck —Ja, on Kuriis, John II
Du'l 'i i •
Hemlock —William H In ins.
Jnrkeon— Hoteii E'gar,
Linn ■italic— Joi pit Gibson. Geo. li
I i i ■ ii y '■ 11.
Liherlt/ —Jones Vl'.Mali"ii Mielool
I Sinres.
Mad'oon —Sclmoly Allen, Miehael HA
on", Win M'Nioeli, J iliu M, Shelil-oi,
; Join. Fooler.
Mahoning —Miehael .Van lers.
Mi/tin -Ja oh liar./..'!. J ill i Mi hail,
j Daniel W"il.
JL tllaniJ— J. lin ii.Si*. Win. Al'lli ill* - .
Mucin —Cyrus II irooi, Joi'ii Glayien,
] ll:irui in Johnson. All H.o | Wallet.
Hrinrcmk —Jo-. Fell. Philip Frees. Jos Hn i-h, Isaee I).
| vii|e. .1 t o!> I, S tioian.
Danville —Areliil.ahl Voliris, 11. njamin
\ Sillier
1 Deer}/ —John Unhisoii,
I Franklin —Win Hn r'ne■ U,11• • i.jiiniii P
Former, Abiahain Burger Ji, James ( le
| ver.
Fisliinzrrcek —Tims J Hun bin-on.
(1 rermrootl —Sainm I .Mathers, Charles
! Eves.
Ihliihirk —Hnifs A in ine.Moses Gi'di-
Li in eat o nr. Um. J Vi'Kee. Abraliaiu
At iiliuitiil <? —Dev. P .ilies, Pelei Foosi
Sofoil 111 li -l ei,
Mituhon —Ni. h-mi .h Wflliver. W in,
■ 1|..: . RN. Hi." E.I D. .I, i
O <I.I MI —I) nlei k 111" r. J D Kin e.
I /'am inucrerk-. Du. nl Vender
Sn ,'(/1 loaf — I'e'er Applemaii.
l'iill< xj — William Cabin ell,
asa iiii ViAtVii STOKE,
j No. Market Si. above Seventh?
M> inli side, Plehelelphi i.
Although e ean -.earcelv eslima'e the
; .'alto ul TIME inoe reialU ;yel by eali
! in** .0 ill ,i" e !.• . ilish.neol, JAMES
j I'. \l.ilKK . • I : ' o- irlelltls, allionn
I MIn mi lie IIII'IIOIIO el iviio duly ppreei
j aie I - 11. i'iness. ivoli a bealliilill and per
j I'eei INDI'.X I t iicuf tug ns progress, nl
j wlin-e value ' liev i le judge.
Ills exieiisiv stunk on iiiiinl. cmisiaiul.
j elauglllg in eiuiloriiii'y I" ilu- iinpr v<-
j menu ill la-ie and style of pattern and
| workmanship, consists ot F.UiilT DxV nnl
i I'HIRT'V HOUR Brass CO UNTING (loose
j CI neks. French, Go'liic and failev styles,
i is well .is plain, which Irmn his rxn iuiv.
| I'oulli e|i. it anil eiirresioOiilenee null the
! maniit ciureis be finis Unit lie ean ptil >|
ilnt lonvest cash Figure, in any qoantii. .
frinn One to a rinuisand, til which be
will •rrtini it" accurtey
ek- rt*inifv.l >nil w ifr t'iteil.—
• 'liit-k <llin 'tings on < ami
("nil and kii- in - .t lll .■ n !/ i !>•■•.
238 M-ii I;f 1 1 -.. |>lii!:i. Si• |i 20, '4it- I
JjfjJ JUWtiMSY !•*'!'<> en-;
in-re iimv aliiais In- 11>it11>t ii vi-i'i large
ami va. I'd i-M'r: - li-r iV.i i-'.- Ii
fgaiil Jfi In , I'':: in' Anii'lis, tin Cm
|. r\. Sllvi r mil I' a I'll W'an-, /j' l ' . nil i>
(li-i an r i lldii'-iiiiii-ii s li> jiu i rliitm i'h than
■ll \ llii I Mmilur ■ > :<t> 11 -i I ill I ill 111 1* !• I Ill
ill' 1 |>li iii.
In aililiiimi in inv Imri'l'ifuri' large stock
I 11av' just mlili'ii ;i ii'-w lot n|' \\ alclit'M,
Ji-ivplri, Falun ArUeles, Jf*., making na
(irceiu assortment one of ilu- best in I'lut
lii'tf1I>)>i-i. M\- as.-ui-iiii'iii consists iii jiiirl
I Culil ami Sili ir I .ii vi-I', l/t|i|tir, Quar
lior anil ollii'i' ivaicht's; a lull nsk>hiin• m
ill' J. W'l-lry, iu It us Cniiii'O, Stone aiul
Mourning Uinst-lies, Finrci Kings, in i
•irca 1 variety, Silver ami I'l.itnl 'l'nlile mil
Ti-ii'Spooils. Hii I n-r Iviuvi'a, Tliiutlili'- anil
IVlll'll CIISI'S, I, I'lii-'s, I'lirsru. K--V :
tilf lo ol l{ iZ M's. Penknives. <s•,- ~\ ii|i a
lull asSiirimi'M "I Colli P> ns ol all i• ■
ililipri-ni Makers -u lIn? greu'l.' tedui'eil
price o| #1,25.
Ni. 238 M irk• i Si._ul.iive 7'3. I'lula.
All kin !> of limt-lr. rare
li|l|\ repaired • UV! ■ ;~i ayii'il. Ml goods
r- •i* 1"• r'l at iii' vm I •'••> i'-nli |r■•••
r I 1 mil si". i f">i' molting ii look.
s ~M"iili. r 20. 1810. IV.
Ji. MOMENT NOTES, o' and desirable lut-po, for sale at the
oflirp the "S'at ol rli" North."
(aiim Sums.
A fine lot of all ei us just received add for
sale cheap by
• D'? u:
, :i£S|
r* N ! 111 '! JjLiJn' I '' i. MiTuTll 1111 l tfii
. A li S A 1' A li I I* Is A .
VVoiifler KIH! IIJ< sslitfcj of flic Age.
/'he most ex'raordivary Meditinr in the World!
Phis Kxtract is jot up in Quart Buttles ; it is six iime
ciiO'ijifr, |loisantt r, and warranted suj't'tior to any
M.ld. It cures dioaso without xornituig, |*uiging,
sickening, or debilitating the Patient.
'J lie gieut lieauty and lUpeiiority of thi Sarsaparil
la over oil other .Mcdh'inea i, while it eradioatei dis
ease, it invigorates the hodt. It is one of the very best
ever known; it not only purifies the whole
i.d strengthens the perron, but it creatrr, iit-w, pure
.'I rich blond ; :i power |><is**Fe I hv no other .••!('•!-
. And i i this 1 the K 1 '• • ' K '" •' •*
111 1 sieve R It has peifoi inc i Within the las', two y Ciill,
. re than one hundred thousand curesot Re\ciera<-es
•f disease, id ieast, 50,t'00 wero cmi>ic!ered inrurable.
t ha saved the lives of nunc timn l',noo children the
l.ruo pa it seasons.
KM),000 CRM! of Wciicrnl I) lilllty and want
of Nervous Kiirrgy
l)n. 8 T TOWNBRND'S Sarsanaiilla invigorates the
■vII.JIC stein permanently. To those who iune lust
•i ir :nu..cular energy, h> the cllccts of medicine, or
. i ■ ,*'* i ctii'ti romniitted in youth, or the excessive in*
ulgeiiC'- of the passions, ainl brought on by physical
prostration of the ncivous s>steni, lu-tsitude, want of
onhitiou, hooting sensations, i>reniatute decay oud
'ecline, iinstciiing toward that fatal disease. C'onsiimp*
. HI, ran be entirely restored by this pleasant remedy.
I'liis har-upHiilla is far superior to any
ii renews and invigorates the system, gives activity
to the limbs nud strength to the muscular s) stem in a
n.'.st extrftoidmury degree.
C'oiiHiuuptloii Cured*
• demise and Strengthen. Consumption enn he cured.
lhnticlulii, L'timuiiijilion, J.iver Comixtiint, Colds,
Catarrh, Coitfht, .Islhtnit, Spitting of Wood, Sort
tins in llit t'!i< si, ll'i tic /'lns'., A Sv lit, I'if.
(icult o I'rnfuse fUjiecloration, rain in the Side,
4'C., have been and con be cured.
Splttlrig IJtood.
Da. s P, Townsmtn- I vsrily bellevt your litis*
i>(*iiliu hn- been the means, tin cign Providence, of
- uln,; my life. I have ho several year.* h i id
ough u becHir.o wurae and wore At last I raised
• K" ij11a11111i<• K of Flood, had and was
4,'!;. '.* bilitated and reduced, *nd did not expect to
fv • I have only ned j our Sarsa par ilia n shmt time,
•i . ; there has a womleti'iil change been wrought in
■ I:c now aldo to walk all oor the cit> T r.iise
no Id -I mil in;, rough ha left me. von can well
o.i.'t:iiic i'.l t lam tii o.Ulul f•• these results IPIII
obedient servant. \V.' K185..1,, 64 <utherinc*st.
Kitut Fltstt Fltftll!
Dr. 8 P. TnwNsrxr, not liaviug tested his Snrsa*
lisi ilia iu ease ol Pit*, of course, never recommended
it, and as siuniiscd to receive the following from an
i .ii-lligoiit and respectable Farmer in Westchester
Ford bam, 18. 1847.
DR. 8 P. Town*:nn - Dear Sir : I have a little girl,
xuven years of age, who has been several years
%.hie ted with Kits; we tried almost every thing for
her, but without an rem ; M t last although we c* uld
fh.d n. recoiuineinlaticn in > our t iicitl irs ion-uses like
; ,r<?, we inougi.t, *•; she w as in very delicute health,
we would give her some of your Sarsaparillu, ati.l art
glud we did, for it not only ri stored her strength, but
>l e lifii had no return of the Kits, to our very great
jih Msiire and t>urpii>e. She is fast hcconiing luggi d
and healthy for which we feci grateful.
' Vouis respectfully, JOHN DL'TLKtt, Ja.
F mule
Pic. S. P. TOWNSVNI.'s Sarsnpnriila i a sovereign
and si-vdy cure for Incipient Consumption, barren*
'.c-s, Pi-'dapsiis l.'teri, or K.illing of the Womb, Cos*
•iv. c v. Piies. I.eueonh'Pß. '.r Whites, obstructed oi
liilicult >itlotriiation incontinence of Uiine. or in
volnntarv discharge thereof, and lor the geoeial pro*-
milieu of the -vstcm no matter whether the result
•f inherent cause or cause , produced by irregularity,
illin-'i; or accident. Nothing can be more surprising
than its invigorating effects on the human frame
Persons all weakness and latitude, from taking it, ut
i,ice become rolm t HP.. I full of energy under its in*
rtu-'occ It immediately counteracts the nervcles*.
■je*s of the female frame, which i* the great cause of
U renr.esK H * ill not be expected of us. in cases of
o delicate a nature, to exhibit certificates of cures
..nforinctl, I ut we can assure the atHicted. that bun*
tied* (•!" ruses hno ' een reported to us. Thousands
.!' o■•o 'aheie families have been without childien,
<tt-r u-ing M lew I utile; of this invaluable Medicine,
irvp been blessed with fine, healthy offspring.
Great Ith Hslng to Mutiu-rs and < lilldren.
It 1* the infest and most effectual medicine for
purify n g to; • ...... ...-i , i. x.ogi.L .-it:.*i- **t
tciutaot upon chibibi:'... c .er Ji covered. It sticigth*
e is 1 oih ■.in- i". i ei and the chilpi event* pain JD •
ii-,e..-e ii.c:cdsrs und cone hen tho food; those who
have ii-*.-d it think it is indispensable It is liiglily use*
fnl h >th befoic an I after confinement, as it picvonts
di-eines ujion child-t.irth—in Uostiveucss,
Piles, ( ramps, Swelling of the feet, Despondency
liearthum Vomiting, lain in the Back and Lions,
l al>e Pa ns. Hemorrhage, and in regulating the secre
tions and equalizing the ciicuiHtion, it has no Oijuul
'i he gicat b.-iut. (! '.his medicine •*, it i* ulwwy* safe,
and the most dciicatu use it mo t suecesslully very
few cases rcijuire any c.tli-r me Sicinc, iu some a
little f ustor Oil. or .Mag'.e i-i i- u eful. Kxercise in
the oj.cti air. and light food ivith this medicine, will
always secure a safe and easy confinement.
ltln oiiiutlt-in.
Wo./. I. rll's Is.f.L *rpl I 1. I*l7
Dn. S. P. TOWSM SI. Dear S.( : I have audited lei
rihly for nine years with the Dheuo atisin : consideia
file I>f the tune" I could uut sleep or walk I had
the utmost distressing pain and my limbs vv ere tcr
rihly hw idlon I liave n*ud fbui bottles of y our F-Jtau
pa ilia, ami they have done me ni re than one thou
miiiU dollars woi'th nl g.xid, I am so mu h better in
deed ! am entliely ielii-ved. Vou aie at liheily to
use this for the benefit of the afflicted.
lours respectfully, JAM Kb CUM MINUS.
T IN- lies'. Joli ll Mi-ger
Of Jersey ' itv, an old and highly respectable clcigy
man of the Ifajdbt Denomination, handed in the fol
low nig ceitilicate at Di *S P. 'i ownsen.r* office. II
sjicaks for itself.
DR. S. P. Towxsrxti -Dear Sir : I am consttwined to
give you a stutenient of the benefit I derived from
■l-ing your Snrsajiaiilla. believing, by so doing, I
shall render a benefit to those who ate suffering e* I
have been I vvu< ieduced for many months by the
Dyspcp -o mu i> Ui tit waa with much difficulty
f..i mo to walk or kicji about. I had also tetter,
which covered the most paitof my head—which WHS
extremely troublesome and son*; it got to be almost
a scab I u*od rjui'.e iiund'cr of remedies for both
the complaints, but icccivvd littl or no benefit, until
I took your Sursujiarilla, which, through the kindnc<i
of I rot ideucc, be.* rest .red mo to tnore th in my IIMKII
liCdltii. as I am now enjoy ing b-tter than I have f*-r a
nurid irof y car- !cm now 60 y•am of ago Ibe
lievc it t*> be an iuvaluablo medicine, and recommend
it to my imiurrouK ncjuuint uices, wlucli i-i very
large, c* I have been a minister u gient many vtais
Ib' jic tin* busty Ketch may be as much benofit to
vou as vour medicine has to me.
July 11, I 17. JOHN SKGKR, Jersey ( ity.
RTitlrndiat Clergyman.
Tlte fcUowing WHS se*.t to oir Agent in Rahvvov,
.t to • 1V..1 (I 'r I I ON, of the Methodist Kpi. Co.
, it' :rch one of the iiio-l learned and respected in
the .iiu' cltOi m l is another evidence of the won
! rlhl i-fleets of Dr. S. P. To vn-end's barsapurilhi on
the sy stem
Kwirvn PI ARSOX— IlHving for rnme time past, a? you
aie uwaie, experienced great general debility of my
system, attended with constant :<nd nlarming irritidiou
of my thioat and lungs. I was, t y ou.r imMuucc, and in,(M|ti' •*," havmg read ' ej-tain McLean's de
ft le.l testimony iu its behalf. Induced In try Dr. 8. P
Tovvnscii ! * fir-famed Hnrsdpatilla I tiled it. I en
fcKs, more in the hope tluin in the confidence of i*
prov ing efftcocious ; but I nrn bound in condor now to
acknowledge, thu! I bad not tried it long lielore I be
gan to ex|ii-iicucc it.i Ftiluliuy effects; rii.l I may n* vv
'iv, w;'h ( Ojitain McLean, "flint I would not 1 e with
out it on any rom-i leiation." It has done me more
go.ul than any pre won- remedy I have tried, end if
this statement is deemed by y'ou of any importune®
you have my full consent to make it public.
Rahway, August 3d. |H!7. J. (>. TUNIBON.
This certificate conclusively proves that this Barsa
parilla lias purli-ct control over the most obstinate
diseases of the blond. J luce persons cured in one
house is unprecedented.
Three Children.
Dr S P. Towwsrxn Dear sir : I have the pleasure
to inform you that fliiee of my children have been
cured of the Scrofula by the uo of your excellent
medicine. J hey were aiHicted very severely with
hud Sores; liuvc taken oidv four bottles ; it took
them away, for which I i i-l myself under great
obligation." Very respectfullv,
ISA M W. ( it MS, Ififi Woo&ter.&L
Da. S P. TowNm.Ni> is almost daily receiving ordeis
from Physicians in different p.*ts i,l tho Union.
This is to Certify that we, the undersigned. Physi
cians of the ( ity of Albany, have in numerous raves
prescribed Dr S P Townsvud's Saisß]Mrillu, and le*
li.-* e it to he one of the n:o.xt valuable prej-arations m
the market.
It B DItIGGS. M. I).
Albany, April I, 1817.
Notice of Femoral After the first of September,
ISJi), Dr. 8 P- Tow nsend's New York Office will be
in the South BnplM ( liurch, No. 8J Nussau street,
which Is now umleig'iing a thorough change,
w ill lie fitted fm the bettor accommodation of tho pro*
prietors ami the public.
AGENTS— Redding St Co, No a Rtnkvstrect, and
Mrs. K. Kidder, No 100 Court-street, Boston; Sunruel
Kiddor, Jr. Lowell; Homy Pratt. Salem; James 8.
(ireen, W.irdoter; Allison ik (J.irrlt, Concord; J.
Balrh k Son. Providence ; end ! y Drmrgists uud Mer
chants gcnerullv thioughciit tire United States, West
Indoor *.*, 11... .i -
Is thu sole A<rent in for tho -ale
of Dr. S. F. Townsoiid's Pat -aparilla 36- ly
Tiic Clicaprxl Amuxcilllil,
As well as the most rational and profitable,
during tho long winter evenings, is to read
some of the .literesting books that yon ean
bnj- to cheap of J SWARTZ.
AULAD Of ALL OliiLiibl
Because they use sater, belter and more efficaci
ous than any others, and because the public will
like no others if ihey can obtain them. BOXES
hove been sold annually for the hist five years.
Yourie nod old. ninle and female, can always
take them with equal safety, without fear.
for purging and cleansing the stomach und bow
els, and purifying thu blood and fluids oftho bo
dy take no others—lor no other pills produce those
combined effects, or contain sarsaparilla in them.
Eat, Drink, and Lire as Usual,
and pursue your usual occupa ion whilst taking
them, without fear of taking cold during all kinds
of weather
arc wagered that more genuine certificates [from
physicians, clergymen; Members of Congress uml
respectable citizens] can he producud of their cf
ficacy than of any others, and
Ten Dollars
will he forfeited in every instance where ONE irox
will not do moie good than two boxes of any o
Forty Pillc are in a Pox !
and sold nt I went).live Dents a Box, with direc
tions and much wholesome advice accompanying
each box
They have no tastr. nor unpleasant smell
free from dust or powdei of any k'tid—do not
gripe thoWtoinaih or bowels.—produce no sick
ness, vomiting or bud feelings—they arc good at
nil limes, and adapted lo most diseases common lo
mankind. No one having once hiking them will
ho willing afterwards in take any others, because
V e\ always do good, and if they do not then no
others will.
Dr. A\ D. Lcidy, the Proprietor Manufacturer.
is a regular Druggist, Chemist and Physician, of
fifteen years ex peril nee in Philadelphia; member
of different Medical Institutions of Phi ud lphia,
New York, Boston. Baltimore, di e . and associate
and corresponding member ol several Medical In
stitutions of Loud ii and Paris hence the rea
son of the greater confidence placed in his pills,
and there being recommended in the practice of
most respectable physicians through on I the Uni
ted States.
Principal Depot, Da. Lnnv's Di-pf.\*sati r,
No- 114 North Fouith Btreot, Philadelphia, and
sold wh dcsnle and retail by
J. It. Moyer & E. P. Lutz, Bloomsburg; Dr.
A. B. Wilson, Berwick; Peter Knt,
Light Street; M. G. Shoemaker. Buekhorn :
J. A. Moore. Danville; Uicketts 6: Stewart,
Oratigeville; John Sc mick, C attawissa ; A.
Levers, Washingtonville; J M. Sheldon, Jer
sey town ;J- F. Derr, Whitehall ; J.S. Woods,
Columbus; Brown & Creasy, Miltlitisburg ;
E. VVerimau, Rltorsburg, and by Storekeepers
generally. 49- ly
Dr. Pearsons
Pulmonic Expec lor a n
Is the must certain and effectual remedy known
for the cure of Coughs. Colds, Consumption, In
fluenza. hoarseness, spitting of Llood, difficulty
of breathing, Bronchitis, pain in the breast and
side, palpitation of the hearty whopping cough,
asthma, croup, and all diseases of the Pulmonary
It is a medicine that can he confidentially re
commended in all the above diseases us the most
effectual remedy ever offered to en lightened peo
ple. It is warranted always to give relief, and if
used in ihe early stages of the disease or before, it attained a ialul termination, n speedy and cf
fectuul cure will always he obtained, if ucud tic
voiding to the dircel'ons uccompauy ing each bot
tle. A lair tri.d of this medicine should he given
meveiy individual laboring under udiseased the
hi east or lungs.
Thu proprietor of this Pulmonic Expectorant,
having graduated as u physician, and followed the
prartice of his profession for several years, can,
therefore give to those persons who squire such
medicines that assurance which cannot be expect
ed where a compound is only concocted from an
antiquated recipe, taken from the leal of an old
almanac or some similar source.
Piepared by S. A. Pearson, M. I) No. 100
North Fourth Street, Philadelphia, price £ I per
bottle, or six bottles for $5.
r. S. A. Pearson : Dear Sir—For the benefit
of others. I would inform you tl.ut I have been
usnevour Pulmonic Bxpcc'orunt for a cough
\ed pain in my breast and bide, the effects of a
rolry heavy cold—l find that it has given mc great
linief I consider it an invaluable medicine. I
eidvo also u>ed it in my family with the most do.
uaed benefit—it cures colds in the least oossible
time that medicine COB hi euro them. If its vir
tues were generally known, it would save thous
ands from an untimely grave. You skouldspuro
no pains nor ex to have it brought into use
throughout the country.
Yours, dee. WM. M.CABE,
No. 212 (.'berry &t.
l)r. S. A. Pearson . Dear >'it— About a year a
g< I was attacked with a severe inil imatiou of the
Lungs, which threatened every symptom of a
speedy I onsumption. I called upon one of the
most eminent physicians of Philadelphia,ivlio pro
nouueed me incurable My hu-diand then procu
red for me six bottles of y .iir Pulmonic Ex pee
tor mi i, vvhi 'ii I had heard highly recommended—
and before I had taken the last of the sixth bottle
ii)> lungs were w 11, my cough ai d other syrup
tours of Consumption e. tirely cured lam now
eujoyin, fine health and becoming quite 11.-shy.
Jay JSt.. between Coutesdt Wallace.
Hunterdon County, N. J,
Dr. A Pearson, Dear sir—About a year n
go I became severely afflicted with a pain in my
bicat and side, an extremely bad cough, spittingof
blood, debility, nigh, sweats, and other symptoms
•if confirmed consumption. I became so much re
duced that I was unable to attend to my ordinary
business. I made application to a physician, who
examined my cheat, and gave it as his decided o
pinion that my lungs were seri ius'v afieeted. I
then app.ied to another, who was of tin* same o
pinion, and after having prescribed udviscd me to
return to my friends.
Previous to this I had for a long lime been la
boring under aii the symptom* usually found will)
persons laboring unde? disease of the lurgs, and
it was thought by all who knew me that 1 was fust
wealing away with decoy.
At the time I applied to the physicians I was
laboring ainder a severe attack of spitting blood,
with pain io my Ureaat and side. Their prescrip
tions failed to relieve the poin. and all theii skill
could not arrest (lie discharge of blood from my
lungs. This being iny condition, I w.-.s induced
to make n trial of your valuable Pulmonic Expec
torant, oy the use or winch I was immediately re
lieved of all those unpleasant symptoms, and am
it >w so far restored to health, that I am able to
tttrnd to all my ordinary hurincss, and expose
myself as ranch as it is pru lent for anyone to do.
! would the efore coufidoi ily recommend every
person who is laboring under disease of the lungs
and breast, • r who are afflicted with colds or with
coughs, to mike trial of your most valuablo picp
nrat on* i would further add that after having
undo use <>f your Expectorant for a few weeks, I
becamd so fiwy thit j*ron§ with whuxa z wat
acquainted hardly knew rnc. i s'ill remain in gooJ
health tit this time, March, I £lO.
Yours truly.
The following card of thrca respectable physi
dans acts forth the virtues of Dr. Pearson's i'ul
mo ic Expectorant •
Having mndo use of Dr. Pearson's Pclmoxic
Kxpkctoiiant. wo feci it a duty to recommend it
as a sale mid cll'ui tunl rye • f the various diseas
es foi which it is intended. Wo ore acquainted
with many persons who have been cured of cough
bronchitis, pain in the breast and side, spitting of
hlood, palpitation of the heart, and incipient con
sumption, ey its use. und many of them after all
other means had failed.
A. PEAKSON, M. D;, U. 8. Navy.
8. K. LBKDOM, M. I). Champlain C 0.,0
Patients may consult 8. A. Pearson, M. D # , at
his office No. 100 North Fourth Streci, above
For sale in I'loomsburg by William I'obison,
Merchant,and also ut Fitlston Ferry, by Dr. A.
Curtis, Diuggist, 49-ly
\ Woril lo Sloi'Keiaeii.
l)r- Pearson's Barber Embrocation is de
cidedly the best preparation that can be used for
the cure of Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Galls, Splints
suib, ringbone, spavin, stiffness of ihc joints, fa
it is an article which Miould be in the hands of
every horseman, and no stable >hould be without
a bottle of it. price 23 and 50 cents. prepared*
only by S. A. Pearson, m. i>. und for sale, whole*
sale ami retnil.nt 10G North fourth street, philad.
The following certificates are from horsemen o9
the highest respectability who have given it a de
cided preference over other preparation of the kind
in use.
Phila., March 2, 1817.
Dr. S. A Pearson, Deal Sir—i feel it a duty
which t owe to you and the community nt large,
or rather that part o'* the community who posses*
.r in any way have charge of Horses, to say, that
r hive used your "Embrocation" fu horse-, it is
decidedly the best preparation t have ever used, or
have any knowledge of /or tiro various discuses
w ich it is recommended.
I also know a g-eat number of my friends who
haven-edit and they nil say the t it is the best
mi d;vine I r hT.-es they have ever used, i would
confidently recommend ev ry person wh • has u
h rse hli oild keep a bottle ol this valuable Embro
cation in his stable.
Yours respectfully,
Aim e. scjienck.
Salem. N.J.. May 19, 1817.
Dr. S. -\. Pearson, Sii—Havi ig tried your
•Embrocation' for horses, I have found it the best
remedy tba l I have ever seen or tried for the cures
•li*it it is lecommcht ed to perform. It cures galls
with the least pi.nsiidc delay that it c >u!d e done.
I would cliceilully recommend it to all siablekce
pt ers and owners of horses.
Proprietors Salem Lino Stages to B.iJgetott,
New Jersey.
Phila. May 2S. 1917.
This is to certify lust I have u d Di. Pears
on's Barber's Embrocation for horses, und unhes
itatingly say thai it is decidedly the best remedy
of the kind, for the various diseases which it is
recommended, that I have ever used, or have any
knowledge of; and confidently recommend it to
nil hoiscinen and keepers f horses, to be kept
constantly n their possession,
White Horse, Corner of Wood 6c 3d Ms. Phila
I fully agree with the above cert licato and o-
I ioiati of Mi. King, in the use of Dr. Pearson's
Barber's' Embrocation.' JOHN CAB/Y,
Bucks County, Pa., June 19, 1817.
February 13. 1848.
8. A. Pearson, M.D. Sir—This is to certify
that I have u-eil your Embrocation for horses,and
giv it n decided preference over every other art!-
tie i f the kind in use fur the various diseases for
which it is reconim nded; it doe? not destroy the
hair as most other articles do. 1 would recommend
it to every horseman to lie kept constantly in their
stables, Yours, Arc.,
Folcbury tsp, Bucks Co., Pa.
Doyleslown, May 2P, IS4B.
Pr. Pearson, Sir—Having used your "Embro
cation tor Horses" on several occosinns with great
success, I do mos' fully recommend it as an in
valuable preparation lor sprains, hruLes, cuts and
in btioi t almost ony of the ills iliat horse flesh is
heir to. Yours, &c.,
C. 11. MANX,
Shorili of Bucks Co., Pa*
Piiilad., Sept. 7, 1818.
Dr. Pea i son. Sir-Having made use of your Em*
hrocatiou for horeb on several occasions, with
great success I Jo believe it to be n most excellent
nud valuable preparation, decidedly the best that
I hate ever used, or have any knowledge of, for
the purpose for which it is intended, and would
most confidently lecommend it In the notice of
every horseman. It should be kept constantly in
then possession. Very respectively yours,
1 have tried Dr Pearson's Barber's Embro: -
lion for Hor.-es, a id i am conli lent that it is s l io
most useful preparation that can be u-icd, for aii
diseases which it is ccommciidr-d ; and also, fur
Sprains, Biuises and Rheumatics, of men.
December 23rd. IS iS.
Salem Co., N.J.
We, I lie undersigned, having made us of Dr.
Pearson's Barber's E.nbroc.ilio), it.ily ncrce m
the opinions expi>s ed in the alum Certificates,
and fully recommended it to every Horseman and
! iin wii i k eps horses, to be used by them in
preference to any other article, for the various dis
cuses for which it is recommended.
A. J Beaumont, Now Hopo, P.t; John V.
Sehcck, Stablokcopcr. St Louis; A. Pearson,
M. !>.. Dublin, Bucks County, Pa; Jared
Jtoyd. Solebury Tp.. Bucks Co, Pa; Win.
K. Dickerson, 1-Nq. Pliibulelphia; James F.
Nicholas, IJoxl oro. Pa ; J. H. Reading,
Fleminaton, N. JMerchant; 11. C. Buff
ingtou. Fieitiinu'oti, X. J.. Editor ; J. I.arrison
Hunterdon Co., N. J., Merchant ; Wm.Erley
KriMol, Coroner ol Puck* Co ; John Shtpffer,
Lancaster, Ohio: llonrv Johnson, Milford,
N. J. ; William Kimr, Esq. New Pork; VVm.
Robiso i, JJloonibburg. Pa ; Win. Scudder,
Sctulder's Falls near Trmiton, N. J; Win.
M. Cade, Philadelphia; Dr. A. Curtis, Drug
gist, Pittslori Ferry.
Agent—Win. Kobison, Bloomsburg, Pa.
Eyes Open Tlghl.
A ward to the sick and afflicted.
E. P. l.crz, would again invito the attention
oft lie citizens of jilonmshurg, mid vicinity, to his
new and splendid assortment of Drugs, Medicines,
Oils, Paints, Varnishes, Glass, Dyestuils, Con
fi clioniiries tn d buforth, vvhicli ho bus just re
ceived, and will till upon the most reasonable
In addition to the above, he would offer n gen
eral assort merit of spices. Paint Brushes, Varnish
Brushes saah*tonls and Patent Medicines from a
Pill up to any amount of Towneand's Sarsupa
Also, Large Glass for pictures and clock-faces,
as large us 24 by 80 inches,and should the
not suit he will cut them at his own risk for a very
little addition to the original prices—Gold and
Silver Leaf, French Leaf, Dutch Metal, Red,
White, Green and Yellow Bionics, Kept Con
stantly on hand varying in prices from 37cls to **
sf. an ounco -
Physician's, Punters, Gilders and the public
generally arein u iteu to call and examine hit stock
before purchasing clsewnie. No chorgo for look
ing at articles. Kcmciuher the sign -of the golden
.Mortar ami pestle.
IN" B. Glass-cutting done to order at the short
est notice.
Eloomiburg. Feb R , ISI9 6